View Full Version : Pokemon Adventure Rp!

10-14-2006, 12:26 AM
Hello. This is a RP in which you are a pokemon trainer. Anyone can join at any time. All pokemon start out level ten, I will choose when they grow a level and evolve. Make your pokemon learn moves at a reasonable rate. Please, do not copy pokemon without asking the first person to use it.

Here's my bio:

weight:137 ILB
age: 14
appearence: a grey jacket with a black undershirt, black cap and jeans.
personality: a loyal friend, he will never hesitate to battle. He is brave, yet somewhat overconfident.
pokemon: Beldum, Cendaquil, Eevee, Ghastly, -----, -----
history: Moved to Rustboro city when he was 12, he is now seeking adventure, and is set for the ultimate goal: The Elite four!

You must have a bio like this. We will begin soon in the Hoenn region. Get ready for it!