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10-09-2006, 02:48 AM
Kids today have always payed more attention to pokemon than school and because of it,most of them aren't to bright.The ones who are usually get pushed over and seem to not exist.When Earth needed a person who was really smart,they couldn't find one.Here's why.

A tall man wondered in to town.He carried a scroll in his jacket.He brought the scroll to the little kids of pallet town.He asked them to sign it and they did.When they signed it,they gave him the right to rule the world.Now he'd rules it and no one can stop them,or can they?

The kids illegally went in to the man's palace.They found books in his libary about a group of legendary families who each had a unique triat that no one else had.Those kids soon found out that they were apart of those families.They started to read more until they read the book of destiny.The book talked about everything that happened in the world,and what is still to come.When it started to talk about the man they payed more attention,but the last page was missing.In order to find the last page,they'd have to live it themselves.So they caught one pokemon each and set off to destroy the man who took over theri prescious world.

Sign up like this:
sex:(male or female)
pokemon:(only one)
weapon:(what type of weapon is it)
weapon name:(what's the name of it)
species:(human,demon,basically anything you can think of)
trait:(what's your special trait from your lengedary family)
trait name:(what's the specific name of the trait)
family name:(what's the legendary family name)
looks:(how you look)
personality:(how you act)

name:Raine JR.
weapon name:Byaku
trait:Has two eyes on each arm that shape shift in to different weapons and lets him see all around him,plus makes him more powerful
triat name:Siastase
family name:Sienta Family
looks:Black hair and blue eyes.They're red when he's angry.He has a white t shirt with jeans.Also wears a black button up shirt that he keeps open
personality:laid back and loves to fight
other:Has bandages around his arm that covers his arms.They were there when he was born but he only noticed them when he was four.He didn't know what they were for,nor did his parents.He never bothered to take them off because he'd feel weird with out them.

(I know the sign up is a little long but for personality,you can put only one word if you want.Shorten it out,I won't care is what I'm saying)

10-09-2006, 02:49 AM
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