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Scorch Ry
06-13-2004, 05:47 PM
Mount Explore: Trainer Fan-Fiction ClassWelcome, my authorlets! This shall be our first lesson upon one of the most popular Fan-Fictions to write: Trainer-based! Before we begin to start up the fun, I want to thank you all for taking your time out to read this Trainer Fan-Fiction guide. I know you all want to have fun during the summer, but taking your own time out to read and ask questions in my class makes me feel like I do have a meaning with this lesson and destiny of classes.

Now, I know that you all want to start your Trainer Fan-Fictions, but you should take at least a week and three-four days to plan out the structure of the entire story. Besides, with these lessons, your stories will be worth the wait when everyone reads them. Doesn’t this sound exciting? Heh, I know you all think I am a tad bit crazy, but I feel as though we should shake things up around in my class! So, are you all ready for this Trainer lesson to begin? I know you want it to begin, so sit down, relax, read, review, and ask questions because right now, your classes have begun.


Trainer Fan-Fictions are one of the most complicated fan-fictions to write. Now, many people say that these are easy, because they THINK that the plot is already set. They think that a trainer receives his first pokemon and they embark on starting a journey. Their objectives are the collect badges and win in the region’s competition. But, this is partially correct, not you could spice things up to make it your own. Before we go on to the fun parts, I want to make sure that everyone clears this up.

Trainer Fan-Fictions are your creative pieces of a trainer’s journey to win a special tournament. But, a trainer fan-fiction doesn’t have to always have a character collect badges. Your character could go after a special privilege, like obtaining badges to control a legendary or something like that. But, there are several things you can do with the beginning of the Trainer Fan-Fiction story to make them seem your own creation. Another reason why everyone thinks that a plot is already set for a Trainer Fan-Fiction because they are comparing with the Pokemon Anime. Actually, they are correct, and then they aren’t. They are correct because that’s basically what a pokemon trainer does. He or she battles, collect badges, and try to win tournaments. But, they aren’t correct because that’s what a group of people decided to make an anime of. This doesn’t have to be your aspect of the story, because this is what YOU are writing, not what a group of people decided.

The Pokemon Anime decided for a trainer named Ash to receive a Pikachu and start his journey from there. He strives on his journey, with two gym leaders joining his travel and adventures. This would be a great way to start if you don’t have any ideas. Try to make a Trainer get a pokemon as a birthday gift, or even when a wild pokemon is attacking and a pokemon comes to the rescue. You see? Heh, I know you don’t. ^_^. I’ll explain more of this in my next lessons. But right now, let’s give the structures of a Trainer Fan-Fiction.

Scorch Ry
06-13-2004, 05:50 PM
The Trainer Fan-Fiction StructuresThere are steps you must go by first in order to make sure that your Trainer Fan-Fiction will go the right way. But, there are extras you can add to your story to make it exactly the way you wanted it to be. What makes Trainer Fan-Fictions different because in other types of fan-fictions, you must use this intro to make your story work: Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Conclusion. Trainer Fan-Fictions can’t go by this because they aren’t any conflicts that a trainer comes across except for battles and the threat of losing a gym battles or competition. But, here’s the concept that I go by to make a Trainer Fan-Fiction work correctly. I’ll use a Trainer Fan-Fiction story, Legends Of Hoenn, as an example to each structure parts.

1.) Commencement: The commencement is when everything is exposed. The region is revealed, along with the main character’s personality, details, destiny and goals in life to accomplish. The trainer’s lifestyle must be revealed, along with relatives that are famous with pokemon training. The pokemon trainer wonders how to get his very first pokemon, from buying one, obtaining one from a professor, or even getting one as a gift.

LOH EXP: In Legends of Hoenn, a boy named Lucas McCarthy borrows a pokemon named Pikachu and trains it to become a Raichu. He travels onto the Hoenn Regions and returns to Raichu to his relative so he can get his very first pokemon from Professor Birch of Littleroot Town. The Hoenn Region is exposed, along with the tons of new pokemon that have been discovered. Lucas’ personality is revealed, along with personal details and a brief summary of some of his goals in life that he would like to accomplish.

2.) Greenhorn: The greenhorn is the part when your main character gets his first pokemon from a professor or befriending a wild pokemon. This is also when the world of gym battles, battling, strategies and competitions are revealed to your trainer. This takes place right after the commencement and before the Triumph Actions begin. Make sure to include the basic structures of pokemon battling and the new 2-on-2 battling options because in your regions, no matter where, you should always try to write 2-on-2 battles.

LOH EXP: Lucas McCarthy visits Professor Birch and chooses a Treecko as his starting pokemon. There, Lucas learns about the double battling and learns how to battle more strategically than ever. He also receives a pokedex and six pokeballs, learning how to capture pokemon. Even though he did have a Pikachu/Raichu, he never knew how to capture a pokemon before. Soon, Lucas and his Treecko begin their journey!

3.) Triumph Actions: The Triumphs Actions comes immediately after the Greenhorn, meaning that your main character and his pokemon are getting a good start. They are winning their battles and have defeated the first couple of gym leaders to win their badges. Your main character experiences all of the new pokemon, choosing their favorites to capture. Like so, maybe your character might experience a few evolutions within his team. During the Triumph Actions, your main character begins to develop his or her team, but not a full team of six. There are hundreds of pokemon out there, and he or her needs to find out the majority of them so they can choose wisely.

LOH EXP: Lucas McCarthy started off his journey to a great start, winning a handful of battles. Soon, Lucas had captured his first pokemon, a Taillow, and he had won his very first gym battle against Roxanne, earning him a Stone Badge. During this battle, his Treecko manages to evolve into a Grovyle. As he goes onto Dewford Island, Lucas captures an Aron, and he wins his second gym battle against Brawly, earning himself a Knuckle Badge.

4.) Stoppage Action: The Stoppage Action comes after or with the Triumph Action. Your main character soon learns that many people are out there and are better than him with battling. Your main character learns that as he proceeds with battling, he will begin to feel the pain of losing battles, even the chance of losing a gym battle. It is important, however, to make your main character lose one-two gym battles, because even the greatest pokemon trainers have lost battles and gym battles. By losing, your main character learns the hardship of battling, and they must put in extra training to win.

LOH EXP: Lucas began to lose some battles, but learned that he had to start to train harder to win. He had captured an Electrike, with his Taillow evolving into a Swellow. However, he had lost a gym battle against Wattson, making him very upset. He went by and made extra training to make sure that he would win the gym match, which he did. Soon, Lucas traveled on throughout the regions, making him capture a Numel, and having his Electrike and Aron evolve into a Manectric and Lairon.

5.) Envelopment: The envelopment is when everything begins to wrap up in the story. Soon, your main character assembles his evolved team and goes for his last couple of badges to earn his a chance in the region’s competition. Usually, the main character begins to teach their pokemon a couple of new moves, like a Sceptile learning Dragonbreath and Dragon Claw. Also, your main character trains to evolve his last pokemon and make sure that he or she gets a full team of six pokemon. Trust me…they’ll need in the competition.

LOH EXP: Lucas McCarthy carries on his adventure, having a team of five pokemon. Soon, his Lairon, Grovyle, and Numel evolve into their final forms, making Lucas have an evolved team. Lucas wins his seventh badges and captures his last pokemon, a Sealeo! He travels onto Sootopolis City and earns his final badge, which qualifies him to compete in the competition.

6.) Finals: The finals are when your main character gathers up his or her best pokemon to help them win the competition. Make sure to include long battles and tons of new pokemon that your character hasn’t faced before, making the battle more strategic. Also, make sure that his or her last pokemon will evolve, because an evolved team will make it to the tops. However, you may not want to evolve a couple of their pokemon, which is fine. But, make sure they have at LEAST 4 evolved pokemon in their team.

LOH EXP: Lucas begins to battle in the Goldenpath Conference, allowing him to battle against tons of trainers…TO BE CONTINUED.

I hope you all understand that this concept is how many Trainer Fan-Fictions go by. They might not, but this is what I went by to make my T F-F, The Journey Of A Champion, tops to its exceeded limit. Our lesson shall be writing out pokemon battles and moves! A Trainer Fan-Fiction can’t be a story without battles, now can they?

Aiya Quackform
07-16-2004, 11:35 PM
I must say that was an excellent first lesson! Good job! It laid all the basic groundwork for a trainer fic very nicely. I do have a few questions.

Our lesson shall be writing out pokemon battles and moves!

Is that going to be the next lesson or is that our assignment?

If it is our assignment, how long do you want it, and, do you want a story surrounding the battle as well, or just a battle?

Scorch Ry
07-17-2004, 12:13 AM
Well, I'll have the lesson done by Sunday. But, if you want to create a battle, that's fine. In fact, why don't you create a small between pokemon, and I'll use that as an example. Sounds good?

Aiya Quackform
07-17-2004, 07:31 AM
Well, I'll have the lesson done by Sunday. But, if you want to create a battle, that's fine. In fact, why don't you create a small between pokemon, and I'll use that as an example. Sounds good?

That works. But I have to work on my own fic too, so it probably won't be very long. Probably 3 or 4 pages on MS Word. I'll go get to work on it. ^_^

Aiya Quackform
07-18-2004, 11:41 PM
(I apologise for the double post, but in this instance it was necessary.)

Would you mind if I just used the battle I'm currently writing in my fic? So far it's about 5 pages on MS Word, it'll probably make it to 8 or so.

Aiya Quackform
07-23-2004, 06:20 AM
*gasp* Triple post?!?! *faints*

Anyway, here's that battle. It's taken from my fic, "The One Drop," Chapters 6-8. Oh, and due to its length and post length limits, I'll have to post it in sections.

“Good,” Atzie interjected. “Kendar, time to battle,” she said releasing her Seviper from his Pokeball.

Mari walked several feet away from her opponent, Castform standing in front of her ready to fight. The trainer nodded her readiness to Atzie.

Atzie nodded back. “Kendar, Poison Tail!”

The battle began.

The dark serpent barreled forward towards Castform, his tail glowing purple. He curled his body around to strike.

“Duck and tackle!” Mari commanded Castform.

The smaller grey Pokemon’s eyes grew wide as she saw her opponent’s tail sweep forward towards her. She ducked just in time as the glowing tail sliced through the air above her. Castform immediately slid under his tail and hit his main coils with her head. Surprised, Kendar put distance between himself and Castform. His body, however, looked quite unharmed.

“Screech,” Atzie said.

“Tackle again, go for the throat,” said the other trainer.

Kendar glared at Castform and opened his fanged mouth, unleashing a screech that was unique to snake Pokemon such as himself, a high-pitched hiss that made Castform’s skin crawl. Shaking her head, Castform cut through the painful noise and connected with his throat in a tackle. His air supply disrupted, Kendar’s screech was unceremoniously interrupted by hacking coughs, trying to relieve the pressure on his throat. He glared at Castform with his blood red eyes, promising to repay the discomfort. Kendar lunged forward, preparing his tail for another Poison Tail attack. Castform waited for him, her eyes focused on the movements of his body. It came down on her from above and she sidestepped it with relative ease. She turned to face him, but his face was right in front of hers, and it was too late. The screech attack invaded Castform’s head, and her ears would burst at any moment for the knives attacking them. Her head hurt, and she shut her eyes off from the nauseating world around her, it was twisting and contorting in ways she had not known it could. After an eternity the shrieking stopped. Stumbling in the air, she fell on the ground. Her body would not respond to the orders she was giving it, it felt like it was being thrown about in a ravenous sea. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Kendar was leaping towards her with his poisonous tail.

“Castform, Ember!”

Shocked back into reality, Castform darted out of the way of the snake and as she got distance between them shot out a fireball. The flames rolled across Kendar’s body, and he hissed with pain at the impact. His eyes shot at Castform, those eyes of blood. Castform was shaken by those eyes; they were unnatural.

“Crunch,” Atzie commanded Kendar.

He smiled with pleasure at the command, and his long golden fangs glowed white and dark red, like his eyes. Lunging across the cobblestone walkway his jaws opened with a hiss, and closed on Castform’s shoulder. She shrieked in pain as the magenta energy crackled off Kendar’s fangs and seared her body. The energy in his mouth built up, and he flung her to the ground to relieve the stress.

As soon as her soft body hit the ground, Castform ignored the aching pain and bolted away from Kendar. She glared at him as he turned to face her. His fangs were their natural gold color again, but he was ready for more. He slithered across the walkway with incredible speed. His fangs began to glow and Castform stood her ground. Her eyes were ablaze, waiting for the right moment, and it soon came. On the final approach, Kendar opened his mouth to grab her in his vice-like grip, but she struck. A large ember shot down his exposed throat, and he stopped dead in his tracks. Coughing and writhing in pain, he rolled on the ground. The flames had vanished as quickly as they had come, but his flesh was burned. Even the skin in his mouth was charred.

“Good work, Castform,” came Mari’s enthusiastic, although somewhat repelled praise. “That should put his Crunch attack out of commission for the time being!”

Atzie’s reaction was far more pronounced. “Kendar, are you okay?!” was her near frantic call.

But the Seviper quickly composed himself and nodded to his trainer.

“Right,” was the reply from Atzie. “I know you’ve taken worse. Now pound that little sneak into the ground with your Poison Tail!”

He nodded and with renewed energy charged towards Castform in a rage.

“Castform,” Mari gave her orders, “focusing on avoiding his attacks for now. Don’t worry about counter-attacking. He’s too angry!”

Castform had no time to acknowledge the orders before Kendar was upon her. He faced her with his tail curled forward in striking position. His tail sliced through the air from above, to the sides, and at all angles he could manage. Swaying from side to side and up and down in an effort to avoid the poisonous slashes, Castform was nicked several times without suffering a serious hit. With a final enraged swipe, Kendar attacked from the right with his vicious tail, and Castform could not move in time. She was sent crashing through the air, and then skidded along the ground before coming to a stop. Kendar did not follow. He was panting heavily, and the burns were taking their toll. He did, however, gaze in triumph at his fallen opponent.

“Castform!” Mari cried. Her Pokemon could not have lost so fast! She hadn’t even had the opportunity to test out Castform’s new move.

“Great, Kendar,” cheered Atzie. “But don’t get comfortable just yet. If she even begins to get up, you attack with Poison Tail.”

The seconds ticked by as they all watched Castform with intent. Atzie raised her hand to call the victory in her favor. But Castform’s body twitched, and Atzie paused. Hope in the form of a small smile entered Mari.

The small grey head lifted up, followed by her body. Dirt, scratches, and scrapes marred her grey skin. Castform turned around and faced Kendar. She was going to beat him.

“That’s fabulous, Castform!” Mari exclaimed. “Now we have to play a little different. Attract!”

“Quick Kendar, Poison Tail and Crunch intermixed! Don’t let Castform have a chance to distract you.”

Castform smiled at him and began to dance with a rhythmic motion, never turning her eyes away from him.

Avoiding looking directly at her, Kendar jolted forward and lashed his tail out at her as he abruptly stopped in front of her. She neatly ducked under the tail and continued her dance. A pink aura slowly developed around her. Kendar was startled by this and accidentally looked at her. Castform’s dance was becoming more pronounced as she danced her way next to Kendar, hoping to fully entrap him in her spell. The serpent’s eyes followed her movements, and his muscles started to relax.

“Kendar, stop looking at her!” Atzie commanded, unwilling to surrender her Pokemon to the feminine wiles of Castform.

Upon hearing his trainer’s voice, Kendar’s muscles tensed once again, and he clamped his eyes shut. But he again began to relax. Shaking his head violently, he hissed and revealed his glowing fangs. Castform continued her attempts to Attract him, and cooed in his ear. The snake lashed out and snapped at Castform, who barely managed to get out of the way by retreating. Kendar’s eyes remained shut as he shook his head. Castform frowned. Still dancing, she again approached Seviper, although more quietly. With the pink aura still surrounding her, she stopped just in front of Seviper’s face. Leaning forward, she kissed his nose.

Aiya Quackform
07-23-2004, 06:22 AM
Kendar’s eyes flung wide open. “Castform, get out of there!” said Mari, who feared the wrath of Seviper.

But Castform remained in front of Kendar. He looked at Castform, and she smiled back at him. A dopey smile came over his face and he completely lost interest in avoiding Castform. She had him.

“Oh, crud,” Atzie muttered under her breath. “Kendar, quick, use Toxic!” she said aloud. ‘I’ve got to get an advantage before he becomes completely useless!’ she thought.

Kendar looked at Atzie as though she had betrayed him. Then he turned to Castform and back to Atzie. He was feeling weird. He knew he should obey Atzie, but something inside him screamed that he must not harm Castform.

The grey Pokemon’s pink aura shone bright, and she continued to dance in front of Seviper.

“Good, Castform,” Mari said. “You have him, now reel him in!”

This statement caused reality to briefly return to Kendar, and he spit a ball of poison out of his mouth at Castform. But the infatuation returned, and he was aghast to see Castform frowning in disgust at the purple liquid all over her body. He started to approach and help her when she shook it off and remained hovering a few feet above the ground. Letting out a sigh of relief, his smile quickly changed to horror when he saw beads of sweat form on her head and the pink glow around her fade, she had been poisoned by his attack.

Castform shook her head in anger and swallowed down a deep breath, unleashing a stream of water on Seviper. The force of the rage-fueled torrent sent him tumbling back several feet.

“Nice shot,” Mari said. “But don’t use your Water Gun again. That counteracts the burns Ember caused, and those burns could severely weaken Kendar in the long run!”

“Oh, poor Kendar!” Atzie said to take advantage of the moment. “I bet you’d like to show off for Castform, right?”

Without looking away from his beloved, Kendar nodded. Castform was in front of him, glaring at him in hatred.

“Okay, then,” Atzie continued. “Why don’t you show her how incredibly fast you are! You could do that using your Double Team technique.”

Castform’s hatred abruptly turned to worry as Kendar nodded in response to his trainer, and took a position a bit farther away from Castform. Still smiling, his image began to multiply until four stood around her in a circle.

Mari, though concerned, smiled. ‘She’s smart. She knows how to overcome obstacles in battle. But I doubt even she can control an Attracted Pokemon for long.’ “Castform, you have to attack quickly! Ember and tackle when you can. Keep your eyes glued to Kendar, and you should be able to spot the real one soon enough when he moves.”

Atzie laughed. “You make it sound so easy! I can guarantee your Castform, especially as young as she is, won’t have an easy time of catching Kendar. So, Kendar, keep multiplying!”

Kendar, eager to display his eye-catching agility, continued multiplying his images. Seeing this development, Castform quickly shot a spray of fire balls at three of the now five Sevipers. The one at the far left cringed and stumbled backward. She dove for Kendar, hitting his neck in a tackle. He wasn’t hurt much and darted away, re-entering his image network of now six.

Castform was in the center of the rapidly multiplying false Kendars, and she stared intently at them, waiting for Kendar to slip up and make himself known.

“There, you see,” Atzie said to Kendar, careful not to aggravate the affects of his infatuation. “Castform can’t tell you apart from your image. Is that skill or what?”

The Kendars all smiled in unison, and another appeared. There were eight now, and Castform shot out more fire balls, hitting three. They proved to be fakes and were distorted by the attack, but they were quickly replaced by fresh images. The infatuated smile plastered across Kendar’s face continued to get bigger and dopier, but Mari soon noted that no additional images were appearing. Castform’s Attract was kicking in at full force. With any luck, his Double Team would diminish in effectiveness.

“Keep up the attack,” Mari encouraged Castform. “But be careful not to use up a lot of energy. That Toxic is draining your energy, too.”

She nodded, and dove at an image. Passing through it, she headed for the next one in line without missing a beat. A pained expression was on her face; the poison was eating at her. The second image was false as well, and she shot a fire ball at the third. There was a grunt, and the entire Double Team image network glitched momentarily. The scratched Kendar quickly re-entered and established the network. Castform tackled the same place, but Kendar had already slipped back into obscurity.

The sky overhead was grey and dark, threatening a storm. The waves of the Hoenn sea remained calm, but reflected the gloom of the sky. Castform’s normally grey color slowly assumed a bluish tint that went largely unnoticed in the heat of the battle.

Castform dove again at another image. When she again passed straight though it, she turned to charge again but stopped. Cringing in pain, sweat covered her face. She took the time for a breather while Kendar was preoccupied with maintaining his Double Team.

Atzie was keeping a watchful eye on her Seviper. As Castform struggled to regain her composure, Atzie noticed a frown on Kendar’s face. His eight images declined to seven, and it became obvious he was distracted. But this time, the source didn’t seem to be Castform.

Kendar was frowning, but at no particular object. He was concentrating within himself, and in the process was losing control over his Double Team. There were now six of the originally eight Seviper images.

Castform, also, was having problems concentrating. She appeared to be ill, and was stopped dead in the middle of the Double Team circle.

“Castform, are you okay?” called a concerned Mari. This was nothing like she had seen Toxic do in the past. “Try and throw a spray of fire balls at the Double Teams!” She was getting nervous. Castform was quickly losing her strength.

Shaking her head in a ‘no’, Castform didn’t move to respond. A drop of water from the overcast sky landed on her head, and she became increasingly blue in color.

“Castform…” Mari whispered to herself. Something beyond Toxic was happening. She felt a few drops of water fall on her head and shoulders, and Mari realized what was happening. “Castform! Don’t resist it!”

Atzie was confused as to Castform’s condition, but maintained her focus on Kendar. He had not lost another Double Team image, but his expression of dopey infatuation was changing. It now turned to anger aimed at Castform. She smiled. “Kendar, Poison Tail!”

Kendar leapt forward for Castform, whipping his glowing tail at her. She was thrown several feet from him onto the ground, but she made no move to retaliate. Despite the fact the Poison Tail hadn’t been at full force, a leftover from the Attract, it had been a hard hit on the severely weakened Castform.

“No! Not now, Castform!” cried Mari. Her Pokemon was not moving from her resting place on the stone walkway.

But the rain was starting come down more, and Castform’s body began to mutate. First it became deep blue in color, and then the bottom quarter of her body turned white while forming into a solid cloud-like shape. The upper part of her body, still deep blue, became transparent with a slight blue tint, like water! The core of her upper body remained a solid dark blue, and that’s where her white-masked eyes and mouth remained. Castform floated up from the ground, and faced Kendar. She was back in the game.

“What the…” Atzie said in amazement and surprise.

Aiya Quackform
07-23-2004, 06:23 AM
“She changes with the weather!” Mari said with glee. “Castform, that’s great! I don’t suppose you can still use Ember, can you?”

Shaking her head ‘no’, Castform waited for instruction while Seviper glared at her. He was cured of his infatuation, and he wasn’t phased be her transformation.

The rain was coming down regularly now, and both trainers quickly went into their backpacks. Atzie also had a CEIS Bin and brought it out, taking an umbrella out of it as Mari did the same with hers. Both were already somewhat wet, but were now safe from the chilling rain.

“Alright then,” Mari said. “Water Gun!”

“Kendar, Poison Tail!”

The mentally renewed Castform released a torrent of water upon Kendar, blasting him away from her.

He quickly got up and went at Castform, but he was panting with exhaustion. Whipping a glowing Poison Tail at her from above, Castform sidestepped the attack and shot another Water Gun at him. But Kendar was prepared this time. His body neatly curved out of the way, and struck again at Castform from the left. She was hit this time and was put off balance.

Castform, too, was exhausted, with or without her water transformation. Kendar immediately went at her again with a Poison Tail, but before he could hit her, she unleashed a cold, snow-filled blast from her mouth. The freezing attack burned Kendar’s wet skin, causing him to recoil away from Castform before fulfilling his attack. His lower body was sprinkled with ice, and he winced in pain because of it.

“Wow, that was awesome!” Mari exclaimed. “That’s Powder Snow, Castform, don’t forget,” she said to make sure her Pokemon would be able to recognize the attack on command.

Atzie, meanwhile, examined her own Pokemon. The water and ice had virtually cured him of his burns, excluding the ones in his mouth. But the ice would doubtless slow him down.

“Kendar, use Iron Tail to counter Powder Snow!”

He nodded his acknowledgement and charged for Castform.

“Castform, alternate Water Gun and Powder Snow!”

Castform went head-on for her opponent. A few feet before meeting Kendar, she swerved up and around him, dousing his body with water. The force knocked him to the ground, but he swung his tail up at her before she could move, dealing another Poison Tail. Castform spun backwards in the air a few times before re-gaining control and diving back at him. Kendar, too, lifted himself up off the ground. She unleashed another Powder Snow, and Kendar’s tail shone silver. He slashed through her attack, cutting it like a knife. She had not been far behind and was hit on the head and sent plummeting to the ground. He lifted his tail to strike again, but Castform shot up and sidestepped his Iron Tail, unleashing her Powder Snow on him before he could counter.

Kendar hissed a shriek from the burning cold, and violently slashed at Castform with his tail, hitting her yet again. She remained in the air, but both were panting heavily.

Kendar’s body was covered with ice crystals, and it was obvious that he was losing speed because of it. The fact that Castform had been failing to dodge his attacks was evidence of her exhaustion, and she was still being affected by Kendar’s earlier Toxic. Neither had the energy to go much longer; the next few moments would decide the victor.

Mari’s mind raced. ‘It’s obvious Powder Snow deals more damage on Kendar than Water Gun, but he has a likelier chance of avoiding it with that Iron Tail of his.’ “Okay, Castform,” she said aloud. “This is it, use Powder Snow!”

“Kendar, Iron Tail!” Atzie countered, praying he had enough speed to pull it off.

The two Pokemon were about twenty-five feet apart, and each had sweet victory on their minds. Both were determined to make the other fall.

Kendar moved first, heading with as much speed as he could muster towards Castform, with his tail shining silver.

The rainwater was pouring down, and Castform allowed that to fuel her transformed body’s soul. She charged up her attack with all her remaining strength, and waited for Kendar to come closer.

When he reached a distance of five feet from her, she gushed a freezing Powder Snow over him. Not fast enough to deflect it, Kendar fought the onslaught with pure willpower. Charging through the icy attack, he raised his tail, aimed for the attack’s source, and connected with Castform. The Powder Snow stopped; Castform was flung hard onto the ground. Seviper stood shivering, looking over at his fallen opponent. Her eyes were closed, and her battered body did not budge. Castform would not be getting up this time.

“Castform!” Mari dashed over to her Pokemon, cradling her in her arms. “You did so great, thank you,” she whispered.

Kendar collapsed as his victory was acknowledged. Atzie raced to his side. “They sure gave us a run for our money, huh?” she joked to take his mind off his aching body. He weakly smiled, still shivering from the cold. Atzie held her umbrella over him and continued. “Don’t you worry. There’s a Pokemon hospital on our ship, and you’ll be all better soon.” She recalled him into his Pokeball and walked over to Mari.

03-13-2005, 09:38 PM
I would call this needlessly bumping a topic (which may or may not be against the rules now) but I feel that becuase this is a pinned issue it is at least a bit alright.
Anyway, this class shows great promise but I am sad at the thought that its teacher seems to have forgotten it. It is a shame, we really need a class about OT fics here...

Scorch Ry
03-15-2005, 11:11 PM
Oh, the teacher is here, and if people are willing to read, comment, and get help, then I'll definitely start it back up as soon as possible.

Dragon Lover
03-24-2005, 10:30 AM
Whens the class going to start? This sounds interesting.......

02-19-2009, 02:23 PM
It sounds really interesting. The structure of the story you showed us was pretty good. In a story I'm writing, I'm going to have to make a few changes because of my particular writing style but most of it is pretty good.

Nice battle by the way Quackform