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11-04-2006, 10:12 PM

To participate in this role playing game, you must follow these rules:

1. No super powers please.
2. Don't swear.

Due to technical dificulties, this has been erased. I'll have it back up later.-_-

11-12-2006, 03:55 PM
Name: Tygiras Hanal(Tygra)
Age: 16
Stone: Dragon
Appearance: Has blond hair, turning black like his dads, blue eyes, wears a white shirt and white pants and a silver hooded cloak, has a scar near his right ear.
Personality: He is quick to anger and dose not hide his emotions, but he can control his anger to some extent
History: He was a hero in his region for saveing them from the legendaries of power. When he desided to travel through the other regions he never guessed how hard it would be, he has come to the second region on his travels and was keen to begin the journey when he found the dragon stone.
RP sample:http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25477 its not much but it will give you an idea
Other: nothing yet
I made a mistake! Instead of legendary put pokemon.OxO

11-12-2006, 07:05 PM
Name: Kira Sanchassio
Age: 13
Stone: Memory Stone
Appearance: Kira is fair-skinned and rather short for her age.Glistening dark brown hair steals down to the middle of her back, normally clad in a light sweater. Long, velvety pants usually adorn her thin legs, matching the sweater. Deep, hazel eyes dance about with reflecting light, interested in things around them. Tennis shoes can usually be found on her feet. She owns many colors of tennis shoes, if you could believe it, to match with the rest of her outfit. Many different headbands, too, can be put in her hair for when she is wearing blue, pink, green, or many other colors.
Personality: Kira is an introvert, keeping mostly to herself. Yet she is a strong leader, and cares about her pokemon. If anyone got hurt, she would be right there to help them. Kira is a fierce battler so far but doesn't go around asking for a fight. Very loyal, she will stick by her friends through thick and thin, helping in whatever way she can. She loves adventure, thus starting her training career.
History: Kira went through many things in her life. Her parents wanted everything for her. They wanted her to have a great education and grow up to be a docter, not a trainer. Kira had different plans, even though she kept them to herself. She was sent to a private school for fast learners, which she definately was. After attending that school for four or five years her parents tried to home school Kira in the art of doctering. She learned a lot and even helped her Grandma out when she was sick. But, as she neared 13, she confessed that she didn't want to be a docter; that she wanted to be a trainer instead. They discussed among themselves for quite a while and Kira wasn't sure when they would come to a desicion. Finally, on her birthday, they told her they had made up their minds, that they were going to let Kira start her trainer's career the next day.
Pokemon: Torchic
RP sample: Kira bit her lip. What were they saying? She was just passing by her parent's door when she heard the low murmur of their discussion. At least they weren't yelling. Now that she thought about it, though, she didn't remember a single time that she heard her parents yell. They could now, though. Now that they know I don't want to be a docter, but instead a trainer. She thought. Her mind went over what little she knew about the situation. About how they were so set on making her into a little docter just like them. How stunned their expressions were when she announced that she wanted all along to be a trainer. How they questioned her about why she hadn't told them before. But right now she wanted to know the answer. Were they going to let her be a trainer? She would turn 13 the next day as she was itching to know. Once she was 13 she would have more control over her life than now, being at the age of 12. She hoped dearly that they would make up their minds soon, and same her from her desperate wonderings.

11-14-2006, 12:12 AM
Itilan, your pending, because of a few things: for one, add paragraghing inbetween each catagory. Second, add more to your appearance, personality, and history. Third, every player is supposed to just be starting they're journey. Last tell me about your pokemon. But that's okay. It takes time to finish a form.

aoboco, your form is pending also. Remember to paragragh between the catagories! Also tell me about your Torchic. Great job, both of you. ^_^