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10-25-2006, 03:51 PM
Alright, I'm going to give horror a little try. Have any of you ever seen the Final Destination movies? If so, then you might take some interest in this role play. This is based on the third movie, since it's the freshest on my mind. (I saw it a couple of weeks ago.)

You are at the local county fair, getting ready to ride the best roller coaster there. Suddenly, this kid from your school starts freaking out and yelling "Don't start the ride!" over and over. They claim to have seen what is going to happen when the roller coaster starts. So, you get off to see what's wrong with them, and the ride starts without you. Seconds later, the coaster breaks apart, and half of it tumbles to the ground, with people still inside it. You then realize that this kid was right about the whole thing. Now, this thing named Death has got a bunch of kids who didn't ride ordered to die one at a time. And guess what? You're one of them.

1. No goddmodding
2. No items (you're at the fair, for pete's sake!)
3. No more than three Pokemon

Ash Ketchum, (taken) Brendan Stone, May, Gary Oak, Misty, Brock, Drew, Max, or make up your own.

Sign up sheet:

Name: (your character's name)
age: (how old your character is)
gender (male/female)
Personality: (how your character acts, and what their attitude is like)
Description: (What your character looks like. Sprites allowed)
Pokemon: (no more than three)
History: (your character's background)

Warning: There will be blood, violence and possible gore in the role play. If you don't like reading about this sort of thing, I'd advise you not to join.

Here's my form:

Name: Ash Ketchum

age: 14

gender: male

Personality: Ash is pretty calm and quiet most of the time. He is known to be really friendly. But, for some reason, he is now a sort of smart aleck, and is known to pop off something smart every now and again, which is usually what gets him in trouble with teachers and other adults.

Description: Black hair and brown eyes. Wears a bluish-black, yellow and white vest with teal blue pants. His shoes are red and blue. On his hands, he wears black finger gloves with green wristbands. A red and black hat sits atop his head. Half of a Pokeball symbol is placed on the front it a sort of bluish-green color.





History: Ash originally grew up in Pallet Town, Kanto. He started his journey around ten years old, and has been at it ever since. After defeating the Hoenn League, he decided to come home for awhile. A few weeks after, the fair came to town. Ash, along with a bunch of kids from school, went to it. They boarded the supposedly best roller coaster there and were about ready to take off, when he suddenly had a vision. The vision was horrible. The roller coaster seemed to fall to pieces and everybody on it was killed, one by one, with him the very last. When he finally snapped out of it, he realized he was still on the roller coaster, and hadn't started moving yet. Now, he has to try and get the others to believe him, then possibly fend off Death in a battle to keep his life, and save others' as well.

Sign ups will end on November 13th. On that day, the role play will start and sign ups will have to be PMed to me to be permitted.

10-26-2006, 12:13 AM
I love those movies so much...

I don't like role-plays with the actuall characters from the... 'anime', but I think I can live with them dying horrible bloody deaths. I'll make a sign-up for this eventually, I hope, but I need to make a new character. I don't want to use a character who is planned for future RP's.

I'll edit this post to put my sign-up in later... likely today.