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06-28-2004, 01:57 AM
The second story ive ever typed.

CHAPTER 1: Rude Awakening

Jim was his name. He was a kid of 14 years. He had brown hair that was always shaved. His eyes were a lightish green color. He had a bright smile that shined like the moon though he never had liked to smile for pictures. He was exactly 5"4 and weighed exactly 120 lbs. His head was round like a Spheal and hard as a Steelix. Jim didnt have very many friends. He had two close friends that he always loved to do things with. His friend, Billy, has lived with Jim for both their lives. Billy was into about the same things as Jim. Jim's other friend, Tommy, had moved in 5 years ago. Tommy had become friends with Jim and Billy because of his same interests and one other thing. Pokemon. Pokemon was a game where two opponents would go head-to-head in a battle using these mysterious monsters. When Toomy had first moved in, he had introduced Pokemon to Jim and Billy. He gave them Pokemon he had previously owned. Billy's Pokemon was a Bulbasaur. Jim's Pokemon was a Squirtle. Tommy's Pokemon was a Torchic. They had only battled up to this day and never set on a journey for Pokemon.......

It was a nice spring day, well the first spring day, and Jim awoke to the clucking noise of something. Jim knew that this would be the first fun day of Spring Break. The clucking noise was getting on Jim's nerves. He peered out the window to see if something was going on. There was! Right in the middle of the road Tommy's Torchic was squaring down with a Pokemon. Jim didn't know the name of the monster, so he grabbed his Pokedex, scrambled out of bed, and flew out the door to Tommy's house. The battle had been continuing for several minutes. When Jim arrived on Tommy's doorstep, the front door exploded open and out flew Tommy.

"Watch it Tommy! You almost killed me!" rumbled Jim as he got up of his bottom. He then hurried over to where Tommy had been ordering his Torchic to attack.

"Torchic, use your Ember attack!" screamed Tommy watching the attack in progress. Torchic had burned the Pokemon badly. Jim pulled out his Pokedex. He flipped it open in excitement.

"Number 012, Zigzagoon..........." babbled Dexter. Jim closed his Pokedex and watched the battle. Torchic had used another Ember and in return was Pin Missiled. Torchic then Tackled Zigzagoon.

"Yes!" exclaimed Tommy. "Torchic, return. Wow did you see that, Jim? That was the first wild Pokemon my Torchic has ever battled," Tommy said gazing at the magic of the Pokeball. He then clipped it to his pants. "Well, Jim, do you want to go to Billy's house and see if he can come out?" Tommy asked.

"Okay, but if you ever wake me up like that again It'll be your last," Jim explained. Jim and Tommy ran to Billy's front door, pushing the doorbell several times. Billy's older brother, Lawrence answered the door.

"Billy! Billy! The door is for you!" exclaimed Lawrence in a tremendous God-like voice. Billy ran down the stairs and aquainted Jim and Tommy.

"Want to come out?" Jim and Tommy questioned at the same time.

"Yes, but I have a better idea. Why dont we go out in the wild to train and catch Pokemon? This is a great idea. We are 14 so we can handle it on our own." exclaimed Billy.

07-07-2004, 06:27 PM
CHAPTER 2:A New Beginning

Jim had grinned upon hearing Billy's idea. His grin was so big that Tommy and Billy's jaws dropped. This was the first time they saw Jim grin. Jim's face went to normal and he said "We'll travel in exactly one hour precise." Jim took out all his money from a piggy bank. He counted and came up with $650.00 in bills. Luckily, Billy and Tommy thought like Jim and did the same. Billy ended up with $1500.00 in bills. He only got that money because everyone in his family loved him to their hearts. Tommy ended up counting $500.00 which he had saved up all his life. Jim ran out of his house and across the dirt road to Billy's. Billy flew out the door into Jim knockimg them both over. They both got back up and ran to Tommy's. Tommy jumped out of his window on the side of the house.

"Hey, guys! I'm right here!" he exclaimed under his breath. Tommy walked to them and all three of them walked down the dirt road into the sunset.

Jim's mom, Jesse, saw the note he left her. It read:


Me and the boys are going on a little adventure. We have money and everything we need. Don't send out a rescue team. Please. We can find our way back home. Remember one thing: we have Pokemon. See you soon.

Love, Jim

Jesse sighed very deep. She thought that the boys were old enough anyway. She then went to Billy's house and gave his mom, Barbara, the note. She read the note and just collapsed. She got up about a minute later and said, "You have to show Tammy, Jesse. I know she wouldn't like it more than you and I do." Jesse and Barbara ran to Tommy's house. They knocked on the door and waited. The door opened and Tammy, Tommy's mom, stepped out.

"I know. Tommy, Billy, and Jim ran away. Tommy just called from a Pokecenter. He told me everything. But I really think it's a great way for them to get some fresh air and exercise. Im not that worried anymore," She explained.

"Well I agree that's a good point, Tammy," Jesse said.

"I'm not worried either. I just hope that Billy packed his toothbrush and a hat," Barbara said.

Meanwhile, the three boys walked out of a Pokemart in another town called Poisonnugget Palace. It was a weird place. The people weren't weird but the surroundings were. The town was surrounded by golden trees. Billy had seen a sign back along the path they were on that warned them that there was a man who painted things gold. They called him Golden George. "I saw a sign back a few miles that had a big wanted logo and a picture of a man that painted things gold because he was a loony. I know something is going to interact between us three and him," Billy explained. The picture of Golden George made him look at least 60. He was covered in wrinkles and had bald spots all over his gold hair. He had a tie that was gold with silver spots. He wore gold glasses with a golden tint on the lens. He looked very skinny. In fact, it looked as if he was a toothpick with a pea on the top. His pants were very baggy and dropped to his shoes. The pants were blue. His shoes were gold and wrinkled. He had a shirt that had a picture of himself on it. That too was painted gold. He carried a paintbucket that had gold paint in it.

The boys immediately strolled into a Pokemart. The shelves were stacked with Pokemon items and it was almost a ghost town inside the mart. Billy walked into the healing aisle. He picked up a couple of Super Potions. He also picked up a Moomoo Milk. Jim went into the combat aisle. He picked up six Pokeballs. He thought he'd buy one for each of them. Tommy walked into the help aisle. He picked up two Pokedex. He saw that there was a magazine titled: Torchic Monthly. Tommy thought that would be a great addition to his Pokemon literature at home. All three of them got in a line and paid for their items. They then walked out of the Pokemart.

"I got a Pokedex both for Billy and me. I also got a magazine from Torchic Monthly. What did you get, Jim?" Tommy asked.

"Six pokeballs. Here. I got two for each of us. Here you go, Tommy. Here's yours, Billy. Hey what did you buy, Billy?" Jim questioned Billy.

"I got a few Super Potions. In fact, I got three. I'll give you both one. Each one comes with a free bar of Poison nuggets. It says they are poison to humans but not Pokemon. It also says that it gives your Pokemon poisonous breath. I think we should only use it for battling," Billy explained. Billy got up and said, "Let's try to find this Golden George guy."

"I'm alright with that. Let's go!" Exclaimed Tommy. Jim just nodded. A nearby officer was guarding a bike tied to a bike rack. The boys ran to him.

"Can I help you, boys?" The officer asked.

"Yes. Can you tell me more about this "Golden George", Officer...... Dave? We want to see if we can catch him," Billy said.

"Well before I start, I want to say remember safety. Never walk close to a manhole. Something bad will happen. Trust me because of past experience. Don't ever jump out in front of a car. You boys look new in this town. Anyway, Golden George lives deep in the forest. No one is really into catching him because of his speed. He runs through the town everyday at a high rate of speed. There is a gang that's out there who try to catch him. They are called the Blue Bears. They wear obvious clothes. They wear blue everything. They patrol the city everyday watching that Golden George doesn't strike, but he always gets away." The boys stared. " Well I want to say that the Blue Bears also go by "cops". Well anyway, good luck." Officer Dave went back to patrolling the bike that was wet with gold paint. "No! Not again!" he screamed. The boys fled the scene.

"You know what? Let's try to find Golden George today," Jim said. The other boys agreed.