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Nasty Plasty
11-22-2006, 09:45 PM

Three years after the Prince of the Sea incident, the world decided that Pokemon were causing to much chaos. Not being able to imagine life without Pokemon, scientists created weapons that possess the Pokemon's skills. One by one, Pokemon's skills were copied and they were sealed away all over the world and even the moon. 4 Pokemon eluded being copied and inevitably sealed: Arseus, Regigigas, Darkrai, and Ho-oh. Arseus and Regigigas found the remains of all of Fiore's ranger bases. There, Hinata sat. She was surrounded by a group of friends to cheer her up. She was on a field mission during the attack and was the lone survivor. Arseus and Regigigas gave the entire group the Ultimate Styler. This device could unlock the seals and set the Pokemon free. Then, Ho-oh would revisit the Earth and set things right. Arseus and Regigigas drifted away. With the Ultimate Stylers in hand, the group began to create a new Ranger Base. However, Darkrai had other plans for them. It possessed a large group of the Rangers. Two used their Stylers to break into a lab and steal some of the weapons to help form an army. The remaining group decided to use Darkrai and the weapons to help them rule the world and also seeked to free as many Pokemon as they needed. So the four sides of the war had been created. The Pokemon Rangers, Unholy Servants, Earth Shatterers, and Heaven's Army. Each with different goals, however one is working for the safety of the world.


As usual, no Godmodding
No Spam Posts
10 word limit per post
No bunnying other RPers and enemy NPC's


Each team has their own unique list of goals. Every mission is somewhat tied to a goal and a side has only won when all tasks are completed.

Pokemon Rangers

Free all the sealed Pokemon
Free Gary's 13 Pokemon, Daniel's 15 Pokemon, and Lance's 24 Pokemon
Bring Ho-oh back to Earth

Unholy Servants

Obtain all powerful Pokemon
Kidnap the girl tied to Darkrai
Obtain the parts necessary for the "Final Weapon"
Summon Darkrai
Destroy all of the other groups

Earth Shatterers

Murder the girl linked to Darkrai
Aquire any Pokemon necessary
Capture Arseus, Darkrai, Ho-oh and Regigigas
Destroy Heaven's Army

Heaven's Army

Capture all Pokemon necessary
Destroy the other Ultimate Stylers

Sign-up Sheet

Partner(Unholy Servants and Rangers only):


Name: Daniel
Age: 16
Group: Earth Shatterers


All discussions about the RP go in the discussion thread, unless they are mission based.
Heaven's Army's Styler will go to the 2nd-highest ranking.
If somebody fires a weapon at you, unless you find a non-magical way to stop it, you're hit.
Styler's act as laser beams with Pokemon type assists leaving remnants that go with the type.
If somebody re-seals a Pokemon, all Pokemon of that species go into the vault.
When you unseal a Pokemon, they go to their owners and a wild one joins all Styler owners in the room.

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03-22-2008, 11:58 PM
cool. might join this one.

name: Howl Monakyu
Partner: Poochyena(nicknamed Tyo)
Group: Rangers.

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