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In case you’ve lost track of what’s going on in the Four Stones RP, this will help you get an idea of what’s happened so far so you can get back on track. It’s also so those who have been part and have been the cause of major occurrences will feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they see their character’s name in here.

Like with the War Season 5 RP Cliffs Notes, everything is in a chaptered outline for easy reference. Again, character intros and background that isn’t too relevant to the storyline won’t be recorded.

Chapter 1: The Commander’s Reprimands (Post #1 – Post #25)

Finch of Team Aqua holds a meeting for his comrades, explaining the need to defend themselves and seek control over the rest of the lands. (Mt Freeze, Aqua Territory)
Neo of the Dark Angels: Renegade Knights follows through with the training of the Windblazers, DARK’s aerial assault force. Meanwhile, plans to seek out the Stone of Summer are set. (Lesalas, DARK Territory)
Lucied begins scouting the enemy territory of Team Aqua, close to Finch’s locations. (Mt Freeze, Aqua Territory)
rust of Team Aqua murders a Hitmontop to make an example of him. Finch later reprimands him for the act. (Mt Blaze, Aqua Territory)
Delta Green begins the process of enlisting new recruits to help strengthen their efforts. (Jamacs, Delta Green Territory)
Neo then makes plans to assist Nathaniel of DARK to find the Summer Stone. Meanwhile, he leaves Windblazer training to one of his associates. Their plans are to investigate both Mt Thunder and Thunder Meadow. (Lesalas, DARK Territory)
Shortly after arriving at Mt Thunder, Neo and the other Windblazers then come face to face with Zapdos, with the simple request of asking to search the mountain in effort to find the Stone of Summer. (Mt Thunder)

Chapter 2: The Underground Chase (Post #26 – Post #39)

Finch then begins to pursue Lucied after having been informed a DARK Mightyena was spotted in Team Aqua territory. (Mt Freeze, Aqua Territory)
Neo and the other Windblazers search Mt Thunder, but they don’t find the Stone of Summer anywhere in the mountain. Instead, they make plans to head to Thunder Meadow and continue the search there. (Mt Thunder)
Eretan and the rest of his Delta Green squad members move into Thunder Meadow territory, and settle there. However, they fall asleep prior to Neo’s arrival. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)
Shortly after, Neo and the other Windblazers arrive in Thunder Meadow, and land near the face of the cliff. After blasting their way at the wall, they find a passage and move inside. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)
Awakened by the noise, Eretan and the rest of the Delta Green squad find the DARK agents making their way into the cavern. Nathaniel and the other Windblazers hold them up while Neo quickly races further down into the cavern to locate the Stone of Summer. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)
However, shortly after, Eretan and the Delta Green squad being moving their way through the underground cavern as well, chasing Neo in what becomes a race for the Summer Stone. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)
In his search to find the DARK agent Lucied, Finch comes face to face with Articuno, and Finch makes it clear to the legendary bird of ice that he seeks the Stone of Winter. (Frosty Forest, Team Aqua territory)

Chapter 3: The Blessing of Wings (Post #27 – Post #59)

Neo then finally arrives at the lower levels of the cavern before Delta Green does. He then finds the Stone of Summer and begins absorbing its power. However, he then comes face to face with Rackal, the stone dragon that served as the stone’s guardian. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)
Lucied then continues moving, trying to avoid coming into contact with Team Aqua operatives. However, he too, finds Articuno, and makes it apparent that he is lost. (Frosty Forest, Team Aqua Territory)
Finch gets injured from a shard of the Stone of Winter. However, after it is removed, it is then fashioned into a weapon for Finch to use. (Marinas, Team Aqua Territory)
Neo then fully absorbs the power of the Stone of Summer and gains an enormous amount of thunder and wind powers. Delta Green soon arrives and finds Neo fighting Rackal. While they also fight Rackal for their own safety, they make it clear to Neo that they want the Stone of Summer, and are angry for him taking it. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)
rust then finds out that Seamus has been leading Team Aqua, and rust quickly gets enraged from the lack of control. However, instead of killing him once he finds him, rust lets Seamus command a mission instead, but makes it clear that he is the one in control. (Mt Blaze, Aqua Territory)
Once Rackal is defeated, instead of raising a conflict with Delta Green, Neo decides to make a deal with them to help them find a stone as well, even if it means heading into DARK territory to find it. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)

Chapter 4: The Pursued Agent (Post #60 – Post #82)

Neo helps Delta Green escape from the underground cavern, trying in his best effort to show they can trust him. After that, he explains who he is and why they sought the Stone of Summer, willing to making up for it by helping Delta Green find their own stone. (Thunder Meadow, Delta Green Territory)
Lucied then steps deeper and deeper into Frosty Forest, and then finds himself stumbling into the Winter Maze. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory)
Neo arrives home in Lesalas with news that they had found the Stone of Summer. To celebrate the event, the DARK citizens turn the 3-day solace into a 3-day celebration called the “Festival of Feathers” to honor Neo’s passage into becoming a sacred icon. (Lesalas, DARK Territory)
Hot on his tail, Finch then heads back into the Frosty Forest to find the lost Mightyena known as Lucied. However, he too, finds the same entrance into the Winter Maze. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory)
Landon, a new recruit for DARK, stumbles upon Lesalas during the Festival of Feathers celebration. He later finds Nathaniel, and he then learns more about DARK’s defense lines, including the Windblazers, the Pathfinders, the Nightwalkers, and the Tidebreakers. (Swellow’s Tail Inn, Lesalas)
Finch and Lucied then meet up and decide they need to find their way out of the Winter Maze, with the only way of doing that is by working together. However, from fighting the army of undead Pokémon, Lucied is separated from Finch, and falls deeper into the Winter Maze. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory)

Chapter 5: The Trials of Lucied (Post #83 – Post #99)

Landon learns more about Neo and the Festival of Feathers. After applying to DARK, he and the rest of his team join the Windblazers. Shortly after, Landon then tries to find Neo among the festivities. (Lesalas, DARK territory)
After fighting more of the undead ghouls, Lucied comes across the five trials that will test his five senses. Meanwhile, he loses Finch on his tail and draws closer to the Stone of Winter. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory)
Meanwhile, Neo watches as the Festival of Feathers escalates, becoming a celebration that no only increases the morale of his forces, but also serves as a warning to other enemy teams and makes them aware that Neo possesses the power of the Summer Stone. (Lesalas, DARK Territory)
Lucied passes the trial of sight, and draws closer to the resting place of the Stone of Winter. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory)
Eretan and the rest of his Delta Green squad then make a final decision on making an effort to find and locate the Stone of Spring, estimated to be in DARK territory. The two locations they flag for searching are Solar Cave and Waterfall Pond. Shortly after, they run into DARK agents who assist them in giving them directions and password clearance. (Sinister Woods, DARK Territory)
Lucied then engages a strange Pidgey as a part of the trial of hearing, and then a group of Grimer as part of the trial of smell. Having passed both trials, Lucied then draws several steps closer to the end of the Winter Maze. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory)
Landon finally finds Neo in Lesalas, and learns about how Neo acquired the Stone of Summer and how it relates to the festival. Meanwhile, Neo discovers Landon signed up to be a part of the Windblazers. (Lesalas, DARK Territory)
Lucied then passes the trial of touch and the trial of taste. Shortly after, Lucied then finds out about the Stone of Winter’s guardian, the Mist Dragon. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory)

Chapter 6: The Second Revelation (Post #100 – Post #116)

Lucied finally finds the Stone of Winter and absorbs it. However, his fight against the Mist Dragon only begins. (Frosty Forest, Aqua Territory.
Eretan and the rest of his Delta Green squad then visit Lesalas before making their trip toward the Solar Cave. They find themselves in the middle of the Festival of Feathers, and it isn’t long before Neo finds them, and tries his best to make them feel welcome at his celebration. (Lesalas, DARK Territory)
Lucied finally defeats the Mist Dragon after a long and bloody fight. At the end, Lucied finds Ifrit, his Houndoom friend, trapped in a stasis of ice. While nothing can be done to free him, he does help Lucied escape with the aid of an Escape Orb. Shortly after arriving in Lesalas, Neo is made aware of Lucied’s presence by the gates, and then rushes to his aid. (Lesalas, DARK Territory)
Neo finds Lucied to be freezing cold, totally unaware of the trials Lucied had to endure. Immediately, he takes him to the Swellow’s Tail Inn to help give him warmth by the fire and treat his wounds. It is there where Eretan and Landon find them and wonder what’s going on. (Swellow’s Tail Inn, Lesalas)
Lucied then tells Neo about how he managed to find the Stone of Winter, and shocks the rest of the city with the news that now two DARK operatives are holders of the two Season Stones. (Swellow’s Tail Inn, Lesalas)
Instead of staying around, Eretan and the rest of his Delta Green team then head toward Solar Cave in an effort to try and find the Stone of Spring. (Solar Cave, DARK Territory)
Meanwhile, unaware of what’s been happening, rust of Team Aqua finds himself going further and further into Mt Blaze with his own team, bent on his extreme thirst for power and the Stone of Autumn. (Mt Blaze, Aqua Territory)

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