View Full Version : about posting that your rescue team is ready for business

10-09-2006, 11:11 PM
i'm really quite curious about these people posting that they are "ready to rescue!"

is it so that people will send them requests for rescues, as opposed to having people post their help wanted ads?

if i wanted to be rescued, i would not seek out one single rescuer, i would hope that as many people tried to rescue me as possible. that way, if one person dies on the way, help might still be coming

and really, no one loses out. if someone ends up rescuing you second, they still get the exp from on the way. they still get whatever items they picked up. they still get whatever recruits they may have picked up. then they can just go delete all of their mail, and their slots will not be all filled up

if it was visual, it would look rather nifty for all these people to have their own shops, as it were, but since it is in threads that are likely to get buried, i can't see that i find the usefulness beyond a day or so

also, when people post for help, they really should post what floor, and what dungeon

myself, i can do rescues, of course, but i'm playing around getting my team's IQ up by eradicating uproar forest over and over. currently, i'm able to get to around level 20 of buried relic - i don't play for speed