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Ironshell Blastoise
06-09-2004, 10:20 PM
Here I will be updating strats and movesets for Pokemon battling online, in the Ruby and Sapphire versions (Netbattle). I ask for only me, Finglonger, Raik, and Mana to post strats and whatnot here. I feel we have the most experience online, and therefore are better suited to help others and give suggestions. These strategies and movesets are for YOUR benefit, so feel free to use these to help you make a team.

Here are a couple strategies for Zangoose:

My fave 200 set:
@Lum Berry/Leftovers
EVs:252 Speed, 252 Attack, 6 HP
Nature: Jolly (+Speed-Special Attack)
-Quick Attack
-Swords Dance

This thing is a killer. Seriously. Everything but Skarm and other Steels and Rocks ph33r this. With one Swords Dance, it can OHKO Timid Alakazam with Quick Attack and can OHKO Claydol with Shadowball. Two Swords Dance=OHKO to Salamence, Milotic, and other annoying Pogeymanz with Return. Basically, if you can get the Swords Dance up (easily done with another Pogeymanz sleep move), the game is yours. Otherwise, switch it in against something with a disadvantage to Zangoose, and while they switch, you Swords Dance, then most likely (if the battle has been going on for a while) you can kill their Pogey since it will likely have damage on it. If its less than 1/2 HP and it isn't Steel/Rock type, Quick Attack will more than likely KO them.

Another good set is:
@Liechi Berry
EVs: Same as above
-Swords Dance/Quick Attack/Return

Flailgoose. Really good as long as you are faster than your opponent and you Endure at the right time. Burn and Sandstorm>Flailgoose. Can clean up your opponent in the late game =]

Here are some movesets and strats for Dugtrio:

252 Speed, 252 Attack, 6 HP
Jolly/Adamant Nature
Arena Trap
-Rock Slide
-Protect/Sludge Bomb/Aerial Ace

Pretty much the best cleaner in the game. Arena Trap prevents all non-Flying types and all non-Levitate users from switching. Your opponent have Raichu thats devastating the rest of your team? Send in Dugtrio. Bye Raichu. Protect is good to see if any of your opponents has Hidden Power or any other move that would hurt Dugtrio, while Sludge Bomb has high attack power and is for Grass types. Aerial Ace is good vs. Grass types also, and is better, IMO, because many Grass types are Poison also, and because it has perfect accuracy. Earthquake is for STAB, Rock Slide is for Flying types, Screech gets my vote over HP:Fighting. If want to be sure to kill the opponent, Screech once and make sure it will happen. Its also good against Counter users, who like to surpise Duggy =[

Here are some strats for Starmie:

252 Speed 252 Attack, 6 HP
-Ice Beam/T-Bolt

The DeathStar returns from GSC. A Special sweeper, and can clean house. Not much to say, just destroy ;0

180 Speed, 252 HP, 38 Defense, 40 Special Defense
-Confuse Ray

I'm rough with the EVs, so meh >.> Annoyance. Confuse Ray, Toxic, Recover when you are low on HP, Surf to bring their HP down. Lather, rinse, repeat.

With high Speed, above average Special Attack, Recover, Natural Cure, and an arsenal of Special Attacks/Support Moves/Annoyance, Starmie is one of the most useful and versatile Pogeymanz around =0


Clear Body
+Special Defense, -Attack nature
252 HP, 252 Special Defense, 6 Special Attack
-Mirror Coat
-Surf/Ice Beam
-Rest/Confuse Ray

Special Wall. Reflect the Special Attacks back, and Protect to heal with Leftovers. Confuse Ray to stop Physical Attackers, Rest to, well, heal up. Surf/Ice Beam is debatable for uses, but whatever.