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10-14-2006, 10:15 AM
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
Role Play by Deathspector

Basic Storyline
What you know at the beginning of the Roleplay

Pokémon Training has been a part of human life since the cavemen times. Humans and Pokémon have always been a part of each other’s life. Even the Pokémon see Training as something that their ancestors began for a good reason. And there have been several very good relationships between Pokémon and humans, the most well known is that of Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. Ever since Ash Ketchum and Pikachu became the celebrities that they are today, Pokémon Training has faced a bigger boom than ever before in the history of mankind and Pokémon alike. The Pokémon Farms could not produce enough Official Starters for the various laboratories to keep. So, the Official Starter list was extended to such an extent, that almost any Pokémon that can evolve became an Official Starter.

On the 14th of November 2006, Professor Oak opened his laboratory for what is rumoured to be his last time. He is now ninety-eight, and can barely move. So naturally, people are flocking to his laboratory. Anyone older than ten years of age has the right to get a Pokémon, and some people who are in adulthood are taking time off their work to get a Pokémon from Professor Oak. Even people all the way in Lavender are racing to Pallet to get a Pokémon. Professor Oak, despite allowing any number of people to get a Pokémon, he is limiting the number of Trainer licenses that he gives out to seven. The first seven to apply will get the license. Naturally, you want to be one of those seven.

Roleplay Storyline
What the Roleplay is about; you do not know this

While you, along with the other six newly appointed trainers, make your way north of Pallet Town after acquiring your first ever Pokémon, you meet up with a group of men and women, standing in a line in front of you. The seven of you go up to them to ask them to move, but the refuse, knocking you out one by one. You wake up in a forest, without any idea where you are. You must learn to put aside your differences with the other six, and work together to work out where you are, and how to get back to where you are.

Sign-up Sheet

Name: (Preferably a believable name; no parent will call a child “Shadow”)
Age: (Between ten and sixteen)
Gender: (No restrictions; gender-bending is allowed)
Starter Pokémon: (Any Pokémon that has at least one evolution; please, no uber strong Pokémon)
Other Pokémon: (The other five you catch in the forest; again, no legends or uber strong Pokémon)
Personality: (In full sentences, please; more than five or six lines at least)
Description: (Sprites are allowed, but only as a compliment; I should be able to know what your character looks like without looking at a sprite)
History: (Reasonably good description and length; remember, quality is more important than quantity)

Accepted Roleplayers

Carla Salsarona – Carprincess

10-14-2006, 04:09 PM
Name: Sparta Rain

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Starter Pokémon: Charmander

Other Pokémon: Scyther, Corphish, Mareep, (wasn't for sure if you wanted first stages but if not then it'd be: Charizard, Scizor, Crawdaunt, Ampharos)

Personality: Sparta is a very fun-loving person. He's very compassionate about his Pokemon too. He's a dependable person and would you give the shirt off of his back even if he barely knew you. He's also a leader type and when the time comes to take charge you can bet that Sparta will.

Description: http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/1864/dptr158rr3.png (http://imageshack.us) Sparta looks like sixteen more than thirteen. He's 6'1 with a muscular build. You can't really tell because he's always wearing long sleeves and pants. His blonde hair is soft just like silk. If you stare into his blue eyes it's like looking at the ocean.

History: Sparta's parents were murdered because they were wealthy. They set up a trap in the jungle for his dad and the vines choked him to death. They burnt down with his home while his mother was in it intended for Sparta to be in it too. She couldn't get out and burned to death. He goes back every now and then to see the rubble that's left and to remember all the good times. It's kinda hard to imagine what stood there once because all that's there now is a small piece of burnt tin roof, two pieces of charred lumber, and some bricks. Since then he has been living in his jungle house made of hardwood and bamboo. He has a deck with no railings outside. He's never really had much of a normal life. When he was exploring one day he heard somebody talking about Professor Oak. He was going to give seven people a liscense. This made him excited so he packed up some of his stuff, which wasn't much, and off he went.

10-15-2006, 02:49 AM
Name: Takei (I've yet to think of a last name)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Starter Pokémon: Doduo
Other Pokémon: Spearow, Hoothoot, Natu and Hoppip.
Personality: At heart, a true lover of all things that fly the skies. An over-protected child, he has a daredevil personnality that he'd kept witheld for many years. Now that the chance has come he hopes to soar the skies. Clueless at times, somewhat optimistic. He has strong urges to lead, however will respect authority over himself. Always puhsing beyond the limits, seeying how far he can go before it being to dangerours.
Description: He has a head of light-brown hair that's always combed back like he'd been walking against the winds. He wears jeans that are too big at the bottom which he tucks into hiking boots. A plain white shirt worn under a short red jacket is his regular attire. Even though he's yet to own a pokemon he wears a birder's glove just for looks. A rope it always looped into his belt "just incase".
He ran at speeds he'd never ran before, his heart thumped fast, it was in sync with his heavy panting. His legs burnt ferociously, yet he kept running. He didn't run from anything, he didn't run for the sport of it. He ran for what lay at the end of the path. It approached. The trees cleared away, a field of lush green grass came into view. And there it was. The cliff. He ran faster now, ignoring the throbbing pain in his legs. He was near it's peak. He jumped. For the few moments he was in the air, it was wonderful, a magical experience as he leaped over the cliff. Just as soon he landed. He rolled onto the ground and after a few moments of doing so a tree halted him. Shooken from the tumbling he stood back up, his legs weak from what he'd just experienced: Temporary flight. Since that moment he had a burning need to fly, fly above all, cities and people.

10-18-2006, 09:49 PM
Name: Carla Salsarona ((if the last name is too weird tell me))
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Starter Pokémon: Eevee ((Female named Eevette))
Other Pokémon: None so far
Personality: Carla is extremelly sweet, caring, and is somewhat outgoing and shy at the same time. She's as timid as a deer and isn't much of a leader, she's more of a follower. She tends to act younger than she really is and has a bad habbit of letting others take advantage of her. Carla also is always there for her friends and family who are in need, but occasionally tends to drift away from them to sort out her own problems and feelings since she doesn't want to bother anyone with her own problems.
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/Carprincess/Sprites/PokemonSprite-Carprincess.png
Carla is extremelly short for her age, if it wasn't for her two inch black open toe sandals then she would be 4'9". Her golden brown hair goes a few inches pass her petite shoulders while her hazel eyes have clear contacts on that are barely noticable. She is currently wearing a long sleaved soft pink cotton shirt with a jean skort. Her skin is also nicely tanned, however some of her childhood friends have teased her and claimed that she had 'yellow skin'.
History: Carla was raised mainly by her grandmother in Viridian City due to the fact that her father was too busy with work and her mother was too ill to take care of her. She took about five years to convince her over-protective grandmother that she was ready to have a pokemon and decided that this was her last chance to finally get her first pokemon and become the trainer she always dreamed to be. Now she's a bit stranded, confused, and doesn't think that she was ready afterall to go on a journey all by herself.

10-20-2006, 12:22 PM
@Enishi – Original history; I like it. The Personality and description are a bit on the short side. I'll let the description pass, since you also have a sprite, but if you wouldn't mind adding a bit more to the personality; how he would react to certain situations, how he acts amongst other people, what his morals and beliefs are. I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a nitpicker, and asking too much of you, but I just like to know a lot about the characters that I roleplay with. Also, please feel free to add two more Pokémon to catch. You can have a total of six. If you only want four, though, then it's okay. Current Status – PENDING

@Takei – Very interesting personality, it'll be interesting to roleplay with a daredevil, especially in an unknown forest. The description is nice as well. A bit short, but I'll let it slide. Your history...it's a very good example of your roleplaying, but unfortunately, it tells us nothing about his past. Look and Enishi's to see how to do it. Tell us a bit abouthis parents, a bit abot how he grew up, why he likes flying Pokémon, why he wants to become a trainer. Again, you can add one more Pokémon to the catching list. Current Status – PENDING

@Carprincess – Perfect sign-up. A bit short, but you've got everything I need. No more needs to be said. Current Status – ACCEPTED


10-21-2006, 08:10 PM
Name: Xaitan Usonobi

Age: 14

Gender: male

Starter Pokémon: Shiny Ghastly

Other Pokémon: Cacnea, Poochyena (am i allowed just three?)

Personality: A cold hearted child who doesent really care about anyone but himself, he use to have freinds but decided to dump them and spend all his time on training for when he finnaly gets his first pokemon. Although he is quite freindly if you get on his good side which isnt easy. He gets annoyed by the slightest of things, like any average teenage boy but he truly believes in himself and is very brave and energetic, sometimes even hyper when nobodys around.

Description: (pic is avatar)
A tall boy with wavy hair and wears a grey jacket and grey trousers, has a big smile when he comes round to pulling one off again not normally infront of people, his eyes are bright blue.

History: He lives with his Grandad a nice man who always wears slippers for some reason, he left his parents house for reasons he does not want to share. His Grandad use to be a trainer so he gives him tips here and then when Xaitan can be bothered to listen, he lives in a small house in a small village with not many young people you always hear the grannies talking about Xaitan saying "that boy has a dark aura around him". He aims to be the best of the best.