View Full Version : fictorial yugioh.

11-19-2006, 03:10 AM
This is mainly the same as the you gee oh thread. Just with a few restrictions.
The made-up monsters can only have 4000 or less attack points.
Make up reasonable cards.
I'll use Forcing the clock. Which will force the turn count forward. Then I'll use polymerization. To fuse 3 red-eyes-z. dragon.
To create, The zombie Dragon.(atk:3000 def:3000) And seeing thanks to Forcing the clock, it's not my 1st turn. and seeing as you're left defenseless, Zombie dragon will attack directly. Plus when he attack directly, If I pay 4000 life-points He'll gain 900 more points. However I now use Zombies curse. Which will de-fuse my Z. dragon into 3 red-eyes-z. dragons.(atk:1500)(def:1500) Then they'll all go BOOM! iNTO THE GRAVEYARD AND I'LL GAIN THEY'RE COMBINED ATTACK POINTS!
my challenger:4000
Now I'll use 3 Recieve then take. Now All monsters in my graveyard,if they're fusion-material monsters go to my field. Then I'll use fusionists want. To fuse'em To make ZOMBIE DRAGON!(atk:3000) Now I'll activate his ability. 4 grand. 900 points. Now go!
Next I'll place 4 cards face-down. And use DE-FUSION! TO DE-FUSE MY Z. dragon. Three R.E.Z.D(def:1500)
Last I'll place 1 card face-down.