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11-20-2006, 03:16 AM

50 years ago, a huge blizzard encased the earth. Only the people of Toville lived, or so it seemed. The citizens of Toville could rarely come out of their houses. Until the ice melted four years ago. Then the citizens could roam freely, wherever they pleased. The only trees left on earth were pine and fur. So every item was made of those woods.

One day, a handcrafted pine carriage, drawn by two white stallions, came to town. When it parked, four odd people toppled out. They were Pengons, the snow fairies. The Pengons came in four different breeds: Orna, Toko, Roan, and Esca. These four breeds each had their own skills, appearances, and attacks.

The people thought them adorable, so the Pengons were graciously taken into a special hut for guests. There they bred like wild fire, thus making their hut too small. The people then took the Pengons into their homes.

A few weeks later, the citizens of Toville found out that Pengons could use the elements to hurt each other, and after four long years, Toville citizens created a tournament. It works like this: humans from Toville shall travel with one Pengon. Those two shall travel to ten cities and battle in a gym against other Pengon trainers. (It doesnít matter how many times you battle a gym leader.) The gym leader will give you a Pengon token. Once you have ten tokens, you can compete in the Pengon Master Tournament. If you can win that, you shall become a Pengon King!


1. Like other RPís, no bunnying or godmodding etc.
2. Swearing is allowed, but donít swallow a post in it!
3. Make sure every post is at least four lines long.
4. Your appearance and personality should both be a paragraph long. Your history should be two paragraphs long.
5. Have fun! :P

Pengon Breeds:

Orna: The breed that has the most penguin- like traits, Orna are good at diving, swimming, and catching fish. They canít fly of course. Orna have stubby black tails, long feathered wings, and waddle on two legs, like penguins, but Orna have a few different anomalies. They bestow a certain symbol on their foreheads. (You can create a symbol yourself.) Orna also have vivid eyes, their gaze impenetrable, their imagination riveting. They tend to be great story- tellers, writers, inventors, and artisans. Orna can only use water and ice elements in attacks. (You can also make your own attacks, based on these elements.) Ornaís always have long lasting relationships.

Toko: Toko are the strangest breed of the four. If youíve played animal crossing for gamecube as a girl, then youíll know exactly what they look like. But if you havenít then here is their appearance: they always wear a straight pointed hat atop their head. Their hair points out at the sides and they look sort of like elves. Tokoís clothes can be any color or pattern, but the clothes are always straight down from the neck. Tokoís hair can be any color. They have strange symbols on their brow, black wings, and a stubby tail. They are very down to earth, but tend to have no creative bone in their body. Toko are most likely to become a teacher, or a Master Of Pengons. Tokoís can use fire, wind, lightning and earth elements. They are revered strategists.

Roan: The most self- centered of the four, Roanís are strong and rude Pengons. They tend to have short hair, penguin wings jutting from their back, and two penguin feet. (They think their feet unflattering, so they wear long clothes. ^_^) Their facial features, arms, and body are all human- like. (They also have a symbol on their faces.) They are skilled in acrobatics and speed. Roanís usually become the Master of Pengons, athletes, or leaders of a society. Roanís can use plant, metal, and dark elements.

Esca: The most mysterious and charming of all, Esca control psychic, dark, and light elements. Esca have long hair, the longest penguin tail, and instead of penguin wings, they have dragon wings. Like all Pengons, Esca have symbols on their faces, but on their cheeks too. They wear earrings, and patterned garments. Esca are fantastic flyers and magicians. Esca will most likely be magicians, pilots, or priests.

Note that these are only guidelines. You can make your pengon totally different. ^_^


These are the towns in order: Toville, Eruki City, Mt. Mourning (This is not a town), St. Johnston, Orgle Town, Orgle Cave, the Underground City, Miner Village, Miner Cave, Sorrel Town, Wren burg, Gentaro Village, Gentaro Forest, Port Fell, Enara Island, The Pengon Master tournament.

Each gym badge is named after the town you received it from.


Trainer Form:

Name: What is your name?
Age: Your characters age can be between 10- 100, but I donít want you to be older than that.
Appearance: What does your pc look like? It should be at least three lines long.
Personality: How does your character react to sudden changes? What do people think of you? How does your character act towards family and close friends, or how do they act in a relationship? It should be three lines long.
History: What happened during your characters life so far? Did something inspire them? What did they do during the blizzard, and how did they react to the Pengons? It should be around two or three paragraphs long.

Pengon Form:

Name: What is your Pengons name?
Age: How old is your Pengon? (Pengons are considered adults at 4)
Breed: What breed is your Pengon?
Appearance: What does your Pengon look like? Check the guide- lines before typing this. It should be as long as the trainer appearance thing was! (>. < Iím not thinking straight!)
Personality: How does your Pengon act around people and Pengons? How does your Pengon react to change, and what do people and Pengons think of you?
History: What has happened to your Pengon? Was your Pengon one of the original four? Does it have a family, and does it like its human partner?

I shall put my form up later, so have fun! ^o^

Anorexic Snorlax
11-20-2006, 03:26 AM
So you actually made this one? Okay...
I shall post my Pengon later.

11-20-2006, 11:39 PM
So you actually made this one? Okay...
I shall post my Pengon later.
I know, FINALLY! It took me forever, but it's here. I'm looking forward to your form! ^_^

Anorexic Snorlax
11-22-2006, 10:10 PM

Name: Angelina McHorman
Appearance: Short black hair covered by a flashy beret. A big, pink and furry parka covers her black long sleeve shirt. Her necklace is made out of rock hard jade stone, while her oatmeal colored ugs are bordered with some blue diamonds. Angelina's jeans are an odd teal color and her socks are a pretty tie-die.
Personality: Angelina used to be a moody, depressed, unhappy girl, but now she is a happy, intellegent, funny and modest girl. She can be trustful and usually is, unless she's keeping a big, juicy secret. Angelina has a good aditude, though it can be crushed by her older brother, William.
History: When Angelina was two she got TB and almost died, but her dad luckely took her to the hospital just as it reopened.
When she was five, Angelina broke her arm and had to wait until she was seven to have it taken off. Angelina was sad for three years until she was able to go to an actual school, instead of a boring internet school.


Name: Korona
Breed: Esca
Appearance: Korona has earings made of gold and platinum. Her patterned hat is purple and orange with blue polka-dots. She usually wears dresses with plad patterns that usually are warm and inviting colors, like yellow, fuisha and red. Even though her wardrob is important her overall appearance is outstanding! Korona's rich blue feathers are velvet soft and her dragon wings are green-ish and purple.