View Full Version : creative changes for a junk team

10-27-2006, 09:35 PM
Hey just for fun I made a junk team to combat against my friend who's coming up pretty fast in his skills as a trainer (SILVER!!! *explodes with excitement*)
(I'd use my real team, but since it'll be his first real deathmatch I decided to step down a few... hundred thousand paces lol)
Umbreon (Dark-heart)
-Mean Look
-Confuse Ray
-Double Team
-Baton Pass

Suicune (Lucky)

Skarmory (Silpenguin)
@Sharp Beak
-Drill Peck

Donphan (Littlefoot)
@Scope Lens
-Defense Curl
:goofy: something doesn't seem right here...

Hitmontop (Tadpole)
@Focus Band
-Triple Kick
(I know Hitmonlee's better in like every desire-able category, but Hitmontop just seems more original / he's more of a 'pal'... in my eyes lol)

Slowking (Avarice)
@Quick Claw
-Shadow Ball
-Fire Blast

As you might have guessed I'm doing the Stadium 2 thing where no 2 guys can hold the same items; and the only real hole in this team is a big one... Lanturn. Please do grade harshly ladies and gentlemen :rolleyes:

Legendary Wolf
10-28-2006, 10:01 PM
its a very good team

10-31-2006, 02:37 AM
found out Skarmory can't get Spikes in GSC...
so I replaced it with an Aerodactyl
@King's Rock
-Wing Attack
-Double Edge

sorry if you feel I double post but oh well..... maybe now it'll raise suspenseful speculation... Skarmory or Aerodactyl?? xD