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06-16-2004, 04:47 AM
“It sure is an exceedingly cool day,” Jen thought to herself as she pulled herself out of her sleeping bag. For two, what seemed to be, elongated weeks she had been at the Mt. Silver Trainer Camp. The camp was designed for advanced Trainers who wanted tough yet rewarding training with Champions from different regions of the world. To get into this exclusive camp, one must be invited. Jen was one of 20 people who had been invited for the current month. Jen, one of the youngest cadets, was a 14-year-old girl from Blackthorn City.

“I caught Diglett!” a boy in a bag only a few meters from Jen’s exclaimed as he hailed the ball above his head, “I, Zach, the future Pokemon Master have the ability to catch Pokemon in my sleep!”

Jen rolled her big blue eyes as she glanced toward Zach. Zach had black hair and freckles, and everyone cracked jokes about how ugly he was behind his back.

“Sure you did, Zach,” Josh, who was located across from Jen, said tiredly. As he spoke, he rolled over. It was hard to tell if he was awake or sleep talking.

“I really did!” Zach exclaimed again, sticking his nose up into the air, “When I woke up, I simply looked at the ground beside me and this Diglett popped up and fainted right there. Guess it knew I’d have won anyway. I never lose.”

“Yeah,” Jen said brusquely, swishing her messy blonde hair out of her face, “Seeing your face is deadly.”

“You stupid stuck up little…”

“That will be enough!” Ms. Foppleberry, a Champion from some region Jen had never heard of before, exclaimed. Ms. Foppleberry was a beautiful, tall, longhaired brunette, and she did not at all look like a Pokemon Trainer, let along Pokemon Champion. She looked much more suited for a runway show.

“Yes, baby,” Zach said coolly, then turned his head from her and whispered as loud as he could without her hearing, “Sexy.”

“Typical,” Jen though as she flopped back down on her blue sleeping bag and sighed. She glanced up toward the sky, which was dark and cloudy. It looked as though a storm may be coming in; weather conditions never seemed to be good near Mt. Silver. However, Jen was used to this. Weather was never particularly great in Blackthorn City either. As Jen continued to look up at the sky she noticed a small, moving dot that seemed to be growing continuously larger above the camp. It appeared to be descending straight overhead.

“What in the world?” Jen whispered to herself. The dot was quickly growing more visible as it came down. After a few more seconds, Jen could make out that it was a Charizard with a person on its back. This Charizard had to be one of the biggest ones she had ever seen. Jen pulled herself up and looked around the camp. Apparently a few others had seen this Charizard too. Charizard was now only a few hundred yards above and it could clearly be seen, as well as the man on its back. The man was the most peculiar, because before now he had not been at the camp. He was wearing an open black trench coat and a black cap. On the insides of the coat, huge guns could be clearly seen.

“He’s gonna eat me!” Zach suddenly exclaimed, his high-pitched, squeaky voice shook in fear.

06-28-2004, 03:48 AM
As Zach continued to panic, Jen looked over to where Ms. Foppleberry sat. Ms. Foppleberry was looking straight up toward the descending Charizard but didn't seem shaken at all. In fact, she almost looked happy. Her eyes seemed to be gleaming in admiration, and her smile was soft.

As the Charizard came within feet above the campground, it slowed to a stop and hovered right over Ms. Foppleberry. The man on the back at long, spiked green hair, which was mashed down under his cap. His black clothing appeared to be leather. Ms. Foppleberry suddenly got up from where she said and stood up, her face was level with the man's.

"Watch out!" Zach exclaimed, he had been screaming ever since he first caught sight of the Charizard, "He's gonna eat you!"

"Actually," the man responded, his voice was cool and low, and actually had a hint of arrogance behind it, "I intend for her to eat me."

While he said this, he gave Ms. Foppleberry a huge wink and then looked intently at her again. He seemed to only care about Ms. Foppleberry, no one else at the camp mattered to him. For about three minutes, the two stood staring dreamily at each other. The camp was unusually quiet because what the man has last said shut Zach up. However, this effect wore off quickly.

"What do you mean?" Zach exclaimed, rising to his feet, apparently just having comprehended what the man said, "I am sure she does not want to eat anyone, especially not you! I mean, come on! She's a beautiful young woman and who are you? Some random man with a Charizard? What makes you think saying eight words would make her want to eat you? Although I know you meant it the other way around, you bum! She's not on the dinner menu you know! Go find a plant to eat instead, or some Magikarp! Either way, you and your Charizard will not feast on a woman! It's outrageous to even think you thought about that..."

"Zach," Josh said, turning in his sleep, "Shut up. He didn't mean that."

"Yes," said one of the British female trainee's who had just woken up, "Shut your trap, nutter. I want to watch what they do, and you're ruining it."

After those comments were made, the camp went silent for a few more moments. The man with the Charizard seemed to have taken no notice of the comments whatsoever. However, Ms. Foppleberry seemed a bit embarrassed. Her cheeks had turned a lovely shade of pink. Suddenly, she turned away from the man.

"I told you not to come here while I was training these young Trainers, Andy. You know perfectly well what I can and can't do while on this job."

"Aww baby, just let me talk to you. I've missed you for two long weeks, and I don't even get a welcoming kiss?"

Zach's jaw was now hanging wide open. His eyes were squinted and his nose wrinkled. He was obviously shocked about what was happening.

"I thought she was," Zach whispered quietly as he flopped onto his sleeping bag and pulled it up over his face, "Single."