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10-20-2006, 09:59 PM
Wow. Sign-ups went incredibly fast, but I am now ready to start. Sign-ups can still be found here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24752), in case any late RPers want to sign up. Yes, they're still open.


10,000 years in the past, things were pretty peaceful. Early pokemon roamed the land, known as Pokagea, and lived in harmony with humans. Things went pretty well. Then it happened.

Kyogre and Groudon rose and killed off most of the pokemon with changes of weather and continents. Humans ran away from the rapidly changing geographical features and the intense weather. Instead of one, seven continents were created. Their names were North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and several islands in between.

In the meantime, Rayquaza awakened and stopped the rampage of the two legendary pokemon, killing himself in the process. Kyogre and Groudon fell asleep forever... or did they?

Now, Kyogre and Groudon have awakened. Team Aqua and Team Magma messed with their tranquility sources, the Red Orb and the Blue Orb. These teams were the first to feel Kyogre and Groudon's wrath, and all of the members of the teams were killed off.

A year has passed, and no one has been brave enough to stop them, and the weather has been worse then ever.
The Groudon Mountains have erupted in the middle of the ocean, creating an island out of harsh mountains. Once again, people and pokemon alike died.
Kyogre Lake has flooded through Northern China, out sizing Caspian Sea. Death was at hand.

No one can take any more of the rampage. This needs to end. Now. You, as well as a group of other trainers, decided to take action for the world, and the only way to stop them is to find the orbs, which are hidden in a completely random place on Earth. Are you ready to go around the Earth looking for the orbs? The world is in your hands.

*No god-modding
*No bunnying without permission
*If you join this RP, STICK WITH IT.
*Posts must exceed two lines.
*No having legendary pokemon for battle. (God-modding)

Yours truly (me)
Trainer Ifrit

Currently none

If you joined, feel free to post!

10-20-2006, 10:08 PM
It was early morning but the moon was still out. Zeno was sitting up in his bed waiting for the dawn to break through the night. He looked at his Lunatone who sat in the window pretending to be the moon. Wynaut was laying at the opposite end of his bed snoring. Zeno laughed to himself and continued to think about the day.

He stood up on the nice and warm hardwood floor. His blue pajama pants levitated over the floor when he was wearing them. He looked out the window and Relicanth was in the back pond swimming around. Zeno felt great knowing that his pokemon were happy with him. He looked at his alarm clock and it read ten after four. He went back to his bed and sat down again.

10-20-2006, 10:22 PM
Philip woke up. It was night out in California, but sun shone through the windows. Groudon, he thought. Not again. He looked outside to the gleaming city of Los Angeles. In his small room, six pokeballs lay in a wooden bowl. "This needs to be stopped," he said out loud. "That's why we were called for!" He got up and grabbed his pokeballs.
In a few minutes, Los Angeles shone with bright sun. The water evaporated before Philip's eyes. "No!" he looked out in horror as the water went away. "We need to find the orbs. Go, Charizard!"
"Rrooaaarrr!" the large, fiery dragon came out.
"Charizard, bring me to Hawaii!"
In about five hours, the lighning-fast pokemon was at Hawaii. "Okay, now we wait," said Philip. "Charizard, return."

10-20-2006, 10:40 PM
The sun broke apart the night sky. Zeno got dressed and picked up three empty pokeballs. He ran outside putting Relicanth into his pokeball. He put Lunatone into his pokeball too and ran to the bus station.

The bus would take him to the beach outside of Greece. He hoped on and it took him three hours to finally reach the coast. He pulled out Lunatone and it teleported him to Hawii. There was another person standing on the beach so he decided to get some help.

"Excuse me. Do you know where the special trainers are meeting?" He said this putting Lunatone back into it's pokeball. Wynaut ran to the sea and started playing in the crystal clear shallow water.

10-20-2006, 10:41 PM
A short trip could hardly describe what he'd been going through, 12 consecutive hours on a bumpy train, in a cramped compartement, sitting next to an old, snoring man. Fields of tall grass rolled behind them, ahead developped the bright lights of the city. Los Angeles. He restlessly sat as they approached the city, slowly, too slowly in his opinion. He stood and grabbed his bags to get to the exit, the train was at a steady 50mph towards the Los Angeles. Impatience took the best of him, as did his devilish personnality.

He pried his fingers between the rubber slits that hold together the doors and forced them open as the train roared onwards. First he tossed out the bags, second he leaped out of the door. He violently hit the ground, tucking just in time to avoid any damage apart from a few scratches. He stood back up with a large grin on his face and dusted himself off. He searched into a large pocket and retrieved a small pokeball, out of it came a large, powerful Dodrio.

"Let's get a movin', Temper." He muttered as he mounted the bird. Although incapable of flight it was as fast a runner as any other pokemon. In a matter of seconds it had caught-up and passed the train.

A bright light surged from the city, and not the usual lights of casinos and restaurants either, an unnatural one. He heeled Temper, signaling him to stop, and then stared up at the large pokemon that emerged. "Groundon..."

He took out his Skarmory, commander of the skies, and returned the Dodrio. He saw another trainer, riding a Charizard it seems, emerge from the light and fly off into the sky. "Let's follow." He commanded and lept off into the skies.

Ooc| Man, that was longer then I wanted it to be...

10-20-2006, 11:06 PM
Meh... a pretty short post, but I don't have all that much to write...

Philip saw Zeno, one of the trainers who was assigned their mission, ask someone about the meeting place. "Hey! Zeno! Over here!" Behind him, he saw someone coming in on a Skarmory. It was Takei. Great! he thought. Everyone's coming to the island! He sunk back into his bamboo chair.

10-20-2006, 11:15 PM
OOC: I'm getting confused. First you returned Charizard. Takei says you guys are flying through the sky. Then you said he's landing on the Island. lol.


Zeno set down in a bamboo chair watching the Skarmory get closer to landing on the ground. He picked with his pokeballs and waiting for everyone to get settled.

"I hope we get to start on this journey soon. What do you think Phil? You don't mind if I call you Phil do you?"

10-21-2006, 01:23 AM
Ooc|I think your just getting confused because the times don't follow. My post describes when my character comes into the story, in other words right before Philip flies off, he shortly after joins him.

Ic| The large metallic bird gracefully landed onto the sandy beach, Takei hopped off and quickly stretched towards the skies. "Good job Ace." He patted the bird on the forehead, holding out a handfull of treats that it happily gobbled down before being returned to it's pokeball. He turned to the two others, he was firmiliar with their names, not so much with them.

"Philip, Zeno." He greated with a nod of his head and a smirk like smile. He then turned to Philip, hands fisted: "Hawaii? Why Hawaii?" he questioned. The pokeballs at his waist rummbled on his belt, he let out a sigh and pulled off all three pokeballs. He tossed the pokeballs to the ground, the impact released the pokemon, he picked them back-up.

"Enjoy yourselves." He muttered on a low tone to the three pokemon, who either played around the water or contented themselves to sleeping on the beach. He sat down on one of the chairs, eyes fixed on the sky as he listened to the two others talk.

10-21-2006, 01:29 AM
OOC: I see that now. Thanks for explaining.


Zeno thought it was a good idea to let his Pokemon relax and so he threw out his Relicanth into the ocean and Lunatone onto the sand. He picked the pokeballs back up and placed them on his pokebelt.

"Hey Takei. How're you doing?"

10-21-2006, 01:52 AM
"Could be better." He muttered, eyes still fixed on the slow drifting clouds above: "My bottom hurts like hell." he said as he shifted to a more upright position. He cracked his neck, trying to wake-himself up. Considering the train trip to Las Vegas, which turned out to be bogus, and the flight to Hawaii he hadn't slept in over 15 hours.

"You see that Groundon thing?" He asked Zeno, he gaze shifted away from the clear blue sky: "One huge beast, s'all I can say. Wish I coulda gotten closer to it." He said in a half daydream, imagining if he could've, even for a fraction of a second, touched the leviathan rather then have flown by it. He got a quick adrenaline rush from the thought.

Ooc|No problem, happy you get it now^^

10-21-2006, 02:03 AM
Philip found himself staring into the sun-baked sky. "Huh? Oh. I don't know why the council chose Hawaii, I don't think any of us really know anything..." He looked around. Suddenly, the sun turned into torrential downpour. "Oh, no! I don't know about you, but I think we should get going! I have my cell phone, so we can call the others. Which direction do you think we should head in? I vote for not going towards Los Angeles." He looked around and saw a bamboo hut. Let's get in there so nothing bad happens to us." With that, Philip went inside the small hut.

10-21-2006, 02:10 AM
He followed Phillip into the small hut. It was a little cramped but it'd do. His pokemon followed all except for Relicanth, who was put back into his pokeball. Zeno took a seat on what looked like a bamboo bench with a back.

"I think we should head towards Austraila. It's about eight hours for you guys unless you would want Lunatone to teleport us there."

"Luna, Luna, Lunatone (you know I will)!" said Lunatone after Zeno finished his sentence.

10-21-2006, 02:15 AM
"Australia... land of the Kangaskans and Ampari (plural for Ampharos)." We shouldn't teleport anywhere. We might pass an orb, or the sacred shrine. If anything, I say head to Australia, and make a few side-stops, but that's my opinion." Philip looked outside. The rain was coming like waves of the Ocean. "If anything, we should get out of here..."

10-21-2006, 02:17 AM
"Oh, I never thought about that. Well, I'll just surf on my Relicanth. It's just rain and I'll still get there as fast as you guys do."

Zeno was getting hit by little drops of rain coming through the hut. His hair was getting wet and the temperature was dropping. The wind made it even colder.

10-21-2006, 02:23 AM
"Brrrr... It's 45 degrees in Hawaii. This can't be good. Well, I guess it's time to go to Australia..." said Philip. "Go, Walrein!"
"Grrooaaahhh!" The large Walrus came out of its pokeball, ready to help Philip in any way.
"Walrein, I need you to use a combination of Surf and Dive to get us to Australia!" ordered Philip. "We really need to keep an eye out for the orbs..."
Philip hopped on Walrein and they went in the water, heading Southwest. "Walrein, use Dive! We need to look for the orbs, and it's not too nice out above sea, so let's see what it's like underwater." With that, Walrein dived under the Hawaiian waters.

10-21-2006, 02:27 AM
Zeno followed Phillip. He threw out Relicanth's pokeball releasing him into the water. He hopped on the giant fish's back and off they were. The sped through the waters at high speed.

"Relicanth, use Dive!" Relicanth jumped up diving into the water with tremendous power. The water was nice and warm unlike the surface. The water was dark but he trusted Relicanth with everything.

10-21-2006, 02:28 AM
"Guys, group up." Takei snapped at his pokemon, who emmediately huddled near him. Radar and Temper where returned to their pokeballs, whereas Skarmory was to be his mount. He gave the pokemon a frim pat on the back: "It's gonna be a long flight."

He turned to Zeno and Philip "Skarmory ain't really built for rain, you know. So I gotta get moving fast, weather ain't gonna clear up." He said, he stepped outside and mounted the metal bird, the rope he had tucked around his belt he threw around Ace's neck to provide better grip during flight. His hair was now soaked and fell before his eyes, a look he hated, with his free hand he combed it back out of his eye. The two other had laready left. "Were off!" He happily shouted as he soared into the sky. His plan was to go above the clouds, to avoid the rain and from time-to-time go back down to check on the others.

10-21-2006, 02:32 AM
Relicanth couldn't find anything. They came to the surface and the water ran right off of them. Zeno hid behind Relicanth's dorsel fin protecting him from the wind and rain. He knew they would find something soon. They just had too.

(Sorry it's a little short)

10-21-2006, 02:35 AM
The depths of Hawaii were fascinating. Different colored Corsola were all over the place, as well as many other marine pokemon. "Let's go farther down." He tried to talk to Walrein, but it ended up sounding like: "Lpps gff fmpmr dmmb." Walrein understood him anyways, and they went deeper down, into an underwater air cave. "Wow." Looking around, he saw some Aqua buildings in ruins...

10-21-2006, 02:38 AM
He decided to go back down. He patted Relicanth and it dived back down. Somehow it sensed where Phillip and Walrein were and took them a while to find them, but they found them. He jumped off of Relicanth in the cave.

"Wow, this is awesome! Let's look around here for an orb." Zeno walked around staring in amazement at the place. He couldn't believe it. It was so beautiful even though it was destroyed.

10-21-2006, 02:44 AM
The cold, murky cave was pretty, Philip admitted to himself. "I doubt there's an orb here, but there could be something valuable in here." Philip looked down and saw his feet sink into quicksand. "Wet cave, shoulda figured..." He tried to pull himself out, but couldn't. "Go, Hypno and Charizrd! Help me get out of this!"
The pokemon tried to help Philip out, but their efforts were futile. "Great, just great..." said Philip.

10-21-2006, 02:57 AM
OOC: i hope this is ok this is my firstr rp

IC: pad was surfing on his lapras looking for any sighn of zeno Philip or Takei then he recived word that they were coming to Australia where he flew to so he could meet them. Then he heard a noise it sounded like someone shouting so he followed it. it lead to a cave full of aqua ruins and there he found philp stuck in quicksand. He took some rope out of his bag and tied it around philps waist as quick as he could. "go sonrlax" he said. he tied the other end of the rope around one of snorlax's arms. "pull snorlax he said as philp was slowly tugged out of the quick sand...

10-21-2006, 05:36 PM
It's pretty good, Padman, but work on Comma Splices. That means don't underuse or overuse commas. You need a few commas in there. Also, capitalize your sentences.
And also, you can't choose what my character does, but it's fine. First RP post = off easy.

Pad was right; Philip felt himself coming out of the sand with the help from the three pokemon. "I'm going to look around." Philip went off into the ruins.
In a few minutes, he saw something that he couldn't believe. A ghost of a Team Aqua member was right there in front of him!
"Rouuuuu.... Blood.... Goooo... Sharpedo." The ghost was a tranparent bluish hue, with black holes for eyes.
An equally creepy Sharpedo came out of its pokeball. "Gggrrraaauuuggghhh!"
"A battle with the dead... whatever. Hypno! Charizard! Return!" he said, realizing that they both had a weakness to the ghostly shark. "Go, Ampharos! Attack with Thunderbolt!"

10-21-2006, 06:34 PM
First roleplay post! Again if i mess up something please tell me.

Still in spain Xaitan was now living with his foster parents, they spoke fluent english and Xaitan dident get on that well with them but he wasnt bothered about that, he had to think of a way to get out of his house and away too look for the monster. He aimed for France he dident really know why but that was his aim. Xaitan walked out of his house and released Mightyena "come on mightyena we have to go find the marine bioligist" i knew he lived on the beach but it was a long walk, he might have an idea of were kyogre might be.

10-21-2006, 06:46 PM
That's decent, just take the same advice a gave to padman.

The Thunderbolt hit the ghost Sharpedo, but it didn't do anything. Instead, the Sharpedo turned a bright yellow, and static electicity started wavering around it. Slowly, the same condition applied to his trainer.
"Kkkiiilllll...." The ghost trainer started schasing Philip and Ampharos.
"Oh, no! Run!" Philip and Ampharos ran toward the fraction of the group in the cave. "Guys, there's an elicric ghost Team Aqua member with a matching Sharpedo trying to kill us!" he said.

10-21-2006, 06:47 PM
Takei gave a violent tug on the ropes he'd swung around the metal bird, a few minutes ago he'd checked on the others, their shadow visible from above the water. But at the moment there was nothing but black waters, strong winds and dart like rains from the skies. He pulled Ace back above the clouds: "Where the hell are they?" He snarled between clenched teeth. It didn't take long for him to make up his mind: "Dive-down, now!" he tightened his grip around the rope and let out a howl of excitement before diving down at frightening speeds into the dark waters.

He and the Skarmory plowed into the water, he returned it to it's pokeball, so much exposure to water was bad for it. Up ahead he could make out faint forms of people. He started swimming, deeper and deeper until he finally arrived. Just in time too, he'd just about run out of breath. He took a deep breath, enjoying the brief moment he had to breath before being knocked-over by the large ghoslty Sharpedo. "Freak off!" He screamed, his voiced muffled by the water so that it sounded more like: "Bleefm onff!"

10-21-2006, 07:01 PM
OOC: Sorry I took so long to post.


Kurina ran into the hut on Hawaii. The rain soaked her clean through, same for Ninetails.

"You OK, girl?" Kurina asked. Ninetails nodded and shook her fur dry. Kurina had seen some of the others Surf, Dive or Fly near the water.

"They expect me to be able to dive down there without a water Pokemon?" Kurina said in disgust.

"Nine, Ninetails," Ninetails said. Kurina stared at her Pokemon like she'd just gone nuts.

"No way, Ninetails. You can't swim in this weather," Kurina protested. Ninetails pointed to scuba gear in the corner with her paw. Kurina sighed and hooked up Ninetails to the gear. She looked funny. Kurina managed to keep from laughing.

Kurina and Ninetails dove underwater. They swam towards a underwater cave. Kurina was running out of air. Ninetails swam faster. They finally reached the surface. Kurina took a gasp of air and climbed out. The water had been freezing cold.

"I'm gonna catch a cold, I just know it," Kurina muttered. She sneezed and looked around, she saw Philip and his Pokemon running away from a ghost and a Sharpedo gost. Kurina took off after him.

"Philip, you OK?" Kurina asked, Ninetails at her side, "Where are the others?"

10-21-2006, 07:03 PM
Thanks! xD

We must have walked for 2 hours but we got to the shack like building. I knocked on the door and a bald man with a snorkel on his head said "hello" in a low voice "ill get straight to the point, i know its a bit mad but by any chance do you know were the giant sea creature pokemon known as Kyogre is?". "as a matter of fact ive been tracking him your lucky i was just about to burn the paper work and map turns out the government wants to handle it themselves, you can have it if you like" Xaitan took the map and left the paperwork and started running out "may i ask what you need it for!" the man shouted. Xaitan was too involved with kyogre to be distracted. They made there way along the beach back to there house two hours later, "Mightyena return!" he walked into his house. His foster parents were sitting on the sofa and dident look very pleased "were have you been its gone ten!" she shouted, that was it, i just walked upstairs got my backpack and things i needed and went out the back door got my bike and started riding to the local ferry. He dident care about anything but his aim anything else was insignificant.

10-21-2006, 07:13 PM
sorry dident know wont happen again. hawai.....spain to hawai lol

10-21-2006, 08:11 PM
Xaitan, please don't double post (posting more than one in a row in the same thread). And the current setting is off the coast of Hawaii.

"I'm fine, but I don't know how to beat this thing..." Philip answered Kurina's question. But right then, the transparent shark was attacking Takei. "I'll try to attack it when it's destracted!" Philip explained. "Ampharos, use Iron Tail!" As Philip expected, it wasn't a ghost, afer the previous attack. The supernatural pokemon was slightly damaged, but turned to Steel type. "Yes!"

10-21-2006, 08:31 PM
sorry about posting thing dident know. :sad:

Xaitan reached the ferry, only problem was he had no money but he did have an idea. He knew many rich people traveled on this ferry and how they feel bad when kids cry, so he went up to one of them and started crying his eyes out "whats wrong child?" a man with a twirly moustache said "i...i cant find my parents they were meant to be meeting me here to go back to hawai b...but looks like they went without me" he cried some more and eventually the rich man gave in and bought me a ticket and i was on the ferry traveling all the way to hawai. I just had to act out some more until we got there i decided to sleep for most of it so i dident have to talk to him much" Xaitan was on the ferry for 6 hours so far and had slept right through, the rich man was a gambler and spent most of his time in the slot machines on the ferry.

10-21-2006, 08:42 PM
(sorry I haven't posted. I was out all day)

"Wynaut, help him out with psychic!" Wynaut nodded and put it's head in a slant form sending out blue and purple waves of energy. It hit the ghost knocking it down.

"I suggest we get out of here why we still can." Zeno's feet were starting to get cold and the sand was really thick and muddy feeling. He wanted nothing more than to get out of here.

10-21-2006, 08:52 PM
After atleast 3 days of traveling hawaii was finnaly in sight, I saw the rich man playing on the machines still and i released Mightyena and fed him some food and drink "good boy" he chomped away at the food and licked the drink. Xaitan thought about if he wouldent have got the map and would be in france now aimlesly wondering around looking for a giant sea monster. The ship stopped, finnaly Hawaii Xaitan ran and jumped off the ship and Mightyena followed, then he started walking along the beach. "if i were a giant blue fish were would i be" xaitan then noticed he just shouted that out and people were looking at him funny then a guy shouted out "uhhhh the sea?" I felt quite dumb and embarresed at that moment and got annoyed and started running along the beach. "Gengar, Cacturne go!" now all three of my pokemon beside me i ran to were i thought it might be.

10-21-2006, 08:58 PM
Meh, this is a bit short...

"You're right. We should leave. There's obviously no orb in here, and we need to get moving." said Philip. "Go, Walrein! Warein, use Dive to get us out of here!" They got out of the cave and went up to the top of the water. It was sunny out again. "Aaahhh..." The Sun felt good to Philip, but bad to Walrein. "Let's get going," said Philip to Walrein. And so they started going to Australia.

10-21-2006, 09:10 PM
OOC: Would it be OK if I added a water Pokemon to my team?

Kurina and Ninetails ran back to the water, but Ninetails looked like she was quickly waddling instead of running, this was because of the scuba gear.
Kurina slowed down to let Ninetails catch up.

When they reached the beach again Ninetails immediately shook off the gear.

"Well, since we can't swim, how are we supposed to get to Australia?" Kurina asked. Ninetails barked suddenly, a Dewgong rose up out of the water and lazily floated on the surface.

"Perfect," Kurina said, "Ninetails, use Bite!" Ninetails attacked the Dewgong, the Dewgong was startled and splashed around franticly. Ninetails jumped back. Kurina took out a Luxary Ball, the ball she used for all her Pokemon, and threw it at the Dewgong, thankfully the ball didn't sink into the water. The gentle waves pushed it onto the shore. Kurina picked up the ball and whispered, "Welcome to the team, Dewgong." She sent out Dewgong. Dewgong splashed around the water. Kurina slipped a violet colored collar around Dewgong's neck.

OOC: Tellme if I should change it.

10-21-2006, 09:15 PM
OOC: So hes at australia ok i got it now.

I put Mightyena and Cacturne back in there pokeballs "Gengar use transform and change into Dragonite, lucky i taught you that". They searched the beachs for any sight of movement in the sea or even other trainers but nothing too be seen apart from miles and miles of sand. So i decided to use my map "its not France or Hawaii its Australia by the looks of it" coffee spills on the map make it hard to work out. "Australia Gengar" hoped on his dragonite form and started flying across the sea.

10-21-2006, 09:25 PM
Takei watched as the others readied to departure, he quickly looked over to the three tiny pokeballs around his waist. Sadly none of the pokemon would be suited for a rise to the surface. He glanced over to Philip who had just ordered his Walrein to Dive, he saw this as he only chance to exit the cave. He dashed towards the walrein as fast as he could, his side hurting from the Tackle he received from the Sharpedo. Right before Walrein departed he grasped onto it's massive fin and let himself be rapidly carried to the surface.

"Hey, Philip!" He said with a chuckle as he surfaced next to him. He hauled himself onto the massive fin, and stretched towards the now nice and sunny skies. "This weather I prefer." He said as he let out his Skarmory: "To Australia then!" He said as he mounted Ace, the rope not necessairy this time. He flew up into the clear blue skies, watching the others progress forwards.

10-21-2006, 10:45 PM
It was night time in Bulgaria, I was walking down the path near the ocean.
" I need to get to the airport, to find Philip in USA!" said Jackson and he sent out his Charizard to fly to the airport.
" Let's go, Charizard!" and Charizard flew to the airport. But when he got there is a long line to get to the airport to USA.
" God, dang it why is there always a long line here!" said Jackson and he went to the line and started waiting. In an hour the line was finished and he was on his way to USA.
" Finally, I am on the plane, but I wonder if anyone here is also on the same topic as me?" I said. I started thinking what I should do in the plane as it is going, it is 3 hours long, but hey my backpack I have stuff in it I could do. I checked my backpack and saw my laptop.
" Guess I can surf the net." I said and I opened the internet and went to Google, typed in the website SHINGO478.com and I was there the website where I can get all the info I need to find out where Kyogre is...
" So, it is at the Pacific Ocean near California." I said, but I am going to Utah, so I can just rent a bus there, no problem, I thought.
" Attention, flighters it is hour we have been on the plane, we recommend you to go to sleep, now." said the flight attendent. Guess I should go to sleep, and I closed my eyes and went to sleep. The next morning I wok up and just all of sheer luck I just woke up before the flight was over.
" Attention flighters we have made landing in USA, please wait, while you leave the plane!" said flight attendent. Soon about 10 minutes I left the plane.
" Okay, time for me to rent a bus to California." I said and I surf the net to find one. and I did. It is going to come here in 5 minutes. Yes I will finally be able to meet Phillip's group....

OOC: This is my first post in this RP, I hope you guys like this.......

10-22-2006, 12:23 AM
Zeno hopped back onto Relicanth. He patted and pointed and Relicanth headed back onto the surface. They could see better now due to the sun's golden rays. The hit the top of the water and Relicanth jumped twenty feet out of the water. Zeno laughed.

"Relicanth, you're such a showoff." He said this as they hit the water with a hard impact.

"Ok, make sure to follow them. We don't want to be left behind." Relicanth kept it at a steady speed behind Walrein. The sun felt really good on both of them making it better to stay uptop this time.

10-22-2006, 01:40 AM
OOC:OK Spazzedoutrayquaza ill definitly work on it, thanks a ton. Could we just ingore that first post i made im really sorry i didnt know that thing about how i cant do stuff to your character, the post makes no sence because of my stupidity. Your all heading out of the cave to Australia now right? (sorry for all the questions)

(OOC:staring over hope its ok)
IC: Raul sat on Lapras just outside of coast Australia, Pidegot and Charrizard flying around in the air looking for any signs of philp and the others. He look back at the beach Snorlax just sleeping with ease as Alakazam and Arcanine tried to wake him up. Snorlax just rolled over and landed on Arcanine's paw, Raul laughed and thought about how much he loved his pokemon. "Lapras when do you think they will arrive?" he said, Lapras made a motion similar to schrugging her shoulders. " Yea i dont know either". "I'm so anxious to talk to all of them"..

10-22-2006, 02:33 PM
Australia was in sight, Xaitan crossed his fingers hoping this would be were kyogre roamed. Gengar let me off his back onto the sand and he transformed back into Gengar form, "come on gengar lets go" we walked along the beach then thought it would be easier to find it in the water so he went in up to knee height. Gengar just floated over it "go Mightyena" he enjoyed swimming he doggy paddled next to me, we had to be prepared so i thought we should get some rest so we went back onto the beach and i withdrew my pokemon and made a hammock between two huge trees and went to sleep. When i woke up i went back out to the beach and saw a lapras and a charizard quite far out. I released all my pokemon and started walking along the beach.

10-22-2006, 03:41 PM
Raul opened his eyes, "I must have dozed off". The sun was not shining but not as brightly as before,"Kyogre must be near by right Lapras?". Waloooom" she hummed back, "Ha Ha yes I agree. Raul looked back toward the beach he saw what looked like Xaitan laying on a hammock. "Lapras I see Xaitan hurry back towards shore, "Charrizard Pidgeot return". When I arrived on the beach i saw snorlax still sleeping,of course, and i could tell Alakazam and Arcanine wanted to play with Xaitan's pokemon but were to shy to go over. I walked over to the hammock, "Hey Xaitan"....

10-22-2006, 04:24 PM
OOC: short one because were talking.

"took you long enough...i went to hawaii and still got here before you" Mightyena went over and played with Raul's pokemon but Gengar and Cacturne are not fond of playing and just started performing attacks on trees for no reason.

10-22-2006, 05:47 PM
IC:"No I was alrady here, I was just out in the ocean looking for you guys". Raul called all of his pokemon in and they ate with Xaitan's pokemon. Snorlax sure woke up fast when Raul told him that it was time to eat. As he sat and ate he wonderd where Kyogre was. As it got colder he was more and more sure that kyogre was near by. He and Xaitan would have to wait for the others to find the orbs. "Xaitan do you have any idea when the others will be here?""You left with them right?"

OOC: When i say i ate with Xaitan's pokemon im not deciding what his pokemon do im just saying thats where i ate. (im not saying his pokemon ate with mine)

10-22-2006, 05:54 PM
Me coming all the way here with other people.....you must be joking, im not fond of conversations, or other people for that matter. So your lucky you found me really, and yes i do know were kyogre is, i have a map.

does it really matter its just a pokemon eating....i dont really care

10-22-2006, 06:43 PM
OOC: lol well im just making sure you knew.

IC: "Alright were just ganna have to wait then,I hope its too not long". "I really want to find Kyogre". "Good thing you have the map". "Well im gunna go to my tent and get some slepp, come on guys". All of Raul's pokemon came running to him,except for lapras who sleeps in the water, all wet from playing in the water. As the headed back to Rauls's tent they had to go through some trees,raul wanted his tent to be hidden so no one would rob it. Raul got into his sleeping bag arcanine cuddled up next to him.Pidgeot landed on teh top of a tree and quickly dozed off. Snorlax just laid down taking a couple of trees with him. Alakazam sat on snorlaxes stomach in a meditating position,charrizard next to him. Raul laughed to himself it was funny how two pokemon laid on one huge one. As Raul laid in the tent he thought about Gourdon, how much he hated him for killing his parents. "I will get the orb if it's the last thing i do" he wispered to himself, then he slowly dozed off.

10-22-2006, 07:13 PM
While Raul was asleep, Xaitan got up and picked up his stuff and left, his pokemon all behind him. Suddenly a giant blue Gyrados obviously a protecter of kyogre's cave, rose out of the water and wanted to battle "Gengar, Mightyena return come on Cacturne lets use your new move you learnt" the Gyrados used Waterfall but its not very eefective against grass types. "Cacturne use solar beam!" The gyrados was hit and was badly hurt but it attacked again with dragon rage Cacturne was hit and he dident look too good, so Xaitan decided to choose this one. "Pokeball go!" Xaitan got his water pokemon he wanted. "I caught it!" Cacturne was looking bad "closest pokemon centre is hmm Gengar go Cacturne return, Gengar trainform into Pidgeotto" Xaitan got onto Gengar and they flew to the closest pokemon centre it was packed of people who's pokemon were attacked by Kyogre or just hit by the strange waters. Xaitan walked round the back and went in the back room were nurse Joy was healing another pokemon. "Nurse Joy two of my pokemon are at critacly low health" she finished the other pokemon and started healing Gyrados and Cacturne. "Ok there done" Xaitan was pleased that he caught a Gyrados and walked out and released Gyrados into the water and jumped onto his back, then started searching the area for the cave.

10-22-2006, 07:29 PM
The sea was nice and calm. The only thing bothering it were the Pokemon surfing making what looked like boat waves. It was kind of bad luck but though because when the sea gets really calm it usually means something bad is about to happen. Zeno's hair, well what's there, was blowing in the wind. He was nice and dry due to the sun heating up the water and atmosphere.

10-22-2006, 07:39 PM
XD Haven't posted in a while... And Entei_3000, you can add Dewgong As long as you don't have oer 6 pokemon, you can keep adding. (This goes to anyone)

Philip saw the others in a while, and decided to fly. Walrein, reyurn! Go, Charizard!"
The Red Dragon came out of its pokeball. "Rrroooaaarrr!"
"Charizard, use fly to catch up with the others!" commanded Philip.
It took them a while to catch up, but when they did, Philip made hisself known. "Hey, guys! Australia's cool, isn't it?"

2nd OOC:
Australia. Yay. My favorite animals are Kangaroos.

10-22-2006, 08:23 PM
Raul woke up it was getting even colder out. He woke up all the other pokemon(except for snorlax that would be a waste of time), and they headed towards the beach. Raul expected to see Xaitan but instead he saw Zeno and Philp."Hey Philip" Philip asked him if the thought Australia was intresting.
"Deffinitly espically how low the temprature is" he said. "Im not sure where Xaitan went though","How did your journys go here guys?"....

10-23-2006, 08:56 AM
Xaitan spotted a large underwater cave, "hes mine! Gyrados into the cave" Gyrados dived into the water and traveled through the cave. The water dissepeared and there was air between underneath, "Gyrados return" Xaitan walked through the cave it was cold and damp the walls were dripping with water as i got further i saw a large pokemon protecting a huge door. I had to know what the pokemon was, i moved in closer "Aggron" it was huge but my new pokemon Gyrados should handle it. "go Gyrados" the battle was long Gyrados was weak but so was Aggron, final move "Gyrados Hydropump!" a new move Gyrados had only just learnt. The Aggron fainted and we moved on past the doors. I had to give Gyrados a super potion to heal it back up, we walked through a long cramped tunnel hoping it would be at the end.

10-23-2006, 05:03 PM
Kurina and Ninetails hopped on Dewgong and plowed through the waters. Water soaked the bottoms of Kurina's jeans, she shivered from the cold water. Kurina saw Australia, she thought it looked really cool.

"There it is, guys," Kurina said, "Australia."

Kurina and Ninetails got off Dewgong and looked around.

10-23-2006, 08:23 PM
Kyogre was close, Xaitan had walked a long tunnel but it ended. At the end was a large waterfall surrounded by a small pond, Xaitan ran through the pond and the waterfall crashed down on him, he was now in a heigher and shorter tunnel leeding to a large room. This was it Xaitan was about to face his life enemy, he slowly started to walk into the room.

10-23-2006, 09:21 PM
OOC: MAN!!! 3 days=50 posts! Sorry I haven't been on I was busy all weekend.

IC: Brian woke up and looked around the area. It was very sunny and out of water. "Crap I woke up late!" Brian said angrily. Everyone else was already out searching for the orbs. He had to hurry. He stood up and ran outside. "Ok... what now?" He asked himself. "Go Alakazam!" Alakazam came out his pokeball. "Lets go to..." Brian thought for a minute about where the stones may be. "How bout Egypt." He said. Alakazam used teleport and they landed in a huge desert. Brian just stared around. He was next to a deep cliff going into the ground. "Alakazam teleport me down there!" Within a second they were at the bottom of the cliff. Brian looked around and saw a small piece of gold on the ground. He walked by it and saw a large hole in the wall. "This must be The Valley uhhh the place where they buried all the kings in Egypt. Alakazam, return!" There must be an orb somewhere in here. He started to pull himself through the small cave. He came to a fork with about 5 different directions. He started pulling himself back and exited the cave. There was to little room and his pokemon were all to big for that space. When he got out he noticed a huge cave accross from him. He started to walk over to it when a Flygon jumped out of the ground. It hovered in the air for about a second then fired a drgon breath right at him. Without thinking he sent out Salemence and Metagross. "Metagross block the attack! Salemence use dragon claw! Both did as they were told. The Flygon was hit with Salamences claw but took little damage. The Flygon sent a hyperbeam at Mategross who dodged the attack and used psycic. on the Flygon. Once Metagross had control of the Flaygon he hurtled it against the wall and it fell to the ground against the cave. It got up and saw a shinning rock next to him. "THE ORB!" The flygon looked at it and picked it up and started fliing away. "RETARD!!!" Brian yelled. He was frustrated. "Metagross, return! Go Alakazam and Typhlosion!" Metagross went into his pokeball and Typhlosion and Alakazam came out of their's. "Get on Salemence and chase that Flygon!" The Salemence flew in the air and started chasing the Flygon. They were able to get close to the Flygon and started fliing over the ocean. "Typhlosion and Alakazam get on Flygon's back!" They did as told. Tyro reached onto the Flygon's neck and started heating it up. It started to burn and the Flygon started to slow down. Alakazam kept using shadow ball on the Flygons back. It started to weaken then started dipping toward the water. Alakazam used psycic and threw the Flygon into a rock wall. The Flygon started slipping down the rocks and the orb flung over ten feet into the water. Typhlosion and Alakazam started falling toward the water with the Flygon. Brian jumped off the Salemence and dove toward the orb. "TYPHLOSION ALAKAZAM SALEMENCE RETURN!!!" Everyone returned to their pokeball as Brian dove toward the orb. He was about to grab it when he hit the water and started sinking. The orb was heavy and sank faster. He needed air and swam toward the suface. "Swampert!" Swampert came out of his pokeball. "Dive for the orb!" The Swampert started diving and was underwater for a few seconds. Brian called out Slaemence and climbed on his wing. He waited for the Swampert to come up. After another 60 seconds the Swampert finally emerged with the orb. "Pass it!" Brian said. Swampert passed him the orb. He grabbed it and stared at it. It was very shiny. "Ok 1 down 10,000 to go. Swanpert return! Go Alakazam. Use teleport to Moscow, Russia." Within a second they were in the city. "Alakazam return!" Let the search begin!

10-23-2006, 10:22 PM
OOC: No offense but that's way too fast for finding an orb. No matter how far you are behind so I'm just going to keep acting like that never happened. And Australia isn't cold. It's pretty much warm. I've been there before.


Finally they reached land. The sand was warm and as white as the clouds. Zeno took Relicanth's pokeball out and zapped him back into it. Wynaut and Zeno walked inland onto the soft green grass into a food shack.

"Hello Mate, What can I get cha?" The Australian worker asked. Wynaut pointed at some fries and Zeno decided to go for a cheeseburger.

"I'll take a large fry and a cheeseburger." Zeno pulled out some money waiting for him to tell him how much it would cost.

"That'll be five dollars." Zeno pulled out six dollars, five for the food one for the friendly service.

"Thanks mate!" The cashier said excitedly handing Zeno the food. They sat down at a table outside in the shade of an umbrella. The started chomping on thier food.

10-23-2006, 10:28 PM
Takei watched as Philip took out his Charizard and flew up behind him, a much more massive creature compared to his Skarmory. He gave the bird a light tap on the side with his heel and sped ahead like a bullet "See ya' in Australia!" He hollered as he flew ahead.

The sight of land was a great relief, as much as he loved flying he couldn't wait for the comfort of land- and a bed if time allowed. A sandy, mostly barren land was clearly visible ahead. He gave the bird a stronger tap, signal to land. They dived down at an exhilirating speed, landing gracefully onto the ground. "Gawd, weathers much better then Canada down here." He yelpped of joy, returning Ace to the pokeball. "I suggest we split into parties, cover more land." He said, glancing over to Philip who had just landed. Sleep had over come him, however: "Maybe after some sleep and grub..." He joined Zeno, hadning over a five to the Cashier who offered him the same meal as his partner.

10-24-2006, 12:42 AM
OOC: That was wayyyyy to fast to find an orb. But it is cold in Autralia Kyogre is near by so the tempratue has dropped.

IC: Raul finished his conversation with Philp. As he was talking to Philip he saw Zeno fly by ,he'd have to go quick to catch up to him. " Everyone return to you pokeball's","except pidgeot we have some flying to do". He landed at the restuant to find Zeno and Takei sitting and eating. "Hey guys", "How about the weather around here"? A bit chillyer than i expected i must say". The waiter came by Raul just asked for a soda."I agree with Takei's idea to split into teams".

10-24-2006, 01:02 AM
I don't have the time to post right now, so I'm just going to say that vgbri, pretend you never found that orb.
I'll post more later.

10-25-2006, 08:56 PM
OOC: Sorry I saw there were like 50 posts and hadn't enough time to read them so I figured everyone already had like 3 or 4 orbs. Ok I never found it. Atleast not the real thing.

IC: Brian looked closely at the orb once he was in Russia. He moved his fingers across it and felt a dent. "Did I just make that?" He asked himself. He pressed his fingers against against the orb and it began to turn to dust! "WHAT! NO!!!. He thew it on the ground in frustration. He figured he'd never find anything. "Where do I look!" Brian asked himself. "I am to late to find the rest of the groupe in Hawii. I bet they started chasing Kyogre!" He said. Brian pulled out his PSP. He had upgraded it allowing him to use it as a television and access the internet withing 2000 miles! It took him a few years to make it. He took it out and turned it to the weather channel. Kyogre would be where there was a lot rain so after searching the entire planets weather he noticed that the area off of Austalia was dealing with terrible rain and the whole country was colder than average. "Go Alakazam. You know what to do!" The Alakazam used teleport and they were in Australia in a few seconds. "Ok now then where are they?" Brian asked himself. He began searching the area.

10-28-2006, 08:40 PM
" Hey, kid welcome to my bus, takes you right to California, home of The OC!"said the driver.
" Shut up, just take me to California, NOW!" I yelled.
" Alright, loser, get in the bus." said the driver and I got in the bus. The bus was really dark and was dirty.
" Atleast I am going to California." I siad to myself and I sat a seat and opened my laptop to surf the net.
" Ha, so my arch rival, Alex is in California, San Franciso, maybe he has some info on Kyogre, maybe..." I said. Soon about half an hour I went to sleep. The next morning we're at California.
" Dude, we're here get out the bus and give $500 now!" yelled the driver.
" Sure and here you go." I said and I walked out of the bus and walked to a hotel and reserved a room while I look for Alex my rival for some info on Kyogre.
" Hey you, there, yeah you come here." said a gangster group.
" What do you want." I asked.
" This!" yelled the gangster and he punched me right at the face, but good thing I dodged his punch and kick him.
" Aaah, fine you go now, we just weak, but we only attack new people who come here!" yelled the gangster and he fled.
" Losers..." I said and I walked tp the street I saw on the net where Alex might be....

10-28-2006, 11:57 PM
I left my friends to eat for a while. I decided to go to the main part of the country, Sydney. When i enterd i saw a group of people battling. I went over, "I want in" Raul said with confidence. It would be a 3 pokemon battle, "Go Snorlax!" "Blazikan do you thing", the opponent said with some fear in his voice. "Fire blast blazikan!" "Snorlax dodge and use hyper beam!" The powerful hyper beam hit blazikan dead on. "Wow" is all Raul's opponet had to say."Nice try Blazikan", "Go Blasdoise". "Stay out there Snorlax", Raul said with ease. "Blasdoise use mega punch" It hit snorlax right in the gut. Snorlax got up, he appeared to not be very injured. " Ha nice try","now Snorlax use hyper beam!" Snorlax couldnt attack because he was still recovering from his last hyper beam. "Blasdoise use head butt!", "Snorlax use dodge and counter with earthquake!" Blasdoise was hit directly and fainted. "Ha another pathetic attempt!" "No way, your pokemon are to strong his opponet said, "Go, Aragon!", "No way you beat my Aragon." " Thats what you think", "Snorlax return good job. "Go Charrizard", "Use fire wheel." Charrizard's quickness was unstoppable so he hit first. "Aragon use dodge." The attack was to fast to dodge and hit Aragon in the head. Aragon was knocked out cold. "Yes!" "Another win for Raul!"....

11-03-2006, 02:18 AM
Philip saw Raul do his thing, and went over. "Hi, Raul! I see you won yet another battle... we're both good trainers, wanna have a battle, just for the fun of it?" Philip said casually.
Suddenly, a Kangaskan knocked him over, and a Mightyena followed him. "Crap! I'll get back to you on this, Raul!" He yelled through quick words. He was being help down. He managed to grab two pokeballs. They rolled on the dry ground, and a Scyther and a Hypno popped out. Philip was whispering. "Guys, take them out!"
"Hhhhrrrraaaahhhh!" Scyther quickly slashed the Mightyena hard.
"Uuummmmm....." Hypno stared to make Kangaskan into a trance. Before long, the large and armored Kangaroo was asleep.
"Rrroooaaarrr!" The only real battle was between Scyther and a rabid Mightyena. "Scyther, go!" Philip yelled from the sidelines. "Use agility, then double team! After that, finish it off with a slash!"
"Hhhhhrrrraaaahhhh!" Scyther went right to it, confusing the Mightyena a lot. Then, before it knew what hit it, the Mightyena was out cold.
"Good job, guys!" Philip returned his two victorious pokemon. "So, do you want to battle?" Even after that, Philip still wanted to battle Raul.

11-04-2006, 01:47 PM
Brian looked around the area but couldn't find any team members. Australia was to big to just walk around maybe he'd have better luck if he flew around the island in search of pokemon probobly battling. "Go Salemence!" Salemence came out of his pokeball. "Fly me around this whole continent!" Brian said. He jumped on Salemence's back and they started fliing. Brian looked down from Salemence but didn't see anyone he recognized. Brian loeaned a little farther down than he should and almost falling off. Suddenly a dragonite smashed into Salemence having Brian loose his ballence. He grabbed on to Salemence's skin. Salemence was ticked at the Dragonite and rammed into it. Brian lost his grip and let go falling from thousands of feet. Salemence continued battling the Dragonite not even noticing him. "GO Alakazam!" Alakazam came out his pokeball. "Teleport to the ground!" Brian yelled in desperation. Within a second they were standing on the ground. "Alakazam shadow ball on the Dragonite then Psycic! Go Typhlosion and Swampert! Typhlosion use fireblast!" Brian watched Alakazam's shadowballs hit followed by Typhlosion's fireblast and finaly the psycic. Alakazam used psycic again freezing the Dragonite where it was. "Swampert combine your hydro pump with ice beam!" Swmpert did as told. The Dragonite was hit badly and began falling. "Salemence return! GO Metagross." While Salemence entered his pokeball metagross came out. "Metagross confusion Alakazam use psycic and throw him forward." They both did what they were supposed to and the drgonite fainted. "Ok evryone return! That was enough searching for one day." Brian said. Everyone out went back into their pokeball. Brian searched for a hotel of somekind. He found one and went inside. It was getting dark out. He didn't have alot of money but when he told the person at the desk he was triing to stop Kyogre and Groudon they gave him a room for half price. When he got upstairs he lay down in his bed hoping tomorrow he'd have better luck finding his team mates.

11-04-2006, 02:22 PM
Raul watched as Phillp battled,he thought that with Phillip and his skills we could deffinitly get some orbs. " No phillip, I dont wish to battle you, i find that if we battle grudges start to form and fights break out between trainers".
" This part Australia is not doing it for me, I'm heading to the great barrier reef". "I think we might be able to find an orb there". "Go Pidgeot", "Fly me to the Great Barrier Reef". " If anyone wishes to join me please follow".

11-04-2006, 02:57 PM
Brian woke up and jumped out of bed. Another day of finding his friends. He wasn't getting anywhere. He decided that if he couldn't find anyone then he'd leave the continent. He checked out of his hotel and released his Salemence. Brian thought for a miute. Maybe just flying around the area wasn't enough. If he was looking for an orb it would probobly be in the water. That was probobly where his friends were. He released his Salemence and they began fliing. He finaly spotted a pigeot under him start to fly away and another person talking to him. "THAT MUST BE THEM!" He was excited to finaly find his team. They were a distance from the coast but he could still see them. Salemence started diving toward them.

11-04-2006, 02:59 PM
Philip looked at Raul, and decided he was right. Plus, it could weaken him for later. "Maybe we should split up and keep in contact in other ways. I'm gonna stay in the Outback. I just know that there's something about Ayer's Rock... Here's a text messager to keep in touch. Seeya!" Philip watched Raul take off with his Pidgeot. He looked around. He was alone. "Great," he said. "Just great. Might as well go on..." And he started going west.
After a while, he saw a small town. He began to run to it, hoping to get some clues.

11-05-2006, 01:59 PM
Sorry havent posted in a while, ive been addicted to an online game named Graal.

Xaitan woke up, he had fallen asleep and he dident even know when it happend. To his surprise everything was gone, it must have left while i was sleeping, Xaitan jumped onto Gyrados and launched himself out of the cave and back into the sea he saw all the other people looking. "i must find this cave" They glided through the water looking for any sign of movement or caves.

11-07-2006, 07:43 PM
OOC: sorry this post is a little but i realized that i dont like pidgeyott at all =p

IC: Raul rode away on his Pidgeott, he saw Philip walking away in the distance.He decided that the Great Barrier Reef was way to crowded to go to now. So Raul decided to go to spain, "Pidgeott go to Spain as fast as you can". They finaly arrived in spain in what seemed to be about 9 hours. When he arrived he looked around. He was in Barcelona the biggest city in Spain. A man walked up to him, "Excuse me son wil you be needing a rom tonight?", "Yes sir that would be great" he said as he felt the pain in his back from sleeping on the ground so much. The man took me to a house, it must have been his. "Here you are son", "Thank you sir" Raul said with a sence of relif in his voice. Raul unpacked some of his things and by the time he was done it was almost time to go to bed. He turned off the lights and got into bed. That night Raul kept hearing noises arounf him so he sent out Pidgeott to make him feel better, "I'll be ok if your here Pidgeott" he said. Then a sudden boom came, Raul's door was knoced down and the nice man was there with a Tyranitar. "Tyranitar get that Pidgeott out of here use hyper beam" the man said in not such a kind voice. Pidgeott fainted and then a man from the not so nice mans gang came out and put Pidgeott in a bag. Raul sent out his other pokemon but it was no use the man and his gang had gotten away. Raul sent his tent up somewhere in some trees far from there. He cried himself asleep thinking about his lost pokemon.