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10-21-2006, 09:31 PM
Hey people you might recognize me and my popular gw rp from pokemon crater forum but cuz this is such a wiked site i mite as well make one here to. so heres the story yu are a normal trainer who one day gets suck through a dimension cloud which sends you to a place where evrything looks normal but everyone you knew dose not know you but you are not alone others were suck through the portal too but the only way of getting home is by deafeating the pokemon championship (leage in paralel world) and capturing a ledgendary pokemon for the emporor but to make things harder there is only one of each type of the legendary so only the chosen few will get back to the real world!

heres the rigistration form i filled it with my charactors info:

Name : kenny oak
age: 14
gender: male
description: blonde medium long hair, wears a black tank top and a piar black baggy trousers and also wears a beanie hat.
personality: brave,strong willed,hardy,coole eaded in battle and somtimes moody
history: was training to become a pokemon gaurdian but got suck in the dark cloud and is the younger brother of gary oak and daisy.
other: has a gf called charlie


rp sample: kenny woke in what looked like his home town of pallet he ran to his house to ask his mom what was going on but as he walked through the door his mom said "who are you?" kenny looked puzzeled "mom its me kenny" "soory i dont know a kenny now please get out my house"replied mrs oak kenny walked back out the door "where am I?"................