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Neo Emolga
10-17-2006, 03:41 PM
Inspired by Fallout by Interplay

NOTE: In order to take part, you must be a part of ToD (Tides of Darkness, see the Teams/Clubs board for further details). Also, you can only sign up for 2 out of the 3 ToD RPs.


“The Crimson Dawn” is the more modern type of RP, taking place almost two hundred years into the future, and after a hideous disaster caused by human hands. However, not all hope is lost, but the struggle to survive and the need to become the dominant force is what this RP will be focusing on.

The Crimson Dawn is a post-apocalyptical RP, similar that what you’ve maybe seen in movies such as Terminator 2, The Matrix, or in games like Fallout, where humans are faced with a dying planet after severe disaster. In this RP, the year is 2157. While technology is strong and powerful, it is still limited due to the tragedy in the storyline you’re about to read. Spaceships and frontiers in space are prohibited though, since there are far greater needs at hand than space exploration. Resources are low, and it has left others to try and scavenge whatever they can.

If you want more detail regarding the RP’s genre, Wikipedia has it covered pretty well, and you’re bound to notice one movie or game you know about that fits this kind of genre.

Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-apocalyptic)

Also, if you’d like to see a Flash movie of the kind of combat and environment that is likely to be involved, Fallen Angel (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/192340) by RobsH66 is an excellent example that doesn’t require a movie rental. It’s very violent though, just so you know, but it covers the setting very well.


War. War never changes. The end of the world had occurred pretty much as we had predicted…

It was a time when the word “accident” had lost all substance. The region of Johto had started the nuclear arms race, concerned for the safety of its people. Stock market declines, a disrupted economy, and harsh disagreements with the other regions led the government of Johto to believe they could be under hostile fire and even the threat of war. With nuclear weapons as their protection, they felt they would be safe and able to defend themselves if such a thing happened. However, it wasn’t long before the other regions had done the same, thinking Johto’s administration had gone mad.

The new cold war had resulted in citizens fearing for their lives. Large, underground chambers of protection from possible nuclear war were constructed, able to hold and protect humans for over a hundred years. Many of the very rich and famous had quickly retreated down into these chambers, as well as many other concerned citizens. Meanwhile, on the surface, things had gone drastically wrong.

During a nuclear weapons testing, a T-AV nuclear missile had hit the northern mountains of Kanto, but the destruction was far greater than the Johto scientists had predicted. In one hideous fiery display, Pewter and Cerulean City were eradicated instantly, ending the lives of thousands in only mere seconds. However, unconvinced this was an accident and more of a direct assault on civilian lives, Kanto retaliated viciously. Other nations had felt Kanto had violated the International Conventions by not questioning Johto’s representatives regarding the situation first, and what soon resulted was full nuclear war.

In less than two hours, virtually all life on the surface ended with a brutal, fiery holocaust. Entire cities were burnt down, and what easily could have been permanent extinction among almost all humans and all species of Pokémon. However… not all hope was lost…

Almost a hundred years later, the underground chambers had literally become the new life for the planet, as if a new Noah’s Ark had been surfaced. Humans and their Pokémon were kept safe underground with all the resources they needed to survive, until many of them had surfaced to see what had become of the world. Many of them were not surprised that virtually everything around them had become a desert wasteland. But, even after all this, there would be a time of reconstruction. Like it had before, life would begin again.

Several years after the emerging of humans from their underground protection, many cities had that once been thriving metropolises were revived as towns living among the ruins of cities that once were. However, it was unclear how a new government or leadership would come into being…

Three teams, Team Aqua, Team Rocket, and Delta Green rose up from the ruins that once were to begin again, convinced the only way to ensure protection for the people was to organize. However, it wouldn’t be long before their conflicting interests were at hand. How the world would attempt to rebuild again would be in their hands now…


Team Rocket begins in Kanto, Team Aqua begins in Hoenn, and Team Delta Green begins in Johto. Major cities like Goldenrod, Saffron, and Rustboro have been resurrected as towns among the ruins of skyscrapers and apartment buildings. Most of what remained was impossible to salvage, but there were many elements that were. Each team also begins with two underground military bases, all of which were once the chambers that were used to protect the civilians. Every city that once had a gym has some revived civilization to it. Smaller towns like Fallarbor, Lavender, and Oldale now only lie in ruins…

While technology is powerful and laser weapons and robotics are possible, they are very rare, rare enough to have some people believe they no longer exist. Most weapons used in this situation are conventional firearms of today, which are more easily produced. Military vehicles and tanks are incredibly rare, leaving mostly civilian cars and commercial vehicles as the main assault vehicles that people have used.

Meanwhile, Pokémon still survive, able to carry on like their trainers had done. However, at this moment, there are no wild Pokémon. The only Pokémon that now exist are in the care of human trainers. While agriculture is still able to survive, the number of Pokémon is still kept to a low. However, in this RP, you still have several of your own.


As with normal Role Plays, God-modding and Bunnying (See the Into Your Character’s Skin (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13613) role playing guide for a complete description) are strictly prohibited. If there is a violation of these rules, the infraction will go punished to keep the integrity of the RP intact. Each infraction will result in a strike for each time a member breaks the rules. If the end result is three strikes, the member will be removed from the role play, making it impossible for them to earn points for their team.

Secondly, it is for the benefit of all that this role play is taken seriously. With that said, avoid posting very short RP posts. Short and downsized posts are detrimental and we would prefer not having them.

SuperScott will be the moderator of this RP, and has been granted the ability to hand out strikes if needed. When judging occurs, he will be the one to judge RP performance.


Read List of Movie Clichés by Genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_movie_clich%C3%A9s_by_genre) on Wikipedia. While it is okay to get inspiration from movies and film, keep these in mind. These are uncreative plot and design examples that can deteriorate your role playing if you happen to use them yourself. Avoid them whenever possible.


Name: (Your character’s name)
Age: (Your Character’s age. Make sure it’s realistic. 17 years or older)
Description: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook)
Background: (Your character’s history)
Pokémon: (1-4; may be evolved; no Legendaries. If your character is part of a team, you must use at least one monster of the type your team has designated, if any.)
Shinou Pokémon are included.
Team: (What Tides of Darkness team you are aligned with in ToD and for the duration of the RP)
Other: (Any miscellaneous facts you wish to include)

Charizard Michelle
10-17-2006, 06:16 PM
First one...... again. I just copy and paste the one from the first ToD and edit it abit to fit the story line. not sure if it works.

Name: Micheal Ano

Age: 25

Description: MIcheal is tall and skinny. He wears long black boots and blue jeans. His pants are held up with a large belt that holds his pokeballs, a small dagger and a hand gun. He wears a red shirt and a long black coat with four pockets on each side. He likes to carry small items like smoke bombs, tacks, healing item and other useful items that can be used if needed. He wears long black gloves that covers his hands but hides a blade in one of the fingers. Micheal has dark brown hair to his shoulders but usually it is tied in a ponytail and brown eyes that he usually are hidden by his sunglass. He is male.

Personality: Micheal has suffer from a few hardships caused by the dark times that have happen. He has lost his parents at the age of 15 thus developing a sense of protection to the ones near him. Micheal is an honest person and determine to reach any of his goals. MIcheal is willing to take any risk need and once he set his mind on something he will try to do it. Still from what has happen he has harden up to strangers and only allow close people to call him Mike. He looks up to his father for strenght and tries to model his good manners and ideas from him. He has hopes of a new world from the many years of being underground.

Background: Micheal and his little sister were born in the underground period after the nucular war. He has only heard stories of how the world was before then but is curious to learn more so once it was able to resurface Micheal was ready to see the above world and do something. Once it was possible to live on the surface above his mother and father decided to help rebuild that fallen city of Olivine with the assitance Team Delta Green. He had received his first pokemon while in the underground from breeding with other people's pokemon there, a charmander, from them and all he wanted to do was trainer to help his people. At the age of 15, Olivine was still being reconstucted by using the parts from the old Battle Tower when hardship fell upon them. There was an accident with the removal of the left over panels where many peope had died including his parents. Still something about the accident didn't seem right and Micheal believed that another force was involve in the causing the accident. SInce then he has developed a sense of protectiveness for his sister. Since then Micheal started to become more active in Team Delta Green with his charizard to help people and to find out who was behind the accident at the old Battle Tower. Micheal had learn many things while being in the underground with Green as in math and reading. Since the resurfacing Micheal was able to learn other things like to use simple devices like bombs, combat weaponary and other techinque equipment. From this he has develop an analytical mind. Micheal never really wanted to be chained to Green to help people but he had to in order to protect his little sister Adie. He tries his best to follow in his father's footsteps but finds it hard to do since he personally wants to go out and help people in need.

Now Micheal is currently traveling around the Olivine area doing various tasks for Green while visiting Olivine to see his sister. He is waiting when his sister Adie to becomes 18 so she could travel with him. Still he wasn't sure if that is really what he wants.

Pokémon: Char (Charizard), Gengar, Eru (Erureido (Evolve form of Kiara)), Dragonair.

Team: Team Delta Green

Other: (Any miscellaneous facts you wish to include)

Neo Emolga
10-17-2006, 07:17 PM

Hey, you're first because you were around when I posted these...

Definitely nice character, I'm glad you're taking part in this one, Mike.


10-17-2006, 08:32 PM
I don't have my character full thought out yet but will post him soon.


Lord Celebi
10-17-2006, 08:50 PM
Name: rust Makuta
Age: 35
Description: A Tall man, around 5' 6", strong, in a Team Aqua Uniform with Black Trenchcoat, with the Aqua A on the back. Blue hair covered with the Team Aqua Bandana.
Personality: Smart, Quicktempered, Triggerhappy, and Impaitent.

rust Makuta started out life born in Sootopolis, the only town that had survived the Nuclear War. Because Sootopolis had been built inside a dried out volcano, it was protected from 99% of the effects of all of the Nuclear Bombs. The 1% was the Nuclear Winter they experienced after the Nuclear War.

For one hundred years, the citizens of Sootopolis waited, for the Earth to return to normal, so they could leave once again. During that time, The Cave of Origin had a tunnel dug under it to the Ever Grande and Lilycove Bunkers.

rust spent his childhood educating himself. Because Sootopolis had survived most of the nuclear attacks, he had the privelage of having many books at his disposal, and the remnance of the Internet.

When rust turned 20, people began to live on the Surface World once again. rust, along with the Pokemon that he had bought from an Underground Breeding Center, went to explore the world.

It was complete chaos. In the powergrab that took place after people came to the surface world, many had died because a greedy neighbor wanted their land or possessions. rust desperately wanted to change this.

He formed Team Aqua, a band of native born Sootopolians to rise up and turn Hoenn into a Utopia, where no one would kill or steal out of greed. Unfortunately, what rust wanted to prevent began to form inside of himself....

Pokémon: Swampert, Kabutops, Enpeturo, and Dragonite
Team: Team Aqua
Other: rust is has also mastered several Martial Arts Styles during his childhood. He is a master of Tae-Kwon Do, Karate, and Aikido. He is also an expert in the sword styles Iaido and Nitoryu.
Aqua Bases:
-AMS Deathwing, an Aircraft Carrier that was built from leftover schematics and an Iron Vein found in Ever Grande. Unfortunately, there are no missiles or aircraft yet.
-Cave of Origin
-Ever Grande Underground Bunker System

10-17-2006, 09:30 PM
Name: Isaiah "ST" LT

Age: 19

Discription: 6 feet 200 pounds. Mix skin of black and white. Wears all dark clothes preferring them over standered Aqua uniform. His voice is usaully soft spoken though that can change in a hurry.

Personality: A rather cold hearted person Isaiah is a calm person with an ice like exterior, though Isaiah has the charisma to win over just about anybody when he wants to.

Background: Born underneath Mossdeep city Isaiah's life was a tough one. dispite the vast amount of food kept underground Isaiah always found himself fighting over scraps of food to survive. Seperated at an early age from his parents Isaiah learned quickly that the only way to survive was to look after ones self. Which is why when it was finally deemed safe to come above ground Isaiah fled to the closest place to Mossdeep: Sootopolis when he arrived he met a man that called himself Rust, after listening to Rust outline his plans for an organized group Isaiah decided to join realizing that while Rust may have had good intention his eyes spoke differently......

Pokemon: Kabutops, and Gengar.

Team: Aqua.

Other: Carries twin katanas strapped to the outside of each thigh.

I know this is probably my worst character, but I spent more time on my medieval character than this one.


10-17-2006, 09:36 PM
Name: Poltergeist

Age: 18

Description: Poltergeist is 5 foot 8 weighing about 135 pounds. He has purple dyed hair and has Bluish/green eyes. His favorite get up to wear is a long sleeve camouflage jacket along with matching colored pants. The jacket has two big pockets on each side and his pants have two pockets on the side and the front. In these pockets he has a pistol, sharp knife with a black handle, lollipops, amunition, small squishy balls and other random doodads. He wears gloves of the same color and a headband the same color but with a red R on the front. He also wears an old golden watch on his right hand and. Finally he as a black belt witch holds his three pokemon on one side and a small canteen on the other.

Personality: Despite the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the planet Poltergeist tends to hardly thinks about it and tends to always look on the bright side of life. Poltergeist loves to be sarcastic and humorous because he never takes life serious and thinks of it more as his stage to do whatever he pleases. He is however quite lazy and loves to put work off or try to avoid it altogether. Some of his favorite hobbies are sucking on suckers and staring at the clouds. Poltergeist's greatest weapon is his cunning strategies and witty mind.

Background: Poltergeist had never known his true parents, only that whoever they are had left him in the safety in the bomb shelter of Saffron city. There a young couple found him being entertained by a gastly doing humorous gags to keep him from crying. The young couple of Argos and Michelle, Fallten adopted him and raised him as their own once the bombing was over and they could survive on the surface. The gastly however never left his side and continued to stick around as the two could see he meant no harm to Poltergeist. As the years went by Poltergeist and Gastly developed a strong bond and become each others greatest allies.Over the years Poltergeists dad taught him how to street fight and his mom how to care for your pokemon so that they trust you to the fullest and are in tip top shape. Once Poltergeist was 16 he had begun to work for Team rocket by helping there starting war campaign against other teams on the land of Kanto like Team Aqua and Green Delta. By 18 Poltergeist left home and started his own life under the Rocket forces as a super Executive due to some key strategies that abeled the team to secure the Kanto region. Gastly who by now evolved into a Huanter joined him. Under the Rocket forces he was also given a Crobat and Hondour due to his ranking. Now Poltergeist is about to embark on his greatest challenge yet, to gain the other continents in the name of Team Rocket.

Pokemon: Huanter, Crobat and Hondour.

Team: Team Rocket

Sent Reglay
10-17-2006, 09:53 PM
Name: Sent Reglay

Age: 25

Description: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/customavatars/avatar8212_5.gif About 6 ft with black hair, a rocket trench coat with mild acidic and fire resistance elements. Of asian(indian to be specific) desent. has dark brown eyes to the point of being nearly black.

Personality: Sent Reglay is a man who believes that strength comes from the mind. He is quick thinking and resourceful, as well as tactically brilliant.

Background: Sent Reglay lived underneath the ruins of Saffron city for all of his life. Since he was a frail child, he was often left out of sports, and later the physical work that most people saw as their contribution to society. He dove head first into learning, becoming a leader of the Under-Saffron scholory community. Not finding a place in this culture of work and toil, he left in the middle of the night at the age of 16. He found a long since drained oil deposit, and set up his lab there. He dedicated his life to his work, becoming a brilliant genetiscist. at the age of 19 a rocket administrator stumbled upon his home, and invited him to carry out his work with the aid of Team Rocket behind him. When the full terms were named (namely the fact that for his loyalty, he would be granted with the aid of all team rocket) he quickly accepted the oppurtunity as a chance to make use of his talents. Within years he had become the head of Rocket Science, anda leading official within their ranks. Most importantly, he was able to make major head-way in his research. By the time he was 22, he had developed many genetically altered pokemon, and was able to bring them into existence with only minor side-effects. Still not over-coming his childhood frailty, he was often just a man in the backgrounds, not actually fighting the wars, but giving ideas for fighting wars, this all changed soon. at the age of 24, he emrged to the surface to find a war-ravaged world finally healing.


Charizard: http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/1889/warzardrn8.png A Charizard built to be a massive physical threat. Its left arm is bullet proof but fairly unwieldly, while its right arm is the oposite: Fast and sharp.

Muk:http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa089.png Essentially a giant biological weapon. Its gelatinous body contains every Pathogen, infectious disease, and acid known to man. Its genetic code has been altered making it immune to all forms of disease. It can launch it deadly payloads in two ways: it can launch a time release, vacuum sealed containers within a sludge bomb attack, the sticky Jell-O like covering allows the chemical weapon to deploy to full effectiveness with minimal outside intervention. The second way is to cover a small powder filled container with acid and let it melt its way into the water supply.

Elekible: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/5720/vppelekiblefz5.png Elekible’s body has been genetically altered allowing it to absorb electricity from the objects around it. This power of mass electric storage can be used to cause city-wide blackouts, or recharge cells in its own body. It has learned to use its electrical powers to form a "visor" that it uses to track targets. If this pokemon stores too much energy, it becomes fatigued, and often passes out.

Gyrados: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfsa/dpmfsa130.png A blood red Gyrados with steel injected into its bones. This steel inproves both its attacks and defense, but slows it significantly.

Team: Rocket

Other: though Sents pokemon are deadly weapons, he himself has virtually NO wepaons
training, but with the aid of Elekible's visor, he is a DECENT shot.

Rocket Field Uses for Sent's Genetic work:

Biological "Grime Bombs"-These are Grimers were gentically designed with the same Gene patterns as Sent Reglay's Muk. these expendable carbon copies are stored in bomb/artillery shells and can be launched from an aircraft or heavy artillery unit respectively. once at the climax of their launch they break free of the shells and spread their bodies allowing them to parachute into enemy territory. once behind enemy lines the "Grime Bombs" launch biological weapons left and right (and even underground) causing panic and disarray among enemy ranks.

"E.M.Ptorbs"- By combining the explosive properties of a Voltorb with the unique magnetic structure of a Magnemite Sent Reglay created a mass producible living E.M.P. these unique weapons can be launched by hand, artillery, or aircraft, once launched they roll into position and detonate in an immense electrical storm. this storm disables all electrical functions and disrupts radio waves.

"Rocket Firestormer"-By manipulating the genetic structure of cloned Koffing, the Rocket science team managed to replace the gene that allowed levitation with a gene that created combustion cycles within the body. These scorching hot weapons can be launched by hand, artillery, or aircraft. Once deployed these living Fireballs can burst into flame at will, scorching the air around it into super heated particles. long after the "Firestormer" is "eliminated" the air remains hot enough to melt flesh.

I hope making him a physical weakling is enough to warrant my pwnsome pokemon. If you need to tone it down a bit, just ask.

Dark Charizard
10-17-2006, 10:52 PM
I think I'll join!
Name: Dark C
Age: 19
Description:He is 6"7, has Brown skin, with black hair.
Personality: Very nice towards others, but people are ussuly mean to him. Doas not have many friends which is the main reason he is nice towards others. But people just don't wan't to belong with him. He gets mad very easily though, his Charizard will often not to do what Dark C asks so he gets very mad. But for the most part he is a nice guy to be around with. It's just that no one relized that yet.
Background: Was born in Saffron, always loved Fire pokemon, later realized he wanted a Charizard. he got one and it had aslways helped him whereever he went. his father died before he was born which made his life very hard for him. he had No one to play with but for his charizard. he got Charizard when he was 5, because he always asked his mom if he could get a Pokemon. He had seen Charizard alot and always wanted it, His Mom said yes because he had no friends and his life was very hard to be in. Althoguh he was a very smart kid, not appling into pokemon school, he knew about all of Charizards moves how to take cxare of it and all that kinda stuff.
Pokémon: shiny charizard, Milotic, kingdra and Pidgeot
Team: Team Rocket.
Other:T] .....

10-17-2006, 11:44 PM
Name: Enishi Aigul

Age: 47 ( Decided to be old and different lol)

Description: http://img102.imageshack.us/img102/624/rstrainer29fl8.png (http://imageshack.us) Enishi stands at 6'1. He's very slim weighing only 150 lbs. His eyes are greenish grey. He wears a long sleeve black shirt with purple zig-zags down the side. Underneath is a smooth red shirt. He wears black dress pants with black dress shoes. His hair is a silver-gray and they match his arm cuffs.

Personality: Even though Enishi is very old, he is still witty. Years of living underground and planning have made his mind even sharper. He's very outspoken and will do anything to get his point across. You either like him or hate him. If you mess with his team mates and friends he'll put a target on your head.

Background: Enishi was born in the underground world. He had never actually been up to the top until the rebuilding starting taking place. He heard myths about the glorious cities that once glew with life. The Pokemon were peaceful, well some of them. He was an only child and his parents paid alot of attention to him. They made sure he had the best education and training. They wanted him to almost to be perfect.

This pressure made him want to abandon his parents. He'd always try to go over to a friends house so he wouldn't have to listen to his parents gawk about his acheievements and push him even more. They died a natural death when Enishi was twenty. He took over thier six story house and made most of the rooms training and strategy rooms. He practiced war plans and even made holographic Pokemon for his Pokemon to battle.

Pokémon: Lefia and Tyranitar.

Team: Delta Green

Other: I'm so cool!!!

10-17-2006, 11:53 PM
this will be my second of the three tod rps

Name: Jordan Stiebritz
Age: 20
Description: Jordan wears a gray shirt that has black specs on its side and a black R smack in the middle of it. Jordan also has a pair of black pants than at the waist has a belt and on the belt there is his pistol with right beside it is an ancient samurai sword made from before the accident but not quite yet rusted away because of the years his family ancestry has taken care of it. Jordan has muscular arms from training everyday down in the bunkers. He also has a rough face that if you touch it it will feel like hard stone. Also he has black eyes a black ruffled hair and yellow teeth.

Personality: Jordan has a mean personality from the abuse he had from his parents that about everyday usually beating him with their fists. Whenever Jordan has the chance to he will kill anyone that is not on his team. From the people he had once liked a little they saw a kinder side of him when all of them went out one day and never returned ever since then his kindness has died out and is now gone forever or will it return.

Background: When Jordan was a kid about everyday his parents would beat him up because of their longing for the earths surface that their parents had once told them about the once great land destroyed by the accident. From the treatment Jordan had gotten from his parents he bullied all the younger kids in the nuclear bunker and eventually killed one but their were a few people who after the murder befriended him and he showed them kindness but one day when people traveled to the surface they went out to scout the land and never returned. After his friends had disappeared some people restarted the old team Rocket that were only whispers of the past and they then grew and eventually were the rulers of Kanto but by that time their had been rumors of two other teams arrising in both Jhoto and Hoenn
Pokémon: Charizard, Metagross, Swampert, Jolteon
Team: Rocket

Neo Emolga
10-18-2006, 12:48 AM

Definitely good in my books, seems like the usual formula for your RP characters. Enjoy it.



Description and personality could have used some more, but the background is good. Just be a tad bit more detailed with the actual RPing.



Very deep character, I personally like him. Nice job creating it, and I hope you enjoy the RP.


Sent Reglay

He’s good, and I don’t have too much of a problem with the Pokémon, but don’t abuse it in a way that would give you an enormous advantage over everyone else, that’s all I’m asking.


Dark Charizard

Decent character, would have liked some more with the background, but he’s still good. Welcome to the RP.



The only thing I don’t completely understand in the six-story house, since most of the buildings on the surface have been totally mutilated. But, it’s not that big of a deal though.



player slayer

Very interesting character, almost enigmatic in a way. Nicely detailed, welcome to the RP.


10-18-2006, 12:59 AM
Thanks for accepting me! I was talking about the underground house that was six stories tall.

Neo Emolga
10-18-2006, 01:07 AM
Thanks for accepting me! I was talking about the underground house that was six stories tall.

Ah, all right. That's not a problem then.

Dr Scott
10-18-2006, 07:59 AM
Name: Spencer

Age: 19

Team: Delta Green

Description: A young teen of about 6’1, Spencer weighs around 169 pounds. His hair is short brown hair that manages to be thick at the same time. Because his hair is so thick, it is often found ruffled or otherwise messy, but Spencer makes sure that there are no cowlicks, at least visible. In times of greatest hair distress, Spencer puts on one of his three hats.

His eyes are a light green in color, a rarity among the survivors. His body is lean and muscular, the beginnings of a six pack showing on his stomach. However, he does not have large arms or broad shoulders like the lifting freaks, but if you were to punch his arm when he flexed you would feel muscles as hard as rock. In other words, he lifted more for actual strength then looking muscular and powerful (Yes, there is a difference). Just like all of the others back when the world lived on the surface before the ‘accident,’ the kids of these days prized looks about as much. Because of the lack of beauty products, citizens underground focused more on the body. Because of this he is in good shape as well.

His clothes are, like everyone else, limited. His favorite shirt is an old button up shirt, the shirt a dark green color that both matches and contrasts with his eyes. He is found wearing it with the sleeves rolled up 95% of the time, only putting the sleeves down for nicer occasions and when it is cold. He wears hoodies in the cold, the closest to a coat he has is a hoodie with a zipper. Other then that he has random shirts, some made by his mother and sister, and others hand-me-downs throughout the 100 years of solitude, handed from family member to family member. He wears jean pants most of the time, and khaki shorts in the summer. When he is working out he wears basketball shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.

Hard work from helping to rebuild the various towns has given his hands a roughness to them, and it has also given him a tan on all parts but those covered by his sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. He has various scars from various things around his body, none of them significant.

He’s also almost never found without Pokémon translator, an object was popular back before the War, and one that was passed from generation to generation and kept in great repair. In fact, Spencer owns a lot of them, one of the Pokémon researchers grabbed a box before going underground, the researcher being Spencer’s relative.

Personality: Spencer is a cheerful sort of person, an optimist in a world of pessimists. He has a take charge attitude, and is also a natural born leader because of this. He was taught by his parents to be respectful to everyone unless they have proven that they should not have respect. This means that to the ones that he deems are good of heart, or at least worthy of respect, he shows the utmost politeness to. To the ones that he deems is unworthy of respect, the thieves, bullies, or his least favorite, shady politicians, he is either very standoffish or even hostile to.

Spencer is a gem in the new world, kind and considerate to the average citizens. Because of this he is well liked, and he uses this to make contacts and various friends. He has used this to his advantage, getting into politics at the young age of 17.

Spencer has a mean streak as well, if you make him as an enemy then he can be one of the most crafty opponents you have ever faced. He doesn’t like rushing into things, more used to making strategies and then going into a fight before going head on. If he has a problem with someone he will have a plan on how to get back at them.

Background: : Spencer was born underground in one of the lesser bunkers, one filled with normal citizens with only a spattering of nobles. He grew up taught strictly by his parents, their hope being to raise children good enough so what happened before would no happen again. When he was 7 the whole of his underground ‘community’ all went back to the surface, finding it as what their philosophers and scientists imaged it to be.

On the surface he was taught the same way that he was underground, to be a good person and not to kill. He was taught all about what happened before, and thus learned just how stupid war was. He was also raised on hard work, though his parents let him decide whether he wanted to do the work or not at the age of 13, figuring that their teaching should have went to work by now.

It had, and Spencer became a hard-working bright young teen, helping however he could to plant crops, rebuild houses, or anything else that was needed at the time. He became very interested in politics, learning about dictatorships and the democracies of old. He got into the schools own political system, being elected as class president every year. The lowest percentage of people that voted for him was his freshmen year of high school, where only 75% percent of the school had voted for him. The rest had been landslide victories on his part.

When he graduated at the age of 16 he went right into politics, becoming the youngest ever to be elected to the ruling council in Goldenrod City. About six months into his run as a member, he was the vice chairman of the board. He was a member for the citizens, helping out everyone in Goldenrod when it was needed, and getting to know everyone and their wishes as well. They felt as though they could confide in the younger boy, and told him their innermost thoughts on the other board members and the laws that were being made. Needless to say his parents were very proud of him.

However, a month later everything was changed for the young prodigy. Spencer managed to pass a bill that would give extra resources that belonged to the aristocrats to the poorer folks in the community. Of course, this angered the aristocrats, who felt they deserved the money their family worked hard for.

Some freely gave what resources they had while others refused, which caused a nasty scuffle with the local authorities and a band of mercenaries hired by some of the richer folks. This scuffle was all to cover up a hired assassin sent to kill Spencer. Somehow, the boy managed to survive, shooting the other man with shaking hands.

After the failed assassination attempt, Spencer was given a bodyguard. He also decided that after that point he would never again kill, and to do that he would have to find a way to subdue his opponents without actually killing them. And to this end Scott, Spencer’s new bodyguard, started training the boy in the basics of marksmanship. Though he has a good shot, Spencer does not like using the weapons, instead letting Scott handle any and all of the hard work.

After a while, Spencer was approached by a member of Team Delta Green. Apparently Delta Green used to be Johto’s air forces, but was now one of the four major groups in the world. Spencer was surprised to find out that the man wasn’t here to ask him to join up with Delta Green like he thought, but was instead there to ask him if he needed any help rebuilding Goldenrod.

Spencer delightedly accepted, and during the time that the group decided to help he began to get to know a lot of the member’s involved, helping right alongside the group. When finally the group had done all that was needed to Goldenrod, making it so that the inhabitants could now take care of themselves, Delta Green left to go help out the next place that needed it. Seeing that his city no longer needed him, Spencer decided to join up with the group.

Spencer quickly rose in ranks, becoming the spokesperson for Delta Green. He did all that he could for the group, helping to build buildings, speaking out to the people to unite the cities of Johto, reading books on various subjects ... He found himself visualizing a perfect world, one where all of the groups were united as one.

However, something happened to change all this. There was another attempt on his life when he was visiting Kanto, and he ended up shot in the leg but otherwise ok. Two of his group were killed however, and both were friends. The assassin was never found, but it was thought that it was one of the other groups. This caused him to see that the world was divided because of the four different groups, and with all four of them divided the world would never be back to the golden era that he imagined.

To this end he started to develop a different approach to politics, laying his hand in the dirtier side. He knew that the only way to stop the group would be to destroy the heads of the group, killing the body, or to just create an alliance with the groups.

Pokémon: (Nicknames and History subject to change)

Pin Cushion the Jolteon (F): Spencer’s first Pokémon. Character will be fleshed out in the RP.

Mudpie the Swampert (F): Spencer’s second Pokémon. Character will be fleshed out in the RP.

Infection the Dorapion (M): Spencer’s third Pokémon. Character will be fleshed out in the RP.

Wyvern the Dragonite (M): Spencer’s fourth Pokémon. Character will be fleshed out in the RP.


Dr. Karen Lurzwig
Fred the mechanic
Sara – Middle twenties aged secretary
Sergeant Jenkins – In Sevii
J. Johnson- Pilot
Cynthia Johnson – Aboves wife, also a pilot
Scott – Spencer’s bodyguard.
Nathaniel Summers – Scott’s friend
Gabriel Stormwind -

Neo Emolga
10-18-2006, 12:36 PM

Without a doubt, this is the longest RP sign up I've ever had to read. But, surprise, it's also the best. Never have I seen such excellent detail in a character before.

Definitely accepted, it takes talent to write something like that up.


Sceptile Frost
10-20-2006, 01:04 AM
Name: Matthew Hamilton

Age: 30

Description: Tall and proud, Matt is dressed in classic Aqua garb - black jacket with a blue 'A' on the back. His black shades hide his betraying eyes. A black helmet that he wears during battle shrouds his face from enemies. His black pants and long boots tramp across the battered ground quickly.

Personality: Smart, Brave, Treacherous, Patient. Not afraid to kill, Matthew is knonown as one of the best assassins for Aqua. He stealthily sneaks through enemy bases, patiently waiting and then strikes.

Background: Born in Sootopolis five years after rust, he was only fifteen when the Surface World was repopulated, but nonetheless joined Team Aqua in their rise to Utopian excellence. Rust taught him along with his fellow henchemen the art of the katana, though Matt isn't very good at it. However, he worked up Aqua ranks until he was placed in command of the Ever Grande Bunker. However, rust sent him on a mission to Olivine City shortly before this RP began.

Charizard, Male
Eruireido, Male
Lapras, Female
Weavile, Female

Team: (Superior) Aqua

Other: Knows a few katana arts.

10-20-2006, 01:25 AM
Name: Zeno Ifrit

Age: 24

Description: Zeno has short black hair and sky blue eyes. He's dressed like a ninja wearing dark black ninja shoes which make sneaking around very easy. He wears loose navy blue ninja pants along with a long sleeve navy blue ninja shirt. On the shoulders are small "R"'s. He also has a little black cape with another "R" in navy blue. He's 5'10 and weighs 120 lbs.

Personality: Zeno is very smart and strategic. He always has his nose in books. If not he is training his pokemon trying to master them. He's very paitent which comes in handy when he's working on stealth missions. He's also very loyal and trustworthy.

Background: Zeno was born into a very wealthy family in the underground world. He'd never been uptop, but he enjoyed hearing stories and one day hoped to be able to go up there. When the rebuilding was taking place Zeno was only ten. He wasn't supposed to be up there, but he always snuk around up there.

He was amazed at the surface world and could only imagine what it used to be like. It took some time to grow but eventually it became a giant metropolis. Zeno had heard rumors of this team called "Rocket" and the rumors made him interested in joining them. He'd always hear possibilites of where they were but he could never catch up to them. One day he brought out his faithful Pokemon, Wynaut and Lunatone and had them help him find them. It took a while but they finally found them. Rocket greeted them warmly and Zeno knew this was the group for him. Since then he has always been a part of Rocket.

Pokémon: Torkoal, Dusclops, Golem, and Enpureto

Team: Rocket


Neo Emolga
10-20-2006, 01:11 PM
Sceptile Frost

Good character, could have used a bit more but its still good. Welcome to the RP.



Nicely done as well. Good to see a new member with an excellent sign up!


Neo Emolga
10-20-2006, 01:19 PM
Name: Neo Winterfield
Age: 28

Description: Neo is about 6’2”, and while he isn’t very muscular, he can be good with his hands. He has wild brown hair that he really doesn’t care how it looks, as well as brown eyes and an easy going personality. His body is scarred in a few places, but generally, his skin is a tan color from having been out in the desert sun for many days. As for Neo himself, he doesn’t mind the world he was born in. He’s never seen the world the way it used to be, so all this time, it was like he never lost it.

Typically, Neo wears an open black jacket and a t-shirt. While driving, he likes to wear a pair of black gloves with the finger sections cut off so the gloves only cover the back of his hands on his palms. Meanwhile, he wears very worn down blue jeans with the knee sections torn off. His gray and black sneakers are pre-war era, and are a very rare find considering the situation now.

Neo is exceptional with repairing and mechanic skills, and he’s known for being one of the best drivers Team Aqua has going from them. In his lifetime, Neo has restored fourteen cars and has brought cars that some people thought would never run again back to life. Also, he is very good at handling trucks as well, and he knows how importing through trucking has become since shipping and airline travel virtually don’t exist any more. To earn extra cash, Neo was often part of those supply routes to reach all the surviving locations across Hoenn to deliver weapons, food, and medical supplies. It was his passion to become highly involved with motor repairs and trucking.

In combat, Neo is very often a driver while someone else is a gunner, but he knows how to handle both positions and can fire well and accurately from a moving vehicle. He also knows exactly how to drive in ways to evade enemy fire and be able to give the gunner the best stance to deliver vicious return fire. As for Neo himself, he adores sub-machine guns and rifles, always keeping a Mac-10 and a MP5 by his side, but his definite favorite is his Galil.

Personality: In a modern time, Neo would have either been a car mechanic or a daredevil. There’s nothing he loves more than cars and speed, and for Neo, it’s a blessing that the two can easily go together. However, Neo can be incredibly reckless and laughs in the face of danger. He has felt the burn before and while painful, he can endure the pain where others can’t.

Neo’s big problem is he can be an easy victim of peer pressure, but he’s also easy to befriend if his reckless and wild style can be tolerated and enjoyed. However, he’s not too keen on strategy more as launching surprise attacks. He believes more in first strikes than tactical organization. A scared and unsuspecting enemy is an easy one to take down in his mindset.

Background: Neo’s parents were actually some of the very first people to start leaving the underground chambers. With that in mind, he’s been living in what used to be the large coastal city of Slateport for pretty much his entire life. However, he’s seen the underground chambers, and he can’t imagine how people must have lived for so long down there, some of them even living out the rest of their lives in those tiny vaults.

Growing up, Neo was used to seeing the desert. He had seen pictures of what the world was like before the horrifying nuclear war had struck, but to him, that was past, and he felt that one day it could even be mistaken for a fairy tale. He felt it was a naïve thing to believe that would all be coming back one day. Meanwhile, he had been preparing for these kinds of things his whole life.

Neo wasn’t too fond of education. He learned all the math and English he needed for his lifetime and nothing more. He didn’t care for Calculus or physics, especially considering the fact it was a heavy player in starting the whole nuclear war in the first place. He focused his knowledge and ambition on what he truly loved, and that was motor vehicles. However, being a part of the PRC (Pokémon Restoration Campaign) was something he also took pride in, seeing Pokémon as living creatures too. He sees no reason for them to live in pain and in a struggle for them to preserve their species. With this in mind, even though much of their population and habitats were eradicated by human hands, he wants to prove that humans can give back as well, and aren’t always about taking away…


Raichu (Stormblaze) Stormblaze is actually already a father of four children, one of the leading contributors to the PRC in trying to restore the population of Pokémon, in this case, the species of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu. However, he lives the life of a soldier… away from his mate and family to help the effort in keeping Team Aqua’s hold over Hoenn, and trying to spread influence to the other regions. He realizes that Team Aqua is keeping the PRC alive, and the overcoming from possible Team Rocket or Team Delta Green invasion would likely be the end of it and all of Team Aqua’s organizations. To Stormblaze, he isn’t fighting just for DARK, he’s fighting to protect his family, his mate, and the survival of his entire species. With that kind of resolve, it’s no surprise that Stormblaze is in fact undoubtedly Neo’s strongest Pokémon.

Stormblaze came to Neo’s hands as a young Pichu and they grew up together in the desert wastes and the ruins of what were once great cities full of people. But, the world around them had no affect on their personality, as if it was always this way and the way it was meant to be. Meanwhile, Stormblaze almost didn’t evolve into a Raichu, as Thunderstones were incredibly rare and almost impossible to find post-war era. However, due to his contribution to the PRC, it was made possible. Again, it was just another way of giving back.

Blastoise (Striker) Water Pokémon were some of the few that were able to preserve their numbers due to the deep sea. However, Striker was a different case, one that might have been more possible during pre-war era. Neo found Striker as a Wartortle, injured from a harsh undertow in a group of rocks while swimming in the shallow waters off of Slateport’s beaches. Even though water Pokémon weren’t as critical to the PRC because their numbers were in far better shape than Pokémon that could only live on land, Neo still felt compelled to take him in. And thanks to the PRC, they had the medical supplies to treat such injuries.

In the end, Striker’s life was saved, but even Striker himself realized the cause of the PRC, and selflessly participated in its defense not for his species, but for the survival of all other Pokémon that had lost their homes and now depended on humans for their survival.

Flygon (Jadewind) Getting used to the desert wasteland was something Jadewind could do. But he knows there’s too much of it. Even as a Pokémon that made its habitat in the desert, there was too much space, and what he depended on for food was too far spread out to ensure survival. Even other desert-thriving Pokémon felt this same problem. Several plans had been made in the past months to try and release desert-thriving Pokémon, since it was believed that they would have the easiest time surviving in the new desert-covered world, but even that wasn’t the case and it came to a woeful failure. Meanwhile, Jadewind spent his entire life with humans, and even though he knows humans were the cause for this imbalance, he knows there are others like Neo that are much more caring for their survival. And, even if their survival was dependant on humans.

Jadewind was given to Neo after Dawson, Jadewind’s original trainer, died of cancer. It was hard for Jadewind to adjust but he has strong hopes for Neo, even if he is different from Dawson. Meanwhile, Neo considers Jadewind to be Dawson’s legacy, and he can easily see the kind of trainer that Dawson once was before he died. If such a person could turn a wild and free Flygon into a docile companion, he knew where that heart must have come from…

Houndoom (Darkside) Facing a dying breed of Houndour was never an easy thing to do for a Houndoom. It was hard to trust humans. Some Houndour felt like hostages in the PRC, but Darkside only knew they were trying to help, even though it was a hard thing to understand that some humans could be so-purehearted, while others were downright twisted. However, Darkside was one of the few that could give that trust, regardless of how hard it must have seemed. The world was a darker place, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t hope. And right now, he felt the PRC was the best hope they had… and it was working.

Darkside was given to Neo for his membership in the PRC. Capturing wild Pokémon wasn’t possible anymore, so many of them were given, and efforts for breeding had to be given full priority if the species was to survive. However, Hoenn’s defense… was an issue as well, knowing they could lost everything they loved to another team if they were fully invaded. Their caretakers would be shot and killed, and they weren’t sure if they would be given the same treatment, or if they would be taken away by those who didn’t care for their survival at all. Darkside was committed to make sure something like that never happened…

Team: DARK

Other: Neo Winterfield is highly skilled in vehicle driving, repair, and maintenance, and is more of a road warrior than infantry specialist.

The Doctor
10-22-2006, 10:59 PM
Name: Jake

Age: 25

Description: He has black short hair. He has brown eyes and he is tall. He has a strong and low voice. He only wears a black shirt with a R for Team Rocket when he is on a mission and when their is something big to do for Team Rocket. Mostly he just wears blue jeans and a t-shirt. He is really good with technology and machines. He is the best at Pokemon Battles. He has defeated every trainer he has faced in his life. This is why his Pokemon are so strong and fully evolved. He is known as the Secret Battler because very few people know Jake. He is the top battler in Team Rocket History.

Personality: He is easily angered when someone disturbs him or when his Grunts fail him!!! He will always demand something and if they fail it's not pretty! He always has Persian with him and the Persian has the same personality as him also. Jake is rarely seen happy. He is usually angry now ever since he joined Team Rocket. Jake can be pretty evil in battle. He launches surprise attacks at his opponents to win matches sometimes. Sometimes he tells his Pokemon to attack at full power to win matches. These two ways make him a undefeatable opponent.

History: He was born with a wealthy family in Celedon City. And his life was not a good one. As he grew older he had to learn manners, how to eat properly, how to walk and run properly, and more! He couldn't take it so one day when he was 11 he tried to escape in the night and in this he made it! As he escaped he roomed through the city to find a Pokemon team of his own. Then he saw somebody that would sell a Meowth for some money and he did buy this and it was a real one! He soon catched other strong Pokemon for his team and battled people to make his Pokemon evolve and soon all of his team was fully evolve. For 8 years he survive with his Pokemon and he began to thought of something. Soon a Rocket Grunt talked to him about Team Rocket and of course he accepted! He first made new technology for communicating, stealing, and winning! Soon Team Rocket was in Kanto. They were everywhere and nowhere outside was safe anymore cause of Team Rocket, the other new teams, and the Crimson Dawn!!!

Pokemon Team:

Nidoking: Nidoking is a pokemon that is always eager to battle. Nidoking does not play around. This Pokemon always plays rough against trainers and their Pokemon! Even when Giovanni found it when it was a Nidoran. They both won all their battles together for the sake of Team Rocket!!!!

Persian: The first Pokemon he ever got!!! He got it when it was a Meowth and together they both went though a lot together. When it was a Meowth it never went to it's Pokeball and even when it evolved to a Persian it still never went to it's Pokeball. Persian has the same personality as it's trainer. It is always easily angered as it's trainer.

Charizard: Charizard always wants to battle everyday. This was good because in battle Charizard would not fool around like a good Pokemon. In battle he would use it's best to win the match for Team Rocket! Giovanni got this Pokemon when it was a Charmelon. Catching it was pretty hard for him. It used powerful Flamethrowers, Slash, and other good attacks! Since it evolved it had the same personality when it was a Charmelon.

Aerodactyl: He had been traveling forever for evolving his Pokemon or catching new Pokemon. He found some sort of Fossil which he identify a Ember Fossil. He quickly took it to a Pokemon Lab to see what Pokemon it could be! After a hour the fossil was gone and a new Pokemon took it's place. A Aerodactyl! Like Nidoking it is eager to battle and do it's best to win for the sake of Team Rocket!!! Anybody that stands in it's way will be will be badly hurt and weak!

Team: Team Rocket

Other: None

Dr Scott
10-23-2006, 01:55 AM
I take it this is kinda my job, since Neo can't accept himself :oops:

Neo Pikachu

Boo! This is the worst I've ever seen! No way can I accept this!

I am, of course, joking. I expected nothing less then brilliant from the man who came up with the whole idea in the first place, and I wasn't let down. You are, of course ...

Accepted (http://www.gashaponshop.net/comics/201-250/215.jpg)!

And I'm not going to be all official with this one, because I still consider Neo as the number one power here (Okay, I know he is =P), but Luisa, my opinion is that you should make up your own character. If you play as Gio, you have to worry about being exactly like the anime character, and I doubt that's even possible. So I would please ask that you make up your own character. And use less !'s, please :-P. Of course, Neo can decide that it's all good and accept you, these are just my feelings.

Also, I will repeat this but I want the younger folks here that aren't really great at RPing or that advanced in your learnings, and are worried that you're not going to have any points, I plan on trying to grade on if you get better in the length / quality of your posts throughout the RP, as well.


10-23-2006, 10:19 AM
I believe you can base a character on those from the anime, so long as you don't make the out right claim that you're playing as the REAL Giovanni.

Excellent mission statement about distributing RP points to improved players, best idea I've heard that hasn't come out of NP's posts.

Dr Scott
10-23-2006, 10:05 PM
Well, when I hear 'being based off of,' I think of using some attributes of that character, not everything. It really doesn't bug me too much, other then the fact that he is pretty much playing thee Gio, and usually when you play a pre-made character it is best to act excactly as they would do in the anime / whatever, and then it gets all messy. Plus, I just think it's a lot more fun to be original and all of that fun stuff ...

Oh, and thanks. I just don't want it so that the same people are winning when others are trying as hard as they can and improving as well, but not enough to touch the senior members.

I'm Scott, and I approve this message.

Neo Emolga
10-24-2006, 08:31 PM

Read it over, and it's good to go with me. I saw you edited it but I approve of the edits you made.


Snow Fairy Sugar
10-25-2006, 06:05 PM
Name : May "MC" Mitchell

Age : Nineteen

Description: May is about 5'7" tall, has a fair complexion, blue eyes and soft brown hair. She has a lean, yet muscular build. She wears a tank top, jeans and a jacket with long sleeves, which she occasionally rolls up to give it the look of a sleeveless jacket. She has a Swiss Army Knife hidden in her belt. She is quite ordinary looking, except for her cold and cruel looking eyes.

Personality: May used to be a sweet and innocent girl, but in time, because of exposure to her surroundings, she began to become cold and cruel. Unknown to her parents, she began to prepare for an emergency, and began exercising. May was a terrifying character, and unknown to her parents, she used to bully and terrify other people and force them to give her things which her once rich parents, couldn't afford to give her. In time, she became a terrifying girl. Unknown to her parents, before they were killed, she began to prepare for an emergency of sorts. Surprisingly, May can look demure, calm and innocent when she has done something really wrong, even people who know her quite well, get hoodwinked by her charming behavior, which hides her ruthless and cunningness. Her foster father is the only one who knows her true character, and it was he who indoctrinated all her cruel characteristics into her. Her cruelty quadrupled after the death of her father and she swore to seek revenge for the cold blooded murder of her father.

Background: One day, her parents were killed in a brutal bust up between two rival gangs. The two gangs were battling after there was a fire, which destroyed more than half of the remaining food supplies. The tension and bitter rivalry between the two gangs finally came out in the form of an open gang war. Unfortunately, her parents, who tried to restore calm and peace intervened, were brutally murdered.

Homeless, and familyless, May couldn't do anything, but watch as the gangs plundered her home in search for supplies, since she was a little girl and was unable to stop them.

Fortunately, a man, who was from Team Aqua, took her under her wing, and reared her as his own child. He indoctrinated her with the principles of Team Aqua, and to his delight, she grew up much better than he ever hoped for. She grew up to be cold, cruel, ruthless, yet she was a bit hesitant to join Team Aqua for some reason, which she cannot explain.

One day, her foster father was killed in an encounter, and finally, she's completely alone in this world. She remembers the memory where her foster father was killed. He had an attachment for her father since he protected her and took care of her, and was deeply hurt, when he was murdered.

"Give it up, Jones" breathed a man pointing a gun at the man, whose name was evidently Jones. A girl who seemed no more then eighteen or nineteen, was watching fearfully from the sides, as the two had a heated argument.
Even as she watched, the man holding the gun gripped his arm with his free hand and winced. It was evident that he was badly hurt.

"No" breathed the man who seemed the older of the two. "Never..." he whispered, his breathing harsh and ragged and he lifted his gun after what seemed like a great effort, from the ground.

"Give it up, old man" the first man sneered leveling the gun at him. "You are dead in a few moments...." he whispered.

"Daddy-" the brown haired girl called out, but the man called Jones stopped her by notioning to her to stop.

Both of them raised their guns, blood spilling on the ground from their bodies, and in a split second, both of them pulled a trigger.

The bullet from Jones's gun hit the man in his forehead, and he fell in a heap. But the bullet hit Jones straight into his heart.

"Daddy! NOOOO!" screamed the girl and ran to him, sobbing.

"May" whispered Jones, for that was who she was. "May, promise me one thing..." he gasped. He seemed to have problems breathing.

"What is it, daddy?" questioned May, looking fearfully. "Daddy, you can't leave me and go..."

"Promise me....you will join Team Aqua..." he whispered his voice getting weaker.

"But why, daddy? I don't want to...I'd rather not..."

"May.." he whispered. "It is indeed unfortunate you do not join Aqua when you have the chance..you can serve them well..." he gasped his breathing getting more harsh and ragged.

"Daddy, I-I will" I replied.

"P-p-p-p-promise?" he gasped, his breathing getting more and more harsh and ragged by the minute.

"Yes, daddy" May whispered, a tear sliding down her cheek.

He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a paper and handed it over to her. It was folded many times. After she gently took the paper, his eyes rolled, and his hand became limp. She stared at the paper and a few more tears slid down her cheek, as she read it. It read : "I knew I was going to be shot soon, so I wrote this letter, so that you must know this : Mercenaries from Team Rocket and Team Delta Green are the one who murdered your real parents. This is why I wanted you to join Team Aqua. Take revenge for my sake, and for your parents..." and it was signed Jones.

Ever since then, she has been hunting the people who murdered her parents, and encountered a member of Team Aqua. She instantly joined up with Team Aqua, and worked with a vengeance. But she never forgot her main objective. To take revenge on Team Rocket and Team Delta Green. The people because of whom she lost her family....

Pokémon: Umbreon, Blastoise, Skarmory and Tropius

Team: Team Aqua

Other: None

Neo Emolga
10-25-2006, 08:26 PM
May Norman

Actually, that is a very well done sign up, and it's the first time I've seen a flash back sequence used in the background, but it fit very nicely in there.


Dr Scott
10-27-2006, 03:43 AM
Name: Daniel Liberty

Age: 34


Description: TO COME

Personality: TO COME

Background: TO COME

Pokémon: Pidgeot, Spearow, Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, OTHERS

Other: I will use this character to do many things. If one team has too much power then this character will cut down the power a bit (not much, if they deserve the power). If one player is trying to be too powerful, or doing something wrong, perhaps I won’t tell them, I’ll use this character to mess with it or somehow point the fact out to them in character. Liberty will also be used to introduce knowledge that is relevant to the story to all of the different groups. Think of him a little like Medivh (That guy that turns into a bird) in Warcraft III.

10-30-2006, 06:44 PM
Name: Arlene Lear
Age: 25
Description:A young lass with blondish hair and brownish eyes. Her gently rounded face breaths the air of comfort to all who see her. She has long, thin fingers, and her overall physic shows her passion for athletics. She isn't muscular in anyway, but she seems fit in more ways than one. Her skin is lightly tanned, even without seeing much sunlight in her youth.

Background:For someone raised in Kanto, but having a paternal lineage from Johto and a maternal originating in Hoenn, she can be easily mistaken by all for a native. This has always made Arlene feel welcomed by her surrounding. However, she had to look out for her parents deep down in the caves of Mt. Moon.

Her parents emigrated to the only country that would let them in as equals, at least on paper. Since everyone saw that her parents weren't from Kanto, they would be pushed last in line everywhere they went. This made life very hard on Arlene, especially since she was such a caring person.

After her father died when she was 14 years old, her mother had a mental breakdown, leaving Arlene to take care of everything for the both of them. Seeking help, she and her mother sought refuge in Shinou, where they were taken in as equals. It has been 6 years since her mother killed herself, and ever since then Arlene has volunteered for the hardest of tasks within Team Aqua.

Personality: In casual laid back situations, Arlenes a outgoing and caring person, but she carries a deep, dark secret within her. Pressured by her past to prove her right to exist, she is compelled to do whatever she can to dig up peoples little dark secrets, thus masking away her own.

In official matters, Arlene can be a harsh negotiator, striving to get the most out of every deal. She is infamous for her scare tactics, which have lead to near conflicts between herself and the other party.

She has the charisma to convince everyone of her right, but more often than not, she leaves her deeds to speak louder than her words.


Her Growlithe, Kudou has always been with her. He was given to her by her father, before he passed away. Kudou has an amazing sense of smell, and his hearing is only topped by Arlenes other Pokémon.

His grayish manes stand atop of his head, making him look wiser and more fierce to any opponent he may face. His loyalty doesn't waver even in the most hopeless situation, and his courage gives all around him a boost.

The Marill called Holmes looks almost like most of his kind, but his dark bluish appearance shows his affinity for the darker parts of the world. His eye sight might be weak, but it's completely backed up by his ears. He can hear a pin drop from across a distance greater than two miles.

Accustomed to the uncertainties that he faced before being captured by Arlene, he doesn't get scared that fast, or act reckless in any way. Steadfast in body and mind is how he is characterized best.

Columbo the Natu must be Arlenes most awkward Pokémon. His ever closed eyes only open when positioned in absolute dire situations. The ability to sense anything directly threatening makes him a handy tool when negotiating with problem makers. However, when Columbo opens his eyes, he can see anything up with microscopical precision. Time seems to slow down accordingly, giving him the edge over whatever adversary he has facing him.

His feather pattern is ever changing according to his mood. This can give Arlene subtle hints in cases where they can't use mental or verbal communication.

Team: Aqua
Other: I'm gonna add stuff as the RP progresses..


Neo Emolga
10-30-2006, 06:51 PM

Decent character, you're good to go. Glad you signed up.


11-01-2006, 12:37 PM
I'll join this, but I need to still figure out which team I will be on, so Neo, mind if you put this on Pending?

Name: Keshiel Rastell Honshinuegen

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: - Keshiel wears a slightly orange jacket (Without sleeves) above his black undershirt. He usually wears his Ranger Hat when he is on duty, and keeps a small pouch to his side which is filled with First Aid, and 1 PokeBall, apparently. The PokeBalls are on his belt, which he only wears when on duty, so he hangs the Pokeballs on his black pant's belt sleeves by attaching Clingers onto the side. His black pants are reach his ankles, and his feet are covered by his shoes(Spooooooooky?). o.o

Visual - http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/9342/cprangeroff1cz2.png

Keshiel is a very peaceful, loving, and caring Pokemon Trainer who surprisingly isn't very much of a Pokemon Trainer. For a 2 year period of his life, he never left the property of his house. His very first Pokemon he received when he was 7 was a Hoppip, who soon later on was named Gin. Gin and Keshiel are both very, very, very close to each other. Being best of friends and reliable towards each other, they both do very well each time in a battle. Keshiel does not take lightly to any harm done by other people to Pokemon in the area. Although he is slightly a pacifist at most, there are times his rage can spark like wild flames during an unfair treatment of Pokemon services and Pokemon themselves. Keshiel has a slight case of Parthenphobia.

Background: - Keshiel really never did have such important events regarding anything about the world before he turned 18 the year before, but there are events regarding to his life that might seem important to all his friends and the ones who love him.

Age 1 To 4
- Keshiel is born. Immediate a year after his birth, he is able to walk on both two feet(He's still quite the shrimp, however.). Being able to walk on both feet, he suddenly establishes himself to the concepts of simple Pokemon needs. Food, water, exercise, joy, and fun. Keshiel gets into Elementary School quite early at age 3 due to his immense efforts and intelligence.

Age 5 To 6
- Keshiel makes friends with Srino Arti, who like Keshiel, also got into Elementary School early. Srino introduces Keshiel to Kaede Kuyokisaka, a Srino fan indeed. Keshiel receives an Ultra Ball from Srino as a Good-Bye present because Srino is moving away to Rustboro City. Kaede gives Keshiel a jar of Pokemon Seeds and a kiss before she has to move to Cerulean City(xD Won't Finch be disappointed.). Keshiel is rather lonely, and this affects most of his social status later on as he is 15, and takes 2 years of isolation.

Age 7 To 11
- Keshiel gets into High School. Due to loss in interest and social status, he suffered poorly in grades. For his 7th Birthday, he received Gin, a young Hoppip at that time, as a present from his Mom and was enlightened from the darkness that shadowed him for a year after both of his best friend's departures. Four months after receiving Gin, he gained twice as many scholarships that are usually offered, and moved onto college early.

Age 12 To 15
- Keshiel enters college and is welcomed by a small rampage of students wondering why he's here. Keshiel is teased a whole lot during his time at college, and his condition is worsened. After graduating from college only after 4 years, he buys his own house with his large sum of accumulated money, and isolates himself and Gin from the outside world for 2 years after getting enough supplies to well, supply him.

Age 17
- Keshiel ends his isolation a month before his birthday occurs to regain a few needed resources. After his birthday, he acquired a sum of money from family members and friends. Keshiel changes his personality a lot, and changes some habits.

Currently Now
- Keshiel has been making quite the progress from when he had changed his entire life. Keshiel is more concerned about Pokemon, and apparently, he has a lot more Pokemon in his family than before.


Gin - Male -
- Gin was originally given to Keshiel during his 7th birthday. Like in the Personality Section of this Sign Up Post, it tells that Keshiel and Gin are both very close to each other. Gin is best of friends with Keshiel, and respects all the other Pokemon in the family as if they were family members. When Gin was still a Skiploom, it was apparent that Kou had some feelings for Gin. After evolving into a Jumpluff, the feelings were lost, but it didn't affect Gin a whole lot. Gin is now a Jumpluff, and still has his same personality, a caring, nice, and honest Jumpluff. Gin is the first fourth most powerful of Keshiel's party.

Johnny - Male -
- Johnny was the second Pokemon Keshiel obtained. Johnny is still very playful and energetic as he was when he was a Skitty, but it seems that he is even more energetic. Although Johnny is bright and over average in intelligence, due to his Skitty line of traits, he isn't able to focus as well, and as a Skitty's traits define themselves, Johnny can't even sit down very long after seeing something fun looking move a centimeter. Johnny is very devoted to Keshiel, and loves him very much. Keshiel feels the same way as he does the other Pokemon, but Johnny seems like an individual to the others sometime because of his small attention span. Johnny is the second fourth most powerful Pokemon in Keshiel's party.

Nen - Genderless (Titled to be Male due to characteristics and personality)
- Nen was saved by Keshiel back then from falling into a cave full of water. Apparently, a sinkhole formed right under Nen because of his little accident when using his powers to shield of the rain by using magnetic force, and so a large hole formed under him in just a matter of seconds. Nen was captured the day after, and became a very helpful and caring member of the family. Nen has absolute submission towards Keshiel. Nen regards Keshiel as his master for life. When Nen evolved, it was obvious that its feelings and personality stayed along with it, instead of changing in both appearance and nature. Nen plays with the other Pokemon a lot more than he does battle. Nen is regarded as the power house of Keshiel's party and family.

Kou - Female -
- Kou is the most current up to date new member of the family. After being saved from a hard and hurtful come-to-be life, Kou decided to stay with the family, and become a dedicated member. Kou used to have feelings for Gin when he was still a Skiploom, but those feelings had disappeared faster than when they formed. Kou has immense feelings toward Keshiel from the day she had been rescued. Kou had evolved while fighting Liliel, the family's can-call-upon Pokemon Lileep. Kou is the third most powerful Pokemon of Keshiel's party.

Team: Still figuring out this part.....

Other: Liliel is an out-of-party can-call-upon Pokemon.

Liliel - Male -
- Liliel is really the most current up to date member of the family, although Kou is entitled as that. The reason being is that Liliel is taking off some time to regain peace and tranquility in his mind before he is going to make any decisions or actions before he thinks, again. Liliel does not look like much, but he is entitled the First Lileep to Walk the Earth (Or the First Lileep), making him rather special. Unlike many Lileep like the ones before the entire race had gone extincted, Liliel died before any of the other Lileep like him died, so he was isolated from evolution in appearance and skills. Although Liliel does not look different by much, he is faster and more durable than most Lileep. Liliel is the second most powerful Pokemon in Keshiel's team.

Dr Scott
11-03-2006, 06:00 AM

History (Parts of it)

Mainly, I took it down A LOT. I made my character much more dramatic and took out the huge dramatic history to my Pokemon, instead deciding to do any of the fleshing out in the RP.

11-03-2006, 03:08 PM
Name: Lucifer Leonheart

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: About 1.75 meters tall, Lucifer wears an attire that is very dark for people’s tastes, as it makes his pale skin all the more paler. He wears a simple black shirt and equally black, loose cargo pants, the collars ruffled and rolled up in a distinct dark musty gray color. Usually wearing black boots as his chosen footwear, he is also sometimes seen with black baseball cleaves. Lucifer dons a pair of fingerless black leather gloves and also has a golden charm with a sliver-carved ‘L’ on it slung around his neck. His eyes and hair (which is the messiest, sloppiest, most unruly hairstyle one can ever imagine) are of the brightest red, usually gaining some unwanted attention, so at times Lucifer wears a musty black cowboy hat with one of its ends buttoned up, the team’s logo “DARK” printed onto the underside in glaring white (which makes Lucifer feel like a walking billboard at times). At times, he also opts to don a blood red trench coat over him for extra protection. With a mechanical left arm (which distinctly resembles Edward Elric’s in Fullmetal Alchemist) created by him and Javas in replacement of his lost one, his Pokéballs are all in a compact size, shrunk and attached to a specially made bracelet around his left wrist, dangling just below his red-and-black digital watch for easy reach to his items.

Personality: Carefree is what could be used to describe this guy. Graced with a sharp wit, Lucifer views the world with an easy yet keen eye, always preferring to relax instead of leaping straight into action. Happy-go-lucky, the young adult always gets into more scrapes than he can imagine due to his rather annoying habit of shooting his mouth off at times, and even more with his sarcastic comments. He always addresses Bron as ‘Bossman’, Tiana as ‘Headlady’ and Neo as ‘Chief’ due to habit (as well as lack of a former title), which Bron detests slightly. He also usually bickers with his compatriot; Lucied, and those bickering usually turn rather noisy, making them the much-unneeded center of attention. The boy also has a rather painful habit of swiping any object that catches his eye and also loves to pull pranks at times; so one must keep a wary eye on him. Tiana usually tries to stop the boy from his habits, but it hasn't really been much of effect yet. Being as Tiana's persornal bodyguard, the relationship between him and the sub-leader has evolved into a sort of brother/sister relationship, with Tiana being the elder one. Because of his ever-carefree attitude, Lucifer hardly loses his composure in any strenuous situation, only maintains it and continues on his way. However, when one delves deeper, then they can see the mask he wears to hide the pain and sorrow of his past.

Background: Born in a time where peace was already disrupted and war raged like an unleashed beast, Lucifer had already begun living a not-so-pleasant life from day one of his life. Found abandoned at the doorsteps of an orphanage, the boy grew up in a very rough environment compared to the merry life outside the walls of cold prison and torture that was the orphanage. Taunted and teased by the other orphans due to his eccentric looks, Lucifer was soon devoured of every positive feeling he had. Turning to the life of a loner, the boy soon exchanged his warm heart for one of stone and lived, only to see the day where he would get out of that hellhole.

However, at the age of twelve, a few days before the day where he would be thrown out of the place or sent into a factory for slavery… a fire broke out in the place. The orphanage was burnt down, and barely survived through the incident. From there he became a traveler, constantly exploring the world in his travels, slowly learning the ways of Poke language as well. Soon he was delved into the world of war and started a life as a mercenary at the age of 14, starting out as a common thief but quickly gained a standing as a solo yet one of the best in the underworld and later joined a group of mercenaries called the “Wild Geese” after a few misadventures (which involved a robbery from them and quite a chase that lasted for a few days). But when he was 16, the entire group was wiped out by a bomb blast. The boy miraculously survived the incident, but had his left arm blasted off but was saved however, by Bron Krad and in return, Lucifer joined DARK but as a mercenary – a “Soldier Of Fortune” until this day. He also asks for materials and a few electronics from time to time in order to upgrade and update on both his and Javas’s mechanical limbs, with the knowledge from Javas and his mercenary days. He has also been assigned as Tiana's persornal bodyguard, watching over her incase her 'powers' get a bit out of hand, or 'overload' in Lucifer-slang.

Team: DARK


Name: Lucied

Gender: Male

Species: Mightyena

Description: Lucied is slightly smaller and more streamlined than the average Mightyena due to his many travels around the world. His paws and arms are all muscle and whipcord sinew, with the blackest tuffs of fur imaginable. Due to radiation as well, his skin is a tad paler compared to the others, and the tip of his tail is strangely, blood red, along with twin streaks of crimson running down the sides of his raven fur, giving the wolf a very strange and unique look altogether.

History: Ever since young, Lucied never knew his parents. He was found as an abandoned orphaned cub by another Mightyena pack and taken in. He grew up, gifted with sharp wit and graceful reflexes. However, tension slowly grew within the pack as Lucied gained some stardom for his abilities. Things took a turn for the worse when he was elected to be heir for the new Alpha. Riots broke out within the pack. Clashes and fights occurred daily, leaving many injured and several dead. The pack, sole enemy of a Houndoom pack as they lost their territory to them a few years back, took the chance and decided to take back their land. Lucied fled when the war started, only to bump into a Houndour. The two was about to fight each other when an earthquake occurred. A fissure swallowed the two packs instantly. Only the two managed to escape the incident. It was then they decided to befriend each other and settle their grudges behind. The duo traveled together until they met got themselves caught in a blast from one of the human’s bombs, where Lucifer saved them with the help of Javas. It was then when they decided to join Lucifer on his travels.

Personality: Lucied is very similar to Lucifer in general. A relatively carefree Pokemon, always letting his team doing the decisions rather than imposing his eh… leadership position upon others. He loves to joke a lot, usually cracking hilarious jokes and phrases to lighten up the otherwise glum mood. However, his mouth can get the team into trouble at times, even when he is the leader. The Mightyena never takes anything seriously, and thus hardly loses his cool, maintains his cool composure and continues on, gaining his title as ‘The Calm of the Storm’. However, when his compatriots’ lives are in danger, he would not hesitate to save them, even at the cost of his own life, for he strongly believes in friendship and trust. In battles, Lucied prefers speed to brute strength. He usually confuses the foe with his swift movements before taking him down alongside Ifrit.

Name: Ifrit

Gender: Male

Species: Houndoom

Description: Ifrit looks similar to the other average Houndoom, but the horns on the sides his head has a visible crack on it due to an accident he had. A bit of the bones on his back are also chipped. He also has a scar on the side of his snout, and has exceptionally messy fur, giving others the impressions of a very rough ruffian.

History: Like Lucied, Ifrit grew up as an orphan when his parents died when the Mightyena killed them. As such, he hated them with a passion, and wanted to take the chance to pay them back when the pack attacked the opposing Mightyena pack, where he met Lucied. After escaping from the earthquake, Ifrit was reluctant to go alongside a Poochyena, but when Lucied whole heartily saved him from a run in with some of his own kind, Ifrit befriended the carefree dog and traveled together until they decided to join Lucifer.

Personality: Ifrit is brash, always fighting head-on without second thoughts. Hotheaded and headstrong, the puppy is usually the butt of many jokes due to his slow understanding. He hates leaving things unfinished, and would do it alone if he had to if the others are too lazy to continue. He also talks without thinking at times, but he usually thinks. XD He is a tad prideful, and holds grudges for an exceptionally long time. A strong believer in morals, Ifrit will never allow any other team to interfere in his work. He also appreciates greatly the friendship he has with Lucied, and treasures him almost like a twin brother. Brash and rash, Ifrit fights until the end, as the words ‘give up’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. No ingenious tactics, just the classic ‘run head on and beat ‘em up’. Fire works well when he’s in a clinch too. XD Oh, and he bickers with Javas quite a lot too. XD

Name: Javas

Gender: Male

Species: Sneasel

Description: Javas looks vastly different than any other Sneasel. The tip of his pink ear is distinctly ruffled, like the crop of fur upon his head. A scar is seen cutting downwards on his left eye, and the golden coin upon his head his missing as the one on his chest. He has two different arms; a normal one on the left, and a bionic one on the right, made and improved with the help of Bron. The mechanical arm, like Lucifer’s, resembles a bit like Edward Elric’s from Fullmetal Alchemist, except the end ends in a Sneasel’s claw. The length of it ends a couple of inches above the ground, and a few inches longer than his other arm. He wears a Meowth charm around his neck, and a dirt-brown cloak most of the time to hide his eccentric arm.

History: Javas was abandoned by his pack a few years back when he had his arm bitten off by a savage Nidoking. He was left there to die, but the Sneasel miraculously managed to survive and drafted his bionic arm (One made with scrap metal but still managed quite well) with his gift. From there, he lived the life of a thief, stealing all in the name of his daily bread. It was one day when he stole Lucifer’s haul and ran away, only to meet the same Nidoking who attacked him. He was saved, with the help of the boy. It was then when he asked to join the boy and he agreed. The two traveled together, with Javas teaching Lucifer the Pokemon language, until they got caught in the explosion and stayed in DARK until today.

Personality: Javas is one of, if not the most, the most intelligent Pokemon around, only barely surpassed by the likes of Alakazam. He can’t use psychic attacks, but his vast intelligence allows him to plan tactics that not many can think of. He hardly believes in the term ‘logic’, rebutting that it is too bland a word. He is however, very lazy, and so many usually call him the ‘lazy genius’. Like Lucied and Lucifer, he just loves to kick back and relax and let nature take its course. He treasures the two hounds as close friends and worthy companions as well, while Lucifer as a great friend and akin to brother ship. Being smart, Javas has a painful tendency to yell/scold/taunt in rather complex, scientific terms. He also swears in different, colorful languages that not many can comprehend, and usually confuses them rather than making them angry. He also usually relies on trickery to battle, making use of his gift, small size and speed quite well. XD He also loves to tease Ifrit a lot. XD

If you disallow the bionic arm on Lucifer and Javas, just say, and I'll remove them.


Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 04:38 PM

You’re going to need to chance the history, considering the situation at hand, there’s pretty much zero chance your character would have had a formal education considering the nuclear war. Also, there’s no way they would have owned their own home, everything would have been blown to bits from the nuclear strikes.

Sorry for getting back to you late, I’ve been… very busy… :oops:



Mechanical arms and limbs aren’t a problem, its pretty much what would artificial appendages would be like in the future, so go ahead and use them however you'd like. I like the history, and your selection of Pokémon.

Enjoy the RP.


11-03-2006, 08:48 PM
Hey Neo, is it ok if I instead enter another character? I guess if there are war conditions and nuclear gamma radiation rays, I guess Keshiel shouldn't be in there since he deserves a good life for his honesty, kindness, and all.

Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 08:50 PM
Hey Neo, is it ok if I instead enter another character? I guess if there are war conditions and nuclear gamma radiation rays, I guess Keshiel shouldn't be in there since he deserves a good life for his honesty, kindness, and all.

Yeah, that's not a problem.

As for as Delta Green goes, its like Woodstock at the waiting line. I'm not sure how soon you'll be in if you want to keep waiting...

11-03-2006, 10:56 PM
Name: Shuterro Haturoyagisa

Age: 17

Description: Shuterro has hazel colored eyes, is of European and Japanese ethcinity, giving him his nearly black and brown hair. He also as well has a round spot of orange hair near the peak of his hair that has a spot of black and brown hair in the middle, making it a some what "O" like appearance when above. Shuterro has 99% more Japanese ethcinity as he looks more Japanese, sounds more Japanese, and acts more Japanese. The only reason he is titled with European ethcinity is due to the fact he can speak all European languages, including the ever so popular and world wide used English. He wears a blue jacket with a symbol that resembles a Ceratopsid's Head Plate in purple. His pants are of the formally worn groups.

Personality: Shuterro is a leader that knows how to lead with the knowing of how his soldiers are doing, all the ways of how his plan will result in, and knows when he can cause a major chain reaction of events. Although Shuterro sounds like the type that is devastatingly evil, he apparently has the "Owner's Comprehension" perspective. Simply the perspective of which he doesn't react in a way to be evil nor good, but his own desires and wants. He does sound greedy, but he meets to his Pokemon and Team's needs before his very own life. Shuterro ultimately does not expect the world to result to be a world where there is peace and harmony, nor a world where there is total chaos and disaster, but does only think of that topic when the time comes to really be able to tell whether the world can finally initiate its destiny, and affect all things on it with that destiny. That is possibly one of the things that Shuterro, like all humans, cannot come to foretell or understand. While the chances are slim for Shuterro to not be able to predict what is coming, it came to an understanding that Shuterro has been getting more calm, getting wiser with every second he meditates under an understanding he wants to make more clear, vividly put, and devised.

Shuterro does not see any point to put himself under fancy or all important conditions, as he only cares about what he really cares most. This is also another thing that Shuterro has not come to understand well. Shuterro does not find the truth and reason for why he really cares about what he really cares about. He can never unfold the cycle; or not by himself, at least. Shuterro, yet again, does not put this unknown topic under heavy priority because he still cares about a lot more things than just a silly, not understandable subject. To Shuterro, the people, the Team, and especially the Pokemon are all what he finds completely of first priority, whether or not all 3 at once are in need of assistance. Shuterro cares for his Pokemon with all of his love and compassion, but also at the same time is still a leader. He cares for the Team when he knows it is under heavy stress and an impass which is delaying it from its true potential and abilities. He cares for the people because of what he has experienced, gone through, and finally known it all through what his life came at. Ultimately, Shuterro is a great person and a great leader. He does not have a single choice of what to be good or evil, but sometimes a bit more of the other when being both.

Background: Shuterro was devastated by the traumatic horror he experienced at youth, being struck by impaling nuclear weapons, the daggers of light which can pierce through life, and finally end it with as much pain and suffering more than anything else can. Although Shuterro is greatly shaped into the leader figure he is now, he cannot defy the fact that life for him was not perfect, not the best, and especially not the most wanted of all lives. When reminiscing about the past, Shuterro would tell himself rarely to restart his own life with still the remaining knowledge he had. If that were to be true, he'd probably have changed things greatly, greatly yet indeed.

At the age of 4, Shuterro's home town, the size of a major city, was bombed by nearly a dozen Nuclear Warheads, bombs, spikers, and possibly even an Atomic bomb. It seemed as though nobody survived, but some were spared after the pPresidential Status of Shuterro's home town e-mailed a treaty at the last 10 minutes. The Presindetial Status gave their lives, wealth, power, and authority just so that at least 10 to 12 living survivors of the town would still live. However, that farly exceeded Shuterro's understanding limit today. One of the other things that Shuterro still does not understand is why the Presidential Status gave their entire lives worth of work just so that a few survivors, not even more than twice a dozen, could live on with their now miserable lives. Shuterro, that day, was taken in by the last sister figure of the town that survived after the destruction of it. In fact, nearly all children were taken in by the sister figure. Shuterro described her as, "A wonderful goddess who I should of noticed from the beginning....or even the axis of my entire life!" Shuterro found years of slight peace when being with other friendly children and a few friends, including the sister figure.

Shuterro was then taken away by the bombing government after some of the survivors were killed, leaving only the children that were found as exceptions to live and be taken away. Shuterro at his future age finally figured out that day, the government who received the treaty from his town did not hold up to their promises. Shuterro and the children had fled months later after harsh, strict, and unfair treatment and training. Many of the children were killed. Shuterro, two girls, and 3 boys were the only lucky survivors that day. Months later, one of the girls and 2 of the boys died, leaving only 3 of the survivors from the town and prison like building surviving even now. Shuterro's friends before the escape were all killed. The only ones left were like strangers to him. He had never in his life met them, interacted with them, and none the less, knew their existance. Shuterro made friends with the girl and boy, only to find out that there was conflict in the group. The girl wished to go somewhere peaceful like Green Dale City. The boy wished to go somewhere where it was rad, cool, and peaceful at the same time, like Boston City. And Shuterro wished to go to somewhere where he felt at home, not an individual, not anyone special, but only one with the regular, average populace.

At that point, the group eventually splitted, and went their ways. The girl and boy were never heard of from Shuterro ever again. Even now, Shuterro wonders from time to time, "Where are they?", "Did they survive?", "How is their life?", "Are they ok?", and all the related. Shuterro had lost the last of his friends who were originally even breathing the same air with him in the town, in the prison like building, and even while surviving for their very own lives. Later on for years, Shuterro reached a city where it barely reached his expectations, but still, had some of his expectations. He was educated for years and years, graduating college at 15, an average age of graduating from college during those years, and finally joined the Team he is now in.


Hagisu - Hagisu has a deep relationship with Shuterro, as they have had friend-enemy moments in their lives. Hagisu has never regarded Shuterro as a despicable fiend after being caught by him, but before, Hagisu has never really favored Shuterro, lest taking in the thought of joining Shuterro. After a fair and square battle, Hagisu gave Shuterro the opportunity to catch him by mistake, and was caught as a result of Hagisu's ignorance of the battle field. Hagisu now respects Shuterro at an average, expected level of given authority, but still none the less, respects him at all.

Tylann - Tylann is the main leader of the Sound Mecher Waves group which Shuterro some what gives them as a position. Tylann equally respects Shuterro, although, gives more respect and authority to him than any other of the Pokemon in Shuterro's team does.

Additional information about Tylann is not included due to the fact that Tylann's special tricks are not wanted to be revealed either by the Team Shuterro belongs to, or simply because LanceCorporalZeroro doesn't want to. :P

BoultuCoil - BoultuCoil is nicknamed by many of the people that know him(BoultuCoil is regarded as a Male for some purposes, which include nature, personality, and dominance.) as Boultu. Boultu is the First Main Key of the Sound Mecher Waves group's key tricks and such. Boultu finds Shuterro as one of the worthiest leaders and trainers in the world, as well as his master, in which Boultu is loyal to for eternity.

Additional information about BoultuCoil is not included due to the fact that BoultuCoil's special tricks are not wanted to be revealed either by the Team Shuterro belongs to, or simply because LanceCorporalZeroro doesn't want to. :P

CoiduruuCoil - CoiduruuCoil is nicknamed by many of the people that know him(CoiduruuCoil is regarded as a Male for some purposes, which include nature, personality, and dominance.) as Hakgurei. Hakgurei is the Second Main Key of the Sound Mecher Waves group's key tricks and such. Hakgurei feels exactly the same as Boultu towards Shuterro, thinking of him as a great leader above many, and gives the title of master to him, with eternal loyalty.

Additional information about CoiduruuCoill is not included due to the fact that CoiduruuCoil's special tricks are not wanted to be revealed either by the Team Shuterro belongs to, or simply because LanceCorporalZeroro doesn't want to. :P

Team: Aqua.


11-04-2006, 08:36 AM
As you can see, I'm almost completely reusing my signup from Seaosn 5, mostly because I didn't get to see any action in it. Hope it's ok to do that.

Name: Bron Krad
Age: 22
Description: (I'm terrible with making up a character description!) He has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a Black Visor over his eyes. Black shirt has sleeves that fold back into cuffs. The shirt has some pockets on the front, but they are not used much. The Belt is brown and unimportant-looking, but the Buckle is Gold Plated, and has a fire symbol on it. He wears long black jeans, which go all the way to his sneakers. They're baggy, and a bit faded on the knees. Wears black Nike sneakers, with the added feature of having retractable spikes in the soles for climbing walls. The spikes activate with a button press. There are three spikes on each shoe, two by the front, and one on the heel.
Personality: Always optimistic and energetic, he has a sense of duty to his friends and colleagues. He believes what he is doing is the best for the world, and thinks the only way to stop evil is to make sure there isn't any, with the help of loyal friends.
Personality: Always optimistic and energetic, he has a sense of duty to his friends and colleagues. He believes what he is doing is the best for the world, and thinks the only way to stop evil is to make sure there isn't any, with the help of loyal friends.

The History of IPC Inc.
IPC was founded 40 years ago by Jonathan Augustus Krad and Sylvia Roderick (Later Sylvia Krad), and started out as a merchant company in a small warehouse in Slateport City. It was mainly an import/export business, with few products of its own being invented.

About 10 years later Dr. Phillip Psyche was hired by Mr. Krad, and the company was converted to a technology manufacturer, due to his many inventions or improvements. It quickly started to outgrow it's small warehouse complex. Dr. Psyche decided to draw up plans for a permanent and majestic headquarters for the company, and presented it to Mr. and Mrs. Krad. Money had to be borrowed, but they liked it enough to agree to move. Mr. Krad began studying Ninjutsu abroad, while the company halted productions and operations.

About 10 years after that, Ultima City was finished. The company moved there. Bron was born around this time. The child was born with an abnormal eye condition, which made him incredibly sensitive to light. If this wasn't discovered on the day of his birth, he would have been completely blinded, because of the light in the delivery room burning his eyes. He was forced to wear dark sunglasses or visors for his entire life. The company started to hire many employees for it's growing amount of divisions, including, but not limited to, Pokemon Products, and Computer Parts. Dr. Psyche and his associates were hard at work, designing new and faster computer processors to meet the growing demand for better and faster computers. The computers became more compact, and powerful. As the got older, his father taught him everything he had learned as a ninja, from an early age.

About 10 years after that, rival companies became jealous of the Krad's success, and sent assassins to the city to arrange to get them killed. The city was heavily damaged, and many employees perished in the ensuing fires and bombings. Bron was 10 during this time, and had trouble understanding why his parents weren't around. The concept of death was not something he understood yet.

Unable to cope with the loss of his parents, and having no other relatives, he shut himself from the outside world. Dr. Psyche felt sorry for the boy, and decided to adopt him, hoping that having a father-figure around would soften the boy's depression, even a little. The good doctor often invited the boy to watch his experiments, and to learn the ins and outs of working with computers. With time, the two became good friends, almost like a real father and son.

During this time, Dr Psyche assumed leadership of the company, but as he got older, balancing his work and making all the important decisions became too much for him to handle. He hired two men and three women as a Board of Directors, to settle all important decisions. He then quit the head position, and retired to his lab, knowing that he had done the right thing.

The company expanded from being just a computer and technology manufacturer, to a tourist resort and amusement park. There were various rides, carnivals, casinos, hotels, spas, cruises aboard the large indoor lake, and mega malls of all kinds. The Directors had expanded the company to a very profitable business.

The revenue generated was more than enough to pay the various employees. The boy, who was now a man, received a decent-sized check. It wasn't enough to live in a lap of luxury and light cigarettes (Not that he smoked) with $100 Poke-dollar bills, but it covered his daily expenses, food, clothes, and recreational activities.

The company started to accept applications from the world. New employees were hired in large numbers, something that hadn't been done for ten years. But these employees were different. Their boss was Bron, not the Directors. He had arranged with the Directors to have these employees paid like regular employees, in the hopes that the city would have some kind of defense against what happened ten years ago. The Directors agreed, and this was the beginning of The Dark Angels: Renegade Knights.

When the nukes started dropping, the city lost a lot of company employees that were outside the city. The dome was damaged, and could collapse at any moment. Materials are needed to fix it. The main antenna transmitter is totally destroyed, making the city unable to communicate with the outside world. Such are the effects of a post-apocalyptic future.
Pokemon: Umbreon (F), Alakazam (M), Flygon (F), Raichu named Zap (M)
Team: Dark Angels: Renegade Knights, Leader
Other: Trained in ninja arts by his late father, a ninja master, and carries twin Katanas on his back: Green Destiny and Blue fate. He also has a machine gun that he occaisonally uses. Home schooled all his life by Dr Psyche, he can understand most computers, and can generally get them to do what he wants. If not, he can reverse-engineer most computer hardware, or programs. Has a communication device to communicate with other members (or other people). A patented IPC Inc. Product, it also doubles as a Pokedex, and is League approved.

Neo Emolga
11-04-2006, 09:30 PM

It's good, the survival story was a little brutal but still well done.



Yeah, most of this looked pretty familar. It's good to go with me, and I'm already helping you with repairs. ;)


11-05-2006, 04:48 AM
Name: Tiana Morenza
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Description: Tiana is of a lean, toned, and fairly tall stature at 5ft9in. She has shining auburn hair that is usually in a French braid that goes down her long back and ends right above her tail-bone. She has forest green eyes that shine with compassion and intelligence. Tiana wears a red stretchy tank-top that outlines her figure along with a tailored, brown leather jacket. These are worn over tight blue jeans that are tucked into black leather, knee-high boots.

Personality: Tiana is a very calm person who is patient, kind, and generally outgoing. At least that’s how she was. For the most part, she is still like that, but there are times when she will be overtly introspective one moment and her mood directly afterwards can be anything from a killing rage to cowering in fear from some unseen monster, though most often the mood is not that extreme. (The reason for this is explained in the history.) When she is normal though, she takes her job seriously and helps out as she is able. She enjoys reading, dancing, and even simply being alone is often be a blessing. She has come to loathe crowds and is often very moody while among them if not completely overcome by them.

Background: Tiana was born into a loving middle-class family, with a mom, dad and two younger sisters. It was the beginning of the reconstruction and hers was one of the first families to move back up to the surface. The town created was governed by the Military that had run the underground encampment for the past 100 years or so. She had the best education her parents could give her and that was a very good one. With encouragement from her parents she began learning Karate at age 5. She dropped that at age 10. At that time she had become interested in the martial art of Tae-kwon-do which she also trained in for five years. On her tenth birthday, she was given her own pokemon, an Eevee. Although she had originally wanted a fighting type pokemon, the Eevee quickly charmed her and they were fast friends by the end of their first year together.

At the age of fifteen, she tired of Tae-kwon-do and took an interest in Tai Chi. These three styles each gave her very different abilities and as she found that she could fight better using more than one technique at a time, she blended the three and made her very own technique. By the age of sixteen, Tiana’s Eevee evolved into an Espeon and when that happened, Tiana gave her the name of Esperanza. Tiana had also managed to catch a hoothoot that had been on the fringe of the forest near her hometown.

She never did give up school because her parents insisted that she be more than just a pokemon trainer. After High-school, which she graduated at the age of seventeen (she had skipped kindergarten), she went to the best college around, the Military Acadamy, to try and become a high-ranking officer before entering the Military. Sadly, she had been forced to leave her beloved Esperanza behind with her parents because it was not allowed for anyone to have their own pokemon upon entering the school.

She excelled in tactics and strategy taking considerably high grades in everything else and came to be in the highest 10% of her first year class. But, one fateful day would change everything. On the first day of her second year, there was a sign-up sheet on the wall of the dormitory that indicated the opening of a special class for third-class (second year) cadets and Tiana, wanting a challenge, signed up. To take the class those cadets that had signed up were to be taken to a different institution by bus. It took them three traveling days to reach the Facility, but by the time they got to the place it was far too late. They had been taken to a very high-tech lab that was surrounded by electric barbed wire, the now common desert wasteland territory, and every other kind of high-tech surveillance available to the Military. There she and the other cadets underwent multiple kinds of “enhancement” surgeries. At first there were attempts to escape but after one month, there were no more efforts.

Tiana did not know how long she had been there, for every painful day blurred into the next after a while, but it was at the end of one year when finally, Tiana and three other cadets were freed. They were not freed intentionally of course; no it was a system failure that allowed what had never before been accomplished.

Although there had been a back-up system put into place, it had already been used many times before. Thus when the main power failed this time, the back-up was also unstable. It would turn off some locks and leave others on. It was the first time this happened that Tiana was freed from her separated cell.

Tiana had long ago found out what it was she could now do, she could feel other’s feelings and sometimes, if the feelings were strong enough, she could pick up on thoughts. It had been a game to her, to keep her ability hidden from the lab-coats as long as she could. It was her own way of fighting back, but after many injections it was no longer a bearable game, for each time they injected her, she became more sensitive to others and eventually it came out. Then they had started testing her, to see what she could sense and to see if she had learned any other capabilities from the injections, but no other abilities were ever found.

When the door first unbolted, Tiana thought the lab-coats had come back to take her to testing yet again, but when no one came in, and she felt no one at the door, she cautiously and silently moved towards it using both her ears and her new ability to see if anyone would come. When all she felt were the minds of her fellow cadets, although many could no longer even be called fully human, she took a chance, and stepped out into the hall. She saw that seven other doors had been unbolted and she went to them, first feeling out who was inside and then opening each door in turn. Of the seven others six of them came out confused, but hopeful that maybe, just maybe they could get free. The last was so scared and withdrawn that he would not move.

It broke Tiana’s heart to know that she could not free the others if she wished to escape unnoticed. She spoke to the six that had also been released. “Each of you, what can you do, and do any of you know a route by which we can escape?” Then together, they quickly devised a plan. They would steal the coats of the next two lab techs(they always came in pairs) to walk in and put each into one of the now open cells. Then they would use the ID cards to get through the Facility and outside.

Obviously no plan ever works completely. One of the freed cadets panicked at a crucial point. They had come so close, for they had made it to the above ground part of the compound and they were only a few hallways from full freedom. The kid was acting as one of the “patients” when we were stopped by some white-coats worried that only two people were “handling” four “patients” and the kid simply freaked. He couldn’t take the waiting any longer and he dashed off. Immediately chaos followed.

The other cadets acting as “patients” took off after him and then Tiana and the other fellow who had obtained lab-coats exchanged glances and together, punched out the other two white-coats. Then they also flew for freedom.

Only three of the six made it out. They had run up against guards and white-coats and fallen to the very science that had made them what they now were. It was the fact that Tiana had been at the rear of the party that she and the other fellow with a lab-coat had escaped, for while the others fell fighting, they were able to run on past much of the fighting. The other cadet who made it out had had his muscles strengthened and he was very fast and strong. It had been him that had broken the glass doors that opened to the outside world.

Together, Tiana, and the other two cadets had stolen a jeep from the place and headed out in the general direction from which they had originally come. This was determined by the fellow with the lab-coat because he had learned astrology and could tell which way they needed to go. The three days that it had taken them to get to the Facility seemed to take much longer with no food and little water(they had found one half-full jug in the back of the jeep). This was especially true for Tiana who felt the hunger of all three and so her hunger and tiredness was three-fold. On the third day they came back to the Academy which was on the outskirts of the town that had formed, which had grown in the past year. They kept driving past it because they did not want to go back to the Facility. They went straight into the town and When they were in the general area of Tiana’s home, she was dropped off by the other two who had a ways to go to get to the other side of town.

When she reached her house, she felt apprehension emanating from her house all the way from across the street. She could tell it was coming from her family. They were waiting for her, but not with good news. She didn’t know if she could even trust her own family at this point. She didn’t know if the Military had told them anything but she suspected that they had. She made up her mind to see her family anyway. Her parents knew her and would want to hear her side of things, hopefully.

Lucky for Tiana, she was right, they did want to know her side of things. Unfortunately her side seemed so much like a horror-action movie that it was unbelievable and the only way they believed her was when she broke into tears wailing that Sarah, her youngest sister, Sara was the only one who believed her. For Tiana had felt her mother’s incredulity, known her father’s confusion and doubt, and sensed her eldest sister’s complete disbelief this betrayal was almost worse than everything that the white-coats had done to her in the Facility. Then she screamed, “What did they tell you?!”

After the ball of lies had been unwound and her family knew the truth, they decided to help Tiana and her father got in touch with an old friend of his, one Dr. Psyche. At first Tiana was apprehensive because of the Dr. in front of the word Psyche. But her father soon assured her that sending her and her pokemon there would be the best way to protect her. It was when she left that her father gave her his oldest pokemon, his Lanturn, .

Pokémon: Espeon(F;Esperanza), Knoctowl (M;Knight), and a Lanturn(M;Flash)
Team: DARK
Other: 1)Tiana became Second in command of DARK after a year’s friendship with the leader, Bron, the Protogee of Dr. Psyche.
2) Her Empathetic Ability, as demonstrated and explained above allows her to know what others are feeling. She can only tell thoughts if the feelings about those thoughts are very very strong and even then, it's usually only a very small snippet that she can pick up.
3) When she became a co-leader of DARK, a bodyguard was hired for her in case her ability ever got out of control in a bad situation. His name is Lucifer and they are almost like siblings now.

Neo Emolga
11-07-2006, 12:38 AM

TONS of detail with the background, excellent story on its own. Hope you enjoy the RP.


11-07-2006, 09:56 PM
Name: Phidias Lenin

Age: 17

Description: http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/8120/spectretrainerspritepx5.png (http://imageshack.us)
Phidias has sun yellow hair. It's silk to the touch and cover his head like a blanket. He has sky blue eyes that match his apparel of an Aqua trench, blue gloves that extend to his wrists, sky blue pants with white down the sides, a white shirt under the trench, a black belt with a gold buckle, and black combat boots.

Personality: Phidias is a very smart person. He loves tinkering with broken objects and creating new technologies. He's very kind and would do anything to help a friend. He feels compassion for Pokemon can't stand it when people try to hurt them. He's very trustworthy and will stick to his word. He's usually happy, but not alot of people get to find that out because he's always tinkering with objects in a lab.

Background: Phidias was born in an underground shelter in Viridian City. When he was little he dreamed of a life uptop. He heard many stories about the nuclear war and the demolishing of the world. He hoped one day he'd be able to return to the top to start his own Pokemon journey. When he was six the rebuilding took place and people starting to return to the top. He parents moved back up to the top shortly after. He went to Prof. Oak's lab and requested a Mudkip at the age of eleven.

His request was granted shortly after. They spent thier time training. His father passed away when Phidias returned home for the Holidays. He inherited his dad's lab and started tinkering with things. He read all of his father's books and expanded his knowledge of technology and critical thinking. He started building an advanced motorcycle that ran on water. It achieved a top speed of fourty miles per hour, but hey he was only eleven at the time.

After four years at the lab he managed to take scrap metal, refurbish it, and turn it into an F-22. One day he was walking in Viridian city when he stumbled upon a starving Eevee. They battled and he won. Eevee followed him home and he nursed it back to health. In order to repay him it evolved into an Umbreon. His Marshtomp evolved two weeks later when they fought off a herd of Fearow.

He was walking the back alleys and managed to find a guy mistreating a Snorunt. Slapping it around, punching it, and throwing things at it. Phidias asked the man to stop but he laughed and kept doing it. Phidias paid the man to stop and also recieved a Snorunt. Phidias calls him Runt now just because he likes that name. Now, he's working with Aqua trying to gain control over other territories. So far he has created emergencycles. A motorcyle that runs on water and nothing more. It's gotten alot faster and it tops at one hundred twenty five miles per hour.


Albion was Phidias' first Pokemon. He obtained Mudkip from Prof. Oak at the tender age of eleven. Times have changed and people have changed, but they've been best friends ever since. They both have great respect for each other.

Abyss was Phidias' first actual catch. When Albion was a Marshtomp they were walking around town and came into battle with a starving Eevee. Albion beat him and Eevee followed them home. Phidias fed him and took good care of him for the next week that came. Abyss was so happy they found each other it turned into an Umbreon exactly one week later since he followed them home. Now, Abyss is his second in command Pokemon.

Snorunt was purchased from a guy off the street. Phidias saw a guy mistreating Snorunt and offered him money to stop and take Snorunt. He found out that Snorunt just came out of it's egg and the man was mad at Snorunt's attacks. Phidias took him in as a good friend and now they act as if they've knew each other forever.

Team: Aqua

Neo Emolga
11-08-2006, 01:45 PM

Good to go with me, just make sure you don't things too instantly in this RP. Also, keep in mind that the F-22 is destroyable. Other than that, it's fine.


11-09-2006, 06:25 AM
Oh my... It's a documentary? x_x;;

Name: Dentelle Callaway

Age: 19

Description: A young girl just barely reaching the 5"2 mark, Denetelle tends to look much like a doll--very delicate and fragile. Her fine curly hair is the color of chocolate and falls just past her waist, styled very similarly to a delicately unwoven basket. Her coffee colored eyes betray her age and display childlike loneliness to anyone trapped in them. She wears an black jacket, that has faded to a dim grey due to age. It is embroidered with a cherry-red cloth on the edges. Her jacket is only buttoned half way and ends at her mid-thigh. Under this jacket is a puffy off-white dress, the bottom modestly rising above her knobby knees. She comes complete with worn knee-highs that resemble the shade of her coat. Her boots add another half an inch to her height, give or take.

Personality: While Dentelle appears quite modest and sweet, she is quite crude when confronted on just about anything. She is more than willing to help anyone in need, but sometimes she gets a little over her head. She thinks very highly of herself. Not in a way that she thinks that she's of higher status, but in a way that her self-importance is just exaggerated. This results in a very high self-esteem. Regardless, she faces hard times as someone should and just grabs life by the horns. If Dentelle doesn't agree with an idea, though, she is more likely to be as stubborn as a mule when it is really quite unnecessary, thus proving hard to get her to view things your way. Regardless, she walks with a smile and her head up high, willing to consider any feat a simple daily challenge.

Intelligence-wise, Dentelle doesn't cope quite as well as one should with the "outside world", as she likes to refer to it. Frankly, she has only read books and has never experienced the world first hand, which is awkward when she approaches things almost too directly. If she happens to approach something too directly and has almost no idea of what's going on she will have on of those dense and dizzy moments everyone loves to deny having. She still loves a good challenge, though, and never loses confidence in herself.

If one sentence could describe Dentelle, that sentence would be "A blunt egotistic girl who hides behind a cheerful facade and sees the world too openly."

Background: When Dentelle's great-grandmother came home from vacation to see her house stomped clear, a hand reached for hers and pulled her into a wealthy family that offered safety. However, she merely served as a servant to this wealthy family, as do her descendants today. As believable as it may be, Dentelle was a servant to a complicated woman, who was picky and only wanted the best of this dirt-ridden land.

Dentelle's only living family is her mother, who lived with another part of the family underground. Wise and full of wondrous stories, some might say she lost contact with reality, but she's just imaginative is all. That's all. And Dentelle loved her more than anything in this world.

This is what was held in store for her everyday, though...

"Dentelle, bring me my slippers. I better not find another dust bunny in it again," the screechy voice of a middle-aged woman traveled down the stairs and into the young servants's ears. It wasn't hard at all for dust to collect in this place. Dentelle decided to try and prove her point, yet ONCE again, by sliding her hand along a shelf in the den and into one of the pink fuzzy slippers, filling with enough dust to stuff a doll. Maybe that was too much, but oh well. She needed to prove a point around here that life isn't always going to wind up how she wanted. The impatient woman called down yet again. "Hurry up, Dentelle!" Hag.

"Coming, Mistress..." Dentelle responded, walking at a slow pace. She took the time to examine that the exquisite wallpaper that was peeling off the wall. No one looked to be trying to hide it. Who tried to hide the filth in this town, anyway? The city was wretched, with what little rats there were rising from underground on onto the streets to find the smallest bits of grain to chew on. And when the folk tried to catch those rats, for what reason Dentelle did not want to know, she found it crudely to be almost bitterly entertaining. Almost.

Did her cranky mistress ever take a gander outside to see what was becoming of this dying city?

She opened the double doors to see a form reading a romance novel at her elegant study area. The room was quite stately, compared to the rest of the house. Dentelle didn't know how long she stared at the woman, watching her flip pages. If the woman wasn't going to recog--

"Dentelle, put my slippers on my feet, dear," cooed the woman teasingly. Gosh, could she be anymore demanding? The servant did as ordered and kneeled in front of her as to slide the slippers on. The woman was not crippled. She had enough energy to chase out the starved rodents. She didn't have enough energy to slide on her own footwear, though. She heard the woman scoff and the next thing Dentelle knew she was lying on her side, the grippy bottom of the left slipper stuck to her cheek. "This is most disturbing!" yelled the woman, jumping up. Dentelle stood up as well and bowed.

"I'm sorry, Misstress, but this is common of this society," discommended the girl quite bravely. The woman didn't respond by making any forceful physical contact, but by pointing towards the double doors Dentelle came through.

"Go get me some tea," she growled.

"Mistress, we ar--"

"GO and get me some MORE then!" snapped the woman, quickly settling back down to read her book. Dentelle didn't hesitate when walking out onto the polluted streets. Oh how she wish she could just escape. Just run back in time and relax in what was once a peaceful place to be. Well, it had to have been more enjoyable than this place.

After picking up some black tea at a small market residing on the street, Dentelle strode back to the manor. The little girl soon heard screams and loud noises of confusion. This made her pick up her pace. At the finish line she found bandits fleeing out of the manor. A fire was beginning to eat the building at a growing pace.

"No, Mistress!" Dentelle cried, dashing in. It's not as much that she cared for this woman--she simply needed her to survive in this messed up battlefield. It may sound selfish in a way, but it's really quite reasonable.

Slamming the double doors to the room of where she saw the woman crumpled on the floor. Dentelle quickly ran to her side and tried to help her up. The woman began to mumble.

"De-dentelle, waste ab-absolutely no t-time in grabbing the Pokemon on m-my bookshelf," wheezed the mistress. The servant merely looked at her bewilderingly. "Get them now and give them to me."

She looked over behind the woman. On a shelf next to her desk was a belt, most likely containing the Pokemon she asked for. But this woman--what use did she have for them in this state? She twisted back around to glance at the weakened witch. She couldn't see her... Could this be it? Her chance to extend her importance?

"Dentelle, NOW!" screamed the woman with what little air she had left, and she began to wheeze again. The small girl pulled off her grey apron and covered the woman's body with it. The woman began to wildly protest, asking what was going on. By the time Dentelle had pulled on the jacket that sat on the edge of the desk, she quickly pulled the belt into her hand...

...and Dentelle ran, leaving the frail witch behind. She didn't even look back to take a final look at the place she called home. Running out of the collapsing building, she could still hear her threatening voice thundering after her. While what she did was incredibly selfish, that was Dentelle for you.

Just a few weeks after that the girl had actually gotten a job, working apart of IPC Inc. While this seemed hazardous, the poor girl was willing to keep this job, regardless the numerous risks she was taking. However, the underground association, Dark Angels: Renegade Knights, aka DARK, soon held their arms open to the entrusting young woman. And Dentelle didn't hesitate the warmness. If any outsider had know of this organization lived to know them, they would deem that the team had bad, ill-intentioned methods of handling things. However, the girl had yet to disagree--they're methods of peace were more than reasonable. Just as her great-grandmother was given another chance, so was she...

Pokémon: Slowpoke, Haunter, Mawile, and Shuppet.

Team: DARK

Other: Happens to love the unknown, ghosts, mysteries, and occult. Has a pretty soft spot for creepy things.

Neo Emolga
11-09-2006, 01:23 PM
Reign of Dreams

Interesting background story, but if I was Dentelle, I WOULD HAVE POUNDING THE STUFFING OUT OF THAT HAG!

Nah, only kidding though. Great profile, enjoy the RP.


11-09-2006, 10:55 PM
Reign of Dreams

Interesting background story, but if I was Dentelle, I WOULD HAVE POUNDING THE STUFFING OUT OF THAT HAG!

Nah, only kidding though. Great profile, enjoy the RP.

Haha, she really should've. I guess she figured the house would take her down. XD

Thanks. <3

11-11-2006, 06:47 PM
Name: Lanaka Silverwing
Age: 23
Description: About 5'10" tall, weighing 167 lbs, Lan has messy blue hair and blue eyes. He wears different clothes, but is usually wearing "ClimaJEANS", jeans with a heating/cooling mechanism.
Personality: Lan is stubborn and lazy. If things don't go his way, he'll usually freaks out. He has a strong sense of determination.
Background: Lan joined Team Aqua because he didn't want to watch the world fall apart, he'd rather help it fall apart.
Pokémon: Weavile, Swellow, Gengar, Gyarados
Team: Aqua
Other: Did I mention I hate signing up?

Neo Emolga
11-17-2006, 04:42 PM

Sorry, but I can't make exceptions.

It's... okay, but it could really use some more to give more definition to your character. I'm not asking some a full three-page sign up here, but just to really bring out your character and give them a face with some personality and substance to it. So just work on it, I know you hate sign ups but is the real convincing element that says you're ready to take the RP seriously.


11-24-2006, 11:02 PM
Name:Vascilie Zitzef




Hair:Brown with two streaks of beach blonde

Eyes:Brown with a tint of green

Clothes:Military desert issue Sniper camouflage

Personality:I am Trustworthy and loyal. I am not afraid to fight for a cause. I speak my mind and am very optimistic. I am also very thoughtful and have a photographic memory.

Background:I graduated from Fort Bradley at the top of my class. I was also one of the armed forces finest. My grandfather was the person who taught me to shoot because my father died when I was young. My childhood wasn't that good because the Urals had one school and my family was really tight on money because my father died and my mother was taken away when I was young. I was first interested in being a sniper when I saw a local villager shoot a wolf at 100 yards. I first got involved with Team Aqua when they came to my village in search of recruits to replenish the ranks, but I was too young to join up with them. After they left I felt like I should have gone with them and so I followed them to their camp and hid In a pile of dirty laundry till a recruit who had filled the commander's shoes with pudding, found me and asked me why I was hiding in a pile of laundry and thought I should join them by the camp fire. So I did and we were swapping stories about our childhoods.

Pokemon: I didn't have any before the war and I am not like team Rocket so I am not going to steal them from trainers who worked really hard to to catch them.

Other:"This is my rifle. Without my rifle I'm nothing. My rifle without me is nothing. I will deliver one blow and one blow only. I am the eyes and ears of my team. I cause chaos with one shot. I will evaluate the situation and take out the target with the biggest threat." (Snipers Creed). Team Rocket all deserve to be punished because they all try to provoke people and steal all the supplies they and need to be severely punished for their actions.

11-30-2006, 03:59 AM
Name: Sylar Darkness

Age:Just turned 18

Description: Sylar is a white male who is six feet one inch tall and very slender with a slightly anorexic look. He has short black hair with a 5 O'clock shadow beard. He wears loose baggy jeans and a Team Aqua trench coat. Also he has a Team Aqua bandiana with the Team Aqua "A" on the front, that he never seems to take off.

Personality: Sylar is charming, altruist, curious, restless, has allergies to chocolate, and is addicted to jazzy music.

Background: Both of the Sylar's parents are alive, but one is in poor health. The Sylar was considered a disgrace by his parents but he hasn't seen either of them since the war began. Sylar is the oldest child of a small family five children who act openly hostile to him. Sylar's family are fugitives who fled their homeland to avoid jail. How does the community react to the Sylar's family? Well, truthfully, the family is merely accepted. Sylar has an entire region that considers him an enemy who wants to capture and torture him before killing him. Luckily, though, Sylar has found favor with the people of an entire city or large institution (like a church or order of knighthood) and allies who provide him with equipment. As for companions, Sylar had a Charmander before the war that was unusually intelligent

Pokémon: Sylar had a charmander before the war began

Team: I would like to be teamed with Team Aqua because I am from the same region as their headquarters.

Ninja Emperor
11-30-2006, 09:29 PM
Name: Georgiy (George) Alecksandrovich Kubanskiy
Age: 23
Description: George is 5'9 tall, Caucasian with slighly tanned skin color. His light brown hair is semi long and usualy neatly brushed and groomed. He got somewhat dark blue eyes and his face is covered by moustache and a goatie. Usualy wears black, turtle neck sweater with a bulletproof vest on top, night comuflage uniform pants, special forces boots and a black, leather trench coat on over that all. Also, carries around a cane with a hiden blade inside it. He needs a cane because of the injury he recieved when he served in previouse conflicts.
Personality: Nice and kind person with a big inteligence and skills.
Background: He doesn't know much about his family history. The only thing he knows is that his grandparents were operatives in team Dark Angel Renegade Knights and they left him three things. The moral code of honor to live by, the old transmiter and a pokeball containing a Rapidash of a strange, black color who's name is Kage. He was listening to the latest news inside of his room at one of the bunkers in Jotho when the old communicator suddenly came on.
Pokémon: Charizard, Gyarados, Umbreon, Rapidash (of a black color) named Kage
Team: DARK or Delta Green
Other: Great horseman and swordsman

Edit: To be continued. Edit2: All done!

Crossfire Chaos
12-02-2006, 10:31 PM
Name: Ivan Besmertney
Age: 27
Team: DARK
Description: He wears a black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans the majority of the time, but when he's in the labs at IPC inc he wears a white lab coat. He is 6'2'' and has little muscle. His hair is a black color and it is constantly a messy mass of curls, so much that Ivan doesn't even bother to try and tame it. His eyes are a dark brown and he doesn't show any signs of a beard.
Personality: Ivan enjoys building things weather it's physical or digital, he loves working at DARK because at all the State of the Art technology he gets to work with. He always puts his work in front of everything else and at times seems like he's distant and a loner, but deep down he values friendship above most other things and is willing to give his life to save a friends or the lives of thousands of innocents. Ivan loves the surface world and the videos he has from back when it was green make him want to put his work into finding a way to rebuild the world to it's former glory. Ivan doesn't get angry easily but when people do things he finds morally wrong he tries to stop them any way he can.
Background: He grew up in New Goldenrod. Ivan was raised by his father, his mother died when he was born. Once his father found a job at IPC inc, however, they moved to Hoenn's New Mauville. Ivan's father has taught him everything he knows from mechanics, to engineering, to medical areas and computer programming. His father also bought him many books that supplemented the terrible school studies that were taught in the area they lived in. One day however Ivan's father died of radiation poisoning from working with haz-mat materials they had collected on the surface world. After the funeral, Ivan was told his father was working on a special project for the DARK organization controlling IPC inc, and Ivan hoping to continue his fathers work joined DARK too.

Houndoom (M) – Houndoom was at one time Ivan's father's pokemon, He played with Ivan when they saw each other, but many times he had to leave to search for materials on the surface. Luckily he was not poisoned by radiation like Ivan's Father and since his death he has been with Ivan helping him like he used to help his father.
Magneton – A pokemon that Ivan frequently works with in the labs, Ivan can call on it when it is required for something Ivan can't do on his own.
Steelix (M) – A pokemon Ivan met as an Onix while digging for minerals, after a fierce battle with Ivan's Houndoom, Onix grew to accept Ivan and he is now Ivan's trusted fighter.

Neo Emolga
12-02-2006, 11:25 PM

A good profile, even if it was kind of brief. Enjoy the RP, just check out the Cliffs Notes in case you need some help catching up.


Ninja Emperor

Personality and background could use a little work, but I'll let it go since its pretty late in the RP. Just make sure more of his personality and history is brought up as details in the RP, and I think it will be fine.


Crossfire Chaos

Very nice profile, wasn't too long and covered everything pretty well, just the way I like it. Again, nicely done, hope you enjoy the RP.


12-04-2006, 07:18 AM
Name: Ryou Fallar

Age: 20

Description: Ryou is 5'10 and is fairly fit, having short black hair with a few strands of green hair here and there. He has a green sleeve-less shirt, a black jacket, and baggy jeans, along with a pair of slightly worn shoes. On his left wrist, he has a slightly shiny watch, which is a few minutes ahead of the current time.

Personality: Ryou is a calm, cool-headed man, quite surprising due to the situation. He used to be scared of what would happen, considering the continent of Johto was equipped with so many nuclear menaces, and even sooner, the others such as Kanto. But after the initial shock of the starting war, he kept himself from having a nervous wreck, and helped his fellow family and friends to safety. He has a knack to gamble and bet on luck, mostly because of the fact he always DOES tend to get lucky, either that or it was just a blessing.

Background: Ryou's life is simple, and clear, from the start of the war, to the position he has now. He had a father, a mother, and two little brothers, each easily more than 5 years younger. He was a simple man with the hope that the regions and continents would just get along peacefully. He had dreamed that he would have a wife someday when he was a bit older, and live a normal life. But when disaster struck, he almost thought his hopes and dreams would shatter. But the will and need to save those he cherishes, he helped young ones and women to safety, putting their lives before his own. He was lucky enough to get away from death, even though that it was unlikely since he was one of the few still outside where the nuclear weapon would strike. He had gotten underground just in time. Now, due to the fact he knew he would never live peacefully, he would instead make a difference and protect his family and friends. He would join Delta Green, he would have to MAKE the others stop attacking whether they liked it or not.

The thing that relieved him the most, was the fact that someone he knew was in Delta Green, known as May. They've been friends for a few years now, but due to her slightly crueler look in her eyes and nature, Ryou was a bit shaken. But he didn't let that destroy their friendship, he just wouldn't bring up the subject. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her, he could almost understand her pain as his family could've been killed by the mayhem.

Pokémon: Sceptile, Typlohsion, Skarmory, Gardevoir

Team: Team Delta Green.

Other: He has a bit of a fear of snakes, and has unusually good luck when it comes to life-threatening circumstances.

Alyssa Himura
12-04-2006, 09:34 PM
Name: Alyssa Saku Himura
Age: 20
Description: Alyssa is only about 5'2 in height, and very slim. She has golden blonde hair that reaches just past the middle of her back, and is normally held up in a ponytail held with a single silk black ribbon. Normally, she wears a simple midnight black t-shirt and light colored blue jeans that reaches just past her ankles. She has small almond shaped eyes the color black, due to not enough sunlight exposure. She is quite pale, though has some color to her facial features. She sometimes carries around with her either a dagger or Sakobatu both with Japanese inscriptions written on it. She normally wears either a pair of black Japenese styled wooden sandals, or a pair of plain white and black tennis shoes with white ankle length socks.
Personality: Alyssa is quite intellegent for her age. She is a a shadowy figure, very mysterious and tends to avoid questions about her past. Though, through her tough personality she is a very kind, big hearted, open-minded, young girl. She is always open for new opinions, ideas and suggestions, unless of course they make no sence at all, and could cause another's life to be put into danger. She is also very brave, and curagious. She would never turn down a fight, unless she knew the other had no chance against her, and could potentially cause fatal harm to the other. She is also a natrually curious person. She always wonders, and sometimes her curiosity even endangers her life. Though, she is also a dreamer. She often hopes for things that will probably never come true, and often hppes for a better world.
Background: Like most Alyssa was born underground with her family. Her parents were both children of a rather rich and well-known couple, who had found their way underground, but because of them being unused to the life below the surface died only a couple of years afterwards. Since then, her parents had been very dramatic and very watchful over Alyssa as she aged. Even before she was born, actually, trying to map out her life as soon as they found that Alyssa was a girl.
Alyssa was born in a rather small area, and farther away from most people. Her family normally risided with people of rich stature, since that was what they were raised to do. She was the second born child of the Humura family, she had an older brother named Kitzu. He was five years her senior, and her father's natrual favorite. Though, both her parents were far more protective over her in fear of her fragility. As soon as she was old enough to hold a dagger she had been taught simple techniques that led her father to later teach her how to handle a sword.
At the age of eight both her parents were killed in a tragic accident. Both bodies were found mutilated, but the cause of death was yet to be found. Kitzu took Alyssa under his wing, trying everything in his power to give his younger sister the life their parents wanted for her. However, it was in vain as they struggled to survive. Kitzu often resided to stealing in order to get the means of survival. The only proctection they had was two daggers, a sword, a low level Charmander and Jigglypuff. Both from their parents.
Finally, around Alyssa's 14th birthday or so people began to rise above the ground. Kitzu refused to take Alyssa above the earth in fear that she wouldn't be able to handle such a change. Kitze left Alyssa with promises of his return. Four years later he still hadn't returned and life under the surface seemed to grow thin. Alyssa decided it was time she got enough supplies and survive on her own, and discover the world above on her own. Finally, at nineteen years of age Alyssa decided to make the jourey above. Instantly her life changed.
Pokémon: Ember (Charmeleon, also has a oddly blackish tint to it's normally red skin.), Sandy (Sandslash), Shadow (Espeon), Midnight (Umbreon).
Team: Dark Angel Renegade Knights
Other: Excellent with both a dagger and a sword. Nothing else as of yet.

12-05-2006, 04:06 AM
Name:Zach Campbell

Age: 17

Description:Zach has short black hair in a very small mohack which is held down by lots of hair gell. Also Zach is a tall, slender man with a small scar under his nose so it looks like he has a bugger their and a recently shaved beard with small pieces of toilet paper on his face to cover his shaving cuts.

Personality:Zach's personality is Pensive, Aggressive, Lackadaisical, Quick, Tempered, Genius, Vain, and a Picky Eater becase of his parents and enviorment he lived in before the war.

Background:Both of the Zach's parents died, leaving Zach to fend for himself. Zach idolized his parents. Zach is the youngest member of a small family of three children who tended to avoid him if possible. Zach's family were fugitives who fled their homeland to avoid jail. The community reacted to Zach's family very harshly when they found out that they were fugitives. Well, truthfully, the family is the subject of dark tales. Zach has two important enemies, perhaps working together who want to destroy the world and rid it of Team Aqua. Luckily, though, the character also has won the respect of a large group (about twenty-five people) and allies who act as spies or informers.

Important Events: Zach was not exposed to many people during his childhood which left him very shy and affraid o meet new people. As a result, he treats everyone he curently like gods because he might not have them as friends for very long.

Pokemon:Zach has a very old charmander which curently refuses to evolve because it had spent most of it's life as a charmander.

Team:Zach hopes to join Team Aqua because most of his friends are fighting for the cause of Team Aqua.


Dr Scott
12-05-2006, 04:51 AM
Just so you know, free2, you won't be accepted until you get placed into a team, and you won't get that until there is one person to go on each team. I'm sorry that you have to wait, but it's good that you already have a character ^^

And Alyssa, can I ask for a small favor? I am not the one to accept people, that's the man's job, but still, would you please put a return between each of the categories, so it's easier to read?

It's great to see the girl of my main man NE here, and I hope to see you not hurting Delta Green in the RP ^^.

Alyssa Himura
12-05-2006, 07:56 PM
Hehe, I modified it, hope its alrighty. I just bolded the catagories. ^_^ lol, haha thanks. ^_^

12-06-2006, 03:56 AM
TheScottMan, thanks for your comment.

How many more people need to join before I can start RPing?

Neo Emolga
12-07-2006, 02:07 PM
TheScottMan, thanks for your comment.

How many more people need to join before I can start RPing?

Two people are waiting, and we need two more to even out the distribution. That's really the only reason...


Well written, very solid RP sign up. This is just the way I like them. Enjoy the RP, and have fun RPing on the craziness known as Delta Green. :P


Alyssa Himura

Nicely formulated with plenty of depth and well thought out design. Enjoy the RP.



Definitely acceptable by my standards, but like Scott said, you just need to wait for the team distribution. That's the only thing holding you back, and hopefully it won't be too much longer before others sign up.


12-08-2006, 03:45 AM
Ya, finally I know that my informaton was being processed.

12-08-2006, 03:52 AM
Two people are waiting, and we need two more to even out the distribution. That's really the only reason...


Well written, very solid RP sign up. This is just the way I like them. Enjoy the RP, and have fun RPing on the craziness known as Delta Green. :P


Alyssa Himura

Nicely formulated with plenty of depth and well thought out design. Enjoy the RP.



Definitely acceptable by my standards, but like Scott said, you just need to wait for the team distribution. That's the only thing holding you back, and hopefully it won't be too much longer before others sign up.


Sweet! Thanks Neo!

12-14-2006, 05:09 AM
Ok thanks for the advice and, how long does it take usually for people to sign-up?

12-25-2006, 09:34 PM
Name: Alison Rattan

Age: 21

Alison has short, blonde hair that reaches down to her shoulders. She doesn't wear the standard Rocket boots, gloves, and skirt ("Too impractical", she says) but retains the hat and uniform. If you look very closely, you can see a flicker of some strange combination between fear, anger, and sorrow in her gray eyes when she recalls her troubling past that destroyed her hearing.

Alison is normally friendly and rather outgoing, though she can complain a lot. She has a sarcastic yet funny sense of humor and tends to speak before thinking. However, most of this is around people she knows. She can be quite shy around strangers.

A bit above the average level in terms of intellect, she was the one who thought of the space-time theory when she first arrived in the 22nd century Pallet Town. Her major downfall is phisical strength, with hardly any muscle in her tall, lean composure.

Alison was born about 7 years before Kanto's nucular bombs were being built in the quiet little town of Lavender. Her family wanted Alison to get the most out of life, not living in an underground prison, and stayed above ground during the cold war. They even went so far as to never tell her about the war, so it was a peaceful time, as far as the 10-year-old Alison was concerned, but it certainly wasn't for her mother, who did most of the peace negotiation with Jhoto and begged them to not test their weapons in Kanto, for everyone's sake.

But, as we all know, Jhoto didn't listen.

After the accidenal wipeout of Cerulean and Pewter, Alison's mom was fired for not being able to negotiate with Jhoto and stop it, then publicly humiliated by the press for the same reason. She wasn't able to go anywhere without getting cold, suspicious stares. It was as if the whole world was thinking, Why couldn't you stop it? Why couldn't you save them?

3 days later, Alison's mother disappeared.

Alison's father told her mom had a heart attack and died in a few short minutes, and for a long time she believed it. But all lies must unravel at some point; Alison's father couldn't hide Alison behind his lies forever. When Alison was about 11, she was cleaning out her father's room for a bit of extra change when she came across a newspaper clipping near the bottom of a drawer.

"Daddy, what's this?" she called loudly. Her only answer was the rattling of the windows from the gusting wind outside. There must be a storm coming, she thought absentmindedly. She turned the paper over in her hands and began to read.

Her heart stopped.

"No, no, god no, no..." Alison moaned. She squeezed her eyes shut and opened them, as if hoping the paper would disappear. Fingers trembling, she read it again out loud, not wanting to believe it, hoping she was wrong.

"Yesterday a terrible tragedy took place at Lavender Tower. You all may know Lavender Tower as a place where memorials for deceased Pokemon are housed. But no human has ever had a memorial there...until now."

"You may have heard of Mia Rattan, our former negotiator and peacemaker of Kanto. Just 2 days after being impeached, her body was found by the tower, hung on a noose strung to the top."

Mia Rattan...my mother! Alison thought. She wiped the tears out of her eyes.

Negotiator? Peacemaker? Was there...war? Alison thought. Just how many secrets have you kept from me, Mother?

"The strangest thing is how she died. There were no fingerprints besies her own on her body, and any traces of leather or other glove material have yet to be found. The only possible solution is that Mia killed herself."

Killed herself.

Killed herself.


Feelings Alison never knew she had sprung up and floated in her body. But then anger rushed up and quelled the rest.

"Daddy...lied," she whispered. "He told me she...he LIED!" Alison screamed. Dad rushed in, obviously disturbed by his daughter's roars and screams of anger.

Anger pulsed through Alison's veins like adrenaline. "You told me it was a heart attack!" she screamed, beyond reasoning. "I hate you!" With that, she threw the papers at her father and flung herself into the raging storm outside.

Alison ran for at least an hour and got about 2 miles away from the city limits. She just needed to...think. The rain had started to come down; before it had just been gusts of wind.

Something shone in the sky.

How pretty, Alison thought as she watched it shine. Then she noticed it was getting bigger. Now it was within a mile of the ground.

Sleek, cylicone shape. Conical top pointed towards the ground.

"Oh, my god," Alison moaned, half-aware she was saying it. "I-It's a missle. And...and, Lavender Town! Daddy!"

The missle hit.

It was a few seconds before the full impact hit Alison. When the 170 decibal shock wave reached Alison, it was like all hell broke loose. It was only a few seconds of listening to the explosion. You should all know that decibals at that high a level can destroy a person's hearing. Alison was no exception. The loud crack of her eardrum tearing apart was the last thing she ever heard.

Somethig else happened. A strange thing, space and time. They're the same thing, and space, like any object, can be bent with sufficient force.

A 2050 nuclear explosion was the sufficient force, in this case, and the bent space-time sent the only close living thing-Alison-hurtling into Pallet Town, 100 years later.

When she arrived, both her arms were broken from the sheer stress of her little time ride. Team Rocket took her in and nursed her back to health, and she remains loyal to them to this day.






Team: Team Rocket

Note: If anything here defys physics as we know it (besides the space-time thing) feel free to edit it.
And I know I don't have backrounds for the Pokemon and stuff. -_-;

12-28-2006, 06:42 AM
Question: I haven't been paying attention to the board, so how many more people need to join for the team distrubution?

Dr Scott
12-28-2006, 09:39 AM
Larvinator, I just want you to know ... And the rest of you ... That most of us have moved on to a new RP, which you can read about and/or sign up for here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28663).

I hope to see you all there ^^

Other Notes: Creepy background XD.