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Sign-ups for Reference (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23041&page=2) (Keep in mind that only 4 more people would be accepted)

Hey everybody! Firstly this is a co-ordinator roleplay, before I begin with anything. I missed SC's Coordinator's Grand Challenge, and I have always loved entering contests, so here I am with a Contest Roleplay!

Secondly, I have to warm up with the Rules. Join only if you feel you are up to it.

1. Literacy is needed. Semi-literacy is an exception, and no ch4tsp34k pls.

2. I don't read posts without OOC. Use some form of it, OutOfControl, OhOhSee, OoC, OOC, ooc, I don't care, use at least it!

3. Follow the sign-up form provided. And after filling it, scan through your form. Does it look like a few mesys paragraphs sticking together? Use paragraphing! For example, look at my rules point. It's better than without paragraphing, right?

4. No godmodding or bunnying of other people's characters without permission.

5. 'She was the prettiest girl in the world' + 'He makes every girl drool' = Get lost. Romance is allowed, but this is not a love roleplay, guys! :dazed:

6. Have fun and enjoy! Oh, and this bit-If you don't have the least sense of what a contest or Co-ordinator roleplay is like, ask!

7. The Contest style is Anime. Explained later on.

8. Use Capital letters and English correctly. Five grammar/spelling/typing errors are understandable, but your whole posts and form being engufled by them is NOT alright.

9. Lastly, tell somebody if you are leaving for some time, or give permission for that person to use your charrie.

OK, on with the plot :oops: Sorry if you have to bear with the long rules. But that's to ensure a fair and great time roleplaying for everybody.

The story begins, marking 10 young trainers' arrival at Littleroot Town. They either come from Johto or Kanto, no exceptions. This is because of the plot that they are strangers to contests and have arrived in Hoenn due to a TV Programme which will be explained later on. They are briefed shortly in Birch's Lab, for he is the one who gives money to support the programme.

After that, the trainers seperate and have to, by hook or by crook, get to Slateport in time for their first contest, and 3 nights before the contest for a more detailed explaination and training. After they win their first contest, they go on to the next and finally, when they have finished every single contest, they enter the Hoenn Grand Festival.

TV Programme - Co-ordinators' Challenge
This title is credited to Suicune's Child for the roleplay last time. It was the main reason I thought of the plot. Urgh, I hate underlining!
This programme was aired through Kanto and Johto. It is mainly about Contests and Co-ordinators' lives.

Finally, on the last episode of the show, which is filled with strategies for winning on Contests, they decided to make it slightly different. The programme chose 10 trainers from Kanto and Johto (Well actually, Prof.Oak and Prof.Elm did the choosing) and sent them on a journey through Hoenn.

They filmed their adventures on transforming from a normal PokeTrainer/whatever position all the way to a Co-ordinator. This emans that your character has absolutely 0% knowledge of Contests.

Contest Style
The Contest Style is exactly the same in the Anime. However, there is a little addition. In the video games, you have to give Pokeblocks to your entries for a good and appealing image during the voting rounds. In this roleplay, there will be voting too. The number of votes is estimated from the Pokeblocks you mixed and gave to your Pokemon.

What do I have to do?
Relax! We will follow the VG (video games) style ^.- Firstly, each of you guys are given a starter Pokemon (You get to choose those in HOENN, and have one in Kanto and Johto to follow you. That means you'll have a Hoenn, Kanto and Johto Pokemon each when you start out.)

After that, your travel through Littleroot and get to Oldale. You will have to assemble at Route 103 where all of you have a normal trainer battle 2 on 2 before Nurse Joy appears and brings you to rest in the PokeCenter. After that, you will all seperate and get to Petalburg. That's where you will proceed to the woods, and to Rustboro. You see, everything happens according to Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.

And ... finally you get Mr.Britney to ferry ALL OF YOU -at the same time- to Dewford. Defeat Brawly. You will take turns to defeat/lose but in the end win Brawly before you travel in one group to deliver the letter. Oh, by the way, in Petalburg, the reason why Norman declined your challenges is that he looked down on you guys. He thought that you must have a taste of what Hoenn Gyms are like before challenging him.

After defeating Brawly and delivering the letter to Steven, you will travel in a group by the ferry to Slateport. That is where you will officially split up. By all means, get your way through Hoenn and defeat every gym and Contest.

Then, the glamour and shimmering gate of the Grand Festival awaits for you... A bright radiance penetrated, as the gate slowly opens...

A slight note: You will defeat trainers all the way too XD

Age; (The range of 10 to 29)

Appearance: (Notice the paragraphing? Describe with at least three lines, or use a DETAILED picture)

Personality: (At least five lines long. Wait, four lines long will be accepted as well.)

History: (Kanto/Johto history. How are you related to Elm and Oak?)

Pokemon: (Needs detailed description. Pictures greatly appreciated)

Other: (Any other info?)

I will post my sign-up after somebody post theirs. Look below, and find the names of the people accepted. My anme is already on there, although the official sign-up has not been posted :oops:


1. [Kurosaki Sakura]-14-Kanto/Johto *xoxkris*
2. [Daniel Ferren]-16-Johto *Leoblaze*
3. [Lexi Andrews]-14-Kanto *grassMaster1530*
4. [Aaron Gilmore]-13-Kanto *lonewolf*
5. [Shun Misaki]-12- ??? *Milos*
6. [Erik Ishii]-15-Johto *Draconic Espeon*

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wow, this is almost a complete copy of my pokemon contest rp.

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wow, this is almost a complete copy of my pokemon contest rp.

No, Gonzap this rolplay was started way before yours, look at it's sign-up thread...

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wow, this is almost a complete copy of my pokemon contest rp.

Yes if you looked carefully before accusing anybody of copying.

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So, we need to wait until you post to post, right?

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OOC:I should guess so, D.E (May I just call you that?) I haven't send a PM to all those accepted yet, so I just did it ^^; Sorry for the delay and pardon me for my absurd carelessness and clumsiness, guys.

And please use OOC and IC [Out of Character & In Character] from now on, as stated in my rules. Pardon me for my forgetfulness again ^^" And at least 4 lines per post, people.


I stifled a few yawns rapidly, but some escaped through my natually glossy lips. As a gust of cool breeze blew by, my thigh-length hair smoothly billowed sideways, and my right arm automatically reached out to keep it from being unkempt. The pale pink colour of my hair was natural, and it caused me some problems when I was around the age of 3 or 4. However, if somebody were to bully me because of the colour now, I could already predict what would happen. I had learnt to retaliate and help others like me.

Bored to tears, I decided to speak to the 'Captain' of the ferry, like what the out-going and outspoken me should do right now. The breeze died down as I blinked my beautiful, pale cerulean eyes to keep the dust from pricking it, and causing more tears to irate out, adding to the tears of boredom.

Twirling the crystal clear tear-shaped locked playfully, I strolled down with surprisingly mixed manners-a mixture of tomboyishness and elegance. Indeed, many people had the flower associated me classified as the beautiful, optimistic and cute lass who's naive and innocent, but I see more than that. What they don't know is my devilish side, my naughty, serious and stupidly smart ways of doing things, and overall, my great indolence was the most obvious. I was also very vain of my beauty, although that one was kept hidden deep in the heart of my heart, and I was sure if I was more beautiful than flowers, this ugly sin of mine could have been as obvious as my laziness and clumsiness. I could be hot-tempered soemtimes, and level-headed the next second, getting over stuff easily has always been automatic for me. As I galloped down the wooden stairs that linked the bottom part of the ferry to the upper part, I could hear soembody speaking...

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(Okay, I wasn't sure. I'm kinda presuming everyone's on one ferry... And yes, you may call me D.E. ^^)

Erik leaned heavily upon the railing of the ship, looking a little green. His hands were so tightly clenched around the metal bar that his knuckles were white.

Sea voyages, on ships at least, didn't seem to be very good for Erik. He'd never actually been on a boat before. Although he'd rode on Aurora's back over the ocean, he soon found that there was a profound difference. Despite the fact that the cold sea wind that whipped his sandy blonde hair helped, he still found himself swallowing as he tried to hold back his seasickness. He couldn't wait to reach Hoenn.

He wore a plain forest green tee with a matching wrist band, over which was a navy jacket, and black slacks. He'd noticed that another girl appeared to be pacing, but he, for the moment, ignored her. He wasn't in much of a mood to talk to anyone. He watched out of the corner of his eyes as she walked into the hull of the ship.

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OOC ~ Well, I guess I'll just post now seeing as I don't really have anything important to say. I promise not to delay anymore! Oh I'm missing my show... (goes missing for thirty minutes (not kidding)) Alright. Now that I'm back I'll get right on with my post.

Tara's head throbbed with the pain of a powerful migrane as the ship's horn sounded. With the added power of an all-sugar diet and lack of sleep for the past two days, her head felt as though it was ready to explode. Pinzi was sitting on her lap, sound asleep, trying to get comfortable. If only she had been able to sleep in public, Tara might not have this wretched headache.

Why couldn't I have just bought a sandwich instead of those choclates when I was on the train, she thought to herself. Tara's last 36 hours had been spent either travelling by collapsable Acro Bike or moving by mass transport vehicle. "Ow.... ooo..." she moaned as the horn sounded for a second time. What she wouldn't give for a nice refreshing drink right now; but her money was no good here, all she had was her interact. Of course, there was no direct connection with any of the mainlands, so it wouldn't work. There were two people chattering away beside her, a handsome young boy and a girl undeserving of that boy. Tara covered her ears, their rambling was intensifying her pain.

There was a flashy vending machine in the corner that was nagging her. Teasing her with its quenching beverages. But all she had for change equalled up to about thirty-five cents. Tara stood up and strutted over to the bulky device, careful to attract the males attention even though she still bore a peircing migrane. When she was satisfied that he had been thoroughly distracted by her, she continued on with her main objective. She played around with the buttons to check if there was any way to fool the machine into giving her a drink. Finally, Tara settled for striking the side of it with an athletic kick. A resounding metalic noise sounded, and she only refrained from clutching her ears because that great looking, light haired boy was watching her.

Tara gave up on getting a drink and returned to her seat. An anouncement came over the speakers about something obviously trivial, no doubt a service notice. She growled in response, her head was spliting down the middle with pain. Trying to get a bit of rest in, Tara closed her eyes and leaned back into her seat.

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Erik flinched when the girl kicked the vending machine. He turned to look, tottering slightly and trying to keep himself from loosing his lunch. Feeling charitable, he found a dollar in his pocket and walked over to her.

"Did it eat your money?" He asked, not really expecting an answer. He stuck out his hand to her, offering the bill.

She's cute up close, he noted, although didn't really think about it. He wasn't much of a flirting person, and he didn't really feel like it, in any case.

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Daniel opened one eye as he heard footsteps from up stairs on the deck. He quickly got dressed and headed up to the deck. The sun hit his face, leaving him in a daze.

Daniel looked around looking at the people on the ship. Their were people walking on the deck looking around. There was someone hanging over the railing looking like he was chucking biscuits; Man being sea sick musnt feel good he though to himself.

Then Daniel heard his stomach growling. He looked around to where he could buy some food. With no luck Daniel headed back to his room to pick up his bag. Daniel rumaged through his bag looking for food. He pulled out a sandwhich and returned to the deck to eat outside and watch the sea.

10-15-2006, 02:17 AM
Alex thought she needed some fresh air from her stuffy room. She locked the cabin door and headed upstairs to the deck. As she made her destination she looked out towards the sea from the railing and could not resist in taking in a breath and breathed out to exclaim how refreshing the view and sea air was. She just loved the sea and loved its beautiful sights.

As she looked around the deck she saw some other trainers aboard and wondered how good they were as well. Her thought soon left her as she just sat down by a nearby table and took a book out of her green slingbag and began to read while breathing in the sea air around her.

10-15-2006, 03:33 PM
Sakura yawned slowly and realised that there was a vending machine nearby. Feeling rather thirsty, she skipped over happily to it, counting her coins before she even reached the other end of the ferry.

"Pepsi Pepsi, how I love you, Coke, Coke, how I want you..." Sakura sang cheerfully as she thought of her favourite soft drinks. She got happy at the slightest things in life.

"Pepsi, Pesi, how I love you...Oh!" Sakura stopped dead when she spotted a girl and a boy at a seat nearby. She could tell they heard her, and she blushed pinkish red. "S-sorry!" Sakura aplogised unknowingly-she didn't even see the need for being sorry. She was really feeling dumb that day! "Did I interrupt anything?" She then questioned curiously, for they were having idyllic looks on their faces.

"Err, is the vending machine spoilt?" Sakura asked softly in her sweet, pious tone, gazing at the vending machine with big cerulean eyes and a cute expression. "Or rather, do they have Pepsi or Coke here?" She quickly asked, for she felt like devouring them right now. Her beautiful pale pink hair again billowed elegantly as the breeze came by again.

"And don't worry if you don't get the drink you want-I have tons of chocolates and junk food and instant noodles if you would like some, and oh, I guess you like dark chocolates, eh?" Sakura grinned (OOC: ^^) in her usual happy-go-lucky way as she offered bits of optimism by taking out tons of chocolates boxes in a cute manner. "Don't they look delicious?!" She winked at them.

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I leaned against the railing of the ferry,watching the waves go up and down in the current,
my hair blown by the breeze.Suddenly the sea made me thirsty,and I remembered the
vending machine inside the boat.

I don't have much money,but I can spare a dollar,I thought as I entered the cockpit.When
I walked in,I saw a group of people standing near the vending machine.Well,I thought ,
better go say hello,and walked towards them.

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OOC~ Sorry, I'm really busy with homework now, and for the next few who-knows-how-longs. I'll try to post as often as I can.

"Did it eat your money?" came the voice of a boy. Hoping it to be the cute boy from earlier, Tara eagerly looked up. Her smile quickly disappated when she saw what stood before her. Not that he was bad looking, he was just poorly kept. His blonde hair slightly poked out in all directions at once. And he wore such poor colour choices.

After taking in his appearance, Tara replaced her old true bright smile with an overly enthusiastic false one. "Why yes it did," she lied sweetly to him, "Aren't you just a dear giving me this." She took the dollar and ordered a water from the nearby vending machine. Tara returned quickly. Because her headache blocked out most common sense she seemed surprised that the boy was still there. I shouldn't have used the word dear,she thought. Sitting back down in the seat she decided to start the conversation politely, "So, where are you from?" She drank down a great deal of the water to try and ease her migrane before it was nesessary to listen.

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OOC~ Sorry, I'm really busy with homework now, and for the next few who-knows-how-longs. I'll try to post as often as I can.

OOC| That's fine, but look at my recent post and togetic's post, if you can ^^ We need either you or Espeon to reply to it. Thanks :oops:

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"I think they're Pepsi products," Erik said to Sakura. "And, er, no thanks. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but, well, I guess I'm not real good on sea voyages."

"I'm from Johto," he replied to Tara, shifting uneasily on his heels. For whatever reason, girls tended to make him nervous.

He turned his head slightly as yet another girl approached. Aw, jeez, he thought. Are there any guys on this ship?

(Mine's short, too, so don't feel bad. I've probably spread myself too thin RP wise. I'll end up quitting a couple. Not this one, though. It's slow enough that I can keep up easily.)

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OOC| Nah, Espeon those are acceptable. And please use any form of OOC, as stated in one of my rules ^^"


Sakura nodded. "Oh well, I used to get seasick alot, but all I really do is throw up and that's all. But now I am all fine. At least, not to the extend of throwing up on a ship or while eating some stuff on a ship. Yup!" She put on a determined look and gave him a grin before looking towards a girl's direction.

"Yo!" Sakura greeted her warmly, waving her right hand frantically during the process. "Another girl!"

The girl was a bit too far for her to make out her expression, but Sakura could tell that she was either shocked or happy. That was what most people reacted to her cheerfulness and optimism anyway, and she was used to it as well. It brought her many buddies and stuff, so she shouldn't complain as well.

"Looks like no other guy have decided to join us..." Sakura muttered aloud to herself. "Well, mayb it's jsut because they are somewhere else." She turned to face Erik, wanting to tell Tara and him something interesting but she quickly noticed his uncomfortable gaze. "You OK? You look soooo pale, are you sea-sick or something?" Sakura took a bite into a chocolate she held so that it won't melt. "Or are yoush jush nervoush?"

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OOC: I guess I will begin now.


Ferry, Johto

Deon was sleeping in a ferry room, when a knock on the door sent him out of bed. Deon slowly got up and walked to the door. On the other side was a ferry maid. " May I clean your room now? " she asked with a smile. Deon looked around his room and saw it was a pigsty. Deon looked back at the maid and said, " Just give me 5 minutes. Okay? " The maid nodded and Deon started to get his things together. After about 5 minutes, he left the room and went to give back his roomkey. He was ready to enter his pokemon in some contests and become #1.

Deon walked out onto the deck and saw a gathering of girls near the tip of the deck. He walked over to them and asked, " Are you girls Pokemon Trainers too?

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OOC| Perfect post. One thing, Deon-kun. You begin in the ferry heading to Hoenn.

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OOC: Ahhhh. I see. I'll just change a few words, and I will be done.

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OhOhSea: Sorry, I'm used to using () as OOC. I'll try to remember to use this from now on.

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Alex got up from her chair on the deck and looked out to the deck once more. The sea air was just irrestible and it had a calming, relaxing effect on her as well. As she looked around, she saw other people on deck. She clipped on her green waist pack and walked over to the congregation.

"Hi everyone....." she introduced taking off her shades.

10-19-2006, 03:42 AM

I jogged towards the pink haired girl,happy that she waved,and she wasn't snobby."Hi,
whats your name and...whats going on?"I asked confused.There were two people behind
me.One,another girl was saying"Hi everyone...,"while the boy asked if we were trainers.
"Hi,and yes,I am a trainer,"I replied.

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OOC~ Xoxkris, your board got kinda cluttered with a little bunch of chat posts. If you don't think it's rude, would you be able to get rid of them? Personaly, I find it very distracting from the storyline. (Just a suggestion.) You could try making a discussion board as well, that can really clear things up.

IC~ There was another girl over by the vending machines robbed Tara of her valued attention. The boy was listening to her now, only issuing Tara a distracted, "I'm from Johto," before turning to another girl. Both the newcomers wore light shades of blue and white, casting a darkened look on Tara. One of the girls also had light pink hair, making her stand out even more.

Sensing a conversation coming, Tara decided to leave, she didn't want her migrane to get any worse. There were better things to focus on than boys right now. Her thoughts of ignoring boys evaporated as another walked by, he seemed to be heading for the other girls. "Oh, doesn't that make me feel special," she mumbled. Turning to look down at little Pinzi who was sticking out of her purse, she told him ,"I'm going to my cabin to rest." He nodded politely to her.

Right next to her own cabin was that reaked of cleansing supplies. She couldn't help but ask herself, Why couldn't they clean rooms while the ship was in port? The moment she closed her door the headache-inducing smell vanished. Tara was left to flop down on the uncomfortable mattress and sleep. She passed out almost instantly.

Pinzi rolled out of her purse and took it upon himself to gaurd his trainer. He used his string shot to turn the doorknob, and then once again he used the attack to pull it closed. For a final time, he used string shot to pull himself up to the roof of the area, just dangling above the door. Not in front of it of course, but almost out of sight. A gaurd did well to remain hidden until he needed to do otherwise.

10-19-2006, 01:25 PM
OOC~ Xoxkris, your board got kinda cluttered with a little bunch of chat posts. If you don't think it's rude, would you be able to get rid of them? Personaly, I find it very distracting from the storyline. (Just a suggestion.) You could try making a discussion board as well, that can really clear things up.

OOC| Yup, I have the same sentiments. However, I think it's too early for a discussion board. We will see how things go, thanks for your feedie-backie, Exopheee-ie! ^^;

IC| Sakura looked as the purpled-haired girl went back to her cabin and turned her focused attention back to the rest.

"Hi," Sakura repeated to the new people joining them. "Well, since everybody looks quite happy now, why don't we introduce our Pokemon? I've brought only two, since I will get a Hoenn Pokemon in Hoenn. Well, should I start first?"

She took out 2 red and white orbs and threw them gently on the ground. The Pokeballs released out an almost radiant-light, maroon in colour. With a single command of that, the balls snapped open in split seconds. Next, two oddly-shaped creatures's figure revealed themselves amoungst the light. Soon, the radiance disspated, and the Pokeballs snapped shut soon.

A Butterfly-like Pokemon wrapped its amazing wings around herself at first, but eventually sprout it out elegantly like a beautiful peacock. Butterfree flew around slowly before adjusting to the air resistance of the ferry. Next, she glanced down at the other Pokemon, flapping her wings gently. The Pokemon below was like a pale, navy ball with weeds growing out cutely from its head. It was a she, and the she was an Oddish, Kusa, with brighter leaves than normal Oddishes. Kusa hopped excitedly at the sight of Butterfree, jumping up and down with her legs. Butterfree flew closer to the Oddish and picked her up with her 'hands' and flew around, making Kusa delighted easily.

"Meet Kusa the Oddish, with a Lax nature and different-shaded leaves, and the normal but sweet and docile Butterfree!" Sakura grinned gleefully at the sight of her beloved Pokemon. "I have never trained Kusa-chan much, thus this time, it's time for training!"

10-19-2006, 01:46 PM
OOC: Just to put OOC


Ferry Deck

Deon walked over to the gathering of girl trainers and took off his sunglasses. " Are you guys trainers as well? " he asked with a dismal face on him. Before any of them could respond, he threw three pokeballs and out came three fully evolved starters. " Girls, I would like you to meet: Charizard, Feraligator, and Sceptile. "

Charizard roared and shot a fireball into the air. Feraligator was sleeping on the ground. Sceptile was running around the girls at top speed. Deon saw that and commanded, " SCEPTILE! Stop doing that. You will waste your energy! " After Sceptile heard that, he stopped and joined Deon. Deon looked back at the girls and their fallen pokemon and said, " I am sorry. My Sceptile tends to do that. By the way, my name is Deon Sasuka. "

10-19-2006, 01:57 PM
Sakura sweatdropped at Deon's Pokemon.

"They all looked very tough!" She commented truthfully with much sincerity. "I bet they can easily handle a draw with my Pokemon. Anyway, do you wanna have a friendly match, Deon-kun?"

Butterfree understood Sakura's glance at her and immediately flew down to a halting stop, slow and elegant. Kusa landed gracefully on the floor and seemed to be hugging Butterfree.

"They have a very close friendship despite their type disadvantages and advantages..." Sakura told her new-found buddies. "And Deon, not every single person is a lass here. For example, this person here is a GUY." She placed a hand on Erik's shoulder to signal the 'person' she was informing him about.

10-19-2006, 02:31 PM
OCC: I really liek how the RP is coming along. Um when will be docking In hoen again?


Daniel got up from the threw away the trash from his lunch. As he turned away from the trash can he reached inside his pocket for a pokeball. He threw it to the ground and the ball opened with a clack releasing a little purple creature with a big purple horn.

"Niii" Said the Nidoran.

"Come on Nidoran dont, tell me you already want to go and sleep."

Nidran nodded its head. So Daniel picked it up and placed it under his arm. Nidoran always was the lazy type but was very energetic at times. He though to himself, maybe I should get Nidoran and my other pokemon something to munch on. Daniel walked around the deck till he found the Vending machine. He put in a dollar and pushed the button for water. He grabbed the water from the machine slot and walked away to a bench on the boat. He placed Nidoran on his lap and Just sat there staring at the sea.

10-19-2006, 03:04 PM
OOC: Oops. Sorry about that.


Ferry Deck

Deon thought about the challenge and looked at each of his pokemon. Charizard he knew was always ready to battle. Feraligator didn't look like it wanted to go anywhere and Sceptile was panting heavily from it's little run. Deon then looked back at Sakura and with a very small smile, he said, " Of course! You have yourself a battle. " Deon then ran to one end of the deck and waited for Sakura to do the same.

10-19-2006, 03:32 PM
OOC: Sorry I haven't posted untill now.

IC: Aaron sat upon the rim of the boat as he watched a few of the people aboard release their pokemon, it seemed as if two of the trainers were going to have a pokemon battle. The Charizard on one side looked quite strong and tough, but the butterfree on the other side looked feable and weak.

Though, Aaron didn't care much about the pokemon as his real sights were set on the girl with the light pink hair, she was cute. Flirting was one of Aaron's favorite things too do, even though most girls rejected him. Aarons thoughts about girls were interuppted by none other than Castform who started floating towards the cute girl.

Just Great! Aaron thought to himself.

10-19-2006, 09:28 PM

Erik stepped back, making room for the two battlers. He definitely agreed with Sakura; neither of her Pokemon would be much of a match for Deon's fully-evolved trio. Really, Erik envied him. He kinda wished he could show off such powerful Pokemon.

Speaking of which, he should probably let his out. It had been a long train ride, for them as well as him, and they could probably use some exercise, or at least room to manuever. Taking both of the Pokeballs he had brought with him off his belt, he released his two most prized Pokemon; Hiei the Quilava, who stretched out his muscles once out of the Pokeball, and Aurora the Seel. Aurora he let out over the side so that she could get a good swim in before they landed in Hoenn. Although, from what he heard, there was plenty of water there, more than there was in Johto.

Hiei watched Deon's Pokemon with interest, or, more specifically, his Charizard. The Quilava hoped the fire lizard would be the one fighting. He wanted to see some fire moves performed by a master.

OOC: I'm sorry, I don't mean to get chatty. I'll try to only do OOC with my posts from now on.

10-19-2006, 09:33 PM
Lexi pulled down her shades a little to reveal her soft, green eyes.

"It's no harm........"

Lexi opened the front compartment of her pack and took out three mini- red and white balls. They were very small. But with her fingers pressing the balls together, they became the same size as an average Pokeball.

"Come on out... everyone!" Lexi said as she threw them up in the air.

As the three balls were in mid-air, they immediately opened with three white streaks of white light coming out and hitting the deck. A the closed balls were recaptured, the white light beganm to form into Lexi's three pokemon.

"Everyone..... I would like you to meet my Bulbasaur....... Metapod ..... and my Treecko..... say hi everyone...."
The three pokemon gracefully introduced themselves.

Lexi smiled as she took off her shades and placed them on top of her head. She slided her streak of green hair on her cheek ans he rpony tail was gently flowing in the wind from behind.

10-19-2006, 10:48 PM
Ooc:I won't get wingull until later.

Ella watched as everyone released they're pokemon.She was ashamed that her pokemon were'nt exactly strong.But Ella released them anyway."Go Silver!"She cried as a little
eggshell pokemon appeared."And Evie,"she said as an Eevee came out.

Evie looked nervous by all the people,while Silver did a little dance.

10-20-2006, 12:41 PM
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* * *

“Brendan,” Nicky crossed her fingers as she talked over the phone to her old friend, “You’ll never guess where I am!”

‘Where…?’ Came the exasperated reply, Nicky’s traveling companion did not share neither her enthusiasm, nor her experience, ‘If you’re in another pig sty, you’d better get out or strip naked before your clothes start to smell agai-‘

“No, not a pig sty, Bran! Think – Co-ordinator’s Challenge!” And over the phone came a most startled gasp. Nicky grinned happily and adjusted her fat thighs in the nooks of Baldor, her Gyarados’ tri-horn; there were too many people on board for her too feel comfortable on deck.

“You’re not serious, are you, Nicky?’ Brendan was astounded, never did he think his stupid friend was capable of winning a contest of that large a scale, ‘That has to be the biggest lottery of all time! How did you manage to get a position?’

The reply came down the line happy and carefree: “I-phoned-your-daddy…” And Brendan slapped his face. He was Brendan Birch, and his father the Professor Ivan Birch. It was only natural with contacts like his dad was Nicky able to get a slot as one of the ten trainers chosen to travel Hoenn as a co-ordinator, ‘Well, I just hope you don’t make an idiot of yourself in front of National television.’

“Don’t worry, Bran, Bran, I won’t!” Nicky grinned and stood up on Baldor’s head, “I’ll make you proud – yes I will!” Brendan hung up after a wish of good luck and a goodbye, and Nicky looked out into the sea, trying to spot her other two pokemon.

Soon, the girl caught sight of Minerva, her Milotic’s fanned tail and her Feraligator, Phobos’ calloused skin. Deep down, she envied Minerva’s beauty and Phobos’ sheer power; Aphrodite and Zeus did not bless her neither with good looks nor strength - that was for sure. “Phobes, Minnie, over here!” She waved them over with a hand still firmly clutching Baldor’s horn.

Her pigtail laid flat against her head in the wind, unlike the ponytails of the pretty girls on the dock, and her hair was sticking out awkwardly again; what an impression she’d make if she boarded the ship right now… As she examined her spare tires and odd lumps of fat, Nicky felt like an ugly duckling compared to the girls on the ship. But she couldn’t help stealing a glance at the beauties aboard the cruise…

Nicky perked up immediately at the sight before her; there was a battle going on aboard the ship, a Charizard against a little Butterfree, though the battle seemed one sided, Nicky whispered, “Go Butterfree… Whoop the big guy’s butt…”

‘Big winners do come in small packages, just like the Child of Pearl. Would you like to go on the ship yet?’ Baldor looked up at his friend and suggested mildly.

“Bal, you must be joking! I’m too fat to be ‘small’.” Jade continued to stare at the Butterfree, the bug had a little Oddish clamped tight in its forelimbs, “I don’t feel like going up there yet; it’s too crowded...”

‘Pity,’ Minerva parked her large head atop Baldor, next to Nicky, ‘Do you remember the time we won that battle against an Alakazam when I was only a Feebas?! I was so positive I’d lose!’ Minerva chuckled and looked up to see the battle.

‘Oh, Oh! I remember that one!’ Phobos said as she climbed atop his Gyarados friend’s head, ‘That Alakazam knew ‘Shock Wave, right?!’

‘Yes, I must add that the Child of Pearl executed a brilliant defense with such grace!’ Baldor attempted once move to boosted his friend’s self-esteem, ‘Oh, what a battle it was, Minerva made good use of her Attract and Water Pulse combo, I must add!’ Minerva blushed, flattered, but Nicky just stayed where she was, lost in world of her own...

10-20-2006, 01:02 PM
OOC| That's OK by me everybody, and only use OOC if you have something OutOfCharacter to say. And IC isn't required unless you had OOC in the same post ^^;


Sakura's pink hair caught the breeze and again flew gently. Slightly annoyed by it, she tied it into a sort of low ponytail with an orange rubber-band, making her hair standing out even more. Her cerulean eyes shimmered as Butterfree flew in front of her.

"So now everybody thinks Butterfree will lose, right? They've never seen a good Butterfree before, then..." She whispered to herself, barely audible. Butterfree seemed to understand again, and Kusa was beside it, hopping excitedly.

All of a sudden, just when the tension got up, a Castform floated straight into Butterfree. Sakura jerked and saw the cute little Castform bumping into Butterfree, and can't help but giggled, amused totally. Butterfree herself was quite blur of what had happened and glanecd calmly down at the little Castform.

Another breeze blew by, and the Captain was a bit worried. "We should be arriving in Hoenn soon, but the wind direction brings in much haze, and I can't see clearly, so it may take another hour or two for the haze to clear."

Sakura nodded at the Captain and gave him an 'Ok' gesture. Her thigh-length ponytail flew slightly again. It was amazingly light pink in colour, quite straight and a little spiky at the end.

"OK, let's go Butterfree~!"

10-20-2006, 01:26 PM
OOC: You will choose Butterfree, interesting choise.

Ferry Deck

Deon saw that Sakura had sent out Butterfree, so he thought he would give her an advantage. He looked over to his Feraligator, and whipped out a PokeFlute from his pack. He played a soft melody on it, and Feraligator slowly started to open it's eyes. When he awoke finally, he looked angry from being released from it's sleep. It roared loudly, and Deon smiled. He looked back at Sakura and said, " I choose Feraligator! " Just then, Feraligator ran in front of him and crouched down on all fours. Deon smiled again and said, " Your move! "

10-20-2006, 02:09 PM
Lexi looked at the two pokemon about to battle.

Oddly enough, it suddenly made her watn to have a battle. The last one she had was with her cousin Erika when she won all her Kanto Badges and was in the top four in the Kanto League and decided to challenge her last.

"Would anyone care for a battle?" she asked the other trainers.

10-20-2006, 02:44 PM
"Would Anyone care for a battle" these were the words Aaron heard, and although he wasn't to great of a battler he had a sudden urge for one.

"I'd love a battle!" Aaron shouted so that the girl on the other side of the deck could hear him.

Aaron walked closer in and finally asked the girl "How many pokemon do you want to use?"

10-20-2006, 06:15 PM
"Would Anyone care for a battle" these were the words Aaron heard, and although he wasn't to great of a battler he had a sudden urge for one.

"I'd love a battle!" Aaron shouted so that the girl on the other side of the deck could hear him.

Aaron walked closer in and finally asked the girl "How many pokemon do you want to use?"
"How about a 2on2?" she asked the boy who replied to her offer for a Pokemon battle.

Lexi's Metapod, Treecko and Bulbasaur exchanged some glares ateach other wondering who would battle.

Alex looked down at them and remembered at how they were always eager to battle back in Kanto.

( by the way I forgot to state. Treecko was a gift from my cousin Erika the Grass Gym Leader. Even Lexi doesn't know how she got one.)

10-20-2006, 06:28 PM
"2on2 is fine by me!" Aaron answered with an excited tone.

"But first..." Aaron grabbed Castform away from the cute girl's Butterfree and apolgized, Aaron slightly blushed when he looked at her face directly but he tried to keep his affection a secret for now.

"Okay, I'm ready now" Aaron told the other girl, Feebas could use some experience before we reach Hoenn. So Aaron decided that Feebas was his first choice, "Feebas I choose you!"

OCC: Anybody like my charrie card, I made it myself!

10-20-2006, 06:52 PM
"Hmm ........ a Type advatage could be too easy soo..."

"Get out there Metapod...." Lexi smiled looking at the Coocoon Pokemon.

"Metapod..." it responded in affection as it went over in front of the opponent pokemon.

10-20-2006, 07:09 PM
"Fee, Feebas!" Feebas responded as he looked at Aaron.

"Okay Feebas, I know you haven't been in many battles yet but lets try and make a win!" Aaron knew that Feebas wasn't a very strong pokemon but neither were metapods.

"I guess I'll start things off, Feebas use Water Pulse!" Feebas released the attack and the light blue sphere of water was sent towards the green coocoon pokemon.

10-20-2006, 08:43 PM
OOC: It looks pretty good, lonewolf, but there's a problem. None of the Pokemon should be outside the little boxes. To remedy that, while making the card, you need to copy the box, clear the inside, and then put the box on top of the Pokemon. Then, delete all the parts of the Pokemon that are sticking out and put it back on the card. If you'd like a tutorial, here (http://www.neopets.com/~Jolteon55_2000) is a good one. It's the one I used to get started.

Also, for anyone who may have forgotten, Hiei is a Quilava and Aurora is a Seel. Erik will be getting his Trapinch, Draco, in Hoenn.


Erik watched as yet another battle began, glancing back from one to another. He had no current desire to battle, so he figured he'd let the others do it and just watch. It would keep his mind off of seasickness.

Hiei was very obviously disappointed in Deon's choice of Pokemon. With a quiet snort, he trotted back over to Erik and jumped into his arms. Deciding neither battle was worth watching, her promptly went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Aurora was rediscovering the fun of the open sea. She kept up easily with the boat, being a wonderful swimmer, and leaped periodically out of the water and over the waves. Eventually, her sight drifted to a group of water Pokemon, a Gyarados, a Feraligatr, and a Milotic. A girl, who she assumed was their trainer, sat atop the Gyarados's back. Intrigued, she swam over to them, crying a greeting as she went.

10-20-2006, 08:53 PM
OCC: I knew someone would say something about the pokemon being outside of their boxes, I know that normal trainer cards do that...but I like it that way (but when I get bigger pokemon I might start cutting them off.


Aaron watched as the Water Pulse attack made contact with the bug pokemon, It seemed as though it was confused from the effects of Feebas' attack.

"Great Job!" Aaron screamed towards Feebas, but then noticing that it was a little too loud and now everyone was givng him a strange glare. Though Feebas noticed none of this and simply answered "Feebas, Fee" in a happy tone.

10-20-2006, 10:03 PM
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10-21-2006, 01:06 AM
Ella walked up to the boy with the brown hair."Hi,I'm Ella,"She said nervously,holding Evie
tightly.Ella had never been good around boys, but since he was the only one to talk to...
"Do you want to battle m-me,"she stammered.She looked down at her feet,waiting for the

10-21-2006, 02:46 PM
"Hmm..." Lexi sniggered and grinned.

"Metapod..let's show him what a full journey of Kanto Gyms and the Pokemon League Championship can do........ use your special ability....."

"Meta Metapod!" the pokemon responded as it began to glow a white glow with some small white stars shimmering around it.

The glowing suddenly stopped and MEtapod looked beter than ever.
( Shed Skin )
"All right! Metapod! String Shot! Let's go!"

Metapod then released multiple String Shot attacks in one attack heading for the Feebas.

"Now Jump for a Dive Bomb Tackle! Let's go!"
MEtapod then jumped up high and was falling at a fast rate heading for the Feebas.

( by the way.... that Feebas is obviously in a pool of water somewhere onboard right? )

10-21-2006, 04:54 PM
OCC: I never actually thought about how Feebas was battling, but I guess a pool of water would work.


Feebas was covered with the strane substance of string shot, but it was desintagrading quickly from the water souronding the small fish like pokemon.

The Metapod was heading straight for feebas, this metapod is stronger than I thought it would be Aaron thought to himself as he decided his next attack.

"Feebas, use Ice Beam!" and the ray of ice shot towards the the falling bug pokemon.

10-21-2006, 05:46 PM
OCC: I never actually thought about how Feebas was battling, but I guess a pool of water would work.


Feebas was covered with the strane substance of string shot, but it was desintagrading quickly from the water souronding the small fish like pokemon.

The Metapod was heading straight for feebas, this metapod is stronger than I thought it would be Aaron thought to himself as he decided his next attack.

"Feebas, use Ice Beam!" and the ray of ice shot towards the the falling bug pokemon.
"That Feebas is strong and experienced."Lexi thought as she saw the Ice Beam shot up.

"Metapod! Harden! And keep that dive bomb going!"

"Metaaaaa ..pod!!" the pokemon could be heard as it Hardened its coocoon giving it a major Defensive Boost as it practiced this move thousands of times in its Gym Battles.

As the Ice Beam made contact, Lexi's Metapod kept on pushing to resume its Dive Bomb Tackle and actually pushed off right through the Ice Beam Attack. As the Harden was still in effect to produce a tough shell along with the increased velocity of the Tackle Attack, Metapod landed and struck the Feebas with a strong offensive measure.

Metapod then jumped again and was on the deck once more breathing in and out slowly.

"Now that was a Tackle Attack Metapod! Way to show 'em!" Lexi exclaimed.

"Meta," the Cocoon Pokemon said as it looked back with a cheerful expression in its eyes.

Lexi smiled back but then looked over as the risen water had returned to the pool and was about to show the Feebas' condition.

10-21-2006, 06:18 PM
Hearing the crash from the other side of the deck. Daniel decided to go take a look at where the crash came from. He found two trainers battling. The battle was inspiring and Daniel turned to Nidoran who was under his arm resting still.

"Hey buddy, want to call winner?" Daniel asked enthusisaticaly.

"Nido" nodded Nidoran.

Ok, Daniel though to himself. Daniel wainted with anticipation, watching the battle between Feebas and Metapod go on.

10-21-2006, 11:21 PM
Pinzi was worried, the boat kept shaking as though something was continually smashing into it. Surely this would eventually wake up Tara. But he wouldn't let that happen, he would stop all that ruckus. His trainer wanted sleep so she could feel better, and she would get it. The little pineco planned to teach those delinquents how to behave. As a crew member of the ship walked below him, Pinzi dropped from his place above the door to soften his fall. There was a soft clunk as the bagworm made contact with the sailors skull. This was followed by the slightly louder thud made when the sailor fell unconsciously to the floor.

"Thank you!" Pinzi squeeked as he rolled down the corridor to the deck of the ship. An obstacle lay at the end however, a door, separating Pinzi from the battle out side. He tried using string shot to pull the door in, but it didn't work. This door opened outwardly. Selfdestruct would blast it down, but that defeated the purpose of making the people on the other side quiet. He pulled himelf up to the point where he could see out through a glass section on the door. "Hey!" He called, spotting male nidoran and his trainer. "Hey!" he shouted again, bashing himself against the glass. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" He knew that his small noises were unlikey to wake Tara, just as the low clinking against the glass was. "Hey you! Hey! Hey!" This wasn't very productive, as the noise didn't seem to be doing anything but causing the nidoran to nod, but Pinzi would keep trying. "Hey! Hey you! Hey!"

10-22-2006, 01:55 AM
“Feebas, use Ice Beam!” the command shot though Nicky’s consciousness and made her grin. Back when Minerva was merely a Feebas, that was a signature move the two used against potentially hazardous Grass types.

‘Well, it seems Minerva is not the only ‘Ice Beaming’ Feebas in the world, eh?’ Phobos was sitting next to his trainer staring at the battle that was taking place by the poolside, while Minerva muttered a harsh ‘Shut up…’ in the water next to Baldor.

“I’m not taking sides, but I’m hoping the Feebas wins. It reminds me of you, Minnie!” Minerva grinned as Baldor nodded in agreement, “Do you guys remember what Baldor’s signature move was?”

‘Oh yeah!’

‘‘Splash!’’ Phobos cried, and fell onto his back laughing.

But Baldor kept his composure and just snorted displeasure, ‘‘Splash’ is a good move that every Magikarp should learn!’ And as silly as the useless move was, it did come in handy when Baldor the Magikarp ‘Splashed’ himself onto the faces of Nicky’s enemies and drove them away screaming “Get it off! Get it off!”.

“And Phobos’ signature move was…” Nicky gave her Feraligator a wink and a grin. As the reply came back as a unanimous ‘‘Thief!’’

‘Hey!’ Phobos smiled and punched Minerva in her side playfully, ‘you guys should jolly well know that ‘Thief’ is a respectable position!’ He then struck a pose, ‘It’s kewl!’

‘Sure it is…’ Everyone knew he picked it up as a Totodile, after being raised by a full-fledged pickpocket, ‘Well-‘ She was cut short by a tiny – almost inaudible – ‘hey’. Minerva looked up to the deck, where a tiny little Pinecone was jumping up and down behind the glass of a door.

‘Nicky, wait for me here. There’s something I want to have a look at first…’ And with that, she slid onto the deck and towards the door. And stopped only when she could see the pinecone through the glass.

‘Something wrong, kiddo?'

10-22-2006, 02:00 AM
Aaron watched as the strong bug pokemon blasted through the ice beam attack hit Feebas, Hard. It was obvious that Feebas had lost the first round.

Aaron shuddered as he reached for Feebas' pokeball and sent him back in with a beam of red light.

Aaron took out Castforms pokeball and threw it towards the ground, it opened and with a burst a light the small, white pokemon appeared.

"Let's make this a good battle, O.K. Castform" Castform nodded and turned to face the enemy.

10-22-2006, 12:35 PM
"Come here Metapod....... you've really improved!" Lexi smiled as she picked up thee pokemon in her hands.

"Meta .. Metapod!" the Pokemon exclaimed as it went back towards the other two pokemon.

Lexi watched as the Feebas returned to its pokeball and a castform was the trainer's next choice.

Lexi looked at her Bulbasaur and Treecko.

"Maybe I shouldn't use my Trump Card .... soo......"

"Treecko! Let's go!"

"Tree....cko!" the Wood Gecko pokemon said as it jumped into its battling position with a serious glance at the Castform.

"Let's makke this next battle a fun one!" Lexi shouted over to the trainer.

Bulbasaur and MEtapod glanced over at Treecko's opponent.

10-22-2006, 12:44 PM
OOC| Sorry guys! My computer had some virus on it, and it took some time for me to go blasting them off ^^;

Lonewolf, your Trainer Card is really cute! Lol! And sorry to keep Deon-kun waiting!


Sakura gave a playful smirk. "You're giving me advantage? Well, who cares... Ah!"

She turned around again when Castform was pulled away from Butterfree, and giggled slightly. "That's a really cute Castform!" The young lass commented before turning her attention back to the battle.

"Go, Butterfree! Use Sleep Powder first!!" Sakura shouted across the 'battlefield'. Butterfree flew at a swift speed towards her opponent and dropped beautiful, sparkling dust on it. They invaded the water Pokemon, the shining, aqua-coloured dust. It was a beautiful sight, as their colour matched the water starter.

Just as Butterfree finished her attack, a loud crash came from the other side of the room. Sakura turned her hea dback and saw Lexi battling the boy earlier with the Castform, who was now using a Feebas.

"Go Metapod, go Feebas!!" She cheered them on before waiting for Deon's counter-attack.

10-22-2006, 12:54 PM
OOC: That's okay.


Deon watched helplessly as Feraligator started to go to sleep. Then he remembered that Feraligator didn't usally go to sleep until about 2 turns after being hit. He knew he had a chance. " Feraligator! Use your Ice Beam and start spinning your head in a circle. " Feraligator did and started to spin his head into a circular pattern. Then he launched an Ice Beam, and it turned into a Ice Ring.

10-22-2006, 02:02 PM
OCC: I have a fealing that this will be a great RP!


"So Treecko is your next pokemon, no matter...but I should probably warn you that Castform is no pushover"

Aaron looked at Castform and this time said "So Castform should we heat things up or cool things down?" Castform pretended to shiver and Aaron nodded.

"Then let's start with Hail!"

A white wave of energy was released from Castform and clouds gathered around the ship, the weather changed into snow, and then Hail.

Castform changed too, as the small pokemon now looked like one of the clouds above with a curly cue on the top of his head.

10-22-2006, 02:04 PM
Daniel sat down on a chair on the deck and watched the battle between Feebas and Metapod end. Forgettting Nidoran was there, Nidoran opened his eyes and shook off as if there was a dust on him.

Nidoran looked around and saw a trainer headed down below deck. Nidoran jumped off Daniel's lap and decided to head towards were the other trainer was going. As he got closer the trainer opened the door which revealed a Pineco.

"Hey, cool, a friend I can play with" Nidoran excalaimed. Which translated into "Nii-NIdoran!".

Daniel sunddenly jerked when he heard his Nidoran's call. He though, Could that be my Nidoran? Looking down at his lap to find that his Nidoran was missing,

"Nidoran, where are you?!" Daniel sighed.

Daniel got up from his seat and went below deck thinking maybe Nidoran went to play or get something to eat. As he walked down the steps he saw his Nidoran, a Pineco, and a Milotic.

"Boy Nidoran you sure know how to get your self into trouble,well come on little guy" Daniel ssighed as he went to pick up his Nidoran.

10-22-2006, 05:16 PM

Lexi could tell Castform was a strong pokemon.

"Treecko! Show em' your Quick Attack!"

Treecko knew that at a fast speed the hail won't be as effective.

"Treee.... cko!" the Pokemon shouted as it ran with a white burst of light trailing behind it asn it rushed to the opponent and then was about to head in a upward thrust using the velocity of the Quick Attack.

"That's the way!" Lexi cheered on her Treecko.

10-22-2006, 05:26 PM
The Feebas was down for the count, but the Ice Beam had been a good idea, not to mention it would make an appealing move with judges in a contest. Erik definitely had some competition.

Both trainers recalled their Pokemon, now releasing new ones. Erik's gaze shifted to to other battle. The Butterfree had already used Sleep Powder, and Deon's Feraligatr was attacking now with an Ice Beam, but was going about it strangely. He watched, trying to figure out what it was doing. And, in any case, surely it should be asleep?

Aurora listened to the girl and her Pokemon talk before turning and swimming back to the boat. She didn't want to be too far from Erik, just in case he decided to battle and needed her.

10-22-2006, 10:02 PM
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Butterfree jerked a bit when she saw that her Sleep Powder didn't work, but she knew that her opponent would soon go to sleep after one more turn, so she did not panic at all. Instead, the flying Pokemon turned back at Sakura for further commands.

Sakura shot her Butterfly Pokemon an encouraging grin and focused her mind. When she heard Deon's instructions for his Feraligator to use Ice Beam, she opened her eyes and saw an Ice Ring emerging out of nowhere, aiming at Butterfree. Giggling as Butterfree easily dodged the attack, she shifted her body to dodge it too as it was going her way.

"So, after the next attack... Humph!" Sakura mumbled out. "Confusion, Butterfree!"

The bug Pokemon immediately created a psychic-sound scene around the battlegrounds, which in illusion and reality cannot differentiate from each other. Confusion was an attack almost impossible to escape, and its strength depends on the user's emotional level.

10-24-2006, 12:55 PM
Deon watched helplessly as Feraligator started to get confused. Deon however, knew that it was going to be asleep after his next attack, so he ordered a command that Butterfree would easily dodge. " Now Feraligator! Use Whirlpool and aim it for right behind Sakura! " Feraligator did that and a blue light came out from it's hand. Suddenly, the boat rocked a little bit. A huge whirlpool had formed right behind Sakura in the pool. Then Feraligator lifted it's hand and the Whirlpool went up into the air.

10-24-2006, 09:07 PM

Lexi could tell Castform was a strong pokemon.

"Treecko! Show em' your Quick Attack!"

Treecko knew that at a fast speed the hail won't be as effective.

"Treee.... cko!" the Pokemon shouted as it ran with a white burst of light trailing behind it asn it rushed to the opponent and then was about to head in a upward thrust using the velocity of the Quick Attack.

"That's the way!" Lexi cheered on her Treecko.

Soon after the Quick Attack made contact with the Castform, Treecko was still heading for the sky which proved to be a bad thing as the Hail Attack was still working.

"That's it!" Alex thought.

"Treecko..... do a spin in mid-air and aim your Pound Attack!"

As Treecko signalled it understood, it began to spin its body along with its tail. As a result, the Hail was actually being knocked away by Treecko's tail as the pokemon came downward aiming an increased velocity strike! It was going to be quite a Pound Attack.

"Treeeeeeee!!................" the pokemon was shouting as it was about to contact with its opponent.

"Great......" Alex said under her breath as Treecko was close to its target.

10-25-2006, 12:30 AM
Daniel was walking away with his Nidoran under his arm. He got to the top of the stairs and saw the battle between Feebas and Metapod ended. The two trainers had released new pokemon, Treecko and Castform. Castform was hail on Treecko who was in the air spinning like a top deflecting the hail. The hail particles that were deflected were raining in all directions.

"OW!!!" that hurts Daniel said with annoyance in his voice. He grabbed Nidoran's pokeball and ordered " Return, Nidoran"

Nidoran returned with a flash of red light into his pokeball. Daniel decided that he would go and watch the other battle the was taking place between Feraligator and Butterfree. Daniel walked over and sat on the deck watching the new battle, with enthusiasm.

"Man, all these trainers are have really strong pokemon; I can't wait to battle someone." Daniel said at a low whisper.

10-25-2006, 01:03 AM
When Ella saw that the boy next to her was not listening,she walked away.She had walked halfway across the deck,when hail started falling from the sky."Oww!!"Ella screamed.She ran until she unexpectedly bumped into a boy."Sorry,I didn't mean to..."A thought came into her head,"Hey, would you like to battle?"

OOC:Sorry this is a short post, I'm talking about Leoblaze.

10-25-2006, 01:13 AM
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Aarom watched while Treecko spun and started fallling towards Castform, this reminded him of when the girl's metepod was falling towards Castfrom...but this time Aaron would be the one who would be victorious.

"Castform, quickly Dodge!" Castform followed the command with ease.

The small green pokemon was now heading for the pool though (Which was now covered with the frozen pellets the Castform had summouned), but to ensure his victory Aaron called one more command...

"Wheather Ball!" the attack that changes it's type according to the weather, much like Castform himself now was (if you didn't already figure it out) of the Ice type, a type that can destroy grasss type pokemon with ease.

10-25-2006, 01:27 PM
OOC| Lol, I had my injection for immunisations today. OWW, it was suuuper numb T,T


Sakura beamed with delight as the Whirlpool got up to the sky and went straight down for Butterfree. "You don't wanna get hit by that, Butterfree! Return that Whirlpool-Whirlwind attack with your Gust, and combine it with your Wing Attack!"

A huge and massive tornado immediately returned the water back to the sea, and the wind caused a crash at the top of the ferry. Butterfree's Wing Attack caught Feraligator, who was sleeping and confused.

"Yes, way to go, Butterfree! Now let's see, give me some time to plan my next attack..."

10-25-2006, 08:18 PM
"Quick Treecko.......... jump out and dodge that Weather Ball!"

Treecko quickly got out of the water and managed to dodge the freezing ball of ice.

Somehow, Treecko was shivering a little; most likely because of the freezing pool water.

Lexi looked at her pokemon as it shivered.

She remembered how the Castform couldn't move so quickly as to dodge her last attack.

"Friction would stop the shivering........ and that Castform just dodged my last attack......can't miss" she thought as she observed the opponent pokemon.

"Treecko .... Quick Attack!"

Once more the Wood Gecko Pokemon managed to move at a fast rate with the blindng streak of white light trailing behind him about to hit the Castform.

10-25-2006, 10:57 PM
Erik flinched as stray hail rained upon his head. Hiei, looking irritable, lifted his head and shot tiny embers at the remaining hail coming their way, melting it instantly.

Turning back to the battles, Erik could see that they were heating up, despite the fact that ice and water moves were being used.

OOC: Bad pun, I know. I couldn't resist. :oops:

10-26-2006, 03:55 AM
It was no use really, the nidoran and its trainer were quite oblivious to Pinzi's attempt at getting their attention. The two were completely fixed on a battle between a Feebas and another pokemon out of the Pineco's veiw. But another group had appeared from the ship, led by a human girl.

Ew, water types, he though, taking a short pause from the window hitting activity. Maybe they would be more observant than the other group. He called out to them, "Hey! Over here, look in the window!" As he made a small crack appear, the string shot holding him to the ceiling broke and he fell to the floor.

With his head lying on the floor he picked up the vibration of the words, "‘Splash’ is a good move that every Magikarp should learn!" Which of course was a completly foolish thing to say, as splash had absolutely no effect on pokemon. Hopefully a smart group would come by soon to rid Pinzi of such fools as these.

Rather than using string shot to help him hit the window, he now used tackle. The attack didn't carry him far enough up to hit the window, but he did go high enough to be seen. "Hey!" he squeeled. This is pointless, he finally realized, I should just give up and go back to the room. The noise out there seems to be dying down anyway. That wasn't true though, and Pinzi knew it, he would just have to try again and again.

"Hey!" Pinzi called, but it was drowned out by the Feraligtr who spoke the same word at the very same time as Pinzi. "HEY!" he called a final time as he bashed into the window. If they didn't hear that there wasn't much more to try.

"Something wrong kiddo?" came the soothing voice of a Milotic.

Pinzi sneered at the serpentile pokemon, "There sure is. Let me outside you gargantuan beast!"

10-29-2006, 05:28 PM
OOC: Xoxkris whenever your on I'd like you to answer my question, in this roleplay can are pokemon learn more than four attacks?


"Weatherball, once more!" Aaron shouted his next command as the treecko on the other side of the battle switly jolted towards Castform.

The icey attack came in contact with the gecko like pokemon a strange thing happened, neither Aaron of the girl could see what had happened because of a thick layer of fog that had rolled over the ships deck.

But then the fog started to clear and Aaron could start to see an outline of both the pokemon, and he knew that one of them had won the battle.

10-30-2006, 02:25 AM
Minerva narrowed her eyes at the little bagworm, but merely bent down and worked with her long, red fins on the doorknob. Finally, with a sweeping heave, the door opened up and the Pineco could make his way into the sun.

“Keep that attitude up, Kid, and next time you won’t be so lucky…” Minerva was about to make her way back to the water overboard the ship when she noticed a rather dashing Feraligatr on board in the pool.

To the untrained eye, he’d look just like Phobos, Nicky’s own Feraligatr, but to Minerva, the self-proclaimed ‘ultimate eye at spotting hot dudes’, he was very handsome indeed. “Oh-my-god! Look at that guys biceps – man, he’s hot…” Minerva fanned herself with her fins in an exaggerated manner, the way a teenage girl would when she wanted to look her best, turning to the freed Pineco she bombarded it with question after question:

“Do I look okay? Are my scales in place? Do you think we look good as a couple?!” She was frantic, and her face was deep red. But Minerva didn't give the Pineco any time to respond and moved in for the ‘kill’, confident her looks were stunning enough to nab that hunk.

The Feraligatr was in a pool, engaged in a battle with a Butterfree, but Minerva didn’t notice as she slithered into the water and brushed up next to the beast in a flirtatious manner, “Hi…”

* * *

Back in the water, Nicky slapped her face as she saw he Milotic’s pathetic attempt to attract a mate for the year. “Minnie!” She hissed under her breath, not wanting to get noticed by the people on board but only by her Milotic. “Minnie, come-back-here!” It wasn’t just horrific looking at Minerva - it was embarrassing.

“Minerva, you-come-back-here!” Nicky was getting impatient, but she didn’t dare to show her face on board the ship. However, when Minerva made no notice of her trainer, Nicky’s patience wore out; heaving her fat thigh over the deck’s railing, she jumped aboard the ship, dived into the pool and dragged her Milotic by the tail out. “You are a dumb-ass, Minerva…” She scolded her Milotic silently though gritted teeth.

On the water, Baldor just chuckled as Nicky finally realized she had worked up the courage to get on the ship, and winked at her – a sign for his trainer to stay where she was and enjoy herself. Nicky took the message and dumped her Milotic on the floor as she sat down on a reclining chair. But Phobos was muttering to himself in indignation:

“What does that stupid Feraligatr have that I don’t? I’m wa~ay more handsome than him...” Phobos crossed his arms in an angry manner and blew air out of his mouth crossly. “…No, I daresay I’m downright hunky!” The young Feraligatr made poses to show of his muscles in the shiny surface of the ship’s hull and broke out in a false grin.

The Gyarados he was sitting on smiled and turned towards Phobos, who was considerably smaller than himself, “Now, we can’t all be handsome to Minerva, can we?”

“Yeah, but sometimes, I wish she wouldn’t be such an idiot.”

“She needs time to mature, it seemed like a hundred years before I grew this big.”

“Bal, that was a hundred years.”

“Oh yes…” Baldor nodded happily and closed his eyes, preparing to take a nap.

Phobos sighed and looked at himself in the mirror of the ship hull again, he hated the way no one noticed him. What did it take to be ‘beautiful’? Was he only beautiful in his own eyes? The questions were confusing, and the Feraligatr didn’t feel like bothering to answer them, so he merely leapt off the sleeping Baldor and into the water, where he swam to the other end of the ship.

The backside of the ship housed an enormous motor, to push the metal ship across the waters. But to Phobos, that wasn’t a motor - it was a punchbag. If I break this, would everyone consider me powerful…? Phobos scratched his chin and wondered. Uncaringly, he rammed a fist into the whirring engine and then another. He started attacking his The sound of the motor died down and the ship was quiet, success!

10-30-2006, 03:03 AM
As the fog began to clear up, Lexi looked carefully near the pool. In dismay, she saw her Treecko lying by the edge of the water; it had fainted and couldn't continue to battle.

She ran over to Treecko and looked at it as it looked back at her.
"You definitely made progress.......... you did a great job........ take a nice rest Treecko....."

A red beam of light came from the pokeball and Treecko was returned to its Ball.

She got up and looked at the Castform and its trainer.

"That was a great battle........ we can call it a tie....my name is Lexi....." she intorduced herself as Metapod and Bulbasaur walked up to her feet.

10-30-2006, 11:19 PM
While Ella waited for an answer, her pokemon left."Let's go in the water Evie!"Silver asked
the scared evee.

"I d-don't know,"Evie shakily replied.

"Stop being a wuss,"Silver jeared as he pushed Evie over the edge.

Evie was drowning.But he managed to gasp;"Help!"to the giggling Silver.

When Ella heard that she ran to the railing, and jumped in.The water was freezing cold, so
Ella couldn't reach the evee,"Help he'll die!"

10-31-2006, 11:09 AM
OOC| Oh my god I am so sorry Espeon, it's just that I have not been checking the forums recently, my bad my bad -salutes- Gomeinei!

In regards to your earlier question, yes, Pokemon can learn more than 4 moves, lol.

Attention, everybody! The ferry is about to board upon Hoenn! Get ready, guys~


"OK, EVERYBODY LISTEN TO ME TRUELY YOU WON'T WANNA MESS AROUND AND MAKE SO MUCH NOISE WITH ME!!" The Captain yelled with his deep, authoratative voice that caught everybody's total attention. "I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT AND LISTEN TO ME, BRATS!"

Sakura had no choice but to stop her half-winning battle with Deon, offering him a dramatic sigh before she followed the crazy Captain's beckons to gather around. He was totally treating them likes younger kids! It wasn't like they were tearing apart the ferry with their noise pollution, right? And there's no snowy mountain to cause avanlanches anyway!

"Pretty annoying, eh?" Sakura whispered in her sweet and pious tone to the boy who owned the Castform. 'Nobody's making much nosie and there he is, yelling away like a mad man!"


11-02-2006, 02:04 PM
OOC: XD That's all I can say, I'm laughing too much...


Erik watched as the battle between the Castform and Treecko came to an end and was about to look over to the other battle when he noticed a girl he hadn't seen before.

Now, who's that? He wondered to himself, trying to remember people's names. Unfortunately, he found he couldn't.

Just as he realized this, the captain began screaming at them, for no apparent reason, or at least that's what he thought. The man was stopped midsentence when the boat gave a sudden lurch, halting to a stop. Not exactly expecting it, he fell to his knees, an angry, albeit sleepy, Hiei spilling from his arms.

What the heck?


Aurora found herself forlornly wondering when they would reach land. Truth be told, she was getting kind of tired, but it was more she was bored, really. She was about to call to Erik to bring her on deck when she heard an ominous splash from behind her.

"Help!" A small voice cried. She whirled around in a mid air leap, making for the creature. It was an Eevee, and it appeared to be having more than a little trouble swimming through the choppy waters. It was sinking quickly.

Aurora dove down, eyes locked on the Pokemon, even as she heard yet another splash. Finally, she gently caught the little Eevee's fur in her mouth, and pulled it back to the surface. Upon, breaking through, she saw a girl she assumed was probably its trainer. She swam over, being careful to keep the Eevee above water.

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11-02-2006, 08:08 PM
Aaron smiled and walked towards the girl that he now knew was named Lexi, he was about the introduce himself when he heard a harsh voice.


The captains voice matched the boat he controlled, big and low.


(OOC: No comment)

"Pretty annoying, eh?"

The cute girl with pink hair whispered to Aaron and he moved closer partly to hear her better and partly just to be closer to her. (OOC: lol)

"Nobody's making much nosie and there he is, yelling away like a mad man!"

Aaron argreed to this.
Adults could be such hypocrits sometimes Aaron thought to himself.


Aaron was severly frustererated by now, and as he saw the girl was covering her ears, and he decided that he would too...


OOC: Lonesy has another question, will all contests require two pokemon, or just some of them.
And for reference I'm all for two pokemon contests!

11-02-2006, 11:16 PM

Suddenly their was a splash in the water; a seel carrying Evie!Ella thrashed over to Evie, tears in her eyes.

"Thank you so much!"Ella cried while kissing the water type's head."Evie what happened?"

Just then the boat lurched and stopped.Ella could barely see a blue feraligator under the ferry...

OOC:Lol! Lonewolf...your signature...

11-03-2006, 12:30 AM
"Seel!" Aurora replied happily, grinning widely from the praise. She didn't notice the boat lurch at all.


Erik quickly climbed back to his feet, immediately looking over the side of the boat. Instead of seeing the cause of the problem, he saw Aurora with a waterlogged trainer and Pokemon.

"Good girl," he whispered to himself before turning around and shouting, "We need some rope or a life preserver or something! Someone's fallen overboard!"

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11-03-2006, 03:04 PM
OOC| Espeon I don't get what you mean, is it the part about the Castform boy? It's lonewolf's character =]

In regards to your question, lonewolf, I know this is really confusing about the contest, but here, I am going to explain it the new way I have decided.

Firstly, trainers battle against each other. If they win, they earn 2 points. If they lose, they earn 0, and if it's a draw, they earn 1 point each.

Next, the Pokemon make their appeals. Every appeal earns you one point and 1 applause from the crowd like in the game appeal section. If you manage to be lucky enough to get full applause, 5 points for you.

The scores will telly up in the end to see who's the winner =)

And togetic, please be aware of your grammar. Put a space after every punctuation, and sue the actual spelling, "there" instead of "their". Thank you ^^


Sakura finally heard the boy respond and offered him a cheerful and friendly grin.

"Well, I guess it's time to get up," She continued chattily, glancing at the Captain who is currently speaking to a beautiful lady with curly, blonde hair and sparkling purple eyes. She had a fair complexion, and was rather elegant-looking. Wearing a lovely oversized white tee with some words printed on it, the lady also wore a pair of fashionable-looking trousers. "Wow, she's got some fashion sense!" Sakura told Aaron.

"OK, EVERYBODY!" Captain Llyod turned back to stare at the trainers. "Now, please GET LOST FROM THE FERRY AND STEP ON THE LAND!" He turned sharply to the lady he spoke to earlier. "This is Elizabeth, CAL HER MS.ELIZABETH! GREET HER!"

Sakura was a bit startled, but kept her mouth shut. She doesn't want anything to do with greeting like a little kiddo. Fortunately, Elizabeth chuckled and stopped Captain Llyod in time. "Please call me Beth." She told them, her voice a kind and gentle one. Ruffling through her curly, blonde hair, she shoved a pearlish hand to show the way. "Please, everybody." Beth offered them a nice beam.

"OK, Beth is NOT as bad as Llyod!" The pretty lass commented to Aaron. "Oh, do you need some help?" She offered a lovely paml to help Aaron up. "Hehe!" Giggling, she suddenly forget to introduce herself. Rubbing her head in a sheepish yet cute way, she smiled in a happy-go-lucky manner. "Oh, yup, I forget to tell you my name. It's Kurosaki Sakura. Nice to meet you!" She took Aaron's hand and shook it before pulling him up.

It was only then did everybody hear Erik's plead. Glancing quickly in that direction, Sakura dashed in a swift speed towards Erik and Aurora the seel. Reassuring the young girl who was being supported by the seel along with an Eevee, she quickly removed her cozy jacket and jumped overboard.

When she felt herself dancing elegantly into the lovely, shimmering waters. she opened her sparkling cerulean eyes and found the young girl's legs and Aurora's lower body. Swimming towards them, she managed to get into air again, using Aurora as a short support before she held on firmly to the girl.

"I've got her!" Sakura yelled to the people on board.

11-05-2006, 03:20 PM
OOC: That makes sense, but that wasn't what I was asking...

Will we use different pokemon for the appeal and battling parts, sometimes or not at all?

Also what if there is a tie in points?

11-05-2006, 10:55 PM
OOC~ Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry! I've had no time to go online at all and I still don't, but I'll get in a quick post because I've don't want Tera to be left behind.

IC~ The boat quickly halted and Tara was flung off her cot by the sudden change on velocity. Thankfully the breif nap she took had eased her headache. We stopped moving? I better hurry... As she darted out of the room she snatched her purse up from the floor.

"Get lost from the ferry and step onto the land!" Came a loud shout. Tara expected that it came from some sort of sound system. The noise travelled through the entire ship.

Come on... I can do this... Tara darted down the hall to wherever the voice came from, by now she had realized that the message was specificly aimed at the coordinators. Uh oh... Where from here? At last she found it, there were a group of other youths surrounding someone dressed in a humourous captains outfit.

She burst in with the others, "I'm not too late, am I?" She looked around at the other co-ordinators. None of these people will stand a chance against me. Most of them were also being distracted by something over the side of the deck. Oh well, it's none of my concern.

She spotted Erik with the group, He can't possibly be coming along with the rest of the coordinators... He's to friendly. After seeing Erik, Tara decided that it wouldn't hurt to at least have a look at what was happening.

"What's going on?" She asked him insincerely.

11-06-2006, 01:17 AM
"Someone fell," he said, looking from side to side and searching for a rope. "Luckily, my Seel was off the side of the boat. She was able to keep them afloat. Another girl just dived down to help." He gave a small cry when he finally found a rope with a lifepreverer attatched, or, rather, Hiei gave it to him.

"Thanks, buddy," he said, taking it. He hurled it over the side, out to the people below.

"Grab on!" He called to them below. "I'll try to pull you up!" He turned to Tara. "I don't think I can do it alone. Can you help me?"

OOC: Sorry, short... >< Anyway, I'm talking about lonewolf's av and signature. He got turned into a Pikachu from the Pikachu Survivor Game. I have, too, now, funny enough.

11-06-2006, 02:06 PM
OOC| Lol, but that wasn't what I was asking as well, Espeon, but never mind me ^^

Lonewolf, you can choose different Pokemon, but the frst battle and tie battle is strictly 1 on 1, and if there is to be a tie, another battle will take place to see who's the winner. The appeal stage, tie battle and first battle requires the use of one and only one Pokemon.


Sakura comforted the young girl and saw the rope being hurled in. Nodding her head, she flung herself with ease to reach it, grabbing it in time.

"It was lucky I have much flexibility!" She commented aloud and gazed up at Erik and Tara before staring down at the girl and the Eevee. "Everything's gonna be OK," She comforted. "Ella-chan, right?" She asked before glancing up at Erik and Tara again.

"Eriiik, Taraa!" She yelled, catching their attention. Sakura took a deep breath, and twirled Ella's fingers around the rope. "Pull her up first! And I believe this seel belongs to Erik, right?" She directed that to Aurora. "Pull Ella up first," she repeated before speaking to Ella again. "Listen, Ella, when you get up, bring Eevee back into her Pokeball."

"And Erik, after Ella keeps her Eevee, you should bring back your Seel as well, I can climb up the ferry with the rope~!" Sakura patted Aurora on her head and grinned. "Good girl, you are too clever."

11-13-2006, 08:59 PM
OOC: I'm not letting this die!!!


"The Voyage is over?" Aaron asked himself this question a few times before he relized the cute girl (who he now knew was named Sakura) had helped him up and in almost the same second ran towards the side of the ship and jumped.

"Girls are crazy" he told this to himself as he walked off the ship with Castform.

"I guess this is Hoenn..."

11-13-2006, 11:37 PM
With Bulbasaur in her arms and her Metapod and Treecko back in their Balls, Lexi walked off the ship observing the settings of the scene. She saw a naerby sign saying they were close to Oldale Town and close by was Littleroot Towna dn another road that would lead to Petalburg City.

<Bul.. Bulba...Saur..... > the Bulb Pokemon said .
"Interesting? I can tell too Bulbasaur," she smiled telling her companion.

11-14-2006, 12:13 PM
OOC| Thanks so much for posting, you two~! ;D


Sakura changed into her extra pair of clothes in her cabin below deck while the others were briefed by the Captain. She was glad that she had saved 2 lives.

"Guess all that praticing really paid off!" She giggled as she pulled on a cute, yellow sweater and dried her pink-coloured and thigh-length hair. As Sakura wore a cute, white miniskirt, she could barely hear Captain's voice from above deck...

"SO, YOU BETTER ALL GET LOST FROM THE SHIP THIS INSTANT, AND..." The old man soon turned to Lexi. "YOU THERE! GIVE ME COME BACK, RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" He pratically growled and barked loudly when he realsied Lexi was leaving the others.

"Didn't I tell you to wait?" Beth told Lexi off gently before she noticed an all refreshed Sakura appearing from the cabins.

"I'm all ready." Sakura greeted her with a wide grin and showed a ready pose. Beth nodde din approval and gestured for everybody to get off the ferry.

11-14-2006, 02:17 PM
"I was jsut looking at the sign." Lexi tried to explain with a vague expression { with that tear drop by your head and you looked depressed lol).

She then walked off the ferry again going back to the sign to wait for the trainers she met up with.

"Looks like the closest town is Oldale Town," she said to herself with Bulbasaur listening and agreeing also.

"Bulb.... Bulba!"

11-14-2006, 11:46 PM
OOC:I am soo sorry!!>.< I haven't posted in a while because I was on vacation.


When Ella was savely on board, she threw a pokeball at Evie." Your save now pal," she murmured. I wonder how Evie fell in, he'd never go near the water...Ella thought to herself as she bowed and said "thank you so much!" to everyone who helped her.

But she thanked Sakura the most. The minute Ella saw Sakura come back, she said" Thank you so much for saving Evie and I. Your a real fri-," Ella was cut off as the captain started shouting.

" SO YOU BETTER ALL GET LOST FROM THE SHIP THIS INSTANT AND," he turned toward a girl and started shouting at her.

" Whats up with him?" Ella asked Sakura as she followed everyone off the boat.

11-15-2006, 12:42 PM
Sakura saw Llyod shouting mercilessly at some girl again, the one with the Bulbasaur, the girl named Lexi. Sweatdropping (OOC: It's called sweatdrop), she heard Ella thanking her when she got up.

"Nah, it's OK," Sakura grinned in return as she sprinted up and left the ferry according to the freaky old man's orders.

Once she was off-board, she heard Ella's voice again and beamed brightly. "Aww, his problem is that he got ditched this morning." Her laughter was muffled after she whispered it to Ella. "Nah, actually, I didn't know, but he's got a really short temper anyway."

Sakura knew the joke was loud enough for the boy with the Castform to hear, so she grinned at him too, hoping he would appreciate the humour and not tell anybody.

11-15-2006, 10:52 PM
"Hey everyone...come over here!" Lexu motioned everyone to come by the sign.
As the Co-ordinators were coming on over, Lexi was telling them about that sign and map display on it.
"Looks like the closest town is Oldale Town. Then south of Oldale but still closeby is Littleroot and a West of Oldale but will take a little while is Petalburg City."

11-16-2006, 02:09 PM
Captain saw Lexi gathering the people around and immediately disapproved of it.

"CAN YOU PLEASE STOP IT?!" He yelled over, but Beth stopped him in bsurting in anger in time.

"Please, Llyod. Look, nobody followed her. It's OK," Beth suggested before venturing towards Lexi. "Lexi, please do not guide our students. WE are in charge of this, so pelase come back." She ambled back to the ferry base where everybody else is, expectign Lexi to follow.

"OK people, before we go to Littleroot, I have a few instructions to guide you all. But first, I want you all to listen." Beth pasued for awhile before hesitating to continue. "This is our first time doing this time of thing, but we are very experienced. I don't wanna anybody to lead anyone-because that's our job. Understood?"

11-17-2006, 12:28 AM
Lexi miserably followed with her eyes closed and listened to the captain. Bulbasaur sadly moan for Alex when it saw her sas look in her arms.

11-17-2006, 03:33 AM
Ella laughed softly to herself as everyone gathered around Beth. This is so exciting, I'll finally be a co-ordinator! Ella thought while Beth started to speak.

" Ok people, before we go to Littleroot, I have a few instructions to guide you all. But first, I want you all to listen," Beth paused before adding." This is our first time doing this sort of thing, but we are very experienced. I don't want anybody to lead anyone- because thats our job."

Beth looked tired and stressed in the sunlight. I thought she would be more, energetic. But I guess not, Ella thought as Beth continued.

11-17-2006, 08:15 AM
Beth continued, but this time with a kind beam on her pretty face. She motioned for the Captain to drive off the ferry.

When the horrible Captain Llyod was completely gone, Beth seemed much more energetic and young. Sakura figured that the Captain was stressing her more and more every second he was there. She was about to say this to Aaron when Beth continued.

"OK, I am sure you guys won't know how a Contest works, or for starters, what is an Co-ordinator?" She pasued for some time before adding to her explanation. "An Co-ordinator is somebody who works with Pokemon to win a contest. Basically, there are 5 different kinds of judging."

"Toughness, Coolness, Smartness, Beauty and Cuteness. Points will be given based on these forms of judging in the appeal stage. However, in the first stage of a contest, trainers battle against each other using strictly one Pokemon throughout the whole contest." Beth finally decided to take sips of her mineral water. "Up till now, anybody has any trobules understanding?"

Sakura understood this completely, because Prof.Oak had explained about it earlier. She grinned at Aaron, seeing if he understood Beth's speech.

11-18-2006, 01:31 AM
Lexi focused on what was being said and shook he rhead to indicate she understood fully so far.

"I hope being a Co-ordinator will be as much fun as training to be a Gym Leader," she said but in a low tone to her Bulbasaur knowing her cousin was a Gym Leader and was training her to be one too.

<Bul..Bulba> it nodded while facing the human that was speaking.

11-19-2006, 11:18 AM
OOC| I was waiting for other people to post, but I'll just continue first.


Beth saw Lexi nodding and grinned graciously. "Thanks, darling." She thanked Lexi for indicating that she's fine with everything that was going on.

"Oh, and Sakura-chan, I hope you know that the food here is limited." Beth knows cute Sakura and her big appetite from Prof.Oak. "I'm glad you understand anyway, honey."

"OK, do the rest of you all understood what I've just mentioned earlier on?"

11-19-2006, 02:44 PM

"Actually, not really." Aaron spoke so the Beth would know he was having a little trouble understanding.

"I already know about the five types of contests and the five cities around Hoenn where the contests are held, but what do they have to do with each other?"

Aaron hoped no one would think he was stupid because of his question, so he asked it in a very profound way.

OOC: Sorry about not replying to any of Sakura's jokes or anything Xoxkris, I just couldn't fit it in.

11-19-2006, 08:40 PM

Ella had to admit she was a little confused, but she didn't want to sound stupid, so she just nodded blankly to Beth.

"Actually, not really," Ella heard a boy say. She admired him for his honesty.

" Well... I don't understand either," Ella whispered to Beth. This was so embarrassing!

11-21-2006, 02:45 PM
OOC: I'm really sorry, I'll be slow posting for a while. It's basketball season, so, between practices, games, playing in band, and Scholastic Bowl thrown in for good measure, I have very little computer time. I'm only on today because I'm sick. :oops:


Erik gave a sigh of relief as the two girls were pulled aboard, and he smiled to Aurora.

"Great job, girl. You deserve a rest." She gave a happy cry, and Erik recalled her. He scooped Hiei up off the deck and walked over to where Beth was beginning to talk to the wanna-be co-ordinators. He understood what she was saying, but he still had a question. After another boy asked is, Erik cut in and said, "I understand it, but in the battles, is it more important to win them, or to make your Pokemon look good?"

11-22-2006, 12:12 PM
OOC| Wow, short posts people, it's not really more than 4 lines, but I guess this is the final warning I am giving you guys. :oops:

Espeon, that's fine =) Just try to post as much as you can ^^
Lonewolf, it's alright too, but try to make your content longer, and same to togetic XD


Sakura stared at Aaron before turning her attention to Ella. Next, she heard the boy she was talking to earlier speak before she gazed back at Beth, who seemed stressed.

Well, at least he understood it, Sakura thought to herself, hoping that Beth would think so too. Most to most, she'll just have to explain to Aaron about the ribbons and Ella... All over again.

Beth maintained her kind smile and attended to Erik first. "Hmm, that's a frequent question asked by people. You'll have to answer your heart first. Do you feel that victory is the most important thing?" She paused and dropped her smile, looking serious. "It is, however, important to make your Pokemon look good in front of the judge, and show your love for it."

"As for you, Aaron," she turned to Aaron, "if you win either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in every contest, you earn a ribbon. If you can earn 5 ribbons, you can take part in the Hoenn Grand Festival." Beth beamed again before answering Ella. "Specify, dear. Which part do you not understand?"

Sakura thought Beth sounded a bit harsh, but decided to talk to Aaron. "Hey, if you don't understand, I can explain to your further on later!" She offered him a cute and cheerful beam.

11-24-2006, 05:01 AM
OOC~ Because I'm not only posting less than once every week... :paranoid:

Sorry, but I couldn't tell if we were still on the ship or not, no one has said that they've actually gotten off; as far as I could tell. The last location hint I received was Erik scooping Hiei of the deck.

IC~ Tara wasn't interested in the situation off the deck, she left another person in that perilous circumstance and began fixing her nails. Other people could deal with the situation after all, it wasn't as though she needed to be there. Absorbed in spending time making herself look beautiful, Tara was rather surprised when the blast like voice came from outside.


The purple haired girl turned to the window and shot the captain a glare from behind. Luckily, he was harrassing another young lady and was too busy to notice Tara.

"Well, if we've got nothing better to do, might as well," Tara muttered to herself as she sent out her Bayleef, Bailey. "We're in Hoenn, Bay! Ready to check if the beaches are any good?" Bailey nodded excitedly, it would be nice to soak up sunlight after being in a dark pokeball for the last few hours of travel. The anxious grass pokemon rushed into the doors, trying to force her way throuh. Cheerfully Tara giggled to Bailey, "Better start by heading outside, huh?"

Outside, the boy from before was talking with a group of other girls, and he said something absolutely ridiculous. "I understand it, but in the battles, is it more important to win them, or to make your Pokemon look good?" Another girl had already answered this question, but it seemed to Tara that they had notdoneit justice.

After all, doesn't everyone want my opinion?

"Being attractive is always important when it comes to pokemon," Tara exclaimed boisterously, attempting to gain everyones attention. "When you have to choose between looking good, or succseeding in battles, you'll realize that the skill isn't important if you can't look good doing it." Tara lightly lifted herself up onto the rail meant to keep passengers safely on deck. "Besides, balancing looking good and power is a key -" her small speech ending in a high pitch squeel as she fell over the railing backwards and splashed into the shallow waters below.

She was unharmed in the fall, excluding the fact that she was extremely embarrased...

11-24-2006, 12:02 PM
OOC| Lol, that's fine. We are already off the ship.


Sakura heard Tara babbling about attractiveness and responded swiftly.

"I disagree, actually." Her tone was clearly serious, totally unexpected from Sakura. "Beauty or being attractive isn't everything? In Contests and battles, the msot imporatnt key to success is your affection for Pokemon."

She pasued for awhile, realising everybody was looking at her. Shrugging off the thought, she reassured herself that she was always quite popular.

"Having strength and all isn't everything. Never in battles and especially not in contests. It's the same case as beign attractive." Sakura continued on.

Beth nodded in approval. "She's right. In Contests, though it IS important to make your Pokemon look good, it's not always that. The msot special thing i love."

Just then, Tara feel off the ship into the waters. Beth, trying to stifle giggles, helped her up. "You're not totally wrong either."

11-30-2006, 07:53 PM
"That isn't what I ment, you see...." Aaron stopped relising that Beth was preoccupied with the girls.

Well, guess I'll figure it out soon enough...

Aaron's mind swicthed subjects, as now he was thinking about the actual contests. Aaron looked at the other co-ordinators, he definetly was going to have some competion if he wanted to win the Grand Festival...

"Castform, no! We have to stay here!" Castform was floating towards the mainland, Aaron started running after him before he was caught off guard by Llyod, the man had a tight grip on Aaron and turned him around so that Aaron could see his face.

It was a deep shade of red...

"We already told you kid, you're not allowed to leave the ship yet!" the terrifying man exclaimed at Aaron. "But my Castform!"

"What about it."

12-01-2006, 01:28 PM
Sakura gasped when Castform floated off. "Llyod, let him off, his Castform just floated off." She told the Captain in a serious and demanding tone,

Surprisingly, he let go and had a doubtful look in his deep silver eyes. Sakura shook her head and bit her lip. Praying that nobody will find out her secret, she urged Aaron to run after Castform.

"You had better go after your Castform." She grinned slightly.

Meanwhile, Beth heard Aaron and turned to him.

"Well, what did you mean?" She asked kindly. "Oh, you better get your handphone back."

12-01-2006, 05:17 PM
Erik nodded, considering what they had all said. What was important to him? Freindship, strength, or appearance? He looked at the Quilava in his arms. Hiei's deep red eyes gazed questioningly at him. He grinned half heartedly.

"I guess we'll be doing pretty good, then, if it counts mostly on friendship, Hiei." The volcano Pokemon nodded in silent agreement.

"Llyod, let him off, his Castform just floated off."(posted by xoxkris) Erik looked up upon hearing Beth's voice. Aaron was gripped by the red-faced captain. Erik's anger momentarily flared.

"Leave him alone!" Erik said, dangerously close to a yell. "It's not his fault, or any of our faults, that you hate kids. There's no point in constantly yelling!"

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12-02-2006, 02:21 PM
"Shut up! You don't know ANYTHING!" Lylod barked back, his eyes glowing dangerously with fury tinting. It was kind of obvious to anybody that he was going to burst like a volcano.

"Erik, it's OK now... He released his grip, didn't he?" Sakura grinned in a carefree way as she placed her arms at the back of her head, beaming. "It's OK now..." She directed that to Lylod, who seemed to cool down.

"Erik..." Beth said in a slightly warning tone. "Please show some respect, I understand your anger, but still... Alright everybody, you can all get off the ship now."

12-03-2006, 08:30 PM

Aaron scrambled to his feet, as he had fallen after Lloyd had let him go. The frightened boy ran towards his pokemon, who had know reached a flower patch and was enjoying the lilys around him.

"Castform cast cast!"

Aaron looked at his pokemon and made that probably changed his whole journey...

"You're crazy Popo!"

Aaron gasped, he called his Castform Popo. Aaron's sister, Sarah often reffered to the crazy pokemon as Popo, but Aaron had never done it. Aaron now saw how it fit the pokemon, it just did.

"Maybe I should call you Popo from now on, kay... Popo"

Aaron hesitated to call Castform Popo, but Popo smiled and Aaron knew that he liked it.

"Come on Popo, let's get back to the group!"

OOC: Twas that long enough?

12-04-2006, 12:27 AM
Lexi and Bulbasaur stepepd off the cruise ship and headed for the same sign that she saw before but she did make sure that it didn't looked as if she was about to travel by herself.

"Looks like Oldale Town..... I'm sure of it....." she told Bulbasaur with a smile.

12-05-2006, 02:02 AM
Ella stared in horror as Lloyd grabbed Aaron. She thought that the captain would strangle the boy, when Sakura shouted in Aaron's defence, "Lloyd let him off, his Castform floated away!"

Lloyd let go of Aaron but shouted back, "Shut up, you don't know anything!" Does he have anger management issues? Ella thought as Aaron ran towards the distant Castform.

When Beth told the teens they could leave Ella dashed to the mainland. As she ran, she felt a jingling in her pocket. What is this?Then she remembered. It was the Pelly's pokeball, the wingull she had caught on board. Maybe Pelly wants some fresh air.She lifted it's pokeball and shouted," Come on out!"

A jolly wingull with folded white wings poped out. " Wingull!" it cooed and soared into the nearest tree. " Pelly come back!" Ella shouted while waving her arms. Does it even know it's been caught?

12-06-2006, 10:18 AM
OOC| Lonewolf~ Lol, xxxSakura told me her friends call her Popo! Omg! Ya, long enough. Good job everybody. Lexi, make sure your posts is longer slightly, but that's great anyway.

By the way, there's no Oldale sign, because we are at Littleroot Town, Lexi.


Sakura sighed and grinned at Aaron as he ran back with his Castform. When Beth told them they could get some leisure on ground, she quickly hopped up and rushed down.

"OK, everybody. I take that you all understood about contests. Now you can have some free leisure for about an hour. After that, assemble at the exit of the town." Beth announced, smiling. "This is Littleroot Town, by the way. Please do not go all the way out of sight from the town. I'll hand out maps."

She gave everybody a map and called from Lexi to return. "Haven't I said not to wander around? Ella, be sure to get your Wingull back - by yourself. This is a way of learning how to control them." She smiled at Ella warmly before turning to face everybody. "This map has an extra addition of time. Please use it to check the timing and return punctually."

Sakura rushed over to Aaron. "Hey, Aaron. Do you wanna wander around with me? I'm thinking of asking Erik and Tara as well." Her Skitty was on her shoulder.

12-06-2006, 09:09 PM

OOC| Lonewolf~ Lol, xxxSakura told me her friends call her Popo! Omg! Ya, long enough.
xxxSakura, I choose you!

Okay, that's a little bit weird. With me and my un-creative spark I just named Aaron's Castform the same as Ruby's Castform from the pokemon adventures manga.


"I'd love to get lost, I mean wonder around with you.." Aaron's voice drooped as he heard Tara and Erik would be coming too. Tara looked like a loudmouthed, selfish, short girl that didn't care what happened to the rest of us. Erik looked nice, but Aaron hoped he wouldn't hit on Sakura.

Aaron, trying to change the subject as he made a made up on the spot comment.

"Your skitty looks cute, when did you get it, and does it have a name yet?" Aaron stopped for a second before relising he forgot something. "So have you met my Castform, Popo yet?" The Castform happily cheered knowing they'd finally get to walk around.

12-07-2006, 09:36 AM

xxxSakura, I choose you!

Okay, that's a little bit weird. With me and my un-creative spark I just named Aaron's Castform the same as Ruby's Castform from the pokemon adventures manga.


"I'd love to get lost, I mean wonder around with you.." Aaron's voice drooped as he heard Tara and Erik would be coming too. Tara looked like a loudmouthed, selfish, short girl that didn't care what happened to the rest of us. Erik looked nice, but Aaron hoped he wouldn't hit on Sakura.

Aaron, trying to change the subject as he made a made up on the spot comment.

"Your skitty looks cute, when did you get it, and does it have a name yet?" Aaron stopped for a second before relising he forgot something. "So have you met my Castform, Popo yet?" The Castform happily cheered knowing they'd finally get to walk around.
OOC| rofl! Imagine Sakura jumping out on a Pokeball >D


Sakura grinned. "Thanks! I got it at Prof.Oak's. Remember, we were only supposed to bring 2 Pokemon, from Kanto and Johto each? Well, the Prof. gave me this Skitty too!" She beamed cheerfully.

Turning around, she waved to Erik and Tara. "Hey~ Do you guys wanna go along with us?" She asked. "Oh ya..." Sakura turned back for awhile to Aaron. "This Skitty's a few months old only. Her name's Orihime."

12-08-2006, 01:00 AM
Erik instantly looked down submissibly, more out of respect for Beth than Lloyd. Beth handed him a map, and he tried to smile at her, ashamed of his sudden outburst. Still, he looked over the map. There didn't seem to be much of interest in Little Root, other than the Pokemon Laboratory owned by Prof. Birch. He looked up when he heard his name.

"Hey~ Do you guys wanna go along with us?"(posted by xoxkris) Sakura called. Erik smiled wider.

"Sure!" He replied, happy to be included. Hiei, sensing movement, moved up Erik's arm to curl around the back of his neck. Hands now free, he quickly walked over to where Aaron and Sakura were standing.

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12-09-2006, 05:40 AM
Sakura was happy to see Erik rushing over. Somehow she and Erik seemed to be good friends already. However, she could not spot Tara anywhere.

"Where's Tara, Erik?" She asked when he rushed over.

Sakura thought for a moment that Tara would still be wet, given her splashing in the waters just now. Giggling, she asked Aaron and Erik for their opinions.

"Where do you think Tara would be?"

12-12-2006, 02:44 AM
OOC~ She's coming! :wink: Still have issues with homework overloads...

A short distance from the others, Tara dried off with a towel offered to her by some unknown crew member. The sailor hadn't been as handsome as most of the others. Her thoughts drifted to Erik. That wasn't supposed to happen, the trainer thought to herself, I must have looked like such a fool, in front of that boy too. She never was good at remembering names, being the self-centered person she was. Erik was just a face with no real meaning other than 'a sweet boy' at this moment in time.

Another one of the other girls spoke, "Where's Tara, Erik?"

Oh no, they're associating us together, she thought quickly, I better clear this up. With that, she bolted over to the group. "I'm right here!" She announced boldly, pointing both thumbs at herself in a showy manner. In a rude way she followed up with, "Why did you ask that boy anyway? It's not like we know each other!" Tara hadn't considered the effect this remark might have on Eric, being the self-absorbed person she was.

OOC~ I wasn't planning on making her this bad... oh well. Sorry about the mess. And Xoxkris, when you saw extremefish@suchandsuchdotcom, it was me.

12-12-2006, 03:33 AM
Ella remembered the pokeball in her hand. "Return!" She called, and Pelly was absorbed in a flashing red light. She dashed over to Beth and grabbed a map. The breeze was slowing down, and the air smelled like freshly mowed grass.

Ella decided to explore the city for interesting sites. Maybe I can buy my first souveneir! "Go Silver!" A flash of light shot from the pokeball. A waddling Togepi took it's place. "Lets find a nice souvenier shop Silver!" Ella yelled, unaware of what Silver had done to her Eevee.

OOC: That was short and pointless, but I haven't posted in a while.

12-12-2006, 11:43 AM
"I don't know," Erik replied, a little confused as to why they were asking him. It's not like he knew her or anything. "I think she was-"

"I'm right here!"(posted by Exophi) He heard Tara call from behind. "Why did you ask that boy anyway? It's not like we know each other!"(posted by Exophi)

That's just what I was thinking, he said to himself, but went on and asked, "What all is there, here in Little Root?" He watched out of the corner of his eye as Ella left the ship, her Eevee in tow.

OhOhSea: Short. >< Sorry...

12-12-2006, 12:59 PM
Sakura saw Tara bouncing over and grinned. When she heard Tara's snobby question and rude tone, she, being the cheerful and oblivious lass, immediately retorted.

"It's not like there's anybody close to you around your area anyway. He was actually the last person with you." Sakura smirked and turned around to face Aaron.

"Well, I guess we can explore around here, anyway." She continued and spotted Ella. "Hey, Ella! Do you want to come with us?" Sakura shouted across, hoping Ella had heard her.

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12-21-2006, 01:46 AM
OOC~ Looks like we need a post here Xoxkris...

IC~ Tara frowned at the girl, supposedly named Sakura, after she had finished speaking. Before the purple haired teen could make any comment, the other lass turned and shouted one of the other girls. It was a bit insulting, Tara thought to herself.

Maybe I don't need these people around me. I know I can nail this thing without them around!

Without waiting for the other girls conversation to finish, Tara stormed off. Without a map or any supplies, she could only hope she headed towards the nearest contest hall.

12-22-2006, 12:13 PM
OOC| Yup, everybody's not sticking with this =(

IC| Sakura gave a mental smirk as the purple-haired teens tomped off, obviously aggitated at her. Not that she could care anyway.

She turned to look at Erik and Aaron's reaction.

"Urm, sorry that I just totally bumped Tara off, but I couldn't really stand her." She explained.

12-22-2006, 03:25 PM
OOC: I'm sorry, my sister has a huge project due on the 2nd and she's almost always on the computer now.


"Snot" Aaron mumbled to himself, in reaction to Tara's storming off. Popo agreed with a shake of his head, but Aaron could tell Popo didn't have a clue to what was happening.

Sakura tuurned to Aaron and Aaron slightly blushed until he realized he hadn't grabbed a map. Aaron ran towards Beth and took one of the last maps, and he was glad he got one.

Aaron looked at the map of the town, grabbed Sakura by the arm and ran towards the small town before Ella could respond.

12-22-2006, 11:49 PM
OOC: Sorry, I haven't been to active as of late.

IC: Ella ran towards Sakura and Aaron, holding Silver in her arms. "I would love to walk around with you guys!" She grinned widely.

"Why did Tara storm off like that? She seemed pretty angry." Ella pointed towards the upset girl. Silver started dozing in Ella's arms from boredom. Ella pat him on the head softly, encouraging him to rest.

12-26-2006, 12:49 AM
Erik quickly forgot about his question, as did everyone else, as Tara left on her own. He frowned slightly. He didn't particularly like to be on bad terms with people. He was almost sure that she disliked him, after the misunderstanding...

Erik jumped as Aaron, pulling Sakura, ran off the boat.

"What the..." He said, confused, then looked at Ella.

"Er... I guess we should go down to Little Root, too?"

OhOhSea: Our characters seem to be getting caught together, Togetic. XD

12-27-2006, 01:53 AM
OOC: Yes, they do. xD

IC: Ella nodded at Erik. "Aaron looks... flustered." Ella giggled a little. "He probably wants Sakura all to himself." She started walking towards Little Root, carefully supporting the sleeping Silver.

The air smelled salty like the ocean. The long grass and wildflowers were swaying in the wind. It was going to be a great day. Ella sniffed the air again. "To bad we only have an hour...." She sighed.

12-27-2006, 08:06 AM
OOC~ Are we all expected to stay together or something?

IC~ "Urm, sorry that I just totally bumped Tara off, but I couldn't really stand her," came the voice of the incredibly rude (in Tara's opinion) girl.

Tara grumbled, "I'm certainly not going back with that crowd now," she told herself. The girl was very determined to stick to this veiw, That foul Sakura had made o fool of her. No one had attempted to stand up for Tara, but this was expected, very few people her age treated her with kindness.

"Come on out Bay," Tara said to her pokemon. "We're going to take a little trip around town and see if we can't find our own way to the contest hall."

"Baylee Bay!" Bailey shouted excitedly. This would be a grand adventure, the grass pokemon was sure of it. Not getting a map, but the entire contest experience.

12-27-2006, 06:20 PM
"This should be fun en Bulbasaur?" Lexi asked the Bulb Pokemon on her shoulder as they were now walking towards the small town of Littleroot. "Bul Bulba!" it exclaimed knowing how fun this new adventure might be. They both now in a whole new Region with lots of different traits and pokemon. And now the new events of Pokemon Contests were sure to get the two motivated. Lexi and her Pokemon were now walking close to Sakura and her group; heading for the small town coming up.

12-28-2006, 10:55 AM
OOC;; Wow! So many people posted now =]

Erm, yes and no, Exophi xDDD They only have an hour {which is fast!} to hang around and explore before they gather at Odale Town.


Beth gazed around before turning to Llyod. "Looks like those kids have great potential!" She told him and he frowned. Llyod sort of glared at Beth before sighing. Beth smirked. "Are you worried they might outstand you someday?"


Sakura was grabbed by Aaron and pulled towards Littleroot Town. Sweatdropping, she was still facing Erik, Ella and Lexi while being dragged away.

"Hurry!" She gestured for them to follow.

As the group approached Littleroot Town, they could see a Nurse Joy hanging around there. When she noted the group, she had a huge beam on her pretty face.

"Welcome!" She greeted and bowed before glancing up. "Please allow me to explain... Erm, is everybody here?" She asked. "Please make sure everybody is here before I explain, so as to do it all in one shot. After this you can wander around for some time."

Sakura grinned cheekily. "Tara's not here." She pointed out.