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NOTE: In order to take part, you must be a part of ToD (Tides of Darkness, see the Teams/Clubs board for further details). Also, you can only sign up for 2 out of the 3 ToD RPs.


The Four Stones RP was created with inspiration from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. However, even though it is based off of the game, it’s not necessary to have played it to get into the RP (And if you haven’t, I highly recommend it!). I’ve provided a map of world that is the setting for the game as well as the tagged locations. It’s honestly not that hard to tell what each location is like (Mt. Blaze is a volcano, Mt. Freeze is a snow-covered mountain and so on). Also, in addition to that, I’ve created eight other made-up towns and cities besides Pokémon Square, which makes nine in total. In the RP, the teams each have three cities supporting them and their cause.

For those who don’t know the storyline behind Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, this is a world totally dominated by Pokémon, and where there are no humans. Instead, the Pokémon themselves are the society. Meanwhile, in the game, the world is ravaged by natural disasters, and so a large amount of rescue teams were formed in order to help other Pokémon that have become the victims of these disasters. As for the RP, the number of natural disasters has dwindled down considerably, and a few rescue teams have disbanded due to the lesser demand.


Included on this map are all of the locations that appear in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (and I challenge you to find one that if missed if you really think I did!). Also, if you’ve never seen the map before, this is what it looks like:


Also, if you have a question about the game, Wikipedia’s Article on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon) may be of some help, but I don’t mind answering a few questions either.

Also, I know there are a lot of locations, don’t be intimidated by them. This is just so that if a location is used during the RP, you know where it is. Locations may also be built up as outposts at a later time.

(Also, to anyone who wants blank copy of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon World Map, I have that too. Just PM me if you want it. It’s nothing more than a scanned image of the World Map that appears on Page 7 of the Rescuer’s Guide).


Probably one of the most enigmatic rescue teams ever was Team Graywind, led by a Marowak named Clyde with his two most loyal companions, a Rhydon named Tank and a Sceptile named Virgil. The highest they had ever achieved was Platinum Rank before they had mysteriously disappeared during a rescue mission. Attempts to locate them and send out rescue teams to find them had failed, and many months later, the citizens had feared the worst for the team.

However, many of Team Graywind’s clients noticed strange aspects to Clyde and his followers prior to their disappearance. During an escort mission, a Smeargle had reported witnessing Team Graywind attacking a group of hostile Zubat with what he believed to be fire based attacks, even though he knew there was no way they normally could have been able to do such a thing. Other clients had also reported strange occurrences in the team, but not everyone believed them.

Three months after they had been given up for dead, another rescue team by the name of Team Razor came across the body of a dead Marowak, and not far from his location was his long lost supplies, which Team Razor was able to identify the body with. The cause of death was believed to be a cave-in, but that was only the beginning to the mystery behind Team Graywind. Around Clyde’s body was a strange bronze-colored residue, which Team Razor knew wasn’t a part of the cavern they had been in. They had taken back samples to see if anyone in town could identify the substance, but they had no luck with it. Their last resort… was to take it to Xatu, who ceaselessly rested on the summit of the Great Canyon. They weren’t sure what it had to do with Clyde and the rest of Team Graywind, but they wanted to know.

Upon bringing the grainy substance to Xatu on top of the Great Canyon, Xatu had felt a presence that had long been dormant many miles underground. He could feel a strong emanation of power from it, and it was later discovered by Xatu that Clyde and his rescue team had come into contact with what he believed was the Autumn Season Stone, a large stone said to contain a vast amount of power. He also mentioned the presence of three others, one for Spring, Summer, and Winter, all with immense power. However, that was all he could reveal. Where the stones were… was still a mystery.

During this time, the clans had begun to form. Many Pokémon citizens of the world had sought public leadership and organization. However, the arrival of Team Aqua, Team Rocket, and Team Delta Green caused some disagreement between them with regards to how the other towns should be organized and led. Many of the other towns simply refused to allow another team’s ideals and organization to influence their way of life, and in return, they couldn’t understand their reasoning for wanting to follow another team’s leadership. The end result… was a bitter disagreement among Pokémon, and often led to violence. Loyalty to the teams has grown to a fever pitch, and their presence has pitted Pokémon against each other. The only way to solve it… was by force.

However, the surfacing rumors of the Season Stones escalated. What would become of their world… was in time’s hands…


The Season Stones are four large stones charged with enormous power, capable of allowing Pokémon to do the impossible. When the stone is used, the Pokémon who wants to use it needs to come in contact with the stone (Either by placing their hands, paws, or by pressing their bodies against it). Like water, the power of the stones is absorbed, and for all the power that enters the Pokémon drawing the power out of it, the stone slowly shrinks in size. Also, the power of the stones can be divided among several Pokémon for a small amount of power, or it can all be given to one single Pokémon, filling them with the full power of the stone and giving them immense power. However, note that finding the stones should take serious RP posting. Highly and strongly detailed RPing and teamwork is needed to search, find, and locate the stones themselves. Also, all four stones are deep underground. None of them are anywhere near the surface.

Usage Rates

Usage rates are measured by how the stone’s power is split between Pokémon. 10% means a tenth of the stone’s power is used on a Pokémon, which allows ten Pokémon to gain the same power. 25% means a quarter of the stone’s power is used on a Pokémon, giving the Pokémon much more power than one that would only gain 10%. And lastly, 100% means the entire stone’s worth of power is used on a single Pokémon, granting that one Pokémon incredible powers. So the big question is… to share… or not to share?

(Note: You can split it in ways so two Pokémon get 25% power (50% of the stone) while five others get 10% (The other 50%). Only getting 5% of the stone’s power (In the case where three Pokémon get 25%, two others get 10%, and the last only gets 5%) doesn’t have enough power to grant the Pokémon any additional abilities, so it is lost in the distribution.

Stone of Autumn – The Stone of Autumn contains the embodiment of fire and the ground. Meanwhile, the stone itself is a bronze/orange color, and has carvings of falling leaves.

At a 10% usage, the Pokémon gains the power to use all Fire and Ground type moves, even if they’re not Fire or Ground type Pokémon. At a 25% usage, they gain the power and ability to dig deep underground and easily move through fire and swim in boiling lava. At 100% usage, they have their Fire and Ground moves amplified, and they gain the ability to cause massive earthquakes and flash fires. (Power similar to Groundon)
(Any Pokémon that is already a Fire or Ground type has its powers amplified if they use the Stone of Autumn)

Stone of Winter – The Stone of Winter could be mistaken for a giant shard of ice. However, it is a deeper bluish color, and has carvings of snowflakes.

At a 10% usage, the Pokémon gains the power to use all Ice and Water type moves, even if they’re not Ice or Water Pokémon. At 25% usage, they gain the power to easily to melt ice or freeze water. They also gain the ability to breathe underwater. At a 100% usage, they have their Ice and Water moves amplified, and they gain the ability to cause massive blizzards, tidal waves, and massive downpours. (Power similar to Suicune)
(Any Pokémon that is already an Ice or Water type has its powers amplified if they use the Stone of Winter)

Stone of Spring – The Stone of Spring contains the embodiment of new life. It appears to be a light green with multiple carvings of flowers.

At a 10% usage, the Pokémon gains the power to use all Grass and Poison type moves, even if they’re not Grass or Poison Pokémon. At 25% usage, the Pokémon gains full resistance to poison and also gains the power of regeneration (much faster healing rate). At a 100% usage, they have their Grass and Poison moves amplified, and gain the ability to unleash massive poison clouds, or can allow an entire forest to suddenly grow out of nowhere. (Power similar to Celebi)
(Any Pokémon that is already a Grass or Poison type has its powers amplified if they use the Stone of Spring)

Stone of Summer – The Stone of Summer is a bright yellow/orange color, and has the carving of a bright sun.

At a 10% usage, the Pokémon gains the power to use all Flying and Electric type moves even if they’re not Flying type Pokémon. At 25% usage, they gain a pair of wings to fly with, regardless of what Pokémon they are, and gain the ability to resist electric shock such as those from lightning bolts. And then, at a 100% usage used on a single Pokémon, that Pokémon not only gains the power to fly, but has their Flying and Electric moves amplified to the extreme, powerful enough to create tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms. (Power similar to Zapdos)
(Any Pokémon that is already a Flying type has its powers amplified if they use the Stone of Autumn).


I feel one of the major things missing from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon are additional cities besides Pokémon Square. So, I created a few of my own. However, needless to say, these don’t actually appear in the game, but they will be in the RP. How the cities are designed and constructed is up for the RPers to develop. They don’t need to all look like Pokémon Square, but do consider the fact that a town created by Pokémon would look very different than one built by humans. Don’t plan on there being buildings over two stories tall, motor vehicles, or skyscrapers. You get the idea.

Just to avoid confusion, consider each city to be quite large. Even Pokémon Square should be considered to be nearly seven times the size it appears in the game.


Cities that appear in BLUE are supportive of Team Aqua

Cities that appear in GRAY are supportive of Team Rocket

Cities that appear in GREEN are supportive of Team Delta Green


In the RP, you role-play as a Pokémon. Even though the plot of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon focuses on you transforming into a Pokémon, in this RP, you’re role-playing as a Pokémon that has always been a Pokémon and has lived here their entire life.

You can begin as any Pokémon you want to, except for legendaries. Even Shinou Pokémon are allowed. Also, you can start as a fully evolved or unevolved Pokémon, but just know that in the RP, more evolved Pokémon can take more hits and attacks and still keep on fighting, while the advantage that smaller, unevolved Pokémon have is that they are more agile and evasive.

As for the teams, the citizens of the towns will support your cause, as if it were a miniature country. Also, don’t plan on there being many weapons. Most of the weapons in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon are sticks and stones. However, you can get inventive to some degree. Fairly simple contraptions (such as catapults, battering rams, or push wagons) could be created to help them in battle. Other devices of very simple engineering are also possible, but nothing that would require very intricate parts or has very high complexity. Also, forging metal is very difficult for the fact it is low in supply and has to be mined, something that Pokémon haven’t started doing. Most of what would be created would likely be made of wood or stones.


As with normal Role Plays, God-modding and Bunnying (See the Into Your Character’s Skin (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13613) role playing guide for a complete description) are strictly prohibited. If there is a violation of these rules, the infraction will go punished to keep the integrity of the RP intact. Each infraction will result in a strike for each time a member breaks the rules. If the end result is three strikes, the member will be removed from the role play, making it impossible for them to earn points for their team.

Secondly, it is for the benefit of all that this role play is taken seriously. With that said, avoid posting very short RP posts. Short and downsized posts are detrimental and we would prefer not having them.

Neo Pikachu is the moderator of this RP, and will be in charge of judging and issuing strikes, if need be.


Read List of Movie Clichés by Genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_movie_clich%C3%A9s_by_genre) on Wikipedia. While it is okay to get inspiration from movies and film, keep these in mind. These are uncreative plot and design examples that can deteriorate your role playing if you happen to use them yourself. Avoid them whenever possible.


Individual RPers:

#1 Placement - 12 points are awarded
#2 Placement – 8 points are awarded
#3 Placement – 4 points are awarded

Team RPing Performance:

#1 Placement – 15 points are awarded

That’s all. You may begin now.

10-25-2006, 06:22 PM
OOC: I guess I'll start.
Colors: Abra (Casey), Grovyle (Ivel), Bulbasaur (Belba), Kirlia (Ria)

- - - * - - - * - - - * - - -

Location: Mouth of Wish Cave

"Here," Casey muttered, handing the small Bulbasaur back the clipboard. The Bulbasaur held onto the pad with her small dark green vines, and held it in front of her face, looking it over. Casey looked up at the clear night sky, staring at the multiple stars that lit the sky. The moon shone brilliantly in the western sky, but overpowered the minscule light the stars could produce.

"All of this looks in order," the small Bulbasaur said, grabbing back Casey's attention. She smiled as she set the clipboard on her back, balancing it easily on the top of her bulb. "This is the most people we have ever had join Delta Green all at once. Usually we'd be campaigning in a city for a day, getting people, but this single meeting made almost half-of-the-town join.

Casey smiled, "Well, I am glad it happened to turn out well." He started walking away, the small little Bulbasaur following. "There seems to be more people in our town that are offering to help out an underdog team, than any of the other town that you have campaigned in." 'Still, I'm surprised neither my father, nor older brother wanted to join such an excellent team.' Casey though to himself. 'I still think there is something more the officials of this team are after, though I couldn't hear what they said.'

"You seem to be the drifty type of Abra," the Bulbasaur said, once again capturing Abra's attention. "You over-preoccupy yourself with your thoughts, and probably ignored everything I was talking to you about while you were thinking." Casey looked down at the small Bulbasaur, semi-confused at what she has said.

"Go figure," the Bulbasaur said, before running off ahead of Casey, in the direction of Jamacas. Casey took off running after her, only to stop running to the earsplitting sound of an explosion coming from the mouth of Wish Cave. Both the Bulbasaur and Casey stopped running, and looked back at the cave, seeing smoke puff ouot of the caves mouth. Some of the near by Delta Members started running towards the cave to see what happened, Casey and the Bulbasaur.

They pushed slipped by those that had arrived there first, and stood in the front, seeing smoke continuing to pour from the cave. Casey tried using his Telekinisis, but his mind waves continued getting interfered with people shouting for others to come, and trying to see if someone was in the cave. Casey decided focusing on the center of the cave's mouth, trying to see if he can catch a glimpse of any shadow.

"There!" the Bulbasaur shouted, pointing to a slowly forming tall shadow, being tailed by two smaller shadows. The tall shadow bursted out of the smoke, revealing it's long forest green body, with three dark green leafs attached to the outside of each of it's wrists, and a long one that started from the back of its head, and fell to its waist. Around the upper part of it's long arms, a bandana type cloth was wound around it; the material was colored forest green with a gold leaf on it.

"Ivel," some of the Pokemon gasped, seeing the Pokemon fall to it's knees, and breathing deeply, trying to gain it's breath back. The two other shadows that were tailing the Grovyle bursted from the smoke. The one to the left of Ivel was a small raccoon-like Pokemon, with a light brown and white coat that seemed to be standing on ends, it's small claws were slightly tucked in as slowed to a stop, before collapsing, gasping for air. The shadow to the right was Ivel's pre-evolution, a Treecko; it's body was a light green, and much more reptile like than the it's evolution, but the tail was a large bushy green color, making it stand out more.

"What happened to you three?" a small voice questioned. Casey and the Bulbasaur looked in the direction of the voice, seeing a small head, that looked apparently layered with green hair, that fell down the center of her face; two small red horn like objects protruded, looking almost like ears. Ivel looked up at the small Psychic Pokemon, seeing the worry written on her face.

"A scared Voltorb used Explosion, causing a chamber in the cave to collapse," Ivel spoke, continuing to gain back his composure. The Treecko to his right nodded, before gulping in air, trying to get it's breath back; the Zigzagoon though had collapsed completely, and had fallen asleep. Ivel slowly got to his feet, but feel back to one of his knees, because of his legs horribly shaking.

"Did you provoke the Explosion from the Voltorb, or did it just explode on its own, Ivel," the Kirlia asked next, knowing about Ivel's flagrent attitude, and the need to defend himself, even if he wasn't provoked. The Grovyle looked down, knowing he was busted, but looked back up, glaring at the Kirlia. The Kirlia ignored the glare completely, even though it was staring directly at Ivel. 'Those two sure know how to stare each other down,' Casey thought to himself, laughing quietly at it.

10-25-2006, 08:58 PM
OOC: Well I guess I'll continue!

Mt Freeze ~ Near Marinas

A tall and proud Hitmonlee was standing at the summit of Mt Freeze as a chilling wind swept by. He didn't know it yet, but some of the harshest trials of his life were facing him now. His name was Finch, and he was the leader of Rescue Team Aqua. Gathering around their leader, Pokemon were huddling together to keep warm. Finch didn't need to. He didn't feel the cold. All he felt up there, at that summit, was freedom.

"Well," said Finch, "is this everyone? I was expecting more..."

A shady-looking Golduck, an Admin of the team, approached him.

"Sir, we're still waiting on Captain Neo. Plus, Aidan and Eliadon didn't sign in today."

Hmm... I wonder where they could be...

Not wanting to waste any more time, Finch began his speech.

"Aquas," he began, "you have been summoned here today because you are the best. You are the true leaders of our organinsation. While you may not know it, I'm sure some of you have felt it. The time of War will soon be upon us. The Teams of Rocket and Delta Green are showing signs of hostility over the territories of the region. Soon enough, they will want to seize what is ours. Well, I say, let us take what should be! Let's show them that we're the team deserving of rule over this fine land!"

Several Pokemon cheered, others nodded in quiet but absolute agreement. They all shared the same dream- a world where no Pokemon would feel frightened or alone. Aqua would surely provide a safe haven for all Pokemon with their rule. However, Finch's ambitions went a little deeper than that. He'd love the chance to lead a nation, and run it the way he wanted. His control freak side was beginning to break free. His intentions remained true, but as any historian will tell you, power can have a strange effect...

10-26-2006, 12:12 AM
IC: Wintervale

Jordan eyes snapped open. “Hmmph time for a new day”. Getting up moving his wings a little Jordan started to touch the ground again. “Guess it is time for another Rocket mission”. Flying out of the little room that he had in the town he went over to the team Rocket base and checked what new messages their were on the bulletin board. Nothing new I see Jordan thought than he saw a speck on the board that said that the team Rocket members were to move to pokemon square. Jordan thought it was because they had a dojo unlike here. Going back to his room he started to pack what little stuff he had up mainly his sky gummies and graveler rocks.

Jordan then went to the place they were supposed to meet before leaving and found out they would have to sail on lapras’s. He then said “why do we have to ride on the lapras’s”? The person commanding (a Charizard) then yelled “because some of you faggits can’t fly”. Jordan then glared at some of the pokemon that couldn’t fly or atleast levitate or swim. Jordan then went over to one of the lapras’s and hopped on its back. Right beside him a pidgeoto sat down. “Well what do you want” questioned Jordan

“Nothing much, just saw your attitude back their and thought you and I might make a good team, even though right now I seem nice that is only because I am offering a team up and by the way my name is Rick” said the Pidgeoto.

“Well might as well seeing all the partners I have been given have either fled from me or just couldn’t take the pressure if you know what I mean” Jordan scowled.

10-26-2006, 12:28 AM
OOC: For this rp, rocket remains an organization on the side of good!

Pokemon Square

A large group of pokemon crowded around pokemon square, surrounding their leader, a plump whischash named Juan. The crowd watched as Juan’s whiskers flailed rapidly.

“Well guys,” The whischash said, sighing “It looks like we’re going to have a lot of business the next week or so. An earthquake is headed our way. I say in three days, at Howling forest or Mt. Steel, around that area. It will be stronger than most of the other earthquakes that we have had to face.” Juan had the very unique ability to predict earthquakes using his future sight ability. This ability made ideal for the leader position. Juan made a closing comment before stepping off of the makeshift podium “I see….a horrible disaster…worse than any earthquake….is on the horizon”

A Xatu that was standing to the left side of Juan interrupted. “I’m afraid to say that Juan is right. I have felt dark pulsations, stronger than the ones that come before natural disasters.”

Juan finished “I will take an elite team on this mission. It will consist on Xatu, me and….” Juan examined the crowd “Reeah. That will be our team. We should we ready to move out by tomorrow afternoon, for it will take a while to travel to The Mt. Steel area.”

After a few minutes of talking amongst one another, rocket members began to go back to their homes, as Juan nonchalantly slumped back to his pond.

10-26-2006, 01:09 AM
(Yay, I'm special. :3)

"How quaint," Reeah said snidely as she slithered among the other occupants of the Pokemon Square. She stood out easily among them. As if the scars upon her back and her vibrant purple scales weren't conspicuous enough, her companion surely was. It wasn't often that the various inhabitant of the city came face-to-face with a large Nidoking.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" The Nidoking, known as Daisuke, asked her, ignoring the murmurs around him. "A rescue team?"

"Yes," she hissed quietly. "What better way to find one of these stones? They were first found by a rescue team, after all."

"And then?" Daisuke continued, looking expectant.

"And then we ditch the sentimental fools. With the power we will possess, we can create our own team." A vicious smiled played upon her lips. "The world will be our oyster, Daisuke darling."


The team meeting was precisely at the time it had been set at. Reeah had been right; they were sentimental fools. Worrying about the 'helpless' people when they should be worrying about themselves, about gaining power over the amassing armies of Delta Green and Aqua. Not that she cared, particularly. She would be long gone before anything like this happened. Or so she assumed.

She didn't get the real surprise until she was picked out for the 'Elite Team' to head to Mt. Steel in order to subdue the earthquake. She was instantly suspicious. Why choose a grunt for something as big as this? Did they suspect her? Was this whole thing in fact a cover up for them as well? Were they also looking for the stones? So many thoughts whirled through her head at once, she wasn't sure what to think. She glanced to Daisuke and noticed his pained expression.

"What?" She asked him questioningly. His face seemed to contort in some kind of inner agony.

"I... Can't go with you. They said only you." Reeah rolled her eyes.

"Then just follow us. It's easy enough to do. Just keep to the brush until I give you the signal to come out."

"It's a little hard for me to hide. I'm a lot bigger than you, you know," he said forlornly. Reeah gave an exasperated sigh, looking around as others left.

"Alright, we'll work it out tonight. We don't leave until tomorrow, after all." She made towards the small house they had rented for their stay, expecting her ever-obediant body guard to follow.

(>< I was expecting Team Rocket to be evil, hence the evil character. Ah, well, I'll work around it.)

10-26-2006, 01:35 AM
OOC: Delta is currently playing Neutral.
Colors: Casey, Belba, Ivel, Ria

- - - * - - - * - - - * - - -

Location: Mouth of Wish Cave

"Yes, I provoked the Voltorb into using it's damned explosion," Ivel snarled, keeping it's deadly glare focused on the feminine Kirlia, who stood there with a half-shut-eyed stare at him. "The Voltorb was being a nuisance to out whole team, using it's Screech attack, so I damaged it a good deal before it exploded." His jaw clenched, and shifted off to the right.

"Ivel, this is going to be your second warning," the Kirlia spoke calmly, keeping all emotion hidden, "And because you didn't return with our Leader, Venasaur, you are also banned from any rescue missions while our stay in Jamacas. Also, I ban you from entering Wish Cave, Joyous Tower, or Purity Forest, unless you are watched over. I don't want our team name to be any different then what our intentions are." The Grovyle looked incredulously at the serene Kirlia, suprised at the size of the restriction for such a small thing.

"Ria, be rational," Ivel spoke in it's deep low voice, "All I did was provoke a Voltorb to-"

"All you did was cause an innocent Voltorb the pain of forcefully knocking itself out for your satisfaction," Ria stated, cutting off the Grovyle, sounding more stern. "Delta Green is supposed to be on the Neutral side of the war, not causing pain to others. Now, I want you and your rescue team out of my site before I decide moving you myself." Grovyle knelt there stunned, his two followers standing behind him, amazed at how such a small, cute Pokemon could have such order over their leader.

Ivel hopped up onto his two feet, glared at Kirlia before taking off to the right, pushing past a couple of Bulbasaur and Gloom, Treecko and Zigzagoon obediently following their master. Ria glared at them before stepping out from the circular group of Pokemon, and standing in the center of the opening, back faced to them, trying to gain her composure back.

"Is it safe to assume that Kirlia is second-in-command?" Casey muttered to the Bulbasaur, not taking his eyes off of the back of Kirlia.

"Well, Kirlia's job is to organize all rescue teams and all of the missions that everyone is supposed to go on," the Bulbasaur responded, keeping her red eyes on Ria.

- - - * - - - * - - - * - - -

OOC: Ended again at an odd point... :P

Neo Emolga
10-26-2006, 12:59 PM
Mt Freeze, Near Marinas

I could tell Sky’ree was shivering around this cold mountain air. Still, rather than breaking a sweat, we headed up the mountain. Thankfully, a Pidgeot like Sky’ree was fast, but my only problem with flying on her back in a place like this was the snow. And it was freezing up here. However, I figured the biggest reason to hold the meeting up here was in secrecy. Finch knew what he was doing.

I had arrived in the nick of time, finding a large gathering of Team Aqua forces already gathered around Finch. Quickly, Sky’ree had landed, and I hopped off of her. Meanwhile, to protect me from the cold winds, she kept me under her right wing.

“Aquas,” Finch had begun, "you have been summoned here today because you are the best. You are the true leaders of our organization. While you may not know it, I'm sure some of you have felt it. The time of War will soon be upon us. The Teams of Rocket and Delta Green are showing signs of hostility over the territories of the region. Soon enough, they will want to seize what is ours. Well, I say, let us take what should be! Let's show them that we're the team deserving of rule over this fine land!"

I already knew that was true. I remembered how we were literally forced out of Lightning Field to avoid submergence into Team Rocket’s realm of control. We had lost… many friends with the exodus.

While they were cheering, I just tried to keep warm. Sky’ree had many feathers of down to keep herself warm, but this short, yellow fur of mine wasn’t as effective against the bitter cold. Still, it wasn’t long before I was noticed among the bunch.

“Neo.” A fellow Aqua comrade had addressed me, this one being a Quilava, “We’ve been waiting for you. What took so long?”

“It’s not easy to get up here…” I told him, but knowing that despite the journey, these were Finch’s decisions. I needed to trust them with my heart…

“It was a bit tricky getting here, as I’m sure it was quite a trial for yourself.” I replied to him, “Anyway, I got here on time. What are Finch’s next plans?”

But, the best person to ask was Finch himself. I was quite sure he had two major things on his minds. The enemy teams, as well as the escalating rumors of the Season Stones. We needed… to make sure the other teams would never find them. Not to mention, having those kinds of amazing powers… would be very valuable to us…

10-26-2006, 02:07 PM
OOC: Haha, you called me a "person"... ironic.


Mt Freeze ~ Nr Marinas

Out of the corner of his eye, Finch could see that a Pikachu had joined the crowd and was being shielded from the wind by his Pidgeot companion. Giving this little yellow Pokemon a subtle nod of acknolwedgement, he started to speak once more.

"I know it seems a little sudden, and I know very well that you may not feel prepared for a full-scale War with Rocket and Delta Green. However, I also know that you're only kidding yourselves. Our team is the most worthy and powerful rescue force there ever has been, and every one of you have proven yourself in adverse situations. A War will just be like another large-scale rescue op. You have my full confidence."

He smiled. While the tone was altogether more hushed now, he could see respect in the eyes of his followers.

"There is one task, though, that will be both vital and incredibly difficult to complete. The rumours you have heard about the four "Season Stones"... the rumours are all true. I have felt it, the changes in the natural order. It's the same feeling I had on the night I lost my dear parents to the sea. If we can obtain these stones, it will be a breeze to defeat these new enemies and also no mean feat to avert and even prevent future disasters. Yes, the Stones will be of utmost importance to our plan. Our dreams will soon become a reality."

Finch was using the words "we" and "our" a lot, something he wouldn't usually do. It seemed that he wasn't telling his Team the full truth, even though none of them could tell. Not even Captain Neo.

"You will divide into squads," said Finch. "In these small teams of 4 Pokemon each precisely, you will be assigned to one of our major missions."

Finch unrolled a scroll which had previously been strapped to his back.

"Mission A," he said, pointing to three cities a map, "will involve scouting in the Rocket Territories. We want all the intel possible on their team and the stones. We could even learn new info on these four sacred stones from Rocket members. The key, here, will be to remain on guard and alert."

He pointed to another three cities. "Mission B will be essentially the same. However, we will be sending you into the Delta Green territories for the same purpose. Again, be careful but obtain as much information as possible for our goals."

"Finally," he said, pointing to the Aqua territories of Marinas, Terenas and Darakee on the map, "Mission C will involve the building and training of our forces here in our land. We need to prepare both for defense and for making the first strike."

Finch winked at Neo in a way as if to say "this is where you come in".

"Mission A will be lead by Aidan, when he arrives," he said. "Mission B will be under control of Eliadon, while Neo will supervise Mission C."

A Ratatta chirped up from somewhere in the middle of the crowd.

"What about you, sir?" it said.

Finch replied after a few moments of hushed thought. "I will stay here, for now."

The mish-mash of colourful faces all became suddenly wrought with surprise and confusion. Not wanting to leave them in the dark, Finch carried on.

"I will oversee all of your work while I personally train up here. If there are any problems you will report to your mission leader, who will in turn report to me if necessary. Now, I think I've covered everything."

Without saying another word, the rugged Hitmonlee turned and entered a cave, where a fire was already crackling and blazing.

Neo Emolga
10-26-2006, 02:52 PM
OOC: Ha ha, okay, I goofed up there. I’ll make sure that’s the only time that happens…

Mt Freeze

Finch continued on while I kept warm next to Sky’ree. The snow was cold and wet under my feet, but at least my back was protected by Sky’ree’s wing from the bitter freezing winds…

“I know it seems a little sudden,” Finch had begun again, “and I know very well that you may not feel prepared for a full-scale War with Rocket and Delta Green. However, I also know that you're only kidding yourselves. Our team is the most worthy and powerful rescue force there ever has been, and every one of you have proven yourself in adverse situations. A War will just be like another large-scale rescue op. You have my full confidence.”

I didn’t want Rocket or Delta Green to intrude on our way of life. They had already forced us out of our home to avoid forced submission. I knew that if we had stayed in Lightning Field… we would have been thrown under their control, and even my little sister would be forced into battles for a team she didn’t want to have anything to do with. Thankfully, Team Aqua had let her stay at home while Damien and I were off taking care of these other problems…

“There is one task, though, that will be both vital and incredibly difficult to complete.” Finch continued, “The rumours you have heard about the four "Season Stones"... the rumours are all true. I have felt it, the changes in the natural order. It's the same feeling I had on the night I lost my dear parents to the sea. If we can obtain these stones, it will be a breeze to defeat these new enemies and also no mean feat to avert and even prevent future disasters. Yes, the Stones will be of utmost importance to our plan. Our dreams will soon become a reality.”

I heard about them as well. The powers they could grant were almost… surreal. Literally… any Pokémon that found them would have… power similar to what the legends had. Of course… I didn’t know if I would ever even see them, but I was hoping that some powerful Team Aqua members would be able to tap into that kind of power, and use it to benefit all of us on the east side. We needed it…

Finch then divided everyone into three squads. Squad A was for taking forces into Team Rocket’s territory, while Squad B was for heading into the southern regions to investigate Delta Green’s regions. Meanwhile, Squad C was intended for training, and Finch made it clear that’s where he wanted me to be assigned. Still, I was looking forward to heading home to train some of my comrades back in Terenas. Maybe… by chance, if he wasn’t out on a mission, I might be able to run into Damien again…

Meanwhile, Finch intended on staying here as the overseer. I knew where I was assigned, but we still had time before the conflict. I wanted to make sure the advantage of superior numbers was on our side. I was the supervisor of Squad C, and those who were assigned suddenly came before me.

“Captain Neo.” One of the members asked me, a shivering Farfetch’d, “Okay, so you’re the leader of Squad C. What would you have us do?”

“We need more training instructors in our three cities, Marinas, Terenas, and Darakee. Darakee should prepare defenses since that city is the closest to enemy territory. Meanwhile, Marinas is basing for supply and training, while Terenas is preparing an offensive. With that in mind, train your members accordingly. Darakee is meant to hold off offensives, and we’ve already begun the process of building trenches and a stone wall around the city. They’re not done yet, but they’re making very good progress.”

Out west, we were looking at Free Haven and Pokémon Square. I already knew what Team Rocket’s intentions were, but I wasn’t too sure about Delta Green. I didn’t want to risk having something happening to us from their possible assault.

“Follow Aqua Agenda for training of new recruits.” I told them, knowing this would likely be the fastest pace we would train our citizens for combat, “If you’re not clear regarding the details, immediately read up on it. We need to be prepared.”

“What do you plan on doing yourself, Neo?” A concerned Blaziken asked me.

“Same thing I’m best at doing.” I told him with a confident smile, “Training our Skystriker Force.”

10-26-2006, 09:36 PM
Pokemon Square, Reeah’s house

Juan loomed over the beautiful arbok, waiting for her to awake. Fed up with waiting, Juan yelled “Get up! We have to move out now!” Hoping to wake Reeah. After commanding her once more, she awoke.

“Reeah, we have to begin our travel to Mt. steel as soon as possible. Grab some iron thorns and a few apples and we can go!” Juan commanded, startling the arbok. Reeah had appeared to be in a very nervous state. Juan noticed a speck of sweat running down her neck. “Reeah, you can’t hide from us. We know all about your queSst to find the season stones….”

Reeah could not believe what she heard. She could not deny it. Besides, it would be rather easy for two pokemon who knew future sight to figure it out. “Then, why not have me killed?”

“Your quest for the season stones….that is precisely why I chose you for our team. While I may not look like it…I need the stones, for a purpose of my own. I can not tell you that specific purpose right now...but I will do whatever it takes to get my fins on them.” Juan said with a soft yet steady voice.

Xatu stood outside of the hut-like building, shocked by what he had just heard. “I have to stop them; they have used my power for too long!” Apparently, Juan could hear the Xatu’s voice.

Juan stepped outside, confronting Xatu. “If you dare tell anyone of this, I shall have you killed.”

“You would never do that. I don’t sense a single bad vibe coming from you”

“Try me” Juan responded, moving in for the kill. “I’ll just have to use…FISSURE!”

The Xatu slowly collapsed as giant boulders from above bombarded him, each one causing serious damage, until the 6th boulder hit him. The Xatu lay on the ground, knocked out. In the mean time, Juan would take him to skarmory. That would keep Xatu occupied until the mission was over. Before departing with Reeah, Juan would have to make a few announcements.

Juan, stepping up on the podium, began another short speech. Pokemon gathered around. “As many of you know, Xatu should have been accompanying Reeah and I on our mission today. That is no longer true. Xatu has been seriously harmed by the rock slide this morning. We will now take…volunteers, for our elite rescue team. One spot is open.” No one responded, even after ten minutes. Finally, a deep voice coming from the back of the crowd was heard. Juan could tell where the voice was coming from, but he couldn’t who it was.

“I’ll take the job” The voice said. “It would be an honor to serve under you”

“Very well then” Juan said “Our new team will be me, Reeah and….I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

‘The voice’ marched up to the podium, revealing himself to be a large, nasty looking Garydos.

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10-26-2006, 09:51 PM
(I'm sorry, Gonzap, but that was very much bunnying. You didn't really do anything, but please, don't do it again. It's a silly thing to get in trouble over.)

Reeah assessed the Gyarados, approving of his looks. Despite the fact he was a fish out of water in every sense of the term, he seemed strong, capable, and vicious. Perhaps even better than her own Daisuke. Speaking of which...

She discreetly glanced over the crowd. Her large companion was absent, she noticed, but kept herself from smiling. That part of the plan, at least, was going accordingly.

Her gaze finally turned to Juan himself. He'd surprised her, with his violent act, although she approved of it. Still, the fact that he, too, searched for the stones was a rift in her plan. She'd have to be all the more devious. He already knew far to much about her, and could easily dispose of her if he so wished. She wasn't going to let him get that far.

"We need to get going," she hissed to him under her breath. Her eyes flicked to the sky. "The sun is getting high already."

10-26-2006, 10:19 PM
(Okay, I won't do it. I just needed it for that part.)

Pokemon Square

Juan took a step back. Garydos, it had caused him so much grief in the past….why trust it now?

“Are we going or not?” The Garydos ask impatiently. “I’m gunna help out as much as possible”

It was obvious that his Garydos showed no relation to the ones that had killed his pod, but still, he held a great grudge. “Very well, we will head off in 5 minutes” Juan handed the Garydos a team bandana, to put on his fin “This will give you time to gather some weapons and apples. Meet me at the gates at that time, or we will move on without you.”

Team members rushed to their homes to gather their belongings before the group set off. The Garydos, however, slowly crept to its pond. –Why is this Garydos helping?-Juan thought –There has been a feud going on between our kind ever since…ever-

--Five minutes later, Pokemon Square Gate--

Pokemon from the square wished the group a safe trip before departure. The Garydos had arrived at the last minute, raring to go. Juan tucked a few silver spikes under his bandana before leaving.

“I suppose that the best route to take would be through the stormy sea. We could jet through the water. Water pokemon aren’t that great going through forests. Besides, if Reeah agrees, she could always ride on Garydos.” Juan thought out loud.

“You want me to carry her the whole way?” The Garydos asked “I think that may be a bit much.

“No, don’t worry” Juan said sarcastically. “I’ve seen Garydos do harder. Besides, I’m in command. We’re going through stormy Sea. No questions asked.”

10-26-2006, 10:44 PM
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Pokemon Square.

It was early in the morning and Bit had just gotten ready to check the request board in the Team Rocket bulletein board. As Bit was just about to open the door he looked around to see a Whishcash on a podium and a Xatu next to him with a crowd listening attentively to every word. Bit walked up to a random Oddish.

"Hey, can you tell me what that speech was about?" asked Bit very curt and abrupt.

"Huh,you mean you didn't hear? There is a earthquake headed for us in about a week or so. The Whishcash named Juan is going to go on a mission with a rescue team to try and stop the earthquake. It's going to be him, that Xatu, and someone named Reeah." said the Oddish.

"Well I guess I'll be safe then" said Bit jokingly.

"WHAT!?" exclaimed the Oddish.

"Yeah I can levitate meaning the earthquake wont affect me at all. Have fun with your ground shacking" said Bit cheerfully as he left the Oddish with a dumbfound expression on its face.

All kidding aside Bit was deeply concerned with the dire news he just heard. Bit still decided to check the Team Rocket board for any little jobs. When bit got to the building it had a sign that said closed till further notice.

"aww man these people are scared about nothing. I bet Juan is going to find a way to stop that earthquake." sighed Bit. "Well, I could always ask Juan if I could go with him." Bit asked ecitedly. "Time to take to the skies" Bit said as he began to beat his wings and fly into the sky.

Bit flew for what seemed like hours till it struck him. He rembered back to earlier that day; when that Oddish said something about Reeah. Luckily Bit knew where she lived. Bit flew off in a furry hoping that Juan was still there. He landed a few feet away from Reeah's house and heard Juan's voice. "“Reeah, we have to begin our travel to Mt. steel as soon as possible....I need the stones, for a purpose of my own. I can not tell you that specific purpose right now...but I will do whatever it takes to get my fins on them".

"Huh, What are these stones?" said Bit in a low whisper that was covered up by Xatu's voice.

“I have to stop them; they have used my power for too long!”

After that the ground shook and Bit heard the sound of something hitting the ground. After a moments hesitation Bit walked around the corner to see that Xatu was out cold. Bit looked at him with a fake sympathetic frown.

"Oh well tough Shuckle shells for him and not for me" said Bit with a snicker in his voice.

Bit ran to Pokemon square where he saw Juan on the podium again giving out another brief speech.

“As many of you know, Xatu should have been accompanying Reeah and I on our mission today. That is no longer true. Xatu has been seriously harmed by the rock slide this morning. We will now take…volunteers, for our elite rescue team. One spot is open.”

After a moments silence a deep voice broke the silence.

“I’ll take the job” The voice said. “It would be an honor to serve under you”

Bit couldn't see what the mysteries pokemon was, but decided to ask Juan any way even though the spot that was open, was already filled with the mysterious Pokemon. Bit ran up to the podium and saw Juan, the mystery pokemon, and Reeah.

"Uhh, Juan can I please join your rescue team, sir?" asked Bit cowardly. "I know there isnt any more room, but I think I could help you in your quest."

10-26-2006, 10:55 PM
"Of course," Reeah said, sounding thrilled with the idea. "Yes, you're right, the Stormy Sea would be the easiest route." Juan, of course, had just told her their plans as they made for the ocean in question. "I can swim," she said confidently, "to some extent, anyway. But riding Gyarados would be far easier. I would only slow you down." Even as she spoke, her mind was racing. She had not been expecting this, but, really, she should have been. Both of her companons now were water Pokemon. Of course they would be going over sea!

"I just need to take care of something," she continued. "I'll be back in less than five minutes, ready to go." She didn't wait for his answer, instead turning and slithering quickly back down the path. Just as soon as she was out of range of both eyes and ears, she turned, going away from the town and the path. It didn't take her long to find who she was looking for.

"Are you going to set out, then?" Came Daisuke's anxious voice.

"Quiet, you idiot!" She hissed angrily. "Any nobody walking by would be able to hear you!"

"Y-yes Reeah," he said, almost in a whisper.

"There's been a change of plan," she said quietly. "We won't be going over land, but by sea. There's really no point in you coming, in any case. I'll be perfectly safe." The Nidoking looked stricken.

"But, but Reeah-!"

"Shush! Just do as I say and return, alright? I'll be fine. You needn't worry about me. Every thing is under control."

"... Fine," he finally said, albeit reluctantly. "I'll go back."

"Good. Now, go. Right now." Reeah watched him as he trudged through the underbrush, going as quietly as possible. It still wasn't all that quiet. She winced. He wouldn't have made it two minutes without being discovered, in any case.

Deciding he would indeed go back to Pokemon Square, Reeah hurried to return to the others. Therefore, she didn't see Daisuke watch her disappear from sight and turn right back around.

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10-26-2006, 11:22 PM
IC: Riding on Lapras

Looking over across the sea by Rick Jordan was thinking about his childhood and his parents. He was thinking of what things had happened in his life but then Rick snapped him out of it and said “ hey Jordan want to form a rescue team, it seems like everyone is doing it now”? “ Yeah ok it might lift my mind off this pressing matter” replied Jordan. Jordan was slowing seeing a shape form in the distance that looked like land. “Well Rick want to hop off now and stretch our wings and let this lapras get a dive underwater before we hit ground”?

“Yeah I will probably need to move these stiff wings” Rick replied.

Starting to flap his wings he felt the stiffness of his wings start to were off and then he looked over to Rick and saw he felt the same good feeling. “Wanna race Rick” asked Jordan? “Ok, but I heard Dragonites were slow so don’t cry if you lose” Rick said.

“Don’t worry you will have a good race” replied Jordan. Making his wings flap fast he started to lift off the ground and saw Rick was already in the air and thought oh no you don’t. Moving his wings faster and faster he noticed a far off feeling of happiness and noticed he was already by Rick. “Holy crud Jordan you are a fast Dragonite usually they are already in my dust” sneered Rick. Deciding not to reply Jordan beat his wings as fast as he could and noticed he was getting farther and farther in front of Rick then he noticed Rick gaining fast. Jordan then glided close to the water and hit the water with his claws and splashed Rick.

“Oh no you did not Jordan” said Rick as he swooped down by him and splashed Jordan. Jordan then splashed him back again and the splash fight continued until they got close to the ground and then Jordan realized that was the most fun he had in a long time. “Well that race tired me out” Jordan said drowsily as Rick landed right by him.

“Well you definitely beat me by a long shot Jordan and yes I think we should get some rest” replied Rick. Jordan then followed Rick and after a while they reached the team Rocket base of pokemon square. He then said goodbye to Rick and looked until he found his room. The room seemed just right for a Dragonite. Jordan then just plopped down on his bed then in an instant was asleep.

Sceptile Frost
10-27-2006, 01:44 AM
~Mt. Blaze~
Aidan shifted his gaze from the mount of molten lava near him to the icey pinnacle off to the north and east. He was late for the meeting, the most important meeting of his life, and all chances of striking vengeance upon Modoc were gone. Finch wouldn't know about that, and would probably make him the janitor Darakee or something...

He closed his eyes quickly, feeling the breeze whispering about him the songs of his people. Everywhere he had went, the villages had been beaten apart, ashen huts here, huts blown apart there. The Rocket Rescue Team certainly didn't waste their time! Already it seemed that the task of defending the Aqua nation was impossible. But somehow, he had to try, to play his part.

He opened his eyes again, scanning the valley about him. The four pokemon behind him moaned. The first was a Flygon, dressed in red and green, smiling faintly as she hovered above the ground. She was Aidan's best friend, of his own clan, the one that had been totally destroyed by Delta Green...

Behind her was Jason, who sat silently on a rock, his green body curled up to gather heat. He shivered violently as the wind whipped across him. Regardless of the volcano nearby, it was still cold...

Henry was next, pacing slowly on his four lavender paws. He lowered his head, revealing a row of spikes down his back.

The fifth member of the group was Samantha. She flew above them, flapping blue-tipped white wings, soaring above, searching for a good path to take.

Aidan closed his eyes. His group was done for. There was no chance they would reach Mt. Freeze on time...

Suddenly, a loud caw echoed across the mountain.

Aidan freezed. Was that a Rocket attack? Delta Green? Aidan gripped his ash stick-sword quickly, lighting the sap-covered tip in flame from his tongue. He stood bravely forward, waiting for the attacker to come...

10-27-2006, 02:52 AM
Location: Woods surrounding the Unknown Relic

It was quiet. Not a sound could be heard for miles as a lone figure was sitting on an old tree stump in the luscious green forest. As still as a statue the figure stayed motionless with eye lids fully shut and muscles relaxed as could be as if he hadn’t a care in the world. The silence was destined to be disturbed though as a goliath like kingler entered the isolated patch of land to bring an urgent matter to the lone figure’s attention.

“Team Rocket, Aqua, and even Delta Green have all already dispatched units to scope for the four stones while you’re just sitting here taking a stupid nap, and leaving our squad behind in the dust! In case you haven’t forgotten we are still under Delta Green’s orders to retrieve the stones! Besides I also know you want them for your own personal gain more than anything else life has to offer so why aren’t we moving out already?!?” the kingler demanded.

Up close the figure could now be identified as a machop. He was carrying a wooden sword that was swung around his back snug tightly in its wooden sheath while also wearing a dark black belt capable of storing multiple utensils for various situations and emergencies. While he was rather enjoying the peacefulness of the luscious paradise he knew the kingler was right.

“Humph. Let them have their little head start. Their fates will all be the same. Those stones rightfully belong to me and anyone who gets in my way will perish before me! The best of the best are said to be searching for these stones and no one is greater than me when it comes down to combat expertise! I will surpass all those in the present, past and future!!” cried the machop.

He rose from his wooden throne with a grand look of determination twinkling within his eyes.

“Zig!” cried the machop.

From the depths of the forest arose a furry creature with long, beautiful, brown and white fur. He was quick on his feet like the ancient Greek god Hermes as he summoned words to speak on his own behalf.

“Zig reporting for duty sir!” said the zigzagoon with a light mocking tone.

“Cut the Trash Zig! We’re moving out so let’s go!” dictated the machop

“Geeez where’s your sense of humor....” Zig grumbled

Little did the trio know was that they had only begun to embark on a journey containing unrivaled perils than any other journey that had ever come before.

As the squad started to leave the isolated area the machop bellowed with a determined voice “At last the time is right! Beware Aqua and Rocket! Those stones will never even feel the bleeding sweat from your sweaty palms as I rise to glory as the strongest fighter who ever lived! Memorize the name X because you should know the name of the man who completely destroyed you!!!!”

10-27-2006, 08:09 AM
OOC: Once again, I'm late...meh....it's becoming a habit of mine. At least there aren't too many members in The Four Stones to worry about...


The ice felt cold under his paws.

Eliadon crawled up the steep rise of Mt. Freeze. He knew that he should have woken up earlier in order to make it to the Aqua meeting, but it was impossible, seeing as he had been up all night, talking with Ria. She was having trouble, because recently, she twisted her front right paw and could not dig. Her main job was to dig for edible roots, but now that she couldn't dig, her income was less. Fortunately, Eliadon's income was enough to keep them both alive, they were now feeling their expenses a stretch. Signing, Eliadon raised his paw once again, and pulled himself up the final ledge. Immediately, he heard the familiar voice of his boss, Finch the Hitmonlee. He struggled across the wasteland, listening to what Finch was saying.

He arrived just in time to here him say that he, Eliadon, would be incharge of Squad B. However, Eliadon had no idea what Squad B was. He crawled up to a Furret, who was shivering in the cold, and asked:

"What is 'Squad B'?"

"Eliadon?" squeaked the Furret in surprise. "Squad B is one of the three squads that Commander Finch has assigned us to. Squad A has to spy on the Rockets, and get as much information as possible; Squad B has to spy on the Deltas, with much the same purpose as Squad A; and Squad C is dedicated to trainingand recruiting. Quite simple, acutally."

Eliadon grinned. His dream was coming true. He would finally get his revenge against Delta for killing his father, and through that, his mother. He felt a familiar sense of anger welling up in his chest as he remembered his parents. But he knew, as a member of Aqua, and leader of Squad B, he should not show any emotion. He slowed down his breathing to calm down, and then turned to Commander Finch.

"Commander, I'm sorry for being late, and I understand my job. I shall conduct it was more determinaton than any other member you would ever set your eyes on."

10-27-2006, 09:34 AM
Finch's Cave, Mt Freeze
Near Marinas

Just as he was about to enter the cave, Finch heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned and saw a dark tan coloured Raichu. Finch knew exactly who had just arrived.

"Commander, I'm sorry for being late, and I understand my job. I shall conduct it was more determinaton than any other member you would ever set your eyes on."

"Eliadon, it's fine," said Finch. "Really, don't worry about it. Gather your teammates for the mission. Each of those present at the meeting should command a 4-pokemon team and venture into Delta territory. You leave in the morning. Now, please, leave me in peace. There is much to think about."

He wasn't lying, either, there really was a lot he had to attend to right now. The missions aside, Aidan hadn't made it to Mt Freeze yet. Finch would have to get in contact somehow... he would leave that til later, when he was sure that Aidan wasn't coming. Another issue was playing on his mind, too. He'd heard rumours of the stones, just as everyone else had, but it didn't seem that anyone else had...

Felt them...

It was strange, like an insurgence of energy each time the stones tried to make contact. It felt like he was going through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all in quick succession, in such a brief moment that he would barely notice it happened at all. His eyes flickered with ambition. The stones would bring infinite power to Aqua, and to Finch himself. They could ditch their Rescue Team status and govern all of the Pokemon in the land. There would be no need to send out Rescue Teams with the power of the stones, and there would be no chance of resistance from the other teams. If Rocket and Delta Green decided to rise up, they would be obliterated in an instant. Although compassionate, Finch felt a certain amount of joy in imagining throwing lightning bolts at other Pokemon. This influence was certainly changing him, but whether for better or worse had yet to be seen.

Later that day, a grunt informed Finch that Neo had already begun his mission. The Skystrikers were being trained even now, as were the new recruits who had volunteered for service in Marinas, Terenas and Darakee. Some had come from other towns, forced out by the presence of the opposition. He knew that this case held true for many of his own admins and Captains. Neo himself had lost many friends on the way here from his home, all at the hands of a Rocket invasion force. There would be no mercy for the enemy who would strike out at the innocent in such a way. This had to stop.

Finch sat cross-legged in front of the fire and meditated.

10-27-2006, 10:05 AM
Mt. Freeze
After Aqua Meeting

Eliadon bowed low, his long ears brushing the ground.

He turned away from Commander Finch, leaving to think in peace, and beckoned to three other Pokémon to follow him. He knew who he was taking with him to Delta Green Territory, but before he did that, he wanted the rest of the Pokémon knew who they should go with, and under who’s command. His first lieutenant of sorts was the very same Furret who had told him about Commander Finch’s speech. He would command a team of himself, an Ariados, an Arbok and a Gardevoir. The second lieutenant was a large Kangaskhan; she would go with an Espeon, a Wigglytuff and an Altaria. The third and final lieutenant was a Flygon, going with Golem, a Quilava and a Krabby. After organizing these three teams, and briefing them on where to meet, and how to act while in Delta Green territory, he sent them on their way, to rest before the morning, when they would leave. Finally he turned to the three remaining Pokémon. They were his friends.

“It looks like we’ll be going together after all, eh Eliadon?” asked Jennifer, a slender and elegant Vaporeon.

Eliadon nodded his head, looking at the other two Pokémon with him. One was an Arcanine, his first friend when he joined Team Aqua. His name was Jake, and had been a Growlithe when Eliadon joined. They had done many successful missions together. The last and final was a Swellow, a new member to Team Aqua, and one who had shown unwavering loyalty to Commander Finch on a certain mission. Eliadon wanted to see how she fared in this. But he still didn’t know her name. Grinning sheepishly, he asked.

“Sorry, but what’s your name?”

The Swellow smiled and replied in a clear, crisp voice, “Senalia.”

Eliadon nodded, and then returned to his cheerful self. “Right, you were all there when Commander Finch made his speech, and probably know more than I do, so there are no problems with me explaining that. Tonight, just go home and relax. Meet me back at the foothills of Mt. Freeze; make sure you’re early, I want our juniors in this mission to look up to us, okay?”

Jennifer nodded, and then said sarcastically. “Typical…”

Eliadon’s House

Eliadon opened the door, and entered the small and humble hut that belonged to him.

Ria was sitting on one of the two chairs, reading a book when Eliadon walked in. She got up, wincing when her right paw touch the ground, and walked over to Eliadon. Before she could do anything, he explained what Commander Finch had asked him to do. A sensation of joy emanated from Ria for one moment, imagining the money that could come from this, but it all disappeared when he told her that he would be gone for nearly a month.

Without warning, she grimaced and said: “I’m coming.”

10-28-2006, 04:31 AM
Location: Leaving woods surrounding Unknown Relic

Trekking through the enormous forest the gargantuan kingler named Royale (Roy for short),accompanied by his squad members X and Zig, began to summarize their entire mission objective a third time in a row to make sure the squad was well informed and well prepared.

“Okay squad listen up!” the kingler said sternly “ I’m only going to repeat this once so you better listen and you better listen good!”

“But you’ve already explained it too us. Twice!” Zig replied with a slight sense of annoyance.

“Yeah…..well……uhhhhh…Just shut up and listen!!! He cried angrily

“We have direct orders from Delta Green to gain full possession over the autumn and summer stones. We are entitled to the full command of thousands of Delta Green troops and full access to all of Delta Greens resources. We have received valuable information from a reliable source that the summer stone is currently located somewhere within the Sky tower. Unfortunately Sky tower is located deep within Team Aqua territory so we should proceed with the utmost caution. We should probably say it’s safe to assume that Team Aqua will soon be well informed of the stone’s current location and will eventually secure it for themselves accompanied by high quality personnel so we should devise a plan along the way on how to infiltrate the facility. Ok. Anyone got any questions?” Roy stated.

“Yeah I got one” Zig replied “Why do your speeches suck?” Zig asked.

“Why you son of a…..” Roy replied accompanied by an enraged tone

Zig started to repeatedly dodge Roy’s continuous barrage of enraged crabhammer strikes while laughingly loudly and mockingly the whole session.

“Knock it off” X stated calmly.

“As for troops we don’t need any. A: we can handle this ourselves just fine, and B: it would be foolish to sneak deep within enemy territory accompanied by hundreds of thousands of Delta Green soldiers. We’re doing this mission solo.” X stated

“Agreed” Roy replied. “Then it’s settled. Our first obstacle is the Desert region full of bandits and ravage natives. Luckily through my extensive research I’ve stumbled across a well detailed map revealing the locations of scattered oasis all across the desert so we don’t have to worry about securing a fine supply of water.”

“Mmmmm” X replied in agreement.

“Well the desert is just up ahead so prepare yourselves gentlemen” Roy said.

Sure enough in the near, visible distance raged a blazing sandstorm with the ferocity of a mad heard composed of thousands of enraged Taurous. The first leg of their grand journey was about to commence.

Sceptile Frost
10-28-2006, 11:55 AM
~Mt. Blaze, Aqua Territory~

Aidan shifted his feet, waiting eagerly for the bird to swoop down. It was terrible waiting, not knowing what was coming.

He raised his long stock once more, the end flickering with flame.

"A message from the Commander Finch!" shouted the bird in a shrill Fearow voice.

"A message from The Commander Finch!" she repeated. She swooped downward and landed in front of the Charmander, dropping a letter at his feet.

"Thank you, good messenger," Aidan said quickly, blowing out the torch. He picked up the letter as the bird swooped off northward again towards the pinnacle of ice.

Dear Aidan, you, along with your comrades, are to lead a band of Aquas into Rocket territory. You are to gather as much intel as possible whilst remaining under cover. It would be recommendable to take a flying type along. There is a band of those that are going with you gathering at Meteor Caves. You will find them near the edge of Uproar Forest. They will number twelve.

Sincerely, Secretary of Command, Alena Rosa

"Alright then, boys," Aidan said quickly. "To Meteor Cave and Uproar Forest!"

"To Uproar Forest!" shouted Elli behind her, flapping her green and red wings and soaring up towards the Wingull."

"March, out!" Aidan shouted, walking briskly down Mt. Freeze north and west where a forest of green sat calmly.

Neo Emolga
10-28-2006, 05:21 PM
Training Ground, Terenas

The flight south from Mt Freeze was easy. I wasn’t too found of that incredibly cold place, but it was good to be home.

For now, I was in charge of training of group of fifty Skystrikers, Team Aqua’s aerial assault force, and my preferred way of attacking. There was strength with two minds working together. There weren’t many flying Pokémon that could launch their own fire, electricity, and poison attacks. That’s where the Skystrikers came in. Sky’ree may not be able to launch electric attacks, but I could. However, I needed her to soar through the skies.

The thought and battle tactic of using Skystrikers was entirely my own. It often earned me the name of “Sky Captain,” but I just smile at it and shrug it off. Meanwhile, other instructors of Skystrikers were in Marinas and Darakee, but they too were once students. And these fifty compatriots of mine were about to learn from the best Skystriker there was. Me.

I looked around the forces and saw many pairs of Pokémon, riders and mounts. The riders had to be lightweight, there was no way any Rhydon or Tyranitar would be able to ride a flying mount. As for the flying mounts themselves, Swellow seemed to be the most popular here, but I did notice a few Fearow, other Pidgeots, and one lucky rider had an Altaria with him. The riders were even a broader range of variance. I saw a Totodile, a Charmander, an Abra, and many others. It was time to begin my introduction…

“As you already know, my name is Neo, the original creator of the Skystrikers and the first to implement the tactics.” I told them, looking at every one of them looking back at me, “The role of a Skystriker isn’t just to attack from the sky. You and your mount should be able to fully trust each other, as your lives will depend on the two of you thinking and working together. Most flying Pokémon can not attack with what you can, and the same works vice versa. This mutual relationship between the two of you is essential.”

The first point toward training was getting each rider and mount to connect. Nothing else was more important than that. Some, I could see already had it, while others weren’t so used to it. However, I didn’t single it out, I kept focused on tying them all together.

The actual combat and organization was to come later, and I wouldn’t disagree that was just as important.

10-29-2006, 02:46 AM
Location: Desert Region

Trudging through the desert from the very beginning had already become a real nuisance. Sand kept flying everywhere while the long bed of sand on the ground was as hot as stepping straight into a blazing inferno. From only the few everlasting minutes the trio had set foot into the dry desert Zig the zigzagoon had already become annoyed of the earthly Hell.

“Could this place be any more uncomfortably hot?” Zig cried in rage.

“Roy how much longer will we need to trudge through this living Hell?” Zig asked.

“Days, maybe months” Roy replied blatantly.

“What?!?!? Are you Serious?!?!?!” Zig replied in shock.

“Why didn’t we find some other method of transportati…..” Zig started to state, but in that exact moment he vanished right out of sight as if he were erased from existence.

“Zig? Zig!!!!” Roy cried nervously. He started looking all around the wasteland within view, but Zig was nowhere within sight. For a moment he thought his friend was truly gone forever until he heard a familiar voice.

“Whoa! What a ride.” it was Zig’s voice alright, but he was still nowhere within view.

“Zig?” asked Roy “Zig where are you?”

“Down here.” Zig replied

“Hell?” asked the kingler.

“Ha Ha Ha *cough*cough*Not*cough*cough*. I fell down bellow into some sort of tunnel.” Zig stated with a faint echo.

Creeping closer to Zig’s location of disappearance they saw Zig alive and well. Bellow the bed of sand he appeared to be standing in a long, dark corridor filled to the brim with dust as old as time.

“This hall looks like it could go on for miles!” Zig said excitedly “I’m gonna check this place out. You guys can just wait there for me. I’ll be back.” Zig yelled up to his fellow squad members as he began to journey deep within the unknown.

“Zig wait!” Roy replied, but Zig kept on trekking.

“Great.” Roy said in an annoyed tone. “There could be traps or ravage pokemon down there and Fuzz for Brains would stroll right into them. As nice as it sounds we should go after him.”

X nodded in agreement and so both X and Roy began to trail Zig through the pitch black tunnel until they finally caught up to him.

“C’mon Zig you’ve had your fun and games so lets get back to the desert.” Stated Roy sternly, but Zig only stood their in total ignorance.

“C’mon Zig I said…..lets…..go?” As he approached the zigzagoon he finally understood why the pokemon was in such awe. Right under their noses laid a vast ancient civilization stretching as far as the eye could see.

“Wow.” Was all Roy could muster.

The trio climbed down the small cliff they were perched on and started to explore the wondrous ancient city.

“Wow” Zig cried in complete awe “Look at how old these building structures are. This place has got to be thousands of years old.”

Roy started to examine some left over rubble from the ancient civilization

“Judging by these fossils this place must have served as a desert refuge for a colony of Sandshrews and Sandslashes. I’m just surprised to find such high quality archeological findings in such prime condition.” Stated Roy.

“Hey” Zig cried “if this place is so old it’s got to be packing some sort of loot. What do you say we stick around and find some real treasure hear and there?”

X took a moment to think Zig’s scheme completely through.

“Well since were here we might as well search for something worth while within this dump” said X.

“Alright!” cried Zig excitedly “I bet were going to find a king’s ransom in this old fossil!”

The group went on ahead to search the mysterious city dry of any fortune it might contain. Little did they know they had asked for more than they had bargained for.

10-29-2006, 05:48 AM
Mt Freeze
Foot hills

The morning sun rose it a splendour that was unmatched by any other natural occurance. Each ray burst forth from the eastern horizon, where Rocket Territory was, and emerged as a collossal ball of flaming gas, that lit up the world. Eliadon stood, with his back to the sun, drinking up the armness after standing near Mt. Freeze; the personification of coldness itself. Shivering slightly, and glad that the sun had finaly risen, Eliadon turned his soft brown nose to the sun, and took a deep breath, smelling the firt breath of the morning. Seeing the sun rise like this always made him happy, and realized that his problems were miniscule in comparison to those of the entire universe. The landscape was just as amazing. To his right was the towering Mt. freeze, like a gigantic tower, connecting Kivitsal with the heavens. To his left was the dangerous Frosty Forest. Eliadon realized that he and his team would have to traverse through the entire forest, and more before reaching Delta Green Territory, which was far to the south. It could take them months.

Ria was standing next to him, her left paw resting on his shoulder, to take the weight to the body without straining her sprained ankle. He looked at her face, smiling, and she looked back. They remembered the first time that they had watched a sunrise together was the very day that they agreed to travel together. It was a life-changing decision. Jake was pacing up and down, trying not to feel cold. He hated Mt. Freeze and it's blasted ice; he hated Frosty Forest for much the same reason. Every breath that he breathed out came out as steam. His impatient nature was showing; with a vengeance. Jennifer, on the other hand, was having the time of her life, rolling about in the ice happily squealing with joy whenever Senalia whipped up a mini-ice storm. Senalia was having a fun time, but she, like Jake, Ria and Eliadon, prefered warm weather to this. They were still waiting for the twelve other people who were supposed to arrive any minute now.

"Where are those blasted Pokémon," snarled Jake, letting out a puff of smoke.

And almost on cue, they appeared around the ridge. Eliadon grinned.

"There you have it..."

10-30-2006, 09:17 AM
Finch's Cave, Mt Freeze
Near Marinas

Finch snapped out of his meditative state just in time to hear the beating of wings, which was making its way up the mountain. He stepped calmly outside and waited to see who was coming. After all, if it was the enemy then they would be unpleasantly surprised. No single Pokemon had ever defeated Finch in battle. Seeing a small, bat-like form flapping towards him, Finch assumed that this visitor brought with him news of the Aqua missions. This assumption was, of course, 100% correct.

"Commander!" screeched the little bat. "The two espionage units A and B have been deployed! Eliadon and Aidan have taken command!"

Finch smiled. "That's good. Is there any news of C?"

"Progressing as planned!" replied Zubat. "Captain Neo is leading the Skystriker training and has appointed instructors for the other units!"

"Yes, yes, I knew that already," said Finch, but not in a scolding manner. After all, he didn't want to put off the new rectuits. "Thank you. Please inform the rest of the Team that I will be making a quick trip to Darakee, to oversee our defense initiative. After all, it should come first and foremost with the imminent threat of Delta Green and Rocket to the west."

"Yes, sir! Right away!"

Neo Emolga
10-30-2006, 02:35 PM
Training Grounds, Terenas

Being ahead of schedule was nice for a change. Ending up behind was… needless to say, hard and difficult. Skipping vital training steps in the process of preparing new Skystrikers was very dangerous. However, I had managed to train at least two hundred of them in intervals of fifties in four classes. It was exhausting for both me and Sky’ree, but it did help us become stronger and above all else, it helped us perfect the method, especially when it came to helping those who were behind with getting used to their mounts, and the necessary amount of respect it took for them to be prepared for it.

Actual combat was easier when riders and mounts could trust each other. It was a process of two minds become one. Both of them needed to consider the same path ahead, and to strike with the same strategy as perfected by Skystriker assault tactics. With this extreme dedication, organization, and synergy, it was perfected to pristine quality. Needless to say, I was proud of this tactic. Team Delta Green and Team Rocket would never be prepared to deal with forward-strategic assault plans like these. I wanted to take back what was taken away from us… but this time, not just Lightning Field, this wasn’t only about me and my family. It was about everyone here… looking for freedom… without the threat of outside foreign negative influence. I didn’t want to see Terenas fall to the hands of Team Rocket or Team Delta Green. They had… taken so much away from me already…

Regardless, I got back to training. Being a teacher was a passion, but it was exhausting. I found it very easy to go to sleep during the night. But, gratitude from hard work was its own reward…

10-30-2006, 03:16 PM
Colors: Casey, Ria, Belba, Tropius (Kaizul), Ivysaur (Yaron), Surskit (Sansker)

- - - * - - - * - - - * - - -

Location: Mouth of Wish Cave

"Thank you for explaining that, Belba," Ria stated suddenly, apparently eavesdropping on the conversation between Belba and Casey; other Pokemon looked in the direction of the two basic Pokemon. "I am organize all of our rescue and defense teams, since without my tactics and decisions, all of our teams would be in distress, since they wouldn't know where to go and help.

"Also, what did you say your name was, Abra?" Ria asked. Casey looked down at his feet, amazed at the huge responsibility the Kirlia had, even though it was one of the most gentle and serene Pokemon to exist.

"I'm... I'm Casey," Casey muttered, stumbling over his words. He heard some of the other Pokemon around him shift and start up meaningless conversation. He looked up and saw Ria twirl around gracefully on the tips of her spindle legs, and face the group.

"So, you'd be Mitak's grandchild?" Ria asked, looking serenely at the shy Abra. Casey looked around and saw most of the Pokemon staring at him. 'I... I guess my grandfather is famous to Delta Green, or at least most of the Pokemon,' Casey thought, nodding slowly at the Kirlia's question. Ria smiled and nodded at Casey, before bringing her attention back to the group.

"Now, everyone currently knows what type of situation we are in," Ria stated, dragging the Pokemon's attention back to her, "We are weakened be cause of the fault created by Ivel and his rescue team not being successful in bringing Venusaur and his guards to the surface."

"It seems fishy though, doesn't it," a long-necked Tropius stated from above everyone. "Wouldn't Venusaur's top three guards, Heracross, Machoke, and Scizor have been able to bring Venusaur to the top even without the help of Ivel's team?" The whole group of Pokemon around the entrance of Wish Cave conversed, wondering if it was a set up by Ivel or something different.

"Also, doesn't it seem weird that a Voltorb is this high up in the cave?" asked an oversized Ivysaur from behind Casey and Belba. "Most of the time, Voltorbs appear after a certain part in the cave and then disappear until much further in the cave. So yes, this whole thing seems like a huge lie conjured up by one desperate Grovyle. A Grovyle known to lie his way out of problems." The large group of Delta Green members continued talking, some Pokemon shouting that Ivel and his rescue team were evil, and were spies from Team Aqua or Team Rocket. After being annoyed by the chatting, Ria crossed her arms away from her body before slashing the air downward, causing the group to quiet almost instantly.

"We aren't going to charge Ivel or his rescue team for any level of treason unless we get the story from our leader directly." Ria stated, her voice sounding much more stern than it did before. "Even if what you two say is correct, it's still safer to get it checked over with our leader. Now, we need a rescue team to come forward and offer to go down through Wish Cave, and bring back up Venusaur and his three guards." All of the teams started talking about rescuing Venusaur, but none of the teams offered themselves up.

"I have an idea," a small Surskit spoke from the far right side of the group. The Pokemon sileneced as they listened to the Surskit's idea, "Why don't we send a mixed team of two expierenced Delta members, with two of the new or less expierenced ones so at least the newer ones have some sort of expierence in a class "S" rescue." The group resumed talking, now thinking about which two expierenced memebers should go with the two amaeturs.

Sceptile Frost
10-30-2006, 10:00 PM
OOC: You do realize it, DG and Rocket, that to win the war you have to RP just as much as Aqua...

~Mt. Blaze Foothills, Aqua Territory~

The Meteor Caves stretched out before Aidan and his band, sprawling out - rock strewn wilderness with trees reaching skyward, scrawny and bare because of the bleak soil.

Aidan sighed, looking about. Nowhere were those that were coming from Marinas. He couldn't see them anywhere - not along the edge of Uproar Forest, not transversing the rock strewn land above the Meteor Caves.

But what could he see from the cliff anyway? It wasn't like they would be showing off their size, waving bright blue banners and shouting for joy. This was supposed to be an undercover mission!

Aidan led his five companions down the last of the foothills, plunging into the rock-strewn land of Metor Caves.

Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 03:20 AM
While we are restarting, if you want to preserve your posts and reuse them in the new RP, I don't have a problem with that.