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silent pokemon master
10-20-2006, 02:15 PM
ok heres what happens a group of 15 people are going to face the elite 4 and bring back sweet glory however some are friends they travel together some are rivals and travel alone and a group of 5 people will become co-ordinators.these 5 people oringoenly go with the 14 people but later 1 goes thier rivals.(aka jaten yuki)we need 4 elite 4s which can lose to the trainers and a champion which will lose aswell if you are champion or elite 4 you can have 6 pokemon

heres the sigh up form

pokemon(maxium 2 you can catch more later but not with every post no legendarys.. yet no shinou pokemon but you can chose the rest):
personalty and a bit of history (5 lines or more ):

what you want to be e.g rival(2 with jaten 3),group(14),co-ordinator:

hope lots of you lots sigh up its going to be fun as for me mine is

name:jaten yuki



pokemon:pikachu and shiny charmander

personalty:jaten yuki is a fun loving boy.he shows he can a one of the best trainers in the world.his talent is unbelivable his two friends are ken and doenhe has many friends and makes friends easly.he lives a hard life as bieng poor but prof.oak takes pity and says he can bring fame to his family by becoming a trainer.he takes charmander and it fains agaisnt a pikachu prof oak catchs it and says look after it well.he isnt aragont but prefares going only with ken and doen they are the rivals of the incresingly talented group of pokemon trainers

what he is going to be:rival(2 places remane for ken and deon)