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Book of Job 41:1-34: "Can you draw out a Leviathan with a hook or press down its tongue with a cord? Canst thou put a hook into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a bridle ring? Will he make many supplications to thee? Will he speak soft words to thee? Will he make a covenant with thee? To take him for thy servant forever? Will thou play with him as with a bird? Or wilt thou bind him for thy girls? Will the tradesmen heap up payment for him?... Lay thy hand upon him, thou will no more think of fighting. Behold the hope of him is in vain, shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him? None is so fierce that dare stir him up. who then is able to stand before me?...Who can open the doors of his face? His teeth are terrible round about. His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal. One is near to the another, that no air can come between them. They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered. By a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of morning. Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out. Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth....His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone....He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood. The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble....He maketh the deep to boil like a pot....he is a king over all the children of pride."

...What would you do if you had the power of a Titan...?


Five years ago, the titans Groudon and Kyogre were vanquished to the depths of the sea. Peace returned to earth once more and the cataclysmic destruction ceased. Many a human though of this as good thing, that the giant Orca of the Sea and the Raging Beast of the Land were put to rest…

But is it?

The stories on how a chosen child would wake up the Leviathan and Behemoth still exist. One day, a human would hold the Blue Orb with pride, to call out the master of the sea. There will be no fighting, for the Leviathan will be loyal to the Orb’s true holder. Groudon, too, will bow to the Red Orb’s true master.

Not many people know this, but deep down in Pyre Mountain, locked away from peeping eyes, lies the Green Orb, along with its two lesser siblings and a secret duo though to be in Jhoto – the Rainbow Wing and the Silver Feather…

Five children were chosen from the day they were born, to be the true wielders to the five magical items. They will find their items when the time has come, and from then on, with the items in their hands, they will be invincible. These children come from all walks of life, be they young or too old to call a child, be they rich or poor, strong or weak, they are the Wielders of Power…

* * *

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IC~ It was a foggy morning, which would have made the dawn chilling for most people. The moon was still drifting brightly from the direction of New Bark Town. That was where Exophilus was headed, back to Lucifer's Manor, the gargantuan building he had received several months ago. The thick mist causes small dew drops collecting on Exophi's t-shirt chilled because of the wind rushing by.

The road wasn't long to New Bark from Cherygrove Beach, but it wasn't the shortestroute to take either. His pokegear indicated that he had been travelling for fifteen minutes already, and Exophi was only halfway there. Good thing he hadn't been walking. The fact that both the moon and sun were casting light on him made matters worse. Normally Exophi would be pure human or completely lugia, but right now his features were a confusing mix of the two. Wherever the sunlight neglected to light, lugia features formed. The spines growing out of his back were exceptionally agrivating, his knapsack forced them to move at uncomfortable angles. His nose also had an unmistakable beak shape to it. The main abnormalty was the fact that his skin was white in the moonlight yet retained its regular colur in the dull sun.

Hopefully the sun would rise up higher soon and dominate over the moon's rays. Exophi didn't fancy riding through New Bark as a half-lugia monster. Even if it was four in the morning. The last time a citizen spotted him halfway through transformation, Exophi had been forced to aeroblast them. Why does the moonlight do this to me? he thought while riding, What makes the light from the moon different from the light of the sun? Moonlight is just reflected sunlight anyway, right?

A murkrow watched the strange being get off his transport vehicle and force his way through the brushes. He was heading to the meadow not far away. In the middle of that meadow, was Lucifer's Manor.

OOC~ I know that that post wasn't great (or even worth a C+ ranking) but I wanted to get something done to re-introduce Exophilus. The sample I submitted in sign-ups just didn't seem to cut it.

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Yasuki was in Petalburg, sound asleep in the Pokemon Center. Cinna, Yasuki's torchic, was snoozing in Yasuki's faded red bag. Maroon had gingerly leapt on to Yasuki's chest and was sleeping there now. Luka, too large to sleep in a Pokemon Center, was still in her Pokeball. All seemed well, except for Yasuki's dream.

In her dream, Yasuki was in a dark, eerie forest. She had taken a few steps forward, when a strange figure appeared. " Who are you?" she asked bravely. The figure approached her. It wasn't a man, it was a giant bird, who was every color of the rainbow. Is that Ho-oh? Yasuki thought as the bird opened it's behemoth beak.

" Be warned, you are not as you appear. You must travel to Violet town, where your destiny will unfold," It shut it's beak and flew away. It left behind a rainbow.

Yasuki woke with a jolt. What did that dream mean? Well, I can't think about that now. That was Yasuki's last thought on the subject as she returned her pokemon to their Pokeballs...

Kento Kasha
11-24-2006, 02:45 PM
Kento was not pleased. For the last several nights he had experienced a restless sleep, one full of nightmarish Pokemon with large fangs and wolfish faces. He awoke with a start this night, confused and dazed as to where he was. He took a moment to calm himself, then realized that he was in his own bed in his own house.

Kento had been away from home for quite some time, examining various cases of Pokemon misconduct and mistreatment from around the world. His last stop had been the Orre Region, where he had aided a trainer named Wes in the destruction of a criminal organization dubbed Cipher. After a long, long journey back to Goldenrod City, Kento was not finding the relief that he needed in sleep.

He pulled the covers down and stepped into his slippers, then trudged over to his desk and clicked on his computer. As the boot screen loaded, he thought about the one thing in those dreams that did not scare him.

He had seen a large, powerful, white Pokemon with great wings, a long tail, and an elegant head perched atop an elongated neck. It had overshadowed the mutant monsters of his dreams like it was a clue to some great secret. He had no idea why, but Kento remembered seeing a small landmark that was very familiar to him as well; Sprout Tower.

The computer let out a sharp beep, then came online. He went to Professor Elm's Online Pokedex, typed in some search terms, and struck the Enter key. His search yielded nothing. He accessed his email and wrote out a short note to the Professor.

Dear Professor,

Elm, how are you? I hope that this message finds you in good health. I have a few questions about a certain Pokemon. I've attempted to discover this Pokemon's name on my own, but I cannot seem to find any information on it. I have not seen it, but I have dreamed it. It could be that it's just my imagination, but this Pokemon seems so real. I will include a detailed description with this message.


Kento Kasha

The Ranger attached a document containing a description, sent the message, then shut the computer off. After checking on his Pokeballs, he crawled back into bed and lay there until he fell into dreamland again.

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Kurina locked the doors that night. She looked out the window with a worried expression on her face. Kurina patted Ninetails and went up to bed. Pichu and Aipom were fast asleep in a small bed. Kurina slipped into her own. She lay awake for hours. She knew she had to sleep, but she didn't want to. Everynight she'd hear a roar, but everyone else never heard anything.

Kurina sighed and finally fell asleep, but again she heard the roar, Kurina bolted upright. Breathing heavily. Ninetails stirred slightly. Pichu and Aipom were no where to be seen. Kurina got out of bed and crept downstairs. She saw her two Pokemon flipping through channels on the TV.

"What are you two doing? Its eleven thirty," Kurina hissed. Aipom jumped up and hung on to the lamp. While Pichu dove under a pillow, bumping the lamp. Kurina caught Aipom and the lamp crashed down onto the floor. Suddenly the TV shut off, it was silent. Kurina set Aipom on the sofa and walked towards the window. For a split second a dark shadow appeared in the sky, then disapeared.

Kurina shuddered and carried Aipom and Pichu back to bed. Leaving the slight mess behind her.

Kento Kasha
11-27-2006, 11:45 PM
Kento awoke the next morning to the chirping of a bluejay outside his window. He rose from the bed, flung open the window, and grabbed hold of a nearby branch. He shook it with all his might, annoyed with the bluejay's terrible song. The bird flapped off, and Kento looked after it, scowling.

He closed the window, then opened his dresser drawer. He grabbed a towel and a set of clothing, and headed for his bathroom. After he had showered and dressed for the day, he laced up his boots, packed his rucksack, and slung it over his shoulder. He grabbed his three Pokeballs, attached them to his belt, and walked down the hall.

His mother greeted him as he stepped off the stairs.

"Good morning, dear! Are you leaving this morning?"

"Yeah, I am. Are you sure you'll be alright without me?"

His mother smiled brightly and waved a hand dismissively. "I'll be fine. It's not the first time I've taken care of your brother and sister on my own. Besides, your father will be home from Olivine City by the end of the week."

"Alright, if you're certain."

"I am, don't worry. Where are you off to this time?"

"Well I got an email the other day from the Academy. They want me to explore a situation near New Bark Town. I was thinking of visiting Professor Birch anyway, so that kind of works out. Kill two birds with one stone, right?"

"Alright, well you be careful, dear." Mrs. Kasha wrapped her arms around her first-born and hugged him tightly, then opened the door for him.

"Thanks for letting me stay for a little while. It's not often I get some time off."

"That's fine," she smiled in response. "I like having you home. It makes the house feel like a home again."

"Thanks," Kento grinned. He hugged his mother once more, then stepped outside and down the steps. He looked back at his house and waved to mother. "Tell Mara, Stevun, and Father that I'll miss them!"

Then he grabbed the shoulder straps of his rucksack and prepared for the long walk ahead.

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* * *

It was barely four in the morning, but Judith Andersen was awake with excitement as she packed. Clothes, clean underwear, everything had to go into the suitcase and her Dragonair watched her with detached interest.

“What are you doing?” Daggerback asked as he scooped up a shirt that had fallen to the ground in his trainer’s packing frenzy, “I hope you’re not planning to go on another one of those ‘Holiday’ things and leave me behind with those incompetent losers you call Pokemon...”

“Nay, Daggie my dearest,” The girl grabbed her Dragonair by his white ears and pirouetted around her penthouse apartment, “I’m planning a surprise for someone!”

At the sound of ‘surprise’, Baldor escaped from his PokeBall happily. “Ooh, I love surprises! Who’s it for?” The rental Gyarados grinned widely as it struggled to make room for himself.

“Well,” Judith looked disapprovingly at the large dragon’s scales gouging into the wallpaper, “winter’s on its way, Baldor, and the nights will be getting longer and the days shorter. I’m going back to my old house in New Bark town to check on Exophi, just to see if he’s keeping the Manor in shape.”


“That’s just like you, Judith…” Baldor nodded sleepily, not really caring who on earth ‘Exophi’ was or why his new trainer was so concerned for him, “I’ll see you in the morning.” With that, he retreated into his PokeBall.

Exophi, to Judith, was much more than a passing name. After he had broken the curse of Lucifer’s Manor by becoming a were-Lugia, Judith was indebted to the boy. Sure, she’d signed the deed to the Manor to Exophi so he could live in it legally, but in a way she didn’t want to leave it as it was. She wanted to thank Exophius forever…

Jade smiled again, slightly relived that Baldor hadn’t severely damaged her walls, “Get some rest, Daggie, we’ll be doing our fair share of traveling tomorrow…”

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One pokeball went up in the air... another... another... Into the air went three pokeballs, seeming to float above the hands of a young boy. They went up, down... up, down... not stopping the motion. They didn't reflect his sparkling brown eyes like real pokeballs, though. In fact, they weren't shiny, and definately not carrieing any pokemon. They never had, and never would, for that matter. The ones that did hold the three pokemon sprawled out all over his room were nestled together on his unmade bed. Princess kept staring at them, occasionally trying to see what they tasted like... and the only way to do that was by licking them. At first it made Luther laugh, now it was very normal for his eyes to watch that kind of behavoir.

His feet, only wearing socks, rested on a grey rug of fur that belonged to a small Poochena. Of course the pokemon was taking a nap, and how glad Luther was of that! He didn't know if he could stand another hour of excercising that thing! An Electrike sat near the door, waiting to bark at anyone or anything that came through it and chase it out.

Luther shook his head. "Bolt, I told you a million times already! No one is coming to hurt me. Get over it!" But he didn't really mean it. He liked watching his three pokemon doing the stuff they did. Sometimes he said that he couldn't stand it, but that was 'in the moment' stuff. When they were relaxed like this, with the exception of Bolt, he never knew why he had thought that stuff of not wanting them. They had to be his best friends ever. His only friends... he had never stayed in one place long enough to make human friends.

11-30-2006, 06:46 PM
Kurina was up and getting breakfast ready when Ninetails slowly walked into the kitchen, she looked tired. Kurina began to worry about her old friend. She knew something was wrong.

"Maybe I should see Nurse Joy, maybe she'll know," Kurina said softly, she watched Ninetails slowly lie down on the sofa. Pichu and Aipom were watching cartoons.

That afternoon Kurina took a nap. inetails was keeping an eye on Pichu and Aipom. Kurina had a dream, she saw the dark shadow in the sky, it roared and disappeared. Kurina tried desparetly to follow it. But every time the shadow kept on going faster. Finally it swept over a city. Kurina recognized it immediately.

"Violet City?" Kurina asked herself. Suddenly she was falling into darkness.

Kurina shot striaght up, breathing heavily. She looked around, she was still in her home. Kurina shuddered and walked back downstairs. She saw that the TV was turned off, her Pokemon were nowwhere to be seen. Kurina sighed and walked out the back door. She saw Ninetails staring intently up into a tree. Kurina gasped when she saw Pichu and Aipom chasing each other.

"Pichu! Aipom! Get down here!" Kurina ordered. Pichu and Aipom stopped and looked at her. Tehy'd never heard their trainer yell at them before.

"Pichu Pichu?" Pichu asked.

"Now!" Kurina yelled. Aipom and Pichu botled down the tree. Kurina looked down at them, her eyes flashing. Pichu whimpered slightly, Aipom shivered. Ninetails gave Kurina a look that said, "You shouldn't have yelled at them. They're still young." Kurina sighed and picked up Aipom and Pichu. She cardled them both in her arms.

"I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to at you," Kurina said softly. Aipom seemed relieved, but Pichu still looked nervous. Aipom leapt down from Kurina's arms as she walked over to the patio and sat down in a rocking chair. With Pichu still in her arms, Kurina slowly rocked back and forth. Ninetails and Aipom settled themselves on the swing. Pichu thought he was in big trouble, he started to cry a little. Kurina scolded herself for yelling at him.

"Hush little baby, don't you cry. I'm gonna buy you a mocking bird. And if that bird just doesn't sing, I'm gonna buy you a daimond ring," Kurina sang softly. Pichu calmed down a bit. Ninetails closed her eyes contently. Aipom was nearly asleep. Kurina continued singing, her voice bringing Pidgey and Spearow into the yard. And even a few Butterfree.

Later Kurina opened her closet. She took out a few clothes and placed them into a backpack. She raced downstars and put a few cookies into a small bag. Ninetails and Aipom stared at her. Ninetails whined, she thought Kurina was leaving them.

"Pichu! Come on! We're all going to Violet City!" Kurina shouted up the stairs. Pichu dashed down and raced Aipom to the car. Ninetails stared at Kurina as if she'd gone nuts.

"Don't look at me like taht, Ninetails," Kurina said as she glanced at her friend, "Think of it as a holiday. You and I both know we need to get out of the house." Ninetails turned to look at the calendar. A red circle was drawn around the fifteenth. Kurina saw it too. She sighed and shook her head.

"Mom's gonna kill me for missing her wedding," Kurina muttered, "But I've got to go to Violet City." Kurina guessed it would take about two days to get to Violet City. She didn't know if Pichu and Aipom could handle riding in the car that long. Then a thought struck her. She remembered that she had to borrow her mother's van, because she and her mom were switching cars for awhile. Kurina silently rejoiced, she knew that that van had a TV built in it.

"Ninetails, grab all the movies that we all like to watch," Kurina told Ninetails, "And the portable rewinder."

11-30-2006, 09:17 PM
Violet City... just another place among many where Luther had been to. To him it was the same as every besides for the fact that the car broke down the first night they stayed. How odd it felt to actually stay somewhere instead of leave the very next day or the day after. Now they had been here for a month. His dad had insisted on fixing the car himself. As the thought crossed his mind Luther rolled his eyes. No, his dad was not a mechanic, but always wanted to be one. He actually didn't have a job, and so he found one every few weeks, planting them there for a while. Of course, this time it wasn't for the job, but for the car. Luther wondered what it was like to stay in one place and have human friends, friends to spend some of the mountains of free time he had.

That was the next thought that crossed his mind as Luther thought over the day. How nice it would be to have friends. In his situation there wasn't enough time to build up a strong friendship. Usually not even enough time to get aquainted with someone that he could have a great friendship with. A friend to play with, a friend to confide in... that would be what Luther would want if he could only have a wish. Instead he only read about wishes... and thought.

Luther read all kinds of books in his free time. Sometimes that was all he could do on the road until they got back on the highway and his parents turned the Game Cube on. He also always found himself staying up late, so accustomed was he to life on the road when you stayed up until you could get to a hotel, keeping the driver awake with your presence, or with your mouth. Often times he would look out the window, searching for scenery that might come running past. You would think that a month would be enough time to change habits but these habits were so steady that it would take longer to break. He had spent all his life like this, after all, and only a few months at a time in places like this while his dad worked. Mostly he got accountant jobs and, in his free time, Luther would watch his dad, trying, and suceeding 8 out of 10 times, to figure out the work.

Luther not only loved books but just loved to play games, video and board. Mostly video games, though, for that is what he mostly frequents. And why not? It is pretty handy in the car and keeps him entertained. But, that makes his figures jumpy, always expecting action, which is fine for the video games but might not be for other stuff. He plays for hours on end, being an only child, and is only told to turn it off at a gas station or hotel or restaurant.

Just thinking of a restaurant brought food to the mind. He didn't yell out, though, for he was so used to eating meals at a certain time. For example, they usually ate breakfast at 5:00, 7:00, or somewhere in between. Same with lunch, except it was 11:00 and 1:00 that surrounded it. He is usually content with eating just two meals a day, but sometimes they have dinner.

Luther caught all three fabric pokeballs as his thoughts wandered, as they usually did. When not indulged in a book or playing video games he thought. He thought long but sometimes wasn't aware of what he was thinking. That was what was happening to him now as his thoughts drifted away from food and into some unknown crevice of his brain, thinking things that he could not remember but subcoincously.

The movement of the Poochena from under his feet pulled the thoughts back to coincousness and he looked up. Guard was walking around, whining at the door. Luther reconized this as one of the things he did when he was in the car. "Stop the car." He said under his breath, watching Guard pad back over to him and jump up onto his lap where Luther embraced him.

A minute or two later Luther stood, letting go of Guard. His eyes followed the scuttling pokemon as it raced to the door and whine. Sighing, he made his way after and opened his bedroom door, following the dog down on the hall to the right and then to the front door and letting him out. He came out with Guard to let him know that he was waiting for him, and they wouldn't 'drive off' without him.

Luther's eyes, now lower as he was sitting on the steps, caught the movement of Bolt as he came running into the screen of the front door. Thankfully the screen held. Behind Bolt, on a railing, lay Princess, clinging to the wood for dear life. Grinning, Luther let Bolt out and went inside, stroking Princess. "Don't worry." He made a purring noise in his throat. "You can go next."

12-01-2006, 05:45 PM
Kurina felt like she was about to explode. She should have known that Aipom and Pichu wouldn't sit still and be quiet for the trip, now they were fighting. Ninetails sat beside Kurina, she felt the same as Kurina.

"I will pull this car over if you two don't stop fighting," Kurina warned. Pichu and Aipom stopped immediately.

"Aipom, pom, pom," Aipom muttered.

"Pichu pichu pi!" Pichu retorted.

"I don't care who started it. I'll finish it," Kurina said. She sighed when she saw Violet City ahead.

"Finally," Kurina murmured. She pulled over and got out of the van, her Pokemon hopped out behind her. Kurina looked around, she wondered where she should start. Ninetails poitned with her paw to a Pokemon Center.

"Well, its better than nothing," Kurina said, "Come on, guys. Let's get something to eat." Pichu and Aipom shot ahead. Ninetails smiled and chased after them. Her Pokemon beat Kurina to the Center.

Dog of Hellsing
12-02-2006, 08:41 PM
Violet City.

For nearly a month I'd been having dreams about the place. Well, okay, not the city itself. More like...something about the city. Eh, it's hard to explain, really.

But it didn't matter. I was headed there to see if I couldn't figure out why I kept dreaming about the place. My Pokemon had been a bit confused as to why I'd suddenly delcared we were putting our Pokemon journey on hold and were instead going to Violet City, but they hadn't argued with me about it.

So now I was on the back of a huge Salamence, and the Pokemon's handler was sitting in front of me, guiding the massive Pokemon towards our destination. Gotta love the Air Transport Services. They know how to get a person to where they're going in style.

Still, it would be at least another hour or so before we reached Violet. So I relaxed and watched the scenery below us pass by.


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12-03-2006, 07:17 PM

There she was, all she could see was a lake. But as Grace looked closer she noticed something was rising out of the water, it was a large whale like creature. Grace was sure she had seen its picture in a book or something.

Then it came to her, it was the legendary pokemon Kyogre.

The pokemon was enraged, thrashing this way and that. The large pokemon shot a hyper beam attack that went towards the small village behind her.

"No Stop! You have to stop that!"

Grace shouted and shouted but it had no effect whatsoever, the pokemon couldn't have just decided to attack this town, it had to have had a reason.


Grace screamed in sleep until she awoke, her closes were torn and she was on the beach of a small lake.

“It happened again, didn’t it…”

She knew it, she had transformed to that horrible creature last night.

Grace tried to remember all of her dream, that town, was it New Bark town? No, there was no building that even remotely looked like it could be Pro. Elm’s lab. It was funny thinking about Greg as a professor; Grace had known Gregory Elm as he had gone to the same high school as her. He was a bit of a nerd but he was nice.

Back on track, Grace tried as hard as she could to remember what the town had looked like. It now was coming back to her. The houses had looked kind of like huts, and there weren’t very many of them, and there was a gym.

Now she had it, it was Violet city.

Grace looked around and saw that sun had risen; she had get back to her apartment before anyone saw her in the tattered clothing left on her.

OOC: Lonsie gots a question!
Do us were-pokemons turn into legends every night or just full moons?

12-04-2006, 11:49 AM
Ooc~/ Lonsie's a cute nickname, it's catchy! :happy:

Well to answer your question, Lonewolf, it's up to you when you transform. Normally the were-Pokemon transform when their bodies are too weak, or when they're exposed to things the particularly dislike. (Cheese is one thing; Judith hates cheese and sometimes transforms when she smells it...) But really, when and how you transform is up to you!

* * *

The bus ride to New Bark town was uncomfortable and boring. The old man Judith was sitting next to had knocked his head to a side and begun to snore silently with his face on her shoulder; Daggerback, Baldor and Minerva were all moaning to be let out of their Pokeballs too; and in the baggage compartment, several farm-bred chicken joined the chorus of sound. Judith silently wished for a book; any book would do as long as she could immerse herself into it so deeply that all the noises around her could vanish away…

“Violet City! Last stop - everybody off!” The driver’s voice was strained and weary, exasperated from his own passengers. Jade couldn’t blame him; he had to put up with all this chaos on a daily basis. What a poor man…

Outside, a fine snow rained down on the street and Daggerback made his way out of his PokeBall. The serpentine dragon had never seen this area of Jhoto before, and did what he usually did when in alien lands to get accustomed to them – speak in loud, rude and sarcastic tones to ‘break in’ his surroundings. “Well, this is just quaint. New Bark town turns out to be a snowed-in winter dullsville. Oh, I’m feeling excited already!” Delivering his last sentence with such sarcasm that Jade promptly stamped him on the tail.

“Shut up,” The girl accused her Pokemon, “This is just Violet city. The bus depot doesn’t seem to send buses further east than this, so we shall have to walk to New Bark.” Judith fingered a lock of her bluish hair and sighed. Daggie was right, the entire town had been snowed in. All roads except the ones that led to hotels or bus stops were closed – probably a reason why the buses did not reach New Bark like they used to - and it’d be at least a few days before they’d be cleared. By the looks of it, Judith and her Pokemon would have to spend the night in Violet until the snowplough machines came by and cleaned the roads of snow. “It’s getting late, perhaps we should check into a hotel for the night.”

“Sounds good to me,” the Dragonair sighed and brushed his trodden tail across his scaly sides, “It’s freezing as hell out here…”

Dog of Hellsing
12-04-2006, 07:06 PM
Gah, snow. If it was one thing I hated, it was snow. I mean, it's alright to look at and is pretty and all, but it's what comes with snow that makes me hate it.

Cold weather.

I shuddered as we touched down near the Pokemon Center of Violet City. The Salamence I'd been riding on didn't seem to be any happier, as he keep grunting and swishing his tail around in discontent. His handler patted the large Dragon to calm him down, then frowned.

"Didn't know it was supposed to have snowed, or I'd have taken something else," he said, then muttered an apology to the Salamence beneath him. After a moment he looked at me and nodded, smiling. "Well, have a nice day." He then thumped the Salamence on the neck, and with a huge whoosh the Dragon was in the air and winging away. I was left covered in powdery snow, kicked up by the backdraft of the Salamence's depature.

Muttering, I shook myself and patted as much of the snow out of my hair as I could. Some of the flakes managed to get down my shirt, and I let out a startled yelp as I did a little dance, trying to get the coldness off my bare flesh. I ignored the people looking at me as the snow finally melted, then grumbled in irritation as I let my Pokemon out.

Sharudon's first reaction was a high-pitched, short howl as his paws touched the cold snow. He leapt a good three feet straight into the air, then landed with a growl of disgust.

=Snow, I HATE snow!= the Fire Pokemon growled grumpily. He gave me an accusing look that said, "This is all your fault." I shrugged at him and shook my head.

"Didn't know it was gonna snow, and not like this," I added, glancing around. There was snow everywhere. I hadn't noticed when we'd first arrived, but Violet Town was officially snowed in and locked down from the rest of Johto. Shiko sighed a little, his wings twitching. Like Sharudon, he disliked snow, but not with such a passion.

=At any rate, let's get insde and warm up,= the Scyther said, pointing towards the Pokemon Center's door with a huge claw. =Once we get something nice and warm to eat, we can talk about what we're going to do next.=

"Good idea," I said, nodding. My teeth chattered together as I turned to the Center, kicking myself mentally. I was certainly not dressed for the kind of weather, and what was it they said? A true Pokemon Trainer was always prepared. So much for that...

=You guys go in, I'll stay out here for a few,= Miki said as I opened the door for my Pokemon to go in. I glanced back at her to see her sinous length curling merrily in the snow. I gave a little grin.

"You freak," I said jokingly. Miki used her tail to scoop up some of the loose snow and throw it over me, her laugh a gentle tinkling sound. I glared at her in mock anger, then yelped as yet more snow found its way to my bare skin. Miki laughed again, quite happily, and I headed inside the Center.

"I'll get you for that, just wait," I called back to the Milotic as the door shut behind me.

12-04-2006, 07:55 PM
Kurina noticed that it started to snow. She and her Pokemon ran inside, but when she turned to make sure all her Pokemon were with her. She couldn't see Aipom or Pichu.

"Sheesh, I'm gonna have to get a tracker for those two," Kurina muttered as she marched out the door. Ninetails smiled and waited inside. Kurina nearly collided with another trainer.

"Oh! I'm sorry," Kurina said, she quickly raced out the door. Not looking where she was going Kurina tripped over a Milotic, she guessed it belonged to the trainer that was going ito the Pokemno Center. Kurina shivered as she stood up, she gave the Miltoc an apollogizing pat and took off.

Kurina spotted Aipom and Pichu chasing each other in the road, she saw a bus pull up.

"Aipom, Pichu, come here!" Kurina screamed. Pichu dove for cover behind Kurina, Aipom wasn't so lucky. Kurina's vision was blurred from the snow that spewed out. Kurina ran towards the bus, brushing past a girl with her Pokemon. The bus driver, grabbed Kurina's arm and tried to pull her away.

"Stay back, young lady," The bus driver said gently. Kurina looked at the man like he'd gone crazy.

"Sir, my baby is over there, I don't know if he's hurt," Kurina said defensively. The driver let go of her arm. Kurina raced to the front of the bus. Aipom was lying motionless in the snow. Kurina's hands trembled as she pciked up her Pokemon. She couldn't find any signs of life.

Tears poured down Kurina's cheeks. She held Aipom close. Pichu whimpered softly. Suddenly Aipom stirred slightly. Kurina looked at Aipom as he slowly opened his eyes, Aipom gave her a weak smile. Kurina hugged him lovingly. Pichu danced around happily. Kurina walked back to the Center. Nurse Joy took Aipom and Pichu to be healed. Kurina sat in the lobby with Ninetails. Kurina petted Ninetails, she was still trying to calm herself down, her excitement over Aipom had overwhelmed her.

"I'm not leaving those two out of my sight," Kurina murmured, "A trainer wouln't have left them out of their sight." Ninetails whined and looked at Kurina as if to say, "Its not your fault. They know better than to play on the streets." Kurina looked down at her friend. Kurina knew better than to fight with Ninetails. Ever since Kurina moved nito her own house and had been reunited with Ninetails she'd been mothered by Ninetails. So Kurina neer fought with her.

12-05-2006, 01:17 AM
Catching the sound of a soft whimper Luther quickly moved back to the front door, pushing the screen open and mumbling under his breath. "We've really got to replace that with glass." He figured that his parents would say no, that they wouldn't be in Violet City that long and wouldn't need to waste the money. Luther certaintly didn't think of that as a waste but apparently they did.

Luther's eyes didn't pick up anything right away besides for a clump of snow in front of him. But then his eyes cut farther ahead to see a streak of green race before him, seperating the snow like the Red Sea. Luther smiled. He could guess who that was. Bolt was there, ploughing his own way through the snow piled high above his head. But where was guard?

Luther didn't have any idea as to where Guard could be. Where would that little pokemon have gotten to? A thought suddenly struck him. Perhaps he had run away? Choking back tears he strained his eyes to gaze farther ahead without leaving the warmth of the house. No grey fur in sight. What was he to do? When they left they would be leaving the Poochena behind... most likely forever. He closed the screen door and retreated to Princess, hugging her and confiding in her.

But the whimper was there again, one that Luther could define distinctly as Guard's. Perhaps he had come back? Excited, he moved back to the door, this time withdrawing his glasses case from a pocket in his jeans. Putting them up to his eyes he could see the pokecenter not far away with plenty of people inside. But that was normal... wasn't it? In most places it was. But then, in most places snow wasn't this high, so they could be snowed it. The whimper came again, but he still couldn't find where it was coming from.

Perhaps the people at the pokecenter will help me find Guard. As he thought that he closed the screen and pulled on a jacket, boots and gloves. Smiling he stuck his booted foot right above the snow pile. He had always loved jumping through snow piles. Since this one was so big he was sure it would be fun, too. Boy was he wrong.

Closing the screen he jumped into the pile, but found that there was more than snow underfoot. Something small and furry leaped from the under him, letting him slide unexpectingly down the steps with the tiny avanlanche of snow. That pile had been bigger than he expected, and carried him pretty far, almost to the street. But he he finally did sit up, who came to his rescue but Guard? Luther felt the furry paws of the pokemon as it jumped on him and the icy cold tounge of him as he licked Luther's face.

"Where were you, Guard?" He asked, hugging the slightly cold body in front of him. That was when it dawned on him. "Oh." He said under his breath. He had been in that pile all along and that fur he had stepped on... "I'm sorry, Guard." Luther apologized and hugged the little pokemon again, only subcounciously knowing that he was in a place where everyone could have seen him slip and fall. And seen whatever Guard had done, too.

12-05-2006, 03:38 AM
Yasuki awoke in a cold sweat. It was the third time Yasuki had that dream. There was always a boy holding a feather in his hand. The boy always softly touches the feather to his lips in a snowy feild near Bellsprout Tower. Just as a creature comes into veiw, the dream ends.

Yasuki had finally decided to travel across the sea to Violet City. She would catch a water pokemon and then drift lazily to Cherrygrove. Once there she would walk all the way to Violet City. The perfect plan!

Unfortuneatly Yasuki has never thought things through. She was always getting into trouble in Azalea Town. Once she thought that stealing a neighbors food would mean her mother wouldn't have to buy food at the store. Yasuki couldn't remember the out come, except that she had recieved a good spanking.

Yasuki packed clean kimonos, clogs, food, and pokeballs for the journey. She wrapped her only ultra ball in a dish rag so it wouldn't lose it's shine. She hauled a sleeping bag on her back and held a super rod and a basket full of bait. Yasuki looked drunk hobbling down the cobble street road to Petalburg beach.

It was a sunny afternoon on the beach and Yasuki was sniffing the salty air. Her fishing rod's bobber was wading in the cool ocean waves. Maroon was sunbathing in sand, while Luka caught small Magikarp with her pincers. Cinna was perched on a rock silently snoozing in the warm breeze.

Yasuki was starting to doze off when the bobber started dunking under the water. Yasuki's reaction was swift, but she had to reel it in quickly. " Luka help!" Yasuki grinded through her teeth. She had to concentrate every muscle to reeling in the catch. Luka glided over and gripped Yasuki's sides. Luka started tugging.

C'mon, just a little more. She was squinting because of the struggle. Finally a large blue whale pokemon heaved onto shore. It was a wailmer! The perfect pokemon for the journey!With one fast motion, Yasuki unveiled the ultra ball in her pocket. " Please work!"

The ball hit the wailmer and caught it. It jiggled three times and finally was caught. " I can go to Violet City! Yes!" Yasuki shouted into the air.

Dog of Hellsing
12-05-2006, 07:20 PM

I looked at the young woman who had run into me a few minutes before, and then tripped over Miki after bolting from the Pokemon Center. Said Milotic was curled beside me as the two of us, along with Shiko and Sharudon, watched the young woman and her Ninetales.

She had darted out of the building and run out the a bus that had stopped a moment before. Miki had explained that she'd seen two young Pokemon playing in the street, a Pichu and an Aipom. The bus had seem to come out of nowhere, and while the Pichu had gotten out of the road in time, it had seemed the Aipom had not.

However, much to our relief, the woman had returned to the Pokemon Center holding the small purple monkey, and though it didn't look hale and hearty, at least it was still alive. Miki had come in after them, telling me what had happened, and then curled beside me as I took a seat.

So now we sat, watching her. It was obvious she was upset, staring into space and not saying anything. Sighing, I stood from my own seat by the door, glancing at my Pokemon. They nodded, knowing what was about to come, and as a group the four of us headed to where the girl was sitting.

"Excuse me," I said softly, not wanting to startle her or her Pokemon. "Your Aipom...is it alright? I didn't see what happened, but Miki did..." I waved to my Milotic, who inclined her head in acknowledgment. "And your Pichu...Nurse Joy took it as well. If there's anything we can do, let me know, okay?" And then, because I didn't want to leave and seem like a total weirdo, I sat down across from her and smiled as my Pokemon gathered behind me.

12-05-2006, 10:44 PM
Kurina looked up, she smiled gratefully at the trainer. Ninetails growling warningly.

"Down, girl," Kurina said softly. Ninetails obediently sat down. She looked at the trainer's Pokemon warily.

"Thank you for your concern. I just hope Aipom will be alright. He's so young," Kurina started, trying to keep back tears. Ninetails roled her eyes.

"Nine, tails, Ninetails (You forgot to mention that you were going to get both of them tracking devices,)" Ninetails barked. Kurina blushed and playfuly pushed Ninetails away. Kurina looked up at the trainer.

"I'm Kurina. What's your name?" Kurina asked in her most friendly voice. The tears that threatened to pour didn't help. Kurina looked at Miki.

"Your Milotic is beautiful," Kurina commented, she looked at the other Pokemon, "All of your Pokemon are."

12-06-2006, 01:40 AM
(I'll be posting my roleplay sample from the sign-up board and some more I've added on to it. Erik's not going to be getting to Violet City until Thursday, though, 'cause I won't be able to post tomorrow...)

Erik awoke suddenly, confused and disoriented. Everything around him was black. He tried sit up, but something hampered him. He tore it off, jumping to his feet, still trying to understand what was going on.

"Jolt?" A familiar voice said behind him. Erik turned and squinted, just barely able to see Luke's face. He finally remembered where he was; a Pokemon Center back in Lilycove, away from the islands and the sea and back on the continental region of Hoenn. He and his Pokemon had stayed there for the night. He noticed the slumbering forms of Hiei, Brianna, and Saphira. He forced a grin and sat next to the Jolteon.

"Sorry, Luke," he whispered, not wanting to awaken the others. "It was just another dream. Go back to sleep." The electric dog gave a barely audible whimper before going back to sleep. Luke worried about him, and the others were beginning to notice the fact that Erik seemed to be getting less and less sleep. The same dream terrorized him every night, beginning with him as Groudon, completely destroying his home. Then, he would look up at the sun, the glare blinding him, until his vision morphed to red, red like the molten rock beneath the earth's crust. In the redness was a town, one he'd never seen before. Violet City. How he knew its name he wasn't sure, but he did, and as that named echoed through the redness, he awoke. Erik shook his head, clearing his thoughts. What region was this 'Violet City' in? He knew he had to go there, for the dreams to stop. It was as if something was calling him, and it was call that he couldn't ignore.


Erik left the Pokemon Center the next morning, his hands in the pockets of his baggy black slacks. The airwas chilly this early in the morning, and Erik wore his navy jacket over a dark sienna shirt. Luke padded next to him, head held high. Thoughts of the mysterious Violet City still hung in Erik's mind. He'd already traveled the length of Hoenn, so it had to be in a different region. Unfortunately, his PokeNav only displayed the Hoenn map, so he'd end up having to by a world map or atlas.

The Lilycove Department Store, complete with six floors and the occassional rooftop sale, is the biggest in all of Hoenn. Anything that can be bought, Pokemon related and not, could be purchased here. When Erik had first arrived in Lilycove, he had simply stood in awe of the enormous building. Now, having often stayed there at the Lilycove Pokemon Center while training for the gyms in Mossdeep and Sootopolis, it had become almost ordinary building on the side of his vision. Still, only on a few occasions had he actually gone in, like he was today.

He gingerly stepped through the automatic sliding doors, quickly looking all around the room. It looked even bigger from the inside than the outside; there were yards of empty space for those entering and exiting, and, between a glass elevator and a staircase entrance, was an information desk. If there was some kind of specific item you were looking for, you could tell the secretary behind the desk and she could simply look it up on the Department Store's database. However, Erik wanted to avoid this talking to anyone he didn't really have to. People made him nervous. He supposed the main reason was that he always felt like he was being looked at, that someone had written 'MONSTER' across his forhead in black marker. That someone would know who and what he was.

Supressing a shiver, he walked towards a bunch of signs near the staircase entrance, hoping there might be signs saying what was on which floor. Unfortunately, that also brought him very close to the secretary.

"Are you looking for something?" She inquired politely. He jumped and whirled, startling both Luke, who had been behind him, and the secretary herself.

"Oh, um, well... Well, yes, actually," he stuttered, deciding he might as well ask. "I'm looking for a map." Over the shock of him whirling, she smiled sweetly.

"I'm sure we have some, just let me check." She whirled in her swivel chair towards a computer screen and began typing furiously. Erik impatietly rocked back and forth on his feet. Luke sat beside him, head cocked to one side, as he watched the strange woman. "Ah! Here." She turned back around, causing Erik to stop rocking.

"We have plenty of maps," she told him. "We have a map of our city, one of Mossdeep and Sootopolis and the surround ocean, a very popular one of-"

"No, no, I need a world map," Erik cut in.

"Ah, I see," she said with a nod, turning again. "Just let me check." Erik sighed to himself as the furious typing began once again, wondering if he'd ever find Violet City.

12-06-2006, 10:23 AM
“What was that sir?”

“I said ‘we’re full’, yeh loser kid! You wanna go make somethin’ off it, lady?! Huh ?!” The motel was dingy and old, water leaked and dripped above her head and the man behind the counter wasn’t helping much either. He smelled strongly of alcohol and was large, rotund and his body odor incredibly overpowering. As he said ‘loser’ he moved his thumb and forefinger into an ‘L’ shape over his forehead to prove his point.

‘Perhaps he’s drunk, let’s go before he throws something at us…’ Daggerback tugged at Judith’s sleeves as the landlord challenged her. Once again, he was probably right and Jade slowly made her way out.

Outside in the snow once more, Jade sighed and looked around. The thick snow was putting a damper on everyone’s mood and ‘Violet City’ seemed more of ‘Violent City’. She hadn’t allowed any Pokemon other than her Dragonair out of his Pokeball, afraid that Baldor and Minerva would be too large to handle in a city and they could get into major trouble or worse. “Well, this is just quaint…” She sighed and repeated what her Dragonair had said before. ‘Yes… Quaint indeed…’ Daggie mimicked and they both laughed at the madness of the situation the Lord had put them into.

‘Well if you want my advice, Dahhling-‘ A voice behind Jade made the girl jump. A Milotic was standing behind her, rather enjoying the swirl of snow. Perhaps it was the fact that Jade hardly let the Pokemon out of her ball, that she usually thought of Daggerback to be her only Pokemon or both combined, but it took her a while to recognize Minerva whom had let herself out of her Pokeball.

“Minerva! Oh, it’s you.” Jade smiled, relishing the comfort of the ungainly serpent in this harsh world of Violet City, aware of Daggie hissing and spitting like a cat on her shoulders, “Do go on. I’m at a loss of ideas myself…”

Minerva nodded and looked up at the sky, ‘When I traveled with Nicky, the team always stayed at Pokemon Centers. They have a neat little lounge for trainers to… ‘Mix about’ and rest in. On some occasions, we slept in there, on lounge seats, until out next adventure…’ Minerva sighed and a reminiscing smile warped the Milotic’s lips. Jade felt for her at the spur of the moment; Minerva had be separated from her original trainer and missed ‘Nicky’ greatly…

‘Well, are you going to stand there like stone or shall we get moving to this ‘Pokemon Center’ of sorts?’ Daggerback shivered on Jade’s shoulder, too busy feeling cold to continue shooting daggers at Minerva. ‘Any longer in this damned blasted snow and Angels shall emerge from my arse!’

Minerva led the team into red-roofed building and Baldor allowed himself out of his PokeBall too. The great, large Gyarados wiggled gladly to have much needed space for stretching, ‘You two go ahead. Minerva and I enjoy a good snowfall, you can come out for us when you want to.’ Daggerback gratefully slithered into the heated sanctuary, but Jade understood the hidden meaning behind his words – he was too large to fit inside and Minerva wished to keep her friend company. Giving both her rental Pokemon a look of thanks, she followed her Dragonair into the Pokemon center…

"Thanks guys, this really is 'Quaint'." And this time, she meant it with all her heart...

Dog of Hellsing
12-07-2006, 12:16 AM
I smiled softly at the younger Trainer, sensing her trying her best to be strong. If I were her, and my Pokemon were the ones in probable danger, I'd be in hysterics. Still, I kept that to myself, not certain how the young woman would react to such news. Instead I nodded at her Ninetales as a token of respect, then turned back to the Trainer.

"Thank you," I said, meaning it. "I try as hard as I can to keep them healthy. But they do like to get into trouble, especially Sharudon here," I said with a little laugh, giving the Houndoom a playful smack on the top of the head. He snorted loudly and turned his head away in mock contempt.

"Anyways, my name is Shairii. It's nice to meet you," I said, holding a hand to the younger woman. At that moment, I head the door open again and turned to it. Another woman had entered the Center. She had with her a Dragonair, and as I watched she shut the door, leaving a Gyarados and a Milotic outside. I assumed they were also her Pokemon. Miki cocked her head, and I could tell she was wanting to go and talk with the other Milotic. Still, she stayed where she was. I made a note to ask the Trainer later if she wouldn't mind letting our Pokemon have a chat.

Meanwhile, I realized Houndoom had started talking to Kurina's Ninetales, and had to fight to hold back a chuckle. Sharudon fancied himself a fine specimen of a male. He was also extremely conceited.

=So, I'm Sharudon,= he said in as cool and sly a voice as he could muster, grinning at the graceful Fox. =What's your name? Or could I just call you "Tales?"=

Here I couldn't help but snort, though I hid it as a cough. Sharudon was so bad at flirting it hurt. The fire dog gave me an indignant look before turning back to his current infatuation. Shiko simply rolled his eyes and shook his head before settling to the floor beside me, soon settling into a nap. I smiled fondly at him. He was getting on in years, for a Scyther, and had taken sleeping as a favorite pasttime these days.

12-07-2006, 05:06 PM
Kurina smiled and shook hands with Shairii. She smiled as Ninetails listened to Sharudon.

"No, you can just call me Ninetails, but I don't mind being called Tails," Ninetails answered, her soft brown eyes sparkled. Kurina smiled, she hadn't seen Ninetails flirt with another Pokemon before.

"Well, those two seem be enjoying themselves," Kurina said, she suddenly shrieked as something jumped onto her shoulder, then realizing it was only Pichu and Aipom. Kurina blushed with embarissement. Aipom jumped from Kurina's head onto Shairii's head and playfully swung his tail in Shairii's face. Pichu laughed so hard he nearly fell off Kurina's lap.

"Aipom, stop it," Kurina scolded. Ninetails looked over at Kurina.

"Let him play, Kurina. He's not doing any harm," Ninetails laughed.

12-08-2006, 12:47 AM
Erik tapped his foot impatiently as the secretary finally turned back around, looking thoughtful.

"Well, there's no world maps or atlases anywhere," she said, and Erik slumped slightly to one side. "But," she continued, "we do have a world globe on the fourth floor. Would that suffice?" Erik perked up immediately.

"Yes!" He said, sounding ecstatic. "Thank you so much!" He ran to go catch the elevator, Luke trotting behind.


Unfortunately, the elevator was being repaired that day, and was closed to all customers. So, Erik and Luke had to take the stairs. While both were fairly fit from traveling, trying to run up stairs and walking at a fairly leisurely pace are two fairly different things. Both were panting heavily when they finally reached the fourth floor.

"I hate whoever... Thought of inventing... Stairs..." Erik gasped. Luke growled in agreement. Both looked up at the door they had finally reached, more than a little surprised to see that the sign on it read 'Toys' in bright colors, with pictures of a Teddiursa doll and a toy made to look like some famous Pokemon trainer. Erik blinked. The toy department? The globe was a toy?

"Ah, well," he sighed silently to himself. "Whatever will help." He and Luke walked inside. The first thing they saw were shelves upon shelves of Pokemon dolls. Girls of all ages lingered, looking for their favorites. Cries of, "Oh, what a cute Skitty!" and "This Pikachu is absolutely adorable!" reached his ears, along with the occassional, "I can't believe they don't have a Golbat!" or something of the like. Erik pushed his way past, muttering, "Excuse me, excuse me," all the while. He'd just broken through when he heard an excited squeal.

"Oh, that Jolteon doll is sooo cute!" He whirled, seeing a brown haired girl inspecting Luke. "So life-like, too! It even stands on its own hind legs."

"Jolt?" Luke asked, cocked his head to one side and looking confused. The girl gasped.

"It's real!"

"And he's mine." Erik cut it, dragging Luke away. "C'mon boy, we've got shopping to do." He ignored the girl's angry look and went to find the globe.


After finally asking a clerk where to find the globe, Erik was finally inspecting it. It was indeed a toy, with various frolicking Pokemon on it, and looked rather cheaply made. The map was little more than a sticker, and could be easily peeled off. All the same, Erik slowly turned it, studying the various continents. He recognized Hoenn immediately, then saw a region called 'Kanto', with many large cities, most of them named after colors, like Cerulean City and Fuchia City. No Violet, though. He moved on to the region called 'Johto', tracing the major routes with his finger. New Bark, Cherrygrove... Violet! Violet City!

"It's in Johto!" He exclaimed, a little too loudly. Several other customers turned to look at him. Blushing, Erik picked up the globe and went to go pay for it.


He and Luke returned to the Pokemon Center, where Erik began the painstaking work of creating a map from the globe. After drawing one didn't work, since he had no artistic skills to speak of, he instead tried peeling off the sticker and putting it on a piece of paper. It was more difficult to take off than it looked, and Erik soon found out it was one of those maps that tell you about each place when you press the city name. (Violet City is best known for its Sprout Tower and the Ruins of Alph, which are close by...) Finally, though, it was done, and Erik rolled up the paper with a relieved smile. Waving a final goodbye, he and Luke walked outside, another Pokeball in Erik's hand. He threw it into the air upon leaving. It split in two, releasing scarlet energy from inside. The light took a large, draconic shape, solidifying into a large Flygon.

"Creee!" Saphira called joyfully, looping through the air.

"Whoa, Saphira!" Erik called to her. "We've got somewhere to go! Ready for a long trip?" She squealed happily once again, landing so that Erik may climb on.

12-08-2006, 08:29 PM
Grace looked in the mirror as she went over the outfit she had on. It was a light green polo with jean pants that covered the tops of Grace’s feet.

“You look great, but you really need a haircut.” Violet commented, hearing their pokemon talk would have freaked out a normal trainer, but Grace had gotten used to it. Grace had been hearing her pokemon’s voices for almost four years now; it started the same night she had turned into that horrible beast for the first time. That was the same night Grace had first met Olivine, that strange creature had found her lying on the beach asleep. Olivine happily had waked her with a bite attack and Grace screamed when she heard the thing talk. Grace later found she could talk with all pokemon, and with her newfound sink with Violet she captured the Naetoru and named it Olivine after the city she had lived in for so many years.

“ A haircut, I’ll give you one!” Olivine had released itself from his pokeball and shot a razor leaf attack at the long braid of dark green hair streaching from the back of Grace’s head.

Grace screamed, and Violet scolded. As Grace shook with anger she walked towards her desk as she opened the right hand drawer to reveal many papers, pencils, coins, and other various items. Grace reached for the bottom and pulled out a pair of scissors as she walked back towards the mirror and began trying to even out what left of her hair.

Grace’s hair still looked a little uneven, but it was the best she could do. Her hair now reached the bottom of her ears with the same lock of hair curling in front of her face.

“ Let’s go.” Grace shouted to her pokemon as she walked towards the door of her apartment.

“ Where are we going?” Violet asked with a curious expression on her face.

“Violet, Violet City.”

12-08-2006, 11:16 PM
(As of right now, Erik cannot speak to his Pokemon, but who knows. He'll probably be able to later on.)

Erik didn't begin to feel the cold until he saw the white and green landmass below that was Johto.

"Jeez!" He said, clinging to Saphira with white knuckles. "Snow. Wonderful." They circled over the snowbound Violet City, and Erik stared wide-eyed at the enormous form of... Was that a Gyarados? It was playing in the snow along with a Milotic, and, both being rather rare, Erik assumed that they belonged to someone. Saphira quickly found an open spot on the frozen ground and gracefully landed. Erik and Luke, who loved to fly with Saphira, for whatever reason, slid off her back. She shivered, and Erik quickly returned her.

"No point in giving you a cold or something," he told her Pokeball before clipping back onto he belt. That don, he glanced around. He appeared to be in some kind of square. The two large water Pokemon were near the Pokemon Center, and on his other side was the PokeMart. There were a few other houses, a gym(much to his delight, although it wasn't open), and, in the distance, what could only be the Sprout Tower. It occured to him right then that he really didn't know what he was looking for, or hy he was there. Flashbacks of right after his first transformation, running away with Hiei in his arms, flashed briefly in his mind before he shook his head. No need to think about that now; you can't change the past.

He made a quick decision, and decided to go to the Pokemon Center. Saphira and the others could use being refreshed, at least, and maybe he'd find something out. Dodging the Gyarados, he stepped inside the red-roofed building.

12-09-2006, 12:55 AM
"Ahoy, land ahead!" Yasuki shouted in the lapping waves and misty fog. Toru, her newest team member, roared as he rode the last few waves to shore. It was snowing lightly in Cherrygrove, and Yasuki was drenched, sore, and exhausted from the many sleepless nights.

She hadn't dared let her Pokemon out of their Pokeballs, for fear of them drowning. She mounted off of Toru and stumbled as she stepped towards the beach. Her teeth started chattering as she returned Toru to it's Pokeball. "Thank you so much." Yasuki murmurred through chatters.

The next day Yasuki left the Pokemon Center and climbed atop Luka who was very annoyed. She could only glide for a few hours on her own, so how was she supposed to fly her trainer all the way to Violet City? Yasuki didn't care, she just wanted to have the horrid dreams to end.

It was so free up there in the sky. Feeling the wind in your hair, the trees and hills rushing past. It's all so glorious! Then snow started falling from the sky, and the wind howled in pain. But the sun still illuminated it's heat and light. Suddenly a rainbow formed. But it wasn't in the distance, it had been made by me, I was making the rainbow.

12-10-2006, 01:48 AM
Sorry about the lack of posts Jade. There are so many distractions... I'll try and keep up but I can't make any promises.

Exophi had finally returned back to Lucifer's Manor, and just at the right time too. Winds were picking up, the only comparison he could make was being hit by a Glalie's blizzard attack. Lights were on in some of the large ground floor windows, a good sign that Thorn was up reading in the library. The idea of a good warm place to stay would be nice. The frigid weather was growing worse by the minute.

It was obvious that he was getting off easy in the weather department though. Over New Bark Town and the surrounding areas were fairly clear skies; but to the northwest there was a huge cluster of clouds, under which a thick grey mist could be seen. The mist was actually a huge snowstorm, however in Exophi's eyes it was just another rainfall. They must be having a lot of rain over there, Exophi thought to himself. Enough time spent on weather, it was cold, and the inside of his house would be a nice warm change.

He ran up to the front door and rapped on it with his knuckles. "Hey! Open up!" Another just of icy wind blew his way. The clouds seemed to expand in his direction. "Come on you guys, open up! It's freezing out here." Still, there was no answer from any of his pokemon. Why wasn't there a doorbell on this old house? I knew that we should have installed something. When another cold gust influenced him Exophi pounded on the door. "Come on! Let me in you blasted flower!" This remark was directed towards Thorn, his ivysaur.

"You could have at least brought a housekey with you when you left," came the voice of his Spinarak as the door slipped open. Exophi rushed inside, expecting a tempature change in the air. It didn't happen, the entrance hall was just as cold as it was outside. Juliet looked at him, "I know what you're thinking, and you can scold that immature little pup of yours later."

"What? Shadow made it this cold?" Exophilus questioned.

Juliet nodded, "According to his confession, he 'accidentally' broke several windows throughout the house while practicing his extremspeed."

"I didn't think that houndours learnt extremspeed."

"They don't."

"Oh. I think I'll check the seeing pool, I think something interesting is about to happen." With that, Exophilus bounded down the nearest staircase that led to the lower floor.

12-11-2006, 04:52 AM
Ooc~/Hey, no worries Exophi! :happy: I'm just glad you've posted.

* * *

‘The snow should last for a while. There is no point if roughing it out there, no?’ Daggerback coiled lazily on his trainer’s lap and she brushed his scales. Judith looked out at the window to see nothing but snow; the gentle snowfall was turning into a blizzard. Anyone out there would probably be seeking shelter or just plain loony to be out in such weather.

“Well, you have to have weather, whether or not.” Jade smiled at her pun.

‘That’s a bad joke, and you know it.’ Daggie slapped his trainer playfully and yawned, stretching his neck. ‘I’m hungry, would you like me to get you anything, Judith?’ He began to uncoil himself and slid to the floor happily, thinking of what kinds of food he’d find in the cafeteria. “I’m fine with anything, Daggie, just get what you’d like.” Jade called back to him.

As soon as Daggerback disappeared, Judith walked out of the Pokemon Center and sighed, it was probably unsafe to stay out there if the snowfall got any heavier. This snow would probably keep the roads to New Bark town out of operation too. Baldor bent his head lower and gave a smile to his trainer, “I know what you’re thinking,” the old Gyarados looked up at the sky, “you like to look at Rainbows, do you not?”

Before Jade could disagree, she looked up at the downcast sky. Some clouds had parted to show a beautiful rainbow; even though she’d been feeling terrible the whole day, Jade couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Baldor was right - rainbows were nice to look at…

“Yeah, I guess I do like to look at rainbows…”

* * *

‘Let’s see…’ Daggerback flipped through a phone book, a wholemeal sandwich perched precariously on his head. Every now and then, the Dragonair pulled the bread from his head and took a bite from it, ‘Exophi… Exophi… Exophius James… Exophius James Charc… Lucifer’s Manor… bingo!’

‘My trainer’s an idiot. She owns a phone and it doesn’t even occur to her to call this Exophi… We wouldn’t even have to travel here if we’d called him!’ Daggie dropped in a coin that he’d picked off the ground, punched in the telephone number and waited for someone to pick up the phone…

Dog of Hellsing
12-11-2006, 09:10 PM
I laughed as I reached up and plucked the little purple Pokemon from my head, giving the one Aipom's belly a good tickle. Miki simply smiled at the antics, and Sharudon was completely taken by the Ninetales. His tail was going a mile a minute: if it wnet any faster he'd start a typhoon.

=Well, you can call me Don, because I'm the Don of love!= the Houndoom proclaimed. I couldn't help laughing at that bit.

"You're not the leader of a mob or something, Sharudon dear. Stick to your normal nickname."

=What are you talking about?= Sharudon demanded irritably as he turned to face me.

"Little Pooky-kins," I said with a sweet, innocent smile. Sharudon's eyes widened in terror at that and Miki let out a tinkling laugh.

=Not funny,= the Houndoom growled under his breath as he turned back to the Ninetales. =Ignore them. They don't know how brightly the fires of love burn!=

I laughed again and shook my head. Poor Sharudon was so easy to tease...

12-12-2006, 01:10 AM
OOC~ I hope that I'll stay caught up... I was lucky today, no homework! :happy: I can't remember the last time that happened.

IC~ The downstairs hall of Lucifer's Manor was as chilly as the entrance in the early morning. This could not be blamed on the mischevious houndour though. These corridors were always cold. Unlike the rest of his home, the basement corridors had not been repaired when the curse had lifted. A great deal of magic still seemed like it lingered down here, at least Exophilus hoped it did.

"Now, where was that room?" Exophi asked himself, the underground corridors never seemed like they led to the same place two times in row. Even after the "House of Transformation", he still had a hard time beleiving that rooms could move around a house. "I really should put up signs down here." Eventually he found it, halfway down a long path, as always. Pushing open the thick oak door, Exophi peered inside.

A candle flickered on the plain desk he and Blade (his Scyther) had moved down. It was right next to an old phone they had discovered upstairs. Unlike most phones, this one had the older style of spinning digits, something he could never seem to adjust to. This didn't prevent him from attempting to use the phone though. It was the only method of two-way converstaion they had in the house. Exophi hadn't yet returned to his old home in Azalea to retreive other belongings. The seeing pool lay a short distance past the desk, casting erie light over most of the room. This was his main tool for collecting information.

Lets see what everyone's been up to, Exophi thought to himself, as he kneeled down to bring his face close to the water. Time to search the pool for hints of current events... Every now and then other bits would pop up, but they rarely made sense. Exophi checked on two other people he knew (Tara Forme and Dimitri Locust) before spying on Judith. He hadn't thought about his friends in Johto since leaving the manor a few months ago. His reasoning was that he had too much on the mind with all the travel. She appeared to be uncomfortable, standing in a deep area of snow and conversing with a Gyarados. Hmmm, I don't recognize him, the green haired trainer thought, for the flying serpent was undoubtedly male. An image of rayquazza formed then faded back into Jade.

In the background, Exophi could see Daggie pressing buttons on a telephone with the beads on his tail. "What a queer little guy, wonder what he's up to?" With a chuckle he added, "Maybe ordering pizza." He leaned in closer to see if he could make out which digits the dragon was pressing. At that moment the phone behind him let a high pitch ringtone. Due to the way he had been sitting, when Exophilus jumped from sudden shock he fell facefirst into the pool. "Ew, gross........" he said as he pulled himself from the shallow liquid. That was when he learned about the thin layer of slime over the water.

The phone continued to ring in the background, ignored by most pokemon as well as Exophi. This phone has no limit to how long it can ring because of the older quality of it. After he had cleaned himself off slightly, which took a slightly longer amount of time than most humans have patience for waiting on a phone line, Exophi lifted the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" He greeted in a rather annoyed fashion. It hadn't occured to him that Daggerback had been calling the house yet.

12-12-2006, 06:14 AM
Ooc~/ The song Daggerback is singing is a Carpenter's song called 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft'. It's Daggie's favorite and he sings it to scare people when he answers a phone.

I have a bad habit of posting song lyrics whenever they get stuck in my head... :wall:

* * *

It seemed like forever until the phone was received. And perhaps a little prank was in order to clear this ‘Exophi’s head…

‘We’ve been observing your Earth, and one night we’ll make a contact with you…’ Daggerback grinned to himself and finished of the rest of his sandwich as the other end of the phone fell silent. Turning to his trainer, ‘Oh, Judith, daaaahhhling – it’s for you!’ Daggie cried out in a high-pitched tone mocking Minerva’s. He hardly knew Exophi and didn’t plan on talking to him.

‘Arsehole…’ Minerva gave a spiteful, almost inaudible, hiss but did nothing more as Judith ran back into the Pokemon Center. ‘Why can’t you two ever get along?’ Baldor shot the two serpents a look and settled himself down in a snow bank.

Daggerback slithered away after handing the phone piece to his trainer, singing the rest of the song he’d started:

‘We are your friends…

With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes; you concentrate; together, that's the way
To send a message: “we declare Our Contact made”…’

Jade fumbled with the phone in her hands and brushed a straying lock of her blue hair behind her ears, before embarrassedly stating the phrase she spoke so many times before whenever someone would call her house phone: ‘Hello? Judith Andersen speaking, how may I help you?’

* * *

EDIT: I'm so sorry to do this, but my family's leaving on six-day vacation tomorrow. I won't be able to post, but I can trust you all to handle to rp, right? (Exophi can be in charge until I come back like he did before.)

12-12-2006, 05:45 PM
OOC: OK, miss you!

Aipom giggled and bounded over to Kurina. Ninetails listened as Sharudon spoke, Kuruina saw a smal blush from Ninetails' cheeks. Even though Ninetails didn't have as much energy like she used to have, she still could gather enough to flirt with boys.

"Of course, Don," Ninetails answered, she got to her feet and circled Don, she walked off to the door, she turned around and called, "You coming, hotstuff? Being outside in the sparkling snow is much more romantic than being inside where your trainers can laugh at you."

Kurina stared at Ninetails, her eyes wide. Ninetails never acted like this before.

"I've never seen Ninetails like that," Pichu commented, "She never flirts with anyone!"

"She'd bite my head off if I tried anything like that," Aipom replied.

"Ninetails is acting a little strang, isn't she?" Kurina murmured, "Oh well, she's happy. Sharudon is to."

"What was your first guess?" Pichu asked her.

OOC: I love the way Ninetails and Sharudon love each other. Its so cute!

12-13-2006, 12:31 AM
OOC~ Lesson of the day: "You shouldn't make acidic experiments explode all over tables, classmates, and homework in chemistry classes." Grr! Caps Lock twice in a row! Anyway... I'll be happy to watch over things for a little while. Though I probably won't be able to do a very good job of it, being so busy myself. I'll try to keep things under control, but I don't know, we seem to have a pretty wild Houndoom and Ninetails here... :think:

IC~ "We’ve been observing your Earth, and one night we’ll make a contact with you," Came the easily recognized voice of Daggerback, followed shortly by, "Oh, Judith, daaahhhhling – it’s for you!" The last part was much higher-pitch than the dragon's usual voice. Exophi wondered if he had a cold. In the background a door was heard opening and Daggerback's voice came back on, but was slowly fading away, as if the dragonair was leaving the phone.

"Hello? Judith Anderson, how may I help you?"

Exophi smiled, "Hey Jade! It's been a while, how are you doing?"

Judith explained the current situation and how she had been planning to meet with Exophilus at the manor. The topic of Daggerback calling was not brought up during the conversation. In the end, the best plan turned out to involve Exophi leaving the building and meeting up with Jade and her serpentine pokemon along the main route to Violet City. The plan didn't really appeal to Exophi, mainly because he was too lazy to travel through the snow. He agreed anyways though. In approximately two hours he would meet her.

Exophilus wated for Jade to hang up the phone before doing so himself. The lack of conversation left the room freakishly quite. "I just got home," he mumbled to himself, "It's cold outside." He scooped the backpack up from the hallway as retreated upstairs. "Might as well grab some warm clothes for this trip before I go."


Shadow pounched onto Exophi's back when he reached the ground floor. It was obvious that the little demon had been waiting there the whole time for its master to return. "Why do you always talk to yourself?" the wolf asked. With an afterthought he added, "It's weird." The fluffy pup attempted to bound off the trainers back, but Exphilus grabbed the two front paws that had been wrapped around his neck.

Growling to his pokemon, Exophi said "Would you prefer if I spoke with you about why this house is so cold?" The small creature whimpered and tried to free its limbs. Shaodw's regularly poofly hair flattened against its body, making his small body seem even more feeble. The houndour was very skilled at putting on an aura of distress. There was no way Exophi could scold that cute little guy. "I guess I shouldn't have left you here anyway, I'm just lucky you didn't burn the house down. Again. I learnt my lesson, next time I take a long trip across an ocean, I'm bringing you with me."

The wolf was glad he had avoided serious punishment, but he didn't want to travel over an ocean. Deep water intimidated the pokemon, for he couldn't swim properly. He had always been teased about this trait by other houndours when he was small(er). The houndour never expected he was going to have to leave so soon.

Exophi packed his bag full of extra clothes, a significant amount of money, and some extra food. He also took a friend ball with him, just in case something came up. At the front door he was assaulted by Thorn, who was overjoyed to see his trainer back. "It's about time you got here! Saunte has caused nothing but trouble since you left!" Though Exophi still calls his pokemon by their nicknames, they usually refer to each other with their given names. Saunte is Shadow's real name, a name he detests. "He kept trying to battle with ma and wouldn't take no for an answer! And, and, an.... you're not leaving again, are you?" The ivysaur frowned. "I want to come."

"I'm leaving right now, so you better get ready quickly."

With uncalculateable speed Ivysaur tore down the hallway to his den in one of the sitting rooms. He rapid footsteps could be heard down the entire corridor. He returned about a minute later, winter garments stuffed in his mouth and around is flower. "Want me to help you with those?" Exophi asked as he began taking scarves out of Thorn's mouth. A choked breath came after a mitten came unlodged from the back of the pokemon's throat. After wrapping the last scarf around the ivysaur's neck he asked, "Why do you need all this anyway?"

"Because I'm a plant type! If I don't keep myself warm enough my flower will go brown," he responded all-knowingly.

"Wild Ivysaurs go around at winter. There flowers always turn back to normal in the spring."

"But I want to keep my flower a nice red, doesn't it make me look more appealing?"

"How would I know? Under all those bundles of clothing no female will be able to see you anyway!" It was true, only Thorn's snout protruded from the lump of winter gear he was burried under.

The door creaked open when the two had finished preparring to leave. Shadow called from upstairs, "Could you get me some biscuits from the store?" The noise returned Exophi's attention to the misbehaved dog.

"You're coming too." The houndour seemed excited, his trainer never let him go out to town usually. Just because the last three times he left the house certain pokemon enforcement groups had been called. When Shadow stopped in front of Exophi, he soon found a stong choke chain around his neck.

"What's this for?" He questioned accusingly. "I haven't done anything wrong yet!"

"You haven't yet. But I'm sure you will."

The houndour growled, "Please, I promise I'll be good if you take off the chain!" Exophi just shook his head in response. "But I wanna run in the snow!"

After only an hour or so inside the house, there was already a few inches of snow on the ground. Ripley (Thorn) struggled, trying to pull his mass of winterwear through the forest, as more and more snow attached itself to his clothing. Saunte was constantly trying to pull himself free of the choke chain whenever Exophi halted to let Ripley quickly catch up. There was no hints that this was a disguised adventure.

OOC~ I'll quit now, there's way more quantity than quality there. The only important stuff to the storyline is above the insertion. I think I had some really active fingers there... I wanted to go on and on and on. I'll limit myself though. My post is too long and really bad compared to most of my others.

Dog of Hellsing
12-13-2006, 08:41 PM
Sharudon grined widely when the Ninetales stood and circled him, then headed for the door. He turned to face me, and I nodded once. With a happy wag of his tail, he trotted after his new love and went to nose the door open, holding it open with his body for the lithe fox. I grinned a little.

"Wow, he hates the snow, but he's willing to go outside with her. It's...cute," I said, and Miki let out another gentle laugh. I stretched and turned back to Kurina.

"So, what brings you here? In the middle of an unexpected snow-in, no less," I added, sighing softly. This snow would put a damper on our plans to find out what all the weird dreams of this place I kept having were about.

12-13-2006, 09:47 PM
Kurina giggled as the two walked outside, Ninetails gave her a smile just as she walked outside.

"Well, I've had these wierd dreams about a creature just hovering over a tonw. It wasn't until the other night I found out it was Violet City. And I've kept on hearing roars in my dreams, its been bothering me," Kurina explained.

"Your not the only one who's been bothered," Pichu grumbled, "Do you have any idea how much noise you make when you dream?" Aipom shuddered.

"Ugh," Aipom shuddered again.

"So, what brings you to Violet City? I, I don't mean to pry," Kurina stammered, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

12-13-2006, 10:44 PM
OOC: Ahh! I've been forgetting to post!

IC: Yasuki couldn't think of any logical explanation for the rainbow, it was still swaying and showing it's dazzling colors. Why is this happening!? Am I haluccinating? She didn't have time to think about this, however, because Luka was diving into a landing. Yasuki had to concentrate on holding Luka's wings for dear life.

Luka drifted lazily down in the snow outside the Pokemon Center. " Can't you warn me next time?" Yasuki muttered in Luka's ear. Luka spat on the soft snow, and stormed into the Pokemon Center, ignoring the large red Gyarados and serene Milotic. Yasuki ran after him. "I didn't mean to- " She cut off as she saw a boy and girl talking in the corner. This is getting worse by the minute.

"Luka come on, I didn't mean to hurt you." Yasuki said gently, "Will you forgive me?" Luka nodded and smiled.

"Unfortunatly, your a little to big to fit in a Pokemon Center," Yasuki grinned and returned the smiling Scizor in a flash of red light. She sat on the nearest bench and pondered the rainbow. How did it happen, and why...? This was all to confusing.

12-14-2006, 01:00 AM
Both Erik and Luke jumped out of the way as a moody-looking Scizor rushed into the Pokemon center. Erik somehow managed to trip over Luke, resulting in both of them falling over in a heap.

"Ow," Erik groaned, getting off the electric dog. Luke lifted his head. He looked fine, although he glared at his trainer. "Sorry, Luke..." Erik said, rolling into a sitting position. He looked back at the Scizor, he saw that it appeared to be talking to a young girl, probably its trainer.

"Will you forgive me?"(Posted by togetic13) He heard her say. The Scizor nodded in reply, and the girl returned it before going to sit down on a bench. Erik hauled himself to his feet, after seeing Luke staring at him, as though wondering why he was still on the floor. His eyes drifted to the girl again. She looked about as bewildered as he felt.

"Let's go talk to her," he said to Luke. The Jolteon nodded, and they both walked over.

"Hi," Erik said to her. "Would you mind if I sat here?" He motioned to the seat across from her.

(Sorry that I haven't been posting much, finals and schoolwork are catching up with me... >< I'll need to start studying soon, but not 'til this weekend if I can help it.)

12-14-2006, 02:21 AM
Yasuki jumped when a boy asked if he could sit across from her. "Sure, it's all yours," Yasuki said in a neutral tone. Maybe... Yasuki crossed her legs and clasped her hands together, looking at the ceiling as if it might have the answer. She could tell this looked strange.

She decided to ask the trainer some questions, since she couldn't answer her own. "Whats you're name? Mines Yasuki, but some call me Suki for short." Yasuki asked this with a smile on her face, trying not to seem confused or upset.

She drew two red and white pokeballs from her pocket and released the Pokemon inside with a red flash. A graceful Delcatty and an unusually short Torchic appeared. "This is Maroon," she pointed to the Delcatty,"and this is Cinna. "

12-14-2006, 03:05 AM
OOC~ ...Maybe I should have continued to this in my last post, I seem to have a bit of writer's block now. :oops:

The bundle of scarfs, mittens, and tuques followed a short distance behind Exophi. The Ivysaur was boiling underneath the thick layers of fabric. He whined at the upsetting prospect of walking for a longer length of time, "Are we almost in Cherrygrove?"

"We'll be there in about a quarter hour," Exophi told Ripley cheerfully. "We'd 'ave made it there faster if you hadn't decided to bury yourself in a mountain of mittens.

Saunte giggled at the remark, Mountain of mittens, he thought; That rhymes!

As if he could hear the idiocy in his houndour's mind, he gave an annoyed sigh. "Cummon Thorn, we don't want to keep Jade waiting because you can't pull yourself through the snow.

In this area the snow was much deeper. The white powder came up to Exophi's knees, the equivalent of being over Ripley's head. Saunte, who was also smaller than the average houndour, was having difficulty. The wolf pokemon could no longer move fast enought to attempt escaping his chain. The weather also showed no signs of stopping, the only inspiring sight in the distance was a colourful spectrum. This sight wasn't very visible in the thick snowfall though.

Poor little pile of scarves complained again, "This snow is too deep! You should call Judith, then tell her we might be a little-" At that moment, Ripley found a particularly deep patch of snow. This made him sink so that only a trace of a red tuque the covered the tip of his flower could be seen. "We might be a little late," he finished irritably, just as Exophilus pulled him out of the snow.

"I'll call her, but we're going to try and get there quickly regardless." The chances of that were growing slimmer, the storm showed no signs of easing in the next few hours. The cold was even started to make Exophi a little irritable. "How about I put you in a pokeball, so you don't slow us down anymore?" he nagged.

Ripley frowned, though it wasn't visible under all him clothing. "Fine, as long as it's warmer in there." The idea obviously didn't appeal to him, being outside the orb for the last several weeks. Nonetheless, he was willing to stay in those cramped quarters if it was going to be cozy.

"Can I go into a pokeball too?" Saunte asked as politely as he could manage.

Exophi considered the idea, "No Shadow, I want some company for the trip." When the wolf put on a sad face, Exophi quickly healed it by saying, "When we find Cherrygrove, I'll buy you a pizza with all your favourite toppings, if you're really good I'll even buy you those garlic fingers you like." Saunte's small tail whipped back and forth with a dangerous intensity. His pull on the chain must have increased by a google.

"We're almost there," Saunte shouted as the wind picked up, "I can already smell the pizza." He was bounding as fast as houndourly possible in these conditions. Seeing his pokemon so happy, Exophilus completely forgot about calling his friend on the pokegear.

OOC~ Hey, I guess that wasn't so bad. Ah, the value of eggnog and chocolate... they can fill anyone with enough energy to write non-stop for twenty minutes. I really should edit this for mistakes before I post it... nah, you can all mock me.

Dog of Hellsing
12-14-2006, 09:35 PM
I grinned at Kurina, somewhat tiredly, as I sat back in my seat, sighing.

"I've had weird dreams too, about soem wierd-looking orb-like thing, and then of this place. Just a bird's-eye view of it, you know? I'd see the whole city. And then there was always a voice saying, "Go, go and know your destiny,' or something like that. I can never remember for sure. Then I see a huge green shape flying by overhead, and I always wake up right then."

I shrugged and reached over to pat Miki as I fell silent, thinking. At that moment, though, a Scizor came bursting into the Center, followed by a young woman. After a moment of talking, the Scizor nodded at her and the woman recalled him into a PokeBall. I sighed and turned away.

"I wonder what it means. And I wonder if our dreams have anything to do with one another? It seems like it's more than just coincidence..."

12-18-2006, 09:24 PM
"Hi, Yasuki, Maroon, Cinna," Erik said with a smile. "I'm Erik, and this is Luke." Erik gently patted the electric dog's head.

"Peon?" The inquiring cry came from behind him. Erik looked to see Brianna, and wasn't sure whether to laugh or to scowl. Brianna had recently discovered how to open her ball on her own, telekinetically, and seemed to be doing it more and more often. Finally, Erik sighed.

"Do you have to do that?"

"Espeon!" Brianna walked out from behind him and into Yasuki's sight. She seemed to inspect Maroon and Cinna before nodding in approval and sitting beside her brother.

"This is Brianna," Erik went on, smiling despite himself. Then, he asked, "What was wrong with your Scizor? It seemed rather angry."

12-18-2006, 11:34 PM
"This is Brianna. What was wrong with your Scizor? It seemed rather angry. " Erik asked.

Yasuki decided to tell him the whole story. "It all started this morning in Cherrygrove. I had wanted to come to Violet City because of a dream I'd been having, about a boy and a Ho-oh. I wanted to get here quickly, so I flew on Luka's back. While I was up there, a rainbow started forming, but not in the distance. For some reason I had made the rainbow. I was scared by this and yelled at Luka. I'm still trying to figure it all out." Yasuki sighed. Maybe he's had strange dreams to?

"Have you had a strange dream about coming here?" Yasuki blurted out. Maroon curled up next to Yasuki in a comforting way. Cinna flew next to Brianna, introducing herself.

"Hi I'm Cinna. Want to play?" The Torchic chirped this merrily.

OOC: I'm changing my username to Skye. (Possibly.)

12-19-2006, 09:56 PM
Brianna looked down at the little Torchic.

"Leave me alone, pipsqueak," she said disdainfully. Luke glared venomously at his sister, who ignored it and continued to sit devotedly next to Erik.

"I'll play with you," Luke told Cinna. "What would you like to play?"


Erik could only nod, astounded. Was it fate? Were there other people there who had had similar dreams, as well.

"I... Yes," he finally managed to say. "I've been having them for months, it seems like. I always see this city, and it was almost like something was pulling me here. I actually came here all the way from Lilycove, so I came almost as far as you, but I flew on my Flygon." He shivered. "I can't even begin to imagin trying to cross that vast expanse of water on a Wailmer..."

As strange as it sounded, Erik had always disliked water. Well, perhaps not always. Before the volcano incident, he'd been fine with swimming, but now he could barely stand taking a shower. It was why he had no water Pokemon, but one large enough to fly over bodies of water.

12-19-2006, 11:53 PM
"It's like destiny..." Yasuki was calculating this intense news. Whats going on? "Has anyone else you know had these dreams?" Yasuki asked fearfully. This keeps getting stranger and stranger...

Cinna was hurt by Brianna's response. It was cold and menacing. "I'll play with you. What do you want to play?" Cinna turned her head towards Luke.

"Lets play in the snow! I've never seen it before!" Cinna chirped, immediately in a good mood. Maroon rolled her eyes at the over enthusiastic torchic. "Kids these days..." Maroon muttered.

Yasuki's eyes flashed towards Maroon. Had the Delcatty just talked? This day was getting to be bizare.

12-20-2006, 05:38 AM
Ooc~/ I'm back from vacation, thanks Exophi! Did anybody miss me?

* * *

Minutes turned into hours, and the snow had turned into a raging blizzard. Judith paced back and forth in the Pokemon center, constantly checking her watch. Her old friend seemed to be having trouble getting to the city. ‘You should sit down, Jade.’ Baldor kindly told her from outside, ‘there’s no point in walking back and forth if nothing fruitful comes from your efforts and angst.’ He had a point and Jade reluctantly sat on a chair next to a prim-looking Espeon.

‘I’m f-f-freezing. H-hug me, please.’ Daggerback coiled up on his trainer’s lap; the demanding tone in his voice had completely disappeared. Jade wrapped her arms around the Dragonair’s head and sighed, when waiting for something one truly wanted, it seemed to take forever. A Dragon’s only weakness besides another dragon is the cold and ever since the incident at Lucifer’s Manor, she’d hated snow beyond anything. The cold, damp, slush just made her feel uneasy and weak, and Daggie shared her sentiment.

A little Torchic ran around gleefully near Jade’s feet, cute as it was the Espeon beside her told it off, ‘Leave me alone, pipsqueak.’ Judith smiled at the Psychic Pokemon and Daggerback raised his head. She seemed to have exactly the personality of Daggie.

‘Uh… hi.’ Daggerback uncoiled himself and sat next to the Espeon smiling, surprised to find a Pokemon that shared his outlook on children, ‘I’m D-Da-Daggerback, b-but my friends c-call me Daggie, and m-may I-I-I know the n-name of this lo-lovely example of beauty?’ Judith grinned, this was the first time Daggie had shown an interest in someone beside himself, and he wasn’t just stuttering due to the cold, he was in love.

* * *

Jade got up and walked away from her Dragonair out into the snow again. Biting back the cold, howling wind, she looked at the two water dragons. Baldor was asleep but Minerva stood over her friend’s body and spoke to him quietly. When the Milotic saw her temporary trainer, she gave a bow and used her long, red extremities to make the Sign of the Cross. ‘You can’t do much just worrying for your friend, darling, pray for him that he makes it safely here. That’s the most we can do for now.’ And once again, Jade knew her pokemon were right.

Although she didn’t believe in any God per se, it was worth a shot. Intertwining her fingers, Jade spoke in a whisper, ‘Please, any God out there, listen to me. I spoke to an old friend of mine that has helped me beyond anything. He’s headed this way in this blizzard; I’d do anything to help him get here safely. Please send him a guardian to make sure he’s alright.’

At that moment she finished, Judith was sure she saw a serpentine form rush out from behind her and disappear into the curtain of snow…

12-20-2006, 06:41 PM
Kurina sat in silence, she thought about what her new friend had told her.

"I wonder if-" Kurina was cut off a an excited shriek by Pichu, who'd found a new friend. A Torchic had run past him. Pichu raced up to it.

"Hi, I'm Pichu," Pichu said in a friendly way. Aipom also found a friend, although his new friend wasn't a Pokemon. It was a girl who'd just sat down with a Dragonair. Kurina blushed as Aipom walked over to the girl.

"Those two are always so curios," Kurina murmured.


"Its beautiful out here, isn't it?" Ninetails asked, she sat down and beckoned Sharudon to sit beside her.

"I've never seen so much snow before," Ninetails said contentedly, "Its almost like magic, huh?" Ninetails realized her love for Sharudon was growing, she didn't mind though. Kurina didn't seem to either.

12-20-2006, 06:59 PM
'What an interesting creature,' Brianna said to herself. She had seen very few Dragonair, for the Pokemon were rare, and she'd never even heard of one with spines such as his. And he'd called her beautiful, which was true, of course.

"Daggerback?" She said, quoting him. "Your name fits. I am Brianna."


Luke smiled and nodded, walking briskly behind the little Torchic to go outside. Then he remembered that he'd forgotten to tell Erik where he was going. He passed his sister talking to a Dragonair and said, "Erik?" The boy almost seemed to jump, and looked down.

"What in the... Luke, you just said my name!" Luke gave him a kind of quizzical look.

"Of course I did. I'm going outside with Yasuki's Torchic, Cinna, okay? She's never seen snow before." Erik just nodded, looking dumbfounded. Luke just shook his head. Erik was so strange sometimes.


Getting gradually over the shock of Luke's newfound ability to speak something other than 'Jolteon' (or maybe he'd just developed the ability to understand Pokemon, he wasn't sure), he remembered Yasuki's question. He shook his head, then realized the other girl was looking at Maroon.

"I really don't know anyone else here," he said aloud, "so I haven't. You never know, though. Maybe we aren't the only ones drawn here by our dreams."

12-21-2006, 01:40 AM
OOC~ I had a post done but my computer crashed before I could post it. Evil electronic device, it has taken a liking to collapsing at perfect moments.

IC~ Saunte's dinner had proven to ba a most lengthly stop. For its small size, the beast had an amazingly hungry belly. Exophilus found that he didn't mind the greedy pups behaviour, it was an excuse to stay indoors. The thirty-ith peice of pizza was the houndours last for the night, both Ripley and Exophi had only got single slices. After much wailing on houndours part, the three friends left the parlour.

Snow was falling here in miniscule peices, so small you almost couldn't see them. Even though the peices were small, there were trillions upon trillions of them. Exophilus was sure that in an hour there would be at least three more feet of snow to top off the two they already had. This storm was interfering with everything. Above all things, the phone lines were down and his PokeGear was on the fritz because the cloud cover.

I hope that Jade's doing okay, Exophi thought to himself. The sky was darkening, according to his PokeGear clock it shouldn't have been getting dark yet. After a few minutes, the cold had even sent Saunte, a fire type, skulking back into his pokeball. There was no way Exophilus would be making it to Violet City today, hopefully the night would provide a faster pace.

It was positively dark a short while later, thankfully there were occaisonal breaks in the blizzard now. At one point, the PokeGear flashed on that a signal was availible. Speedily Exophi seized the oppourtunity to contact Jade, re-dialing the number that Daggerback had phoned from. The other line seemed pretty unclear, but he was pretty sure he could hear a voice on the other end.

"Hello?" He asked cautiously, only responded to by muffled, unrecognizable words. "This is Exophilus Charc," he continued, still unsure if anyone could hear him, "It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell Judith Anderson that I may be a little late." A pause. "Thank you?" He said, unsure of whether or not his call went through.

12-21-2006, 02:13 AM
"Maybe your right." Yasuki sighed deeply, thinking of a warm fire. It was dark, and a blizzard was raging outside. That girl better come back inside, Yasuki thought of the girl that had just left. She was still confused about Maroon, not noticing Cinna and Luke leaving the Center.

The lights in the Pokemon Center were dimed, so that trainers could rest. Yasuki's eyes started to close, she was still tired from the long journey.

"C'mon lets go!" Cinna tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for Luke. "I bet you can beat me to the door!" Cinna meant a race.

The Torchic dashed towards the door, her stubby legs running as fast as they could. She was huffing and puffing in exhaustion.

OOC: It's short, I know.

12-21-2006, 07:49 AM
Judith buttoned up her trench coat, preparing to head back inside. The rainbow she’s saw earlier had disappeared, covered by masses of gray, looming clouds. Baldor slowly stirred from his sleep and floated into the air, looking up at the sky. ‘No one by a Water-based Pokemon should be outside in weather like this…’ Minerva, fingering a rosary that she carried around her neck, nodded in agreement, too busy muttering a prayer to answer.

The Milotic put away her beads when she finished and smiled to her friend, ‘Baldor, how long has it been since we’ve seen snow this strong?’

The elderly Gyarados looked around him thoughtfully, taking in the surroundings. The snow fell down in tiny snowflakes, but the sheer number of the frozen flakes was intense, getting stronger as the sky became darker for the night, ‘I don’t know, Minerva, I’ve never seen it this strong.’ Turning to Judith, he added, ‘It’ll be night soon, and I hope your friend’s alright…’

The cheeping of a Torchic cut him short, the little Fire Pokemon hopped along enthusiastically, calling behind it to a Jolteon, their shapes barely recognizable in the blizzard. Minerva groaned, ‘Hey, you kids should be going back into your Pokemon Center.’ Exasperatedly, she looked to her friend for help.

Baldor simply smiled at the youths and said, ‘Jade, why don’t you lead it and it’s friend back to the Center? This weather is no place for youngsters like you…’

“Aye,” Judith picked up the warm little ball of red feathers, “You should be headed back to your trainer, kiddo.” Using her free arm to slap her thigh in calling to the Jolteon. “I have some warm soy milk in a thermos for anyone who wants it.”

* * *

‘Brianna’s a most beautiful name,’ Daggerback slithered closer to the Espeon for warmth, ‘it means ‘Strength’, ‘Nobility’ and ‘Dignity’ from Celtic origin. How very suitable for a woman like you.’ He kissed her paw in the way he’d seen men do to his trainer at formal occasions many times before.

Judith trudged into the Center, a Torchic in one arm and snow covering most of her body. “This w-wea-weather’s a b-bloody killer!” She sighed, shivering with the drastic temperature change. She dropped herself on a seat and setting the little Torchic on the ground. “Daggie, do you know where I put my suitcase?” She asked her Dragonair who then motioned to the ground under a nearby seat.

“Thank you.” She smiled in thanks and began to rummage through her luggage, finally pulling out a sleek metal container. “Now,” She spoke to the Torchic, “who wants soy milk?”


Jade sat bolt upright; that was Exophi’s voice. “Daggie! Did you hear that?”

<<This is Exophilus Charc. It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell Judith Anderson that I may be a little late.>>

‘Yes, I did. Your friend must have been contacting you trough telepathy.’


The Dragonair rolled his eyes, still not moving away from the Espeon he befriended. ‘Telepathy. It means ‘Six-Sense’ or ‘Talking with one’s mind’. I’m doing it to you right now and most legendary Pokemon have that innate ability, though they don’t know it. Normally electronic devices help send the signal.’

“Do you think I can do it?”

‘Yes, I quite sure you can. But if you are just beginning to work that power, normally it’s hard to send it through privately. Look at me – my Espeon friend can’t hear that I’m talking to you, but Exophi’s message was probably heard throughout the entire Pokemon Center.’

“Ouch…” Jade winced, afraid that her friend’s speech had been heard by so many. Night was falling and Exophi would be transforming soon, too…

<<Thank you…>>

12-21-2006, 03:58 PM
Pichu stopped in his tracks, Aipom crashed into him.

"What'd you stop for?" Aipom gurmbled. Pichu sniffed and turned his head.

"I smell something good," Pichu answered, he spotted a girl with a metal container.

"I know what that is!" Aipom cried with delight.

"I do too! Is the stuff Kurina used to give to us when we were little," Pichu replied, hopping around wth excitement, "Come on!" Pichu ran towards the girl, narrowly missing a collision with a Torchic. Aipom followed close behind.

Kurina stood up to stop them, but decided the better of it.

"Little rascals," Kurina muttered.

12-21-2006, 05:09 PM
OOC: Wow... My Torchics getting popular.

Cinna chirped in delight, her beak already tipped into the thermos. A Pichu and Aipom were behind her, trying to drink the sweet concoction. Cinna looked at them merrily, knowing that in a few minutes Luke, the Pichu and Aipom, would be friends.

Yasuki jerked upright at a strange sound. <Hello? This is Exophilus Charc. It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell Judith Anderson that I might be a little late. Thank you.> Oh... just the intercom... Yasuki was only half awake, but noticed her Torchic drinking soy milk.

"Umm... Thanks for bringing her inside..." Yasuki said weakly. Maroon got up and found a soft coat to sleep on at the other end of the Pokemon Center. "I didn't even notice she had left." Cinna yawned. "And I've been really stressed..." The wind was howling. "... So I'm sorry- " she never finished. The two doors to the Center banged open from the wind, the cold air and snow were entering in a large mass.

12-22-2006, 06:24 PM
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Dog of Hellsing
12-22-2006, 08:06 PM
I simply sat and watched the chaos, smiling as the young Pokemon ran over to another Trainer to get some sort of drink. I nudged Miki and nodded to her.

"Maybe you can see if you can get some for Shiko. I think something to drink might do him some good in this weather."

=I suppose,= Miki answered as she uncoiled her lithe, sleek body and made her way to Judith. After waiting for the younger Pokemon to get their drinks, she bows her head and coils her tail around her neck. Her idea of a formal greeting.

=If you would have enough to spare one more cup, could I get one for my teammate?= I heard her ask, as she inclined her head towards where Shiko was still napping. =He's rather old, and being part Flying anyways gets a bit stiff and thirsty in cold weather.=

I smiled a little. Miki was always looking out for Shiko. I turned from where she was to look outside. The snow was coming down, and it took me a moment to spot Sharudon and Ninetales. The two of them were covered in snow, but didn't seem to mind. However, a moment later I heard a voice ring out in the Pokemon Center.

<Hello? This is Exophilus Charc. It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell Judith Anderson that I might be a little late. Thank you.>

I scowled. What on earth was that? I turned to face Kurina, feeling a shiver go down my spine.

"Did you hear that?"

Sharudon gives a soft smile. He really doesn't like snow, but sitting here with this Ninetales makes it worth the cold, wet annoyance. He goes and sits by her.

=It is beautiful, but not as much as you are,= he says. He shoots a glance at some young Pokemon, and a Milotic and a Gyarados, but soon loses his interest in them and turns back to the Ninetales, still smiling. =Kids...=


OOC: Yes, from now on, when posting for one of Shairii's Pokemon, I'm going to post it in the present-tense so peoples know lol.

12-22-2006, 09:59 PM
Ooc~/ Okay Entei, We'll see you soon. Be careful and have a blessed time. :happy:

* * *

Jade smiled at the little Torchic, “Wait until I get it out of the bottle. Soy milk’s much easier to drink from a cup…” raising her head, she noticed an Aipom, a Pichu and a Milotic, all waiting for a share of milk. Judith half-smiled, the situation she’d found herself in seeming quite strange indeed, “Now I know how a nursery maid feels like…”

‘If you would have enough to spare one more cup, could I get one for my teammate? He's rather old, and being part Flying anyways gets a bit stiff and thirsty in cold weather.’ The Milotic asked kindly. Although she looked vaguely reminiscent of Minerva, her voice wasn’t cracked of old age; this was another Milotic altogether. An old teammate and a part Flying one at that, how very similar to Baldor…

Getting up, Judith went to the cafeteria and returned with three cups, giving one to each Pokemon. It would be impolite and rude of her to refuse these kind Pokemon anyway, “That’s just fine with me, I have a spare bottle in my suitcase for myself. No one on my team likes soy milk, so I’m sure there’s more than enough to go around.”

A young, kimono-clad lady with black hair spoke, “Umm... Thanks for bringing her inside; I didn't even notice she had left. So I’m sorry-“ Perhaps she was talking about her Torchic, but the front doors opening with a bang cut her short, wind and snow spewing into the Pokemon Center. Minerva and Baldor took the opportunity to slip inside the Center and into their PokeBalls.

Seconds later, a Chansey slammed the front door shut tight as Nurse Joy’s voice bellowed over the intercom: //Everyone in the Pokemon Center, it is with great regret that I inform you that all roads have been closed due to the blizzard. I repeat: the roads are all closed. Please stay inside the Center, you have shelter, you are warm and food will be provided. We will remain open throughout the duration of this storm.//

‘Great…’ Daggerback sighed, ‘This is just peachy…’

Minerva pulled herself out from her PokeBall and shivered in agreement, ‘Very ‘peachy’ indeed…’

* * *

A few hours later, the storm showed no sign of ceasing. With all roads closed, probably the only way Exophi could get to meet up with her if he was to transform and fly - not a very good idea, nor was it quite feasible. Jade checked her watch – Eight in the evening.

The Torchic trainer was still looking stressed as ever, poor girl. She seemed weak and a little under the weather, so Judith gave the girl a comforting smile, “Well, you’re looking pretty tired – and whenever I’m tired, I normally take a nap… …Would you like to have a rest?"

* * *

Ooc~/ Okay, that was a pretty bad attempt at writing something… :oops:

Hey Togetic, Jadie's got a question: If Yasuki is a psychic, does that mean she can read people's innermost secrets in her sleep? (I saw that on Discovery Channel - it was pretty darn awesome!)

Dog of Hellsing
12-23-2006, 09:10 PM
=Thank you very much,= I heard Miki say. I turned back from the door in time to see her coming over, with a cup wrapped in her tail. I smiled a little and nudged Shiko gently, waking him from his nap, and nodded at Miki as she stopped by the old Scyther. =Here you are. Something I think you might like.=

=Thanks,= the Scyther said as he accepted the cup. It looked odd, seeing him holding it in his scythes like that. It had been something he'd been able to do when he first met all those years ago at the Safari Zone, holding things like that. He sipped the soy milk and nodded his wedge-shaped head in appreciation. =It's very good.=

I grinned more, but the grin slipped away as suddenly the door banged open. I jumped and turned to face it, expecting to see some thieves or something hurrying in and demanding our money and Pokemon. But no, it was just the storm, growing fiercer with every passing moment. I saw another Milotic and a Gyarados come in quickly, and saw a Chansey rushing forward to shut the door.

"Sharudon! Ninetales! Get inside!" I hollered. A moment later the large black firedog jumped in the door, shaking madly to shed the several pounds of snow from his fur. I watched him gently and playfully nudge Ninetales in as well, just in time too. The Chansey managed to get the door shut a moment later, and shortly afterwards I heard Nurse Joy's voice over the loudspeaker.

"Everyone in the Pokemon Center, it is with great regret that I inform you that all roads have been closed due to the blizzard. I repeat: the roads are all closed. Please stay inside the Center, you have shelter, you are warm and food will be provided. We will remain open throughout the duration of this storm."

As Sharudon trotted over and sniffed the soy milk Shiko was drinking, I sighed softly. Great, this was the last thing we needed, a blizzard. Not to mention, that Exo-whats-his-name guy. Was he out in this mess? From the message I'd heard, it's sounded like he was. Maybe he was just caught up somewhere though, like we all here were. At least, I hoped so. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to be stuck out in this weather.

12-24-2006, 11:46 PM
OOC: Entie's back (Some people call me Entie).

Kurina called to Pichu and Aipom, they came running back with mugs of Soy Milk.

"Did you say thank you?" Kurina asked, they nodded and sat down. Ninetails shook the snow off her fur and gracefully walked over to Kurina, she gave her trainer a gentl lick on the cheek and sat down beside Sharudon, she gave his cheek a loving kiss. Kurina had never seen her friend look so happy with a boy.

"This is just great," Kurina mumbled, she shireked in horror, "My car!"

Ninetails bolted upright. Pichu nearly choked, Aipom had set down his mug before Kurina had yelled. He had then covered his ears.

"Relax, Kurina. Your car will be fine," Ninetails said quietly.

"No it won't. Ninetails. That car is my mother's car, and if she finds out something has damaged it, or smashed it-"

"Kurina!" Ninetails barked, making Kurina nearly jump off her seat, "The car will be fine. Just relax, you need to rest."

Ninetails walked over to Kurina and gently nudged her Trainer's head, indicating her to lie down. Kurina didn't hesitate. Ninetails brought out a blanket and wrapped it around Kurina.

"There, now," Ninetails said softly, she petted Kurina until she fell asleep.

"You tired girl," Ninetails murmured.

12-26-2006, 12:14 AM
(I am very sorry! I was at my Grandma's the last several days. I'll be going back again Wednesday, or there in around, just to warn you. Why do they put all the holidays so close together? ><)

Erik was beginning to get worried. The snow was coming down harder and harder, and Erik could see that a blizzard was almost imminent. He was glad he'd managed to get here while he could. But, still, Luke was outside...

He heaved a sigh of relief when the Jolteon trotted back inside behind a young woman. Luke graciously declined a glass of the warm soy milk and instead made a beeline for Erik. As he walked, Luke noticed a Dragonair talking to Brianna. His hackles raised slightly as he wondered if he might be bothering her, but she seemed fine, maybe almost happy, with talking to him. She may be stuck up, but she was his sister, none the less. Luke wasn't about to let someone walk all over her.

"Was it cold outside?" Erik asked jokingly. The Jolteon gave him a withering glare. Erik laughed. "You were the one who wanted to go out." Luke laid down.

"Only because a little Torchic was lonely," he replied, surprising Erik. It's so strange! The boy thought. Almost like... I haven't really been listening before, until now. I always knew what Luke was saying, but still...

His thoughts were cut off by another voice.

<Hello? This is Exophilius Charc...> Erik listened to the strange voice in his head, grasping for an answer to it. The only one he could reach was telepathy. He didn't try to reply, for he was unsure how, but it left him puzzled. Everything since reaching Violet City has been weird; the sudden snow, Yasuki's dreams, which were similar to his own, being able to understand Luke, and now this Exophilius person talking in his head. And he thought his life was a mystery enough before, what with his transformations. He sighed. No matter what he tried to do, it just seemed as though more questions were piled on him, instead of answers.


"It does fit, doesn't it?" Brianna said, a contented purr reaching her voice. Her eyes suddenly caught a patch of yellow and white fur- it was Luke. He seemed to see her just as she saw him, for the saw his fur stad up and his eyes grow cold. She glared in his direction, an indication that he should leave her alone, and turned back to Daggie. He seemed slightly preoccupied, as if his mind was elsewhere. Then he rolled his eyes in annoyance. What was he doing?

"Are you okay?" She asked quizically. Then she noticed the doors open once more, and everyone who had gone outside, including a Houndoom and Ninetails, were coming in. A Chansey hurried to shu the doors, and Nurse Joy's voice sounded over the intercom.

//Everyone in the Pokemon Center, it is with great regret that I inform you that all roads have been closed due to the blizzard. I repeat: the roads are all closed. Please stay inside the Center, you have shelter, you are warm and food will be provided. We will remain open throughout the duration of this storm.// Brianna frowned. A blizzard? That definitely didn't sound very good.

12-26-2006, 09:30 AM
Ooc~/ Don't worry, Draconic Espeon! The holidays are meant to be celebrated, no? It's Christmas, so I suppose that's why not many people are posting per day as they used to. :oops:

I hope no one minds that I make Judith transform, no one's being shifting lately and this RP needs excitement.

Have a blessed Christmas everybody!

* * *

‘Oh yes, I’m fine.’ Daggie snapped his attention back to his new friend. ‘Something’s amiss, that’s all.’

Judith, on the other hand, was having a problem of her own. Shivering as the temperature dropped, everything seemed to be disappearing. Blackening as she fell backwards into an abyss…


The thermos fell to the ground, spilling the remaining milk, as Jade passed out. It was too cold… Dragons like her never did stand a chance in the cold… She needed to close her eyes… She wanted to sleep, never to wake up…

‘Oh God…’ Minerva slithered over to her trainer as Jade’s body hit the ground. ‘Someone get help!’ Baldor allowed himself out of his Pokeball, his scales scraping against the ceiling, as he was too big to stand upright in the Center. Daggerback rushed to his trainer’s side, he knew what happened when Jade’s body got too weak…

At the moment, before their very eyes, Jade’s body gave into her Dragon half. Scales grew over her skin and her legs fused into a long, sleek tail. Being an albino, she had no pigments in her body and there was not a trace of green on her skin. Her clothes ripped and her neck lengthened and the Rayquaza finally stopped writhing as the transformation completed.

Baldor looked at the great serpentine beast that lay on the floor. Easily seven meters long, it was hard to believe this was Judith Naideen Andersen on the ground. In her transformation, she’d pushed aside several rows of chairs and a table. ‘Oh my…’ a Nurse Joy gasped, several people and even a Chansey stopped to stare, but Minerva gave them a sharp glare. This was her trainer’s disgusting secret; no one had much of a right to pry.

But then again, there was a giant Pokemon in the Center and nowhere to hide her. Not that the entire Pokemon Center had seen her trainer in such a monstrous state… ‘Oh dear lord, someone help her…’ Minerva said out loud, there was nothing she could do, but ward people away from the Rayquaza’s body. She needed someone to help her trainer and fast.

Daggerback gave the Rayquaza a worried look, being a Flying and Dragon type made her doubly susceptible to the weather. ‘She’s been fighting her asthma problem all month and now she’s transforming in front of all these people – I hate the bloody peach-‘tastic weather…’

‘Very ‘peachy’ indeed,’ Minerva and Baldor answered in unison. Baldor later adding, ‘what she needs now is warmth, she’ll transform back after she regains consciousness… I think…’

12-26-2006, 02:04 PM
Kurina awoke with a start, she found herself on the floor, her chair had been pushed away, she soon saw a Rayquaza lying on the floor, and three other Pokemon around it. Kurina stood up and told her Pokemon to stay put.

"I'll help," Kurina volunteered, walking towards the scene. She didn't know how the Milotic, Gyrados and Dragonair (Those are Jade's Pokemon, right?) would react, but right now the Rayquaza needed help. Kurina ignored the nervous feeling in her stomach as she knelt down beside the Rayquaza.

"Ninetails, go and brnig back as many blankets as you can find," Kurina ordered, she suddenly remebered she had a device in her car that helped heat up a blanket. But that'd have to wait.

"Here," A stranger said, tossing Kurina a huge quilt. Kurina nodded her thanks and wrapped it around part of the Rayquaza's body. Ninetails returned with lots of blankets, and soon they had the Rayquaza covered with blankets.

"That should help," Kurina said, standing up.

12-26-2006, 04:02 PM

A cool wisp of air passed Grace’s face as she, Violet, and Olivine walked down the street of Blackthorn City. It was beginning to snow there in Blackthorn, but Grace had heard that more southern places like New Bark and Violet were snowed in completely. Violet was snowed in! The thought had just crossed her mind, at this late of night (Grace had just checked her Pokegear) and the fact that her destination was snowed in, shed never get there before her transformation began.

“Ugh!” A frustrated Grace screamed at the sky. If only I was a were-moltres or something, then I could get to Violet City Grace thought.

But then, Grace stopped right in her tracks, her transformation was beginning.

OOC: I suck!

12-26-2006, 04:36 PM
One moment, the whole room seemed almost to fall asleep, despite the fact that the chill from outside was creeping in. Then, the next, all heck broke loose.

Erik jumped instantly to his feet as a girl fainted. Daggie broke away from Brianna as his trainer fell. Brianna, confused, tried to assess the situation, as did her trainer. And then she transformed.

Flashes of his own first transformation played across Erik's eyes, but he did his best to ignore it. The girl that had brought Luke back inside was suddenly a Rayquaza, albeit a pink one, but at least it seemed unconcious. Vaguely, he heard the trainers Pokemon speak among themselves, but only one thing stuck.

‘What she needs now is warmth, she’ll transform back after she regains consciousness… I think…’ Her Gyarados said. Heat! Erik thought. Maybe Hiei can help! He took out the Pokeball, releasing the fiery Pokemon within. Not that Hiei was particularly fiery; he rarely ever lit his back, and always seemed to have a sense of calm about him.
"Try helping her the best you can, Hiei," Erik told him, indicating Judith. "Don't throw flames on her, just maybe light your back and get close. Keep her warm." Although he looked a little confused, Hiei nodded. Calm flames blossomed on his back, and he laid near one of Judith's coils.

"I'm trying to help warm her up, not harm her," he passively told her Pokemon.

Dog of Hellsing
12-26-2006, 09:35 PM
Things just kept getting better and better this mad mad night.

I watched as Kurina went and laid down to get some rest, at the obvious prompting of her Ninetales. Sharudon watched as well, a little grin on his muzzle.

=I think we've got something here,= he said, and Shiko glanced over with a questioning expression. I shrugged and shook my head.

"Sharudon's love interest," I offered, and the elderly Scyther simply nodded. He finished his soy milk, then set the empty mug on the table and stretched his wings, giving a contented sigh. He and the others then huddled together, more out of a sense of commraderie and comfort than because they were cold. I smiled at them, then shook my head and turned to watch the blizzard.

And then, it happened.

The young woman who'd been giving Pokemon soy milk suddenly collapsed to the ground in a dead faint, and a change started coming over her. I watched, dumbfounded, as her body lenghtened and expanded and her clothes were torn to shreds. After a moment, she had turned into a Rayquaza, albeit a white one. Her Pokemon were gathered around her, all of them visibly upset, as were several patrons of the Cetner. Trainers and Pokemon alike were either gaping in pure shock, or screaming as they fled the Pokemon Center. After a moment I heard Kurina start offering to help. I stood slowly as another Trainer released a Typhlosion, which laid down near the woman after letting the flames on its back out.

=Shairii!= Shiko suddenly asked, and I realized he had been trying to get my attention for the past several moments. =What should we do?! She just turned into a Rayquaza! The Pokemon from your dream!!!=

"I know," I muttered, having already made the connection myself. This was just too crazy. First Kurina says she's been having weird dreams as well, then I hear some voice in my head, and now a Trainer's laying as a passed-out Rayqauaza in the middle of a Pokemon Center. "Sharudon, raise your temperature a bit and go lay by her."

=Right!= the Houdnoom cried as he jumped forward, nodding in respect to the three Pokemon gathered around the prone woman-turned-Pokemon. I watched as he puffed out his chest and inflated the special fire cavity with fire. A moment later he settled down near Judith's neck/chest area. Miki and Shiko were helping Ninetales get blankets to put over her. It was then I noticed were the only ones, along with Kurina and the unknown Trainer and his Typhlosion, helping out.

"Do something!" I snapped at the others who were just standing around. "Can't you see she needs help? Don't you people know anything? She's part Dragon and part Flying! She needs to be kept warm! Now move!" It seemed to help, as human and Pokemon alike suddenly leapt into action. Soon, there were heaps of blankets over the Rayquaza's body, and several other Fire Pokemon had snuggled around her. I watched, my heart in my throat, and after a moment approached. I nodded at her Pokemon and then reached out, tentatively putting a hand between her eyes.

"This is just...mad," I said, my voice soft. "This has to mean something. It can't just be coincidence. I listen to my dreams, and come here to Violet City, and this woman turns into a Rayquaza like the one in my dreams. Except she's white. But still..." I shook my head as Shiko and Miki crowded behind me, and I could sense their tension and confusion as Sharudon gave me a troubled look.

12-27-2006, 12:18 AM
Kurina motioned her Pokemon over.

"Ninetails, help out the other fire Pokemon," Kurina said softly, not moving from her position near the Rayquaza's head, "Pichu, Aipom. You two have to go get that heater out of the car."

"Yes, ma'am!" Aipom and Pichu said in unison, giving Kurina a salute before racing out the door.

"Great, now I'm a heater," Ninetails muttered as she layed down beside the Rayquaza.

"Stop it, Ninetails," Kurina giggled, giving her friend a playful push as she passed by.

"Oh sure, your laughing now. But you wouldn't if you had to do it," Ninetails replied, "I've got to keep a legendary Pokemon warm. A big one."

"So?" Kurina asked, lifting an eyebrow.

"Oh never mind," Ninetails sighed.

"You're funny when you act like that, Niney," Kurina said softly. Ninetails gave Kurina an evil glare.

"You'll pay for that," Ninetails growled. Kurina glanced at the door, Pichu and Aipom raced inside, hauling a heater. Kurina got up and put it close to the Rayquaza.

"Alirght, you guys brought the extension cord, too," Kurina said, she plugged it in, giving warmth to the Rayquaza, and the fire Pokemon.

12-27-2006, 12:43 AM
OOC: Glad the holiday madness is over.

IC: Just as Yasuki took Judith's advice, and drifted into slumber, Torchic slurping madly from a cup, there were loud crashing noises. Yasuki hadn't seen Judith faint, or even transform, and was frozen in shock by a giant Rayquaza standing before her.

"Do something!" A boy shouted, startling Yasuki out of her revery. She grabbed blankets from a cupboard, and threw them on top of the dragon, confused. Cinna was shooting embers into the air, trying to warm the Rayquaza.

"Don't die!" the Torchic shreiked. "You can't die!" Cinna was shooting embers furiously now, in every direction. One of the embers caught on a nearby blanket. "What are we going to do!?" Cinna finally wailed giving up, unbeknownst the shining flame growing larger.

12-27-2006, 07:20 AM
OOC~ Sorry if I was unclear in my last post Jade, but I was contacting you through the phone on my PokeGear. I'm also sorry about the lack of posts, maybe if I had metioned it sooner others wouldn't have gone along with the telepathy idea. My absense was caused by twenty hour bus ride and then the christmas holidays. I'll get back on track now.

IC~ Exophi looked at his pokegear again. Please tell me that call went through, he thought to himself. Maybe I should call again, no, I don't want to be a nuisance.

"The city isn't much farther away, is it?" asked Ripley, who had recently decided to come out of his pokeball again.

The trainer sighed, "I certainly hope it's close, I'm tired of all this snow." The ivysaur and human were utterly exhausted from the blizzard. "Can I ask you a favour Shadow?"

The energetic pup turned around to glance at his trainer, "Wat'dya want?"

"Can you run ahead to Violet City and deliver a message to Jade in person? Just to make sure she knows what's happening?"

The houndour smiled. "I'll only do it if you take me off this chain," he bartered stupidly.

"Um... are you ser- er, okay," Exophilus answered after a pause. "You deliver this note to Judith and stay with her and Daggerback until I can get to the city. He took the chain around Saunte's neck off. Hastily he scrawled a message down onto a large peice of parchment paper.

"Freedom!" Saunte cried, bounding in the snow. A roll of parchment was stuffed ungraciously into his mouth.

Exophilus told the houndour, "Deliver that to Jade and wait with her. I'll see you tommorow."

"Mehm ehm humph," nodded Saunte trough a mouthful of paper.

Not waiting for a chance to be called back, the small houndour dashed over the snow northward towards Violet City. Exophi slumped down into a clear area under a strong tree. Ripley crawled onto his lap, trying to take in as much body heat as possible, many of his garments had been lost when he had been returned earlier that day.

I'm so tired, Exophi himself. Within moments he fell asleep under the cover of snow-laden branches. Ripley planned to wake him after a hour or so of rest, but the ivysaur also found himself growing dreary and passed out atop his trainer.

12-28-2006, 01:37 AM
Ooc~/ Yuppers, Jade’s Pokemon are a normally selfish Dragonair, a fervently religious Milotic and a really, really old Gyarados. The holiday silence seems to over, and I’m so glad to see so many people posting!

Truly sorry, Exophi! :oops: It’s not your fault – I just figured that the call wouldn’t go through with all the cloud cover and maybe since Lugia was a part-Psychic type, I thought he’d absentmindedly send his call through telepathy. My bad, I’m so sorry!

* * *

Before they knew it, several trainers had laid blankets down on their trainer. So many people, just helping in any way they could. Even though the task seemed daunting, most people in the Center had given a helping hand to warm Judith. Baldor moved aside to allow people with blankets and Fire Pokemon to come closer to their trainer.

‘I’m… touched,’ Daggerback smiled, ‘really, truly touched. The last time Jade transformed in public, no one wanted to help her. They just stood around in a circle, whispering and staring… You all have our thanks…’ He nodded his thanks to those who helped.

Behind him, Judith began to stir, wiggling her tail left and right under the covers. She was too tired to notice much, but she felt so warm… Deliciously so…

‘Feeling better, darling?’ Minerva moved up to the Rayquaza’s face and looked into one pinkish-yellow eye as large as a dinner plate.

Judith grunted, she could barely move under all the blankets, but they were filled with such warmth that she merely laid down her head again. “Where am I…?” Her voice was like a beast’s, deep growling and loud. Hardly anyone could have made out what she’d said, unless they spoke the Pokemon’s language. Some people around her covered their ears from the sound, so she promptly shut her mouth.

Daggerback slithered next to Minerva, ‘You passed out and transformed. None of us knew what to do until some people came and pitched in.’

People! Jade looked around, so many people were helping. Throwing the occasional quilt over her body, letting their Fire Pokemon warm her. It was such a thoughtful move. She stared at a Houndoom at her chest and managed it a weak smile.

But of all the people attending to her, one stood out the most – a young woman with blood red hair… It was almost as if she had a duty to serve that girl, like she was her master…

As the thought sunk in, an emerald green glass ball appeared from nowhere and rolled into the lady’s foot. The Green Orb had chosen a wielder; it wouldn’t be long before the other items began to show…

12-28-2006, 01:26 PM
Kurina looked at Ninetails, who'd stiffened when Jade spoke, but she didn't move from her position.

"Your a brave one, Kurina," Ninetails whispered, "You always had a knack for helping Pokemon. No matter how big or small they were."

"You are too, Ninetails," Kurina replied, blushing from her firned's comment, "Not a lot of Pokemon would come and help a Rayquaza."

"That's true, but look at all the fire Pokemon," Ninetails lifted her head and looked around, fire Pokemon surounded Jade, keeping her warm.

"Yeah, but their trainers didn't help until Shairii told them to," Kurina pointed out.

"But you were the one who started helping. You didn't hesitate when help was needed," Ninetails said, "That's what make you special to me."

Dog of Hellsing
12-29-2006, 09:05 PM
I stepped back as the Rayquaza began to stir and come to, not wanting to startle her with how close I'd been standing. She seemed touched though, staring around at all the people and Pokemon who were helping her. She looked at Sharudon and offered him a weak smile, which he promptly returned.

However, all this seemed to move into the background of my awareness when Judith looked at me. Her eyes were a strange color, matching the rest of her oddly-hued albino body, but it wasn't that. It was more like...a sensation that overwhelmed everything else came over me. It was like a sudden responsibility, a new obligation, came over me when I met this woman, this Pokemon's eyes. I saw an odd expression pass through hers as well and wondered if she was thinking the same thing as I was.

I started to reach out for her again when I noticed an emerald shimmering by my legs, and a moment later something bumped against my right foot. I looked down, as did several others, to see an emerald, fist-sized orb lying on the floor. It was still glowing, faintly, and it seemed to call to me. Slowly, I bent down and picked it up, and the moment I did it flushed with warmth. It seemed to pulse in my hand, and the feeling was, to say the least, weird.

I looked back up at the Rayquaza-woman, feeling a sudden desire to ensure her safety and comfort, not just as a Pokemon but as a human as well. I had the urge to protect her. Yeah, like I could defend a Rayquaza. But that was the irresistable vibe I was getting now. And it made sense, that somehow my destiny should be inter-twined with someone like this. My dreams, the vision of Rayquaza flying overhead, the voice telling me to come here, and all the others things that had happened up to now. It was connected.

The only thing I had to figure out now was...why...?

01-07-2007, 12:08 AM
Erik smiled as so many more people began to help, brining blankets, and more fire Pokemon snuggled against the giant dragon.

"It's hard to believe so many people are willing to help," he said, then noticed a flicker of light. An over ambitious Torchic seemed to have accidently set a blanket on fire. Quickly, Erik went and stomped out the tiny flames.

"She's going to be okay," he told the Torchic, which he recognized as Cinna, Yasuki's Torchic. "You'd do more good getting close to her than blowing flames in the air." He lifted a head when he heard a faint chink, like glass hitting the floor. A girl with red hair, one Erik remembered seeing with a Houndoom, seemed to be protecting the Rayquaza, or trying to. A green globe of some kind had appeared at her feet. Something very like deja-vu came over him, and an image of a bright red orb flashed in his mind. A black siloutte held it, but he couldn't make out anything about it except that it was human. His mind was thrust back to the present by something furry and spikey nudging his left hand. Luke.

"Not a good time to faint, Erik," he barked softly. "Let's go get some more blankets." Erik nodding, and, after realizing that he'd fallen to his knees, climbed to his feet. He hurried to find a blanket from his pack, ignoring thoughts of the strange image in his head and memories of his own transformations. He was just glad that this Rayquaza didn't seem as violent as a Groudon.

(I'm back, finally. I oughta be on more, maybe even every day, once basketball is over.)

01-07-2007, 08:46 PM
Grace skin was turning into a dark shade of blue while her body became rounded and whale-like. The strange tattoos appeared a piercing shade of red, just like blood. The transformation was almost complete, but then out of the blue a high-pitched voice echoed in her ears:

“Violet City, easy!”

“What?” Grace asked the voice, which only came out as “Whaaooogre”

“I’ll bring you to Violet City, silly” the voice was clearer now, but Grace concentrated on that little as her surroundings changed.

The snow around Grace became much thicker, and Grace could make out a few of the letters on a sign near by.

‘Vi le C ty’

“Vile C. ty?” Grace thought in her head, but it didn’t make any sense. “Wait, their must be letters missing, ‘V-I-O-L-E-T C-I-T-Y’ that must be it, Violet City.

“The Transformation!” Grace had almost forgotten about her Kyogre self. “Maybe if I could use Rest attack…” And she did.

“Opps” the voice said to itself.

01-12-2007, 12:58 AM
OOC~ After yet another long bus ride and with my school starting up again, I haven't had much time to even think about going on the computer. Sorry for not posting Jade, but I told you in the beggining that I might not be able to keep up.
(Yay, I have a computer that shows all colours now!)

IC~ Saunte had been walking throughout the night. Now he was in an area that had been given so much snow the trees had become large white cones. Thankfully the snow had stopped falling now. He had reached a clearing and spotted a small tower in the distance. Strong winds had started up at dawn and were now casting icy crystals into the houndour's eyes.

At least I'm nearing Violin City, he thought to himself. Soon his message would be delivered and he could take a long nap in a cozy house. Hopefully that nasty lizard doesn't tease me this time, Saunte thought, recalling Daggerback.

The dark pokemon slipped on the ice hidden underneath a layer of snow. He had actually been walking on one of the lakes nearby the city. Apparently it didn't take long for them to freeze over. Another sudden gust of wind knocked the wolf to the ground. Angrily he let out a jet of fire that melted some of the snow but left the lakes surface mostly frozen.

"Nasty bad weather," Saunte grumbled to himself as he stood up again, "It's all the peopleses fault with their yucky air." As he began walking another gust tossed him to the ice. "Leave me alone," he barked, while trying to snap at the wind.

From atop Sprout Tower, a Murkrow laughed at the creature. This was great fun he was having.

(To be continued eventually...)

OOC~ It's really windy here now... and all of the ground is covered in ice. For some reason the weather always has to be the same in my post as it is in my reality (not your's, mine).

Dog of Hellsing
01-13-2007, 07:16 PM
OOC: Doo de doo, just waiting fer Wan to reply...*Dances while she waits.* Or I might post sooner, I dunno yet lol.