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Chapter 1: The Beginning
It was a dark, and stormy night. Lightning crackles harshly from the sky to the ground. Thunder boomed loudly. The sound rang at about 60 decibels. A boy ran across a field, in the pouring rain. Heading for the city he could see on the horizon. This boy was special, he was psychic, and could talk to pokemon. He fit the exact description of the chosen one, people would always tell him, but he didn’t know the prophecy, except for a small bit. When the chosen one is ready to become a man, and step up, a new evil will rise. Vellyvell, our young hero was 13, and little did he know, that day had arrived.

He had finally entered the city. He had no idea where he was; he just knew he would have to adjust, until he could contact his parents. His parents were business executives, and he almost never saw them. He pretty much lived a normal rich kids life, and a normal kids life at his school. He was a straight A student, he was psychic, and didn’t need to do anything but telekinetically memorize the answer sheet without looking at it, and he was finished. He had a pokemon, and it was a Torchic. It was summer and he had started his journey, but that was months ago. He now had a Combusken, Nidorino, Pikachu, Zubat, and Gastly. He was leaving to Los Psykics, the town with the second gym badge, when the plane crashed. Using his psychokinetic powers he easily survived, unharmed. He then ran away at the speed of an Arcanine.

He searched for the nearest Pokemon Center, so he could stay there overnight. He found it about five minutes later. He pulled the door, and ran in, his blue jersey soaked, and his black jeans the same. His fire type rules hat shielded his hair.

Nurse Joy noticed him, and said, “You poor thing, let me take your pokemon, and give them a rest, while you go into this room, and take a nice warm shower.” She put the Pokèballs into a tray, and carried them into the back room, when she came out, she had a card key, and a receipt, so I could pick up my pokemon. “I hope you enjoy your stay in Palos Verdes Town, breakfast is from 4-12,” she continued, with the smile on her face never budging, or even twitching. Nurse Joy wore an apron, and gloves; she had red hair, pulled into a bun.

“Thanks,” Vellyvell said, rushing to his room, his luggage, had been following him the whole time, his psychokinetic powers making it seem as if Vellyvell was holding the luggage.

Inside his room, there was a phone; there was also a television, and 2 rooms. One was the bathroom. He was a long was from Woodbridge City, his hometown, but he could handle it, he was positive. He took, and nice, cleansing shower, and changed his clothes. He decided to explore the town tomorrow; he would go to the community pool, mentioned in his brochure, after hitting the mall. He was in his pajamas, and ready to sleep, tomorrow would be a great day to start an adventure.

Suddenly a piercing voice screeched through his head, it was definitely a Pokémon’s voice. <The world as you know it has come to an end, the new era, of evil has come. I have already set up my chaos masters around this continent, 24 in all. I know who you are, and what hidden powers you have in you, but even that will not be enough to stop me. My great powers have given you a map of the locations, you must survive all twenty-four chaos masters, and defeat my top three commanders before you are worthy of battle with me, and hopefully you do, I am anxious to battle you at your max. Have your fun tomorrow, because the map shall arrive the day after. >

Vellyvell shivered. He did not recognize the ominous, omnipotent sounding pokemon voice. He shrugged it off; he couldn’t start until he got the map. He was only 13 it was his fault if he really was the “chosen one.” He got on the comfortable cushioned bed, and pulled over the cold covers, he laid on his bed waiting for himself to fall asleep. He looked up staring into the void, until 30 minutes later all that was heard was, “ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

The next morning he was in a hurry, after waking up very late. He slept till 11:30, and had to get down in 15 minutes for his gourmet 5-star breakfast. He brushed his teeth, and got dressed, and rushed downstairs to the cafeteria. He was able to get a sausage, and cheese omelet, French toast, powdered with powdered sugar, and drenched in blueberry syrup. He had grape juice for his drink; he was absolutely prepared for his “last” day of fun.

After finishing his delicious breakfast he went outside to explore. He could see the mall already because it was huge! He ran in the direction it was in as fast as he could, he wasn’t getting tired because he was supporting himself with his psychic abilities. He got to the door, and stepped in to find out, the mall had a security door, and a main entrance door, he couldn’t find the main entrance. He finally decided to follow the other people; he then found the door in less than two minutes of his time.

There were things in this mall that he had never even dreamed of seeing. There was a pokemon T.M. shop, a battle station, jewelry stores, and more. He ran to the battle station, and signed up for his turn. He would have to go against this girl named Christina, her record was amazing, 19/0/0, and he would be her twentieth opponent here, when people heard about that person that challenged her, they called him her next victim. He was called to take his battle stations, the rules were one on one battle, he saw her from his podium, and fell over in shock, he heard boys call her the brawling beauty, but now he knew why. Still he wouldn’t let this get in his way.

“Go, Nidorino, prepare for a tough battle,” he smirked as he said this.

“Gulpin, show this trainer what poison types are really made of,” she commanded in a serious tone. “Pound, then stockpile,” she continued.

Vellyvell sent his command psychically. Gulpin lunged at Nidorino who was charging at Gulpin, they collided, but Gulpin was the only one injured. Nidorino’s horn caught Gulpin when they collided, stopping the force of Gulpin’s pound attack.

Gulpin retreated behind a rock, and began his stockpile. Nidorino followed him and used fury attack, while Gulpin just took the blows. Nidorino was about to Horn attack from point blank range, when <WHOOSH> Gulpin opened his mouth when that sound came, a large energy blast hit Nidorino, and sent him flying hard into Vellyvell’s podium.

“Nice Spit Up attack, now Stockpile every time he goes down. The shoot when he tries to attack,” she told Gulpin. It nodded in approval.

Nidorino twitched a little bit, but before he could be called as unable to battle, he popped back up, looking for revenge.

Suddenly vellyvell got an idea, he sent it to Nidorino’s mind, and smiled at the fact that they were clueless. Nidorino charged at Gulpin to be blasted away by another Spit Up attack. This process repeated itself with Nidorino getting up slower. Nidorino faked getting up, and then falling back down, Gulpin came out in the open, right where they needed him.

“Nidorino, do it now, RELEASE THE ENERGY,” Vellyvell yelled in a crescendo.

Nidorino jumped back up, and a huge, gigantic energy beam formed at his horn. Christina realized what was happening, but it was too late. Gulpin had been hit by the incredible massive blast, and it was sent into the podium, literally. A gigantic hole had formed where Gulpin was sent through.

“Gulpin is no longer able to battle, Nidorino, and Vellyvell are the winners,” the ref said.

There was an awkward silence, as Vellyvell returned his Nidorino, and turned to leave, Christina had returned her Gulpin, and gotten off her podium too. Vellyvell walked out to leave. Christina chased after him. He was getting ready to go back to his room, and get ready for the pool. She followed Velly all the way back to the pokemon center, but Velly assumed it was so they could heal her Gulpin.

When he got inside the pokemon center, he handed Nurse Joy his pokeballs, and went to his room, Christina did the same, except she waited in the lobby. When vellyvell came back out she initiated conversation.

“Good Match Vellyvell, you must be a powerful trainer who has been to many places, haven’t you. I can tell, even though this is my hometown I already have the Dogwood badge. What about you, which ones do you have?” she asked.

“The Dogwood badge, I’m staying here another day then setting out for Los Psykics. Maybe we can go together if you are going there too,” He replied.

“That would be cool,” she said with a smile. She had dimples around her cheeks from the smile.

They spent the rest of the day together, and decided to meet at the mall security entrance at 12:00. Vellyvell went back to his room, and took a shower; he put out his clothes for tomorrow, and went to sleep.

The next day sure enough the letter was on Vellyvell’s shirt, the map was a special one, it was electronic, and could tell you how far to go to get there and everything. The letter also explained that the Chaos masters are pokemon with special abilities, and attacks. The cities they are in have been changed to a dome. The first one was the Chaos Abra, he was very powerful, and had many minions; he was the psychic dome 1 leader. To restore the dome to normal you must k.o. /kill, or capture the leader with a Pokèball. Vellyvell knew he was going to capture the Chaos Abra if it was the last thing he did.

Vellyvell ate breakfast, got his pokemon back, and was ready to set off. He met Christina at the security entrance, and they turned around to leave. The twosome was heading to what they thought was Los Psykics, but it had been taken, and turned into Psychic Dome 1, Vellyvell checked his map, realizing that they were heading to Psychic Dome 1 when he made the connection.

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Chapter 2 The Psychic Dome, Chaos Abra

He told Christina about everything, how he got to town, his psychic abilities, and the ability to talk to pokemon, the letter, the voice, and Psychic Dome 1. She was in awe, and Vellyvell was surprised she believed it all. There was an awkward silence as they walked into the mountains. They would take the train to Dome 1.

“I will help you an any way that I can,” she finally said, breaking the insanity-driving silence. Vellyvell smiled, it would help to have a Partner while fighting the Chaos Masters.

“Thanks, I could sure use it, these guys are tougher versions of already strong pokemon, and the weird part, the voice that warned me was the voice of a pokemon I have never heard before. I think it may be special,” he told her. “It will be very tough, and we might even have to put our bodies on the line a couple of times to win,” he continued.

She nodded, and Vellyvell could tell she meant everything she said, and wouldn’t give up on him. She would stick with the journey, the whole way, even if he didn’t make it all the way through. He did see himself as the hero, he saw her as the true hero, she is going to help even though she wasn’t already expected to do it, and didn’t have to. He let her know that if she wants to, she can quit at any time. She nodded, and said, “I could but I won’t.” “ Plus maybe this psychic dome will have the cutest pig ever, Spoink,” she finished.

Vellyvell laughed for the first time in a long while. He was happy he had such a peppy companion; she could cheer almost anybody up. She just had a nice, calming attitude, which is very rare, and hard to explain.

They walked into what should have been a small forest. Instead it was just a valley of nothing. They walked on through; everything nice that had once been was now an empty void of nothing. It was useless to run anywhere; it was boring scenes, grass, grass everywhere.

Finally they saw a station in the far distance. It was very bland. Christina, and Vellyvell approached it slowly. They slowly lurked in, and the found an abandoned warehouse. Christina, and Vellyvell looked for the lights, when Vellyvell heard a quick scream. He turned around, and even though there was only a dim light, he could tell Christina was gone.

He wouldn’t panic, that is when things get really bad, he thought. Moving around the room, feeling for the lights, and Christina, he found the light switch, there was no way out, and no place Christina could be. He figured there had to be some sort of trap door, so he walked around the large perimeter, feeling for anything weird.

He found nothing though he wouldn’t panic. He moved around in the room, but as he walked across the middle, “Zoop,” a noise sounded, as he was teleported to this large castle. His electronic Dome map said, “You are in the Psychic Dome 1, Chaos Abra awaits your arrival.” Christina was sitting on the ground waiting.

“What took you so long,” she joked, Vellyvell simply smiled.

There was a stairway to the right of them. They walked together, side by side to face the danger together. They walked up the long, winding stairway, going in a spiral motion. At the top it said 1st of 3 levels, Vellyvell slowly opened the door, and the two walked ever so timidly in. The door behind them shut itself, and 2 pokemon appeared, a Drowsee, and a Spoink.

Spoink bounced everywhere, while Drowsee inched closer. The two pokemon jumped when two Pokèballs hit the ground, a Gastly, and a Vaporeon appeared. They took battle positions while Spoink bounced around, having fun, and Drowsee watched. They were talking; Vellyvell could here them, and their loud, obnoxious noise they call a voice, talking about the most trivial things.

<That human, and his companion look tough and prepared, so I am going to attack suddenly, got it, > Drowsee told Spoink. Spoink nodded, and Vellyvell’s face narrowed in shame, and disgust.

“Shadow Ball now,” Vellyvell commanded Gastly. A large blob shot at both Drowsee, and Spoink. It hurt them, but didn’t put them out of commission. Drowsee put Gastly to sleep, and Spoink Psybeamed Gastly hard. Vaporeon then jumped in to rescue her partner, she drenched them in water with her Water Gun attack, the Ice Beamed them, Spoink was k.o.ed, and Cristina threw a Pokèball at the spring tailed pig. Drowsee was frozen at the feet. The pokeball came to an abrupt stop, and Gastly finally woke up, it was already in a rage, and sent another Shadow Ball hurling with such force, when it hit Drowsee, it unfroze Drowsee’s k.o.ed body.

“Yes, stage 1 is complete, now part 2, then the big boss of them all, the Chaos Abra,” Vellyvell cheered. He was close to meeting a special Abra that was stronger than normal, and he was more than ready.

“I can’t wait, Vaporeon, Gulpin, Spoink, and me will be ready to help, won’t we Spoink,” she said to the small spring tailed purple, and black pig-like pokemon. Spoink nodded in agreement, and laughed as Christina played with him.

The door to another long and winding stairway opened. Christina returned Spoink, and they went up the next flight of stairs. Running as fast as they could, it seemed life they could never get there. Vellyvell grabbed Christina, and teleported to the door, wondering why it took him so long to try that in the first place. A bit cocky from the last battle, the two busted in like cops.

<Surprise, surprise. They actually survived level one, now they are cocky. Stupid humans, they have yet to fight the master, > said a Ralts.

<Yep, can’t be too cocky, I am much stronger than both the fools on level 1. Plus I have only 2 weakness, > a Metang agreed, <Very rare types too. >

<Yep, we are their superiors, can’t beat us, then the Chaos Abra would k.o. you in 10 seconds flat. So just try to beat us you pesky humans, though you will fail miserably, > a Natu agreed.

“Christina get this, the munchkins think they can beat us, time to show them how we beat Drowsee. The strategy, and the power,” Vellyvell said to Christina with a smile, “But we will have to add Combusken to the mix, for that Metang,” he continued.

“Whoa, Vellyvell, I though psychics could see the future, but not these psychics. Or else they would know what’s coming. Go Vaporeon, Water Gun; followed by Ice Beam, lets freeze em. I got the sonic if you got the boom,” She said in a reply to what velly said, and then Vellyvell nodded in approval of what she had done.

“Go Combusken, and Gastly, lets rock them today, Combusken Flamethrower on Metang, Gastly Shadow Ball on the other two. We will show them just how truly pathetic they are,” Vellyvell told his pokemon.

Vaporeon, Combusken, and Gastly sprang into action. Vaporeon shot a high-pressured blast of water at the three pokemon, as he landed on the hardened clay ground, he immediately shot a stream of ice at them. Natu was hurt because of his flying half, and was immediately frozen solid, Ralts was only hurt a bit, thanks to his barrier, and Metang was barely scratched.

Using telekinesis, Natu broke from his ice block. He was barely standing, but their group psychic took its tool on the hero’s. Combusken was near k.o. This caused his ability to activate, he started to glow, and his fire became stronger. Gastly was only hit bye one wave but it still hurt him. Vaporeon was just dazed, but was ready for part two. Combusken used Flamethrower on Metang, his power surge obvious from the bluish white flames he spewed. Metang had a serious burn, and it was like he was in a coma. Gastly finished them off with three Shadow balls.

“We win yet again, and we advance on to meet the Dome leader. Chaos Abra, and we will beat him to a bloody pulp,” Vellyvell said. “He will be mine,” he continued.

“I just hope we can heal our pokemon,” she had a frown on her face, Vaporeon was tired from the two battles, and Gastly was almost knocked out. Combusken was breathing hard, though he was still glowing.

Vellyvell though about this and noticed a blue pad, he stepped on it, and all of his pokemon in their pokeballs were healed, he told Gastly, and Combusken to do the same, and they were healed, Vaporeon did this, and Christina did so last, and Spoink’s pokeball jiggled with appreciation.

They then advanced forward in the dome. It was the highest point, the top of the castle. Vellyvell just knew they were very much closer to freeing all of the captured people trapped in this sick, and twisted world. He had an urge to find this freak, and slaughter him/her. He knew that by the time he beat all of the domes his pokemon would be at their maximum. He thought of different strategies while he was walking up the stairs.

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“Christina, what if he is too powerful. What if he has every attack possible learned? What if he uses an attack with so much power it kills us. What if he…” he panicked until he was interrupted.

“Velly quite with the what ifs. We are going to win. It’s an Abra against 8 other pokemon, and no matter how far advanced it goes, it still will have the weaknesses of an Abra. We will win, we have more on stake, all of our pokemon know this as much as we do, and it will push them ahead, and harder in battle. Plus, we are unstoppable right now.

They smiled as they entered the room. Two strange objects took Combusken, and Vaporeon and put them in a cage. They tried to attack their way out but it was futile.

<Those efforts will not save you from the cages. They are controlled by invisible psychic pokemon. They will only go away is I am defeated. This battle will be two on two, me, and my good friend Houndour, and a pokemon of your choice. Obviously you can’t use Vaporeon, and Combusken. Are you ready my hip-hop nation, > the final boss of this dome said.

He was a bigger than normal, tan Abra. He had sunglasses on, and was glowing with large amounts of psychic energy. He laughed at the plain looking pokemon. He called upon his friend, the Houndour. After a flash, Houndour was there ready to fight. It baffled Vellyvell how two such different pokemon could fight by each other’s side.

Houndour was a canine, a black coat of fur, with silver markings, which could serve as amour. His paws were somewhat big, and had very sharp, and pointy white claws. Darkness flowed around is body, and through his veins, but there was also a layer of heat around his large canine body. He opened his mouth to say something, but Vellyvell, and Christina saw his teeth. Sharper looking then his paws, and bigger than the teeth of a Carvahna, they had bloodstains on them too.

<We have T.M.s, and 1 attack that was created for us. You will soon see that we fight till the end, and our power is much stronger than the normal pokemon. We have special abilities also. Prepare for a fight tougher than anyone you’ve ever fought, > Houndour barked. He began to growl ferociously, and Abra’s eyes opened a small amount.

Vellyvell commanded Gastly to advance forward, and Christina thought for a while. She seemed to be having a hard time deciding whom to send.

In her mind she was thinking, “I would guess Gastly would take on Abra, so my Gulpin would be good against Houndour.” Vellyvell nodded, and she sent Gulpin out. Gulpin shook around a little bit, smiled, and gave its battle cry.
Chapter 3 The first Dome Battle; Chaos

Abra waved his hand, and a psychic wave was launched. Gastly quickly used Night Shade to reflect it away from Gulpin, and it hit Houndour directly. Smoke arose around Houndour on impact. Gastly was satisfied, and Vellyvell thought is was over. When the smoke dissipated Houndour was there without one scratch, he smiled, and before Gastly knew it, and red-hot flame was headed right for him.

Gastly slipped under the floor, to avoid it, and came up behind Abra. Gulpin was creating a Sludge Bomb. As Abra charged up his Psybeam attack, he was hit by Gastly’s Shadow Ball attack. He hurtled into the wall, causing an uncontrolled Psybeam to hit Gulpin. Gulpin released his Sludge Bomb to Houndour, performing his version of the dark Shadow Ball, the Dark Bomb. Gulpin ran to help Gastly fight Abra, when the Sludge-covered Houndour released a ball of energy so powerful, Christina, who had no sense of random attack power could feel the intensity of this dark energy.

It hit all three pokemon, but Gastly was hurt the most. Gastly was floating with his eyes barely open. Luckily he was a ghost, no blood, or cuts on him. Abra was cut on his head, and arms, but was okay for the most parts, and Gulpin was nowhere to be seen.

Christina began to panic, “I have had Gulpin forever, him, and Eevee were my pets since as long as I can remember, I had so many play pokemon battles, and they actually gained levels, and experience from them. Gulpin has been the one that my brother, the pokemon know-it-all, told me he would evolve soon, and I won’t get to see it. You will pay Chaos Abra, and Houndour, you will pay!!!!” she said.

Suddenly, from the sludge on the floor, and new pokemon arose. It looked like a bigger, taller, and a little fatter version of a purple Gulpin. It had the same eyes of Christina’s Gulpin, and the same pattern, in different colors. It stared at Christina, and she realized that her Gulpin had evolved into a Swalot. He was really ready to fight.

It went straight up to Houndour, and swallowed him. It absorbed some of its energy, and then it used Spit Up. In the energy blast, Houndour was tossed into the air. As he flipped Gastly used a full room blast of his Night Shade attack. Houndour never hit the ground before the wave of darkness knocked him, and Abra into another wall.

A Drowsee, and Kirlia were revealed, and slammed into the wall by the power of Gastly’s Night Shade. Combusken, and Vaporeon were able to break free. Combusken was angry, but Vellyvell stopped him.

“Calm your mind, and use our secret technique. Use Conversion 2, the type switch, Dark type. You can do it, Just like Pory, the Porygon and Master C.J. taught us,” he said. Convert NOW, if you want to battle you must do it NOW!!” Vellyvell commanded.

Combusken stopped, his Fighting energy flowing hard around his body, and slowly it started weakening, as Dark energy started to take it over. Soon his Fighting Energy was completely gone, and it was replaced with Dark energy. Combusken’s eyes darkened in color, and he just seemed evil all-around.

Houndour, and Abra were finally up from Gastly’s Night Shade, and both had a smirk on their face. Abra used his specialty attack, Psycho Blast, and Houndour used his specialty move, Darkness Bomb. The two attacks collided, and became one, super powerful attack, Chaos Boost, it chases its target, until it gets them, attacking everything in the way.

It was going after Swalot, and Gastly. It chased the two around the room, but Combusken, and Vaporeon were ready for action. A Hydro Pump was launched at Houndour, but Abra teleported, and with a Thunder Punch, he sent a strong electric blast at Vaporeon. Combusken ran at Abra, and Flamethrowered him, hard, burning him. Combusken turned around with a hard kick to Houndour’s abdomen. Abra tried a psychic, but Combusken’s Conversion was perfectly performed, and the psychic did not affect Combusken.

Vaporeon was paralyzed, and couldn’t move anymore. Swalot, and Gastly ran, right passed Vaporeon, making a very sharp turn that put the eevee evolution in the path of attack. Combusken was about to clobber Houndour, when it saw the Blast. He ran full speed, taking the hit, though its effect was very odd.

Combusken’s body grew. He became even stronger his eyes were just purple. He lunged at Swalot, and punched him, and then at Houndour he kicked, he Flamethrowered blasted Abra. He panted with exasperation, and then Overheated the whole room. He just roared, attacking everyone. Even the Chaos Abra had blacked out.

The effect that took over Combusken was Chaos. A much more powerful version of confusion. It takes the body of the user so far into confusion; it forces it into a blind rage. It powers up the pokemon greatly, but causes it to attack friends, and allies, as hard as enemies.

All anyone can remember is the darkness of the room. The people and pokemon in the room, besides Combusken are knocked out. Combusken is gone. In the middle of the room, a large bulky ball of energy floated in the air. It was generating massive amounts of fire energy, as well as dark energy, but the dark energy was weakening. It was turning back into fighting energy. It overcame its dark counterpart, and started shaping into a new creature, a Blaziken.
Its enormous power woke up the knocked out resident of the room. Blaziken was an animal, and was ready to fight. Before Abra could wake up completely, it was smashed into the air, by the knee of the Fire Phoenix, as Vellyvell decided to call him. Fire energy begin to flow around his foot, he hit Houndour with a Blaze Kick. Vaporeon, Swalot, and Gastly were still knocked out. If Blaziken couldn’t handle them, all hope was lost.

Abra used Psychic; Blaziken flew hard, against the wall. The plaster used for it crumbled, as Blaziken fell to the ground. He moved in a blur, but right as he was about to make contact, a psychic wave blew him away. Houndour smiled, then release Poison Gas. Luckily for Blaziken, the Psychic sent him into a pile of his fallen comrades. The Gas seeps into Swalot, giving him just enough power to shoot 2 Toxic attacks.

07-07-2004, 04:31 AM
The two opposing pokemon were covered in purple goop. It seeped into their skin, and the two became pale looking. The big goop of poison, Shot two Sludge Bombs, and was hit by a weakened version of Psychic, and Flamethrower. The opposition were much weaker, due to the Toxic. The intoxicated pokemon didn’t look fit to battle. Swalot used his Spit Up attack to send very strong energy waves at Abra, and Houndour. The Toxic was taking it toll, but a Double Psychic knocked out Swalot.

Blaziken got back up, and was ready for more, but the intoxicated pokemon couldn’t take much. Blaziken was ready to finish them off when, Drowsee and Kirlia got up again!

“Wow! Those hypnotized psychic pokemon are powerful. How will Blaziken beat them?” Vellyvell said. Blaziken shot a powerful glare at him, making him jump a little. In his mind he heard “Vellyvell, trainer of no faith, come on, believe in your starter. I can win, if you believe in me.

Their eyes started to glow that sickening blue color Velly knew all to well when a high-pressure blast of water hit Drowsee hard. Vaporeon was back up, and was riding a wave. Even though Blaziken tried to dodge it, he was hit super effectively by the surf too. Blaziken had been through worse though. He slowly got up, and used Overheat attack to dry himself off.

Drowsee tried to hypnotize Vaporeon, but with Acid Armor, Vaporeon dodged, his defense rising high. Blaziken knocked Kirlia off of her feet, with a kick, the Blaze Kicked her straight into a wall. Before she could reach the wall, Blaziken used Sky Uppercut to send her into the air. Then using his tremendous leg strength He jumped into the air, and Blaze Kicked her back to the ground. Kirlia plummeted down at a high speed, leaving a large indent where she landed. Kirlia was down, for the count, this time for good.

Drowsee was no threat alone. With a Hydro Pump to the stomach, and a Blaze Kick to the head, it looked to Vellyvell, and Christina as if that old Drowsee fell down dead. Though it wasn’t dead, it didn’t move, but Blaziken could hear it breath.

Abra, and Houndour were trying to fight the Toxic with recover, and Chaos powers, but no luck. It had gone to far in their internal system to be completely removed, though the extreme damage was put off for a little bit longer. They were ready for the final battle. The battle to declare the winner. If it was a draw Vellyvell would win, and dome would be defeated, so that it all he asked of Vaporeon, and Blaziken.

Blaziken went up to Houndour, and the two took fighting stances, and Vaporeon did the same with Abra. Blaziken flipped back, and lunged at Houndour with a Sky Uppercut. Houndour regained control in mid-air, and went in for a faint attack, Blaziken was knocked to the ground. The toxic took its toll on Houndour, and It was all Blaziken needed to perform its strongest attack, Focus Punch. His hand glowed, power emitting strong waves from it, and He struck Houndour hard, Houndour flew into a wall, knocked out, and Christina threw a pokeball at it.

“Your mine you little hound dog. I always loved dogs, and always wanted a Houndour, so that why I am taking you away, whether you like it or not,” Christina said to the pokeball, as it jerked very slowly, the rapidly, repeating this cycle.

Abra teleported behind Vaporeon, and got it with a Thunderpunch that sent it flying. Like its four legged enemy Houndour, it was able to launch an attack in mid-air, a Hydro Pump struck Abra hard. The two began to pant, and Vaporeon used Surf. It was a mistake. Abra teleported behind the wave of water, and Thunderpunched the wave in the center, where Vaporeon was riding it. It sent a stronger charged electric attack through the water, and Vaporeon was electrocuted. It fell off of the wave knocked out.

Abra and Blaziken were the only one standing. Blaziken tried a Quick Attack, to knock Abra of balance, but Abra avoided the attack with a teleportation, and tried to Thunderpunch Blaziken. Blaziken jumped, and flipped, and whacked Abra with a Blaze Kick. Abra quickly recovered, and blasted Blaziken with a Psychic. They were both evenly matched, until Toxic took damage on Abra. They decided to finish the battle with one more attack. Blaziken charged his ultimate attack, Blast Burn, and Abra used its Chaos attack, Psycho Blast.

The two energies were sent at each other with unbelievable speed, and power. The even power of the two attacks caused an explosion, both pokemon were hit hard. It would be a close match. Both Abra, and Blaziken got up. Abra held his chest, and succumbed to the pain of Toxic. Blaziken beat his chest, as he was the supreme, then he was returned.

“Good Job guys, now Pokeball Go,” Vellyvell said as he tossed the Pokèball at Abra, it engulfed him, just like a Gulpin would have, and the Pokèball rocked, it was just like Houndour’s it would roll around slowly, then violently, then it would click, then it would start over again, Vellyvell hoped that he had caught it, but he would wait, and see.

Agent Orange
07-07-2004, 03:29 PM
Detail: Good. i have seen better but this is nice.

Grammar: No biggies here.

Length: Enough.

Battle: Nice, although it was confusing at times.

Outcome: Abra: Captured.

07-07-2004, 06:13 PM
what about houndour

Agent Orange
07-07-2004, 06:20 PM
Oh...I didnt know you were trying to catch two...I thought Houbndour was the girls capture. :oops:

Add some more detail, make the attacks look real...think about what it would look like to someone who does not know what attacks look like.

Outcome: Abra = Captured
Houndour = Captured (barely)