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Tides of Darkness: The Crimson Dawn

Cliff Notes

Meet the Cast:

Delta Green
Micheal Ano played by Charizard_Mike – Will be called Micheal
Spencer played by TheScottMan – Will be called Spencer
May “MC” Mitchell played by May Norman – Will be called May

Team Rocket
Sent Reglay played by Sent Reglay – Will be called Sent
Zeno Ifrit played by .Red. – Will be called Zeno
Poltergeist played by Poltergeist – Will be called Poltergeist

Team Aqua
Rust Makuta played by rust – Will be called Rust
Isaiah “ST” LT played by SiberianTiger – Will be called Isaiah
Arlene Lear played by DaRkUmBrEoN – Will be called Arlene
Shuterro Haturoyagisa played by ChronoPika – Will be called Shuterro

Neo Winterfield played by Neo Pikachu – Will be called Neo
Lucifer Leonheart played by Knightblazer – Will be called Lucifer
Bron Krad played by bronislav84 – Will be called Bron
Tiana Morenza played by Tiana M – Will be called Tiana
Dentelle Callaway played by RoD – Will be called Dentelle

Important NPC's

Tiantus - Team Aqua (Used by Rust)
Bron Krad's Father - DARK (Used by Bron)
Gabriel & Scott - Delta Green (Used by Scott)
Amy - Delta Green (Used by Mikey)

Note: Under Construction

Yes indeedy, these are made so you can quickly skim over everything and find out what major things happened in the Crimson Dawn text roleplaying adventure. Just coming back after a vacation? Why, look here and see what your other fellow RPers have done! I'm sure it's also made so that DU can have something to give his boss when he finally hands in his resume to the evil gang or organization we all know he's going to join someday. Or maybe it's so that Rust can count up just what project names he's used, so he can think of another all caps strategy of destruction.

I'll try my best to put in as much as I can, but I'm not looking for every little thing to put down, I'm looking for the big important things that are going on. So if you don't see yourself in there, just try to be more dramatic.

If you're looking for the Introduction, simply click here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25524).

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Great Things (Posts #1 - #62)

Rust begins Project AMETHYST (Deathwing)
Spencer begins Project Lovebug
Neo begins getting supplies from the Lilycove ruins (Lilycove, Hoenn)
Sent starts building a wall between Kanto and Johto (Saffron City, Kanto)
May ‘finds’ a pass to Deathwing (Outside of New Bark Town, Johto)
Neo begins to rebuild The Hub (The Hub Construction Site, Hoenn)
Captain Arlene places bombs in Deathwing’s fuel tanks, firing missiles on Shinuo after leaving in another ship. (Deathwing/ Meaghan)
Neo recovers a generator from New Mauville, sending it to Bron Krad of DARK to use in the rebuilding of Ultima City (The Hub Construction Site, Hoenn)
Spencer finds a secret base that's locked up, marking it on a map for later reference (Random Location, Johto)

Chapter 2: A Time of Deals (#63 - #93)

Former Captain Arlene makes a deal with Spencer; free passage through Delta Green territory for a remote to the bombs in Deathwing's fuel tanks. (Meaghan)
Rust takes over Shinou government and puts a bounty on former Captain Arlene's head. (Shinou)
Sent uses satellites to find large amounts of metal. (Saffron City, Kanto)
Arlene makes a deal with Dentelle and sets up a peace conference in Olivine, Johto (Meaghan)
Sent creates a barrier all over Kanto along with the Great Wall of Kanto, perfecting their defense (Indigo Plateau, Kanto)

Chapter 3 A Meeting of Peace (#94 - #152)

Sent joins in on the peace conference (Olivine City, Johto)
Michael finds a fleet of ships and other supplies in an old underground base (Goldenrod Underground, Johto)
3 Team Aqua members hijack a plane with 3 Johto members, the Aqua hijackers asking for a Delta Green representative (Johto Airspace)
Neo finds transportation in various leftover facilities (New Lilycove, Hoenn)
Operation Attract begins, Micheal hears news on it (Goldenrod Underground, Johto).
Isaiah is invited to the peace conference, but asked to stay at the harbor for the initial proceedings (Olivine, Johto)
May goes with the hijackers in return for letting the hostages go (Olivine Airport, Johto)

Chapter 4: And so it begins ... (#153 - #177)

The meeting starts with bidding for the two remotes to the bombs in Deathwing. Dentelle and Sent bid, Spencer doesn’t bid initially (Olivine, Johto).
Rust and NPC Tiantus hack an satellite, programming it to crash on the Olivine City gym, where the meeting was taking place (Deathwing, Shinuo).
Sent leaves unexpectively, launching EMPtorbs and Firestormers on the Meaghan (Olivine, Johto).
Rust sets up a conference about Arlene, the satellite and declares war on Team Rocket (Deathwing, Shinuo).
Bron blows the satellite before it could hit with smart missiles (Ultima City, Hoenn).
Sent hacks into a Data Storage Unit from the era before the world was destroyed (Cinnabar Island, Kanto).

Chapter 5: Conferences Galore! (#178 – 193)

Micheal hears news of the finding of multiple TM’s (Goldenrod, Johto).
Neo oversees the building of more war machines (New Lilycove, Hoenn).
Rust extends a hand of peace to Delta Green, and talks about the old war (Deathwing, Shinou).
Sent responds to Rust by setting up his own conference to make fun of him (Vermillion City, Kanto).
Lucifer hacks into the Aqua loudspeaker, speaking out against Rust (Ultima City, Hoenn).
Rust speaks out against Sent and Lucifer (Deathwing, Shinou).
Lucifer hacks into Deathwing, finding AMETHYST files (Ultimate City, Hoenn).

Chapter 6: Arms Race (#194 - #207)

Sent sets up his defenses in preparation of a war (Vermillion City, Kanto).
Arlene gave Spencer and Dentelle the remotes to the bombs in Deathwing, leaving for New Bark Town (Olivine, Johto).
Rust builds military vehicles, starts building a new warship, Seatooth, looks at New Island, and hacks into satellites to bring more down (Deathwing, Shinou).
Sent builds more defenses and locks down satellites (Vermillion City, Kanto).
Rust finds plans for robots called ONYX and commissions 5 (Deathwing, Shinou).
Arlene prepares for an attack on Kanto (Meaghan, near New Bark Town, Johto).
Neo oversees the creation of ships and a new pharmaceutical research lab called PharmCom, and formulates a plan called Sokot-DLM (New Lilycove, Hoenn).
Bron's father shows him his various projects (Ultima City, Hoenn).
Sent adds more to the Laser Net, adds a cloaking device to tanks, and launches a satellite (Vermillion City, Kanto).
Rust creates other various things (Deathwing, Shinou).

Chapter 7: Mommy! Can I make things too? (Posts 208 – 238)

Arlene begins assault on Kanto (New Bark Town, Johto).
Isaiah prepares assault on Kanto (Olivine, Johto).
Sent puts Kanto on high alert (Vermillion City, Kanto).
Rust finishes the ONYX robot project and starts production of ONYX 2 (Deathwing, Hoenn).
Neo finishes various projects (New Lilycove, Hoenn).
Rust oversees his various projects, where the Seatooth is 80%, finds a new mineral and legalizes child labor (Notes: Rust, you bastard … XD) (Deathwing, Shinou).
May disguises herself and heads to Hoenn (Petalburg, Hoenn).
Micheal hears news that Project Attract is going well, finding more TM’s as well (Goldenrod Underground, Johto).
Rust and Neo look after their various projects (Note: Too damn many to keep track of, forgive me -_-) (Deathwing, Hoenn and New Lilycove, Hoenn).

Chapter 8: Building and Attacking Kanto (#239 - #252)

Lucifer learns more about ZEPHYR (Ultima City, Hoenn).
Rust begins building two more ships, and various other projects continue (Deathwing, Shinou).
Arlene sneaks into Kanto in Rocket uniforms (Indigo Plateau, Kanto).
Lucifer watches as Javas completes a plane and tests a new weapon (Ultima City, Hoenn).
Rust sends a virus to Lucifer’s computer, crashing it, and Lucifer sends on back (Ultima City, Hoenn).
Arlene continues her assault on Kanto, killing various Rocket members (Indigo Plateau, Kanto).
Isaiah thinks of how to take out Kanto’s shields (Some Ship, water between Kanto and Shinou).

Chapter 9: The Attack on Kanto (#253 - #280)

Aqua’s firewall catches the virus sent by Lucifer (Deathwing, Shinou).
Rust finishes various projects and Neo Winterfield shows/explains various projects to Lucifer (Deathwing, Shinou and New Lilycove, Hoenn).
Shuterro finds a mysterious document and other various things (Desert, Fiore).
Arlene invades a compound (Indigo Plateau, Kanto).
Isaiah leaves Vermillion and heads to attack Cinnabar Island (Kanto Waters, Kanto)
Isaiah attacks Cinnabar Island successfully, then heads out to the island (Cinnabar, Kanto).
Micheal sends the various TM’s back to Battle Tower, and Operation Attract continues on (Goldenrod, Johto).
Poltergeist hears news of Cinnabar Island and heads to confront Isaiah (Vermillion City, Kanto)
Rust prepares for attack on Cinnabar (Deathwing, Shinou).
Poltergeist attacks the Aqua’s in Cinnabar (Cinnabar, Kanto).

Chapter 10: Cha-Cha-Cha-Channnges (#281 – #304)

Lucifer receives surgery (New Lilycove, Hoenn).
May bombs a supermarket in Petalburg, blaming Aqua (Petalburg, Hoenn).
May sets up a neutral meeting between delegations in Violet City, then informs Rocket, also having one of her subordinates dress like a DARK member and attack an Aqua delegation (Petalburg, Hoenn).
Neo gets surgery, giving him wings (PharmCom Labs, Hoenn).
Lucifer becomes half Mightyena (PharmCom Labs, Hoenn).
Mike oversees Operation Attract, which uses Attract TM's to create a gas to make Pokemon mate, which will increase the Pokemon's population (Olivine City, Johto).
Shuterro continues excavations (Fiore Desert Mountains, Fiore).
May recieves an infatuation potion, is chased by Rocket members, and Prof. Calculus is captured by supposed Aqua members (Petalburg, Hoenn).

Chapter 11: Taking over Kanto (#305 - #345)

Arlene captures Rocket's Indigo base and acquires some Trianite, while Sent fires on the base (Indigo Plateau, Kanto).
Rust heads to capture Pallet (Deathwing, ?)
Aqua takes control of various places in Kanto, such as Cinnabar Island, the Seafoam Islands, and New Island (Kanto).
Neo starts revival plans for the Orange Islands, and Hoenn's revival continued (Rustboro, Hoenn).
Prof. Calculus is "saved" and given to Mike (Goldenrod, Johto).
DARK's ASF forces, a group of soldiers with wings, grows to 50, and the restoration for both the Orange Islands and Hoenn continued. Meanwhile, the ship Twilight Seraph was almost completed, and work began on both the Midnight Cherubim and the Shadow Archangel (Rustboro, Hoenn).
Isaiah bombs Pallet, and Rust wipes his hands of it to avoid media speculation (Pallet, Kanto and Cinnabar Island, Kanto).

Chapter 12: Blahblah (#346 -

Neo and Jensen Labs try to research a way to restore nature (Rustboro, Hoenn).
Neo works on restoring Orre and continue various other projects (Orre).
Bron installs SOPHI Virtual Reality Terminals in various locations (Ultima City, Hoenn).
May radios Rust to tell him she wishes to join Aqua, and fires on a ships (Advanving to Shinou, oceans).
DARK members go to live in Shinou as immigrants, trying to raise DARK support in Shinou (Shinou).

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Chapter 1: The Crimson Horizon
Posts: #1 - CURRENT

rust Makuta and Team Aqua's conglomerate of scientists begin production on Project AMETHYST. (AMS Deathwing)
Sent Reglay begins production on a wall between Johto and Kanto. (Kanto)
May 'finds' a pass onto the Deathwing. (Johto)
Team Aqua Captain Arlene Lear commits mutiny and places a bomb in the Deathwing. Furthermore, she bombs key Aqua cities and attempts to sell the remote to the bomb to Delta Green. (AMS Deathwing/Johto Waters)
rust Makuta takes over Shinou government and puts a price on Captain Lear's head.)AMS Deathwing)

Much better.

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