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Tamer Marco
06-13-2004, 12:07 AM
Thousands of years ago an inactive volcano brought life to a new part of the world. As the intense lava spewed the began to form a island. Months later the volcano rock hardened and pokemon began to flock to the newly formed island. When the pokemon came so did the people. The new islanders used their new technology (in thier time.) to build streets and cities in no time at all. Everything was peaceful. That is the folk tale passed down from generation to generation by the Cinnibar Islanders. All thought is was peaceful in the newly found land, but they didn't know the rage that Cinnibar volcano was erupting...

Three years ago, Cinnibar Island

A young boy stood at an empty side of the beach. He had a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face. The boy placed his hand in his pocket and held a miniature ball. "Go Tenty!" the boy shouted as he hurled the small ball into the ocean. It collided into the ocean water and released a blinding red light. The ball went straight back into the boys hand and in the water there was a squid-like creature forming. It changed from it's red color to a blue except for two big circles on it's head. "Tenta Tenta!" the squid pokemon cheered to be freed from it's prison. "Are you ready to train?" the boy asked the cheerful pokemon. "Tenta cool!" it replied back. "Look there goes a Tentacool over there!" the boy shouted. "Attack it with water gun!" The pokemon dove into the crisp clear ocean and a blast the size of a... water gun hit the wild Tentacool. The wild Tentacool didn't even budge from the weak attack. With lightning speed it swam up to the boy's Tentacool and rammed it right out of the ocean. "Tenty!" the boy shouted as the wet creature fell onto the steaming sand. "Justin, your pokemon's a wimp." a voice said from right behind him. Justin turned back. It was none other than the infamous Sky, the neighborhood bully. All of the kids called him Sky because he was so tall and huge. He beat up neighbourhood kids for fun and pulverized thier pokemon with his Nidoking. He was really a nice guy if you took the beatings and got the chance to try and be his friend. He had a lot of issues at home and he took it out on inoccent kids. "What do you want Sky?" Justin asked angrily as he picked up his pokemon and placed it into it's pokeball. "Nothing." he replied coldly. " I was gonna beat up your pokemon but it seems as if the job has already been taken care of." "Just leave me alone okay." Justin said as he started to walk away. But Sky had other plans for Justin. "Come back here shrimp." he said. Oddly, Justin did come back. Grabbing Justin by his shirt Sky easily picked him up and hurled him into the ocean. "Help! *gurgle* I can't swim!" Justin called out. "Make circles with your arms and kick your feet." Sky said happily. "Wait *gurgle* Sky really I can't swim!" Justin called out as his feet were slowly sinking into the deep.