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11-04-2006, 08:38 PM
There has only been one hotel that can match the needs of the best pokemon trainer.There's only one hotel who can match the needs of any pokemon that comes in.There is only one hotel that holds a deadly secret,but what is it.
Trainers have been accepted into a tournamnet.How ever they need a place to stay,so the most recognized hotel,Kyogore Inn,has agreeded to let the trainers stay there.Why are they so generous when a room usually costs a million dollars a night.So a team of double agents sent by Sienta Corp were sent to investigate.

The agents found out that the hotel was working with Team Rocket,so the trainers had to put their skills to the test when they pose as Team Rocket grunts in the training academy.Little do they know that Team Rocket is holding a secret so devestating,it would shock the universe.The question is,do you want to find out what that secret is.

sign up like this-
sex-(male or female)
looks-(you characters looks)
personality-(how the character acts)

my sign up-
name-Ken Sienta
looks-Simply a white t and jeans.A black open shirt.Black shoulder length hair and blue eyes.He's 5 foot 9 and weighs 135 pounds.
personality-laid back and almost never serious.A determined trainer who doesn't quit until the mission is complete
other-He's the son of the owner of Sienta Corp.

This is not the sequal to my other rp.(just so people in my other rp know)
This rp is violent and it's hopefully going to be suspensful.Hope you jon.

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