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Neo Emolga
10-25-2006, 12:45 PM
Inspired by Fallout by Interplay

NOTE: In order to take part, you must be a part of ToD (Tides of Darkness, see the Teams/Clubs board for further details). Also, you can only sign up for 2 out of the 3 ToD RPs.


“The Crimson Dawn” is the more modern type of RP, taking place almost two hundred years into the future, and after a hideous disaster caused by human hands. However, not all hope is lost, but the struggle to survive and the need to become the dominant force is what this RP will be focusing on.

The Crimson Dawn is a post-apocalyptical RP, similar that what you’ve maybe seen in movies such as Terminator 2, The Matrix, or in games like Fallout, where humans are faced with a dying planet after severe disaster. In this RP, the year is 2157. While technology is strong and powerful, it is still limited due to the tragedy in the storyline you’re about to read. Spaceships and frontiers in space are prohibited though, since there are far greater needs at hand than space exploration. Resources are low, and it has left others to try and scavenge whatever they can.

If you want more detail regarding the RP’s genre, Wikipedia has it covered pretty well, and you’re bound to notice one movie or game you know about that fits this kind of genre.

Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-apocalyptic)

Also, if you’d like to see a Flash movie of the kind of combat and environment that is likely to be involved, Fallen Angel (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/192340) by RobsH66 is an excellent example that doesn’t require a movie rental. It’s very violent though, just so you know, but it covers the setting very well.


War. War never changes. The end of the world had occurred pretty much as we had predicted…

It was a time when the word “accident” had lost all substance. The region of Johto had started the nuclear arms race, concerned for the safety of its people. Stock market declines, a disrupted economy, and harsh disagreements with the other regions led the government of Johto to believe they could be under hostile fire and even the threat of war. With nuclear weapons as their protection, they felt they would be safe and able to defend themselves if such a thing happened. However, it wasn’t long before the other regions had done the same, thinking Johto’s administration had gone mad.

The new cold war had resulted in citizens fearing for their lives. Large, underground chambers of protection from possible nuclear war were constructed, able to hold and protect humans for over a hundred years. Many of the very rich and famous had quickly retreated down into these chambers, as well as many other concerned citizens. Meanwhile, on the surface, things had gone drastically wrong.

During a nuclear weapons testing, a T-AV nuclear missile had hit the northern mountains of Kanto, but the destruction was far greater than the Johto scientists had predicted. In one hideous fiery display, Pewter and Cerulean City were eradicated instantly, ending the lives of thousands in only mere seconds. However, unconvinced this was an accident and more of a direct assault on civilian lives, Kanto retaliated viciously. Other nations had felt Kanto had violated the International Conventions by not questioning Johto’s representatives regarding the situation first, and what soon resulted was full nuclear war.

In less than two hours, virtually all life on the surface ended with a brutal, fiery holocaust. Entire cities were burnt down, and what easily could have been permanent extinction among almost all humans and all species of Pokémon. However… not all hope was lost…

Almost a hundred years later, the underground chambers had literally become the new life for the planet, as if a new Noah’s Ark had been surfaced. Humans and their Pokémon were kept safe underground with all the resources they needed to survive, until many of them had surfaced to see what had become of the world. Many of them were not surprised that virtually everything around them had become a desert wasteland. But, even after all this, there would be a time of reconstruction. Like it had before, life would begin again.

Several years after the emerging of humans from their underground protection, many cities had that once been thriving metropolises were revived as towns living among the ruins of cities that once were. However, it was unclear how a new government or leadership would come into being…

Three teams, Team Aqua, Team Rocket, and Delta Green rose up from the ruins that once were to begin again, convinced the only way to ensure protection for the people was to organize. However, it wouldn’t be long before their conflicting interests were at hand. How the world would attempt to rebuild again would be in their hands now…


Team Rocket begins in Kanto, Team Aqua begins in Hoenn, and Team Delta Green begins in Johto. Major cities like Goldenrod, Saffron, and Rustboro have been resurrected as towns among the ruins of skyscrapers and apartment buildings. Most of what remained was impossible to salvage, but there were many elements that were. Each team also begins with two underground military bases, all of which were once the chambers that were used to protect the civilians. Every city that once had a gym has some revived civilization to it. Smaller towns like Fallarbor, Lavender, and Oldale now only lie in ruins…

While technology is powerful and laser weapons and robotics are possible, they are very rare, rare enough to have some people believe they no longer exist. Most weapons used in this situation are conventional firearms of today, which are more easily produced. Military vehicles and tanks are incredibly rare, leaving mostly civilian cars and commercial vehicles as the main assault vehicles that people have used.

Meanwhile, Pokémon still survive, able to carry on like their trainers had done. However, at this moment, there are no wild Pokémon. The only Pokémon that now exist are in the care of human trainers. While agriculture is still able to survive, the number of Pokémon is still kept to a low. However, in this RP, you still have several of your own.


As with normal Role Plays, God-modding and Bunnying (See the Into Your Character’s Skin (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13613) role playing guide for a complete description) are strictly prohibited. If there is a violation of these rules, the infraction will go punished to keep the integrity of the RP intact. Each infraction will result in a strike for each time a member breaks the rules. If the end result is three strikes, the member will be removed from the role play, making it impossible for them to earn points for their team.

Secondly, it is for the benefit of all that this role play is taken seriously. With that said, avoid posting very short RP posts. Short and downsized posts are detrimental and we would prefer not having them.

SuperScott will be the moderator of this RP, and has been granted the ability to hand out strikes if needed. When judging occurs, he will be the one to judge RP performance.


Read List of Movie Clichés by Genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_movie_clich%C3%A9s_by_genre) on Wikipedia. While it is okay to get inspiration from movies and film, keep these in mind. These are uncreative plot and design examples that can deteriorate your role playing if you happen to use them yourself. Avoid them whenever possible.


While judging has not begun at this moment, when it does (and you will be made aware of it), this is how the standard will be. To help your team leader in the Battleship game, you need to RP well to help get points so your team leader can buy more assets to attack enemy armies with. Role playing for the week is graded on creativity, realism, detail, activity, and storyline interaction.

Individual RPers is based on single members that are judged. The higher the placement, the better the RP quality was.

Individual RPers:

#1 Placement - 12 points are awarded
#2 Placement – 8 points are awarded
#3 Placement – 4 points are awarded

Team RPing Performance is based on the team that has the best overall role play performance.

Team RPing Performance:

#1 Placement – 15 points are awarded

That’s all. You may begin now.

10-25-2006, 04:24 PM
OOC I hate starting first. short intro post. Hope this is not considered bunnying Rust.

[Color=red]Fortree City, Hoenn.

I briefly looked around, Fortree city once a beautiful city I was told now nothing but a destroyed city trying to be rebuilt. It had happened for all intents and purposes this was the end...for a lot of people their lives were destroyed forever. The more I thought about the more I realized I din't care....at all.

"Better them then me." I heard my self speak, and I was probably right, perhaps my tough childlife would become something more, something more than scrapping and fighting just to eat. Now I would be able to do something, and to me it din't matter who or what got in my way.

Rust continuedly spoke of a better life without corruption and such, But I saw the look in his eyes, and it wouldn't be long till he turned into what he hated the most...what I had turned into.

I turned my attention to what lie ahead tech, two factions apart from Aqua were jockying for control as of this moment Aqua controled Hoenn, while the other two Rocket, and Delta Green controled Kanto, and Johto respectively. Though it would not be long till someone reached out for more. When that happens I was determine to make sure Aqua had the most and best tech available.

Which was why I'm here I reminded myself, Fortree would allow me to connect to almost anywhere in Hoenn in my search. It wouldn't be long now...

Neo Emolga
10-25-2006, 05:01 PM
Temporary Machine Shop, Slateport City

The coastline was clear again. Usually I was used to seeing little kids trying to get some pleasure out of the little life there was to this place, but not today. And then again, I guess the water wasn’t the same. We were still clearing parts that the tide kept brining in…

The Ninestar GR-T pick up truck was almost restored, as I was now working more on the exterior parts. Of course, it was nothing like they were back when they came from the dealers. There was no radio, I didn’t bother fixing the cigarette lighter, and there weren’t any car cushions. However, I managed to get the HMG-01 mounted on the back tripod as well as two machine guns affixed to the front of the car that could be operated by the driver. And since I intended for this to be an assault car, the front needed bulletproof glass for the driver, and an opening for the passenger to shoot out of. With three people working together, it would be pretty nice against infantry. But, just to make sure she was ready, I started her up and drove her out of the shop. Man, it sure felt good to bring these amazing machines back to life.

“That makes fifteen, eh Neo?” Tyler Biggs asked me.

“Hell yeah.” I replied to him, poking my head out the driver’s side window and looking back to him, “Dude… seriously… I love these things.”

“I’m never gonna beat you at this rate, Neo.” Tyler replied, still working on his fifth restoration, “Every time I want to chat with the guys, you’re always down here working on the next one.”

He was crazy, I’ll admit that. Still, for once… it was nice having a disciple.

“Tyler, this ain’t a race, I’ve been tellin’ that to ya for a while now.” I replied to him, knowing it was time after time like this.

Still, despite the successful fifteenth restoration, I needed time at the range. Its been weeks since I last shot something, and normally I go down by the range if I’m having problems, but lately everything’s been a-okay.

Plus… we were still waiting for intel from recon. I still wanted to know what those maggots in Kanto and Johto were up to…

Charizard Michelle
10-25-2006, 07:44 PM
Olivine City

Micheal was walking along the streets of the formal grand city of Olivine. Mike took a look at the sky and saw that it was ugly with dirt. Currently he was making his way towards the Battle Tower that served as Delta Green's HQ. He remembered years of hiding deep in its basement with other people. He spent some of his childhood looking at old books and photographs of the world before the disaster with his little sister. The skies were blue. Pokemon roamed the fields. Grass was green and oceans blue. Mike then looked around and saw where he was and it was nothing like the books told him.

Micheal sighed. He then looked around and said, "Wish I could have lived during those. Wish I didn't have to do junk for Delta Green and able to help more people." He pasted up a building that was being repaired. he wish he could use his pokemon and himself to build that house but Delta Green had place him to do defense and other related jobs. He had just came back from Goldenrod from a check on the city. It seems find. Most of its large buildings were still in tact and people there were mostly done rebuilding. The only building in Olivine that was mostly in tact was the near by Battle Tower that Delta Green is using as it HQ and the future capital building of Johto.

Micheal then said, "I been doing this for too long. My dad was part of this. My grandfather and his father. I guess it is better then hiding underground though." Micheal then sighed and looked at the water. He could see the outline of the Battle Tower from where he was. The tower itself gave people strenght but to him it was fear. His parents died in the reconsrution of it. Some say it was an accident but Micheal knew that there was something more to it.

He then recieve a call. Mike looked down and pulled out his PokeGear. Delta was able to keep in touch with others using a massive wireless system during the time underground and had been able to retrieve a few loads of old PokeGears and applied the wireless system to them so people could commmunicate but it was impossible to use them if you were not in a big city or close to the ground.

Micheal answer it and said, "Hello. Micheal here."

He heard a female voice, "Micheal Are you close by?"

Micheal nodded and said, "Yeah. I can see the Tower from here."

The girl then said, "Well get here soon. I want to show you some new things I made. Also your little sister Adie is waiting for you."

Micheal nodded and said, "I be there soon Amy. No worries. Later."

"Yeah later." said Amy. The connection was then broken.

Micheal sighed and said, "At least I don't have to worry about my little sister when I am away. She is safe with Amy" Micheal was glad to have at least one other person to depend on. Amy has been a friend to them for a long time. He sighed and walked towards the Battle Tower.

Lord Celebi
10-25-2006, 08:30 PM
OOC: Neo, I would have assumed we would have already switched to hydrogen already... Assuminingly, if the Nukes went off on 2042, and the gas consumption in the Pokemon World was the same as it was in our world, the oil would have run dry already.

Plus, you gotta figure the underground bunkers need some way to easily power themselves, and gas and coal wouldn't be the answer :P

Ever Grande Cotton Field

Our money all came from this field. Cotton, the magic crop. Ever since we came aboveground, cotton has been one of the main crops in demand so that new clothes had been sewn. Before, clothes had been made out of Mareep fluff, which was quite susceptible to static electricity, and fatally killing a few.

We grew large amounts of cotton each year, and sold it to everyone around the world. Most clothes are now made out of cotton because of Team Aqua's cotton fields. We have found new use to the simple machine called the cottongin. Plans to build this machine were found in the Sootopolis Library.

Ever Grande had become a farming community, vastly different from 100 years ago. Then, this was a bustling city, full of trainers who were going to stay for several months to explore Victory Road, or to battle the Elite 4. Tournaments were held here yearly. The city had been full of hotels and Pokemon shops.

Not anymore.

Now, it was a farming community, similar to how all land had been 700 years ago, with the exception that there were no wild Pokemon. The Victory Road cave now only lead to a bunker. Team Aqua's third Headquarters to be exact. This bunker then lead to the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis.

Currently, there are miners in the tunnel trying to make a subtunnel, and put a monorail in that tunnel, so we can get to the Cave of Origin and Ever Grande faster than before.

The Deathwing was out in the distance, probably one of the greatest things Team Aqua had constructed. That ship was the culmination of five years of my work... Some of the best years I've ever had...

Sent Reglay
10-25-2006, 09:35 PM
Waterfall Cave
Kanto Entrance

Easily one of the dullest posts in all the territory under rocket control, the waterfall cave pillbox was also a crucial point of entry between Jhoto and Kanto. This area often saw action, because taking out probing spys of Delta Green was important up at command.

I looked through the scope of my M2050 Bravo machine gun. I saw a green uniform. Deltas.

"Hostiles incoming, coordinates 6-1-1-V-7" I announced over the small radio in the bunker.

"Aknowleged SR, air support incoming" The base paid a great deal of attention to activeities near this base, and even more attention to activities that involved me.

One of the few refurbished planes we had built during our years underground flew overhead. Since explosive ammunition was expensive and valuable, The plane fired some machine gun fire down on the enemy. I saw through my scope that one of the enmy soldiers had survived, and was operating a field radio. without hesitation, I aimed at the man with my scope. I was a terrible shot, but the M2050 Bravo was a fool-proof piece of weaponry. I fired a few spurts, and the man fell to the ground the radio still in its case. This was the menial grunt work, but something was happening at command, and apparently, their plan involved me being here.

10-25-2006, 09:53 PM
Location: Lavender Town

“What a mess,” I thought to myself.

I was currently walking through a long, empty, cracked road leading into the town of Lavender. The town was a graveyard as no human inhabitants where left after the Nuclear incident. Tall buildings had fallen over onto there sides with there windows shattered and lose bricks fallen to the ground. Houses where smashed from either charred tree remains or where already disintegrated by the explosions. There wasn’t a sign of any plant life in the vicinity including grass. Street lights where bent into odd shapes and fandom clutter that had not been obliterated from the explosions where lying all throughout the streets. This town was barren of any life at all except for me, Poltergeist.

Sometimes I wonder why I come to this dismal place as you could almost feel the ever lingering horrors of those who had passed away from the tragedy. I knew that I would always return here as no one was around to bother me and despite the scenery it was a great place to be alone and gather your thoughts. Another question that popped into my head was how anything managed to survive here as the roads leading to this town had nothing left. Around one of Team Rockets base however I heard someone explain that since the people of this town where not rich enough to afford underground shelters they had tried to cover there buildings and equipment with some cheap experimental metal that was supposed to protect them from the Nuclear blasts. This had of course ultimately failed but it did seem as if it had still managed to protect something’s.

I found what appeared to be a tibia bone and started to kick it around like a tin can.

“Man I’m weird,” I joked.

I kicked the bone as far as I could and pulled out a simple yo-yo to entertain myself. I started to pull of tricks I learned in my plentiful spare time, most of them basic like walk the dog and around the world.

The sun now was starting to set and I pulled out my golden wrist watch to reveal the time was now 6:30.

“Boy time flies when you are having fun,” I said while untangling my now messed up Yo-Yo. Suddenly my cell phone started to ring with its quirky song. As much as I would have loved to ignore it I was starting to use up all the excuses I could think of and decided I should answer it. I shoved my still tangled yo-yo into my pocket and grabbed out of the same one a sleek, black cell phone and flipped it open.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Sir it seems like the situation with Team Aqua and Delta Green is starting to worsen and you have been asked to return to Saffron's Rocket base to get started on a new mission,” Paul, my assistant, replied.

“All right I am on my way,” I said while closing my cell phone since I did not feel like having to listen to anymore Rocket business at the moment.

I put my cell phone back into its appropriate pocket and started to slowly walk back to my motorcycle I had left at the city’s west entrance.

“Here we go again,” I echoed throughout my barren surroundings.

Lord Celebi
10-25-2006, 10:09 PM
AMS Deathwing - Sootopolis Seas

I had boarded the Deathwing after overseeing the beginning of a new cotton production facility. Scientists were developing a new, mechanical cottongin that would be able to clean more cotton in less time. I heard the it was going well.

The Deathwing was based on plans for a Supercarrier from about 140 years ago. The thing would have been pulverised if it was facing something from 2040. It ran on hydrogen, the most abundant fuel source in the world currently. All the oil had dried up in 2035, and the world nearly erupted into chaos until a scientist had developed a way to create reliable hydrogen energy.

Currently, scientists in the Cave of Origin were working on creating missiles and jets for the Deathwing, and the researching was going all too well.

One day, the entire world would be under Aqua control... Nothing like had happened 100 years ago would ever happen again. There would be no more fighting... No more killing... No more stealing... But everytime I go onto the battlefield to fight for justice, the smell of blood just becomes more and more alluring...

Neo Emolga
10-25-2006, 10:15 PM
OOC: Yeah yeah, I realized that. I chopped that out…

Slateport City, Hoenn

We were still trying to get that foundry completed, but the biggest problem they had was with the smelters. We needed to get most of this junk metal melted so it could become something else. Regardless, I had gotten my new project soon enough. This Semi truck was a mess, but not a total disaster. Most of the trucks we managed to build back were next to other trucks, so the damage from the blasts wasn’t as severe. Plus, large truck lots were found all over the place in Slateport, since it was pretty common for supplies to be shipped from cargo to freight. It was still something we were trying to do, but the only two ships that we could commission at the moment was an oil tanker named “Skagz” that we obviously used for cargo instead, and a military air craft carrier which we called “The Deathwing.” On it was only one helicopter, which we called “Cuss.” We managed to be restored, but like hell any of us knew how to fly the damn thing. Plus, for some reason, we couldn’t trust that thing like we could with a car.

This rig was missing a few parts including the hydrogen fuel tank, and as for the other parts, they needed to be replaced. Honestly, it was better to just rip out every part and check to see if the integrity of these blasted things were even worth keeping or trying to repair. Plus, if there was something that could be done about it, like a weld, it was way better to do it while it was out of the vehicle than while it was hooked up to everything else. The first thing I noticed was the transmission. It was okay, but I didn’t like the look of those turbines, and there was not a damn thing we could do to replace them. The whole transmission was toast.

I hated making orders from the chop shop since they liked to moan and piss a lot, but I didn’t have much of a choice. It was like someone dumped dynamite under the hood and then set it off. The one good thing was the body. It wasn’t freaking mutilated like many of the others. I needed to take out all the parts, see what was usable, and then make a list of working parts I needed. Jessie usually took care of the welding, even though I handled most of the small jobs myself.

Still, after ripping everything out, I got back at the range, and fired at some more cans sitting on the fence. I remembered this was dad’s Desert Eagle, but it still kicked ass.

Today it was a soda can, but I knew… tomorrow I could be aiming at someone’s forehead. I needed to make sure I could still do this…

10-25-2006, 10:35 PM
Fortree City, Hoenn.

I reached down towards my waist unhooking the small device from my belt.


"Status report."

recognizing the voice I gave my sitrap: "So far nothing discovered but I have uncovered a rumor that leads me to believe that quite a bit of "lost" tech was stored under the Power plant in New Mauville."

"Procede." the voice said.

"yes Sir," I replied before continuing. "How is the Deathwing, and our "noble" leader doing?" the sarcasm in my voice towards the end was obvious.

"Everything is going well." the voice said stiffly before disconnecting.

"Yes, I'm sure it is." I said slowly, attaching the device back to my belt.

As I continued forth down the path that would eventually lead me to a place to cross to Mauville, I heard a few voices, immediately I dropped into a crouch.

Since the war it was rare to find anybody outside of rebuilding cities. Sure enough as I came up on the voices I could see the symbols that indicated Rocket members. Two of them. "So," I thought to myself. "They are the first to make a move." steathly making my way towards them I drew one of my katanas caugt up in their conversation they took no notice of me, their mistake.

Lunging forward I ran the first through, turning I witnessed the second clutch for his gun, bringing my sword up I deftly severed the hand before dispatching him with a blow to the neck.

Removing the hand I packaged the gun, all tech at this point was welcome. Unable to study the situation more I hurried on towards mauville....

Sent Reglay
10-25-2006, 10:44 PM
Main Rocket Lab

I was rotated out of the Waterfall Cave bunker about three days after the incident. I was put in charge of a project to develop cheap effective artillery. The project had progressed considerably, and after only two weeks of designing, they were rolling off of a small production line. At the end of week three, we had 25 artillery pieces sitting on our border with Jhoto. Tensions were mounting between the factions, and early on, it appeared Delta Green had a sizeable airforce. Our border was made up primarily of AA guns, but after an attack just 3 miles away from my former postion by ground forces. We began to design and build artillery to blow holes in any possible ground attacks. Now there was another threat. The ships of Team Aqua. Once the artillery project was deemed a success, we turned our thoughts to anti-ship weaponry. In an old laboratory on Cinnabar, we found the designs for some weird weapon called a "Torpedo" apparnetly it was some type of underwater missle. It was just what we needed, so we began production imediately. Builting these torpedos was one thing, but launching them from land was a different issue. After three weeks of no sleep, we developed the HTB-1620-ANB. It was the most effective Anit-Naval weapon ever built, but the prize-tag made them to valuable to put everywhere. We ended up with two of them: one on Cinnabar Island and one in Vermillion City. It was quite impressive, with its massive artillery cannon that could launch shells and torpedos. it was also armed with Heavy AA guns. This AN gun was more of a super-fortress than a turret. It had living quarters for a fifty-man crew, and was fully equipped with mortars and Machine Guns. It was the crowning achievement of Team Rocket, and the citizenry all but worshipped Tea Rocket for ofering this kind of protection to their homes.

Dr Scott
10-26-2006, 12:26 AM
Outside Battle Tower, Olivine City
Operation Lovebug

Spencer stood outside of the large tower known as Battle Tower. ‘I really wish they’d change the name, he thought, it’s not like anyone battles here anymore, but I really don’t want to whine to the brass.’ Beside him stood his first Pokémon, a Jolteon named Crichton. He looked down at his old friend, “What do you think? Are you ready for another go?”

Static kicked up from the Pokémon translator as it worked to translate what Crichton was saying, {Heh, you know me Spence, I’m always ready for this kind of work.}

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh at his Pokémon as he lowered his hand to fiddle with the translator. Long before, before the War and all of the problems, scientists had developed the Pokémon translators. They had been expensive, but still went over great, young trainers were happy to save up for years on end to spend money so that they could hear their Pokémon. It made a particular pleasure to Pokémon breeders as well, as well as any of the old Pokémon professors that were now not needed. It was sad, but the journey of the Pokémon trainers would be perhaps forever finished, but not if Spencer could do anything. When everyone went underground, some of them took translators with them.

Since some of the men who went in the same bunker as Spencer’s ancestors had been professors, they had brought a good number of translators. Over the years many of them had broken, but some of them stayed intact and were passed on from generation to generation. Spencer’s own still works well, though it seemed to need a quick fixing. He’d have to remember to give it to Fred the mechanic sometime when he didn’t need it.

Dr. Lurzwig was kneeling and petting the female Eevee that had served as Crichton’s mate. She was speaking quietly and quickly to the female, giving her little treats. After a while Lurzwig stood up and looked at Spencer, “Is he ready?” When Spencer nodded she threw a Poké ball, letting out a Skitty. Crichton walked towards the Eevee, allowing the Skitty’s charm attack wash over him. After that Crichton and the Eevee both walked to one of the small rooms they had set up for normal Pokémon.

Dr. Lurzwig went to stand next to Spencer, “This is going well,” the older woman said, “you did good setting this up.”

Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, “Thanks, I suppose. Really, this easily qualifies as the most messed up thing I’ve ever done with my life, I mean making Pokémon recreate even though they aren’t in love … it just doesn’t seem right.”

Dr. Lurzwig smiled a condescending smile, as if she were talking to a kid, “Well they are all but wiped out, this is all that we can do to get them out of extinction. When they are big enough we can let them make love on their own again, but until then we have to play our part to help them out. Besides, with Skitty’s charm, at the time that they are making love they are in love.”

Spencer smiled at the doctor, trying to shake off the condescension. “Well, true, it still seems wrong and a little nasty too. I guess I just am not cut out as a doctor or scientist. I’ll let you take it from here, I’m going to take a walk. You know how to reach me if you need me, and if he gets down before I do tell Crichton to go ahead and head to my room.”

“Will do, sir. Thanks for putting me on this task, by the way.” Dr. Lurzwig smiled a bit while pressing her glasses up her nose and back to fit on her eyes.

“You don’t need to call me sir, you know, and you seemed like the best for the job.” He nodded and smiled before waving and walking off to the leftovers of Olivine, and to see the process of the restoration of the once fair city…

10-26-2006, 12:33 AM
Sniping Outpost
Kanto Entrance
Late Night

The wind hit my face like a thousand ice picks being inserted into my cheeks. I pulled around a face mask covering my mouth but leaving my eyes open. I focused my right eye into the sharp sight. The cold camoflauge gun sat uptop of a bipod. I was laying on a rubber pad that soaked up the cold like a sponge soaks up water. I felt like an a hawk with the good vision I had.

I'd see Ratatta's run around in the dark as if they were playing hide and go seek in the oversize steel wreckage. I hoped I get some action soon, but knew that I wouldn't. That's what sniping was all about. Waiting for the right person, the right time, and the right situation. I kept my breaths silent and short. My eyes watered every now and then because of the wind blowing in them.

Finally I saw a person. I didn't see any signs of Rocket ensignias on them and knew that this person so I put a tighter grip on my gun. I put it tight up against my shoulder and waited for signs of an enemy. He stripped himself of a trench coast and pulled out what looked like a new kind of gun. I feared for my life as two more of these people ran out re-enacted the same thing. I couldn't think of a way to take them all out at once. They joined in a circle in the light. Immediately I saw green and knew these were trained Delta Grunts.

The made a line and I knew this was my chance. I pulled the trigger and the bullet shot out of the gun, through the silencer, and into two of the Grunt's chests. The dropped like dead flies. Blood painted the ground. The other Grunt panicked shooting randomly. A bullet brazed the side of me head, and I reacted with a second silent shot. Bullseye, right in the head. I pulled the bolt back and sat there waiting for more members to come.

Snow Fairy Sugar
10-26-2006, 11:09 AM
Outskirts of Slateport City, Hoenn

I stared around at the broken down structures before proceeding. No signs of life....everything seemed quiet...for now.

I stared back at the sea. There was no sign of the boat in which I and Frank, the mercenary who signed me up with Team Aqua. There was no sign of him, too. Presumably he drowned.

I decided to investigate the coast. The boat seemed leakproof, before we set sail, yet mysteriously, the boat sprang a leak, just as we were approaching the shore. I jumped out and managed to swim to safety, but evidently Frank, who was a poor swimmer, didn't.

I decided to explore the area when my stomach gave a large, audible growl. My stomach spoke for me. Food first, detective games later. I sighed. All the rations, the guns, which we were supposed to deliver, were 300 meters away from me, right at the bottom of the ocean. I cursed myself for being so foolish. I should have pocketed a crust or a hunk of bread at least...

My stomach growled yet again. Suddenly, I remembered the instructions note. It was dripping wet, but I managed to decipher the instructions which were almost smudged out by the water.

1. Contact Fulhammer and proceed to Beta-One. "Check" I muttered to myself, as I looked at it. Fulhammer was Frank.

2. Take supplies and proceed to Beta Two on Ascension. We took the supplies...Ascension was the name of our boat.

3. Debark on Slateport Coast and proceed to Beta Base to meet Neo

"Failed" I gnashed my teeth. "I'll bet anything that it was sabotage" I ground my teeth.

The other instructions were completely smudged out. I couldn't make them out at all. I decided to meet Neo at the predetermined base. I was given a map of Slateport. Though it was lost in the sinking, it was lucky that I ignored Frank's snide remarks such as "bookworm" and read and re-read and all the routes to the Beta Base where I was supposed to join up Neo.

My stomach grumbled yet again. I went into the first store I saw and went straight towards the back. On the table, it was evident by the dinner plates that somebody lived here a few days ago. Before they just vanished, or died...

I looked into the cupboard. There was a rat-gnawed crust, and two tins of pineapple. However, I also found some bread which I softened in water, before eating. After my hunger was satisfied, I proceeded to relieve my parched throat at the kitchen sink, where I hoped the tap would be functional.

The tap wasn't functional, but luckily, there was a hand-pump in the garden. It was a bit rusty, but I managed to make it work after a few desperate moments. Ice-cold water gushed out of the pump, and I cooled my parched throat. Now I was ready for almost anything....

I went back into the kitchen and filled my pockets with food. I knew that if food rations were short from where I came, there would be a shortage of food, at my destination, too.

As I proceeded to leave the house, I saw a guide book for repairing car engines, and a map of Hoenn. I shrugged and picked it up, thinking that they might be useful. I saw a newspaper, too, on the floor, but I let it be. Neo and the other mercenaries would definitely update me when I reached.

I looked at the map, yet again. "According to the map" I muttered to myself, trying to ignore the whistling wind. "Neo and the others should be right here...about two hours walk" I sighed.

I touched my belt, containing the pokeballs, wondering whether I should fly over there with my skarmory, but I changed my mind. "They need their energy, just in case there is an ambush..."

I strapped my water bottle and set off down the street, following the map, and staying vigilant. "Neo, here I come..." I muttered.

Neo Emolga
10-26-2006, 02:16 PM
Slateport City, Hoenn

It was a damn fine thing that I hadn’t lost my touch. I kept a slew of these things in the trunk of my own personal pick up truck. A few Mac-10s, a Tec-9, an Uzi, and I kept my Galil up front with an attachment to the dashboard so I fire it while driving. It wasn’t easy trying to drive with a patch of grating in front of my face, but it was better than getting my face shot apart. Meanwhile, the mounted tripod with the M-249 was for someone else.

Still, we got our routes. I was still mindful of the PRC though. Stormblaze and the others were out by the south end… were the vault was. It was a good area for them to be kept. It was were we kept our food supply alive with the crops and that sort of thing.

I was about to head back and try to put some kind of life back into that old rig I needed to repair, until I came face to face with a young teenager I hadn’t seen before. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and donned a pretty badass looking jacket.

“Ya new ‘round here?” I asked her, looking into her blue eyes, “Hell, don’t think I’ve see ya hangin’ here before…”

And for the longest time, I thought I knew everyone in Slateport…

Snow Fairy Sugar
10-26-2006, 02:56 PM
I left the house a long time ago, and it looked as if I was approaching my destination fairly quickly.

My mind wandered back as I thought about the boat. It definitely didn't spring a leak on its own...

"Bloody boat" I swore as I walked. I was supposed to deliver arms and ration, and instead, I knew that I was going to be more of a hindrance than a help. For the first time in my life, I felt really useless and miserable. I should've been more vigilant, we lost those precious arms and rations all because of me...

I decided to put it behind me, and do my best to make up for it. As I walked on, I wondered about the saboteurs. "They purposely damaged the boat..." I muttered wonderingly. "Why didn't they kill us?"

I shook my head. The stuff would've probably reached anyway...we were told that some of the mercenaries knew about the landing, and would probably send a search party. With this theory, I became satisfied. But not quite. "Why didn't they kill us, and then sink the boat?" my mind kept on buzzing with questions.

As I neared my destination, I wondered "People have been living underground for many years...how come there was food only a few days old, at the most, in that house? Was it used by the saboteurs?"

This alarming thought struck me. If people who didn't wish us well were there, here, in Hoenn, our fortress...does that mean...spies?

I was alarmed for a few moments, and then I decided to put it out of my mind. I was being paranoid, probably. The Aqua guys would definitely know if there were spies here...or would they? How come they didn't see me enter?

I decided to ignore my suspicions, yet remain on my guard. I was not the kind to take things too lightly...

I heard a few voices and the sound of someone working on some sort of machine. I hurried towards the source and I saw what looked like an awesome pick up truck, customized with war gear.

Suddenly, I came face to face with a brown haired guy, who seemed in his late twenties. He had brown hair and matching brown eyes. Before I could have a better look at him, he looked at me in the eyes, and drawled "Ya new 'round here? Hell, don't think I've seen ya hangin' here before..." he trailed off.

The teenage colloquialism surprised me. I look at him suspiciously before I answered recklessly.

"I don't think so. I'm May, from Team Aqua. I was sent here to deliver supplies and rations to my co-mercenaries. A man called Neo...." I trailed off wondering whether he was from Team Aqua, too. "Unfortunately, I got a little delayed...an accident, or a sabotage, more likely" I spat bitterly.

I looked at him a little suspiciously. "Now it's my turn to ask the questions. Tell me who're you, and no funny tricks" I pulled out an automatic and pointed it straight to his forehead. "Remember..." I taunted pointing the gun straight at him. "Tell me everything you know, get it?" I leered at him. "Everything!"

Charizard Michelle
10-26-2006, 03:12 PM
Battle Tower
Olivine City

Micheal was coming close to the Battle Tower. He read what it was used for orginally. It was made to conduct pokemon battles between trainers and their pokemon. The trainer and their pokemon would battle endlessy till the reach 100 wins. Still that was all in the past and now it served as HQ for Delta. Some turrets and other defensive items were place on it to keep it from being defenseless when attacked and it was enforce to take blows. It was said to be incredbity strong since many powerful Pokemon used to battle inside it which explained why it was able to survive a nuke attack. Still the name was kind of out of place for the tower but Micheal guess the Battle Tower kept its old name out of respect to the past. Micheal then enter the tower.

Micheal was now inside and elevator heading towards the one of the floors. Luckily they were able to get the elevator to work or it would have been a pain to walk so may steps.

Micheal then walked down a long hall. Some of it had damage spots but was still in tact. Micheal then enter a room that was crowded with many things. For the most part it was empty and if one could see the floor the designs of a battle field could be seen. Micheal then saw two girls standing over a table. One of them had short blonde hair was busy looking something over while the other with long black hair was busy looking over a tube. A small Chikorita was sleeping on the table.

Micheal then waved over at them and said, "Don't I get a hello?"

The young girl looked up at Micheal and said, "Mike. You are finally here." She then ran over to him an gave him a hug.

Micheal smiled and said, "Yeah. I back for a while." Micheal only let a few people call him Mike which is only his sister but anybody else in Delta know to call him Micheal. He then said, "Been working hard."

Adie, Micheal's sister, shrugged and said, "Not really."

"Been behaving at least?" asked Micheal.

The girl with blonde hair, Amy, looked over at Micheal and said, "Well she been busy. I having her cleaning out my test tubes and doing other things that my team won't do. Lazy people. Still for the most part your little sister been good."

Micheal was glad to hear that but more satifield to know that his little sister was safe here. He knew it was too dangerous for her to go out there. Micheal never told his sister that their parents had died fixing this tower because at the time she was too young to hear it but he knew. Others seem to respect that and tend not to bring the subject up when his sister was around.

AMy then came around and said, "Well I glad that you are here. I have some junk that I want you to test out for me."

Micheal knew those words were coming. Everytime he comes here it was always one thing he wanted to do which was testing out her new stuff which includes weaponary to whatever small eletronics she can get her hands on. Last time it was a small bomb that blew up because Micheal was outside and it got to hot. The only reason he was able to live thought that one was because he threw the bombs out before they blew. Still this was AMy's excuse to test her stuff out without telling Delta about it first since she hates talking to the upper people about it and getting a testing group. Also she claim that Micheal had to repay her someway for taking care of his sister.

Micheal then said, "Ok. What is it this time? Something that will kill me?"

"Kill you?" asked Adie. She had no idea about the bomb thing thought Micheal "Are you talking about the bombs that you used last time. You should have known better not to place them there in your jacket."

MIcheal coughed and thought that she did knew because of Amy.

Amy then said, "No bombs this time. Just follow me." She then motion him to follow her into what was suppostly her office.

Neo Emolga
10-26-2006, 03:29 PM
Slateport City, Hoenn

The brown haired girl looked right at me, and seemed pretty pissed off about something.

“I don't think so.” She told me, looking right into my eyes, “I'm May, from Team Aqua. I was sent here to deliver supplies and rations to my co-mercenaries. A man called Neo. Unfortunately, I got a little delayed...an accident, or a sabotage, more likely.”

But man… she really was pissed. And then, she flipped.

“Now tell me who're you, and no funny tricks.” She demanded, pulling out a Five-Seven and pointing it right at my forehead, “Remember… no funny tricks, get it? Everything!"

I might have laughed, but I decided not to push it. I just put my hand on the gun, and lowered it. I knew that even if she tried to fire, she couldn’t…

“Look, May…” I told her, knowing I was the one she was looking for, “If you’re gonna try and blow someone’s brains out, make sure the safety’s off first. Cappice?”

After that, I turned away from a moment, and looked toward her.

“Team Aqua, huh?” I asked her, “And ya’ll sayin’ you’re lookin’ for Neo? Well that’s a damn fine coincidence. That would be me, baby. I’ve been working on these mutilated autos for a while now. I get the privacy too.”

I then turned toward the trunk of my pick up. I had so many extra guns, and I figured she would be better off with something a little bigger than a Five-Seven. So, I pulled out a UMP out of the trunk and tossed it to her for her to catch.

“I like a girl with a badass attitude.” I told her, even though I knew she just tried to kill me a second ago, “Take it, I don’t use it. I’m more of an Galil and Mac-10 kind of guy.”

Still… I felt it was kind of early to pop the question if she was interested in being a gunner, but… the rest of these guys were too damn busy getting plastered with booze. But May… nah, she was way more on track than these other losers. Hell, even Tyler was busying getting his ass wasted on Whiskey instead of fixing his car. And he was wondering why he could never beat me…


The Doctor
10-26-2006, 03:42 PM
Vermilion City, Kanto

Jake just stood there looking at all the destruction the accident caused. "Just look at all this destruction. Nobody here but me," he said. Then he saw a few people coming straight at him. "Spies," he said. He quickly pulled out his new gun. "Go Aerodactyl and use Fly quickly," yelled Jake. Aerodactyl quickly began to fly. Jake quickly jumped on Aerodactyl. "OK Aerodactyl now lets Fly to Saffron City and quick," he yelled. "I hope the others are doing alright," he said. Soon Jake and Aerodactyl were almost to Saffron City Team Rocket's Main Lab.

Snow Fairy Sugar
10-26-2006, 04:07 PM
I ordered the man to tell me everything. Instead of answering, he put his hand on my gun, and pushed it down slowly. I decided not to fire, thinking that he was an ally. And even if he did try something, like trying to snatch my automatic, I still had my knife hidden in my belt....

“If you’re gonna try and blow someone’s brains out, make sure the safety’s off first. Cappice?” he asked, slowly. He seemed a bit of the cool type, not ruffled in dangerous situations.

Before I could try and figure out his personality, he turned away and continued, "Team Aqua, huh? And ya’ll sayin’ you’re lookin’ for Neo? Well that’s a damn fine coincidence. That would be me, baby. I’ve been working on these mutilated autos for a while now. I get the privacy too." he drawled, in a somewhat cool manner. I found myself liking his drawling, goofy, manner.

Meanwhile, Neo turned and went towards the trunk of a pick-up. He pulled out something from the trunk. It was a UMP which he tossed towards me. As I caught it, he continued, "I like a girl with a badass attitude. Take it, I don’t use it. I’m more of an Galil and Mac-10 kind of guy.” he added.

I stared at the guns. They seemed pretty cool. I admired them for a few moments before continuing "These models are pretty good, alright, but I was bringing along guns which were a hell lot better than these ones." I examined them for a few moments before continuing. "I was sent here to you with a load of arms, ammunition, and ration supplies. But the boat sank." I spat.

I took a few uneasy steps around the place before I continued. "I'm one of the best gunners there....I love guns" I added. "I had a fascination for guns..and vehicles like these monster pick-ups" I knocked my knuckles against the pick-up before smiling at him. "I was sent here, because it seemed like there was a shortage of guns, and rations, in Slateport. I was sent, along with a man called Frank, who was supposed to help me deliver te goods. But everything went wrong." I gnashed my teeth, and I stared at Neo.

"We were, like, about three hundred metres off-shore, when our boat sprung a leak, out of the blue. I jumped out. The boat sank, along with all the rations, right there. Frank didn't make it...he's always been a poor swimmer" I added half to him, half to myself.

"You know what I think? That little leak was sabotage. Yes, sabotage!" I snarled. "Blow me down if that was an accident. I think it was a sniper on the coast. I got proof, too." I added, just in case he felt skeptical. "I was at a house some time back, from where I got a decent bit of food" I felt in my pockets and handed over the food to Neo. "But the weird thing is...." I reminiscised. "This town was deserted for years...how come I found food, barely few days in that house? " I sighed. I was probably being paranoid. "Do you have a gunning machine or something on this pick up?" I asked curiously, looking at Neo, waiting for his response.

Charizard Michelle
10-26-2006, 05:49 PM
Battle Tower
Olivine City

Micheal walked into Amy's office. It was a bit more roomly then the other room. It had a table that was clutter with stuff and a bed near by. Ther eas another bed that Micheal thought that was for Adie. It even had a small kitchien. Amy didn't like the idea of leaving for lab to talk to the othes in the Battle Tower HQ. She perfer to stay here because the others were to her liking.

Micheal then said, "So what is it you want me to try out now?" He then looked at the table that what she had there. There was a bag and a shirrkin there.

Amy then said, "So you see the stuff that I want you to try out." She then picked up the bag and said, "Well this contains what I call sticky balls. They were a bit hard to make but they one of these balls contain a substance that is really sticky. If a under a lot of pressure they will pop and release their sticky substance."

"Good for escapes right?"

"Exactally." said Amy. "Also you can throw them at people so that should be some fun."

"So what keeping them from poping in my pockets?" asked Micheal knowing something like that was going to happen.

Amy shrugged and Adie answer that question. "Because I suggested to her that she needed to make them be place in a stiff bag."

"Yeah. That why." said Amy. "The bag is almost like cardboard and it should keep them from popping in your pocket." She then handed the bag to Micheal who took it and place it carefully in one of his jacket's pockets.

"What else?" asked Micheal knowing she always had more then one thing to share.

AMy smiled and said, "This." She then threw the shirriken at Micheal.

Micheal then pulled out a dagger and span it quick to shield himself from the shirrken. It then broke. "What was that all about?"

Amy then, "These shirrkens are light and thus are able to be thrown faster. They are a bit easier to break but you can carry more of them in box. Should be something fun to work with."

Micheal then took it and place it in the same pocket with the sticky balls. He was abit unsure but though they could be useful. The shirrkens were thinner too. Hopefully they won't backfire.

Sent Reglay
10-26-2006, 10:01 PM
Sevii Islands
Into the Inferno

"We of Team Rocket are willing to take you, great people of the ancient Sevii Islands under our protection" I announced through the mic.

I stood on a platform, behind a podium. This podium was at the base of Mt. Ember.

"We have heard alot a certain "HTB-1620-ANB" that supposedly protects the territory you reside in, is there any chance we would recive one of these?" I knew this question would come up, and I was prepared for it.

"We have the intention to place one on this very mountain" As I said this, I spread my arms and a few aurora beams launched from behind the mountain.

The collective effect of my gesture and the colorful dancing lights was a murmur of approval from the crowd. I clicked a button on my watch, and the hologram nodes in the crater of the volcano screeched to life. The hologram nodes made an image of a HTB-1620-ANB appear above the volcano, and cheering broke out among the crowd. the public had already been dumbed down by a variety of pokemon attacks, so even the most scrutinizing expert wouldn't notice the fact that it was a hologram and not an actual structure they were seeing. Slowly, we would build a fortress in the crater, but to the masses, it would appear to be there all-along.

This was our final gift that sealed the deal. Within days, the people of the Sevii Islands had voted to join Kanto, and through this, gain the protection of Team Rocket. The poll results showed that the decision was a landslide vote, joining kanto had won 97.3% the remaining 2.7% would prove to be a greater threat than Aqua and Delta Green combined...

Lord Celebi
10-26-2006, 10:30 PM
OOC: God... Now I wish I didn't sign up as a person with good intentions... Because I want to be evil SOOO bad... Let's get the crazy on!
AMS Deathwing - Sootopolis Seas
"Sir, I have a report for you about the past Sevii Islands election," A grunt came in and reported.

"Well?" I asked, playing with an executive toy on my desk.

"In a landslide vote, the Sevii Islands have become territories under Kanto's control... Rocket also has a great deal of influence over the Kanto government, similar to that of us and Hoenn..." The grunt detailed.

"I see," I said. At that moment, rage began to boil inside me. Why? Why are people so stupid? Too many deaths will come out of this. Protection? That's a joke. Team Rocket can't even protect themselves, much less two nations... Where is the Sevii government?

Where is their common sense? Team Rocket is filled with fools. They're going to kill them all... and Rocket knows it. If its a game of politics Rocket wants, its politics they'll get... Very... Dirty... Politics.

"What do you suggest we do? Rocket now had much more land than both us and Delta Green combined..." The grunt said.

Delta Green. Another name that filled me with rage. They think they're so... superior to us, because they're the leftovers of a failed, corrupt government... They will also have to be annhilated...

"We'll also have to make a land grab," I said, "And we have to do so, while looking better than Rocket..." I smiled. Terrorism wasn't something I'd think I'd give into, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The world was like a child than needed a slap for misbehaving...

"Place a bomb in some populated settlement, when I give the command... We'll frame it on Delta Green. Where's Rocket's protection when bombs can still get let in?" I laughed... maniacally, for the first time...

10-26-2006, 10:38 PM
New Mauville, power Plant~ Hoenn

I looked down at the locks...the locks that held New Mauville shut. Luckily I din't plan on letting that stop me I had come to far, and Aqua had so far to go.

After I had dispatched the two Rockets and claimed their weapon, I had continued on towards Mauville fortune was with apparently because the river seprating Mauville from me had dried up, as well as the one around Mauville.

This allowed me easy access to the Power Plant, which is why I was now sitting here thinking of what to do.

The thinking was brief, hauling out one of the pistols I took from the Rockets I blew out the locks, putting the gun back in a bag I proceeded into the plant.

Because the Power Plant was housed underground it had survived the war remarkably well, in fact it was hardly damaged at all. A brief thought of Aqua having another hidden base to work out of flew past my mind.

However I would have to get the lights up and working as it was now the Power Plant was shrouded in darkness.

I unstrapped a mini flashlight I had saved back when I was little, flicking it on I traveled deeper into New Mauville, I found a few wire tracing the wall, I decided to follow them hoping that it would lead me to the power generator.

As I proceeded further down the sound of buzzing became louder and louder puzzled I drew one of my katanas, I was sure that no one was here besides me but I wasn't willing to stake my life to that.

Finally I came to the power generator, I had worked briefly with Neo on a machines mostly a engine or two I knew that the one light flashing meant that the generator had a bit of juice left, quickly I rebooted the system, the sooner I could find anything here the faster I could get back to the Deathwing.

As the lights flooded back on I turned around to start my search for the missing tech rumored to be here, what I found instead was about 15-20 Magnemites surrounding me.

"Makes sense," I thought to myself. "Underground plenty of electricity why wouldn't electric pokemon be here?".

At first I thought they might attack but they seemed more focused on the generator. And as long as they din't mess it up I was fine leaving them alone.

Working my around I had searched about half the plant finding nothing but random Magnemites, i was about ready to give up and finish searching when I came across a door sealed up and from what I could tell airtight.

It was too bad I could find no way in it, I hated to think I might have to blow it, at this point I din't want to take any chances of destroying anything that might help Aqua, Sighing I turned around and almost ran into a Magnemite floating around my head.

"Bug off!" I muttered, the Magnemite just stared at me with it's eye, <Mag...Magnemite!> I cried before continuing pass, I watched as it approached the door, a panel on the side of the wall lit up as the Magnemite came closer with a swish and a beep the door opened.

The Magnemite turned around and looked at me.

"Alright," I said walking past, "very nice." I stepped in the room, it din't have any light and I couldn't see any bulbs that indictated light could be provided. Taking my flashlight I shined it around, the room was full of boxs I came up on a small box labeled Disk.

I spotted a crobar close by picking it up I opened the box in it lay the the weirdest weaopn I had ever seen Zat least I thought it was a weapon it was a circle with handles projecting sideways every third of the disk, and in between the handles four blades projected out in a curve.

"Wow' I breathed packaging it I quickly checked the other boxs, after memorizing where the panel was I left, once outside I reached down grabbing my phone.

After Dialing I spoke: "Neo you or somebody else might want to get down here to New Mauville the Power Plant I found a bunch of stuff that we could use. engines, weapons, and plenty of em, we could probably get a lot more trucks out on the road with this stuff, and we'll be able to arm them. But somebody need s to send someone down to move it."

Flipping the phone shut, I began planning my next move, but hopefully someone would come down to claim the stuff I found quickly.

Flipping the phone open once again I dialed again: "Rust I'm on my way as soon as possible."

10-26-2006, 10:44 PM
Sniping Outpost
Kanto Entrance
Early Morning

I realized that it was pretty safe there now. I attached the fully load assault rifle to my shoulder and the bipod to my backpack. I covered the rubber laying pad with leaves so hopefully nobody would see it. I walked down a path that was secretly made. It was full of oversized rocks sticking out from every direction, mud, and fallen trees. It took me a good hour but I finally came down. I slid the Grunt's bodies over to the woods. No man or woman should have to look like this after they were dead so I dug a grave with the small spade I had attached to my backpack.

I bured all three of the guys putting straight sticks where they lay. It was an honor to die defending your rights, but that's just what I think. I started walking the yellow brick road made out of sandstone. I realized that I had a Lunatone with me so I pulled out his pokeball, and out he came. The crescent shaped Pokemon had a off white color and dark pink eyes. It was kind of amazing how this Pokemon resembled the moon.

"Lunatone, use teleport. We need to get to Mt. Ember to meet Sent." I said this in a regular voice because I knew that nobody was around me, or alteast I hoped. Lunatone knocked forward as it were shaking it's head ok. It summoned it's power giving it a bright white tint. Then all of a sudden the area became distorted. I couldn't tell what was around us until a split second later.

Sevii Islands

We came to a stage with a large crowd standing outfront. My cape blew in the wind, and I felt almost as if I were a general standing in front of his glorified people. I saw Sent standing in front of a podium with a HTB-1620-ANB on Mt. Ember. I knew I was going to have to wait for him to get done talking before I could get a moment with him. I took a seat on a cold metal chair.

The crowd was cheering louder and louder everytime he would say something that would benefit them. This plan seemed to be working very well, and would beneift both them and Team Rocket. The people who chose not to join Kanto could easily start to rebel and cause trouble. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

Sent Reglay
10-26-2006, 10:56 PM
Sevii Islands
Plans and a Status Report

Within days, we established a system similar to the one we used to protect Kanto within the sevii islands. this system involved identity cards that were sued to enter cities and other important locations. Every resident of the Sevii Islands applied for a card with their proof of citizenship, and within days the system was running smoothly. The way it worked was by use of some old design for a card scanner that was used for money transactions before the war. since the monetary system of Kanto remained the same for decades after the War, a large amount were still available and working when we emerged to the surface. These scanners reduced te chance of human error, and prevented people from counterfeiting citizenship.

The next break through was in our building in Mt. Ember. We had already placed an artillery piece inside the crater, and building into the mountain was going amazingly. With the combined resources of Kanto and the Sevii Islands, we were able to set up a command post inside the walls of the crater. We had dug tunnels around the Mountain, and in essense the entire island became a war-machine.

We had no interest in being the aggressors, but we knew that at some point, one side or another would make a mistake, and we had no intention of being caught with our pants down when war came around. Whether the war occurred in days or centuries, it was our job ensure that our peoplke would be the ones on top at the end of it.

Rockets had already established a small airstrip on island 2, and we had the port on islnad 4 accomadated for heavy loading and larger ships. These actions inspired the people of the Sevii Islands, and only furthered their loyalty towards Team Rocket.

Since the Sevii Islands were more exposed to naval attack than the mainland of Kanto, we developed a safeguard against that aswell. each boat owned by a citizen of the Sevii Islands or Kanto was inserted with a small electronic tag. This allowed the men up at radar to see if a ship was supposed to be shelled or not. When the day of war came, even without communication or spotters we could shut out naval assaults.

Note: yeah I know i just turned Mt. Ember Suryabashi, but i'm reading flags of our fathers, ad was inspired. (its a great book everyone should read)

10-26-2006, 11:13 PM
Within a week or two I taught the people of the Sevii Islands how to effectively use a sniper rifle, where to hide, and how to use rations for three days last for one week. We had established twentyfive sniping outposts on all of the islands. Some were only big enough for two people while others were big enough to hold ten people. We lined the outposts in metal and spray painted them to look like trees or leaf piles.

I commanded a small squad of snipers that communicated through low pitched radios. I wasn't told that I was supposed to be in command, but I felt like I had the right to do so. We wore black ninja suits supported with Team Rocket insignias. We put an underground bunker in all of the islands, and one main one on the first island. This was for meetings that dealt with trainings and war tactics. Whenever this war was going to break out, we were going to be ready.

Dr Scott
10-26-2006, 11:53 PM
OOC: Just some notes from your friendly friend.

-Sent: I really would have liked to see more of the actual politics of getting Sevii Islands under your control. It just can’t be a “all of a sudden they’re on our side.” Doing something like that would take a while, and at least I’d like to see you during the process of winning them over. And also remember, they’re also rebuilding their empire, they’re just as distraught as everyone else, they’d probably be split up still, though they might become re-advanced enough to worry about politics, though mostly though would be wanting to rebuild their civilizations. Finally, wouldn’t you think it stupid to waste supplies on defense when they are worried about rebuilding? FINALLY, don’t do so much the “within days” bit, let other people / groups respond to your posts first if it’s a major deal.

-Ifrit: Again, they wouldn’t be as worried about fighting, they’d be worried about getting their civilization back to normal.

-Notes to All: Remember, any War between the groups is right now on the backburners, what everyone is worried about right now is rebuilding. Do you think the people would be wanting a War after one just ruined the entire planet? And word would probably be traveling slow despite the technology, more then likely all power and connections between the lands have been cut off. Just … I’m not trying to be controlling, this is you (the people)’s RP, I just want you all to follow the story and all of that. I'll allow the Sevii Island thing, but TR just lost some precious materials building a defense, and try to keep all this in mind ^^. Also, if you have any questions, concerns, or problems with anything I say/do, feel free to contact me via IM or PM.

With Love,

Dr Scott
10-27-2006, 12:48 AM
OOC: Yes, I'm double posting. No, I don't care.

And I’ve decided to make my character more flawed then my profile suggests, it’ll be more fun. I want him to lean more towards politics and less to guns and such, so he’s now not so trained in combat. Its so much more fun to play a more flawed character then one who can do everything … and more believable too.

Battle Tower
Forced to Retaliate

Spencer was sitting in his office, just back from his walk, going through papers. This was probably one of the most boring jobs that a politician had to do, but he still made himself do it. ‘Eh, it’s not all bad,’ Spencer thought, looking at a chart from his own Operation Lovebug. He skimmed over the summary by Dr. Lurzwig, quickly skimming it.

‘Operation Lovebug has so far been a complete success. Team Delta members and civilians alike are sending in their Pokémon to help the cause, giving us more and more species. However, we still need more species so that Johto may once again become like it was, lush with Pokémon.’

There were some charts and numbers under the hastily written summary, but Spencer didn’t really have time to look at them all. He placed the paper in his outbox, sighing as he looked at the large number of papers that were still in the inbox. “I’m just going to call it a night,” he said to no one in particular. He stood up and stretched, taking off his shirt and throwing it to the side. He then undid his pants, his thoughts being that he’d take them off and go around in the shorts that he was wearing under them.

Just then his secretary walked in, a woman in her mid-twenties. Her cheeks blushed a deep red color as she thought she had caught him in the middle of changing, and with a muttered “Sorry,” she went to close the door again.

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s okay, I have shorts under these. I’m not some random stripper who streaks around here at night, you can come in.” When the blushing woman was back into the room he asked, “What is it, Sara?”

The secretary finally got over her embarrassment, reverting from embarrassed girl mode to business mode. “Well sir, we got this letter from Sergeant Jenkins.” After handing him the letter she walked back out to go back to her work.

Spencer turned the letter over, indeed it had the Team Delta Green’s Sergeant’s seal. He opened it with a quick movement of his finger, ignoring the slight paper cut it produced. Sergeant Jenkins’ ancestor’s were stationed in Sevii Islands when the bombs struck, and apparently they had trained their kids. When everyone came back to their mainland, a Pidgey carrying a letter informed Delta Green that they had a spy of sorts there, one who was also a civilian in Sevii. After a while, Spencer was put in charge of all contact with Jenkins, and the two had become friends, sending letters back and forth through his Pidgey. This wasn’t just a normal friendly letter however, for one there was the little mark in the right hand corner, and for another it was sealed with the Sergeant’s families’ own personal seal. He finally got the letter and started skimming through it excitedly.

‘Dear Spencer,

I’m sorry this note is short, but things have drastically changed here. A Team Rocket leader, Sent Reglay, somehow managed to convince Sevii Islands to join Kanto. Somehow, they believe that Team Rocket putting up some kind of fancy defensive system is a god thing. Please help, I don’t want these idiots to rule this place.

Srg. Jenkins’

Spencer read over it twice and sighed, ‘What idiots! They’re just wasting supplies … we don’t need defense, we need to survive! And if they continue to allow Team Rocket to rule them, they’ll end up dead. This Sent will suck their resources dry building things that aren’t even needed … I’ve got to do something.’ With that he quickly walked out the door and to his secretaries’ desk, “Hey Sara, could you do some things for me?”

Sara looked up from some papers, “Yes, sir?” She quickly put her paper aside and took out a small notepad that she used to write down his orders on.

“Take all of my calls and put all of my appointments on hold, I’m going to Sevii Island. Those civilians need to hear facts.”

“Yes, sir,” Sara said, and Spencer walked out…

Sceptile Frost
10-27-2006, 02:00 AM
~ Whirl Island ~

Getting into Johto had been easy. Delta Green was just a bunch of sissies that didn't watch their borders. All it had taken was his Lapras skidding across the sea from Hoenn, after being dropped off by one of the few remaining speed boats, courtesy of Sootopolis, of course, and he was in.

Matthew Hamilton lowered his sniper rifle, loading five rounds in quickly. It had been a gift from his father, and his dad had said it used something called laser bullets, whatever those were. Thank goodness it still took regular shot, though, or he would've been screwed.

Olivine City hemmed the rocky mainland shore. Cianwood was to the south and west, low to the ground, at least what remained. Matt looked to the north, where a large tower stood high. Somehow, it was still left, after all the fighting, which somehow had forgotten his hometown of Sootopolis.

Matthew raised his sniper. Should he try to pick off a few innocent citizens first? Maybe cause a Whirl Island evacuation?

He shrugged, then shook his head.

No, that was not what rust had sent him to do. He had sent him in to join Delta, relaying the information to the Aqua bunkers, and to take out the Johto federal leaders.

Matthew walked forward slowly, a smile on his face.

Aqua was supreme. Aqua would always win.

Neo Emolga
10-27-2006, 02:02 AM
Slateport City, Hoenn

She liked ‘em, she liked ‘em. You know, I could dig a chick who liked to look badass with firearms.

“These models are pretty good, alright, but I was bringing along guns which were a hell lot better than these ones.” She told me, looking over the guns, "I was sent here to you with a load of arms, ammunition, and ration supplies. But the boat sank.”

“Well, that sucks…” I replied, knowing they were probably sitting in the bottom of the ocean now, “Look, if ya’ll be lookin’ for somethin’ bigger than that, we’ve got a weapons cache. Just don’t touch Chase’s M60. He loves that thing more than his own family members.”

Still, she seemed uneasy. I knew that feeling…

“I'm one of the best gunners there....I love guns.” She told me, “I had a fascination for guns… and vehicles like these monster pick-ups. I was sent here, because it seemed like there was a shortage of guns, and rations, in Slateport. I was sent, along with a man called Frank, who was supposed to help me deliver the goods. But everything went wrong.”

“Hell, girl, don’t be all worryin’ about that.” I told her, knowing this wasn’t worth getting all pissed up about, “I be thinkin’ you jus’ need to kill some steam at the range. Damn, nothin’ more stress-relievin’ than blastin’ the hell outta somethin’ with a gun. You catchin’ me?”

Still, it was on her mind. I just wanted to this chick shoot at something. Hell, I could dig gun shot residue over any perfume.

“We were, like, about three hundred metres off-shore, when our boat sprung a leak, out of the blue.” She recalled, “I jumped out. The boat sank, along with all the rations, right there. Frank didn't make it...he's always been a poor swimmer.”

“Well, look girl.” I told her, being honest about this, “There ain’t a damn thing ya’ll can do ‘bout that now. He’s dead, May, there ain’t no crazy ass angel to bring that guy back. As for the supplies, we’re actually okay. Hell, we’ve been a distributor for a damn long time now, so we got the surplus. Problem is they don’t return our trucks, or they get them freakin’ blown up. Still, sorry to hear about the boat though.”

”You know what I think?” May told me, looking quite pissed about it, “That little leak was sabotage. Yes, sabotage!Blow me down if that was an accident. I think it was a sniper on the coast. I got proof, too. I was at a house some time back, from where I got a decent bit of food.”

She handed me a few slices of bread and crap, and damn… I was surprised it was fresh. Way better than those damn pre-war donuts. I wouldn’t be caught dead eatin’ those pieces of crap.

“But the weird thing is....” She told me, getting into the thick of it, “This town was deserted for years...how come I found food, barely few days in that house? “Do you have a gunning machine or something on this pick up?”

“Oh hell yeah.” I told her with a confident smile, “Damn… ya’ll ain’t neva see a bigger gun piss death like this here M-249 can. We got that thin’ mounted on a tripod and gunner seat on the back compartment. Or, ya’ll can sit in the front with me, girl and pop lead as we go on a road rage and run over bodies and crap. Ha ha, the bullet get those suckas on the ground, and ya’ll let the tires finish the job. Gotta love them shock absorbers.”

Yeah, that was nice, but what I thought about was what she said earlier. This food was fresh, and if there was another enemy encampment somewhere around this joint, I wanted to be the one to find it.

After, I got a beeping on my radio. Skagz…

“Neo you or somebody else might want to get down here to New Mauville the Power Plant.” Isaiah told me, “I found a bunch of stuff that we could use. Engines, weapons, and plenty of em, we could probably get a lot more trucks out on the road with this stuff, and we'll be able to arm them. But somebody needs to send someone down to move it.”

“Hell, man.” I told him, glad to hear it, “I don’t know how the hell ya’ll found that, but damn you’re good. I can send Tyler, Chase, and Pete to go get it. Still, it might take a mean hangover first, but they’ll get to it.”

I hung up the radio, and then turned back to May.

“Girl, I’d love to have you as my gunner.” I told her with a smile, “Take your pick, passenger seat or on the back cab with the M-249. The sunroof spot is usually where Stormblaze goes. He’s my Raichu. He’s tried firing a gun but the recoil is too rough.”

Pete could be my other gunner. Besides, he was doing nothing for the moment anyway…

Sent Reglay
10-27-2006, 02:29 AM
Island One
Among the Ruins

"Sir, we have a bogey incoming. Should I let it land on island two?" the air traffic monitor told me this at about 9:30 in the morning.

"Let it land, if the citizenry see planes bursting into flames over the city they would panic" I had placed a camera at the landing strip, if this dude was bad news, rockets would be on him in seconds.

All I could do was watch. Well, watch and make sure the artillery in the crater was always fixed on that plane.I was used to watching, thats what you did when you reached the brass. You sat and watched as all your boys were killed, and occasionally, you broke the news to some grief-torn parent. I knew all to well, and I was sick and tired of it. We were supposed to be at peace, but everyone knew that the tensions from the first war were still just inches from the surface. I had toured the island a few days earlier, and all I could see was ruins, remnants of a shell of a former self. This was the outcome of the attrocity of human kind. After my tour, I refused to use the Sevii Islands resources to build military establishments. All the materials used for the building the Mt. Ember fortress were imported from a new mineral vein in Kanto. I even assigned a few Rocket troops to help with the re-building. This increased the dependance of the Sevii Islands on Kanto to un-deniable numbers. They needed us, and we WOULD help.

The plane landed on the strip, as it came to a stop, the final coordinates were relayed to the artillery unit in the crater. If worse came to worse, we would turn that aircraft into molten slag, and use it as a example to what happend to those who tried to destroy the peace and prosperity of those under Rocket protection.

Dr Scott
10-27-2006, 03:22 AM
The Air
To Sevii Islands

It didn’t take much to get himself on a plane to Sevii Islands in under thirty minutes. Since Delta Green just happened to have the largest air force on the entire continent before the accident, it wasn’t a surprise that they had managed to have the largest amount of planes to survive the nuking as well. Indeed, they already had an underground base of sorts that was used to house many planes, not because they were trying to keep the planes from being blown up but because they wanted an emergency stash in case someone managed to bomb the well known air bases of theirs.

All he had to do was call up one of his old friends, J. Johnson. J. Johnson had brought with him his own wife, Cynthia Johnson, to be the co-pilot. Though Spencer didn’t like dealing with vehicles, he was pretty good with flying. It was a mixture of the brass insisting that he was taught how to fly and actually watching the pilots of Team Delta do their job. He could have easily been the co-pilot to J. in this simple transport craft, but he would rather be able to brief the few people he had with him. He had chosen a transport craft both to make it easier to haul him and the others around, but also because it would have been just stupid of him to come in looking like he wanted to use power to take over the place; that would just be bad politics.

Spencer was sitting strapped into one of the seats in the actual transport portion of the larger ship, facing a few of his personal bodyguards. All four were well trained to keep the one that they were assigned to safe, and they did their job well. One in particular was especially good, he actually came from the number one school for bodyguards in the world. The muscular bald man was Spencer’s own bodyguard, a large bald man of mid-age. He wore a black suit, black pants, and sneakers, and of course the always mysterious dark sunglasses. He and Spencer were actually pretty close, the two had been through many things together through these past years, and he was the one that was trying to train Spencer in things like driving a plane and shooting a gun. The other men weren’t as trained but were friends of his bodyguard, who was named Scott. And because Scott trusted them, Spencer couldn’t help but trust them as well.

Along with the four men, the pilots, and Spencer were Spencer’s own Lucario, D’Argo. The steel-fighting Pokémon looked ready for any skirmishes that might happen, but Spencer made sure to repeatedly tell his Pokémon that if everything went well there wouldn’t be any need. He repeated this in his briefing, but to everyone in the hold. “Remember everyone, try not to look threatening. I’m here to talk to the people, not to talk over. I just don’t want to see an innocent nation taken over by the scum from Rocket.”

“But sir,” one of the men said, “What of the word that Sent has promised to focus on helping them to rebuild?”

Spencer shook his head sadly, “If that were the case I wouldn’t mind, but he lured them in with protection. They need to know that even having protection isn’t a good thing, the world was destroyed because someone thought that a War was coming, we don’t need people thinking this again.”

{Aw,} came the translated voice of his Lucario, {are you sure that we don’t get to have any fun? I don’t even get to beat this Sent character into the ground?}

Again Spencer shook his head, “No, we don’t want them to think we are an enemy. The world isn’t in the shape for another War, even though one is indeed brewing. We can stop it, however, if we just pull up the roots.”

Scott shifted in his seat, “You mean take out the leaders of Aqua and Rocket?”

“Of course,” Spencer said, grinning at his bodyguard, “Remove the head and the body dies.”

One of the men piped up, “Unless they’re a chicken.” After this he laughed loudly and harshly, startling Spencer a bit.

After a while Spencer started laughing as well, which was the cue to the rest of the inhabitants of the plane to laugh as well, “Not a bad one Mr.?”

“Summers,” the large man said, “Nathaniel Summers.” (Note: X Men Fans should notice the name ^_~ )

“Well Mr. Summers, it seems that you are quite the comedian. That’s good, a joke always loosens up the moment…” and then Spencer was gone to the rest of them, thinking on what would be the best to tell the civilians and leaders of Sevii Islands. The others sat back, getting into whatever mood they did before going on a mission such as this, and with quiet all around the hold of the transport ship, it sped on to its destination.

Snow Fairy Sugar
10-27-2006, 11:37 AM
Slateport City, Hoenn

“Oh hell yeah.” Neo told me with a confident smile. “Damn… ya’ll ain’t neva see a bigger gun piss death like this here M-249 can. We got that thin’ mounted on a tripod and gunner seat on the back compartment. Or, ya’ll can sit in the front with me, girl and pop lead as we go on a road rage and run over bodies and crap. Ha ha, the bullet get those suckas on the ground, and ya’ll let the tires finish the job. Gotta love them shock absorbers.” he drawled. I smiled at his confidence. I especially liked his goofy confidence.

All of a sudden, his radio beeped. Neo put on the radio, and a voice crackled.

“Neo you or somebody else might want to get down here to New Mauville the Power Plant. I found a bunch of stuff that we could use. Engines, weapons, and plenty of em, we could probably get a lot more trucks out on the road with this stuff, and we'll be able to arm them. But somebody needs to send someone down to move it.”

“Hell, man.” Neo answered, “I don’t know how the hell ya’ll found that, but damn you’re good. I can send Tyler, Chase, and Pete to go get it. Still, it might take a mean hangover first, but they’ll get to it.”

He hung up the radio, and looked at me a few seconds.

“Girl" he smiled at me. "I’d love to have you as my gunner. Take your pick, passenger seat or on the back cab with the M-249" he added. "The sunroof spot is usually where Stormblaze goes. He’s my Raichu. He’s tried firing a gun but the recoil is too rough.” he continued.

I laughed for a few moments, not knowing whether he was joking or not. "Neo" I told him. "I'm not bad at fiddling around with these devices thingies, either. I can customize some binoculars which you don't use into something really cool, too."

"Ah, girl" a man dralwed from behind. "You and Neo are of the same types" he smiled. "You seem like you are an expert with machines, like Neo here. I wish I knew how to handle those gold darned machines. Dam' them." he added, and went away grumbling.

"I'll do my work, right now" I winked at Neo. "Just drop by later to have a look at some of the surprises I've installed later." I walked off.

Slateport City, Hoenn. Day Two

"Ah, girl, you've been busy all day. What have you been doing?" a man drawled from behind. I turned around and looked at him. "A few surprises...customizing the van and making it fool-proof."

"Make it Neo proof" he grumbled. "He's way too good for me. I'm glad that I have him as a friend, and not an enemy."

I laughed for a few seconds and kept continued with my work. "Won't you at least tell me what you have been doing?"
he whined.

"Finished!" I yelled triumphantly. "Oh, sorry, Tyler, isn't it? I've been customizing a couple of old binoculars which Neo said he didn't need...check them out." I tossed one at him.

"They-they're awesome!" he yelled gleefully. "Like-they're so totally cool...!"

"Yeah, I guess so." I answered modestly. "I gotta ask Neo, though, first. Whether we can check these out. Night vision goggles, heat sensor goggles..." I looked at them. "The best part is, we can see them on a screen."

Tyler looked at me blankly. "What screen?"

"Oh. I've installed a screen in a few of the vehicles. We can send scouts, and what they see on the nightscope, or whatever; we do, too."

"So that's what you've been doing all morning!" yelled Tyler triumphantly.

"Right. I've installed it in front of the passenger seat."

"What?" asked Tyler incredulously.

"Don't worry" I replied casually. "It doesn't take up any space at all, on the dashboard. It's like a glove compartment...but why?" I asked looking at him suspiciously.

He seemed relieved. "My cigarettes...I thought you removed the cigarette holder I bulit on the dashboard..."

It was my turn to look incredulous. "Do you mean that your cigarettes are more important than this?" I gave him an icy stare and he cowered.

"No, no.." he answered sweating. "I didn't mean that...I mean-"

"Good." I cut him off. "Come with me, to the beach, tonight. I want to check out some of these devices. that is if we don't get orders from base to move it."

"Naah, don't think so. But I'm not sure" he drawled. "Why don't we go with Neo, he walks by the coast at night. Seems to enjoy the sea breeze at night. Weird guy..." muttered Tyler and lit a cigarette.

At that moment, Neo came up. I asked, "Neo, I've made a few devices which I wanna check out. How about if we go together, in my van? You could check out the coast, too." I added, wondering what his reply was going to be.

Sent Reglay
10-27-2006, 11:45 AM
Island One Command Post
Sevii Islands
Take 'em on our Turf

Once the plane had landed, I had a radio signal from one of the Air Traffic operators there.

"The plane is a classic Delta Green design, complete with their ttrademark on the hull" I knew there was something wrong when I heard this.

If this was a takeover, that was an awfully small crew. The only other solution, was it was a political group. If it was a political group, I would have to be the first person they met here on the island.

"Guns locked and loaded on the plane, Traffic tower, radio them orders to stay where they are" I announced as I walked towards the Heli-port.

I released Charizard from its Pokeball, and it beat it wings and roared.

"Fly me to Island Two" I told it as I sat on its back.

It began flying at an amazing pace for a Charizard covered in metal, with one arm double the size of the other. As we flew over Island One, I saw a landscape, finally recovering from war. The effort to help with the rebuilding was going remarkably well. at the cost of a few grunts, we were really making a difference. We actually took another poll yesterday, and now 99.8% are now glad they are protected and aided by Team Rocket. we knew exactly who those last 0.2% were, and just as expected, they were former diplomats and military leaders displaced hwen we took charge. After covering a large stretch of sea, we landed at the Airstrip. If these people meant trouble, this was their last hour...

Charizard Michelle
10-27-2006, 03:28 PM
Battle Tower
Olivine City

Micheal was talking to his little sister Adie about something of the things that he have been doing the last time they were together. He told her about stopping a few troublemakers down close to New Bark Town and other places. Micheal was too confortable doing it but heard that they were just trying to cross over to Kanto for some supplies.

Adie looked sometwhat intrested and nodded to please her older brother. She then, "Mike when will you be able to just stay here. It is almost my birthday you know."

Micheal knew that and said, "And I will be there." He just hope he could fulfill taht promise.

There was then a buzz noise. It came from his PokeGear. Micheal was kind of expecting this since he was now at the HQ where it was easier to reach him by his PokeGear. It was a mission statement.

"What is it?" asked ADie. Amy had now came in wondering what was Micheal's new adsignment.

Micheal then said, "They have found a new room in the Goldenrod Underground. THey want me to be part of the team to see what is inside it. The problem is that it is sealed tight. I guess they want me to try to use my pokemon and some bombs to blow it open." Micheal knew a few things about bombs as in setting them up.

Adie then said, "Leaving again?"

Micheal nodded and said, "Yeah. Still I promise to be back soon."

He got up and was about to leave when Amy grabbed his arm. She then said, "While you are there try to test thing out will you?"

Micheal looked at the thing she gave him. It looked like a round bomb shaped like a disc. It had wires out of place. He then asked, "Will this kill me?"

Amy smiled and said, "Only if you pulled the red or yellow wire then yes. If you don't then you can see your sister's next birthday."

Micheal knew it was going to be something like that. This must be really important type of bomb if Amy wat trying to make sure that Delta didn't know about. He placed it in a secure pocket so it doesn't go off on him.

10-27-2006, 06:44 PM
New Mauville Power Plant~Hoenn

I stood up from my crouch as I heard the sound of an engine, it meant two things: one: Neo's escort of Tyler, Chase, and Pete, had arrived. Or two it was someone else.

And if was the latter I knew it could be trouble I din't want to have to deal with now.

As the truck came into sight I Sighed, thankfully it was an Aqua truck, as it rolled to a stop two guys jumped out followed finally by the driver, after introducing themselves I showed them to the hidden cache.

"Watch out for Magnemites." I told them as I motioned one of them over to help me carry a crate.

It took about a half hour but finally we got everything out and loaded up, though the truck was riding a little low, I din't believe it would be a problem I knew the time and work Neo invested in these.

After all was said and done we had six brand new engines and 5 crates of assorted weapons including the disk I still had.

the one called Chase climbed into the cab and we were off, I figured it was about a two and half hour drive from Mauville to Slateport, I planned on dropping off at least the engines with Neo before continuing on to Shinou and Rust.

Slumping back I prepared for the road trip ahead..

Dr Scott
10-27-2006, 09:58 PM
Sevii Islands
Welcoming Committee

Finally, after about another hour of riding in the slow transport plane, Sevii Islands were in sight. “Now remember guys,” Spencer was saying, “I come out first.”

Scott frowned, “I don’t like that.”

Spencer could not help but laugh at his bodyguard, “Yes, I knew you wouldn’t, but it is a show of good faith. We don’t have enough manpower with us to fight the entire island,” he then smirked, “we could only kill about half of them before they took us out.”

Nathan laughed, a strangely high pitched laugh for someone of his size and bulk, “Ya go’ that righ’, sir!”

“Ah, Nathan,” Spencer said with a slight frown playing on his lips, “you know that I don’t’ like it when you call me sir, it makes me feel old.”

Nathan laughed again, even shriller this time, “Ah can’ help it boss, you jus’ sound so old. An’ you think like an old politician too.”

Scott piped up at this point, “You may think that he is like an old politician until you’ve seen him fire a gun, he’s a surprisingly quick learner.”

A voice came over the plane’s speakers, “We’re going into landing, make sure your belts are latched and all arms, legs, and extremities are inside the plane at all time.”

The group went quiet as the plane started dropping, all of them staring off outside and taking in the surroundings, each making a note of it if they needed to run or find a place to hide. Finally the plane landed and the rear hatch was opened, letting a cool breeze into the warm plane.

Spencer couldn’t help but smirk as he took the first step out of the back of the plane. This was actually a show of peace, as the most important member in the transport plane walked out first, showing that he wasn’t worried about getting shot by the opposing forces. He knew that to shoot him would be an act of stupidity, it would not only cause a war but would more then likely cause Team Rocket to lose Sevii Islands.

Static kicked up on the old walkie-talkie that hung from Spencer’s waist. He unclipped the relic and fixed it so that it was on the right frequency, right alongside its partner, the walkie-talkie that J. Johnson had. “Spencer,” the voice said, “we’re getting radio from Team Rocket.”

“What’s it saying?” Spencer asked curiously.

“Listen in,” Johnson said, putting the walkie-talkie next to the radio. ‘you are,’ the radio was saying, ‘I repeat, stay where you are.’

Spencer frowned a bit, raising his hands to show that he meant no harm. In front of him was what could only be Sent Reglay, one of the leaders of team Rocket. The black haired man had eyes about the same color as his hair, and was wearing a Rocket trench coat, which proudly showed what team he was on. With him was a Charizard, one that looked to be half made of steel or some other kind of metal.

Spencer stared down the man, his Lucario D’Argo behind him and on his right, behind him and on his left stood his bodyguard, his large arms folded over his chest, his eyes scanning the area for escapes, weapons, enemies, and everything else. “What’s all this for?” Spencer asked loudly with a grin, “Here we are showing up with no evil intentions, and here you are treating us like common criminals. That’s not a very good move, I don’t think.”

10-27-2006, 11:32 PM
Island Two
Sevii Islands

I overheard the conversation of two Sevii people talking about a Delta Green plane landing on the airstrip. If this was going to be an assassination attempt, I was going to do everything in my power to stop it from happening. I ran to the shoreline and hopped upon a troop carrying boat, which was property of Team Rocket, and headed towards the first island.

It took me about a half an hour to get there. This wasn't my first time driving a boat, and plus I knew where I was going. The water split in front of my boat as I sped through it. The wind ripped through my cape and fell off of my cape. I beached the boat and ran towards the air strip. I could see the control tower from atleast a mile away. The giant tower gleamed in the side with it's white sides.

I took a main road through a city. The road was nicely paved with smooth sidewalks on the side. After a short run around I made it to the airstrip. There sat a jet with a Team Delta Green logo on it. I saw Sent standing there as the leader, or whoever he was, unboarded the plane. I walked up to Sent and started a small conversation.

"Sent, what exactly are they doing here? Do they wish war or peace?" I asked with a voice filled of curiosity.

The Doctor
10-27-2006, 11:47 PM
Saffron City
Team Rocket Main Lab

Jake has just arrived in Saffron City and quickly went to the Team Rocket Lab. "Anybody home?" He questioned. No one answered. "Hello?" He said again. "Nobodies in here. Then where is Sent?" He questioned. He then quickly called Sent to see where is he. "I hope he picks up," he mumbled. Beep Beep Beep. "Come on," he said. Beep Beep Beep. "I don't have time for this," he said. He then put down the phone and went out. Then he made one last call to Zeno. "Hope someone picks up this time," he said.

10-27-2006, 11:58 PM
Zeno's cellular phone started to vibrate. He looked at Sent with a red face. He held up his pointer finger suggesting that he needed a minute. He ran about thrity feet away and turned around, not being able to take his eyes of off the Delta jet. He pulled out his phone and fipped it open holding it up to his ear.

"This is Zeno, how may I help you?" he waited for an answer while he stood there staring down the plane. He didn't know if he could trust them or not. Anything could happen at this moment.

The Doctor
10-28-2006, 01:41 AM
Zeno's cellular phone started to vibrate. He looked at Sent with a red face. He held up his pointer finger suggesting that he needed a minute. He ran about thirty feet away and turned around, not being able to take his eyes of off the Delta jet. He pulled out his phone and flipped it open holding it up to his ear.

"This is Zeno, how may I help you?" he waited for an answer while he stood there staring down the plane. He didn't know if he could trust them or not. Anything could happen at this moment.

"Hello I'm sorry to disturb you Zeno but this Jake from Team Rocket and I need to know where are you and Sent!" Said Jake. He stood there while waiting for a reply.

Sceptile Frost
10-28-2006, 12:16 PM
Olivine City, Johto

The new day dawned, crisp air rushing through the city of Olivine. Matthew Hamilton walked forward uneasily towards the large tower. His two rifles and katanas lay behind, buried in a cave in the Whirl Islands. He didn't need them, he had decided. All rust and them back in Hoenn needed was intel.

He entered the Battle Tower, the doors sliding open.

A secretary sat quietly at her desk, typing quickly on a small laptop, which whirred and whizzed every time she hit a key.

"Um, yes," he said smoothly, "I'd like to join the Delta Green Army!"

The secretary smiled warmly, reaching into a file cabinet.

"Well, here's a form for you to fill out. You need to fill out all the fields - birth, age, date, hometown, etcetera. Then, give it back to me and you'll be entered into boot camp in Central Johto."

"Thank you," Matthew replied. He grabbed a pen and quickly filled in the fields. This was so easy. It was like Delta Green didn't give if Aqua or Rocket entered Delta Green...

He finished, handing it back to her.

"Thank you, Sean Alexander. Now, you'll need to go to the Briefing Center on Wilson Avenue."

10-28-2006, 02:05 PM
The voice started to talk to me. It happened to be Jake and he wanted to know where Sent and I were. I guess if this was a trick that Jake could help us. If it wasn't a trick, then he could be there to better the peace.

"Hey Jake. We're in the Sevii Islands. Well, on the second Island to be exact. I'm going to get off here and assist Sent with the welcoming of the Delta crew. Good bye." I closed the black phone which had a giant red "R" on it. I pocketed it and ran back over to where Sent was. The plane still stood there looking bigger than it was before because I wasn't that close last time. The sun was bright and it seemed like it was picking on me by shining in my eyes.

Sent Reglay
10-28-2006, 02:13 PM
OOC: You realize the airport is on Island 2 right?

10-28-2006, 02:28 PM
OOC: Oh, major whoops. I'll just go back and edit that. Pretend that never happened. Yes, pretend. You know you wanna.

Lord Celebi
10-28-2006, 03:00 PM
OOC: Sent, I was browsing through your posts. You can't have approval ratings that high, that's just god-moding. There's always a group that's going to disagree with you, and they have no reason to worship you like Saviors. For example, even after 9/11, Bush's approval ratings hovered around 90-93% (I think, I may have to look up the numbers again), there was no 99.9% approval rating for him, even after that disaster...
AMS Deathwing - Sootopolis Seas

The plan was now perfected. A team of Aqua divers, not in uniform of course, will ride their water Pokemon to Island 7, one of the more popular islands with tourists and trainers because it is the last known spot in the world to still have wild Pokemon, namely, Unown.

The Aqua divers would enter the city like normal civilians from the Southern Corner, dig through the back of the Tanoby Ruins, enter the cave through the hole made in the Tanoby Ruins, and exit the Tanoby Ruins. From there, they would walk to the main part of the city. They would go to the Pokemon Center, place the bomb... and...

Heh. To frame it on Delta Green, they would spraypaint Green's logo on the Pokemon Center as they were leaving. It was perfect. The Sevii Island citizens won't think much of Rocket if they can't protect them from a simple terrorist attack.

From there, approval ratings of the Rocket Occupation would plight, and Rocket would become more and more unpopular until at the next election they are outvoted. It was brilliant...

Sent Reglay
10-28-2006, 03:06 PM
1. the numbers were to show how large the consensus of aggreement was. Consider it lower if you want, but the remaining are going to be a major thorn in our side.
2. WTF! Tourists!?!?! I have a small feeling tourists are in short supply in the ruins of a bombed out valley.
3. How are you going to get to Island 7? Swimming water pokemon are considered unmarked water-craft, and if they didn't identify themselves, we would blow them out of the water with torpedos.

Lord Celebi
10-28-2006, 03:22 PM
1. the numbers were to show how large the consensus of aggreement was. Consider it lower if you want, but the remaining are going to be a major thorn in our side.
2. WTF! Tourists!?!?! I have a small feeling tourists are in short supply in the ruins of a bombed out valley.
3. How are you going to get to Island 7? Swimming water pokemon are considered unmarked water-craft, and if they didn't identify themselves, we would blow them out of the water with torpedos.
1. But a consensus of agreement would not be that large... The only way that large of a consensus would happen was if you were in Cuba, which you arent.
2. Bombed out? Its been like 100 years since the bombing... and if the Tanoby Ruins are still there, there's bound to be tourists. I can take them out though...
3. Torpedoes? Aqua doesn't even have torpedoes yet! You can't just have torpedoes magically, and you'd need to develop them if you couldn't find them, which would take a long time...


Sent Reglay
10-28-2006, 03:27 PM
1. I used a large number to show that an enourmous majority was for the Rocket's aid, but like I said last time, consider it lower if you wish.
2. Why would there be tourists, when theres better things to do. Like.. I don't know.. maybe rebuilding the World!!
3. In an old laboratory on Cinnabar, we found the designs for some weird weapon called a "Torpedo" apparnetly it was some type of underwater missle. It was just what we needed, so we began production imediately. Builting these torpedos was one thing, but launching them from land was a different issue. After three weeks of no sleep, we developed the HTB-1620-ANB. It was the most effective Anit-Naval weapon ever built, but the prize-tag made them to valuable to put everywhere.

Lets stop arguing, we don't want a repeat of last time.

Lord Celebi
10-28-2006, 04:35 PM
Well of course not, so don't god-mode...

1. Consider it lower? Edit it... There's going to be chunk of people who don't agree with you, and me just 'considering' it lower doesn't make it canon within the RP.
2. I dunno... Just because I said it was one of the last few places in the world where Wild Pokemon could be found doesn't attract tourist Pokemon trainers trying to catch new Pokemon?
3. I found a nuke, lets begin creating them immediately!

Seriously, if you identify all incoming water Pokemon as a threat, not only are you going to look like you're extremely interested in war, but you'd have to shoot anything incoming, and I'd think there'd be at least a few water Pokemon swimming the seas if all these Pokemon Repopulation Projects are going well...

Neo Emolga
10-28-2006, 04:41 PM
1. I used a large number to show that an enourmous majority was for the Rocket's aid, but like I said last time, consider it lower if you wish.
2. Why would there be tourists, when theres better things to do. Like.. I don't know.. maybe rebuilding the World!!

Lets stop arguing, we don't want a repeat of last time.

rust's right about the public opinion. No matter how good it is, there will always be someone against it. 95% is quite high, I wouldn't go over it.

Tourists... are unlikely either. People are trying to rebuild, and tourism as an industry would be obliterated from the disaster. That is, unless they're searching for resources... but that would be considered scouting, not tourism.

As for the technology, it's possible, but then you would need to create the processes to make those weapons. Right now, a lot of factories are burnt up. You'd have to rebuild the war factories before you can consider that, but its possible.

My word of advice is not to move too fast with the tech, especially this early. People are still rebuilding and trying to recover what was lost. It's going to take a while to get any kind of mass-production thing going, so be slow with it.

Sent Reglay
10-28-2006, 07:39 PM
OOC: ok, 94% it is.
the torpedos were built in an underground facility
I don't shoot at all water pokemon, I would shoot at a water pokemon with a human passenger who refused to identify themselves. thats what the boat tagging was for, transporting water pokemon would have been tagged aswell.

Island Two Airbase

Sent knew that killing this emmissary would be an act of war, so the thought was immediately eliminated. This man was most likey here to make the Sevii Islands break their union with Kanto, but these islands offered a vital position to protect against aquatic attack. Besides Team Rockets need for them, the islands rebuilding infastructure would likely collapse if the use of Kanto's resources was withdrawn. In other words, both Kanto and sevii were screwed if this dude turned out to be a fanatic separationist.

The best possible outcome would come through a public debate. No one would be able to say we silenced anyone, and it may help people see how dependant both regions were on each other.

10-28-2006, 09:13 PM
On route to Slateport City~Hoenn

A jolt from the truck brought me back among the awaken.

"what the hell was that!?" I barked at the cab.

"I think it was a pothole or something. We may have a flat." Chase replied.

"Well thats just peachy," I complained, "Pull over so we can take a look."

I hopped down from the back of the truck as it slowly came to a stop, "Which tire?" I asked Chase.

"I think it was the right rear." He said.

I made my way around to check, and sure enough the tire was rapidly losing air.

"We got a spare?" I asked.

"Yes we do," One of the men said, "But it's back with all the stuff we picked up."

With a sigh I motioned one of the guys over, "Help me move a few of these boxs and find it. The rest of you keep your eyes open and your mouths shut!"

Me and Pete I think it was started shifted boxs around on the back of the truck, we found blocked from view by one of the boxs we loaded a board. Quickly we got the tire down and with a bit of effort jacked the car up, I kept Tyler by the jack in case it couldn't handle the extra weight aboard, a few minutes later we had the spare on, and the ruined tire in the back.

"Alright lets get going," I ordered, turing to Chase I asked: "How much further?"

"Won't be long now." He said.

I nodded before climbing back into the truck.

He was right it wasn't long before slateport was in sight, once in the city it was only a few minutes before we found Neo's shop, we pulled to halt outside.

I had already jumped down and was on my way inside, "Neo?" I called opening the door...

Dr Scott
10-28-2006, 10:28 PM

Heh, sorry I missed all of this fun stuff, I was off ... I don't know ... sleeping?

First off, Rust and them are all right. You wouldn't have that much of an approval rating. Honestly, probably not even 94%. Would you want to back a almost military team after the whole world was destroyed by War?

Second, factories aren't really the first thing that needs rebuilt when you are rebuilding the world. Usually the things that keep you alive will be. And remember, that takes time. Meaning you can't just "And three years passed and it was built." It'll take actual time time. Meaning quite a few pages of posts to actually get to the point where you'll want to start building factories. Maybe you can restart one that is almost still up, but not many. And it wouldn't produce to much.

To this end, you may have a few torpedoes, but not enough to waste on such trivial things such as shooting Pokemon. Also, shooting anyone who didn't say who they are would be political suicide.

Tourists would be very rare, maybe limited to the very rich, since they'd be the only ones who could afford to go anywhere and still live ...

Sceptile Frost, please don't play out Delta Green as idiots, it's not a nice thing to do and if you go through that cockily you'll end up getting a bite in the butt :-P. This goes to everyone, don't paly another group off as stupid, try to only play the actual RPers as idiots XD. Remember, NPC's are 'people' too, and they can be just as smart (if not smarter) then us. So don't just go make it an easy time of infultraiting a base, or whatever.

Rust, it's good to see you being evil. I was afraid that neither Rocket nor Aqua would try to be evil, like they probably should be :-P.

More then likely terrorist activities would be the only one's being played out too. Any major Wars, or any major acts of hostility would probably bring the whole rest of the world against that group, again, because War is what caused the world to die and they wouldn't be so cheerful for it just yet.

Right now, do try to focus more on rebuilding and perhaps the terrorist attack now and then.

And try to keep anything major in the Chat, not here. I've been PMing people with my end of the stuff, just so this isn't so cluttered. It'll make everything much sexier.

Edited In: Just to let you know, I don't like God-Modding of any kind, whether it be the obvious killing everyone or anything. I understand if you make a mistake, and I'll tell you the first time so you know. If you do it twice or anything I'll just use my neutral character to mess with your mind and make your RP life bad :-P. If it's done too repeatedly you'll get a formal warning.

I'd ALSO like to note to Neo: If you have any disagreements with my thoughts in this RP, I want you to tell me ^^. To me it's still your RP, you just can't know any changes made t othe RP or anything of that sorts :-P. Your opinion is still above mine though =P

Neo Emolga
10-29-2006, 02:25 AM
Slateport City, Hoenn

Nightshift. I had heard that May had a few extra night vision and heat sensors in stock. They were good, but we didn’t have any way of creating them.

I had heard the next plan was to slowly move into Kanto, but slowly and without obvious intrusion. And I had heard we were putting Skagz to use, with shipping supplies for a temporary outpost to be built before moving into Fuchsia City and keeping Kanto on defensive, away from Hoenn. I didn’t want to lose the PRC, and neither did Stormblaze. I didn’t know what Team Rocket would do with the PRC Pokémon, but I figured they would gun them down like the rest of us… even the children.

Twenty cars were loaded onto the Skagz oil tanker. I still don’t know how this big thing managed to live through the nuclear bombing, but it did okay and only needed a few repairs.

I found May hanging around with Tyler, and then she talked to me.

“Neo, I've made a few devices which I wanna check out.” May told me, “How about if we go together, in my van? You could check out the coast, too.”

“If ya’ll want.” I replied, giving her the assurance, “Skagz is leavin’ in the mornin’, and they have my car on board, “I got notice rust is makin’ plans in the Sevii Islands. Apparently, these backward-thinkin’ maggots are actually givin’ in to Team Rocket. We’ve already made plans to move in. You know, keep both operation goin’.”

A ride for the night wouldn’t hurt though…

Charizard Michelle
10-29-2006, 03:13 AM
Battle Tower
Olivine City

MIcheal was unable to leave yet. He was to escort to a new Delta member to the boot camp south of Goldenrod in an unknown area. MIcheal didn't like the idea of babying sitting but he didn't care as long as the person he is babysitting acts like a hotshot.

Micheal had recieved a text message on his PokeGear, which works much better here in the Battle Tower, from a Delta Green highter staff member securtary. The message told him that he needs to take a person by the name of Sean Alexander towards the undergrond boot camp. He was also suppose to show him where he could work, the Goldenrod Underground Base. He guess that it will be good for a new member to be paired up with a senior member for experience.

Micheal then sent a text message to Sara, who was the securtary of Second in Command Spencer. He then sent the message that told her to send the new person, Sean Alexander, to meet Micheal in the first floor for they can leave. Micheal then sent the message to Sara who will relay the message to Alex who was in the recuitment area on the first floor. Not like he could go anywhere else unless told other wise.

Micheal then walked in to the elevator to meet the new person.

Dr Scott
10-29-2006, 03:48 AM
Sevii Islands
Welcoming Committee

Spencer looked at Sent for a while, studying the other man. It looked like they weren’t going to get shot at, if that were the case they would be dead right now. ‘So, he’s not as stupid as I’ve thought. He must know as well as I that turning me into a martyr would be the best thing possible for Delta Green.

Spencer turned around and looked at the two standing at his side, his Pokémon D’Argo and his bodyguard Scott. “It’s okay, let’s go,” Spencer said, and then proceeded to take steps forward.

“I’ve got your back,” Scott said, trying to keep his hand from staying to the gun that was hidden in his suit.

The translator kicked up as D’Argo spoke, {With me at his side nothing can happen. You have no need to worry.} The fighting-steel Pokémon had an almost calm look to him as he stared holes into Sent’s own Charizard. {I could take him in two moves,} D’Argo eyed up the Pokémon’s strange arms next, his eyes going wide for a second. {Okay, maybe a few more moves,} he conceded.

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you can take him out. He looks like one of those strong and slow things. No big problem to a trained warrior such as yourself.”

D’Argo just nodded once, not taking his eyes off of the giant Charizard. Meanwhile, Scott was looking at the guy who seemed to be off a little bit talking on a cell phone of some sorts. Spencer was the first to reach Sent, looking the man straight in the eye. It was Scott that said that the way he did that made is seem like he was looking into your very soul and judging your character. ‘Man,’ Scott thought, ‘that always is creepy.’

Meanwhile, Spencer had stuck out his hand, a grin on his face. “You must be Mr. Reglay. I’ve heard a lot about you, of course. Allow me to introduce myself and my friends,” he pointed to his large bodyguard, “that’s Scott, my bodyguard. I hope you don’t mind that he’s with me, he won’t let me go without him.”

“You wouldn’t survive without me,” Scott said simply.

“Well okay, that’s true. And the Pokémon over there is D’Argo. I guess that it’s okay to have him by my side, seeing at those you have that huge thing with you,” Spencer motioned to the Charizard standing at Sent’s side, “He looks tough,” Spencer couldn’t help but wince a bit as he thought of what all had to happen to put all of the metal on. “By the way, my name is Spencer. And I’ve came to talk to the inhabitants of Sevii Islands. I’m sure you won’t mind, of course,” Spencer finished by smiling humbly and looking Sent in the eye with the look that would pierce into someone’s soul …

Snow Fairy Sugar
10-29-2006, 11:12 AM
Slateport City,

I checked out the night-scope and I swore under my breath. They weren't working that well during the day...I needed to check them out properly; elsewhere.

I made my decision. Find Neo, and see what he says. I asked Neo, and after a moment's thought he answered “If ya’ll want.” he replied, casually. “Skagz is leavin’ in the mornin’, and they have my car on board. I got notice rust is makin’ plans in the Sevii Islands. Apparently, these backward-thinkin’ maggots are actually givin’ in to Team Rocket. We’ve already made plans to move in. You know, keep both operation goin’.”

I left Neo and walked away, just wandering around. Why did the spy problem worry me so much? In all the weeks I was with Team Aqua, for the first time I felt uneasy. If there were spies anywhere...

I pulled out my automatic from my jacket, and checked whether it was loaded. Good. I had a feeling that I needed it soon enough...

I wondered whether I should load my van into the ship. It had a hell lot of features. A small radar, Neon lights, the features I installed in it....

I half wondered whether we would need this. I had customized it more like a scouting van, than a battle van, but no doubt much more customized.

I stared at the van, and ideas began to form in my head. Suddenly, I got a very exciting idea. How about coating it with some sort of a radar evading material?

I imagined it in different layers of material, but I shook my head. At a time, when resources are scarce, we needed to use cheaper substitutes....

I walked into the shop. There was no-one inside. No doubt they were busy elsewhere. I shook my head in disbelief, marveling at the way they left the camp open for a raid.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of an engine. None of the engines I had workrd on earlier sounded like this one... Spies! flashed into my mind.

I got out my automatic and hid in a corner. Let them come...

I heard footsteps approaching the shop. I braced myself, in case there were too many of them for me. Anyway, I thought wryly, If I'm going down...I'll die just the way my father did.

"Neo?" a voice called tentatively before opening the door.

I jumped out and looked at him. "Tell me," I demanded. "Who are you, and what do you want with Neo?" I pointed my gun at him. "I will not hesitate to use this thing. I'm counting up to five. One...Two...Three...Four..."

10-29-2006, 04:06 PM
Location: Saffron city

I had finally managed to arrive at Saffron city after a 2 hour road trip.

Saffron had been badly devastated during the nuclear war leaving it in shambles. However time had passed since then and now the city had been reconstructed close to its former glory. The city’s fighting dojo and Gym where back in order and big metal Sky Scrapers had been rebuilt only this time shorter due to the lack of raw materials. The Devon Corporation was back in business bringing in some much needed funds to the city.
One of the only main differences now was that the railroad line leading between Saffron and Goldenrod had been shut down due to the hostilities.

“No world can ever be perfect,” I sighed.

Maybe if there was such a thing as a utopia I could be as lazy as I want and do whatever I want.

Still on my motorcycle I was zooming past building upon buildings with my hair flowing in the winds. I loved my motorcycle over any kind of car due to its high top speed and its ability to turn faster then those metal Behemoths. I loved my Motorcycle particularly because it was Dark black and had a red R on the side with comfy leather seats. It was a birthday present from team rocket.

I took a left at another intersection to finally arrive at my destination, The Orbit hotel.
The Orbit hotel was a chain of hotels that looked like any old hotel chain on the outside an if you looked on almost every floor it would look normal, however if you took a trip in the employees only elevator you would find yourself located inside a team rocket laboratory for the Orbit Hotel was no ordinary hotel.

It was owned by my Team Rocket as it was created by our leader as not only a secret base to conduct experiments and have other rocket going ons but a way too earn money for our needed materials.

I slowed down my motorcycle as I turned into the hotels garage next to it. I placed it on the first floor in the VIP only section incase it would be needed for a quick getaway and I did not have to pay any tool.

I then walked into out of the garage and store at the hotel for a quick second. It had about twenty floors made of steel, a window in every room, a giant sign with the words Orbit hotel in neon blue with the O however shaped like a planet with a green ring and four glass doors and one revolving under a small veranda. I walked into the hotel through the revolving doors of course since they where so much more fun then any normal door.

The inside was made of steel floors and white colored tiles with five sets of doors but with one marked employees only that was only used for rocket members as it was the only elevator with access to the Teams lab in the basement.
I approached the secretary at the desk who had blonde hair tied back in a pony tale and was wearing a purple sweater and blue jeans along with a headset to answer phone calls. I took out my wallet in my back pocket and showed her a black card with a picture o me on it, a red R and a whole lot of writing on it. She nodded giving me clearance to use the elevator.

“Sir just so you know I have gotten word today that officer Jake is in Team Rockets main lab across town,” She said.

“Well kudos for him,” I replied not caring.

I walked over to the elevator with the sign employees only next to it and pressed the button to call it forth. In a flash the door opened and I walked inside pressing the B button leading to the basement. The elevator slowly started its descent down with a jolt and soon picked up speed. I listened to the quirky elevator music in the meantime to keep me occupied. The elevator soon grinded to a halt and the doors flung open revealing our team’s lab alive with the sound of computers typing, chemicals bubbling, machines whirring and pokemon hard at work. A man wearing black lab loves, goggles and a long white lab coat walked towards me. He also had pale white skin and dark black with a medium height.

“Sir it is good to see you,” Paul, my assistant welcomed me.

“Wish I could say the same,” I murmured.

“What,” he asked.

“Nothing,” I replied.

Sent Reglay
10-29-2006, 04:50 PM
Island Two Airstrip
Sevii Islands
Political Correctness

“By the way, my name is Spencer. And I’ve come to talk to the inhabitants of Sevii Islands. I’m sure you won’t mind, of course,” the man said with a hint of falseness about him.

I knew that I couldn't let him out of my sight, it was more dangerous than this situation needed to be.

"Heres a compromise," I told him signaling the grunts around me to lower their weapons,"We meet in a public debate, man versus man, opinion versus opinion"

According to the circumstances, this was an unusally generous offer. I knew he would accept, you could convince anyone of anything when you acknowledge their request. I knew he would accept, if he didn't, I would put him back on his plane, and fly him back to Jhoto.

OOC: Sorry, short post, just waiting for superscott to agree to a debate.

Lord Celebi
10-29-2006, 06:28 PM
AMS Deathwing - Sootopolis Seas

The troops were in place from what I have heard. More than likely, they've placed the bombs on Island 7 killing the rare tourist, and the more common scout. Within the rubble, they'll find the Pokemon Center where the explosion took place was marked up with Delta Green emblems.

The Aqua troops were told to get quite far away from the Sevii Islands before activating the bombs, so they wouldn't get caught, and no one would know that it would be suspected that Delta Green did this.

"Sir, we have confirmation that the bombs went off," A grunt said, "No death count yet. The Aquas who did it are quite far away from the Sevii Islands."

"Good," I said to the grunt, "Tell them to return to base. Also, arrange for a press conference in Sootopolis. It is time for out powergrab."

I paused and laughed... What marvelous chaos I have caused...

Dr Scott
10-29-2006, 08:24 PM
Sevii Islands
Welcoming Committee

Spencer wasn’t sure what to think of this Sent character just yet, he just couldn’t get a good read on what he was trying to do. “Here’s a compromise,” Sent said, giving a single to the grunts that were positioned around the area. The grunts all lowered there weapons to the gesture, still looking at Spencer’s own short group with unease. “We meet in a public debate, man versus man, opinion versus opinion.”

Spencer bit his bottom lip, doing his best to keep from laughing. He covered this up with a loud sneeze, covering his face in his hoodie. When he finally composed himself, he messed with his sleeve a bit and then pulled both of his sleeves up. “What are you saying?” Spencer finally asked with a false confusion, “You make it sound like we’re trying to fight for control. You don’t seem to be getting why I am here in the first place. I do not want to take control of this place, oh no. I just want to talk to the good people of Sevii. Really, there’s no reason for us to be fighting over something that does not need fought about, don’t you agree?” He looked in the man’s eyes again.

Scott looked around at the other guards, “Please don’t try to force us to do anything.” He smiled a bit, an almost scary smile. “There is no need for bloodshed this time, all Spencer wants to do is talk. We aren’t leaving until we have our fair word in.”

Just then an explosion was heard on one of the other islands, and all eyes turned to for a time. Spencer couldn’t help but sigh, “And so the plot thickens. I have a really bad feeling about that one, I do …”

Lord Celebi
10-29-2006, 09:05 PM
Sootopolis Press Conference

In the last 20 years on Earth, many radio stations had been established all over, so Earth could once again have a communications system similar to the internet 100 years ago. I was taking advantage of this right now for a radio press conference, to pounce on the terrorism politically before anyone else could.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm here in the interest of the world," I smiled, as I spoke into the recording devices, "Recently, a bomb went off in the Sevii Islands, and there have been confirmed reports that Delta Green graffiti was in the rubble of the exploded building."

I paused, "Rocket claims that they could protect the Sevii Islands like they could Hoenn. It seems they were wrong. If they could let in a terrorist from Delta Green... who knows what else knows what could happen?"

I paused once again, "Who knows what their intentions even are? Do they even care about protecting their people if they let a terrorist in? Or are they just using the Sevii Islands for politics? I cannot let Hoenn go on with a government headed by the likes of Delta Green or Rocket."

I let that last paragraph soak into the reporters and continued, "I, rust Makuta, and Team Aqua, are going to take over the Hoenn government in order to prevent Rocket or Delta Green from attacking us. First, we are going to have strict border and air patrol. Aqua scouts will patrol the seas surrounding Hoenn, while we continue to restore Aircraft to protect Hoenn's skies."

"On what authority do you take Hoenn?" A reporter asked.

"On the peoples'" I said, "Currently, Hoenn had no government structure besides town structure. Under my government, town governments would now have the ability to be in sync, to better protect all of the Hoenn people, so we can see a brighter tomorrow..."

And so this is how Hoenn's freedom ends... with roaring applause...

Sent Reglay
10-30-2006, 12:00 AM
Sevii Islands

When the bomb went off, I knew it couldn't be Delta Green, no matter what the graffiti said. Delta Green wouldn't make such a rash move as to attack us while we could kill one of their key members so easily.

"I know the enemy is Aqua now, do what you want here, just remember, that they were hoping to get you killed" I said this as I turned about towards the transmission station.

I signaled for my troops to follow, we had to counter the Press Conference that I was getting live feed about as I walked. This was an act of war, and I couldn't let it get out of hand. This planet has suffered enough for many milenia, and if it was up to me, it wouldn't suffer any more than that.

I reached the transmission station on Island Two. I entered to the site of rust Makuta on the big screen. Listen to that filth, playing those fools into suicide.

"Establish connection with the other islands immediately" I told the signal operator.

On the connection screen, I saw the signals being dispatched, within seconds, each island would relay my message through the Public P.A. system that was usually used for weather information. I took a deep breath and entered the sound booth, likely the public hadn't learned anything about the explosion. I had a plan already to deal with it, it would be a reasonable explanation. The only thing that could foil it, was Spencer, but I prayed that for the next twenty-four hours at least, I would have his cooperation.

"My dear brothers of the Sevii Islands, Team Aqua has committed an act of war, but thankfully no lives were lost..."

10-30-2006, 12:19 AM
Sevii Islands
Island Two

I followed Sent as any loyal Grunt would. A million or more thoughts were running through my mind. Why would they do something like this? How did they get past us? Where did they get this technology? All those thoughts kept running through my mind. I was angered at this point.

"Sir, how are we going to recover from this terrorist attack? Do we have the technology?" Anger was in my voice. Those pathetic Aqua fools thought they had us. It was a very good plan that might actually work. He was going to have regions against us in a matter of hours if we don't come up with a plan.

Sceptile Frost
10-30-2006, 12:59 AM
OOC: rust, have you been watching Episode III of Star Wars to often?

That's the same quote nearly exactly.



~Sootopolis City~

So the attempt to infiltrate Delta Green headquarters had failed. What was the point in doing so, anyway? There wasn't a war, at least not yet, and Delta Green was weaker than a newborn Pichu anyway.

Matthew closed his eyes, drawing in deep breath. The Sootopolis scent always gave him a clear picture of peace and prosperity. But right now it was non existant.

Rust had virtually declared war. Rocket and Delta Green weren't idiots, at least not total ones. Matt walked briskly over to a building and entered, greeting the men in it.

"Can you believe it?" he asked.

"Yeah, we finally have something to do!" said one, raising his can of beer and taking a long sip.

"Don't you get it?" Matthew asked.

"Get what?"

"This means war. Rocket and Delta Green against us! All we did was frame Delta Green and now..."

"Just shut up," another said quickly, puffing a cigarette as he said it.

"Fine. But I ain't gonna' be happy about what this means..."

Matthew exited the building angrily. War was dawning like the sun each morning, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Dr Scott
10-30-2006, 02:14 AM
OOC: Remember Sent,
1) We don’t KNOW it was Aqua
2) You probably don’t have a picture video thing …
3) We don’t know that they blamed DG just yet.

Sevii Islands

Spencer watched smiling just a bit as he saw the far off explosion. A few things were going through his head as this happened. ‘Hmmm, it’s not Green of course. And I don’t think that Rocket would be this stupid … That leaves Aqua of course, that’s a possibility. Or it could also be a random mercenary band … though I highly doubt that one.’

“I know the enemy is Aqua now,” Sent was saying, “do what you want here. Just remember that they were hoping to get you killed.” And with that Sent turned to walk to the transmission station.

“Well, looks like Aqua actually did us a favor,” Spencer said to Scott, who was motioning to two of his friends. The two were carrying between them an awkward large machine, one that looked as if it would barely work. The team’s mechanic had found it in an unused underground base and fixed it up as best as he could.

“Where should we put it sir?” asked one.

“Follow me,” Scott said, walking ahead of the group. The group moved behind the transmission station of Rocket’s, setting up the machine there. Spencer was hoping that he could use the Rocket’s transmissions to send one of his own to the people of Sevii.

After a while of setting up the machine and a bit of fixing it up the group had it set up to piggy back Rocket’s system. And the best part was that for ten minutes it was all Delta Green’s, and no one would be able to cut it off.

“Well, sir? Shall we?” Scott asked, turning to Spencer.

Spencer thought about it and then shook his head, “No, there is a panic. People are checking out the bomb, now is not the time. Let’s go check that out first. Would you please stay here and guard the machine? And make sure that the Rocket’s don’t find you.”

{What about me?} D’Argo the Lucario asked his trainer.

Spencer studied his Pokémon a bit, “Would you please stay with them in case they need help? I’m counting on you.”

{No problem,} D’Argo said confidently, {just hurry back, I’m already ready to leave this place.}

Spencer nodded, “Hopefully this won’t take too long. Scott?”

Scott took two Poké balls from his belt, throwing them both at the ground. An Altaria and a Pidgeot both popped out, stretching themselves. “Good to see you, guys,” the large bodyguard said, talking quietly to his Pokémon.

“Geese, how many Pokémon do you have?” Spencer asked.

“I used to be a trainer,” Scott said, “I took all of my Pokémon with me. I chose these two specifically for this mission.”

Spencer shook his head, a small smile on his face. “Always prepared … You really are the best.” And with that the two got on their flying Pokémon, and went off to the direction of the explosion …

Lord Celebi
10-30-2006, 03:17 AM
OOC: Yeah, Sent, BHK is right... When the New Order framed Aqua for the bombing on Rustboro in WAR Season 5, all we could do was deny the responsibility. We weren't able to point the finger at the New Order until much later in the RP.
Coming when I'm not so tired... :sleepy:

Dr Scott
10-30-2006, 03:38 AM
OOC: Well technically we could figure out it is you, but I'm not pulling that one out until later ^^.

Let's just say that sometimes the lack of an explination on what happened can bite you in the butt :-P.

But actually, that wasn't my first idea.

Also, I'm not afraid to do the same to Delta Green (Mess with us for not so great RPing), just not with the same character ^^

Lord Celebi
10-30-2006, 04:26 AM
OOC: Well technically we could figure out it is you, but I'm not pulling that one out until later ^^.

Let's just say that sometimes the lack of an explination on what happened can bite you in the butt :-P.

But actually, that wasn't my first idea.

Also, I'm not afraid to do the same to Delta Green (Mess with us for not so great RPing), just not with the same character ^^

OOC: You also have to consider the fact that 6% of the Sevii Islands Voters aren't happy with Rocket taking over the Sevii Islands. Combined with the however many Anti-Rockets in Kanto, they could have created some kind of terrorist organization or something :P

Sent Reglay
10-30-2006, 12:18 PM
OOC: Remember the citizenship card system? well when rocket troops responded to the attack, there wasn't anyone who voted against them on the island. since Spencer was at gun-point, it was qutie obvious that this wasn't pulled by DG, so the reasonable explanation would be Aqua.

Island Two Transmission Station
"...Ensuring Peace and Prosperity for All"

"My dear brothers of the Sevii Islands, Team Aqua has committed an act of war, but thankfully no lives were lost..." once I had said this, a red light went on, this told us we were off the air.

The connections had been checked meer minutes ago, meaning someone was trying to piggy-back off of our system.

I exited the sound booth and ordered,"Fourteen men to the back of the building"

In seconds, troops were rushing out of the transmission station.

"Sir, we found that Spencer guy from earlier" well I guess cooperation wasn't something I could expect out of him.

"Turn the device off, and let him have it back when my speech is finished" I announced stepping back into the sound booth.

"My dear brothers of the Sevii Islands, Team Aqua has committed an act of war, but thankfully no lives were lost" I started again with the same line.

"As many of you saw, a plane flew overhead and landed at the Island Two airstrip. We gave them permission to continue their flight. They ducked behind some mountains, and emerged over Island Seven. They hoped to kill some people, but thankfully, their bomb missed its mark. Until we can gather further evidence on this attack, Island Seven is under quarantine" I exited the sound booth and took a deep breath.

I gave orders to the men to recover and bury the bodies, with no bodies, we could always claim no lives were lost. The death count stood at seven, five of these people were Rocket scouts, the other two were a young couple known for taking dangerous vacations. In other words, we had one a battle of politics.

"Okay, let him make his announcement, just remind him we denied any Delta Green involvement"

10-30-2006, 04:18 PM
OOC: Sorry have not had access to a cpu these past 2 days, nice save May. Crap short post..
Slateport City

Hearing nobody I walked into the shop I figured Neo must have had a few things to tak care. Of course that was before A girl jumped out with a gun..

"Tell me," She demanded. "Who are you, and what do you want with Neo?" She leveled a gun at my chest. "I will not hesitate to use this thing. I'm counting up to five. One...Two...Three...Four..."

I frowned for a split second, "So much for a welcoming party," I joked, she kept the gun trained on me. "You must be the other voice I heard." I remarked, "I'm Isaiah, now help me unload this stuff for Neo."

I turned back towards the truck, "Chase bring it in a bit." Chase slowly backed up the truck till I gave him the sign to stop. Jumping on the truck we soon had everything unloaded.

I turned towards the girl. "Wheres Neo? I have to see him before I leave."

10-30-2006, 07:22 PM
OOC: Excuse me for being a retard, but I'm not going to read through 5 pages with incoherent messages. I'm too lazy to figure out everyone's alignment, so yeah, I'm roguish. I've scanned rust's, Neo's, Scott's and Sent's posts.

Island 7
Sevii Islands

'Seriously messed up...' That would be the best phrase to describe the scene in front of me, as well as my mental stability. I clenched my camera tightly between my fragile looking hands, as I saw the smoke circling upwards and the smell of burnt flesh strangle my nostrils. How could I have missed this?

I had plans to keep a certain couple that lived here in check, and report anything out of the ordinary to a friend who I owed some favors. Almost after the third day of their holidays, I noticed their growing interest in Rocket facilities. The woman had several entertaining chats with some Rocket scouts, but the guy was less social and more keen on heavy duty machinery.

Fate had struck them with a mallet in the face. I was taking photos with my camera, just to make sure I had proof to back up my case with. Why didn't I notice anyone sneaking up and placing that bomb?

The radio message of a bomb falling out of a plane was a load of bull. Anyone standing within a mile range of the Pokémon center would have noticed the whistling sound of forcefully pushed air. No, this wasn't an air assault. Somebody was seriously messing up the fragile balance.

Better not to stay around here for too long. I have no subjects to keep in sight, since they're maggot chow now. Let's see if I caught something of the explosion on film. Maybe I can get a friend of mine to analyze the type of charge used.

A gentle sea breeze swept through my long, blond hair, as I walked down the hill. I could hardly see the boat riding the waves near the horizon, but my mind wasn't set for details at the moment. It was now time to take care of my wounds.

Well, following somebody can't be done from the comfortableness of a chair placed inside a warm, cozy home. No, it's a rather activity orientated job, meaning collateral damage isn't unavoidable.

As I reached the bottom of the hill, I heard the sound of flapping wings above my head. A Pidgeot was flying next to an Alteria, unexpectedly heading toward Ground Zero. Not giving the slightest damn about the potential meanings of the sudden sight, I entered my house and went straight for my dark room.

Time to see how seriously messed up all of this actually is...


Sceptile Frost
10-30-2006, 09:17 PM
OOC: Hey, Sent, there weren't any planes. From what Rust posted, they placed a bomb and then detonated it from their boat or whatever via some sort of remote.

~Sootopolis, Hoenn~

Since Rust had basically just declared that we were taking over Hoenn, we had to act, and act fast. Matthew Hamilton, along with about half the other Aquas, were leaving Sootopolis City immediately, ensuring that everyone in Hoenn was ready for a true leader.

This was only supposed to be a diplomatic mission, so there wasn't the rare pick up truck or anything. It was just a bunch of Aquas dressed in their sapphire garb, marching briskly out to speed boats and large pokemon ready to swim or race across the region.

Matthew headed a small band that was to secure Fallarbrador Town. He was to lead his men to the mayor's residence and talk him into signing an agreement. Then, he would have to form a militia, train it, and fortify the coast from any possible Rocket or Delta Green invasion. These were all just precautions, but he trusted his leader.

Rust knew what he was doing. He had researched strategy througout his early years via the remnant of the internet. Not to mention it already was good plan.

Matthew Hamilton led his men forward, boarding a small speed boat. Two men sat on other side of the driver, guns loaded, just incase.

"To Fallabrador Town!" Matthew shouted excitedly.

And with that, the engine roared to life and exited the ashen cone, racing north.

Lord Celebi
10-30-2006, 09:18 PM
OOC: Remember the citizenship card system? well when rocket troops responded to the attack, there wasn't anyone who voted against them on the island. since Spencer was at gun-point, it was qutie obvious that this wasn't pulled by DG, so the reasonable explanation would be Aqua.

And didn't BHK say that you cannot say 'w1thin D@yz... 3very1 had t3h goddezly cardz that make @qua suk! OMFGWTFBBQ1337!' No one who voted against them on the island?

A) Again, not everyone will agree with you...
B) Ever heard of... traveling?

Third, how can Aqua be the only one who has done this? You make it seem like we're the only other people in the world... You completely forget that there might be another NPC Terrorist organization.

Remember my example from WAR Season 5. When the New Order framed us for the bombing of Rustoboro, we could only deny our involvement, we couldn't point fingers until much later in the RP.

Also, 'n0 livezez werz l0st' is bull****. I blew the bomb up in a Pokemon Center... There's going to be at least 50 people in there...

Sent Reglay
10-30-2006, 09:24 PM
OOC: Ever heard of an assumption? I'll backit with evidence once I reach the site, but for now, my hunch is turning Sevii against you(along with a few lies:tongue: )

I said Seven people died, considering you bombed a reasoinably abandoned island, thats generous.

Lord Celebi
10-30-2006, 09:30 PM
OOC: Ever heard of an assumption? I'll backit with evidence once I reach the site, but for now, my hunch is turning Sevii against you(along with a few lies:tongue: )

I said Seven people died, considering you bombed a reasoinably abandoned island, thats generous.

Assumption? ROTFLMAO! You had said yourself you were more worried about those who didn't vote for you than Aqua or Delta. Again, Aqua isn't just the only one out there, and again, it could have been a terrorist group that opposed Rocket's domination over the Sevii Islands...

You must consider all options first, instead of going right to us. I spent several posts MAKING SURE that our operation was covert, and all you do is ignore it... :sleepy:

Please, RP realistically, Sent, and not just to control everything...

BTW, evidence? I blew that building sky high. You haven't found any fingerprint detectors, much less Aqua finger prints...

Dr Scott
10-30-2006, 09:33 PM
OOC: *Whimpers* *Backs Rust and Sent to their seperate corners*

OKAY now, for one we can't/don't KNOW that it was Aqua that did it. Though Rust, next time PLLEEEAASSSEEE RP out more what happened, because with what little you put it could be said that people saw your grunts do it, I looked through and there wasn't even a "and they weren't seen" :-P. Something that big shoudl def. be RPed out, not only because it answers people's questions about it so they can RP about the incident but also becaus ethat's what RPing is about.

Secondly, Sent CAN blame it on you, saying that since you were the only other group it's you. Whether he knew it to be true or not he could turn this around so that you were to blame. That's what good politicians do, blame someone else whether they did or didn't do it.

Finally, PLEASE can we move this to discussion sometimes? Again, I don't like to see this place cluttered with arguing or insults or any of that fun stuff.

Oh, and a good morning to all of you, too.

Sent Reglay
10-30-2006, 09:34 PM
OOC: You still haven't explained how you managed to avoid all my defenses.

Its called an ASSUMption for a reason, its and educated GUESS. What stops me from guessing aqua?

BTW, something called footprints, I'm guessing I would find flippers-prints. Since aqua is the only group with a reasonable navy, that could be used to back an assumption.

10-30-2006, 09:39 PM
OOC: Time to use some technology from 1990.

Dark room, Arlenes house, Island 7
Sevii Islands.

The smell of photographically used chemicals lingered through the closed off room. I can't possible understand how this work could be considered a hobby by the previous generation. I mean, you're always inhaling toxic stuff and staring into liquids which can make you blind. Geez, mankind never thinks about itself.

The pictures were coming along nicely. Somehow, I managed to capture the essence of whatever that couple was doing during their stay. On top of that, the pictures of the blast were developing nicely too. The colors could be seen vividly, as if it was being played before your eyes and frozen in time whenever you wanted.

Something between the couple's break at the Pokémon Center and the explosion seemed to be awkward. I mean, c'mon, this island is reasonably populated, but anything strange would stand out like a coconut on an abandoned beach. The thing was, I couldn't lay my finger on the sore spot just yet.

Rolling toward my ancient computer on my wheeled chair, I booted the thing up. It was made prior to the last millennium celebration, but kept up to date for over 15 years. It was considered to be a rather good piece of equipment back in the days, but in pre-apocalyptic terms it was outdated. However, it served my needs fine enough, and it was less obvious to find. All the new pcs needed freon to stay cool, while this one didn't. A normal van would be sufficient.

As the entry screen popped up, I typed in my password, and went to my scanning utility. Grabbing the dry pictures off the dry line, I placed them on the scanner bed one by one, and read them in. Something's wrong, and I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile, rust's reply to Sent's allegations buzzed through the airways.


Lord Celebi
10-30-2006, 09:48 PM
OOC: Screw it... I'll just RP out calling you a n00b... BTW, flipper prints? Anyone can own flippers... Having a Navy isn't the same as having Marines...
Second Sootopolis Press Conference
"rust... rust! Sent of Rocket claims you did it!" A reported asked me.

"F*ck him then. We didn't do it... He is a fool for trying to inspire war. The world was just destroyed by a war... Why is Rocket trying to start another one? Falsely blaming me isn't going to do anything. Rocket is filled with idiots, including Sent himself. No one should trust an idiot with power over a country. It should be a world law that you have to have an IQ of at least 150 to hold a seat of power... Although Sent falls just short at -42," I said, delightfully insulting Sent in front of a crowd. The reporters laughed. If this were the 'Internet' of 100 years ago, I believe I just called Sent a 'n00b.'

"Can you determine who is to blame?" Another reporter asked, "Delta Green is denying their involvement in the terrorist attack."

"I am not sure. Since the evidence of Delta Green commiting the act had proven false, I'm inclined to think that it is some Terrorist Party opposed to Rocket's domination of the Sevii Islands," I replied.

Note to self. Establish Terrorist Party in Kanto to cover up for bombing. If Sent were to find some evidence that we did it, then Hoenn is screwed. We'll have to make another Battleship to protect us. Meanwhile, if we do have a terrorist party set organized in Kanto, then we can have someone take responsibility and we can continue on our merry way.

"What will you do to protect the world from any more terrorist attacks, Mr. President?" Another reporter asked.

"I am offering freedom from the fool known as Team Rocket in Hoenn. Anyone who wishes to leave the Sevii Islands or Kanto and seek refuge... Hell, save your life, can come to Hoenn," I began, "We would like to ask that the terrorist party responsible for these attacks to disarm. Even though Rocket is not the best choice for leadership, neither is Sent, there are better ways to oust them from power than terrorism. Killing civillians is not the way."

"Again, I would like to say that Team Aqua or Hoenn is not responsible for the Sevii Islands terrorist attacks. And with that, I will end this press conference," I said, walking out of the room. I was bombarded with more reporters asking me questions on the way out until I had reached a restored car, parked in front of the building for me.

"Take me to the Deathwing..."

Sent Reglay
10-30-2006, 10:06 PM
OOC: SHOOT! My post was deleted when my internet crashed. I'll re-type it and put it up soon.

Dr Scott
10-30-2006, 10:20 PM
OOC: I’m kind of jumping around a bit, seeing that the last place my character was at was checking out the actual site of the explosion after it happened and we’re already to laying down blame and all that fun stuff, so I’m guessing by that time my character’s lazy bottom wouldn’t still be there.


Sevii Islands
Political Headache

“What the heck is going on?” Spencer asked, kneading his forehead with his knuckle gently, trying to massage the headache out of him. They were still on Sevii, in fact right behind the communications tower once again. In front of Spencer lay a radio that they had bought in one of the various shops that the Sevii people had managed to set up, selling whatever they had found after they came topside again and rummaged through the rubble.

“And with that, I will end this press conference…” Rust said, ending his long speech.

“So, le’ me ge’ this straight,” one of Scott’s friends said, “someone blew up the center in this here town, blaming it on us. In response, Sen’, instead of blaming it on us and ruinin’ our mission, blames it on Aqua. Aqua then blames Rocke’?”

Spencer shook his head, “I think so. Truthfully, I’m not sure what is going on anymore. All I had time to do there is tell the local authorities that we had nothing to do with it, and after a quick check they found out that we were with Rust the entire time.”

“So,” Scott said, turning to Spencer, “who did it?”

“It’s hard to say,” Spencer said thoughtfully, “There’s a good chance that it was done by angry members of Sevii, but seeing that they would be killing their own, I doubt they would do that. Also, destroying such an important building such as that would just hurt their town even more. Team Rocket could have done it just so they could point fingers. There is no better way to unite the people then to have them all united in their anger. And of course, it could be Rust. Blame us and then blame Rocket for not being able to defend them, that’s just a good tactic.”

“Aye,” Scott’s friend said, “Kills two birds with one stone?”

Spencer nodded again, “But more then likely it was just some random idiot, or some random terrorist organization that none of us have met yet. Still, I’m not ruling out either Sent or Rust.”

D’Argo finally spoke up, sending out a little bit of white noise on the translator as he did so, {Can we just do what we came here to do and leave?}

Spencer nodded, turning to the machine that was set up on the table in front of them. He took a hold of the mic they had set up, motioning everyone to be quiet. And with that he turned on the piggy back system and began his speech …

“Citizens of Sevii, I know that what you don’t want to hear right now is a politician whining about this and that and telling you what to do or what to believe. I know that you are confused and unsure of what to believe. But let me first tell you that it wasn’t Delta Green that blew up your Center. For one, why would we put me, one of the higher ranking members, here where I could take the blame and perhaps be killed. Also, we’re not stupid enough to make it obvious … Truth is, I don’t know who it is. Whoever it is might be trying to do what we don’t need … starting a war. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to have my children spend another hundred years under the ground … it does horrors on the skin.” Spencer cleared his throat before going on, “Also, do you think it is such a good idea to be under Rocket protection? As it stands it paints you as a target, I know that I would not even be here if Rocket did not try to put you all in its grasp. What you need isn’t one group ruling over you, a group that can send your children to fight a war that doesn’t need to be fought. What you really need is to rebuild. That means not wasting your resources on defenses that wouldn’t be needed if Rocket wasn’t here. What you really need is the help of all of the teams. I’m sure that Rocket, since they say they want to help, would be more then happy to help you rebuild. Team Delta Green would also be happy to send over a few members as well, as I’m sure will Aqua, but the other two teams both can’t and won’t if Team Rocket has its hold here. All I can do is tell you all that you are making a big mistake in getting involved in this, and I wish you all luck.”

With that Spencer turned off the machine, telling the men to get to work in undoing everything. After a short time they had the transmitter back in its carrying case, and the group hurried to their plane so that they could get out of here and head on home …

Sceptile Frost
10-30-2006, 10:35 PM
OOC: Go Sevii Island rebellion!

~Mossdeep Sea, Hoenn~

The blue-green sea about them was calm, a light breeze rustling the small islands that dotted the watery canvas.

Matthew Hamilton withdrew his binoculars, scanning the northward horizon. Nothing, natta, zilch, zero, zip. Nobody else, no one but he and his men.

He read over the treaty, a nicely typed one from one of Sootopolis's old computers. It stated clearly what would happen, what Aqua offered.

The boat raced onward, sending a trail of mist behind it.

Matthew looked back at the sheet. Nothing would go wrong. Nothing. Not if there hadn't been another bombing of some sort. But who cared if they died? War would bring peace, eventually.

He closed his eyes and quietly hummed. One day at a time, he told himself. It wasn't like there was going to be another nuclear war or anything... not after what all of humanity had learned...

Matthew Hamilton opened his eyes again, looking briefly at each of his men. The drive gave him a grin and he sighed.

Just take it a day at a time...

Sent Reglay
10-30-2006, 10:39 PM
Island Seven
Sevii Islands

"Oh GREAT! Everyone is against us!" I shouted as I threw the radio relay on the ground.

I shouldn't have trusted Spencer, but now I had to live with the conseqences. If we were going to have to pull out, I wanted to at least be sure of who was the culprit behind the bombing.

I rummaged through the rubble, and found nothing of importance. It was when I was nearly ready to give up and pull out when I discovered an Aqua emblem on a piece of water proof material. I tried to remove the emblem from the rubble, but I couldn't move it. Thinking that it might be snagged on a piece of metal underneath, I cleared the debris around it. What I saw was a body, and eighth casulaty, except it was one of the bombers. I was sure that once we tested his hands, we would find the residue from close contact with explosives.

"Spread the orders that we are removing our military presence from the Sevii Islands. While your at it, alert the media that i'm calling a press conference in Vermillion City upon my return" I told the operator at the transmission station.

I placed the body I had found in a body bag, once you were dead, Teams and markings failed to matter, I would pay proper respect. I loaded onto a small boat that was salvaged from an old miltary port in Vermillion. From the sea, I could see the chaos of the Sevii Factions returning to power. They wanted to make their own decisions, and they were paying for it...

Lord Celebi
10-30-2006, 10:47 PM

The Aqua troops were told to get quite far away from the Sevii Islands before activating the bombs, so they wouldn't get caught, and no one would know that it would be suspected that Delta Green did this.

"Sir, we have confirmation that the bombs went off," A grunt said, "No death count yet. The Aquas who did it are quite far away from the Sevii Islands."

And... why would a bomb go off and kill an Aqua when they were all far away from the Sevii Islands?

Sent Reglay
10-30-2006, 10:52 PM
OOC: well since you didn't actually RP out the bombing, how can you be sure that everyone got away? Maybe someone got left behind or something? Nowhere in there did you say everyone had escaped.

Lord Celebi
10-30-2006, 10:57 PM
OOC: well since you didn't actually RP out the bombing, how can you be sure that everyone got away? Maybe someone got left behind or something? Nowhere in there did you say everyone had escaped.

Now use your common sense here... Would you detonate a bomb if you knew someone from your squad was still in there? For that matter, why would someone be left behind in the first place. If they knew the bombing was going to happen, the soldier wouldn't have stayed around the Center for one or two hours... :rolleyes:

Dr Scott
10-30-2006, 10:59 PM

Sent, Rust, anyone else. Would you PLEASE take this topic to the discussion thread, I don't want to see any more whining about this subject in the RP section.

10-30-2006, 11:34 PM
Pallet Town
Sea Border
Operation B.C.

I was told to leave the Sevii islands due to a bombing. Nobody knew "exactly" who the bombers were, but there were some thoughts. I boarded a single pilot helicopter on a helipad near the Transmissions tower. The helicopter was completely black so that nobody could tell exactly who's helicopter it was. I flipped on all of the switches and it started to glow. I slid on my transmitter and turned it on. The blades started to spin like a tornado's wind. I waited and then pulled back on the handle. I lifted off the ground to about three hundred feet in a matter of a minute or two.

I pushed forward on the handle taking the helicopter towards Pallet Town. It would take an hour, but I would eventually reach it. I'd see people swimming every now and then in the amazingly clean water. Every now and then I'd see a few Pokemon jump up out of the water. Probably Goldeen's and Seaking's, not for sure because I couldn't see that good from where I was. I parted the clouds with amazing speed. Good thing I learned how to pilot aircrafts before I joined Team Rocket.

I landed on a small strip outside of Pallet Town that could hold a nice little factory for producing weapons. I decided to go ahead and clear some land. I threw out three Pokeball's each containg a special Pokemon. Out came Charizard in a fury of Flames, then came Weavile in a dark aura, and last but not least came Alakazam.

"Charizard burn down these weeds. Weavile cut down these trees. Alakazam use the boards to make a strong temporary hut." They did as they were told and did a great job. It was a strong hut that would last a couple of day's until I could fly in supplies and grunts to build the Weapons Assembly and Study Factory. The hut would end up being the office, but for now just a temporary house.

I walked up the small flight of steps into the nice inside. I don't know how they did it, but it looked like a nice log cabin. Alakazam somehow took the rocks from the sea and made a fireplace. Charizard somehow came inside, but I wasn't sure how he'd get out. Weavile was laying on a thing of leaves beside the door. Alakazam was meditating beside the nice warm fire. Charizard was sleeping while sitting up. I ran back out to the helicopter and took out my clothes locking the helicopter. I pocketed the keys into my pants and headed inside. I laid my head down ontop of my jacket and let my eyes go close carrying me off into a deep sleep.

Snow Fairy Sugar
10-31-2006, 06:31 AM
Slateport City

An unknown person had come into the shop. I had given five seconds to identify himself. He remained silent. To make my point I stated that I would shoot him, if he didn't start talking by the time I counted up to five. I started to count. By the time I reached four and I was about to pull the trigger, he began to talk. About time! I thought sarcastically.

He frowned for a split second, before he answered. "So much for a welcoming party," he cracked. I frowned, and I didn't lower the gun. For all I knew, these could have been the saboteurs...

"Ha, ha." I exclaimed sarcastically, trying to buy time. Hopefully Neo would be back soon...

He seemed to recognize my voice. "You must be the other voice I heard." he remarked, "I'm Isaiah, now help me unload this stuff for Neo."

Other voice he heard? My mind began to buzz with questions. Was he the one who was talking to Neo over the transmitter?
Meanwhile, the man called Isaiah had turned back towards the truck, "Chase bring it in a bit." The driver, whose face I couldn't see, slowly backed up the truck till Isaiah notioned for him to stop. I decided to help him unload the "stuff" as he called it. I wondered if he was a traitor of some sort. Was planning to blow up this base, so that our attention would be diverted? What was he exactly up to?

Before I could interrogate him further, he turned to me.

"Where's Neo?" he questioned me. "I have to see him before I leave." Mysuspicions were somewhat allayed. Obviously, he wouldn't take the risk to meet Neo. Unless he was a mercenary send on a suicide mission...

"Look here," I snapped. "Stay where you are! You will not leave till you answer my questions. You still haven't answered my earlier questions. Why do you want to see Neo? You are not leaving this place alive, till Neo has vouched for you. Forgive my rash actions..." I sighed and brushed my hair. "My boat which carried supplies was sabotaged, at least, I think it was sabotaged..." I shook my head and continued bitterly. "It contained a whole load of supplies, and it definitely didn't sink on its own. Clear out these things with me, then only you, and that guy," I pointed at the driver with my free hand "will talk to Neo. If you are uncooperative..." I gave a wry smile. "Lets say I'm an excellent shot. Or to put it simply, dead men tell no tales...."

Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 03:21 AM
As before, yeah, we're refreshing, but feel free to reuse intro posts if you really don't want to go through the process again in the next RP.