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10-28-2006, 04:35 PM
Unknown, a race above the clouds exists parallel to the world of Pokemon. A race of humanoids lives, invisible to Earth, on sky cities hidden by an atmospheric gas. Their civilization is advanced, with beautiful floating ice structures housing works of art. A network of ice bridges joins the towers, and talented sculptors craft telescope for astronomy. And as Earth has always looked to the sky, looking for a way to the stars, so do the Aerians, ignoring what is below their feet. And so they remained isolated from Earth for millenia.

Developing seperately from the rest of humanity, their bodies are strange. The skin or their back unfolds into four pairs of leathery folds, which can stiffen at will and can be used to glide on the slightest current. This flowery net catches air, and is filled with tiny stringlike muscles that can twitch the web to change direction. Their skin is covered in a blue, heat-producing microbe that keeps them warm up in the cloudy heights. Their legs are two trailing tails, fluttering in the wind. They have large, flat hands for treading cloud and air. And their development kept them in isolation.

And then humanity made a leap forward. Syrus Bound and Orville Rong invented the airplane. The first testm propelled them above their highest buildings. Higher they went, inventing motors. Finally, they broke cloud cover. And crashed into an Aerian bridge network. Chaos reigned in the sky. Two of the eight Sky Rulers sent their teams of three men to investigate. Syrus and Orville, questioned, revealed Earth to the Aerians. And these Aerians, with their Pokemon, descended. Syrus and Orville, escaping from their quarters in the sky, set out to locate one who could bring them back to Earth. Two people volunteered. These two brought Syrus and Orville down to Earth, where they began to seek out the two parties who would bring chaos to the two kingdoms of the planet. Four allies joined them, Aerians and humans. And they struggled to keep Earth and the sky seperate.
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So there are eight people trying to keep the parties a secret, and six Aerians trying to discover Earth. You will act out the story, with those playing Syrus and Orville being key to the RP. Other members may act out the lives of their characters, whether human or Aerian, until Syrus and Orville get up to the point where they find the sky kingdom. Then, the players will become part of the story, and once everyone is on Earth, the RP really begins. Some points:
-Syrus is a cunning, black haired guy who is somewhat reluctant to do anything about the Aerian parties.
-Orville is guided 100% by his conscience, and often drags Syrus into crazy things.
-The sky has those eight Sky Rulers, each with special powers who may come down to stop Syrus's party. Gym Leaders, in a way.
-The parties sent to discover Earth are innocent, but all-buisness and convinced of their mission. So either side you choose, you're a "good guy".
-I won't be participating, but if I like your form and skill, you could head the RP.
-Maximum four mon each. Try to use flying types for Aerians.

Name: (Be creative if Aerian)
Age: (Aerian explorers must be 25+)
Side: (Explorer or people trying to keep the kingdoms seperate)
Description: (Personality+looks)
RP Sample:

I may work on this later.

11-08-2006, 10:21 PM
Oh. No. Bumptastic.

11-09-2006, 04:31 AM
Name: Devan Ketchum
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Side: Human
History: Is twin brother of Ash Ketchum! Devan first started his journey at age 10. Devan's first Pokemon was Charmander! Charmander's age was also 10! They've become bestfriends. Devan has captured many Pokemon! His Pokemon that he carries around are Charmander( DUH/Kanto), Lucario(Shinou), Charizard(Kanto), Pikachu(Kanto), Suicune(Johto), and Mew(Kanto)! Devan has gotten his Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre colissuem, and Shinou badges! He hasn't lost since the battle in Hoenn in the last match of the Hoenn league championships. People made rumors that him and his brother are legendary trainers, and they are the most extraudinary Pokemon trainers/Masters ever! But Deva doesn't think that he is a Pokemon Master yet! He wants to catch more Pokemon, and win more battles, while still have energetic fun with his Pokemon as always! devan is a strong trainer, who never gives up on his dreams! He wants to become Pokemon Master, #1 Pokemon carer, and first ever to catch all legendary Pokemon! Devan is our true/honorable/respectful/heroic hero!
Description: Same clothing as Ash. But it's Ash's shinou version type clothes( If this isn't good I'll do over )
His personality description is Cool, Has gotten quite and calm! Patient and loves to catch Pokemon. Is fired up during a battle, and when a Pokemon is in need.
RP Sample

I was walking down a path in the Orre region after winning the Shinou League! I was looking for more Pokemon and more trainers to battle! But then I was caught off gaurd when I encountered a beast instead!
" What in the world are you? Well, it doesn't matter! If you are a Pokemon, I'll catch you! I choose you, Lucario! Lucario use blazekick, and then focuspunch! I commanded.
But my attacks missed and the beast was about to try and hurt lucario so bad, that he bleeds, but Charmander hit the beast with it's irontail attack! Good for Lucario, huh? " Return lucario, you were great. Even though you had no idea what you were fighting. To tell the truth....neither did I. I kept walking after the beast disappeared, leaving it's name on a piece of cardboard. It said, * I am an aerian * " An aerian? What the heck was that? Wasit a trainer mixed with Pokemon or what?
Mew translated all my Pokemon's words, including hisself using his psychic abilities of course.
" Soooo, what do we do now Devan? Charmander and Pikachu asked me. " * I smiled. * Simple. First we'll do what we came here to do, than we'll find this {aerian}! No matter what happens, we will not give up! Never!
" I am bug trainer poison! Lets have a double battle! Only 2 vs. 2 though! poison them Ariados, and Dustox! He yelled throwing his poke'balls, and out came a red beam of light! Then it formed into a Pokemon! Two Pokemon to be exact! They were Dustox, and ariados! " Hah! I'm not worried! I choose you, Mew and Suicune! I declared as I jumped in the air off the cliff, and then throwing a masterball, and Gs ball!
" Dustox use poison sting and Ariados use poisonbite! He said with a buggy smirk. " * Muttering under breath * No brains at all. * Shouts * " Suicune use blizzard and Mew use psychic to make sure the blizzard hits a very weak spot so they'll freeze! I shouted as I said before. Suicune opened it's mouth and blueicy wind came from it's mouth with cold chills. Mew used it's psychic attack to focus the blizzard on both Pokemon's really weak spots. The Pokemon froze and returned his Pokemon. " Next time put more strategy and thinking before atacking! This battle could've ended with you winning if you used strategy. I explained to him. He nodded and smiled. He than ran to the nearest Pokemon center, wich was in Pyrite Town! I then kept walking and encountered a Rentoraa! " You're going down! i choose you, Charizard. I shouted as I threw my poke'ball into the air which unleashed a blazing Charizard. The boy came back and watched my battle, while making comments under his breath. " He'll lose for sure now! Why'd he use Charizard? Does he know I'm watching, and wants to show me strategy? He thought and asked himself. He then stopped thinking and watched the battle. Rentoraa used thunder, but the thunder actually hit a illusion of my Charizard. My charizard had been flown behind Rentoraa so quickly that not even a psychic could know where he'd end up next!? " Charizard use dragonrage! I shouted. Rentoraa looked around, searching for Charizard. He turned around slowly and saw that Charizar had a huge ball looking blast, that was orange and white. Rentoraa got hit directly and critially. The boy then hurried and caught my Renoraa with a poke'ball. He ran away! " Hey kid! give me that Pokemon back! Mew used psychic and easily got the poke'ball. but Rentoraa wasn't in the poke'ball! I looked up at a hill and saw that aerian, with the fainted rentoraa in it's arms. He dropped a cardboard which said, * If you want Rentoraa back, then you'll have to keep up with me! * I hopped on Suicune's back and Suicune ran after the,m. Charmander was on my hat, and Pikacu was on mmy left shoulder. Lucario stood on Charizard's back, while Charizard flew behind us following. I had to get my stolen Pokemon BACK!!

11-09-2006, 05:10 AM
May I be head? I love to RP, and would make this RP a succesful and enjoyable one!

11-10-2006, 07:31 PM
Sorry, but a few things wrong:

1: Proper grammar if you please.
2: As much description as you can possibly fit in your posts.
3: This takes place on "real" Earth with pokemon, not with Kanto, Sinnoh, and etc.
4: These are average people, not people with crazy legendaries. No legends and no pokemon masters. Average people.
5: I really don't want premade cahacters or characters related to people from the anime. Once again, this is not Ash's Earth.

So, DECLINED. Sorry if I'm harsh, but I have a high standard. I might change my mind if you fix all the problems you have by some miracle.