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Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 03:25 AM
Inspired by Fallout by Interplay


“The Crimson Dawn” is the more modern type of RP, taking place almost two hundred years into the future, and after a hideous disaster caused by human hands. However, not all hope is lost, but the struggle to survive and the need to become the dominant force is what this RP will be focusing on.

The Crimson Dawn is a post-apocalyptical RP, similar that what you’ve maybe seen in movies such as Terminator 2, The Matrix, or in games like Fallout, where humans are faced with a dying planet after severe disaster. In this RP, the year is 2157. While technology is strong and powerful, it is still limited due to the tragedy in the storyline you’re about to read. Spaceships and frontiers in space are prohibited though, since there are far greater needs at hand than space exploration. Resources are low, and it has left others to try and scavenge whatever they can.

If you want more detail regarding the RP’s genre, Wikipedia has it covered pretty well, and you’re bound to notice one movie or game you know about that fits this kind of genre.

Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-apocalyptic)

Also, if you’d like to see a Flash movie of the kind of combat and environment that is likely to be involved, Fallen Angel (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/192340) by RobsH66 is an excellent example that doesn’t require a movie rental. It’s very violent though, just so you know, but it covers the setting very well.


War. War never changes. The end of the world had occurred pretty much as we had predicted…

It was a time when the word “accident” had lost all substance. The region of Johto had started the nuclear arms race, concerned for the safety of its people. Stock market declines, a disrupted economy, and harsh disagreements with the other regions led the government of Johto to believe they could be under hostile fire and even the threat of war. With nuclear weapons as their protection, they felt they would be safe and able to defend themselves if such a thing happened. However, it wasn’t long before the other regions had done the same, thinking Johto’s administration had gone mad.

The new cold war had resulted in citizens fearing for their lives. Large, underground chambers of protection from possible nuclear war were constructed, able to hold and protect humans for over a hundred years. Many of the very rich and famous had quickly retreated down into these chambers, as well as many other concerned citizens. Meanwhile, on the surface, things had gone drastically wrong.

During a nuclear weapons testing, a T-AV nuclear missile had hit the northern mountains of Kanto, but the destruction was far greater than the Johto scientists had predicted. In one hideous fiery display, Pewter and Cerulean City were eradicated instantly, ending the lives of thousands in only mere seconds. However, unconvinced this was an accident and more of a direct assault on civilian lives, Kanto retaliated viciously. Other nations had felt Kanto had violated the International Conventions by not questioning Johto’s representatives regarding the situation first, and what soon resulted was full nuclear war.

In less than two hours, virtually all life on the surface ended with a brutal, fiery holocaust. Entire cities were burnt down, and what easily could have been permanent extinction among almost all humans and all species of Pokémon. However… not all hope was lost…

Almost a hundred years later, the underground chambers had literally become the new life for the planet, as if a new Noah’s Ark had been surfaced. Humans and their Pokémon were kept safe underground with all the resources they needed to survive, until many of them had surfaced to see what had become of the world. Many of them were not surprised that virtually everything around them had become a desert wasteland. But, even after all this, there would be a time of reconstruction. Like it had before, life would begin again.

Several years after the emerging of humans from their underground protection, many cities had that once been thriving metropolises were revived as towns living among the ruins of cities that once were. However, it was unclear how a new government or leadership would come into being…

Four teams, Team Aqua, Team Rocket, DARK and Delta Green rose up from the ruins that once were to begin again, convinced the only way to ensure protection for the people was to organize. However, it wouldn’t be long before their conflicting interests were at hand. How the world would attempt to rebuild again would be in their hands now…


Team Rocket begins in Kanto, DARK begins in Hoenn, Team Aqua begins in Shinou and Team Delta Green begins in Johto. Major cities like Goldenrod, Saffron, and Rustboro have been resurrected as towns among the ruins of skyscrapers and apartment buildings. Most of what remained was impossible to salvage, but there were many elements that were. Each team also begins with two underground military bases, all of which were once the chambers that were used to protect the civilians. Every city that once had a gym has some revived civilization to it. Smaller towns like Fallarbor, Lavender, and Oldale now only lie in ruins…

While technology is powerful and laser weapons and robotics are possible, they are very rare, rare enough to have some people believe they no longer exist. Most weapons used in this situation are conventional firearms of today, which are more easily produced. Military vehicles and tanks are incredibly rare, leaving mostly civilian cars and commercial vehicles as the main assault vehicles that people have used.

Meanwhile, Pokémon still survive, able to carry on like their trainers had done. However, at this moment, there are no wild Pokémon. The only Pokémon that now exist are in the care of human trainers. While agriculture is still able to survive, the number of Pokémon is still kept to a low. However, in this RP, you still have several of your own.


As with normal Role Plays, God-modding and Bunnying (See the Into Your Character’s Skin (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13613) role playing guide for a complete description) are strictly prohibited. If there is a violation of these rules, the infraction will go punished to keep the integrity of the RP intact. Each infraction will result in a strike for each time a member breaks the rules. If the end result is three strikes, the member will be removed from the role play, making it impossible for them to earn points for their team.

Secondly, it is for the benefit of all that this role play is taken seriously. With that said, avoid posting very short RP posts. Short and downsized posts are detrimental and we would prefer not having them.

SuperScott will be the moderator of this RP, and has been granted the ability to hand out strikes if needed. When judging occurs, he will be the one to judge RP performance.


Read List of Movie Clichés by Genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_movie_clich%C3%A9s_by_genre) on Wikipedia. While it is okay to get inspiration from movies and film, keep these in mind. These are uncreative plot and design examples that can deteriorate your role playing if you happen to use them yourself. Avoid them whenever possible.


Individual RPers:

#1 Placement - 12 points are awarded
#2 Placement – 8 points are awarded
#3 Placement – 4 points are awarded

Team RPing Performance:

#1 Placement – 15 points are awarded

That’s all. You may begin now.

Lord Celebi
11-03-2006, 03:50 AM
OOC: I'm going to assume Aqua starts in Shinou :P
Nagisa Cotton Field

Our money all came from this field. Cotton, the magic crop. Ever since we came aboveground, cotton has been one of the main crops in demand so that new clothes had been sewn. Before, clothes had been made out of Mareep fluff, which was quite susceptible to static electricity, and fatally killing a few.

We grew large amounts of cotton each year, and sold it to everyone around the world. Most clothes are now made out of cotton because of Team Aqua's cotton fields. We have found new use to the simple machine called the cottongin. Plans to build this machine were found in the Sootopolis Library.

Nagisa had become a farming community, vastly different from 100 years ago. Then, this was a bustling city, full of trainers who wanted to challenge the gym leader. Tournaments were held here yearly. The city had been full of hotels and Pokemon shops.

Not anymore.

Now, it was a farming community, similar to how all land had been 700 years ago, with the exception that there were no wild Pokemon.

The Deathwing was out in the distance, probably one of the greatest things Team Aqua had constructed. That ship was the culmination of five years of my work... Some of the best years I've ever had...

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-03-2006, 05:56 AM
"May" a man drawled from behind. "I'm tired." he moaned.

"D-uh," another man added "True, man. Even my blisters have got blisters."

"Silence!" I screamed, causing them both to shut up. "I'm going there, whether you like it or not. If you want to go, you couple of whisky guzzling, meat headed sea gherkins." I yelled at them. "Go home if you want, you boneheads, and guzzle down as much whisky as you want. Go on. I'll do this myself." I swore and turned away.

"Fine." the muttered shamefacedly and slunk off. I glared at those two before setting off to my destination. "Men..." I muttered contemptously. "Good for nothing whisky guzzling creatures..."

I walked for a few miles.. I was on a scouting mission, on my own will. I wanted to find out how much was it worth if we captured these regions. I snorted at those two good for nothing bugs. Stupid creatures...

Suddenly, a man jumped out of nowhere and landed in front of me. His face was completely hidden in ski mask.

"Hey, what's with the ski-mask?" I asked him. "I thought the winter olympics died out long ago."

Meanwhile, I was busy trying to pull out my automatic. Just gotta keep him distracted....

I decided not to waste the ammunition. Besides, I thought I could take him down on my own, without a weapon. I yelled and charged at him. Before he could recover from the shock, I gave him a right hook in the jaw, and he crumpled instantly.

"Ha!" I yelled triumphantly. "Never mess with May-"


A stunning blow hit me on the side of my head, and I collapsed.


I moaned slightly. My head throbbed, and I felt dizzy. I struggled to rememebr what happened, but I couldn't. I slowly opened my eyes...

A huge man was standing and looking at me. Evidently he was some sort of a guard. Or was he? I stared confused, and I tried to get up, but I noticed that leather straps bound me to the table I was lying on. The table was diagonally inclined, so that I stare around the room. There was a person who was wearing a lab coat in the other and of the room. Evidently he was a scientist...

"So. Are you okay, now?" the man leered at me. I glanced at him. He was about 6'6" and at least three hundred pounds. He was smiling in a weird sort of way.

"I am, that's like a real gentleman." I answered sarcastically.

"Good. Now let me ask you a few questions. What is your name?"

I sighed. "I'm not going to marry you, if that's what you're gonna ask." I replied. "All that puppy-fat and poundage, you gotta exercise, dude."

"How about using you as a punchbag?" he asked me.

"Yeah, right." I yawned. "I'm scared."

He growled and lifted hus arm, when the scientist person, who was quiet all along, interrupted.

"No, you muscle bound idiot!" he yelled. "The truth drug will be ready in a few minutes."

I shivered. A truth drug?

"Don't be so uncooperative." the fat man told me. "Just be a good lady, and do me a favor. Is that difficult?"

"Yes." I replied. "You're too scared to have a one-on-one, huh? You're going to listen to that guy with all brains and no guts, huh? You have no brain of your own?" I taunted him.

"Don't listen to her!" he screeched. "She's trying to-"

"Enough." he snapped. "A one on one? So be it. He began to untie me. Now, lets begin."

I acted as if I was too tired, and I pretended to be a bit weak on my knees.

"Ha ha ha" he roared. He closed his eyes, he was laughing that hard. I seized tis opportunity. "Take that!" I yelled and kicked him in his Solar Plexus.

He crumpled, out of breath, and kneeled down. "And that!" I aimed a karate-chop at his forehead. He fainted.

"Now, Doctor Frakneinstein." I went towards him. "I'm not gonna hurt you. Just wanted to tell you that if you want to join Delta Green, you're welcome, any time."

He sputtered for a minute. "That's all?"

"Yes." I replied. "Besides, I already know that you pressed the alarm button."

"But-how?" he asked me, stunned.

"Lets just say that men take women for granted." I winked at him. "Gotta go."

I snatched my automatic and the map and I ran outside. I stared around. We were on a ship? I went towards the railing and looked down. The blue water shimmered softly in the moonlight. I smiled. Good thing I learnt swimming. I jumped into the water, and began to swim towards ths shore.


I stood up in the knee deep water. "Finally." I panted. The forty minute swim was tiring. I walked towards the beach. There seemed to be a road next to the beach. Suddenly, I heard voices. "Oh oh." I murmured. "We've got company..."

Two men were standing next to a large van. "You're sure this is it?" one man asked.

"Dead sure." the second man replied. "This baby's awesome!"

"Good, good..." he muttered. "Lets try and signal the ship. Let them know that everything's okay."

"Yeah," I muttered. "I will take care of everything."

While the two went towards the beach, I quickly ran towards the van. Luckily those two had left the keys in the van. "Just like men." I muttered sarcastically. I started the ignition, and I pressed the accelerator. The tires screamed and hurtled forward. I stuck my head out of the window. "Bye guys!" I yelled. "Thanks for the car!"

They turned around. The second man yelled out in an anguished voice. "Hey, that's my baby!"

"Sorry!" I answered. "Finders keepers, losers weepers." though I wasn't sure he heard me.

I looked at the map. "Here I come, guys..." I muttered to no-one in particular, as the car streaked down the road.

Dr Scott
11-03-2006, 06:50 AM
Outside Battle Tower, Olivine City
Operation Lovebug

Spencer stood outside of the large tower known as Battle Tower. ‘I really wish they’d change the name, he thought, ‘it’s not like anyone battles here anymore, but I really don’t want to whine to the brass.’ Beside him stood his first Pokémon, a Jolteon nicknamed Pin Cushion. He looked down at his old friend, “What do you think? Are you ready for another go?”

Static kicked up from the Pokémon translator as it worked to translate what Pin Cushion was saying, {Heh, you know me Spence, I’m always ready for this kind of work.}

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh at his Pokémon as he lowered his hand to fiddle with the translator. Long before, before the War and all of the problems, scientists had developed the Pokémon translators. They had been expensive, but still went over great, young trainers were happy to save up for years on end to spend money so that they could hear their Pokémon. It made a particular pleasure to Pokémon breeders as well, as well as any of the old Pokémon professors that were now not needed. It was sad, but the journey of the Pokémon trainers would be perhaps forever finished, but not if Spencer could do anything. When everyone went underground, some of them took translators with them.

Since some of the men who went in the same bunker as Spencer’s ancestors had been professors, they had brought a good number of translators. Over the years many of them had broken, but some of them stayed intact and were passed on from generation to generation. Spencer’s own still works well, though it seemed to need a quick fixing. He’d have to remember to give it to Fred the mechanic sometime when he didn’t need it.

Dr. Lurzwig was kneeling and petting the female Eevee that had served as Pin Cushion’s mate. She was speaking quietly and quickly to the female, giving her little treats. After a while Lurzwig stood up and looked at Spencer, “Is he ready?” When Spencer nodded she threw a Poké ball, letting out a Skitty. Spencer’s Jolteon walked towards the Eevee, allowing the Skitty’s charm attack wash over him. Pin Cushion and the Eevee both walked to one of the small rooms they had set up for normal Pokémon.

Dr. Lurzwig went to stand next to Spencer, “This is going well,” the older woman said, “you did good setting this up.”

Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, “Thanks, I suppose. Really, this easily qualifies as the most messed up thing I’ve ever done with my life, I mean making Pokémon recreate even though they aren’t in love … it just doesn’t seem right.”

Dr. Lurzwig smiled a condescending smile, as if she were talking to a kid, “Well they are all but wiped out, this is all that we can do to get them out of extinction. When they are big enough we can let them make love on their own again, but until then we have to play our part to help them out. Besides, with Skitty’s charm, at the time that they are making love they are in love.”

Spencer smiled at the doctor, trying to shake off the condescension. “Well, true, it still seems wrong and a little nasty too. I guess I just am not cut out as a doctor or scientist. I’ll let you take it from here, I’m going to take a walk. You know how to reach me if you need me, and if he gets down before I do tell Pin Cushion to go ahead and head to my room.”

“Will do, sir. Thanks for putting me on this task, by the way.” Dr. Lurzwig smiled a bit while pressing her glasses up her nose and back to fit on her eyes.

“You don’t need to call me sir, you know, and you seemed like the best for the job. Oh, and if Scott comes looking for me, tell him I’m going to be around. ” He nodded and smiled before waving and walking off to the leftovers of Olivine, and to see the process of the restoration of the once fair city.

As he walked past various buildings, he watched as men and women in shirts of varying shades of green all helped normal civilians doing everything they could. Two were lifting a heavy looking box, one that probably was once in one of the underground bunkers.

Like any paranoid large organization, Johto had had places ready for an occurrence just such like the total annihilation of the world above. Apparently, whoever was once in charge of the Johto’s air division, AKA Delta Green, was even more paranoid. The team had many underground bunkers, some just with supplies, some with planes, and others where people could live.

By the look of the picture on the side of the box Spencer knew that this particular box came from one of the supply bunkers, and inside were various seeds that could be used for planting. Indeed, as Spencer moved on he saw plenty of crops being planted, men with shirts clinging to them because of the enormous amount of sweat produced tilling the soil as best as they could.

Near one of the ends of the land that had been marked off for use in planting various vegetables was a hastily made shed, one full of the supplies needed for gardening. It wasn’t much to the eyes, just a lot of long wooden planks nailed together, but whoever did it made sure that it would hold. Out of the door came a younger looking man, struggling with a load of various tools. Spencer rushed over, taking half of the load on himself, shifting the various objects until he had them to were it was almost semi comfortable to carry them.

The boy said “Thank y-,” but stopped himself when he saw who it was that was helping him. When his mind comprehended this he blushed, no doubt he had seen Spencer as he gave one of his various speeches. “Um,” he said, “sir, you don’t have to…”

It was Spencer’s turn to cut the boy off, “Look, just because I give the speeches doesn’t mean I can’t get my hands dirty. We can’t have people just sit on their asses all day and not help at a time like this, I’ll sit around after this place is back to normal. And only then long enough to find out where I’m going next, of course.” He shot the nervous kid a smile.

“Oh, well, thanks sir,” he said, trying his hardest to put on a tough face and make it looked like he had no problem hefting the heavy equipment.

With a sigh Spencer said, “Please, don’t call me sir. Call me Spencer, because that’s my name.” The two reached the spot where the various equipment was being put for various other members to use, and they both, as carefully as they could, put them on the ground. Spencer reached down and picked up a hoe, hefting it in one hand, “Shall we get to work?” he asked his companion brightly.

“Yes, si...,” the boy managed to catch himself, hastily adding “I mean, Spencer.”

Spencer laughed, and together the two strode out to the field and started working …

11-03-2006, 02:51 PM

Why did I have to clean this mess up again? Oh, wait, maybe because I freaking volunteered to do it!

Darn it, why can't I say no if I'm asked to do a hard job. These people just can't stop taking advantage of me. Now, I have to clean up the server room, while everyone's enjoying their morning off. Seriously, why must this rarely visited closet be cleaned out? It's not like the metal will rot if it's not properly cleaned.

Loud sounds came from across the hall, as a couple of grunts walked toward my location.

"... Heard about it?" a voice spoke as the man owning it came in hearing range.

"Heard about what?" another one asked the first.

The hall was wide enough to have three people walk next to each other, without having anyone to squeeze himself through like a sardine in a can. This was to ensure a safe passage in case of emergencies. However, this wouldn't have any effect if the crew was unorganized. Our commander had made sure that everyone knew the rules when coming down here. You could only walk in two's, and if someone wanted to pass you, you need to form two single lines.

Don't know why, but the third voice wasn't coming from behind the first two, as he said: "You know, the commander is coming on board this afternoon. The deck crew is busy cleaning upstairs."

Oh, that's why I'm down here, while everyone isn't. Hmm... Maybe it's time to fool around a bit. I sneaked toward the door, and waited for the three men to pass me. Slowly opening the door, I peered through the increasing amount of open space to see them walking next to each other.

"You, grunts!" I yelled, forcing them to stop dead in their tracks. "What's the meaning of this?" The door closed behind me, as I caught up to them.

"What do you mean?" a broad, blond haired man asked, who I recognized to be the second guy to speak.

"Don't get so informal with me, grunt. Salute when you see your superior officer," I barked. Geez, the grunts these days...

"Yes, ma'am," they shrieked, moving their arms upwards.

“Now, why do you think I stopped you?” I asked them without ordering them to stop saluting. They looked at each other with idealess faces. “Come, come. Don’t be shy. I won’t bite.”

“Ehm, because we were talking,” a tall, brown haired guy said, his eyes jumping everywhere.

“God forbid it. Have you ever heard of a penalty for talking in the hall on peaceful days?” I sighed deeply, before saluting them back. “At ease, men.” Sighing again, I turned around and walked back toward the server room. “Remember to only walk down this hall in groups no bigger than two men broad.”

Seriously, where did the commander find these guys? I mean, at least teach them the rules properly.

After about an hour of cleaning, I had finished my task. Finally, I could go upstairs and do some real work. Only one more thing to do…

Flipping the on-switch, the server rebooted. Normally, I would have walked out, but today – God knows why - I was caught by the flickering screens. Lines of text scrolled by, leaving the screen faster than my eyes and brain could process them.

Suddenly, the lines of text paused, and I must say that I can’t exactly remember why I was getting closer to the screen. The letters made out words, the words made out images in my mind…

Why is the commander stocking up this many supplies? Are we going to ship out? What’s going on?

All these questions spooked through my mind, and somehow, I was compelled to find the truth behind this. Though, there was no way in the world that I could talk directly to the commander.

Dammit, why something like this… Can’t I get lucky even once?

Pen and paper; that’s what I needed! Digging them up out of my bag, I wrote down the location of the supplies. Well, luckily they weren’t located that far out, but I needed an excuse to get off the Deathwing.

11-03-2006, 05:39 PM
Ultima City (To Be Confirmed)

“I’m bored," came a lazy, nonchalant voice.


“I’m bored," came another voice, this time casually as if passing along a remark.


“I’m bored," it came again, this time in a sing-song voice.


The deafening roar came from the figure of a lean, lanky looking Houndoom unruly fur, scars upon his snout and cracks or chips coming from the various bones upon his body, face twitching in an annoyed expression as coal-black eyes flared towards the Sneasel in front of him. With a huge shrug and a smirk of amusement, the cat-like Pokemon turned back to collect his equipment. With ruffled fur on his head and the tip of his pink ear, Javas the Sneasel bent low and grabbed pieces of usable scrap metal from the barren ground. A flash of steel shone through as the dirt-brown cloak he was wearing flapped in the wind. However, with a quick fasten and knot around the collar, the flapping soon subsided as the Sneasel trudged on to continue his quest.

Somewhere besides the Sneasel stood a Mightyena with the blackest tufts of fur imaginable, making the wolf’s pale skin all the more visible. Garnet eyes flashed as the hound bent low to pick up the remains of a bombshell and tossed it into a tattered old sack in front of him. As he did, one could see twin streaks of crimson running down the Mightyena’s midnight fur and the tip of his tail, giving the wolf a most strange look altogether. With a huge sigh, Javas walked over towards the sack and tossed a few more pieces of scrap metal before using his left hand to tie it up, the right seemingly hidden under his cloak. Ifrit half-glared at the cat-like Pokemon as he tossed the sack over to the Houndoom. “You want me to carry that?” he asked.

Javas shrugged yet again as the Mightyena yawned. “Well, you’re the strongest among us,” he replied simply before turning to walk away from the desolate wasteland. The wolf turned his head up to look at the crimson-orange clouds, a smile crossing the simple-minded Mightyena as Ifrit turned and shouted towards their partner. “Oy! Are you gonna laze there all day, Lucied?”

The Mightyena named Lucied looked towards Ifrit, a grin forming when he yelled out, “Wait for me!” as he sped to catch up with them. The strange trio walked along the path towards a strange, dome like building. Cracks were visibly seen all over the place, and the remains of a huge antenna now hung limply at the side. The area around the place was as desolate as the wasteland they were in, with only a few trees managing to survive the radiation prior to the nukes. It was upon one of the living tress where a young adult lay on one of the sturdier branches. Javas quickly spotted the dozing man, and approached from under the relic. Once there, the Sneasel raised his left paw and knocked on the vaguely hollow trunk. With a sudden snort and jerk, the old teen was abruptly awakened and crashed onto the ground a loud clinking of metal echoing into the air as he did so. The trio of Pokemon quickly went to his side.

“Ya alright, Lucifer?” asked the Houndoom.

The man addressed as Lucifer nodded. He was about eighteen years of age, with the messiest hairstyle and eyes in the brightest shade of red. Dressed in a dark attire inclusive of a simple black shirt, jeans and boots (which made his pale complexion all the more paler), Lucifer Leonheart raised his right arm –a mechanical one- and ruffled his unruly hair and sighed loudly. “How troublesome…” the boy seemed to mutter to himself.

“Really, Luci,” started the Sneasel, “you do know that we this to cast our materials for our new arms; these ones are getting kinda squeaky and old. Not to mention rusty,” Javas added the last part as an after thought, pointing towards the patch of rust brown nestled on the edge of the metal.

“That’s why its so troublesome, Javas,” Lucifer replied, his tone half-whining. “We always have to recast and recast… can’t we oil these instead?” he asked.

Javas frowned at his trainer’s simple logic. “No,” he answered, his tone unusually snappish. “Oil is too precious a resource nowadays, so we have to improvise.”

It was then when Lucied the Mightyena butted in. “But shells?” the wolf asked incredulously, “Isn’t that stopping a little too low, Jav? After all, these shells hardly last; all they do is to keep the mixture inside it stable.”

The Sneasel was about to open his mouth again to speak when Lucifer cut him off with a huge yawn. Stretching, the boy heard his bones popping in their sockets, which made the boy rather glad. Such were the simple pleasantries in life. With a beam, the man turned towards his pokemon and said, “Well now, we need to check these materials first before givin’ em to the bossman.” By ‘bossman’, the young adult was actually referring to the head of DARK, Bron Krad. The leader had saved his life a few years ago when Lucifer –who was still a teenager and a mercenary- got himself and his other teammates caught in a bomb blast, resulting in his loss of the right arm. In discovering that Bron had saved him, the ex-mercenary had offered his services to the DARK leader, who gladly accepted and assigned him as a personal bodyguard to none other than Tiana, sub-leader as well as a person who could sense thoughts due to something which had happened to her sometime ago before Lucifer joined DARK.

The boy sighed yet again when he remembered Tiana. She was something like a big sister to him, usually scolding or lecturing at times when his habit of swiping things would kick up. It was hard to kick it after all – things like this happen when you were an ex-thief in the first place. Shrugging mentally, the boy then set out with his three companions towards the remains of the DARK headquarters, broken but still not vanished.


Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 05:44 PM
Lilycove City ruins

Two words. Civil Protection. That’s what it came down to now…

The main objective was to get Ultima City rebuilt, since the damage had been pretty severe. The truth was in front of us, there was no hope for what was left of Lilycove city. However, it contained the resources needed for a rebirth. We were literally mining the rubble to obtain metal to be smelted down into usable parts to reconstruct and overhaul the damage on DARK’s headquarters. As for me, I was the overseer of the whole operation, making sure the necessary parts were reaching the city in the ocean.

We had three ships in commission, a utility tugboat, a pre-war oil tanker that had survived the brutal war, and our most valuable vessel in this operation, a cargo ship, which was responsible for being able to deliver most of our needed supplies. I wasn’t sure how repair operations were going on Ultima City itself, but I was confident things should have been going okay. We had stripped a lot of metal out of this place, and we were able to recover a few storage houses that were filled with necessary supplies that had only suffered minor damages.

It was good that steel mills weren’t very easy to destroy considering the heavy, massive equipment that was used in the process, but there were some things we needed to do before we could get two of them operational again. Once the right molds and foundry tools were located, we then brought the steel mills back to life. It would be an excellent way to get things back in order.

Much of Hoenn was already a mess, but they were surviving and depended on leadership. Ultima City would become a capital again, and we needed it to ensure control over the citizens.

11-03-2006, 06:32 PM
OOC Third time had to come up with begining :P short intro post, gets bigger as I go along.


I continued to stare at the ceiling of ship, I had been trying to fall asleep for hours to no avail. Finally I sat up, my as well get some work done I thought, I briefly wondered how Rust was doing, he hadn't changed like I thought he would, Looking at him from the outside he really looked like someone intent on helping the world, but on the inside...on the inside I doubted his motives.

Not that I cared, evil, good it made no difference to me as long we came out on top I had no problems with the way it happened.

So far four factions had rose to power after the war, Aqua, Dark, Rocket, And Delta, Each with power over a particular piece of the map, though I had my doubts to as whether or not it would stay that way. But as long as Aqua stayed strong I dint believe it would be a problem.

I walked on deck of the huge ship. This ship was the pride of Rust, I could not fathom what would happen if something where to happen to it.

I looked towards shore where I knew Aqua must be tending the fields, I glanced around, I figured there weren't to many things that I could do around the ship.

I found a grunt and ordered a small ship set up up for me the destination...Rust.

Neo Emolga
11-03-2006, 06:34 PM
Lilycove City ruins

In my hands was a pre-war Tactical 12-Gauge combat shotgun. Lilycove City had prepared for a militia that would never see the light of day. These were rare now, it was mostly FN-FAL and FN P90’s that these guys had been keeping in stockpiles and weapons caches. We had found a few of them while unearthing the city for parts in basements that hadn’t been tapped into. Maintenance pipes were in rich source of metal, and most of them were found underground.

However, in digging, we unearthed many of their supplies. Each metal crate and footlocker was checked before headed to the steel mill to be melted down into metallic materials needed for Ultima City’s reconstruction. Firearms, medical supplies for both people and Pokémon, food, and pre-war electronics in good condition were highly sought after. The rest of the metal… was melted down and then shipped toward where Ultima City was, between Sootopolis and Evergrande.

I would have rather been working on cars, but still, while we were going through entire parking lots, I took out all the parts that were still good while everything else… was melted down for the necessary repair parts.

There was still plenty of rubble to fish through, but at least we were making progress around here…

Lord Celebi
11-03-2006, 08:43 PM
OOC: I just realized that my entire application was screwed up because Aqua starts in Shinou now... Crap...
AMS Deathwing - Shinou Waters

As soon as I walked onto the Deathwing, I immediately noticed it was spotless. I walked into the Navigations Room, to see several grunts tending to their navigational duties. Some were chartering courses around the world, some were planning attacks on key locations of the enemy. Some were sitting in their seats sipping glasses of coffee. In other rooms, plans were being created for Project AMETHYST.

Minerals had been harvested and turned into iron and steel for preperation for AMETHYST. A special hydrogen fuel tank was being developed to serve AMETHYST's needs perfectly, while AMETHYST's greatest weapon was being designed by Tiantus down below the deck.

I turned around to see Captain Lear in the Server Room, which was a small room connecting to the Navigations Room, with a glass door. The screen flickered in her face as she was reading the basic coding of the Aqua computers.

Aquas' computer system had been built off a computer model design from one of the Aircraft Carriers 140 years ago. The computers within the network were running the ancient 'Windows 2000' (OOC: Microsoft FTW!) operating system. Tiantus, with the help of the Internet remnance, figured out about a thing called a 'network' that allowed computers to talk and react to each other.

I didn't understand much about these machines' build or programming, but I had figured out how to use them. We had found a few copies of the operating system created a few years after that, named 'XP.' On my personal computer, I used that. I commented on the name looking too much like the smilies of Internet Culture 140 years ago.

I had heard from a grunt that Administrator LT was looking for me. Immediately, I sent a grunt to summon him to the Navigations Room...

11-03-2006, 09:13 PM
AMS Deathwing
Shinou Waters

I stopped scribbling, when I heard the door connecting the Server room toward the Navigation room slide open. As I looked down from the ground, I noticed a pair of neatly polished sea boots, below a black trench coat with an Aqua uniform beneath it. Oh my goodness...

I jumped up into salutations. "Commander on the deck!" I screamed, loud enough for the grunts in the other room to hear it. They immediately got onto their feet and saluted. "Sorry for not noticing you sooner, sir!" I humbly said, or rather shouted. "I've been busy cleaning up the Server room."

I stopped to think, wondering whether I could actually get away with doing this. "Sir, if I may be so bold. I noticed that we are shipping in a lot of supplies, however, judging from our region's geography, half of them are from abroad."

Waiting for a reaction of any kind, I held my breath for a sec. The room remained silent. Gasping for a fresh breath, I continued: "If I may be allowed to go the our supply rooms, I'll be glad to check for the quality of our products. You know my history, so you will probably understand my motives to doubt the shipments. It it, however, in no way an assault on your commanding skills, sir."

I could hear, or better put not hear the grunts closest to the door holding their breath, awaiting our commander's words.


Lord Celebi
11-03-2006, 09:17 PM
Navigations Room - AMS Deathwing - Shinou Waters
"Commander on the deck!" Arlene screamed, leaving the Server Room. "Sorry for not noticing you sooner, sir! I've been busy cleaning up the Server room."

"Its okay," I said.

"Sir, if I may be so bold. I noticed that we are shipping in a lot of supplies, however, judging from our region's geography, half of them are from abroad."

"Eh... No one knows what AMETHYST is yet..." I said.

"If I may be allowed to go the our supply rooms, I'll be glad to check for the quality of our products. You know my history, so you will probably understand my motives to doubt the shipments. It it, however, in no way an assault on your commanding skills, sir," Arlene finished.

"Go right ahead," I said to Arlene, "Take some of the grunts with you... They can hold the clipboards," I said, still waiting for Isaiah's arrival...

11-03-2006, 09:28 PM
AMS Deathwing
Shinou Waters

"Go right ahead," the commander said to me. "Take some of the grunts with you... They can hold the clipboards."

"Yes, sir," I replied. "I'll be on my way then." I turned around to face a grunt, after saluting the commander farewell. "You, get the car out in front. We're leaving in five minutes."

Project AMETHYST, eh? If it's such a secret project, the less people know of it, the better. Can't let too many grunts see the stuff, or else they'll be a liability. Exiting the Navigation room, I couldn't dream what kind of consequences my little trip would have.

Five minutes later, I was safely in the car, an old military vehicle with lousy shock absorbers. We were heading, the grunt and I, to an old grain warehouse, which was now being used as a storage for Aqua supplies. The ride would take about twenty minutes, so I could read back my notes, while the grunt drove.

The back seats weren't as bad as the front ones, but the rumbling of the engine in the back was hell. Seriously, tactical advantages and comfort don't always coincide.

OOC: I'm off to bed guys... Don't start without me... I think...


Charizard Michelle
11-03-2006, 11:51 PM
Olivine City

Micheal was walking along the streets of the formal grand city of Olivine. Mike took a look at the sky and saw that it was ugly with dirt. Currently he was making his way towards the Battle Tower that served as Delta Green's HQ. He remembered years of hiding deep in its basement with other people. He spent some of his childhood looking at old books and photographs of the world before the disaster with his little sister. The skies were blue. Pokemon roamed the fields. Grass was green and oceans blue. Mike then looked around and saw where he was and it was nothing like the books told him.

Micheal sighed. He then looked around and said, "Wish I could have lived during those. Wish I didn't have to do junk for Delta Green and able to help more people." He pasted up a building that was being repaired. he wish he could use his pokemon and himself to build that house but Delta Green had place him to do defense and other related jobs. He had just came back from Goldenrod from a check on the city. It seems find. Most of its large buildings were still in tact and people there were mostly done rebuilding. The only building in Olivine that was mostly in tact was the near by Battle Tower that Delta Green is using as it HQ and the future capital building of Johto.

Micheal then said, "I been doing this for too long. My dad was part of this. My grandfather and his father. I guess it is better then hiding underground though." Micheal then sighed and looked at the water. He could see the outline of the Battle Tower from where he was. The tower itself gave people strenght but to him it was fear. His parents died in the reconsrution of it. Some say it was an accident but Micheal knew that there was something more to it.

He then recieve a call. Mike looked down and pulled out his PokeGear. Delta was able to keep in touch with others using a massive wireless system during the time underground and had been able to retrieve a few loads of old PokeGears and applied the wireless system to them so people could commmunicate but it was impossible to use them if you were not in a big city or close to the ground.

Micheal answer it and said, "Hello. Micheal here."

He heard a female voice, "Micheal Are you close by?"

Micheal nodded and said, "Yeah. I can see the Tower from here."

The girl then said, "Well get here soon. I want to show you some new things I made. Also your little sister Adie is waiting for you."

Micheal nodded and said, "I be there soon Amy. No worries. Later."

"Yeah later." said Amy. The connection was then broken.

Micheal sighed and said, "At least I don't have to worry about my little sister when I am away. She is safe with Amy" Micheal was glad to have at least one other person to depend on. Amy has been a friend to them for a long time. He sighed and walked towards the Battle Tower.

11-04-2006, 02:12 AM
Ultima City
DARK Headquarters

Lucifer sighed deeply (and again) as he and his compardes walked into the once grand entrance of DARK headquarters. The place wasn’t as magnificent as it looked like. Remnants of metal supports, rubble from the broken ceiling and walls, chips from the cracking dome and chunks of rubble scattered all over the once grand hall of the dome. Murky water flooded at one corner of the marble floor. The place had been cleaned up quite a bit already prior to the bombings, but still… the place looked as if World War Three had been fought there. Which was technically true.

The foursome trudged through the place, exiting at the west and climbing up a grand total of ninety-nine steps altogether before Lucifer finally managed to reach his room. It was rarely used, as the mercenary usually preferred to sleep outside with Mother Nature… although there wasn’t much of ‘Nature’ to go about, but still… the young adult liked it. Sighing yet again, Leonheart flung himself onto the cool, crisp covers of his bed. Lucied and Ifrit dragged in the sack of scrap metal as Javas pushed, revealing a mechanical arm on his right. Unconsciously, Lucifer raised a finger and traced the scar upon his right eye… he could never forget that night when he met Javas, the scar in exchange for their companionship. The boy then smirked to himself. He could get used to this.

The Sneasel delved through the sack, quickly emptying its contents all over the floor of the room with loud clanks from the metal. All the other three winced at the simultaneous beats of the items. After emptying, Javas, with the other three, began to sort out the metal pieces. It was a laborious task, but it really was for their own good. Javas was usually calculative in this task, making sure that the scraps fell into he right pile to use. It was snappy, yes, but Lucifer knew that Javas just wanted to make sure that everything would do smoothly. After a process of thirty minutes, the grouping was finally done. The boy groaned as he stretched his painful back, an action that made Javas roll his eyes. “Honestly, Luci, you got to have more backbone than this.”

The human in question shrugged as he replied, “Hey, having thirty minutes with a bent back is not good for me, that’s all I’m sayin’.” With a sigh of defeat, Javas turned and tossed the unneeded scraps back into the sack and shoved the others onto the foot of the bed. Lucied and Ifrit were bickering with each other as usual as they did this, this time about if cheese tasted green. Javas rolled his eyes again, but made no comment.

“Well, then, now that’s everything’s been settled…” started the trainer, “we’ve gotta find the bossman.”


Charizard Michelle
11-04-2006, 05:21 AM
Battle Tower
Olivine City

Micheal was coming close to the Battle Tower. He read what it was used for orginally. It was made to conduct pokemon battles between trainers and their pokemon. The trainer and their pokemon would battle endlessy till the reach 100 wins. Still that was all in the past and now it served as HQ for Delta. Some turrets and other defensive items were place on it to keep it from being defenseless when attacked and it was enforce to take blows. It was said to be incredbity strong since many powerful Pokemon used to battle inside it which explained why it was able to survive a nuke attack. Still the name was kind of out of place for the tower but Micheal guess the Battle Tower kept its old name out of respect to the past. Micheal then enter the tower.

Micheal was now inside and elevator heading towards the one of the floors. Luckily they were able to get the elevator to work or it would have been a pain to walk so may steps.

Micheal then walked down a long hall. Some of it had damage spots but was still in tact. Micheal then enter a room that was crowded with many things. For the most part it was empty and if one could see the floor the designs of a battle field could be seen. Micheal then saw two girls standing over a table. One of them had short blonde hair was busy looking something over while the other with long black hair was busy looking over a tube. A small Chikorita was sleeping on the table.

Micheal then waved over at them and said, "Don't I get a hello?"

The young girl looked up at Micheal and said, "Mike. You are finally here." She then ran over to him an gave him a hug.

Micheal smiled and said, "Yeah. I back for a while." Micheal only let a few people call him Mike which is only his sister but anybody else in Delta know to call him Micheal. He then said, "Been working hard."

Adie, Micheal's sister, shrugged and said, "Not really."

"Been behaving at least?" asked Micheal.

The girl with blonde hair, Amy, looked over at Micheal and said, "Well she been busy. I having her cleaning out my test tubes and doing other things that my team won't do. Lazy people. Still for the most part your little sister been good."

Micheal was glad to hear that but more satifield to know that his little sister was safe here. He knew it was too dangerous for her to go out there. Micheal never told his sister that their parents had died fixing this tower because at the time she was too young to hear it but he knew. Others seem to respect that and tend not to bring the subject up when his sister was around.

AMy then came around and said, "Well I glad that you are here. I have some junk that I want you to test out for me."

Micheal knew those words were coming. Everytime he comes here it was always one thing he wanted to do which was testing out her new stuff which includes weaponary to whatever small eletronics she can get her hands on. Last time it was a small bomb that blew up because Micheal was outside and it got to hot. The only reason he was able to live thought that one was because he threw the bombs out before they blew. Still this was AMy's excuse to test her stuff out without telling Delta about it first since she hates talking to the upper people about it and getting a testing group. Also she claim that Micheal had to repay her someway for taking care of his sister.

Micheal then said, "Ok. What is it this time? Something that will kill me?"

"Kill you?" asked Adie. She had no idea about the bomb thing thought Micheal "Are you talking about the bombs that you used last time. You should have known better not to place them there in your jacket."

MIcheal coughed and thought that she did knew because of Amy.

Amy then said, "No bombs this time. Just follow me." She then motion him to follow her into what was suppostly her office.

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-04-2006, 01:33 PM
"Weird..." I muttered, after driving for about ten miles. "Where the hell am I going?"

I stopped the van and got out of it. "I've been driving without using my head. Awesome. How can I just go in any random direction without even realizing it? Maybe I've been hangin' round with Pete and Cramer too long..."

I smirked and stared at the hillock next to me. "Ahhh" I yawned. I wanted to stretch my legs. I began to climb the hill.

Suddenly, I thought I saw a shadow in front of me. I decided to take no chances and jumped aside and hid in the bush.

"Whozzair?" a voice asked. It sounded as if it had gulped down a gallon of whisky a few minutes ago.

"No-one's dare?" it drawled. Honestly, I thought. Who would bother to reply?

The person slouched off. I saw this as my chance. I crept out of my hiding place and sneaked up behind him. "Ah, wull, no-"


I hit him on the back of the neck, and he collapsed immediately. He seemed pretty thin and delicate for a boy. It was too dark for me to see whether it was man, or a young boy. I turned over his body with my foot, and I saw-

"A girl?" I asked shocked, staring at her face.

The girl was had fainted from my blow. She had brown hair, a fair face and she seemed as old as me. But it was her uniform that grabbed my attention. "Team Aqua..." I whispered gleefully, staring at her attire. I quickly searched her, and found nothing but papers, and I found a jackpot.

"A pass aboard The Deathwing..."

Jackpot. She was more useful to me than those two whisky guzzling pachyderms. I dragged her down to the van, and pulled out my automatic, just in case she woke up. With my other free hand, I got out my radio. "Hello? This is May speaking. Does anyone hear me? Over!"

I decided to check out the map she had. "Just in case....ah ha!" I yelled triumphantly. Meanwhile, the radio began to crackle.

"This is Charlie-one-seven to May. Your location, please? Over." it replied.

"Charlie, I need back-up ten miles from New Bark town at 3'o clock do you get me? Over."

"I read you." he answered. "Over and out."

This was gonna be fun...

11-04-2006, 07:29 PM

The grunt parked the car in the building, and shut off the engine. Stepping out of the vehicle, I walked up toward the driver's door, and leaned a bit inside. "Okay, whatever you do, don't get out the car, and don't move the car outside either."

"Ay, sir," he replied, turning up the window and turning on the radio. One problem less would be one headache not happening.

The barn was huge in every dimension. Equipment was stacked everywhere. Harvested minerals stood to the left, food supplies were kept eatable to the right, cotton was tightly stacked on the second floor.

A common worker walked by, pulling forward a trolley loaded with goods. "Hey, you," I said. "Where's the head of this operation?"

"Down the hall, take a sharp right, second door on the left, ya can't miss it," the bloke rattled, chewing indifferently on his shoot of hay.

"Okay,... I guess," I replied, leaving the fellow to continue whatever he was doing. After following his global directions to the letter, I found the command center of this place.

It looked pretty when I inspected it, closing the door behind me. Except the TV sets, the only advanced piece of equipment were the tinted windows. Behind his desk sat a rather broad man, probably more fat than muscle. His moustache wiggled above his mouth, because of the strong gusts of wind coming from between his lips. Just my luck: a snoring boss.

"Ahem!" I cleared my throat with more noise than expected from a girl. "Captain Lear here to check the supplies!"

"Wha~!" The startled chap rocked his chair too far back, ending up on the ground with a painful head. "^&^$@!%#*@$$!" he swoar, as he got back up. "Have you never heard of a gentle wake up call."

"Sorry, but that wasn't in my job description when I sign up with Aqua," I replied sarcastically.

"Neither was it in mine that I was to be woken up so forcefully. Alrighty, what the hell do you want here, Miss..."

"Captain Lear for the likes of you. I'm here to check the supplies, so get over here and show me the way." My patience with this bloke was running quite dry. Today surely wasn't the best of days to be walking on this nuked planet.

"Okay, for crying out loud. You don't have to be so bossy, even if you're my superior," the fat dude said, walking with his moustache bouncing with each step he took.

"Nice paradox, I'll keep it in mind, thank you. After you," I replied, opening the door for him. The country side isn't what it used to be with airheads like him calling the shots.

"Well, this is where the trucks come to load off the supplies," he said, upon reaching the loading area. With wide gestures, he pointed at several things, like sacks filled with carbon, food, iron ore, and other minerals and supplies.

"I'm going to ask a really simple question, so you better answer this as quick as you can," I said, stopping him by grabbing his arm.

"What do you think I am, stupid?" he hissed back at me.

"Yeah, well..." Better not insult this guy too soon. "How, where and by who do the trucks get loaded?"

"Eh, I guess at the docks with those cranes. Who does the loading, eh? Well, I don't know for sure, but I guess either the ship's crew, our men, or the dock workers."

This spiked my interest. "Who do you think loads them?" I asked him, hoping that I would get a useful answer.

"I think the ship's crew, since they have to check whether everything's off board. Why?" he asked.

"Just curious..." Hmm... this could mean something. Somehow, checking the quality of the goods didn't seems as important as my newly aspired interest. Without saying anything, I rushed back to the grunt in the car, and got back to the Deathwing. The commander had to know of this...

Wait a sec,... If he got wind of what I'm planning, he'll either probably want to interfere, or he'll just stop me from starting it. Either way, I can't tell him... Not everything at least... A dirty little grin showed up on my face.

-]DU[- -]Causing mayhem already :crackup: [-

11-04-2006, 07:50 PM

I looked around as a grunt came dashing towards me, nearly falling and taking me down in the process.

"Sir!" the grunt, said panting, for a minute I was sure he was going to start drooling and lapping water. "Commander Rust is in the navigation Room, awaiting. Sir."

"Alright, dismissed." I watched him dash off, undoubtly to carry off more orders. Before I made my way down to the Navigation room, where sure enough, Rust was waiting.

"Commander," I said coming in with a short bow, saluting was never my thing. "Rust, we a have a few reports of disturbances going on around shinou, new political groups rising up ready to challenge you, and there is always delta Green, and Dark. and frankly I'm getting really bored so anybody around here need killed? Any rumors of lost tech that needs to be found? I'm hoping it's the former by the way."

Iturned from Rust to look around, "I see the Deathwing is progressing far faster than anyone thought....far faster than anyone is letting on." I smiled, I imagine when the time comes this will be quite the surprise.

I found chair and sat down, before looking at Rust expectedly...

Charizard Michelle
11-05-2006, 12:16 AM
Battle Tower
Olivine City

Micheal walked into Amy's office. It was a bit more roomly then the other room. It had a table that was clutter with stuff and a bed near by. Ther eas another bed that Micheal thought that was for Adie. It even had a small kitchien. Amy didn't like the idea of leaving for lab to talk to the othes in the Battle Tower HQ. She perfer to stay here because the others were to her liking.

Micheal then said, "So what is it you want me to try out now?" He then looked at the table that what she had there. There was a bag and a shirrkin there.

Amy then said, "So you see the stuff that I want you to try out." She then picked up the bag and said, "Well this contains what I call sticky balls. They were a bit hard to make but they one of these balls contain a substance that is really sticky. If a under a lot of pressure they will pop and release their sticky substance."

"Good for escapes right?"

"Exactally." said Amy. "Also you can throw them at people so that should be some fun."

"So what keeping them from poping in my pockets?" asked Micheal knowing something like that was going to happen.

Amy shrugged and Adie answer that question. "Because I suggested to her that she needed to make them be place in a stiff bag."

"Yeah. That why." said Amy. "The bag is almost like cardboard and it should keep them from popping in your pocket." She then handed the bag to Micheal who took it and place it carefully in one of his jacket's pockets.

"What else?" asked Micheal knowing she always had more then one thing to share.

AMy smiled and said, "This." She then threw the shirriken at Micheal.

Micheal then pulled out a dagger and span it quick to shield himself from the shirrken. It then broke. "What was that all about?"

Amy then, "These shirrkens are light and thus are able to be thrown faster. They are a bit easier to break but you can carry more of them in box. Should be something fun to work with."

Micheal then took it and place it in the same pocket with the sticky balls. He was abit unsure but though they could be useful. The shirrkens were thinner too. Hopefully they won't backfire.

Dr Scott
11-05-2006, 01:32 AM
OOC: I’m kind of picturing the Battle Tower like my dorm, with more offices :-P.

Battle Tower
Introducing the Team

“Ahhh,” Spencer murmured quietly as he felt the stream of hot water hit his skin. His towels were hanging up on one of the hooks that were made just to hold clothing and towels and such. His dirty clothes had been shoved down the shoot, where it fell to where it would be washed and then sorted, finally brought back up to those who it belonged to. The one’s that mattered, however, wrote their names down on their clothing so that those who sorted it would know. Most everyone just took whatever clothing they were given that were their side, knowing that the new age washers that became common would clean the clothing totally. He was in his floor’s showers, the place were everybody went and washed up after a hard days work, so they didn’t stink up the place. One of the first things that the mechanics had done once they had for the most part fixed up Battle Tower (They still had a few of the upper levels to repair) was put in running water. The water was scarce, however, so they only had up to ten minutes to wash themselves and get out.

Spencer glanced at the clock that was on the wall near the shower, seeing his time fly by. He stopped relaxing then and went to work scrubbing down his various parts. ‘This just isn’t fair at all,’ he thought, ‘I don’t even get to relax in the shower … All the books we have on showers always states how relaxing they are … and here I am scrubbing myself as fast as I can trying to beat a clock …’ He said, knowing that everyone else faced the same thing, and he never heard anyone complain for the most part.

He heard the faint ‘ding’ sound come from the clock and knew that he had hit the halfway point, and he suddenly felt it too as the water last any heat that it may have had. They only took the power to heat the water for half of the bath, the other half was like letting snow fall on your body after laying out in the sun. For this reason, many people tried to get all of their washing done the first five minutes of the time, though few had the speed to actually get it done.

Five minutes later he heard another slightly louder ding, this one telling him that his fun time in the shower was done. He hopped out, taking the two towels he had hanging up right outside. He quickly wrapped the first around him so that he could warm his body a bit, using the other to rub across the various limbs that weren’t hidden by the first towel. After he was cleaned he ran to his small dorm room, closing the door and hopping on his bed and under his covers. His roommate, Michael, didn’t seem to be there so he had no problem in yanking off his towel and putting on his clothing.

It wasn’t long before he was standing in khakis and a green buttoned up t-shirt, the sleeves pulled up to his elbows. He took his backpack, full of random paperwork, and locked up his door. Spencer quickly shoved his keys into his pocket, putting the second strap of the backpack on his shoulder. With that he walked to the elevators, pushing the button to head to his office.

After a while he arrived to his office, throwing his bag onto one of the two chairs that sat facing his desk. With an easy motion he reached in and took out a folder, tossing it on his desk. With that he took his seat, opening up the folder and taking out various papers. He sighed as he looked at them, rubbing his eyes. “I really don’t want to do this…” he mumbled.

He was saved from doing any work when his Jolteon walked in, looking almost tired. {I’ve had one heck of a day …} Static said before jumping into the unused chair.

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh, “How did it go?”

Static grinned weakly, {It was good until about the third time…}

“It’s all for a good cause though,” Spencer said, his smile fading, “I’m sorry to use you for this.” The weight of the world suddenly appeared in his eyes, and Static could tell that the amount of stress that Spencer must feel is immense, as a younger kid was trying to save the world.

{It’s fine, I understand. I’m willing to take one for the team,} he laughed a bit.

It was then that Infection skittered in, the Dorapion looking around. {What’s going on?} he asked, looking at Spencer.

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh, “Why do you all decide to bug me when I’m hard at work?”

{Simple,} Static said, {We know you don’t really want to do any of this now, so we give you an excuse not to.}

{Yeah,} Infection continued, {Wyvern and Mudpie are waiting outside, we thought we’d just go look around or something.}

Spencer stood up, “Well, I suppose I have to walk you all sometime …” He left his bag, walking out the door after Infection.

{Ha, Ha…} Static said sarcastically, rolling his eyes before jumping off the chair and following Spencer out the door …

Lord Celebi
11-05-2006, 02:30 AM
OOC: Don't do anything too bad, DU... You're still on Aqua, remember :wink:
AMS Deathwing - Shinou Seas
Isaiah approached me. He quickly opened his mouth and began to speak, "Commander Rust, we a have a few reports of disturbances going on around Shinou, new political groups rising up ready to challenge you, and there is always Delta Green, and DARK. And frankly I'm getting really bored so anybody around here need killed? Any rumors of lost tech that needs to be found? I'm hoping it's the former by the way."

"Unfortunately," I said, in a sympathetic tone, "I cannot think of anything. We could always use some information on the enemy... Maybe you can do a bit of search on... let's say DARK? Kill some key members... screw some of their plans... The works..."

"I see the Deathwing is progressing far faster than anyone thought....far faster than anyone is letting on," Isaiah said, after I gave him his mission. I appreciated the admiration for the Deathwing, and let my mission for Isaiah soak in...

11-05-2006, 04:12 AM
Ultima City
DARK Headquarters
En Route to Bossman's Office

Bron Krad (or ‘Bossman’, as Lucifer usually addressed him as) was the leader for DARK. A 22-year-old, he was the head of both DARK and IPC. Inc. Saving him after getting the rough end of a mission in Kanto, Lucifer joined the team based solely on that fact. Then again, with good food, lodgings (whenever applicable) as well as all the scrap metal he would ever need, the boy could hardly resist. Soon after joining and proving his worth (which involved quite a number of tedious tasks, mind), the mercenary was assigned as a personal bodyguard to one of the two sub-leaders, Tiana Morenza (AKA the ‘headlady’). Which was what the boy was currently grumbling under his breath as he descended to the second level from his room. Most of the other employees usually got the lodgings on the bottom level, but due to Lucifer’s duty as well as condition… Bron had to make an exception.

“In all honesty, Luci,” stated the Sneasel padding along beside him, “is it really that bad to be Morenza’s bodyguard? After all, the rewards are rather justified.”

The boy sighed deeply as he pulled back his hair. “Look at it this way, Javas,” answered the red-haired mercenary, “I’m guarding a female who has been tortured, experimented on, had some of her feelings removed and is a psychic. Do you think that’s fun?”

The bionic-armed Sneasel shrugged weakly. Ifrit didn’t say anything, choosing to keep silent. Lucied, however, had a different reaction. “Well, Madame Morenza is kinda good, if yer ask me; she gave me some extra chow a few days ago, after we returned from Lilycove.”

“That’s why I continue guarding her,” Lucifer replied with a shrug, “if she weren’t this cool, I would have dropped ages ago. She’s really like some sister ta me.”

A smirk crept upon Javas as he heard those words. A small smile came upon Ifrit, while Lucied beamed from ear to ear. After all, despite everything, the boy still did care for his charge. Whenever it came to duty, Lucifer would protect her at all costs. Everyone was sure of that, and believed in it. Or in Lucifer words, “This is my repayment to boss for saving me.”

With yet another sigh, the mercenary strode down the long hallways, coming to a stop upon the set of double doors. They were made of finely carved oak, with golden handles tipped with bronze. Grabbing one of the handles, Lucifer opened the huge portal and walked into the room. It was rather big, with black and white marble tiles coating the floor equipped with many of the latest technology in the world. It was there where Bron sat, black hair framing his face with equally black visors covering his eyes. Ruffles coated his raven-black shirt, and Lucifer had to guess that the Bossman was wearing his usual jet-black cargo pants. I swear all he ever wears is black, the mercenary thought to himself as he walked up to the table Bron was behind. The boy gave a simple nod towards Tiana before addressing the Bossman.

“Heya, Boss,” greeted the young man, “What’s the snitch?”


11-05-2006, 05:28 PM
AMS Deathwing,
Shinou waters

I had to go to the commander as quickly as I could. Without hesitation, I jumped out of the moving car, and rushed onboard, past a couple of grunts who were struck dumb by the silent flash of blue speeding by them.

Where's he? Not here? Not there? Where the jolly Aqua Roger is he? Wait a minute, I heard him sending someone to find Isaiah, so he could still be there.

Dashing toward the Navigation room, I could hear their voices getting louder. Bingo. Now, it's time to put up my best acting face, and negotiate my way through his iron will. Hey, this would probably be a piece of cake, since I am Aqua's top-negotiator. Not that they needed by verbal services that much, but that was a honorary title in these parts. And titles get you places, if you know what I mean.

"Sir," I said, stepping into the Nav-room and saluting. "I need to speak to you, as soon as possible." I looked around suspicously, before adding: "In private..."


Charizard Michelle
11-05-2006, 07:55 PM
Battle Tower
Olivine City
Micheal was talking to his little sister Adie about something of the things that he have been doing the last time they were together. He told her about stopping a few troublemakers down close to New Bark Town and other places. Micheal was too confortable doing it but heard that they were just trying to cross over to Kanto for some supplies.

Adie looked sometwhat intrested and nodded to please her older brother. She then, "Mike when will you be able to just stay here. It is almost my birthday you know."

Micheal knew that and said, "And I will be there." He just hope he could fulfill that promise.

After a few minutes of talking to his little sister Micheal decided to make his way to his dorm. Luckily the Battle Tower was big enough to hold offices, training rooms, weaponary, research labs, rooms, and who knows what and that was only in the parts that were repaired. There was still the upper areas needed to reconsrtucted. Still Micheal knew thatthis was all in the sacrifice of his parents whole have always been with Delta Green. WIth taht fact asside the Battle Tower has been made into a good HQ for Delta Green.

MIcheal was in the elevator that should take him to the floor of his room. He knew that it won't take long for the upper heads to find out that he is here. ONce they discover that they most likeily send him on another mission. Micheal decided to take this time to rest up a bit.

Micheal enter his dorm room and looked around. He saw clothes on the floor and his towel on the rack a bit wet. Micheal at once knew that Spencer has been here recently. MIcheal didn't mind him using his stuff since Micheal was rarely here but it would be nice if Spencer would clean his area a bit and not leave his clothing on his side. Still Micheal would most likely never have the chance to say that to him but he did wrote that on a sticky hoping the Spencer would get it soon.

Micheal then sighed and fell on his bed. He decided to let sleep over come him.

11-05-2006, 09:18 PM
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AMS Deathwing,
Shinou waters

As he followed me to an empty room, I had the feeling that he was in a good mood. I closed the door behind us, after making sure that no one was in the hallway. Afterwards, I turned around and saw the commander sitting down on a chair. Still a bit busy in my mind, I grabbed a chair and sat opposite of him.

"Sir, I have good news and bad news." Pausing a sec to let the gears in his head rotate, I continued: "The bad news is, we've got a potential security breach. Now, you don't need to worry, since it's only a threat in the hypothetically impossible situation of the other parties being in war mode."

I had to smile when I noticed myself imaging the possible future where Aqua would be attacked by everyone through that one spot. Going into a spontaneous shudder, the thought was shaking off.

"The good news is that we can exploit it for our own needs. However, there's a small tactical problem. If we do it in big numbers, they're bound to notice. But if you would allow me to take a small team of like 5 to 8 men and give me free passage to do almost anything, I believe we can deal damage to our foes without them noticing it is us."

The commander was about to say something...

"Sadly, I can't give you any further information, because I need to come over as credible as possible during my mission, and so does the crew too. The crew will be composed from the least loyal people in Shinou, that's about all I can tell you."

I waited for his decision, my head raised high trying not to blink too much.


11-05-2006, 10:00 PM
OOC: Time to start RPing for the old CP.

AMS Deathwing
Shinou Waters

~ A day on the AMS Deathwing is always a day of success and victory upon hearing reports from outside Aquas on outposts.....well, at least most of the time. Team Aqua and the Deathwing were constantly surprising the crew as they go. Just one minute we were up in some mission planned by another rookie, and now, we're sailing the seas of the Shinou region. People say that things like this only happen upon various individuals that are special enough to change route in their lives every now and then. It's not very difficult or anything for people like us Aqua members to receive news that we're either landing for a barbecue, going to take a day near the beaches of Fiore off for a swim, or even the captain alerting all members on the ship with the alarm that there's an enemy calling and we go to dock on a nearby island only to find out he wants to empty his trash in that god forbidden trash can that's twice as small as my bucket I always find people puking in due to sea sickness. There shouldn't be any sickness because they're Aquas. Aquas don't get sea sick. It's even probably one of the requirements. Besides, the sea is already dirty enough. I can see spots in the water that have crude oil spilled all throughout the vicinity.

Such a waste of life does not appeal to the simple regular human being, and especially does and will not appeal to me. Killing is one thing I don't mind very much, but wasting lives is overboard for me. I can bear with it sometimes, but in fact, bearly do I. I finally got out of my room after 3 days to take a breath of air. I had been playing this game I bought off a secret games store in the middle of no where when we had landed for a short being's moment of time. Turns out this game is pretty fun. It revolves around Pokemon itself. It's called Pokemon Ranger. I've been using it for study, and I also guess fun. The fun part being that I enjoy playing the game, and study part for learning a bit of simple, basic Ranger rules and things. How they do stuff the way they do, what they do, and what they use to do it. The old man who sold me the game and system was quite cheerful and grateful for giving him a $50 tip, so he gave me what's called a "Capture Styler". Apparently, he gave it to me because that extra $50 tip enabled him the ability to actually by a box to live in, and he even told me the box was "fancy" and a "good" bargain in his perspective because it was colored white with red tinted trims. The Capture Styler is what Pokemon Rangers in the game and real life use for their jobs. I made modifications to mine, and made it into a Capture Styler that can catch Pokemon. Some other Aqua members I'm quite familiar with were astounded by my invention, and asked me if they could lend it sometime. Being the person I am, I gave a yes. Although this can catch Pokemon, I have to load it with a Pokeball everytime. The only thing different is that for Pokemon I capture with the Capture Styler, it acts as though they were captured with a regular Pokeball, and there you have it. I couldn't reconfigure the Capture Styler's methods and systems, and I say it's probably even a waste of my time now since I can't even use it well.

I was putting my arms over the bars of the side, watching at the sea and breathing the lively air that the Shinou waters were blessed with, as this part was some what specifically free of radiation. Even if that wasn't completely true, I would wear my gas mask on. I stared at the glistening waters shine for seconds until I heard a strange cry come to my attention, and obviously in this situation, it was grasped quite tight and firm. That cry sounded like a Pokemon cry, however. I found myself looking at a small island that only had a palm tree, a heap of shiny, blinding salt, which I kept my eyes off of, and a rock. Oh yeah, not to mention there was a rainbow colored slug like Pokemon with two front legs covered in salt. I squinted to get a better, clear look at it, and found out that it was a Karanakushi, a Shinou Pokemon that was commonly found in the eastern and western waters of Shinou until the nuclear war struct out. Only a few survived. Initially, they reproduced fast enough to regain a quarter of their conscious numbers back then, but due to the food shortage near their nests where they lived in peace as neutral Pokemon equal to many others that lived aside with them, many people hunted and poached them down for food. Their numbers dropped faster than even the numbers of loops that it took to capture a Pokemon in my Pokemon Ranger game. I looked at it, seeing sadness and loneliness. It probably missed the company of all the other Karanakushi, young and old, big and small, and to all extents their current generation could behold for years and years until the fateful event occured and took most of their lives. I unsnapped my Capture Styler from my belt, and loaded it with a regular Pokeball, only with one difference. It was colored in Team Aqua colors and with Aqua member IDs on them so they know who it would belong to, and recognize it's actually an Aqua member's Pokemon.

My ID number was 0502-450-6923. I activated my Capture Styler and it shot out a controllable little disc. Thankfully, it was wireless. The disc landed on the tiny island and I began to twirl my Capture Styler around. The disc began making circles around the mutated Karanakushi. Karanakushi began shining white, and quickly, the disc shot out one of the Pokeballs encrypted with my ID in Aqua Format only with enough time for me to at least see that the Pokeball launched high into the air. Karanakushi was sucked into the disc, then a red beam fired from the disc to the Pokeball's Open Button. The Pokeball fell back into the disc, and I pushed a button on the Capture Styler. A glowing red beam began to flash, and the disc span on the surface of the water, flinging itself back into the Capture Styler with a clank after gaining enough velocity, and the Pokeball in its mini form shown on the small, attached department I added to the Capture Styler after remodifing it a bit. I began to head to the captain's room after thinking about some things while catching Karanakushi. Mainly things that will support Aqua and the goal of which it will become supreme in the world, controlling it. I grasped hard onto the Pokeball, and took the elevator.

".....Is his room up or down?.....Damn....."

11-05-2006, 11:02 PM

"Alright," I said standing as another member came rushing in to talk to Rust. "I'll just hit the Armory and be on my way." I said slipping out.

I made my way out towards the Armory, fishing my key out of my shirt I unlocked and entered the armory.

I looked around and grabbed and box from a corner, If I was going alone I was going with heat. I searched the racks of weapons for "suitable" weapons for the mission.
I quickly picked out some of the essentials, a katana, My disk, [disk, with four blades projecting out. curved like a scimitar.] after further search I took three blocks of C-4, and a small pistol.

I took a minute to think of anything else I would need, finding nothing else I walked out out, locking the door behind me. I traveled up to my quarters, where I grabbed lone pokeball. i locked up my room and prepared for the trip to Hoenn, I figured I would take one of the few planes available, and have a grunt fly me out.

I immediately stopped the first grunt I came into contact with and ordered a plane ready.

I went topside in wait of the grunt and flight, dropping the box I leaned over the railing in wait. I could hardly contain my thoughts as I leaned against the rail, this is why I was here, the thrills of combat, the rush of not knowing if you're walking into a trap, following someone who had no idea you existed...until it was too late. That was me, I loved to take out my victoms two ways: Up close and personal, or far away and remote. My mind wandered to the havoc I planned to force onto Dark, a smile creased my face, "Let the fun began" I said turning as the plane surfaced to the deck...

Sent Reglay
11-05-2006, 11:38 PM
Saffron City
Rocket Main Lab
More than a Building Commission

The plan was working perfectly. We had already covered 27% of our Jhoto boundary. With what you may ask? The great wall of Kanto.

Through the use of Macargo, Camerupt, and a variety of other fire pokemon, we were able to alter a small magma vein into forming a defensive emplacement. The small hump formed by the rising lava, was the perfect barrier, and required no manmade resources. Once we had built the vein up to a reasonable height, we used water pokemon to blast bunkers and caverns into the mountain. In this way, the mountain became a natural weapon(Cough (http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/8949/paintmodelgi3.png)). With a combination of pillboxes, artillery, trenches and anti-air, the wall was nearly impenetrable.

By the second, the defense was getting even more advanced. As different layers were built into the wall, a deadly crossfire was established. These walls could never be assailed by traditional means. They couldn't be taken by unconventional means either. The advanced protocalls of the AA guns were capable of balsting missles out of the sky.

It appeared as if Kanot was safe, and getting safer by the second.

11-06-2006, 12:08 AM
OOC: You dare make teh CP wait?! Shame on jooooo! By the way, Sent Reglay and others who may also commit the mistake he has done, it's spelled JOHTO.

AMS Deathwing
Shinou Waters

~ I finally found out that the elevator was pretty much for nothing. As much as I respect the fact that there are stairs that can easily get you up and down on the Deathwing, I couldn't help but notice that the real reason the elevator is there is that it's an extra storage room, and for God's sake, it stores sugar sweets and ice cream everybody got off that town during Halloween that survived the war. I held tight onto my new Karanakushi's Pokeball while I got my other 4 ready to go right after I send a quick message to the captain. I went to the Lobby room on the same floor as the captain's room, and headed toward a cabinet. I opened up the cabinet and looked for box 0502-450-6923. Once I found it, I opened it, and took out my necessary supplies, which apparently, was only one thing at the moment. I put the box back in after getting my Aqua Gear DS program. I took out my Pokemon Ranger game, put it back into my pouch I always keep on my belt, and put in the Aqua Gear DS chip. Turning on the DS, I clicked A once it selected "Aqua Gear DS", which had a funny little picture of a real live Aqua bandana with a banana as the logo instead of the usual logo. After I got onto the Main Menu, I went to the "E-Mail Message" category. The screen popped up to a menu with "Inbox", "Compose Mail", "Contacts", and "Beacon". I clicked Compose Mail, and it turned to a screen with the usual e-mail sending format. Buttons, the subject, the recipient, and other stuff. It took me only minutes to compose up a message of my quick leave with a few Aqua scientists and other Aqua specialists. The only thing I required now was the recipient's Aqua ID, something that replaces the e-mail address as a result of being an Aqua Communications program, hidden as a game with the name titled as "Pie Lords of Doom". There is a tablet on the wall next to the door of every cabin in the Deathwing for the Aquas' IDs and stuff. This is specifically for Aqua Gear DS E-Mail options, or other things like researching down an Aqua's profile, or trying to get this or that Aqua to give back the pencil that they borrowed the other day.

As I headed for the captain's room, I came across the tablet for his room earlier than expected. I guess the engineers of the Deathwing probably made a miscalculation in where the room would be. To my surprise, the ID wasn't in digit format, but in letters. And to my real, real surprise, the ID was CAPTAIN AQUA. I entered it in, and sent the e-mail.

E-Mail (Aquas Only!) (http://urlcut.com/1cenp)

I turned off the DS, put it back in its case on my belt, and began heading for the Bay. The Bay also gets e-mails sent to other Aquas that are categorized in the category of "EXPEDITION". Once I got to the Bay's door, a rather rotund brown haired fella' with fair colored skin greeted me.

"Yo Haturoyagisa! What's appenin'?", he asked me.

"Hey Parker, doing fine, as usual. You too, I guess as much?", I said cheerfully since I'm in quite a cheery mood.

"Fine fine fine, dude. So what's this Expedition e-mail I received other than the captain as well bout'? Must be preeeetty decent and worthy to be askin' deh cappie' to send it to him straight smack down, betchum'.", Parker said as we walked down to the mini-ship prepared for us minutes ago.

Parker is an Aqua Mechanic I knew since we both became Aquas. At the time, we both joined Aqua and became quite friendly towards each other, just like great friends. Parker, I guess, is one of my friends. He's kind of awkward on the side, but a hell lot more fun with it. His skill is remarkable and inspirable. Most mechanics working along side with him ask him questions about how to deal with this or that when they're in a fix, literally. Parker may be one of the common ethnic people, but he has an accent that sometimes make him hard to hear the first time you meet him.

"I guess it's on the extreme side of the lines. Say, do you have any storage cases?"

"What for, mate?", he asked curiously.

"The scientists, specialists, and I might meet some Pokemon on the way. One way to deal with them is to catch them for the better, or just if they're going to be a good addition and help to Aqua."

"Got 10 right here. Sure you'll need them all?", he asked.

"Yeah. Hand em' over."

Parker gave me the 10 Storage Cases. Storage Cases are something the Aquas possess. It allows a person to store 6 Pokeballs in it whether he or she has 6 already, and it's also secured with a digit lock, too. It's usually for catching a lot of Pokemon. It is rare these days since it was developed back then before the war, and the blue prints to making it were disintegrated with the factory and company that sidely made them. The Storage Cases are small enough to fit inside my pouch since they act like Pokeballs themselves, being able to turn small and go large at the touch of a button. We then walked to the mini-ship, which was just a motor boat with weapons such as guns and turrets in the back, also being big enough to allow people to squeeze in to the covered bottom which hides 2 mini-gun turrets with aiming and such. I jumped into the driver's seat, buckled in, and gave a thumb's up.

"Ok here."

"Alright. I'll get the scientists, specialists, and all dem' supplies read' for the count!", he replied going to a room.

Then a man that has green hair, glasses, a white coat, and a bit pale skin. He looked sort of like a scientist, but indeed he is a mechanic. He brang gasoline and began filling up the gigantic gasoline tank in the back. I turned around, feeling the need to greet him, and wonder a bit.

"Hey Lloyd, what's up?", I waved.

"Hiya' Haturoyagisa! Anythin' good?", Lloyd answered back and asked.

"Well, an expedition here sure's going to bring a lot back home here on the Deathwing. But still, I've got something wondering around my mind. Where's Boxxé?", I asked.

"Boxxé? You haven't heard? Boxxé got killed a few days back when the Roidyall came back from their patrol.", Lloyd explained, still filling up the gasoline tank.

"What?! How'd he get killed?"

"Oh yeah, about that. Turns out that the Roidyall got attacked during its patrol. The thing was that it was almost done for its patrol, and God heaven's forbid, a damn lot of fog came rushing in mad like a flock of Pidgey over bird food. Boxxé and the other 2 guys accompanying him apparently saw a shadowy ship figure. When the 2 guys came back a few days ago injured and with their ride blown to bits, so they had to grab a plank and swim back. When they reached the bay right before it closed, they made it, and told us that the shadowy ship figure thing fired a volley of cannon balls and mini-bombs at them, their ride turned right into a heap of dust and planks, and Boxxé's head was blown completely off by the compelling bomb's explosion.", Lloyd said after a mouthful of words and explaining.

"I guess I wouldn't blame you for not knowing. I mean, you've been cramped up in your room for 3 days. What have you been doing in there?", he asked.

"Studying.", I replied.

"Haha. For what? The Pi-Kat?", he said making fun of my so called "studying".

"Very funny, but still, what do you think could of fired at Boxxé and the other 2?", I asked.

"Beats the Aqua outta' me. All I know is, it was a painful and devastating experience for Boxxé. Hope he shines his light pon' us in heaven.", he says, honoring Boxxé only with just a tiny hint.

"Hope so.", I added.

Lloyd left after replenishing the motor boat's gasoline tank with a wave, and I waved back. Parker came back with 5 scientists who will sit in the secret compartment seats behind the "so thought real back seats", 3 specialists in mining, excavating, and minerals in the "so thought real back seats", 2 specialists in setting up a site who also have fighting experience and training who will be the guys on the turret seats on the back of the motor boat, 2 survival specialists who will be on the hidden side compartments that are large enough to fit a person snug and will be piloting the two hidden turrets with scopes, and a navigation specialist who will navigate for everybody on the trip and when we're at the designated region. Seems good enough. Everybody got in and I started the boat.

"Go' luck, Haturoyagisa. Make Aqua proud.", Parker said.

"Don't worry, I will. Although, I will need to come back to make a second trip.", I said then exiting the Bay's docking.

I waved to them, who waved back, and began for the region of Fiore. Supplies have been packed into the back, I have a navigation specialist next to me helping me drive in which direction, and I have all my Pokemon friends and comrades with me. This will probably be a great trip, as far as I can see.

Neo Emolga
11-06-2006, 04:42 PM
Ruins of Lilycove City

We had finished “mining out” what was left of the dead city of Lilycove. The supplies we were sending now should be enough to fully repair Ultima City and set things right. What was left of Lilycove was mostly destroyed wood beams, furniture, insulation, and other debris that was no good to us. We had already taken out everything that was metal, from support structures to even pots and pans to be melted down for repair parts.

Rustboro City was to be considered a sister city to Ultima. Of course, at the moment, it was nothing like what it used to be, but civilization was beginning to come forward again. With proper maintenance and clearance of debris, we were making the city more presentable. As far as armed forced, the militia we had was already highly active in the surveillance of all DARK locations and assets. By digging up Lilycove, we had actually increased our weapons hold by at least 10%, which was quite a jump.

What we were planning on doing now was taking what was left of Lilycove, and starting again, with residential farming area until we could acquire resources to make industrial zones once again. It would take time but one of the things we needed to consider was enemy approach. Right now, I couldn’t understand why anyone would be against DARK in these times, but we needed to be careful. We also needed to show we were not going to yield and submit to any outside forces. All of Hoenn was with us and our cause, and we needed to protect it.

And if they did attack us… they would soon know the true face of fear and agony…

Dr Scott
11-07-2006, 03:50 AM
Outside Battle Tower
A Vacation

{Yeah, we just thought you needed a little vacation…} Infection was saying as they went down the elevators to reach the ground floor. The translator changed his Dorapion’s voice just a bit, making it slightly more robotic. The elevator finally dinged, opening up to the ground floor.

“You do realize that it’s eleven at night, right?” Spencer’s eyes couldn’t help but look at the watch that fit securely on his wrist every now and then. The lobby was mostly empty, though there was a table in front of the doors in front of him. They were redoing the walkway that lead to the double doors, and as such they had to make sure that no one would walk over it.

Instead the group all turned as one to the right, where the store and food center were both closed. Walking down a bit of stairs they reached the door out, pushing it open. Cool night air hit them all at once, causing Spencer to shiver a bit. {Should have gotten yourself a sweater,} Static the Jolteon said with a slight tsking sound.

“Good thing I have me a fat Jolteon to warm me up, huh?” Spencer responded, sticking his tongue out at his first Pokémon. Static stick his own small tongue back at him, causing Spencer to laugh gently.

Finally they reached the spot where Spencer’s Swampert, Mudpie, and Spencer’s Dragonite, Wyvern were waiting. The two seemed to be playing paper, scissors, rock, and Mudpie seemed to be very good at it. Spencer’s proof in this was Wyvern bashing his tail against the ground once and intoning {Darnit! You beat me again! You have got to be cheating …}

Mudpie spit a little bit of water up into the air, a gentle mist falling from the sky onto the head of Spencer and his Pokémon. {I’m just good, I don’t need to cheat …}

Spencer, Infection, and Static walked up to the other two. Spencer smiled warmly at his Pokémon, no, his friends. Wyvern noticed, {Hey, boss, how are you tonight?}

“Ha, funny.” Spencer said, noticing the sarcasm in the ‘boss’ bit, he loved to tease Spencer about what most everyone called him. “So, are you guys having fun?”

{Oh yeah!} Mudpie said with a laugh, {I am the master of rock, paper, scissors!}

Wyvern rolled his eyes, pointing a finger at the water-ground Pokémon, {He cheated! I swear he did! There is no way you can win five times in a row and not be a cheater …}

{I am not a cheater!} Mudpie said back, staring the large dragon Pokémon right in the eyes, {You just suck at paper, scissors, rock!}

“Hey, guys, is it really worth it to fight over something like this?” Spencer asked, not even trying to get in between the two behemoths.

{Yes!} they both spat back, Mudpie actually firing a bit of water at Spencer, the blast hitting him right in the face. All of his Pokémon started cracking up as the younger boy started wiping his face down as best as he could with his shirt.

“I really don’t think how this is funny…” Spencer said dryly, but after a while cracked up alongside his Pokémon. “I guess it was a little funny,” he said after they were all done laughing, putting his shirt back and shivering.

{I think it was very fun … And perhaps a bit dangerous for you …} Static grinned almost evilly, his skin going spikier as he built up electrical energy.

“Hey!” Spencer said with alarm, “You stay away from me!” He backed up slowly from the Jolteon, holding his hands up in surrender. This brought another round of laughing as Spencer was chased around by Static, who made sure to keep just enough distance so that his friend wouldn’t be shocked. When all of the laughing stopped again, Spencer went on, “So, where are we going?”

Wyvern spread his short wings out, {Siiiirrrr, there’s something you’ve got to see.} He got down onto his knees, positioning himself so that Spencer could climb on.

“This is going to be so cold …” Spencer muttered, returning his other Pokémon to their Poké Balls as he climbed on his giant dragon friend. “So, where are we going?” he asked again, giving his friend a slight poke.

{You’ll see, now hold on tight!} Wyvern roared, taking off into the air…

Charizard Michelle
11-07-2006, 04:31 AM
Battle Tower
Olivine City

Micheal was awaken by a ring. He moved around in his bed and reached for his PokeGear. He saw it was 11 pm. He guessing it was a mission breifing. Micheal shrugged and was glad he got some sleep before he was told to go out. He saw it was a text message mission brief and decided to open it.

It read:

From the Secutary of Edward Lucario

You are to head for Farms Town and do a check up on the production and development in the area. Make sure that security is safe around there.

From the desk of Sana Lanio
Secutary of Edward Lucario

Micheal looked at it and said, "Looks like I am off." Micheal then left the room and headed for the elevators. In the elevator he sent a text message to Amy to tell her that he was leaving and to tell Adie that too. His little sister doesn't know that he and AMy text message each other. He didn't want her to message him incase he was doing something important. He was heading for the top of the Battle Tower. The higher floors were still being fixed but the platform on the top was still in good condition. Some people like Micheal like to take off from there.

Once on the top Micheal release his charizard, Char. Micheal then said to his pokemon, "Let get going. Mission time girl."

Char roared and allowed Micheal to mount her. Micheal then said, "We are not going far. Just to Farms Town. A little north of here."

The charizard roared and at once they were off in the night sky.

11-07-2006, 07:10 AM
OOC Note: I suck at start offs, but it gets better later.

Scott, that sig creeps me out. Two reasons. One, I look like a girl, and two, it just creeeps me out >.>.

South Hoenn Sea, Ultima City, Dark Angels HQ Building

I had woken up and put my clothes on, then gotten on the computer to check for any sort of connection to the outside world. The power generator was shot, and we were running everything on the emergency backup generator. That meant that we had to conserve power, or everything wouldn't work. We needed to fix the generator.

During the time of the nuclear war, the city had raised it's reinforced steel and titanium plates, but they were heavily damaged. During the explosions, there were heavy earthquakes, and one had split the giant magnet that was in the generator right down the middle. There was no way to repair it. We had to find a replacement, or live on emergency power forever.

On top of that, the coomunications antenna on top of the dome was completely destroyed. Though the wires going to it were on the inside, the antenna was on the outside. Nothing remained of it. The city wasn't able to communitace with it's members. That antenna was important if we were to restore the communications. We had no idea how Neo was handling the resource mining in Lillycove, except that steel was coming from somewhere.

When we had enough, the mechanics would start working on the new antenna and it would be mounted on top via one of the helicopters.

Though the city was virtually undmagaed due to the retractable plates, the earthquakes had killed many people. Agents who were on active duty in other places were most likely long dead from radiation exposure. All in all, many people died when the bombs started dropping.

I had just shut down the large computer, after Tiana and I had spend a while drawing up plans for the various repairs, when Lucifer came in and asked what the "snitch" was. I chuckled at this bit of humor, knowing he meant "sitch" and turned around in my swivel chair.

"Nothing much, really. No messages from our agents in Lillycove, except the supplies they're sending. I'd like to move the island over there, but we barely have enough power to run anythhing, let alone raise the anchors and activate the motors." I chuckled at that. "Other than that, I was thinking of paying Neo a visit later."

Dr Scott
11-07-2006, 08:45 AM
Outside Battle Tower
A Vacation

It was in the air that he got the text. It started as a faint vibration in his pocket which he missed, too busy shivering from the cool wind hitting his skin. Then the reminder kicked in and he winced a bit as the cell phone vibrated against his cold leg. He carefully took the phone out of his pocket, his numb fingers holding it tight. Still, it managed to slip out of his fingers. Thinking quickly, he jumped towards the phone, recalling a surprised Wyvern at the same time. His fingers closed soundly on the phone, and it was then that he threw his Poké Ball down. An alert Wyvern dove down, catching Spencer in his hands. {What are you, stupid?} Wyvern roared, the sound so loud that Spencer was forced to turn down the volume on his translator.

Spencer smiled shyly, “Dropped my phone. Can you take me done?” His wish was granted, and soon enough they were safely on the ground. “Ah,” Spencer said when he felt his feet touch the ground, “I feel much better now.” After a bit of intense rubbing and blowing on his hands, Spencer opened up his phone. ‘Msg frm may. U wnt 2 hear ths’ read the text message. Spencer couldn’t help but wince, ‘Don’t these idiots know how to use capitals and spell correctly?’

{Was it anything worth jumping off a flying Pokémon and risking your life for?} Wyvern asked sarcastically.

“Oh, it always is.” Spencer said with a grin.

{You’re the only one who uses his head that will do some very stupid things.}

“I blame television,” Spencer said. Even though television was rare and limited to movies, he heard many things about the now almost extinct art of cable and regular television shows, and read a few articles on the controversy.

The large dragon rolled his eyes again, {Just go ahead and get whatever you have to do done. This is supposed to be a vacation, remember?}

“Yeah, yeah…” With that Spencer punched in a few numbers, finally managing to reach Delta Green headquarters.

“Delta Green, we love to see you smile!” a voice said as soon as someone picked up the phone.

“Very funny Sara, we all know you didn’t know it was me, right?” Spencer couldn’t help but smile.

“No, sir. I’ve forgotten how to read, and so caller id isn’t a real help.” Sara giggled a bit.

“Right, so, what’s this deal about a message from May?” Spencer of course had heard of May, as he had at least tried to know anything he could about any and all of the impact characters that were in Delta Green.

“Hang on sir,” Sara said, and then Spencer heard the sound of a button being pressed.

‘Hello? This is May speaking. Does anyone hear me? Over!’ came a woman’s voice through the phone.

‘This is Charlie-one-seven to May. Your location please? Over,’ came the reply.

‘Charlie, I need to back-up ten miles from New Bark town at 3’o clock do you get me? Over,’ May’s voice came again.

‘I read you. Over and out,’ the man responded.

Sara’s voice came back over the telephone after a little, almost startling Spencer, who was deep in thought. “That’s all.”

“Why do they always have to say over? It gets a little annoying …” Spencer muttered, “That’s all I need, thanks Sara.”

“Goodbye and good luck sir. Over.” Sara said, giggling as she hung up.

“Oh, ha ha …” Spencer muttered, pressing the red button before holding down the two. Soon enough he heard someone pick up, and before the other could say anything to him about leaving in the middle of the night Spencer said, “Hello Scott it’s me. Yes, I know running off in the middle of the night without you is stupid and will get me killed someday and no I don’t care. Anyways, I have something for you to do. May says she needs back-up. She’s about ten miles from New Bark Town. Go check the radio transmission yourself, go see Sara. And don’t worry about me, leave that … brother of yours to help me out. Spencer, over and out.” He heard some sputtering on the other end of the phone as he hung it up, chuckling slightly to himself. He also made sure to hold down the red button, turning off his cell phone.

{Finally ready?} Wyvern asked, his arms folded across his massive chest.

“I’m ready,” Spencer said with a nod, getting on his Dragonite and taking off into the air again …

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-07-2006, 02:25 PM
Outskirts Of New Bark Twon

I switched off the radio, satisfied at the reply I had got. Back up would reach our position in a few minutes....

I was still outraged at the cowardly exit of Mac and George. They were supposed to assist me, but instead deserted me. I swore and I looked at the girl I knocked out. She seemed to be stirring.

I moved back a few steps, just in case she tried to attack and pulled out my automatic, and pointed it at her.

The girl groaned and opened her eyes slowly. "Where am I?" she muttered, still dazed by the blow.

"Now, a few miles from New Bark. Soon, in irons." I answered her sardonically. She sat up and looked at me. "You're on Delta Green territory. Who are you?" I asked her, sternly.

She dropped her gaze and looked at the ground. Without hesitation, I kicked her on her mouth. Her mouth began to bleed, and she began to clutch her mouth, whimpering.

"You can see that I'm the no-nonsense type. Tell me who are you, and what do you want, or else," I pulled out my automatic. "I'll have to reload this." I finished, knowing that she would understand what I meant, cryptically. She whimpered, still clutching her mouth.

I heard the noise of an engine. "Stone..." I muttered. I watched as Harry Stone, one of Delta Green's most loyal mercenaries climb out of the van.

"Stone." I told him sternly. "Get her to base. Treat her, and interrogate her. If she proves to be a hindrance, shoot her. Got it?" I asked him.

He nodded. He was used to my murderous nature. He looked at me for a few seconds, hesitated, and asked. "What about you, Madam? Aren't you coming, too?"

"No." I replied, firmly.

"Supposing the leader asks where have you gone?" he asked me tentatively.

I thought for a moment. "Deathwing, Aqua's Aircraft Carrier. I have a pass, thanks to this rodent."

Boy, this was gonna be fun...

Charizard Michelle
11-07-2006, 03:38 PM
En ROute to Farms Town

Micheal was flying on his charizard towards Farms Town. He knew little about the small town except that it was a farming community that developed on making crops during the underground period. He knew that a tube system was developed using train digletts who made it to transport food to the other underground bunkers so vergibles were made availble. Still it is producing crops but Micheal had no idea who that was being done. All Micheal was suppose to do there is to see if it was secure.

Micheal had arrive to Farms Town. It was north of Olivine and not to far. It was famous for the Miltank herds that were there. Micheal heard that their milk was the best in Johto. Micheal sent a message to tell them that he was arriving and to expect a charizard soon. He flew over that gated community and saw that some fields were being plowed but nothing was growing. He wonder what was going on. Finally Micheal and CHar landed and was greated with the Delta Green personal in charge of the farming community.

"Nice to see you Micheal. I see that you have come to inspect our area. I am Jay Jaybe, Delta Green Governor of Farms Town." said Jaybe.

Micheal nodded and said, "Likewise too. Mind explaining why we have clear fields?" He pointed to the ground that was being plowed.

"Those are new. Since the resurvicing we are trying to see if we can use this to grow crops above ground. Not much luck but hopefully soon. Trying some new techniques." replied Jaybe.

Micheal nodded and then asked, "Gun turrets?"

"Some. Not many with what was able to be recovered but some." said Jaybe. "Still we are a farming community. Not a military one."

"Thats ok. YOu know what to do if attacked." said Micheal. He felt this was a waste of time. Still he had to know one more thing. "So while in the underground times how were the crops produce."

"With genious my friend." said Jaybe. "Our forefathers were able to create a massive field under the ground with our bunkers and made it possible to grow. With help from pokemon that know Sunny Day we were able to reproduce the sun needed to grow crops. Then using water pokemon and Rain Dance we had water. Here we use our pokemon to help grow the crops underground. It proved to be successful since we were able to provide nurturion to most of the people. We hoping to have another under ground wet up like that in New Bark Town and to have a surplus with this above ground farm."

Micheal nodded and then asked, "Sounds good. How about a tour now?"

Jaybe nodded and began to guide Micheal around the farm. Micheal tried to show some interest in this boring mission he was place on.

11-07-2006, 03:48 PM
OOC: May, could you please clearly show where you are at the beginning of your post. This helps keeping track of where everyone is. It's not really obligatory, but it's really handy. It's a good protection against complaints of teleportation.

Oh yeah, before I go IC, I just want to tell you that it'll take a lot of time actually getting on board the Deathwing... Believe me, I've tried it... dozens of times.

AMS Deathwing
Shinou waters

The commander kept quiet for a long time. I wondered what he was thinking, but I was reluctant to ask. In negotiation, if the other party holds their tongue, don't provoke them. Screw negotiation tactics!

"Sir, I'll be off then. Believe me the lesser you know, the better it will look like."

Turning around, I moved out of the room without saluting, mystified whether he would tell me off. Nothing assaulted me from behind, verbal or physical. Well, let's see how deep this rabbit hole can go.

Wondering off toward the mess hall, I searched for my crew, carefully picking them on a certain criteria. The first one feel my wrath as team leader was Lt. Bullshot. He was lurking somewhere deep in the dark corners of the mess hall, shoving baked potatoes aimlessly in his traphole.

Lt. Bullshot was a big man, a very big man. No one would like to be the one to run into him on the streets, especially since you'll probably the one staring up to the sky. His hands were as big as shovels, and thinking that his mind must compensate for his built, would be proven wrong the hard way. Lt. Bullshot had passed his Aqua written exams with flying colors, ranking in the top five of his year.

Breathing out slowly, I began to walk toward him and sit down. His blond hair hung before his eyes, but I already knew what color they would be. Bloody red. "Yo, Bullshot. How are you doing?"

A grumble was the only answer I got from him, which I took for an ok.

"I was wondering, would you like to go with me on a mission. I need a crew, and you're just the man I'm looking for," I said, trying to get him to look me in the face.

"Hmm..." he hummed deeply. Was that a yes or a no?

"I didn't quite get that, though I want to let you know that participation in this mission is not obligatory."


Damn, didn't think I needed to use this, but this man is way too smart to be duped. "Oh, well, I could always go to Colonel Dipshat, if you're not interested that is." I looked around suspiciously. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind a chance to get off this blasted scum filled vessel," I added in a soft whisper.

"You're trying to frame me, aren't you," his reply came.

"No, not at all. I mean it. Meet me with the usual crew at Nagisa's 3rd pier in one hour. Don't let them on to too much off it. I'll be ensuring us with some equipment."

"Yes, ma'am!" he said, before standing up and leaving the mess hall. He doesn't say much, does he?

Well, that was awkward. Now, time to arrange transportation and assess safety measurements. Man, how I love being creative!

-]DU[- -]Delivering mayhem![-

Charizard Michelle
11-07-2006, 09:29 PM
Farms Town

Micheal was being lead on a tour in the underground farming area of Farms Town. It was more like an underground cave with fields surrounding them. There was corn, carrorts and other vegiables. There were grass pokemon like sunflora, sunkern, and magby. Micheal guess these were the pokemon that were used for SUnny Day. He also saw some Poliwag, Poliwhirl and elekid whoe Micheal guess perform the Rain Dances and Water Guns.

Micheal was kind of amazed with how of the things were done but perfer to be out of this place. TO him this place seems hard to get into. It was underground with few places to get in from. There was the main entrance then three transport gates that lead to the underground but those are heavily guarded. Still that is if anybody could get over the fence.

Soon Micheal recieve a buzz from his PokeGear and picked it up. It was from Sana, Lucario's secutary. He then said to Jaybe, "Need to take this call."

Micheal press the button on it and said, "Micheal here."

A lovely voice was heard on the other end, "We have another mission for you." said Sana.

Micheal shrugged and said, "Yeah. Where is it?"

"We need you to head for Goldenrod Underground Headquarters. There are some places that we couldn't reach before and now with some our small advances we want you to be part of the group. We have a place where we want you to search out." said the lovely voice Sana.

Micheal shrugged and said, "Ok. I be there soon." He then hunged up and looked at Jaybe, "Got to make my leave."

Jaybe then said, "Oh. Let me show you out."

Micheal shook his head and said, "I do it myself." He then pulled out a pokeball and released Eru, his erurido. Micheal then said, "Teleport us out of here."

Ero nodded and Teleported MIcheal and Char out fo the underground and to the entrance. Micheal and his pokemon scared the guards there. Micheal then told one of them, "Tell Jaybe that he needs to teleport proof the underground. I suggest some ghost pokemon NIght Shade on the walls. That should do that job."

The two guards nodded as Micheal retured his erurido and Micheal mounted his charizard. "Goldenrod Char."

The charizard roared and flew into the air.

Dr Scott
11-07-2006, 09:36 PM
OOC: Of course I’m right … someone doubted me?

Johto Airspace

In the air again, Spencer wrapped his arms as tightly around his body as he could in hopes of keeping in some warmth. The wind buffeted him from all sides, and after a while it felt like cold daggers pricking the various parts of his body. He felt a body warmth from under him, and clung to Wyvern’s warm back as hard as he possibly could. “Are we there yet?” he muttered in the general direction of Wyvern’s ear.

{Hold your Ponyta …} Wyvern roared, his small wings beating at a quickened pace as the strain started to have a small bit of effect on his muscular body. The dragon Pokémon was keeping his eyes on the ground, watching as charred landscape kept on flying by, trying to remember exactly where it was that he went before. He let out a small sound of triumph as he saw their goal in the distance, slowing down a beat. He didn’t want to get too close, so instead he headed towards the ground.

“What the censored word goes here?” Spencer said with a gasp, staring at the large construction in the distance with his mouth opened in awe. One by one, his three Poké balls fell from their snug position on his belt, opening in a flash of light that Spencer ignored.

{What the pancakes?} Static murmured, while Infection just let out a gasp of surprise that had much akin to Spencer’s own gasp.

Mudpie had his large arms crossed over his chest, {Me and Wyvern were just scouting the area for supplies and we find this.}

“What is it?” Spencer asked, looking up at his dragon.

Wyvern’s eyes were hard as he looked at the spanning architecture, {It’s a wall.}

Spencer couldn’t stop his eyes from rolling, “I know that. It doesn’t look like it was made of stone or anything like that though …” He then gasped as he realized, “They used the earth itself to make a wall so they wouldn’t have to.” A smile then crossed against his face, “This is going to be more fun then I thought. Brilliant move.” And with that he applauded his unseen adversary, staring off into the distance as the sun started to rise.

{Well,} Static asked, shivering a bit, {What now?}

“It would be stupid to attack that monster without having a plan first, so that’s no the right course of action.” Spencer sat on the ground, his eyes shut as he listed off random activities, “We could just go home and sleep, though thanks to the icicles hanging off my eyelids I’m not so sleepy anymore. I could go home and get some work done, but it is my vacation, so I’d better not.” He chuckled a bit at the last before moving on, “We could go help May, but Scott would kill me if I put myself in harms way. Why don’t we just go looking around, see what else we can get?”

{Works for me,} Wyvern said, spreading his wings again, {It’s too good of a day to waste.} He grinned evilly at his master, mentor, and friend, who just grimaced back at him in agony. He lay low on the ground, and as Spencer made himself comfortable on his large mass of body he intoned, {Please keep all hands, legs, and other body parts inside the Dragonite at all times. Have a nice flight.} And with that, the chuckling dragon took off into the air, his wings flapping enough to cause a small dust tornado on the ground.

11-07-2006, 10:34 PM
OOC: Sigh. You all are just too slow.

Somewhere near Fiore, I guess

~ It's been at least 5 hours from when we had left the Deathwing's Bay. The scientists in the secret compartments have been complaining that it's dark out, and I just reply that they can't even see the sky from where they are. It was quite depressing not having any enemies attack. Along the way, I saw a few ships on the ocean bottom that were from the nuclear war, all broken and torn by enemy missiles and aircrafts to pieces. It wasn't any surprise to find out that they haven't cleaned up the place, as the Pokemon are living in it. I left the boat on auto-piloting, and we began to relax a bit once the AQUAS, Adept Quill Using Automated Steering. I put my hand in the water when the boat was driving slow, and to my surprise, I got a fish in grasp. I grasped it, pulled it from the dark waters, and found it being a Remoraid that got in my hands.

"Whoa doozy! You just got a remoraid, Haturoyagisa!", the special navigator said.

"Guess so. Might as well put this in the trash bucket. Fill it with water.", I said.

The navigator then got the empty trash bucket out, put it inside the water for a second, got it out, and I handed the Remoraid to him. He put it inside the bucket, and it was swimming around calmly.

"Hey Hatur- I mean Commander of this expedition, why was this thing looking like it was in a rush before, and now that it's out of that ocean water, it's completely fine.", the navigator asked.

"I assume that the large amount of waters also have a large amount of chemicals that could easily irritate these Remoraid and send them swimming themselves to another clean area of water, or at least a temporary one. However, this doesn't seem like it could be any of our concern. Let's start the boat up again."

Just when I started it again, I felt another thing in the grasps on my left hand that is still in the water for the moment. I grasped the object, and to my surprise, another Remoraid.

"Score two for Commander, ding ding!", one of the turret pilots below us said.

"How would you know?", the other one on the other side of the boat said to him.

They started bickering and arguing about the ideals of how either of them would know that I got another Remoraid, and even from the start, due to the fact they're both completely in the lower part of the boat, completely sealed from the surface, with the exception of air holes. I even came to wonder myself how they would know, but still, it hardly mattered.

"Put this one in, too, Commander?", the navigator asked me, holding out the bucket with the other Remoraid in it, too.

"Sigh, why not? The new site could ALWAYS use more guards and such.", I said, putting the Remoraid in.

Right after I put the Remoraid in, there was shaking that compelled in levels of magnitude that I possibly can't even record of. The shaking began to make the water twirl and shake as well. Everybody was in confusion and was about to panic.

"Oh my God, my God!", one of the turrets man said.

"Aah! I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to da-ha-hie!", one of the mining specialists panicked in fear, scrunching up onto the floor like a Sandshrew.

"Calm down, you fools! This is just probably some temporary earthquake, fissure, movement of the Earth's tectonic plates, or possibly even-"

"Thousands of Remoraids in the air!", the navigator said, pointing to the my left.

"Maybe it could be thousands of Rem- THOUSANDS OF REMORAIDS?!?!!?!?", I calmly said and then went into shock when I heard what he said.

It was true, believe it or not. There were hundreds, possibly even thousands of Remoraid as the navigator said, jumping high into the air, falling back into the water, and then jumping back into the air. I was struct by complete curiousity and bewilderedness of seeing all these Remoraids. As they jumped into the air, many of them landed inside the boat, piling up at least the navigator, 2 of the mining specialists, and both of the turrets men in numbers. The piled specialists then shook them off, with still some left in the boat, and I turned on the boat immediately, rushing through the water. Levels of water up to our knees high were trapped in the boat, also up to our knees, and possibly even a bit higher.

"Good lordy, my pants are soaked with water!", a miner specialists declared out loud.

"Duh, there's water up to our wastes! What do you expect? A shower of ocean water to clean us off without having at least a some of us wet?!", the one next to him said.

"Close the door ways!", the navigator said.

I closed the door ways with a touch of a button, and the water instantly stopped getting higher. There were a lot of Remoraid swimming in the waters trapped in the boat, possibly at least 60 or 167 of them still here.

"Should we keep em'?", the navigator asked.

It was a hard decision, after all. I can understand if one Remoraid is ok to bring with us, but dozens of them with us right now isn't quite what I call acceptable. It might take too much room, and we will have to take hours of coming back from Fiore to the Deathwing just to unload these guys off.

".....Might as well. You guys better get used to this. Don't forget, there are strong, bulky Pokemon in Fiore, as well as some of the enemy organization's members. These guys might be able to keep us safe if they evolved into Octillery.", I said, pointing to them.

".....Alright.....", they all moaned.

They were just all like a bunch of children. Hardly serious and focused on their duties.

"Hey! There it is! Is that Fiore?!", the navigator said, pointing ahead of us.

"I doubt that's connected to the mainland. However, our objective is to set up a excavation and mining site here, and guard it well. We're supposed to get an certain type of mineral. This'll do.", I said, preparing to land on the shores.

Charizard Michelle
11-08-2006, 12:20 AM

Neo for Governor!(!!!!!)


En Route to Goldenrod

Micheal was on his charizard flying over the night sky. The sun was rising but Micheal was glad that he got some sleep during the day. Still he wonder what was waiting for him in Goldenrod. He has never really been the Delta Green's Goldenrod base. ALl he knew was that the Goldenrod Underground was actually built way before the bombing and was actually used to for shopping and was connected to the once famous GOldenrod Department Store which is being rebuilt too but slower then the Battle Tower.

Micheal looked at Char and said, "Wonder why they wanted me to help on this thing?"

Char roared.

Micheal then said, "Maybe because they just need me to clear junk for them. There must be a reason why they never looked there. Guessing that there is some sort of thing like a rock or something."

Micheal countinued to fly towards GOldenrod.

11-08-2006, 07:40 AM
Tiana Morenza
Southern Hoenn Sea
DARK Angels HQ

I awoke at dawn feeling refreshed, which was rare because usually I got woken up so easily by the feelings of others in the night, even if they were subconscious and asleep the feelings still were there, they always are. But, this morning the intrusions that usually filled my day were very much lessened if not there altogether. I knew they would probably get stronger as the day went on, but I was happy to have this time to myself. I went through my morning rituals of doing my exercizes, washing up, and finally putting on my clean clothes for the day. This was one of the remnants of my time with the Military. Despite everything that they had put me through, I still followed this one regime. Partially it was out of pure habit but, it also was familiar to me and it made sense.

I looked to see if there were any new notes waiting for me on the desk of my adjoining office and found none. This was rare, usually there were at least 10 things that people wanted me to look at. This would have explained why I had gotten such a good rest though. It would have been because my secretary hadn’t come into either of my rooms during the night. I decided to see if Bron had gotten any new news from Neo and if not we could always go over the reconstruction plans again. Bron always did enjoy talking about how things would be when the reconstruction was complete and I like to feel the happiness of others, it gives me something to remember and focus on when I am overpowered by the intruding feelings.

The short walk to Bron’s office was nothing. There had been no one in the hall and before I knocked on the door I checked to see if I could feel anyone with Bron. There wasn’t. I knocked and it didn’t take him long to answer it and allow me to come in.
I ignored his feelings as best I could and asked if he had had any news from Neo, he replied in the negative and then we went on to talk all about the reconstruction plans again, looking at them as we talked revising some things and leaving the rest alone.

Some time later I felt Lucifer coming through the door of the office and I looked up to see him nod at me. I smiled in return and let him address Bron first as he usually did when the three of us were together. But this was understandable; it was Bron that had saved his life, not me. He was in a good mood when he said “Heya, Boss, What’s the snitch?” I shook my head at his sillyness. He was almost like a younger brother, but the difference is that he had been hired to protect me and at that particular job he was very serious.

Bron laughingly responded, “Nothing much, really. No messages from our agents in Lillycove, except the supplies they're sending. I'd like to move the island over there, but we barely have enough power to run anything, let alone raise the anchors and activate the motors. Other than that, I was thinking of paying Neo a visit later."

Neo Emolga
11-08-2006, 02:01 PM
Ruins of Lilycove City

“All right.” Jenkins said, looking at the map we had drawn out, “What the hell is all this?”

“This…” I told him, pointing to several squares on the drawn out area of what was left of Lilycove, “Is what we plan on doing to this place. Right now, the nickname of it is ‘The Hub,’ but it’s a hypothetical name at the moment. It’s up to Krad.”

I then pointed to a few arrays of brown clusters. I was pretty confident in this next plan, and it would receive a lot of praise if we got it to work right.

“These are the homes and residential areas.” I told him, pointing to the north side of the map, “We’re going to try and go with greenhouses again. We have the manuals, they were saved for this occasion. This technology will allow us to grow entire crops in there. Hell, I imagine that in a few months after these are built, we’ll actually find out what strawberries taste like.”

“Okay, I like that idea.” Martin replied, nodding with a smile as he overlooked the map, “What about the harbor?”

“I’ll get to that in a minute.” I told him, putting that aside for now to make way for the center of town planning.

The heart of ‘The Hub’ was my next plan. Plus, it was the part I was most interested in. I wasn’t much for farming life, but this would be a way better part of the area and it would give back to the DARK cause with everything we needed.

“This big building…” I told them, pointing to the center gray area on the map, “Will be a foundry for metal working. In time, we’re thinking of even producing our own vehicles provided we can get the process going.”

“One question, Neo…” Roberto asked me, “Just where do you plan on getting the materials to make that thing?”

“Roberto…” I told him with a smile, “Didn’t I tell you not to doubt me? Come on…”

It started up a chuckle among the ground and then I got back down to the basics.

“Like what we did the remains of Lilycove, we’re sacking out New Mauville.” I told him laying it out, “New Mauville is rich was metals, most of them were preserved even after the nuclear war. It used to be a power plant, but as well all know, Rustboro is already on it. We don’t need to worry about power, and the guys from Dewford are doing their best to rewire all of Hoenn. Give them a little time, and we’ll actually be able to use lights… outside of the vaults.”

“Sounds nice.” Jenkins replied.

“You bet your ass it sounds nice.” I reassured him with a smile, “Are you kidding? People we can do this.”

I then went to the south side of town. This was the harbor we were talking about.

“Okay, the harbor…” Martin brought it up again, “What are we doing there?”

“Right now, ship building is royal hell, we can’t do it yet, not without some basic necessities, and like Krad wants, we’re mostly focusing on defense. Some of our enemies want to devour the world and force us under their shoes. Well let me tell you people, that sure ain’t happening. Our guys in Ultima City are already working on going further with it. We’ve got to do our part, now Sacromona here will divide you all in work groups. Shipments from the south will be coming soon enough, so you guys better be ready with the building when they come around, okay? Just follow the plans, and you’ll be fine.”

They had all agreed, and got suited up to begin work. Meanwhile, I pulled Jenkins off to the side and gave him a note.

“What’s this, Chief?” He asked me, looking at the piece of paper.

“I need you to send this to Tiana.” I told him, looking to the side, “We found a speedboat, the motor is still in good shape and I managed to fix it up a little. Take this to her, and bring a copy of the map. Everything is outlined on the ‘The Hub’ site, from the industrial areas and the farming sectors. Trust me, it’s a good outline.”

“Got it.” Jenkins replied, “You don’t need to tell me where to go, I know how to get there. I’ll catch you later, Chief, hopefully we’ll see the beginning of a new fresh start when I get back.”

I gave him my goodbye and then headed back to the site. Thank the heavens above they left us so many nice tools to begin this resurrection. They may not have been smart with nuclear strikes, but at least they had prepared us for the life afterword.

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-08-2006, 02:09 PM
Outskirts of New Bark Town

"Miss, I think you should come back to base." Harry said, bowing his head slightly. "I know what your intentions are, but you must plan and think wisely, and act accordingly."

I was about to retort sharply when I silenced myself. He was right...

"Madam, I suggest you refresh yourself at the base, and then proceed for your journey."

Battle Tower,
Olvine City

I paced around in the chamber adjacent to the room where the girl I captured was being questioned. Finally, the door opened.

"Any luck?" I inquired as Nat Cramer, one of the mercenaries who was assigned to question her, came out.

He shook his head, and muttered "She's a tough nut to crack. I suggest you have a go."

"Incompetent filth." I swore and entered the room. She was tied to a chair, and was breathing heavily. She looked at me with bloodshot eyes as I entered.

"So." I began in a sweet voice. "Will you answer my questions?"

She didn't answer. She was either too tired, or she wouldn't. I picked up a glass of water on the table next to me and threw the contents on her face.

"Answer me!" I commanded, watching the water drip down the face. Two of the grunts in the room gasped, but I ignored them.

Finally, she found her tongue. "Treatment of a fellow Human Being in this manner is illegal, according to the convention-"

"Where May Mitchell stands, rules and conventions be damned." I interrupted her. "Tell me," I grabbed hold of her hair. "What are you doing new New Bark town?"

"Nothing," she gasped. "Please! I come in peace." she began to plead.

I pulled out an automatic. "If you don't answer my questions, you will go; in pieces!" I snarled. "Answer my questions!"

"If I tell you everything I know, will you let me go?" she asked me.

"Yes, I will."

"How do I know?"

"A girl's honor." I answered. Some of the men grumbled, but the girl was satisfied.

"I was sent on a reconnaisance mission, that's all. I was asked to scout New Bark and bring a report of the security."

"That's all?" I aasked, raising my eyebrow.

"I swear." she answered, looking at me frightened.

"Good." I pulled out my automatic and fired at her straight in the forehead. Some men stifled gasps and cries. I looked at her corpse and muttered "Never ever trust a girl..."

Neo Emolga
11-08-2006, 03:11 PM
OOC: o.O

Wow… holy crap, May. You are one vile little hell-bringer. XD

The Hub Construction Site, Lilycove City Remnants

We finally got the supplies from what used to be New Mauville, some of it coming from the ruins of Slateport itself. I had gotten a message from Decker in Rustboro City that construction of the Synth Power Plant was getting some headway, but it would still take a while. Technically, we were restoring the first Synth Power Plant that was there previously, but so much of it had been ripped to pieces that it required a whole new construction. However, the site was perfect once they cleared the metallic rubble and sent it for smelting into new metal. Man, I didn’t know what we would do without these steel mills…

Creating glass was actually easy. Heck, they were doing this in the old times, so making greenhouses with some of the new technology was actually relatively quick and easy. Actually, it was building the actual homes these farmers would be living in was actually harder. At the moment, they would be quick though. Two room houses, one for living and dining area, and the other for sleeping. Extensions would have to come later, we didn’t have the time for it, and this one architectural design was all we needed. Stones and mason work took longer, but wood was in short supply simply for the lack of trees around here. However, stones would also ensure the integrity of the buildings.

Factories were intended for the west and south side of the Hub, but would only come after these first initiative plans were put into play. The last of the resources from the vaults were coming out, and we were using them in developing the new colony. Most of the area was clear now, with foundations laid out for the new project.

“So Roberto, how are the foundations coming along?” I asked him, overseeing the construction and restoration of Hoenn.

“They’re okay, not as fast as I was hoping it would be, but we’re done with the foundations and that’s fine.” He told me, trying to get a little assurance, “Not a whole lot of us have done construction work before, but we’re getting better at it.”

“Well keep it up.” I told him, giving him a pat on the back, “Make Bron Krad proud…”

11-08-2006, 04:21 PM
OOC: Screw rust, I'm taking over the place!

AMS Deathwing,
Shinou waters

The weapons room was empty when I got there, or so it seemed. The moment I walked in, two guards came standing behind me, looking carefully over my shoulder to see what I was doing. Weapons and ammo were scarce in these post-nuclear regions, so whatever resources available were kept in check like crazy.

There was no time to inspect all of the weaponry, so I just went to the order computer, which would process my request and arrange for the proper transport. I quickly typed in my equipment and had the system order Lt. Bullshot to pick the truckload up.

I knew that what I was up to next would require the blindness of the two guards, so I had to use one of my little tricks.

"You two, I think I heard something rattling over there," I said, as I stood near the chemical department of the room. "If we get rats down here, the whole ship might blow up."

"Ehm... Well, we're not supposed to leave anyone alone in here, ma'am," one of the guards said hesitatingly.

"I'm a superior officer, so who would think that I would do something as bombing this place? Come on, use your freaking common sense. Now, one of you should get the rat traps, while the other looks what the hell is going on there. I'll go get one of the grunts to come in here and hunt down the rodents. Now, get on it. On the double!"

They looked at each other with mystified expressions on their faces, but in the end, they hurried off like they were told to. Me, on the other hand, waited a couple of seconds, before slipping some of the goods in a plastic bag, which I took out of my pocket.

Hurrying out of the weaponry, I made a pit stop at the engine room, telling the guard that I was sent here to check the fuel rate. After letting me in, I got near the tank, and waited a second or so before grabbing a long rod and poking it down the measurement hole. The guard nodded as he saw me doing it, and went back to staring outside.

Slowly, without making any uncommon sounds, I grabbed some of the goods and connected them together. Gently, not to alarm the guard, I let them slide down the rod and into the fuel tank. Part one done, still one more thing left to do.

Lt. Bullshot was waiting for me outside in the truck filled with the requested weaponry. "Head count?" I asked.

"6 more in the back. Where are we heading."

"The docks," I said with a dark smile on my face, as I hopped in.

-]DU[- -]Mayhem has commenced[-

11-08-2006, 04:54 PM
I promise anybody I kill, is going to very detailed, I hope nobody has any weak stomachs.

AMS Deathwing~Shinou

I sat back in plane waiting as the grunt made ready to take off, it was only a few seconds later I heard a muffled thump as something hit plane, a second later the door popped open and grunt rushed in.

"Sir! You're no longer taking off, orders have changed so your sticking here for awhile."

I stared at him for minute trying to figure out if I believe that bulls$#% I got up, pushing pass him I ordered the pilot to the plane down, "You," I said turning to the grunt "Put everything in my room."

"Not the Armory?" He asked.

"I hope your not questioning me." I told him as I exited the plane, I took a minute to try and think, I wasn't sure what the hell was going on But I knew chances were I wasn't going to be happy.

I thought about talking to Rust personally, but disregarded it, if he wanted me there enough grunts to send, I decided to tour the Deathwing for a bit and see how everything was going, after that maybe I would find a way to get in on any actions because I was sure of one thing, people were going to die....

The Deathwing was never a quite place, at least not on deck, grunts scrapped and rushed to get things done, while Admins sat and yelled orders....I despised them, people who sat only giving orders while all the while they just sit around and blunder into whatever it is they think is worth it at the time, if Rust would let I would have loved to thin out those that were "Unworthy" especially the way I was feeling, leaving people alive when they were meant to die, had never appealed to me, rather just worked me into a frenzy, something I could feel coming nearer.

I needed to get off the Deathwing, and start making things happen....besides maybe someone would make the mistake of angering me.

I stopped the first grunt passing by, "Get me a ship...now." I ordered.

"Yes sir, but I..."

"No I, I gave you an order, unless someone higher gave you an order do it, or I'll kill where you stand."

"Yes sir." He replied visibly shaken.

At this point however I dint care. I had things to do.

I dint have to wait long before a ship was prepared for me, "tell commander Rust I'll be gone for a bit, if he needs me I got my radio piece."

And with that I shoved off. About time I thought to my self, Places to build, people to kill, maybe this was a blessing in disguise...

It only took me about an hour to hit landfall, I had traveled back and forth through SHinou more than I wanted, but as a nice Result I knew Shinou as well as I knew the Deathwing, I and I knew the Deathwing as well as the weapons I used...

Futaba was not a big town by any measure, which was a reason, I decided to start here, it wouldn't take long to get this city up and rolling, and if I could manage hopefully an infrastructure that would help support the other rebuilding cities.

I was immediately met by a Aqua grunts, no doubt standing guard, foolishly believing they were actually helping Aqua, I felt an incredible urge to shoot them, but perhaps they still had a use. "You two" I commanded stepping on to the dock careful of the ocean spray, "I want you two with me now!" I expected them to give me some excuse as to why it was important to stay at their post, luckily for them they dint, "Get all the Aquas rounded up in the center of town, I have a few things to discuss."

i watched them rush off, I hoped for their sakes they were quick about it I wasn't in the mood to play games, and as far as I was concerned this town was going to be built in no less than two days.......

Neo Emolga
11-08-2006, 06:08 PM
The Hub Construction Site, Lilycove City Remnants

Framework was check. After we had deemed the foundations secure, we then got to work on building up the framework to the walls before moving forward. The walls were to go up first, using metal sheets to make sure the walls were straight and wouldn’t fall over. Again, with the scarce amount of wood, we relied on clay, cement, and stones. However, we wanted to make sure we weren’t living like tribesmen here either…

It was boring as hell though, but we were making progress with restoration. We already had several roofless homes set up with the two rooms they needed, along with a gas stove and a portable heater when the night was cold. The community would do well and would prosper if we kept at this rate.

The machine shop was coming along alright, but it ate up a lot of metal for its construction. However, it would be new, fresh, and ready to undergo heavy demands, overhaul, and production rates. What we had now were only scattered garages and makeshift areas that weren’t meant for large quantity production. This… would fix that, and even better the quality.

Again, I had sent another status report to the headquarters at Ultima City. Hopefully by now they were done with repairs and ready to perform the next step…

11-08-2006, 06:37 PM
OOC: Now, thee peasants, behold my strength and grovel before my feet! Oops, wrong time zone... :P

The docks, Nagisa,

Lt. Bullshot had managed to find everyone in the usual group. They were all highly motivated and very eager to find out what was going on. I turned around to Lt. Bullshot, who was driving the car and asked: "What did you tell them exactly?"

"Oh, only what you implied in pretty much the same words. They seemed to be hopping mad to get on board. By the way, these are some nice arms you arranged. Aren't we going to get in trouble?"

"Heh, don't worry about that. I promise you that once we're ready, we'll cause the trouble ourselves."

The truck stopped at the docks, and I stepped out. Tapping the canvas around the cargo area of the truck, I summoned the soldiers out. As they gathered around me and Lt. Bullshot, I began to memorize their faces. Soon, we were all standing in the shadow of some big crates, waiting for me to take the word.

"Ladies and gentlemen, or Aqua soldiers to be exact. I now stand before you to test where your loyalty lies. I request all of you to put your weapons on the ground, and take a step back. I will do so too, so anyone who doesn't want to be here, can leave now and will be left unharmed."

Everyone looked around themselves to see who would make the first move. To ease the chaos, I grabbed my Walther P5 out of my holster and placed it in front of me on the rocky ground and took a few steps back. Lt. Bullshot did so too.

"Well, what are you all waiting for?"

Slowly, they all began to place down their arms, and looked back up at me. Fear, anxiety, hope. All the factors for chaos could be read in their eyes, sparkling with the vigour and energy of kids playing a game. These people were about to put their lives in my hands. If I made a slip, some of them would die. If I didn't, some of them would still die. What a dilemma, eh?

"Okay, it seems you are all with me. I'll tell you this. Anyone who walks away now, will be killed," I said, as I grabbed my backup Walther P5. "It doesn't matter how fast you are, but you'll die before you even touch your gun. I've got enough bullets to kill 7 people, and I won't miss."

Everyone looked at me with angst drawn on their bloodless faces. They'd be wondering where've they gotten themselves into.

"We are all here, because we share a point of commonality. We don't like the situation we're in. Or better put, we hate our commander. Well, I am here to announce our defection from Team Aqua. Starting today, we'll be going rogue."

"Are you serious, ma'am?" Colonel Dipshat asked, his eyes jumping from my face to my gun and back.

"Dead serious," I replied, as I switch the safety mechanism off on the weapon. "We'll be taking over a certain vessel, which is docked now. You will now all receive your gear, but trust me when I say that you'll be dead as soon as you do something stupid."

"Okay," Lt. Bullshot said, taking over from me, since he stood closest to the truck. "I'll be distributing all the gear. There's one rule which everyone must obey under. Never leave a man behind. If you can't take someone along, dispose of him discretely. We don't want a paper trail."

Lt. Bullshot gave everyone their gear, and put one his afterwards.

"Good," I said once everyone was ready. "Everyone head out. I want this ship taken as before the town center pep rally is over."

-]DU[- -]Loving the mayhem[-

11-08-2006, 10:01 PM
OOC: I hope I do this right!


I was on the boat when a couple of fellow grunt's came to a group of grunt's and I telling us to report to the center of Futuba. I put a strap on my M-16 and headed off to the deck. There was a small huddle of people getting onto speedboats that would take them to Futuba. I managed to get on a boat that wasn't crowded. Within minutes we were in Futuba. I looked around at the city, thinking it'd be bigger than this. We stood at attention to Captain (Is that what you prefered to be called?) Isiah. He stood there with great pride.

He looked as though he were angry. The wind nipped at my nose, but I didn't care because it felt good. The cold navy metal started to get warmer on my M-16. I cold feel it through my trench. My hair floated like a ghost in the wind. The sun glistened off my blue eyes. I anxiously wiated for what he had to say. I knew it was either going to be something good, or something bad. I was hoping something good.

Dr Scott
11-09-2006, 12:31 AM
Johto Airspace
A Surprise!

They had been flying in the air for thirty minutes when Spencer ordered Wyvern to the ground. He was chilled almost literally to the bone, and found that he would just end up falling off if they flew much longer. “Thanks,” Spencer muttered the second he hit the ground, rubbing his arms vigorously with his numb hands. “I really need to start bringing a coat along on these journeys …” he said with a sigh.

Wyvern cast a glance to his trainer, a bit of worry appearing in his eye. {Here,} the large dragon said, leading his trainer over to what appeared to be a small cave, {go in there and rest, I’ll go back to base as quick as I can and get you a hoodie or something. You just stay right here …}

Spencer nodded to his Pokémon, watching as the dragon took off into the air. “Well, it would be a real big bummer if I died here because I froze to death …” He sighed, his breath coming out as a steamy fog. A while after that he rolled his eyes and hit himself weakly on the leg, “What am I doing freezing here along?” With that he rolled his three Poké Balls to the side, letting out Mudpie, Infection, and Static.

His three Pokémon took one look at him and all went to cuddle next to him, adding their own body heat to his own. Though they liked to joke around with Spencer, they didn’t want to see him suffer and certainly didn’t want him to die. {You should have took us out sooner,} Static muttered quietly, closing his eyes as a cold hand rubbed him behind the ears.

“We just landed,” Spencer replied, “I’m going to be okay. Wyvern went off to get me something so that maybe I don’t end up freezing my arse off.” He laughed weakly before fainting on Static…

When he awoke he found himself wrapped up in a blanket with Static still laying near him, his head placed on Spencer’s chest. Infection was laying a little while off, resting near Wyvern, who was laying his large body flat, taking up most of the rather large cave. Looking around, Spencer finally found Mudpie, who was playing paper, scissors, rock with himself. Spencer gently pushed Static off, walking to the water-ground Pokémon. “So, have any of you checked this place out yet?” Spencer asked the large Pokémon.

Mudpie looked up, {Oh, you’re up. We got a little worried there after you fainted. No, we haven’t checked anything out, we were too busy worrying about you.}

Spencer smiled warmly, stretching a bit before saying “Want to check it out with me?” When the water Pokémon nodded, Spencer took off the only way that they could, his shoes making sounds with every step.

It wasn’t long before they reached two paths. “Which way should we go?” Spencer asked, turning to his companion.

{I say we go to the left,} Mudpie said.

Spencer laughed, “Well I say we go to the right! Paper, scissors, rock you for it.”

And with that the two of them chanted ‘paper, scissors, rock!’ before changing their hands to different shapes, Mudpie flattening his hand and Spencer keeping his fist curled up. {I win again!} Mudpie said with a large smile.

“Left we go, then,” an amused Spencer said, turning to the left and following the water-ground Pokémon.

They traveled a bit longer, taking a turn and then coming up with what seemed like a dead end. “Looks like we go right,” Spencer said, turning around.

{Hang on …} Mudpie muttered, {I think I see something.} He shot water out of his mouth, firing a steady stream up at the top of the dead end and watching it slowly trickle down. As it went it took dust and dirt with it, cleaning off what they had before thought was a dead end. After some other more water guns, they had cleaned it off, uncovering what looked like a rather large door.

”Wow …” Spencer muttered, staring at the large blast door. “I’m guessing there is a keypad somewhere, would you shoot at the doors to see if you can get it?”

{I’ll see,} Mudpie said, firing off water guns to the two sides of the wall nearest to the giant reinforced door, finally uncovering a small lump in the wall. Spencer walked to it, flipping up the cover, uncovering keys.

“There’s no way that we’ll be able to luck upon the code, so we’d better mark this place and see if there’s anything in the headquarters.” And with that the two started walking back, going at a much quicker pace then they did before.

It wasn’t long before they got back to where the rest were camped out, finding Wyvern, Static, and Infection up and about. {We just went exploring,} Mudpie explained, {and we found a giant door!} After getting a nod from Spencer he went ahead and told the small story, making sure to put a lot of detail into his paper, scissors, rock win.

“So, Wyvern,” Spencer said at long last, “Would you go back, get a map, and find out where we are? If there’s some kind of old fashioned GPS that would work well, but I don’t know if any of them survived the … problem.”

{Man, I’ve got my work cut out for me today,} Wyvern mumbled before spreading his wings and taking off yet again …

11-09-2006, 01:41 AM
Ultima City
DARK Headquarters
Bossman's ...err... Bron Krad's Office

“Nothing much, really. No messages from our agents in Lillycove except the supplies they're sending. I'd like to move the island over there, but we barely have enough power to run anything, let alone raise the anchors and activate the motors. Other than that, I was thinking of paying Neo a visit later."

“The Chief, huh…?” echoed the boy in response towards Bron’s reply. “Well then, I’d better start packin’ in case you are gonna meet the Chiefman. Later, boss!” he greeted as he strode out of the room. As he exited, he turned towards his charge and said, “Oh, and bonjour, Madame Morenza, as Javas would say,” he finished with a playful wink and grin as he exited the room.

“So, now what do we do?” asked the Sneasel as they headed back to their room. Ifrit and Lucied padded behind quietly as the mercenary turned and looked at Javas with a grin. “Well, for starters, we need to get these hunka metals up and running,” he replied gesturing towards the mechanical arms that both he and the Sneasel were equipped with. Javas nodded in agreement as the foursome headed back into Lucifer’s door, closing it with a rather loud slam.

“Ifrit!” yelled three voice in unison.


Lucifer sighed deeply as he ruffled his hair and looked at the pile of metal before him. “Well, its time to work pals. Let’s get this arms remade for the war ahead.”


11-09-2006, 04:26 AM
This coming part is bit thick :p

Futaba Town~Shinou

I stood ready to address the Aqua's, as far as I knew they had all been gathered and stood waiting for mt announcement, I stepped up to a small platform in the middle of the gathering place, my eyes swept of the crowd as I readied to to deliver my message.

I stepped up now was the time.

"I don't have to recount everything that's has happened so far do I? You all were there, you each experienced it, one way or another each and every one of experienced it, and now what? Come above land? Just to discover everything gone, and and being forced to start over......only to find out were on the brink of war again. amazing huh?

So tell me, how long do you think it will be before one of the four factions reaches out trying to extend themselves? If you don't Know I'll tell you. Not long...not long at all, you see we already have people out scouting the defenses of other factions. how long is it
before they do the same? How long before total war? Personally I don't care, I can't wait to get my weapons wet with the enemies blood. The only, only thing I care about is making sure Aqua comes out on top. Which is why all of you are here.

Can't figure it out? I assure you it's simple, we need towns, need weapons, need money, and above all an infrastructure. And I believe we can accomplish that, accomplish it faster than any other faction out there. So every single one of you are going to break your back these next few days to get this town back up, than we'll do it again in the next town and the next, and the next until Shinou is the top region of this world.

And than you all can say you did this, you brought Aqua to the top, you dint sit around doing nothing as the world attempted to rebuild itself, no, you will say you did what nobody else could, you'll say that you were the ones to recreate it, you took control of this very world to rise up against those that would try to lead us. You did that.

So the only question that matters is whether or not we will lead the world, or be lead."

I stepped back to observe their reaction, the message was a bit hacked for my taste but If they swallowed the bull it only helped, an Admin approached form my left, coming up he whispered a few words in my ear, I turned back towards the crowd, "I've been told bandit problems have plagued shinou, that ends now, if you spot anything come to me
immediately, don't engage I'll need to show whats happens to those without respect. work will begin at 6 hundred hours dismissed."

I stepped off the platform, and watched the group slowly disburse, the Admin came up to me. "That was the biggest piece of Sh@t I have everwitnessed in my life."

I turned, "And yet it works, Make sure their up by 5:30."

"Sir?" the Admin asked.

I smiled. "I said work begins at 6."

I left the Admin to take care of things, and made my way around the town, like shinou it was mostly just waste land, trees, and bushes were finally beginning to sprout after years of radiation, the buildings were all fully collapsed with the wood fully rotted out.

The main job tomorrow would be clearing out the rotted wood and clearing debris, hopefully the houses with cellars and basements had equipment preserved, it was my hope that by the third day we could begin construction of buildings, if we could just get a few basic things up we could get the ball rolling for the other rebuilding project around Shinou.

I briefly gave thanks for the fact that there were so many Aqua's, it would make things so much easier than if it were only a small group working.

The only thing I was briefly worried about was bandits, on one hand I would enjoy gutting them in front of everybody as an example, but on the other hand, I had no intentions of letting anything distract from the rebuilding process, in my mind getting out ahead of the other factions was vital to future Aqua plans.

Luckily I knew I had the drive to do this, there were regions to capture people to torture...

I made my way back to the small ship I had come on, and hunkered down for the night...

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-09-2006, 07:03 AM
OOC: o.O

Wow… holy crap, May. You are one vile little hell-bringer. XD


Vile? Come on, my character is vile :P

It will get worse in the next few posts...

Battle Tower

The cold blooded murder during interrogation seemed to be the talk of the place. Earlier, the grunts who used to be tipsy when I used to pass them and salute me whenever they saw me. Clearly, they knew that the same fate may be in store for them...

Now, there was a new rumor. The two grunts who had accompanied me that night had just vanished, and someone recovered their manhandled corpses in the forest next to the town. The condition in which the corpses were discovered was unknown, but I had revealed it to a few people and in less than twenty four hours, the slow and sleepy grunts transformed into hard core soldiers, on red alert, as if the camp was about to be attacked any moment.

After a few days of surprise checks, and drills, I was satisfied. This is want the camp must look like...

Some of the mercenaries had come and talked to me. They didn't approve of the military style discipline. They preferred it when the old general was in charge. He was obviously lenient. Nonetheless, foreseeing rebellious intentions I made sure that they were never heard of, again.

But I was helpful at times. I allowed the men to ask me their difficulties, I trained them in unarmed combat. I was surprised at the poor statistics at the camp during the reign of the old general. Over a third of the men didn't know how to use medium range rifles and there were hardly any snipers.

I decided to put my foot down and started my new regimen. Up at 5'o clock in the morning, two hours hard training out doors and a sniper and aiming session before turning in to the barracks. Some of the men were disgruntled, but most whad foresight, luckily, and continued the training wityhout protests.

Suddenly, Harry came walking up to me. "Madam, Victor wants to see you."

"What!? I won't give a damn, whatever it is." I asked angrily. "Tell him I'll see him later." I was supervising a session were the grunts were practicing sniping.

"Madam, he says it's important." he pleaded.

"Damn the importance, damn Victor, and damn you!" I snapped.

"Madam, he says it's for your plan to get aboard The Deathwing."

"Fine." I snapped. "Everyone, dismiss. I want you all to assemble here at half past nine in the morning, understood? All of you!"

Now what the bloody hell did he want to see me for?

11-09-2006, 07:06 AM
OOC: Anything that Bron says or does in any of my posts is talked over with him before I post and is approved of by him. I do not bunny people without their permission.

Southern Sea of Hoenn
DARK Angels HQ
Tiana Morenza

After Lucifer had taken his leave, I addressed Bron, "Bron, your young bodyguard has a lot to learn about staying with his charge. More importantly though, before we go visit Neo I would go back to my rooms to see if anyone has left anything in my office, by now I am sure there have been updates on progress for the reconstruction." I did not mean only the reconstruction going on at the mainland but also the beginning of the reconstruction going on around us here in Ultima, though I suspected that Neo, being as efficient as he was, had some good news to report from the mainland.

Bron replied, "That makes sense. You could go now if you want I just want to tidy up here a bit before we leave anyway, I'll meet you at your rooms and we'll leave." I nodded agreeing with this plan of action. As I got up from my chair next to Bron, I bid him farewell, “I’ll see you in about what, twenty minutes?” he nodded his reply and I left his office.

Before I could reach my rooms though a fairly scruffy, but nice looking fellow, who was a bit nervous, but in a general good mood approached and said, "Lady Tiana?" I nodded and he continued, "I am Jenkins, sent by Captain Neo to deliver a report to you directly." He held out two papers and as I spoke I took the papers, "Thank you very much Jenkins I appreciate the news. It is good news I trust?" The man simply smiled and said, "Ma'am, I assure you I don't know what Captain Neo wrote, but I can say that there was progress when I left him and I hope to find even more upon my return." I smiled and said, "Thank you again, Jenkins you may go." The man saluted and turned back the way he had come.

I was glad that when he left he was no longer nervous I didn't know if his nervousness had simply been because I was a "lady" or if there were rumors of my abilities. I knew that Bron and Dr. Psyche went to great lengths to try and keep my abilities hidden, which is what I wanted, but when I am overwhelmed I cannot know what will happen and that is why I have a bodyguard; not only to protect myself, but to keep me from harming others, just in case. I shook off the melancholy these thoughts gave me and then went into my rooms and as I had expected there were more reports waiting for me in the office. I sat down at the desk to read them.

I read Neo's report on the Mainland construction and took a look at the map he had made of it. The map looked very sensible to me and as he said that the foundations were already underway saw no reason to request any changes. The other reports had to do with all the supplies we had aquired, including steel, copper, and glass. The reports were good and meant that we might just have enough to finish everything we wanted to accomplish. I had just finished reading the last one when I felt Bron on the other side of the door and heard him knock. My twenty minutes were up. “Come on in Bron.” I called.

Neo Emolga
11-09-2006, 12:43 PM
The Hub Construction Site, Hoenn

At this rate I got a taste of what this whole place was really going to look like in the end, even though right now, the buildings themselves were merely skeletons of what was to come later on when it was all completed. Right now, most of the buildings were completed, it was more of a matter now of moving in equipment, furnishings, and other facilities. However, it wasn’t exactly meant to be aesthetically pleasing, we were focusing much more on purpose than appearance.

Already, fifteen greenhouses had been completed and were armed with the new cultivating technology had been up and ready to go. Meanwhile, we had to be careful with these seeds, but if they really grew, it would be the beginning of new life in these hard times. The homes were being built nicely as well, even though they were small. We didn’t exactly have the time and materials to build mansions here. Luxury here was a thing of the past… or perhaps in the distant future, but certainly not now…

New Mauville was cleaned out of a lot of its metal, and we had recovered the main generator from inside in flawless condition. In fact, it had barely been used prior to the nuclear war. This, we had immediately placed upon the next ship heading toward Ultima City, since I had gotten informed that they needed a power generator of this kind, and this one was still good enough to use.

Rustboro City was about 50% done with the Synth Power Plant, while Dewford, which had undergone all of the rewiring across Hoenn, had given us the notice that they were finally done. However, as fortunate as Rustboro City was, they still lived among a massive metropolis in ruins. It would take years for them to clear it all and rebuild it… maybe not even in my lifetime, but I would be able to rest easy if I knew that someday… maybe everything would eventually recover from the harsh, nuclear war.

We were doing well, and were able to protect ourselves…

11-09-2006, 01:20 PM
Ultima City
DARK Headquarters
Lucifer's Room

“ARRRRAGGGHHHH!” came a yell from Lucifer’s room.

Javas bit his lips as he steadied the mechanical arm he was holding. The connectors had only slightly penetrated the mechanical joint, but the sudden onslaught of connecting nerves had overwhelmed the young man. Sweat poured sown the red-haired mercenary as the Sneasel steadied the bionic arm he was holding, with both hounds clinging tight to Lucifer’s feet so he wouldn’t trash about. With a slight nod, Javas pushed the connectors together in one shot. The pain of sudden connected nerves was more then enough for Lucifer to handle.

“AAAAAAARRRRRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” screamed Lucifer in pain as the connections joined. The pain was excruciating for anyone to handle, for Javas himself had said that the pain could even make a grown man cry. To Lucifer’s cries, it was nothing compared to what most adults experienced. The Sneasel was secretly glad that Lucifer wasn’t one of those men. Leaping to his side, Ifrit passed the feline a cool towel and used it to clear off the sweat on his forehead.

“You alright?” asked the Sneasel.

Lucifer slightly opened his eyes, pain and shock still clouded within those garnet prisons. “Better than… ever…” he tried to joke, but failed miserably as he coughed violently, a small mouthful of blood flying out from his raw throat. Javas was immediately alarmed. He quickly gestured for Lucied, who grabbed a mug of cool, icy water. The cat-like pokemon took it with a silent acknowledgement of thanks towards the Mightyena, and then proceeded to flush the liquid down his trainer’s burning throat. A soft sigh came out from Javas when he saw the pained expression on Lucifer’s face slowly disappearing.

“You shouldn’t really push yourself, Lucifer,” said Ifrit, “It was a miracle enough you survived the bombing, not to mention that sudden dose of radiation that came after it. Lucky that dose was miniscule; otherwise you wouldn’t have survived at all.

The mercenary grinned weakly, revealing a pair of canines that were actually slightly longer and sharper than most humans if carefully observed. “Heh,” he started weakly, “It was lucky I survived the bomb at all; I was one of the closest towards the bomb, if memory serves me right…” he trailed off when he raised his normal hand to clutch his forehead as a sudden pain shot through his cranium, the action alarming Javas once more. Reaching for the cool towel, he laid it on top of Lucifer’s head to help him cool down.

“None of us can remember that moment, Lucifer…” Lucied picked up from Ifrit after he had deposited the mug into the sink, “It was as if all our memories had been erased at that exact moment. Only Monsieur Krad found you underneath all that rubble in Celadon. Even he himself said you were a living miracle.”

Lucifer smiled weakly at this, eyes closing in weariness. He wondered how Javas always had endured the pain he went through. It was the same, regardless if he was human or not… the nerves always stayed the same… maybe the Sneasel knew how to control the pain he went through… those thoughts lingered on the mercenary’s mind before he lost consciousness and slowly drifted into sleep.

Javas sighed as he saw his trainer falling into slumber. Turning towards Lucied, he requested, “Lucied, please tell Bron that he may have to delay his schedule… say that Lucifer’s out for an hour, at the very least.”

“Right away, Jav,” replied the Mightyena with a curt nod before exiting the room. Using his sense of smell, Lucied soon found Bron in Tiana’s room. Both leaders looked in surprise and paused in their conversation as the raven-furred wolf entered the room.

“Umm… Monsieur Bron?” addressed the wolf, “I’m here to inform you that my trainer’s out for a moment… he had his arm switched,” he said with a slight shrug, “so you may have to wait for an hour at least before he wakes up. He’s apologizes deeply for his actions as well, Madame Morenza,” he added, turning his head towards Tiana. “He’ll report to you once he’s awake.” With that, the Mightyena turned and began to exit the room.

You’d better get well soon, Luci… he thought, not for you alone, but for all of us.


Charizard Michelle
11-09-2006, 02:57 PM
Goldenrod City

Micheal and his charizard landed close to the old famous Goldenrod Department Store. Micheal looked around the city and notice it wasn't the same as he saw in the pictures before the droping of the bombs. He remember seeing pictures of the grand shiny city but now it was most gray and in pieces. Delta Green tried its best to rebuild most of it but that was proving to be a bit hard. A little under half of the city was repaired while the other half was still in development. The old Goldenrod Department Store was made into a Delta Green base and had all the office work that was in the Goldenrod Underground moved into it and some of the extra offices into dorms or housing. Now the Underground was part of the base as in stoarge and training since the Department Store is a bit small.

Micheal enter the Department Store and spoke to the guard on duty. "Micheal Ano. I was called for a mission."

The guard nodded and said, "Let me declare your arrival. He press a button on his radio and mutter into it. He then said to Micheal, "Your partner will be arriving shortly."

Micheal shurgged and took a seat. He knew that he sleep a little before going to Farms Town but still he would have liked to slept some more. Micheal shurgged and waited. Char took a spot next to him. At once a man came to Micheal and said, "Micheal Ano?"

Micheal looked up at the short person with blonde hair and said, "Yeah. That will be me."

The short person nodded and said, "Hello. I am Bill Dells. I will be leading the expendtion to the Goldenrod Underground. I am hoping with your help that we can reach some of the places of the Underground that was made unaccessable and finally map out the area. I have heard great things about you and I hoping that your skills will be helpful."

Micheal nodded and said, "Ok." Micheal could only think that his skills were usage of bombs and pokemon. He then said, "So just you are coming?"

Dells shook his head and said, "No. There will be a team. A photographer, a mapper, and some what you can say muscle. We don't know what is down there in the unknows of the Underground. The Underground was unexpectally extended right before the bombs come down and nothing was left to show what was place inside there. It is said that the developors that were incharge of the extention project was killed. Still for all we know there could be records of the past hidden down there but also some pokemon that could have used the Underground as a safeguard from the bombing."

Micheal listen and thought that what Dells was saying sounded intersting. He then said, "Ok. Where are they? The group?"

"Sleeping." said Dells.

Micheal then said, "Wake me up when they get here." Micheal then nodded off and went to sleep.

Neo Emolga
11-09-2006, 06:33 PM
The Hub, Lilycove City Remnants

Every green house was completed, along with the homes of those that would take care of the crops in there using the restoration technology our “ancestors” had left behind. Meanwhile, the machine shop had also undergone completion, and shortly after, we were able to wire up each individual home and industrial facility. However, there was no power yet. We were waiting on Rustboro before that could be done, and the last status check I had seen from them was that the Synth Power Plant was about 75% done. The main core was in place, now they just needed to tools and collection devices to retrieve the heat and energy from the center of the earth in what would be used for energy.

Meanwhile, we had gotten the go-ahead to create an UltimaTech Laboratory underground the Hub community. Still, this was a late project, but they got to work quickly on it. As for the rest of Hoenn, we were beginning the process of taking down old buildings, salvaging their materials, especially their metals, and melting them down and reusing them for newer projects.

I had heard the power generator from New Mauville made it to Ultima City, so whatever the rest of DARK’s agents were doing over there, it would allow them to implement a power source.

I was looking forward to taking advantage of the industry that was starting to grow here. Rather than relying on old vehicles and weapons, we would be able to make new ones with full integrity.

11-09-2006, 07:14 PM
OOC: Now, thee peasants, behold my strength and grovel before my feet! Oops, I did it again... :P

The docks, Nagisa,

The place was pretty much abandoned as the eight of us marched onwards. We had set our sights on a ship called the Meaghan. It was a civil transport vessel which brought minerals to us and exported our cotton to the other regions. It's crew was supposed to consist out of irregular workers, who all set sail under one and the same captain.

This captain was an old veteran, who was one of the first people to go above ground, a few years too soon. The additional dose of radiation had affected him terrible. This guy was practically on his death bed, but he still kept on sailing like there was no tomorrow. I bet he liked the ocean the moment he saw it.

Wondering on what kind of sea burial he wanted, I ordered two of my force with a simple hand gesture to go around the back and sweep them outside. The others stayed with me and wove outwards, so that we wouldn't be in each other's line of fire.

Suddenly, smoke began to come out of the ship and buildings, precisely on time. During my visit in the weaponry, I had ordered the shipment of a couple crates filled with teargas cannisters. They had been timed to go off at a specific time, preset by me. Wasn't I a shrewd, shrewd gal?

Three of us, leaded by Lt. Bullshot, stormed the harmless sailors with our gas masks secured over our mouths, noses and eyes. The others stayed with me and awaited the dock workers, mainly Aqua soldiers, but with sporadic amounts of civilians.

The massacre was over in under a minute. A lone gunshot reverberated through the docks as a lonely sucker was found hiding in a cabinet, but after that an eerie silence surrounded the docks.

"Okay, people. I want this ship in tip-top shape in ten minutes. We're sailing off in fifteen."

Everyone hurried off to check whether there were bullet holes in the hull or something bad enough to sink and die of. Meanwhile, Lt. Bullshot was moving in supplies as quickly as he could. I knew that he was a strong guy, but I was surprised by his working speed.

After about twelve minutes, I ordered two ex-Aquas to bring a specific crate up to the deck. Swiftly, it was brought up, and opened. A pair of shiny new LAW's lay before me, as I smiled to all.

"This, my comrades, is our resolve. From here, we have the perfect angle of sight to fire these babies off. Now, any volunteers?" I asked, looking around.

One usually unnoticed kid took a step forward. His brown hair fell illogically in front of his eyes, and his face wasn't that uncommon or ugly to see. "I like to fire one off, ma'am," he said, staring straight at the deprived rocket launchers.

"Okay, anyone else?"

Colonel Dipshat took a step forward too, somewhat to Lt. Bullshot's disliking.

"Well, that's taken care of. You, kid, aim for Futuba's town center. Dipshat, take aim at that small ship there."
-[OOC: SiberianTiger, this is your ship!]-

They took a LAW each and positioned themselves on the proper side of the deck.

"Ready," I said. "Take aim!" I looked at the calm faces around me. After this, there was no turning back."FIRE!" I shouted. Half of the word was lost beneath the roars of the LAW's flying away.

-]DU[- -]Mayhem[-

Neo Emolga
11-09-2006, 07:51 PM
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Rust’s going to be pissed. You just love ruffling his feathers, don’t you? :crackup:

The Hub, Hoenn

Most of the reconstruction plan had been complete. Meanwhile, Rustboro City had fully completed the Synth Power Plant, all they needed to do make the final checks and then we would finally have power again to run the machines we had set up. For electricity… was the blood of machines…

The greenhouses were prepared and the area was plowed to prepare DARK’s agricultural sector. If this worked, we would be able to yield even more seeds. And it would be nice to be able to eat real food for once…

The machine shop was ready, along with the few factories that had been established. Again, all that was needed here was power supply. For now, they were working on the harbor and its restoration. It would be a long time before we could build our own boats, but every step counted toward something bigger.

Areas around the ruins of Fallarbor were being tapped into, and we sparked the new process of mining for ores, which would assist in metalworking without having to melt down already previously used steel and iron. If there was a large iron ore deposit in those mountains, it would be a massive help in the restoration project.

I was looking forward at the end result, already The Hub was about the size of Lilycove City before it was obliterated in the explosions. We were on the verge… of a new hope…

11-09-2006, 08:48 PM
OOC: Hell yeah! And this is going to be the one that plucks all his feathers! :devious:

The docks, Nagisa,

"Okay, start the engines!" I ordered as the LAW's sped away toward their targets. "We'll use the nightfall as cover."

The hydrogen-engines started to hum and puff, as they began to power the ship. Soon, we would be in somewhat smoother water, but not if they got here before we left.

I went to the bridge, hoping that I wouldn't miss too much of the fireworks, and began to plan our voyage. We had to stay far from shore to not arouse any suspicion before the time was right. Someone manned the radio station, just as I had ordered her when we got on board.

Looking at the remote in my left hand and at my watch around my right wrist, I thought of how to do this just right to pull it off.

The ship was huffing and puffing gently, as we rushed towards Johto. We probably had something Delta Green would love to get their hands on it. I turned to the radio.

"Hail Team Delta Green for me. I want to speak to the highest authority. Tell them that we are a delegation from Shinou."

The radio girl messed with the dials and spoke into the microphone a couple of times. Soon, after a short while, she turned around and gave me a spare headset. "You have a direct link to the cell of one Spencer."

"Mr. Spencer, I prosume," I said into the microphone, sounding as relaxed but firm as usual. "You're talking to Captain Arlene Lear. I think I've got something extremely useful for your camp. How would you like to be the one to receive a remote control from an Aqua AWOL to a bomb located in the Deathwing's fuel tank?" Looky, here. Gal, you just hit the freaking jackpot, didn't ya?

-]DU[- -]Proud to produce: Mayhem[-

Dr Scott
11-09-2006, 09:10 PM
Hidden Base
Surprises Keep Coming

Spencer was lazily watching Wyvern fly around in a growing circle, trying to pinpoint their location on a map that lay on a stump next to Spencer himself. ‘Man, this sure is fun … Oh well, I’m curious about what’s inside,’ Spencer thought to himself. Wyvern enlarged his circle once again, causing Spencer to sigh in boredom.

Finally giving up on standing, Spencer sat down on the stump that he had put the map on, sitting on the map to keep the now gentle breeze from blowing it off. It was when he was leaning back that he felt his cell phone once again start to vibrate against his leg, causing small sensations throughout his body. ‘Now what …’ Spencer thought as he rolled his eyes, leaning back to take his cell phone out of his jeans.

“’Ello,” Spencer said emotionlessly, “what’s up?”

“Sara here, sorry to bug you. We have a call that says that they want to talk to someone higher up from Delta Green.” Sara sounded a little worried, but mostly curious.

“Patch ‘em through,” Spencer said, standing up again and automatically coming to his senses.

Spencer heard a button and then all of a sudden a females voice assailed his ear, “Mr. Spencer I presume,” the voice began.

“Oh, so now I’m a mister?” Spencer mumbled quietly to himself, chuckling inwardly before turning his attention to the strange but firm voice.

“You’re talking to Captain Arlene Lear. I think I’ve got something extremely useful for your camp. How would you like to be the one to receive a remote control from an Aqua AWOL to a bomb located in the Deathwing’s fuel tank?”

Spencer’s eyes grew wide as he thought of the possibilities. Though this would be a strong movement in injuring Aqua, there was still the point in this causing another War, one that may once again take out the world. This wouldn’t set well with the citizens either … And still, there was the question of trust, this Captain could easily be trying to get close enough to kill him.

Though there were many thoughts and doubts going through his head, Spencer said aloud, “You do realize that we can’t trust you just because you have something that we may or may not want. If we’re going to make any kind of meeting, it will need to be on neutral and even ground, one where we don’t have to worry about the other trying to commit a murder. I’m a politician after all, not a murdering soldier.” Spencer shifted his weight to his other leg as he thought of what to say, “Say I am interested, what do you offer in exchange, and why are you even doing this in the first place?”

11-09-2006, 09:19 PM
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On sea,
heading to Johto

“You do realize that we can’t trust you just because you have something that we may or may not want," the reply came "If we’re going to make any kind of meeting, it will need to be on neutral and even ground, one where we don’t have to worry about the other trying to commit a murder. I’m a politician after all, not a murdering soldier.” He paused for a moment it seemed, but he quickly continued. “Say I am interested, what do you offer in exchange, and why are you even doing this in the first place?”

"I understand. You must be reluctant to trust me, since you are a peace loving country. Well, I think that if you talked to your seismology department, I think they would register two shocks within rapid succession in the next few minutes. These are two LAW's we fired off on Aqua forces. I think my ex-leader will make a press statement soon about not trusting me and other political rants."

Delta Green was a good choice to go to, since it was close by. However, I wasn't planning on staying too long.

"All we want is safe passage through your territorial waters and maybe some stock. As for the meeting place. How about Olivine City docks? It's on your home grounds, so you have the element of surprise if something goes wrong. Well, what do you think?"

The radio crackled fascinatingly.

-]DU[- -]Negotiating by mayhem[-

Dr Scott
11-09-2006, 09:35 PM
Hidden Base
Making Plans

“I understand,” came the reply from the crisp but female military voice, “You must be reluctant to trust me, since you are a peace loving country. Well, I think that if you talked to your seismology department, I think they would register two shocks within rapid succession in the next few minutes. These are two LAW’s we fired off on Aqua forces. I think my ex-leader will make a press statement soon about not trusting me and other political rants.”

There was a pause in which Spencer retreated into his mind, ‘Ok, so I’m not near anywhere to check for anything like that, not that I’d know what a LAW was anyhow. But she doesn’t need to know that … That would be a pretty stupid lie if it was one.’

His thoughts were cut off as the voice came again, “All we want is safe passage through your territorial waters and maybe some stock. As for the meeting place, how about Olivine City docks? It’s on your home grounds, so you have the element of surprise if something goes wrong. Well, what do you think?”

Spencer couldn’t help but smile to himself, “Well, if you mean no harm then safe passage is yours, we’re a neutral nation, and we only have any want to defend ourselves, not to go on the offensive. Feel free to get some stock while you’re here, though I can’t promise that we have much at all to give, given that we are still in the rebuilding stage. And as for Olivine City, that sounds good enough for me. You, of course, have nothing to fear from me. I will bring my bodyguard, but he is only there to ensure my survival, nothing else. We have no want to start a war that will once again ruin the world.”

Though he sounded cool and confident, as if he wasn’t a bit afraid of being attacked by this strange commander, he knew that plenty could go wrong with just the wrong gesture. However, he knew that Scott, his bodyguard, would take care of all defensive needs and escape plans. Scott was employed to keep Spencer safe and think of things before they happened, so Spencer knew that his life was safe in his old friend’s hands …

11-09-2006, 09:45 PM
Rebuilding the Empire

I was slightly disappointed at Isiah's speech. I knew tomorrow I would be breaking my back doing some hard work trying to rebuild the Aqua forces. I went back to the boat and pulled out my motorcycle. It was a pure white streetbike with an Aqua symbol on the side. I conveniently made it so it would run on water. This took me about two years to make,but it was well worth it.

I took it back to the land and decided to do some site seeing before I had to do a load of work. I sat myself upon the leather seat, put the kickstand up, and started it up. It roared like a Raikou, and when I took off, it felt like I was riding a Raikou too. All that I saw were gaint rock formations, some grass spots starting to grow, and some trees and bushses starting to grow. I didn't know what we were going to use for the rebuilding, but I'm sure someone had an idea.

The wind ripped through my hair like a hot knife through butter. The sun glistened off the sea making a reflection onto my bike. This was a perfect day, but it seemed to go by fast. By the time I came back to Futuba, it was already dark. I put my bike onto a boat and headed back to the headquarters. I stuck it in my room and laid down, putting my head on the soft feather pillow. I pulled the soft covers up over me and closed my eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep.

11-09-2006, 09:53 PM
OOC: specTre and SiberianTiger, you've got missile speeding toward you on a destruction course.

On the ocean,
heading to Johto.

“Well, if you mean no harm then safe passage is yours, we’re a neutral nation, and we only have any want to defend ourselves, not to go on the offensive. Feel free to get some stock while you’re here, though I can’t promise that we have much at all to give, given that we are still in the rebuilding stage. And as for Olivine City, that sounds good enough for me. You, of course, have nothing to fear from me. I will bring my bodyguard, but he is only there to ensure my survival, nothing else. We have no want to start a war that will once again ruin the world,” the reply came.

"I share your sentiments exactly. I'll meet you in Olivine in three hours from now. Hope to have a pleasant talk when we get together. Captain Lear, signing off."

"Full speed to Olivine!" I order as I put down the horn. "You," I said to the radio girl. "Make sure to have DARK's radio frequency under the dial before we reach port."

-]DU[- -]Conflicts and mayhem[-

Lord Celebi
11-09-2006, 10:05 PM
AMS Deathwing

"Sir, two bombs have been detonated in Shinou..." An Aqua grunt reported, "No word on who."

"Sh*t!" I cursed, "What the f*ck happened?"

"We're working on that. We're not sure what exactly happened, but they were two missile-like bombs, that flew in from the ocean," The grunt gulped, "No death count."

"Damnit," I said, "What about AMETHYST?" I asked.

"Unharmed," The grunt said, "And still beinf developed at the same speed. Tiantus is perfecting the small-scale part of AMETHYST that will allow us to dominate. If it works, Aquas will start building the full scale."

"What about the other parts?" I asked.

"Well, hull is at an estimated 20% completion, for the sole fact that we have mined the Iron Vein that we were using clean, so we have to track down a new one. Programming is also coming along steadily, as with the propulsion system."

"Good," I said, turning around, grabbing a clipboard and pen, "Organize a press conference. I'm taking advantage of these bombings politically..."

Sent Reglay
11-09-2006, 10:10 PM
OOC: Well I wanted to get resources for a big project without wasting the rebuilding supplies, this is what I came up with:

Saffron City
Main Rocket Lab
Gettin' the Bling

In the course of rebuilding, metals were at a great need, and a short supply. I didn't wish to use some of the supplies destined for one of the many rebuilding projects in Kanto, but I needed supplies for a new project, and I hsad a plan to get it.

Only a few satellites remained. of those few, only one was accessible and mildly useful. The sae elements of solar radiation, disrepair, and lack of fresh components that destroyed the other sattelites, reduced the usefulness of this one. All it could do was take digital photos that could be uploaded(with the help of a MASSIVE antennae) to a computer. These images weren't clear, and it took hours in the digital imaging lab to turn them into something mildly useful.

Though the targetting systems and weapons components of pre-war sattelites were decimated by a century of nuclear decay, a few features remained that could be tapped after much photographic editing of the image. A few of these features included thermal imaging that was originally used to track troop movement, but now was locked in a completely zoomed out position, limiting the usefulness to tracking large scale armies. Another feature was trajectory tracking. This feature was originally used to calculate missle programming, but is locked in the oppositie function. With a completely zoomed in outlook, it can only be used to coordinate short-range artillery strikes within a mile or two of accuracy.

The most important feature though, was the "Metal Reflectivity Scan". The sattelite launches a wave of special frequency electricity, which bounces off of large concentrations of metal. It was originally used to track tank movement, but in my hands, it was used to find resources. So far nothing had been found, due to a blown fuse in the satellite, but through use of a back-door program, we were able to engage the function.

I was expecting an email from them any moment.

*Ding* (http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/5905/metalrepositoriesfg4.png)

It looked as if our plan had worked. Its a good thing that the Kanto government kept the uplink protocalls all these years.

Lord Celebi
11-09-2006, 10:46 PM
Aqua Press Conference - Deathwing Runway

"Ladies, Gentlemen. As you know, two cities in Shinou have been bombed," I said, surrounded by reporters who were broadcasting my interview live over the radio. The interview is goign to expose Arlene Lear, who Aqua has done some work into figuring out that she was responsible, and mix it with some lies to politically kill the other teams.

"Our sources tell us that in conjunction with another criminal organization, Team Rocket, FORMER Aqua Captain Arlene Lear had devised a plan to attack Shinou and succeeded," I paused. Rocket was a bunch of fools that had to be eliminated anyway, "Lear must be turned in AT ONCE. If she is spotted, please turn her in. We now have a reward for $10,000 on her head."

I paused. Now, it was time for the main reason of this press conference, "The withered Shinou government... the poor attempt at bringing the world back, could not prevent this from happening. Team Aqua is now officially taking over the Shinou government in the interest of National Defense. Thank you," I said. I walked away from the podium as the reporters were escorted off of the Deathwing and onto land.

Those fools at Rocket... and Arlene Lear... had no idea what was coming.

OOC: Is this the third time I've officially taken over a government? Or Fourth?

11-09-2006, 10:59 PM
Saffron City
Main Rocket Lab
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

I walked into the Saffron lab hearing reports of metal that I needed for special Project RKM. I had thoughts going through my head like trains. I walked up to Sent in full unifrom saluting him. I put my hand back down and began to speak.

"Sir, I heard about large metal concentrations that could be used for my project. I assure you with the right equipment and Pokemon, we can get this project underway. It'll take about a week to finish working twelve hours a day. I want to assure perfection in this project. I promise you it will not fail."

I sat down in a black computer chair and looked at the email. I thought all hope was lost, until now. I thought it was a rumor too, but now I don't.

"So how are we going about to get this metal? You don't think we'll be interrupted... do you?" I said with a pause at the end.

Charizard Michelle
11-10-2006, 01:26 AM
Goldenrod City: Department Store Base

Micheal was soon woke up by Dells. He looked him and said, "What is up? Is it time already?"

Dells looked at Micheal and said, "Yeah. I just want to introduce you to our group."

Micheal got up and followed Dells out of the room. He was lead to a small group of people. There was guy with a red cap and a black camera around his neck. A girl with short orange hair. A man with a gun in his hand. Lastly a set of twins, one female and the other male.

The girl with orange hair then said, "So this is Micheal Ano? Looks a bit weak."

"That is our navigator." said Dells.

The girl with red hair smiled and said, "The name is Nami Ator." She then gave her and to shake.

Micheal shrugged and took the hand shake.

The twins walked over to Micheal and said, "My name is Al." said the male.

"Alex" said the girl. She had a knife in her hand.

Micheal looked at the two and said, "Nice to meet you."

The one with the gun just grunted and said, "Seth. Seth Shano."

Micheal looked at the tall man with the gun and said to the person with the camera. He was playing with it. "What is your name?"

The guy stopped playing with his camera and said, "Oh. My name. Snap."

"Don't let Snap bother you. He doesn't talk much but he great with a camera." said Dell. "Now how about we go in to the Underground."

Micheal shrugged and followed Dells and his group to the underground floor of the Department Store. They then reach a metal door and Dell said. "Time for us to go in." He then spin the dial of the metal door and open it. The group then walked though the door.

11-10-2006, 02:11 AM
Cinnibar Island
Iron and Coal Deposits
Steel Digga!

When I recieved conformation of the iron and coal deposits on Cinnibar, I knew I had to get there before anyone else did. The only problme was getting there. I think we still had a rocket helicopter in the transportation part. I saluted Sent, and rushed out of the strategy room. I rand down the neatly carpeted red steps almost tripping over ten of them.

I got directions from the Secretary where to go. I went through a dark and narrow underground passage. The sides were made of leaky stone and the floor was nothing but cracked concrete. I came to a halt up againt an I.D. door. I slid my card down the identifier and put my hand on the reader. In a matter of seconds, I had access into the huge hangar. I ran to the helicopters, but most of them were locked. After about twenty minutes of searching, I found an unlocked one with keys in it. I hoped in sliding on the headphones and felt like I was playing Simon with all the buttons. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I knew I was going to take off.

I did it! I was about two hundred feet into the air, when I noticed that I was pretty good at this for my first time.

"This is Zeno Ifrit, do ya read me Sent?", I asked curiously. I didn't know how good contact was, I just hoped it worked. I split the clouds with ease and passed the lands with great speeds. I still waited for my answer. Hopefully, this flying piece of junk worked.

11-10-2006, 07:59 AM
Ultima city, Dark angels HQ Building

While Tiana was getting ready, I made a computer simulation of what needed repairing, and saved it to portable media.

I had picked up Tiana in her room, and we took the elevator down to ground floor from our fourth floor Central Operations (CE) floor. The building was virtually undamaged, due to flexible support beams. The same couldn't be said about the rest of the city. We would need to rebuild about half of the buildings in it.

Fortunately, Neo was sending supplies. I knew I had made the right choice in choosing him for a Second in Command, along with Tiana. The two of them knew how to get things done. As we passed the building secretary, I handed her the disk and told her to pass it on to the Mechanics and Repair Division (MRD).

No doubt there was enough Steel, Titanium, Copper, and Glass to make all the necessary repairs. She ran off in the direction of a door to the side, which led to the division. I hoped she wouldn't lose it. On that disk were our repair plans, and it would self delete in any attempt to either copy it, or read it with a device outside the city. It was a patented technology to avoid theft of our plans.

As we went outside, a helicopter delivered what seemed to be a new Generator. I was amazed, and wondered where it could have come from. Without hesitation, I asked the pilot.

Looking at his nametag, I saw his name was Bernings, and addressed him. "Agent Bernings, what is this? Did Neo send this?"

Agent Bernings stood at attention and said, "Yes, sir. Commander Neo found this Generator in New Mauville. He wanted this airlifted to Ultima to get it back in working order, or at least, to get power back up and running at full."

"Bernings, tell Neo that we will get this Generator installed, and running. And tell him thanks for sending over the Steel via boat. Also tell him that we should have communications back soon as the mechanics get the new antenna built. We should be docking at Lillycove port sometime later, when the Generator is installed." I said with a wide smile, as Bernings took of on his helicopter for Lillycove with the message to Neo.

As I examined the Generator, the guys from the MRD filed out of the HQ building. I assumed that the secretary got the plans to them. They noticed the Generator, and started to take it apart for installing inside the basement of the building. They probably knew what it was for already, even though they had no prior indication. It was common knowledge to everybody who lived and worked in the city that we were running on the smaller emergency generator.

Another MRD group began to exit the HQ building and then climbed the outside of the damaged plates. This group started welding the cracks together using the materials Neo sent over.

Another group began to clear away the rubble of buildings to make room for the site where the pieces of the new antenna would be built.

And finally, a third group rolled out the construction equipment and started to repair and rebuild some of the destroyed buildings.

We were well on our way back to one hundred percent. How much time it would take, nobody knew.

Sent Reglay
11-10-2006, 12:00 PM
Saffron City
Rocket Main Lab
The Defense Grid

"This is Zeno Ifrit, do ya read me Sent?", He asked curiously.

"Yes, I read you loud and clear, but once I leave the main lab, I won't be able to" I said this as I gave instructions to the people opperating the antennae to relay any messages from Zeno straight to me.

I had different matter to atend to. I would have to assemble a mining crew to excavate the metal located near the Indigo Plateau. Hopefully, I could establish a Rocket base at that location inorder to draw on what even my scientists didn't know about. At that location is and enourmous un-tapped vein of metal, except that it's nearness to a volcanic stream smleted these metals into a new type of metal(or at least new to us). This metal had a very high concentration of carbon, giving it uncommon stregnth. It was also easier to mine; Since it was in a liquid form, if we kept it hot enough, we could pump it out instead of mining it.

How did I know this? I had asked one of the border patrol groups to check the location out the instant I got thte message. They had lifted some of it out, and once hardened correctly, it was completely immune to gun fire. it was also light weight which was important. More importantly to me, it had a mirror like surface which was what I needed for my plan...

11-10-2006, 12:26 PM
Cinnibar Island
Iron and Coal Deposits
Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's off to mine I go

"Yes, I read you loud and clear, but once I leave the main lab, I won't be able to" Sent said. I smiled and kept flying. Sometime's the wind would blow and knock my helicopter around, but I had good control of it. On my dimly lit radar I could see Cinnibar. I started lowering the Helicopter, and there it was.

A few mintes later and I landed on the volcanic island. There wasn't anything living here. It was all dust, rock, and wasteland. I shut the helicopter off again, playing Simon with the buttons. I took the keys out and locked the hatch. I scoped around for a bit and looked at the closer map of Cinnibar deposits. I had to head North a ways to get it but though. I pulled out my four Pokeballs. First, I released the huge rock Pokemon Golem. He came out and roared his name with extreme. Second, I released Torkoal. The mighty fire Pokemon who shot fire out of his holes. Third, I released the psychic juggarnaut, Dusclops. Last but not least, I released the the steel and water Pokemon, Enperuto.

"All right guys, here's the game plane. Golem you're going to mine as much Iron and Coal as you can." Golem nodded and began digging into the crusty earth.

"Torkoal, you're going to smelt the ores to make the steel, and melt the pieces together." Torkoal launched his name out then erupted geysers of fire out of his holes.

"Dusclops, my juggarnaut, you're going to hold the pieces together and press them." He stomped, making me shake a bit.

"Enperuto, you're go ing to cool the metal down. Give it everything you have so we can finish this whole project, and maybe bring back a few slabs to Saffron." Enperuto shouted his name with extreme masculinity.

Neo Emolga
11-10-2006, 03:37 PM
The Hub, Remnants of Lilycove City
East Hoenn
Movin’ on Up

We had power. It was damn riveting to see we actually had streetlights working again. Rustboro finally did it, with the help of Dewford as well. Even though there was still a lot of Hoenn that was in total ruins, now this… was the phoenix rising from the ashes. The PRC, the restoration, and now this. No more flaming trash cans, no more of that utter crap, this was the real deal. And now… we could really get to work.

Again, I was overseeing the construction and finishing touches on the new machine shops and industrial plans. Shortly after, a helicopter that we were able to identify as being from DARK Ultima City had landed. I quickly rushed to the scene and then saw Berings. Man, it was good to see him again.

“Berings!” I shouted to him as he stepped off the helicopter, “How are things holdings up at Ultima City?”

After he stepped off, then turned to face me.

“Ah Neo, things are looking pretty well over here.” Berings told me, “Also, plans are already underway to install the generator you sent over to Ultima City. It was exactly what we needed.”

Well, glad to know that was working well…

“Also, do note that we will be able to get communications back online shortly.” Berings continued, “Once the mechanics reassemble the antenna, we should be good to go.”

“All right,” I replied, giving him the confirmation, “Anyway, relax and make yourself comfortable. We just managed to restore power to the Hoenn mainland, which will be the first major step toward getting this place under working condition.”

I’m sure he was looking forward to it as much as the rest of us were…

11-10-2006, 07:58 PM
South Hoenn Sea
DARK Angels HQ
Tiana Morenza

It did not take me long to report the updates on materials to Bron once he had come in and shortly afterwards we left my rooms to go for a routine tour of the city to see how things were coming along and also, I assumed, to eventually visit Neo as Bron had mentioned earlier. Before we left I made sure that all three of my pokemon’s pokeballs were secure in a special pocket that I had added to the inside of my jacket specifically to make sure that I was never again separated from my pokemon. As we went down the elevator, I began to feel the presence of the other people in our city a great deal more than in our protected fourth floor hall.

Most of the feelings I was detecting were feelings of good spirit and hope although there of course were always those few that were grumpy, or angry, or irritated, but none were really very strong. Our people, in the majority, were happy to be working and moving forward after a long time of inability to really do much of anything but to survive and to wait. This feeling of general community was pressing in how much of it there was but I had learned to bear it and even to begin to enjoy the connection to others, so long as it did not overwhelm me.

When we were outside, we saw a helicopter that seemed to have just landed. Behind it on the ground was, what looked to be, a large generator. I wondered if Neo had sent it but Bron anticipated my question and as we reached the pilot of the vehicle, he asked, “Agent Bernings, what is this? Did Neo send this?"
The agent stood at attention and said, “Yes, sir. Commander Neo found this generator in New Mauville. He wanted this airlifted to Ultima to get it back in working order, or at least, to get power back up and running at full."

I was amazed at Neo’s abilities to deliver. Then Bron gave a message to Agent Bernings for Neo and once the generator had been left to the mechanics, Bernings took off heading for Lillycove and the mainland. Then, as the roar of the helicopter faded and people set out to continue the reconstruction, I said to Bron, “Neo just amazes me. I can’t believe he was able to find a generator for us. And by his report, the mainland reconstruction is also well on its way. He is working very hard and it feels like I am hardly working in comparison.”

11-11-2006, 01:40 AM

I sat up for the fifth or sixth time that night, I was usually a light sleeper, aware of most things going on, but not so that I had trouble sleeping, though for some reason unknown to me tonight was not the usual case.

I stood up as the boat gently rocked with the incoming waves, it dawned on my the constant rocking may have been the reason for my troubled sleep, though in all like hood I doubt it, I spent as much time on the Deathwing as any member.

I decided that a walk might clear my head, I carefully stepped off the boat onto the dock, the town was quiet, I knew that everybody stay a few guards were enjoying a deep sleep before the work would commence in the morning.

As i progressed further into the town the more convinced I became that we could rebuild the town than anybody thought, it would only require getting rid of the old rotted out wood and getting frames up for the new structures, and with the amount of members Aqua possessed I foresaw no problems.

I traced a route through and around the perimeter of Futaba it wasn't a long journey, though I gave me time enough to think.

soon I was back in the center of the town, from here I could see the shore and docks, up in the sky I caught a glimpse of a bright light against the sky.

At first I disregarded it as a passing comet or star, but upon closer examination, it seemed more like it was flying within the atmosphere, puzzled I stepped forward a bit trying to get a better look, most nights all the dust and debris from the war blocked any good views of the night sky, but this light I could see clearly, I tracked it across the background for a few seconds, the longer I watched the more I was sure it wasn't some comet or anything of that nature, in fact i was beginning to think that it was starting to fall.

Sure enough slowly but surely it began to drop at an angle, I could now clearly make out the tubular shape of it, "F@ck" I muttered, taking off to get as far away as possible, It wasn't long before I made it to the edge of town, from there I watched the tube shaped object come down on my ship.

a second later a ear shattering boom splintered the air as my ship and the dock was engulfed in flames.

Slowly I made my way towards the docks as Aquas' poured from their sleeping posts, of course typically they were panicked and confused, as shouts of attacked and being attack rose up in the air, I stumbled as a grunt fell into me in panic. i unholstered a magnum I had in my boot and calmly shot him, he immediately stopped moving as blood poured out of his ears and formed a puddle around his head, I dint matter I had no time for weak panicked fools, I continued on towards the burning wreck, I came to stop out reachof the flames, orange tips of fire danced around the dock as that which touched any gasoline instantly burnt a dark green hue.

An Admin ran up to me, "What happened?"

I looked a the half dreesed fool, "What the hell do you think happened? Someone launched a missile at us. Get eveybody rounded up back in the center of town, get a few of them to clean this up, and more importantly I want a connection to Rust in the next thirty secons or someone is going to die horribly tonight."

I watched the Admin rush off shouting orders, and getting the grunts in line, minutes later Aquas' were running to oust the fire while a grunt came up and handing me a radio.

"Commander Rust?" i spoke into the reciever, "We have a slight problem here, some @ssh@le launched a missile over here, damage was minimal, but the men are panicked and confused it it's going to slow down the rebiulding stage by at least three days. Which is why after i sort this out I'll be coming aboard to pinpoint the launch site and than i'll be personally persuing the people responible."

I listened to the reciever for a moment before hanging up, "Here" I said pushing the reciever into the hands of the grunt, "Get the hell out of here now!"

I watched him rush off to join the other, I wasn't sure who had done this but by hell I was going to find and gut them....

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-11-2006, 01:01 PM
Battle Tower
Olvine City

I walked to Victor's room, cursing under my breath.

"Ah, May, please come in." he said in a business like voice.

I sneered and I sat down on the chair. He brushed a few papers off his desk and smiled. "I just received an intelligence report about-"

"I know." I interrupted him. He raised an eyebrow.

"You do?"

"I'm your boss, don't forget it. I know that one of rust's generals is betraying him. My intelligence services give me all their reports, first. They won't give it to anyone else, not even Spencer."

"So..." he looked at me. "Do you still want to board the Deathwing?"

"I'll decide that, if you don't mind." I snapped. "It's my decision. I don't give a bloody damn on you or your ideas, got it?"

He shrugged. "As you please. Oh and by the way, I think Spencer wants to meet you."

I rolled my eyes. Who wanted to meet me next?

11-11-2006, 02:02 PM
Cinnibar Island
Iron and Coal Deposits
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Part II

I was sleeping when all of a sudden, a blat woke me up. I looked in front of me and there was a wall of ores about twenty feet long and ten feet high. Golem was sleeping, along with the rest of the Pokemon.

"THIS IS NO TIME FOR SLEEPING!!! Torkoal start melting, Dusclops start bending, Enperuto start cooling the metal plates off.!" I shouted at the top of my voice. I hated to be mean, but I had to get this project finished. I gave Dusclops the blue prints and explained to him how I wanted it done. He nodded and started bending away. I had an itch in my back and when I went to scratch it, out came a two pound diamond. I picked it up and placed it behind the seat in the helicopter.

After four hours of non stop work the robot outline was complete. I had to take it back to Saffron to get it all wired up and to add some little nick-nacks to it. With the help of Golem and Dusclops I tied steel wiring from the helicopter to the forty feet tall steel gaint. I zapped the Pokemon back into thier balls and started up the helicopter. At first, I couldn't get off the ground so I dragged the robot witht the helicopter for about twenty feet until I reached water then I lifter up. It was amazing. If I stuck my helicopter above the clouds, it would look as though the robot were flying.

11-11-2006, 02:26 PM
OOC: Why does everyone want to join in on the band wagon? Seriously, wtf?

Olivine City's ocean territory,

Our ship came to near halt about twenty sea miles off shore from Olivine City. Time for a battle plan and discussion. Lt. Bullshot ordered everyone into the control room for a briefing.

"Okay," I said, looking around at my crew. "Our former commander must have found out of our mutiny and we're bound to have a price tag on our heads. However, since we're not in Aqua territory anymore, we have a chance to stay alive."

"Why is it that you aren't so sure about that, ma'am?" someone asked. I couldn't see who, but he was asking a good question.

"That's because I don't know whether we can expect help from the other factions. I've had some communication with Delta Green, who'll give us safe passage through their territory, in exchange for a remote control. The next step is whether we should go to either DARK or Rocket, since Delta Green doesn't want any trouble."

Some murmurs began to pop up, but they quickly resided.

"It is decided to go to DARK, since Rocket will obviously be blamed for our mutiny. Aqua's head has always hated them both, but he's too reluctant to tell obvious lies about DARK. However, I can not say that we will be treated nicely in Hoenn, so anyone willing to leave this ship and remain in Johto is free to do so. I'll talk to the Johto representatives to see whether we can arrange anything."

"We're not leaving you, ma'am," someone said. "We all started this, and we're all finishing it, right!"

"Yeah, damn right," someone seconded, beginning a wave of agreeing sentences.

"That's good to hear. Now, how about getting those engines up again and head out to the port!" I ordered. "I want to be there within the hour."

-]DU[- -]Negotiating mayhem[-

11-11-2006, 03:18 PM
OOC: DARK is in Ultima City, correct? If not, slap me. Hard. First ever RP, kid you not. :P

Ultima City

A petite brunette stepped out of the DARK headquarters and inhaled the freshest air her poor lungs could filter, spare a cough or two. She's never been in this part of Hoenn before, until she came here, that is. That probably didn't have much to do with the lack of sufficient air, though. The city was full of hardworking old technology and by old, we mean smoke, toxins, and the works. And the headquarters was just really beginning to be restored.

Dentelle decided that maybe her Slowpoke needed some of this "utterly fresh air" she loved. After throwing the Pokeball, a flash revealed a dopey looking pink Pokemon. In a way, he looked like a cat. Giving the motion to follow, the two started to browse for somewhere to eat at.

Loking at every building she passed, she realised that maybe she wasn't hungry. Maybe she'd skip today and go look around town a bit. She gazed around and all she saw was rubble. Not really. But that's what the building looked like to her. Sure,DARK was rebuilding slowly, but she was beginning to feel she wouldn't live long enough to see Hoenn as beautiful as it did so long ago.

She really shouldn't get worked up over this. Her higher-ups were already working on reviving this poor land into something anyone would dream of. Yeah, she was too, but they were doing the real stuff here.

Now she stood in front of the cafe she had chosen to eat at. But, now she wasn't hungry, so Dentelle began her walk back to retrieve those mission papers for her next job.

OOC: I edited out the robbery scene cuz DARK wouldn't steal from DARK. XD

11-11-2006, 05:34 PM
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Olivine City's ocean territory,

"You," I said to the radio girl, coming into the bridge. "Open up that channel to DARK. Get me somone a bit high on the line." Grabbing the headset, I took a deep breath, and waited for the connection to be made.

"Okay, listen up, DARK-executive. This is former Aqua captain Arlene Lear speaking. I'm on my way to deliver a bomb remote to Delta Green. However, I'm a bit low on manpower with this mutiny and all, so why don't you come down over here and negotiate with Delta Green over a good price for this one and only bomb remote which can blow up the Deathwing's fuel tank."

Pausing for a moment, I continued my sales speech.

"C'mon, what do you have to lose. You hate Aqua and Aqua hates you. Since you're still in the midst of rebuilding, this can give you that extra little time you need to finish rebuilding before Aqua smacks down on you. So, what do you say. If you want this little remote, come down to Olivine City within the next two hours. Arlene Lear, over and out."

"Ma'am," Lt. Bullshot said. "What the heck are you doing?"

"Stirring up a little commotion. Look at it this way, the only party left alone is Rocket, so who's going to be suspected first?"

"Didn't rust say something about us being aligned with Rocket?" Lt. Bullshot noted.

"Yeah, so why not take advantage of it? He'll just play right into our hands, since the other factions will just threaten to blow him up if he gets too near. So if he wants to gain power, he needs to go down to Kanto first, giving us a bit more time to get a bit stronger or to disappear."

"I see," Lt. Bullshot said, before going back to his navigator seat.


11-11-2006, 06:05 PM
OOC: I have nothing to lose. Might as well make a messed up choice, too...

Ultima City

Dentelle walked into her office that she shared with another individual, who must've been on lunchbreak. She swiftly picked up the papers and strode down the halls going towards the set of stairs, Slowpoke tailing far behind. Upon passing by the radio room a screeching noise interupted her. She peered into the room and saw no one in there. Must be lunch break...

She hesitantly sat down at a desk and saw the communicator's dim light beeping a lime green--someone wanted to talk. But who? This was indeed a hard choice. She was a low-ranked officer. Whoever the hell it was didn't want any business with a common soldier like herself. But they would be more ticked if no one picked up than if someone unimportant just picked up. It made her wonder, too. Would I be demoted for communicating with the oustide, let alone being in this room unattended?

So Dentelle did the daring and intercepted the call. She nerviously asked "Who is this...?"A broken-up voice, obviously feminine, started talking.

"Okay, listen up, DARK-executive. This is former Aqua captain Arlene Lear speaking. I'm on my way to deliver a bomb remote to Delta Green. However, I'm a bit low on manpower with this mutiny and all, so why don't you come down over here and negotiate with Delta Green over a good price for this one and only bomb remote which can blow up the Deathwing's fuel tank." The voice waited for some sort of response.

Executive? I shouldn't have answered this call...!

"See, ma'am, I am, umm..." Dentelle paused. If she told her that she wasn't an executive, she would be killed, crushed, and stomped. But what bad could negotiating do, hmm? So she continued on, confidently. "I see... Well, I can't exactly say I wouldn't want to negotiate with Delta Green, but..." God, what the HELL was she thinking?! Dentelle was about to continue until when the voice broke the silence

"C'mon, what do you have to lose. You hate Aqua and Aqua hates you. Since you're still in the midst of rebuilding, this can give you that extra little time you need to finish rebuilding before Aqua smacks down on you. So, what do you say. If you want this little remote, come down to Olivine City within the next two hours. Arlene Lear, over and out." she said, her voice flowing evenly. She was obviously serious. The voice either ignored Dentelle's nervousness or just didn't care.

And Dentelle thought about it. Rebuild. DARK, this town, this world needed rebuilded. If she can do this one step at a time, maybe she should accept the offer and consider...? And they didn't like Aqua... That was true enough. She took a deep breathe, her voice was slightly shaky.

"Alright. I shall consider this. However, let me talk it over with a few of my, um... other executive people about this." Dentelle coughed slightly. Now she was going down the drain... She just about agreed AND she said 'executive people'. And if they agreed, everything would be ok and she can get some of the elites to talk it over with this woman... Wait, then they'd find out about her being in here...!!

11-11-2006, 07:36 PM
Shinou Reigon

I woke up on the ship sinking rapidly in the water. There were screams of pain and the screeching of metal. I didn't want to die, so I quickly got dressed and headed out into the hallway. To my surprise, I actually stepped into the ocean. The screams I heard were from the dorm next to me and right when the ship was hit. I started swimming with my pokeballs attached at my side.

After about a minute of swimming I was up at the top. I lunged myself onto the scarred shore and took a deapth breath. An Aqua grunt came running up to me and offered me a hand. I refused and got up by myself. Air was finally starting to get into my lungs and all of a sudden I started vomiting up sea water. I started walking to the center of the "town" and kept vomiting.

I saw Isiah and tried standing at attention. I was really queezy and kept vomiting in my mouth trying to hold it down. I knew Isiah wouldn't stand for weak grunts. My eyes starting to black out and I couldn't concentrate. I just had to but though.

Lord Celebi
11-11-2006, 08:06 PM
AMS Deathwing

"Sir," A grunt came up to me, while I was in my office.

"What now?" He asked.

"I was about to inquire about the Aquas sent out to search for Arlene," The grunt said, continously saluting.

"Why?" I asked, "And first off, what is your name?"

"My name is Jonathon Quaff, Aqua Number AG-657," The grunt began. He stopped slauting and instead stood in a uniform position. Now that he was in this position, I could see he had modified his grunt uniform. His shirt nd pants were tattered, and had medals and patches sewn on them fro bravery and valor.

"I would like to search for Arlene as well... I knew Arlene and I was shocked when she tried to annhilate Aqua," The grunt continued. He looked rather angry. He balled up his fists, exposing an iron knuckle he as wearing. As he was shaking in rage, his katana sheath and gun sheath also moved.

"I will send you with the forces to track down Arlene, Lieutenant Administrator Quaff," I promoted the Jonathon after feeling gracious, "I'm sending several Shinou Delegates around the world to try to negotiate the handing over of Lear. You can serve as a bodyguard. Select about ten grunts to accompany you as your squad, and meet the Delegates at a port on New Moon Island.

I paused, "You'll be taking a government vessel with twin guns on the front, and a LAW bay, just in case you need to make a daring escape."

"Thank you, Commander!" Lieutenant Jonathon saluted and ran away...

OOC: All yours, ST.

Neo Emolga
11-11-2006, 08:51 PM
The Hub, Lilycove City Remnants

PKM support weapon production was actually going pretty well. Meanwhile, they were still going forward with the rest of the planning. The harbor was under reconstruction, however. As for what was left of the oil tanker called the SS Terrance, we decided to prepare it for combat by hooking up Browning M2 attachments to the sides. While there weren’t any onboard attack mechanisms, we prepared stockpiles of FGM-172 SRAW’s for the vessel’s defense.

The Hub was on the verge of completion, and so far everything was being done okay. The basic idea was done, but I could guess we would be putting up extensions once we got even more metal to work with.

The militia was set, if anyone tried to attack, they would be fighting off a lot of opposition. We still didn’t have radio communication set up, and I knew Ultima City was working on that, but for now, we had what we needed. Hoenn was under tight watch.

Fallarbor had become a mining facility. Fortree was still undergoing massive reconstruction, while Mossdeep, Rustboro, Slateport, and Dewford were on the verge of being fully able to support themselves. Mauville wasn’t that bad either. As for Sootopolis, it was the only city that barely took any damage. While we were getting there, we still had a lot of work to take care of…

11-11-2006, 09:14 PM
Saffron City
Electronic Department
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Part III

Ever get that wierd feeling that getting to your destination takes a long time, but going back takes shorter? Even with the giant robot on my helicopter, it still felt shorter. I arrived at the helipad and let out my Torkoal. He burst out in flames and incinerated the cables enabling me to land on the ground. I thanked him and zapped him back into his pokeball. I was going to claim this helcopter, so I took the keys and slid them into my pocket.

I had the robot deassembled and taken into the electronic departments by a couple of scientists and thier Pokemon.

"We'll have your robot hooked up in one day." The scientist said in a polite manner. I nodded and decided to walked back over to my room. It was couple flights up, but I was used to walking. I felt the diamond in my pocket and immediately started to run up to my room. I opened the door and threw myself into the wooden chair by my desk. I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a chisel and hammer. I starting hitting away making a key. Little chunks of diamond were all over my black carpeted floor.

After four hours of chiseling, I managed to make a small key. I slid it into my drawer and locked it. It was late night, so I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes.

11-11-2006, 09:36 PM
OOC: Wait, if Ultima City is having troubles with communicating, how did DU send a message? Or is it just stable enough? And Dentelle is going to be twice as daring and annoying today. ;3

Ultima City

Dentelle called back her Slowpoke and walked out of the radio room, looking around for someone of high rank to try and confide with. She could simply confront Bron about it. Maybe he wouldn't mind that she almost accepted Arlene's offer of negotiating with Delta Green to save their asses from Aqua. However, she couldn't do so without looking entirely stupid. Here are her three choices.

One. She could just tell them what happened. Now then, where does this leave Dentelle when she says "A former Aqua captain is making a deal with us and I faked being elite in order to rebuild our world carelessly, sir!" she will be booted for good.

Two. If she doesn't say anything and pretends it never happened, the woman could come over here and say "A female elite of yours said that you'd talk it over with yourselves," they'd look over to Tiana, who wouldn't exactly know what was going on. This could cause probably the most trouble for the petite brunette.

Three. Dentelle could go down to Olivine City herself and try to work it out, but the woman could become angry and want nothing to do with her. Dentelle could try and look tough, but Dentelle knew that all she had was a simple button reading 'top of pyramid.' She could pretend to look like an elite... Nah, too risky.

The little girl collected her spirits and walked out of HQ, walking to a bank other than the one robbed earlier. She gracefully filed out of the building and walked back to HQ and discreetly requested that a helecopter fly her over to Olivine City in Kanto. The pilot gave her an awkward look, until she handed him some meager unnecessary cash, that is. Dentelle boarded the helecopter towards Olivine City, trying to contact anyone from DARK. Dentelle was very distrustful of this Arlene girl.

11-11-2006, 10:28 PM
OOC: Dunno. I just sent a message. Never said it would arrive.

Olivine City's ocean territory,

"Alright. I shall consider this. However, let me talk it over with a few of my, um... other executive people about this," the reply came. Oh, come on. Who would fall for such lame usage of words. DARK must've been having radio problems, or they are seriously understaffed. God, do they need these bombs or what?

"Ok," I said. "I'll see you lot in Olivine." I turned off the radio connection. "Patch me through to that Spencer guy again," I ordered the radio lass.

She flipped a few switches, turned a few dials and talk some more into the transmitter, until she turned around and gave me the clearance.

"Mr. Spencer, I am calling you to notify you of the latest developments. You must've heard the radio message my former boss launched across the globe, saying that I am aligned to Team Rocket of Kanto. Knowing Aqua from first hand experience, they will probably try to increase their stronghold on the world by invading another nation. According to my intel, this will be either Kanto or Johto. However, I'm personally betting on it being Kanto, since their defense is total crap, if I may say so."

I paused for a moment.

"This leaves both Johto and Hoenn, under the rule of DARK, in a tough position. If Kanto is taken, Aqua can launch a simultaneous strike on Johto and Hoenn. For this reason, I've taken the liberty to have a peace conference set up in Olivine with a representative coming from Hoenn. I'm hoping you'll welcome them with open arms, because if Aqua finishes its plans, you'll regret not having done this earlier."

I waited another moment before continuing.

"Oh, and I'll give both you and DARK a remote each to two separate bombs on the Deathwing."

The radio cracked loudly, before I heard Spencers reply.

-]DU[- -]Lying his guts out[-

Sent Reglay
11-11-2006, 10:56 PM
Indigo Plateau
Shall we raise our shields captain?

I sat at my desk in the newly built metallurgy lab in the Indgio Plateau. Supposedly, this was the room that lance challenged trainers from nearly 100 years ago. Right now, we faced a much greater challenge than any Lance could ever have faced. We had to build our defense grid.

We had already filled a few tanks with the molten metal, and after that first day, we were steadily introducing other types of metal mined from the other veins into the alloy. Today, we had had a breakthrough. When we hardened and glazed the Triminite(A name we had invented for it) plate, we found it reflected light so effectively that it actually increased the heat and luminescence. Its exactly what we had been aiming for from the start. At this moment, the reflection posts were ebeing assembled. At this very position, in the shadow of the Great Wall of Kanto, we were assembling the "Lighthouse" .It was an archaic term supposedly it was used to protect ships in Pre-war Johto, in the present, it would protect the entire populace of Kanto.

This net of light worked by reflecting a single stream of light over the Triminite pannels stragtigically placed in Reflection Posts all over Kanto. The beam of light formed a continous net that would burn all types of matter. The holes between a given part of the beam, were at the most, large enough for a single infantryman to fit through, but gaps such as that were few and far between. All in all, the barrier prevented the use of large vehiclular weaponry.

This barrier in combination with the Great Wall of Kanto, formed a near impenetrable border, complete with defense for a bit of naval space as well as Seafoam and Cinnabar Islands. At the core of this barrier was a large artillery battery at Vermillion City, capable of hitting targets anywhere within the barrier with the aide of the sattelite. This meant that anything that entered the barrier was within range of artillery, preventing assaults entirely.

Now completely defended, we could focus on rebuilding.

11-11-2006, 11:07 PM
OOC: I said Olivine City was in Kanto earlier. Big oops. ><

Not far from Whirl Islands

The small woman sat in a helecopter that seated only two. It was pretty small and cramped, so she was pretty uncomfortable. We can't disregard that she was also going to meet someone who could have a huge impact on DARK's future, right? The young woman was beyond nervous. Completely natural.

Can I trust this woman, though?

She paused her thoughts. Well, she sounded sincere enough. And who wants any trouble, right? Exactly. Dentelle can trust this Arlene lady. She looked witty though. It was possible that she could tell that Dentelle looked low-ranked on the spot... (OOC: Only edited this sentence to make sense.)

Argh, what the hell! Why was she so doubtful of herself? She can do this on her own! Her team is very dear to her, yes, but they would've done the same exact thing. So no harm is being done. She was just going to make things alot more painless and help their region out.

Her lips arched into a smirk as she peered at the ocean below her. She decided to go along with her plan completely, and look like an elite. Not dress like one, no, but certainly act like one. Dentelle was most certain the woman fell for her act, she knew it! So, it wouldn't be hard.

Dentelle plucked the badge that revealed her rank and tossed it out the window, watching it fall into the endless blue. From her pocket she pulled a badge only a high-ranked would wear and pinned it on. She leaned back gazed back at the blue.

This'll be easy...

Dr Scott
11-11-2006, 11:44 PM
OOC: Sorry I’m late, it’s Saturday … :-P. Oh, and I want to meet you, Mayum? XD.

On the way to Olivine
SuperScott, setting the trend in italics since 2001

It hadn’t taken long for the plane to get to his location. Being the former air force for Johto, they had the largest remaining air force of any of the other teams. On the plane had been Scott, his bodyguard, who had actually already had the plane going, planning on finding his young charge. It had seemed that May wasn’t going to try to infiltrate Deathwing just yet, so the older man had time on his hands.

It was halfway to Olivine that they had received the call, his cell phone playing 1812 with a small sound. Spencer quickly reached into his pocket and pulled it out, jamming the headphones into his ears and pushing the mouthpiece down to its spot.

“Mr. Spencer,” a familiar voice said, “I am calling you to notify you of the latest developments. You must’ve heard the radio message my former boss launched across the globe,” to this Spencer blushed, he hadn’t had time. After the plane had picked him up he had sent one of the pilot’s Pokémon to deliver the map they had marked back to his office before getting on the plane to take him to Olivine. They had been on the plane since then, going to their location. “Saying that I am aligned to Team Rocket of Kanto,” the voice was saying, “Knowing Aqua from first hand experience, they will probably try to increase their stronghold on the world by invading another nation. According to my intel, this will either be Kanto or Johto. However, I’m personally betting on it being Kanto, since their defense is total crap, if I may say so.”

There was a pause, in which Spencer held his breath, waiting for his mysterious friend to say something else, “This leaves both Johto and Hoenn, under the rule of DARK, in a tough position. If Kanto is taken, Aqua can launch a simultaneous strike on Johto and Hoenn. For this reason, I’ve taken the liberty to have a peace conference set up in Olivine with a representative from Hoenn. I’m hoping you’ll welcome them with open arms, because if Aqua finishes its plans, you’ll regret not having done this earlier.” There was another pause, “Oh, and I’ll give both you and DARK a remote each to two separate bombs on the Deathwing.”

Spencer waited a second more, wondering if this strange person was going to say anything else before finally replying, “This is … interesting. From what I’ve heard of Rust, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to pull something like this, but it would bring the anger of every other group upon him … not the brightest thing to do. But alas, listen to me ramble on and on. I assure you that Johto would be happy to host this peace conference, as long as it stays a peace conference. I wish you had given me more time though ma’am, we could have made it more hospitable for the other representatives. As it is, we will do what we can. Now I hope you don’t mind me ending this lovely chat early, I have some calls to make.”

With that he hung up the phone, walking to the small space between the cockpit and the hold, where the radio was. Scott was standing holding the receiver up, the frequency for Olivine already set. Spencer took it, “Is this Delta Green’s Olivine representative?” he asked.

“Yes it is, sir, over,” the representative said.

“Get Olivine set up for a peace conference, do anything and everything that you can until I get there,” Spencer said quickly.

“May I ask under whose jurisdiction? Over.” the man asked, which was protocol.

Spencer rolled his eyes though, he didn’t have time for this, “Under the jurisdiction of Spencer, the voice of Delta Green. Code 01293 Blue.”

The man quickly sounded much more business like and a little afraid, “Sorry sir, we’ll have at ready for you. Over.”

“See that you do,” Spencer said, “Oh, and stop saying over … I hate it.”

“Gotcha sir,” he said, before on habit saying “Olivine, over and out.”

Spencer sighed, hanging up the receiver before shaking his head at his bodyguard. Meanwhile, J. Johnson’s voice was heard throughout the plane from the various speakers, “We’ll be in Olivine in under a hour. Please strap yourself in.” With those orders, the two friends went back to their seats, putting their seatbelts on and getting ready for Olivine …

Charizard Michelle
11-12-2006, 01:00 AM
Goldenrod Underground

MIcheal was walking around with this group though the underground of Goldenrod. It was well lit and there were holes in the wall where people had set up during the aftermath of the war to live in the underground. They were still being use today but were much nicer. Snap was taking photos of the small houseings that were one roomed with a kitchen small beds and a current offf area for a restroom.

"So what do we need Micheal for anyways?" asked Nami. She head a map in her hand. "We are about to hit the gate."

"That why Micheal is here." said Dells. "He knows how to open it."

They soon stoppped in front of a rusted and gray door. It was huge and had the Delta Green symbol. Micheal then said, "What this for?"

"This gate won't open. It has been rusted over. We can't open it." said Dells.

Micheal walked over to it and said, "Have you use pokemon to open it?"

"We tried Machamps and Golems to open it. THey are not strong enough to open it." said ALex.

Micheal laughed and said, "There go my idea of getting Char to open it. We going to need these." He then pulled out a few bombs from his jacket.

"Tried that too." said Al. "They didn't work. Weren't strong enough."

Micheal smiled again and said, "Well that why I have more. Let me give it a try. Just get the people out of here."

Sho nodded and began to shoot the ceiling of the Underground. He then said, "Everybody. OUT!!!" People began to scramble from their living places.

Micheal walked over to the door and tapped on it. He tapped a few corners and then the center. He then pulled out a bomb and place one on each corner. He then knocked it again and saw his work. Micheal then said, "Needs more. He then places three in between the bombs. He then thought about what needs to be done. Micheal pulled out a small drill that was easy to carry in his jacket. Amy made it for him for pin thin bombs she made for him. He place a few in each home. Micheal then knew that a huge force was going to be needed to make the gate fall. Micheal knew he needed a certain kind of bomb.

Micheal reached into his pockets and pulled out the newest bomb that Amy had made. SHe told him that it was super strong. Micheal dug into his pockets and found no remote. He then saw a red button on the small bomb and knew what was going on. He then made his voice to sound like AMy's and said, "If I had place the mechanics for a remote then that would have mean less bombs and defeat the reason of even making this bomb." Micheal sighed and said, "That explains it. Well I going have to find a way to push the button right out the other bombs explode."

Micheal then place the bombs in the center of the gate and walked to the group. He then release Eru and pulled out the remote that would activate the bombs on the door and pulled out one of AMy's speedly shirrkens. He then said to Eru, "Use a Protect when I press this button."

Eru nodded and MIcheal focus on the small power bomb. He then press the button and threw the small shirriken at the power bomb. Eru produce its barrier and protected them.

Once the smoke cleared the door was still standing. Nami then said, "Looks like you didn't do it. Still stands."

Micheal smiled and looked at Char. "Use Dynamic Punch."

Char nodded and span her arm and punch the door. ANother explorsion happen and the door fell to the ground. Micheal smiled and said, "There it goes. Door open."

Nami walked over to the door with smile. She then said, "I don't so believe this! I will be one of the! No! I be the first person to actually map this new part of the Underground. I don't believe this!"

Snap walked over to the door and took a picture of it. Dells then said, "Let get going."

Micheal returned Eru and Char followed him and the group into the dark unknown behind the door.

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-12-2006, 11:47 AM
OOC : Hope this doesn't seem too farfetched...

Battle Tower,
Olvine City,

I was walking to meet Spencer, when I changed my mind. I decided to go the radio man's cabin, instead.

"Ah, Egner, any news yet?" I asked him, not really expecting an answer. Unknown to all those incompetitive idiots like Spencer and Victor, I had ordered one of my own Loyal mercenaries to keep tuning in into the radio frequencies of radio conversations, hoping that they'd pick up something.

"No such luck, Madam, if you want to eavesdrop on conversations taking place in Hoenn and Shinou, we need a super strong radio or a satellite, which has a twenty-four hour frequency.

Suddenly, the radio began to crackle, and sputter. I waited expectantly.

"Igor to Base." it sputtered. "We've got a defector from Team Aqua on board a ship, in our ocean territory. Orders, please. Over."

"Understood, Jonah. Madam, command, please." it was our coastguard cutter, asking me for orders. They were tuned in on the same frequency, and could hear every word of the conversation.

"Sink them!" Egner ordered, without consulting me.

"Silence!" I yelled at Egner. "They are my men, they accept orders only from me. Igor is aboard that ship, and I don't want him to die, and lets see why they are defecting, and lets find out what can we gain, if we give them sanctuary." I thought for a moment. "Igor, hold your position, I'll contact Gamma, and lets see what he says."

I twiddled some of the knobs on the radio. "Gamma, tell me what did you manage to overhear from that conversation. Over. Gamma? Gamma!"

No response. I stared at the radio apprehensively and told Egner, "Gamma is one of Spencer's men I planted at Hoenn. He has a large setup underground. He can overhear land-to-land and land to sea conversations. Now you know where all that equipment went."

Egner grumbled. Suddenly, the radio crackled.

"Butch to base, over."

"What is it, Butch?" I asked in the radio. Butch was his assistant.

"Madam, Gamma has been listening on the radio conversation. He's saying that he'll call you; after good time. Oh, Madam-"

Gamma's voice came over the radio. "Madam, I overheard the complete conversation. But, I think some DARK technician has discovered our presence, it's no longer safe."

I sighed. Things were beginning to go horribly wrong...

"Tell me the conversation. Bob, get ready. Have all your men on full allert. Don't sink the ship, and switch into stealth mode. On no account the boat must be damaged, I want the top generals alive, and the cargo in one piece. If that seems impossible; shoot them." I ordered.

“Is this Delta Green’s Olivine representative?” the radio crackled. It was Spencer's voice.

“Yes it is, sir, over,” Egner hesitated for a moment before replying.

“Get Olivine set up for a peace conference, do anything and everything that you can until I get there,” Spencer said quickly.

“May I ask under whose jurisdiction? Over.” Egner asked.

“Under the jurisdiction of Spencer, the voice of Delta Green. Code 01293 Blue.” Spencer replied.

I glared at Egner, and I made a few gestures at him. He nodded and spoke into the radio, “Sorry sir, we’ll have at ready for you. Over.”

“See that you do,” Spencer said, “Oh, and stop saying over … I hate it.”

“Gotcha sir, Olivine, over and out.”

"Madam!" a voice came over the radio. I began to feel irritated. Now who was this?

"Yes?" I asked apprehensively.

"Madam, I have overheard Spencer and a General from Aqua talking over the radio."

I was shocked. Spencer...A traitor?!

"Madam," he continued. "The General has defected from Team Aqua, and seems to be striking some sort of deal with Spencer. I've got the conversation, over."

"Oh, is that you, Lucky?" I sighed. "In code, don't forget. Just in case someone's playing the same game as us..."

A green light began to flash on the fax machine. I pressed a button, and a message began to come in coded form. It seemed total Gibberish, but once I would decode this, it would be very useful....


After ten minutes, we got the whole thing de-coded. I read the message.

“Mr. Spencer, I am calling you to notify you of the latest developments. You must’ve heard the radio message my former boss launched across the globe. Saying that I am aligned to Team Rocket of Kanto. Knowing Aqua from first hand experience, they will probably try to increase their stronghold on the world by invading another nation. According to my intel, this will either be Kanto or Johto. However, I’m personally betting on it being Kanto, since their defense is total crap, if I may say so.”

“This leaves both Johto and Hoenn, under the rule of DARK, in a tough position. If Kanto is taken, Aqua can launch a simultaneous strike on Johto and Hoenn. For this reason, I’ve taken the liberty to have a peace conference set up in Olivine with a representative from Hoenn. I’m hoping you’ll welcome them with open arms, because if Aqua finishes its plans, you’ll regret not having done this earlier. Oh, and I’ll give both you and DARK a remote each to two separate bombs on the Deathwing.”

Reply by commander Spencer :

“This is … interesting. From what I’ve heard of Rust, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to pull something like this, but it would bring the anger of every other group upon him … not the brightest thing to do. But alas, listen to me ramble on and on. I assure you that Johto would be happy to host this peace conference, as long as it stays a peace conference. I wish you had given me more time though ma’am, we could have made it more hospitable for the other representatives. As it is, we will do what we can. Now I hope you don’t mind me ending this lovely chat early, I have some calls to make.”

I read the whole message and my fears were allayed. I began to tunde the radio's frequency. Then I took the radio from Egner's hands and spoke into it : "This is Delta Green 2IC to the enemy boat, out in Delta Green's ocean territory. I want to speak to your commander. If he isn't available, tell him, that he may land at Olvine City only on the following conditions :

One, my cutter accompanies you, and four of my men will be present on your ship. They will not attempt to hijack your ship in any way.

Secondly, no aggressive actions or radio messages. Or else, we will blow you out of water. You mus wave a white cloth when our cutter approaches you. In no way will the integrity and sovereignty of your ship be touched.

Thirdly, switch off your radar, and your ship will not be searched in any way. The men will keep a watch on you.

Finally, the meeting spot of the generals will be in a neutral spot, and also, your ship must anchor at least three miles out to sea. Any games, and we blow you sky-high.

You have only seven hundred seconds to respons, or else," I looked at the radar. "My frigates will sink you to the bottom of the sea, whether Spencer likes it, or not."

I immediately pressed the alarm. "I want all personnel to be on red alert, and be fully armed. All drills activities should be canceled. Navy," I barked, "I hope you've heard my instructions. Any suspicous activity, or if ship changes course or attempts to speed away, without prior warning, destroy them."

11-12-2006, 12:32 PM
OOC: If you want to play this dirty, then I'll be happy to join in on the fun, May, :devious:

On board the Meaghan,
Olivine City's ocean territory,

“This is … interesting. From what I’ve heard of Rust, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to pull something like this, but it would bring the anger of every other group upon him … not the brightest thing to do. But alas, listen to me ramble on and on. I assure you that Johto would be happy to host this peace conference, as long as it stays a peace conference," Spencer replied. "I wish you had given me more time though ma’am, we could have made it more hospitable for the other representatives. As it is, we will do what we can. Now I hope you don’t mind me ending this lovely chat early, I have some calls to make.” With that said, he turned off his phone and I was left standing here with a cracking headset.

"It's not a he, it's a she," the radio operator said to someone not in the room, before she turned around. "Ma'am," the radio gal suddenly said. "We have an incoming message from Olivine."

"Put in on the speakers," I said, not wanting to put on the headset again.

"This is Delta Green 2IC to the enemy boat, out in Delta Green's ocean territory. I want to speak to your commander. If he isn't available, tell him, that he may land at Olvine City only on the following conditions :

One, my cutter accompanies you, and four of my men will be present on your ship. They will not attempt to hijack your ship in any way.

Secondly, no aggressive actions or radio messages. Or else, we will blow you out of water. You mus wave a white cloth when our cutter approaches you. In no way will the integrity and sovereignty of your ship be touched.

Thirdly, switch off your radar, and your ship will not be searched in any way. The men will keep a watch on you.

Finally, the meeting spot of the generals will be in a neutral spot, and also, your ship must anchor at least three miles out to sea. Any games, and we blow you sky-high.

You have only seven hundred seconds to respons, or else," she said. "My frigates will sink you to the bottom of the sea, whether Spencer likes it, or not."

"I agree to all conditions, except the third one," I said back through the microphone. "Since you're contradicting yourself, ma'am. If you want to put your men on my ship without them taking over, how can we navigate without sonar? I'll be happy to disable my radar, but I need to have my sonar to see whether I'll hit any sandbanks or not. As for the others, I'm willing and happy to cooperate with them."

Waiting for her reply on what I had just said, I thought of what this would mean for the DARK delegation.

"Oh, and before I forget to mention. A DARK representative will be coming down, so I suggest you threat them better than us, since they won't be so lenient on mistreatment. Last thing you want, miss," saying the last bit with a patronizing undertone, "is to have a row with DARK."

I ordered the radio operator through non-verbal communication to mute our side of the conversation so that we couldn't be heard. Lt. Bullshot already had his reply waiting.

"Ma'am, we've had two stationary ships on our radar until a moment ago, when one disappeared and the other began to move toward us. Estimated time of arrival: 15 minutes," he said.

"Okay, that means one of them is on stealth mode. We can use that to our advantage. What that twit doesn't know, seeing as she calls docking a ship 'landing', is that once a ship goes in stealth mode, they can't go using their radar or sonar. If we can use our sonar, we can at least take some precautions."

"What are you going at?" Lt. Bullshot asked.

"Get a diver ready and have him carry some charges. I want him to stay on the ship until we get boarded, and then go head over to the cutter. Let him plant some bombs there, and keep out of sight. Once we get near enough to that stealth ship, let them get planted too," I explained.

"Won't that be dangerous, ma'am?"

"They don't know how many people we have on board, and they don't know what we are capable of. I'm not going to be harassed into taking orders from any other Delta Green runt."

-]DU[- -]Destruction is my trademark[-

Sent Reglay
11-12-2006, 01:27 PM
OOC: Mind I if I get involved?

Indigo Plateau

The Defense Grid had been completed, so now we were able to focus on other things. I was sitting at my desk in the metallurgy lab, when a grunt rushed in with a handful of papers.

"Sir, we have intercepted a communication between a Delta Green officer, and the Aqua Defector" He said placing the communications reports on my desk.

I flipped through them, seeing a few points of interest, especially the part about the bomb on the Deathwing.

"Get together a squad of six men, and ask Delta Green for permission to attend this meeting." I said rising from my desk and walking towards the radio room.

"Yes sir, I know the perfect people to choose" He said running away in excitement.

He was probably going to choose himself and a few of his closest friends. That would be useless, thats the exact reason I was going to ask for permission my self and head out alone, except for a few heroic volunteers. This was going to be a dangerous operation, and I didn't want anyone drafted into it.

"This is Head of Rocket Science, Sent Reglay" I said into the receiver which had been placed on Delta Greens Olivine Frequency before I entered the room,"I would like to ask permission to attend a meeting that you will be hosting.

"I will bring only six men with me, in an unarmed transport helicopter." I said hoping to diffuse any sense of tension.

I sat down waiting for a reply, This would be a great oppurtunity for peace. I had a feeling nonetheless that the Aqua defector was hoping for war...

11-12-2006, 01:46 PM
OOC: This is getting juicy. XD

Olivine Harbor

The helecopter escorting young Callaway landed in Olivine Harbor. Before exiting, Dentelle swatted at the pilot to get out. She could try at least one more time to try and make a call. After a few minutes of trying to connect, she actually got in contact with DARK, which she almost thought was impossible.

"Who is this?" the voice calmly asked. It belonged to none other than the Tiana Morenza, the only female elite. To be honest, Dentelle was slightly nervous at her answering, and not some communication controller. Earlier she had only wanted to call to tell them that'd she'd be away for some time, but since this was a high-ranked officer, she would most definitely be asked what she was doing. And when you look up to someone and trust them, it is most certainly hard to lie. However, this time Dentelle really didn't intend to. Maybe just fudge it a tad at most.

"I am Warrant Officer Dentelle Callaway. And you must be Vice Ad--"

"You can call me Tiana," the voice interuptted. Ok, maybe Dentelle was a little too formal... "Why were you sending messages earlier? And from where are to be able to send and receive messages?" the soft voice sounded so raspy on the radio, but it was stable and serene.

"Well, I'm on a helecopter that has just landed in Olivine City no less than five minutes ago," Dentelle sighed. Just tell her. Ok, here we go. "I came back to HQ and we somehow managed to recieve a radio message. It was a woman named Arlene, former captain of Aqua. She requested that someone go down and have a simple peace meeting..." She didn't lie. There was no reason to add details about why the meeting was called; it was almost obvious. And there was no reason to say that she is playing high-ranked at the moment. It'll work itself out.

"What?" Tiana asked, her voice cracking up from the radio quality. She sounded pretty relaxed, but serious. "You made this decision on your own?"

"Well, I had to. No one else was around, so I took the liberty of going myself." Dentelle added defensively in a cowardly tone.

"I guess it's fine..." Tiana sighed. "But do you have proof that you can be our ambassador?" Dentelle thought about it. She can't tell her she stole an elite pin.

"No, I'm afraid I don't..." the girl lied. Well, not really. She had proof that she was 'high-ranked', but not an ambassador, no.

"Ok. We'll send you papers immediately to prove you're a delegated ambassador for DARK," The Vice Admiral decided. Dentelle chose to keep the pin, just in case. "Your job will be to keep the peace conference stalled for as long as humanely possible." Stalled? What does this mean exactly?

Dentelle thanked her and ended transmission, hopping out of the helecopter onto the pavement that was Olivine's harbor. She began walking into Olivine City...

11-12-2006, 02:21 PM
OOC: ROD, why are you bunnying Tiana? Do you have her permission?

On board the Meaghan,
Olivine City's ocean territory,

I had a binocular around my neck, as I stood on the bridge patrolling the horizon for that Delta Green cutter. Seriously, it should've shown up by now. Putting the binocular up to my eyes again, I scanned the horizon, when I saw a small dot growing steadily.

"Hoist the white flag, and move at four knots," I ordered the crew. "Have the diver get ready," I said to Lt. Bullshot. "Tell him to stay in the dock bay until we get board. Then let him jump into the water tank and plant those bombs. Let him stick to the ship as close as possible, so he doesn't get spotted. We can't have any room for error."

"Yes, ma'am!" he replied.

-]DU[- -]A short intermezzo[-

11-12-2006, 09:36 PM
OOC: when I first started this post I had no idea so many peple would be involved..Hope your ready for another guest :P

AMS Deathwing~Shinou

Once Futaba had been bombed I had immediately left for the Deathwing.

Now I stood facing Tiantus as he turned around, "Here you are Isaiah, I believe this will fulfill your needs quite nicely."

I carefully took the small vial he handed me, "Thank you, this will do quite nicely, they will be decimated..."

I walked out of the small room leaving Tiantus to his inventions, and tools, when it came to brilliance few could match Tiantus, though in all truth I didn't consider myself a slouch either.

I made my way down towards the armory and unlocked the door, I walked in, used a huge vault, all of Aqua's weapons, where stored here, and only a few people within the organization, had access to it, I looked around, finally spotted that of which I searched for, I carefully walked over to it, it was my speciality: melee weapons, two custom made katanas made of the most lightweight materials I had ever handled, next to them my Disk, I quickly did an a quick examination of it to make everything was right with it, when I had been called back from the aircraft I had been forced to let a grunt store them, originally in my room, but sooner or later everything ended up back in the armory.

I left the armory locking it behind me, and trotted over to my room, it was a quick journey, and thankfully I wasn't stopped by any passing grunts either. Once in my room, I started digging through my drawers in search of clothes, my position in this passing mission would not allow the usual attire, Finally I dragged some slacks, and a white dress shirt out, followed by a sienna colored cloak. Perfect.

I left my room, and traveled up to the deck, where I ordered a ship set up for me, the destination:**New Moon Port. I did a quick check to make sure everything was up running, and I had everything, though I realized, the only thing I really needed was the vial Tiantus had given me. moments later we set off, soon I'd be at the port ready to set sail.

I stepped off the small ship I had arrived in, and boarded the ship I would be using for the rest of the journey, I was met by a Jonathon Quaff,

"Delegate," he said, introducing himself as a Lieutenant Administrator, "I have been placed under you for the journey, and I have ten of the best Aqua has to offer."

I sized him up for a minute, "Are you aware of the mission" I asked carefully watching his response.

"we are to visit the surrounding region, in search of traitor."

I noticed he spoke the word traitor with a venom to it.

"Good." I said brushing past him, I was partly relieved to find that he was unaware of the true purpose to this trip.

I quickly made orders to set off, first we would visit Johto in our search before heading to Hoenn, and Kanto respectively.

I radioed back to Futaba making sure orders were in place to began the rebuilding process, once I was satisfied we took off.

My mind forwarded to the mission ahead, this would arguably be the most important mission I had ever been assigned to, luckily I knew under no circumstances would I fail..

Dr Scott
11-12-2006, 10:35 PM
OOC: Ouch, May … XD

Let’s get this party started!

Spencer had arrived in Olivine just a little bit ago, taking a deep breath and composing himself before hopping off and going straight to where he knew the peace meeting would be held, the rebuilt building that once was the Olivine City’s Gym. Indeed, Olivine City had been the place of many meetings for the continent of Johto, and that was the very spot that they happened. Because of this, the building was fixed up for meetings, all it needed was a few touches to turn it into a good spot for a peace meeting. Granted, he had also asked for a few pleasantries, might as well make the others think he could at least throw a good party …

And what a party it was turning out to be, DARK and an ex-Aqua member were already coming, but right when he landed a boy came up to him and ushered him into the room in the former gym that housed the radio for Olivine. “Sir, we’ve just got a radio from Rocket.”

“What’d they say?” I asked curiously, wondering if our party was about to grow in numbers.

“Well, so far he’s said that he’s some head of science guy named Sent Reglay.” The man shrugged a bit, “Sounds important enough.”

The other man in the room turned around from the radio, taking off headphones, “He says he’ll only bring six men in an unarmed transport helicopter.”

Spencer nodded, “Go ahead and give him the okay. Now, where is the man whose in charge of setting this place up?”

The first man spoke first, “That’d be Armand Hammer, sir.”

Meanwhile, the second man had his headphones on again and was saying, “Go ahead and come down to the peace conference Mr. Reglay, over.”

By then Spencer was out the door, seeking out the man known as Armand. It didn’t take long to find him, he had asked the first person who he had come across and the girl had pointed him to a rather large man with a tattoo of detergent on his right forearm. “Strange man,” Scott had said to his charge, looking down on the younger boy.

Spencer looked up at his bodyguard and friend and had laughed, “I’ve seen stranger.” With that he walked up to the man in charge, offering his hand. When Armand shook it he said, “I’m Spencer, here for the meeting. All set, I hope?”

“Aye si’,” Armand said, “We’ve got everythin’ set up but the cake and punch, which Mrs. Clarence said she’d have done pretty soo’.”

Spencer smiled, “That’s great!”

Spencer turned to go on to his other various tasks but was stopped by Scott, who looked at Armand with two cold blue eyes. “Have you taken defensive precautions?” he asked seriously.

“O’ course I ‘ave sir! You think I’m jus’ gunna put one of the higher ups on the podium to get sho’?” Armand said, sounding hurt.

Spencer turned on his heel, motioning to a man who stood in the doorway to come near. “I’ve got to be the welcome party, Scott, but you can go ahead and talk to our good friend Mr. Hammer if you wish.”

Scott turned to him, glaring, “You know I can’t let you go by yourself.”

The man who Spencer had motioned drew near, “I can handle this one brother, you just have a nice little chat.”

And with that, Gabriel and Spencer both left, eager to be the first one’s to meet the various delegations …

Sent Reglay
11-12-2006, 11:47 PM
Johto Airspace
Peace of Mind

The putter of the helicopter baldes was drowned out by my thoughts.

What if this is a trap? What if Something goes wrong? What will Team Rocket do without soomone in leadership?

I could"what if" all I wanted, but it wouldn't get me any closer to understanding the motives and threats behind this meeting. I knew, that this wasn't just a conference of peace, and the Aqua representative that was to be present was apparently the defector that rust had tied to Team Rocket. I also had read from the manuscripts that a remote connected to a bomb on the Deathwing was up for bid. In truth I knew that the likelihood of this remote being for real was small, but how I would like to extract revenge on rust! The chances of a bomb existing on the Deathwing were near zero. I new from a few experiences early in my career that infiltration was nearly impossible, much less destruction.

The helicopter landed in a small heli-port in Olivine. I had said that the helicopter was unarmed, but I had said nothing about my men. Each one carried a small silenced pistol coated in plastic as to avoid metal detector interference. I carried a small laser knife in my pocket. Though laser weaponry was rare these days, Rocket owned about 3 of these laser knifes, and one of them fell into my possession.

I walked towards the building where the meeting was to be held. I was always on my guard because I didn't know what to expect.

Charizard Michelle
11-13-2006, 12:40 AM
Goldenrod Underground

Micheal and the group enter the darkness. The eletric lamp current doesn't reach down to the area. Dells then said, "It seems as if the power went out here a long time ago."

Sho then took out a pokeball and release an electabuzz. He then said, "Flash."

The eletctabuzz roared and produce light from its body. It was ligthing the area and made it able to travel in it. They countinued to walk though the dark hallway and saw many other doors. Snap was taking pictures like crazy while Nami was busy trying to take notes on where they were going.

Nami then said, "According from what I was told about this place there is a office around here. It may have something that could tell us what is here."

"Is that it?" asked Al.

Micheal looked at it and said, "I'm on it." He then pulled out four bombs and place them on the door. "Get back."

"Is that needed?" asked ALex.

"To me it is." said Micheal. He then press the remote and four small explorions was made. At once Micheal pointed to Char then the door. The charizard walked over to the door and used a Brick Break. THe door then fell to the ground. Micheal then said, "There we go. Dig in."

At once Dells ran into the room and so did Nami and Snap. Snap began to take pictures like crazy while Nami began to dig though the file cabinets with Dells.

Micheal looked at something of the things in there. What ever was here didn't want to have people in here. Micheal thought he looked at some of the things in there and took a look a cabinet. He then saw something that intrested him. He then said, "NAmi? What you think of this?"

Nami took a look at the paper and said, "This is a list of everthing that is inside the storage rooms we passed. Looks good."

Dells looked over Micheal and Nami's shoulder and said, "There tons of stuff here. Guns. Alloys, food, and other things. Looks like Delta Green was preparing itself before the bombings. I guessing knowing things ahead of time because they were preparing themselves." He then looked at the map and said, "Still there is something here that is unmarked. Something is in there but it is unlabled.

Micheal then said, "How about we talke a look and see."

Dells looked at Micheal and said, "Ok. YOu can take Sho, Nami and Snap. Alex and Al can stay behind and protect me. I going to look at what else is here. Our PokeGears can help us stay in touch."

Al release pikachu and it used Flash to produce light for Dells.

MIcheal nodded and walked out. Sho, Nami and Snap followed him out. Nami was leading them down another dark hallway, THey then stopped in front a door and Micheal said, "Bomb time." He then place some bombs on the side."

11-13-2006, 01:51 AM
Johto Airspace
Protect and Serve

I was chosen to be one of the assisting body guards to Sent. I was wearing a heavy leather black trench with a giant red "R" on the back to signify I was a member of the infamous Team Rocket. I had a nice silenced 9mm pistol in my my inner rightside pocket wrapped in heavy plastic to keep from being dectected by the metal detectors.

The helicopter flight took longer than what I thought it did. I kept wondering if this were a giant set-up, which I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking about that. I kept a stern look on my face while I looked out the window to show I wasn't scared.

Finally the helicopter landed in Olivine in the country of Jhoto. I was one of the first to get out followed by Sent. I understood that my job was to protect him if this infact were a set-up or something would horribly go wrong. I followed him up to the building keeping in front of him and my hands in my pocket.

11-13-2006, 03:13 AM
OOC: There's a lot of junk that wasn't Okayed with us, but we're trying to work it out with the following posts. Stuff in italic is supposed to have happened before ROD's character received the message.

Now then.....

Ultima City, Outside in an old half-destroyed recreational area

I had just at down to watch the mechanics do their work, when the head mechanic by the name of Fredric broke me out of my trance of relaxing on an old unbroken beach chair. I was on the balcony of a hotel that wasn't too badly damaged.

"Sir, we didn't want to tell you this because we thought it wouldn't matter, but when we started building the new antenna, we connected the old, unused radio antenna to serve as a backup. As soon as we connected it, something was received. We were unable to tell what it was, but the thing beeped, meaning it received something. It's highly unlikely that anybody was in that dusty room to receive anything, but we just want you to know about it." He said, showing his nervousness by turning red as a beet when he finished.

"Fredric, it's ok. No need to think you'll get fired. It was a good idea to make a temporary antenna. We just need to send somebody over there to check on it." I answered, patting him on the back to calm him down a little.

"Yes sir, then we can continue building the new antenna." He said, smiling brightly again.

"Right. We'll take care of that signal. Anything else to report?" I asked him.

"Well, a lot of the Lead and Steel lining of the protective plates was damaged. We have just about finished repairing them, and they will be able to protect the city again, should the need arise. We are using a small helicopter to raise the parts up to the roof of the dome, and to attach them together. The new antenna should be finished soon, and communications will be working. In terms of the Generator Vice Admiral (OOC: Yes, I screwed it up that time) Neo sent, it needs to be calibrated, but that won't take long, either. The repairs of the destroyed buildings might take a few more days, since there was heavy damage to them. We should be back in working order in a matter of hours." He said, as he concluded the report.

"Thank you very much, Fredric. You and your team are doing an excellent job. My hands are kinda tied, while waiting for you, so I think I'll take a nap on this beach chair, while you work." I said, pointing to the chair I had just gotten up off a few minutes ago.

"Yes, sir." Said Fredric, as he ran off to his team and started to bark orders at them.

I turned to Tiana nearby, who had also been half dozing on a beach chair, and lightly tapped her on the shoulder, saying, "I need to 'supervise' the repairs here. Would you mind checking out the old radio antenna to see what the message was about? There is a smaller, old fashioned antenna next to a one story building. That is the radio room."

A young lady who was helping out the mechanics was taking a break outside the hotel, and I decided to call to her, "You there, by the hotel! Can you come up here to the second floor?" I asked her with a light shout.

The girl ran up here and was standing next to us. She seemed young, and I assumed she had joined after the nuclear disaster. She looked to be at most fifteen or so. Her city ID said her name was Jenny.

"Hi there, Jenny. I know you're not used to getting orders directly from me, but I need you to find a man by the name of Lucifer. He has a cybernetic arm, and is supposed to be working for us as a body guard for Taina. He should be somewhere in the HQ. Please find him, and tell him to meet us here. You can go back to helping the mechanics after you’re done." I said with a smile, since she seemed very nervous to be taking orders from the leader of the team.

"Yes sir, right away sir." She said, and ran off.

"No need to be so formal!" I yelled after her, but she probably didn't hear me.

I had decided to sleep for a few hours, thinking that the repairs would be done by the time I woke up. Fredric or somebody else would wake me up to report on the situation.

11-13-2006, 05:03 AM
OOC: Bron, its a mechancial arm. No cybercool stuff is installed there. Just a moving joint. T_T

Ultima City
DARK Headquarters
Lucifer’s Room

A startling crash abruptly woke the Mercenary. Jerking up from his slumber, the young adult groggily opened his eyes to see Javas and Ifrit once again caught up in their usual bickering, while Lucied was too lazy to be bothered and daydreamed in the corner of the room. Lucifer noticed that a fragments broken mug lay between the bickering duo.

“I told you, Ifrit! Grab the mug by the handle, for Ho Oh’s sake!” yelled the Sneasel.

“I don’t HAVE a way to hold it by the handle. Why don’t YOU try it?” shot back the Houndoom.

“You very well know I CAN’T hold it!” screamed Javas in response as he raised his mechanical arm from under the cloak, “I’ll break it before I’ll hold it!”

The two paused, their battle of words changing into a battle of stares. The other two sweatdropped at the awkward situation. “Err… you guys really should act like this…” started the Mightyena, but was cut short when the door knocked. All four heads turned towards the door. Lucifer sighed. Must be the bossman lookin’ for me… he thought. “Come in.”

The wooden portal opened, and a young girl stepped into the room, her eyes wide in surprise at the young boy sitting on the bed in front of her, for Lucifer was young – and topless, the mechanical contraption clearly visible upon him. The connector was welded from his collarbone and the mid point of his back, the metal covering them and then connected to the arm, which now moved to scratch his hair as Lucifer grinned awkwardly. “Err… what can I do for you?” he asked.

“Are you… Lucifer?” she asked. The boy gave a simple nod in response before she continued on. “Umm… I’ve come here to give you a message from the leader. He wants you to meet him at the Swellow’s Tail Inn.”

“The hotel?”

“Yes. He's in the half-destroyed recreational area, if you're wondering," she added the next part after a moment's pause.

He nodded again. “Alright then. Thanks,” he said, and she gave a nod before exiting the room. Sighing, Lucifer grabbed his trench coat and slung his shirt over his shoulder sloppily.

“Wouldn’t it be better to wear your shirt?” asked Lucied.

“Nah… the darn connector still hurts,” the boy muttered in response, shrugging as he exited the room as well. With a sigh, Javas, Ifrit and Lucied followed their trainer down the hall and towards the broken down Swellow’s Tail, where the mercenary looked in amusement at the Boss dozing on one of the beach chairs. With a mischievous smile, Lucifer walked up to his employer and… kicked the chair, jerking the poor man awake.

“Aloha, Boss!” joked the ever-cheerful Lucifer with a grin.


Dr Scott
11-13-2006, 08:01 AM
Being the gracious host

Spencer had been sitting down in one of the benches that had been put up in the streets of Olivine, waiting for the first representative to come. He was sitting back, his arms crossed and his cell phone in his hands. He was waiting for a call from one of the men that were positioned at various places in the town, waiting for the various members to arrive by any means that they could. A sideways glance to his companion revealed the other to be tossing a Poké Ball in the air, up and down. “Man,” Gabriel finally said, “I’m having so much fun … When are they supposed to arrive, anyways?”

Spencer glanced at the watch on his left hand, tapping his toe to some unknown beat. “They’re supposed to be here anytime now,” Spencer said, looking at his cell phone again, “I should be expecting a call any …” He was cut off as his phone vibrated harshly in his hands, causing him to wince a little bit. He smiled at his companion, opening his phone and putting it next to his ear. “Hello? Spencer here.”

“Sir,” came the voice of an almost scared sounding kid, causing Spencer to wonder how young they were letting kids into Delta Green, now.

“Yes?” Spencer asked impatiently, once again casting his gaze at the watch on his wrist.

“Sir, someone has just arrived in the harbor in an helicopter,” the boy coughed a few times, and the sound of propellers could be heard in the distance.

Spencer turned to Gabriel, who had an anxious look on his face, and nodded curtly once. He then turned his concentration back to the phone, calmly saying, “Ok, thanks. I’ll be there soon.” With that the two got up, both throwing Poké Balls and letting out a Pidgeot and Wyvern the Dragonite. “We’re going to the harbor,” he told the two Pokémon before climbing on Wyvern, Gabriel getting on his Pidgeot.

Within minutes they had arrived in the harbor, the helicopter still working on its landing procedure. Finally, a girl of about 5’2, with long curly and an almost doll like physique stepped out, looking around searching for who knows what. She was wearing a jacket, and under that a dress, with boots that were probably worn to give her some added height.

Spencer nodded once to Gabriel, both of the younger boys recalling their Pokémon, clipping the Poké Balls to their belts. “This gal is supposed to be representing something?” Gabriel asked.

Spencer shrugged, “Looks like we don’t have too much to worry about, though about anyone can fire a gun.”

Gabriel couldn’t help but smile, “Looks like she’s your age, too, eh Spence?”

Spencer couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “Maybe I should have just waited for Scott …”

“Aw,” Gabriel said, “You know you love me!”

Spencer laughed alongside his friend as he walked purposefully to the girl. Soon enough he had reached her, sticking out his hand in a business manner. “Hello ma’am,” he said curtly, not sure how to act, “On behalf of Delta Green I welcome you to Olivine City.” He looked around for bags, “Do you need any assistance with bags, or anything else?” Without allowing her to answer just yet he gave her a business look, “Pleasantries aside, what group are you on? I can assure you that anything you need to say you can say to me, I’m not just any grunt. I’m Spencer, the spokesman for Delta Green.” His grin once again appeared on his face, he was happy to get all of the business out of the way for now, focusing on meeting this interesting girl.

11-13-2006, 08:56 AM
Olivine City

Well, where is this meeting being held exactly?

Dentelle pondered the thought for a second until she heard some friendly laughter from ahead. Coming towards her were two individuals. Hopefully they'd know where the peace conference was being held. Or maybe that's why they were meeting her in the first place.

When they reached the lost brunette, one of the young men, at least a foot or so taller than her, stepped forward and held out his hand formally. "Hello ma'am," the man said abruptly. She looked at him a little awkwardly before accepting the handshake.

"It's nice to meet you." Dentelle said, shaking his hand firmly. The guy looked pretty straightfoward and honest. No reason to take defensive action.

After letting go of her grasp, the young man began. "On behalf of Delta Green I welcome you to Olivine City." Oh! He was the Delta guy. What would you know--his eyes are green, too. Coincidence or contacts? She also took notice that he was looking around her, as if searching for something. She gave him another strange glance before he spoke up. "Do you need any assistance with bags, or anything else?"

She was supposed to bring luggage...? Well, this made the cool facade she tried to pull off fade away pretty fast. The man put on a serious look before continuing, allowing her no time to answer or ask questions.

"Pleasantries aside, what group are you on? I can assure you that anything you need to say you can say to me, I’m not just any grunt. I’m Spencer, the spokesman for Delta Green.” he grinned. Well, let's see here...

"I am the Ambassador for DARK, Dentelle Callaway," the brunette began. On to gathering some info of her own. "Where is the meeting being held, and at what time?" the petite doll queried. She let a soft chuckle escape her lips before asking the last question.

"Should I have been prepared to stay here longer than just one day?" She smiled sheepishly and rubbed the side of her head.

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-13-2006, 09:17 AM
Battle Tower,
Olvine Vity

"Bizarre..." I muttered listening to her. She was tough. If she betrayed her own Commander, no doubt she would play tricks with us, as well...

I switched on the radio on a different frequency."Cory? Adam? Can you hear me? Over."

This was in code, so that eavesdroppers couldn't overhear us, and even if they did, it would all be gibberish to them.

"Roger Recon, We're ready to take orders." they replied.

"Take to IL-76 and keep a watch on the enemy ship. Any offensive or suspicious activity, then fire at them, got it? Also, take at least twenty para-troopers with you."

OOC : IL-76's are huge :P

"Trace, Alexander, do you hear me? Over." I continued.

"Roger that." they replied immediately.

"Trace, get in a submarine on stealth mode, and keep an eye on those guys. Any suspicious activity and fire in the hull, got it? Or anywhere you can."

"Yes, ma'am." replied Trace, and shouting out some orders in the background.

I took a deep breath before continuing, "Alex, get those radars on full power. If our ships go missing on the radar, fire at will. Keep a lock on the enemy ship. Current position : 40 degrees, 54 minutes, got that?"

"Yes." replied Alexander.

"Good, over and out, everyone. Good Luck, and don't let me down." I spoke into the radio.

Another OOC : You've seen "Guns of Navarone"? These guns are somewhat like them.

"Harry," I barked. "Keep a watch on the proceedings. I'm going to take a "tour" of the base, just to see if everyone's ready."

I walked into one of the inner rooms. The television was on at full blast in one of the rooms. I lost my temper. I strode in. "What the bloody hell are you doing-?"

No-one was there. I glanced at the television. The newsreader was saying something interesting.

"And, according to reports, a plane has been hijacked, which contains three Johto citizens by three mercenaries claiming to be Team Aqua. They demand that a representative of Delta Green come forward and meet them at the airport or the hostages will be killed. There's a time limit of two hours."

I gasped. What was going on?

The government's office came into the view. An official was proclaiming "Will Delta Green come forward and give an explanation? Why are innocent citizens kidnapped? We want an answer!"

I clenched my fists. here I come, ready or not...

Dr Scott
11-13-2006, 09:17 AM
Being the gracious host

Spencer held his grin as the girl started to speak, “I am the Ambassador for DARK, Dentelle Callaway,” she began. This caused Spencer to go straight into his head, his eyes zoning out just a bit. ‘Dark doesn’t seem like the word for a girl like this,’ he thought, ‘She looks more like a … I don’t know, Chibi Angel Team Girl, definitely not a member of a military team. Then again, I’m not really a soldier myself.’ He shook his head a bit before focusing again on the girl in front of him, who was saying “Where is the meeting being held, and at what time?”

By this time Spencer was looking at her in her eyes, keeping the eye contact that he knew was respectful, having been angry at other politicians for not keeping his eyes, and thusly not respecting him. He was also studying her face, surprised how doll like she looked.

After a chuckle she continued her small speech, “Should I have been prepared to stay here longer than just one day?” The girl then smiled sheepishly, bringing her hand to the side of her head and giving it a little rub.

Spencer smiled warmly back, he was happy that he wasn’t the only one in this conference who was going to be younger, happy to find a companion that had a high enough spot in one of the various groups. “Well, you know how these things go,” he said, dropping his business tone and going to a more casual speech, “you can never be sure how long they will last. I myself was in a meeting once that lasted three days, after taking various breaks and taking time to learn various things. These kinds of people tend to be long winded, though I can too,” he laughed a bit, surprised that he was able to be casual and joke around with a girl that he had just met.

“Oh,” he continued, “The meeting is being held where the gym used to be, we’ve turned it into a place for meetings and such. I have tried to add various things to liven up the mood, but this conference was made on such short notice that I couldn’t do too much.” He shrugged before continuing, “As for the time, I can’t say I’m sure. It depends on when everyone else gets here. You were the first, and I compliment you on your speedy arrival.”

11-13-2006, 09:45 AM
Olivine City

He smiled back at her. "Well, you know how these things go," he dropped his uptight tone down to a tone used between familiars. “you can never be sure how long they will last. I myself was in a meeting once that lasted three days, after taking various breaks and taking time to learn various things. These kinds of people tend to be long winded, though I can too,” and he laughed. Almost as if she had been waiting for permission, she decided to join in on the laughter some. She hasn't had a friendly chat with someone in ages it seems. Dentelle couldn't make out if she was beginning to feel more comfortable around this Spencer guy or if she was beginning to become more nervous. Either way, she locked her hazel eyes with his emerald ones, returning the glance warmly.

“Oh,” he added, ending the small talk. “The meeting is being held where the gym used to be, we’ve turned it into a place for meetings and such. I have tried to add various things to liven up the mood, but this conference was made on such short notice that I couldn’t do too much.” He shrugged. Wow, Dentelle didn't even consider the gym being used as such. This town must be in decent shape... He continued, “As for the time, I can’t say I’m sure. It depends on when everyone else gets here. You were the first, and I compliment you on your speedy arrival.”

"I see," Dentelle said, taking this into thought. "This meeting was very unplanned, wasn't it?" she chuckled. And she caught herself again, acting warm and pleasant around someone she just met. She cleared her throat, attempting to try and clear herself up. "I had honestly thought that I'd be last to arrive," she added lightly, shyly looking away from his eyes and towards the sky, then sea, in search of the other guests.

Dr Scott
11-13-2006, 10:08 AM
Meeting DARK

“I see,” the girl had said, “This meeting was very unplanned, wasn’t it?” Once again a chuckle came from the girls lips, causing Spencer to smile himself. She seemed to shake herself after that point, stopping herself from doing something that she didn’t seem sure that she wanted to do. Spencer couldn’t help but be a little confused, wondering what the girl was thinking.

“I had honestly thought that I’d be last to arrive,” she added after a while, averting her eyes from his gaze and looking towards various spots, like the sky and then the sea.

Spencer took this break in the eye contact to look over at Gabriel, who was now standing a whiles away with his back turned, talking to the boy who had alerted them of Dentelle’s arrival. The boy was looking at them while he spoke, and Spencer could see Gabriel’s form shaking lightly from a suppressed laughter.

“It was very impromptu,” Spencer admitted, “I was out in the middle of nowhere searching Johto for resources when I got a call from the good Ex-Captain Lear that you had the pleasure of speaking to. I only had time to warn the people here to get it ready as soon as possible and then take a quick trip here.”

Spencer kept his friendly grin, a natural grin as opposed to the forced grin that he usually had when speaking to the various people who he had to do business with. “Nah, everyone else is probably hurrying to do this and that before actually arriving, trying to get together what people they can to make the trip.” He nodded off in the direction of the former gym, “Would you like to head to the old gym, wait here for more people, or just go ahead and take a walk around?” He looked at her curiously, wondering if this girl had any other motives, if she planned on killing him or actually become his friend, also if she thought that he was going to murder her in cold blood, thus getting rid of another enemy. He, of course, had no real stomach for violence, sure he would be able to shoot someone to save himself but he didn’t think he could actually kill anyone.

Maiming them, however, was something totally different. Disarming was even better. But from what he had gathered from the personality of this girl he couldn’t imagine himself ever hurting her, it’d be too … evil. DARK, indeed …

11-13-2006, 01:43 PM
OOC: Naive little May. Haven't you ever considered that what happens with a boat in stealth mode also happens with a submarine, only a cruel 10x more dangerous? If I only get the faintest sound coming from the depths, maybe like a periscope being moved, I'll know that there's a submarine there. So be prepared when you face me, and get your facts straight. :devious:

On board the Meaghan,
Olivine City's ocean territory,

"Ma'am, we have something on sonar," my radar navigator yelled. "It's faint, but it looks like a submarine."

"Great," I sighed. "That retard is seriously thinking she can compete with me." I turned to someone else. "You, tell the diver to bring some magnetic charges with him."

After a few minutes, I could see the cutter approaching us. A load 'thud' resounded through the two ships as we got connected to each other.

"Permission to board," a Delta Green sailor yelled from the other ship.

"Permission granted," I said, as I came down from the bridge. Four unarmed - I had that checked - sailors came aboard the Meaghan, before the cutter disconnected itself.

"Lt. Bullshot, take one of these gentlemen to the engine room, one of you will stay on the deck, and two of you can come with me to the bridge," I ordered.

The four men discussed who would go where briefly with each other, and decided that the mechanic would go down to the engine room, while the two senior officers came with me. The deck guard was to be one of the regular sailors.

As the three of us, me and the two Delta Green sailors, arrived on the bridge, I was quickly saluted by everyone, before they returned to their jobs. Acting as a guide, I showed the two men our radar and sonar equipment.

"You know that you were order to shut of your radar, ma'am," one of the men said.

"Yes," I replied. "I do, but I need to make sure you know that too. This way you can see it being turned off." With a flick of a switch, the radar went black.

As for the sonar, it stayed on, but we had removed every dot that could be mistaken for a submarine or a person from the screen. Even they wouldn't know what we knew.

I felt a gentle vibration against my thigh. It was hardly noticeable, but it was enough to make me smirk for a split second. The first bomb was planted on the cutter. Moments later, the second vibration came, as the magnetic charge was planted.

"So, gentlemen, seeing as we are almost three miles off shore. I suggest you return back to your cutter, since I can't have you here with an unattended crew. That would fall under touching the integrity and sovereignty of this ship. You can use the radio there to contact your ship."

As we connected to the cutter again, I got a notice of another vessel in the vicinity. As we got near the three miles point, a floating ship came in sight. As soon as we could actually see the ship, I felled another vibration on my tight, and soon afterwards a fourth one, signaling that my diver had returned safely.

Me and Lt. Bullshot left the Meaghan, leaving command to Colonel Dipshat. As we entered the harbor, we saw a group of people standing close by a DARK chopper.

However, before we could approach them, we were searched by Delta Green soldiers, though we didn't carry any weapons, except a bag with bomb remotes. Cleared as soon as they started, me and Lt. Bullshot walked up to the group of people chatting.

"Good afternoon," I said.


Charizard Michelle
11-13-2006, 01:53 PM
Goldenrod Underground: Delta Green Storage

Micheal had set the bombs on the metal door. Micheal looked at what he did and nodded. He then motion for the others to get back and he release Eru. He then said, "Protect when I press this button."

Eru nodded and prepare to use the attack.

Micheal looked at the door. He then counted to three in his head and press the remote. At once the bombs went out and the door was still standing.

"That sure didn't work." said Nami. She kicked the door.

MIcheal shurgged and said, "Didn't expect it too. I treating this as if I was capturing a pokemon. He then looked at Char and Erureido and said, "Brick Break Char. Psycho CUtter on the henges."

Erureido's blade arm began to glow pink and slice the hendges and CHar began to pound the door serveal times. At once the door flew to the ground and Al and his pikachu walked in. He then dropped his jar and said, "You won't believe this."

Micheal, Nami and Snap walked in and saw what is inside. He then said, "What is this."

THe room was huge. What it had inside was a fleet of fighters. They were more advance then the ones that Delta Green had left over after the attack. Snap took a picture and said, "It seems that the roof of the top here opens up."

"That explains how there things got in here. It seems as if back then Delta Green was praparing for the long haul."

"We are out of the city limits which is a vast field." said Nami. "I wonder if these things still work."

"Tell Dells about this Al." said MIcheal. He also knew that these things were here for a long time and knew that the chance of them working is slim. He was going have to tell somebody at the Battle Tower about this. HE walked around and see what else was there.

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-13-2006, 02:04 PM
OOC : Dash it!

The only consolation is that my guns on the coast will fire rapid-shots.

And take a look at these IL-76 babes.


You can't counter my coast guard, my planes, and my submarine at the same time, one of them bomb you.

Don't forget that you can't plant bombs on my submarine, seeing that they can detect underwater presence, like divers and scum. ;P

Too much of a good thing, right? Dash the hijack...

Battle Tower,
Olvine City,

I swore. I was stuck, between the hijack, and this. I wondered if I could stall the hijackers...

I changed my mind. I returned to the control room. "Harry," I ordered, "Go and stall the hijackers, go to the airport, and try and stall them, for a few hours. Tell them I'll be there in sometime, go, just go!" I yelled at him.

Harry exited from the room. I stared at the radar. The submarine and the stealth frigate were not visible. The cutter, however, was.

Meanwhile, two blips appeared on the radar screen. I recognized my planes. They were approaching the enemy frigate.

I watched as our cutter began to approach the enemy friagte. I wasn't much interested in the frigate, my eyes were on the planes. They were circling the frigate, in a random pattern, in an obvious effort to confuse them.

I began to feel uneasy. I wished that Spencer was here. It was not so easy to control so many vehicles.

I picked up the radio yet again. "Coastguard do you read me?"

"Yes, Madam, Alexander speaking. Over." the voice replied.

"Look," I began to talk quickly. "This is really important. You cannot miss them at such a range. Keep all men on full alert, and if any offensive activity, reply with fire, fire at will, got it?"

"Yes, Madam." he replied.

"Good." I answered. "Okay, everyone, " I began after tuning the radio. "I want you all to get ready. They cannot be taken lightly, got it?" I barked.

"No, Ma'am" they replied.

They dare not...

Charizard Michelle
11-13-2006, 03:23 PM
Goldenrod Underground: Delta Green Storage

Micheal looked around and saw that the planes were ok. He even saw that some of them had the keys still in them. Micheal was sure that Delta Green had plans after the bombing to use these planes but didn't expect the bombing to be so devestating which explains why these planes were still down here. Micheal turn the keys of a few but some of them died out. Micheal knew that somebody was going have to go in and take a look at these things to fix them up.

Nami then said, "This is amazing."

"Amazing" said Snap.

"It just a shame that the levey here to open the roof doesn't work. If so then we could just take them out. Somebody is going have to come here and fix the levey if we want to take these planes out."

Micheal nodded and said, "Same with the planes. These things are going to need a fine tune up before they can fly."

He then pulled out his PokeGear and called on to Dells, "Hey. Micheal here. We just found some good stuff."

Dells grunted and said, "Yeah. I heard. Are they that great?"

Micheal nodded and said, "Yes. With the stuff that we found here it should help rebuilding Johto a bit more easier. How about we report this to the upper heads about this."

Dells then said, "Will do. I pass this along to Sara since she is the easyest to contact. From there she will tell the others in Delta Green about our discovery."

Micheal nodded and said, "Yeah. We were able to uncover an old Delta Green Storage UNit fill with materials and planes. Got to say this is pretty good. The planes are in good condition but they need a good tune up before they can fly. Same for the levey because that is keeping them from leaving the storage room."

"Will pass it along." said Dells. The tranmission was then over.

11-13-2006, 06:31 PM
Aqua ship on route to Johto~Johto

I watched the small waves as they continuously hit the ship, only to break and head back the other way, So much like life I thought to myself. I heard footsteps and turned to find Quaff approaching.

"We should be coming up on Johto soon."

"How Soon?" I asked him.

"Before nightfall. Probably three or four hours. And it seems we are not the only ones making our way to Johto, we think a helicopter may have landed there, and a lot of radio interference is emitting from the region.

I shook my head, "It's a region, of course Radio interference is going to be coming from it." I stopped him when he tried to interrupt me, "Just keep on your course get me contact with some one in Johto, Someone high, tell him a Shinou delegate will be arriving soon, and that we ask for safe passage to land."

He nodded before turning to leave, I settled back down to watching the waves, I was a bit worried about the possible helicopter, but hopefully that was just another Johto craft. Just the same I decided that slight disguise and an assumed name would be more beneficial towards me in case anything went unexpected.

Quaff soon came back carrying a phone.

"What happened to the radio?" I asked him.

"The range has been cut considerably." He answered.

"Alright," taking the phone I punched in a few digits.

"Hello?" a female voice came onto the phone.

I gathered myself for a brief second, "Hello," I said in overly joyous manner. "I'd love to speak with someone about safe passage to Johto, I'm a delegate from Shinou."

"One moment please" the voice said.

A few minutes later she came back on. "Hello Sir? yes, I'll be transferring you over in one moment."

I leaned against the rail watching the waters, you could now just make out the Johto border from here.

Soon, I'll have my mission complete I thought to myself.

a few seconds later a male voice came through the reciever...

11-13-2006, 09:04 PM

“It was very impromptu,” Spencer confessed, startling Dentelle from her search for more arrivals. She looked at him, listening attentively. “I was out in the middle of nowhere searching Johto for resources when I got a call from the good Ex-Captain Lear that you had the pleasure of speaking to. I only had time to warn the people here to get it ready as soon as possible and then take a quick trip here.”

This meeting was alot less planned than she had thought.

"I wonder where Capt... Ex-Captain Lear is. You'd think that if she wanted a meeting so bad she'd be the first here, disregarding the fact that you're hosting this." Dentelle thought aloud. In a way, she began to feel insecure. Such questions popped in her head such as 'How many people are coming?' and 'Will there be conflict?' Dentelle's lips became a firm line, her brows showing her worry. She shedded her last thought openly with the Spencer and his accomplice, just now remembering he was there. "Do you think people are planning fowl trickery before coming to this thing?"

Spencer was still beaming a grin, something Dentelle began to assume was his trademark. “Nah, everyone else is probably hurrying to do this and that before actually arriving, trying to get together what people they can to make the trip.” Somehow this made her feel better. He was pretty optimistic. The world needed more people like him. He then nodded towards the gym. “Would you like to head to the old gym, wait here for more people, or just go ahead and take a walk around?” The look her gave her reflected curiosity and wonder.

"Well," Dentelle began, but found her sight locked on a duo walking towards them from behind Spencer. The one was a woman who had blonde locks framing her slightly rounded face, giving her a calm air.

"Good afternoon," the blonde said. The voice sounded quite familiar.

"Good afternoon," Dentelle echoed shyly. The woman appeared to be kind. Could this really be the Arlene Lear that bravely set up this peace conference? Could this be the same person who had a placed bomb in the Deathwing, her own former team's ship? No, this couldn't be...

Dr Scott
11-13-2006, 09:32 PM
OOC: No, Scott isn’t my main character. But I’m using him to answer good’ll ST’s stuff.

Meeting DARK

Scott was now sitting in the radio room, waiting for someone to give him a message. He had gotten everything to do with the defense of Johto and all of their members taken care of, so he no longer had anything to do. Of course, there was always something to do, however he decided to stay in the radio room and let the two men who were there take their break.

It wasn’t until later that the radio flared up, and a woman’s voice was heard in the headphones that he was wearing. “Olivine City? We have a delegate from Shinou for you. He wants free passage into the peace conference.”

“Thanks,” Scott said, waiting a minute before talking to the crew for Shinuo, “Delegate from Shinou, this is Olivine City. I speak for my charge, Spencer, the voice of Johto. If you’re from Shinou then that means that you work for Rust Makuta, correct? We have with us someone who you are given orders to kill on site I am sure. I’m not as good with words as Spencer is but I do know how to threaten, and that’s what I’m going to do. Delta Green is a peaceful team, and this is going to be a peaceful conference. If we let you in you have to promise to not lay a hand on her, doing so will not only get you kicked out but I’m sure Spencer wouldn’t have any problem setting every other person in this conference against you. If you come into Johto waters, you come for peace, and peace only. Over.” Scott waited for a response for a second …

* * * * * * * * * *

“I wonder where Capt…” Dentelle managed to catch herself before going on, “Ex-Captain Lear is. You’d think that if she wanted a meeting so bad she’d be the first here, disregarding the fact that you’re hosting this.” To this Spencer could only shrug before the girl went on, “Do you think people are planning fowl trickery before before coming to this thing?”

After asking her about what she wanted to do, the girl only managed to get out a “Well,” before they were interrupted.

“Good afternoon” a voice said, a calm, cool voice that sounded almost familiar. Take out a little bit of static and … yes, he knew who that was.

Spencer turned around about the same time that Dentelle also said “Good afternoon,” in an almost shy voice.

Spencer had a grin plastered on his face for the former captain, one that was devoid of any real happiness and was actually full of worry and a little bit of fear. This woman was dangerous, she had betrayed the man who she had worked for for years. However, years of practice had made his smile all but believable for all but the one’s who knew Spencer well of the one’s that could really tell people’s emotions. “Hello ma’am!” he said cheerfully, sticking out his hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet the woman who made all of this possible. We have men picked out to protect you, I assure you this is for your safety as much as it is our own. The meeting will start when everyone gets here,” he said, looking the woman in her cold, experienced eyes…

11-13-2006, 09:45 PM
OOC: Interactiveness... with off scaled time zones...

Olivine City Port,

As I got closer, I noticed the girl of about 5’2, with long curly and an almost doll like physique stepped out, looking around searching for who knows what. She was wearing a jacket, and under that a dress, with boots that were probably worn to give her some added height.

"Good afternoon," she whispered, shocked by me in one way or the other. She had a DARK executive pin buttoned on her chest, but I wasn't so sure about her. She seemed to be a little to naive.

As for Spencer, I had seen him on several mug shots, so he was quite easy to recognize, especially with him coming up to me and introducing himself.

Spencer had a grin plastered on his face for lil 'ld me. He was obviously scared of me, I could guess that much. I hadn't been Aqua's top negotiator because of my nice physique. “Hello ma’am!” he said cheerfully, sticking out his hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet the woman who made all of this possible. We have men picked out to protect you, I assure you this is for your safety as much as it is our own. The meeting will start when everyone gets here,” he said, looking into my eyes.

I gave him a broad smile back, one that would seem nice and warm for the untrained eye, but for one who was, it would give off the message: 'I may bark, but I can bite as well.' I was a force to be reckoned with.

"Sorry for being late," I said in a gentle tone. "I had some trouble entering Johto." I grabbed Lt. Bullshot's arm and positioned him next to me, almost acting all lovey-dovey with him. "This strong fellow is former Lt. Bullshot. He's my second in command, and I am Miss Arlene Lear. I would appreciate it if you dropped the Captain part. Some titles are worthy only to feed the microbes with."

I smiled at everyone present.

"It's been a tiring trip, being a refugee and all. Would you mind if I went to the conference room ahead. I need to rest these sore legs of mine."

I waited for Spencer's reply.


Dr Scott
11-13-2006, 10:06 PM
Meeting a former Aqua

The former Aqua captain smiled right back, a smile that looked polite but there was something else to it that Spencer couldn’t quite check. Spencer knew immediately that she was not someone to mess with, both because of what he heard that she had done and with the way that she acted. Almost a little … fake. This was definitely not how she acted when no one was around.

“Sorry for being late,” she said, “I had some trouble entering Johto.” Spencer was about to ask what this trouble was, but she stopped his question by grabbing the man’s arm beside her, who Spencer thought instantly was perhaps her boyfriend. “This strong fellow is form Lt. Bullshot,” she explained, “He’s my second in command, and I am Miss Arlene Lear. I would appreciate it if you dropped the Captain part. Some titles are worthy only to feed the microbes with.”

Spencer only managed to smile at this before Arlene went on, “It’s been a tiring trip, being a refugee and all. Would you mind if I went to the conference room ahead, I need to rest these sore legs of mine.”

Spencer nodded, smiling a real smile, happy to get the intimidating woman away for now. “Don’t worry, you’re not late,” Spencer began, “and I apologize, Miss Lear, I’m just used to people liking to be called by their titles.” Spencer then shook Bullshot’s hand, nodding once to him and mumbling “It’s a pleasure,” before dropped his hand and rubbing it a bit, the man had a powerful grip.

Spencer looked at Gabriel and made a motion with his head, summoning him over. “Gabriel, would you please get the guards that volunteered to look after Miss Lear so they can escort her and Mr. Bullshot to the conference?” He smiled to the couple, “I’d do it myself but we’re still waiting on the representative from Team Rocket, and it’s always polite for the host to meet the guests personally.”

As Gabriel walked off to make the quick call, Spencer took Arlene to the side, looking her in the eyes, all fear pushed aside as he focused on business. “Ma’am, I just want you to know that we’ll do our best to make sure nothing happens to you. If anyone even tries to lay a finger on you I’ll kick them out of here and sick everyone on them so fast that their heads will spin.” His eyes glowed almost malevolently as he thought about using his gift of the golden tongue in a way to get at anyone who would slow down his dream for a perfect world. “I trust that you’ll refrain from doing anything as well? I don’t want there to be any murdering on my watch …” He waited for the woman’s reply, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a stick of gum, sticking one in his mouth and offering one to Lear, Dentelle, and Bullshot.

Sent Reglay
11-13-2006, 11:02 PM
Olivine City
I don't get a welcoming commity?

I walked towards the Olivine gym. I had been told during the flight that this was the location of the meeting.

I gave a few last minute orders over my radio, because I knew it would be confiscated upon entry,"If my dead-man's switch goes off, try to establish connection through my earpiece, if you don't get a reply, or even a grumble, bomb the place to hell"

I changed the frequency and spoke into it again, this time to communications tower at the plateau,"If my dead mans switch goes off, and you get confirmation of it from Air Defense, I want you to hold a press conference, and blame it on the other teams."

With busuiness taken care of, I walked towards the gym. I saved them the trouble, and threw my radio into the trash can. I kept my weapon at my side, it was to thin t be noticed as anything more than a simple pen. I was hoping my men were crafty enough to get their weapons inside, I didn't want to be the one shot if things got ugly. I saw a man, that I recognized from numerous pictures. I was assuming this was Spencer, he was the man I needed so I greeted him casually, a little uneasy at the site of Arlene Lear, the Aqua defector.

"Sir, I'm going to skip the formalities, and assume your Spencer, I'm Sent Reglay, and I don't wish to be addressed formally either" I told him, he was a very affable person.

"I'm going to tell you now, my men are armed, but they won't fire except by my command, or by the chance that I am put in physical danger. I have these weapons as defense for me and my men, I will not use them in any way, and if it will make you feel better we will keep them un-loaded" I said this, it was obvious we were going to be searched, so might aswell be frank about it.

Dr Scott
11-13-2006, 11:31 PM
They just keep on comin’ …

Spencer was still waiting for Arlene Lear to talk when another man walked up. Spencer knew he was another delegate, because he was walking purposefully up to him and he knew that they weren’t Delta Green, because Spencer had ordered everyone in Delta Green to wear a green t-shirt so he could tell them apart from everyone else.

“Sir, I’m going to skip the formalities, and assume you’re Spencer. I’m Sent Reglay, and I don’t wish to be addressed formally either,” Spencer wondered how he knew anything about what him and the ex-commander were talking about, seeing that he had just arrived … Apparently he was a well-known man, which surprised him a bit.

“I’m going to tell you now,” he went on, “My men are armed, but they won’t fire except by my command, or by the chance that I am put in physical danger. I have these weapons as defense for me and my men, I will not use them in any way, and if it will make you feel better we will keep them unloaded,” he finally finished.

Spencer shook his head, “I’m sorry Mr. Reglay, I’m going to have to take away your weapons. Everyone else is coming unarmed, and it’s unfair that you would be able to get to keep some. I can’t say I can take your word for it either sadly, so please hand in your weapons, and we’ll give them back after this all is done. I can assure you that you are under my care, and I will assign two of my own to keep you safe. We’re neutral and wish to stay that way for now, you can be sure that nothing will happen to you in our care. With that Spencer forced a smile, “Business aside, it’s great to see you here sir,” Spencer motioned to Gabriel again, and he quickly punched in a few numbers, “We’ll have your personal guards here soon enough, to take you to the conference. I'm hoping that we'll all be able to get through this meeting civilly, and reach an agreement that will benefit us all.”

11-13-2006, 11:32 PM
OOC: Ok, edited. :x


Dentelle watched as Spencer greeted Arlene warmly. Either he was comfortable like this with everyone or he knew the Ex-Captain from past experiences.

And the miss was acting vaguely... suspicious. While the meeting must've appeared unplanned and disorganized to her, Dentelle was willing to bet that she had a deliberate plan of sorts for this meeting up her sleeve. What probably startled her the most was the broad smile she directed towards Spencer after he welcomed her. Creepy enough, it sent chills down the poor girl's spine.

Dentelle pulled herself out of her thoughts when she saw Arlene grab the arm of the strong man behind her, pulling him forward. She managed a boyfriend, too, in all of this?

"This strong fellow is former Lt. Bullshot. He's my second in command, and I am Miss Arlene Lear. I would appreciate it if you dropped the Captain part. Some titles are worthy only to feed the microbes with." She smiled at us. Was it right for team members to date each other?

And thank the heavens--Dentelle disliked addressing someone she knew so little about as if they were her own boss. In fact, she hated addressing her bosses so formally, too...

"It's been a tiring trip, being a refugee and all. Would you mind if I went to the conference room ahead. I need to rest these sore legs of mine." continued the blonde. Spencer allowed them to be escorted to the place of meeting to rest. After he sent his accomplice, Gabriel, to gather the guards, he pulled Arlene to the side, talking in a hushed tone. Dentelle didn't bother to eavesdrop. She did shoot Bullshot an irritated glance, though. He was the other source of tension right now. However, her hardened look cooled after being offered a stick of gum by none other than the optimistic Spencer.

The little brunette couldn't resist.

And out of the corner of her eye she spotted yet another person walking up to them...

For some reason, it irked her on how the man adressed the Delta Green member so casually and rudely. Wasn't this a formal meeting? She was so lost right now. It also slightly irritated her on how the guy, Sent Reglay, had tried to sneak a weapon in. Why would you need a weapon at a peace meeting?

Now I have to concern myself over him, too?

Sent Reglay
11-14-2006, 12:23 AM
Olivine City
Keepin' da peace

“I’m sorry Mr. Reglay, I’m going to have to take away your weapons. Everyone else is coming unarmed, and it’s unfair that you would be able to get to keep some. I can’t say I can take your word for it either sadly, so please hand in your weapons, and we’ll give them back after this all is done. I can assure you that you are under my care, and I will assign two of my own to keep you safe. We’re neutral and wish to stay that way for now, you can be sure that nothing will happen to you in our care." at this, my men began removing the silenced pistols from their holsters.

“Business aside, it’s great to see you here sir,” Spencer motioned to Gabriel again, and he quickly punched in a few numbers, “We’ll have your personal guards here soon enough, to take you to the conference. I'm hoping that we'll all be able to get through this meeting civilly, and reach an agreement that will benefit us all.” A this, I removed my own pistol from my pocket, and silently engaged my dead-mans switch. If I so much as got pushed over, it would scramble jets over Kanto.

I acted as if I was having trouble with my holster, this was a cover-up for me engaging the magnetic hook of my Laser Knife. I clipped it onto the inside of my trench-coat in a position where a long button would normally be placed. I didn't want to be cuaght off-guard, this Arlee lady was obviously planning something. My task now complete, I dropped the holster on the ground, and fixed up my trench coat, which was of the shorter variety, and by this merit gave an elusion of formallity while remaining functional.

I fixed the collar, and adjusted the tie I had been given by one of my men on the heli-copter. Now ready, I headed towards the gym, saying to spencer,"I don't need guards, my men are all I need"

11-14-2006, 01:48 AM
Olivine City
My guns, what now?

I looked sternly at Sent while I ran my hand over my 9mm. This made me mad. I was starting to lose trust in these people. This could be one giant set-up. How do we know that this isn't a big set-up to try and take out Team Rocket?, I thought to myself. I unholstered it and threw in on the ground. I was really disgusted.

"There's my gun. Take it, I don't need it. Just promise me one thing, there Will Not be any other weapons in this facility." I asked with anger in my voice. I wanted this to go in my favor. If I couldn't have a gun, then nobody else should. I buttoned my trench back open and turned the other cheek.

Dr Scott
11-14-2006, 02:30 AM
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They just keep on comin’ …

Spencer couldn’t help but sigh. Sent had just walked off, saying “I don’t need guards, my men are all I need.”

That wasn’t the problem, one of the other Rockets were acting up. He had took his gun and threw it to the ground like an angry child. ‘So, now we know who the problem children are going to be…’ he thought to himself, annoyed.

Outwardly he picked up the gun, giving it to Gabriel. Gabriel checked it briefly before nodding and throwing it to the boy, telling him to put it with the lockers that housed all of the other guns from the various groups.

“There’s my gun, take it, I don’t need it,” the Rocket was saying, “Just promise me one thing, there will not be any other weapons in this facility.” He was obviously angry, and this annoyed Spencer a bit more.

Gabriel rolled his eyes, “Look kid, do you think I like going without a gun? We go without our guns so that the people talking won’t feel frightened. This is a peace meeting, and if we are ever going to reach any agreement then guns shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Do you think the girl over there,” he nodded his head at Dentelle, “would feel comfortable saying what she wants if you have your gun showing? We can’t trust you as much as you can’t trust us, so we just go without weapons altogether. Either you are ok with this our you’re not, and if you’re not, you can go ahead and leave now.”

Spencer stopped his friends ranting with the raise of a hand, “What my friend is trying to say, sir, is that this makes it fair for everyone. I can assure you that Delta Green will make sure that no harm comes to anyone while they’re here if I can help it. Now, please don’t cause any trouble, I’d hate for something to happen in my peace conference.” He stressed the final parts, trying to show the kid that it was a peace conference, and that he himself would be unhappy if anyone messed with his conference.

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Olivine City

I could tell that I was making a bad impression. I didn't care though. This would hopefully be the last time I met with these people. I started laughing and began to tell them what I thought.

"Ok, let's look at a couple things here. One, I'm not a kid. Two, I could care less about what's happening here. I'm just here to protect my leader, Sent. Three, I didn't say I don't trust you, I just don't," I paused for a moment, "exactly agree with you. Does that sound better? You're peace conference, eh? I'll make sure not to ruin it then." I laughed to myself trying to keep a straight face.

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South Hoenn Sea
Ultima City
Abandoned Hotel Balcony
Tiana Morenza

Bron and I had decided to supervise the mechanics as they worked on the city and on the rebuilding of our antenna. We had the leisure of choosing where to watch the work from and we chose to sunbathe on the balcony of an abandoned hotel. In any case I did the sunbathing, Bron was more half in sun and half in shade but that was what I chose he had not made me sit in the sun and stolen all the shade. In fact, I had had to fight him for it.

It was just as we had finally settled into our respective chairs that the head mechanic, Fredric Reynolds came up to our look-out spot. He felt very very nervous as if he had done something wrong and I barely picked up the word antenna from his feelings, but I was watching the work on the new antenna right now and it didn’t look as though anything had gone wrong. But, he soon revealed exactly what was on his mind. He gave us the unexpected news that the mechanics had all gotten together and used the old antenna while making the new one.

This in itself was not all that surprising for we had to have some form of communications before the completion of the new antenna and although we had not authorized it, we trust our highest subordinates to make the decisions that come with whatever office we give them. But then he said something that was unexpected. He said that just as they had gotten it working, a transmission had come in one from an unkown source, with an unkown message, but that they knew that it had gone to the old radio tower because of a board they had rigged to beep to let them know what wires were being transmitted to.

As I said, it was unexpected but it was not all that crazy nor was it all that worrying. There might have been any number of operatives out in the field who had survived in some bunker or another and were now reemerging or who had passed on a communicator to their children who survived. I thought that Bron dealt with it very accordingly, reassuring Fredric that he had not made a bad mistake and that all that need be done was to send someone to look in on it. This mollified Mr. Reynolds greatly though he still was a bit nervous; the almost chronic nervousness that I had felt washing over me had died at Bron’s words. The rest of the news Fredric gave us at Bron’s prompting was all to the better.

After Fredric Reynolds had left Bron surprised me by asking me to go and see if there was anything to see or hear in the old radio tower. I had thought he would send a low-leveled subordinate to check it out. But then I thought about it for a minute and saw that he had good reason to send me. Most of the men and women were already doing the hard labor of trying to repair our city to the majesty it once had. It was also important that someone with authority go in case another call came and it turned out to be something important that would need direct authorization from someone nearer our rank. So I shrugged and nodded consent to go and find out if there was anything to see or more likely, to hear.
Before I had finished making up my mind Bron had already called up a young lady by the name of Jenny to call upon Lucifer and send him in my direction. Before she left, I was already gone with a simple nod to Bron.

It didn’t take me long to reach this old radio tower which was dark, dank, and dusty. It was also devoid of feelings. I sneezed three times before I was able to regain control of myself and I had sent plenty of dust flying. Then I noticed that beyond the dust that I had stirred with my sneezing that there were clean footprints on the floor, leading to one radio and then leading out again. I realized that someone had probably been here to receive whatever transmission had been sent. I wondered if they had known it was coming or if they had been as surprised as the mechanics.

Before I could decide to do anything about it, the radio let out some static and buzzed into feeble life. What I heard on the other end was someone asking for someone, anyone to pick up. I waited for a bit because I was deciding whether or not it would be good to answer. On one hand I might smudge the fingerprints that could lead us to who had received the call but on the other the young lady on the other end sounded like she really needed for someone to pick up. I found myself wishing I could use my ability long-distance. This surprised me but it also made up my mind. I decided to answer.

“Who is this?” My voice was calm despite the temporary hesitation I had had moments before. The young lady’s voice replied, “I am Warrant Officer Dentelle Callaway. And you must be Vice Ad--" It became apparent to me then that the lady was possibly an officer in DARK, I hated the way my title sounded in English, and I also wanted some information. So I broke in with, “You can call me Tiana. Why were you sending messages earlier? And from where are you sending to be able to send and receive said messages?”

Dentelle replied, “Well, I'm on a helicopter that has just landed in Olivine City no less than five minutes ago,” at this point the young woman sighed and as she had not clarified much, I was about to ask her to explain a bit further when she continued, “I came back to HQ and we somehow managed to receive a radio message. It was a woman named Arlene, former captain of Aqua. She requested that someone go down and have a simple peace meeting..." Here the girl went on to repeat the entire message from Arlene to me and concluded that she had made the decision to go to this so called conference on her own.

Inside I was irate and wondering how she had remotely come to that conclusion, but I knew that to straighten everything out patience and some clear-headed thinking would be needed. So I took one deep breath and asked, “What? You made this decision on your own?” It may have seemed a silly question, but I wanted to know if our people trusted us, their leaders or thought us tyrants who would hear out nothing that was not mandated by us. The response turned out to be neither.

“Well, I had to. No one else was around, so I took the liberty of going myself." This sounded like someone who thought that the weight of the world was always on their shoulders and that they were the only person that could do anything. But, because my ability did not extend long-distance by wire, I decided not to make any rash judgments, at least not permanently.

I sighed and said, “I guess it’s fine…” thinking that it would have to be seeing as she was already there and I didn’t know if she had already presented herself as our representative or not. Also she had said that the meeting would be taking place too soon for us to get someone else out there. Thus it was, that by necessity and circumstance, one of the most important decisions a leader can make had been made. “But, do you have proof that you can be our ambassador?” by this I meant proof for the other delegates, whoever they may be, that she was truly our representative.

The girl hesitated and then replied, “No, I’m afraid I don’t…” I had expected this answer and had been testing the girl for truthfulness. At least she had told truth on this question.

“Ok. We’ll have to send you papers immediately so you can prove that you are the delegated ambassador for DARK. Now listen, your job will be to gather as much information as you can about this former Aqua captain. Now, as Ambassador you are allowed to answer basic questions about DARK, but do not give out more information than you absolutely must. Subjects that would normally need the attention of anyone of a higher level than you, are to be reported to either Bron, Neo, or myself ASAP, although of the three of us, I would prefer it if you reported to me.

Neo is busy with restoration on the mainland and Bron can sometimes overreact to things because he takes them personally, and in the negotiating world you absolutely cannot take things personally. I tell you this not only as a reason as to why you should report to me but also as a warning to you. You MUST keep your head, as best you can when at the negotiating table. At that place, it is a mistake to show your own feelings about anything. That is pretty much the only advice I can give you right now. Good Luck.”

With that I hung up partially because the static was giving me a headache but mainly because I truly had nothing else to say at the time.

11-14-2006, 03:53 AM
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Oh boy...

If Dentelle could hammer thoughts such as 'guns do not belong in peaceful gatherings' into the skulls of all who attempred to bring a weapon, this wouldn't be happening. She glared at the Rocket member who had just thrown their gun down in an immature fit. Of course, being as this man looked old enought to drink, made her chuckle slightly.

Dentelle watched the arguement from afar, noting that she wasn't the only one irritated. Spencer was doing an excellent job at keeping his cool. Gabriel rolled his eyes before telling the Rocket how things were going to work.

“Look kid, do you think I like going without a gun? We go without our guns so that the people talking won’t feel frightened. This is a peace meeting, and if we are ever going to reach any agreement then guns shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Do you think the girl over there...” he tossed his head towards me, catching me by surprise, “...would feel comfortable saying what she wants if you have your gun showing? We can’t trust you as much as you can’t trust us, so we just go without weapons altogether. Either you are ok with this our you’re not, and if you’re not, you can go ahead and leave now.” Dentelle nodded in firm agreement with the wise words he just sputtered.

Spencer raised his hand and stepped in, stopping his friend in the process. “What my friend is trying to say, sir, is that this makes it fair for everyone. I can assure you that Delta Green will make sure that no harm comes to anyone while they’re here if I can help it. Now, please don’t cause any trouble, I’d hate for something to happen in my peace conference."

Dentelle's eyebrows rose in slight shock, yet she was somehow relieved. At first, Dentelle thought of Spencer as someone who was overly optimistic and too trustful. However, the light shone and showed the small woman that he was taking this quite seriously. It was nice to see he wasn't entirely fun and games.

The Rocket began again, this time stating some things of his own.

"Ok, let's look at a couple things here. One, I'm not a kid. Two, I could care less about what's happening here. I'm just here to protect my leader, Sent. Three, I didn't say I don't trust you, I just don't," he paused for a moment, "exactly agree with you. Does that sound better? You're peace conference, eh? I'll make sure not to ruin it then." He stuck on a poker face. Dentelle's mouth went agape for a second before she pulled herself togther. This wasn't even directed towards her and she already felt blood rush down to her toes. For some reason, she didn't think it was smart to invite Rocket...

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-14-2006, 05:24 AM
Battle Tower,
Olvine City,

I began to pace around the room, slightly tensed. First the hijack; now this.

I was very suspicious. If she betrayed her commander, no doubt she had something malicious in store for us.

Spencer no doubt would feel and think that I was being slightly paranoid, but I didn't care. Not in the least. It was survival of the fittest...

I was at the control room. The highly sophisticated radar systems were the pride of Team Delta Green. Most communications and orders were given from here, to all over Johto.

I grabbed the radio after pacing around uneasily. The blip of the stealth frigate had re-appeared on the radar, after they had understood that it was useless, now that they were already sighted.

The cutter was moving parallel to the enemy firgate we were escorting. My coastguards had intercepted the enemy frigate in our ocean territory, where they had no business to be, in the first place. But we found out that they were going to have a conference with our commander, and they seemed harmless; for now.

I had given orders for the guns on the beach to be on full alert. Any offensive activity, and the guns would sink the enemy frigate. We had a lock on them, and it was virtually impossible to miss them at such a close range. The guns were following its progress, on red alert.

Finally, our Nuclear powered submarine came on the radar. It was moving at a speed and manner, in order to confuse anyone on the enemy frigate, just in case anyone was tracking it.

I was totally ready. If they want to play games, they had to face our anti-ship guns, our aircrafts and our navy.

The squadrons would be immediately scrambled for a bombing and the pilots were on red alert. On my signal, they would attack the enemy frigate, along with the IL-76's. Unfortunately, Delta Green had only one AWAC plane (Advanced Warning and Control System) and we couldn't use it at this crucial juncture, we needed it to counter Team Aqua. To top it all, it consumed a hell lotta fuel...

I spoke into the radio. "Stop, now you cannot come to the shore, you have to come here, escorted by my fighter planes. Follow them to the port, where you have to land. It is at low tide, you cannot negotiate the continental shelf, without damaging your hull."

I went inside, just to get the status of the hijack. I watched the television set for some time, then I returned to the control room. It seemed that the hijack was under control, right now. Harry was trying to reach some consensus with the hijackers.

"What's the status, over." I spoke into the radio.

"Ma'am, delegation landed at port. Guns confiscated from Rocket bodyguards and ship docked out three miles to shore."

"Perfect..." I muttered. So far, so good.

The stealth frigate had meanwhile resumed patroling. Suddenly, it stopped. I grabbed the radio, and asked, "What's going on down there?"

"Ma'am, we've got some trouble with our rudder, starboard hull. Request permission to-"

"Permission granted." I answered. "But be quick. And guards, how the status at the coast?"

"Fine, Ma'am," they replied. "Everything under control, delegations have all approached, heading over to rendez-vous."

I paced around the room, tensed. Egner watched me, slightly nervous. I was unstable, once I was tensed or angry.

"Maam, ma'am, urgent, over. Come in please!" a voice came through the radio after ten minutes.

"What? " I asked, surprised. I wondered if those rats had hijacked the boat.

"Ma'am, magnetic bomb discovered on hull, near the rudder. Work of enemy frigate's frogmen. We need orders, please, over."

"Defuse bombs," I began, when-

"Done, Ma'am. Shall we go on offensive?" they asked.

"Hold on..." I stopped them.

"You guys down at the beach, fire a few missiles at the boat. It should land thirty meters out to see, got it? Submarine, send frogmen out through the airlock to find, defuse and destroy any bombs found attached, immediately."

"Yes, Madam." they replied, quickly.

"Now, Cory, Adam, I can't reach the cutter. Tell them to search for the bombs attached to them. The work of Aqua detectors, and start shooting at the ship, just to give them a warning."

"Roger," they replied. They began to make threatening dives at the ship. Gunshots of the coastguard could be heard.

"Now, 2IC of Delta Green to enemy frigate. As you can see, we've discovered the little game you've played. I want an explanation, now, or else you will be at the bottom of the ocean. You've only three hundred seconds to answer my questions. My guns have got a lock on you. Any offensive activities, and you're a goner."

This was going to be fun....

Dr Scott
11-14-2006, 06:52 AM
What a headache …

Apparently even after the tongue lashing that Gabriel had given him, the man still wasn’t done having his say. “Ok, let’s look at a couple thing here,” he started, “One, I’m not a kid. Two, I could care less about what’s happening here. I’m just here to protect my leader, Sent. Three, I didn’t say I don’t trust you, I just don’t …” there was a pause as this goon picked his words carefully, “exactly agree with you. Does that sound better? You’re peace conference, eh? I’ll make sure not to ruin it then.” His face rose and fell as he tried to keep a laugh to himself.

Spencer had finally had enough of this, and he gave one glance to the young woman that was with him, one that he hoped would be enough of an apology as to what he was about to do. His apologetic glance then found its way to Arlene (If you’re still there, DU), hoping that they could forgive him for what he was about to do. “Look,” he said, dropping all pretense of friendliness, “first of all he calls you boy because that’s what you’re acting like.”

“Spencer …” Gabriel said as a warning, knowing that it was best for Spencer to keep his cool and his good image in front of the younger girl, but he stopped when Spencer glanced his way, his eyes filled with pent up anger. Though Spencer was usually able to keep a smile on his face no matter what anyone said, when he blew up he blew up not only with the anger that he was feeling at the time but any other anger that had been building up. ‘Maybe it’s for the best,’ Gabriel thought, ‘if he gets it out now we won’t have to worry about him exploding in the conference.’

Spencer turned his almost glowing eyes back to the other, his usual smile replaced by a cruel grin, “Let’s get something straight. Look around you, far and wide. Do you know who controls these lands? Johto and Delta Green. And do you know who just happens to be well liked in both? Me. You’d better care what happens here, because it’s going to affect you more then you can guess. If something falls through and your leader, this Sent character, makes a mistake, you just might find me as an enemy, and trust me you don’t want that to happen … I could care less if you don’t agree with me, I don’t exist to make grunts like you happy. I deal with the higher ups, the one’s who actually know how to speak civilly to the host of a peace meeting. Now, if you choose to ruin my peace conference, I can assure you that I will personally make sure your life doesn’t continue for very much longer. Now, go catch up with Sent, little grunt, I’m done speaking with you.”

As soon as it had arrived, the anger within him was gone, depleted. He turned away from the Rocket member, knowing Gabriel would protect him if the grunt tried anything. Once again his face filled with remorse for his actions, he was now afraid that he had made a bad impression on both the ex-captain and the DARK member. Though he was sure Lear had exploded many times in the past, this DARK member was … different. She was not only his own age, but also someone both nice and smart, like him. Even more in common with him, she tended to lean more towards using her brains then her brawn, like most of everyone else in Delta Green. On the complete other hand was Lear, a woman much older then himself. Though she had a deadly intelligence, her happiness seemed only surface, as if she was hiding an inner shell of pure evil. She also seemed very, very dangerous, unlike the other two delegates. That might have been the biggest deciding factor of who he liked more, he could picture perfectly this ex-captain, but not this doll looking girl.

He shook his head, knowing that in all actuality the girl would go back to her own land and the two might not ever see each other again. It might be a deadly mistake in getting to become friends with her, and he knew not to underestimate females, knowing this frail looking girl still had the ability to turn on him and shoot him in the back.

At the very least, however, he needed to keep his image. “I apologize,” he told the two females, bowing his head, “It’s just that …” after a quick mental conference he decided that the truth would be best, “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and it came out the wrong way. I hope this won’t affect any of your decisions in the peace conference ...”

'Man,' Spencer thought to himself, his head still bowed, 'I wish that ... crazy woman, May, was here. She'd be able to keep an eye on this ruffian and take care of him ...' Instead of finding May and asking her to watch him, he motioned Gabriel to him with a slight movement of his hand, his head still down, whispering "Keep an eye out on that idiot..." to his old friend ...

11-14-2006, 07:11 AM
Ultima city, Half destroyed Hotel balcony

I probably slept for a good 5 hours. I couldn’t tell. All I knew was that when Lucifer woke me up, I was rested. I wasn’t happy about [b]how[i] he woke me up, though. I promptly voiced my concerns.

“Dude, do you have any idea what would have happened if you were anybody but who you are? I’d have shot you with my semi-automatic. This is not a good way to wake somebody up. Please don’t do it again.” I said, getting into a nice, comfortable position again.

“Anyway, the reason I called you is that you should do your job. Go find Tiana. She’s in the old Radio Station. You can’t miss it, since there’s a big radio antenna next to it.” I said, and then looked him over.

“And for god’s sakes man, put a shirt on. You’re not on the beach.” I said getting up and staring out as the mechanics airlifted the last piece of the antenna to the top of the dome.

I was about to settle in my chair again to wait for the Generator to be installed, but then felt the city jerk a little, as the massive generator started up. Lights that had not been destroyed in the earthquakes came on, and lit up the streets, because it was starting to be evening.

A helicopter flew through the aircraft entrance in the dome, and then hovered in place, as the mechanics attached the part to the antenna. I did not have to wait long, for my old communicator, which I hadn’t used for at leas four years, beeped. In fact, everybody’s communicator beeped. The Radio Station was officially obsolete, again.

I rushed out the door of the hotel, running down two flights of stairs, then entered the HQ building again. The elevator was smooth now, that the Generator was providing ample power to everything. I took the elevator down to B1 floor, where the controls for the city were located.

The room was dusty, and hadn’t been used in years, since we hadn’t moved the city ever since the bombs started dropping. There was a large computer console with a large screen and keyboard. I typed up a movement plan and plotted a course to dock with Lillycove.

What was Ultima Island was really just a large, seagoing vessel. So large, that it could support buildings and concrete, and not sink. The anchors were raised, and the engine started up. The city started to move toward docking with Lillycove City.

I decided to contact Neo ahead of time, and let him know that we were on our way, and that communications had been restored. If he hadn’t already guessed when his communicator beeped with a signal. I punched up his contact ID and started speaking on our secure team channel.

“Neo, you will be happy to know that we are in full working order, and will be arriving in New Lillycove in a matter of hours. The city will dock at the port, to allow for loading and unloading of vehicles and personnel. Hope you get this message.”

11-14-2006, 12:01 PM
Ultima City
‘Swellow’s Tail’ Hotel
Recreational Area [Half-Destroyed]

“Dude, do you have any idea what would have happened if you were anybody but who you are? I’d have shot you with my semi-automatic. This is not a good way to wake somebody up. Please don’t do it again,” commented Bron as he got into a more comfortable position. Lucifer gave a sheepish grin. I’d have a bullet into my hand then, he thought mentally, but decided it was best not to let it out.

“Anyway, the reason I called you is that you should do your job. Go find Tiana. She’s in the old Radio Station. You can’t miss it, since there’s a big radio antenna next to it,” the head of DARK said, and then looked the mercenary over. “And for god’s sake man, put a shirt on. You’re not on the beach,” he added in an annoyed tone. The man in question shrugged before turning and heading off towards the Radio Tower while Bron went about on his own duties.

“I told you should’ve put on that shirt,” muttered Lucied under his breath. The red-haired mercenary merely gave a huge sigh as he took out his trench coat and passed it to Javas, who held it as Lucifer donned back his black shirt, the connectors now somewhat felling better compared to just now. As soon as he wore his shirt and tucked it well, the man grabbed back his blood-red trench coat and wore it on, the collars turned upwards to hide the lower portion of his face. The coat’s tail flapped as the man entered the desolate Radio Tower, the dust there causing him to sneeze quite comically.

“This –sniff- is not –ACHOO!- fun,” the boy muttered in gruttal tones under his breath as he walked in the dark, musty blackness of the corridor. Wiping the mucus off his nose with the sleeve of the coat, Lucifer followed the clean footprints made in the dust, leading him to the transmission room, where his charge –Tiana- had just hooked off from the intercom. That definitely surprised Lucifer. Walking up to the headlady, the boy poked her on his shoulder and she spun towards him.

“Heya, Madame Tiana,” he greeted, “and eh… what’s up? You look like you got something on your mind,” he added, after seeing the slightly worried expression on the headlady’s face. Something was going on. Lucifer could feel it.


11-14-2006, 03:38 PM
South Hoenn Sea
Ultima City
Radio tower ~ HQ
Tiana Morenza

It was very quiet after I hung up with Dentelle and it felt good to be undisturbed by any outside feelings for once, especially because of the turmoil within my own mind. I was wondering if I had made the right decisions with Dentelle. I did not know her personally so I really couldn't tell.

It wasn't long after I had finished the rather long call that Lucifer came in his dramatic all black outfit with that blood red overcoat of his. He also sneezed upon first entry into the old radio tower. I could feel his annoyance and I sympathized. Lucifer managed to surprize me by walking pretty quietly for all that he always wore those heavy black boots on his feet. When he came up behind me and poked my shoulder I jumped a bit and spun around to face him.

My facial expression must have told him that something was up because he said, "Heya, Madame Tiana, eh what's up? You look like you got something on your mind."

"Lucifer isn't there always something on my mind?" I asked a bit jokingly. "But, no, you are right, something very big is up and I just hope that I didn't make the wrong decisions."

At this point I was interrupted by my communicator beeping at me. At first I was a bit alarmed for it had never done that before. I had only been in Ultima for a short time despite my high status and though I knew what would happen when communications finally got up and working, the communicator had never been in my service before. I grabbed it out of my front coat pocket where I always kept it. I looked at it for a minute and not truly knowing how to work the device, although Bron had explained everything to me once I could not really remember what he had told me because I had never used the thing before, I decided to tell Bron about the situation in person and then ask him how to work the communicator.

"Well, Lucifer, it seems that the mechanics have gotten our antenna up and running." Here I smiled at him. Then I got up and took a look around making sure that I hadn't left anything important before leaving the quiet sanctuary that was the abandoned radio tower as I said, "You asked me what was up Lucifer, and I would have you hear exactly what is up, but I do not feel like explaining twice so we will be finding Bron before I say anything."

I assumed that Lucifer had followed me because that was his job, to follow me around. But he was not a secretary or assistant by any means. I could not really ask him to do things for me though often he did them anyway if only because, as of yet, there was no real need for protocol because we were simply in Ultima and in this City I had nothing to fear but fear itself.

I went back to the Hotel where I had left Bron on the balcony. Before going up to the room though I looked to see if anyone was out on the balconies and it was clear that besides two empty beach chairs on one balcony, that the place was once again as deserted as the now obsolete radio tower. I sighed and after thinking about it a moment I went to HQ and asked the secretary at the desk had seen Bron. "Yes m'lady, He rushed in here a little while ago and took the elevator. I wasn't quite paying attention, but I believe that he went to the basement." I knew full well that the girl had been paying full attention to where the elevator went. There was not too much else to pay attention to simply sitting in that lobby answering not-so important calls.

I thanked the young lady and making sure that Lucifer was still with me, I walked to the elevator myself and descended into the basement. The elevator apparently ran smoother when at full power. With Lucifer trailing behind, I easily found the main control room where Bron was as he was eminating joy and excitement. As we had only been here together once before, to check the status of the man-made Island that was our home, my worry about the situation in Johto subsided in my curiosity about what it was Bron was doing. I came to stand behind Bron and asked, smiling because of his high spirits, "Bron what are we doing down here?"

Charizard Michelle
11-14-2006, 04:10 PM
Goldenrod Underground: Delta Green Storage

Micheal was growing bored with being in the underground. He was happy about what they were able to find. The planes and the material but was wondering what was going on above ground. After living underground for most of his life this isn't exactly thrilling to him. He looked around and asked, "Is there anyway to send a message to the outside?"

Dells looked around and said, "Of coarse there is. You just have to use the set your PokeGear to Communication Radio and se the frecncy to a certain person's."

Micheal shrugged as he messed with his PokeGear. He then set it to Amy's lab and said, "Hey. One. Two. Anybody there?"

After some static there was a response. "Amy here. Is that you Micheal? Enjoying the Miltanks?"

Micheal grin and said, "NOt really. I left there a while ago and now on another mission. By the way. Your bomb thing works wonders. Just make sure to place a remote reciever in it."

"Well can't do. It won't be as" said Amy.

"Powerful." finish Micheal. "Still how is Adie doing?"

Amy smiled and said, "She is doing fine. Just sleeping. Not much she can do right now. I currently working on some sort of project. I am looking at some shell designs. I suppose to make some sort of gas bomb that a Dr. Lurzwig is developing. Some chemical what ever who just intrested in reproducing the pokemon population. Apprently I have been picked to make the device for to contain it. So much fun."

Micheal shurged and said, "And you want me to test it out when I get there?"

"Depends. Dr. Lurzwig is just begining to work on the gas. She is looking at something similar to the old TM process of developing stem cells and all that biology stuff. I just making the casing but it going to be a while."

Micheal then nodded and said, "Well that is fine. What else is going on?" He then looked around and saw that mostly everybody was taking what could be taken."

AMy hummed and said, "Some sort of peace conference. Apperently somebody from Aqua has gone and hi jack an Aqua ship or something and place bombs on it. The person want to talk to Delta Green and other teams to make a deal on who gets the remote. I haven't been paying much attention to it but it the buzz all over town apprently."

Micheal nodded. He wasn't sure if he wanted to get involve. This could be a bit bad for him. Depends if the upper heads wanted him involve then he will.

"Hurry up with the call Micheal." said Dells. "We are about to leave. Another group will be back to pick up the rest."

Micheal nodded and said, "Got to leave now. Make sure to have some bombs ready will you? Just some small ones. I running low on them."

"Have them already made for you. I just send them to Goldenrod for you." said Amy.

Micheal nodded and said, "Thanks. Say hi for Adie for me." HE then ended the transmission and left with the group.

Neo Emolga
11-14-2006, 05:35 PM
New Lilycove, Hoenn

I had gotten the contact from Bron that communications were back up and could be used again. At least I could then start putting these radios to work and attach them to the same frequency. However, there were plenty of other protocols that needed to be done.

An abandoned military depot, called the Vierra Military Storage Facility, had been found and was in relatively good shape. They had built this place to withstand enemy attack, and it did just that, doing well against the destructive force of nuclear weapons. Inside, we had found a payload of military weapons, as well as vehicles that had survived the nuclear onslaught. And as we all knew, military vehicles like these were hard to find. But we had managed to find where the plans were to create more of them.

Inside were four Razorback 519T Tanks, three Tunguska Anti-Air units, and two NCR Armored Personal Carrier units. It didn’t sound like much but it was a start in the preparing of homeland defense. With most of Hoenn being back online, this would allow us to prepare for defense procedures.

The Marksback Air Force Base wasn’t so lucky. Plenty of their airplane hangers were ravaged by the nuclear strikes. However, a Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense Gunship in relatively okay condition was salvaged among the ruins of similar ships that didn’t survive the blast. For now, we didn’t have plans, so this gunship was being examined to see what could be done to create more. But, what we were looking at was a hovercraft as opposed to modern day firearms. The Vulcan guns required ammunition we simply didn’t have any more, so the best bet was to replace the two guns with Browning M2s. Lastly was the Black Dasher attack jet, which we were only able to recover two of. Again, it too was undergoing disassembly for research and re-creation purposes.

New Lilycove was actually presentable now. The only thing that was really missing was vegetation, but we had everything else to rebuild society with. Also, we were able to manipulate the weather conditions in the greenhouses to ensure quick and fast-paced crop harvesting. We didn’t have anything yet, but it was working with the steady germination of many crops.

For now, we still were using cars and other civilian vehicles for land defense. Building these military vehicles would be at a slow pace as there weren’t many of them at all. Not to mention it was costly to make vehicles that couldn’t directly give back to the restoration effort, but we were doing our best with what we had.

Our iron and steel deposits were doing well and we were able to get a lot out of them. I was pretty sure we would be able to use a lot of it to build more vehicles, but we still needed to finalize restoration plans, and we were coming very close toward completing Phase 1 of restoration. Phase 2 would be more related toward getting the already existing cities more toward what they used to be. Right now, commerce was at an all time low, but Phase 2 would restore that as well.

11-14-2006, 06:55 PM
OOC: Sorry for the hold juggling quite a bit right now.

Anchored outside Olivine~Johto

"Delegate from Shinou, this is Olivine City. I speak for my charge, Spencer, the voice of Johto. If you're from Shinou then that means that you work for Rust Makuta, correct? We have with us someone who you are given orders to kill on site I am sure. I'm not as good with words as Spencer is but I do know how to threaten, and that's what I'm going to do. Delta Green is a peaceful team, and this is going to be a peaceful conference. If we let you in you have to promise to not lay a hand on her, doing so will not only get you kicked out but I'm sure Spencer wouldn't have any problem setting every other person in this conference against you. If you come into Johto waters, you come for peace, and peace only. Over."

I listened carefully to the voice coming through the reciever.

I thought for a moment. "Going back into my fiegned voice I gave my answer: "That will not be a problem, shinou trust you're ability to take care of things. We will be arriving shortly at Olivine. Thank you."

I hung up and walked into the navigating portion of the ship, one of the grunts assinged to me, was busy sterring towards Johto. I spotted Quaff and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Get ready to depart for land, make sure everybody is ready and restrained, I'm not sure we will be the only ones there, and until I know whats happening nothing gets done without my consent."

Quaff nodded in agreement. "It will be done."

About a hour later we stood standing on the dock of Olivine...

Neo Emolga
11-14-2006, 08:00 PM
New Lilycove, Hoenn

Phase One was complete all over Hoenn. Phase Two was important, but it would need time. Under DARK, we had formed the NHR, the New Hoenn Republic. Not to mention, I didn’t want anyone to start stepping in here and start claiming everything we were rebuilding was now their own. There was no way in hell that was happening.

Three of the Razorback 519T Tanks were disassembled so more of them could be created with the right plans on parts. The last one was commissioned on standby to await further orders.

Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense Gunships were going to be difficult to create, but with the right tools and parts, we could do it. Black Dasher Jets were easier, since we had found many of them, while destroyed, were able to be taken apart. After scrapping twenty five of the jets, we managed to rebuild five of them by a means of “Frankensteining” parts of several jets to make one.

The coastline defense was another issue at hand that needed to be addressed. We were building two defense turrets by New Lilycove, since shipbuilding was still exceptionally difficult. However, the metal reserves were increasing, and the possibility of a naval force was becoming greater.

Meanwhile, I needed to see if there was any possibility in reviving the Orange Islands. I wasn’t sure how much of the islands remained but there had to be a few that survived the nuclear onslaught…

11-14-2006, 11:56 PM
OOC: Scott said you guys were on the docks I believe if not I'll edit when I get home.

Docks Of Olivine~Johto

I took around even after all the damage of the war Olivine was still a magnificent place to be, "Look around men," I said, "I don't want anything to happen here got? Now, lets go meet these people. And remember we probably won't be the only people here. Under no circumstances are you to act unless I give the order, if you break that I'll make sure you never get the chance to do it again."

I looked at Quaff, "Keep them in order, refer to me only as delegate of Shinou."

I started away from the docks, "First lets see if we can find them shall we?"

I took a brief look around, "We'll search the docks first." we began go through the docks searching for any sign of people.

Quaff came up behind me. "Are you sure this is wise? The conference I mean it could be a trap."

I looked at him dumbstruck, "Are you joking? Johto is trying to rebuild, in fact I believe the only reason they are holding this meeting is to insure peace, at least around their region."

I shook my head. "At any rate we are more than capable of handling anything that comes around."

An Aqua came running up to me and Quaff, "I think we spotted them!" he breathed.

I stared at him suck in air in an attempt to catch his breath, If this is who they sent me with I'm in trouble. I thought to myself.

"Alright," I said getting everybody back to me, "remember what I said, just the same though," I took a glance at Quaff, "be on the lookout for anything amiss."

We made our way to where the Aqua had said he had seen them, sure enough ahead of us standing near the docks was a group of people. I wasn't sure if intros were taking place or if that phase was over, but nevertheless it was time for Aqua's appearance.

I approached them slowly trying to appear like I was in no hurry, if I was going to be delegate I would have to act like it.

I took a brief count of the people there, A young girl probably younger than she should have been, as well as a couple of men I assumed were part of Rocket, and Lears...I quickly averted my eyes to the other man there, I gathered he was the Spencer I had heard about.

I came up to the man I thought was mostly likely Spencer. "Spencer?" I gave a short bow before shaking his hand, allow me to introduce myself. I'm delegate jawa from Shinou. And these I said pointing back at my men, are my bodyguards, Though I have little doubt that I will not need them here. On behalf of shinou I thank you for letting us join this important peace conference.

I took a step back and surveyed the people around me for a minute...

11-15-2006, 01:42 AM
Ha Ha, You Fell For IT!

I laughed continously. This might've seemed rude, so I stopped immediately. I walked after the man they called Spencer and put my hand onto his shoulder trying to turn him around. I laughed a little bit more and thought to myself, I'm so immature.

"I can't believe you fell for that! I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm a peace loving friendly guy. I'm sorry that I might've upset you and made you look bad. I have no trouble giving up my gun or anything else." I opened up my trench coat and pulled out a small boxcutter.

"Next time look a bit harder before you go letting someone in. I suppose I give this weapon to the man you call Gabriel?" I walked over to the man and handed him the boxcutter.

"Sorry about acting like a selfish fool. Take this please." I handed him the boxcutter and walked back over the man called Spencer. I kept my head up and a smile on my face and hoped that he would be a good sport and accept my apologies.

"I'm really sorry I acted out, but it was just a joke. I'm hear to discuss peace and try to get something establish. Maybe make a new friend or two?" I raised an eyebrow suggesting that I was really a good guy.

OOC: Sorry, couldn't think of anything else to put into there.

Dr Scott
11-15-2006, 02:53 AM
OOC: Keep in mind, Red, that Gabriel was watching you, so he probably wouldn’t have let you get close enough to him to grab him and turn him around, seeing that he didn’t trust you much :-P

What a headache …

Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle quietly when he was turned around by the Rocket grunt, because the member didn’t seem to notice that Gabriel had pulled out a large bowie knife and had it directed at the member’s back. When he saw that the Rocket didn’t mean harm, however, he quickly placed it back at its hiding spot, coughing a bit.

The Rocket was oblivious to all this, and was laughing, stopping himself after a while. “I can’t believe you fell for that! I’m not here to cause trouble, I’m a peace loving friendly guy. I’m sorry that I might’ve upset you and made you look bad. I have no trouble giving up my gun or anything else.” He then brought out a box cutter, “Next time look a bit harder before you go letting someone in. I suppose I give this weapon to the man you call Gabriel?”

Without waiting for an answer he handed the small knife to Gabriel, “Sorry about acting like a selfish fool. Take this please.” He smiled before continuing, “I’m sorry I acted out, but it was just a joke. I’m here to discuss peace and try to get something establish. Maybe make a friend or two?” he raised his eyebrows in a strange manner.

Spencer blinked a few times, surprised at the abrupt change. ‘Man,’ Spencer thought to himself, ‘I must have really scared the poor little guy …’

Outside, however, Spencer grinned shyly, “I’d advice you not to kid like that again, you might end up in more trouble then just a stern yelling to … I’m sure that Sent is looking for you now though, so you’d better go find him …”

With that Spencer turned back to the girls, but once again they didn’t have the chance to say anything as another person walked straight to me, “Spencer?” he asked.

‘Does everyone know me!?’ Spencer wondered, biting his lip just a bit.

Spencer shook the man’s hand, and then he went on, “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m delegate Jawa from Shinou. And these,” he pointed at his men, “are my bodyguards, though I have little doubt that I will not need them here. On behalf of Shinou I thank you for letting us join this important peace conference,” he finally finished.

Spencer smiled at the Aqua member, “It’s good to see you too Mr. Jawa. Now we’re finally all here …” Spencer pointed at one of the Delta Green members that stood, waiting for the Aqua delegation, “He’ll bring you to where the peace conference is being held, when you’re ready. I’m not sure when we’ll get started, though, you’ll have plenty of time to get ready. I’ll remind you though, sir, not to try to lay a hand on Mrs. Lear while you’re in Johto territory, I can assure you you don’t want to find out what would happen …” his eyes shown for a bit with that same strange brightness, but quickly went back to a calm and peaceful color …

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-15-2006, 05:11 AM
OOC : I'll stay away from DU :wink:

Battle Tower,
Olvine City

I left the control room. It was time to deal with the hijack threat. It was more important than playing hostess...

"It's bizarre..." I muttered, as I began to go down. "What does Aqua want with us?"

I remembered that one of the generals had defected from Team Aqua. Maybe they wanted her back.

I swore. Too bad the others weren't here...

I reached the bottom. The camp was in full alert. I smiled satisfied. For once, things were better. All thanks to my training.

"I choose you, Skarmory!" I yelled, throwing out my pokeball.

"Skyaa!" it screeched, as soon as it came out.

"Skarmory, take me to the airport, ASAP!" I ordered, after climbing on its back.

Olvine City International Airport,

I smiled as Johto's new international airport came into view. Delta Green had asked the government to build an airport at Olvine City. It was modern, with a heli-pad, and a military base next to it. There were five runways, two used by the civilian aircraft, and the other three used by the military aircraft.

Of course, the military runways, and the hangars were out of bounds for common civilians, but one of the runways was occasionally used, after permission, during peak hour traffic. Otherwise, if any civilian aircraft used military runways, they would be escorted by two fighter planes. Also, during raids, and emergencies, only one runway would be allotted for civilians, and the other four runways would be blocked.

I alighted near the airport. There were a lot of mediapersonnel and people, crowding around the entrance and creating a ruckus.

"Why doesn't Delta Green do something? They're citizens of Johto!"

The crowd roared in approval. They seemed to be yelling something. I decided to put my foot down.

"Enough is enough. No need to fear, I am from Delta Green. Those citizens will be returned safely. Delta Green always will care for Johto, always!" I interrupted the man.

I returned my Skarmory to its pokeball. As I approached the gate, the crowd became silent. They recognized me as the 2IC of Delta Green. They moved aside to let me pass, and I walked calmly inside, after showing my identity card to the security men my Identity Card.

Harry, here I come...

Charizard Michelle
11-15-2006, 12:11 PM
Goldenrod City

MIcheal was now out of the Underground and was once again above ground. Char was walking next to him. The team that MIcheal was with was taking a small break before they go back down there. JUst now Micheal had passed the old Goldenrod Gym which was now the Goldenrod Town Hall.

The project that AMy and the other doctor was still under research. One thing was needed and that was something close to the old Attract TM. It was uncertain if there was any left.

Micheal was heading for the Radio Tower. He was now in front of it and was looking at the old Radio Tower. After resurfacing Delta Green were able to use the old gadgetry to make it into a communication tower to help make comunitcation by radio and PokeGear much easier. It was there that Micheal was going to pick up the bombs that Amy wsa going to send and meet his team. THey were going to look at the Underground close in th Radio Tower.

Micheal have learn from what he read that the Underground of GOldenrod was small but prior to the bombing the country of Johto and Goldenrod began to expand the Underground to basically cover the GOldenrod area but underground. It was a vast of tunnels and other rooms. From what they just found out Delta Green made a few stroage places where they store items and left it impossible for anybody to get to. Still just a big bomb was needed which MIcheal hope to have soon. He was now in front of the Radio Tower.

11-15-2006, 03:32 PM
Ultima City
Radio Tower
Communications Room

"Lucifer isn't there always something on my mind?" she replied jokingly. "But, no, you are right, something very big is up and I just hope that I didn't make the wrong decisions."

“Really,” I muttered, but before she could continue, her communicator beeped. I looked I surprise at the flashing thing. It seems that the chaps in headquarters managed to get that darn antenna finally up and running. The headlady grabbed the communicator from her front coat pocket for a full minute before I realized that she had no clue whatsoever on how to operate it in the first place. I could have taught her then but with a small sigh, she kept back the item before turning back to me.

"Well, Lucifer, it seems that the mechanics have gotten our antenna up and running," she said, giving me one of her usual smiles before glancing around to see if she had left anything behind. Satisfied, the headlady left the room and out of that must place as she responded to my previous question. “You asked me what was up Lucifer, and I would have you hear exactly what is up, but I do not feel like explaining twice so we will be finding Bron before I say anything."

I made a small sound of acknowledgement as she neared the hotel. Lucied seemed to understand what was going on in my mind as he asked, “You think something’s wrong?”

“I dunno, actually… I just feel… something.” I replied with a shrug.

“Anything to do with your arm?” inquired Javas from my shoulder.

“Don’t think so,” I answered as the headlady searched around for the Bossman.

“Heh. Well, tell me if you do.”

Having no luck with her findings, the headlady sighed and after thinking about it a moment, went to Headquarters and asked the secretary at the desk if she had seen Boss. "Yes milady; he rushed in here a little while ago and took the elevator. I wasn't quite paying attention, but I believe that he went to the basement." Madame than thanked the young lady and making sure that I was still with her (Man, doesn’t she trust me?), she walked to the elevator and descended into the basement. I trailed behind her as she found the Boss in the control room. She stood behind him and asked with that smile once more, "Bron what are we doing down here?"


11-15-2006, 08:44 PM
OOC: Sorry, I'm too lazy to copy and paste all the conversations, so I'll just keep quiet during all the before mentioned talks.

Olivine City,

As I thought that I had met everyone attending the conference, I was pleasantly surprised by the Rocketeers. It seemed that they had gotten wind of this arrangement and decided to party crash. Oh well, at least it'll be a vivid one.

Thinking about what could be the worst thing that could happen, hell decided to play a little trick on me. A familiar face showed up. It was Jawa, someone I had met during my years on Aqua. Immunity is something wonderful; too bad Aqua doesn't know it.

"Ah, I see my old comrades have showed up. I wasn't expecting you to get here so soon. Was it a lucky guess, or something else?" I asked Jawa, giving him a innocent look.

Spencer seemed to be unhappy with my subtle verbal attacks, so I shut up about them.

"Well, we'll be off to the meeting place. I'd appreciate it, if you could arrange for the Aqua delegation to be separated from us in a different room during the initial talks." Lt. Bullshot and I turned around, giving the crowd a last wave and look, and went with a couple of green shirted Delta Green members to the meeting spot.

"Ma'am," a voice said in the back of my ear. It came out the transmitter I wore in my hairpin. "Activity of the Delta Green forces have increased. They're firing warning shots at us. Your orders?"

"Stay relaxed and don't do anything provoking. I'll handle this from here. Any other news?"

"I've caught wind of an Aqua plane hijack. They want something it seems. Aqua base doesn't say anything about it."

"Okay, remember, don't do anything suspicious. I'll solve things here."

I entered the meeting place with the escort lot.


11-15-2006, 09:32 PM

Dentelle stared at the knife Gabriel had pulled out from nowhere and pointed at the Rocket's back. He was oblivious to this, though. The little girl stiffled a snicker, disregarding the fact that there could've been a time when she had a knife pointed at her from behind. She turned her head sharply to make sure, just in case. Flushed, she turned back to realise she may have just looked extremely distrustful or paranoid. Hopefully, no one saw that...

The Rocket became much more peaceful, giving yet another concealed weapon, to Gabriel, who had by now put his own weapon away.

"I'm really sorry I acted out, but it was just a joke. I'm hear to discuss peace and try to get something establish. Maybe make a new friend or two?" Dentelle examined him thoroughly. His raised eyebrow suggested that he was really trying to get along. He even aded that he wanted to make friends. The petite brunette, as well, wanted to leave knowing that she had made a friend. In fact, she almost didn't want to leave...

When Spencer turned towards her and the rest of the silent crew, he was greeted by yet another person. How many people were coming...?

Spencer shook the hand of the man that had just arrived. He must've been very popular. Perhaps this was the reason the meeting was held here?

“Allow me to introduce myself, I’m delegate Jawa from Shinou. And these,” he pointed at some of his guys, “are my bodyguards, though I have little doubt that I will not need them here. On behalf of Shinou I thank you for letting us join this important peace conference,” he ended. This guy was okay, no need to worry right now. Not that she'd drop her guard or anything...

Afterwards Arlene tossed in some words of her own, saying how she didn't really want near the Aqua. After that she walked off with Bullshot, waving to us. Huh? So Dentelle had to raise her guards about the Aqua, too?!

Dentelle then realised that she hadn't said at thing since Arlene arrived. She wasn't representing DARK as well as she could be, that's for sure. If she spoke, then she appaeared too formal. And if she took to speaking casually, she'd look like a child. And not saying anything at all made her look anitsocial. So she spoke up the best she could.

"It's really nice to meet you two. My name's Dentelle Callaway and I proudly represent DARK," she directed towards the Rocket and the newly arrived Jawa.

Nice! For one, she said 'really' instead of 'quite', sucessfully sounding casual. She still sounded polite, too. And throwing in that 'proudly' HAD to score her some rep points. It's not like she wasn't, anyway.

I'd probably get deducted for cheesiness, though...

Dr Scott
11-16-2006, 03:05 AM
*Cries* No more people!

Spencer couldn’t help but sigh, he was beginning to get a little overwhelmed with everyone going up to him, seeming to know who he was. He quickly composed himself, turning to the group and smiling largely, only Gabriel able to see through the carefully layered fascade.

Captain Lear finally spoke up again when the Aqua member showed up, “Ah, I see my old comrades have showed up,” she said, “I wasn’t expecting you to get here so soon. Was it a lucky guess, or something else?” Of course, she was talking to Jawa, but Spencer and the rest could easily hear.

She then turned to Spencer and said, “Well, we’ll be off to the meeting place. I’d appreciate it, if you could arrange for the Aqua delegation to be separated from us in a different room during the initial talks.” And with that she waved once before leaving with the Delta Green members he had arranged to take her to the old gym.

Spencer turned to Jawa, smiling in an apologizing manner, “I’m sorry sir, but according to Mrs. Lears requests, we’re going to have to ask you to wait until the initial talks are over before you join in with the rest of the group. I hope you don’t mind …”

Spencer didn’t have to worry about continuing the conversation after that, because Dentelle took the opportunity to add to the conversation, “It’s really nice to meet you two. My name’s Dentelle Callaway and I proudly represent DARK.”

Spencer couldn’t help but grin at the girl, who almost shone with what Spencer guessed might be pride for choosing the correct words. ‘So, I guess she’s not really a politician, she seems rather new to the whole choosing your words carefully and doing your best to make everyone happy, and stating your opinion without angering people. Which means that before she was just being … nice, which is always nice to see. The others … well, I’m not sure about the Aqua, though he seems like a fighter like Lear. The Rocket seems like a normal grunt, with a few surprises. Sent is the only other one who might be a politician as well …’

He shook his head, dispersing his thoughts, and looking around at the others to see what would happen next…

11-16-2006, 09:50 PM
Docks of Olivine~Johto

"Ah, I see my old comrades have showed up. I wasn't expecting you to get here so soon. Was it a lucky guess, or something else?"

Lears asked me.

At a look from Spencer, Lears quited down.

"Well, we'll be off to the meeting place. I'd appreciate it, if you could arrange for the Aqua delegation to be separated from us in a different room during the initial talks."

With this last request Lears left followed by a few Delta's flanking him.

Spencer turned to me, smiling in an apologizing manner, “I’m sorry sir, but according to Mrs. Lears requests, we’re going to have to ask you to wait until the initial talks are over before you join in with the rest of the group. I hope you don’t mind …”

At about the same time the girl broke in on the conversation.

“It’s really nice to meet you two. My name’s Dentelle Callaway and I proudly represent DARK.”

She motioned in my direction along with the Rocket.

She was obviously new to the delegate thing even more so than me.

I turned to Spencer. "Of course we will honor Lears request. Aqua will stay docked here until the proper time comes."

I took a short bow and left back towards the ship. "Quaff."

"Yes sir?" He replied.

"Get everybody on board and ready for a short meeting, also sweep the ship for any bugs of any sort, if you find any leave them."

"Sir." he said walking behind me.

So Lears is here, this will be a bit more interesting than I guessed it would be. I thought to myself.

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-16-2006, 11:45 PM
Olvine City International Airport,

Runway 03

Toying around with hijackers...

"What the hell do you mean?" Harry demanded. "She's one of the top brass at Delta Green."

We were talking to three men clothed in black, wearing ski-masks. They were standing in front of the helicopter, with their automatics in had, for an emergency.

"That's exactly why we want her to come with us," one of the men replied. "She should come with us, and we'll release the hostages, or else..."

"It's okay, Harry," I told him, and turned to the hijackers. "I'll come with you, provided you release the hostages now."

One of the hijackers went inside a helicopter, pulled out three people who seemed terrified, and herded them over like sheep to us. Harry growled, but I watched them dispassionately.

"Satisfied?" the men asked. "Will you come with us?"

"Fine," I muttered. "But if you play any games of any sort, you are going to be killed in vengeance, got it?"

One of the men laughed. He seemed to be the leader of the mission. "Don't you worry, we'll take good care of your 'Lady in distress.'"

"Shut up," I snapped, but the man didn't stop. "Search her!" he ordered the other two men. After a quick search revealed no weapons, they ordered me to get in the helicopter.

"I'll be back, Harry," I called out. "Just go!"

I was blindfolded. I knew what they were doing. They wanted to take no chances...

One of the men brushed past me, and I heard a voice asking, "Now to renzez-vous, boss?"

"Yeah," he muttered. "On the double."

I felt the copter shake, and I presently began to hear the semi-deafening voice of a heli-copter's engine. It began to lift off.

What did these goons want with me?

Sent Reglay
11-17-2006, 12:21 AM
Olivine Gym
A Storm is Brewing...

I sat down in a chair around the round table. How very Arthurian of them. For all their talk of equality and equal terms, I saw the chair tht Spencer would most likely sit in. The hcair was large and heavily padded, and this made me aware of my chair. What I sat on could hardly be considered a chair, it was more worthy of the title "Driftwood".

How could I dare complain? I looked around the room, and saw all my men sitting on the floor, save one who was hovering over my shoulder his eyes scanning the room for possible weapons and cover. His eyes rested on a large piece of metal pipe. Impromptu indeed. The man, Kain, walked towards the pipe, picked it up, and walked back to his post. He dropped it to the ground with a clang, and proceeded to cover it in rubble.

Lt. Culmington walked to my side, and whispered in my ear, "Lear is coming in. Act natural, and try to make small-talk. If you can find a nice-side, this meeting will go much better"

Culmington sat back down. Some times he took his positon of political advisor to seriously. Even more often, he acted as if I didn't know politics. By most laws, I could have him shot for insubordination, but as had been proved many times berfore, he knew what he was talking about. I smiled as I saw my lab assistant Hari Seldon mixing a small vile of acid. He was like me at that age in every way, except the solitude.

I sat patiently waiting for the meeting to begin, and smiled as Lear walked in, not because I saw her, but because I heard the sizzling of the acid behind me.

Charizard Michelle
11-17-2006, 05:39 AM
GOldenrod City: Radio TOwer

Micheal was in the Radio Tower. It was tall building that basically was used to send information and entertainment to the people of Johto. SInce TVs were few in the world and radios is much easier to use radio has made a comeback. Micheal has read the a device called a TV was very popular before the war but once the bombing then it basically became useless. It was much easier and useful to use the radio to send information then by camera.

Micheal was relaxing in the lounge area of the Radio Tower. He was waiting for his bombs to arrive. Apperently transportation of goods like bombs were limited because of the peace confrence. Micheal knew he should have told AMy to send it by natu mail which is just teleporting. The group that Micheal was with went ahead into the tunnel Underground of the Radio Tower.

11-19-2006, 08:38 AM
Ultima City, HQ Building B1, Control Room

“Bron what are we doing down here?" asked Tiana from behind me, unusually chipper and smiling at me.

I wondered if it was because I was so happy that the city was repaired, but decided to ignore it, and took it as general support happiness. I got up and pulled a pointer from a drawer in the desk. Then I extended the stick to full size, and decided to explain the map.

I pointed to the little icon of the city, as it slowly moved toward New Lillycove in real time, and said, “This is Ultima city, and it’s currently en route to rendezvous with Neo at New Lillycove Harbor.” And then I pointed to the dotted line along which the city was moving. “This is the course I’ve plotted, which will take s near Sootopolis City, and in a diagonal and slightly curved path to New Lillycove.” The last time, I pointed to the blinking location, which was New Lillycove, and said, "We should be arriving in New Lillycove in a few hours. This blinking dot is New Lillycove.”

I sat back down and pout the pointer way in the drawer again. I then invited Tiana to a seat nearby saying, “Have a seat. You can study the course projection. This keyboard is identical to mine.” And then I turned to Lucifer, saying, “You can have a seat on the couch nearby.”

I typed a short command on the keyboard, and the room lights came on, revealing that it had couches and an entertainment system on one side. The thing was dusty as heck, however, and hadn’t been used ever since it was installed. Shortly after it was installed, the room was closed down, because a state of emergency was declared, and the plated had to be lowered, when the nuclear war began. Most of he broadcast stations were destroyed and I doubted any of the channels had a signal, anyway.

“So guys, anything to report from the Radio Room, before it got shot down again?” I asked them both.

Afterwards, I punched up a first person shooter game from long ago, and started a new game, hoping to pass a few hours while we traveled.

11-19-2006, 10:02 AM
OOC: I'll just be teleporting Scott and RoD to the meeting. We need to get this stuff going again.

Meeting hall, Gym

"Ok, shall we get started?" I said, glancing at Lt. Bullshot next me. "I have no need to introduce myself again, and you don't have to either. However, before I continue speaking, I need to know three things."

The room looked at me as if I was being way too nosy.

"On my way down here, I've had the pleasure of talking to one of your men, Spencer. She, going by the number 2IC of Delta Green, had imposed some rules on me. Now, I don't know what you were going at, since you promised me safe passage, so I took the liberty of self-protection. If my ship is in any danger from now on, I'll blow up your port, a couple of your ships, and this whole gym."

"Don't even think of trying to kill me. We both have a remote, and a kill-switch. I'm not planning to use it, unless otherwise needed." I put the bag on the table. "My next issue lies with the DARK representative. I want to know for certain if I can talk to you as if I was talking to the head of DARK himself. Do you have any kind of legal documents with you?"

The girl began to act.

"Ok. As for my final problem. I've got two packages, and I see three factions around this table. I mean, c'mon, who the hell invited you Rocketeers? Since it has come to this, I think we'll be needing some sort of auction method. I've got two detonators to two different bombs placed in the Deathwing's fuel tank, and I'm a fugitive needing of shelter. So, I'd say, start the bidding. The most interesting offers get a detonator, while the other can go home empty handed. All in all, you will only gain from this, since you can bring damage to Aqua without being suspected, or use it as a means of threat."

I looked around the room as the bidding started.


Sent Reglay
11-19-2006, 01:51 PM
Olivine Gym
Not-So-Silent Auction

For the first part of Lear's speech, I wasn't paying attention, but somethign got my attention,"...Two different bombs placed in the Deathwing's fuel tank, and I'm a fugitive needing of shelter. So, I'd say, start the bidding. The most interesting offers get a detonator, while the other can go home empty handed. All in all, you will only gain from this, since you can bring damage to Aqua without being suspected, or use it as a means of threat."

Bombs on the Deathwing? That would be a good use of resources.

"Ms. Lear, I will bid protection for you and your entire crew in Rocket waters." I said just starting a proposal of my idea.

"As you probably already know, Rocket's energy net is the best defense in the world at the moment, and this net not only covers our lands, but a good amount of sea aswell" I pulled a map out of my pocket.

"See the green? Thats the area protected by the energy net. Its quite obvious, that a large section of sea exists underneath the net." I now began my proposition.

"I will give your ship, and its entire crew safe passage into kanto waters on two condtions. One, while in our territory, you are not given any special privileges, outside of those awarded to normal civillians. Two, you and your crew stay away from our defense stations. Strictly for security reasons. The perks of our offer, include safe sanctuary and protection from Aqua, and food to be brought aboard daily, along with anything else you need for survival, including fuel and metal." I reclined in my seat, waiting to see if my offer was good enough.

11-19-2006, 05:17 PM
OOC: Thanks, DU. I didn't know exactly where to continue from previously.

Olivine Gym

Arlene placed a bag on the table and looked over at the little brunette.

Could that be...?

"My next issue lies with the DARK representative. I want to know for certain if I can talk to you as if I was talking to the head of DARK himself. Do you have any kind of legal documents with you?" Lear queried, startling Dentelle from her thoughts.

L-Legal documents...? Like, my Birth Certificate, a Marriage Certificate... Documents like those?

Slightly nervous on the inside, she remained cool and collected on the outside.

"I'm most certain you can." she looked over the table to Lear, locking eyes with the woman. Dentelle had to pull herself together and look honorable and confident. "I am afraid to say I brought no documents with me, though. To be honest, this meeting came from out of nowhere. I'm very unprepared right now. I wish I knew earlier..." She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding with the last sentence. The petite representative awaited Lear's response.

The ex-Captain made started back up not too long after. "Ok. As for my final problem. I've got two packages, and I see three factions around this table. I mean, c'mon, who the hell invited you Rocketeers?" Dentelle remained silent, turning her head enough to see Sent Reglay in the corner of her eye.

Wait, the Rockets weren't even invited? How like them.

"Since it has come to this, I think we'll be needing some sort of auction method. I've got two detonators to two different bombs placed in the Deathwing's fuel tank, and I'm a fugitive needing of shelter. So, I'd say, start the bidding. The most interesting offers get a detonator, while the other can go home empty handed. All in all, you will only gain from this, since you can bring damage to Aqua without being suspected, or use it as a means of threat." Lear looked around the room expectantly.

Two detonators?

"Ms. Lear," Sent Reglay said. "I will bid protection for you and your entire crew in Rocket waters." Dentelle looked over at him, absorbing his words as if he was directing his offer towards her. "As you probably already know, Rocket's energy net is the best defense in the world at the moment, and this net not only covers our lands, but a good amount of sea aswell" He pulled out a map and explained most of his plan, most of which Dentelle didn't listen to.

After he finished talking, Dentelle abruptly stood from her chair and spoke loud and clear. "Lear, I can offer just about the same thing as that man, but I can guarantee that there will be bolder measures taken to keep you safe." She cleared her throat, peering straight at Arlene.

"That's not all. You see, our Neo has just recovered a generator from New Mauville. We're also offering you a fresh start, a new life, as we are beignning to see a clearer future. And with the use of those babies..." Dentelle swayed her hand towards the bag that rested on the table. "You will be promised safety from Aqua."

That was all Dentelle could come up with on the top of her head. The girl was willing to offer more, of course. She didn't know if Lear already knew that Neo had found a generator or not, but Dentelle was wlling to take responsibility for her acts. They'd be proud of her for getting a detonator to Deathwing, right?

11-19-2006, 10:30 PM
South Hoenn Sea
Utlima City
Tiana Morenza

Before Bron answered my question he looked at me and I felt a small snag of uncertainty, but because I didn’t know what it was about I decided to not worry about it. He then went on to indicate that the Island that supported Ultima was moving to dock with Lillycove and this surprised me because it didn’t feel as though the island were moving at all. I had known that the island was man-made and that when the generator was fixed we could move it, but I had expected for it to make more announced movement.

Once he had finished his explanation, Bron invited me to sit at a computer screen identical to his and study the map if I wished. He also allowed Lucifer to sit on a “couch” of sorts nearby. I say “couch” because it was more of a padded bench with a padded back than one of your conventional couches with pillows you could fall into. Then he asked, “So guys, anything to report from the Radio Room, before it got shut down again?” He then brought up some ancient looking game on his computer screen.

His question brought my mind back to the conversation I had had with Dentelle and the question that Lucifer had asked me about what was going on. “Yes Bron, there was one radio call and it was by one of our own Warrant Officers by the name of Dentelle Calloway." I started, but he was paying more attention to the game than he was to me. "Bron, please, pay attention, it seems we have a situation on our hands in Johto.” I could tell he was gonna want to know what kind of a situation, because worry spilled off of him at the notion of a sticky situation and so I quickly went on to explain what I meant. “Let, me explain what I mean. She reported to me that she was the one who had received that first mystery transmission. It was from one Arlene Lear, who is supposedly an Ex-captain of the nefarious team Aqua. Oddly enough it seems that this ex-captain has defected from her team and has planted a bomb in the Aqua main HQ ship, and it appears to me that she is going to sell the remote to this bomb to the highest bidder.”

I had to take a long breath here because I had been talking fairly quickly. Also it was obvious to me that Bron didn’t see the situation yet because I could feel a bit of incredulity and confusion radiating from him. As I was focused on Bron I was not paying attention to how Lucifer was taking all of this, and so although I felt his feelings, they were a minor blip on my “feeling radar”. When I had my breath, I continued “The situation is that Calloway panicked and decided to take things into her own hands instead of reporting. So, she is now in Johto at the so called peace conference called by this Lear person. Let me tell you what I told her before you jump in Bron. I had to think on my feet as you can guess, and the result of my quick thinking is that she will be staying there as our ambassador for the time being.”

I felt a bit disbelief and more incredulity coming from Bron so I explained further, “Bron, consider it, she is already there and we cannot recall her without wasting valuable resources. Despite the fact that she seems a bit unqualified in the decision making process, I truly believe that we can correct any mistakes she makes at the bargaining table, if she makes any. I also gave her express orders to simply collect information and report to me once this so called conference began. We can get ourselves to Johto once we meet up with Neo and see what resources he has come up with. Not to mention if she manages to make a palatable deal between this Lear person and us, then we will have some kind of leverage against Aqua and possibly some information about them that could be useful, if Lear and her men are cooperative.” This was the extent of my explanation, but there was still one more thing to take care of, “The only thing left for us to do is to get Agent, or I suppose I should say, Ambassador Calloway the proper documentation before she gets into trouble in Johto.”

I could tell he was processing the information, because his feelings were running the gamut and were indistinguishable one from the other. I couldn’t tell if my own feelings, along with Lucifers, weren’t mixing together and making it an even bigger muddle of feelings. I was a bit dizzy from the quantity of emotions and I was quite glad that I was sitting down otherwise I probably would have collapsed, but as it was I was able to create a small barrier of what I call “unfeeling”. Using this kind of “block” against other’s emotions is the only way I know how to lessen the impact of other’s feelings and I have only recently discovered that I could do it. A poker player might compare it to putting on one’s “poker face”.

Dr Scott
11-19-2006, 10:50 PM
OOC: Yeah, sorry for not posting last night / this morning. Counting all that MOTM stuff with Galleon gave me a huge headache, and I might have been a little short and maybe snappy (Honestly I don’t remember XD)

Former Gym, Olivine
Let’s get this party started!

Spencer sat in his chair, leaning back just enough to where it was comfortable and that no one could see him in a stature that was all that great for a politician of his standing. Politician though he was he was still a kid, and tended to act like one from time to time. He had given the large soft chair away (ha ha, Sent!), finding it better if he sat in the same chairs as everyone else, so they were all even.

“Ok, shall we get started?” Ms. Lear said. Spencer found it odd that he, the host, didn’t start the proceedings, but she did call them here. “I have no need to introduce myself again, and you don’t have to either. However, before I continue speaking, I need to know three things.” ‘Right down to the point, she’s definitely not a politician … though she does have a way with words.’

“On my way down here, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to one of your men, Spencer.” This of course got Spencer’s attention, who sat up straighter as the woman’s glance turned to him. Besides him Scott sat calmly, his eyes glaring at the woman who he saw as the biggest threat, facts and escape routes going through his head. “She, going by the number 2IC of Delta Green, had imposed some rules on me. Now, I don’t know what you were going at, since you promised me safe passage, so I took the liberty of self-protection. If my ship is in any danger from now on, I’ll blow up your port, a couple of your ships, and this whole gym.”

Gabriel stopped chewing on the donut, one of many that had been offered around, and glanced at Spencer. Spencer could only shrug back, ‘I had no idea this was going on … and if I did I would have stopped it … Oh well, I knew something like this would happen, those these people usually don’t do it if they still have a chance to get out alive. Though if any harm comes to her, she’s a ‘take everyone with her’ kind of person, I think …’

“Don’t even think of trying to kill me. We both have a remote, and a kill-switch. I’m not planning to use it, unless otherwise needed.” Spencer couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the dramatics, “My next issue lies with the DARK representative,” she said as she put a bag on the table, “I want to know for certain if I can talk to you as if I was talking to the head of DARK himself. Do you have any kind of legal documents with you?”

‘Legal documents?’ Once again Spencer’s eyes rolled just enough to were it was visible if someone was paying attention, ‘Yeah, I’m sure the poor girl just carries them around in her back pocket, waiting for someone to ask to rip them out!’

“I’m most certain you can,” Dentelle replied confidently enough for a woman being stared down by a killed, “I am afraid to say I brought no documents with me, though. To be honest, this meeting came from out of nowhere. I’m very unprepared right now. I wish I knew earlier…”

Ms. Lear took this in stride, to her benefit. She went right on, “Ok. As for my final problem. I’ve got two packages, and I see three factions around this table. I mean, c’mon, who the hell invited you Rocketeers?” That caused a smile to twitch on Spencer’s face, which he got rid of quickly in case a Rocket was looking, “Since it has come to this, I think we’ll be needing some sort of auction method. I’ve got two detonators to two different bombs placed in the Deathwing’s fuel tank, and I’m a fugitive needing of shelter. So, I’d say, start the bidding. The most interesting offers get a detonator, while the other can go home empty handed. All in all, you will only gain from this, since you can bring damage to Aqua without being suspected, or use it as means of threat.”

Sent was the first to pipe up, “Ms. Lear, I will bid protection for you and your entire crew in Rocket waters. As you probably already know, Rocket’s energy net is the best defense in the world at the moment, and this net not only covers our lands, but a good amount of sea as well.” He pulled out a map, as if he was just waiting for this moment, which he probably was.

“See the green?” he continued, “That’s the area protected by the energy net. It’s quite obvious, that a large section of sea exists underneath the net. I will give your ship and its entire crew safe passage into Kanto waters on two conditions. One, while you’re in our territory, you are not given any special privileges, outside of those awarded to normal civilians. Two, you and your crew stay away from our defense stations. Strictly for security reasons. The perks of our offer include safe sanctuary and protection from Aqua and food to be brought aboard daily, along with anything else you need for survivar, including fuel and metal.” And with that he finished, leaning back in his seat.

It was Dentelle’s turn next, and Spencer leaned back, curious as to what the next offer would be. “Lear, I can offer just about the same thing as that man, but I can guarantee that there will be bolder measures taken to keep you safe.” Once again the two women locked eyes, which for some reason humored Spencer more then he wanted to admit. One word, ‘catfight,’ kept playing over and over in his head. “That’s not all,” she continued, scattering his images of the two pulling each other’s hair, “You see, our Neo has just recovered a generator from New Mauville. We’re also offering you a fresh start, a new life, as we are beginning to see a clearer future. And with the use of those babies …” she moved her hand in the direction of the bag, “You will be promised safety from Aqua.”

Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle a bit … ‘It just seems too much like a commercial or something …’ he thought to himself. After a while he realized that she was done, and that Arlene was now looking at him. With a thought of ‘Let’s get this party started,’ Spencer stood up and cleared his throat.

“First off,” he began, “it’s not as much of an everlasting defense as you all might think. Sure, Aqua can be stopped for a bit with this, but that will lead to the finding and disarming of the bombs. Also that will alert them that you have the remotes, and you will then forever be an enemy of Aqua,” Spencer swept his hand, “so using it as a threat isn’t so great. And if you use it, what are you achieving? Sure, you’re crippling rust and Aqua, but think of what the people might think … They’re innocent people and they don’t want another war to be started, the planet was just destroyed by one and they’re frightened. We, as the substantial members of the groups, need to create peace in this new world, not go down a path that will once again destroy it. It’s our duty to keep not only our civilians but the one’s not in our jurisdiction too, it’s our right to keep make sure humanity lives …” His eyes turned fiery as he was filled with a strange kind of high he got when making a speech, “Not only that, but we owe it to our ancestor’s. The one’s who survived underground for 100 years so that we could be here today! We owe it to them to not cause another war! To not bring back the destruction and violence that once plagued our world!”

Spencer was pacing the floor by now, “You all have heard stories of what it was like I’m sure, friends murdering friends, children barely old enough to hold a gun killing other human beings, taking away a mother’s husband, or child! We should not want to go back to those times, to murder innocent people! To take away a mother’s child! We should want to create a great world, a perfect world in which there is no murder, there is no senseless violence!”

After looking around the room with fiery eyes, as if challenging anyone, he sat on his desk unprofessionally, knowing it to be the right touch. His eyes went to Arlene, staring calmly at her, almost as if the outburst before didn’t happen, “I would like to know, Ms. Lear, just why did you leave Aqua? I would like that answered before I put up any offer on Delta Green’s side of the table …”

Lord Celebi
11-19-2006, 11:14 PM
AMS Deathwing - Shinou Seas

"Sir," A grunt scurried into the room, holding a clipboard. He immediately held it at his side and splurted out, "A plane has been hijacked... And the hijackers are claiming to be Aquas."

"I see," I said, setting a pen down, "Just say it wasn't us. The people have no reason not to trust us yet." I paused. I then remembered the diplomatic mission, "How goes the diplomatic mission I assigned Quaff to?"

"So far, nothing. Aqua was barred from initial talks, probably for Arlene's safety or something like that," The grunt replied.

"See to it that someone from the squad finds out what's going on in those talks," I said, "It's not much of a peace talk if we only have half of the side. And we have even more political power if they're plotting against us... Who's there again?"

"DARK, Rocket, and Delta Green, along with Arlene Lear," The grunt replied, reviewing his clipboard with a transcript with a communication with one of Quaff's commandos, "Its in Olivine, sir."

"Have some of Quaff's commandos go into the city disguised as civilians to gather information. This is our first chance to get a peek into Johto. If its nice enough... We can strive to work with Delta Green to eliminate Rocket," I said.

The grunt saluted, and walked away...

11-20-2006, 02:35 AM
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Docked at Olivine~shinou

I paced the the bottom deck of the ship as we waited for for the call to attend the meeting. What I could not figure out is why Lears had asked us to be excluded from the intial talks, from a political standpoint it made no sense, it only made Lears seem that much more guilty.

The more I thought the more convinced i became the Lears was hiding something more than anybody in Aqua thought.

"Quaff!" I yelled up topside.

"Sir?" A reply filtered down.

"Get in contact with the Deathwing, tell them to find out exactly where Lears was before she left."

"Yes sir." Quaff yelled down.

Now that the possible Shinou angle was being taking care of I decided that a closer look into the meeting was in order.

"Quaff!" I yelled up, "i'm leaving for a minute make sure they search all of Shinou and the Deathwing for anything out of place."

I felt my anger rising as i thought of possible things Lears could have done. "I need to go release a few souls I think...."

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 02:37 AM
AMS Deathwing

And now… it was time. The peace conference continued to drag on, not allowing any Aqua delegates in. I couldn’t let this last for much longer. They were plotting something… My gut could just feel it. I got a sick stomach thinking what could happen if they made a joint attack against Aqua. AMETHYST wouldn’t even be enough to save us.

Because of this, Tiantus has taken a break from designing AMETHYST’s crowning achievement, and has successfully hacked an old satellite floating around the Earth. It, apparently, was launched around Late 2003. Since then, technology had advanced, and their security systems had become more and more obsolete. According to the satellite’s history, it ceased broadcasting television programs in 2015, but the company that owned it, OrreCast, wanted to leave it in orbit, in case they ever may want to upgrade it.

They didn’t. Using a satellite uplink from 2030, Tiantus reconfigured it to communicate with this satellite. He then breezed through the security systems with a computer from 2032, and gained control of its propulsion systems. Tiantus then programmed it to crash into Earth.

Not just anywhere. Olivine City Gym, the location of the peace conferences. In a matter of 30 minutes, the gym will be up in flames, all delegates and Arlene Lear annihilated, along with several innocent civilians.

What was better was that it would leave no trace of us. We can easily blame it on the programming in the satellite finally keeling over, and it just happened to crash on Olivine City Gym. Tiantus is going to off the point of impact slightly, so it doesn’t look like that it hit the Gym straight on exact.

“Tiantus wants clearance to crash the satellite,” A grunt entered and asked. He had removed his bandana and died it around his arm. His hair was dripping with sweat, probably remorse for the people we were about to kill.

“Clearance Granted,” I said. The grunt ran away as other grunts furiously typed away at the Navigations Room keyboards. The main screen turned green, and then switched to a camera feed from the satellite.

The camera feed quickly began focusing in on Earth, coming closer and closer every minute…

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 02:51 AM
Olivine Gym
The Be All and End All

Well Dark had just outbid me, and after Spencer's boring speech, I had had enough.

"Excuse me, I need to get something from the helicopter" I walked out of the room, and my body-guards followed.

The docks were near-by, and in a few minutes we had reached the helicopter. I used the radio in the helicopter to contact The Great Wall of Kanto.

"Once I'm over Kanto, launch a few EMPtorbs and Firestormers onto the Meaghan" I boarded the helicopter, and took off towards lands where I wasn't in danger every minute of my life.

It was in safe enviroments, that I could coordinate attacks, and possibly silence the other teams before this ward got out of hand.

We were over the Wall now, and as they IDed me, the assault began. Johto was close enough to use the satellite for trajectory, so we lost only two of the projectiles to the sea. The rest, according to the thermal imaging (which was good enough to sense the balzing inferno of the firestormers) told us most of our weapons had landed squarely on the Meaghan and the other Aqua ship.

I landed on the Wall's small heli-port and boarded a small truck towards vermillion.

In the truck, I got a message from the Indigo Plateau Lab,"Sir, there is a sattellite plummating towards earth"

Figures we weren't the only ones who new how to hack sattelites,"Can you crack its signal?"

"Yes sir"

"See if you can see what the source is, thats objctive one" I switched channels,"Communications bunker? Could you warn Delta Green about the sattellite?"

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 02:53 AM
OOC: Damn, you've saved yourself, Sent...
AMS Deathwing

The satellite camera began zooming in closer and closer. Moments ago, I saw the joint continent of Kanhto (Johto and Kanto). Now, I can only see the southern part of Johto, and even that is starting to get smaller. The camera continues to zoom in on a the southwest part of Johto, the location of Olivine City.

Now, in the camera view, I can see an overhead view of the Whirl Islands and Olivine City. I can see the lighthouse, but it is extremely small. It continued to grow from a white dot to what appeared to be a cigarette emanating light. It only continued to have more detail as the satellite got closer.

Too bad the satellite didn’t have sound. I’d be at joy to hear the screams of people as the satellite continued to zoom in on Olivine. The satellite was starting to pick up heat, I could see, as now on a camera shot of it on a grunt’s screen, it was entirely red, and looked similar to molten steel. It only looked like molten steel, and would take another couple hundred degrees for it to melt.

It would be completely impossible for it to gain around three hundred degrees from now until impact. Impact was estimated at a close five minutes. I grabbed the arm rests on my chair, sweating bullets until I was sure that the satellite would impact. This had to hit. This had to hit.

The satellite continued to zoom in closer and closer. Cars and people were now in sight. One person pointed up, and looked like he was screaming. Immediately, a mob of people began to run away. I watched as several bulkier people were trampled in the mad dash for escape.

Three Minutes…

These people couldn’t escape impact in three minutes. They were all dead. I relished in the delight of watching the people trampled as old people, fat people, and even children were trampled to death as the satellite began to fall. The streets were smeared with blood and body parts, as I saw a man in a business suit slip on an eyeball and fall over. He was trampled to death as well.

More screaming as the satellite would impact in one minute. The camera was now zoomed in on the roof of the Olivine Gym. It only continued to get closer and closer until all I could see was the roof. The roof continued to grow until the feed was cut.


11-20-2006, 02:57 AM
Location: Fuschia city.

“Good job guys, looks like this baby is coming along nicely,” I yelled across the beach of Fuschia city.

Currently I had been asked by Team Rockets head honchos to oversee construction on our defenses located along the coasts to prevent surprise attacks. I was standing before a giant aircraft carrier known as the ToD Rocket while looking at the layout of the ship currently in my hands. To build this beauty we had scour the earth for useless scrap metal that people had left behind. It was being built by some of team Rockets volunteer mechanics.

“Sir you do realize that you are holding the blueprints upside down,” a grunt responded to my comment.

“Err I knew that,” I replied.

Ok I really didn’t know but who was I really fooling? I sighed wishing I was in a warm comfy bed sleeping rather working on some giant bucket of bolts.

I watched the sun set across the cloudless sky, sparkling on the oceans calm waves. I yawned at the boring view wondering how any one could love this kind of thing.

“Okay that’s enough for today, go home guys,” I yelled once more.

Everyone yelled a sigh of release as they powered down their tools and equipment and thought about the night ahead.

I walked slowly towards the beaches end where my motorcycle was located. I needed it if I was to head to where I slept away the endless days, Saffron city.

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 03:03 AM
OOC: I pulled a Neo!
AMS Deathwing Runway – Press Conference

“Unfortunately, today is a day of sorrow,” I said to the reporters, lined up on the Deathwing runway as I began to issue my propaganda to make a political killing, “First of all… DARK is harboring the Aqua fugitive Arlene Lear.”

I was going to stab DARK good. I didn’t like them much. I hated them as much as Rocket, and I was going to stab Rocket hard later. Delta Green had not done anything to us, so it would be useless to do anything to them.

“Arlene Lear had escaped Rocket’s grasp reportedly, and fled to DARK who arranged to have a peace conference with Delta Green and Rocket in Olivine. DARK brought Arlene Lear over to Olivine, for some undetermined reason,” I paused, “The peace talk was, as we have confirmed, about handing over Arlene Lear.”

The reporters continued to be amazed at my twisted truth, “Afterwards, an OrreCast satellite from 140 years ago failed in space and had hit Olivine, disrupting the Peace Conference. We have no word yet on the deaths and causalities, but many were killed by trampling.”

The reporters looked disgusted as I continued, “Furthermore, Rocket fired on stolen Aqua vessels. Therefore, Team Aqua and the great nation of Shinou now declare war upon Team Rocket for attacking Aqua vessels that did not even have the fugitive Arlene Lear aboard. They destroyed Aqua property for no reason, and I cannot leave this unpunished. The nation of Kanto will fall. This ‘energy net’ Sent Reglay claims to have protecting Kanto will fail when Aqua bests it. Out generals are currently working on a blitzkrieg strategy to wipe out Kanto in one hit.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this press conference is now over,” I said as I walked away…

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 03:09 AM
Truck to Vermillion

"Got it!" yelled the man on the other end of the radio.

My laptop beeped, I opened it up to see the signal traced back to Shinou. Seconds later, the screen went black. I heard a loud boom, it had made impact. All I could hope for was making sure Aqua was held responsible. The trucked hit a bump in the makeshift road, and my laptop fell from my lap. I made no effort to pick it up. I was still shaking from a near scrape with death.

I called the Communications Bunker again,"It was Aqua, we got computer tracing to prove it. Declare war on Aqua, make sure to stress that its just to protect Delta Green while they rebuild Olivine"

OOC: sorry, short post.

Wait? What the hell did you just do? You cannot possibly trace our hacking of a satellite... You have to uplink to a satellite, and you have to have time. Most of the computer systems would have been destroyed at the 3 Minute Mark, there's no way you could trace us with half of the computer systems destroyed.

Also, I have Political Immunity until the end of Thanksgiving, so you cannot kill me politically with any of my actions between now and then.

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 03:11 AM
Well we had sattelite uplink because we used it to find the Trianite. I'll just delete it though so there isn't another argument. Political Imunity? isn't that GOd-modding?

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 04:06 AM
Well we had sattelite uplink because we used it to find the Trianite. I'll just delete it though so there isn't another argument. Political Imunity? isn't that GOd-modding?

Emergency powers to get the RP going...

Give me political immunity for my actions in the next... 3-4 days, and I can really get the RP going...
Go for it, kiddo. Do it for all three RPs if you want to. :P

Dr Scott
11-20-2006, 04:24 AM
**Sigh** DAMMIT PEOPLE can't this wait until a time when I'm not busy **Cries**

1) Having "Diplomatic Immunity" isn't really fair to the rest of us, getting it going or not. Remember, I am the mod here, and though I respect all of Neo's decisions I think you're taking it a little overboard Rust ...

2) Okay, so we needed to get it going. Randomly blowing the crap out of things isn't always the answer, rust. You can use your brain too sometimes ... Mostly because I don't like random stuff dropping in on me when I'm having a peace conference sure, but still XD ... I would have liked to see it played out more *cries* But Ok.

3) DO NOT ARGUE IN THE RP THREAD! Can I make this more clear to you two? Take it to the discussion PLEASE.

Now I'm off to play WoW with my friend, I'll deal more with this later, deal as in posting :-p

Neo, if you have any problems with what I do please contact me, I recognize you as my superior ^_~

11-20-2006, 04:35 AM
OOC: rust, you sack of dung. You have to let people respond to your actions, considering there are players where you are attacking. Therefore, there is time, no matter what you say.

Ultima City, HQ Building B1, Control Room

I decided it was time to contact this Dantelle, and pass on the information on her mission. I punched up her Contact ID, but there was some kind of interference. I decided to use my Network Administrator privelages and activate her communicator by remote. By clicking a few options, and entering some passwords, I was able to hear screams in the area aorund the communicator. Something about a satelite entering the atmosphere over Olivine, and would crash in ten minutes.

Fortunately, we had Smart Missles left over from when the company used to make weapons. It was no trouble to set one to launch and home in on this satelite's position. My real-time map program reports conditions, and was able to pick up this thing, hurtling into the atmosphere. It was a good thing we got our antenna back in working order. A Smart Missle has a built in computer and a map of where it is to explode. It can even dodge obsticles.

I pressed the "Launch" button, and sent it on it's way. The missle was loaded with enough explosive to destroy objects as big as the Moon, so a satelite would be no trouble.

It would hit the thing well before the crash, due to it's engine capability.

11-20-2006, 05:48 AM
OOC: rust, I stole that ship, therefore it's under my control. Besides, sent fired at me, and Johto still has that missile crippling system, so no do on telling those kinds of lies. Oh, and political immunity... I laugh at that. Just the more reason for us to kill you.

Meeting room, gym

I looked carefully at the map Sent was showing. "Oh, sorry, I need my reading glasses," I said, as I grabbed my purse and digged up the piece of reading equipment. I put it on, and looked down again, rubbing my head, looking as if I was thinking about it.

Then DARK's offer came. "Hmm, interesting. I think I want to know a bit more on that generator, though it's perfectly okay if you don't respond."

I faced them all once again. "I'm not here to be treated as a refugee. What I want is a place for me and my crew to live in peace on solid ground. I'd appreciate it if you could manage that for me."

"I see," I replied.

Spencer suddenly began talking, asking me all kind of questions. "Why I defected?" I repeated his question. "That's easy. I'm the daughter of a father from Kanto and a mother from Johto. I've been living in Hoenn for the first 15 years of my life, and I moved to Shinou when my father died. Do I look like someone who wants global war again? I defected to show Aqua that there is more to this world than global domination. Does this answer satisfy you?"

Sent suddenly left the room, after I finished talking. Somehow, this wasn't a good thing. Merely a minute later, the bad news dropped in. "Ma'am," a voice said in my ear, as I put it louder so that everyone could hear. "Kanto just fired rockets and us and the other Aqua vessel. This isn't going to be good news, but there's something coming from above, right at Olivine."

I turned to Spencer. "Order those missiles blasted away. You've promised us safety; I'd guarantee that if I was you." Now, I was talking to everyone in the room. "We need to get out of here and find a shelter. If Aqua's doing what I think they are, we'll be in for a blast."

We hurried outside, making haste not to get trampled on by each other. When we got outside, I saw a big ball of fire speeding at us from above, with a missile coming from across the sea. That was without a DARK missile. The big ball of flames was blown into pieces, as they came crashing down.

We were save... for now.


Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 01:09 PM
Truck on the way to Vermillion
Schooling rust

"Sir, we weren't able hack to the source completely before a missle was fired" said a dissappointed Technician on the oter end.

"Were you able to get any information out of it?" I asked, we needed something to take rust down with. We had already intercepted his press conference as it was broadcast to Kanto. We saved it, and decided to release it to the public once our counter conference was finished.

"Yes sir, we know that the sattelite was definitely hacked into crashing, their was no mistake about it" the technician took a breath,"Furthermore, since we didn't hack the sattellite, DARK launched the missile, and Delta Green had the most to loose, it was most likely Aqua."

"Wait, what missile?" I asked confused.

"The missile that saved all the delegates lives. We traced trajectory and programming back to a DARK design." And so the plot thickens...

Vermillion City
Exposing rust

I stood behind the podium, and began my speech, of curse the press conference had been released now, and now it was time for a counter conference,"We managed to hack into the sattelite before it was destroyed by a DARK missile. It was indeed manually commanded, we noticed a few altered program files that would allow the sattellite to be used as a man-made meteor. Also, the sattellite was most likely hacked by Aqua, since we didn't hack the sattellite, DARK launched the missile, and Delta Green had the most to loose. This was a baltantly obvious attempt at harming key delegates during a peace conference. Once we knew aquas intentions, we began hitting their shipd in the harbor with artillery fire. We will continue to protect Johto until they can finish investigating the details of this attack."

I walked towards my lab, ignoring the roar of reporters.

Neo Emolga
11-20-2006, 01:13 PM
OOC: Okay, diplomatic immunity isn’t such a bad thing. Heck, look… it just got the RP very active again… :P

All I can say is… be creative, you can overcome this. It looks bad, trust me, we had worse in Season 5’s RP and we could overcome it. Put on your thinking caps and try to think of ways to counter the effects.

Third, I think you have all forgotten how weak the media would be after the nuclear war, and how little public broadcasting there would be. Whatever rust is doing now at the press conference would only have limited influence.

New Lilycove, Hoenn

Radio communication was set, but that was all we had at the moment. We were still in a recovery state, even though we were done with Phase 1, it was still a period of getting the things we needed back online. Meanwhile, during radio feeds, I had gotten word that several small media chains were reporting on a satellite that had just crashed down in Olivine City. I could imagine the death toll must have been pretty wicked sick. I had just tuned in on the old radio I had, and managed to pick up the frequency.

“Unfortunately, today is a day of sorrow.” I heard one man’s voice over the radio feed, “First of all… DARK is harboring the Aqua fugitive Arlene Lear.”

“What the hell…!?” I exclaimed, thinking that was total crap, “Why the hell would be harbor an Aqua fugitive?”

I didn’t get it, but I continued listening. There had to be a logical explanation to all this.

“Arlene Lear had escaped Rocket’s grasp reportedly, and fled to DARK who arranged to have a peace conference with Delta Green and Rocket in Olivine. DARK brought Arlene Lear over to Olivine, for some undetermined reason. The peace talk was, as we have confirmed, about handing over Arlene Lear.”

I hadn’t heard anything about the peace talk that had suddenly been interrupted, but still, we had very closed boundaries here and I doubted a fugitive would have slipped past our watch. And come on, there was no motive for us to do this, what he was doing was nothing but spreading hearsay without any evidence to back it up.

“Furthermore, Rocket fired on stolen Aqua vessels. Therefore, Team Aqua and the great nation of Shinou now declare war upon Team Rocket for attacking Aqua vessels that did not even have the fugitive Arlene Lear aboard. They destroyed Aqua property for no reason, and I cannot leave this unpunished. The nation of Kanto will fall. This ‘energy net’ Sent Reglay claims to have protecting Kanto will fail when Aqua bests it. Out generals are currently working on a blitzkrieg strategy to wipe out Kanto in one hit.”

I didn’t know what they were doing, but this sounded like all hell was going to break loose. Still, I knew that the media now was still in a very weak state. It’s effectiveness would be limited considering how little it would be broadcasted, and how so many people were still without radio communication.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this press conference is now over.” He finished saying.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to be enforced, but if there really was a fugitive hiding in Hoenn, she wouldn’t last long before she was discovered. A fugitive would have a very difficult time trying to follow our practices to the letter.

Regardless, I had gotten word that Ultima City was fully back online and we moving toward New Lilycove. Pretty much, we were done and actually growing real food. The only construction happening now was the extension process, building extra facilities that were needed for further advancement. Meanwhile, we got the shipyard back up, and were currently working on the DARK Samurai, which was of a new design combining weaponry we had now with plans of some of the older battleships that existed pre-war era.

Bron Krad was going to like seeing what we had in store now…

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 01:47 PM
OOC: Broni, you sack of dung, ever heard of pulling a Neo? BTW, there is no missile that can get from Hoenn to Olivine in 5 minutes flat, much less three. Don't give me the 'engine capacity' bull****. That missile has to be moving faster than the eye can see to hit Johto, much less, hit a speeding, molten target flying out of space...

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 01:54 PM
OOC: rust, if he didn't pull a boomy on your sattellite, I would have. It goes boom either way.

Vermillion City
Blasting Off Again

Reportedly, the name of our organization came from a pre-war era vehicle. Now, knowing that I needed a huge lead inorder defeat rust, I began the search for the designs for this. Space was a terrain, that with a little effort and a head start could be used as a giant artillery field. Not traditional artillery, but Trianite-focused beams of sunlight. I was getting ahead of myself, what I needed first was a rocket.

Cinnabar Island
Its Not Rocket Science... Nevermind

The old Cinnabar laboratory, a place of great research, and data storage. Many of the scientists who new war was coming, had stored all their knowledge, theories, and designs in massive Data Storage Units(DSUs). Finding these DSUs wasn't very hard, but getting into them was.

I placed my laptop on the ground, and hooked it into the DSU. In seconds, I had ecountered the first firewall. The DSUs were obviously built only to be accessed by Kanto, but apparently, Kanto had "Forgotten" the codes after all these years. I would have to hack it old-school. The firewalls were obviously heavily advanced even for their time. The sheer depth of the encryption put me in awe. I used a Kanto government encryption code, and was past the first firewall. My next probelm was reactionary viruses(data-destroying files, that engage when a firewall is hacked/breached) I had a shutdown code, but this only took out half of the files. It was like playing a video game, except much harder, if I couldn't keep my data-stream online, I would be locked out of the system, and we would never get the files. I used a virus of my own, and shut down the reactionary virus.

The hardest parts of the systems defense were just becoming apparent. Getting what I needed was going to be a challenge worthy of my intelligence.

11-20-2006, 03:19 PM
OOC: Broni, you sack of dung, ever heard of pulling a Neo? BTW, there is no missile that can get from Hoenn to Olivine in 5 minutes flat, much less three. Don't give me the 'engine capacity' bull****. That missile has to be moving faster than the eye can see to hit Johto, much less, hit a speeding, molten target flying out of space...Shut up, man. Using my insult on me just shows you have no original insults left. :tongue:

I watch movies, and know about descent speed. It takes at least 10-15 minutes for any large object to enter through the atmosphere. Smart Missle kills the stupid satelite. For god's sakes man, do some research on Smart Missles, the atmosphere, and letting players respond in an RP, befeore you give me your BS.

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-20-2006, 03:36 PM
Unknown Destination

After an hour or so, the helicopter began to land. I sighed in relief. Finally...

I was led outside the helicopter, and pushed out through the door. Of course, I stumbled and nearly fell, but one of the men grabbed hold of my hands and stopped me. These guys were taking the trouble to keep me in one piece.wonder why....

My blindfold was removed, and when my eyes got adjusted to the bright sunlight, I looked around. We were standing in the middle of a clearing of some sort, surrounded by trees. I glanced at some men, who were standing in front of me. They all stood behind one man, who was the healthiest looking among them. Evidently, he was the leader. He was wearing a suit and highly polished shoes, and his hair was neatly combed. Behind him, many men about eight or nine, at the most, stood in order, respectfully.

"Welcome, I'm the leader of this group."

I smiled. There was a huge difference between him and Spencer.

"We are a sub-division of a team, whose name we cannot mention. However, I'd like to say, we don't belong to Team Aqua. We, however, are the same people who um, 'kidnapped' you, a few days ago." he continued.

I stared at him in surprise. He smiled.

"This walking landmass, here," he motioned behing him. "Is the one who you met aboard the ship."

The man who had questioned me, was smiling grimly. I smiled sweetly at him. A vein throbbed in his temple, but he maintained a stony silence. I didn't push my luck too far.

"Now," the man continued in a business like voice. "My name's Bob, and I want to tell you that our team is very organized, better than you think. You are free to choose your decision. But if you do want to join us, just come to the Vermillion gym at Kanto. That's our temporary base. We can prove to you that we are very organized. In less than twenty-four hours, we are going to attack Olvine, where the peace conference is held. You may go, if you want, we mean you no harm, but it was unfortunately the only way we could get you here."

"And pretty lame, too." I muttered sarcastically.

"Sorry," the man replied and turned around. "I must go, now, take your time. We, of course, cannot drop you back, I hope your Skarmory will."

I stared at him, surprised. "How do you-?"

"Lets just say we are organized, that well," he replied with a small smile, before walking off.

After staying rooted to the spot, I called out my Skarmory.

"Skyaa!" it screeched, angrily.

"Cool it, fly me up, we gotta figure out where we are." I mounted it. As it flew up, I stared around. I recognized the landscape, and I smiled. Hoenn...

Neo Emolga
11-20-2006, 03:55 PM
OOC: Agh, okay, please… stop grabbing each other’s throats. Bron… rust… RELAX! Geez, you guys remind me of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck slapping the hell out of each other.

End Resolution

Team Aqua successfully hacks into Team Rocket’s satellite. However, the missile fired from DARK makes contact and successfully destroys it before impact. Only a few casualties are suffered.

Press conference happens, but the information distribution is limited, due to post-war trauma. Also, I need to mention that you can't kill other RPers, but you can wound them with good and honorable RPing. No cheap stuff please... :P

New Lilycove City, Hoenn

We had managed to successfully create our own Razorback 519T Tanks. We had about twenty of them now, and we had fully understood the process that went into creating them. Meanwhile, the war factories were set, preparing defenses for Hoenn and DARK. However, I had the feeling we were going to need them for the offensive as well. Team Aqua had tried to frame us for no freaking reason at all. Still, I obsessed over the Razorback 519T Tank design and knew exactly what was needed to make more of them. I just… had this passion for machines…

Tunguska Anti-Air units were easier to produce, and their ammo and missiles were relatively easy to produce, but still effective for what would be in the war ahead. If Team Aqua had any planes trying to intrude in our territory, they were about to get a nasty surprise.

NCR Armored Personal Carriers were also an easy replication. Again, more APCs covering the ground will ensure ground control. However, I had a feeling that we would be trying to find the one who tried to frame DARK. Stupidity and arrogance like that… doesn’t go without getting kicked in the ass.

The Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense Gunship was successfully examined, enough to create three more of them with the powerful Browning M2 Machine guns. We were still going into what was needed to make the Vulcan machine guns and their ammunition, but for now, three very powerful hovercrafts was definitely a nice start. Already, I was working on my own, capable of housing a driver and a gunner.

Black Dasher jets were being produced on a new airport that was constructed near Fortree, as well as Mauville City. We were preparing for what could erupt from a vicious war that was about to take place. While the threat of nuclear weapons was gone, we still had those who were intrusive to want to devour our lands for their own greed. Like hell I was letting that happen…

Charizard Michelle
11-20-2006, 03:56 PM
Goldenrod City: Radio Tower

Micheal was still relaxing in the lobby area of the Radio Tower. He was a bit tired and wanted to get to some action but had no intrest to head out to the Underground. Still nobody has called for him yet so he can only assume that he isn't needed. At the moment Micheal fells as if he should head out for somet sort of mission but he was still on call for others if the upper heads see it fit.

A lady then came by and said to Micheal, "We have a messsage from a Dells for you."

Micheal got up and knew what this was for. They maybe want him to go down and blow something up but the problem is that Micheal's bombs haven't arrive yet. He was going have to wait patiencitally for them.

Micheal walked over to the table and heard bits of pieces of little things. One person was working out a message that missiles were shot down close to Olivine from overseas (OOC: I am going off Brons's original post and what I have gotten from DU's) while another one was just saying that everybody has arrive to the Peace Talks to Olivine. It seems as if radio is more effection to give out information then anything else and Johto has one that doubles as a communitcation and radio tower. The only problem is that getting the information out and collecting it for the people. Micheal then arrive to a table and said, "Micheal here."

Dells's voice was on the other side. "Hey Micheal. Could you pass word to the HQ in Olivine. It seems as if we have found a stockpile of TMs here. They look really old. Its a rainbow of them here as Nami said."

Micheal nodded and said, "Will do. Anything else?"

"Thats all man. Thanks." said Dells. He then cut off the line.

Micheal then said, "Give me a communitcation link to the Battle Tower HQ."

A lady nodded and did as told. She pluged into the board and nodded to Micheal. Micheal then said, "This is Micheal Anone. Just reporting from the Radio Tower on the work of the people in the Underground. It seems as if a storage unit has piles of TMs in it. If you want my opinion they are leftovers from the old department store before the war."

Another person spoke and said, "Understand. Do you know the number of the TMs. What kinds."

Micheal remember hearing that before the war the TMs were numbers and each one taught a pokemon a certain move like Thuderbolt and Flamethrowe. Micheal then said, "I have no idea."

The lady then said, "I will alert the others. A retreaval unit will be sent to retrive the TMs and see if they are going to be useful."

Micheal nodded and said, "Out then." He ended the link.

While Micheal was there he recieve a message from his PokeGear from AMy. She told Micheal that she had just sent the bombs by Natu Mail and that she is still working hard on Opertaion Attract.

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 04:30 PM
Shut up, man. Using my insult on me just shows you have no original insults left. :tongue:

I watch movies, and know about descent speed. It takes at least 10-15 minutes for any large object to enter through the atmosphere. Smart Missle kills the stupid satelite. For god's sakes man, do some research on Smart Missles, the atmosphere, and letting players respond in an RP, befeore you give me your BS.

OOC: I almost called you a sack of primate poo, but I felt like copying your insult. Let people respond before I give BS? I never give BS, so that never happens.
AMS Deathwing Runway - Press Conference II

"Sent Reglay is an idiot," I said, " I did absolutely nothing and he goes pointing fingers at ME to justify his side of the war. No one wants war. Why does Sent Reglay have to start a war? All this will do is kill many more people. The last great war... One Hundred years ago."

I began to remember the terrible war that I had read about in books from Sootopolis growing up, "Everyone was killing. Children, just old enough to hold a gun, were killing the old. People were raped. Husbands and fathers were drafted into wars, and they were never seen again," I paused, about to deliver the final blow, "Is this what Sent Reglay and the region of Kanto wants? More suffering? Earth has gone through enough suffering, and all Sent Reglay wants is to put it through more for his own personal gain!"

I paused, "Now, to Team Delta Green. I extend the olive branch of peace towards you. Will you join Shinou in the war against these barbarians? Will you help us stop the suffering by allowing us to use your land to train troops and end the war? Do you want to preserve peace and prosperity among the lands?"

On that note, I left. Although my satellite attack did nothing to stop the conference, it did have an impact. DARK fired on us, and now I know DARK's capabilites. Now, to make them waste the rest of their ammo...

11-20-2006, 04:40 PM
]OOC: I'll be Rping my side of the events today. soon.

Neo Emolga
11-20-2006, 04:53 PM
New Lilycove City, Hoenn

Ultima City had been able to stop the satellite from crashing down on Olivine City. Some people were killed in the frantic evacuation, but the amount of people saved was huge. Still, we were preparing Hoenn defenses in the meantime. As for now, I was getting other radio transmissions…

“Sent Reglay is an idiot,” the same voice said again, “I did absolutely nothing and he goes pointing fingers at ME to justify his side of the war. No one wants war. Why does Sent Reglay have to start a war? All this will do is kill many more people. The last great war... One hundred years ago.”

Sent Reglay was a leader of Team Rocket. However, I didn’t trust this voice at all, he fingered DARK for no good reason. Housing a fugitive from Team Aqua… something didn’t add up about this, and he was making it look like we were all at fault.

Still, the war a hundred years ago was brutal, but there were too many loose ends to tie up and nothing was matching. Still, this guy pointed fingers at US, what the hell was that about?

“Everyone was killing.” He continued, “Children, just old enough to hold a gun, were killing the old. People were raped. Husbands and fathers were drafted into wars, and they were never seen again. Is this what Sent Reglay and the region of Kanto wants? More suffering? Earth has gone through enough suffering, and all Sent Reglay wants is to put it through more for his own personal gain!”

I didn’t know all the details, but if Sent Reglay was after Team Aqua for the same reasons they were framing us for, something was up and this wasn’t by coincidence. Someone was playing around with the cards and expecting something to happen from this…

“Now, to Team Delta Green.” He continued, “I extend the olive branch of peace towards you. Will you join Shinou in the war against these barbarians? Will you help us stop the suffering by allowing us to use your land to train troops and end the war? Do you want to preserve peace and prosperity among the lands?”

It then stopped. I didn’t know Delta Green’s motives, but hopefully they wouldn’t trust this guy, whoever the hell he was. Still, he didn’t mention DARK after that. Besides hearsay, he had nothing to pin on us, but I thought these stupid games were over. Regardless, I wanted answers.

In the meantime, my Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense gunship was coming along okay. It would be very different from driving a pick-up, but still, it was better that a car that could get blown to bits from only one RPG rocket. The DARK Samurai was getting pieced together in what would be a powerful battleship for coastline defense. I didn’t want any more of a mess happening around Hoenn with like what was happening at Johto and Olivine City…

We had established ourselves, and even commercial areas were slowly coming back up. If Rustboro could get cleared of the rubble, maybe then we could even build skyscrapers again… just like before. The pictures of what once was… would soon become a reality.

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 05:24 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room - Shinou Waters

"How have the press conferences affected the people of Shinou?" I asked one of the grunts.

"Generally, the response is good. From what we estimated, 4 out of 5 people believe you. Now, in the world, from what we have seen, about 3 out of 5 believe you," The grunt replied.

"Good... Where did these numbers come from?" I asked.

"Several Aquas were sent out to test the public's reaction to your press conferences. Your greatest opposition came from Hoenn, where about 1 in 200 people believed you there. A very, very small margin believe you there. Kanto and Johto, we couldn't tell, because Kanto is a madhouse, and we don't want to go into Johto yet," The grunt replied, reviewing the numbers on his clipboard.

"What about the independant nations? Orange Islands... Seviis... Fiore... Orre?" I asked.

"Undetermined, so far, but we have scouts in there finding out," The grunt said.

"Good. What about the satellites in the sky currently? Think we can pull off using them as weapons?" I asked.

"I'd think that the people would believe that all satellites from 100 years ago are failing, and hitting places..." The grunt said, "Or they may believe thet you're hacking them."

"Okay... I'll have to plan around that..."

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 05:48 PM
OOC: Um, they didn't hack our sattelite. Even if thats what they were going for, its on an encrypted Kanto frequency. It was probably just a random sattelite orbitting earth.


Cinnabar Island
One-Man Space Race

The second firewall was much harder to crack. The programming was near flawless, even after all these years. I introduced an Identification code from the Kanto Government, and the firewall opened.

I was on the home stretch now, or so I thought. The last layer of defense was a massive barrier of interweaved firewalls and viruses. I was out of coding and encryption, This was where things got hard. I released a few false programs into the system, and the viruses swarmed after them. All that was left now, was breaking through the firewall. I sent a probe program, and hacked through the old fashioned way. I was in. The screen went off red-alert, and I had access to all the files from the ancient Cinnabar lab.

I found what I needed, at this level, the encryption was archaic at best, and in a few minutes, I had all the files on space travel safely downloaded on my computer. I had two of the men with me carry the DSUs back to the helicopter, and in an hour we were in Vermillion.

Vermillion City
rust, Taking Idiots Back to the Dark Ages

"I would like to let everyone listening know, that what rust has siad is completely false. We have proved, that someone DID hack those sattelites, and by all accounts it was Aqua. I want don't want war more than any person does. This should be an age of re-building and peace, but with Aqua, so blatantly lashing out in an attempt to cause a war, I have a feeling, that no feelings of peace exist within Aqua, all that exists is limitless greed. Greed for land, for power, for money, and greed for war which they feel will bring it all to them. If we continue to live in peace, bringing the world back to its former state is very possible, but with Aqua attempting to cause war at every turn, Peace won't last long enough. What kind of a heartless idiot would want to bring the world back to the days of terror and despair? Aqua is the answer."

Camera's clicked, and the public roared with approval in this I added my final announcement,"In my mission to return earth back to its former glory, I have begun a project to launch new, up-to-date sattellites into space. These sattelites will be unarmed, un-hackable, and used only for surveying and exploring a place even pre-war humanity didn't have a chance to fully examine"

11-20-2006, 05:51 PM
Ultima City
Headquarters B1
Control Room

Okay. Too much had happened right before my eyes. Wayyyyy too much. First, a private went for some peace conference without the head honchos knowing. And then the bossman fires a missile after failing to establish contact with that private and now there was this guy. In a press conference.

“Unfortunately, today is a day of sorrow,” the man’s voice said. “First of all… DARK is harboring the Aqua fugitive Arlene Lear.”

I would have, at that every moment, wanted to see if my ears were cleaned properly. Either that, or find that guy and kick his sorry hide. How dare he accused us of doing something we never did?! I bolted from my seat on the couch, but Javas held me down and I reluctantly sat down again, wondering if I could digest down any more of his insane, twisted lies…

“Arlene Lear had escaped Rocket’s grasp reportedly, and fled to DARK who arranged to have a peace conference with Delta Green and Rocket in Olivine. DARK brought Arlene Lear over to Olivine, for some undetermined reason. The peace talk was, as we have confirmed, about handing over Arlene Lear.”

“Oh, whoopee,” drawled Ifrit, “now he’s saying how we stashed a supposed renegade. Can I bit his butt off when we meet?”

“Furthermore, Rocket fired on stolen Aqua vessels. Therefore, Team Aqua and the great nation of Shinou now declare war upon Team Rocket for attacking Aqua vessels that did not even have the fugitive Arlene Lear aboard. They destroyed Aqua property for no reason, and I cannot leave this unpunished. The nation of Kanto will fall. This ‘energy net’ Sent Reglay claims to ha\ve protecting Kanto will fail when Aqua bests it. Out generals are currently working on a blitzkrieg strategy to wipe out Kanto in one hit.”

Sent Reglay. The supposed head honcho of Team Rocket. Everyone in the world knew his name, especially mercenaries like us. The Wild Geese were hired by him once before, to do a classic ‘Search and Destroy’ mission. It was a bloody massacre, for crying out loud! The guards were little, and the mission easily accomplished. At least the sum was good…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this press conference is now over.”

“Javas,” I started suddenly, my natural intellect finally kicking in. All other thoughts were crushed, tossed and thrown into some hidden part of my brain. The Sneasel in question looked up at me, a small nod of acknowledgement. “Yes, Lucifer?”

“You’re the genius here. Find a way to hack into that liar’s loudspeaker.”

“Will do,” said the feline as he bounded upon the control panel, much to the bossman’s surprise. However, before he could say anything else, Javas was already beginning to hack into the communications of that broadcast, and got it within seconds. Surprising how futile technology could be. “Done. All we need now is a-” Javas started, but then was cut off by a next round of talking.

“Sent Reglay is an idiot,” the same voice said again, “I did absolutely nothing and he goes pointing fingers at ME to justify his side of the war. No one wants war. Why does Sent Reglay have to start a war? All this will do is kill many more people. The last Great War... One hundred years ago.”

"-signal," finished the Sneasel weakly. I didn't pay much attendion to him, insteading my mind reeling back to what I remembered about the war a century ago. The one with the Pokevirus. I cringed as I remembered what the old man used to tell me. The horror. The violence. The separation.

“Everyone was killing.” He continued, “Children, just old enough to hold a gun, were killing the old. People were raped. Husbands and fathers were drafted into wars, and they were never seen again. Is this what Sent Reglay and the region of Kanto wants? More suffering? Earth has gone through enough suffering, and all Sent Reglay wants is to put it through more for his own personal gain!”

“Sorry to say, Monsieur, but there are few who have known suffering at an entirely different level,” said Javas as he pressed the big, red squishy button and initiated the hacking, whilst the man was STILL talking. Gods, just how much crap did he have to spill out?

“Now, to Team Delta Green.” He continued, “I extend the olive branch of peace towards you. Will you join Shinou in the war against these barbarians? Will you help us stop the suffering by allowing us to use your land to train troops and end the war? Do you want to preserve peace and prosperity among the lands?”

“Hacking initiated.” Confirmed Javas.

“Good,” I muttered, grabbing the microphone I plugged in into the system. “Let the unveiling begin,” saying that, I opened the machine, and spoke out through that liar’s own loudspeaker.

“Excuse me for the sudden interruption, but this is DARK speaking,” I started in my usual, crisp polite tone. Anyone who knew me would know that voice anywhere, even if it was a hundred mile radius. “Just to let everyone listening know, what Monsieur rust said was false. He’s just a cheap, cynical, egomaniac guy who likes war for the fun of it. I might suggest him to get the hell outta of his sweet little wormhole before I get angry. And I haven’t done that in a decade. And the last time I got angry, let’s just say that unfortunate soul didn’t live to see the sunrise.”


Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 05:57 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

"I would like to let everyone listening know, that what rust has siad is completely false. We have proved, that someone DID hack those sattelites, and by all accounts it was Aqua. I want don't want war more than any person does. This should be an age of re-building and peace, but with Aqua, so blatantly lashing out in an attempt to cause a war, I have a feeling, that no feelings of peace exist within Aqua, all that exists is limitless greed. Greed for land, for power, for money, and greed for war which they feel will bring it all to them. If we continue to live in peace, bringing the world back to its former state is very possible, but with Aqua attempting to cause war at every turn, Peace won't last long enough. What kind of a heartless idiot would want to bring the world back to the days of terror and despair? Aqua is the answer," The radio said. Sent Reglay... He thinks he can beat the mighty power of Aqua. He is wrong.

I opened up a radio channel to Administrator LT, who was currently in Olivine, "LT... Ignore Arlene Lear for now. I want you to go after Sent... His naiveity is becoming quite annoying... Bad for our PR," I sent the message, hoping LT would get it. We'd get Lear someday, but Rocket was priority now.

AMS Deathwing - Runway - Press Conference III

"I can assure you, we did not hack the satellite. If that brainless b@st@rd that runs Rocket has proof that we hacked the satellite, I dare him to give it to the public. Don't hold your breath though, He has none!" I said. The reporters laughed as I continued.

"I can further assure you that Sent Reglay is a moron. He's such an idiot, that he needs two guns to fire one. He needs the instruction manual from both to figure out how to pull the trigger!" More laughing, "Joking aside, Sent Reglay is too stupid to attack Shinou, much less defend Kanto adequately. This war should be quick and easy, especially with Delta Green's help..."

I was interupted. Something was coming out of the loudspeaker, “Excuse me for the sudden interruption, but this is DARK speaking." S#IT! DARK has hacked the Deathwing?

"Tiantus!" I shouted over the loudspeaker, "Kill the loudspeaker!"

"Right away!" Tiantus scurried to the loudspeaker, but it continued.

“Just to let everyone listening know, what Monsieur rust said was false. He’s just a cheap, cynical, egomaniac guy who likes war for the fun of it. I might suggest him to get the hell outta of his sweet little wormhole before I get angry. And I haven’t done that in a decade. And the last time I got angry, let’s just say that unfortunate soul didn’t live to see the sunrise.”

Tiantus disabled the loudspeaker and it stopped.

"This is the level DARK will stoop to to lie to you," I said to the reporters, "Hacking a government vessel!"

"Tiantus," I said under my breath, "Make this vessel hackproof... I don't want that happening again..."

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 06:21 PM
Vermillion City
How Many rust's Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb? Doesn't Matter, they Would Still Screw it up!

"I can assure you, we did not hack the satellite. If that brainless b@st@rd that runs Rocket has proof that we hacked the satellite, I dare him to give it to the public. Don't hold your breath though, He has none!" rust said. The reporters laughed as he continued.

"I can further assure you that Sent Reglay is a moron. He's such an idiot, that he needs two guns to fire one. He needs the instruction manual from both to figure out how to pull the trigger!" More laughing, "Joking aside, Sent Reglay is too stupid to attack Shinou, much less defend Kanto adequately. This war should be quick and easy, especially with Delta Green's help..."

He was interupted. Something was coming out of the loudspeaker, “Excuse me for the sudden interruption, but this is DARK speaking." Yes, I wasn't the only one who hated rust.

I haa heard enough, good thing that the reporters hadn't moved,"Heh, rust says we don't have proof? well here it is!" I hit a button on the screen behind me,"Yes, its a computer record, and it proves that someone hacked the propulsion protocols, and overid the safety measures. It also shows, that the sattelite hasn't been entered by Rocket except at the last minute of its fall when we were trying to trace it back to a source. As many of you know, we couldn't, but however far we got is here. Have a computer expert examine it if you like, and after this press conference, we have this same file saved onto disks that you can examine thouroughly." A man walked up, and glanced over the record.

"He's telling the truth" the man said.

A political examiner was next to speak,"I have a feeling it was Aqua, all his reasoning makes sense. Delta Green would never do it, and Rocket and DARK both had representatives in the meeting. Aqua would have plenty of insentive, nobody important to them, and a good deal of their enemys were present."

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 06:23 PM
OOC: Its a radio conference... :P And why are you all hacking the Deathwing? Its not as easy to hack the Deathwing as it is to destroy it... Plus, I still have my political immunity power going, so no one believes you...

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 06:27 PM
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Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 06:29 PM
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11-20-2006, 06:32 PM
Ultima City
Headquarters B1
Control Room

“We got Monsieur’s rust’s attention, alright,” muttered Javas as he listened at the liar’s self-proclamation about use stooping so low to hack a vessel. A GOVERNMENT vessel. Man, he could have given the old man in the Wild Geese a run for his money with deception skills like that. “And most likely they’ll be trying to make that hunk a’ metal into what you humans say as ‘hack proof’.

There are times when one must walk the dark path to achieve glory; I remembered what my old man had said to me. That was what we were, doing our jobs in the name of money. None of us regretted choosing this path – after all, we had nothing left BUT money, that cold hard cash which we splurged upon rum and alcohol. That was just all we have left; no family, no life, nothing… except the call of rum, the money and ourselves – The Wild Geese. Those were the best times of my life.

I shook my head then. No. That was the past. Now all I had was the future. I looked at the Sneasel once again. “Javas can you access any important information about Aqua before that place becomes a digitized wall of concrete?” I asked, even though I knew what Javas would respond.

With his usual smirk, the Sneasel readied his fingers. “Just give me the green light and I’m ready to go.”

“Then do it,” I ordered, and Javas’s hands sped into a blur as he started to hack into the Aqua mainframe. We managed to get a few files, all major-important before they quickly sealed off the vessel’s Internet. The Sneasel sighed deeply as I scanned through the few files we had. A few irrelevant, but there was one that caught my eye: AMETHYST.

“Well… ley’s see what this baby does,” I muttered as I opened the file and looked as plans for Aqua’s project AMETHYST scrolled right in front of my eyes. Well, things were certainly getting interesting.


Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 06:38 PM
ROTFLMAO! :crackup:

A) We did Zephyr already... We wouldn't have the plans for an alternate universe Aqua in the Deathwing.
B) The Deathwing is not an tree, so stop trying to hack it... You're getting too easily, and remember, Tiantus is trying to force all hackers out...

11-20-2006, 06:40 PM
Yeah, I reliazed I got the name wrong. Sorry. ^^; (And edited it already) And also, Javas happens to be a genius. We only got AMETHYST and a small number out, mostly budgets and stuff before the intra-net was securely sealed up. The main haul's AMETHYST's file though. ><; Besides, its already 3.45am here (GMT +8 hours) try to be 14 years old and stay up this long. You tend to make mistakes. ><;


Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 06:42 PM
Yeah, I reliazed I got the name wrong. Sorry. ^^; (And edited it already) And also, Javas happens to be a genius. We only got AMETHYST and a small number out, mostly budgets and stuff before the intra-net was securely sealed up. The main haul's AMETHYST's file though. ><;


Woah... I got pwnt by an NPC Genius! I can't believe it...

Tiantus is a genius too :P

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 07:22 PM
Vermillion City
Truth, Justice, and Kicking rusts Can.

The fact that the people of Kanto were lied only fueled the hatred against Aqua. Knowing that a deadly strike from Aqua was inevitable, I began building up the defenses, now with the support of the public behind me. We built a few tanks, and many more weapons. In total, we were able to reconstruct two Shadowstalker620, and many M2050BRAVO Specials. The addition of the stealth tanks and highly adaptable machine guns were key to our defense. Our construction of more artillery was aided by the large amount of public support. The M2050's were armed with thermal and electromagnetic imaging, making them useful for guarding our iron hard borders, especially at the few points where single troops may come through.

I had also developed a new genetic weapon, it was called the Diglemine. It was armed with powerful rapid fire weaponry on its sides, and hightened senses. It was able to stalk its prey, and blow them to shreds wth a small uzi-sized gun portruding from its body. The unique neuronic connection I had developed allowed it to fire its weapon without pulling a trigger. These were the final stage of our border defense

OOC:short post.

11-20-2006, 07:28 PM
OOC: This is to prove Sent how foolish he is. :P And to make him pay for firing at my crew. Oh, RoD and Scott, look a page or so back, and read how I saved you. Thank me later.

Olivine City,

Somehow, we were saved. "Thanks," I said, as I helped the DARK representative up. "Your friends saved all our hides from Aqua. In the meanwhile, how bad this sounds, I'll need to return the favor to Rocket, since they tried to blow up my ship. This might seem like helping Aqua, but I never leave a bill unpaid."

I turned back to Spencer. "Could you excuse me, as I cruise through your waters. I don't want to take the trouble of approaching them from the other side. Here, you two keep these remotes, while I go do something about those Rocketeers."

I looked around at Lt. Bullshot, and waved at him, as he got up from below the small debris caused by the shock wave. "Call the ship, and have them get ready for departure. Make sure we have neutral marks."

After mumbling some stuff in his walky talky, he accompanied me to the port, where our ship was now able to be docked, thanks to Spencer's forces. "Reel in the anchor. We're heading east. Set course for New Bark Town." I stood on the deck as a real sailor, waving Spencer and the petite girl bon voyage.

"Ma'am," one of my men said. "Estimated time of arrival: three hours."

"Good," I responded. "Have two of our men guard the ship, while you prepare six wet suits. We're going in."


Charizard Michelle
11-20-2006, 07:43 PM
Goldenrod City: Radio Tower

Just as Amy had promise the bombs were sent by Natu Mail. These little natus have been train to carry items with them and teleport to certain locations like the Delta Green's bases and other important buildings like the Radio Tower. Amy had taken a small break from Operation Attract to send three natus for the delivery of bombs. It turned out that it was going smoothly but still one more thing was needed for the real work to be done.

Micheal had recieve word that a recovery team was going to be sent over to Goldenrod and Nami was going to come back to the Radio Tower to guide them to the location of the hidden Techincal Machines, TMs. Micheal was also given word to act as a body guard for Nami and the crew. They were going to to try to teleport the TMs out instead of loading them out on fortlifts. Another team was being sent to repair the retractable roof on where the planes were hidden and to retrieve the design of them so more of these planes could be built.

Micheal waited for the crew to arrive. He looked at Char and said, "It seems as if thing are going to get busy soon. I just hope that we can get some action. Baby sitting isn't something exciting to do."

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 07:45 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

I immediately knew we were locked in an arms race with Rocket. We were going to need to be the army that had the biggest, strongest army, and be able to strike first. AMETHYST can cover their energy net, and then we can send groundtroops in to disable their large mirrors.

The first thing we were building was based off the schematics of an Abrams tank. These tanks would be some of the strongest, fastest tanks out there, with a lot of ammo. I made modifications to the Abrams design, to create a larger barrel to hole longer and larger rounds, with a heavier base, to keep the tank from toppling upon itself.

Several Aqua scouts have gone to the Underground Tunnels of Nagisa City to find old weapons from there, while we built a gunsmithing plant inside Futaba Town. It would create an older automatic rifle, the MS04G, a rifle used by the military 130 years ago. We could produce these cheaply, because they weren't as technologically advanced as the laser and plasma rifles that were used by the Orre militaries 100 years ago.

We also began designing a new warship, capable of carrying ten Abrams-2 tanks, and have a large amount of firepower. The Warship, which I named the AMS Seatooth, had begun production already, with the designs made and the frame currently being laid out. This warship would be essential to bringing ground forces into Kanto through their ports.

We'd have to take a port first, as a base of operations. New Island is a deserted island that looks extremely intriguing as out Kanto base of operations. We were currently exploring it for future use.

Meanwhile, Tiantus has postponed all work on AMETHYST to gain control of the remaining satellites in the Earth's atmosphere. We were going to bring most down. The others, we would need to spy on Rocket and DARK. We would have our hacked satellites crash into several of the energy net's mirrors, to make a hole in the energy net for Aircraft to go in.

Which reminds me. Earlier, we commissioned the creation of 10 DragoniteX Stealth Fighters to attack Kanto.

All was going according to plan...

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 08:00 PM
Vermillion City
Arms, Armor, and Infantry. Oh My!

Knowing that Kanto had a real chance to defeat Aqua in the coming war, recruitment grew to all time highs. Our infantry was exapnded to enourmous numbers, and our weaponry was getting more advanced to keep up. We had developed infared scopes, and some sniper rifles and machine guns operated by computers. With great numbers of troops, and mechanized sniping platforms, Kanto's defenses were becoming impenetrable. The net of pure energy was being stregthened as well. A second layer was added, and new stations were being built to fill in the gaps. We were Mass-producing the Sahdowstalker now, this was made easy from detailed scematics discovered in our Cinnabar raid. The Shadowstalkers were improved with So extra Trianite plates, and were extremely deadly even though we couldn't rig even one workable cloaking system.

Bunkers were being built all over the place, mostly on the coast to protect against an attack from Aqua. We were also building Bunkers over the Reflection Stations, and these were the most heavily armed of all. Since the energy field was a closed circuit, unreliant on electricity, and constantly siphoning the first beam, it couldn't be EMPed, and was becoming stronger every moment. The Shielding was at the level where even projectiles couldn't make it through.

Our hackers had managed to lock down many of the sattelites with our current sattelite frequency, and were able to re-activate the zooming features of our original sattellite. War was coming, and we were ready.

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 08:15 PM
OOC: This is a god-moding arms build up then? I warn you, finish your projects too early, and you're going to deal with my early projects...
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

The Seatooth was 15% completed. The frame had been laid out, and now it was have the inner plating and room division laid out. Several scientists were programming its computers, while the steel outer plating was being smithed on Full Moon Island. This would be one of our greatest warships yet, with one of the Abrams-2 tanks finished, it would be able to completely wipe out any and all of Rocket's infantry and defenses.

Rocket had foolishly tried to lock us out of our satellites, but Tiantus quickly regained control of them. One of our satellites had zoomed in upon one of the mirror stations. They were already building defenses up on them to ensure that they were not attacked. What they had was a joke. Some AA guns, troops, and possibly a missile or two.

Seaust began production of a superlaser to put on top of the Seatooth[i]. That was at an estimated 20% completion.

We were also recruiting many, many more Aquas. People who believed me were coming from all nations to join Aqua, to stop the world from reverting back to its previous state. They were being trained right now, as the scientists developed bigger and badder weapons.

The [i]Deathwing had a new weapon attached to it, the Spikeball cannon. It was designed specifically to attack infantry. It was designed to explode, sending millions of tiny shrapnel nails flying everywhere, so that the infantry would die by shapnel blasts. Even if the cannonball was blasted out of the sky, it would still rain deadly shrapnel, something that I don't think could be defended against.

In Nagisa, the scouts had recovered the plans to create some kind of robot, called the ONYX. It looked extremely interesting, as I commissioned 5 of them. If they came out looking good, I may change the design somewhat to make them bigger and meaner.

Rocket was screwed...

11-20-2006, 08:27 PM
OOC: Double the dare on you, Sent!

On board the Meaghan, Near New Bark Town,

We had been finishing our preparations for the assault on Kanto. Being a six men crew meant that we would be hard to get and hard to find. As soon as we got on land, we would press onwards to find those things Sent called Mirrors, and blow them sky high. He must be a fool to think those things could keep out mercenaries on a roll.

The Meaghan docked near New Bark Town, in the shade of the Giant Wall of Kanto. I smirked noticing how history repeated itself. Kanto had built a similar wall around two thousand years to keep the barbarian tribes of the Blackthorn out. They failed miserably back then.

"Ok, men," I said as I spoke to the five people around me in the briefing room. "We're going to enter hostile land. Don't waste any ammo, scavenger any equipment you can find, and don't expect them to be friendly. We'll be entering New Bark Town, and moving near the coast line, until we reach the Wall. From there onwards, we'll hug the wall until we get into the water, and the wall stops. Go around the corner, hug the freaking wall again, and get back on dry land. Kill anyone who sees you, or get killed. There's no evading. I want that Sent to know we're assaulting his fortress. Got it. Any questions?"

No one fortunately replied.

"Good. We leave in an hour. Gear up and dismissed."


Neo Emolga
11-20-2006, 08:36 PM
OOC: The more you post for something, the more powerful it is. That also works the other way around…

New Lilycove City, Hoenn

In total, 25 Razorback 519T Tanks had been created. Tanks like these were inspired by old war design with new armor and weapons. One main cannon on the front, two smaller ones on the sides, and a mounted Browning M2 above the latch, where there could be a gunner. This also allowed for some anti-air support, but that was mostly up to the Tunguska Anti-Air units. We had about twenty of those, which were great for wiping out planes and helicopters, but were also very capable of wiping out large numbers of infantry.

I was almost done with my own personal Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense Gunship, while ten others had been created. However, I had modified the gunner position. I must have been crazy, but I decided to go for it. The gunner position was designed for Stormblaze in mind, just the perfect size for a Raichu. However, I had to train him on being able to use it and aim correctly. For now, the only things that needed to be completed were the missile targeting systems. So, I trained him with the Browning M2 guns. It took some time for him to get used to it, but I could see in his eyes that he really wanted to do it. However, at the same time, I was trying to think of ways he could use his electric powers to charge another weapon from inside the hull. Lightning guns were on the verge of being completed pre-war, but weren’t ever released into combat divisions due to the ammunition being in short supply. However, if a Raichu could charge it up himself… it got me thinking there was another alternative to handling this. But, I was going to need a big lightning gun…

The DARK Samurai was drawing closer toward seeing the halfway point. Meanwhile, plans for the DARK Takahashi and the DARK Nishiyama were being put into action as two sister ships, a combination of battleship and aircraft carrier, which would be housing the DARK Black Dasher jets. Meanwhile, plans for bombers were being mapped out, Project Tal. It was a codename at first, until we had a real mapped out blueprint.

The also initiated the beginning of PharmCom, a newly formed pharmaceutical research laboratory. It was based off of information that was collected from Centium Orthopedics, various surgery centers along the west coast, Namdor Rheumatology, and JamCline Diagnostics, all of which were major pre-war medical companies before the disasters. The amount of collected information was alarming though. A lot of it was classified as “prohibiting agents,” which were chemicals that did…the most outlandish things to the human body. However, they were filtering out what was vile waste, and what could be considered a recovery operation.

Lastly was the formulation of the Sokot-DLM plan. I had confidence this would ensure the safety of our people… by giving our forces an incredible amount of power.

11-20-2006, 08:38 PM
Ultima City, New Lillycove Harbor

The city had arrived at New Lillycove, and extended it's ramp to dock with the city. The engine shut off. The anchors dropped, and kept it from moving again. We had taken not very long to get there after the missle was fired, about an hour or so. But we had wasted one of our old Smart Missles. This would simply not do. The old IPC Inc. factories had to be repaired, and geared toward again producing weapons. With the amount of chemicals to make explosive, we could make thousands more missles. This explosive was patented, and had been refined to be very deadly in small quantities. We needed more Smart Missles, amoung other thngs, in case anything else happeneed.

I decided to get my adopted father Dr. Psyche out of his hole of seclusion. I walked out of the Control Room, and motioned the others to follow. We were gonna go down yet another floor. We entered the elevator, and and this time traveleed very far down. Although it was one floor, this one was different.

We exited into a small room, which had three Eye and Hand scanners. Dad could exit the place as much as he wanted, but others had to use these to enter it. It required the patterns of the three officers, and since Neo wasn't here, I decided it would just be best to have it openeed from the inside. On the opposite wall was labeled "The Twenty Trials of Psyche" and this was a for people other than us to get in, and tested them.

I openeed my communicator, and punched up Dr. Philip Psyche as the Contact ID. I noticed some incomming transmisisons on the Radio had come in. No doubt we had all recieved them, since it seemed to be on a wide band frequency. I didn't care, but Tiana would probably want to see this.

After it connected, I got a friendly greeting, "Why hello there, son. What brings you to my lab today?" he asked.

"Dad, this isn't a social call. The world needs your scientific expertice. Let us in." I quickly said, not trying to be rude, but we were in a hurry.

"You know I can't let you in. I need your autorization code first." I knew he would say this, as it was standard procedure.

I walked up to another console next to the three, and typed a series of letters and numbers I had memorized by heart. The small screen then said "Code Accepted" and then Dad said, "Code recieved. Welcome to my lab."

The walls of the small room slid down into the floor, revealing an enormous room, filled with machinery even I didn't understand, even though I used to work here in my spare time. My Dad was calmly sitting at his computer screen. He turned to greet us, revealing his latest project on his computer screen, or should I say several of them. He never ceased to amaze me.

Dad was very old, at least sixty. I had honestly lost count after a while. He had white hair in a typical mad scientist look. His face was mildly sagging, but his blue eyes shone with life, and he actually still had all his teeth at his age. How, I had no idea. He had on a labcoat, which was opened to reveal his shirt. He was wearing black pants, and shoes, which were tied in a surgeons knot.

I proceeded to tell him all that had happeneed, and hoped that Neo had noticed that the city had arrived. We would need his help soon.

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 08:39 PM
OOC: Lasers and robots? looks like the shadowstalkers get their cloaks after all.

Vermillion City
The GM Arms Race

Against our wildest dreams, we were able to engage the cloaking device on the Shadowstalker tanks. The system acted like a constant holoreactive transmssion overlayed over the tank. This, combined with specially designed out pannels, made invisible to eye and radar.

We were also able to launch another sattellite. This time, full zoom, and all the previous functions were usuable to a much stronger degree. We didn't have propulsion, meaning we had to rely on where the orbit took us, but we were able to attach a Trainite laser to the sattellite. Since the sattelite moved so mcuh, the smallest target it could hit, was a large infantry army, but with the trajectory computers, it made our artillery EXTREMELY accurate.

We were also able to add a third layer of Laser Net, and build an underwater wall to protect from subs and divers. Our defense was perfect. No missile, no laser, and no bullet would ever penetrate our walls. The final touch, was fortifying the Great Wall with a fourth layer of Laser net, and created alloyed glass domes to protect our mirrors.

To add to our massive defense, we produced more Shadowstalker tanks, and built more defense posts. This was our turf, and no one was going to take it away.

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 08:40 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

A second Abrams-2 tank had been produced, and was waiting in Futaba for the Seatooth to be finished. The Abrams-2 tanks had been tested in simulation battle fields, and it performed well. It was able to stand up to even the mightiest RPG fire we could muster. The laser we had did chip the armor slightly, but it will fare well on the battlefield. It can kill a projected 35 troops with one round, and destroy large houses with one round. Now, if the large house was filled with 35 troops, that would be killing two birds with one stone.

The Seatooth was 35% completed, with the interior plating finished, the computer systems and interior had to be finished, and then it had to be plated. That would take a little while, but it would be just long enough for us to finish our Abrams-2 Tanks. It would all work out for the best.

We have created about 500 MS04G guns since we began production, and have supplied many of our troops with them. Although we still need many more, a good chunk of our army now possess a good rifle. We slowed production on the MS04Gs and began to create RPGs and Grenades for the troops.

I was having a special weapon being created for me. Gloves that could emit electricity. In theroy, I could emit the electricity, and harnass it to kill someone with a simple slap. It was also being lined with needles so if the electricity didn't do the person in, the needles injecting a fierce poison would. If I met Sent with these on, he's be dead within the hour.

Next, we had about 3 DragoniteX Jets completed and on the Deathwing dock, waiting for deployment. The ONYX Robots were also chugging along nicely. Because of the limitied resources, we are going to plate them with copper, to test their performance, to see if they're worth plating with steel.

I had also commissioned several Kamikaze fighters. If we sent all of the satellites and Kamikaze fighters at one mirror at once, then we would surely be able to land several good hits.

Now, we had to get a response from Delta Green about an alliance...

11-20-2006, 08:46 PM
OOC: Thank you for giving the fun away. I don't like the open types. BTW, I can impose time, can't I? I mean, this can all be done within the sunlight.

New Bark Town,

We waded through the last part of the water, as some of my men walked onto the beach. We had swum all the way from the Meaghan toward solid ground, and we were now making our way toward the Great Wall of Kanto. The gigantic contraption looked like a big building toy like kids have, but supersized a good few times.

I signaled the three of my men to start covering ground, spreading out to see if we could find Rocketeers. Surely, something as sensitive as this would have guards. We switched over to infrared, since the sun was almost setting. The glow from over the horizon lit Goldenrod's strange features.

A sudden set of buzz on my left arm warned me of found foes. "Talk to me," I said in my headset.

"Group of two on the west side," someone reported in.
"Group of three on the east," another added.
"One up in the guard tower," a third one said.

"Okay, wait for back up and take them down. Grab ammo, wrap bodies and clothing and rendez-vous south-east," I said to them. I signaled Lt. Bullshot to go west, while Corporal Dipshat and I went east.

A hunting we would go...


Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 08:54 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

Team Aqua had successfully launched a copper satellite into space. The satellite was only a test, to see if we could get anything into space, and we could. The satellite is now on a colission course with Rocket's newest satellite, to ensure Rocket does not have dominance in space. This test would be valuable in the weeks to come, to see if we could get more satellites into space.

The Seatooth was at 50% completion. The entire interior had been finished and furnished. Now, the programming remained. When all of the programming and computer installation was finished, the Seatooth would be at 80%, and the construction of the hull would begin. That was a ways away from now, but it was good to think ahead.

Another Abrams-2 Tanks was finished, along with the first two ONYX Robots. They looked good so far, but we still needed to run performance tests on them, to see if we need to enhance them or not. Or even if they're worth using the steel to plate.

Generals were busy planning a way to break into Kanto. They continued to add layer upon layer of defense. They thought that they were keeping us out, but they were really keeping themselves in. They were screwed once we broke down a wall.

The Recruit training was also going well. From every ten troops we got, five became troops, two became pilots, one becomes a sailor, one becomes a grenadier, and one becomes a heavy weapons specialist. That was about the average ratio of our troops anyway.

The weapons production was also going nicely. We had produced 750 MS04Gs, 200 Grenades, and 100 RPGs. All would become useful in the battles ahead...

OOC: Got to go... Buh-bye...

Neo Emolga
11-20-2006, 08:54 PM
New Lilycove City, Hoenn

Finally, Ultima City had arrived. Bron Krad had made it to the mainland, and I was hoping he was liking what he was seeing. So, I decided to fill out the status report on the overseeing of the operation. Hopefully it would meet and exceed battle standard.

Bron Krad,

Phase 1 of the recovery operation has been completed throughout Hoenn, as well as maintenance of power in Rustboro City’s Synth Power Plant. Phase 2 is underway, and will likely be the vantage point to fully rebuilding Hoenn.

I’ve included a list of the newly created vehicles and defense protocols, including the Razorback 519T Tanks, the Tunguska Anti-Air units, Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense Gunships, and the Black Dasher jets. Right now, Project Tal is the operation to construct bombers.

Included are also the expected models and graphical imagery of what we expect to see from the DARK Samurai after completion and final assembly. The DARK Takahashi and the DARK Nishiyama are already under assembly procedure, designed with the traits of air craft carriers and battleships, with the supporting cannons being mounted on the sides of the hull instead of on deck. The ArkGull Main Assault Cannon will be on deck resting besides the superstructure.

PharmCom has been inaugurated as the chemical and medical producer for DARK, which should be able to produce both curative agents and medical procedures, as well as the induction of non-hazardous, non-addictive performance enhancers.

Lastly is the initiation of the Sokot-DLM plan, which has already gone underway. I’m pleased to say Hoenn has become self sufficient, and will be reborn into greatness.

Best regards,

Neo Winterfield

I then sent the communiqué to Bron, and he would soon be aware of the active operations we had here. Meanwhile, I was looking forward toward hearing about the advancement Ultima City had accomplished during this time.

11-20-2006, 09:12 PM
Location: Saffron city

*last night*

After a two hour ride I arrived at my destination. The sun now had completely set as the moon had risen from the ground and now produced an eerie glow high in the sky. I lessened on the throttle as my motorcycle came stuttering to a halt. I arrived at my parents house to spend the night since it was what I was most familiar with and my parents where away on a vacation somewhere in Hoen. They where supposed to have returned home a week ago but due to rising conflicts between the nations transportation had been cut off meaning no ride home for them. The regions claimed it was temporary but I knew things where once again starting to heat up. I just hoped they where alright.

Once I entered the door I casually walked into the kitchen and grabbed some grub to bring up to my room, mostly sugar food. I walked up the stairs to my room and plopped down on my old kiddy Venasuar bed and began to think.

“This construction work is getting boring,” I thought.

Seriously I was a strategist not a braniac! I sighed and started to shovel cookies into my mouth.

“I need to find something better to do than this,” I told myself.

I pushed the junk food off my bed and went to sleep still in my clothes.


I got myself out of bed and just grabbed some of the small sugar cereal boxes on the floor for breakfast and walked down the stairs. I grabbed my motorcycle, which was left in the front of my house, and started it up. I had decided that I needed to do something fun so I decided the best place to do that would be the deserted Lavender town.

11-20-2006, 09:14 PM
OOC: you guys are moving too fast for me to constantly update my post. Here it is for now I'll be rolling with the flow from here.


Lets get started~

Once I got into Olivine I felt much better, I suspected the fresh air had something to do with it, but at this point it didn't matter. I thought back to the message I had sent before I left, I could only hope at this point that the Deathwing had received my message and was checking for anything out of place. Though for the moment I was content to just wander, I had taken a magnum, automatic, and a katana as well as a ear piece for contact with Quaff. I briefly thought of the look on Spencer's face if he found the Aqua delegate outlooking around armed too the teeth.

As I toured the city I could not help but noticed the destroyed beauty of the place. Olivine was perhaps the best looking city on the planet in my opinion, my thoughts turned to the war that would soon start, many would try to avoid it, few would. And I briefly wondered where that would leave this place.

My attention turned to the earpiece buzzing in my ear.


"Yes?" I answered.

The voice that I recognized as Quaff's quavered for a moment. "we are picking up a funny reading on board the ship..."

I stopped in mid-stride, "What?" Asked the earpiece.

"I don't know but everything is messing up and it's Reading something really big coming in."

"See if you can find it's heading." I ordered.

"If I'm reading this right, somewhere in the general direction Lears took when she left."

It hit me like a bullet. "Get the men ready to move out! meet me where it comes in at."

"Sir?" Quaff questioned.

"Idiot I growled, it's a bomb, missile, exploding device. Something of that nature."

"It's much to big to be any of those." Quaff answered back.

"Do as I say now!" I howled back. before cutting him off, now I just had to wait for impact.

It came hard. Even as I watched it come down, blazing in fire as it broke through the planet Atmosphere, even as far away as I was I could see the potential damage this would cause.

The blast literally knocked me off my feet and sent my flying, through the street.

I felt the wind rush out of me as I struggled to regain mt feet, I half stumbled towards the burning crash site, as people consumed themselves in panic.

I pushed my way through the stricken masses until finally I reached the site. Or at least part of the site. The impact had created a fairly large circumference of destruction.

"Sir!" Quaff yelled running up to me. "Are they dead?"

"Huh?" I said turning.

"The Representatives...this was the meeting place."

I looked at Quaff, "No, they are not dead...not yet, Lears was with them, until I see her body, I'll believe they all made it out."

"Hmm," Quaff murmured "We just got a message from commander Rust, he wants you to take care of somebody. A Rocket, goes by the name Sent."

"Pics?" I asked.

"Right here." Quaff replied handing me a set of photos.

I took a glance at them. "Alright he was here, I saw him when we first arrived. check the surrounding area, than get back to the ship get in contact, with the Deathwing, I want medical support sent here. we need to make it look like Johto has our full support. Than get the ship ready, we need to visit Kanto..

Three hours later we were under way towards Kanto, I want everybody loaded up fully, get me maps of Kanto, and anything on their defenses.

The Reports flew over the radio, for the last two hours I had listened to shinou, and Kanto declare war, Rust had already delivered several messages regarding the matter.

I had decided to play it by ear. I planned to keep lines up for communication between Shinou and me. But either way, i had a mission, and one way or another I would bring Sent to his knees.

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 09:19 PM
Vermillion City
Hunting the Hunters

"Sir, the sattelite has picked up un-identified heat signatures" Heh, the Aquas wanted a sneak attack?

"Use the trajectory programming to hit the signatures, and dispatch a few MG corps as well as some rifle men" I said as I walked into the command room.

Against all odds, Aqua had gotten in(OOC:even though, its impossible the net would have burned you into ash)

I walked up to the heli-port, and released my Charizard. I mounted him, and in amazing speed, he flew towards the last location of the heat signatures. I mounted thermal googles, and saw the target.

I landed on the side of the mountain as one of the machine gun corps reached there. I grabbed the gun, and aimed at the enemy. I toggled the scope to infared, and with silencer enabled, I shot the small group dead.

I picked up a few more sigantures, and began shooting. It appeared by sattellite, that all the troops were dispatched.

All of Kanto was now on red alert. The reflection stations each were guarded by 3 Shadowstalker tanks each, as well as more advanced measures were used to defend the mirrors, by fortifying the wall. The Laser net, now covered the wall, and it also acted as the first line of defense.

I had a feeling though, that I didn't get everyone in that assault, but I would leave that to the guards.

"Sir, there is a sattellite flying towards ours." Dang it

"Use the Trianite laser to blow it out of the sky." I looked up knowing exactly where out sattellite was, and saw an explosion. Note to self: Trianite lasers work wonders in space.

11-20-2006, 09:27 PM
OOC: Neo, I'm gonna need exact specs over AIM, when you get a chance.

Ultima City, HQ Building B2, Psyche's Lab

It had not been two seconds after we had explained the story to Dad, when I recieved a text message. This one I had a feeling I did care about. I opened it.

Bron Krad,

Phase 1 of the recovery operation has been completed throughout Hoenn, as well as maintenance of power in Rustboro City’s Synth Power Plant. Phase 2 is underway, and will likely be the vantage point to fully rebuilding Hoenn.

I’ve included a list of the newly created vehicles and defense protocols, including the Razorback 519T Tanks, the Tunguska Anti-Air units, Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense Gunships, and the Black Dasher jets. Right now, Project Tal is the operation to construct bombers.

Included are also the expected models and graphical imagery of what we expect to see from the DARK Samurai after completion and final assembly. The DARK Takahashi and the DARK Nishiyama are already under assembly procedure, designed with the traits of air craft carriers and battleships, with the supporting cannons being mounted on the sides of the hull instead of on deck. The ArkGull Main Assault Cannon will be on deck resting besides the superstructure.

PharmCom has been inaugurated as the chemical and medical producer for DARK, which should be able to produce both curative agents and medical procedures, as well as the induction of non-hazardous, non-addictive performance enhancers.

Lastly is the initiation of the Sokot-DLM plan, which has already gone underway. I’m pleased to say Hoenn has become self sufficient, and will be reborn into greatness.

Best regards,

Neo Winterfield

I read it and was happy with it. Neo had been working hard, while we were rebuilding the city. I made a mental note to send him my own status report, after we had talked to Dad.

I once again turned to him, and said, "So now you see why we need your help. The world is threateneed again, we need to step up productions of the weapons, and design new ones. Dad, I need you to work with Fredric and his men to put your ideas into reality, and to lend Neo any support he needs. For now, we need more Smart Missles built, but any projects you've been working on would help, too."

"Son, you know you don't order me, but I will do as you ask, since this is why I haven't retired yet. On my computer screen, you will find my three projects, and their details, along with osme other things i had lying around." He said, motioning to the screen, as he openeed his communicator, and called Fredric to come to his lab, too.

I walked over to the screen, and read the names of the projects: Project GEARS, Project SOPHIE, and Project Infinity, the last having very few details. He had also developed some new froms of air and navy vessels: The AG-01, a type of heavy bombardment/aircraft carrier warship, the AG-02, a smaller and more manuverable type of ship with cannnons on it, the AG-03, a type of military hellicopter, the AG-04, a type of jet plane with mounted missles and gun turrets that could exceed the speed of sound by a few times, and the AG-05, a type of heavily armored tank. When I read about this, my eyes almost went out of my head. Being a recluse sure had it's advantages.

While Dad set things up with Fredric and his men to come over to the factory here to repair it, I decided to work on my report to Neo.

Neo Winterfield,

Although I have less to report than you do, since I was only working on one area, it's still significant. Ultima City is in complete working order. Communicatiosn are back online, and functional. The movment engine for Ultima Island is also fuctional. The buildings from the war era are being converted into bunkers and military storehouses. My Father has also developed some new miltary weaponry, and you should probbaly come down to his lab to take a look.

Also sending my best regards,

Bron Krad

11-20-2006, 09:29 PM
OOC: I call for God mod on Sent. You can't be there so quick. At least one post of leaving, one post of traveling and one post of entering would be needed. You fell for it. :P Anyways, I'm still not on Kanto, I'm still in Johto, and unless you want war with them, I'd suggest you leave me alone for now. :P

New Bark Town,

I crouched toward my targets, three Rocketeers chattering at each other.

"Carl, what are you doing," one of them said. You would think being in enemy territory would be somehow different. I grabbed my gun, got it off silencing and released the safety trigger. I would be the decoy, while Corporal Dipshat and the other crew member got the remaining two men from behind.

Aiming for a head shot, quick and clean, I lined up my fire, and waited until the target approached the outskirts of the forest. They were standing in a open field, just a few couple of yards away from the gigantic wall. We were in the forest, probably invisible to the naked eye.

The fool came even closer and halted to get rid of the garbage he called drinks. Don't ever do that in front of a woman. Especially if she's armed. A loud bang echoed through the vicinity.

Immediately, the other Rocketeers went crazy and searched for their dead comrade. Dipshat and his buddy jumped out from behind them, and with a clean cut, they were dead.

We got the bodies, and put them in black bags, hanging them up high up in the trees. We found a couple of machine guns, Uzi's and the like, and took them with us, along with their clothes, after washing off the blood.

The other members were as lucky as us. They had gotten their targets without a single shot fired. Oh well... It's the result that matters.


Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 09:46 PM
OOC: well in that case, they are random Aqua extremists:P.

Vermillion City
I hate DU and ST almost as much as I hate rust

"Sir, we have been attacked on the Great Wall" This was getting ugly, we simply coudln't control so much land.

"Launch an artillery assault on the position" I said as I drew up new borders.

"Ok, heres the plan, we retreat all forces back to the Intersection area(Celadon, Saffron, Vermillion, Lavender and Cerulean) and move all the Energy Nets there. If we have to many Reflection stations, C4 them. Try and move all the artillery aswell. Do the same to any you can't move. The military generals are now in-charge of the defense of Kanto."

I walked up to the Heli-pad again, and took off towards Island 64, a top secret man-made facility Built by the Rocket forces. It was protected by the biggest concentration of troops ever seen. The important thing, was that it was the base of operations for the RSC(Rocket Space Cops). It was here that we had launched the Sattellite from, and here that the Space Station was being assebled. It was a last resort in case Aqua got to far into Kanto.

This island had enough weaponry and standard metal shielding to survive any kind of siege imaginable. It used the orginal purpose of Trianite fully: As a super hard defensive tool. It helped, that the sea around te island was mined, and that the facility was underground so noone was suspcious about it.

It had massive AA defenses built to knock an army of aircraft out of the sky, before they came within range. An underground artillery network, andthe fact that the island was alive with fire power created an un-capturable fortress. With the Space Travel knowledge Rocket had, We would be able to retreat to a massive space capable airship once it was completed. It was at 5% completion right now, but we could hold them that long.

11-20-2006, 09:51 PM
OOC: Read the damn posts Sent. NO SPACETRAVEL!
Neo, sanctioned it after WAR Season V.

IC to come..


Neo Emolga
11-20-2006, 09:58 PM
OOC: No space travel, the tech isn't made for it. Not enough resources as well.

And Sent... when and how did you get all this stuff? You're putting up an enormous amount of defenses like your decorating for a party. I know you want to defend, but the more instant tech you pull, the more Team Aqua is going to pull and its only going to become a mess...

Slower! Remember, the integrity of the things you make are only as powerful as the number of posts you put into them. Five hundred tanks you make in a single post aren't going to be worth squat compared to someone who spends ten posts just making five tanks. Keep that in mind, that's how it has to be to maintain fairness.

Same goes for Aqua and everyone else, so follow the way of that...

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 10:05 PM
OOC: Ok, No space travel, but that doesn't stop me from making the most badass sattellites the world has ever seen.

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 10:44 PM
OOC: BTW, Sent, I crashed my satellite into your satellite IN SPACE. I did not send it to Earth.

Sent Reglay
11-20-2006, 11:02 PM
OOC: I know, ever heard of a swiveling mirror *gasp*

Lord Celebi
11-20-2006, 11:23 PM
OOC: I know, ever heard of a swiveling mirror *gasp*

Huh? WTF?
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

Another Abrams-2 Tank finished, bringing the grand total to 4 tanks. They are all lined up in Futaba, waiting to be put aboard the Seatooth. The Seatooth was at 65% completion. The computers had been installed into the Seatooth, and now just needed to be programmed. Its hull was finishing up being smithed on Full Moon Island, while on New Moon Island, we were training more troops.

The Aqua army had bulged in the time since I declared war on Kanto. More patriotic citizens of Shinou are prepared to give their lives to me to 'prevent' another world war. They don't know that they're only my pawns in my world domination plan. I smiled evily for a moment, and then continued to review the accomplishments.

More weapons had been produced, as we had now developed an EMP Grenade and were mass producing it. My gloves had also been finished, and I was wearing them right now. The needles only came out of the thick leather if I pull the drawstring inside of the glove. This also allows me to wield a sword without damaging the hilt, which is relieving, because I don't want to go through ten swords in a month because of ruined hilts.

The new recruits were given basic instruction in swordplay, and were all required to get to Green Belt Status in Kendo before being given a steel blade and sent off to war. Although tradition requires a Black Belt for a steel blade, I don't have that kind of time to wait, so I made the requirements less. Anyone who is already fluent in Kendo took advanced Nitoryu classes, and joined my elite Sword Corps.

The ONYX robot project also seemed to come to fruition. The robots are equipt to use heavy weaponry, and are good for suicide bombing with their self-destruct systems. If something is even touched on its insides without proper clearance, it activates a pressure sensitive two second self-destruct sequence, preventing the robots from being reverse engineered.

The copper plated ones were only Beta Builds. They can be sent in the first wave of troops to Kanto for suicide bombing, but besides that, they're worthless. I played with the schematics and I bulked up the armor, and designed in robot gatling guns that are located in the chest and in the arm, as they can remove their hands to fire.

Their knees have RPG rounds built in, while the mouth can fire off grenades. They're also 16 feet tall and about 800 pounds. It will take quite a while to build just one, so having ten of these would make me almost invincible. Production of the first ONYX-2 started immediately.

Meanwhile, we have been gathering resources for other projects, as AMETHYST's resource gathering period is coming to a close. Not long from now...

11-20-2006, 11:47 PM
Location: Lavender town remains.

I put the kickstand up on the motorcycle and entered Lavender town, or what was Lavender town. Lavender town was crushed by the powerful forces of missiles during the last Great War causing Lavender town to have supposedly been blown off the map. Looking around it clearly still stood but was now resting in pieces. Buildings had been knocked or in need of repair with shattered windows and burned bricks. Streetlights and trees where knocked over or contorted into odd shapes, the road ways where now all torn up and scattered throughout the entire area where skeleton remains of once living souls. The only thing that seemed alive here where small, slim patches of grass and a couple cockroaches.

“I am such a weirdo,” I spoke out loud with no one to hear.

Seriously who would want to spend there free time in this dump? I kicked a small pebble with my foot knocking it into a human skull. At one point I wondered how had anything been able to even stand after a nuclear. One day however a fellow rocket told me that the residents of Lavender town covered everything, including there plants, with an experimental element called Ghosenite. It was built by the town’s top scientist and would supposedly be able to protect the town and its inhabitants from harm by resisting the explosion and the filtering out the poisonous gas keeping everyone nice and safe. However it was never fully tested and can be seen by the fact that the only thing it had managed to do was protect this town from totally collapsing.

“I wonder what would have happened if this metal actually worked,” I started, “it could have made nuclear threats a thing of the past.”

I finally turned to my right and came to the front of a small one story house that was one of the few houses to have not been totally decimated. I pulled a key out from one of my vests many pockets and opened the door. The key I had found under this house’s charcoaled doormat on my first visit to Lavender town and decided to make this place my hidden hideout.

I walked inside, past all the unidentifiable rooms until I reached the end of the houses hallway and opened the door. Inside was an oak desk, hammock, briefcase with a couple clothes, small TV, unbroken window and a miniature fridge. The wall was white with a wooden floor. I had to personally bring in all this junk as everything else in the house had become unusable. I also had to clean out of this room someone’s dead corpse as well.

I turned on the small T.V. which was battery powered and watch hilarious cartons. This was the one place in the world where I could truly be alone.

After only watching my show for 5 minutes my razor cell phone began to ring a quirky tune. I pulled it out of one of my many pockets and flipped it open.

“Hello,” I asked.

“Poltergeist it’s Sent and I need your help,” Sent Reglay responded, “we feel war will soon break out across the world and I would like you to come over to Vermillion to help us be ready to move out if that time comes. This is a demand by the way.”

There was a click as the line went dead.

“Yeah goodbye too you to,” I mumbled.

I got up from the cozy hardwood floor and started my journey back to my bike.

“Sigh what a drag,” I yelled, now back on the street.

Dr Scott
11-21-2006, 12:53 AM

Okay, so I've just worked for 11 hours or so. And yes, I'm just a ittle bit cranky. And hypocritical, because I'm going to say this one more time IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO DO AN OOC POST, PLEASE DO IT IN THE CHATROOM MADE FOR THIS STUFF seriously though, that's why it's there ... Keep it up and I'll need to make OOC Cliffnotes -_-...

Second off, rust, don't wave stuff in my face like "Wooooo Neo over rules you!" First off, it's disrespectful. Second off, Neo said somewhere that "I'm basically handing the RP's off to you." Do you know what that means? Well, I won't bother explaining it.

HOWEVER I greatly respect Neo in ways that people who vote for him 20 times (There for a while I thought Neo would win best female, congrats man ^^) can't understand. Therefore whatever he says pretty much goes because hell, the man's a genius and older then me. It's not because Oooooo he made them and therefore he can do what he wants! It's because he's fair and has the RP's best interests in mind.

What else? Don't take it too far, rust, and stop shoving it in people's faces. Sent, remember, you only know what your character knows So if someone far away posts that they read a book, you can't know that they did that. That was just an example, it's random. Also, you can't develop stuff so quickly, especially big things. I let your wall slide, but anything else that's a big development has to be RP'd out ... Or at least mentioned.

That said, it goes the same for you rust. I don't want you to try to one up Sent or whoever else because then it becomes the Lookie thread, and I'd have to get my beheading sword for that ...

With that said, remember to not just OOC post here, remember taht posts have to be at least 1,500 characters, and I'll try to post when I have time ...

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I'll be working on the Cliff Notes when I have time.

11-21-2006, 08:58 AM
Ultima City at port in Lillycove
DARK Angels Headquarters
Control Room ~ Psyche’s lab
Tiana Morenza

Finally, Bron’s emotions settled into one sense, one of pressing urgency. To do what, I had no clue and so I watched in fascination as Bron did something on his own communicator to get access to someone else’s, supposedly Ambassador Calloway’s. The transmission coming from his once hers had been hacked was disturbing; it seemed that a satellite was about to crash into Olivine.

The feeling of urgency coming from Bron doubled in strength, I was glad I had kept up what little protection I had in the relatively new “wall of unfeeling” for Bron always did feel strongly, he was never wishy washy in anything he did. He quickly took action and as I watched the screen of the mainframe computer, I realized that he had sent a missile of some sort to deflect the satellite.

Then, over the still-open channel through Bron’s communicator we heard a man start to make a speech, “Unfortunately, today is a day of sorrow,” we sat and listened until the man accused DARK of harboring a fugitive by the name of Arlene Lear. Then Bron snapped off his communicator in anger, but Luficer quickly turned his on to the radio setting and we were able to catch most of the rest.

Lucifer got very angry at the man who’s voice was speaking. And when he had finished his speech, Lucifer, had one of his mysterious conversations with his pokemon, of which I could only understand Lucifer’s part. This was annoying because Lucifer never did say what his pokemon were telling him. In any case, the pokemon, who seemed to be a genius of sorts, jumped onto the mainframe where Bron was sitting, surprising Bron a bit, but not enough to make him move.

Then as the Sneasel typed, doing goodness knows what I managed to catch the words, “Deathwing” and “communications”. I knew that name from somewhere, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. But, Lucifer didn’t care; he made a frank speech in our defense after plugging in a microphone. For some reason he seemed to think that the man who had spoken was Rust, the leader of the team Aqua, but who the message was broadcast to I had no idea, but it probably made something of a stir wherever it was heard.

By the time all of this was over I saw on the screen of the computer that I sat in front of, that we had reached Lillycove. I turned my attention back to Bron and he seemed unsatisfied with something, but what it was, I couldn’t guess it wasn’t something strong enough to let me pick up on any thoughts. After a few seconds of silence, Bron got up and headed for the door motioning for us to follow him. I got up from the chair slowly after all those emotions, and finding that I could stand with no trouble, I followed quickly.

Lucifer and I followed him back into the elevator and from there we headed down to a place I had not been since I first came here, the lab of Psyche, Bron’s adoptive father. Coming here still creeped me out, as did going into any kind of Laboratory. Especially when it was underground as was this one. But I had learned to tolerate this lab, partially because it was not humans or animals being tested or meddled with, but safe, unfeeling, machinery.

Well, technically not safe because the things that Bron’s father made were rarely for the healing or bettering of mankind, in fact it was exactly the opposite. How a man could create weapons of destruction even after all that war had done to our planet I had no idea, but considering what had just happened I was not exactly begrudging of Dr. Psyche’s amazing, if deadly, creations. While weapons were not the only thing that Dr. Psyche created, no he had supplied them with many wonderous creations over the years, in fact, he may have even given our team the communicators though I was not entirely sure on this fact.

During all this speculation, Bron gained entrance to the lab for us and talked to his father about the new situation at hand. I could feel the respect and love between them and it was strong, their bond. The effect of those feelings was soothing to me and I was able to take down my weak barriers. I began to wander around the room looking at, but not touching any of Dr. Psyche’s inventions. I knew that to do so before he allowed it was taboo here. After Bron had looked at his father's projects on his computer for a bit, he recieved a transmission on his communicator and I walked over and took up looking at the projects where he had left off; seeing weapon after weapon and vehicle after vehicle as it was introduced to the screen.

OOC: Heh, all of that and I don't say a thing once.

Neo Emolga
11-21-2006, 12:55 PM
New Lilycove City, Hoenn

They had perfected the process for making the Razorback 519T Tanks. Not only could they be mass-produced, but we had perfected the assembly line process into full automation. This has been the same with the Tunguska mobile AA and remarkably with the Tier-8 Shepherd Air Defense Gunship. What they needed now was a mothership frigate to store them, as well as support the line.

The DARK Twilight Seraph project was initiated with this in mind. It would be a major hovercraft with the same engineering of the Tier-8 Shepherd, only this time in a larger form. Meanwhile, the DARK Samurai was drawing close to completion, and would be one of the first post-war ships to be completed. However, the DARK Takahashi and the DARK Nishiyama were not too far behind, which was good considering the output of the Black Dasher jets would soon exceed the carrying capacity of the hangars.

PharmCom then began what they called Project Infinity, what they considered to be one of the most amazing breakthroughs of all time. However, the entire project was classified to only a few. This was something highly secret they were keeping, but when it was ready, it would change everything…

In the meantime, I had gotten the report from Bron Krad about all this…

Neo Winterfield,

Although I have less to report than you do, since I was only working on one area, it's still significant. Ultima City is in complete working order. Communications are back online, and functional. The movement engine for Ultima Island is also functional. The buildings from the war era are being converted into bunkers and military storehouses. My Father has also developed some new military weaponry, and you should probably come down to his lab to take a look.

Also sending my best regards,

Bron Krad

I was pretty happy with the fact that the materials we sent over were enough to fully repair Ultima City. The memory of all that smelting we had to do still hadn’t left my mind. Regardless, it was good to know we put all that high-density metal to good use.

Regardless, I knew who Dr. Psyche was. Again, science and medical stuff wasn’t my forte, I was more into vehicle building. Still, I figured it was best if I did pay the guy a visit, even though I wasn’t too fond of labs. Most people knew me… as the guy who enjoyed the smell of car oil more than sterilization…

Ultima City, HQ Building B2, Psyche's Lab

It sure was nice to step into Ultima City again. I had incredibly high security access rights but I barely ever used them. Still though, the city was well protected, and everyone was encouraged to keep weapons on them at all time. I knew, this tactical twelve-gauge combat shotgun I had strapped to my back would constitute for that. And even if that didn’t, the Desert Eagle I had probably would.

Once I arrived in his lab, I was told to wash my hands and not to touch anything. I was fine with that, I’m sure not touchy-feely in anyway either…

“Ah, Neo Winterfield.” Dr. Psyche greeted me, “How goes things in Lilycove?”

“Okay, for the most part anyway.” I told him, knowing the recovery operation sure hadn’t been easy, “If you hadn’t heard already, we were fingered for blame by Rust of Team Aqua. I have no freaking idea what his motives are for doin’ such though, but he’s gotta be after somethin’.”

“Hmm, yes, I figured as much.” He replied, moving to a computer screen, “Anyway, I wanted to show you our latest developments. The GEARS project, Project SOPHIE, and Project Infinity. As you already know, PharmCom is working on Infinity.”

More machines. Man, I couldn’t stop loving these things though.

The AG-01 was the new kind of warship that would be a heavy aircraft carrier warship. As massive as this thing looked, I was more for treads and tires than rudders and bows. Still though, I was not underestimating the power of this thing. Meanwhile, the AG-02 models were smaller, more versatile ships. If they were facing an enemy armada, these things would be like trying to hit bees with a crobar. It wasn’t happening. The AG-03 was the helicopter model, a more well-defined and more enhanced model than the surviving pre-war ones. AG-04’s were jets capable of breaking even the freaking sound barrier. Now that was wicked sick, but still, if I wasn’t into aircraft now, these things were definitely trying to do their best to poke interest into me. Lastly was the AG-05, the heavily armored tank. To say the least, I fell in love with the AG-05s. All we had to do was put some AG-05s and Razorback 519T Tanks together and we would have the ground nicely covered.

“Psyche, you’re a freakin’ genius.” I told him, wondering how the devil he managed to come up with all the plans for this stuff, “Hell man, all the stuff we’re makin’ on the surface was salvaged plans from pre-war military bases and crap. But this is home-brewed stuff that hasn’t seen daylight yet.”

“Well, I’m quite glad you approve of it, Neo.” He told me, “Good luck to you in all your future endeavors.”

Meanwhile, I was glad with the fact that most of Rust’s lies never were even considered by the people of Hoenn. They know who we were and the recovery operation that was at hand. As for me, if that maggot even came near us, he would be paying for it…

Charizard Michelle
11-21-2006, 02:39 PM
Goldenrod City: Underground

Micheal was now in the Underground with a small group of people. They each contain at least one pokemon that know Teleport. They are going to teleport the TMs to the Battle Tower. Nami was guideing them though the Underground. The others stayed behind to organize the TMs and see what was there.

Nami sighed and said, "Its a good thing that we have Micheal here. He going to be put to work in defending us."

Micheal then said, "I been working with blowing up things."

"Yeah well you are going to be put to work anyways." said Nami. "THere is a pack of Raticates around here."

MIcheal looked at Char and said, "Flamethrower."

Char nodded.

Operation Attract was still underway. Still Micheal and the group were being pushed to retrieve the TMs. Micheal was wondering what they may want with the TMs. He could guess that Amy would love to get her hands on these things because they are technology like. TMs these days are rare and AMy may be an important researcher she isn't allow to mess with things like these that are limited.

The group kept walking into different coridors until a group of angry Raticates appeared. One of them jumped at Nami who was leading them. Char at once shot a Flamethower attack and burned the Raticate.

The other Raticates saw this and began to attack as a group. Micheal shurgged and said, "Air Slash."

Char flapped her wings and a gust of sharp air was shot at the group of Raticates and pushed them back. Micheal then said, "Heat Wave." Char then let out many blazing waves of fire at all the Raticates and made them faint.

"Brutal." said Nami. The people with Micheal nodded in agreement.

Micheal shrugged and said, "They were just Raticates and I was using a powerful charizard. It was easy. Come on lets go."

Micheal, Nami and the others walked on. Micheal and Char had to defeat a few more Raticate and Micheal shot on in the leg. The one he shot was about to sneak up on Char from the behind. Char finished that Raticate with a powerful Flamethrower. They were now in front of a door and Nami said, "This is it. The door waws tight to open but it was opened."

Micheal and the grouped walked into the storage room and saw boxes of boxes all over the place. Some discs could be seen on the floor which were TMs thought Micheal. He saw many different color dics around and wonder what they could hold inside.

Neo Emolga
11-21-2006, 03:34 PM
New Lilycove City, Hoenn

The progress of Project Infinity was coming along well, whatever the hell that meant. The only thing I was told was that it was a major breakthrough. Still, PharmCom was concentrating hard on this and mentioned it was something that they had never done before. That was all they told me.

The DARK Twilight Seraph had been fully mapped out as plans were going, and it wouldn’t be long before the beginning construction would begin. We still had a lot of ground to cover with it, but we were done with those annoying preliminary steps. I just wanted to get to the actual construction, it was the coming together of parts to make a whole is what I wanted to see. Still, I did understand that rushing it was a stupid idea, and I wasn’t going to make that mistake.

The DARK Samurai had been completed, the first of the DARK naval vessels. Unlike the DARK Takahashi and the DARK Nishiyama which were still under major construction, the DARK Samurai was purely for coastline defenses against enemy threats. On it were ten battle stations in total, six Tri-Cannon units in total with three on both bows with two onboard Tanto Missile stations on board to launch missiles at opposing enemy forces, whether they were on land or on sea. The last two were the Matriarch Defense AA guns, capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage to air units.

Now, we had a full line of both air and ground defenses. If we were to be attacked, we would be ready…

Lord Celebi
11-21-2006, 04:35 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

The Seatooth was 80% done. The project was on its home stretch with all of the hull smithed, and all of the computers programmed. The targetting systems have been tested and homed, and it is able to sustain the weight of our (currently) 5 Abrams-2 Tanks. These tests have become a major victory for Aqua, as the hull is currently being added to the ship. This is the perfect vessel for invasion, I was sure of it.

After the Seatooth was completed, I had plans for two battle ships, the Seafang and Seathorn. The Iron Vein used to create the parts of the Seatooth had been mined dry, and Aqua miners were frantically looking for another Iron Vein, in order to continue building our ships.

What we had found, instead of the Iron Vein, was a mysterious mineral in the Shinou Underground. We had named it Pietn, after the miner who had found it, Hans Piett. From the tests we have done on it, some Pietn is as light as a feather, while other samples weigh as much as four tons. Scientists are researching this right now, to see if we can make ammo that is light when fired, but heavy before it hits.

For now, I would just have to wait on the research while I continued to review the progress of our other projects. We continued to produce weapons at an extremely fast rate. By earlier legalizing child labor, we had more workers to do the easy job of overseeing the weapon production facilities. (OOC: I'm evil, I know :P)

The experimental EMP Grenade was also fareing well in its test phases. The scientists overseeing its production have succeeded in making the EMP smaller and smaller, continuing to make the Grenade lighter and lighter. In a few weeks, we'll be able to disable machines on the battlefield without having to have jets drop EMPs.

ONYX-2 Robot production has already started as well. Although parts were quite scarce, due to our Iron Vein running out, several teams of Aquas have been going around Shinou, collecting things from garbage dumps that could be melted down into Iron and Steel for the first ONYX-2 robot. We have also asked for donations of any kind of unused Iron or Steel things that the private of citizens of Shinou may have to be donated to the army to be metled down. So far, we have gotten a lot of small toys and other little trinkets.

Not long now...

Neo Emolga
11-21-2006, 05:05 PM
OOC: Yay for pulling a Neo!

New Lilycove City, Hoenn

Further progress on Project Infinity seemed pretty positive, but it was kept behind closed doors. They didn’t want any leaks until it was too late for any of our enemies to do anything about it. Fair enough, I guess, even though I doubted it would spread around anyway.

Plans on building the DARK Twilight Seraph had begun. It was estimated that it would be able to hold at least fifty Tier-8 Shepherd hovercraft gunships. In the meantime, I helped work on some of those new Razorback tanks. Several landers were being produced in the harbor that would be able to carry vehicles and infantry across the sea, incase we needed to go on the offensive.

The DARK Takahashi and the DARK Nishiyama were drawing very close to completion now, and it wouldn’t be long before they would become major storage areas for all the Black Dasher jets that were being produced. Meanwhile, I was formulating the DARK SF, the Special Forces to be prepared to go on recon missions. This would be in addition to all the machines we were producing at the moment…

I wanted the first mission to be to find and locate Rust, the one who had attempted to flag us for suspicion. I wanted to know what his motives were, and why he did that, even if it meant to start slowly removing body parts. And if he resisted, it was obvious what he was trying to do. He wanted more support for Team Aqua, rather than to be the charitable party he was appearing to be. At the moment, we had agents heading into Shinou, appearing to be civilians. Their recon equipment was simple, which consisted of transmitters and communication devices disguised as normal, everyday electronics. Graphing calculators were programmed with features to be recon computers, but the recon programs were nearly impossible to access without DARK identification. If Team Aqua got a hold of them, they would immediately dismiss them as normal calculators. Meanwhile, MP3 players were actually audio and recording equipment, but again, under a disguise. Not to mention, if they were found, they would have to key in a special button sequence to access the recon features. If they didn’t, what they would have was a normal MP3 player with 10 songs on it. They would never be able to figure it out.

Besides all this, I had the coastline defenses prepared. Two sentry turrets on Lilycove were constructed, but we were in the process of establishing large Yamoto Guns to lay heavy assault power on any large scale ship or aircraft. While they would have a difficult time attacking smaller and more versatile ships and aircraft, large, slow moving vessels would be vulnerable to the attack. However, at the moment, these were still in planning as well.

Still, we needed to find rust and get answers. DARK SF was already on their way now to start scouting Shinou. However, not only would they be looking for rust, but trying to find weak points as well, in case a full assault was needed. The idea was to look out for all major power facilities and possible government buildings. Soon enough we would get the imagery we needed…

Snow Fairy Sugar
11-21-2006, 05:23 PM
Petalburg Beauty Parlor,

A transformation...

"That's all, miss." the woman behind me told me cheerfully. I walked towards the mirror and stared at myself and I giggled.

My hair was curled up, and floated gracefully over my shoulders. It was set in a Beautifly clip. My lips were colored using red lipstick and my cheeks were slightly powdered using lavender.

I stared at my new attire. I used to wear a jacket and jeans, but now I wore a light summer blue dress and a midi-skirt. I cocked my head shyly, and smiled sweetly. From the mirror; a cute looking girl smiled back at me. I was satisfied. Unless I was mistaken, I was totally unrecognizable. Not even Spencer would recognize me...

I cocked my head yet again and wondered if I over did the "cute look". Naah.... I thought to myself. It wasn't too much..

I giggled and blushed. I was an expert at this stuff. I saw the lady behind me smile slightly. In my mind, I was sniggering.

Here I come, ready or not....

Petalburg Travel Agency,

"So, may I know your name, Miss?" the man at the counter asked me.

I giggled and blushed. "Betsy-May Mitchell. I'm just here on a vacation," I giggled. "The landscape is soo beautiful. Hey, wait, that's my ticket!" I shrieked as I noticed that he was about to put my ticket in the paper shredder.

"Oops, sorry." he muttered red-faced. "You don't have to..." he stopped. "Here you go, miss, enjoy your stay in Hoenn." he muttered.

"Thanks," I grinned at him and watched him turn slightly red.

Hook, line and sinker....

Charizard Michelle
11-21-2006, 05:32 PM
Goldenrod City: Underground

Operation Attract was still underway. Only a few people know about it and information was limited to only a few in the Battle Tower. The only one from outside the Battle Tower that knew was Micheal but he didn't care much forit. He was hoping that Amy would filled him in when he gets back to the Tower. MIcheal was planning to head to the Battle Tower after this mission.

Micheal and the group looked around and saw boxes of TMs of many different colors. He have only seen one in his life and that was from his dad. He wasn't sure what it was but he give it to Char when she was a little charmander. There were brown ones and red ones and even green ones. There were some of many different shades of blue.

Micheal saw a few on the ground and and picked them up. He looked at them and looked around to see that their attention was else where. He quickly place them in his coat and thought he will see what they were for himself instead of being told.

Nami said, "This is amazing."

The teleporters looked around and release their kadabras to use Teleport on the boxes. They held on to a few and disappear but they soon reappeared. One of them looked concern while another said, "It seems as if this building has a Night Shade covering."

"What is that?" asked Al.

Micheal decided to explain, "A Night Shade covering is just a house or building that a ghost pokemon used Night Shade on. If a building has a Night Shade covering that means that a pokemon can't teleport out of. The Battle Tower and our bases have one to keep people from teleporting in."

"We going need to make a hole or something." said a Teleporter. He the release Abork. "Use Dig to make a hole to the surface."

The Abork nodded. It looked as if it knew what to do. It shot an Acid attack at the metal ceiling which ate away the metal then it shot up and dug a hole. At once Al and Alex ran to the hole to defend it. The kadabra moved the rocks that would have fallen with a Psychic attack.

The Abork retured and the teleporter returned it to its pokeball. He then said, "Now we can teleport out of here. We be returning in an out for shipment. Keep watch of that hole and don't leave until we are done." commanded the teleport. Soon him, his commrads, his kadabra and a create filled with TMs were gone. After a few minutes the men and their pokemon returned and teleport off with another create. They repeated the process again and again.

Lord Celebi
11-21-2006, 05:32 PM
OOC: Not much of a Neo, because you posted a half an hour after I did :P

I'm so scared of spies...
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

The completion of the Seatooth was a milestone for Aqua. It was a naval ship of our design, and one of the first few naval warships in the new world, the Deathwing being the first. It is the third, I believe, because satellite imagery shows a warship in DARK Territory.

We now had seven Abrams-2 tanks, which were being loaded onto the Seatooth. There were only three more before the Seatooth was at full capacity. Ths ship was sailing fine in the waters, and more Aquas began to go on it to become crew members. The Deathwing had become less crowded, and would become even less and less crowded, with the Seafang and the Seathorn.

This mysterious Pietn mineral was also being researched. What was found was that the minerals that were light and that were heavy were both identical. It was extremely weird. Both had traces of the substance named Lelergeian. The trace substance was named after the scientist that made this discovery, Dr. Lelergei. It was extremely odd that if both had the same molecular make-up, and both were the same sized portion, that they would weigh different. The Lelergeian substance was currently being examined closer, as more Pietn was being mined.

The ONYX-2 Robot project seemed to go increasingly well each day it was further researched and produced. We had finall gathered enough materials that our engineers had begun to build the skeleton of the robot. I saw photos of it, and it looked quite menacing. Seaust's team of scientists had begun producing the unique weapons for the ONYX-2, hoping that the first ONYX-2, named O2R-1, would be completed before we went into battle with Rocket. When it is sent into battle, it would be observed by engineers and scientists to test its performance and make any modifications to the O2R-2, 3, and 4. If the modifications were drastic, we would make a new series of the ONYX-2 Robot, called the ONYX-3, in which case, our Think Tanks were already having ideas for more weapons. Flamethrowers ranked high on their lists.

Next, the legalized Child Labor was facing little resistance. There were only a few places the law listed that children could legally work, and machine repair and machine overseeing were the top two. Many children now worked within the Aqua weapons production facilities, making sure that the weapons ran smoothly. Because I didn't trust children fully, I assigned several adults to manage them. This worked out well, because I need less able-bodies citizens to work in factories now, and have more soldiers.

The EMP grenade testing had also advanced quite a bit. The scientists working on it had minimized the size of the EMP charge, and maximized the radius of the effect. They were able to increase the power of the EMP by putting a small generator under the actual EMP, so it can supercharge the EMP before it explodes. These EMPs can go through several layers of steel, but so far, cannot go through our ONYX-2 robot armor. Our scientists were also encasing the parts of the ONYX-2 in several layers of steel, iron, and rubber, to ensure that our own weapons cannot be used against us.

Iron Vein finding is quite tough. We found a small one earlier today, and its been mined out completely. We need more resources, or better workers...

Neo Emolga
11-21-2006, 06:18 PM
OOC: Well, I had most of it written up before you posted…

New Lilycove City, Hoenn

DARK SF agents were making their way into Shinou as we were speaking. Their route of operation was consisting of finding weak points in the integrity of the areas, as well as anything that could expose Team Aqua while appearing to be normal citizens, some disguised as businessmen, others in casual clothing, and even young teens had the equipment on them. If they were willing to finger DARK of ill activities, they were obviously trying to get people to turn their glance away from something they were trying to hide. We needed to find out what exactly they were hiding, and motives were just the things we were looking for.

Traveling, civilian disguised agents would be next to impossible to detect. Team Aqua knew nothing of our plans to send them around Shinou. However, at the moment, their point of entry would only be recent and would blend in with crowds.

Meanwhile, Project Infinity was reaching new heights as we had received the status report. Details were incredibly vague however, enough to the point where this could have been about anything. However, the project was moving throughout various phases with ease since so many resources, research, technology, and expertise had been pooled in PharmCom to make this possible. But, they needed me for a clearance issue. I looked over their request and again, it was vague. They needed live test subjects before the 15th Phase could be completed to make sure for integrity, and that it was essential to ensure maximum safety. Their request was to test it on Pokémon before making the move to do it on humans. I gave the permission, but on the basis of being humane and with utmost care. After that, Project Infinity then moved along with full speed again, but again, behind closed doors. It was irritating to say the least, but I figured they must have had a good reason to do it…

And finally, my favorite part of building the DARK Twilight Seraph. The plan was set, and the actual hull skeleton was being constructed. Like Ultima City, several layers of condensed metal, steel, and lead would surround the hull for maximum protection against enemy attack. However, the weapons were insane. Large packs of rocket launchers capable of firing off swarms of missiles were loaded on, as well as the JAX Vulcan machine guns, with high-velocity shells capable of ripping through even thick layers of metal.

Sokot DLM was moving along, but not as quickly as some other research techniques. However, this was difficult research, considering the high Tier demand. Still, slowly but surely, they were moving through with it.

Lastly, the DARK Takahashi and DARK Nishiyama were on the borderline of being completed. It wouldn’t be long before they would join the DARK Samurai, and we would have a efficient place to store the many Black Dasher attack jets we had been making.

Lord Celebi
11-21-2006, 07:04 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

The Seatooth sailed in front of the Deathwing, after the eigth Abrams-2 tank had been loaded onto it. Its floatation tests were going well. It really was another breakthrough for Aqua military. I'd love for everyone in the world to know about this crowning achievement. Too bad the 'televisions' of 100 years ago didn't exist now. There was radio, and its construction was all over the radio, sans it being able to carry our Abrams-2 tanks into battle.

The support for my legalization of child labor was overwhelming. Families in Shinou were now making even more income from their children taking only safe, part-time jobs in our factories. More and more families were joining the ranks of the 'rich' and were donating money to Team Aqua as a thank you. It was all working out quite well. I am very pleased with its results.

The ONYX-2 Robot resource gathering has soared to new heights. We now found a reliable Iron Vein to build the O2R-1 robot, with several of its weapons developed and installed on the skeleton, now the smithing of its armor began. Its head, with the grenade launched and added laser eyes, was being produced on New Moon Island. It would take a lot of careful work to install part of its computer brain, lasers, and a grenade launcher into its head without it overheating. Currently, they are developing experimental fans to cool off the head to ensure that it does not overheat and explode. The other part of the robotic brain will be located in its chest, to ensure that a headshot doesn't kill the robot all the way. The chest will contain the Self-destruct mechanisms, so if the top part of the brain ceases to function, it will assess its situation, and see if it needs to self-destruct.

The Lelergeian mineral is also being researchedas best it can. Dr. Lerlergei has discovered the difference between the two samples. There is a trace mineral inside Lelergeian, named Lelergeiian, that makes things much lighter. That is why the sample is as light as a feather. On the other hand, the four ton sample has no presence of Lelergeiian in it, therefore, it is four tons. The research was becoming increasingly interesting, as I thought of ways to use this new mineral for military purposes. If the Lelergeiian could be harvested out of cannonballs made of Pietn mid-arc, then the cannonballs can drop and do an extreme amount of damage, while being easy to produce and fire. The Aqua Think Tanks were thinking of more uses for this miracle mineral.

We also began production on a new Aqua Vehicle, that will be dropped into battle by a special aircraft designed to carry it. We call it the Salvo-2, a vehiclethat carries weapons of mammoth proportions. In the back, it can fire 256 rockets in one time, and can be easily reloaded with reload crates carrying 64 rockets at a time. The middle would carry three missiles that would be assembled inside of the vehicle, and launched at will. The sides would carry two quad lasers on each side, while the middle-front would raise up and fire what we called the 'Apocolypse Cannon,' a 128 barreled gatling gun. It also had 4 barreled gatling guns on the lower front, with the dual cockpit on the top front.

This vehicle would take quite a while to build, but it would be well worth it.

Neo Emolga
11-21-2006, 07:05 PM
OOC: Pullin’ the Neo!

New Lilycove City, Hoenn

The DARK SF agents had made their way into Shinou as well. We didn’t have much from them yet, but the discovery here was that Team Aqua was preparing very largely military wise. We were convinced this was for some other malicious intent, but still, it wasn’t enough to reposition the accusations on Team Aqua, since it could still be for Team Rocket. We just needed to search deeper.

The problem here was that any severe action against Team Aqua at this point could be considered terrorism. Destroying key locations would have to wait until we had enough backing for the public that its destruction was justified. Again, all we needed was time and to search in the right places. However, DARK SF had reached into the thick of it.

Project Infinity was continuing on strong, with at least two of the medical workers at PharmCom thanking me for clearance, and that because of it, the project was becoming closer and closer to a reality, whatever the project was about. However, they stressed that they were confident in the biotechnology, and that the results had so far been quite a success with very outstanding results. A load of this stuff was also medical and scientific gibberish to me, still very vague as to what exactly they were doing.

The Twilight Seraph was making pretty decent steps, but it still required a lot of time before it could be completed. Regardless, I was just glad we had the Tier-8 Shepherds to have this technology with. We didn’t find this stuff in the old vaults, but salvaging it was working find enough as it was.

And finally, after a whole load of work, the DARK Takahashi and DARK Nishiyama were finally done and finished. Almost immediately, multiple Black Dasher jets flew aboard the two sea vessels until they were filled to capacity. Our defense was set…

Now we just needed to find what Team Aqua was up to, and give the public the reasons they needed to blame them instead of us. And with each passing second, we were drawing closer toward getting just what we needed…

11-21-2006, 07:20 PM
OOC: Ow, Sent, I'm entering Kanto. :P

Great Wall of Kanto,
Johto-Kanto Border.

Stashing the clothes and weapons in waterproof bags, we hugged the Great Wall after reaching it. There were no guards this close to the coast line, though the occasional light flash of a boat could be seen near the horizon. I think that we had a 50-50 chance to get on Kanto turf without getting spotted, though somehow, the odds depressed me.

Me and my men were hunkering for a bit of action, since we hadn't done anything but run from Aqua ever since we defected. Even though we weren't on Aqua's side, even the devil would bargain with the heavens when facing the same dilemma as we were.

Sent attacked us, marking us as Aquas, even when he knew we weren't. I disliked people like him. They spit on the individual, because they are too narrow-minded to see beyond the greater picture. Luckily my folks weren't alive to witness this chaotic mess. Adding immensely to my dissatisfaction, was the fact that I had actually started most of this.

That peace conference was only meant as a way to get on safe grounds, and inviting Aqua's biggest foes was a good plan. But, of course, the law of Murphy had to party crash on my parade. Those two nitwits, Sent and Isaiah, invited themselves over, giving flares off toward everyone telling shoot here!

Geez, damn this! I'll have them both pay, and I'll have that Delta Green stoolpidgeon for desert. Hmm... Frustration, anger, killing intent. I was looking more and more as a certain person. Ah, crap...

The Great Wall ended about a mile into the ocean, and curled around, heading back to coast, Kanto's coast. My group of soldiers swam swiftly through the tides in the midst of the night darkness. As soon as we got on the beach, we headed to toward the shelter of the forest. Grabbing the Rocket uniforms, we had a quick dress up, before we went out on a seek-and-destroy mission.


Lord Celebi
11-21-2006, 07:24 PM
OOC: You're going to find more hatred for Rocket in Shinou than DARK... Its pretty much for everyone to know that we're building our military to trounce Rocket, since we're at war with them currently.
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

Construction begun on the Seafang and Seathorn immediately after the tenth and final Abrams-2 Tank had been loaded upon the Seatooth, making it a successful project. Currently, frames were being laid out, as scientists were trying to affix Apocolypse Cannons onto the twin battleships, to make them more and more foreboding.

DARK had completed two more sea vessels, according to our satellite readings. They were sailing along with the other DARK Sea Vessel in the Hoenn Port, along with several jets. DARK had a bigger army than us, and I couldn't stand it. Although they weren't going to have Abrams-2s, Salvo-2s, or ONYX-2s, they still had a larger army. Although, its the more to tear up with my strong army.

The Salvo-2 production has begun. The project would take almost the entire Aqua Corps of Engineers. They were split into three teams. Team A assembled the explosives and weapons to be put onto the Salvo-2. Team B Created the actual vehicle. Team C created the parts for Team A and B. This setback both AMETHYST and ONYX-2 slightly, but not that much.

Tiantus had resumed work on Project AMETHYST with several other scientists. The base of the project had been constructed, while its small scale 'Crowning Achievement' was successful, and was being built in large scale. Although AMETHYST will not be completed until after or in the last throes of the Aqua-Rocket War, it could be used against DARK when I got and wipe them out.

ONYX-2 was also making great progress. The head had been finished and shipped to where the main body was being produced. It was carefully mounted on the armed skeleton, as they installed the chest brain, and began to troubleshoot the robotics. They were about to test the robot without armor, to make sure all weapons systems worked properly before applying armor.

Still no updates on the Pietn mineral, but Aqua Think Tanks were hard at work thinking of better uses for it...

11-21-2006, 07:51 PM
Ultima City
Level Three
Lucifer’s Room

“Zipolomatic Engine Programmed Hacking Yggdrasil Redundant. Or ZEPHYR for short,” started Javas back in my room. My room, besides being my lodging quarters, was also our workshop, laboratory and engineering room all in one. Not that the bossman knew about it. He knew about the engineering room due to our… status, but the small lab and workshop had to remain a secret. Somehow, Javas and I had managed to even start the making of an airplane in there, though we would have to bring it down sooner or later.

“That acronym hardly makes any sense,” growled a visibly annoyed Ifrit, “are you sure we’re on the right track?”

“Oui!” went the Sneasel once again, a hint of amusement here there. “Don’t ask me about the acronym; it was written there on the blueprints. I’m not so free to make up names for weapons n’ stuff, Monsieur.”

“Really,” muttered an unconvinced Houndoom under his breath, but didn’t elaborate further and let Javas continue his speech.

“Anyway,” continued the feline, “ZEPHYR. One of Aqua’s top weapons and most possibly top priority too, though I doubt it. They may have discovered our hacking and put a stop to it, or speed up construction, most likely the former, in any case. ZEPHYR is designed to be the world’s most efficient and deadliest computer bug and assault cannon.”

Lucied raised a paw. “Wait a minute,” he started, “how can something be a computer bug AND assault cannon? It hardly makes sense.”

“WE hardly make enough sense, Monsieur, so no need to comment on that,” Javas said as a response before turning back towards the slide. “But just so as to enlighten you: ZEPHYR is actually a tank, its controls and database inside which do the hacking. Omni sensors will be placed all around it, so once its close to any machinery, those sensors will scan and retrieve all data and information from it, not to mention wiping the said data clean from the said slate.”

“Okay, then,” I started this time. “So, how do we counter it?”

“Simple,” replied Javas, “We build something that keeps out radio waves, but that’s already been settled by Monsieur Bron himself. The entire base is already covered with klaxon and other alloyed metals which block out all transmission waves. That’s why we depend upon the antenna for transmission, but now it’s a big risk if things like this lil’ project gets onto the loose. We can’t anything about that, but we can counter the tank.”

“How?” all three voices asked at one. A familiar smirk crept upon Javas’s face once again as he switched slides to a picture of an airplane. It was small, sleek, and actually resembled the Hyper Tornado from those Sonic the Hedgehog shows I usually loved to watch. However, it was jet-black in color with glaring ivory white outlines and borders.

“I introduce to you… the DARK Tsukuyomi,” introduced the grinning Sneasel. “One of my best creations yet. Right now its downstairs, hidden from Monsieur Bron. Its about to be completed, and I intend to finish it by today before starting on a new weapon for Ultima City.”

“Which is?” asked Lucied, but Javas shook his head.

“Not yet,” said the Sneasel, “First off, that I’ll need Monsieur Krad’s approval. Anyway, let’s head down to the main lab, shall we?”


Neo Emolga
11-21-2006, 07:56 PM
New Lilycove City, Hoenn

The DARK SF agents had reported a high favoritism for Team Aqua’s activities, even with child labor, which was considered abusive in other regions.

We did pinpoint an enormous amount of war production activity, which under normal circumstances, seemed useless or unnecessary. Meanwhile, our standing was that our current production was for defense considering the recent outbreak of events. However, we still needed to understand the motive. Questions were asked, and people were being questioned as to why there was support for Team Aqua. The core part of it was for the war against Team Rocket in Kanto. The problem was, we didn’t know all the details, but we were going to see how it played out.

Meanwhile, we were 75% done with the completion of Phase 2. This was incredibly good news, as soon the disaster of the nuclear war would slowly fade into the past as our civilization arose from the wasted ashes like a phoenix. However, with this also in mind, the Orange Islands soon came under our surveillance. Right now, they were uninhabited, but there was evidence to prove that vegetation was slowly beginning to come back. With this in mind, I gave our operatives the go ahead to start the construction of new colonies on these islands, with the promise of “for a better future.” Unfortunately, the Orange Islands hadn’t prepared for the nuclear war and didn’t have the facilities for safe coverage. However, that didn’t mean it needed to end there. We would be the new beginning for the Orange Islands.

Project Infinity was reaching toward the final parts of the project. I had been told that testing on Pokémon had been an outstanding success, with zero fatalities. In all, fifteen Pokémon in total had been tested, all with successful results. Some troubleshooting was needed, but the diagnoses were easy on all accounts and were remedied. What they needed now… were humans. This, I had difficulty trying to figure out. What exactly were they doing, and if they were going to need human test subjects, that meant opening the doors to whatever they were doing. I figured that once anyone got on in the inside, there was no stepping out once they were done…

The frame of the DARK Twilight Seraph was complete. I could tell, this one going to be one heck of a hovercraft. For now, the hull needed a great amount of assembly as our metalworkers kept creating the pieced needed for the vessel. It was slow production, but in time, it would become more promising toward completion.

Sokot DLM managed to get its foot in the door when it came to progress, but again, it was a slowly but surely issue. Unlike our friends at PharmCom, this project was about trying to create shield generators, but it was difficult manipulating the protective aura element they needed. Not to mention the fact that if a craft used it, they wouldn’t be able to return fire. However, this was still being investigated.

Now, we were waiting on DARK SF. What did Team Aqua expect from us anyway?

Lord Celebi
11-21-2006, 08:14 PM
OOC: The support for child labor is because they are in safe, high paid jobs, where they're not even doing much manual work.
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

The frame for the two battleships, the Seafang and Seathorn had been laid out and assembled. These two ships will be quite stellar in warfare, and will also allow us to outnumber DARK's navy. I am curious, though, as to why DARK has any need for a military at this point. We're the only ones at war with Kanto, and we needed the biggest hammer we could get to crack their Blastoise shell. They weren't at war with anyone. I wondered why their public supported their arms build up.

From our satellite observations, Rocket hasn't built any new defenses recently. Kanto's hugeass energy net could be seen from space. The space photos make Kanto look like a prison, what with the walls and energy nets. We had thousands of these pictures printed up to be used on recruitment posters. The text under them read, "Why do we allow the Kanto Citizens to live in this prison?" So far, this recruitment strategy was working.

We had found another interesting thing on one of the satellites we had hacked. The satellite was taking pictures of Earth about 100 years ago, at the same time that the nukes had gone off. There were several pictures of Earth from space with multiple mushroom clouds going off. Realizing I could put these photos to good use, I also put these on recruitment posters. Under them, the text read, "Is this what Rocket wants?" In truth, both posters were propaganda, but the propaganda was working exceptionally well, as our troop numbers bulged.

In another part of the world, the Sevii Islands were starting to grow vegetation. We had sent Aqua scouts there some time ago, to see if the nation had survived the nuclear attack, and if they didn't, we could build on their land. The land was fertile, and that was good. We sent several squads of Aqua troops to the islands to begin production of facilities and to recolonize them.

The ONYX-2 project had slower down somewhat, but progress was still being made. The leg armor had been smithed successfully, and was about to be added to O2R-1. Afterwards, there would be testing of its mobility, and then the upperbody and arm armor would be smithed and applied. ONYX-2 continued to improve with each new discovery.

The Salvo-2 Project continued to get better and better. The frame of the vehicle had been laid out, and ready to have stuff added onto it. Currently, the missile storage was having its hull added to it, so that we could add out newly developed missiles to it. The Apoclypse Cannons were also being developed, although I'd have to wait a bit longer on those...

11-21-2006, 08:19 PM
OOC: Sent, I like you! You are far too kind. :crackup:

En route to Indigo Plateau,

With our new Rocket uniforms, it seemed to be a whole of a heck lot easier to get from A to B. At least, up until the last fifteen minutes, all was quiet. Trekking through the bushes, me and my men kept our eyes and ears open for anything unusual. Infrared goggles aided us in, though I trusted Holmes a bit more.

The Marill called Holmes looks almost like most of his kind, but his dark bluish appearance shows his affinity for the darker parts of the world. His eye sight might be weak, but it's completely backed up by his ears. He can hear a pin drop from across a distance greater than two miles.

Accustomed to the uncertainties that he faced before being captured by me, he doesn't get scared that fast, or act reckless in any way. Steadfast in body and mind is how I would characterize.

Up until now, Holmes had piggybacked on my backpack without saying a thing, but he somehow made a gentle ruckus as we drew close to Indigo Plateau. Since I didn't want to wast time, I brought out Columbo.

Columbo the Natu is probably my most awkward Pokémon. His ever closed eyes only open when he's positioned in absolute dire situations. The ability to sense anything directly threatening makes him a handy tool when negotiating with problem makers. However, when Columbo opens his eyes, he can see anything up with microscopical precision. Time seems to slow down accordingly, giving him the edge over whatever adversary he has facing him.

His feather pattern is ever changing according to his mood. This can give me subtle hints in situations where we can't use mental or verbal communication.

This wasn't one of these situations, so I had Columbo ask Holmes what he had heard. Suddenly the small bird turned to me, and began to speak into my mind.

"Holmes said that he can hear the beating against ground by gigantic metal objects, and the suction of something liquid and a lot of it," a clear voice said.

Okay, so they were either getting something out of the ground, or putting it back in. It couldn't be oil, so it had to be either an ore for some kind of metal or water. I rounded my men around me, and discussed what was found by my Pokémon.

We would check out what was happening at Indigo Plateau, and if it was something interesting... Who knew?


11-21-2006, 08:28 PM
Ultima City
Level Two
Main Laboratory/Workshop

As Javas said, the Tsukuyomi was indeed near completion. All it seemed to be missing were a few spare parts and a new paint job. Wasting no time, all four of us immediately hurried to complete this little task. Grabbing whatever we could, we got a sack of scrap metal back in my room for Ifrit to melt to his flames before Lucied knocked it into the desired shape with Iron Tail. The Sneasel himself did the cooling with a quick spine-chilling Icy Wind and then gave me the created metal to attach upon the ship. We patched the sides, the driver’s seat, and then the back before grabbing two pails of black metallic coating to cover the plane once again. The four of use finally looked at it with pride when we stepped back to look at our completed work.

“You sure do have taste there, Jav,” complimented the Mightyena, while Ifrit gave out a low whistle in admiration. Javas and I grinned towards each other, both covered in dirt and grime as the DARK Tsukuyomi stood before us. Indeed, the Sneasel had based it heavily upon the Hyper Tornado of Sonic X, making directions and control much more simple and easy. I took less than a minute for me to recognize the similar controls Javas had installed. He truly was a genius in his name.

As I climbed out from the completed plane, Javas then brought us to the garage and decided to show us the blueprints for the new weapon he had designed for Ultima itself. It was a sleek, single driver motorcycle, but it was different as the Sneasel pointed out additional things like retractable armor and nitrous oxide as the main fuel. Heck, it even had a set of small firers at the front. The controls could be automated or manually voiced (or typed), and it even had an extra hydromotor added for safety precaution.

“These good things will be the new generation of land rovers for DARK. I call them the DARK Ookami. Or Ookamis, if you wish to say it in plurals,” Javas introduced the vehicles to us. “Now this I’ll need Monsieur Bron’s approval first, but I’ve already managed to get a prototype put together. Its been working fine, but I guess a human could give it a run. After all, you guys are the ones using it,” the Sneasel finished with a playful wink and grin.

“You sayin’ something?” I asked, grabbing the helmet the Sneasel passed to me. With my bionic arm, I quickly put on the helmet, and much to my surprise could hear Javas voice rather clearly in there.

“Looks like you can hear me,” said Javas with a grin. “I’ve actually installed a communicator into these helmets, so it won’t be such a hassle now. Also, I’ll have to tell you a few things about these shiny new arms of ours… but that’ll come later. For now, test the Ookami.”

“Roger that, Javas,” I replied with a smile as I climbed aboard the vehicle. Grabbing the handle, I spoke into my helmet. “Ookami, initiate engines.”

“Confirmed,” came the computer generated voice as I felt the roaring of engines starting beneath me. Kicking the motor into action, I sped out into the open, the scenery nothing but flashes before my eyes. Concentrating hard, I decided on a spot to stop. “Computer, locate Agent Neo Winterfield.”

“Located,” it replied as the map showed on the small LCD screen in front of me. I looked. Apparently the Chiefster was somewhere in new Lillycove city. No problem. Commanding the computer to tone down the nitrous oxide, I soon reached the city, where I soon spotted the man in question. I switched to the hydrofuel as I entered the city; the engines of Ookami roaring almost like a true wolf as I neared the Chief.

“Hey, Chief!” I called from the edge of the street, “Long time no see!”


Lord Celebi
11-21-2006, 08:28 PM
AMS Deathwing - Navigations Room

The ONYX-2 Project continued to look better and better. The smithed legs had been attached to O2R-1, and were being tested currently, to see if it can still move as fast as it could when it was a skeleton. If not, the armor would have to be melted down, and the ONYX-2 project will have been a failure.

The Salvo-2 Project, however, was moving at a much faster pace that ONYX-2. The Missile Bay had been fully installed, and we were adding the mechanical missile assembler to it right now. The missiles were about 66% completed, and they were going to be finished quite soon. Although they're not nuclear warheads, they'll still be quite strong on the battlefield.

The Apoclypse Cannons have reached 40% completion. We recently ran out of pre-created barrels, so we're collecting more iron, steel, and now tin, to create more barrels for our three Apoclypse Guns. These better be worth it, like my Think Tanks have theroyized, or heads are going to fly.

Meanwhile, Tiantus approached me, "Sir, Good news."

"What?" I asked, setting down my clipboard.

"The DARK operative that hacked the Deathwing is no more. When I added the new security to the Deathwing, I opened a small hole in the firewall and allowed temporary access to a few files to the operative," Tiantus said.

"Why?" I asked, clutching my sword.

"Because," Tiantus smiled evily, "All the files were ridden with viruses. He retrieved plans for a bogus Aqua project, called ZEPHYR. It was ridden with so many viruses and worms, I lost count. Essentially, his computer is toast, and the viruses and worms will travel all over any networks he's on, and will send themselves in e-mails to everyone in his address book called 'Secret Aqua Plans.' As soon as they recieve the e-mails, their computers are toast too!"

"Meaning," I said, letting go of my sword, "If the guy is on Ultima City's network..." I said deducing, "We've just killed Ultima City."


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11-21-2006, 08:42 PM
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Ultima City
Level Three
Lucifer’s Room

“Damn,” swore Javas as he pounded onto the computer table. “A bogus, eh? Luckily our computer’s a private sector. Only our files will be corrupted. Not to mention I have a spare copy of everything. And too bad for you, but you Aquas have been outwitted by a Sneasel. I’ve sent a little present for you too,” he muttered with a smirk. “Hope you guys have a merry X’mas and a Happy New Year. It beats to be on private at times.”

Besides the Sneasel, a screen flashed the following details.

Codename: Bug NRY-13
Type: Virus
Method: Spying and Elminating all Aqua files
Location: Aqua Deathwing

New Lillycove City

Not much had changed since I last came. Well, besides the fact that it WAS a new city, not much was different than the old Lillycove. My mind reeled back to the past as I recalled my times with the Wild Geese. It was that day when I met him…

“Monsieur!” called out Javas as he chased after a man in front of us. He was young man, but had somehow impressed the Sneasel with his feat of repairing a machine in five minutes. And when you’ve impressed Javas, you might as well impressed the world.

“Wait, Javas!” I called as I chased after the clambering Sneasel, the tail of my cloak flapping helplessly as I struggled to keep up with the feline. Javas ducked, whirled and dodged as I sped up, only to fall rather painfully when I tripped. “Ow…”

“You alright?” asked a sudden voice. I spun around to see that same man Javas was chasing!

“Umm… yeah,” I replied awkwardly as I got up and brushed myself. Javas bounded back to me, eyes shining in awe towards the man. I sweatdropped, gave a small cough and said. “Well, thanks for your help. I’m Lucifer Leonheart.” I introduced myself, raising a hand for a handshake.

“Neo Winterfield,” he said with a smile as he shook my hand.


11-21-2006, 08:44 PM
OOC: rust... you phail. Not only for copying my signature move from WAR season V, but also because you copied my Ichimaru Gin catch phrase: 'Buh-Bye.'

Indigo Plateau,

We could hear the loud bangs of metal bashing on earth and metal clearly, ringing like mad in our ears, as we approached the old Victory Hall. Rocket's were scattered like ants everywhere we looked, trying to protect something. That always made people interested enough to snoop and jump on the bandwagon.

"Bullshot, take two and shoot everyone down carrying a gun or knife. If you don't know what they're carrying, wound them and make them talk. Use encryption MD5 and maintain contact."

We split up in two even groups, and sneaked around the sides. Trying as quietly as we could, we got up to about a yard to the fence. Infrared vision showed us enough trouble. There were Rocketeers in guard towers, Rocketeers patrolling outside and inside the fenced area. Forming a battle plan across the radio, we decided to first take down the guard towers with silenced sniper rifles. Next would be the guards on the outside, who would be lured by our Pokémon into the forest. Then an coordinated assault would finish off the remaining men inside. We agreed to spare as many civilians as we could, so that we could actually find out what the hell they were mining here.

I crawled into a tree, after getting my sniper rifle, and assembling it. My breathing was a bit hard to control, since the branch wasn't sitting all that comfortable. The Rocketeer on the western tower was my prey. Lining up my shot, I got accustomed to the up and down rhythm of my breathing. A soft pop reverberated as the rapidly decompressed air in the barrel shot off the bullet right in a collision course with the Rocketeers neck artery. Instant death; quick, clean, silenced.

All the other guards in the towers were being hit one by one. All fell unnoticeable in their towers, without alerting any of the other guards. The night protected me like a warm blanket.


Neo Emolga
11-21-2006, 08:54 PM
New Lilycove City, Hoenn

DARK SF agents had reported on various propaganda they had discovered as a recruitment tactic in the war against Team Rocket, many of them depicting Kanto to be like a prison with the energy barrier that was surrounding the area. Others were of nuclear war catastrophe, again, pointing blame at Team Rocket. However, the interesting element of the situation was, they weren’t very informative. To me, it looked like they had overblown one act of violence into being something that… might not have been the total truth. It was the same as unleashing the death penalty on someone for breaking another person’s arm. Team Rocket attacked one ship, and to me, it seemed excessive to lay such a massive siege to all of Kanto for that one action. We were looking at a lot of civilian deaths for something that was out of their control. If that’s what it really reached into, it could be used against Team Aqua as being extremely radical in actions.

Phase 2 met the 80% mark. Rustboro no longer had ripped up skyscrapers and ruins hanging above the city life that was there now. The metals were preserved, and instead turned into new buildings. It was true that Rustboro was considerably smaller than before, but again, these were the new seeds of a city trying to grow back to its former glory.

Major areas in the Orange Islands had bee settled on, and new colonies were being build that could be self-sufficient. Again, it was starting with the same technological resources that we started New Lilycove City as, back during the times of The Hub.

The DARK Twilight Seraph was in the beginning stages of construction, but it was coming along. I thought after all these years, my patience would have been shot to hell, but still, it was better to have this thing done well than to screw it up. Again, it was the same deal with the Sokot DLM project. Slow going, but hopefully in time they could work these crazy things out…

Test subjects for Project Infinity were low. Signing off on Pokémon testing was one thing, this was another, even though I cared as much for Pokémon as anyone with a sane mind would. Still though, if they were never going to get human test subjects, they were never going to be able to finish off the project. So, after some thinking about it, I decided to go for it myself, not even sure what this was going to lead to. Still though, very few people knew of Project Infinity, and certainly not people that were willing to do this kind of thing.

I made plans to head to Rustboro soon enough. Thankfully, I had this nice new Tier-8 Shepherd to do it with…

I was just about to leave before I had seen Lucifer Leonheart. I had been a while since I last saw him.

“Hey, Chief!” He called out to me, “Long time no see!”

“Yeah, it’s been a while.” I told him, kind of exhausted from all this crazy overseeing, “It’s been busy as hell here though. Project this and that, and something being built over here, but the combined effort really paid off.”

However, I heard an ominous beeping, coming from… this unorganized PDA I barely ever used. I opened it up and it seemed to be of high priority. Meanwhile… this damn radio again. I turned it on and there was someone whining on the other line to me…

“Winterfield!” The voice shouted, “Some viral presence was detected in Ultima City network! Seems like a major infection ready to be unleashed!”


“Jenkins, shut up, sit down, relax.” I told him, wondering what was wrong with this guy, “What’s the source of the infestation?”

“Reports coming from terminal LST-2, issued to a… Lucifer Leonheart.”

I sighed…

“Lu, the next time you go hacking, tell your computer to wear a condom…” I told him, rolling my eyes.

Anyway, I got back to the situation at hand.

“Anyway, Jenkins, have the files spread around yet?” I asked him, wondering what the status was.

“It’s only a matter of time before the files are downloaded!” Jenkins wined again.

I sighed again, dropping my eyelids in boredom…

“Jenkins, stop making like an ass and just disconnect LST-2 from the WAN network.” I told him, knowing more IT than this little Sandshrew knew, “It will kill the DL process, and uncompleted fragments of the malicious files aren’t going to do anything. After that, convert the fragments into a different file type to invalidate the data, and delete. There you go, problem solved.”

After a few minutes of Jenkins typing like a fanatical madman, he finally got back to me.

“Okay, it looks like it was contained!” He shouted with excitement, “Except that… uh, Lucifer is going to need a new computer.”

“Easily done.” I told him, “And Jenkins…”

“Yes sir…?”

“Stop being so bloody emo all the time.”

I then hung up the radio. Bloody idiotic IT morons…

OOC: Oh for the love of f**k, how the hell do you guys type that out so fast?

11-21-2006, 09:14 PM
New Lillycove City

“Yeah, it’s been a while.” Chief started as a greeting, obviously rather bushed by all the work he had so far, “It’s been busy as hell here though. Project this and that, and something being built over here, but the combined effort really paid off.”

However, before I could respond, his PDA rang and an all to familiar voice shouted out to me. One that Javas was quite fed up with, to put it nicely. “Winterfield!” The voice shouted, “Some viral presence was detected in Ultima City network! Seems like a major infection ready to be unleashed!”


“Jenkins, shut up, sit down, relax.” Chief told him, looking visibly annoyed by that poor man, “What’s the source of the infestation?”

“Reports coming from terminal LST-2, issued to a… Lucifer Leonheart.”

The Chief sighed. I sweatdropped. Looks like Aqua got the better of us this time…

“Lu, the next time you go hacking, tell your computer to wear a condom…” he told me while rolling his eyes.

”Whoops. Apologies, Chief,” I said, wincing a little, not really wishing to tell him that I had hacked Aqua files. Looks like he never caught my debut into the radio… then again, Javas must have long found out about that virus. Luckily he bargained for a private sector. Things would have been disastrous otherwise…

Chief quickly rectified the problem at hand, and then hung up, muttering something about ‘Idiotic IT morons’. I sweatdropped. Looks like things got a little troublesome this time too…

“Anyway, Chief,” I continued, “What’s the hub-hub about? I got wind of this ‘Project Infinity’ from a certain compatriot of mine. What’s it about, then?” I asked curiously. Javas didn’t really wish to tell me about it, and I guessed the Chiefster should know; after all, he was one of the three head honchos…


11-21-2006, 09:24 PM
OOC: It's called having no life. Probably last RP post of the day, don't want Sent to have such a drag. :P

Indigo Plateau,

Tower guards down, two more sets to go. I climbed down from the tree and regrouped with the other two crew members. Checking what kind of Pokémon we had on us, we chose my Kudou, and two other easily found creatures, and sent them to lure the guards into the forest. The deal was no gun shots, since we wanted to save as much ammo as we could.

I always took my Growlithe, Kudou everywhere I went. I got him from my father, before he passed away. Kudou has an amazing sense of smell, and he can hear sounds second best to Holmes.

His grayish manes stand atop of his head, making him look wiser and more fierce to any opponent he may face. His loyalty doesn't waver even in the most hopeless situation, and his courage gives all around him a boost.

Kudou walked toward one of those outside fence guards, and barked softly at him. When the Rocketeer approached him, his bark turned into a wail, and he ran quickly back into the forest, where I was waiting for that fool. I was crouched behind a bush, unable to be seen by the Rocketeer, though Kudou could sniff my scent.

As the guy walked behind Kudou, he passed me, and I got up, stepped out from behind the bushes and tiptoed toward his back. Grabbing my knife with my left hand, I passed it along to my right, and held it out parallel to my hand.

I grabbed the guy from behind, my hand in front of his mouth, and tilted his head sideways to the right, so I could slice his neck artery better. I slit it through all the way from the left to the right, tilting his head so that I could have a better cut.

Three seconds later, the fool was gurgling air and blood on the ground, before it all ended with a sudden spasm. I cleaned my knife, grabbed his gun and ammo, and recalled Kudou. Time for the sudden strike!


11-21-2006, 09:52 PM
OOC: I need to get my land legs here. This is probably one of my most messiest posts yet, being as only really skimmed what I needed here. If I messed up, inform me. I have only the general idea of what happened here.

Olivine Harbor

What just happened...?

Dentelle collected herself and strode over to the harbor. She looked down in her hand, examining the detonator. Oh, this baby had to be powerful. In one click she'd be able to blow up Deathwing, or at least some of it. She didn't know exactly how it'd work, but it's prove to make a nice firework show. It was small, almost like a little box. It looked exactly as it should've. The moment came back to mind.

"Hmm, interesting," Arlene mumbled, going over Dentelle's offer. "I think I want to know a bit more on that generator, though it's perfectly okay if you don't respond." She looked at the girl herself.

When the confident girl was about to speak, Lear took another go. "I'm not here to be treated as a refugee. What I want is a place for me and my crew to live in peace on solid ground. I'd appreciate it if you could manage that for me."

"We can treat you and your crew like respectful individuals," Dentelle sat back down and relaxed. "I already do as of now, so it shouldn't be hard." Den winked, trying to lift the mood some.

"I see..." Lear replied.

After some more talking and listening, Sent hurriedly rushed out of the room. News of rockets from Aqua sprung on them, just as the representatives did from their seats. They all dashed outside to spot the rockets coming towards us. Dentelle didn't hesitate in panicking, as she paced around. In sheer stupidity she tripped on a rock and her communicator flew out of her pocket. She then realised that someone from DARK was trying to communicate with her earlier...

From no where the missile that'd save their lives zoomed in and countered the rockets. Rocket, rockets, same difference, they were going to try and hurt them, right? Then Dentelled noticed... It was a missile from DARK...!

Minutes after the explosives impacted, Dentelle looked up to see an outstretched hand. It was Lear.

"Thank you," the ex-Captain said. "Your friends saved all our hides from Aqua. In the meanwhile, how bad this sounds, I'll need to return the favor to Rocket, since they tried to blow up my ship. This might seem like helping Aqua, but I never leave a bill unpaid." With her help, the Den was finally able to stand on her own. Out of instinct, the brunette was going to ask 'what for?', until she remembered what Bron had done with the missile. She knew there was no such thing as a peace meeting.

"I'll remember to say that to him the next time I see him," she replied softly, clicking the communicator on her wrist. Unable to get a proper signal with DARK's radio station, Dentelle sighed and looked over to Spencer and his party, pleased to see that they looked alright. Well, at least from what she could see.

The girl was brought out of her thoughts when a small box was handed to her. "Here, you two keep these remotes, while I go do something about those Rocketeers," Lear informed the duo.

Just as Dentelle thought, Spencer had gotten one, too. She was, in fact, very pleased that Rocket didn't get one. Spencer was a much more reliable person. Even though Lear was probably deciding between the girl and Sent Reglay in the first place. She wiped her brow and fell to her knees. The poor girl was exhausted and slightly lost on what had happened in the past hour or so. Peace meeting. Rocket...? Missile...? She didn't know exactly what happened, but she knew enough. It was Aqua who had tried to put the conference in harm. Namely, rust.

Little Dentelle was snapped out of her thoughts again to see Lear and Bullshot boarding a ship, waving farwell. She jumped up and waved enthustiacally."It was very nice to meet you two! I hope I can see you both again," Dentelle shouted. "Be well and good luck!"

She sighed. 'What a cute couple...'

Dentelle shook her head in frustration. Still standing in Olivine Harbor, a detonator to Deathwing resting in her palm, she began to think of where to continue. Remembering Spencer, she turned around to see what he had in mind...

OOC: Yes, Dentelle thinks Lear and Bullshot are a couple. XD