View Full Version : My Team needs a lot of jobs

Neo Master
10-21-2006, 10:44 PM
I'm a Gold ranked team have a 1500 rescue points we go to ALMOST any place here they are:

Tiny Woods
Thunderwave cave
Mt. Steel
Sinister Woods
Silent Chasm
Mt. Thunder
Mt. Thunder Peak
Great Canyon
Lapis Cave
Rock Path
Mt. Blaze
Mt. Blaze Peak
Snow Path
Frosty Frosty
Frosty Grotto
Mt. Freeze
Mt. Freeze Peak
Uproar Forest
Howling Forest
Magma Cavern
Magma Cavern Pit
Sky Tower (sorry closed)
Sky Tower Summit (sorry closed)
Stormy Sea
Sorlar Cave
Wyvern Hill
Waterfall Pond
Buried Relic

Thank you for everything!