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06-18-2004, 04:38 PM
(Yes, the spelling error is intended.)
I was going through my old files on comp and I found a story that I wrote in October. Thing is, I thought my computer deleted it so I never posted it. XD
Oh well, here it is. Kind of sucky but what have I got to lose by posting it?
Skared For Life

I peered out my bedroom window and gazed at the seven o’clock sky. It was a mysterious site to behold, the moon was full and it seemed that every star in the universe had revealed itself from behind the navy blue blanket of sky. Each one glistened in the distance, showing off iridescent sparkles every now and again. Yes, this was surely a perfect night for Halloween.

I was very excited about this year, though; it was to be special. For the past three years I had been stuck escorting my little cousin out to trick or treat but not this year, this year I was finally going to have a normal teenage Halloween with normal teenage activities.
I shifted my eyes from the autumn sky over to my mirror in which I was using to prepare for tonight before my attention was overtaken by daydreams.

“Andi, please tell me you’re not wearing that outfit to the party.” came Christy’s voice from behind me.
I peeked around to see my best friend in a rather short, maroon dress that was way too tight with matching high heels. I also noticed that she had overdone her make up as usual and the springy curls in her sandy blonde hair let me know that it had just been put through the curling iron.

“Yes, I am, Christy. It is after all a costume party,” I replied as I rolled my eyes and then gazed back into the mirror.
My face was unblemished unlike Christy’s. I didn’t think make up was that big of a deal, especially in a witch costume. I stood up and placed a black pointed hat on top of my wavy brown hair as I twirled around.

“How do I look?” I joked.

“Like you’re going trick or treating,” said Christy in a low, mature voice.
“You know everyone at the party’s going to be dressed up.” I told her but she responded by merely putting on more crimson lipstick and smacking her lips together in front of her miniature mirror.

“Well, all the children anyway…” she smirked and then walked off out of my room.

I started to follow suit but just as I was about put one foot out of my bedroom doorway, I heard sounds coming from my bed. I looked over and saw three bright lights explode into the darkness of my room.

“Gengar!” shouted my Ghost Pokemon as it soared across the room, leaving it’s ball behind on the bed. Two more figures slowly stepped forward; I quickly recognized them as Houndoom and Banette, a couple of my other Pokemon.

“Heh, what do you guys want? I have to go in a sec.” I told them kindly.
They all crowded in around me and made pleading noises and sad faces. I thought this was rather humorous because of the monstrous reputation each of them held.

“What is it?” I asked but then it hit me, “Oh! You guys want to come too?” I suggested and each of them nodded vigorously in excitement.

I had forgotten that Halloween was like Christmas to a Ghost or Dark type Pokemon; they loved to get out and make harmless mischief on this night and I knew it wouldn’t be fair for me to deny them this pleasure; it was after all their instinct and nature to do such things.

“Alright, you guys can come and after the party we’ll go somewhere and you can scare all you want.” I said while grinning.
They all made a sound of agreement and retreated to their Pokeballs once again.

I walked over to pick them up but then realized, I’d better take the other three as well just to be fair so I picked up the few extra Pokeballs containing Breloom, Glailie, and Salamence and placed them on my belt that was hidden by my cloak along with the other three.

“What took you so long?” asked Christy as I finally made my way down stairs and over to the front door.

“My Pokemon,” I replied.

“Whatever, can we go now? Come on!” Christy pulled me out the door by my arm and I barely had enough time to shout a goodbye to my parents.

“You’re taking this way too seriously.” I told Christy as we came to her car. The sleekness of her royal blue Mazda informed me that she has just waxed it. How far would she go to make this night perfect?

“No, I’m not. It’s important to make a good impression on all the guys and a high school Halloween party is just the social event I need.” she said with a smile.

“I think you take that too seriously as well. Ya know, you’re such an average cheerleader.” I joked as I buckled my seatbelt.

“Yeah, and you’re the perfect goth. Now let’s just get this perfect night started,” said Christy as she squalled the tires out of my driveway. She and I were exact opposites, I guess that’s what made us such good friends as strange at it seems.

I looked out my window and started to daydream when I noticed how fast everything was going by. I looked over at the speedometer only to find that we were going seventy miles per hour on a two lane road!
“Christy! Slow down, don’t you know there’s like a million cops out tonight?” I yelled but she just tossed her hair back and laughed.

“You’ve got to live a little,” she smirked.

“Yes, this would be loads of fun if it wasn’t the most dangerous night of the year, you idiot!” I yelled back.

With only a laugh from Christy, I sat back in my seat and gave out a low sigh. I decided to make the best of this so I reached up to turn on the radio.

“AHHHHHH!” I heard Christy’s high pitched scream about the time I had turned the knob. She then slammed on the breaks as hard as she could.

“What is it?” I asked, hectically and she just pointed to the road ahead
I peered up and saw a small purple silhouette right in front of the car. There’s no way she could stop in time!

The car skidded towards the mysterious shade, getting closer and closer. Christy finally saw that she couldn’t avoid it and tried to swerve but to no avail. We covered our faces and prepared for the impact but to our surprise, the figure went through the car! It seemed to happen in slow motion, it went right by our heads and out the back window.

“Saaaai,” I heard it whisper and that sound lingered on even after it phased through the back window.

“W-What was that?” asked Christy in a nervous voice that was muffled by her hand still over her face.

I didn’t answer but instead peeked around at the back window. Nothing was there, no trace that anything had even touched the glass.
Christy and I exited the car with care and looked around but couldn’t find anything whatsoever. It was as if whatever it was just disappeared off the face of the earth.

“Wanna go eighty and see what happens?” I suggested in a sarcastic voice.

“Ok, that freaked me out!” said Christy in a panic.

“Yeah it was a little weird but you’ve gotta admit, it was cool.” I told her with a smile. She just looked up and rolled her eyes.

“You are the only one that would see it that way. I swear, you’re like Elvira or something,” she exclaimed and then moved over to lean on the side of the car. I could tell she was shaken up pretty badly.

“Ok look, you’re in no condition to drive, just get in and I’ll take over from here,” I told her. She then nodded in agreement and slowly sat down in the passenger side seat. Just as she closed her door, a raw egg slammed into her window with immense force.

“Ahh!” she gave another high pitched wail only much shorter than the previous.

I looked around, trying to find the culprit behind the egg throwing. I knew that for it to hit as hard as it did, the egg had to be thrown from close range.

“I bet you five bucks it’s Russell and Drew,” said Christy while trying calm her nerves.

Just after she spoke, I heard laughter coming from the bushes to my right. I slowly detached the first Pokeball on my belt and brought it up to my mouth.

“Alright Gengar, here’s your first chance to have some fun. You know what to do.” I whispered.

I gradually moved my hand, containing the ball, behind my back to hide the white light that was to come. I felt a slight vibration and then a gust of cold air as my Gengar glided by, using a technique that all ghost Pokemon have, the ability to become invisible. The faint cackling in the shrubs could still be heard but it soon turned into screams when Gengar sneaked up behind the troublemakers and revealed it’s true form with an assortment of noises and scary faces, not up to his usual potential but an effective way to get the perpetrators out of hiding all the same.

Seconds later, two figures in dark clothes and capes came stumbling out onto the street and I quickly realized that I owed Christy five dollars. It was, indeed, Russell Davis and Drew Campbell, the two most annoying creeps at school.

“Why’d you go and do that for?” asked Drew.

“Because payback is sweet.” I replied with a sneer. Christy made a small giggle, I could tell she was getting over her panic attack.

The two boys stood up and dusted themselves off. I noticed they had raw eggs all over their knees which made me snicker a little bit.

06-18-2004, 04:40 PM
“So, going as a witch and a... prostitute?” asked Russell as his eyes swayed from me to Christy. Drew laughed at his colleague’s assumption.

“Dorks!” splurged Christy.

“No, actually, we’re going as vampires, not dorks.” Russell replied, making a hissing sound and showing his fake fangs while doing so.
Gengar suddenly appeared right in front of the two boys and stuck out his oversized tongue at them, making them fall backwards onto the pavement. It seemed he always knew the right time to strike.

“Will you get that thing away from me?” yelled Drew, getting up yet again.

“Whatever, Gengar, come on back. You can have fun with them later.”

Gegnar returned to its ball with an evil grin on its face, he knew he hadn’t seen the last of those two clowns.

“Well, we’ve got to go.” I announced as I seated myself in the driver’s seat.

“Hey umm… We need a ride too actually… Do ya think you could use the company?” asked Russell.

“NO! There is no way they’re getting into my car!” shouted Christy.

“Awww, c’mon, Christy, you know you love us,” smirked Russell.

“Please don’t make me puke,” replied Christy in a serious tone.

“Let’s just take ‘em. We’ll be at the school in ten minutes anyway, it’s not like we have to be in their presents for all eternity.” I told her.

Christy sat there for a minute and then finally made a long sigh.
“Fine! Get in but if you so much as get one grain of the dirt that you two are made of on the interior of this car, I will personally pluck your eyeballs out with a fork,” said Christy, folding her arms.

Russell and Drew slapped each other a high five and then climbed into the backseat.

The rest of the ride went pretty smoothly except for the occasional belch from one of the boys which discussed Christy beyond belief.

“Yes! We’re finally here. I don’t think I could stand one more minute with you two,” said Christy as we entered the high school parking lot which was surprisingly not that crowded. We walked up the stone steps of the two story brick building and on into the hallway. There, we took the second door on our right into the gym, where the party was to be held.

“Wow, I expected there to be more people here,” I said as we walked inside.

“Oh well, at least Jason’s here, that’s all I care about,” said Christy, walking across the room towards a boy in a letterman’s jacket.

It was Jason Thomas, the one guy that Christy favored and with good reason, he was the star running back for the football team and nature didn’t do him to bad in the looks department either. All in all, he was the dream date of all the high school girls except the ones that didn’t give a crap, like me. I looked at him as an average guy with a way above average ego.

“We’re gonna go spike the punch bowel,” Drew informed me.

“Since you gave us a ride, we decided to give you a fair warning,’ added Russell.

“Ummm… Thanks.” I replied and they shot of like a dart towards the concessions table.

I glanced over at Christy to see her flirting with Jason along with several other girls. He impressed them by twirling a Pokeball on his finger and bragging about how many battles he’d won in the past. I let out a sigh while walking across the glossy gym floor to set down on the bleachers. I didn’t see what was so great about this party. Was this the only thing I had missed all those years? To see couples dancing in obscene costumes and hear ear piercing music for four hours was all there was to the thing that I had longed for years to experience? This might’ve been a pessimistic way of thinking but it was true. I mean the only thing I had to half way look forward to was to see nerds get drunk on punch.

“Hey,” came Russell’s voice as he sat down beside me, “Not having a good time ‘eh?” he asked.

“Is it that obvious?” I replied.

“Well, this year’s party is a little lame but I know why,” said Russell with a slightly important look on his face.

“Really? Why?” I asked.

“Because that haunted forest thing just opened up two nights ago and this is its first year running. Everyone’s gone to do that instead of coming to the same lame party that they’ve attended before,” he explained.

“Ok, so why don’t we ditch this place and go there as well?” I suggested.

“Yeah, I guess. I know Drew’ll be up for it but what about Christy?” he asked.

“Nevermind about Christy, I’ll convince her but I’ll probably have to drag her out of here attached to Jason,” I joked and then walked off towards Christy.

“Christy, time to go,” I told her in a nicer than usual voice.

“No, it’s not,” she said through gritted teeth.

I then took her by the arm, pulled her aside, and told her about the haunted forest.

“But he just gave me the first three digits of his cell phone number! I’m so close to getting a date with him!” she said, excitedly.

I simply shook my head.

“It’s for your own good that I do this now,” I explained as I drug her out of the gym.

“Jason, call me!” she yelled until she was out of ear shot.

“So, where is this place, exactly?” I asked Drew when we finally reached the car.

“About half of a mile down from Evans Street,” he replied, climbing into the backseat and shutting his door.

“Oh, so they’re taking yet another ride in my car?” asked Christy, angrily. She was still a little upset at us but she soon subsided and seated herself in the driver’s position.

We exited the parking lot and headed towards our second destination for the night. I noticed that the sky was much more eerie looking at that time than when I had admired it through my bedroom window just a couple of hours or so before. The stars no longer held their elegant form; they were as dim bulbs in the darkened sky, which was full of thin, grey colored clouds.

“Turn left over there,” said Drew, giving Christy directions.

We had been going for several minutes but it felt, to me, like we had just pulled out on the road. I suppose my daydreams had forced me to lose track of time as usual. My attention turned to the road and I realized that I had never been to this part of town before. It was such a homely looking avenue with no street lights to illuminate the lane.

06-18-2004, 04:43 PM
“They need to change the name of this place to Elm Street,” said Russell, noticing it’s peculiar lack of light.

We drove to the end of Evans Street and spotted a dirt road with a sign in front of it that read, “Haunted Forest ahead, please park.”

We then looked over and saw a small lot with a couple of cars parked on it. It had one street light in the center of the pavement that gave off the required amount of light for such a limited space.

“So, you think this’ll be better than those haunted houses we used to go to when we were kids?” asked Christy while putting on the park break.

“I hope so, those things seemed so fake, no real scares ever came from them,” I replied. I then removed my hat and placed it in the seat of Christy’s car for safe keeping until we returned.

Walking across the parking lot, I noticed that the moon had an uncanny way of staying out from behind the clouds. It seemed like it was to portray a flashlight, guiding everyone through Halloween night. We walked up the dingy dirt road for a few minutes with little trouble except Christy wining about how she shouldn’t have worn high heels. We finally saw a small booth with admission prices printed on the top part of it.

“Welcome,” said an old woman inside the booth.

I looked up to check the prices and was relived to see that an adult ticket was only seven dollars. We each handed the silver haired woman our money and in return, she gave us each a blue paper bracelet that we were to strap to our wrists as a representation that we had indeed paid and not tried to sneak in.

“Remember, there is more than one way out of this place. Be sure you don’t choose the wrong path,” warned the elderly lady in a croaking voice. Everyone rolled their eyes, assuming it was in an attempt to scare us before the show actually began.

“Ok, first rule, no running away and leaving me alone in to die in here,” Christy ordered.

“Second rule, Christy goes first,” joked Russell.

“No way! You go first, oh fearless leader. It was you who suggested we come here in the first place,” Christy replied.

I could see where this was going. Russell started to reply but I cut him off, “Alright, no arguing, we’ll all just go in at the same time,” I told them.

No one spoke as we entered the cluster of trees that were only separated by small leafy paths, which entwined to make one nasty and confusing maze.

“What’s that?!” Christy suddenly shrieked, point up ahead.

I looked and saw two yellowish eyes coming closer and closer with each breath. My heart started to beat more rapidly, even though I told myself that it was just part of the show. Soon, everyone found themselves slowly backing up the path.

All of a sudden, a monstrous roar burst from the direction of the yellowish eyes and the creature came into full view in the moonlight.

“AHHHHHH!” Christy shrieked when she gazed at the ten feet tall Tyranitar.

Christy tried to run but to no avail in her high-heels. She fell over a tree root and knocked me down with her in the process.

“Oh God! I don’t wanna die!” she shouted, covering her eyes with her arms as the creature pressed forward, looking more intimidating as it neared.

Christy and I sat on the ground in shock, not knowing what else to do. The creature, its illuminated eyes locked on ours, kneeled over us and reared back it’s overly large hand, ready to strike with a Slash attack!

“Quick, Lanturn! Use Hydro Pump!” Drew shouted.

No sooner had he spoke the words, a thick, forceful jet of water smashed right into Tyranitar’s side, knocking it over.

“Come on!” Christy shouted, “We’ve got to get out of here now!”

“Hang on,” I said, looking over at the knocked out Tyranitar.

I noticed light blue sparks coming from its body and then realized how stupid we all were.

“It’s a robot,” I informed them.

“Oh man, I feel like such an idiot!” yelled Drew.

“And, that’s new to you, Drew?” smirked Christy.

“Umm, yeah. Let’s just leave that thing there and… go,” I suggested.

Everyone agreed and we all tracked on.

“You don’t think that thing would’ve really attacked us, do you?” Christy inquired about fifteen minutes into the journey.

“Surely not… I mean, they wouldn’t have programmed it to do something that dangerous, would they?” I replied.

“I dunno,” Said Russell, “If Drew hadn’t have used Lanturn to get rid of that thing…”

“It just acted so lifelike,” I mumbled but doubted that anyone else heard.

06-18-2004, 04:44 PM
Thirty minutes later, we found ourselves standing in a circular field surrounded by a solid wall of seven feet tall weeds. Russell walked over and tried to push his way through but it was to no effect.

“I know this is the way out,” said Russell, “Get out here, Nosepass, and help us.”

He held up a red, white, and blue ball, which I assumed was a Great Ball, and tapped it gently in the center. A flash of light burst from the globe and a quirky looking Nosepass appeared.

“Passs,” it said sheepishly as it turned to face its master.

“Ok, Nosey, I point us north,” commanded Russell.

Nosepass didn’t need telling twice. As if it were automatic, Nosepass spun around and faced slightly to the right of Russell.

Russell thanks his Pokemon and then recalled it.

Drew then took out a Pokeball from his belt and called forth Lanturn, and commanded it to shine the lights on its head so Christy would have enough light to read the map.

“Yep, the exit’s north. Atleast we’re on the right track,” she informed us.

“I’ve got this one,” announced Christy, as she too brought forth a Pokeball, which had been kept in her purse until now, “Ivysaur, come on out!”

The small Pokemon popped out of its ball and quickly formed a battle stance.

“Use Razor Leaf to cut down the grass,” Christy ordered.

Ivysaur closed it’s eyes and a gust of wind started to pick up. Small, crisp, blade-shaped leaves started to whirl around Ivysaur’s body. Suddenly, Ivysaur opened her eyes and the leaves shot straight at the grass at amazing speed.

“Well done,” commented Christy.

“Cool. Alright, let’s go,” said Russell, marching forward into the thicket.

As I stepped into the dense weeds, I could feel a prickling down my spine; I knew we were being followed. Still, I pursued on my quest to keep up with the others. Maybe I’m just paranoid, I thought to myself, picking up my pace with every step.

Moving around in the three feet tall weeds was no picnic; there were half buried roots, which I stumbled over a few times; a fairly numerous amount of Ekans, which would gladly shake their rattles to send a forbidding warn down the back of our necks if we got to close; and small, steel spikes all over the ground. None of us could figure out why on earth the spikes were there, but we didn’t have time to ponder on it. We had to get out of here.

Atleast an hour after walking in the lofty weeds, Drew shouted for us to hurry and come see what he’d found. He was in far better shape than any of us so needless to say, he was always about ten feet in the lead.

“Check it out guys,” he stated when we all arrived by his side.

Christy gasped at what she saw. A giant cliff lay just ahead of us.

“That has to be a five hundred feet drop off!” she shrieked, then plopped down on the ground with her head in her hands.

Everyone stood in awe until I broke the silence.

“It’s not that big of a deal, is it? I mean, we can just fly down. You all have a flying Pokemon, right?” I asked.

“I have Charizard,” said Russell, raising his hand slightly.

“And I have Flygon,” stated Drew.

“Ok, and Christy has Dragonair so we’re good to go,” I announced and started to pull out Salamence’s Pokeball.

“No…” I heard a solf whisper coming from Christy’s mouth.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“I… I don’t have Dragonair. I let my sister, Samantha, borrow it so she’d have someone to keep her company while she’s at that private school she goes to,” explained Christy.

06-18-2004, 04:46 PM
“Well, that’s ok, we’ll work out something later,” I comforted, “For now, let’s take a break.”

Everyone was quick to agree and we all took our seats on various rocks.

“Uh oh,” said Drew, pointing at the sky.

The only things visible were thick, grayish-black clouds which overlapped each other in an intimidating way. An unexpected bolt of lightening shot down from the dangerous looking sky and a loud clap of thunder shortly followed. Rain started to pour and I knew we were in for a rough time.

Christy shrieked then stood straight up. I could tell she was about to go on one of her rants.

“Why did I have to come to this? Why?! I could’ve been with Jason right now, but Nooooo! We had to come to the Haunted Forest! And what did we accomplish? What did we -- AHHHHH!”

It happened in less time than a breath takes to escape one’s lungs. So quickly, yet I remember it so vividly. A giant winged creature nosedived from the sky and in the exact second, straightened up and grabbed Christy by the shoulders, lifting her into the air.

“CHRISTY!” I shouted over the rain and lightening, trying my best to keep sight of her.

“Go Charizard! You’ve gotta help Christy!” yelled Russell.

Charizard never reached the ground. The instant he emerged from his Pokeball, he took flight and never stopped until he was out of sight.

Seconds passed but it felt like hours. All we could see were the occasional flash of light and even then we weren’t sure if it was from the battle or from the intense lightening.

“Russell, he shouldn’t be battling like that! That thing might drop Christy!” I shouted.

“Ooops,” said Russell, slapping his hand to his forehead.

I gulped hard. I knew what I had to do, as bad as I hated it. It was as if the moment froze and all the movement that was left in the world was my heartbeat. Everything Christy and I had been through as friends returned to my mind. I couldn’t let her down.

My palms were so drenched in sweat that I could hardly get a hold on the sixth Pokeball on my belt. As I pushed the center button, I realized how serious this situation was. How did a perfect night turn into this?

“Salamence!” shouted my Dragon Pokemon in anticipation to take to the sky.

“Andi… What are you doing?” asked Drew, horror struck as I made my way towards Salamence.

“What I have to do,” I simply replied as I jumped on Salamence’s back.

Russell yelled something but I couldn’t hear, not because of the rain or lightening, but because of the pounding of my heart and the volume of my heavy breathing.

I seated my body in a firm position so as not to fall off even though it was highly likely that I might do just that. I could hear every drop of rain as it hit the soft groud, feel every nerve in my body come to life, and saw the vague image of two flying creatures up above in the opaque rain.

“Alright, let’s go,” I said, feeling very unlike my usual self.

In no time flat we were one hundred feet in the air, then two hundred, then three hundred. We were moving so fast and the gravity force was immense and I could barely stand it but I had to stand it.

Closer and closer we flew to the two the battle but suddenly….


A large steel bird known as Skarmory flew right past us, Charizard close behind. I could make out Christy’s limp silhouette in the distance, still clinging to Skarmory for dear life.

“So that’s what we’re up against,” I thought to myself, knowing Skarmory was an extremely rough Pokemon.

Skarmory made a sudden change in movement and what little grip Christy still had was gone.

“NOOOO!” I shouted.

I began to feel a different substance on my cheeks, not the icy cold rain water, but warm, salty tears. I couldn’t believe it… Christy couldn’t be dead.

Charizard and Skarmory were still at their battle. I saw Skarmory take a direct hit from Charizard’s Flamethrower but doubted that would be enough to stop the fierce beast.

I paid little attention to the battle that was of no interest to me now. All I cared about was finding Christy and hoping that all my life that worst case scenario had not occurred.

I strained my eyes hard to search for Christy’s body but there was no use trying to see anything in this rain.

“Sala!” shouted Salamence, and then took off like a dart, heading straight for the cliff.

“What is it? Where are you going?” I asked, then realized I was stupid because it’s not like Salamence could tell me what he was up to.

It didn’t take long for me to discover his plan. Christy was laying motionless on a small ledge on the side of the cliff!

“Oh my God!” I shouted, “Hurry, Salamence!”

When I reached Christy, I wasn’t sure if she was alive or dead, but my guess was the later of the two. Her shoulders had very deep cuts in them from Skarmory’s metal claws, her right leg was also severely burned and I could only assume that came from Charizard’s Flamethrower.

With great difficulty, I lifted her lifeless body from the ledge and onto Salamence’s back. The load was almost too much for Salamence to handle. With a lot of trouble, he finally managed to make it to the top of the cliff.

“Oh crap! Is she ok?!” asked Russell, running over to us.

“I don’t know, check her pulse. We’ve got to do something!” I replied.

Just then, a loud crash sounded a few feet away. It was Charizard, he had failed in his attempt to defeat Skarmory.

Russell opened his mouth to swear but he sucked instead. Skarmory had swooped down, probably trying to pull the same stunt with Russell as it had with Christy.

“RUN!” Drew shouted.

Russell picked up Christy and we all started to run and try to take cover in some tightly packed trees nearby.

We were making good progress when instantly, each of us fell to our knees and winched in pain. Skarmory’s Spikes attack had hit right on target, no doubt about that.

I could feel massive pain coming from the center of my back and my left shoulder. I could only begin to guess how far in the spikes had gone.

I looked at Drew who’s leg was bleeding badly but other than that, he seemed ok. Russell on the other hand, was laying unconscious on the ground beside of Christy. I looked closer to see two huge steel spikes in his back and one small on in the back of his neck. I could only hope that they missed any main arteries.

06-18-2004, 04:48 PM
“Are you ok?” Drew asked, limping over to me.

“I’m fine,” I lied, “Protect these two with your Pokemon. I’ve gotta stop this thing before it comes back.”

“Speak of the devil,” exclaimed Drew, pointing in a panic up to the sky.

Skarmory was circling us like a predator does its prey. It’s loud, obnoxious cry seemed to make my back hurt even worse.

Salamence walked up towards me and squatted down low to allow me to crawl upon his back. It wasn’t easy and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on as easily as I had before.

“I need you to stay in this awhile, Salamence. I need to be able to stay in the air to keep up with this thing so I’ll use my other Pokemon to battle.

Salamence nodded, showing that it understood.

“Right. Go, Gengar!” I commanded. I then threw the Pokeball up in the air, and as I did, my shoulder began to throb of excruciating pain.

“Use Thunderbolt TM, Gengar!” I yelled.

Electric streaks emerged from Gengar’s ghostly body and flew at Skarmory at extreme speed.

“Skar!” it’s wretched cry echoed in pain upon making contact with the electric bolts of energy.

The Steel brute then began to move at incredibly swift speeds. It flew around and around Gengar in circles, mocking him. I realized this must be Agility.

“Gengar, try to hit it with Fire Punch!” I shouted.

Gengar’s right fist began to glow a bright red as he glided towards Skarmory but he couldn’t keep up. Finally, he got with in striking distance and swung his stubby arm forward with all his might…. But it just missed. Unfortunately, the tree behind Skarmory was not so lucky. A huge fireball formed in the midst of the tree but the rain soon extinguished it.

Skarmory suddenly stopped mere feet in front of Gengar and opened its mouth. I didn’t understand what this was all about until the most deafening sound I had ever heard in my life reached my ears. I could see vague, silver circles of sound emitting from Skarmory and heading straight for Gengar.

“Move out of the way!” I shouted, but he couldn’t hear my voice over the insufferable sound coming from Skarmory’s Metal Sound attack. The nearly invisible waves reached Gengar, causing him to make one of his ugliest faces yet. This one wasn’t out of mischief, but out of confusion and some fear. The further effects of this move, I could not see.

Gengar, Thunderbolt again!” I ordered.

Again, the bolts of energy shot from Gengar’s body and traveled through the heavy rain over to Skarmory.

Skarmory dashed to one side and went into a dive, which I noticed was headed straight for Drew and the others.

“Drew, watch out!” I warned, but I doubted he actually heard me.

However, it turned out that Drew didn’t need any warning. He and his Flygon were ready to go.

“Flygon, use Hyper Beam!” called Drew.

A thick orange-white beam of light shot from Flygon’s mouth. Skarmory tried to dodge by going into a side roll but it didn’t work completely; the beam struck his left wing.

Skarmory then turned back to Gengar and I. I saw a look of rage in its eyes, but that was not going to intimidate me. The giant bird’s remaining good wing started to glow a brilliant white as he headed straight for Gengar.

“Gengar, Fire Punch!”

Skarmory flew closer, getting ready to unleash a Steel Wing attack. Gengar waited patiently with his fist glowing red.


Both Pokemon collided in mid-attack. An array of bulky fog was the result.

“Gengar, are you ok?” I asked, squinting as hard as I could.

The smoke cleared within seconds and I discovered that both Pokemon were battered and bruised extensively.

With no sudden warning, Skarmory quickly lunged forward and Pecked Gengar. Normally, this would have had little effect, but seeing Gengar’s current condition, it was almost fatal.

Gengar started to slowly glide to the ground. I started to recall him when Skarmory abruptly closed and opened his wings. About fifty steel spikes flew right at Gengar and around ten of them struck him, knocking him to the ground.

“Gengar, return,” I mumbled. Red light consumed Gengar and I was left with a decision of who to send next.

“That was cheap!” I yelled to Skarmory. It seemed unfazed.

“Sala!” shouted Salamence as it leaned back and released a deadly Dragonbreath without warning. This caught Skarmory completely off guard and he didn’t have time to even try to dodge. The greenish colored flames hit him square in the chest.

Quickly, I pulled Breloom’s Pokemon from my belt and released it into the air, more careful this time so as to not hurt the injury on my shoulder.

“Breloom, quick, use Spore to finish this!” I called out, hoping Skarmory was too weak to dodge effectively.

Orange spores started emitting from Breloom. They slowly flew over to Skarmory and he breathed them in. I sighed a sigh of relief.

Skarmory’s metal eyelids slowly closed and it started to fall to the ground from one hundred and fifty feet high.

As if it were instinct, I took a Pokeball from my belt and threw it at the evil Skarmory in midair. I hoped to catch it before it plummeted to its death far below. The sphere closed in around the Steel creature and a small red light in the center of the ball started to blink.

I know there are some loose ends but I plan to continue this after I see the results. Thanks. ^_^;;

06-24-2004, 07:05 PM
Story: wow, I could tell that there was a man plot, and I like how Skarmory inflicted pain.

Length, what can I say 6,322 words, 34,300 characters, all I can say is dang. I got to give you perfecto on that. 10, 389 characters for the battle

Realism: could feel the realism, the way Skarmory attack had lots of realism too.

Grammar/Spelling: nothing too bad, just remember spell check is your friend

Battle: realistic, and magnificent. This is the kind of battles graders want.

Total 87/100, capture, awesome story, but tell me, what happens to Christy