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Lord of the Snacks

Hi, everyone. It's me, your friendly neighborhood deity. What we have here is a sign-up thread for a non-Pokemon related RP. I've tried this RP on several other forums, and it's worked well on some, and not-so-well on others. And now, it's your turn. You will join this RPG. For if you do not join, you can’t participate! You want to participate, right? Right? Anywho. This whole mess spawned from a random and nutty conversation I had with a friend. So let’s get rolling! You get an e-cookie if you can correctly identify any of the references that appear throughout the course of the story.

Long, long ago, in the days of yore, there existed a holy coin. A penny, that wielded a miraculous power. It was said that the penny, named the Lucky Penny, would return from any vending machine it was placed in, without question. The wielder of the Penny would gain access to a limitless supply of tasty snacks, subsequently becoming the lord of all snacks.

Fearing its immense power, the ancient guardians of the Penny sealed it away. It has been lost for centuries, with only the guardians’ descendants knowing of its location. Many have sought the Penny, seeking to claim its power. None have returned alive.

In the present day, the world is enveloped by a mysterious aura. Few are aware of the existence of this force, or from where it originates, though the ones who do have managed to harness its power. Using the energy, people have created an odd technology. Strange, tiny mechanical dolls which are fueled by the aura, called Angels. They possess a human form, and when they are initially designed, tbeir appearance can be customized to fit the owner’s liking. These Angels serve as companions for people, and have a variety of abilities based on their chosen Angel Class (More on that later!).

Among school children, the Angels make popular toys, even though very few children are actually capable of making them move properly. Angels are different from normal toys, in that they react to mental waves. Unable to act on their own, their movements are controlled by the thoughts of their owner. Thus, only one with a strong will can fully utilize the Angel’s abilities. It goes without saying that the higher the level of synchronization, the more precise the Angel’s movements. To anyone else, the Angel is nothing more than a useless doll.

The toys are especially popular among the children at the prestigious Academy of Skool. Those who can control their Angels often pit them against each other in a test of strength, while the others use them as mere decorations. Or dull, lifeless action figures. Whatever your imagination permits. One night, several random students, each conveniently happening to be the owner of their own Angel, share the same dream. They dream of a red-haired girl, her hair tied in pigtails. Her voice, inaudible, resonates with their very minds, but what she speaks is largely incomprehensible to them. Her voice is felt, not heard; an indescribable sensation, and the only thing that can be understood is the word “Hinamizawa”.

Who is this girl, and what does she want? How is she connected to the Lucky Penny? Another day at Skool arrives. You are a student, and you have seen the dream. The path is laid before you; Angel in tow, you must set out on a journey to find the Lucky Penny, while weaving through the many obstacles in your way.

This all makes about as much sense as Chewbacca living on Endor. But hey, don’t sweat the details. You want the Penny. The one Penny. To rule them all.

1) Play fair. You want the Lucky Penny, we know. So don’t be a jerk about it. Unless it’s part of your character, of course.

2) Four FULL lines per post, minimum. If you’re having trouble, start describing your surroundings. Or talk about the wind. Or your character's thoughts on the current situation. Something!

3) Grammar. Please. No offense to some of you, but attempting to read through a poorly written wall of text isn’t very fun, and can detract from the experience. Please proofread everything you write, preferrably before you post it. I don’t expect your writing to be perfect, but I expect it to be legible.

4) Please, please, PLEASE put a little bit of detail into your characters, and your posts. I spent quite a bit of time writing all of this and planning out the flow of the story, and I'd appreciate it if you put in a bit more than minimal effort.

5) Um…er…have fun?

So, this is where you’ll be setting up your character. You have to be a student, but I really don’t care how old you are. You can be a 40-year-old bumbling idiot who keeps failing classes, for all I care. Be creative.

Name: (What be thy name?)
Gender: (Art thou a lass, or a lady? 73 genders does not a human make)
Age: (For how many years hast thou dwelt upon this land?)
Height: (What be the amount of vertical space thou occupieth?)
Weight: (What be they mass, mortal?)
Appearance: (Describe thy physical guise)
Personality: (Explaineth to the masses how thy character acts)
Background: (Describe thy past)
Favorite Snack: (Ye who seekest the holy coin, what dost thou consume?)
Misc: (Dost thou desireth to speak of more? Proceed.)
RP Sample: (The path ahead is dangerous. Thou must prove to me that thy skills are worthy of this quest. If thou desirest, this may be placed below the Angel creation area.)

Here, you will be designing your Angel partner. Keep in mind that they are technically dolls, and thus aren’t very tall. I’d be happy if you could try and keep the height around 2 feet, at most, though being slightly taller (No more than 2 ½ feet!) is okay. I don’t want to see any 400-foot tall behemoths rampaging around the world..Save that for Godzilla; he can probably do it better than you anyway. Aside from that, be creative, and have fun!! You two will be stuck together, so the more effort you put into this, the better!

Name: (State the name of your ally, chosen one.)
Gender: (Though thy partner has no gender, it may resemble one)
Height: (What be the vertical displacement?)
Weight: (M’lord wishes to know the heftiness of thy creation, trivial as it may be)
Weapon: (If thou deem it necessary, thy Angel may have a weapon)
Appearance: (Ye must have a physical form with which to traverse the material plane. Describe it for m’lord)
Class: (Thy class, to be discussed in detail later. Patience, mortal)
Ability: (Thy Angel may have one unique ability, not limited to their class. It can be anything from flight, to some form of nonsensical powerup. Useth thy imagination. Within limits, of course. Thy Angel shan’t be juggling buildings like twigs.)

I briefly mentioned the classes a while back. Now let’s get into some details, eh? Shamelessly ripped from other sources, your Angel’s class will determine its primary abilities. All Angels will have basic melee functions, as well as several class-specific abilities. All Angels also have a built-in self-repair function, though it generally works slowly.

-These Angels have been tuned primarily for physical combat. What they lack in special abilities, they make up for in brute strength. A walking wall of pure physical power, they can topple even the mightiest of foes in a few solid hits. Assuming, of course, said foe isn’t a 400-foot tall fire-breathing green lizard. Warriors have a very high pain threshold, and can withstand a large amount of punishment. On the other hand, they have a very low resistance to any form of mystical forces. Mind over matter, or something like that.

-Mana. A force of nature that exists everywhere in the universe. When it gathers in clusters, it forms what we refer to as elemental forces. Fire, water, lightning. Elementalists can gather and manipulate this mana, and use it as they see fit, though they are unable to utilize wind-based mana in any way. However, and take careful note of this, Elementalists can only use a certain elemental force if a source of said force is nearby. They can only manipulate existing mana clusters, and cannot direct the actual formation of it. However, small traces of mana can be stored for later use, though the Elementalist has a very small capacity; they can only store enough mana for 1 or 2 attacks. Defensively, they are the exact opposite ot the Warriors. High mystical resistance, but a good old fashioned boot to the head can put them down for the count.

-Similar to the Elementalist, the Distortionist works with mana clusters. However, they utilize it for purely defensive purposes, and can only work with wind elements. This model was not designed with combat in mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a formidable adversary. It can manipulate air currents to generate powerful barriers, reduce the target’s mobility, and other creative defensive things that you can think of. Imagination is key! A strong enough force can pierce the barrier, and once it is broken through, the Distortionist is likely to be taken out fairly quickly.

-The most agile of all classes. Fairly weak in terms of both offensive and defensive abilities, the Acrobat compensates by being extremely mobile. Capable of rapid movement, they can perform a series of lightning-fast attacks with little effort. Their extreme agility makes them very difficult targets to hit, but if an attack does connect, they will likely be neutralized by a single blow.

And there you have it. Like it? Sign up. This all makes sense to me in my crazy little head, but if you need anything to be clarified, and/or have any questions about anything, feel free to ask.

Let the quest for the Lucky Penny begin!


Name: Felix Rosencrantz
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 140 lbs

Appearance: Felix has short, neatly combed black hair, and bright green eyes framed by a small pair of black-rimmed glasses. He’s a wee bit short, but that doesn’t detract from his prideful nature. He is often seen wearing a dark blue vest on top of a light green, long-sleeved shirt, and is almost always wearing a set of grey, cleanly pressed pants. Not one for sneakers, he tends to wear either shiny black shoes, or a pair of brown hiking boots, depending on how he’s feeling that day.

Personality: Despite what his awkward fashion sense may lead people to believe, Felix is actually a somewhat normal person, aside from a few quirks. Somewhat. An optimist, he is outgoing and easily excited, to the point of approaching nearly everything he does with a great deal of enthusiasm and pride. Once he sets his mind on something, it’s almost impossible to change how he feels, short of knocking him unconscious. Which has happened before. Due to his enthusiasm and absurdly positive outlook on everything, getting him angry is a very, very difficult thing to do.

Background: As the only child of the noble Rosencrantz family, Felix’s parents had a lot of expectations for him to live up to. He failed to meet every single one of them. Being as enthusiastic as he is, Felix spent much of his youth running around his hometown of Blobolonia, having various mischievous adventures with his small group of friends.

His parents, in a desperate attempt to get him to settle down, purchased an Angel for him. Unlike other Angels, however, this one appeared to be prebuilt, as if someone had owned it before. When Felix held the Angel for the first time, the word “Elyon” appeared in his mind. Having no idea what the word mean, Felix assumed it to be the Angel’s name. Much to his parents’ dismay, getting an Angel only caused Felix to care even less about his noble heritage. It took him a bit of time to learn how to move the Angel, but has since become quite skilled with it, and has won his share of battles. Become frustrated in his first match, Felix accidently unleashed a tremendous force from within Elyon, which he has since decided to call “Overdrive”. Due to the severe exhaustion this caused him, Felix has refused to use it again unless absolutely necessary.

Eventually, Felix’s parents sent him to the Academy of Skool in yet another attempt to get him in touch with his nobility. Felix, however, viewed it as another place to have a series of adventures, and his excitement was only fueled even further when he learned the story of the Lucky Penny. Rumor or not, Felix knew he had to have it.

His search took a strange turn when he had a dream one night, of a child who spoke of something called “Hinamizawa”. Nothing could have prepared him for the events that were about to take place.

Favorite Snack: Cake. Lots of it.

Misc: Felix talks to Elyon constantly, even though he knows Elyon will never respond to anything he says. People tend to stay away from him because of this; most of them think he’s crazy.


Name: “Elyon”
Gender: Male
Height: 1’6”
Weapon: None

Appearance: Elyon has shoulder-length silver hair. His eyes are an azure color, as vivid a blue as the sky. His relatively small frame is clad in a light blue chest plate, and a matching set of greaves and gauntlets. Draped around him is a pure black cloak, with white vertical stripes running across the exterior. The interior lining was pure white, in direct contrast to the black exterior. On Elyon’s back, hidden beneath the cloak, is an open slot. Was something supposed to be there?

Class: Warrior

Ability: “Overdrive” – A dangerous ability, meant only to be used under extreme circumstances in which no other options are viable. Elyon’s functioning parameters are temporarily boosted far beyond their normal limits, providing for a dramatic increase in his offensive and defensive capabilities. This ability puts a tremendous strain on Elyon, and uses an enormous amount of energy. After approximately 2 minutes of continued use, Elyon will shut down for 20 minutes while his core systems cool down. The Overdrive system also puts a large strain on the operator’s mind, as the brain attempts to keep up with Elyon’s movements. Using this ability too often can potentially lead to a mental breakdown, and possibly a psychotic episode. Felix himself has only used this once, by accident.

10-31-2006, 11:44 AM
WAFFLEDGOD! Do I look familiar to you? Lol! Well, I think I might as well join this too, ^^ I really love this roleplay very much, and hope it won't die in the PC.

Name: Yukishiro Sakura
Gender: Female ♀
Age: Sweet & innocent age of 13
Height: 1.51m
Weight: 35kg {Extremely light,although she has the biggest appetite you can imagine-well, not really-}


When Sakura was borned, she had beautiful and naturally pink,straight hair along with her sparkling black eyes. Another nature feature of hers was her tanned skin. Now, after 14 years, Haruhi had thigh-length hair, although she wore many different coloured contact lenses.

Younger Sakura (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/cutelittlesakura/1150089913_nime_Angel.jpg)
Length of Sakura's hair (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/cutelittlesakura/1109606427_CMyDocumentsLove.jpg)
Close-up (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/cutelittlesakura/1146846379_Pictures21.jpg)
Hairstyle (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/cutelittlesakura/ed214.jpg)
Clothes (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/cutelittlesakura/1126921729_esordinary.jpg)

Personality: Sakura is an energetic and hyper lass with a cheerful and outgoing outlook, and a great passion for drawing and singing. Her happy-go-lucky and bubbly personality may cause her to land straight into trouble, but she believes that happiness is the cure for all. Sakura-chan is very cute but her indolence is only revealed within her trusted friends, meaning to say that she's really her lazy self in front of her familair pals. Loyal and carefree, this elegant and creative pre-teen is somewhat selfish too. Sakura yearns for praises, but she doesn't like it when people talk bad about her. Her small little brain will instantly teach her how to spite them back. Usually she uses her smartness for good purposes but when she gets fuming, her glare's the scariest part. Sakura is shy to strangers but very open to her companions. Only her true friends and Pokemon know what she's like: Cheerful, happy-go-luck, optimistic. Of course, enduring her rare selfishness is not part of their timetable-they know when not to and when to insult the sweet and generous Sakura.

Background: Sakura lives with her parents, 3 grandparents, the two helps, her younger siblings, Psyche and Peony, and finally, her 2 older siblings, Akira and Naru. Her maternal grandmother had passed away, while her maternal grandfather, Ojichan, goes to the woods to chop wood everyday. Her paternal grandfather, Kyon, helps maintain her father, Fujitaka's stall. Her grandmother, Hanaki is sickly due to her illness, and Yukiko earns some money by being a doctor and horse-trainer at the same time. The help, Ayame, doesn't get paid, she stays with the Yukishiros since Akira saved her life. The other help was Ayumu, an airhead-like pre-teen who have been found fained near the bank of the lake. Psyche and Peony are twins who are at the age of 12, while Naru and Akira are 19 and 17 respectively.

Favorite Snack: Sakura love almost everything except for pears, jackfruits and dragonfruits.
Misc: -NIL- =P

RP Sample: The moonlight flashed across the sky and penetrated along the dark street, lending some light to early-birds. Dominated by the intense swirling , grey clouds , the usual cerulean blue sky was history. The Lavender had thrown itself over the night, leaving an impression of an uncalm weather .Peony cuddled her sling bag closer to her chest as a chill rippled down her spine. Fear engulfed her as a pair of bats skimmed past a solitary lamp post. Biting her lip, she quickened her pace through the damp , bricked ground and felt her skin turning cold and clammy. Face pale , she could feel herself flying as she desperately try to sprint out of the lonely street . Morning , 4.30 am and it's already so creepy . She shuddered and chased the thought of being attacked by wild Pokemon off her small , harmless and innocent brain , or so she thought . This is her new life . Her new beginning of a story about to unfold .

' Only for 4 months... 4 months ... ' Peony reassured herself confidently , then sweatdropped . ' I can't go on like this , ' She frowned . Reaching out for her sling bag , Peony 's sharp sense of auditory gave her some strange sensation . Not the blowing , mystical breeze , not the early rusting of newly fuddled leaves , and not the call of early birds . Her acute ears tells her that something is beneath the cold and deserted weeded by patches of ... dead matter . It once consisted of lush , green tress , blankets of thick , fresh grass shaped above by blooming flora and nature ... But now , it was all different .

Peony sighed . She knew something was going on , but what ? As she searched for her Pokedex , she reflected on her attributes . Peony was 100% self-esteemed that her sensation and predicts will be ... true. While opening her Pokedex[the one in the first season] , her decent vision scanned the area dominated by tall weeds and abadnoned plants . Something caught her eye , and she knew what it was now ...

She reached out for a half red , half white orb . Deep in thoughts , she pondered over which Pokemon she should use. Finally , a disadvantage usage will be the best to sharpen up her skills.

" Go , Coco ! " A blinding radiant beat the moonlight as a beautiful half pink,half white ball with seven glittering branches came out. Coco squealed as she saw the resolute opponent , Gloom.

" Coco , start off the battle with Icy Wind ! " Peony instructed . A gust of tornado with 80% of iciness came swishing towards Gloom. Her trainer , Beauty Becky ordered Gloom to use Stun Spore. Small littles circles of different colour came shooting towards the tornado. Some managed to break past and came swiftly towards Coco. Coco easily evaded that attack by swiftly adjusting her position as agile as possible.

"Coco , counter that with Spike Cannon followed by Bubblebeam ! And use Body Slam after that !" Coco's seven branches lodged countless spikes out and she spitted out a series of bubbles elegantly as the bubbles mixed with the spikes to form a confusing scene.Gloom was trapped and its accuraccy fell as it vision was not clear.

"Gloom! No , Gloom use leech seed ! " In the state of confusion , Gloom's seeds rode on the gentle breeze into different directions , but the spikes Coco released earlier on block them.

THUD ! The earth must have shook. Dozens and dozens of spikes and seeds invaded the ground. It was as if hooves of Ponyta was galloping across the Earth . "The bubbles are clearing ! " Becky informed the plant Pokemon. Peony smiled in the dark way .

"Coco , NOW !" Coco sprinted out of nowhere from the air above and dashed down legless like a Rapidash[imgaine that , ok?] . "Body Slam !" She braced herself on Gloom and with a BAM ! , both fall onto the earth. " Coco , Recover !"

Becky grated her teeth ."Watch out , Peony !" She gave a final warning as she picked up her beloved Gloom. " I'll beat you , JUST WATCH OUT !"

Peony sweatdropped again. " Uh , sure ... Do you need Coco to use Recover and-"

Becky shook her head . " Just be careful , nowadays surprise attacks are common . " Peony nodded and watched as Becky disappeared , mixing into the fog . The moon has disappeared and some part of the radiant Sun is showing .

" Coco ! Your nice , good ,very good , great , excellent , marvellous,wonderful, FANTASTIC !" Peony dashed over to the fatigued Pokemon . Peony herself felt her double eyelids being weighed down by fatigue , but she perservered on and praised Coco. "Let's get you some rest , alright ?" The Corsola too disappeared , dematerialized into the transparent light of her 'orb' ...


Name: Mikoto
Gender: Female
Height: 75 cm
Weapon: Mikoto has these 3 weapons- The arrow/bow, daggers and a sword.

Appearance: http://images.quizilla.com/I/ickleshwerf/1121482455_WIND.jpg

Class: Elementalist


Mind Read- This is basically the atatck Mikoto has no matter in whatever environment. It has a big risk though, for sometimes the target will be angry and well, the situations worsens. Mind Read comes along with other psychic abilities.

Sky Girl
10-31-2006, 10:14 PM
One question before I type the rest of my character's appearence, do the students have to wear skool uniforms or anything?

10-31-2006, 10:23 PM
OOC: Not necessary in the slightest bit. You can come to school in a clown suit for all I care >_>

Oh, and nice to see you again, xoxkris!

11-01-2006, 10:57 AM
OOC| Yay! Haha, so Sky Girl's going to sign up as well? And Wafflegod, I guess I should change my form into 'Sakura' and pink hair ^^"

Changed! :hungry:

Sky Girl
11-02-2006, 09:15 PM
Yeah, it's time that I started roleplaying again. And I think this is a great one to start with. It's amazing to see a real roleplayer (refering to you, WaffleGod). This looks like an extremely fun roleplay and I can't wait to RP with you and Sakura.

But that is one heck of a long bio to fill out. -_- And I'm not even done. WARNING: It's a bit mature.

Name: Peitho

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5' 0"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Appearance: Guys stop your drooling; Peitho is extremely sexy. With an uber thin waist and toned body, her curves are impossible to miss. Long wavy hair, black in color, flows from her head to her waist. Her skin tone is a sunny tan; not overly dark, but definitely tan. A small silver ring with two emerald balls on it adorns her navel. And a tiny pink and emerald colored heart-shaped tattoo rests right between her breasts. Deep brown eyes can drag you in and have you head over heals, or cut through you with their icy glare. She has large but flat lips with a deep pink glow. Peitho's soft small nose is her cutest feature. But her often cute appearance is extremely deceiving.

Peitho almost always wears something quite revealing. She has to cover up when at school though. When on her own time, she can be seen wearing a coral, skin-tight, sleeveless shirt, the base fitting snugly under her breasts. The neckline cuts in a low V almost to the base of the shirt, allowing the heart tattoo to be clearly seen. Her jeans are cut so they ride about four inches below her high navel. They flare at the base and have a dark wash. They have one hole, on the right side slightly below the pocket. Peitho wears a loose leather belt, with holes that cover the belt's length, in the belt loops. Her thin coral thong manages to peek out on her hips. Pink flip-flops slap the ground when she walks. When at the academy, she wears a forest green jacket over her normal clothing. The jacket has no hood or collar, and fairly wide sleeves gathered at the wrists. The jacket is held closed by a bright pink ribbon laced up the center.

Physically she looks a lot like this (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/23743299/?qo=187&q=by%3Azambi&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps); just with longer hair and a little shorter.

Personality: Girls call Peitho a prostitute. But she's much deeper than that. Her fiery personality makes her someone you don't want to mess with. She's a very daring person and loves a challenge. However, there aren't many for her in life. She can overcome just about anything. Her persuasion skills can't be matched. She can talk her way into and out of anything. If she has to resort to physical appeal to get what she wants, she will. She never regrets anything she does, and always gets what she wants. Nobody takes advantage of her unless she permits it. She tries to convince herself that nothing in her life is wrong, but home base doesn't satisfy her desire anymore. She is an extremely passionate girl. Nothing can shake her beliefs, even if they aren't always ethnical. Peitho can pack a punch when she wants to. If need to defend herself arises, she can. She's very confident in her abilities and despises people who think they need to protect her.

Background: Peitho was born to a drug-addicted mother and an abusive father. Her mother eventually died of cocaine overdose when Peitho was five. Two years later, Peitho's still-single father began sexually abusing her. At the time she was too young to find an escape. Up until this time Peitho had been a fairly normal, happy go-lucky child. But after this, Peitho quickly learned what the rest of her life would be about. Survival. She learned how to live on her own at a very young age. Her father provided her with nothing. From him she got no clothing, toys, or real parental love. He provided her with money only and with it she bought her own clothing and food. Originally she had as many friends as a five or six year old would be expected to have. But soon after her mother died, her friend count began dwindling. Who wanted their little child hanging out with a dirty girl who lives in the projects with her father? One girl held onto Peitho though. Sarah lived with her single mother, her father having gotten up and just left one night. Sarah was the only thing that kept Peitho alive. When she had just taken an especially hard beating, or knew she was going to get one, she would escape to Sarah's house. Sarah's mother wasn't addicted to anything, but she always had this dazed look on her face, and had ever since her husband left. She never seemed to even know that Peitho was there. Which worked out good for Peitho and Sarah, especially when Peitho's father would come looking for her.

But when she was almost thirteen, Peitho ran away from her home and never returned. On the day she ran away her arms and legs were covered with bruises, and she had a nearly broken wrist. She told no one she was leaving, not even Sarah. She just...left. At first it was hard. She didn't know where she was going or how to get there. Her first night was spent in a subway station. Her second, an airport she snuck into. She continued like that for several months. Her food coming from change she would find on the ground, or a hot dog stand in the park that she would raid. She bumbled along for what seemed like forever, not really knowing what she was doing. She met tons of people; some helpful, others only wanting to drag her into the same thing her mother’s life was consumed by. But she stayed clean. One day she was in a fast food restaurant, and she began talking to the man behind the counter. She was getting ready to leave when the man suddenly asked her if she wanted a job there; she was 14 at the time. She knew nothing about working, but readily agreed. Turns out, he was the manager, but was having trouble keeping employees.

Peitho never missed a day of work. She eventually moved into the restaurant. It was a safe place to stay the night, and her manager never seemed to mind. Soon she began to move up in her status. She was earning more and more money. She never moved out of the restaurant though; she knew how to be money-smart. Japo, her manager, became like the father she never had. When Peitho turned fifteen, Japo offered to buy her an Angel. She readily accepted, knowing she couldn’t turn down a favor like that. They had to drive to a city an hour away to find a place that would make and sell custom Angels. While they were there, Peitho caught a glimpse of a large beautiful building a few blocks down from the Angel store. Slipping out while Japo was placing the order, she found her way to the building to explore. She found it to be the Academy of Skool. Peitho had always wanted a real education. She took a brochure home with her and studied it every day. She began saving her money so she could one day send herself there.

Not long after acquiring Jaye, Japo found the brochure and asked Peitho about the school. Peitho explained her dream of getting an education and moving up in the world. As she was talking ideas were forming in her head. She asked Japo if he would pay for part of her education. He was skeptical at first, but after a few minutes, she had him on a string. And so Peitho came to the Academy of Skool. She was almost sixteen when it happened. Ever since the day she talked Japo into sending her to school, she has used her persuasion skills to get everything. She's probably abused them many times too.

Peitho's side job - Peitho discovered her slutty side when she went to her first club, as a fifteen-year-old girl who already looked seventeen. She learned there, how easy it was for her to make a little extra cash. And she had no problem with it. It's amazing that she has never become pregnant.

Peitho and Jaye - When Peitho first acquired Jaye, she didn't know what to do with her. A lot of times Jaye ended up wandering around the city while Peitho worked. That is, until Japo put Jaye to work too. Now that Jaye and Peitho were on the job, they began to bond. Now Peitho doesn't go anywhere without Jaye and Jaye is always there when Peitho gets herself in a jam.

Favorite Snack: I'm not going to put the obvious answer for my character here, just because that would be over doing it. So - M&M's

Misc: None.

RP Sample: Post 1 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=327639&postcount=30)
Post 2 (continued from previous; I apologize for the absence of paragraphs in this one) (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=329262&postcount=38)
Post 3 (continued from previous) (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=336927&postcount=47)

I edited that first sample because I realized I had made a spelling error. xD


Name: Jaye (Pronounced "Ja – yu"; with a long 'A' and a short 'u')

Gender: Female

Height: 8" ft

Weight: Light as a feather, Jaye weighs a mere 2 lbs.

Weapon: Jaye carries a small metal pole originally 2" long, but lengthens to 6 when pulled out. Jaye fondly dubbed it Thumper. It has a variety of uses.

Appearance: Not even reaching Peitho's knee, Jaye is short even in the Angel world. What would be her skin tone is slightly lighter than that of Peitho's but she is still darker than the normal Angel. She has long straight, jet-black hair that reaches close to her knees. Her eyes are a soft brown with a hint of gold and her nose is so small that it's almost non-existent. Her also tiny ears are hidden beneath her long hair and her cheeks have a nice rosy blush in all weather. Jaye looks very muscular, even those these muscles won't help her in any weight-lifting contest, as they are merely how Peitho had Jaye designed. Jaye wears sleek black pants with wide legs that tuck into her dark brown boots, which don't quite reach her knees. She wears an emerald shirt cut identical to Peitho's and also has a small tattoo between her breasts. However, Jaye's is a broken pink and emerald heart. She also has a pale coral wrap draped over her shoulders and half-way down her arms, which completely covers her skimpy shirt but still leaves her stomach bare. A thick black belt wraps around her waist and attached to it is a small case, which holds her Thumper.

Class: Distortionist

Ability: While this was listed as an example, I couldn't bear to have an Angel that couldn't fly.

Jaye does not have wings or any other apparatus that might indicate her ability to fly. She merely floats in the air beside Peitho and can move around at will. This is not some all powerful psychic ability. If Jaye were to be hit by a strong gust of wind, it would knock her frail frame sideways. Even Peitho is not sure how Jaye obtained this ability, but it is most likely due to a small metal cylinder with a powerful magnetic charge that flips as need be to resist the charge of metals in the earth and her surroundings (like how North and North oppose each other).

11-04-2006, 12:46 PM
OOC: Well. That's quite an impressive resumé you've got there, even if it's not finished :happy:

You've caught me off-guard with that one, that you have, and I'll be looking forward to the rest. With any luck, somebody else might pop in too. These things are always fun with more people.

11-04-2006, 12:54 PM
Omg what a mature content... But it's fine with me anyway! Yay, welcome to this RP, Sky Girl! Lol ^^ Anyway I hope more people will join - it's always fun to do it at two different forums! :hungry:

11-04-2006, 10:45 PM
I'll save a spot here, but to be fair I'll have to finish my form in Wanlingnic's "Reigns of Power" before I start...so it might be a while as I am incredibly busy currently.

11-05-2006, 03:16 AM
I'll save a spot here, but to be fair I'll have to finish my form in Wanlingnic's "Reigns of Power" before I start...so it might be a while as I am incredibly busy currently.
Yes, save a spot for me too. I'll be gone for a week, so... yeah.>.<

Anorexic Snorlax
11-05-2006, 04:08 AM
And me, too!! I have a big book report on "Anne of Green Gables":sleepy:.

11-20-2006, 11:15 PM
Name: Amy River
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Weight: 79 lbs.
Height: 5 ft. 2 inches

Appearance: Skinny and tall for her age, Amy has brown hair (It comes down to her shoulders) and impenatrable hazel eyes. She bares a cheerful expression, always prepared to brighten a strangers day.

Amy wears blue diamond earrings, a gray plaid skirt that falls above her knees, and a blue v- neck sweater (Don't worry, the v- neck doesn't hang low enough to show... anything). Her blue socks are knee high, while Amy's gray tennis shoes match with her skirt.

Personality: Amy is a happy- go- lucky girl who has wild dreams. She is cheerful and artistic. People have a tendency to take her kindness for granted, and use her. Amy, in a crisis, is absolutely useless. She will start to run around in a panic and then, will suddenly faint. But most times, Amy is calm and smart. She is never competitive, but can be sly and clever if need be.

History: Amy was born on September 12th. She only lives four blocks away from the Academy of Skool, and thus was destined to attend the academies classes. Her mother is a dentist, and her father died two months before Amy was born. Amy has three older siblings: Mark, a 17 year old annoyance, Ruth who works at an accountaints' office and is Amy's role model, and Jim. Jim is 20 and attends a private college. Amy loved her siblings, but has always wished she had a little sister. That is why she bought Holly. But Holly is a bit stranger than a sister....

Favorite snack: Creme brulee

RP sample: http://Pokemonelite2000/forum/A Journey Through Hoenn-A Co-ordinators Life!

Angel form:

Name: Holly (Has many nicknames.)
Gender: A mixture of male and female.
Height: 8 inches
Weight: 1 lb.

Appearance: Holly is a short and skinny angel. It's hair is short, straight, and green(Hanging above the shoulders). The dolls eyes are a deep purple, giving it a lively glow. Bestowed on it's brow is a symbol similar to a blue owl feather that changes color randomly. Holly has rosy cheeks, and a thrilled smile. Holly wears golden "hoop" earrings that have fiery rubies encarved on the sides. (Is encarved a word?) Around it's neck is a bough of holly that never wilts. It also wears a red silk cloak, a green blouse (Holly has a medium chest size), and gray trousers. Holly is normally bare foot.

Class: Distortionist

Ability: Holly, for some reason, can perform magic. Not only basic magic, but advanced and dark magic. Holly can also call upon magical creatures to do it's bidding. It never uses it's skills for evil though.

11-23-2006, 09:06 AM
Name: Ruirin Kiroko

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 154 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Appearance: -I’ll just organize this like how Sakura did, and prolly add some description later on- (:

http://urlcut.com/1cgga - Ruirin’s hair
http://urlcut.com/1cggb - Ruirin’s eyes
http://urlcut.com/1cggc - Ruirin’s outfit

Personality: Now, Ruirin is one cheeky teenage girl with an odd demeanor. The lass was as hyperactive and bouncy as her parents were calm and collected. When she wasn’t chatting away and engrossed in a conversation where she does most of the talking, the mischievous lass would most likely be of an annoyance and go around pulling ponytails/pigtails of girls who will go shrieking away to her pleasure. Even when Ruirin wasn’t busy attempting to spark a conversation or be the centre of attention, or basically just creating noise and havoc, she still made a lot of ‘music’. Clearing her throat when not needed to, sniffing like a sick toddler when no mucus are dribbling their way out of her nostrils, and tapping her fingers. Other than that, Ruirin is rather indolent and often tends to shift her responsibilities –or blames- to someone else. But that’s Ruirin Kiroko for you.

Background: This will be written when I find the time.

Favorite Snack: Fried Ice-Cream. Chocolate flavored ones are preferred. xD

Miscellaneous: Ruirin’s allergic to beef and cherries.


Name: Shan

Gender: Female

Height: 45 cm

Weight: 3 kg

Weapon: A small and blunt dagger Shan has no experience of using. So, the only thing she knows what to do with that object is to stab through air blindly and at the same time, dangerously, with it.

Appearance: http://urlcut.com/1cggd

Class: Distortionist

Ability: Item “levitation”.


RP Sample: There was once a buck-toothed Scarecrow, who had no name. One sweltering afternoon, a crow perched atop of his hat cawed, “Do you know what it feels like to be loved?” The lonely scarecrow hung and shook his head in response. The crow then mocked at him and took advantage of the poor scarecrow’s cowardly demeanor, pecking at his crouched back.

Then, the crow felt a sharp pain hit him squarely on its spine, as it collapsed back into a pile of hay and cow dung.

“Are you alright?” A stumpy and seemingly plump Singaporean girl looked up at the Scarecrow with warm black cross-eyes, whilst ogling at the ‘suave’ scarecrow.

“Y-Yes, s-sure...” Stammered the mild scarecrow, blushing away under the warm weather, his gigantic and rotten boots trapping his gaze as the girl began chewed on a few strands of her jet black hair.

“My name is Jolyn,” The girl stared at the scarecrow with her crossed eyes, extending out a hand. “But they all call me Journalist Jolyn!” Jolyn grinned as her eyes sparkled. Fishing out a scrunched up memo pad and inkless pen from the pockets of her baggy jeans, the girl began flipping the pages of her soggy memo pad, reading aloud the contents written in some kind of ancient language.


Lols xD The RP sample was something I've written out of boredom quite a long time ago. If it doesn't reach your standards, I'd be willing to write another one ;;^^

Those in bold aren't done yet, as you can see =/ Please give me a day or two to complete the form.

Sky Girl
11-25-2006, 06:23 PM
I finished my bio. I hope you plan to continue this because I really look forward to RPing in it. I'm sorry that it took so long for me to finish my form. I got sidetracked with some crap in life.

We seem to have enough people now. ^^

Lucky Flareon
11-26-2006, 01:14 AM

Name: Skylar

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5'1''

Weight: 112

Appearance: Not one of the tallest, nor one of the most girlish. She has long brown hair with a red tint to it, with bangs sweeping the right side of her face. Her hair is naturally curly, but Skylar straightens the bangs to make them longer, and thus, more manageable. Her eyes are hazel and cat-shaped, those facts accentuated by the dark brown eyeliner she wore. Her mouth is small, with dark pink lips that are small, but full. Her ears of both pierced twice, the right one also done in the cartilage. Her body is toned, and her skin is naturally fairly pale. However, being outside often, she has a natural tan.

Her clothes vary due to the occasion. At school, she dresses fairly respectably, usually jeans and a nice shirt. At home, she is often lounging around in pajama pants and a tank top, figuring if nobody sees her, she shouldn’t have to be beautiful. When she is going out with friends, she dresses herself more risqué. It isn’t uncommon for her to be walking around in miniskirts or lacy tops. However, she feels incomplete without a hoodie, and has one in her car, locker, and multiple ones lying around the house.

Personality: She is very much a carefree person, doing things because it’s what she wants to do. She tries to block out other peoples’ opinions as much as she can, for they usually just get in the way of her having a good time. Although she is usually a sweet girl, her initial innocence is deceiving. She would love to have a party all the time lifestyle. She loves to dance, drink, and make out. In school, she is smart, but lacks the focus to get grades her parents would be satisfied with.

Background: She was born the oldest child out of 5. Both of her parents were people who you could call “role models”. Neither smoked, neither had any alcohol related problems, and both had lost their virginity to each other. For the first few years of her life, Skylar stayed at home with her mother, watching Barney movies and reading Dr.Suess books. They were best friends.

However, the birth of her sister distracted Skylar’s mother from her. She began watching TV shows with stuffed animals, and sat staring at book pages for hours. Her mother told her that she was trying the best she could, but Skylar still felt isolated. She wanted nothing more than to be the center of her mother’s attention again. But they best she could get was the companionship of a stuffed animal puppy.

As Skylar got older, the family got bigger and bigger. While the birth of Skylar’s first sister brought her grief, the following siblings gave her an excuse to get out of school and go to McDonalds. It didn’t take long for Skylar to realize with her parents busy all the time, she could do what she wanted.

When Skylar entered high school, it was like she had entered another universe. Here she was, a frightened 14-year-old surrounded by 18-year old girls with much larger breasts and guys who towered over her. Immediately, she was nervous and self-conscious. When she met a 17 year old named Paul, she automatically felt that she needed to do whatever it was he said.

Pressure of being an older boy’s playtoy, and the stupidity of her parents led to Skylar’s transformation. One night, Paul picked her up in the middle of the night, and they went over to a nearby house party. It was Skylar’s first time getting drunk and her first time having sex. The night left her shaken, but similar events continued to follow.

Favorite Snack: Skittles

Misc: Nope

RP Sample: Seated atop a snowy mountain, further north that most trainers would ever dream of going, was a moderate sized cabin. It was a cozy place, a world completely opposite of the frigid mountain air on the other side of the thick door. The interior resembled a typical cabin, made from a material that made it closely resemble a wood cabin, and a deer head hung above a large fireplace. Although there were a number of large, and what appeared to be extremely comfortable, couches around a coffee table, nobody was seated on them.

In fact, the entire cabin appeared to be empty. There was nobody in the kitchen, nobody in the bathrooms, nobody in the bedrooms, nobody anywhere. To an average traveler, the cabin was empty.

But, Skylar wasn't an average traveler. In fact, she was far from it, familiar with the harsh trek to and from the mountain top. She stepped inside, quickly unbuttoned her snow-covered jacket, and threw it on the floor. She did the same with her shoes, and walked over to the couches. A Houndoom walked behind her, appearing weak and weary from the traveling. It jumped up on the couch with its trainer, and placed its head in her lap.

An average trainer might use their Houndoom to light a fire, especially after a long journey through the snowy mountains. But, Skylar wasn't an average trainer either. The Houndoom she raised was not part fire, but instead, part ice. It made for a wonderful companion in the mountains, but Skylar would have loved to have the convience of a Pokemon fireplace starter.

After a few more minutes of lying around on the couch, Skylar got up, and walked over to the cabin's library. Houndoom followed like the loyal partner he was, taking the same route down the hallway Skylar did. The library was a very simple room. A single computer, a few couches, and a bookcase. Everything was simple, except the bookcase. Upon pushing, it would reveal a secret stairway. The secret stairway that led to the rest of the cabin. The part that every inhabitant called home. Skylar walked inside the bookcase, and then pushed it shut behind her, making sure the secret wasn't revealed.

Skylar's room was fairly close to the entrance of the cabin's hidden underground floor, much to her enjoyment. She was a lazy girl who would have rather slept on the couch, but knew people would throw a fit. She stopped at a door with the letters "SH" engraved. Skylar and Houndoom.

The interior of the room was extremely different from the rest of the building. The walls were painted by Skylar herself, large pink and orange stripes. The floor was a mess of the clothes she had worn in the past week, and almost every drawer in the room was open. The closet reveled more dirty clothes than clean ones, and the garbage can was full of pop cans and Kleenex. However, her bed remained free from any garbage, and Skylar took full advantage of that. She jumped up onto it, and pulled a cover over her, not bothering to change into something more sleep worthy. Houndoom jumped up a few seconds later, curling up next to her.

"About time to clean this room, huh?"

Houndoom only gave an exhausted yawn in response.

"That's about how I feel too, guy. Well, at least that mission is over and out of the way..."

With that, the pair closed their eyes, and were soon asleep.


Name: Meroko

Gender: Female

Height: 1’0”

Weapon: Bow and Arrows

11-29-2006, 05:04 AM
Well. Things are coming along rather nicely, and I'm quite pleased. I'll wait for a few people to finish up, and then we can get started =D

11-29-2006, 07:09 AM
It's been ages since I've seen a good RP that wasn't war related, and had more than a paragraph for an opening. Although I can't join, I "officially" give this my blessing. XD

11-29-2006, 07:33 AM
I agree with what Bron said, this looks to be an awsome RP. I wish I could join, but I too am busy. Who knows, if my school backs off and the other RP's I am working on slow or finish then maybe I'll be able join late. If you accept late sign ups of course. Have fun everyone! and may this RP last a good long while.

11-29-2006, 07:45 PM

I am going to recline my promise of joining, since I am just too busy right now...


11-30-2006, 09:20 AM
This looks like a great roleplay~! I'm definitely in ^^


Name: Okuda Takiko
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 1.57m (Pretty short)
Weight: 38kg (Quite light despite her slightly overwhelming appetite)

Appearance: Close-Up with Takiko (Image from Okuda Takiko fanlisting) (http://fan.farther-away.net/takiko/images/lay_03.gif)

The images below are credited to genbusenshi.com.
Takiko Backview (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/cutelittlesakura/Takiko-1.jpg)
Takiko holding a book (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/cutelittlesakura/Takiko.jpg)

Images below are taken from: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://fygenbukaiden.free.fr/&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://fygenbukaiden.free.fr/%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG

Takiko is the blue-haired girl (http://fygenbukaiden.free.fr/informations/presentation.jpg)
Another picture of Takiko (http://fygenbukaiden.free.fr/galeries/nb/takiko/takiko06.jpg)

This much should be enough, right? OK, according to all the pictures, you've at least assembled some info on Takiko's appearance. She is a beautiful lass with a tanned tone, but not so much over. She has sparkling aqua eyes and prefers to wear traditional Japanese clothes. However, the bottom part of her kimono is like a miniskirt with slight, stylish cuts.

Personality: Takiko is a strong-willed girl, cheerful and intelligent. She can be rather clumsy and blur at times, but most of the time she's a fun-loving, energetic and optimistic teen. She has a good fashion sense but doesn't use it, and the kind of clothes she hates most are jeans. Takiko prefers comfy and trendy clothes, and she's not shy to do anything. Daring, bubbly and naive at the same time, she seldom find herself out of the "in" side at school. Overall, Takiko is a happy-go-lucky, cute and determined lass who wants try her very best at everything.

Background: Takiko is the middle child of the famous Okuda family, who is considered to be an ancient, noble family, and still is. Her Dad is an easy-going guy who works as a novelist and a teacher in a private school. Her mother worked as a babysitter and some other jobs before she passed away. Takiko's elder brother is a genius in school, while her younger twin sisters are talented in sports and art respectively. Her baby brother is looked after by the helps in the family.

Takiko herself is talented in sports, especially archery, swimming. She is also skilled with swords, carrying a ningata wherever she goes, and she absolutely detests running.

She met her Angel on her mother's last day on Earth. It was a heavy downpour, and Takiko ran home, thinking of her mother when she saw her sitting on her doorstep. While there are rumours saying that her Angel is the cause of her mother's death, Takiko believes that Mai is the Angel her mother bestowed to her.

Favorite Snack: Anything sweet.

Misc: XD


Name: Mai
Gender: Female
Height: 75cm
Weapon: Bows and Arrows

Appearance: Mai has waist-length orange hair, slightly shorter than Takiko's. Her eyes are a shade of forest green while she has a fair tone. She wears a normal school uniform with the altrenate colours of red and white while her hair is tied into a high ponytail. Mai has no footwear, but she wears a dark, aurora cloak.

Class: Elementalist

Ability: Water Vapour - An ability that allows Mai to control water, transform water vapour into water, and do anything from defending to doing chores with water. To do this, Takiko must have a good psychic contact and determination to control Mai.

11-30-2006, 09:46 AM
Wow, this is great. So many people joined, more than those at PC, WaffleGod. XD ^^

Hope this starts soon~!

11-30-2006, 08:00 PM
Height: 1m

Just to tell you, one meter is more than two and a half feet...

12-01-2006, 11:48 AM
lonewolf: I don't understand abut feet. In Singapore we use meters, not feet or inches. I do know how tall is a meter, thanks anyway =) So I think I should decrease her height. Lol, I seem to be wherever you are!

12-01-2006, 08:30 PM
lonewolf:In Singapore we use meters, not feet or inches.
Me knows this, and that is why I alerted you to it.

I still think that Americans should use the metric system...

12-02-2006, 03:08 AM
Me knows this, and that is why I alerted you to it.

I still think that Americans should use the metric system...

I'll agree. I'm used to the English system of measurement, living in America myself, but the rest of the world uses metric and I'm a sucker for consistency XD (Oh hypocrisy, thou art so sweet. The character sheets were based on the English system >_>)

Anywho. We'll be starting soon. I'll be accepting sign-ups throughout the duration of the RP, so no need to worry about being late. And the story I've got planned is pretty long, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for everyone to jump in =D

12-02-2006, 12:23 PM
Me knows this, and that is why I alerted you to it.

I still think that Americans should use the metric system...

Well, I am comfortable enough with cm, m, km. Kg and grams are easier to count than pounds and so. So are dollars and cents. Lol, I am listing out all the units Singapore uses :oops:

Yay, my birthday today~! Was it your birthday yesterday, lonewolf? Oh, WG, so does that mean we got accepted?

12-02-2006, 01:02 PM
Teehee, yeah you're all in, since I'm not picky at all and this whole "sign-up" thing is just red tape I need to go through >_>

We'll get going in a day or two, so...yeah ^^;;

12-02-2006, 05:48 PM
Was it your birthday yesterday, lonewolf?

Yep Dec. 1st my birthday, and I got a New Nintendo DS lite!

12-03-2006, 06:55 AM
Yep Dec. 1st my birthday, and I got a New Nintendo DS lite!

I was just noticing the birthday list yesterday (Dec 2nd, my birthday~!) and I realised that Sakura has the same birthday as me!

Aww, lonewold, you're one day older than me! -weepweep- Lol ^^

Yay, so we're starting soon? Great~!

12-03-2006, 04:06 PM
I was just noticing the birthday list yesterday (Dec 2nd, my birthday~!) and I realised that Sakura has the same birthday as me!

Aww, lonewold, you're one day older than me! -weepweep- Lol ^^

Yay, so we're starting soon? Great~!

Actually, lonewold (lol) is three-hundred and sixty-four days younger than you!

12-05-2006, 01:36 AM
I'll start posting soon.xoxkris, I'm also going to start posting in your RP.^_^ I'm glad to be back!

12-05-2006, 02:43 PM
Actually, lonewold (lol) is three-hundred and sixty-four days younger than you!

Rofl~ Lonewold?! Is there really such a user o.O

Well, this is a really weird username then. Wow, so many days younger than us =.="