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11-02-2006, 12:55 AM
The Silane Region was also known as the Forgotten Region as no one remembers it. It was hidden from outsiders, those who never lived there, because the legendaries where so powerful that they would destroy everything if they fell into the wrong hands. But now this region needs help as Team Rocket has found it and is trying, with the help of Team Aqua, Team Magma and Team Nightmare, to catch the legendaries of power. Team Nightmare knows the Silane Region extremely well as this is their home. So now outsiders are allowed in to help protect the legendaries.

Ok now you have to start as a beginner or a member of Team Rocket, Team Aqua or Team Magma. I control the gym leaders, wild pokemon, and Team Nightmare leader, and my own trainer.

Starter Pokemon:
Team:(Emon, Nightmare, Rocket, Aqua or Magma)

Ok now two of the starter pokemon I created have no names yet so surgest some names and I will consider them.

Starter #1
Looks like a sea eagle, it is an expert at hunting and tracking and can fly long distances. It is blue, can be brown but they are rare, its feathers are made from drops of water.

Starter #2
Looks like a tiger, it is an expert at sneaking around, and it is also very fast. It is green, can be white but they are rare, its fur is made from leaves.

Looks like a wolf, it has the attributes of the other starters also is strongest of the three. It is red, with strips of yellow; its fur is made from fire.

Ok now the starters are the guards of the legendary of power that they are the same type as.

Name: Tygra
Age: 16
Starter Pokemon: Fiura
Sex: Male
Description: He has short blond hair, blue eyes, wears a white shirt and white pants, also has a silver hooded cloak.
Team: Emon (leader)
Personality: He can be quick to anger but he has learnt to control it. He is the guide for the new trainers planing to help save the legendaries of power and the world.

Name: Pumanis
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Pokemon: Mightyena
Description: She wears a black shirt with the Team Nightmare symbol on it, an N with a crescent moon on either side facing each other, black skirt that goes to her knees, and a grey hooded cloak. Has brown hair and brown eyes.
Team: Nightmare (leader)
Personality: She is pure evil, she is quick to anger and will kill whoever angers her, she drinks her enemy’s blood, don't ask, she also has a crush on Tygra, its one of her best kept secrets.

Now you should know the rules but I shall lay down part of the law

romance is allowed but don't take it away from the story line, it can be used as a great side drama

i will give some of you control of one legendary when the time comes if you want one but that means you will have to sacrefice the rest of your pokemon.

11-06-2006, 02:42 AM
ok now we must put up the two teams I made ( Team Nightmare and Team Emon) in the groups/clubs section before I can accept anyone.