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Neo Emolga
10-25-2006, 01:46 PM

NOTE: In order to take part, you must be a part of ToD (Tides of Darkness, see the Teams/Clubs board for further details). Also, you can only sign up for 2 out of the 3 ToD RPs.


The Fallen Warlords is a Medieval RP, similar to what you’ve maybe seen from Medieval fantasy genre games and movies. Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft and Arthurian Legend are excellent examples of themes that you’ll likely be seeing from this RP.

In The Fallen Warlords, cities and towns are in relative size as they are in the games. Large cities like Goldenrod and Saffron are large kingdoms and city-states, while smaller towns like Fallarbor are simple villages. Instead of the use of common Pokéballs, only the ones that can be created from Appricorns are allowed.

In The Fallen Warlords, a stronger role system is in place. Players base their characters off of class system. A Mage (spellcaster) is able to perform and unleash many powerful spells (very special thanks to Tyranitar_Trainer for the list). However, their ability to use armor and weapons is limited to only cloth for armor and dagger/staff for a weapon. However, a warrior character can use any kind of weapon or armor, but they have no magic and must solely rely on their combat skills and Pokémon.

Medieval based weapons, such as swords, axes, maces, bows, crossbows, staves, pole-arms (Halberds, spears, etc) are allowed, along with Oriental weapons such as Katanas, Wakizashis, Tantos, Sais, Nunchaku, and throwing weapons such as throwing knives, Shuriken, and Chakrams are included. If you have a question about a weapon and whether it could be allowed, feel free to ask.


There was a time when the Kingdom of Kanto was oppressed from the Johto Kingdom in a dispute over borders and separation. The end of the war resulted in Kanto becoming separate from Johto, but no one knew how long it would be before the days of peace would once come again.

The Golden Five were five warriors from Kanto that were paramount in the victory of Kanto over Johto. Their skills, their valor, their courage and their commitment to the people of Kanto easily won the hearts of the citizens. Meanwhile, they were blessed with strong and powerful armor, and had brought down many Johto war leaders to lead them to ultimate victory. They were Sir Thomas Luther, Sir John Dwayne, Sir Nathaniel Steadfast, Lady Rachel Everwood, and Lady Nicole Flameburg.

Shortly after Kanto’s victory, there were many celebrations in honor of the Golden Five as well as the rest of Kanto’s incredible army. However, something strange had happened shortly after. A dark and insidious evil had slowly corrupted The Golden Five. Some had believed they were tricked into consuming a dark a vicious poison on behalf of Johto out of revenge, or some other dark plan. But, as time went on, they had become surprisingly more aloof.

It only long before their new course of evil had begun to show. It had started with bitter reactions and disrespect for the rest of the people, which then turned to rapes, murders, and destruction of entire villages, until one day, they were simply gone from Kanto, as if they had never existed. Many of Kanto’s finest knights had attempted to find them, only they either returned with no success, or never returned at all. It wasn’t long until they were renamed as “The Pentagram Clan,” and their good deeds were quickly replaced by the evil they had done.

Now, Kanto is under fire once again, and no one is sure what had become of Kanto’s finest warriors. The new teams, Team Aqua, Team Rocket, and Team Delta Green have become the new influence even over the once mighty kings of the world. However, their disagreement will continue to fuel one of the harshest wars the land had ever seen. They now had to be prepared to endure the new darkness… or be consumed into hopelessness…


Sir Thomas Luther

Sir Thomas Luther was the leader of The Golden Five, armed with the Inferno Lionheart Claymore and the legendary War Dragon Plate Mail. Thomas Luther was easily one of the most valiant knights that the people of Kanto had ever seen. Meanwhile, his homeland of Vermillion had even made a statue to his name. However, after the war, his crimes were severe acts of treason, which would have been punishable by execution. However, Kanto’s authorities found it impossible to apprehend him until the day he simply left with the rest of the five.

Inferno Lionheart Claymore – A strong blade with the colors of the sunset on the hilt, capable of unleashing fire attacks from the blade as quick and fiery projectiles. Also super sharp used until normal conditions, and attacks often sear and burn the enemy. (Warrior & Mage Knight Only)

War Dragon Plate Mail – Incredible royal blue and gold armor capable of deflecting most attacks and is capable of resisting many magical attacks. Also has the ability to fully resist all attacks from Dragon Pokémon as well as Dragon-type moves. (Warrior Only)

Sir John Dwayne

Sir John Dwayne was a powerful mage who had come from the town of Fuchsia, and was very noble and dedicated to his people, always known to give back double than he had received. Very powerful against the forces of Johto, it took a long time for people to believe Sir John Dwayne had fallen into darkness until it was obvious with the burning of an entire village… started by his own elemental fire.

Staff of the Seer – A powerful ivory staff with a mysterious jewel hewn on the top, while its golden tendrils wrap around the entire shaft. In the hands of any mage, it allows them to cast spells much faster and with ease. (1 less magic point spent per spell, Mage Only)

Robe of the Stars – How it was actually created is beyond anyone’s guess, but it is believed that most of its power is created through magic. Very difficult to pierce even with a mighty weapon, it gives the mage a very powerful armor… without the weight or encumbrance of plates… (Mage Only)

Sir Nathaniel Steadfast

Sir Nathaniel Steadfast was a silent warrior who worked where the others couldn’t, often using his intelligence and stealth to obtain precious secrets from the enemy. However, when many thought of The Golden Five, usually Nathaniel Steadfast wasn’t as known to the people like Sir Thomas Luther, Sir John Dwayne or the rest of The Golden Five. Regardless, he was a major asset to the people until he fell into darkness after the war, becoming a heartless murder, driven by rage. Now, just like before, he managed to slip back into the shadows.

Dual Scimitars of the Blazer – Very fast, very lethal curved short swords that give the user a rush of energy to move faster than before. These are Sir Nathaniel Steadfast’s most prized possessions. Many lives of Johto’s warriors have felt the sting of these swords… and often died because of it. (Rogue Only)

Shadow Leather Armor – A pure black leather armor that not only protects the user, but allows them to seemingly meld into the shadows and move about without detection. However, sources of light make it difficult for the armor to perform such incredible feats of stealth. However, under the cover of night, the user can move like the wind… quickly and totally invisible to the naked eye. (Rogue Only)

Lady Rachel Everwood

Lady Rachel Everwood was very loyal to the cause of Kanto, and had an uncanny ability to give soldiers and footmen incredible morale. After her hometown of Pewter was burned to the ground, she swore revenge on Johto. After the war, Rachel Everwood had stumbled into the darkness, becoming nothing more than a murderer and a traitor. She too, would have been executed but she was never found until it was too late.

Spear of the Brigadier – A powerful steel bladed spear of platinum and mythril capable of piercing most armor and war chariots. Has been passed down for generations until it simply fell into the wrong hands. (Warrior Only)

Ring of the Herald – A special, magical ring with a ruby stone that allows the user to endure wounds easier. While wounds would still damage the body, it allows the user to still be able to fight just as strong, regardless of the pain that would be trying to weaken them. (Any Class)

Lady Nicole Flameburg

Nicole Flamburg was a powerful priestess, and was almost considered to be as valiant as a warrior queen. She had become famous for saving many lives during the war, and easily become one of the most respected clerics of Kanto, giving Cerulean a woman they could be proud about. However, after the war, she only became known for taking lives instead of saving them…

The Bracer of Everlasting – A diamond bracelet enchanted with a powerful regenerative quality. If the one who is wearing it is suddenly wounded, their wounds will heal much faster than before. However, many grave and serious wounds in a short amount of time may be too much for the bracelet to handle. (Any Class)

The Dagger of Blood – A recent acquisition of Nicole Flameburg, the Dagger of Blood allows the user to stab their victim, and any time a successful wound it made, the one holding the dagger will suddenly heal for the amount of pain and blood they’ve shed. Now, it has become one of Nicole Flamburg’s most treasured possessions. (Any Class)


Characters can choose to be one of four classes. Do not feel restricted by the name, you can easily be a Warrior and still call yourself a "Ranger," but still fall under the Warrior class. Also, you can be a Mage, specialize in Dark magic, and call yourself a "Necromancer," but still fall under the Mage class.

Warriors are those who specialize in combat and can use any weapon or armor. Meanwhile, they are better at fighting and can take more hits before going down. Warriors are familiar with many weapons, and know various battle skills. They are they best fighters in the RP.

Rogues tend to be more stealthy, and can easily go undercover. Meanwhile, the armor is limited to leather, and they can’t use any heavy weapons (Such as two-handed swords or axes, or pole-arms). Rogues can also backstab with amazing skill, have a mastery in stealth, have high knowledge of poisons, lock-picking, and stealing, and are the best assassins.

Mages have the ability to cast powerful spells. However, their armor is limited to cloth, and they can only use daggers or staves. If you play a Mage, you can decide whether to have 7 points divided between two categories of magic, or have 10 with devotion to only one category. Mages are also the only ones that can perform summons, and also have high knowledge of the arcane powers.

Mage Knights are Warrior/Mage hybrids. Mage Knights can wear up to chain and ring mail, can use any non two-handed weapon (Like a great sword or Halberd), and have 3 points to use in a single category of magic. They also know some battle skills and magical lore.


As with normal Role Plays, God-modding and Bunnying (See the Into Your Character’s Skin (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13613) role playing guide for a complete description) are strictly prohibited. If there is a violation of these rules, the infraction will go punished to keep the integrity of the RP intact. Each infraction will result in a strike for each time a member breaks the rules. If the end result is three strikes, the member will be removed from the role play, making it impossible for them to earn points for their team.

Secondly, it is for the benefit of all that this role play is taken seriously. With that said, avoid posting very short RP posts. Short and downsized posts are detrimental and we would prefer not having them.


Read List of Movie Clichés by Genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_movie_clich%C3%A9s_by_genre) on Wikipedia. While it is okay to get inspiration from movies and film, keep these in mind. These are uncreative plot and design examples that can deteriorate your role playing if you happen to use them yourself. Avoid them whenever possible.

Tyranitar_Trainer has moderation over this RP, and has the ability to issue strikes to anyone not following the rules. Also, when judging occurs, she will be the one to judge RP performance.


While judging has not begun at this moment, when it does (and you will be made aware of it), this is how the standard will be. To help your team leader in the Battleship game, you need to RP well to help get points so your team leader can buy more assets to attack enemy armies with. Role playing for the week is graded on creativity, realism, detail, activity, and storyline interaction.

Individual RPers is based on single members that are judged. The higher the placement, the better the RP quality was.

Individual RPers:

#1 Placement - 12 points are awarded
#2 Placement – 8 points are awarded
#3 Placement – 4 points are awarded

Team RPing Performance is based on the team that has the best overall role play performance.

Team RPing Performance:

#1 Placement – 15 points are awarded

That’s all. You may begin now.

Neo Emolga
10-25-2006, 01:50 PM
Spells created by Tyrantiar_Trainer

When a person uses a spell, the points are automatically taken away right as the spell is cast, not afterwards. That means if someone is forced to stop a spell half-way through, they've still lost those points. Only fair, you know? Also, once a person has used all their spell points, the only way to restore them is either by resting (sleeping, sitting quietly, eating) or by two of the healing spells, each of which restore one spell point. A person who rests while they still have spell points doesn't regain the ones they've lost: only when their points have all run out do they get restored. This is to keep anyone from using a strong spell, then resting right away so they can use it again even if they still have spell points (but not enough to cast that powerful spell). A person cannot rest during battle.

-Healing Spells

1- Star's Blessing: User prays to restore a third of either their own health or that of a target, takes one post to work (Acts as Wish)

2- Health Restore: User concentrates the energy in their body to heal up to half of their health (Acts as Recover)

3- Charity's Blessing: User sacrifices up to half their health to restore up to half the health of a target: restores one spell point to the target (Acts as Softboiled)

4- Calming Reprieve: User focuses the energy in their body and enters a deep meditative state for two posts to fully restore their health, user cannot move while casting spell: heals one spell point (Acts as Rest)


-Conjuration Spells

Only one person may summon any given Legend, and they are on first-come first-served basis. Now, in order to keep more than one person/team from getting like three or four Legends right from the get-go, I have this idea: Only make one available at a time, and don’t let the members taking part know what Legends are going to up for grabs. This way, no one can wait for a certain Legend and then scramble to get it. Also, if a person on a team gets a Legend, then no one else in that team can get one. I think that’s the fairest way of doing it. Once every team has at least one, then we can let them have a second, or whatever.

Basically, how they (the Legends) are found and used is when one of us says “So and so Legend is now ready to have their scroll/tablet/whatever found in whatever region” or something like that. All the magic-using characters can “feel” the summons of the scroll or whatever when it’s available (unless they or someone on their team already has a Legend they can summon: these people are deaf to the calls until each team has at least one Legend) and can journey for it. Whoever reaches it first will trigger a battle between that Legend, If the char can beat the Legend, it will consent to being summoned by that person. If they lose, the Legend will simply wait for another person to come along.

Each Legend takes 6 spell points to summon. Each Legend also has a post count number that they will fight for: when the caster has posted that many times, the Legend will automatically leave.

Great Titan: Summons Zapdos to fight for three posts
Mystic Heart: Summons Mew to fight for two posts
Pyre Regin: Summons Ho-Oh to fight for one post
Water Spirit: Summons Suicune to fight for four posts
Untamed Skies: Summons Rayquaza to fight for one post
Twins of Hope: Summons Latias and Latios to fight for one post



Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Spirit 1- Basic ___ball: User creates a ball of the selected element from their energy between their hands (This is the basic level 1 attack for all the elements, Act as Ember, Bubble, Sand Tomb, Gust, Confusion, Faint Attack, Tackle)


-Offensive Spells


Fire 2- Blaze Vortex: A small whirlwind of fire surrounds the enemy (Acts as Fire Spin)

Fire 3- Torch Bearer: User creates a large stream of fire and blasts it at the foe (Acts as Flamethrower)

Fire 4- Tempest Burn: A huge sheet of fire is formed in front of and to the sides of the user and is blasted forward in a straight line (Acts as Blast Burn or some other high-powered Fire attack lol)


Water 2- Bubble Stream: User creates a powerful stream of hard bubbles that slam into the foe with medium force (Acts as Bubble)

Water 3- Aqua Binds: User creates indestructible chains made of water (Somewhat acts as Whirlpool, as it binds the foe, but the chains can be used for binding other things and not just other characters)

Water 4- Water Dragon’s Fury: User summons forth a Dragon made of water which crashes into the foe with great strength (Closest thing I could relate this to would be Hydro Pump, as the amount of power if roughly the same)


Earth 2- Mud Bullet: A large orb of dark, thick mud is summoned and flung at the foe’s face in order to lower their accuracy and impair vision

Earth 3- Ground Shaker: User causes a powerful quake to knock all characters around them to the ground (Acts as Earthquake)

Earth 4- Great Splitting: User forces a deep fissure to open under their foe (Acts as Fissure)


Wind 2- Diffusing Winds: A whirlwind is kicked up to temporarily incapacitate foes (Acts as Whirlwind)

Wind 3- Wind Blade: Several near-invisible blades formed from wind fly at the foe at high speeds (Acts as Air Cutter)

Wind 4- A huge blast of high-pressured wind slams into the foe with awesome power (Acts as Areoblast)


Light 2- Shimmering Mist: A cloud of sparkling white mist engulfs the foe, making it hard to move (Acts as Mist Ball)

Light 3- Eradicating Shine: User in surrounded by a bright white light, which then explodes outwards and hits anyone within fifteen feet of them (This means anyone close to the character is hit whether they’re friend or foe, Acts as Luster Purge)

Light 4- Divine Might: A Unicorn formed of Light energy is created by the user, and then charges at the foe with its head lowered (This one isn’t really based on a Pokémon attack, as you can tell the others are based on Psychic attacks, which I felt was the closest match to Light magic)


Dark 2- Shadow Strike: User disappears into nearby shadows and then reappears close to the foe to hit them with a powerful blow (Acts as Shadow Punch)

Dark 3- Darkness Orb: A thick, inky ball of powerful Dark energy is gathered around the user, and then forced to the hands and fired at the foe (Acts as Shadow Ball)

Dark 4- Decreasing Sacrifice: User gives up all their spell points and passes out in order to greatly lower the offensive -OR- defensive abilities of ONE other character (The cost is big to keep people from using it all the time; it only works when coupled with a good strategy with other characters. I figured a spell that promoted team work couldn’t hurt to have. Acts as Memento)


Spirit 2- Dancing Faeries: User calls on their spiritual energy to form dozens of small faeries that viciously attack the foe (None of the Spirit-based attacks are really based on Pokémon moves, since there’s no match for it really)

Spirit 3- Raging Purity: The user creates a flaming pillar of spiritual energy that can be twisted and bent to the user’s will; when the pillar is more than fifteen feet away from its creator it will vanish (After the second post it’s created in)

Spirit 4- Destiny Flame: User calls on all of their spiritual energy in its raw form and blasts a foe with it, after use the user cannot cast another Spirit Offensive or Defensive spell until they have rested


None of these Defensive spells are based on Pokemon moves, because there aren’t any kind of Fire or Water defensive moves in Pokemon. All Defensive Basic spells (level ones) can defend against one weak attack, but no spells. Spells that say they last for ___ posts mean that after the user has posted that many times, the shield fades whether they mention it or not.

-Defensive Spells


Fire 1- Burn Shield: A basic shield made of fire that only covers the front of the user. Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster

Fire 2- Blaze Defend: A bubble of energy covers the user front and both sides. Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster

Fire 3- Flaming Reflector: A powerful shield of fire that can reflect weak attacks and projectile magicks (such as Mud Bullet). It cannot deflect any Offensive Water spells, and nothing higher than a level two Offensive spell of any element) Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster

Fire 4- Protection Firestorm: The user is completely encased in a barrier of fire (top, bottom, front, back, and sides) that can repel level one Offensive spells, but no Offensive Water spells. Anyone who touches it will get burned except the caster


Water 1- Aqua Shield: A basic shield of water that only covers the front of the user

Water 2- Mirror Wave: A highly-reflective mirror made of water is created in front of the user to deflect weak attacks

Water 3- Poseidon’s Blessing: The user is surrounded by water that can stop Basic and two two Offensive Fire spells, as well as all Offensive Basic spells except for Earth spells

Water 4- Drenching Shield: The user becomes encased in a thin layer of water that completely repels any Offensive Fire attack and can allow user to breathe underwater for five minutes (one post)


Earth 1- Ground Shield: A basic shield of dirt that only covers the front of the user

Earth 2- Land’s Response: The user wills nearby plant-life to defend them, spell lasts for two posts

Earth 3- Nature’s Love: A thick slab of earth rises above the user to reflect weak attacks and Offensive Basic spells except Wind and Water

Earth 4- Defend Rock: The user is encircled all around, as well as below (but not above) by thick stone that can reflect all level two and lower spells except Wind and Water, as well as powerful attacks


Wind 1- Wind Shield: A basic shield of air that only covers the front of the user

Wind 2- Feather Guard: The user creates a shield out of wind shaped into feathers that covers the front and sides

Wind 3- Distorting Winds: The user creates a shield to the front that makes it harder for the enemy to hit them (affect is only from the front: if the enemy moves to the user’s side or rear they can aim normally)

Wind 4- Mighty Gale: The user summons a powerful blast of wind that can deflect level two and lower spells as well as blow the enemy back


Light 1- Light Shield: A basic shield of Light energy that only covers the front of the user

Light 2- Holy Angel: The user creates an angel from Light energy which acts as a moving shield, following the user (fades after third post)

Light 3- Pure Heart: A glowing ball of Light energy appears before the user’s heart and then expands into a bubble that surrounds them from top and all sides (but not the bottom) that can deflect level two and lower spells, but no Offensive Dark spells

Light 4- Celestial Shelter: The user uses all their Light energy to form a powerful barrier that can repel all attacks and spells except for Offensive Dark level 4. User passes out afterwards (barrier lasts two posts, on the second post the barrier fades and the user faints)


Dark 1- Dark Shield: A basic shield of Dark energy that only covers the front of the user

Dark 2- Darkness Shroud: The user creates a layer of darkness that can be moved to defend the front, rear, sides, or top (but not bottom). After two posts the shield fades.

Dark 3- Black Ceremony: Tendrils of Dark energy reach from the user to grab weak spells and deflect them (can only deflect three Basic spells, one level two spell and one Basic spell, or one level three spell, but no Light spells. Will fade after three posts, even if three spells have not been used against the user)

Dark 4- Unholy Miracle: The user is engulfed completely in Dark energy that can reflect any one attack or spell except for any Light spell.


Spirit 1- Spirit Shield: A basic shield of Spiritual energy that only cover the front of the user

Spirit 2- Inner Guard: A shield that covers the rear and sides of the user is created, which can only deflect weak attacks (lasts four posts)

Spirit 3- Outer Guard: A shield that covers the sides, front, and rear of the user (but not the top or bottom) is created, which can deflect any level two or lower spell except Spirit spells

Spirit 4- Spiritual Collapse: The user spends all their Spiritual energy to deflect any attack or spell except Spirit spells, and then passes out (lasts for two posts)

Note: Resting takes one or two posts, depending on the length of the post:

Two posts each containing at least 500 characters
One post at least containing 1500 characters

Sent Reglay
10-25-2006, 02:24 PM
I took Mansel Giosil's pulse. Nothing. I removed the small poisoned dart from his neck, as I removed it, warm blood rushed forth from his wound. We had lost our leader, and worse yet, I would have to take charge.

Thus was the life of a high priest, taking up the slack of those who couldn't take it up themselves. I enjoyed helping others of course, but this time was different. This time, I would have tp pick up the slack of leading an entire nation.

"He's Dead" I told the brave knights who had killed the assassin.

These bravest of brave, broke down in mourning. This was thier hero, their inspiration. Without him in charge, the knights would feel out of place. Truly I was the best choice for leading this nation, and I knew it. I also knew that the corruption ran to deep for even a high priest to purge it. I could see by the looks on their faces, that the most trusted advisers of our Lord Mansel(May his soul rest easy) were behind this. They were getting greedy, and greed was like leech on the heart of our great theocracy. They were planning to kill me aswell, that was plain to see. I would have to re-organize the government of our theocracy, and dare-I-say even use the truth. The truth that I saw on that mountain top, that proved that the keeper was real, and had real power in our world...

Footnote: The Keeper he reffered to is the keeper of earth. supposedly, she is the nurturer of this world.

OOC: Sorry for the short post, I have to go to school.

10-25-2006, 04:04 PM
Vermillion City, Kanto, Day

I was walking through the town, my sword clanking behind me. I was looking for something. I entered a tavern and sat down. I was angry that I couldn't find what I was looking for. So I took out a cloth and started cleaning my sword, Dynasty. It had a outerglow of black smoke around it and I knew what it meant. I was ticked.

The bartender walked over to me and asked, " Do you want something to drink? " I looked at him with angry eyes, but I put my head down and shook my head. The bartender looked at me with sorrowful eyes and asked, " Are you alright, brave warrior? " I got angry and stormed off my stool and said, " I am not a brave warrior! I am the greatest of them all! You don't need bravery if you are powerful! " Then I slammed my fist into the table and my sword that was lying there turned into pure, black smoke.

The bartender looked at my sword with an amazed, yet frieghtened look and said in a slow, shaky voice, " Please sir. Sit down and have something to drink. " I looked up at him with a deep panting going through me, but I calmed down and sat. Dynasty turned into metal as soon as I did. I didn't lift my head and said, " Just get me something! " The bartender nodded and started to work on a drink.

I looked around to see the terrified people all around me. They had stopped whatever they were doing and were looking at me in fear. I asked them all, " What are you guys looking at? Huh? " The people didn't answer, but went back to whatever they were doing before. By the time I looked back, the bartender had made a drink and said, " This one is on the house. " I nodded and went to drinking.

Lord Celebi
10-25-2006, 10:39 PM
Castle Nagisa, Shinou

The smell of blood was wonderful. Especially fresh blood. It was the reason I still an assassin when the job needed a high level operative to take out the prey. It just so happens that our other high level operatives were busy.

I swung my halberd at the prey, a man named Jason Hale, and scratched across his back. His back bone was now visible. The man continue to run, but now at a slower pace. He thought his katanas were enough to kill me. He was wrong.

I swung the mythril Halberd one more time, and sliced Jason in half. His top half flew into the forest, while his bottom half continued walking for a moment, and then stopped. The legs fell over onto the ground, as several Aqua grunts began to gather them up and feed the body parts to the Murkrow and Donkarasu.

Well then, that's another thousand gold shickels into the Nagisa treasury. Our client had been hanging out in the bar while we did the dirty work. Several Aqua grunts were also there, to make sure he pays the other Ģ500. It always works out well when the client pays half first in my experience.

I returned to my private quarters in Castle Nagisa and cleaned the blood off of me. I took my halberd, that I had attached to my back in a special halberd holder I had developed, off and hung it in a weapons rack. I put my sheathed katanas on their mounts, and then took off the whip I was wearing as a belt and hung that on a coat rack.

I removed my trenchcoat and armor, hanging the trenchcoat on the coatrack and the armor on my armor stand. I closed the door to my closet armor stand and put on my traditional Shinou garb, complete with Martial Arts Gi and my Hakama. I donned my straw hat and put my whipbelt on. I hooked my sword sheaths to my belt and left my room.

I closed the sliding door and heard a THWOOP as the wood collided. The paper walls rattled as my magical advisor, Tiantus came to my side.

"Sir, we have come to a breakthrough on John Dwayne's location," Tiantus said.

"You mean the Mage of the Golden Five?" I asked.

"Yeah... He has the essential piece we need for our... project," Tiantus' voice dropped.

"Ah..." I said, "Brief Captain Talan. I'm sure his intelligence team would love to retrieve what we need from Dwayne."

"Sir!" Tiantus said and scurried off...

10-25-2006, 11:13 PM
OOC: Your not taking out Dwayne without me.

Castle Nagisa, Shinou

I opened my eyes to find nothing but blackness...even after all the time I had worn my blindfold I never got use it. I shoved the blanket off my warm body and sat up I could practically feel electricity cursing through my body, "Good" I thought that mean't I was finally close to recharging my energies.

The worst thing about being a Mage is weak your body becomes I thought to myself. And it was true. Back in the days before the Golden Five turned I had been a knight, and a good one at that, I had lived by the sword had a wife, a kid. Until the day my Village was destroyed, my studies up intill this point led me to believe that the Golden Five was somehow behind the attack though I had no Idea why.

Becoming a Mage had mean't giving up the ways of the sword, had mean't that exercise would no longer by the norm for me. In a way I was greatful, I had learned what many could only hope to learn, and I was good, great in fact there had been talk by the order of the mages that I might become the head of the Red Mages.

[For those wh don't know the order of the mages is made up of mages of all orders red=neutral, Black=evil, white=Good]]

I listeded to my door slowly open, and I feel somebody come in and stop.

"Yes?" I said turning. I could feel the pause coming. "Quickly please."

"we seem to have some information regarding Sir Dwayne.

My heart quicken for a brief moment. "Tell Rust I'll be meeting him about this, dismissed."

As he turned to leave I added "Tell Talan Hawke to meet us." when he left I quickly donned my robe, grabbing the staff that was giving to me with a promise that it would ultimately help me. I made my way down to meet Rust.

Lord Celebi
10-25-2006, 11:25 PM
OOC: His name is Talan Hawke, not Finch :P

Castle Nagisa Hallway

I went down the hallway in my hakama, my swords jingling at every step I took. I was wearing wooden sandals, with a thing rope that was connecting my navy blue socked foor to the sandle. It hurt somewhat, but I ignored the pain.

I had passed several grunts who were patrolling the area with their swords. They saluted to me and continued to watch for any break-ins. Each one was one of my students in Nitoryu at one time, until I had designated some of my better students to teach the new recruits the style.

I had also seen a shift of archers who had been patrolling the castle walls come by, because their other shift had taken over. Each archer had their bow hanging from their quiver, which was hanging on their back or on their belt, whichever they preferred.

I continued down the hallway until I encountered Administrator Tassel.

"Ah, Reyes, I heard you wanted my counsel?"

Dr Scott
10-25-2006, 11:56 PM
OOC: I know it’s uncreative of me, but I’ve based my ‘adventure group’ of sorts on the Organization XIII members. Granted, these aren’t the actual members, but their looks + abilities were based on them. I’ve decided to change their names though, and other bits about them, for the sake of creativity and me not being a total hypocrite to Luisa O.O. And this is a small post (sad).

Team Delta’s Fighter’s Guild, Johto
Being Bossy

Gabriel was having a very bad day so far, the lunch in the mess hall was at an all time low, as was the rather large serving wench’s bosom. But Gabriel was used to ignoring these things, even for the master of the Fighter’s Guild for Team Delta Green the food wasn’t great. It wasn’t that there wasn’t any good food around to be eaten, it was that the guild had many members, and to buy expensive food would be relatively stupid. One of the men who handled the Delta Green funds had actually came up to him and asked him if he wanted a special meal, but he thought that this would alienate him from the rest of the members, so he turned it down. The horrid taste of the mystery meat was only causing an even further annoyance to him, it wasn’t the root of the problem.

The problem was the fact that the majority of the kids in the guild had found it funny to skip out on practice today to go out drinking at the local bar. Now, Gabriel was okay with this every once in a while, but this was the third time in three days. He had to take action for this one, or the kids would start believing that they could get away with more and more. With a sigh, Gabriel got up to pull on his vest, stretching a bit before he went to the door.

The door almost slammed him in the face as his second in command walked in. Ace was rather tall younger man with an unruly mane of red hair. The brazen mage-knight laughed as Gabriel fell back, stumbling but managing to catch himself on his desk. Though it was a desk, it looked very much like the desk that would belong to a fighter. There were various pock-marks on the wooden surface, and a dagger was dug into the right side of the desk. A few papers were scattered across, though none of them had to do with anything business related. Though he was the actual leader of the Fighter’s Guild, others took care of the various matters of running the guild for him while he worried about training the student’s and studying up on various tactics and techniques.

Composing himself, Gabriel glared at his old friend, “What is it?” he asked, worried it would be more bad news.

A grin still showing on his face, Ace responded “Well Gabby, me and Adam went to the bar to … study our techniques,” he said the last with a giant grin, pausing to let Gabriel laugh before continuing, “And we found a few of the students there too. Well, we’ve had a talk to them, and they’ve decided that they don’t want to do it anymore.”

Gabriel shook his head, “How did you know what I wanted to do?”

Ace grinned, his lips stretching the span of his face as he shrugged, “I just had a feeling. They’re all out in the hall waiting for you.”

Gabriel stood up, pulling the dagger out of the desk and twirling it expertly in his fingers, “These damn freshmen, always thinking they can get away with everything …” Gabriel shook his head, “Time to scare them into shape, Ace.”

Ace gave him a mock salute, “Ay Ay Cap’n!”

10-26-2006, 12:16 AM
Vermillion City, Kanto, Day

The sun pierced my pale skin as I walked a semi-crowded street. Chatter was everywhere, and I could see people looking at the "R" on my back through my diamond staff. They'd stare for a moment, then start telling secrets. If only I had to power to tap into thier minds.

My soft shoes made a low noise, but you couldn't hear it over the talk of the people. I entered the old tavern taking a seat beside my fellow Rocket, Deon. I stuck my see through staff in front of me so nobody would try to take it.

"Ello mate. How're you doing?", I said this ordering a nice glass of crisp clean water. The bartender sat it down beside me and I flicked him a bronze coin. What he didn't know is that the bronze coin was fake. I took a sip of the crystal clear water and it wetened my dry throat. The tavern was nice and cool and my I adapted well to this sort of climate. My eyes pierced a stranger that seemed to have a problem with me. He came over and knocked my diamond staff over.

"Oops, sorry." He said laughing with his other friends.

"Excuse me Deon, I'll be back in a minute." I looked to the guys, and they stopped laughing. "Don't worry, I'm sure I can think of a way to repay you." I grabbed the heavy end and thrusted it at his throat, stopping it before it hit him. "Now you listen here. I'm not your average fool and if you dare try to mess with me again I'll see it that your blood paints the walls of this tavern. You might even stain my staff." I pulled it away and sat back down. They guy and his followers ran out the door.

10-26-2006, 01:05 AM
Castle Nagisa, Shinou

As I made my way down the long winded halls of the Castle I caught wind of Rust approaching. He spoke first:

"Ah, Reyes, I heard you wanted my counsel?"

For a brief moment I wished I could see him through my blindfold. "Yes," I replied nodding. "I heard we may have information regarding Sir Dwayne?"

Not waiting for a response I continued. "If you plan on making a move against the five, which undoubtly you are, than it will require the services of others besides the likes of you.

May I recommend Administrator Talan Hawke? Something to get his blood pumping I presume. But to address Sir Dwayne If he is indeed your first target than I will attend, their are certain matters him and I must discuss." I said motioning to my staff.

Wrapping up I laid down my last request: "It is my wish you hold a more formal gathering over this matter. You of all people must realize the importance of this, and I trust you can handle this."

With these last words I continued past him, I knew in the end Rust would make the right choice, I had worked briefly with him tracking wanted men for bounties, I despite the short time I knew how his mind worked, and yet he never failed to surprise me. But that only serves to remind that one never knows..

Finally I reached my destination. Opening the door I slipped in and closed the door, laying down the staff on a lone table in the center of the room, taking a seat I mentally prepared myself.

Studying the many arcane books of secrets I had come across something a reference of an ancient mage whom was supposed to have lived for almost 250 years, far longer than the usual lifespan of a mage.

The energies that surround a mage continuely weaken his body I for the most part had avoided this because of my previous training but a normal mage only had a life that spanned maybe a 100 years.

But this mage a pure mage of the black order had managed to live almost 3 times longer than others around him, now I believed that he may inhabit my staff, several times I had tried to reach him but so far all attempts had been met with failure, but I still harbored hope that if he did exist within my staff that I could reach him...

Charizard Michelle
10-26-2006, 03:07 AM
Team Delta’s Fighter’s Guild
Mohogany Town, Johto

Maria was holding a heavy sword with both of her hands. She rose it to the air but found that it was hard. SHe knew that other men had held this sword with easy but she found it hard to do. Still other men had been handling swords like this for most of their lives. She tried to swing it but couldn't do it.

She then sighed and Maria let the heavy sword fall to the ground. SHe couldn't handle it and couldn't understand how her brother could hold this sword for so long. "This sword is so heavy" said Maria in her regular girl voice. She then looked around and saw that nobody was around. She smiled that nobody was around to hear that. If so then the men here will think something about her being not what she was.

Maria looked down at herself and saw that she was in gray armor and a green band was around the arm. THis was different then her usallal wear but since she has started to pose as her brother this was mostly what she has been wearing to keep others from finding out her idendity of being a girl. That included cutting her long brown hair.

Maria then heard her stomach growl and knew that she was hungry. She was going to be late for dinner but it wasn't much of a lost. Maria has been mostly staying here at Team Delta’s Fighter’s Guild to 'recover' from 'his' injuries in the last battle that her brother fought in. Maria sighed thinking about what she was doing. Burying her brother without anybody knowing. Posing at her brother and slowing her studies in healing magic. Learning how to figth with weapons a bit more. Training here with the other younger students. IT was mostly easy since she has seen her brother doing this when he was training with their grandfather.

Maria then let the sword to fall to the ground. "That it. I just sticking to lighter swords. I can't be using those heavy swords." She then sat down and walked towards a wall and pulled out a warped item from her medicine bag that was hanging from her waist. Her hands were gloved to keep others from seeing her female and thin hands. She then took out a sandwich that she made before coming here. She then took a bite from it. "Glad I made this before I left my room." She knew the food here was horrible, "That junk they serve is horrible." Maria then took another bite of the sandwich.

Lord Celebi
10-26-2006, 04:17 AM
OOC: Watch your capitalization, ST. You're forgetting to capitalize some sentences.
Castle Nagisa
"Yes," He replied nodding. "I heard we may have information regarding Sir Dwayne?"

"Apparently, we do," I said.

"If you plan on making a move against the five, which undoubtly you are, than it will require the services of others besides the likes of you. May I recommend Administrator Talan Hawke? Something to get his blood pumping I presume. But to address Sir Dwayne If he is indeed your first target than I will attend, their are certain matters him and I must discuss." He said motioning to his staff.

"Yes, I have already assigned Captain Hawke to the task. You can join him if you wish. I have already briefed you on what I need from Dwayne. Give me what I need, and you can keep everything else," I said, "Talk to Tiantus for more information."

"It is my wish you hold a more formal gathering over this matter. You of all people must realize the importance of this, and I trust you can handle this," Reyes finished.

"Yes. Talk to Captain Hawke about that. I have other matters to attend to at this moment. I'm sure you and Hawke can do this without me," I smiled. Reyes then walked away. After Reyes had left, I continued onto Tiantus' Room, which was a large library full of magical books.

"rust," Tiantus said, "I have done that research you requested."

"Have you briefed Captain Hawke yet?" I asked.

"No. I've told him to see me, and he hasn't come yet," Tiantus said, "Anyways... You plan. It CAN be done."

I sighed of relief. So, my theroy is true. I can revive the Lost Knowledge after all.

"Apparantly, Dwayne does hold the key to the Lost Knowledge you wish to obtain, as you suspected. I am going to need Dwayne's staff. I believe that it holds the secret of the Lost Knowledge," Tiantus said.

"Done. Brief Tessel and Hawke about my new request," I said.

"We are also going to need something... else. I need a lot more magical energy than that which I possess... A conglomerate of Mages from across the lands..." Tiantus said, "Each must be willing to exhaust their magic to recover the Lost Knowledge."

"Piece of Cake," I said, "Negotiation has always been one of my strong points..."

10-26-2006, 04:41 AM
OOC: Yea my shift button keeps messing up.


Castle Nagisa

I slumped back in the chair, I knew something resided in the staff, that much I was sure of, but whatever it was it was formidable at least mentally, feeling my energies start to drain I picked up my staff and slipped out of the room, I would have to sleep a bit more before the hunt for Dwayne started or else I woul not be able to keep up muchless stand up to the Mage.

But first I wanted to study some of the ancient text, more sleep would have to wait being a Mage mean't memorizing spells everyday or forgetting them entirely, one of the many downsides to being a study of the arcane ways.

Finally coming to my room I walked in, setting my staff on the bed I slipped out of my robe and made my way to a large bookcase, running my hands over the bookcovers I quickly found the book I wanted, the magical properties surrounding it told me it was a level 3 book, the highest I could make out.

I once had trued to read a level 4 book, reserved only for the most powerful Mages of the order, it had appeared to me only as a mixed jumble of words.

I flipped the pages, till i found where I last left off:

And with that the dark Mage cast himself off the Castle walls yelling his curse as he plunged to his death, since than no one has been allowed to enter the Castle, those that have tried have fallen victom to the restless Spirits that resides there. It is said only that the the master of past and present may enter.

Lifting my hand from the pages I interupted my reading as the door opened.

A grunt.

"Tiantus wishes to speak to you and Administrator Talan Hawke, it is of the utmost importance."

"I'll be there." I said putting the book away...

OOC: The master of past and present is not my idea. but I'll explain and maybe edit if needed.

Dr Scott
10-26-2006, 05:24 AM
The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany
Berating the Newbies

Gabriel paced back and forth in front of the first year fighters, putting on an angry face. “You maggots think you can just skip your lessons to go out drinking and get away with it!?” As he finished his sentence he turned to face one of them, the seventeen year old kid had a smirk on his face. “You think this is funny?”

The boy, filled with the feeling of indestructibility that all youth have at some point, merely smiled in Gabriel’s face, “Yes I do.” He then added, with an even bigger smile, “Sir.”

Gabriel shook his head and took off his vest, throwing it at Ace. Ace caught it in one hand and swung it over his shoulder, a small grin on his face. He was trying to look serious so that the first years would take it seriously, but still could not keep the hint of a grin off of his face. With that Gabriel stared at the kid, “Alright then, I’ll just have to show you what drinking does to your skills. Ace, give him a sword.”

Ace nodded at his friend, “Will do.” With that he left to the next room, and Gabriel heard the sound of a sword being taken out of one of the racks. Ace came back in with the standard long sword, throwing it at the youth.

The youth’s cocky look seemed to be fading just a bit as he stared at Gabriel, the young adult stretching a bit and getting into a casual but still alert stance. The kid took a grip on the hilt of the sword and swung it around a bit in a way that Gabriel guessed that he thought was cool. “Alright,” Gabriel said, “Attack me.”

The boy laughed a bit, and some of his friends joined in with a nervous laugh as well, “You’re kidding, right?” He looked around at his friends for support, but all of them looked away, not wanting to be part of this.

“No,” Gabriel said, keeping a serious face, “I want you to attack me. If you don’t, I’ll be forced to kick you out of here for not listening to your elders.”

“Okay,” the boy said, glancing at Ace, “Remember, he told me to.” With that he swung his sword towards Gabriel’s waist, a quick attack that he thought Gabriel couldn’t block. He was swinging to kill, he knew that if he took out the leader of the Fighter’s Guild that he would be treated with a lot more respect, and maybe even skip a few levels.

Gabriel saw the way that the guild associate’s body was turned, and watched the muscles in the boy’s arms for keys as to what he was going to do. He knew he didn’t have to do too much, and he simply stepped back a step. The boy’s sword missed, and it was a simple matter for Gabriel to use the boy’s momentum against him and shove him to the ground. He then put a foot down on the sword, so that when the boy looked as if he was going to rise he wasn’t going to rise with the sword. Doing his hardest to keep a straight face, Gabriel turned to the boys, “And that is what happens to any skills you may have had when you are drunk. Now, if you boys do this again I’m going to make you all study with Gavin for a week.”

The boys all groaned, Gavin was a mage, and looked very out of place in a fighter’s guild, but at the same time he was one of Gabriel’s old friends and comrades in his own little adventure group. Also, he wasn’t there to teach them any tactics like most everyone was there, he just taught them more of the history of the various battles and wars. He also taught one of the rare mage-knight classes every once in a while, teaching the mage side of it for those interested in ice or healing magic. This was rare though, so most of the time he stuck to the histories.

And with that said Gabriel threw the dagger he got off of his desk down, watching it wiggle a bit as it stuck to the floorboard. With that turned to go to one of the basement training areas, a chuckling Ace following him. When they were down to the training area and safely out of the hearing of the boys, the two older men started laughing freely. “What was that all about?” Ace asked, “That looked like a waste of time to me.”

Gabriel chuckled, “I just wanted a reason to watch the idiot fall over. If they do it again anytime this month, kick them out.”

Ace the Mage-Knight nodded, grabbing one of the practice chakrams from the wall and spinning it around in a way that showed that he knew how to use it. Meanwhile, Gabriel grabbed on of the large and heavy great swords from its spot on the wall, swinging at one of the various chopping boards.

Charizard Michelle
10-26-2006, 05:40 AM
The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany

Maria was eating her sandwich but as she was doing that she notice that a person and some of his students were praticing. She didn't know why but guess that this must be some important training. Maria laughed when one of the students had tried to attack the teacher but fell.

She got up and let her armor cling. It was kind of big for her but it was keeping her body from being seen by others. If it wasn't for the shirt she was wearing then her breast would be touching the cold chainmill. She found that out the hard way on her first day of doing this.

She then got up and grabbed a sword from her side. Maria saw the heavy sword that was laying on the ground and said, "Glad to be rid of that thing." She then swung the sword that she was using now. It was light weigh thus easier for her to use. It left her other arm free but she was thinking about using it for holding a sheild or another sword. She then saw the wooden post that were going to be used to pratice with the heavy sword but that was too hard for her. She began to slash the pratice post with her light sword. She swung hard making sure she was doing damage to it. She kept at it for a while tiring herself out a bit.

10-26-2006, 06:39 AM
:goofy: WOW those are some elaborate replies... I'm in awe lol

Dr Scott
10-26-2006, 08:03 AM
The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany
Meeting the Others

It didn’t take long, but soon the two younger men got bored of messing with their practice weapons, indeed they were way past the need to smack a few practice objects against some reinforced wooden blocks. They did it out of habit and because it kept their swinging arms in good shape, the two practicing random swings to keep their arms used to the various movements. After knocking putting the weapons back, the two removed their shirts and went back upstairs to the main area. The kids were gone, probably busy trying their best to sober up before he taught a class the next day.

When Gabriel turned to the door he saw Gavin standing there with a rather large man. Gavin is one of the group’s two pure mages, specializing in ice and healing magic. He was a medium sized with long blonde hair, and most of the time had almost bored looking eyes. Whenever he was thinking however this changed, and his eyes were sudden full of life as his brain racked up the answer. He nodded to Gabriel, and a curious Gabriel asked, “What’s up?”

Gavin smiled a bit, patting the shoulder of the large man, “This large man just joined up with Delta Green, and so he was sent here.”

Gabriel blinked, looking the large man up and down, “So, what’s your name?”

The man looked down at Gabriel, pushing an unruly hair from his bangs. “Me Brad,” he said simply, nodding curtly.

Gabriel couldn’t help but smile a bit, “And do you have any fighting training, big man?” Brad responded by simply shaking his head, and after a while Gabriel went on, “What did you used to do?”

The big man kneaded his hands, “Me be farmer.”

Gabriel sighed, sad that the big man seemed to be a stereotype, simple and stupid. Though he knew that the man would be a great fighter, and he also knew that just because he didn’t talk right that it meant that he was stupid. He mentally kicked himself for underestimating the big man before he knew him. “And why do you want to join Delta Green, my good sir?”

The big man’s face fell, a look of sadness in his eyes, “They killed my family.”

Gabriel frowned, “Who did?”

The big man’s face was stone now, and Gabriel knew that he wouldn’t say anything else. He was shutting himself down because the topic was sad to him, Gabriel guessed. So instead he turned to Gavin, who said, “It seems that some mercenary band killed his family to steal their crops and house for some reason, but he went into a rage and killed them all with his bare hands.”

Gabriel winced, turning to the big man with sympathy, “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

Brad nodded, “Me want make sure this not happen again.”

Gabriel smiled warmly to the big man before turning to Gavin, “Put him in the accelerated program.” He then turned back to Brad, “If you ever want to talk about this, you come to me, okay?” He put a hand on the large man’s shoulder, and after staring at the hand for a while smiled and nodded at Gabriel, a tear falling down his eye.

The two met eyes and held them for a while, and after a good length of this Brad said, “You have pain too.”

Gabriel suddenly withdrew emotionally and coughed, turning to the desk at the front hall, were one of the senior members sat, working to make a few more gold pieces, “Would you please put this big man in one of the better rooms for me?”

“Yes, sir,” the senior member said.

“So Gavin,” Gabriel said, turning back to his friend as Brad and the senior member walked off, “Are you staying?”

He shook his head, “No, I’m sorry my friend, but I need to go back to the library.” Gabriel nodded, and with that his friend went right back out the door.

He stopped at the door, holding it open with one hand, “Send a Pidgey if we are to ever get out of this boring monotony and actually go on a mission together again.”

Gabriel couldn’t help but laugh, “Of course, you will be the first to know.” With that he shut the door, leaving Gabriel almost alone. Ace had gone off to do whatever it was that he did whenever he wasn’t with Gabriel.

Gabriel turned around, casting thoughts of the past out of his head as he usual did whenever he thought of it. As he was clearing his mind he slowly walked to one of the many practice areas, his eyes landing on someone in chain mail swinging a sword at a practice post over and over again. Gabriel sat and watched the ‘boys’ style, his mind automatically registering the problems in his stance and style. After a while he thought he recognized ‘him.’ Walking up to the chain mail wearing ‘boy,’ Gabriel said “Hi there.” When the trainee turned around to look at who was talking, Gabriel looked at the character’s face. This only heightened the feeling that he knew ‘him,’ and he finally asked “Are you Michael Anone?”

10-26-2006, 01:13 PM
Castle Nagisa ~ Shinou

Talan was pacing through the corridors. He'd been told to meet Tiantus for a mission briefing from rust. Not wanting to waste time hanging around, he'd engaged in some brief crossbow training, but it seemed that Tiantus has disappeared while he was waiting. He'd probably found something important to tell rust. Nonetheless, he remained in waiting outside Tiantus' quarters. It wasn't long until he heard those familiar footsteps.

"Talan!" Tiantus said, relieved. "I was wondering where you'd got to. I trust you're well?"

He motioned to his door and held it open for them both to step inside.

"As you know," Tiantus continued almost immediately, "our Lord has a plan that involves Sir Dwayne of the Pentagram Clan. He wants you to obtain this relic."

Tiantus held up an aged and mangled scroll for Hawke to see. It depicted a mage's staff, cast in ivory with a jewel set in the top. Golden tendrils wrapped and writhed their way around the rod.

"The Staff of the Seer?" asked Talan, puzzled.

Tiantus smiled. "You've heard of it, then. It seems that the staff is the key to obtaining the Lost Knowledge that Lord Makuta seeks."

Talan nodded. "That makes sense. That's surely not all, though? What of the other requirements?"

"Under control... rust's seeing to it."


"Oh," Tiantus added, "Reyes St Tassel will be joining you."

"The mage?" asked Talan, recognising the name. "What do I need him for?"

Tiantus chortled. "Well, it's said that only a mage can handle the staff. You'll need his help in retrieving the relic. Ah, and there he is now, I assume."

Talan heard a knock on the door and turned the handle. Opening it narrowly at first, he saw a familiar silhouette and allowed the mage standing outside to enter. This was Reyes, the white-haired, blindfolded red mage who had given up his knighthood to study sorcery. Talan had always thought of this person as confident, even a little arrogant. However, personal differences were unimportant right now. The only thing that mattered was the mission.

"Well, Reyes, are you ready?" said Talan. "The Staff of the Seer is as good as ours. Now, I heard you were getting a little sassy with rust. I just want you to know I won't be so forgiving. As great a mage as you are, I don't tolerate over-confidence, you got that?"

Charizard Michelle
10-26-2006, 01:14 PM
OOC: Its ANowood here.


The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany

Maria was swing the sword at the pratice post. She was beginning to tire but Maria knew that she had to better herself in case she ever had to battle one day. She was standing in a stance that wasn't really proper but she was learning by watching the others that were here. Still this was the first time she is actually fighting with this swords. Before she only used them for trying out reasons. The only weaponary she actually used before was a small dagger which was used to cute plants and herbs she used in medicines.

She then heard a voice, "Are you Michael Anowood?”.

Maria turned around and saw a large man that she knew as Gabriel. His brother and her met Gabriel a few months after they had joined Delta Green. Micheal had introduce them thinking that he could be a suiter for her. Micheal had started to do that once they were brought into Delta Green. She thought that Gabriel was cute but couldn't never. Maria wasn't the type to get marry.

She then looked at Gabriel and nodded. She then spoke like her brother and said, "Yes. That would be me. What is it too you? Have we met before?"

10-26-2006, 03:41 PM
Vermillion City, Kanto, Night

I stepped into a dark alleyway and sighed. " I still can't find it! " I thought as I looked around. I saw some baby Shroomish hiding behind a trash can and I thought. Why is the world so dark? I looked back at the Shroomish, but they had left. I felt alone and tired. I had been running around the city and it was taking it's toll.

I stepped out of the alleyway and looked left and right. The city was deserted almost. A few people were out with their friends but other than that, nobody was around. I pulled out my sword and etched my name into a brick that was next to me. I took pride in myself at the creation, but I threw it into the alleyway and left. I took out a piece of paper and started to write on it.

" This is Deon Sasuka in Vermillion City. I can not find what I am looking for, so I must go back to base. Send me your coordinates and I will follow. " After I wrote it, I attached it to a homing Pidgey and ran towards the center of town.

Dr Scott
10-26-2006, 07:41 PM

-Deoxfan: I don't think they had radio's back in medieval times ...

-Mikey: Sorry ‘bout that :oops: . And for the record, Gabriel isn’t really a big/ large man, he’s kind of tall (my height) but he’s more of the well built and muscular, not huge and muscular :-P. No big deal, just so you know for later. And also … what should I call her? I mean, I don’t want to call her Maria because I don’t know that, even if it isn’t what my chara knows, but he isn’t Michael. And its really hard to drag out a RP when you’re talking to someone else :P.


The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany
Talking to an old friend

“Yes. That would be me. What is it to you? Have we met before?” Michael’s voice sounded just a little strange, but Gabriel just chalked that up to a cold that seemed to be spreading around to some of the members.

For a while all Gabriel could do was look at the other with a confused look on his face, blinking a few more times then was necessary. “Um.” He said, a loss for words. “Well, yeah Mikey … We met a while back, remember? You introduced me to your sister? Then you just disappeared, where’d you go man? You were supposed to go on a little adventure with me and the group. I heard rumors that you had been sent on some kind of mission and came back really hurt. Are you okay?” Gabriel finally finished ranting, stopping himself before he overwhelmed his old friend.

While waiting for an answer, Gabriel couldn’t help but let his thoughts run free, ‘[I]Hmm, he really has changed. Not even able to recognize me? That’s really odd. And he seems to have changed, his stance is different, he swings a sword different. Whatever happened during that mission must have really messed with him, because he seems to have lost most of his talent with a sword … I knew Michael as one of the most talented swordsmen that I have ever met, even had him go in and teach a sword class to the young’ns.”

All of this went through Gabriel’s mind in quick succession, the whole time he was twirling the dagger that he had got from the general way back when. After getting bored of this he put the large dagger back in its sheath. By the time he had finished his questions and started to think he was for everyone to see checking out the area, looking from trainee to trainee and mentally taking notes on their fighting styles without even realizing.

10-26-2006, 09:06 PM
OOC: Oops. I changed it to make it low-tech.

Charizard Michelle
10-26-2006, 09:58 PM

Well Scotts you big to my character. haha.

Just treat her as if you were talking to the real guy. Just use MIcheal to referre to her. DOn't worry about it too much. You don't know so just talk to her as if she was really MIcheal.


The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany

“Um.” said Gabriel uncertainly. “Well, yeah Mikey … We met a while back, remember? You introduced me to your sister? Then you just disappeared, where’d you go man? You were supposed to go on a little adventure with me and the group. I heard rumors that you had been sent on some kind of mission and came back really hurt. Are you okay?”

Maria nodded and remembered him. How couldn't she remember Gabriel since he was so musclar. She kind of the guy Maria wanted but would never consider wedding to him like Micheal was trying to do. She then smiled and said, "Yeah man. Gabs." That what her brother Micheal use to call him, "I remember you. Just a bit surprised to see you here that all. I thought you were on a mission that all. Just wish my sister was here to see you." She remember leaving a note for everybody telling them that she had went on her own to look for her brother.

She then place her sword into the ground and said, "Yeah I was on a mission but it didn't end well. Almost all the others were killed. I was luckily to surivive. Still I was really hurt from the attack though. Can't even hold up the heavy swords. Trying to learn how to use these lighter swords now." She then grabbed the dagger from Gabriel dagger sheath and with a graceful swipe was able to cut cleanly into a lum berry tree branch. She had a talent for smaller weaponaries like daggers since they were needed in the forest. She then place it back to where it belonged. She then said, "Sorry about that Gabs. I just a little hungry that all." She then bent down and pulled the few berries that were on the branch. She though they would be useful in making some healing potions. She then took a bit of the berry and was about to smile from the tasty but remember that she was near by one of Micheal friends. She then finish off the berry.

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Castle Nagisa ~ Shinou

"Well, Reyes, are you ready?" said Talan.

"When you are. I replied.

"The Staff of the Seer is as good as ours. Now, I heard you were getting a little sassy with Rust. I just want you to know I won't be so forgiving. As great a mage as you are, I don't tolerate backseat drivers, you got that?"

"I got that we are on a mission together, and that you can't complete it without me, and that you can't touch me if you tried."

As I said this I reached out trying to determine his feeling or reactions, sensing nothing I continued.

"If Rust though I was being "Sassy" I'm sure a bounty would be out on me, and Mercernaries would be scurrying the Planet in search of me."

"But as of now, I'll do as you ask, we don't have time to argue, may it prove fatal to both of us. If you want Dwayne you'll need my help he is a powerful mge."

Once again I reached out trying to sense anything that might be stirring within him...this time I felt it.

"Ah" I said understanding, "As arrogant as you may think I'am,you will find it wise not to assume to much, and that applies double to things that you do not understand."

Feeling Tiantus I turned "You may continue if Administrator Talan Hawke, has no objections."

Moving forward I sensed a chair carefully seating myself I started to listen to the plan being laid out...

Lord Celebi
10-26-2006, 11:43 PM
Shinou Mage Tower - Outskirts of Nagisa

"M'Lord," The Head Wizard bowed his head, "This visit was so... unexpected." Several Aquas now poured into the Mage Tower, carrying swords and bows, to make sure they didn't try anything.

"What is it you wish, Lord Makuta?" The assistant wizard also bowed his head.

"I'm looking for the most powerful mages in the land," I said, "Ones that would be willing to help me recover the Lost Knowledge of an ancient Orre civilization, one that was very... in tune... with magic."

Immediately, the Head Wizard's expression changed. He knew exactly what I was talking about. He was one of the privileged few who knew what the Lost Knowledge was, and what it did.

"The ramifications would be too great!" The Wizard proclaimed, "The entine fabric of reality could fall apart!"

"Old Fool," I said, "Speaking out against your dear leader is not suggested..." An archer shot an arrow at the Mage. The mage created a Water Shield. A basic water shield, a level 1 spell...

"Heh," I said, "You're done for!" The Aqua Grunts then began to masscre every wizard in the building, with swords, arrows, or magic. I grabbed my swords and began to attack the wizard. He began to launch fire balls at me.

I got out of the way and dodged the first one. The second hit me. The mage was starting to look tired. He used his final spell.

"A Water Dragon!" I exclaimed, as the water in the room began to take the shape of a dragon. The Dragon Roared and came crashing down at me. I was quickly knocked out of the way as an Aqua mage got in the way of me and created a high level water shield, and blocked the dragon.

The Head Wizard had fallen to the floor, "It seems you are... exhausted..." I said. I knocked my boot against the wall, revealing a knife inside of it. I kicked the mage in the stomach. He vomited blood upon my shoe.

"Oh, now you go and offend me by staining my boots?" I said. I brought my sword down, and decapitated him, "Bad move..."

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The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany
Talking to an old friend

Gabriel couldn’t help but smile back as Michael finally responded, “Yeah man. Gabs.”

Once again Gabriel went right back into his mind, ‘That’s more like it, finally acting like my old buddy again.’

Meanwhile, while he was thinking, Michael was going on, “I remember you. Just a bit surprised to see you here that all. I thought you were on a mission that all. Just wish my sister was here to see you.” Of course, Gabriel had heard of what happened to his sister, being a friend and an upper member of Delta Green, he had got to read the note that she left. What surprised him the most was that Michael wasn’t out looking for his sister, though he thought that maybe he had already found her and she had left to go somewhere else to live for a while.

Meanwhile, after placing his sword on the ground, Michael went on, “Yeah, I was on a mission, but it didn’t end well. Almost all the others were killed. I was lucky to survive. Still I was really hurt from the attack though. Can’t even hold up the heavy swords.” At this time Gabriel shook his head sympathetically, “Trying to learn how to use these lighter swords now.”

Gabriel was about ready to respond, but in a move that surprised Gabriel a little was the speed at which he grabbed Gabriel’s own dagger and used it to cut down a branch from a berry tree. After he put the dagger back, Michael went on, “Sorry about that Gabs. I am just a little hungry, that’s all.” Michael then pulled some berries from the branch, taking a bite out of one.

Reading the pleasure of the fruits taste on his old friend’s face, Gabriel bent down to get a berry of his own. He plopped it into his mouth, biting down letting the juice flood into his mouth. He let out a slight ‘mmm’ sound, “Hey, these are really good.” He picked up the branch, slipping another berry into his mouth. Gabriel thought a little bit as he chomped down on the berry, finally swallowing it after the taste started to go away.

Gabriel went on after the last of the taste of the berry had left his mouth, “Well, it’s glad to hear that you survived, you’ll pick up the shorter swords soon enough. I could have one of the better guild members held you out with that if you want. But nah man, the last mission I was on was a long time ago. Didn’t you hear? I was promoted a few times since we’ve last met, now I’m the master of this guild.” Gabriel messed with his dagger so it was fixed perfectly in the specialized sheath. “And I wish she was here too, where is she?”

Just then, Ace walked in and threw Gabriel’s vest at him, waving goodbye before walking away. Gabriel muttered a “thanks,” before sliding his sleeveless vest back on. He straightened it out with a quick tug downwards before turning back to Michael and giving him his full attention again.

Charizard Michelle
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The Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany

MIcheal then took another berry and took a small bite of it. She then finish it like the other one. She wanted to express her liking of the berry with a smile but couldn't. She knew that is something her brother won't do.

Maria then heard what Gabriel said. She then smiled and said, "That is wonderful to here Gabs. Glad your hardwork got you some where." SHe was really proud of him since while she was here as herself Maria had been watching Gabriel from a far. She thought that he was good. He was the only person that could match the skill of her brother. The only postion her brother had held was a teacher here but that was taken away from him when he 'was' in the 'accident'. Maria could never teach a class in her condition.

Maria then heard herself being mention by Gabriel. Maria then said, "I wish I know. I haven't been able to go find her because of my condition." She knew that was a lie but if she did go and find herself then that could lead to some trouble. She then said, "Still I will one day." Maria then place the remaining of the berries in her medical pouch.

Maria then thought of something. She needed help learning to use this sword and here was Gabriel, master of the guild, here talking to her. She didn't know if it was right to ask but she thought it was worth a try. Maria then said, "Excuss me Gabs. But I was just wondering if you could teach me how to use these lighter swords? You know. Just two old friends." She held the light sword in her hand.

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Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany
Talking to an old friend

Gabriel frowned as Michael finally reached the subject of his sister, “I wish I knew. I haven’t been able to go find her because of my condition. Still, I will one day.” Gabriel couldn’t help but be worried as a girl, she was proficient in healing magic, and that wouldn’t be enough to defend her if something happened to her. Quite a few times he had thought to go after the girl himself, but each time he either had to do something important to do, or he just concentrated on the fact that she could protect herself, and that she was live out there somewhere. In fact, he remembered trying to teach her how to use a sword a few times, though she seemed happy with letting her brother do the swordwork. Still … he wished she was here now, it just wasn’t the same without her.

He sighed before returning his attention to Michael as he said something surprising, “Excuse me Gabs, but I was wondering if you could teach me how to use these lighter swords? You know, just two old friends.”

Gabriel blinked a few extra times, once again surprised. ‘Mikey asking help with a sword? He was one of the best I knew … But it is true, he always did tend to lean towards using the heavier swords, thinking it made him manly. Hmm, this day just keeps getting odder and odder …’

But outwardly he smiled, “Now I might not be any good with short swords, but I do have experience in lighter swords. Strike quickly and the opponent won’t know what hit him is my motto.” He paused, thinking a bit, “Well, actually, no it isn’t … But anyways, we’ll have to pick a time to train sometime.” His smile grew larger, “But now let’s go celebrate your homecoming, it’s been a while since me and you went out to the bar together. You up for a trip?”

Charizard Michelle
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Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany

“Now I might not be any good with short swords, but I do have experience in lighter swords. Strike quickly and the opponent won’t know what hit him is my motto.” Responed Gabriel and paused. “Well, actually, no it isn’t … But anyways, we’ll have to pick a time to train sometime.”

Maria laughed and thought that was funny. She tried to perform the harthy laughter of her brother. It was close to it and she was getting better at it. Still the last part wasn't what she wanted to hear. SHe was hoping to train with him right now. "Yeah. I guess that can wait till tomorrow right."

Gabriel then smiled, “But now let’s go celebrate your homecoming, it’s been a while since me and you went out to the bar together. You up for a trip?”

She looked up at him and said, "Umm well..." She personally didn't like going to bars since she knew how men can be after a few drinks. One time her brother took her to one and got in a fight with a drunk. She had to use some of her healing magic to heal the wound from the fight. Still she can’t decline the offer since most likely her brother would say yes.

Maria then said, “Yeah I am. I kind of tired out from just training. That all I been doing you know since I been here. I want to hurry up and get at least some what decent before a I leave for my search.”

That last line was the only truth there. Maria really want to go on a search. A search to find out who killed her brother. She then place the light sword in its sheath. She then lightly punched Gabriel, which she have seen her brother does to some of his friends including her, and said, “Just let not go all wild though.”

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OOC: You realize both Michael and Gabriel are the names of well-known angels? Weird, huh?

Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany
To The Bars we go go!

“Um, well…” For a little bit Gabriel sensed hesitation in his old friend’s eyes, but that quickly cleared up as he went on, “Yeah I am. I am kind of tired out from just training. That’s all I have been doing, you know, since I have been here. I want to hurry up and get at least some what decent before I leave for my search.”

Gabriel frowned a bit, “Leaving so soon? Eh, well, I understand. But still, I’m a little tired myself and I thought that a drink with an old friend would be great on the nerves. So, what do you say?”

Gabriel grinned wildly at Michael until he finally sheathed his sword and said, “Just let’s not go all wild though,” also punching Gabriel’s arm lightly. Gabriel put on a show, grabbing his arm and making an “Ouch!” sound, staggering back against the wall, closing his eyes in mock agony.

Gabriel opened his eyes again, grinning wildly, “You punch like a girl, man. Besides, what’s the fun in not going wild?” He read the look on Michael’s face and quickly changed his mind, “Well, okay … just a few drinks. I know the owner of the pub, and all of the regulars know me. We shouldn’t have too much troubles.” Gabriel’s turquoise eyes shined with mischievous look, “So, you think you going to try to get yourself a girl tonight? You know,” he said with a growing grin, “take her home and treat her with love and respect?”

It was at that time that Sam the Vaporeon walked in. Though some kept their Pokémon in Poké balls made from apricorns, and though Gabriel has one of those Poké balls for Sam, he chose to let his Pokémon run free and go where they wished unless he had need for them. Because of this, he liked them to stay close by in case they were needed. Sam walked over to Gabriel and then laid down by his side, and he knelt down to pet his Pokémon’s head happily.

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"Faster, Reinart, faster," I whispered.

I bent over Reinarts sleek cream fur, and blazing red mane, stroking her side constantly. I saw her legs pick up the pace, her muscles screaming as she pushed them further than she'd ever tried before. The plain that we were running on was flat, and easy for Reinart to run on, and on a normal basis, I would not haver her stretched to her limits like this, but it was necesary, if I were to make it to Nagisa Castle in time, before Lord Rust grew angry. The last thing I wanted was that. I urged Reinart on faster, and her legs moved even quicker, seemingly a blur of red and cream. A whinny escaped from her mouth as she was forced to jump over a rock. I clutched tighter to her reins, and whispered soothing words into her ears.

If only Freidor was bigger; I could ride him instead, and we'd be in Castle Nagisa within minutes. But perhaps that was the reason Lord Rust gave me Freidor, so that I learn to accept what I have. Besides, Reinart is fast enough.

Running along, at the same pace as Reinrt, was Senalia, he sleek purple fur whipping about in the wind. Yet she seemed to have no problem, whatsoever to keep up with a pace that was tiring for Reinart. I smiled; Senalia never failed to amaze me. But once again, Reinart whinnied in pain, as her legs began to cramp up. I swore to myself. How could I be so inconsiderate...

Yes, Eliadon. How could you?

I glared at Senalia for a minute, he mental contact with m as strong as ever, and the turned back to Reinart.

"Slow down, girl. Slow down, take you time, andgo at a pace that pleases you."

With a grateful whinny, she slowed down to a reasonable canter, and we continued towards Castle Nagisa.

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OOC: lol ST whatever, I find your character's arrogance amusing... I'm rust's partner, for Pete's sake. Oh, and this is Pokemon, I don't think there'd be an "Earth" :tongue:


Castle Nagisa ~ Shinou

"I got that we are on a mission together, and that you can't complete it without me, and that you can't touch me if you tried," replied Reyes.

Simultaneously, he had raised a hand slightly and was obviously trying to suss Talan out psychically. He closed his mind as best as he could, and Reyes seemed to give up.

"If sust though I was being "Sassy" I'm sure a bounty would be out on me, and mercernaries would be scurrying the Earth in search of me," he continued.

"Mercenaries? I'm not so sure you're worth that to-"

"But as of now, I'll do as you ask. We don't have time to argue, may it prove fatal to both of us. If you want Dwayne you'll need my help. He is a powerful mage."

Hawke was put off by this outburst. Sudden interruptions like this made him... slightly upset, to say the least. His mind was filled with rage towards Reyes, and the mage could sense it.

"Ah," he said. "As arrogant as you may think I am, you will find it wise not to assume too much, and that applies double to things that you do not understand."

Talan rolled his eyes, and noticed that Tiantus was about to speak.

"You may continue if Captain Hawke has no objections," said the loyal advisor.

Talan rolled his eyes and nodded reluctantly. "Fine."

"Well, then," said Tiantus. "The plan has already been laid out. We have gained information from your scouts, Captain, as well as our mages that would lead us to believe Sir John is currently in Johto. Exactly where is unknown, but we feel that he may be residing to the north, at the border with Kanto. In order to avoid detection and to not arouse suspicion, especially while in enemy territory, the two of you will be going alone. You will have to make your own way there and back, too. However, this means that you should have little to no resistance from enemies and neutrals. If you're both happy with the mission, then you may leave immediately."

Talan raised an eyebrow. Alone, with this guy? he thought. Nonetheless, this was his mission, and he knew that obtaining the Staff would be of great importance to the team. He took one final glance at Tiantus and Reyes before bursting from the room.

Charizard Michelle
10-27-2006, 12:20 PM

I didn't notice that till now. I always knew that Micheal was an archangel since Micheal is close to my real name but I forgot about Gabriel. That is cool.


Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany

Gabriel frowned a bit, “Leaving so soon? Eh, well, I understand. But still, I’m a little tired myself and I thought that a drink with an old friend would be great on the nerves. So, what do you say?”

Maria frown lightly. She knew that she was leaving but that was for a while. First she must learn how to use a sword and up her skill on it before leaving on any kind of travel. Still she quickly place a smile on her face.

“Ouch!” responded Gabriel as he staggering back against the wall, closing his eyes in mock agony. He then opened his eyes again, grinning wildly, “You punch like a girl, man. Besides, what’s the fun in not going wild? Well, okay … just a few drinks. I know the owner of the pub, and all of the regulars know me. We shouldn’t have too much troubles.”

Maria was then a bit worry. Was Gabriel catching on to her act or was he just playing around with her still thinking that she was Micheal. That 'punch like a girl' comment made her think he knew something. She knew her arms weren't that strong but still she has to make sure that it was manly. Still that was hard to do since she has thin female hands but they were being covered with big gloves that made her hand look bigger and strapped on tight to makes sure the gloves weren't easily pulled off. Still she didn't let what she was thinking show on her face.

“So, you think you going to try to get yourself a girl tonight? You know,” said Gabriel with a grin, “take her home and treat her with love and respect?”

Maria smiled at that comment. She knew that was never going to happen. She wasn't even willing on looking for a boy. THere was no way she was going to search for a girl. Still she had never knew her brother to be searching for a girlfriend before. He has always been close to her as in his realstionships with the opposite sex. Still this could just be a joke between good friends. She laughed and said, "Yeah. Tonight the night that I will pick up that luckily girl and knock her off her feet."

Maria thought that sounded wrong but because she was a girl. To a guy it sounded like a joke to another guy but she knew that girls will find that wrong to hear.

Maria then saw the vaporeon and bent down to pet it. "Aww. Aren't you a beautiful vaporeon. You have such a lovey coat. I just..." She then stopped midsentance and relize what she was saying. For a minute there Maria didn't sound so manly and more like a girl. She need to say something to recover from what she had just said. Maria then thought about it and said, "I bet my sister would have said something like that if she saw your vaporeon Gabs. You know she likes seeing nice looking pokemon." She tried to say something else and come up with another comment, "Still you raised it well." She then tried to look away from the beautiful vaporeon and got up.

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Hehe. my character is pretty arrogant.

Castle Nagisa~Shinou

"Well then, said Tiantus. "The plan has already been laid out. We have gained information from your scouts Captain, as well as our mages that would lead us to believe Sir John is currently in Johto. Exactly where is unknown, but we feel that he may be residing to the north, at the border with Kanto. In order to avoid detection and to not arouse suspicion, especially while in enemy territory, the two of you will be going alone. You will have to make your own way there and back, too. However, this means that you should have little to no resistance from enemies and neutrals. If you're both happy with the mission, then you may leave immediately."

I could sense a moment of disbelief coming from Hawke, no doubt at the prospect of being alone with me, but in the end I knew that he would not dispoint Rust, I doubted he could if he tried.

A second later Hawke was gone from the room leaving me alone with Tiantus.

"I must speak with Dwayne before his death."

I knew Taintus was looking at me however he did not speak.

I looked where I assumed his position was.

"I will do my best to keep Hawke from unnecessary combat, and Rust will get his Staff for the lost knowledge." I said.

"But I'm keeping you surely our leader has something of importance for you."

I got up to walk out the room when screaming erupted in my head, using my staff I managed to stay upright, Tiantus din't move.

"You felt it?" I asked. "Like the ordered of the mages just vanished?"

Tiantus spoke: "No, not the order."

And with that he left.

I took a step to see if I could move alright, balancing for a minute I left the room closing the door behind me.

Walking back to my room I met a Aqua grunt.

"You," I said motioning him over. "Tell Captain Hawke I'll be in my room and that I'll be their till he is ready to make the trip."

I watched him rush off before continuing to my room, I figured a nice nap would fully restore my energies before beganing the search..

Dr Scott
10-27-2006, 11:17 PM
OOC: Mikey, where are we even going with this anymore? :-P.

Fighters Guild, Mahogany
More chatting

After a few of the usual barter that Gabriel would expect to happen between friends, except a strange look came over Mike’s eyes when he mentioned the ‘punch like a girl’ joke. Michael said something that shocked him a bit. “Aww, aren’t you a beautiful Vaporeon,” he was saying to Sam, “You have such a lovely coat. I just…” he stopped himself, apparently noticing how weird this must have seemed to Gabriel. “I bet my sister would have said something like that if she saw your Vaporeon, Gabs.” Again, that weird look on Mike’s face, the look of someone who was hiding something. “Still, you raised it well,” he finished, looking away and standing straight up again.

Gabriel did the same, getting up from his kneeling position, his mind full of questions. ‘Why is he acting like he’s hiding something from me? I don’t get it. And he’s acting mighty strange as well … I know there’s something, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it ….’ Out loud, he said “Thanks man, I do my best.”

Meanwhile on the ground Vaporeon let out a small sound and rolled his eyes, looking from one to the other. “Vaporeon,” the blue Pokémon said.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Gabriel said, laughing, “You’re not a girl Pokémon and we’re treating you like one. But you still are a little cutey wutey …” he said teasingly.

His Pokémon responded by sticking out his tongue at his master, shooting off a little bit of water. Always ready, Gabriel ducked, and the blast of water shot straight at Michael, aimed at the other boy’s armor. Gabriel didn’t have time to see if he managed to escape the weak jet of water, instead he had ran for cover, jumping behind a seat just in time, because another water gun blast hit the area where he just was. “Ha ha! You missed me!” Gabriel called.

A few of the lesser members of the guild looked at him in confusion, the respectable head of the guild resorting to ducking behind a bench so he wouldn’t get wet. Gabriel simply rolled out from his spot and put the kids between him and Sam, laughing as his Vaporeon got each of the students wet in turn. “That’s right kids,” Gabriel said after each got a quick shower, “this is the guy whose running the shots, this is the guy who teaches you all how to kill,” with that he ran into the next room and to safety …

Charizard Michelle
10-28-2006, 01:06 AM
OOC: No idea. haha. I ws hoping you could train my character but getting drunk is more important haha.

Also how did we got to Sevii? haha


Fighter’s Guild, Mahogany

Maria thuoght it was cute how Gabriel was talking to his vaporeon. She smiled lightly but soon the vaporeon began to shot jets of water at them. Maria couldn't afford to get wet because then she may have to take off her armor which would reveal some of her body even though she was wearing under clothing.

Then out of nowhere a charizard came in between her and the Water Gun. Maria smiled since she knew where the charizard came from. It was CHar, her brother's charizard and one of the few that knew about her secert. Maria let Char fly around while she is training but she knew that the charizard was also watching out for her.

Maria then said, "Thanks Char. That was nice of you." Still she was out of the clear as a little bit of water hit her in the face. She smiled knowing that it could have been worst but the face was ok. No need to take off her armor.

The Charizard roar and so did Maria. Char was almost like her brother except Char was female and not male. Still ever since this act Char has been great and protective of her.

Maria then said, "Well that was nice. I was planning on take a bath today anyways." She then laughed but knew that it was true since she hadn't taken a bath in a long time which was strange for Maria. She then looked at Gabriel and said, "Are you ok there Gabs? Big bad guild master?" She then laughed.

10-28-2006, 10:35 PM
OOC: Yume = Orihime = Yume = Orihime
Ecruteak - 7 spell points
(italics cannot be heard by people)

Orihime moved into the hidden room above the house. Of course, I would just call it an attic, but undoubtably this room was never meant to be opened like this. She held her breath while entering this room. Probably the stench of the dead, she quickly put on a simple utensil made of a cloth and some unknown liquid before continuing on into this attic.

Oh, how rude of me. I guess there aren't many around here that have guardian spirits around here. Name's Zaphikel, I met this girl after she entered Delta Green, and found me in one of the corridors of the Pagoda. I guess it's a good thing that I'm chained to her instead of some weirdo guy or something. Either way, I think it's because she has spiritual powers, or probably because I just latched onto her and never let go, considering that she was the only person to enter the narrow corridor anyway. Better chained to a person than a hall, that's for sure. Unfortunately, that meant that as a guardian spirit, I couldn't do anything other than float around the girl and do nothing, or like sometimes communicate with her or something. Otherwise, nothing, transparent to everything.

The attic itself wasn't much. It was a triangular room, with nothing in it, just a chair and several boxes littered around the circumference of the room. She walked toward the chair at the centre of the room slowly, without making even the tinyest bit of sound. Behind the wooden chair were steel chains, and cuffs, hand and leg. The chair even was bloodied.

Damn, this this was one violent act.

Orihime - Quite. Looks like somebody was here torturing somebody else here. I mean, this blood on the chair seem to come in layers, with each layer slightly lighter brown than the layer before. Someone was definitely captured here and tortured over a long period of time. But just who could have done such a thing?

Beats me. And have you noticed this strange aura? I think it was when we approached this chair. Maybe a vengeful spirit here.

Orihime - Either way, we should be cautious about this one. We probably have to seal it instead of exorcising it like normal. Even then, I don't have magical powers to do it. You do it.

Don't I always do the spirit destroying anyway?

Yume gave me no answer. Of course, that was one of the functions of a guardian spirit...one of the only. Heck, we can't even cross paths with another guardian spirit like we do normal spirits either. We can see them, though. Besides, she's a little tight on the magic lately. Too many cases, not enough time to collect silk.

She crept ever so slowly toward a crudely piled set of boxes in the far corner. Behind the box was a body...or the remains of a rotting body anyway. She definitely was not amused.

Another death by torture? This is like the fifth.

Orihime - If that's the case, at least we don't have to do any fighting. But I am getting worried, since it's more and more likely that this is a serial murder. Someone out there is slowly torturing people to death. But why? Why would somebody do this? Do you know, Zaphikel?

Well, spiritually speaking, torture is a common way to cause long term agony. For spirits to endure long-term agony, they would become vengeful spirits. And that can lead to havoc if somehow this person collects these vengeful spirits and unleash them upon the masses, thoguh I would think that he would die in the process. Unless he's got a way to repel spirits...

Orihime - Can they possess?

Vengeful ones? No. The only ones that can possess are banshees, and they're few and far in beween. Torturing would likely be a component to create a banshee, but the hunger required cannot be derived from just torture, it's usually done via brainwashing for one to hunger for a single sin. Besides, banshees are usually virgin females who lost their virginity just before death, though I've heard of male banshees before.

Yume - So we have three conditions to make a banshee, make it vengeful, force it to hunger for something, and essentially kill the girl as they're losing their virginity?

That is correct.

Yume - Then we will be fighting against banshees then. I want more information on these guys.

Well they technically can't possess anything that doesn't have the same type of hunger. For example, a greed-based banshee can only possess those that are greedy. Ones that are vanity-based can only possess those that are always constantly wanting to be beautiful. also, in order to possess, the target must not be moving. this is usually fine, since their targets usually aren't aware of their existence. Even if they can see, it's highly unlikely that they would keep moving away from a bnahsee with unlimited stamina. Sooner or later the person will have to stop running, and it would be all over. I mean, it's hard as heck to get rid of the possession.

Yume - I see. Well, it's time to take care of things here then.

He left this one alone.

The banshee arose from the rotting corpse like a snake out of its nest. She let out a deafeningly silent screech before looking directly at us, who were only about two feet away from this spirit. With another screech, the spirit lashed herself at Yume. I came in between the two, and gave the banshee an menacing stare. But all I saw was a teenage girl inside, screaming in pain and suffering.

Chant the 7th anthem!

Orihime, like a machine, began chanting the anthem with a precise rhythm. Not many would believe that she didn't learn this chanting power until after she was pretty old already. Anyway, the 7th anthem didn't actually do anything but contain the power of the spirit within the vicinity, to essentially create an isolated environment where I could begin my assualt.

The banshee again aimed her hand toward Yume, being the only human in the vicinity. I slapped the hand away, and gave the banshee a stern palm in the arm. Fragments of the banshee's shell on the arm flew into the dark corner where the body laid, revealing an arm under such a shell. The banshee screamed in pain, which slightly disrupted Orihime's chant for a second. Even then, the banshee continued its attack, with me breaking the chain.

There was a reason why the banshee would do the same thing over and over again, because she was completely blinded by the darkness, thus she created a shell around her, changing into a banshee. Thus the only thing she could do was indeed just target whatever she could see. In this case, she could only see humans in the small vicinity. This explained why we never triggered a response from her until she was 2 feet away from us, because she was physically incapable of sensing us from anywhere further away, hidden in that spot.

She, however, was a strong spirit nonetheless. Not many spirits survived a single palm from me, to have survived and continued her assault several palms after was admirable. I ended up stripping the bnahsee of her shell before she dropped down to the ground, held there only because the 7th anthem was still on. There, the spirit shivered weakly on the ground, looking completely pathetic.

Yume always asked me if I could purify spirits. I always told her that purification of spirits was impossible. It was a shame that someone as innocent as this girl was turned to a banshee... I shattered the poor banshee with a well placed palm to the chest, ending the spirit's eternal misery. Better gone than chained to this world, killing and never satisfying the hunger.

That should be that. Poor girl, she deserved better.

Orhime - Yeah. I guess we can let the police do the rest here.

Yea-Oh crap, What is this?

In the wall directly opposite to the pile of boxes was a message:

"Congratulations on destroying the banshee. Guess where's next?

Oh dear. Spiritual message using spiritual energy. This was probably triggered after we killed the banshee, and the spiritual energy release that caused this to show up.

Yume - Next huh. Looks like this is a serial killer afterall. But the signature...it's definitely not...

We wouldn't have noticed the blood if the message didn't show up, that's for sure. nunste? Wonder what that means.

Orihime - Probably the name of the killer. Nunste huh. Wait. Next?

She ran down the attic and downstairs to the police while takign off her cloth. She was definitely onto something here. I only merely followed.

Yume - "The attic is ready for inspection. But soemthing is disturbing me. Where had the serial killings been?"

Police - "As far as I know, there was a klling like this in Goldenrod. One of the messengers from Cherrygrove also spoke of a killing there before the killing in Goldenrod."

Yume - "From there going up...Oh my Ray...The next victim will either be in Olivine or Mahogany..."

Police - "We'll be sure to pass that onto our superiors too."

Yume - "Thanks."

She walked out of the house. Ther was a small crowd, considering the police were there, but otherwise it was fairly orderly. She, however, could not shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. Terribly wrong, because she showed a face like that to my sight.

10-30-2006, 10:30 AM
Castle Nagisa ~ Shinou

Talan awoke early the next morning to a loud and persistent knocking on his door, which quickly became annoying. A grunt was standing outside and shouting his name, obviously with some message. Not wanting to bother himself with this kind of nonsense, Talan picked up the loaded crossbow from his bedside and fired an arrow at the door. The head protruded slightly from the other side, and the idiot's fist slammed right into it, causing a deep gash that began to bleed profusely. Screaming, the grunt dashed off, and Talan slumped back into his bed.

He must've wanted me to meet Reyes, he thought. I'll go find him.

Knowing the castle like the back of his hand, Captain Hawke knew exactly where he had to look. However, he thought it would be so much more fun to take an alternative route to Reyes' room. Struggling to slide out of a small hole in the wall, he scaled the outside of the castle along the battlements until he reached the mage's window. He started tapping at it frantically, and hoped Reyes would like his wake-up call.

10-30-2006, 05:32 PM
Castle Nagisa~Shinou

I awoke to the frantic tapping of my window, "Hawke" I knew at once it was him, I made my way over to the window and opened it letting him in, "How amusing" I remarked as he came in, "Don't tell me, had to make sure it wasn't to easy to scale? We would not want to be attacked by wild ratatta's now would we?"

I walked back to my bed and picked up my cape and staff, "Are we ready to go?"

I waited for his reply before continuing, "He is in Johto we believe? If we get caught by anyone we won't make it back alive, we have to make sure if anyone sees us they don't live to tell about it."

"At any rate I believe you are in charge, which in that case I await your plan of action."

I settled back ready to hear what the man had decided to do.

But before he spoke I heard something speak out, listening I soon knew what had happened to the mages, Rust's plans din't go exactly as planned..I briefly wondered if Hawke knew about the death of the mages or if he even knew what his master's plan was....

Lord Celebi
10-31-2006, 12:34 AM
Futaba Tavern

"I'm looking for powerful mages," I said, bursting through the tavern doors. A drunkard's glass slipped, spilling beer all over the floor. The bartender rushed to try to clean it up. No one was standing up. They all just stared at me, "You're pitiful. There has to be at least ONE mage in here. If not, I'm going to kill you all!"

Several Aqua grunts walked in, aiming bows and arrows at people. Several older men stood up. Another beer spilled over as the men walked towards us.

The first one, with a grey beard spoke up, "I... I am Seaust," He said in a rather hoarse voice, "A mage mercenary... Whatever you want won't come cheap."

"How about I let you keep your life?" I said, putting a knife to his neck.

"Good enough. I'll require Ģ250 to cover expenses and damages," He said.

"Don't go demanding money before I give you a job," I said to Seaust.

"Oh, no. If you need me to use magic, I'll need to get both a new staff, and I'll need to be paid for the work I'll lose when resting up from using up all of my magical energy," The mage said.

"Done," I said, throwing a satchel of gold coins at each of the mages, "Now, several Rapidash are waiting outside the bar to take you back to Castle Nagisa, where you will be given your new work envirornment... The Nagisa Wizards suffered a fatal... accident... and they need someone to continue their work..."

11-03-2006, 03:48 AM
enroute to Olivine

She found a farmer just outside the commotion and asked where he was heading. Luckily, he was heading in the direction of Olivine, and thus she quickly got him to help her get there. If there were any indication of benefits of being a priestess, this was probably one of them. She got on the cart quickly to not delay the time of this rather honest looking farmer, I think.

Look. If it's any indication, this is the big one right here. We take these guys to school, we go home and get a massive reward. End of story.

Yume - If it were that easy, I would have done so already.

The cart itself moved relatively slowly, considering we were on a farmers cart, with two oxes pulling the wagon itself. Sure enough, the time it would take to move to Olivine would be long and rather tedious. This farmer would only take us half of the way anyway. Even so, it would beat walking from her point of view. I don't have a care, I'd get dragged along anyway, and I don't waste energy moving.

At this point, we can only effectively choose one thing or another. Why would the killer want us to go to him anyway? It doesn't make sense.

Yume - What one thing or another?

You know, like how we really have the choice of continuing, or leave kind of thing.

Yume - You just said we would hit it big if we solve the case. Let's just leave it at that. We might as well go in for the trophy or something.

True. Oh right, I should explain to you the function of transmigration. Basically we guardian spirits have the ability to transmigrate and bind ourselves to any given host, similar to possession except for inanimate objects such as scarecrows and waht not. The only major problem with that is that we are technically very terrible with this, and you're better off using us paranormally instead. Of course, we cannot manipulate objects in this form, so you can choose by yourself. There is also a limitation that I cannot transmigrate without consuming mana. I think to you it means it's a useless ability. Oh well.

The cart ride soon stopped. She thanked the farmer and was on her way, but the farmer stopped her and handed her something. I couldn't hear nor see what he told her or gave her, though. Immediately, she ran toward Olivine quickly, without bothering to wait for a cart.

So the big one's here huh.

Yume - We'll find out.

Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 04:22 AM
As I said in the other two threads, you're free to reuse posts and elements from this in the new RP. But, as everyone knows, the refresh is taking place.