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10-09-2006, 01:55 AM
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Ken sat in the broke down house.It was dangerous because he was in the middle of a village infested with the plagas.Currently he didn't care because he wanted some action.

Ken started to hear shouting from outsied.That meant that they noticed him.Ken stood up and pulled out his Black Tail.He waited for them to bust down the flimsy door.The zombies started to kick the door in.Once it fell Ken immediately started firing off rounds.Zombies fell to the ground every minute.He took out his knife and stabbed the remaining zombie."Too easy."Ken siad walking out the house.He could hear a chainsaw reving up in the distance."Spoke to soon."He thought.He took out his shotgun,threw out his Feraligator and waited.A man with a bag on his hand swung the chainsaw even though nothing was there."That's the best you can do?"Ken asked."Feraligator,water gun!"Ken yelled.Ken shot his gun and waited.

10-09-2006, 04:31 PM
Jade walked down the unusually empty streets. The eerie quietness made her uneasy. With this plagas thing going around, you could never be too careful. Right now, because of the silence, it made the situation seem worse.

Jade had released her Blaziken to walk along beside her. It glanced around nervously, hoping not to get mauled by any hidden zombies.

Suddenly, Jade heard gunshots and yelling up ahead. She quickly took out her shotgun and ran down the street toward the noise, Blaziken at her heels.

Up ahead, Jade could see a cluster of zombies, one with a chainsaw. Every now and then, a stream of water would shoot out of nowhere and push one back.

I wonder if there's a person in the middle of all that, Jade thought to herself. All of a sudden, another group of zombies appeared and gathered around her and Blaziken.

"Blaziken, hit 'em with your Fire Spin!" she yelled. The Pokemon obeyed and sent out a swirling stream of fire at the zombies in front of it. Jade quickly began shooting all of the zombies that came close to her. She suddenly felt something grab her ankle. Looking down, she realized one of them was on the ground, crawling because something had happened to its legs. She took her knife out and stabbed it.

The grip on her ankle softened, and Jade was able to life her foot out of its hands. She put her knife back up and resumed to her shooting from before.

(I'll wait til you put some violence, blood, etc. before I do.)

10-09-2006, 10:15 PM
Sierra found herself in a setting that was everything but peaceful. She was shooting, shocking stabbing, and they just kept coming. This plagas thing was crazy. Where was everyone else? The people she was supposed to be traveling with, where were they? Did they just throw her out here with no comrades?

Probably did, knowing that crummy boss I've got, she thought to herself. It's make sense because he always said he wanted me gone.

"Well, I'm sorry, big guy, but I ain't goin' anywhere yet," she muttered as she killed another group of zombies with her shooting and shocking combination.

(Sorry, I didn't really know how to start it out. :oops:)