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11-23-2006, 04:46 PM
Ok, this is a roleplay I made up. If you use my plot, you must give me credit for it! *shakes fist* Also, you will have to ask my permission to use it. This is how I started my other RP site, which will soon be affiliated with my Pokemon one, once I find the button to Itego again... :P Well... Here goes!

The Vortex is a swirling hallway of black and white. "Votrenor" is said to have lived there before creating the dimensions. Here's the gist of the history found in the site iteself:

A god, the creator of everything, used to live in the Vortex. The Vortex itself is a spinning hallway of black and white. The creator, Votrenor was bored one day, and so he created the Dimension of Darkness, bringing the dark to life. Then he created the Dimension of Light, bringing the light to life. Yes, he always made dimensions in pairs. He put the Dimension of Darkness on one end of the Vortex, and the Dimension of Light on the other. Then he decided to create the Dimensions of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, bringin each of those elements to life. He placed Fire and Air beside the Dimension of Darkness, and Water and Earth beside the Dimension of Light. He was still bored. He created the Dimensions of Time and Space, creating well time, gravity, stars, and the like. After that he was still bored, so he created the Dimensions of Life and Death, thus creating humans and animals. Later he created the Dimensions of Hope and Fear. He was still bored, so he gave a sixteenth of the human population of each dimension the power to enter the Vortex, and other dimensions. Then, chaos broke loose. The Dimension of Light wanted control of the Vortex for themselves, while the Dimension of Darkness still wanted to allow everyone to use it! The Dimensions of Water, Time, Fear, and Death joined the Dimension of Light, while Earth, Air, Fire, Space, and Hope joined the Dimension of Darkness. We're about to start an all out war, and the first attack has been made by the Dimension of Light. They've attacked the Dimension of Fire!

Now then. Time for rules...

1. Follow the normal Pokemon Elite 2000 Forum Roleplaying rules!
2. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE be literate!
3. All characters start out human.
4. Follow the Pokemon Elite 2000 Forum Rolplaying rules!
5. Follow these rules.

Here's the template for Character sign-ups:

Home Dimension-
Weapon- (Sword, Bow, or Staff, Staffs must ask permission to use them, because they are very rare.)
Description (Looks)- (Pictures/Sprites are allowed.
Literacy Example- (Only if you want to rule a Dimension.)

If you want to be a Dimension Ruler, you MUST post a Literacy Example. ^^

I will post my characters next. Nobody can ask to rule the Dimension of Darkness. That is taken by me. All others are open though. ^^

11-23-2006, 04:56 PM
Name- Sombeta Mierdetal
Age- 16
Home Dimension- Dimension of Darkness
Weapon- Staff
Personality- She is a very determined, willful, and impatient person, and is also very loyal and trustworthy.
History- She and her brother Tel were found in the Vortex when they were very young, just 2 and 4. Their parents had dies, and the siblings had been left in the Vortex to be watched over by the Gaurds, and, eventually, the Ghost. They were there for one day before they were found, and taken back to the Dimension of Darkness. A will had been left behind in the castle, from their father, saying that the daughter, though she was a girl, and she was the younger sibling, was to take rule of the Dimension. The weird thing is, when the advisors found the siblings, Sombeta's right eye was gone. They put in a "mechanical" eye, which was actually a mixture of mechanics and magic.
Description (Looks)- She usually wears a mask, to cover the red, flame-shaped scar left behind after the advisors put in her "mechanical eye." She wears dark, baggy jeans, with a dark red tank top, and a loose, dark red belt. For shoes, she typically wears military boots. She has long waist length black hair, and her left eye is black, while her right eye is a "mechanical" one.
Other- She is the rightful heir to the throne of the Dimension of Darkness, and has in her possesion, a Wry*.

Name- Tel
Age- 18
Home Dimension- Dimension of Darkness
Weapon- Sword
Personality- He is very loyal, trustworthy, and determined.
History- See Sombeta's History
Description (Looks)- He has short, spiky black hair, and typically wears his Inter-Dimensional Traveler's cloak. Underneath the cloak he usually wears a black, short-sleeve shirt, dark jeans, and military boots.
Other- He has been given rule of the military of the Dimension of Darkness by his younger sister.

*A Wry is a magician's experiment gone awry, or messed up, gone foul. :P I know, corny.