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Chapter 1: The Beggining

"Its ok Ashely it wont hurt a bit, I promise." I said pulling out the small black gun. Than the door opened and appeared my brother. I pulled the trigger and he jumped in the way.

[/I] "No!" I yelled running out of the room. I am a member of Neo Team Rocket and I have feelings. Joltean by my side and Doug also.[/I]

I snapped up from bed, sweating. My name is Katie Varela, I am an ex-member of Neo Team Rocket. My brother covinced me to quit when Giovanni our Uncle gave me the chance. My fiance and Nick's best friend Doug didn't. To this day we are still engaged.

I stood up and I looked at myself in the mirror. I am a 14 year-old girl, two years younger than Nick. He went to the final four in the Indigo League, but lost to our cousin Ash. I was glad to be his little sister. Today I would get to start over my journey with a new Pokemon Professer Oak got me.

Oak, my mom or my dad know I was ever part of Neo Team Rocket. In the past year they have stolen three hundred Pokemon and destroyed two buildings out of four attempts. My brother stopped two. Nick is now in Johto, and I was starting over in Kanto.

Right now I stand in my pink pajamas, in my parents two story Pallet Town house. I quickly ran into my closest and put on a red shirt and blue jeans. The red shirt had red, green and yellow beads on the top. I opened my door and smelt my mom cooking some pancakes. I ran downstairs so fast that I thought the rug lifted up. See I love pancakes.

I reached the kitchen finally and standing there was my mom holding pancakes. Though right next to her was him, the red hair, six foot, 16 year-old brother, Nick. He held a Pokeball in his left hand, and a backpack in his right.

"Well little sister, you took so long I had to sign you up for your journey and caught you a Pokemon. One I know you will really like." Nick told me. I slowly put my hand out. When it was fully out Nick placed the Pokeball in my hand. I grasped my fingures around it. I reached back and threw the ball to the ground.

Out came a flash of white light. Than a dog like Pokemon appeared, it had black and gray hair and dark red eyes. I smiled at my new Pokemon, it was so cute and I couldn't wait to journey with it.

"Well little sis I need to go back to Johto. I love you so bye," Nick said. He kissed me on the cheek and walked outside. He released his Pidgeot and hopped on its back, flying off.

"Well Katie, you have ten Pokeballs, Pokedex, five Potions and one antidote. I wishyou the luck off." My mom said.

"Thank you." I replied. She kissed me on the cheek and pushed me out the door. The sky was all blue and I was so happy to be outside now. I looked around and saw that my Pokemon wasn't there.

"Hey were are you!" I yelled.

"Pooch!" My Pokemon ran out the door into my arms. I searched threw my red and black backpack and grabbed the red device, opening it.

"Poochyena: At first sight, POOCHYENA takes a bite at anything that moves. This POKéMON chases after prey until the victim becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strickes back."

"Oh its a Poochyena! I love you," I told my new Pokemon holding it up in mid air. She licked my face and I laughed.

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Chapter 2: Katie's Early Catch

The sun beamed down on the ground. I stood up on a straight plain on Route one. The grass blades swayed into the wind, back and forth, back and forth. Poochyena was by my right leg and its black and white coat swished in the wind. The sky was all blue and white fluffy clouds filled the air.

"Hey Poochyena, what do you think we should do?" I asked my dog Pokemon.

"Sit down here." Poochyena answered.

See Nick found out he could talk to Pokemon since our dad has the psycic power. So after Nick told me of it I tried it. After a while I started to talk to all my Pokemon. All my friends thought I was wierd cause of it. Heu its cool though.

So I took Poochyena's plan and sat down. I grabbed my Pokedex out and opened it. Inside of it was a note.

Dear Katie,

I am glad that you have found the strength to let go of the Neo Team Rocket part of you. I know this note sucks Corphish, but I know that you will do great. Catch all the Pokemon you can and good luck.

I Love you,


I smiled and folded the note back up. Poochyena ran around trying to catch a Beautifly. I laughed at her and turned to the plain. I saw something in the horiozon. It came closer. A red rose was on its left arm, a blue violet was on its right arm, its body was all green and had a blue face. It came closer.

"Roselia!" The grass Pokemon yelled.

"Roselia: ROESLIA shoots sharp thorns as projectiles at any oppenent that tries to steal the flowers on its arms. The aroma of this POKéMON brings serenity to living things. Charestics: Natural Cure Heals upon switching out.
Poison Point Poisons foe on contact. "

"I want to catch it! Poochyena get ready," I said.

"I am ready Katie." She told me.

"Ok use tackle attack!" I yelled.

Poochyena began to run and nailed its head on Roselia's gut. The grass Pokemon flew back, but Poochyena turned purple. It began to shake. I knew it was cause of the Poison Point, Roselia has.

"What would Nick do?" I asked myself, "Got it! Poochyena use Bite!"

My dog Pokemon runs towards Roselia. It chomped down on the flower Pokemon. The grass Pokemon fell on the ground. Poochyena jumped back and began to shake. It seemed hurt.

Roselia shot needles at Poochyena. They all hit, I knew the attack, poison sting. It doesn't help my Pokemon's posistion.

" Use tackle!" I commanded. Poochyena began to run and nailed Roselia. The Pokemon screamed, Roselia fell on the ground. Poochyena whimpered some, she was getting weaker and weaker. I knew one more bite would do it.

"Use Bite!''

Poochyena started to run and bit down on Roselia's arm. The grass Pokemon's eyes began to roll around. Poochyena fell down on the ground. She was almost out, but stood up a little bit. I grabbed a Pokeball out of my back pack on the ground. I threw the red and white sphere. It hit and opened up.

Roselia turned all white and was sucked up. It wobbled once....twice....three times....PING!!! The little white lock glew red. I jumped up and down, running to the Pokeball. I started to dance and had the ball up in the air. Than I remembered Poochyena. I clipped the ball on one of my belt loops, and ran to my dog Pokemon.

I picked her up and started to run towards Viridian with Poochyena in my arms, and Roselia in its Pokeball safe. I continued to run and Poochyena let a Howl out.

Next Chapter: Viridian Emergency!

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Chapter 3: Viridian Emergency

I was running down a dirt path, I could feel pebbles on the bottom of my shoes. Poochyena was whimpering and howling. She wasn;t feeling good at all. Rain began to get harder, thunder roared in the skies and lighting was hitting ground about ten miles in front of me. I still ran for the sake of saving my Pokemon.

Roselia was rolling around in her Pokeball, I could feel the Pokeball rocking back and forth into my ribs. A pnd in front of me was in between the grass field across from me and me. I began to think of what I would do.

Than from behind, someone shoved me. Poochyena flew in front of the pond as my face smacked into the dirt ground. I turned onto my back and a foot stepped onto my stomach. I looked up, a man with green hair, all black and a red NTR in the middle of his shirt was above me.

"Hello Katie. Do you remember me?" He asked.

''No! Let me go I need to save my Pokemon. And if you are part of Neo Team Rocket, you know you can't mess with me!" I yelled. "Are you ok Poochyena?"

''I........a-m.......fffeeeling.......really ba..." She couldn't say anymore.

The man took his foot off my gut, and I stood up. The man smiled, so I slapped him in the face.

"Its me Kyle. I must be the biggest trader around, I lied to Team Electra and mainly Sam Surge the leader. Sh thought Neo Team Rocket didn't know her plans, so in a big fight I switched over. I know I can't mess with you, but how about this, go Lairon!" Kyle said. He threw a green Pokeball at the ground and released a Pokemon that was all silver and had a black stomach. It roared very loudly.

I stepped back about to cry. My dog Pokemon was just staring up at me. I grabbed her and heled her on my left shoulder. I know that I had Roselia, but she couldn't fight. Too weak.

"I cant't fight you Larion. I am sorry, Kyle leave me alone! I NEED TO SAVE MY POKEMON!" I yelled at him.

"Fight me! You coward!" Kyle screamed.

Larion looked at me with its dark blach eyes. It couldn't help, but to frown like. The Pokemon has been mistreated and so much more.

"I have to fight, I have no choice." Lairon told me. It began to charge at me when a beam hit the Pokemon. I looked to my left and my bro stood there with his Lairon.

"Leave my sister alone Kyle! I have no problem catching your Lairon and helping it not fight, like it doesn't want to." Nick told Kyle.

His Lairon was reacharging from the attack so it had to be only one attack, Hyper Beam. Nick looked at me and smiled. Kyle frowned, but ordered his Steel Pokemon to use Take Down. The big Pokemon began to run and nailed Nick's steel Pokemon. No recoil was taken.

"Fine if you want to be like that! Use Hyper Beam again!" Nick commanded. His Pokemon shot up like a spring was on its back. A yellow light started in Lairon's moth and shot the blue and yellow beam. BAM!!! WHACK!!! Kyle's Pokemon was hit and KOed. Nick grabbed an all red ball with a flame on it. He threw it at the Steel Pokemon.

The ball hit, but Lairon said a quick comment, "Thank you." Nick nodded. The Pokemon was than sucked in and it wobbled once and stopped. Nick picked the Pokeball up and he returned his Lairon.

I turned to Kyle and noticed he wasn't there anymore. I looked at Nick and the newly caught Lairon was gone. I frowned. He walked up to me, stuck his hand on my shoulder.

"Once you get stronger again you can call a babysitter by the name of Stephen. Tell him Nick said you could have Lairon." I nodded, than Nick threw a Pokeball and released Pidgeot.

"Pidgeot take Katie to the Pokecenter in Viridian and come back after dropping her off." Nick told his bird Pokemon. It chirped and put his wing down. Nick lifted me up and Pidgeot took flight. I held Poochyena a little tighter. We were flying in between storm clouds and really close to a couple of lighting bolts.

The brown and white bird Pokemon started to go down to the ground. In a blink of the eye Pidgeot put me on the ground, I got off and ran into the Pokecenter.

"Great to see you. What can we do for you?" Nurse Joy asked.

"My Poochyenaneeds to be healed. She was poisoned in a battle to catch our new friend. I also need my Roselia healed." I told her.

Quickly Nurse Joy got up and took Poochyena, she placed her on a stretcher and a pink fat Pokemon with an egg on its belly appeared. It took Poochyena, started rolling the stretcher to a room called poison control. Joy placed Roselia on a machine and pressed a red button. She told me to sit down, than ran to the room were my Pokemon is.

Next Chapter: Chapter 4: Katie vs. Robin

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Chapter 4: Katie vs Robin

Two hours later Nurse Joy came back from the back room. Poochyena was standing on a stretcher and Roselia was in her Pokeball. I grabbed Roselia's Pokeball and clipped it on my Pokeball. Poochyena hopped in my arms.

"Poocheyna needs to heal for a couple more hours so don't battle with her just yet. Roselia can battle though she wasn't that hurt." Nurse Joy told me.

"Ok I won't battle with Poochyena. Thank you for everything." I told her.

I walke outside the doors and a girl with pink hair, nose ring, red shirt and black jeans on stood there. She stared into my eyes and ran off towards Viridian Forest. I started to walk that way.

"Who was that," Poochyena asked.

"Don't know." I said with hatered in my voice. I really did know who she was. Her name is Robin and she was my neighbor who was the Gothik of our neighborhood. We never got along, her Pokemon Poliwag never beat my Joltean and she hated me for it.

I continued to think about us when we were younger, actually we were friends. It was till I got Eevee and she had Poliwag we began a rivalry. Really we didn't want to start it, but who cares. BAM!!! I ran into a sign that said: Entrance to Viridian Forest.

I looked ahead and saw Robin. Poochyena just stared at her, and I stood up running towards her. My black and gray knine followed behind me running. I got up to her and saw trees filled with bugs behind her.

"So I guess we battle here in the forest were I have an advantage. I also know you don't have Joltean or any of your other Pokemon. Just a weak Poochyena and Roselia." Robin said. I clinched my fist.

"They're not weak! I will prove it to you. How do you know what Pokemon I have Robin?" I asked.

"The Pokedex tells you about anyone you want to know of. Well lets battle if your so sure. Two-against-two, not a tag match just one at a time." Robin said.

"Ok." I replied, "Can you do it Poochyena?"

"Yeah." She replied. I grabbed my Pokedex and I read Robin's data.

"Robin Zuramski. Age 14, She has three Pokemon, Poliwag, Mankey and Beedrill. She comes from Pallet Town." Pokedex said. I clipped it closed.

"Go Poliwag!" Robin yelled releasing her Pokemon that was like a tadpole and had a spiral around its belly. I threw out Roselia, my green Pokemon with two flowers for hands came out.

"Ok water gun!"

"Dodge it then use razor leaf!"

Poliwag shot water at my grass Pokemon, but she jumped up in the air and was missed. Roselia stuck her flower hands out and shot some leaves at Poliwag.

"Defense Curl!"

Poliwag got into a ball and all the leaves bounced off. I knew that the Pokemon was still hurt some. The blue tadpole than shot another water gun, this time landing. Roselia was shot back into a tree.

"Ok Poliwag now use Body Slam!"

The blue tadpole Pokemon ran after Roselia and jumped up. Then he slammed his whole body against hers sending a shock thru Roselia, but in the process Poliwag got poisoned. He went purple and than began to shake.

"It looks like my Pokemon is Paralyzed and yours is poisoned, what shall we do?" I asked.

Robin had no answer, but just stared at me. She was shocked that even with no attack Roselia was able to poison her Pokemon. I smiled at her stupidity.

"I know what I will do, here Roselia take this." I said. I grabbed a Paralyze heal and sprayed a quarter of it on her. She shoom and then was healed. Roselia jumped back into the battle.

"Well here Poliwag heres an anidote." Robin said. She sprayed him down and he was unpoisoned. The battle would still go on.

"I will make you pay for that." Robin said in a dark voice.

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 4 continued....

Robin's Poliwag just stared at my Roselia, Roselia looked at me.

"Ok Roselia use Razor Leaf!" I commanded.

My Pokemon stuck her flower hands out and shot four leaves at Poliwag. The tadpole Pokemon took all and a lot of damage. I smiled thinking I had the battle won.

"Not just yet, ok Poliwag use headbutt!" Robin yelled out. The small blue Pokemon came charging at Roselia. Before making contact Poliwag bent his body over and rammed it into my grass Pokemon. She went flying into a tree.

"Ouch, stupid little punk," Roselia said.

"You wish. I will beat you up and down Roselia." Poliwag shouted. Then the small tadpole began to turn all white. I watched and noticed that it was getting bigger and was growing arms. The white dissapeared, instead of Poliwag standing there, now there is a Poliwhirl.

"Hahaha, what is the reason for going Katie. I knew he would evole soon." Robin said.

"Poliwhirl: Capable of living in or out of water. When out of water, it sweats to keep its body slimy. Charestics: Water Absorb Changes water into HP.
Damp Prevents self-destruction."

"Ok I give up. Really Roselia is the only...." Robin cut me off.

"Save me for the dramatics. Return POLIWHIRL. Ha I love saying an evolved Pokemon's name. Peace." She said. Rob returned her slimy creature and walked into the forest.

"Least my Pokemon isn't slimy! Return both of you." I said. Poochyena and Roselia returned to their Pokeballs and I walked into the forest. I was ready to catch any Pokemon to come my way.

Next Chapter: Chapter 5: Katie vs. Beedrill

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Chapter 5: Katie’s new companion

I just lost to Robin and I decided to enter Viridian Forest. Big brown and green trees filled the whole area, then a big bug Pokemon passed by me. I yelled, it was a nasty icky BUG POKEMON. It was brown and yellow, had two needles on its arms and just flew away. Poochyena hopped out of my arms, barking at the Pokemon. It ignored my small dog, flying away.

“Its ok girl, I just don’t like bug Pokemon really well.” I said.

“Oh ok, I thought it bothered you. Woof!” Poochyena replied. I picked her up walking on to find the exit. It seemed the farther I got in the forest the darker and scarier it got. I was so tired after awhile, that I stopped with Poochyena. I sat down and my dog Pokemon licked my face.

“Why are you stopping Katie? We need to continue going.” Poochyena said.

“Hey you haven’t walked as much as I have. I am tired.” I said. My cell began to vibrate in my pocket. I quickly stood up trying to get it out of my pocket. I hit a button.

“Man little sis you sure are in a dark spot, most is in the farther part of the Viridian Forest.” Nick said. I finally got it out of my pocket.

“Sorry, was trying to get my cell out of my pocket. Oh and I am like in the middle of the forest. Its really scary.” I replied.

“Oh ok, just wanted to check up on you. Well I better get going; I am about to challenge Falkner for the Zephyr badge. Bye love you.” Nick said.

“Love you too bye.” I hung up with a sigh. Then sticking my cell back into my pocket, but when I looked up a small brown and yellow apricorn Pokemon looked at me.

“Seedot, my name is Seedot.” The small Pokemon said. I looked at Poochyena, “Ok Seedot I will capture you! Poochyena use tackle attack.” My small black and grey dog nailed Seedot in the……head.

Seedot jumped right back at Poochyena and tackled her back. Poochyena rolled some, but got right back on her feet.

“Ok use bite attack!” I said. Poochyena ran, but Seedot turned all red. It took the bite, but did nothing.

“Again use the same move,” I said. Poochyena but down on Seedot once more. My Pokemon jumped back and then Seedot lunged at her. Poochyena shot back really hurt. Though the seed Pokemon was hurt too.

“We better finish this now use one more bite.” I said. Slowly Poochyena stood up running at Seedot, biting down on the Pokemon. Seedot fell over Koed. I grabbed a Pokeball and threw it at the Pokemon. It turned red, then was sucked inside. The ball wobbled 1…..2……3…..PING!!!!!! I had caught Seedot, I walked up to the Pokeball and grabbed it. Clipping it to my belt loop, then picking up Poochyena I walked out.

It was almost dark and I was at the end of the Viridian Forest. There is two signs saying To Pewter or To Cerulean. I went towards Pewter ready for my gym battle.