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Manjoume Jun
06-12-2004, 04:31 PM
Hi, I'm DragonMasterDan, and for my first post I'm going to give you all an advertisement to my fan fic which I will begin to post here soon.

Witness the story of a young boy's dream to become a Pokémon Master by conquering the gyms from each area of the lush Viron Island.

Follow his adventures as he travels though thick and thin to achieve his goal.

But be wary, there's an evil force which seems to be tracking his every move, after recovering from their past defeat, they will rise again...

Watch this space everyone...

06-15-2004, 11:33 PM
Hi Dan! I was wondering when you would start a fic of your own, and I have to say that what I have heard of this story so far sounds so brilliant and original that I just can't wait until it is posted!
Anyone who enjoys a well written and unique Trainer fic is going to love this! When it is posted, I would highly recomend it.
Please post some soon Dan!

06-29-2004, 07:50 PM
i was jus lookin at some of the new fics an this caught my eye. the idea behind this looks well thought out. it'll be cool to see this when you post it. when are you gonna post it?

Manjoume Jun
07-09-2004, 12:13 AM
I'm sorry if it seems like this fic is never going to get posted, it will in due course, I'm just waiting until we break up from school for the summer before I concentrate solely on my fic.

Still, thanks for the praise people, watch this space!

Manjoume Jun
07-18-2004, 09:45 PM
Well, I've finally broken up, and returned from a holiday to Somerset, so I'm finally free to post my fic!

It will begin soon, I give you my word!

Manjoume Jun
07-23-2004, 05:25 PM
Greetings my good friends at PE2k!!!

I am happy to announce that the long wait for my fanfic is almost at an end, for the first installment will be posted very soon!!

But first, I thought that it would be a good idea for me to allow you all to find out exactly how the Viron Island from this story, came to be.

Before even beginning to write this work of fan fiction, I wrote this small piece of history so that my creation of a brand new Pokémon region wouldn't seem so spontaneous.

So now, bear witness to the truth behind the creation of Viron Island, from what was once a mere deserted rocky outgrowth...

The History Behind Viron Island
A long time ago, centuries before any man came upon it, Viron Island was a mere tropical paradise. It was pure, untouched by civilization, with only a few natural inhabitants living on it, and they were Pokémon. These peaceful Pokémon lived happily on the island for many hundreds of years, until one fateful day, when a temporal rip materialized deep inside its vast forests. A Pokémon emerged from this rip to warn Viron's population that a war was about to begin between the three birds of legend, and that this war would change their home forever. Shortly after this event, everything that was said came true. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, the three legendary bird Pokémon, invaded the island in an attempt to destroy one another in a merciless war. The island was scarred with ice, molten rock, and high voltage currents running across its plains. Many devastating things happened to the island itself: subterranean tunnels were formed from streams of molten lava, parts of the island were broken off from the mainland and were swept away by the currents of the sea, the island Pokémon were scattered throughtout the region. And then, on one unholy day, a calamity occured, each bird had reached the pinnacle of its anger, and so all three let loose powerful blasts of ice, fire, and lightning, which left huge craters in the surface of Viron Island. Finally, they had gone, and the inhabitants of Viron Island returned to their peaceful lifestyle. A forest had formed nearby the crater in which Articuno's blast had hit. Electricity bolted across the ground where Zapdos fired its final blast. And the blast zone created by Moltres in the mountains had plunged them into an eternal heatwave. New species of Pokémon started to migrate to these varied sectors, and people from other continents came here to investigate the last known battlefield between the three legendary bird Pokémon. The island was split up into nine different sectors by the new human population. Cities had been built, technology had been introduced, and even Pokémon trainers from all over the world began to flock to the island to either begin their journeys or to perfect their skills. A new generation had begun...

... and now the story begins...

Well, I hope you enjoy reading this!!!
Watch this thread for the first installment of "The Pokémon Nature Journeys"!!

07-24-2004, 12:48 PM
Sooory to post, but I just wanted to say that your history is super cool! It inspired me to do my one story soon...

Good work! :biggrin:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Manjoume Jun
07-24-2004, 07:47 PM
Thanks a bunch Tony, it's praise like yours that inspires me to write!!

By the way, don't worry about posting in this thread, if anything, I'd prefer it if you did!! Feel free to do so if you have any feedback everyone!!

Anyways, here's a real treat for you all, the first part of the first chapter of "The Pokémon Nature Journeys" is finally here for you all to enjoy!!

Here you go, peace people!!!

The Pokémon Nature Journeys
by Daniel Steven Chapman

Chapter 1: An Odd Beginning
As a cool breeze swept across the dusty ground of the Sky Pillar’s colossal peak, the fight continued…

Zangoose, a 4 foot tall cat-like Pokémon that was covered from top to toe in a smooth coat of soft, white fur. It had what looked like a red scar across it’s chest, and another one going through it’s left hand eye, that led up to the tip of one of it’s long ears. It had a large, bushy white tail, and a pair of razor-sharp claws at the end of each arm, that glistened in the blazing-hot sun. It was stood at one end of the huge stone arena that seemed to have been formed at the top of the pillar, surrounded by large rocks that stood strong even through the strain of the battle taking place.

Hovering a few feet above the ground opposite of Zangoose was an emerald coloured dragon of immense proportions, Rayquaza. Its colossal snake-like body was covered in small hexagonal markings that were yellow in colour. It had four large horns protruding from its head, and a tail that was shaped like a mace. Its arms were glowing a warm shade of red, as flames began to erupt from them in a flurry of flickering fire. Suddenly, the serpentine dragon lunged at Zangoose while spinning around with its arms stretched out far in a devastating Dragon Claw attack. The flames were now smothering its body, and Zangoose was having trouble figuring out what it could do to prevent the oncoming missile-like attack. Suddenly, the white cat-ferret Pokémon had an idea, as it stood its ground and closed its eyes in almost total tranquillity. Rayquaza was still zooming towards Zangoose at an incredible speed, it was only a matter of time before the attack would hit with phenomenal force. Then, just as quickly as Zangoose had formulated the plan, it dodged out of the way of Rayquaza’s Dragon Claw attack with its own Quick Attack technique. Zangoose moved as a red and white blur, zipping across the rocks while leaving a long trail of dust behind it. Rayquaza crashed into the ground causing a massive explosion to occur, and as the menacing dragon pulled up from its impact-zone it had become clear that the attack had done some serious damage to the pillar itself.

A huge hole had formed in the ground, large enough for it to be possible to see the floor below, where a pile of rubble had been left behind from the collapsing rock. Now Rayquaza had been angered, and as Zangoose came to a halt at the other end of the pillar, the emerald dragon had already begun ascending higher and higher into the sky. As it went higher and higher, it began to spin around like a large drill cutting through the air like a hot knife through butter. The battle-scarred Zangoose watched it’s foe as it continued to fly even higher into the sky, until eventually it came to a stop at the silvery clouds that had formed into a large circle around Rayquaza’s body. Zangoose had a confident smile on its brave-looking face, but it suddenly changed to a look of horror as it realised exactly what its nemesis was planning on doing, and this time there wasn’t going to be any escape. Rayquaza was looking down on the speck that was Zangoose with an evil smile emerging from its maw, as it opened that smile wide open to reveal a large ball of golden-coloured energy that was forming inside of it. Rayquaza was readying a Hyper Beam attack, and it knew exactly how much damage it was going to do, yet it merely generated more energy from its body which caused the huge yellow ball to grow even bigger. Zangoose looked at its surroundings, wondering where it could possibly hide. Rayquaza’s Hyper Beam was going to hit everything, even the most secretive of hiding places would be vaporized in an instant. But it was too late, as Zangoose took a look up into the gaping hole that had been formed in the sky; everything began to grow darker as Rayquaza unleashed the devastating attack that it had been gathering energy for in the past few minutes.

A large stream of golden energy had been fired from Rayquaza’s mouth, it was heading straight for the Sky Pillar with the speed and force of an express train, and it was going to cause just as much damage to the pillar when it hit. Zangoose had decided that there was no other option; it had to run… fast. The beam was heading closer and closer to the pillar’s gritty surface, so Zangoose had to move fast, as it looked in the direction of the hole in the ground that was formed when Rayquaza’s Dragon Claw attack missed; it jumped towards the gap in the ground with all of the power that its legs would give out…

The immense power of the attack slammed into the Sky Pillar, destroying everything in its path; absolutely nothing was spared from the rocks strewn around the arena, to even the arena itself. Explosions riddled the top of the pillar, smoke billowed from every nook and cranny, rock and debris was hurled as far as the eye could see, fires erupted from what was left of the sandy stone floor, the Sky Pillar’s top floor had been decimated.

Everything had gone dark for Zangoose, it felt like it was falling; it could hear explosions, crackling flames, bits of rock tapping against the ground around it, sand and grit being blown against the walls of the floors below, absolute chaos. Suddenly, the image of a large boat appeared in its mind, confusing Zangoose. It was a huge steam-liner, with smoke billowing out of two large funnels situated in the middle of it.

“What is this?” Zangoose thought, until just as suddenly as the shining vehicle had appeared, a voice began to boom from its figure.

“Could all passengers heading for Viron Island please depart from the ferry!!” the voice said, “I repeat, could all passengers heading for Viron Island please depart from the ferry!!” and at this, everything disappeared, the Sky Pillar, Zangoose, Rayquaza, everything. It had all been a dream.

“Hey kid!! Yo!!” said a man’s voice, as the boy’s eyes slowly pried themselves open, “Hey, you’re awake!!” the man said. He was a large person with a rather muscular-type build; he was dressed in a one-piece sailor suit that was covered in blue and white stripes. He was also wearing a small cap of a similar design, which was hiding his short, black hair.

“Whoa, that was some dream!!” the boy said as he sat up from his reclining chair, “Hey, what’s going on around here?” he asked the man.

“You mean you didn’t hear the announcement, kid?” the man asked.

“No, I must’ve missed it while I was asleep.” the boy said in a rather embarrassed tone.

“Well, the ferry has arrived at Viron Island, we’re here!!” the man replied as he pointed to the huge, green island that was next to the boat.

“Wow!!” the boy began, “It’s amazing!! Much bigger than I imagined it to be!!”

“Yeah, ain’t it a sight for sore eyes!” said the man, “I’m Terry by the way, nice to meet you… uh.”

“Leonard, my name’s Leonard, Leonard Radison, hi.” Leonard replied.

“Well Leonard Radison!! Are you gonna’ go check in at the port here or are you just gonna’ keep your butt glued to that chair all day?” Terry joked.

“Oh, yeah, I better get my stuff!” Leonard said as he quickly jumped up from the padded green and white seat. Leonard had come to Viron Island to begin his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. He had travelled here from the Hoenn region, but he hadn’t been given a Pokémon yet. Leonard had celebrated his tenth birthday just shortly before he had left, and was hoping that he could fulfil his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master!! He was quite tall for his age at 5 foot 5, he had average length chestnut coloured hair which always looked a little messy, but that was just how he liked to keep it. He had sapphire coloured eyes that glinted in the sun, and a face filled with determination.

“That’s right!! Leo’s here to stay!!” Leonard said as he jumped up into the air to the surprise of his new friend.

“Well, that’s good to hear Leo my man!” Terry shouted, “Anyways, I better get going, see you around kid!” he finished as he walked round the large outer walls of the ship’s cabins and towards the boat’s gangplank.

So as Leonard changed into the clothes that his mother had prepared for his journey with Pokémon, he looked out towards Viron Island over the edge of the boat.

“Watch out Viron Island, because here I come!!” he said confidently as the wind blew lightly past him, making his fringe waft gently across his forehead. He was ready for whatever life would consider throwing in his path…

07-24-2004, 09:54 PM
Brilliant first chapter Dan! Great battle sequence in the dream, and very detailed and well described. I expect great things from this story. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to read more!

07-27-2004, 03:08 AM
Great post Dan, I loved it from the start. The history behind the island was a fun thing to read and the dream was excellent. Possibly that dream could be a sight of the future...

Nice description Dan, I'll be sure to read the next post because I can't wait to see which pokemon Dan will end up getting. Excellent work, this fic has my recommendations!

Manjoume Jun
07-29-2004, 02:56 AM

Thanks Phoenix and KCash!!

The next installment will be up in the next couple of days...

Manjoume Jun
08-02-2004, 12:55 AM
Big apologies to all PNJ fans, I was hoping to get the second part of chapter 1 up for a couple of days ago, but I've been so busy that I haven't.

But don't worry, I promise, that's right, PROMISE, that it WILL be up tomorrow... or today... I dunno', I posted this just after midnight... lol... well, the 2nd of August then... :oops:

So keep watching this space!!

I found it!! I found out how to get a dancing banana!! w00t!!!

Manjoume Jun
08-03-2004, 07:39 PM
Well, after quite a fair amount of time, I've finally finished the second part of the first chapter, which in fact ends the first chapter!!

Although I'm get a rather nasty feeling that this part isn't quite as well written as the first, but that may just be my internal paranoia trying to get the best of me!

Plus it's raining, heavily...

Anyways, enjoy part 2 people!!

Chapter 1: An Odd Beginning continued...
The island itself was a very magnificent sight. There were trees situated in huge clusters near its edge that seemed to be bustling with activity. Even further into the distance were some buildings, and very tall ones at that. Leonard shifted his vision a little to the right which allowed him to see a huge mountain range that burned a vivid shade of red. But the thing that caught his eye the most was the one thing that stood above everything else… the tower.

“Wow, that thing is immense!!” Leonard gasped as he tried to focus his vision on the tower. It was about 200 feet high, which meant that it could be seen from almost any area of the island. There were lights of all colours shining upon it, illuminating it like a disco ball. And it wasn’t only Leonard who had been mesmerized by its beauty, as many of the other ferry passengers were standing on the dock in awe as they looked at this obelisk of iron and steel.

“I wonder what it’s for.” Leonard thought as he continued to gaze in the direction of the tower, “Hmm… I’ll find out eventually, I’ll make sure of it!!” he assured himself, as he released the side rail of the boat from his grip and set off towards the gangplank.

Leonard was dressed in the clothes that his mother had bought for him just for this occasion. He was wearing a deep blue coloured fleece top that had a small circular logo printed in the middle. His shirt was a plain black colour, and it didn’t have any sleeves. For leg ware, a pair of jeans that were the classic light blue colour, that went right down to the pair of black socks, and a pair of trendy green and white trainers that he thought to be very comfortable!

As Leonard walked down the long wooden plank, he looked around the dock to see if there were any places to eat. With hunger playing on his mind, he changed his pace from a walk to a light jog as he advanced down the jetty and towards a small building up ahead. The building was white in colour, and looked a bit more like two buildings that had been connected at the rooftops to perhaps provide shade for any tourists who were maybe a little bit warm from the boat ride here. There weren’t too many people left now as they had all gone sightseeing around the nearby forest, but one of the people left behind was a guard. He stood next to the snow-white building in a smart blue uniform. He was wearing a hat that had a little aerial on the top, probably just for decoration. The guard stood next to the door to the building, and seemed to be looking for something, so Leonard approached the man to see what was up.

“Um… hi there!” Leonard began, “Is there anything the matter officer?”

“Oh, you there!!” the guard said with a tone of relief in his voice, “Could you help me with something?”

“Me! But, I, err I only just got here, and I’ve got something important to do and…” Leonard tried to say, but was interrupted quickly by the guard.

“Great, great, but I really need someone to assist me in guarding this dock.” The guard informed Leonard.

“Wh, what from?” Leonard asked.

At this, the guard looked around the dock cautiously, and then he moved his head towards Leonard’s as if to tell him a secret.

“When the ferry arrived here, I was informed by security that some suspicious-looking characters had been spotted getting off the boat.” The guard explained, “We’re not sure who they are, but they were all dressed in black, and there was a large letter “R” on the front of their shirts that was a sort of orange-red colour. We don’t know what they want with Viron Island but they looked like they meant business.” The guard continued.

“Wow, doesn’t sound too good if you ask me.” Leonard commented.

“Right, it isn’t good.” The guard replied.

“So, why do you need me to help you?” Leonard asked.

“Well it’s quite a simple thing, the guard team for this port is a little short on men, and so we need a few people who are willing to help us keep an eye on things around here.” The guard said.

“So you want me to help you guard this port?!” Leonard said in a rather surprised tone.

“If you wouldn’t mind.” The guard said.

“Well, I guess so…” Leonard started, “But, how am I supposed to help defend it if I’ve got nothing to defend it with?” he asked.

“Oh we can sort that out! That’s no problem!” the guard replied, and at this he reached into his pocket and pulled out three small balls.

“Hey! Those are Poké Balls!!” Leonard said with surprise.

“Yep, these three Poké Balls contain the only spare Pokémon we have left.” The guard mentioned.

The Poké Balls were small and round. They were half red, and half white, and there was a button on the front of each one, and some writing was printed just above the button.

“So, if you agree to help us defend this place, you can use one of these Pokémon, just in case something bad happens.” The guard reassured Leonard.

Leonard’s face showed a slight expression of surprise, as he took all three Poké Balls, and looked at the names that were printed on them. On the first ball, the name “Treecko” was printed in green lettering.

“Treecko? Hm, let’s have a look.” Leonard muttered, and at this, he pressed the button, which caused the ball to quadruple in size, and then he threw it. The ball flipped open, causing a flash of white light to emerge from it which eventually formed into the shape of a small gecko-like figure. This was Treecko.

“Wow!! So that’s what a Treecko looks like!!” Leonard said in amazement, as he gazed at the Pokémon that had been released from the ball. It was barely a foot tall, and was green. It had a large bushy tail of a darker green colour than the rest of its body, and its head was a funny sort of shape, kind of like it was munching on something.

“Treecko!” it said in a sort of screechy voice.

“Wow, it looks pretty tough.” Leonard commented, Treecko seemed to like the compliment as it smiled to itself.

“So, do you want it then? Or do you want to take a look at the other two?” the guard asked.

“Yeah, let’s look at the other two first.” Leonard said, and at this, he held out the Poké Ball in the direction of Treecko.

“Return!!” Leonard commanded, and so a beam of red light shot towards Treecko, who also started to glow red, as he was sucked back into the Poké Ball.

“Hey, let’s have a look at this one.” Leonard said as he picked up another Poké Ball from the guard’s hand. This one had blue lettering on it, “Mudkip” it said.

“Alright then Mudkip, go!!” he shouted as he threw the now enlarged Poké Ball to reveal a small blue Pokémon, Mudkip. Mudkip had a small fin-like tail that was a white colour, and large orange cheeks with small spikes protruding from them.

“Mudkip!” it said as it looked up at Leonard with a cute smile upon its face.

“Aww, this one’s nice.” Leonard said lovingly, as he smiled back at the little blue mud-fish Pokémon.

“Alrighty then, now for the last one!” Leonard began, “Mudkip, return!!” he said, and so Mudkip was sucked back into its Poké Ball.

Leonard picked up the last of the three Poké Balls, pressed the button, and threw it. As it burst open, the shining white light formed into a small bird-like being. It was orange in colour, with little yellow wings, and a small patch of feathers sticking out from the top of its head.

“Torchic!” it said in a rather curious tone, as it looked around the dock, admiring the view.

“Now that is adorable!!” Leonard said as he looked at the cute little bird Pokémon.

“Return Torchic!!” he said as the little Pokémon was brought back to its ball.

“So Leonard, have you decided which one you’ll use?” the guard asked as he looked at Leonard’s puzzled face. He was still trying to decide. Should he go with the confident-looking Treecko, the potentially powerful Mudkip, or the cute little Torchic?

“Gah, this is a pretty difficult decision!” Leonard said as he continued to think.

“Well, I don’t mean to rush you, but it would be better if you chose pretty soon.” The guard informed the young trainer.

Leonard looked towards the clear blue sky. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. The small figures of Pokémon flying through the air could be seen in the far distance. The wind gently swept past his face once more, as he finally made up his mind.

“Yes, that’s which one I’ll choose!” Leonard said to himself, as he turned around to once again face the guard, he reached out his hand to pick up one of the small red and white balls. And so he pressed the button, and threw the ball to release his chosen Pokémon. The ball exploded open with a bright flash, and the Pokémon that was formed on the hard stone floor in front of him, was the one he was going to spend the rest of his journey, and his life with…


Well, I hope you all enjoy it, bye for now!!
And don't forget to look out for Chapter 2!! Coming soon...

08-04-2004, 05:19 PM
Another great chapter segment Dan! You put lots of effort into detail which really make your story come alive! After all, the best stories are ones where you can actually picture what's happening, and I think this story is looking extremely good so far. Congrats to your first chapter!

Your end of chapter cliffhanger was also very well written, and will I'm sure enrage all readers (myself included). The reason I know this is because I happen to be the king of cliffhangers, and I am very experienced at killing people with suspense. It's just like I always say: "Cliffhangers- love to write 'em, hate to read 'em!"

Anyway, great work on your chapter buddy, I can't wait to read more!

Manjoume Jun
08-05-2004, 12:49 AM
Forget that, hold the presses!!!

This fanfic will continue, I ain't gonna' give up on it so easily, I ain't goin' down without a fight!! The adventures of Leonard will commence, don't you worry about that, so keep an eye out for Chapter 2, coming soon...

Yay me!!!!!

Manjoume Jun
08-30-2004, 02:22 AM
Wow, it's been one heck of a long time since I've posted here, but I have an explanation for what has been going on, so please hear me out:

After writing that second part of my fic (ending chapter 1), I lost confidence in my writing ability. I looked over my first chapter, and thought that I seemed to decline as I read on. So that author's spark burned out, and I left this fic for dead.

Then recently, I looked back at it, and thought about all of the hard work and note writing that I had gone through to finally get as far as I had done, and I realised that it would be such a waste to let this fic go away.

Finally yesterday, I read through it again, and saw that there wasn't anything wrong with it, it was just fine, as much as it needed to be, hopefully more, so my spark as an author has finally been rekindled!!!

I also thought to myself "Hey, things don't have to be PERFECT, I mean, every author starts off rocky, and then things become better and better as they progress", so after talking to myself extensively, I decided that this fic shall live on for as long as possible!!

Therefore, I apologise to my currently small amount of PNJ fans for the lack of updates since the first chapter...

It has been a rocky road for my experience as an author of a Pokémon fanfic, and I've only just begun, but now I promise to carry on with this fic for as long as possible!!

Look forward to chapter 2 guys, coming soon, woohoo, yeah!!!

Manjoume Jun
09-23-2004, 01:55 AM
Well, despite the previous post, it's been a while and still no update to this fic, but that's mainly down to the time being consumed by school, *shudder*

Well, I was just wondering as to how many fans of this fic there actually are out there... I know I haven't written much, but if you'd like to see this fic carry on as soon as possible, then just gimme' a shout, and things'll be right on track (well, sooner than if nobody was bothered anyways, lol).

09-23-2004, 02:23 AM
I still read Dan! I love the fic and I've been wondering when the next installment would be in. I would read it right now if it was up... especially since no one seems to be updating... but I hope you do continue this soon.

Tamer San
09-23-2004, 12:33 PM
Bravo Dan, you are better than I thought ma friend ^^ keep on the good work =D

09-23-2004, 07:38 PM
Of course I like your fic Dan, I'm suprised you have to ask! Anyway, the best reason to write a story is because you enjoy doing it. The second best is if people enjoy reading it, which we definitely do! I can't wait to read more of this fic, despite what you may believe, it is a great story.

Manjoume Jun
10-09-2004, 03:10 PM
Heh, one word for you all...


I betcha' didn't see this one coming...

Chapter 2, part 1, is here at last!!

Behold the continuation of this fanfic!!

Hope you all like it!

Chapter 2: The Duties of a Trainer
The small figure that had been released from the Poké Ball had a rather confused look on its face, as it checked the now familiar surroundings; Leonard felt that he had made the right decision. The guard looked down at the Pokémon that Leonard had selected, and with a sigh of relief he turned to the young trainer and handed him a small, white envelope.

“What’s this?” Leonard asked.

“Well, you said you were new to this area, so I thought it would be handy for you to carry a map around with you, just so you don’t get lost or anything.” The guard replied, Leonard saw this as quite the useful gift.

“Wow, thanks, this should really help me!” Leonard remarked as he took the envelope from the guard and slid it into one of the pockets on his fleece top for safe keeping.

“Would you take a look at that.” The guard said as he pointed towards the direction of Leonard’s newly obtained Pokémon, who was now staring up at its new friend with its adorable eyes, “I think it has taken a shine to you.”

“Really? You think so?” Leonard wondered as he looked back at his new Pokémon.

“Torchic!” it said as it tilted its head and smiled.

“Well Torchic, how are you? I’m Leonard, your trainer.” Leonard told his Torchic as he knelt down to stroke the little bird. Torchic carefully rubbed its head against Leonard’s hand in response to this, almost as if it were a substitute to a handshake.

“Anyway, seeing as how you two have got to know each other now, I must be heading off to help the others keep an eye out for any suspicious characters. You know what to do don’t you?” the guard mentioned. Leonard stood up and turned to face the guard, Torchic running to his side to listen to what was being said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to keep this place safe!” Leonard answered. The sun was now beaming brightly against the walls of the building, as they shone with an almost glittering white. The wind began to pick up a little, as the tiny ripples in the water shifted to small waves that shattered against the side of the port.

“Good.” The guard responded as he nodded to Leonard before turning around and shifting his pace from a slow walk to a brisk jog up the hill ahead of him. As his figure disappeared over the top of the hill, Leonard looked back down at Torchic.

“Well little guy, I guess we better just sit here for a while.” Leonard told his Torchic, as he bent down to sit in the shade that the building had provided. Torchic decided to hobble slowly towards the water, and with a curious look in its eyes, it carefully walked up to the edge of the port, and peered over the edge. With doing so, it saw a funny sight, another Torchic looked back at it, doing exactly the same thing as what it was doing. Torchic found this strange, and so tried stepping to the side, but the other Torchic did the same, and then again when it tried taking a step in the other direction! While the little chick Pokémon examined its reflection, Leonard rested against the wall, thinking about the exciting journey that awaited him on Viron Island. He pulled out the envelope containing the map that the guard had given him, and carefully ripped it open, to reveal a large book-like object, which unfolded to reveal a map labelled “Viron Island – where nature collides with adventure!”

“Wow, this place is much bigger than I ever dreamed it would be.” He said as he looked around at the various places that had been marked off on the map. There were a few boxes printed at the sides of the map that contained information on the structure of the island.

“Viron Island is made up of a total of 9 different sectors. Each sector contains its very own environment and selection of wild Pokémon. There are various towns and cities located within these sectors, including an official Pokémon League gym, which gives the challenger a chance to win a badge which will assist in their entry into the location of the Pokémon League of Viron Island. If the challenger is then able to ascend the Blitz League Tower and defeat the Pokémon champion, they will earn themselves a place in the official Pokémon Hall of Fame.” Leonard read aloud to himself, “Blitz League Tower?” he thought, and as he did so, he stood up and glanced over at the huge tower that he had spotted before, “The Blitz League Tower! That’s where I need to go!” Leonard assured himself as he gazed at the huge structure, the lights still shimmering around it.

“Torchic!” Leonard heard as his view quickly darted to his left to see a small orange bird teetering off the edge of the port.

“Oh no, Torchic! I’m coming!” Leonard shouted frantically as he dropped the map and rushed over to where his little friend was desperately trying to keep its balance. Leonard carefully picked Torchic up, and reassured it that everything was okay. Torchic was a little shaken from the brief scare, but after a warm hug from its new owner, the cute smile in its little face was rekindled. Leonard placed Torchic back on the ground where he had left his map, and fumbled around in his pocket for the Poké Ball he had been given with it.

“I’m sorry Torchic, but perhaps it’ll be safer for you to stay in here for now, okay?” Leonard asked Torchic, as it looked up at him and nodded in acceptance. A small red beam emerged from the button on the ball and hit Torchic, as it was transferred back inside.

“Phew! That was close…” Leonard sighed as he turned to pick up his map, only to be greeted by a pair of black shoes.

“Uh, dude, my face is up here.” A voice said, and as Leonard looked upwards, he saw the face that accompanied it, “Hey there! How’re you?”

“Um, hi! I’m okay!” Leonard replied as he began to slowly bring himself to his feet.

“It’s just that you looked kinda’ shaken up over somethin’, I thought that perhaps you’d been attacked by one of these suspicious characters that are supposed to be sneakin’ around here.” The voice continued. The person was in fact a boy of Leonard’s age and height. He had thick orange hair which was spiked in all directions, and he was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, and a small necklace with a tiny lightning bolt in the middle, seemingly made of gold, or some sort of substitute. His trousers were a pair of jeans, almost identical to Leonard’s, and he was wearing a brown belt with a Poké Ball attached to it.

“Are you a Pokémon trainer too?” Leonard asked the boy as he noticed the ball.

“Yeah, but I haven’t been one for very long. I like, just got my first Pokémon from Professor Redwood over in Bushville. You’ve been there right?” the boy asked.

“No, I only just arrived on this island today.” Leonard replied.

“Ah, bummer dude, Professor Redwood’s an ace when it comes to spottin’ the potential of people as Pokémon trainers, you should really go visit the guy sometime.” The boy informed Leonard.

“Okay, I will do, thanks!” Leonard said with gratitude, “Oh, by the way, I’m Leonard! Pleased to meet you!”

“Oh yeah, my name! Well, my parents call me Nathan, but everyone else just calls me like, Nate.” Nathan responded.

“I see, well, that’s cool.” Leonard replied.

“I guess dude.” Nathan began, “But I’m really down about this stupid guard duty thing I got pulled into…”

“You’re on guard duty as well?” a surprised Leonard said.

“You mean you are as well?” Nathan repeated.

“Well, yeah, a guard from around here gave me a Pokémon to help keep an eye on this place with.” Leonard informed his new friend.

“Awesome!” Nathan excitedly said as he reached down to where his own Poké Ball was located on his belt. “Hey, perhaps we can pass the time with a battle! We could both show off our new Pokémon to each other, and see who got the best one dude!” he proposed.

“Really? Wow, my first ever Pokémon battle, sure! I’m game!” Leonard said with even more surprise in his voice. The shining brown eyes of his opponent glinted with the satisfaction brought on by his chance to show the budding trainer his skills in battle, but it was mixed with a slight feeling of nervousness, which was being powered by the fact that this battle would be his first as well. Whereas Leonard stood strong, confident that no matter what happened, both he and his Pokémon would try their hardest to win their very first battle, and even if they lost, it would still be great experience for them both.

“Killer!” Nathan shouted in glee. And at this, both trainers distanced themselves from each other, leaving room for the battle to take place. They both readied themselves both in mind and in stance, and reached down for their Poké Balls.

“Are ya’ ready dude?” Nathan asked.

“Ready!” Leonard replied. And so they both enlarged their Poké Balls, and hurled them into the open ground in front of them.

“Go!” they both yelled in unison, as the balls exploded in a flash of light, revealing the two competitors in this brawl of the beginners.


Well, I'll get round to writing and then posting part 2 soon!!
See you all then!!

And please feel free to post any feedback here, if any, lol.

Manjoume Jun
10-12-2004, 03:28 AM
Well, here I go with the second part of the second chapter of this fanfic, hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, ^_^

Chapter 2: The Duties of a Trainer continued...
As the glimmering glare of the lights subsided, what was left were the figures of two Pokémon. On one side stood Leonard, with his newly acquired Torchic, which stood in front of him with a mixed expression of both determination, and a little confusion. On the other side, stood Nathan, and in front of him was a small black and yellow coloured Pokémon that looked a lot like a mouse. It had four red spots on its back, and its eyes were seemingly locked in a blind stare.

“Cyndaquil!” it squealed as it raised itself up on its hind legs, ready for a fight.

“Tor, Torchic?” Torchic said, as it looked on at the opposition standing before it.

“Heh, two Fire-type Pokémon, this should be interesting.” Leonard noticed, as he saw the surprised look on Nathan’s face.

“Whoa, this is gnarly dude!” Nathan began, brimming with excitement, “Let the barbecue begin!” he said as his Cyndaquil stared straight back at its newfound nemesis. As both trainers gave off a competitive smile, the battle began!

“Torchic, advance forwards and try to hit it with a Peck attack!” Leonard commanded, and at this, Torchic nodded its feathered head, and charged towards the fire-mouse Pokémon at full speed, thrashing its beak around in the process.

“Hey, Cyndaquil! Watch out for that atrocious beak, Smokescreen!” Nathan shouted, as Cyndaquil did just that by taking a deep breath in, and then spewing out a thick cloud of black smoke which enshrouded the small arena in which the combatants stood. Both Leonard and Torchic coughed and spluttered as they tried to think of a suitable counterattack.

“Dang, Torchic’s never gonna’ get a hit in if we can’t see Cynda…” but Leonard was cut short by the sound of a battle cry from his opponent’s Pokémon. Suddenly, Cyndaquil burst out from within the smoke and smashed into Torchic with powerful force. Torchic was sent flying back a couple of feet, before landing on the ground with a loud crash.

“Right on target dude!” Nathan yelled happily as he saluted his Pokémon.

“Ah! Torchic, get up, quickly!” Leonard shouted, but Torchic had been hit pretty hard by the attack, so it struggled to pull itself to its feet.

“Ha, hah! We nailed it hard Cyndaquil, now try using another Tackle attack, full force!!” Nathan said with extreme enthusiasm.

“Cynda!!” it shouted as it reared back, and then charged at Torchic again in another devastating attack. But just as it was about to connect, Torchic jumped to its feet all of a sudden, and as the oncoming mouse Pokémon continued to pick up speed, there was nothing it could do except to run straight into the wrong end of a powerful Peck attack.

“Now Torchic!” Leonard said as Torchic pulled its head back, and rammed it straight into Cyndaquil, sending it rolling back to the feet of its owner.

“That is so not good dude!” Nathan cried as he looked down at his Cyndaquil. Torchic stood strong, as the smoke on the field subsided slowly, to reveal the dust covered floor. Cyndaquil followed suit and pulled itself back onto all-fours, with a fierce look in its eyes.

“Wow, Cyndaquil looks angry…” Leonard said, concerned.

“That’s it Cyndaquil! Awesome dude!” said Nathan strangely as he looked on to watch Cyndaquil let out a high pitched yelp which was followed by a sudden burst of flame which erupted from the spots on its back like a volcano.

“Darn, it’s got its flame going… what’re we gonna’ do?” Leonard asked Torchic, but it was surprisingly calm.

“Now then Cyndaquil,” Nathan began to tell the fired-up Pokémon, “Ember attack!” he shouted as Cyndaquil reared back, and let loose a flurry of small flames from its mouth, that sped towards Torchic.

“Well, Torchic, looks like we’re gonna’ have to fight fire with fire… Ember it back!” Leonard demanded as Torchic did so, firing its own barrage of small fireballs from its tiny beak. Both attacks collided in the centre of the arena and caused an explosion which rocked the surrounding building. Both Pokémon were blasted back by the force of the attacks, and small stones were flung against the walls, as the smoke cleared to reveal a small crater which had formed in the ground.

“Whoa… immense…” Nathan said with awe.

“Man that was incredible…” Leonard also said in a surprised tone of voice. Both Pokémon were lying on the ground, battered from the blast, both using every ounce of energy they could muster to get up.

“Come on Torchic, you can do it…” Leonard said supportively.

“Cyndaquil, you okay dude?” Nathan asked as he looked down at his weakened Pokémon. A small gust of wind blew across the area where the battle was taking place, and a few leaves were scattered across the floor in the process.

“Cynda…” Cyndaquil struggled to say, as it desperately rolled around, trying to get up.

“Tor… chic…” Torchic squeaked, it too trying to pull itself up onto its two feet.

“They’re hurt quite badly, that explosion must’ve really been powerful.” Leonard commented.

“Yeah dude, they’re like, completely out of it…” Nathan noticed as he too was aware that both Pokémon were now very weak. But just as this was said, the small orange bird Pokémon finally won its struggle to stand up, as it looked on in a daze. Cyndaquil too got up, and was dizzy from the blast, as the flame on its back had been extinguished, and its tiny legs were trembling in fatigue. Another moment of dead silence commenced, as Leonard and Nathan looked on in the hope that one of them would end up the victor, while their companions slowly recovered from the previous attack, and tried their hardest to stand strong and face each other.

“Torchic, you’re up! Great!” Leonard happily said.

“Cyndaquil, you too man!” Nathan said as he jumped up, determined to carry on the fight, “Now then, Tackle it again!” he commanded, and Cyndaquil slowly built itself up into a slow run again.

“Watch out Torchic, keep on guard.” Leonard warned his Pokémon, as Torchic looked on, taking care not to be hit by another one of Cyndaquil’s Tackle attacks.

“Cynda!” Cyndaquil shouted as it began to speed up, until suddenly, it toppled over and collapsed on the ground just a short distance away from Torchic.

“No, Cyndaquil!” Nathan shouted. The small mouse Pokémon was exhausted, and unable to get up. All of its energy had been used up due to the constant attacks it had used beforehand.

“It looks like it’s over Torchic…” Leonard said quietly, as he looked down at his tired Pokémon, which looked back up at him with a weak smile, it then dawned on Leonard, what had just happened, he had won his first ever Pokémon battle, “We won Torchic, we won!” he cried in happiness as he bent down to pick up his battle-worn Torchic and give it a hug. Nathan knelt down to his beaten Cyndaquil, and laid his hand on its back, it was still warm.

“Don’t worry Cyndaquil, you tried your hardest, you deserve a nice long rest.” He said as he pulled out Cyndaquil’s Poké Ball and returned it inside for some sleep. Leonard put his Torchic back on the ground, and as it continued to smile back up at him, he too returned his Pokémon to its Poké Ball for some rest. Both Leonard and Nathan stood back up, and approached each other face-to-face.

“Heh, congratulations dude, you won.” Nathan said happily as he held out his hand.

“Thanks Nate.” Leonard replied, as he raised his own hand to meet Nathan’s in a friendly handshake, “You did great yourself, and I’m sure you’ll become a great trainer of Pokémon once you battle some more. Perhaps we can battle again sometime in the future.”

“That’d be awesome dude,” Nathan began, as he released Leonard’s hand from his grip, “maybe I’ll have caught some new Pokémon by then too.” He continued.

“Yeah, me too. I hope so anyway!” Leonard joked with a smile on his face, as both boys laughed at their newfound friendship.

“Well Leo dude, I better get going to see my Mom in Mineral Town to show her my new Pokémon, you should get going too, Professor Redwood’s lab is a short walk up that hill over there.” Nathan said as he pointed towards the hill that the guard had left to before.

“Okay, I will do, thanks Nate.” Leonard responded.

“No problem dude.” Nathan said back. And as these goodbyes were said, both trainers went their separate ways, Nathan down the eastern path of Viron Port, and towards the island’s Subterranean Sector. While Leonard made his way towards the hill that lead away from the port, and towards the luscious greenery of the Forest Sector, where the famous Professor Redwood was situated, and where the first stepping stone in his quest to become a master trainer of Pokémon would be found.


I hope this fic is still going well in the eyes of its readers, so any feedback would be really appreciated.

I just wanna' make sure that I'm doing okay up to now, so tell me what you think, and don't be afraid to be honest, I wanna' make sure that you guys are getting the best out of me in terms of writing, lol, ^_^

Chapter 3 will be up soon, so watch this space for it!!

10-20-2004, 12:23 AM
hey ur really good!!!!! eeeeee! i love reading ur stuff! how old r u? u make me ashamed of my own work. lol. i never could do battles well, and i write in a kinnda screenplay format..maybe thats why. whatever lol. ur really good so get some more stuff up! one question tho...werent they supposed to be guarding the dock? why did they leave and didnt leo kinnda like steal the torchic? lol.

Manjoume Jun
10-20-2004, 11:52 AM
Heh, well, thanks a bunch for the feedback DPN, ^_^

Well, I'm 15 as of now, but I'll be 16 in December, so good times then!

As for your question, yes Leo was given the Torchic to defend the dock, but don't worry, I'll delve a little more into his little orange buddy soon.
And also, yes he should be guarding the dock, what happened to that?

lol, all will be revealed soon enough, but it's safe to say that our friend Leonard Radison has a one-track mind.

Anyways, thanks again, I'll get round to chapter 3 soon enough!

Manjoume Jun
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I'm sorry to double-post in an event which does not involve any updates to this fanfic, but I just want to bump this thread up for the sole purpose of alerting any possible readers of this fic that it may not be updated for quite some time.

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Plus I'm not exactly feeling 100% as of now, so I'm finding it hard to concentrate on it adequately.

Which leaves me to bid you all "adieu" for now, ^_^

10-22-2004, 04:51 AM
Heh, well, thanks a bunch for the feedback DPN, ^_^

Well, I'm 15 as of now, but I'll be 16 in December, so good times then!

As for your question, yes Leo was given the Torchic to defend the dock, but don't worry, I'll delve a little more into his little orange buddy soon.
And also, yes he should be guarding the dock, what happened to that?

lol, all will be revealed soon enough, but it's safe to say that our friend Leonard Radison has a one-track mind.

Anyways, thanks again, I'll get round to chapter 3 soon enough!

haha cool, u seemed older! u write so much better than i did at 15 :silly: im 18 btw. do u plan on doing somthing with ur skills professionally? u should. we should team up :silly: well yay! Im bumping u up! and yay! all will be revealed soon! hehe.

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