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11-05-2006, 08:01 PM

A new roleplay here at Pokemon Elite 2000. It's a roleplay like no other...


Two mysterious Fossil Maniacs trudged endlessley through the raging sandstrom.
"Kent." said the first fossil maniac.
The other manian looked at him. "What do you want, Ben?"
"We should've brought our go-goggles." Ben said quickly.
Kent nodded, and rolled up the sleeves on his jacket.
"Hey Kent!" Kent heard Ben yell. Kent stomped over to where Ben was standing.
"Kent, look!" Ben said eagerly. Kent pushed his sweaty brown hair away from his face and looked down. There, he saw two fossils resting in the sand. Each of them seemed to be in perfect condition.
"What are you waiting for, Ben? Take them and go!" Kent stomped his foot.
"If I take one, the other's gonna sink into the sand!" Ben said.
"What? Take that one then!" He pointed to the larger one.
Ben picked it up and ran. THe other drowned into the sand.

The two maniacs ran off, not stopping until they hit rustburo.

"Alright, everyone at Devon Goods! Who's the guy that makes these fossils come to life?" Kent yelled. The employees at Devon Goods screamed and pointed to a small man sitting at his computer. The man covered his face.

"Make this alive." Ben said. He dropped the fossil on the Man's keyboard.
"Y-yes sir." the man said. He started the process, and the maniacs waited, until the fossil started glowing, and changing shape. They stared, and say that it had turned into Lileep, an ancient pokemon rumored to be extinct. Ben grabbed the pokemon and ran off, and that was the last anyone ever saw of Lileep.

One little Oddish happened to find out that the maniacs were planning to use Lileep's power to destroy the world, and spread the word to all of his pokemon friends.

Now, the pokemon of Hoenn's main regions must get to sootopolis, where the maniacs are hiding in the cave of origin.

The pokemon heroes gathered in Rustboro, and are now making their way to Sootopolis.

Will you join them?


This form must be fille dout correctly. Please make your character a Hoenn region pokemon, but not one found in Sootopolis for obvious reasons. We are starting in Rustboro, where the escape happened.

Fill ou this form:
Character Name:
Pokemon (is it a pikachu? a gulpin, or whatever!):
Description (sprites are OK)
Roleplay Sample:

I will post the form a bit later, don't worry.