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Ironshell Blastoise
06-26-2004, 08:32 PM
Ok, this is here to clear up any and all concerns about these 3 moves.

Each time you use Protect consecutively, its "accuracy" or chance to work drops 50% of its previous percentage, starting at 100%. So lets have a look:

100%=Turn 1
50%=Turn 2
25%=Turn 3
12.5%=Turn 4
6.25%=Turn 5

and so on and so on. But, this is also the case if you use Protect, Detect, and Endure all consecutively, their accuracy matches the above table. So, therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to Protect/Detect over and over and never miss. Endure works the same way, you can't Protect one turn and then Endure the next and have 100% accuracy. So if one Detects, of course it works, because it was the first time it was used. If the same user uses Endure the next turn, however, Endure's accuracy is 50%, NOT 100%.

And also, to clear up another issue with Protect and Detect. Protect and Detect COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY cancel out the effects of opponents moves towards the user of Protect and Detect, if and ONLY if Protect and Detect work. Protect and Detect do NOT delay the effects of attacks, like Toxic. If one uses Protect and the attack works, the opponent's attack DOES NOT EFFECT THE USER OF PROTECT IN ANY WAY. Meaning, they do not get any status or anything for that turn. Meaning, if the opponent uses Toxic and Protect works, I am NOT poisoned. Only if Protect fails am I poisoned. Protect does not delay the effects of Toxic for that turn, it totally cancels the attack for that turn. The next turn is debateable, because if the Protect user uses Protect the 2nd turn, it could fail and not work. But that isn't the point of this topic.

Jack of Clovers
06-26-2004, 11:48 PM
this is not a court case.

anyway, what he said is true. like i said in another thread, i didn't think this was an issue here at the URPG anymore. refs, follow this. protect/detect/endure used in any order consecutively will decrease accuracy over turn.

so ill move this so more will read it and lock it becuase we don't need discussion about it.

*moved and locked*