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06-17-2004, 03:24 AM
Another Year at Hogwarts

Description: It’s Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts, and everything seems to be going good! Lupin learned how to control his transformation, he’s back as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Harry’s gotten over Cho. The best thing of all though is that there is no sign of Voldemort! But then, near the end of the year, at the Christmas Feast, signs start to show up. Dementors are once again at Hogwarts, this time looking for, you guessed it, Voldemort himself! Read to find out more signs!

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance

Setting: Starts at Platform 9 ¾ on November 10th. That’s not the real date Hogwarts starts, but oh well, this is fan fiction.

Chapter 1: Professor Lupin

Harry rushes through the barrier after Hermione and Ron. He goes through the gray brick wall, and ends up on the other side, right next to Hermione. Ron was right in front of them. They eyed the red and black Hogwarts train once again, for the 11th time. 1st at the beginning of the first year, and at the end of the first year. 3rd at the beginning of the second year, and at the end of the second year. 5th at the beginning of the third year, and etc. until now. They quickly got on.

“I wander who our Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher is going to be this year,” said Harry.

“It’s Lupin,” Hermione answered.

“Lupin?” questioned Ron.

“Yeah, he became an Animagus, being able to control his transformation. Then he re-applied, and now he’s back,” said Hermione.

A/N: Umm, yeah, that was just a short introduction chapter. The next one will be longer.