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Neo Emolga
10-17-2006, 03:42 PM

NOTE: In order to take part, you must be a part of ToD (Tides of Darkness, see the Teams/Clubs board for further details). Also, you can only sign up for 2 out of the 3 ToD RPs.


The Fallen Warlords is a Medieval RP, similar to what you’ve maybe seen from Medieval fantasy genre games and movies. Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft and Arthurian Legend are excellent examples of themes that you’ll likely be seeing from this RP.

In The Fallen Warlords, cities and towns are in relative size as they are in the games. Large cities like Goldenrod and Saffron are large kingdoms and city-states, while smaller towns like Fallarbor are simple villages. Instead of the use of common Pokéballs, only the ones that can be created from Appricorns are allowed.

In The Fallen Warlords, a stronger role system is in place. Players base their characters off of class system. A Mage (spellcaster) is able to perform and unleash many powerful spells (very special thanks to Tyranitar_Trainer for the list). However, their ability to use armor and weapons is limited to only cloth for armor and dagger/staff for a weapon. However, a warrior character can use any kind of weapon or armor, but they have no magic and must solely rely on their combat skills and Pokémon.

Medieval based weapons, such as swords, axes, maces, bows, crossbows, staves, pole-arms (Halberds, spears, etc) are allowed, along with Oriental weapons such as Katanas, Wakizashis, Tantos, Sais, Nunchaku, and throwing weapons such as throwing knives, Shuriken, and Chakrams are included. If you have a question about a weapon and whether it could be allowed, feel free to ask.


There was a time when the Kingdom of Kanto was oppressed from the Johto Kingdom in a dispute over borders and separation. The end of the war resulted in Kanto becoming separate from Johto, but no one knew how long it would be before the days of peace would once come again.

The Golden Five were five warriors from Kanto that were paramount in the victory of Kanto over Johto. Their skills, their valor, their courage and their commitment to the people of Kanto easily won the hearts of the citizens. Meanwhile, they were blessed with strong and powerful armor, and had brought down many Johto war leaders to lead them to ultimate victory. They were Sir Thomas Luther, Sir John Dwayne, Sir Nathaniel Steadfast, Lady Rachel Everwood, and Lady Nicole Flameburg.

Shortly after Kanto’s victory, there were many celebrations in honor of the Golden Five as well as the rest of Kanto’s incredible army. However, something strange had happened shortly after. A dark and insidious evil had slowly corrupted The Golden Five. Some had believed they were tricked into consuming a dark a vicious poison on behalf of Johto out of revenge, or some other dark plan. But, as time went on, they had become surprisingly more aloof.

It only long before their new course of evil had begun to show. It had started with bitter reactions and disrespect for the rest of the people, which then turned to rapes, murders, and destruction of entire villages, until one day, they were simply gone from Kanto, as if they had never existed. Many of Kanto’s finest knights had attempted to find them, only they either returned with no success, or never returned at all. It wasn’t long until they were renamed as “The Pentagram Clan,” and their good deeds were quickly replaced by the evil they had done.

Now, Kanto is under fire once again, and no one is sure what had become of Kanto’s finest warriors. The new teams, Team Aqua, Team Rocket, and Team Delta Green have become the new influence even over the once mighty kings of the world. However, their disagreement will continue to fuel one of the harshest wars the land had ever seen. They now had to be prepared to endure the new darkness… or be consumed into hopelessness…


Sir Thomas Luther

Sir Thomas Luther was the leader of The Golden Five, armed with the Inferno Lionheart Claymore and the legendary War Dragon Plate Mail. Thomas Luther was easily one of the most valiant knights that the people of Kanto had ever seen. Meanwhile, his homeland of Vermillion had even made a statue to his name. However, after the war, his crimes were severe acts of treason, which would have been punishable by execution. However, Kanto’s authorities found it impossible to apprehend him until the day he simply left with the rest of the five.

Inferno Lionheart Claymore – A strong blade with the colors of the sunset on the hilt, capable of unleashing fire attacks from the blade as quick and fiery projectiles. Also super sharp used until normal conditions, and attacks often sear and burn the enemy. (Warrior & Mage Knight Only)

War Dragon Plate Mail – Incredible royal blue and gold armor capable of deflecting most attacks and is capable of resisting many magical attacks. Also has the ability to fully resist all attacks from Dragon Pokémon as well as Dragon-type moves. (Warrior Only)

Sir John Dwayne

Sir John Dwayne was a powerful mage who had come from the town of Fuchsia, and was very noble and dedicated to his people, always known to give back double than he had received. Very powerful against the forces of Johto, it took a long time for people to believe Sir John Dwayne had fallen into darkness until it was obvious with the burning of an entire village… started by his own elemental fire.

Staff of the Seer – A powerful ivory staff with a mysterious jewel hewn on the top, while its golden tendrils wrap around the entire shaft. In the hands of any mage, it allows them to cast spells much faster and with ease. (1 less magic point spent per spell, Mage Only)

Robe of the Stars – How it was actually created is beyond anyone’s guess, but it is believed that most of its power is created through magic. Very difficult to pierce even with a mighty weapon, it gives the mage a very powerful armor… without the weight or encumbrance of plates… (Mage Only)

Sir Nathaniel Steadfast

Sir Nathaniel Steadfast was a silent warrior who worked where the others couldn’t, often using his intelligence and stealth to obtain precious secrets from the enemy. However, when many thought of The Golden Five, usually Nathaniel Steadfast wasn’t as known to the people like Sir Thomas Luther, Sir John Dwayne or the rest of The Golden Five. Regardless, he was a major asset to the people until he fell into darkness after the war, becoming a heartless murder, driven by rage. Now, just like before, he managed to slip back into the shadows.

Dual Scimitars of the Blazer – Very fast, very lethal curved short swords that give the user a rush of energy to move faster than before. These are Sir Nathaniel Steadfast’s most prized possessions. Many lives of Johto’s warriors have felt the sting of these swords… and often died because of it. (Rogue Only)

Shadow Leather Armor – A pure black leather armor that not only protects the user, but allows them to seemingly meld into the shadows and move about without detection. However, sources of light make it difficult for the armor to perform such incredible feats of stealth. However, under the cover of night, the user can move like the wind… quickly and totally invisible to the naked eye. (Rogue Only)

Lady Rachel Everwood

Lady Rachel Everwood was very loyal to the cause of Kanto, and had an uncanny ability to give soldiers and footmen incredible morale. After her hometown of Pewter was burned to the ground, she swore revenge on Johto. After the war, Rachel Everwood had stumbled into the darkness, becoming nothing more than a murderer and a traitor. She too, would have been executed but she was never found until it was too late.

Spear of the Brigadier – A powerful steel bladed spear of platinum and mythril capable of piercing most armor and war chariots. Has been passed down for generations until it simply fell into the wrong hands. (Warrior Only)

Ring of the Herald – A special, magical ring with a ruby stone that allows the user to endure wounds easier. While wounds would still damage the body, it allows the user to still be able to fight just as strong, regardless of the pain that would be trying to weaken them. (Any Class)

Lady Nicole Flameburg

Nicole Flamburg was a powerful priestess, and was almost considered to be as valiant as a warrior queen. She had become famous for saving many lives during the war, and easily become one of the most respected clerics of Kanto, giving Cerulean a woman they could be proud about. However, after the war, she only became known for taking lives instead of saving them…

The Bracer of Everlasting – A diamond bracelet enchanted with a powerful regenerative quality. If the one who is wearing it is suddenly wounded, their wounds will heal much faster than before. However, many grave and serious wounds in a short amount of time may be too much for the bracelet to handle. (Any Class)

The Dagger of Blood – A recent acquisition of Nicole Flameburg, the Dagger of Blood allows the user to stab their victim, and any time a successful wound it made, the one holding the dagger will suddenly heal for the amount of pain and blood they’ve shed. Now, it has become one of Nicole Flamburg’s most treasured possessions. (Any Class)


Characters can choose to be one of four classes. Do not feel restricted by the name, you can easily be a Warrior and still call yourself a "Ranger," but still fall under the Warrior class. Also, you can be a Mage, specialize in Dark magic, and call yourself a "Necromancer," but still fall under the Mage class.

Warriors are those who specialize in combat and can use any weapon or armor. Meanwhile, they are better at fighting and can take more hits before going down. Warriors are familiar with many weapons, and know various battle skills. They are they best fighters in the RP.

Rogues tend to be more stealthy, and can easily go undercover. Meanwhile, the armor is limited to leather, and they can’t use any heavy weapons (Such as two-handed swords or axes, or pole-arms). Rogues can also backstab with amazing skill, have a mastery in stealth, have high knowledge of poisons, lock-picking, and stealing, and are the best assassins.

Mages have the ability to cast powerful spells. However, their armor is limited to cloth, and they can only use daggers or staves. If you play a Mage, you can decide whether to have 7 points divided between two categories of magic, or have 10 with devotion to only one category. Mages are also the only ones that can perform summons, and also have high knowledge of the arcane powers.

Mage Knights are Warrior/Mage hybrids. Mage Knights can wear up to chain and ring mail, can use any non two-handed weapon (Like a great sword or Halberd), and have 3 points to use in a single category of magic. They also know some battle skills and magical lore.


As with normal Role Plays, God-modding and Bunnying (See the Into Your Character’s Skin (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13613) role playing guide for a complete description) are strictly prohibited. If there is a violation of these rules, the infraction will go punished to keep the integrity of the RP intact. Each infraction will result in a strike for each time a member breaks the rules. If the end result is three strikes, the member will be removed from the role play, making it impossible for them to earn points for their team.

Secondly, it is for the benefit of all that this role play is taken seriously. With that said, avoid posting very short RP posts. Short and downsized posts are detrimental and we would prefer not having them.


Read List of Movie Clichés by Genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_movie_clich%C3%A9s_by_genre) on Wikipedia. While it is okay to get inspiration from movies and film, keep these in mind. These are uncreative plot and design examples that can deteriorate your role playing if you happen to use them yourself. Avoid them whenever possible.

Tyranitar_Trainer has moderation over this RP, and has the ability to issue strikes to anyone not following the rules. Also, when judging occurs, she will be the one to judge RP performance.


Name: (Your character’s name)
Age: (Your Character’s age. Make sure it’s realistic. 17 years or older)
Class: (Your character’s class, being Warrior, Rogue, Mage, or Mage Knight. Also, if you’re playing a Mage or Mage Knight, mention your specializations)
Description: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook)
Background: (Your character’s history)
Pokémon: (1-4; may be evolved; no Legendaries. If your character is part of a team, you must use at least one monster of the type your team has designated, if any.)
Shinou Pokémon are included.
Team: (What Tides of Darkness team you are aligned with in ToD and for the duration of the RP)
Other: (Any miscellaneous facts you wish to include)

Neo Emolga
10-17-2006, 03:43 PM
Spells created by Tyrantiar_Trainer

When a person uses a spell, the points are automatically taken away right as the spell is cast, not afterwards. That means if someone is forced to stop a spell half-way through, they've still lost those points. Only fair, you know? Also, once a person has used all their spell points, the only way to restore them is either by resting (sleeping, sitting quietly, eating) or by two of the healing spells, each of which restore one spell point. A person who rests while they still have spell points doesn't regain the ones they've lost: only when their points have all run out do they get restored. This is to keep anyone from using a strong spell, then resting right away so they can use it again even if they still have spell points (but not enough to cast that powerful spell). A person cannot rest during battle.

-Healing Spells

1- Star's Blessing: User prays to restore a third of either their own health or that of a target, takes one post to work (Acts as Wish)

2- Health Restore: User concentrates the energy in their body to heal up to half of their health (Acts as Recover)

3- Charity's Blessing: User sacrifices up to half their health to restore up to half the health of a target: restores one spell point to the target (Acts as Softboiled)

4- Calming Reprieve: User focuses the energy in their body and enters a deep meditative state for two posts to fully restore their health, user cannot move while casting spell: heals one spell point (Acts as Rest)


-Conjuration Spells

Only one person may summon any given Legend, and they are on first-come first-served basis. Now, in order to keep more than one person/team from getting like three or four Legends right from the get-go, I have this idea: Only make one available at a time, and don’t let the members taking part know what Legends are going to up for grabs. This way, no one can wait for a certain Legend and then scramble to get it. Also, if a person on a team gets a Legend, then no one else in that team can get one. I think that’s the fairest way of doing it. Once every team has at least one, then we can let them have a second, or whatever.

Basically, how they (the Legends) are found and used is when one of us says “So and so Legend is now ready to have their scroll/tablet/whatever found in whatever region” or something like that. All the magic-using characters can “feel” the summons of the scroll or whatever when it’s available (unless they or someone on their team already has a Legend they can summon: these people are deaf to the calls until each team has at least one Legend) and can journey for it. Whoever reaches it first will trigger a battle between that Legend, If the char can beat the Legend, it will consent to being summoned by that person. If they lose, the Legend will simply wait for another person to come along.

Each Legend takes 6 spell points to summon. Each Legend also has a post count number that they will fight for: when the caster has posted that many times, the Legend will automatically leave.

Great Titan: Summons Zapdos to fight for three posts
Mystic Heart: Summons Mew to fight for two posts
Pyre Regin: Summons Ho-Oh to fight for one post
Water Spirit: Summons Suicune to fight for four posts
Untamed Skies: Summons Rayquaza to fight for one post
Twins of Hope: Summons Latias and Latios to fight for one post



Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Spirit 1- Basic ___ball: User creates a ball of the selected element from their energy between their hands (This is the basic level 1 attack for all the elements, Act as Ember, Bubble, Sand Tomb, Gust, Confusion, Faint Attack, Tackle)


-Offensive Spells


Fire 2- Blaze Vortex: A small whirlwind of fire surrounds the enemy (Acts as Fire Spin)

Fire 3- Torch Bearer: User creates a large stream of fire and blasts it at the foe (Acts as Flamethrower)

Fire 4- Tempest Burn: A huge sheet of fire is formed in front of and to the sides of the user and is blasted forward in a straight line (Acts as Blast Burn or some other high-powered Fire attack lol)


Water 2- Bubble Stream: User creates a powerful stream of hard bubbles that slam into the foe with medium force (Acts as Bubble)

Water 3- Aqua Binds: User creates indestructible chains made of water (Somewhat acts as Whirlpool, as it binds the foe, but the chains can be used for binding other things and not just other characters)

Water 4- Water Dragon’s Fury: User summons forth a Dragon made of water which crashes into the foe with great strength (Closest thing I could relate this to would be Hydro Pump, as the amount of power if roughly the same)


Earth 2- Mud Bullet: A large orb of dark, thick mud is summoned and flung at the foe’s face in order to lower their accuracy and impair vision

Earth 3- Ground Shaker: User causes a powerful quake to knock all characters around them to the ground (Acts as Earthquake)

Earth 4- Great Splitting: User forces a deep fissure to open under their foe (Acts as Fissure)


Wind 2- Diffusing Winds: A whirlwind is kicked up to temporarily incapacitate foes (Acts as Whirlwind)

Wind 3- Wind Blade: Several near-invisible blades formed from wind fly at the foe at high speeds (Acts as Air Cutter)

Wind 4- A huge blast of high-pressured wind slams into the foe with awesome power (Acts as Areoblast)


Light 2- Shimmering Mist: A cloud of sparkling white mist engulfs the foe, making it hard to move (Acts as Mist Ball)

Light 3- Eradicating Shine: User in surrounded by a bright white light, which then explodes outwards and hits anyone within fifteen feet of them (This means anyone close to the character is hit whether they’re friend or foe, Acts as Luster Purge)

Light 4- Divine Might: A Unicorn formed of Light energy is created by the user, and then charges at the foe with its head lowered (This one isn’t really based on a Pokémon attack, as you can tell the others are based on Psychic attacks, which I felt was the closest match to Light magic)


Dark 2- Shadow Strike: User disappears into nearby shadows and then reappears close to the foe to hit them with a powerful blow (Acts as Shadow Punch)

Dark 3- Darkness Orb: A thick, inky ball of powerful Dark energy is gathered around the user, and then forced to the hands and fired at the foe (Acts as Shadow Ball)

Dark 4- Decreasing Sacrifice: User gives up all their spell points and passes out in order to greatly lower the offensive -OR- defensive abilities of ONE other character (The cost is big to keep people from using it all the time; it only works when coupled with a good strategy with other characters. I figured a spell that promoted team work couldn’t hurt to have. Acts as Memento)


Spirit 2- Dancing Faeries: User calls on their spiritual energy to form dozens of small faeries that viciously attack the foe (None of the Spirit-based attacks are really based on Pokémon moves, since there’s no match for it really)

Spirit 3- Raging Purity: The user creates a flaming pillar of spiritual energy that can be twisted and bent to the user’s will; when the pillar is more than fifteen feet away from its creator it will vanish (After the second post it’s created in)

Spirit 4- Destiny Flame: User calls on all of their spiritual energy in its raw form and blasts a foe with it, after use the user cannot cast another Spirit Offensive or Defensive spell until they have rested


None of these Defensive spells are based on Pokemon moves, because there aren’t any kind of Fire or Water defensive moves in Pokemon. All Defensive Basic spells (level ones) can defend against one weak attack, but no spells. Spells that say they last for ___ posts mean that after the user has posted that many times, the shield fades whether they mention it or not.

-Defensive Spells


Fire 1- Burn Shield: A basic shield made of fire that only covers the front of the user. Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster

Fire 2- Blaze Defend: A bubble of energy covers the user front and both sides. Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster

Fire 3- Flaming Reflector: A powerful shield of fire that can reflect weak attacks and projectile magicks (such as Mud Bullet). It cannot deflect any Offensive Water spells, and nothing higher than a level two Offensive spell of any element) Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster

Fire 4- Protection Firestorm: The user is completely encased in a barrier of fire (top, bottom, front, back, and sides) that can repel level one Offensive spells, but no Offensive Water spells. Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster


Water 1- Aqua Shield: A basic shield of water that only covers the front of the user

Water 2- Mirror Wave: A highly-reflective mirror made of water is created in front of the user to deflect weak attacks

Water 3- Poseidon’s Blessing: The user is surrounded by water that can stop Basic and two two Offensive Fire spells, as well as all Offensive Basic spells except for Earth spells

Water 4- Drenching Shield: The user becomes encased in a thin layer of water that completely repels any Offensive Fire attack and can allow user to breathe underwater for five minutes (one post)


Earth 1- Ground Shield: A basic shield of dirt that only covers the front of the user

Earth 2- Land’s Response: The user wills nearby plant-life to defend them, spell lasts for two posts

Earth 3- Nature’s Love: A thick slab of earth rises above the user to reflect weak attacks and Offensive Basic spells except Wind and Water

Earth 4- Defend Rock: The user is encircled all around, as well as below (but not above) by thick stone that can reflect all level two and lower spells except Wind and Water, as well as powerful attacks


Wind 1- Wind Shield: A basic shield of air that only covers the front of the user

Wind 2- Feather Guard: The user creates a shield out of wind shaped into feathers that covers the front and sides

Wind 3- Distorting Winds: The user creates a shield to the front that makes it harder for the enemy to hit them (affect is only from the front: if the enemy moves to the user’s side or rear they can aim normally)

Wind 4- Mighty Gale: The user summons a powerful blast of wind that can deflect level two and lower spells as well as blow the enemy back


Light 1- Light Shield: A basic shield of Light energy that only covers the front of the user

Light 2- Holy Angel: The user creates an angel from Light energy which acts as a moving shield, following the user (fades after third post)

Light 3- Pure Heart: A glowing ball of Light energy appears before the user’s heart and then expands into a bubble that surrounds them from top and all sides (but not the bottom) that can deflect level two and lower spells, but no Offensive Dark spells

Light 4- Celestial Shelter: The user uses all their Light energy to form a powerful barrier that can repel all attacks and spells except for Offensive Dark level 4. User passes out afterwards (barrier lasts two posts, on the second post the barrier fades and the user faints)


Dark 1- Dark Shield: A basic shield of Dark energy that only covers the front of the user

Dark 2- Darkness Shroud: The user creates a layer of darkness that can be moved to defend the front, rear, sides, or top (but not bottom). After two posts the shield fades.

Dark 3- Black Ceremony: Tendrils of Dark energy reach from the user to grab weak spells and deflect them (can only deflect three Basic spells, one level two spell and one Basic spell, or one level three spell, but no Light spells. Will fade after three posts, even if three spells have not been used against the user)

Dark 4- Unholy Miracle: The user is engulfed completely in Dark energy that can reflect any one attack or spell except for any Light spell.


Spirit 1- Spirit Shield: A basic shield of Spiritual energy that only cover the front of the user

Spirit 2- Inner Guard: A shield that covers the rear and sides of the user is created, which can only deflect weak attacks (lasts four posts)

Spirit 3- Outer Guard: A shield that covers the sides, front, and rear of the user (but not the top or bottom) is created, which can deflect any level two or lower spell except Spirit spells

Spirit 4- Spiritual Collapse: The user spends all their Spiritual energy to deflect any attack or spell except Spirit spells, and then passes out (lasts for two posts)

Note: Resting takes one or two posts, depending on the length of the post:

Two posts each containing at least 500 characters
One post at least containing 1500 characters

Charizard Michelle
10-17-2006, 04:44 PM
Wow first one. I can see the editing needed for this sucker.

(This is the first time I am ever RPing as a female character. haha)

Name: Maria Anowood (In RP people will know her as Micheal Anowood (till somebody finds out))
Age: 18
Class: Mage Knight

Description: Originally had long brown hair but since the death of her twin brother she had it cut short to a little below her ears. In order to keep her gender a secert she wears light armor. Thick gloves covers her small elegant hands while long boots covers her legs. She looks like her twin in height as in being fairly tall for her gender and dark skinned. Her arms are thin but fairly muscular in order to learn how to carry a light sword but because of her lack body strength and the suddenness of the situation she can't carry anything heavy. Most of her strength is in her legs making her a good runner but because of the armor used to conceal her legs it is a bit difficult. She wears a wealing pouch filled with herbs and medicines to help in the healing process. Under her armor she wears a red pendent that use to belong to her mother and a ring on her finger that use to belong to her brother but was given to him by their father.
Personality: Maria is a bit fearful of certain situation as in if she hears something in a forest while looking for herbs she will run for help instead of seeking out the disturbance. Still when something of great danger arises she is willing to run head into it. She has never been into seeking a partner for marriage due to her independence. She is very caring and helpful towards others. Maria when isn't doing anything worries about others and consider towards others. She learns things very quickly and if it is something physical she is able to mimic it. She is a quick thinker and fast on her feet.
Background: At a young age their parents died leaving Maria and her brother in the care of their grandparents. From there their interested were divided. her grandmother taught her the ways of magic as in healing and in healing like medicine while her grandfather trained his brother Micheal in the way of the knights as in sword fighting. Still during that time their twin bond stayed strong. Some times in the their youth her younger twin would have showed Maria some basic sword play. Sometimes while practicing her healing she could feel that her brother was in pain and would worry for him.

At the age of 15 their grandparents died leaving Maria and Micheal alone. They soon joined the ranks of Delta Green where they were taken cared of. Micheal was able to pursue the journey towards knighthood while Maria was acting as a nurse for the people at Delta Green's training grounds. Soon Micheal was made a knight and was going on a crusade against THE PENTAGRAM CLAN leaving his sister at the Delta castle. He and his group left at the dead of night but didn't got far because there was an attack in a nearby town. A few hours after her brother left she woke up fearing about him. She felt as if something happen to him and at once snuck out of the castle to see him.

When she arrive to the nearby town she saw it in flames and burned bodies everywhere. She finally found the lifeless body of her brother Micheal and couldn't handle the pain of using another family member. She knew that they were going to cremated his body and she couldn't let that happen so she took the lifeless body and gave it a burial. Soon afterwards she decided that she must revenge her brother's death and by finding out who was responsible for the raid and bring them to justice. Still she knew that as herself she would never be able to do it but as her brother there was a chance. Thus she began the process of assuming her twin brother identity by cutting her hair, wearing his armor and taking his single pokemon, a charizard named Char. She left a note stating that her, Maria Anowood decided to run away in seach of her brother in order to aid him thus making everybody think she had gone missing.

Since her brother's death she has been posing as her brother without anybody knowing by her quick thinking.

Pokémon: Char (Charizard), Breloom, Chansey
Team: Team Delta Green
Other: Since she is too weak to use heavy swords she instead uses a light sword and has two long daggers that hs perfer to use over a sword. her brother Micheal was known for his sword play but Maria excuse of why not using a heavy sword and her weaker sword play is because of the injuries she recieve in the raid that her brother was killed in that nobody knows about.

10-17-2006, 05:02 PM
I guess this will be the one I sign up for.

Name: Deon Sasuka

Age: 20

Class: I have to choose a Warrior.

Description: Deon is 6'0" and weighs about 160 pounds. His long, shiny hair looks like it has been toasted by the sun. He wears a bandana on his head to keep his hair out of eyes. The bandana is black with small yellow stripes all around it. He wears a ordinary suit of armor that is made of silver and iron, but it is made to be very flexible. On his belt strap, he holds a black Longsword called " Dynasty " . On his feet, he wears iron-plated shoes that gives him protection. He also wears a jade necklace around his neck.

Personality: Deon is a person who loves to fight. He gets provoked easily and is dangerous when is provoked. He is hard to befriend, but if you do, he will do everything in his power to protect you. If he gets really mad, his sword will turn to black smoke showing his anger. He doesn't think anything is funny, and if you do something funny, he won't laugh or smile. In fact, he hasn't smiled or laughed in years. Overall, he is a dark person.

Background: Deon was born to a wealthy family in Fortree City. His father was a scientist and his mother was a banker. They lived in a huge mansion on the tallest tree in the main city. For the first 6 years of his life, he played with all the pokemon that came to his window. He learned how to imitate their sounds and can actually talk to some pokemon. When he was 12, his family was attacked by a gang of thieves called, " The Dark Bandits. " Deon lost his parents and started to grieve. For the next 3 years, he never left his torn-down house and got to the point of insanity. The next year, he was drafted to a school where they were training warriors. It was there that he made a sword that reflected his soul. He also made his armor there. He passed the school 3 years later with a 95% rating, otherwise known as an A.

Now for the last year, he has trained in solitude and has joined the team called " Team Rocket " to become even stronger.

Pokémon: His only one is Arbok. He has had it for 15 years. Arbok is a fighter like Deon, but unlike Deon, he actually thinks of his moves. It likes to slither underground and scare unsuspecting people. It makes him laugh.

Team: Team Rocket is the only team I am loyal to.

Neo Emolga
10-17-2006, 05:39 PM

As a Mage Knight, you only only select one type of magic. Just select one, you have several mentioned.

Other than that, it's perfect! Don't feel like the unlucky one signing up first. :P




The only part that needs to be deleted is the part with causing earthquakes with the sword. That's a bit of an excessive power to start off with...

Other than that, it's fine. Enjoy the RP.


Charizard Michelle
10-17-2006, 05:51 PM
As in one type what do you mean? I have healing, fire offense and fire defense? Are you saying that I can only have like healing or fire?

10-17-2006, 05:55 PM
I've changed my post.

Neo Emolga
10-17-2006, 05:56 PM
As in one type what do you mean? I have healing, fire offense and fire defense? Are you saying that I can only have like healing or fire?

Fire or healing. If you select fire, you can have fire offensive and fire defense though.

Charizard Michelle
10-17-2006, 06:23 PM
I went with healing. Makes more sense. Brother learns to fight while sister learns to heal. I see if I can do something to be more offensive. I let the pokemon do the figthing and I seek out small magical items if I feel like it.

This shall be intresting.

10-17-2006, 08:28 PM
Name: Reyes St. Tassel

Age: 28

Class: [Mage]

Magic: Fire/Dark

Discription: light browned skin, often mistaken for white. No facial hair, and white haired, height about 6 feet, weighs close to 220 pounds, usually caught wearing brown slacks and a white shirt, wear a cape of the deepest black, with a thin stripe of red running down the center. keeps a blinfold over his eyes, made of the deepest black.

Personality: At the age of 28, there are few things that Reyes has not experianced, because of this Reyes is rarely surprised, and in fact usually two steps ahead of everyone else. Intelligent, and calm he speaks in a silk smooth voice, and always portrays a air of confidence.

Background: Born into a wealthy family Reyes had quite the life, his father was a famous Blacksmith who weapons and armor were second to none in quality, his mother made quilts and blankets as a hobby, when she was told her work was quite fine, she started to sell her work. By the age of 8 Reyes could sew as well and as fast as his mother, and also worked in the blacksmith with his father. At the age of 13 he was offered a knight apprenticeship by a famous Knight known as Lothar Bloodbane. Reyes trained under the knight learning everything he could for 5 years, at the age of 18 he became a Knight. 2 years later he married and had a son.

For the the next 3 years, he worked as a Knight bringing theives and such to justice, one night while he slept the village was attacked by bandits, he awoke and tried to help stave off the attack but was gravely wounded, when the battle ended the village was destroyed, and everybody dead, including his wife and son.

Believing that fighting evil was but a waste, and that it would never be destroyed he left the sacked village and linked up with a traveling group of Nomads were he learned to hunt and trap, for a year he traveled with them hunting and working, eventually his instincts became so good he started wearing a blindfold forcing him to rely completely on instincts alone. But the group eventually caught the black plague from a dead rabbit they had killed and eaten, the plague traveled through the group quickly killing all but a few of them, Reyes and the few survivors continued to travel dieing off one after the other. Reyes thinking that it was the end layed down, ready to die, passing out.

He eventually awoke in a strange hut, he soon learned that a recluse had made his home here and that he was in fact a medicine man, he nursed Reyes back to health, when he was finally better Reyes promised he would stay with the old recluse and work off his debt.

For 3 years Reyes helped the man with the gathering of herbs and such and grinding things into powders, of the years Reyes knowledge of herbs grew. Helped by the the Recluse Reyes gave up the ways of the sword and instead turned to things of the mind, and herbs, he became a powerful mage with much knowledge of the earth and its herbs Reyes eventually left his master, but not before he was given a special gift, a stout ashen branch, the bottom had been hollowed out, and at the top incased in the ashen was a chrystal ball that seemed to glow faintly, promised that the staff held immense power that one day would be unlocked Reyes set off into the world, it wasn't long before wind of the bounty of the Glorious five came to him, curious Reyes hook up with a man claiming to be in a group called Aqua, curious Reyes followed him and eventually join the group Aqua, now the hunt for the five has began.

Pokemon: Kabutops.

Team: Aqua.



Sent Reglay
10-17-2006, 10:24 PM
Name: St. Sent Reglay
Age: 28

Class: Mage; Light and Healing

Description: About 6 ft with black hair. Of asian(indian to be specific) desent. has dark brown eyes to the point of being nearly black. He wears a a flowing robe of woven gold.

Personality: Righteous and upright. He is a crusader of good.

Background: Sent was abondoned at the age of 2 at a small monastery by a holy women who called him her "sin". He was raised in this enviroment, and began to learn the ways of light and healing magic. He was incredibly good at grasping the complex concepts of theology, and by age 14 he was the youngest priest of the "Ivanniche" religion. He joined the Theocracy of "Rocket" which was supposedly named for the great vessels that brought the second nation of humans back to earth(If you want to know where i'm going with this just ask). He was elected the head priest, and in a religious society such as this, this was extremely prestigious especially for one so young. By the age of 24, he was passed into the order of sainthood. He began a journey of missionary work, earning the title "Crusader of Good" among all people he met. he drove abomination and heresy from the land of Kanto, and then dissappeared. three years later he returned to his kingdom, just in time to announce the attacks of an enemy from the north. He said nothing of where he had been or what he had done, but it was quite obvious something had happened. his demeanor had changed, from cheerful priest to the attitude of a man given the wisdom of the old while still in his youth. He answered no questions, just looked at the leadership of "Rocket" and shook his head with sadness...

Pokémon: Steelix, Dosaidon, Xatu, and Flygon

Team: Rocket

Other: I made alot of religious staements, if you want me to outline the "Ivanniche" religion for you Neo, just ask me to.

10-17-2006, 11:09 PM
Name: Aramis Cardinal

Age: 21

Class: Rogue

Description: Aramis is 6 feet tall but he's very skinny. He's of Arabian descent and has a dark tan. He has ancient sun tattoo's on the front of his two shoulder's and on the back of the same shoulder's he has half crescents. He has light brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair that perfectly straight. He wars ninja gear that he got from fighting marauders off of a passing wagon. He has an arabian short sword at his side with a small white marble handled dagger.

Personality: Aramis is a very intelligent person. He learned all of his techniques by himself. He keeps to himself alot, but that's how he likes it. He's very sneaky and he tends to find himself in the worst situations because of that. If you get to know him but though he will always protect you. He stands for all things good.

Background: Aramis was raised a prince until he was eight years old. His kingdom was overthrown and his family was ordered to be depaciptated. Aramis escaped using his cunning mind to fake his death. He asked if he could be drawn and quartered (lol I think that's it) and they agreed. His Ponyta was one of the ones to be the Ponyta to do the act. As soon as they went to pull him Ponyta burnt the rest of the ropes and Aramis was pulled by his Ponyta by one hand out of the desert waving bye to the rest of the people. Lefia was used for stun powder so they couldn't come after them.

His Ponyta evolved into Rapidash realizing that Aramis was a very intelligent man and that was an act of bravery, even though it was mostly the Pokemon who did the work. They spent their times getting into fights with passing trainers and traders. That's how they got wood to build a shack and fenced off yard. It was built around a small oasis for drinking water. Ten years later they decided to go traveling and that's just what they did.

They traveled from Arabia to France and halfway back. The reason only halfway back is because they met some Delta Green members. They interested him when he was twenty and he decided to join them. Since then he has been a faithful team member and plans to keep being a faithful member.

Pokémon: Lefia and Rapidash

Team: Delta Green

Other: Aramis is uber cool, Eh?

Neo Emolga
10-18-2006, 12:58 AM

Only thing with the staff is that if it does have such power, it should take a very long time to unlock. But other than that, the character is great and has an awesome background.



Sent Reglay

See? This is why I also thought a Medieval RP would be good. Nice stuff like this gets presented. Great job on it, and I hope you enjoy it.




The only thing I have a problem with is the “Arabia and France” part, since Earth countries don’t actually exist in this RP, but you can still make your character Arabian for the visual. It’s just so people don’t pull an Earth-based continent or country into the RP when it doesn’t exist in the Pokémon world. But overall, nicely done character.


Sent Reglay
10-18-2006, 01:01 AM
Want me to type up a sheet on the religions? I would be good at that.

Neo Emolga
10-18-2006, 01:07 AM
Want me to type up a sheet on the religions? I would be good at that.

That wouldn't be necessary, but instead maybe go into it while during your RP posts. That might be a better way of presenting it.

10-18-2006, 01:12 AM
Hmmm I forgot about what to do about the power of that staff.....Maybe Sir John Dwayne can help before his death......hehe.......


Sent Reglay
10-18-2006, 01:24 AM
Ok Neo. There IS some very specific stuff I want to include in the Ivanniche religion, that may not fit well into the religion, I might just add footnotes on how the religion tyes in to my post.

10-18-2006, 11:43 AM
Name: Nathaniel Redwood.

Age: 17

Class: Rogue

Description: Nathaniel is built tall, and slim. His legs and arms have no extra fat to weigh him down, and because of this, can move at incredible speeds when forced to. His skin complexion is pale in colour, as he hardly steps out of his house, except during the night, and therefore cannot get any sort of tan. His hair is black in colour, and long, reaching his shoulders, and hanging there elegantly. When he runs, or rides on a horse, his hair streams out behind him regally. His eyes are a pale blue in colour, and betray no emotion ions, whatsoever, making him a capable liar and deceiver. He wears a dark green tunic and black breeches, coupled with long black boots made of leather, and a black belt. At his belt, he has two short swords sheathed, but only uses them when forced to. Otherwise he uses the bow and arrows that are inside his black quiver. His bow is made from teakwood, and his arrowheads are made from steel, while the feathers come from swans. In the pack that he always carries around, he carries an assortment of useful items from poisons to pins.

Personality: Being a Rogue by profession, Nathaniel has a very shaky personality. Being a sort of Archer-For-Hire sort of person, he will promptly jump from one team to another, depending on who pays him better, or gives him a better offer. So naturally, he doesn’t believe in all of this loyalty and bravery nonsense. To him it is simply stupid to pledge one’s life to another. No doubt, the other would send you to do jobs that he or she would never do, and you would end up getting killed for something that you shouldn’t have gotten killed. Nathaniel only gets involved in wars and fights if there is something to benefit for him. Nathaniel is a lot like his mentor, Sir Nathaniel Steadfast; he was even named after Sir Nathaniel. Of course, he liked Sir Nathaniel before he went bad, and follows his policy that stealth is a much better ideal than courage.

Background: Nathaniel was born to Samuel and Marisa Redwood. Being their first child, he enjoyed some pampering for the first five years of his life. Then, his sister was born, and his parents’ attention turned to her, and in his eyes, he was forgotten. For another five years, he lived under his sister’s shadow. Although this may seem odd, seeing as he was the older sibling, but she was seen by a Mage who lived all the way in the big kingdom of Celadon, and taken off for training, even at the young age of three. Nathaniel then, when he turned fourteen, ran away from home, leaving the conservative town of Fuchsia, and going to the small village of Lavender. Over there, he met an archer, who was also a Rogue. He trained with that Rogue for four years. Then, returning to Fuchsia, he learnt that his parents had been kidnapped. Certain people said it was by Johto spies, and others said it was one of the three prominent teamsof Aqua, Delta Green and Rocket. Nathaniel met an Aqua oficial in Celdon, who was searching out people to join their leader Rust Makuta, and to help him in his newest plan for power. Nathaniel, remembering what some people said about the raw power of Aqua, thought that Aqua would be a great help in his search for his kidnapped parents; and if it was Aqua who kidnapped them, joining them would prove his loyalty, and his parents would be released from captivity. Nathaniel agreed to join Aqua, and after a quick journey to Shinou to demostrate his skills to Aqua Lord Rust, he returned to Kanto, to continue his search, being told that the Aqua village in Kanto would be willing to give him reinforcements, if the need came up. He took the offer, and told Aqua that he would only call for their help if he needed them most. They gifted him his Flygon to aid him if he needed it.

Pokémon: Espeon (Senalia); Rapidash (Reinart); Flygon (Freidor)

Team: Aqua

Other: Reinart is more of a transport Pokémon than a battling Pokémon, and Nathaniel keeps her in an Apricot. Senalia is kept outside an Apricot at all times, being Nathaniel’s closest friend. Freidor is kept inside an Apricot like Rapidash, but is used to help in battles. Freidor is a small specimine of Flygon, and cannot be ridden upon, which is why Reinart is used as a travle Pokémon. Nathaniel is like a less loyal and less glamourous version of Legolas from LOTR.


Neo Emolga
10-18-2006, 12:40 PM

Awesome character, I can just picture this guy. And I love the background, excellent job on it.


10-18-2006, 07:47 PM
Name: Yume Orihime/Eris Karin Kuchiki (she does not know this)
Age: 26
Class: Mage, Wind/Spirit

Description: Her hair is light blue, and short. She has a long piece of hair about to her shoulder in length on the right side of her head, with a thin red ribbon wrapping twice around the piece of hair at about height of the ear. Ironically, her eyes were also light blue. Her skin was slightly tanned, wearing a mage overcloak, hiding her miko suit underneath. However, her attire had four differences. She wore dark leather boots instead of the usual wooden sandles, she had a leather holding case on the left side of her waist, she wore two golden bracelets around each of her wrists, and her right arm also wore a small silver bracelet that had enough energy to materialize a small dagger.

Personality: She tries to be very cheerful and completely dull on the outside, due to her background. Her intelligence might get the better of her, though.

Background: A woman of unknown birth. She was raised a the daughter of a prominent family, the Orihime, and attended Celadon's academies. She was known to the class as "the zero", because she was unable to use even the most basic of spells. Thus, she focused on atheletics and ways to fight with knives. She went into an apprenticeship with Jones Darris, a wind-based apprentice to John Dwayne. Instead of choosing her own element, she just used the element that Jones used. Jones sensed something about her, her insane amount of energy in her mana core, which caused a complete disturbance with her ability to cast spells. And thus, he gave her two golden bracelets to wear for supressing this mana core. The downside was that she would never be able to cast spells. Instead, he gave her several cards with some amount of spider silk as a replacement. Thus, she was able to finally cast spells. Over time, she continued to do spider research. Due to this, she was able to rise above the ranks and became one of the best anti-wind mages around. She continued to be a scholarover her life, and refined her work on spider research. She was never able to surpass that of Jones.

The corruption of pentagram was the beginning of the end of her former life. Her parents were killed, as they were suspected to be with the pentagram, and they gave her one last word, "Your name is not Yume." She knew from that point on that she had lost all of her identity.

She was quickly accepted into Delta Green, who allowed her to do whatever she wanted in the name of research. There, she began spiritual research in order to find her identity, or at least she thought. However, she needed more mana power, to summon more spirits of the dead, more chains of death to find her final roots. And the only one to have this power: John Dwayne.

Pokémon: Smeargle, Ariados, Misdreavous

Team: DARK

Other: She's a card mage.

Neo Emolga
10-19-2006, 01:39 PM

Definitely exceptional. I wonder if you'll pull a Kent Tousaka in this RP, but we'll just have to wait and see. That was always one RP moment I don't think I'll forget. XD


Charizard Michelle
10-19-2006, 03:19 PM
Yeah. I did a little editing in mines. I added a medicine pouch to my character. Just seems like something a person like her would carry. I just saying that to give a heads up incase that isn't allow.

Neo Emolga
10-19-2006, 03:22 PM
Yeah. I did a little editing in mines. I added a medicine pouch to my character. Just seems like something a person like her would carry. I just saying that to give a heads up incase that isn't allow.

Having a medicine pouch is nothing, don't worry about tiny little things like that.

Changes in classes or total re-writes of personality, description, and background are like the only things that may need review, but a few tiny details isn't anything to be concerned about.

Sent Reglay
10-19-2006, 11:11 PM
Question: WOuld a rapier be allowed for a mage? Rapiers, were mostly signs of wealth or prestige more than an actual weapon, they wouldn't last 3 seconds against a real sword. I was just wonderingg, it would be fun to RP a Rapier.

Neo Emolga
10-20-2006, 12:09 AM
Question: WOuld a rapier be allowed for a mage? Rapiers, were mostly signs of wealth or prestige more than an actual weapon, they wouldn't last 3 seconds against a real sword. I was just wonderingg, it would be fun to RP a Rapier.

It's still a sword though... :ermm:

Sorry, but only a dagger or staff.

Sent Reglay
10-20-2006, 12:23 AM
ok, just asking. thanks for telling me.

10-20-2006, 12:56 AM
Name: Zeno Ifrit

Age: 24

Class: Mage

Magic: Water

Description: Zeno is a very pale person. He's 5'10 and 120 lbs. He wears light blue robes with a gaint "R" on the back. His hair is short, spikey, and black. His eyes are sky blue thus making him look like a water god.

Personality: Zeno tends to keep to the books. He's always studying the magics. When he's not studying he's working on mastering his Pokemon. He's also very rightous. If he saw someone doing something wrong he would take them to the courts.

Background: Zeno has been reading since he was three years old. He never liked to go outside and play. His father was an Earth Mage and his mother was a Fire Mage. He was always interested in water so his parents ordered him the best Water Mage around. They were very very wealthy and hiring a teacher was like buying a loaf of bread for them.

Zeno has been training in Water magics since he was five. Water to him was like his best friend. At the tender age of eight he had already succeeded his master. His parents were so proud of them they bought him all of the Water Mage books he could ever want. One day he went on vacation to an ocean when he was ten. He practiced Water Magics there for a week. He saw a very intruiging pokemon. He studied it and then started talking to it becoming great friends. This Pokemon just happened to be Wynaut. When it was time for Zeno to leave Wynaut decided to follow. Since then he has always followed Zeno around.

Eight years had passed and it was time for him to move out and begin the real journey of becoming a Master of Water Magics. He bought his own two story Italian (that's so you can get the idea of looks) house. It has water springs in the back yard along with a giant lake that he could practice on.

His parents died of old age when he was twenty-one. This made him very depressed. They left him a surprise at thier house. He went to pick it up and to his surprise he gained a second Pokemon, Lunatone. This reminded him of the good times he had with his parents so he decided to keep it around. He heard about an amazing team called "Rocket." This infatuated him with curiosity so he went to one of thier meetings and was instantly interested. Since then he has been training with them.

Pokémon: Wynaut and Lunatone

Team: Team Rocket

Other: He's never going to let Wynaut evolve.

10-20-2006, 03:35 AM
few minor changes to character: Now pure mage class specializing in fire.


10-20-2006, 05:26 AM
Shuu Midori

19 Years Old

Mage; Curative and Air (a.k.a Wind)

Looking at Shuu, the first thing you'll prolly notice is that his muddy yellow shirt is loosely hanging on his shoulders, and the sleeves billow and pass almost completely over his hands, and that his purple pants are being held to his waist by a thick length of rope, though that still doesn't help his position. He has a pointed purple wizards hat as well, though there is a thin string that holds it comfortably to the back of his neck, leaving his bright, though unable-to-be-tamed blonde hair out in the open. Two particular strands of his blonde hair hung down along the sides of his face, defining where the edges were. Also, Shuu wears a tall pair of dark, navy blue, boot-like shoes, that Shuu never takes off unless he is in someone's house, or going to sleep. His eyes are a deep amber color, and when he stares into a fire, it looks as if there were miniture fires that had formed inside of them.

Shuu's bo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bo_%28weapon%29) is more untraditional than the usual one; it's made of multiple types of lightweight woods and bone fragments, though the color of it is a dark brown, making it look like it was lacquered oak. The length of the bo is completed at around 7 ft, and even though the lightweight woods and bone fragaments are supposed to make it lighter and give Shuu the ability to use it with one hand, it still has a large amount of weight, and can slip out of his hands if he is reckless in using it with his one hand.

Shuu also has hidden under his large sleeves of his yellow shirt two sais (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sai_%28weapon%29), a thin leather strap tying them tightly to his arm so they don't slide out. Each sai is made of iron, and he never uses them unless he is in a situation where his bo fails its use. He usually chucks them with the blade pointing directly at the opponent, trying to hit a vital or painful spot. Most of the time why Shuu's hands are covered by his sleeves is because Shuu is often fingering the handle of them, incase he needs to grab them; usually though, he is walking around with his bo in his left hand, prepared to defend himself if he gets attacked.

(Yes, his clothes may be untraditional for a Mage, but then again, who said he was a traditional one... ^^)

Shuu acts extremely distant, though he is keen-as-a-knife of his surroundings. He allows his mind to wander, and his eyes stare at the sky, allowing his thoughts to calm. People often think of him being weird for his habit of acting distant, but Shuu often shrugs that notion aside, and allows his feelings to go unharmed. He thinks of himself as an individual in the world, and not classifying people according to their status and the amount of money they have. His true feelings are scarcely brought to the surface, since he believes that not showing feelings during a competition or battle is a key to success.

Shuu was born into a borderline-poverty family of a mother, a father, and two brothers, aged three and seven. His parents cared for Shuu as much as their busy lives would allow, but both his mother and father were busy with some sort of work to pay attention to Shuu; his older brothers were already busy going to school, and the seven year old one was working on finding some sort of menial work to provide some extra money for the family. With this all happening, Shuu's attitude started becoming more unfeeling and distant, though his parents never completely noticed this until Shuu had turned five, and his teacher had said that Shuu had been acting 'odd' during class. Shuu's parents and his eldest brother tried working on Shuu's unfeeling emotions, trying to mold some sort of attitude, but Shuu became ignorant of this, and slowly learned how to slowly become distant to the world around him.

As he started perfecting this, his love for absorbing knowledge fell into catagories of magic that had appealed to him, Air and Curative. Air-based spells always fascinated him, since their appeal with being confused with Psychic powers and 'levitation' often seemed to attract more and more people to watch them; Shuu enjoyed the ability to control the Air, though he noticed he became extremely exhausted with it. Curative magic became his second best stripe of magic he knew; he often used it to help rejuvenate some of the helplessly tired elders in his small town, giving them back energy that they had lost from continuous over-exhaustion. Soon, he was able to start forming balls of Air, that he used on bullies and thieves that roamed the town, looking for prime prey.

With his unbreakable love of being able to cast spells, Pokemon was second to none on his list. His first choice of Pokemon, when he was able to finally capture one was an Abra. It fascinated him at how much he and Abra got along, since both of them always seemed to fall more or less into a meditative sleep, instead of a deep sleep and not being able to react fast to things occuring the surroundings. He trained his Abra alot, and soon it evolved into a Kadabra. With the help of his Kadabra, he soon learned how to be able to meditate without actually going to bed, offering him more of the ability to counter whenever an enemy decided to strike. Also, with the help of his Kadabra, he was able to catch a Buoysel and a Pinpuku. With this small team of three, and the large vast land around him, he set off on a journey, training the three strong and mighty, and overcoming every challange, though not with ease.

Before Shuu returned home, he had ran into the mysterious beauty of Absol. Figuring by it's Dark nature, his Alakazam wouldn't have been the best choice; Blissey wouldn't be too helpful, since he used it more as a nurse for his team; Floatsel was the one he chose. Multiple exchanges of Crunch happened, with the occasional Aqua Jet and Slash. Floatsel and Absol had worn out after continuously attacking for fifteen minutes. He then was able to get his Floatsel to use Razor Wind, knocking the Absol into a tree, forcing it out cold. He captured the Absol, and nursed it back to full health and power, and was able to tame the powerful spirit within it, creating the final member of his squad.

After returning home, after having left for eight, Shuu starts hearing about a conflict going on after the disappearance of the Golden Five, and the upbringing of three teams: Delta Green, Aqua, and Rocket. Shuu vowed he would stay out of the conflict, since he didn't feel that war would have been needed if all three sides could have agreed on something. The town slowly started slipping, starting with a bar argument over the teams. The town soon divided into three sections, the northern part was devoted to Aqua, the southeastern part was devoted to Delta Green, and the southwestern part was devoted to Rocket; Shuu, in the meanwhile was caught in the middle of this. His family all agreed with the ideas of Team Delta Green, but Shuu still was strongheld to his vow, though it wasn't for long.

Shuu allowed his thought's and his scarce feelings to get the better of him, and he soon declared himself with Team Delta Green, but wasn't too smart about letting it being known. The night after Shuu did so, multiple houses, along the boundries that were aligned with Aqua and Rocket, were burned to the land they were built on, and the people within them died as well. Shuu was afraid of all of the chaos he caused in his village, and felt that the best thing for him to do was to simply flee the village. Then, the thought of leaving the village without him stuck in his mind: he was the only person in the village that was able to keep calm and collected in the most terrible of situations, making him the most wanted person in his town. If he left, his village would be in utter chaos and destruction, since each party would begin attacking one another, and each side would send out people to find him. He kept to himself, and privately aligned himself to Delta Green, as soon as he was out of reach of his village.

He started a small new life on the outskirts of Celadon City.

Alakazam, Floatsel, Absol, Blissey

Delta Green


~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Meh... I'll prolly update it later with something else... and really, that seems kinda short... :/

Dr Scott
10-20-2006, 07:34 AM
Name: Gabriel Stormwind

Age: 25

Class: Warrior

Team: Delta Green

Description: Gabriel Stormwind is a young man of around 5’10-6’2. He is of a barely above average weight, and a muscular, but not large, build. He has long silver hair that falls past his shoulders and down his back. In certain lights his hair takes a on a more blue tinge, almost matching his light blue eyes at some points.

On normal days he wears a mostly white sleeveless vest, with a large yellow stripe along the bottom, and right above that a thin black stripe. He usually wears the vest open so that the plain black sleeveless shirt that he wears under it can be seen. He wears plain blue baggy pants as well, held up by a belt. His write hand is wrapped up by clothe, the reason being that he finds it good luck. This is his training clothing, his normal clothing, and what he wears when he is relying on his speed. When he is training he also sometimes wears a blindfold to train his senses. (Image (http://incomingfire.com/a/267px-Riku_KH2.JPG))

Other times he wears a long all hooded black cloak, usually with the hood pulled down but at some points with the hood up, whenever he is trying to be mysterious. The cloak covers almost all of the hand, only showing the fingers, which Gabriel covers with black gloves. Some times when he is wearing this robe he also covers his eyes with a blindfold, thus raising his other senses. Plus, he thinks it makes him look cool and mysterious. (Image (http://incomingfire.com/a/kingdomhearts2-riku.JPG))

When he is going off to battle, or to face a challenger that he thinks is difficult, Gabriel wears his famed silver armor, polished to a gleaming color. On the breast is the picture the open maw of an Aerodactyl.

Recently, Gabriel has been given a green set of armor by his Delta Green teammates, and a green cloak to go over the armor, a large image of a Tyranitar on the back of the cloak.

I based this character pretty much fully on Riku (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riku_%28Kingdom_Hearts%29) from Kingdom Hearts II, if you want a visual representation.

Personality: Gabriel is a strange character for a fighter. In other words, he likes to use his brain as well as his brawn. To this end he has studied many previous battles and battle strategies, and so has taught his body different techniques to go against certain weapons, attack styles, and other such occurrences. That way, when the battle does come to him, his body will instinctually know what to do. This means that while battling he tends to use instincts to battle, because there usually isn’t time to use your brawn, but if he has time, or before a battle he will think up new strategies and everything else.

He also is a born leader, and always takes control of situations unless there is someone better for the job at hand. This has caused him to butt heads with cockier men who have thought themselves unbeatable and always in charge. He especially has problems with aristocracy, and despises most.

Another great quality of his is that he never underestimates his opponent. He knows that the moment he does he will lose, or be surprised. Because of this he often tends to overestimate his opponents, though usually not by much. More then often his estimations are spot on, as he can read someone pretty well. He has gotten into many a poker fight because people thought that he was cheating.

He is always polite to most females, treating them with the respect he thinks they deserve. However, if he is fighting a female he will not underestimate her, knowing that they are just as deadly as males.

He does not have any prejudices against any classes (i.e. Mages, Thieves, etc.), instead he judges someone on their own character. However, he gets along best with fighters like him, because he has something in common with them.

Gabriel is a prankster, always enjoying a good joke. This has always caused a few problems, as he has been kicked out of a few places for what he thought was an ‘innocent’ prank. This also leads to people underestimating him, which he enjoys because it gives him an advantage in battle.

Being a fighter, Gabriel always loves a good fight, and goes by a strict code of honor when it comes to fighting. His code of honor usually deals with one on one fights, however, as he feels that surprising an enemy is a brilliant and good tactic in battle.

Though named after an angel, Gabriel is not good or evil. He just does whatever he wants, whatever he thinks is right. If he likes you he will treat you with respect, and if he does not like you he will let you know that, as well. A very straight forward character, Gabriel prides himself on not being very complex. Also, he hates to think that his fate is already sealed, and tries to defy it and anyone who thinks one thing about him all of the time, doing things that many people told him were impossible.

Background: ]: Gabriel was born and raised to be what his name suggests, an angel. Or a guardian angel to be more specific, a guardian angel for the town he was born in, Mahogany.

Mahogany was once a bustling town in the olden days, well known as a major haven for all adventuring groups in Johto. Most of the greatest men and women fighters (the term as in the people who fight, not warriors) hailed from this town, and because of this they had many such buildings just for these kinds of people. The strongest of the groups made their housings in Mahogany, and the town became a must see stop for anyone looking for help in taking an evil band of mercenaries or bandits down. In fact, it is said that the Golden Five once lived in Mahogany for a short while, but it is unknown whether this is fact, or just another made up tale.

It is because of its popularity that it became a target of one of the famous adventurers turned evil went after it. Sir Thomas Luther himself came all the way to the city, looking at it as a threat that must be destroyed. Because he feared that he could be overwhelmed by the large numbers of great adventurers in the group, however, Luther hired a group of evil necromancers, one of the largest group of bandits, and the best mercenaries money can offer to go after the town.

The coalition of evil forces all attacked en masse, something that no one expected. Because of this, the town was caught off guard, and the biggest hit was suffered during the first initial wave. However, the town managed to rouse itself, the greatest adventuring groups coming together, managing to push back the attacking forces.

It was two years into the constant battle between any groups that Luther could get his hands on and the adventurers of Mahogany when Gabriel was conceived. He was born to two leaders of the two most popular adventuring teams in Mahogany, Julian Moonstar from the Red Dawn and Naomen Stormwind from the Midnight Knights, both the last surviving members of their once legendary group.

It was predicted by a powerful oracle that the man who was born to the leaders of two great groups would be one of the ones destined to destroy the newly dubbed Pentagram Clan. It was because of this that the two named their child after a well known angel, thinking that the boy would bring about their salvation.

They trained him a little bit as he grew in age, though he never really knew what they were doing. They gave him a wooden sword to play with instead of a wooden car, teaching him to read with military strategy books, introducing him to well known adventurers and kids who were raised just as he was, to fight. And because of this the boy was learning how to fight without even realizing what was going on. He and the other children were kept safe and for the most part unaware of what was going on outside, having no large problems other then the fact that every now and then someone’s parent would die in battle.

His training began in earnest when he was 11 with his mother training her son in the magical craft. A month after his training began, however, his mother was killed in battle. In fact, Gabriel had seen the horrific act in person, watching from a window as his mother cast spell after spell at opposing forces to keep them from reaching her son until finally she ran out of magical energy, forcing her to tap into her own life force to keep enemies at bay. She died using up all of her life, turning all of that energy into magic. After that time Gabriel stopped learning magic, thinking for a while that it was evil and that it was reckless. However, he still has within him trained magical ability, power that comes out in an ability to mentally speak with his Pokémon.

His father, who until now had been living near the remnants of the once great wall of Mahogany, left his post to go protect and stay with his son. His father had little time to train him, but he did when he could. Most of the time Gabriel learned everything about fighting from watching his father or others battle the constant evil forces, later learning from the general whose job it was to teach the kids how to battle. The general came up with a single task, take his dagger and he would be ready to go out and fight the good fight.

Gabriel grabbed the dagger at the young age of fifteen, and joined his father on the battlefield at that time. Unlike his father however, who fought for the liberty of everyone and the hope to one day end this darkness that was cast by the once righteous group, Gabriel fought so that he could protect the one’s dearest to him. This caused some problems between father and son, and when the group managed to punch a whole through the thought infinite numbers of enemy forces, Naomen argued to go and end it by killing Luther while Gabriel thought to go back and use the time to regroup. Tension was added when Naomen told Gabriel that the famous oracle said that now would be the day that something important would shift in this war, also telling his son about what the oracle had said about Gabriel himself. Unhappy, Gabriel fought with his father about his own independence, saying the oracle couldn’t really see anything and that he would choose his own future.

And so without his son Naomen and everyone else who was great went out of the town, going to attack Thomas Luther himself. Gabriel saw his instinct was right, noticing that the split in the enemy forces was all a trick, and tried to warn his father. Though his letter did get to his father, they still went on, seeing this as their only chance. Gabriel, unable to do anything, looked at Mahogany and saw that all of their defenses would be gone if the mission failed. He decided it would be best to retreat, and so with most of Mahogany’s inhabitants and many supplies in tow, the group left to go hide in Ecruteak.

Naomen and his friends failed, and Thomas Luther found his chance to go in and burn down the once great city. For the first year, Gabriel did all he could to help the former inhabitants of Mahogany to stay alive, helping to set defenses in Ecruteak as well. When he saw that Thomas had left, however, Gabriel joined a small mercenary band that traveled Heonn and did anything that was needed of them for money.

After having an argument with the leader that ended in bloodshed however, Gabriel went back to Johto, where he mainly traveled around alone. Now eighteen, Gabriel started to make contacts and friends within the circle of adventurers, and before long started an adventuring group of his own composed of his new friends. The Fallen Angels quickly became famous as a tough adventuring group, and at twenty and a half the group was given a contract to help out Johtos own group, Delta Green.

It was during this job that Gabriel met a Delta Green member, Michael Anowood, and the two quickly became friends. Teaming up with Michael and his group, the Fallen Angels easily finished the job, and after that became a constant group for Delta Green, and Gabriel found himself being partnered up with Michael Anowood again and again. He became a member of Delta Green without even knowing it, Michael even introduced him to his sister, Maria.

One job led him back to a rebuilt Mahogany town, where he was surprised to see some of his old friends fighting the battles with the remnants of the group that Thomas left. He and his group joined Delta Green, begging them to help him protect his former town.

Now at twenty-three, Gabriel is now an influential member of Delta Green. Somehow he managed to become the master of the Fighter’s Guild, where he now resides, waiting for orders to come that will set him and his group free to adventure a bit …

Pokemon: Pokémon Nicknames and History Subject to Change

Inferno / Bonfire the Arcanine: Gabriel’s first Pokémon and steed

Shade / Midnight / Twilight the Umbreon: Gabriel’s second Pokémon, he feels unusually attached to this Pokémon.

Hurricane the Aero: Toughest in the team!

Matron the Miltank: MEDIC!

Dr Scott
10-20-2006, 07:34 AM
I'm going to keep this post for the various OTHER that will go here ^^. Trust me, if all goes well there will be plenty ^^

Neo Emolga
10-20-2006, 01:59 PM

Excellent profile, with very nice detail. It's nice to see another great sign up from a new member.



Again, I have never seen sign-ups before that were this good and this detailed. Awesome work, this is the way sign ups were meant to be!



Wow... wow... wow. You're right, this one was bigger. Deep, deep description in there with unmatched detail. That sign up is practially a story in its own...

Exceptional work, stuff like that is amazing.


Also, if you need more info on Cid Highwind (The Cid from Final Fantasy VII), Wikipedia has a good article here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cid_Highwind). I've played FFVII and have used Cid throughout the entire game, so if there's anything else you need to know about him that the article doesn't cover, just feel free to ask.

10-20-2006, 03:39 PM
This spot is reserved for Marill (Chad). Under construction.


Name: (Your character’s name)
Age: (Your Character’s age. Make sure it’s realistic. 17 years or older)
Class: (Your character’s class, being Warrior, Rogue, Mage, or Mage Knight. Also, if you’re playing a Mage or Mage Knight, mention your specializations)
Description: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook)
Background: (Your character’s history)
Pokémon: (1-4; may be evolved; no Legendaries. If your character is part of a team, you must use at least one monster of the type your team has designated, if any.)
Shinou Pokémon are included.
Team: (What Tides of Darkness team you are aligned with in ToD and for the duration of the RP)
Other: (Any miscellaneous facts you wish to include)[/QUOTE]

10-20-2006, 03:59 PM
Last change to character Fire and Dark mage, though won't learn about till way down the road.


Lord Celebi
10-20-2006, 06:45 PM
Hope you like 'em long, Neo...

Name: rust Makuta
Age: 35
Class: Warrior
Description: Wears Blue Armor that is similar to that of Team Aqua grunts' but is stronger. His armor has an extra coat of steel with jewels encrested over the armor, giving him the nickname 'The Shining Knight.' He wears a black trenchcoat, one of his ideas for clothing, with the Aqua A on the back (OOC: Trenchcoats in Medieval times. Y/N?). He prefers a Medium Helm as opposed to a Full Helm, because Full Helms are popular.

When he's not in his armor, he wears traditional Shinou clothing (Think Feudal Japanese-esque clothing), complete with a straw hat over his head.
Personality: Quicktempered, Impaitent, and greedy.

rust was born in Shinou at the height of the Golden Five's popularity. He had always looked up to the Golden Five from the stories he heard in Castle Nagisa, the biggest castle in Shinou. He commonly went out to the village surrounding the castle to hear the latest stories of the Five.

rust and his family were only servents of Lord Mikado, the ruler of Castle Nagisa. Lord Mikado didn't treat his servents well, which led rust to become a disgruntled worker. When he turned seven, he began study of the Martial Art Kendo, the distinctive swordfighting style born in Shinou.

When he turned 11, he achieved his second degree Black Belt in Kendo, allowing him to handle a real steel Katana. His sensei gave him his first Katana. But in his thirst for knowledge, he the studied Iaido, another Shinou sword fighting style.

By the time he was 17, he has mastered both of Shinou's major sword fighting styles. He then went on to developing his own Katana style, Nitoryu, a two sword style. When he had mastered his own skill at the age of twenty, people from all over Earth went to Nagisa to learn under rust.

Lord Mikado wasn't happy, and unleashed his Imperial Army upon the apprentices. All were killed except for rust. rust fled back to his family, and poisoned Lord Mikado's next meal.

rust watched as Mikado ate his rice and fish. The poison kicked in, and Lord Mikado spasmed on the floor from the poison. His last words were, "rust! I'll get you! I give you my word!"

"Your word means less than nothing, old fool," rust replied to him, stabbing him in the heart (OOC: Kill Bill reference... Woo!). The Imperial Army then came in and attacked rust. rust fended off all of them. He swiftly took over Castle Nagisa for his own.

The first thing he did was execute every member of the Imperial Army by his own hand. He then reopened his Nitoryu school and recruited the finest of swordsman to serve under him in a new Imperial Guard he called Team Aqua.

Even though he ruled Nagisa, he wanted... more. He then sent out spies to other Castle-cities in Shinou, each spy gaining an integral position in each castle's court. Immediately, rust delivered a message to every Lord in the land.

The message told them that there was a spy in their midst from Team Aqua, ready to kill them if they did not comply with his demands. They were allowed to rule their kingdoms, as long as rust has the final say on every decision in Shinou, and recieved 10% of the Castle's wealth monthly.

With his new elite soldiers, he then founded a mercenary group, looking for even more money for rust's vast wealth. After two years, they became the best in the business worldwide, and were the preferred mercenary or hired army of everyone. All the compeitions suffered... fatal 'accidents.'

rust is now biding his time, planning a new, mindblowing, secret project in Castle Nagisa. One day, he is going to ease into rule of Shinou, when the time is right...



Swampert was rust's first Pokemon, given to him as a Mudkip for his fifth birthday. They have been through a lot throughout their years. They washed dishes together, prepared food together, and washed floors together. Every Sunday, during his free time, rust took Mudkip out in the wild to train. Mudkip soon evolved into Marshtomp. By the time rust had turned seven, he was directing all of his free time to Martial Arts, and did not train Marshtomp again until after he had gotten his second degree Black Belt in Kendo. between the time between rust taking Kendo and Iaido, he trained Marshtomp into a Swampert.


Kabutops was rust's second Pokemon. He found a Kabuto in a river one day while training Mudkip and brought it back to the Castle. Since Kabuto were quite common during these times, nobody was thought it was as cool as rust did. rust kept it while he trained Mudkip, and trained Kabuto at Mudkip's side. Like Marshtomp, rust did not finish training him until after he had mastered Kendo. Kabutops became a valuable asset of rust's when training Iaido. Kabutops became one of his sparring partners. Even to this day, Kabutops and rust still spar, but rust now prefers to spar with people instead of Pokemon.


Another Pokemon that was common during this time period, rust had found an Omanyte while training Marshtomp and Kabuto. rust had also found this Pokemon cool and had brought it home. People thought rust was weird for having 'The two most useless Pokemon,' but ruse was able to train Omanyte into an Omastar with any spare time he had while training in Iaido. Omastar became another invaluable asset to rust because he could train fighting against a Bow and Arrow weilding enemy with Omastar's various missile attacks.


When rust started the Nitoryu Martial Art, a gift from his first student was a rare Dratini. rust gladly took Dratini and trained it when he wasn't training his class. When it had evolved into Dragonair, his dojo was massacred. He kept Dragonair as a symbol of the kindness his students had given him, and vowed to raise Dragonair into a Dragonite in honor of his former students. Dragonite is now rust's preferred form of air travel.

Team: Aqua


-Twin Katanas
-Bow and Arrow
-Halberd made out of a rare metal found called Mythril.

Sent Reglay
10-20-2006, 10:07 PM
I switched espeon for Xatu and dragonite for flygon.

10-21-2006, 11:03 AM
Just to tell you, I've added a bit more to my history, and added a Flygon onto my team...thanks.


Neo Emolga
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You're good to go with me, enjoy the RP. Unfortunetly, I never saw Kill Bill, and I'm beginning to wonder if that's where your admiration for katanas came from...


Lord Celebi
10-21-2006, 07:39 PM

You're good to go with me, enjoy the RP. Unfortunetly, I never saw Kill Bill, and I'm beginning to wonder if that's where your admiration for katanas came from...


Dude, you're missing out. Rent Volumes I and II... I has a really cool Katana fight at the end... and II is just plain cool.

Thanks, BTW.

Dr Scott
10-21-2006, 09:50 PM
Nah, if you're going to watch it, watch it for GoGo (I think), the really hot but scary chick in a school girl outfit <3.

Added a few weapons, fixed a few words, added a sentence to Cid, but really, what more can I add? :-P

And I'm adding in Interesting People ish.

10-21-2006, 10:09 PM
Nah, if you're going to watch it, watch it for GoGo (I think), the really hot but scary chick in a school girl outfit <3.

Added a few weapons, fixed a few words, added a sentence to Cid, but really, what more can I add? :-P

And I'm adding in Interesting People ish.

I'll never look at a ball and chain the same way.....

I'm pretty sure thats who your talking about. she was Psycho.....


Lord Celebi
10-21-2006, 10:40 PM
Nah, if you're going to watch it, watch it for GoGo (I think), the really hot but scary chick in a school girl outfit <3.

Added a few weapons, fixed a few words, added a sentence to Cid, but really, what more can I add? :-P

And I'm adding in Interesting People ish.

Yeah, her name was Gogo... She was quite scary actually... Killing people when she's drunk...

But we shouldn't spoil the movie for Neo :P

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Etch, this isn't good ... I want to add more, but I don't have room in my second post O.o. That's not even right man, that's just crazy ... I don't know what to do! I'm freaking out! [Laugh] Oh, and I just tried to put some of the stuff from my second into the first ... but it's too full too. I don't know what to do!!! [/LaughYourButtOff]

And Gogo was hot, in a cut off your lips and then kiss you kind of way =P.

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Name: Talan Hawke (Yes, a play on words)
Age: 19
Class: Rogue


Talan has a beautiful face and small frame, which means he is sometimes mistaken for a girl. He stands at 5 feet and 10 inches in height when erect in posture. A golden, shining plait of hair falls down his back to about mid-back level, tied with dark brown string. His blue-grey eyes are warm and compassionate to his friends, yet cold and unforgiving to his enemies. He wears stone-coloured slacks, brown leather boots and a navy tunic which carries a small Aqua insignia on the right breast. While not visible, this tunic conceals his leather armour, durable yet flexible, silent and lightweight to help protect him on stealthy missions.


Pessimism is his natural defense. While not afraid to embark on a challenge, Talan always thinks out every worst-case scenario to cover for his own mistakes. A good friend and trusty partner to rust, he is always loyal and true to his word when it is deserved. Talan isn't afraid, though, to backstab an enemy or traitor when it must be done.


Talan Hawke never knew his parents. He was raised in an orphanage in Johto, but made a quick escape onto the streets at the age of 11 after witnessing several brutal fights between the older boys and the workers. A sterotypical street rat, Talan had to steal food and money to survive, and had to learn to defend himself from those who would try to harm him. The rough streets of Goldenrod were a harsh training ground, but he made it out of the other end with merit and began his journey to Shinou at the age of 16.

In Shinou, he met with another thief named Gwang Gae, who had also come from Johto. They shared their past experiences, their knowledge and their fighting styles with one another, becoming great friends. Gwang was learning an art named Nitoryu under a master named rust, and taught this with his archery skills. However, before Talan could issue his first lesson in Wing Chun, Gwang mysteriously disappeared. It soon transpired that he had been murdered by rust's Lord, along with the other Nitoryu apprentices. Talan was filled with rage.

He then heard of how rust had taken revenge upon this Lord Mikado, and the rage was dispelled for admiration and respect. One of the first to be recruited by rust for his talents as a thief, spy and assassin, Talan headed the espionage missions to expand the influence of Aqua. Soon his spies had secured the Lords of Shinou for Aqua's and rust's command, and Talan had become his leader's right hand man.

Meanwhile, rust prepared for his secret project in Castle Nagisa, a project that would see him become Shinou's (and the world's) true ruler.

Pokémon: Salamence, Lanturn, Blaziken
Team: Aqua

Proficient in the use of long bow, short bow and crossbow type weapons, and a master thief. Always carries his trusty Ram-Dao and Nin-To swords, the latter a gift from rust. A black belt in Wing Chun and a more than adequate practictioner of Nitoryu.

Neo Emolga
10-24-2006, 01:11 PM

Nicely done profile, it was well detailed and very interesting to read. Enjoy the RP.


10-26-2006, 01:56 AM
-Name: Takimaru Souna (Pronounced So-Oona)

-Age: 19

-Class: Mage, a Darkness Specialist (Necromancer)


He is a strong lad of about 6'3'', but he has a slighlty twiggy, yet healthy look. His voice is a little deeper, as he has just exited adolescence, but it still has the tinge of his teenagerdom in it. He is extremely intelligent, but tries to refrain from "Know-it-all-ism." His hair is naturally spiked (as naturally as Cloud's or Sora's from the FF/KH world). However, his hair is magically flawed: in the back, it is jet black, but the front spikes are completely the opposite, snow white. The front spikes go down in front of his face, covering his left eye. His right eye is of a jade green shade, but his left is a poisonous purple, the pupil unnaturally shaped. Only two people know of this eye.

He normally wears a black cloak, full body, included with hood. This is useful because he does not usually let other people know his face. Only those he truly trusts with his being know who he is. He also wears a pair of black boots. These allow him to travel abroad, as all drifters do. his hands are scarred with burns, but he covers these with short, black leather gloves. These garments are normally very hot, but the archmage he was apprenticed to enchanted them to be cool in hot weather. They are not warm in cold weather, because he only enchanted them to be cool.

In colder weather, he applies a large traveling cloak and packs away his normal one. He also replaces his leather gloves with fur ones that are far better for cold climates. With these garments, he can stay warm for quite a while.

When he is around only those he trusts, or wants to travel light (which are rare cases indeed), he abandons the cloaks for a type of cape over some "normal-looking" clothes, which consist of a white shirt and a tan pair of pants. The boots are a constant article of clothing he wears in all three cases.


Takimaru has an almost forboding personality, causing uneasiness in those he makes contact with. This is probably because of the clothes he wears, or his keeping his identity confidential. He is very friendly to the few he trusts. He will hardly smile, as he has seen to much to smile at most things. He tries to keep his left eye hidden at all times, as people will look at him fearfully (most of the time) if they see it. He is extremely intelligent, due to the teachings he recieved from the master archmage. He applies this to all situations, serious, tactical, or otherwise.

Most people would think him to be dark or evil, as he is a necromancer. However, he is far from that. He hardly stands for sins, and will justly punish those he catches in the act. He will not, however, overtabulate a punishment. He goes by "An ear for an ear," as did most people of this time. He might refuse to punish the sinner if there is a negative response to the punishment, unless that crime is too high. He is highly religious, and considers what he does as acts for the will of God. He tries not to use magic much, as he views what he does as sinful as well. He plans to find forgiveness for his transgressions soon.


He was born in Kanto, in the lands guarded by the Golden Five when they were called such. He grew up happy, wanting only to follow the Golden Five's examples. However, the fateful day came, when the Golden Five finally became the Pentagram Clan...

One day, Sir John Dwayne came to Fuschia, being disrespectful as he was becoming, and, in a spout of rage and evil, he unleashed his horrible fire on his village, slaughtering all within reach. Taki still remembers the horrible laugh as his family was obliterated. The scars on his hand are a constant reminder of that night in his childhood.

His twin brother, Syoran, was the only other survivor of the calamity, but only because he and Taki had hidden very carefully when Sir John attacked. He was fascinated with swords since he was a tot, but Taki was more interested with the magical arts. After the attacks, however, they both became Christians, believing God had saved them for a reason: To smite the evils of the Pentagram Clan. So, they weakly wandered from town to town, finding odd jobs to pay for food while they tried to find masters of the professions each seeked. Hope dwindled...

Finally, they stumbled upon the town of Lavender. They helped an old woman with her chores so they could eat. Little did they know that two adults, masters of their arts, were watching the boys. When Taki and Syoran were done, the Masters, as they like to be called, approached the young ones and introduced themselves. The older one, Morgan, was a master of swordplay. The other, younger one, Sasuke, was an Archmage. The two adults, who were brothers, offered to allow Taki and Syoran to live with them, if they helped with whatever it was they asked.

The boys were beside themselves with glee, however little they allowed the adults to see. They had finally found the masters they were looking for. They hastily agreed, and they all walked to their house, telling the others about themselves.

A year passed, and Sasuke thought the young brothers were ready for the training they were eagerly asking for so often. Taki went to train with Sasuke, while Syoran stayed with Morgan to learn to fight. the boys progressed quikly, no matter the insults they endured from their new masters. They thought of these insults as encouraging, and trained harder than ever before.

At only the age of ten, Taki mastered the second darkness spell. At this point, he decided to train purely in the Dark magic. Sasuke, as a Light mage, didn't think to highly of this. However, he kept his thoughts to himself. At the same time, Syoran was beginning to match Morgan in the practice swordfights they had everyday. Morgan just thought it was because he was getting on in years.

Finally, when the boys were 14, they had mastered their areas of study. Taki was a full-fledged necromancer, while Syoran had finally beaten Morgan in pitched combat. The masters congratulated the boys and sent them on their way with garments they had either purchased or made for them. Syoran got a highly polished gold armor, with the design of a dragonite etched into the armor, a cape with a dragonite on it, and a hand crafted Bastard sword (His sword specialty.) Just in case, Morgan also gave him a Long sword and a shield.

Sasuke had handmade a cloak and leather gloves. He had also decided to make him a cape to wear over his normal clothes, should he choose to use it. Sasuke had enchanted the cloak and gloves so that Taki would be able to wear them in hot weather, as was common in Kanto. Using most of his savings, the Archmage had bought a rod with an onyx crystal at the top and enchanted it in a way that Taki would be able to use the crystal as a base for him to use his dark magic.

The boys left to seek out greater power, so as to smite the Pentagram Clan. Along the way, they had stumbled upon Team D.A.R.K., an organization that shared their basic views about the evil that had befallen the Pentagram Clan, and were able to join. Now, they had a base of operations to plan the downfall of the sinful Clan.


All of Taki's pokemon he gathered along his quest with Syoran. The first one they share, as it was theirs when they lived in their home village.

Dragonite (Argant):
They found this one whilst fishing with their father. They were six at the time. Since they caught it, They cared for her like a sister. Soon, however, she began to yearn for battle. So Taki and Syoran's father trained her with his pokemon. It wasn't long before she evolved into a Dragonair. This was just before Sir John attacked.

Argant is the whole reason Taki and Syoran survived. She shielded them from the flames, but was unable to reach the rest of the family in time. She has hardly forgotten, and remains adamant that she was responsible for their death, no matter how hard Syoran and Taki tried to comfort her.

She went off with the boys, altering the weather anytime they needed water or shade. She was unable to get them food, however, so they worked for it. During their travels, while defending them from a pack of rampaging Rhydon, she evolved into a full fledged Dragonite. Taki and Syoran were proud of her, but now they were without a water source...not that they minded. They didn't even think of this...

It was lucky, then, that they found the Masters. Their water supply had dwindled, and Argant was concerned. Argant had been acting as a sort of motherly figure for them the whole way, so these feelings were strong. She was happy that they had a temporary home.

While they trained in their respective class areas, she trained in the dark caves near the town, getting stronger, learning new techniques, and develpoing strategies. When the boys finished their training, she and Taki developed several ingenious strategies that could be used in pitched or magical combat.

She refuses to be inside an Apricorn ball, as she doesn't take them lightly. Rather, she travels outside with her partners, looking for the ones who destroyed their lives.

Umbreon (Schatten, which is modern German for "Shadow.")

He is Takis favorite pokemon of the team. Mostly because they are both Shadow users, among other reasons...

Taki met Schatten one night after training to be a Necromancer. He saw a strange light outside quite a distance from his window. Thinking it might be a clue, he went to investigate.

When he got there, he discovered the newly-evolved Umbreon. Sighing in relief, he decided to talk with the dark pokemon for a while. He knew he couldn't understand the Umbreon, but he talked well into the night anyway. It was late when he decided to head back to the house before he faced the wrath of his teacher. As he walked back, he could see the Umbreon's red eyes on him all the way to the door.

The next morning, it was discovered that the Umbreon had followed Taki home and waited for him outside. After a short inquiery as to Taki's wherabouts the night before, he was allowed to keep the dark creature. Since then, Taki and Schatten have always been the best of friends, training together and talking to eachother for hours at a time, growing closer together.

Schatten wanted to tell the twin brothers about his past, but, being a pokemon...he has been unable to share his secret about his tragic past.

When he was a newborn Eevee, his parents were killed by a group of drunk Team Rocket members. They decided to recruit the pokemon into their force, and, when the Espeon and Flareon resisted, killed them instantly. They stalked away, laughing at the convulsing form of the baby Eevee crying over his deceased parents' bodies. They just couldn't understand...

Since then, he kept his feelings locked up inside, unfeeling for the longest time...until he met Taki. That moment, his feelings came flooding back, making him feel a connection to the orphan boy he talked to. Because of that, he decided to join Taki and become his friends.

He has found Taki's ability to play the flute rather intriguing. He will always listen, bobbing his head back and forth in time with the tune. Taki has one certain song that the two share personally. When the song fills his ears, he will get an uncontrollable urge to dance around to the music, like an Eevee tyke.

Now they worked on a couple of strategies to tie in each other's attacks with their own for devastating effect. Few opponents have stood the test of their dark magic.

Kirlia (Tarose)

The newest addition to Taki's lineup. She won't respect Syoran much. Maybe it's because she doesn't like warriors, or something.

She is a testy character when she or Taki are attacked. However, she does hold back. The reason would be that when they were attacked from behind the first time, she had destroyed the assailant, along with a good chunk of Cerulean (Syoran and Taki paid the town back in full to pay for the damages...). Since then, she has used little concentration on her devastating attacks.

One strategy she and Taki have worked on has become their constant one. Tarose would shield Taki from harm so he could cast his spells with ease, all the while sending balzing bolts of Psychic energy out at their opponent(s). This has become quite an affective strategem, and they don't waste a minute to get it in motion for a battle.

Charizard (Baikonen)

He is Syoran's only self-owned pokemon. Syoran recieved him as a present on his seventh birthday as a Charmander. Being admirers of raw power, they quickly got along.

Baikonen evolved quickly, even for his species of pokemon. Shortly before they left Fuschia's remains, he evolved into a Charmeleon. He helped Argant defend them from the dangers they came across. He wasn't able to help, however, against the Rhydon pack because one had snuck up on him and took him out with an Earthquake easily.

Not one to give up, he trained hard with Syoran when he was training to become a Warrior, so as to be reday for the next tough guy they came up against. He trained hard every day, with or without Syoran (mostly with, as they were inseperable). His hard work paid off, as he evolved into a full fledged Charizard when Syoran was twelve.

When Syoran and Baikonen enter battle, they are a force to be reckoned with. They try to finish battles quicly, as they believe that showing off and dragging the battle out would not only make them look bad, but also wear them out quicker.

-Team: Team D.A.R.K.

-Other: (I'll add onto this quite a bit.)

Taki has a flute he will play to escape the pressures of living in a dangerous world. He mostly plays sad, soulfelt tunes, but sometimes, when he and Schatten are in high spirits, he'll play a special tune the two have come to accept as their song for happiness.

Taki has created the talent of creating multiple Shadow Balls and having them orbit him for a later time of use, as if he were a giant atom. These are also good weapons for melee combat.

His weapons are: Onyx staff- a staff of incredibe Dark power. The onyx crystal at the tip amplifies his Shadow power, but not to "Uber" levels. He still has problems with energy, etc.

Dragonfire- his dagger. He uses this in combination with his Shadow Balls in melee combat. He is quite skilled with it. (here's an image: Dragonfire (http://www.thecollectorsedge.com/images/CE-3053-Large.jpg))

Oh yeah, one last thing: don't call him Taki...for you own good.


Okay, all done. Just one question: do we have to be specialized in conjuration to summon, or can all mages?

EDIT: Okay, I added the ability to play the flute, to make him not appear so...depressing.

Dr Scott
11-03-2006, 06:30 AM
TOTALLY changed the background, took out the uber complex Pokemon history, changed the Pokemon around ...

You know, the fun stuff.

Oh, and deleted all the weapons I found for him on accident ^^. Oh well. I can re-find them easy enough. Something to do when I'm bored.

ALSO Neo, you might want to pay attention to the history, somewhere hidden in there is something about the nice little mind talking thingy (it's late ...) that I was asking you about ...

11-03-2006, 03:17 PM
I edited Shuu's description a bit, and you can decide if the Sai (which is usually used as a throwing knife or dagger) is allowed for a mage.

11-04-2006, 08:55 PM
Name: Serran Riddle

Age: 43

Class: Mage Knight, specialization Bolt Magics

Description: Serran is a Bartoli baby, which is a disorder that slows the physical aging process by a large percentage. While his mental maturity is that of any 43-year old (minus hormones), his physical body is that of a five-year old. Needless to say, he is short, about 3'6" tall. He has short, cropped black hair and wears a tan-colored multiple-layer leather tunic, and aluminum mail leggings. (real ones were too heavy.) He also wears a comfortable blue silk bodysuit underneath it all, keeping him comfy. His speech is slurred slightly, as the Bartoli mutation causes different aging processes to occur at different rates. His particular voice is that of a three-year old.

He carries a short bow with a small quiver on his back, and hides a small stash of poisoned darts under the second layer of his tunic. This poison is not lethal, nor is it fast-acting. Its effect is to make an enemy easily tire, meaning he cannot keep up a chase with Serran in the long run. He also carries a long dagger inside his mail leggings, as his boots were too small for it. Often running out of arrows, he will use any long, narrow projectile and energize it with his bolt magics to let it cause damage. His favorite technique is to charge one of his projectiles, shooting it into an enemy and watch them twitch. This technique is normally ineffective against rogues, as they are usually smart enough to not let the attacks hit any exposed skin, and their leather armor is insulative against the shock.

Personality: Being a Bartoli, he does not have any hormones yet, allowing him to keep the curious, optimistic mindset of a child. However, his years of experience have taught him discernment and assesment, therefore making him the perfect undercover agent. However, he does not like that role, and is angered by aggressors going easy on him due to his "age". This has proved an advantage at times, and he will sometimes force himself to take the role of a child to fool any guards that doubt any claims to maturity. Normally inquisitive and childish, he is practically useful and intelligent, even though only those who know him well respect him enough not to irrittate him.

Background: Originally from Cianwood, Johto, his parents did everything in their power to keep people from the truth about their child. Being rich, influential members of the community, they pulled the town's strings to keep people moving in and out, so nobody noticed the child who would not age a year. At age 16, (he was about two in stature), he began visits to a local mage in the north of the town. Learning Bolt magics, he trained until 27, around 4 in size, until his master died. The master could no longer teach him, so he began living there and training with a bow.

He later met the mage's brother, who was a medicine man for the town. His family had been doing this for some time, and the brother taught him certain medicines and poisons, including the poison he later used for his darts. Serran learned from him, practicing his Bolt and his arrows. The dart set, which were easily reproducible, was given to Serran when the man was dying. At age 41, Serran visited the medicine man, who told him of Delta Green, an orginaization of warriors based in Kanto. Out of loyalty to the medicine man and the mage, he traveled to Kanto, being snapped up by Delta Green (after tedious child policy paperwork), where he rose quickly through the ranks and was soon an intermediate Mage Knight. He recieved a miniature Ponyta as his mount.

Pokémon: Shetland, a male Rapidash gained as his first pokemon; Vin-en-en-en, a Garmeil trained in special attack along with Serran, resulting in a strong bond; and Bandaid, a pampered Weavile.

Team: Team Delta Green

What? I like this RP. And I really wanted to play as a small child, so I took a leaf out of The Supernaturalist, by Eoin Colfer. Ditto was an awesome character, and I hope I can reproduce him well here. I know I might be overstepping my class limits a bit, but I hope the originality of the character should make up for it.

11-05-2006, 09:35 PM
My entire description and what not will remain the same except changing the alignment to DARK. I will be RPing out how I left DG and joined DARK, provided someone help me do that. kthxbai. XD

Neo Emolga
11-07-2006, 03:06 PM

I totally forgot about these, I'm sorry...


Nice profile, but you're officially on DARK now, as long as that's okay.



Good to go, it's pretty decent, so I'll give you the okay.



I re-read yours (Pretty much skimmed through it) and its okay with me, thanks for mentioning it first.


Best way to "submerge" yourself into DARK would be through suggestive "entrapment" and influence. Best way to put it in is, you found out about DARK, traveled pretty far down the rabbit hole for the "enigmatic team" and you found it nearly impossible to walk away.

If you want or need other examples, I can help you there.

11-07-2006, 03:16 PM
Hang on-- I just realized that there are no Bolt magics. I'll have to do some extensive editing to the profile first before I can RP.

11-07-2006, 05:41 PM
Neo, that wouldn't be possible without exterior support, you know. :P

Neo Emolga
11-07-2006, 05:44 PM
Neo, that wouldn't be possible without exterior support, you know. :P

I know, but right now you're the only person in DARK signed up for Fallen Warlords... :P


So you can see where I'm getting at...

I thought of joining this one too, but two RPs is already a lot for me...

11-07-2006, 08:38 PM
Hey, I'm in D.A.R.K. too! (This basically means I'm fine w/ being officially on D.A.R.K.) I can help her if we meet up in the RP...if I interpreted what you said correctly.

Also, I'll be role-playing as both brothers, is that okay with you?

11-07-2006, 08:40 PM
The ratio between how many people have signed up for this, and how many people have actually posted in the new thread is simply amazing.


Neo Emolga
11-08-2006, 05:18 PM
Name: Neo Narzek

Age: 26

Class: Rogue

Description: Neo has a very enigmatic appearance, usually dressing in dark black ninja uniforms. Usually, the only part of Neo that is usually seen is the area around his eyes. He is also very physically fit and agile, and stands about 6’1” from the ground. Also, he is slightly underweight to keep a quick and steady form while attacking.

As for physical attributes, Neo has brown hair and brown eyes, and a fair complexion. However, for a mysterious reason, his body has no scars, even though he has received grave wounds in the past. No one really knows why that after healing, no marking of the attack is left behind…

Neo caries two very sharp Wakizashis as his main weapons, but also keeps a Tanto within close reach for quick and deadly strikes. Neo honestly prefers the speed and precision of the Tanto over the Wakizashi swords, but will use the swords when surprise ambushes are no longer an option and must engage in long term conflicts. Also, he is known to carry many throwing weapons, as continues to work on perfecting his aim, strength, and speed.

Personality: Among his peers in DARK, Neo is known as deadly but silent. In fact, in the past, he has been known for going on for days without even uttering a single word. However, if communication through vocal suggestion is deemed necessary, Neo will be very brief with his commands, statements, and is usually known to avoid debates and long discussions. He is often not very diplomatic either, but will remain faithful and supportive of his superior and his followers.

Combat to Neo, is an art form. For him, those who do not excel in their talent pay the ultimate price. There are no rules for Neo either, there is victory, or there is defeat. Neo is also not the most honorable of fighters, and doesn’t give unprepared enemies a second chance, a moment to get up, and never pays mind if they are at an obvious disadvantage. To Neo, there is no luck, only being prepared and understanding the situation. For those without the discipline to be prepared, there should only be defeat. Blood is either the mark of courage, or the mark of foolishness and lack of preparation. Despite criticism, Neo does not concern himself with how ruthless or how dark he may seem to be.

Regardless of such dark demeanor, Neo does have an honest heart that does not tolerate evil at all. Strength can be gained within peace, as Neo has shown. War should not be the initiate to train one’s inner strength, but rather be prepared for when such an occurrence arises. As for those who are evil, Neo allows the edge of his blades speak for themselves…

Background: Unknown to most, Neo was born in the small derelict of Fallarbor. His parents were quite poor when it came to financial wealth. Oppression was commonplace, very likely the beginning of what would become the oil that would light the candle to Neo’s inner rage.

When paying taxes was no longer possible, Neo’s family was carted away, but in opposite directions, and it would be the last that Neo would ever see of his mother and father. Even as of now, Neo does not like thinking about Fallarbor, nor does he want to have anything to do to it. But shortly after this had happened, Neo was beaten and harassed until he eventually escaped prison and became very independent. Long days were spent in the forests trying to make a way for survival, but unlike most, Neo became aware of how to survive by himself in such harsh conditions. Meanwhile, the fuel had been lit for revenge, but it never was possible. However, the beginning of it began his desire to vanish all forms of evil and injustice, regardless of how brutal the means of accomplishing this were.

It had not been long before Neo had come face to face with the secretive, enigmatic group of the Dark Angels, Renegade Knights, a group of individuals that shared the same beliefs he had. For submission, it was quick for Neo, and he didn’t care if he could never leave. However, Neo was very discontent with being a rookie within the sect’s organization, and worked his way diligently through the ranks to gain seniority and the respect of his peers. Once he had become a Chujo, he felt one of his goals had been reached. The other goal he sought after now… was the very beheading of evil…


Raichu Smoke

Smoke is essentially the only Pokémon Neo owns. To Neo, it was very difficult to train a Pokémon in assassination techniques, but with the dedicated concentration and focus, he managed to develop a very close bond with Smoke to the point where even Smoke could grasp and wield a Tanto with the same skill and focus that Neo used when engaging the enemy. However, unlike Neo himself, Smoke prefers distractive techniques when dealing with enemy forces. The Flash attack is a common tactic Smoke will use before driving his own personal Tanto into the most vital and most critical areas of the enemy’s anatomy. He also possesses the knowledge of locations and functions of vital organs, such as throats, ventricles, major arteries, and lungs, and how to sever them quickly and accurately. Needless to say, Smoke does not fight like most other Pokémon do, and has killed even human enemies before. Many enemies have lost their lives for thinking a Raichu was totally incapable of such things.

Smoke wields a Tanto like a Wakizashi blade and has been trained to use it that way due to his smaller size. Meanwhile, Smoke has been trained to launch and throw a Shuriken like a Chakram, again with the smaller size in mind to compensate for the use of weapons. From the intense training that almost no Pokémon are put through, it has given Smoke a strong and determined air and outlook. Size doesn’t matter to him, as he has brought down many that simply underestimated him and his accuracy, abilities, and agility.

Team: DARK

Other: Neo is also very strong at stealing and lock picking, but assassination, stealth and combat are his stronger points.

Charizard Michelle
11-08-2006, 07:40 PM
As Scotts said in CD you can't really appove yourself (and I bored....)

Neo Pikachu

Yeah. Good history and background. I know for sure I don't want to meet your character in a dark alley. Very DARK. Still it is ashame that I going have to.........


You thought I was going to decline you. haha. Happy RPing.

11-08-2006, 08:36 PM
Great! It's good to see NP in this RP as well. We DARKs need support. If I'm correct, Neo, Kenny, and I are the only ones from DARK who signed up for this one.

11-13-2006, 12:53 AM
Name: Tygra
Age: 17
Class: Warrior
Description: He has black hair, blue eyes, wears a white shirt and white pants, also a silver hooded cape.
Personality: He is quick to anger, he can control it.
Background: He was the leader of a revolutionary group until it was defeated, now he is roaming the world alone, except for his pokemon.
Pokémon: Tropius, Espion
Team: Delta Green
Other: nothing yet

11-15-2006, 05:28 AM
Very wierd character... but I hope you'll accepct it. ><;

Name: Lucied/Lucifer Elemental

Age: 19

Class: Rogue/Mage Knight [Dark & Fire]

Personality: Carefree is what could be used to describe this dual-personality guy. Graced with a sharp wit, Lucied views the world with an easy yet keen eye, always preferring to relax instead of leaping straight into action, as he detests violence. Happy-go-lucky, the young adult always gets into more scrapes than he can imagine due to his rather annoying habit of shooting his mouth off at times, and even more with his sarcastic comments. He always addresses Neo as ‘Chief’ due to habit (as well as lack of a former title) and also usually bickers with his compatriot; Ifrit, and those bickering usually turn rather noisy, making them the much-unneeded center of attention. The boy also has a rather painful habit of swiping any object that catches his eye and also loves to pull pranks at times; so one must keep a wary eye on him. Because of his ever-carefree attitude, Lucifer hardly loses his composure in any strenuous situation, only maintains it and continues on his way.

However, whenever the boy sees, tastes or even visualizes blood at a rate too much for him to handle, he switches to his other personality, Lucifer, who unfortunately is a double-sword wielding berserker. Lucifer has a passion of killing and bloodshed, and never hesitates to slay those in his way. This darker side of the two has a rather twisted sense of logic, and believes that like how Yin and Yang, Light and Shadow, Good and Evil exists, he believes that Pain and Pleasure falls within hose lines too, as there is no pleasure without pain, and no pain without pleasure. Following this logic, the berserker finds pleasure upon the kills he does, and pain within the wounds he suffer. Hot headed and rash, always fighting head-on without second thoughts and is also known to hold grudges for an exceptionally long time, which indirectly affects Lucied. He usually goes along side the enigmatic Neo, for it is only he who can bring back the berserker to his senses, along with the trainer’s pokemon.

Description: About 1.8 meters tall, Lucied wears an attire that is very dark for people’s tastes, as it makes his pale skin all the more paler. He wears a simple black shirt and equally black, loose cargo pants with a pair of daggers (aptly named Pain and Pleasure) hanging from their leather scabbards at the sides, the collars ruffled and rolled up in a distinct dark musty gray color. Usually wearing black boots as his chosen footwear, he is also sometimes seen with black baseball cleaves. Lucied dons a pair of fingerless black leather gloves and also has a golden charm with a sliver-carved ‘L’ on it slung around his neck. His eyes (which has a scar cutting downwards on his right one) and hair (which is the messiest, sloppiest, most unruly hairstyle one can ever imagine) are of the brightest red, usually gaining some unwanted attention, so at times Lucied wears a musty black bandana with the team’s logo “DARK” printed onto the underside in glaring white (which makes Lucifer feel like a walking billboard at times). At times, he also opts to don a blood red trench coat (Victorian like one, mind) over him for extra protection. When he changes to Lucifer, the bandana is usually removed, and his hair becomes even wilder and uses the twin dagger, or a grand Saber called Impulse. His black shirt becomes unbuttoned, revealing the man’s lean abs. The trench coat is tossed aside giving him the freedom to move and attack quickly. Although a Mage Knight, Lucifer moves as fast as a Rogue due to his other half and has a small knowledge of arcane magic. However, his brashness makes him a perfect choice as a warrior, and thus he becomes a Mage Knight.

Background: Born in a time where peace was already disrupted and war raged like an unleashed beast, Lucied had already begun living a not-so-pleasant life from day one of his life. Found abandoned at the doorsteps of an orphanage, the boy grew up in a very rough environment compared to the merry life outside the walls of cold prison and torture that was the orphanage. Taunted and teased by the other orphans due to his eccentric looks, Lucied was soon devoured of every positive feeling he had. Turning to the life of a loner, the boy soon exchanged his warm heart for one of stone and lived, only to see the day where he would get out of that hellhole. It was there when his other half, Lucifer emerged, through the pain and emotional stress Lucied faced. His problem was soon made know to the orphanage caretakers, and they kicked the boy out when he was thirteen, for fear that he was the result of some dark magic. Luckily for the boy, he was found and taken in by a man known as Kortez Evans, head of a group of mercenaries called the “Wild Geese” after a few misadventures (which involved a robbery from them and quite a chase that lasted for a few days). But when he was 16, the entire group was wiped out by an encounter with the wrong kind when sent on their mission. The boy miraculously survived the incident, saved by the leader of DARK and in return, Lucifer joined them. He was later assigned with Neo due to the rogue’s calmness, which made a great combination with Lucifer’s brashness.


Name: Javas

Gender: Male

Species: Sneasel

Description: Javas looks vastly different than any other Sneasel. The tip of his pink ear is distinctly ruffled, like the crop of fur upon his head. A scar is seen cutting downwards on his left eye, and the golden coin upon his head his missing as the one on his chest. He wears a Meowth charm around his neck, and a dirt-brown cloak most of the time to protect himself from the weather.

History: Javas was abandoned by his pack a few years back when a savage Nidoking attacked him. He was left there to die, but the Sneasel miraculously managed to survive and from there, he lived the life of a thief, stealing all in the name of his daily bread. It was one day when he stole Lucied’s haul and ran away, only to meet the same Nidoking who attacked him. He was saved, with the help of the boy and the rest of the ‘Wild Geese’. It was then when he asked to join them and they agreed. The two then got together, with Javas teaching the boy the Pokemon language, until they got caught in the mission and stayed in DARK until today.

Personality: Javas is one of, if not the most, the most intelligent Pokemon around, only barely surpassed by the likes of Alakazam. He can’t use psychic attacks, but his vast intelligence allows him to plan tactics that not many can think of. He hardly believes in the term ‘logic’, rebutting that it is too bland a word. He is however, very lazy, and so many usually call him the ‘lazy genius’. Like Lucied and Lucifer, he just loves to kick back and relax and let nature take its course. He treasures the two hounds as close friends and worthy companions as well, while Lucifer as a great friend and akin to brother ship. Being smart, Javas has a painful tendency to yell/scold/taunt in rather complex. He also swears in different, colorful languages that not many can comprehend, and usually confuses them rather than making them angry. He also usually relies on trickery to battle, making use of his gift, small size and speed quite well. XD He also loves to tease Ifrit a lot. XD

Name: Ifrit

Gender: Male

Species: Houndoom

Description: Ifrit looks similar to the other average Houndoom, but the horns on the sides his head has a visible crack on it due to an accident he had. A bit of the bones on his back are also chipped. He also has a scar on the side of his snout, and has exceptionally messy fur, giving others the impressions of a very rough ruffian.

History: Ifrit grew up as an orphan when his parents died when the Mightyena killed them. As such, he hated them with a passion, and wanted to take the chance to pay them back when the pack attacked the opposing Mightyena pack, where he met his best friend Lucied. After escaping from the earthquake, Ifrit was reluctant to go alongside a Poochyena, but when Lucied whole heartily saved him from a run in with some of his own kind, Ifrit befriended the carefree dog and traveled together until they were separated from an earthquake. However, Lucied rescued him, and Ifrit joined them, surprised that there was a human with the same name as his missing friend too, which he now tries to find dearly.

Personality: Ifrit is brash, always fighting head-on without second thoughts. Hotheaded and headstrong, the puppy is usually the butt of many jokes due to his slow understanding. He hates leaving things unfinished, and would do it alone if he had to if the others are too lazy to continue. He also talks without thinking at times, but he usually thinks. XD He is a tad prideful, and holds grudges for an exceptionally long time. A strong believer in morals, Ifrit will never allow any other team to interfere in his work. He also appreciates greatly the friendship he has with Lucied, and treasures him almost like a twin brother. Brash and rash, Ifrit fights until the end, as the words ‘give up’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. No ingenious tactics, just the classic ‘run head on and beat ‘em up’. Fire works well when he’s in a clinch too. XD Oh, and he bickers with Javas quite a lot too. XD

Team: DARK

Other: As mentioned, Lucied/Lucifer is a guy with spilt personalties, with Lucied usually being the one in control. He switches at the sight of bloodshed, or tastes blood. He can also force himself to switch by visualing a sight of blood in front of him, though Lucied does hate it.


Neo Emolga
11-15-2006, 02:49 PM

Needs a lot of work, there's barely anything even there. Look at the way other people do their their character and see how its done.



Very nice, I'm glad to be the one to pull you back to reality every now and then. ;)

I'm guessing he's more of a Mage Knight with rogue-like traits, but technically he's a rogue in name only. As for Javas and Ifrit, I'd love for them to star on an episode of Dr. Phil. It would be hilarous. XD


Ninja Emperor
12-01-2006, 12:14 AM
Name: Georgiy (George) Andreevich Ivanov
Age: 20
Class: Warrior
Description: 6'2" with short light brown hair, blue eyes, beard and mustache. George have the look of a strong, agile man raised in the steps. He usualy wears white Cherkeska (a kind of Kozak trenchcoat) on top of black uniform and a hat.He always carries a kozak style sword at his side, with a Georgian dagger tucked in his sash at the front.
Personality: He always nice and kind to his friends, but can be merciless in battle towards his enemies.
Background: George is a warrior who was born and raised on the vast plains of the Hoen region. From the very early age he was though to ride a Rapidash and to use sword, along with other cold weapons like pikes and daggers. At the age of 20 he became physically strong man who could unbend the horse shoe and bend a silver plater with bare hands. He also was agile enough to jump on a Rapidash as it was galloping by him. All of that made him a valuable warrior.
Pokémon: Gyarados, Charizard, Umbreon, Rapidash (black colored) named Shadow
Team: DARK or Delta Green
Other: Said to be one of those kozaks people

Crossfire Chaos
12-02-2006, 09:16 PM
Name: Drace Plainspirit
Age: 34
Class: [Mage] Earth and Wind
Team: DARK

Description: Massive build with rugged tan skin. He has a tribal tattoo on his back that extends out to his forearms and is just shy of reaching his chest. His hair is a sandy blond and tied back behind his head. His eyes are a very light blue and seem to pierce into your soul. He wears a pair of khaki colored shorts and a pair of good soft leather shoes that allow him to walk silently and comfortably. He wears no shirt to show off his tribe's tattoos. He also wears a stone pendant that has his name on it.
Ht. 6'4
Wt. 212

Personality: He prefers quite so he does not talk unless he has a reason too. He enjoys teaching others how to survive in the wilderness as he gets his humor from their novice mistakes. He does not enjoy killing and is very respectful of the creature he has killed for food. He believes in Gaia, Artemis, and Uranus but not by those names, he sees them as the spirits of his ancestors. And while his tribe has trained for war, Drace hopes that he will never have to be in one.

Background: Born as the Chieften's oldest son, Drace had spent the majority of his life living in the desert of Hoenn, his tribe of people lived at an oasis and so had little idea of what the outside world was like, one day however the tribe decided to leave the desert and as the left in different directions, Drace decided to leave south and recently he has come to Mauvile City.

Floasel (m) – A trusted companion he has been friends with since he was born. The two are inseparable and you may see that they share behavior quirks. The two once in a while wrestle and they always consult one another before doing dangerous things. Floasel however is more comical and adventurous and therefore drags Darce along with him a lot. Traveling south was actually Floasel's idea.

Rapidash (f) – presented to him as a steed on his coming of age ceremony, Rapidash is a faithful steed that never steers Drace wrongly. She is very wise and tries to keep Floasel and Drace out of trouble, but it is usually to no avail.

Other: He is very experienced in using nature magic and constantly applies it's uses to new situations.