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Suicune's Child
11-27-2006, 01:46 AM
Rataki let out a squeal of delight as she darted from shop window to shop window, examining the merchandise within. All of her money was back at the Pokemon Center but she had already picked out at least ten items she was going to buy. "This, and that, that, oh! I've never seen that before!" She skidded to a halt in front of a window that displayed the latest capture device. A green and grey box only a little larger than a Pokeball. The sign next to it read "PokeBox, soon to replace the PokeBall. Can hold more than one Pokemon at a time and has almost a 99% capture rate!"

"What a waste. No real trainer would bother with such a thing. What's the fun in catching Pokemon if you're guaranteed a capture? You wouldn't even have to battle it!" She glared at the box for a while longer then flicked her light green hair out of her crimson eyes and marched onward. Soon she completely forgot about the PokeBox and became enthralled with many other items.

A beeping from the device in her ear told her that her Pokemon had been fully healed. She turned right around and sprinted past the shop windows, heading for the Pokemon Center. The sliding doors opened instantly as she approached them and she smiled. Though it happened for everyone she was sure it was quicker for her. After all, she was an interregional champion, was she not? "Nurse, I'm here for my...my Pokemon," she paused, placing a hand to her head. I must have run a bit too fast on the way here, she thought to herself.

"Are you all right, Rataki?" The kind red haired nurse looked at Rataki in concern as she staggered slightly, taking hold of the counter to steady herself.

"I'm fine. Got a bit dizzy there for a moment."

"Do you need to sit down?"

"No thank you. I'm fine now." This was not the truth but Rataki wasn't going to let anyone know that she was feeling ill. She would go to her room, pretending to get her money, and lie down for a bit. No one would notice. She accepted her Pokemon from the nurse and turned to head for her room. Another dizzy spell hit her and her head pounded terribly. She leaned against the counter on the pretext of reading a pamphlet laying on it. What's wrong with me? I must be allergic to something in here. I was fine outside.

Deciding that her shopping could wait, she headed quickly for the door. "Are you sure you're all right, dear?" the nurse called after her, "You look pale. Come over here and sit down for a mo...oh!" She hurried from behind the counter and knelt beside the fallen girl. "Are you all right? Rataki? Rataki, can you hear me?"

She couldn't. She had been unconscious before she hit the floor.

11-29-2006, 12:50 AM
Onchou smiled as she stepped silently through the streets of the town. Meiun, her Absol, traveled silently at her side. I wonder what she's thinking... the Absol thought. And I wonder why she doesn't understand that something's coming... Something bad... Onchou smiled down at Meiun, then stopped. "What's wrong...?" she whispered, hoping the Absol was alright. After all, he was her best friend.

Meiun laughed. <I'm fine!> he said, smiling meekly. Onchou knew he was having a hard time restraining himself from actually talking. Talking like a human I mean. He didn't like being in the public eye so much, and wished that they could go back to Fushigi. Come to think of it, Onchou was wishing that, too... She wished she could just call out her Salamence, letting she and her Pokemon just fly away.

But she couldn't. Her aunts had forbidden it. Quietly she stepped into a small store, smiling. She had entered a store which held different items, all looking like they belonged to someone obsessed with Dark-type Pokemon. Onchou smiled and stopped in front of an Absol picture frame. She laughed a bit,then walked on through the store. The world began to swirl slightly.

"Are you ok?" came a voice from the back, as Onchou grabbed hold of a display case for support. "Uh-oh..." Meiun said, not restraining himself any longer. "It's here..." He tried his hardest to support Onchou, hoping this would go away, but knowing it wouldn't. "Meiun..." came the girl's voice. "Get out of here... Something's here... I don't want you getting hurt. Go on..." Meiun shook his head. <No!> he said defiantly. <I'm staying with-> The Absol's voice droned on, Onchou not hearing it as she fell to the floor. Meiun had been right. Something bad was definitely happening.

The Absol's tears dripped onto Onchou's face as she lay there, unconscious.

Lucky Flareon
11-30-2006, 08:06 AM
OOC: Eh, sorry this took so long. I forgot about you guys. :oops: Second, the first post is very not Pokemon like so I can make comparisons between Laura and Robert.

Laura ran around the house, looking for a top that she could wear out on her date. The floor of her bedroom had already acquired a nice pile or skirts, pants, dresses, shirts, and shoes. You name the clothing item, it was probably on Laura's floor. It was her first "blind date" and she didn't know what to expect, and therefore, didn't know what to wear.

Neither of Laura's parents had been really social people, but Laura herself was a social butterfly, talking to anyone and everyone. She was fairly attractive, with auburn hair and light green eyes. Although there were prettier girls at school, Laura had the confidence that many of them lacked. So while Laura wanted to hang out with her friends all the time, her parents wanted her to become the next big Pokemon trainer. Although Laura admitted it might be exciting to battle and train, she would rather live the life that she had now, instead of letting her parents shaping her into what they wanted her to be.

After putting on a dressy tank top with light blue jeans and sparkly flip-flops, she started to do her hair. However, while holding the hair dryer, she began to feel a bit dizzy. Her mother always knew what to do whenever Laura felt sick or weak, but neither of her parents were home. They trusted that Laura was going to be going out on her date soon, and they would be home before she got back.

Laura decided she had enough time, and went down to lay on her bed.


A boy stood outside the door, knocking. No answer. He continued to knock for a few more minutes. Still no answer. Figuring he had been stood up, he walked over to his car, started the engine back up, and drove away. Inside, his would have been date was oblivious to the whole thing.

11-30-2006, 10:05 AM
"Uh-huh..." Takiko mumbled, in a totally unfocused tone. "Ya..." She shoved a handful of popcorn into her mouth and munched silently on them, her vision concentrated on the blue electric rabbit hopping around in front of her, trying to escape a candy pink Skitty's grip on her tail.

'Is that true?! Oh my gosh!!' The amazed voice from the other end of the line woke Takiko up from her daydreaming.

"Huh? What?" The blue-haired lass immediately demanded, her eyes curiously gazing at the phone, hoping for a response.

'You liked him?!'

"Him? Who's that him?" Takiko questioned, her face a cherry red. "OK, stop. I don't want to know who's that 'him', but I certainly do not like any boys!" Her two female Pokemon stopped playing and stared at their trainer. "Nooooo! I was not focusing, that's all!" She continued, blushing madly.

Takiko's feline Pokemon, Riri the Skitty, hopped playfully onto her lap as her trainer sat on the edge of the stairs. Her ears perked when she heard Takiko groaned as the girl at the other line teased her.

Okuda Takiko was a normal teenager, 12 years old, and fairly beautiful with at least 5 love letters per 2 weeks. However, she was no pushover, despite her cute appearance. Takiko can easily kick anybody if she feels uncomfortable. Right now, she was on the phone with one of her bestest friend, who is an American. Luci was teasing her about liking a boy, and Takiko was ready to kick her the moment she meet her later to a Pokemon battle.

"Yup... Bye~!" Smiling, Takiko hung up and rushed back up to her room. Riri and Miri, her female Minun, hopped up behind her.

Once she closed her door, she started ransacking her closet for clothes to wear. Takiko had a knack for traditional clothes that doesn't go unnoticed between her classmates, teachers and schoolmates. She's widely known for her love for traditional clothes and miniskirts.

In the corner of her sparkling, aqua eyes, Takiko spotted a short miniskirt with a trendy design. It had something like a pretty cover slaunted to the side, and was candy pink in colour with some cute and petite flower prints. Next, the 12 year old found her usual 'short' shorts and flung them on her bunk bed she shared with her brother along with the skirt.

Takiko was about to borrow some clothes from her mother's room, which was still the same before she passed away, when Riri's mewing caught her attention. She gazed down to see Riri's tail resting on a piece of cloth.

Picking it up, she found it to be a shirt. A white, sleeveless shirt with a V-shape cut. It's not that revealing except for the sleeveless part which Takiko didn't care. Beaming, she added the shirt to her "junk" on the top bunk alogn with pale blue arm warmers.


"Yay~!" Takiko jumped up as she called Miri back. "I won again, Lucy! Your treat this time! I want the fanciest ice-cream in the shop!" Rushing over to her sighing friend, she gave her a warm hug. "I'll forget about the kick I wanted to give you!"

"Can you please 'enlighten' me about your ridiculously big appetite?" Lucy complained.

Suicune's Child
12-01-2006, 10:01 PM
Rataki opened her eyes slowly then closed them again. She was still dizzy and quite disoriented. The most she could tell about her current position was that she was lying on the ground. It was rough and gritty feeling to her back which meant that she was not in the Pokemon Center. Had she even been in the Pokemon Center? She couldn't remember clearly. She had been out shopping...no, browsing, preparing to shop. Then she went back to the Pokemon Center for her Pokemon and money...then what? She couldn't remember anything except that she hadn't been feeling well.

A rough growl above pulled her back to reality. 'Hey, hey, Eya-girl, wake up!'

Her eyes fluttered open again and a large ball of fur swam before her eyes. She blinked and an Arcanine came into focus. "Wha...where...who..." She sat up and placed a hand on the back of her head with a low moan. The sky above her was bright and the forest around her was lush and...forest? "Where am I?"

'I'm not really sure. Viridian Forest I think.'

"Viridian...but Viridian Forest was burned to the ground nearly thirty years ago."

'...That's terrible. It's such a beautiful place and it's gone. At least it will always be here, in this place.'

"What place? What's going on? How did I get here. The last thing I remember is being in the Pokemon Center and feeling ill then..."

'Technically you're still in the Pokemon Center. You're body is anyway. Later on I can show you. But for now there are a few things you need to know and I beg you not to interrupt. Now, you have heard of the trainers who defeated the great Illusionist some...I don't know, perhaps a hundred years ago now. They disappeared, never seen again. Most believed they had been killed by some of his followers. This is not what happened. They were trapped in an alternate universe, a very powerful illusion. He also sealed a part of him in a different illusion. Now, because we, the Pokemon, were the ones who really defeated him, he cursed us to remain the age we were as long as we remained here. Our trainers, however, had normal life spans. They passed away some years ago. The illusion the illusionist placed a part of himself in began to weaken, as was planned. The piece of himself that was sealed was supposed to become stronger, grow, become him again, and when that was finally complete he was supposed to leave the illusion. That did happen, just as planned, and he took on the form of a ghost so that he could travel the land without suspicion. We have a way of seeing into the real world, a form of torture no doubt, but it's been very useful. Do you understand what I've said so far?'

Rataki was looking at the Arcanine in some concern, her mouth half open. Finally she said, "Poor dear, you really need to visit the Pokemon Center. I'm sure Nurse Joy can help you."

12-02-2006, 01:19 PM
"Bye~!" Takiko waved as her sighing friend dashed off towards to south, heading home. She had just been treated delicious ice-cream, and it was no small deal for it was rumoured to be the best ice-cream in town.

A cool, chilly wind rubbed against Takiko as she hugged herself to gained warmth. It was lucky she had been smart enough to bring a beautiful scarf. Wrapping it around her neck, she looked very beautiful, like a goddess descended from the heavens. However, her tough expression ruined her total image, which was covering for her attitude as a "sweet" girl.

"I better get going!" Takiko reminded herself mentally as she spun on her heels and headed for home as well. She knew her workaholic dad would be working on his latest novel, so she made up her mind not to disturb him.

As she sprinted on the dusty road, she noticed a fog starting up. Thinking that it would dissipate after a few minutes, she continued her way back home.

It was after ten minutes did Takiko realise something was wrong. She felt a strange, eerie sensation that she was turning around in the same place, and the mist covered around 89% of her vision. Unable to determine her direction, Takiko felt a burning feeling on her head.

Suddenly, her mind felt giddy. Takiko told herself it was just a dizzy spell as she fought on to head back home. But she couldn't. She fainted before she could take another step, lying like a corspe on the dusty road, covered by the fog.

Suicune's Child
12-03-2006, 07:12 PM
The Arcanine gave an exasperated sigh and said, 'I'll prove it to you then. Take hold of my fur. If you are here long enough, you'll learn how to do this, but it's doubtful you will be. It took nearly ten years to figure out how.'

Feeling that she might as well appease the Arcanine for the time, she stepped forward and gripped a handful of his thick fur. There was a moment's pause, then everything began to change. It happened so fast that she was barely able to comprehend the blur that surrounded them. Then everything turned back to normal and they were standing in the middle of a deserted city. It was not a city that Rataki was used to. It was very outdated in her eyes and also creepy from the lack of life. Still, this was hardly noticeable compared with confusion and shock she felt at moving from the middle of a forest to the middle of a city.

"Wha...ho...you...how did you do that?"

'Illusion control. I learned it many years ago but I still don't have complete control over it. Now, you see we have moved from Viridian Forest to Violet City. Do you believe me now?'

"I..." Rataki didn't really know what to say. What had happened was strange, yes, but what she had been told thus far was stranger. "Ok, maybe the trainers who defeated Tiono were trapped in an illusion, and maybe there was a curse placed upon their Pokemon, but how did I get here?"

'Did none of your relative ever tell you that you are the descendant of Eya Emera, one of the trainers who defeated Tiono?'

Rataki gaped at him. She tried to speak several times but no words came out. Finally she closed her mouth and shook her head.

'I doubt they knew anyway. Eya is not a direct relative of yours. A great great aunt, really, but you were deemed worthy by her long before you were born. I won't get into that now. There are, however, things you need to know. For instance, this illusion was created to hold only those who defeated Tiono. Therefore, you, or your physical body, could not enter. But, your soul and mind placed inside the body of your ancestor, could. Because you were the one deemed worthy by her so long ago, you were the one who was imprisoned.'

"My mind and soul? But I'm still in my body. I'm not a spirit. I'd notice if I was."

Arcanine smiled at her. 'I am going to show you something that will no doubt distress you, but you must know. Come along.' Rataki had not released Arcanine's fur so she was once again transported to another area. This was a room with a full length mirror hanging on the wall. 'Look into it,' the great fire dog instructed.

Rataki flashed a suspicious glance at the Arcanine then did as he said. She stepped in front of the mirror, stared at the reflection for a moment, then nearly passed out again. A squeak of fear and confusion escaped her as she did a one-hundred and eighty degree turn, staring at herself. Deep crimson eyes, not too dissimilar from her own, showed shock as the tall girl in the mirror stared back at her. Her hair was rich brown with a streak of green in the front and she looked older, perhaps eighteen. Her shirt was black with flames and a great bird on the back and a fiery PR on the top left side of the front. Her jeans were worn and a little dirty, she had a red bandanna tied around her head, and a Pokeball hanging from a black cord around her neck.

'Try not to be too alarmed. You have simply taken on the appearance of Eya when she was trapped in the illusion. She was seventeen, older than you, but she looks a bit older. She was very powerful and quite popular. I am Iyo, I helped Eya win countless battles along with the rest of her Pokemon. That is my Pokeball hanging around your neck. The others are in her bag, over there.' Iyo nodded to a small red backpack sitting against the wall. 'This room looks much like the one Eya had as a child. This is where she lived in the illusion for many years.'

Rataki didn't know what to say. She wanted more than anything to wake up in the Pokemon Center and find out everything she saw and felt at the moment was all a dream. She wanted this Arcanine to vanish and this person staring at her out of the mirror the never bother her again, but she knew that wasn't going to happen. She was smart enough to tell the different between dreams and reality, and this was all too real to be a dream.

12-05-2006, 04:03 PM
Takiko's eyes opened slowly, although her body felt weak and drained of all her energy. Panting slightly, she found herself on a snow white bed covered with warm blankets and lying on a bouncy, red pillow in the PokeCenter. Takiko hurriedly shifted her head to the bed itself. She has always hated using pillows.

"Where am I..." Mumbling, she reached out to feel if her naginata is still with her.

"You shouldn't move." A mature but concerned tone alerted Takiko. Everything around her turned giddy and drifted into a huge swirl, making her vision unstable.

When she was finally able to locate the voice source, she found that the huge swirl was gone, along with the fancy wardroom. Instead of a good bed, she was lying on a hammock between two sturdy trees, swinging slightly. Takiko didn't mind staying there, but she was eager to get back to her own world. She tried to search for her naginata again, but a stinging pain stopepd her movements.

"You shouldn't move." The owner of the vocie repeated *him*self. "It's bad that you had another dizzy spell besides the one you should have."

Takiko's acute ears told her that the owner might not be a human. She grabbed hold of her naginata despite the chronic pain and shouted. "W-who are you?!" She got ready to fight with her small sword, trying not to scare herself.

"Your evasiveness is impressive." A Pidgeot flew straight in front of her, making Takiko gasp and leaned back for an instant in the hammock.

"H-he's speaking...!"

"Of course I am speaking. Then what, I am sniping straight at you?" The Pidgeot gave an exasperated toss of his head before continuing. "Forget it. First you need to why you are here. But even before that, you need to know who you are."


"Yes, you. You are the descendant of one fot he 5 trainers that defeated Tonio a few hundred years ago. Did anybody not tell you that?"



"It couldn't be me."

"Then who?"

"Maybe it's you...?"

The Pidgeot gave another exasperated toss and sighed deeply. "Enough of this. I know you wishe now you are a normal teenager, but your fate and destiny still awaits you. Of course, you could use your own hands to twist it, but that's up to you."

Takiko sighed. "OK, I don't get a single thing. Where am I now, how did I get here and why am I here - with you? What do I have to do with the Tonio thingy, and what would I have to do next?"

"You are in Viridian Forest; by using Illusion skills; because I am one of your ancestor's Pokemon; you are the descendant of Okuda Mimi; follow my instructions. These are the anwsers to your question accordingly."

"I forgot my questions." Takiko tilted her head slightly, her hands resting on her hips. "Alright~! So now, I follow your instructions?" Ready for some action and adventure, she stuck out a bit of her tongue as she awaited the Pidgeot to start.

"Climb onto my back. When you are done, we shall depart." He flew closer to Takiko and told her to place her naginata on her lap. When he did not budge, Takiko questioned him and he told her to wait for a minute.

Soon enough, the Pidgeot did fly off - after a Skitty hopped onto Takiko's lap beside her naginata. Pidgeot introduced himself as Piri, and the Skitty mewed her name out to be Riri. She appeared to be a few months old, totally different from the Riri Takiko had.

"Wait, don't tell me..." She started, staring straight at Piri.

He nodded. "Yes. Your Pokemon are exactly the same as Okuda Mimi's Pokemon. Even I, whose name is Piiri with a double 'i' in your world."

12-07-2006, 03:31 AM
Onchou's eyes slowly lifted open, revealing the deep black beneath the lids. She slowly sat up, looking around. "Wha..." she started. "Where am I...?" A dark shap stepped in front of her and she stared at it, her eyes focusing. <Calm down, young one...> the shape spoke in a commanding voice. "Meiun..." Onchou said, noting the headblade. "Is that you...?" <No...> the Absol said, for it was an Absol. <At least, not the one you know... My name is Meiun though.

Onchou slowly stood up, the Absol rushing to her side. She placed a hand on his back, steadying herself, and rubbed her head. "What the...?" she said, feeling the headband. <Calm down...> came the Absol's voice once more. "What am I wearing?" the girl asked, looking at her clothes. Baggy jeans, a black tank-top, scuffed up military boots. "Odd..." she whispered, reaching a hand up to her neck. "What the-!" she started suddenly. "My locket's still here!"

<Of course...> the Absol said, watching Onchou warily. <Kashou has one of the same.> Onchou looked down at the face of the Absol. This Absol did look strangely like the Meiun she knew. "Kashou...?" she repeated. "I think my aunts have mentioned her... A long gone ancestor..." <You are correct,> the Absol said.

The world finally stopped swirling as Onchou pulled her hand away from the Absol. "Where am I...?" she asked, looking around. Trees, a forest? Definitely not the shop she had been in a minute ago. <Viridian Forest,> came the Absol's short reply. "Hunh?" Onchou said, rubbing her head. "I thought this place burned down..."

<In your time yes, but to those from the future, this is a time out of time...> Meiun said, smiling lightly. Onchou watched the strange Absol. He acts so like Meiun... she thought. She started through the forest, feeling the Pokeballs at her belt. "All dark..." she whispered, knowing for some odd reason. "Kashou and I would get along so well..." She continued through the forest, hoping to meet someone else in her predicament, though highly doubting she would.

Lucky Flareon
12-07-2006, 06:05 AM
So tired...

In the depths of Viridian Forest, a figure lay motionless near a tree. The person had been just laying there for a few hours now, nobody passing by. However, aside from wild Pokemon, there was one other being near the tree. A dragon-like Pokemon, heavily built with thick orange skin. A pair of powerful wings arose from his back, and a flame burned at the end of his massive tail.

Although the Pokemon could easily destroy anything in its path, it remained very calm near the person. In fact, from the time that the trainer had fallen, it had done nothing but remain right by its side. The Charizard had tried multiple times to wake the sleeping person, but with no luck. The human was in a deep sleep.

Multiple tries and yet the Pokemon had still not prevailed. Other Pokemon may have simply left, at least to stretch their legs. Charizard nudged the trainer again, hoping to wake him. When there was still no response, the dragon looked the other way, scouting for any wild Pokemon that might try to cause harm to the trainer. Instead of seeing Pokemon, he saw trainers, a boy and a girl. They were both running towards the fallen human, crying out in such a frantic manner, that Charizard couldn't comphrend what they were trying to say.


The male member of the pair reached the person first, and shoved him over. While the Pokemon had tried more subtle approaches to wake the human, the boy simply rolled him over from his side to his back. The person on the ground began to move, much to everyone's relief. His eyes opened slowly, squinting in the sun's rays. When he came to his senses, he quickly rose and looked around in a frenzy.

"Where am I? This isn't my room." Although the boy had just arose, he knew for sure that he hadn't been in a forest of any sort. An ever better question, since when do I wear oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans? And why am I suddenly so, manly ... I'm a BOY!

"You're in Viridan Forest. We were training and then you just fell over. It was weird," the girl replied.

"No, no we weren’t. I was in my room, getting ready to go on a date. So why am I dressed like this?" Laura demanded.

"Robert, are you all right?" the boy who had helped to awake him asked.

"Robert? Who is Robert? I'm Laura," she replied.

"Right ..." the boy said, a strong sense of confusion overwhelming him.

<Don't worry, Laura, everything is going to be all right.>

"Why are there voices inside my head!? Who are you people, and why am I suddenly a BOY!?" The only response Laura got was more disbelief overcoming the pair's faces.

<The 'voice' is me, the Charizard next to you. Your ancestor, Robert, was my trainer, and called me Styx. There is a reason why you are here, but the answer will come in time. For now, I need you to listen to everything I say.>

"Everything you say ... I can do that," Laura answered.

"As much as we would love to stay, I need to get home," the girl said. It was obvious that the strange behavior of their friend was creeping them out, and they simply wanted to get away. However, Laura hardly noticed their absence.

<The first thing we need to do is get out of this forest. After we arrive at our destination, I can tell you more about yourself.>

Styx offered his back to Laura. She climbed upon his broad shoulders, and uttered a deep sigh of both confusion and exhaustion. In a single flap of the massive wings, Styx was off the ground, and flying towards their first destination.

12-07-2006, 09:50 AM
Takiko found herself in a totally different place. It seemed very ancient to her, and she crouched down to avoid a flying slingshot.

"Gosh, where the heck am I?" She demanded, glancing at Piiri expectantly. "Don't tell me..."

The Pidgeot nodded. "You are quite intelligent despite your blur looks. Yes, this is your ancestor's era." He dodged a slingshot himself and stared at Takiko. "This is the village Mimi lived in, full of playful kids and friendly villagers." He paused.

"Time control?" Takiko asked gingerly, noting Piiri's sad emotions.

Piiri nodded and flew faster. "Yes. We are departing now. Please close your eyes."

Takiko bit her lip. Wondering about Piiri's sudden somber look, she closed her eyes slowly and relaxed. When she was allowed to open her eyes, she found herself in another place.

It was a room, small but cosy. Comfortable and warm, with a full-length mirror and Japanese-styled. Takiko loved it the moment she saw the room, it wasn't as fancy as the modern days, but she preferred it to be like this.

"Look into the mirror." Piiri commanded. Takiko didn't budge, feraing that something might happen. "Go." Piiri urged on, and the lass slowly focused her vision into the mirror.

What scared her out of her wits wasn't her reflection, but a huge spider crawling out of nowhere on the mirror. Screaming, she hurriedly hopped down next to Piiri, who swept the Pokemon out of the window, far far away in a flash.

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Mimi saw Ariados that ran lose at the exact same day. Sorry for that." Piiri apologised.

Shivering, Takiko excused him and gazed in the mirror. She saw herself, but with fashionable, traditional clothes. Her reflection looked absolutely beautiful, but Takiko could tell it wasn't her, though they looked 100% alike. It was her ancestor, Okuda Mimi.

"Time to go." Piiri's voice told Takiko to get back up onto his back and he flew off.

12-09-2006, 01:09 AM
Meiun stopped, Onchou pausing as well. A thought had formed in the Absol's mind. "Do you know why, exactly, you are here?" he asked. Onchou started a bit, surprised that the Absol had spoken, then paused. Kaichou did come from Fushigi... she thought. So why shouldn't her Pokemon have come from Fushgi...? "No..." Onchou replied. The Absol nodded.

"I thought so..." he said. "You have heard of Kaichou, as you said, but did you know that she was one of the few to help defeat the great illusionist Tiono?" Onchou just stared at the Absol. "Hunh...?" she asked finally. "That's weird... My aunts never told me that... I wonder why they hid it from me." Meiun sighed, looking about the forest as a few people walked past. "Come with me, young one..." he said, gesturing for her to rest her hand on his head. She did as he bid, and the "world" around her became blurry.

When they finally stopped, they were in a small room. A mirror, not very big, was there, hanging on the wall. "Look into the mirror," Meiun said, smiling slightly at her. Onchou looked at him, mystified, but did as he said. She started when she saw what she looked like. "B-bu-but..." she stuttered. "M... m-my... My hair's black! Not red! And I have black eyes! Not green eyes!" Onchou was purely startled now. She had encountered strange things in Fushigi, but never an appearance change. Of course there was that one time she had been changed to a Pokemorph... But her Meiun helped change her back.

Onchou took several steps back, then fell, landing with a soft thud on a cushion. Meiun smiled at her. "You do not look the same as you looked in your time," he said. "You look like your ancestor. Kaichou Kashou. You are 13, right? Well at the time of Tiono's defeat, she was about 15." Onchou blinked. "But..." she started. "How did I even get here?!" Meiun smiled. "I'm not sure of exactly how you were brought here, but you came here because you were needed."

Onchou sighed. What a vague answer... she thought. "So..." she started. "Why am I needed here?" Meiun laughed a bit. "I'm just an Absol! How should I know! I just know that something terrible will soon happen, as every Absol should know...." Onchou sighed. "Of course..." she said. "Absols always answer me in vague answers..."

12-11-2006, 08:28 AM
Takiko was lost in a daze. She knew this was really scary, but she wanted nothing more than an exciting adventure. But would this harm her? Could this have any dangerous contetn that will make her risk her life? Takiko wasn't sure.

The few months old Skitty suddenly rubbed herself against her. Grinning, Takiko stroked Riri slowly. This was like a wodnerful dream, dangerous but exciting.

"So, where do we go now?" She asked Piiri who merely glanced at her and said nothing.

12-13-2006, 11:18 PM
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12-14-2006, 03:48 PM
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If you are, well, we are currently stuck in our ancestors' form after fainting ^^

12-16-2006, 01:48 AM
((Yes I am, Thank you)))

Afanen sighed an exited the Young Pokemon Trainer Acadamy (young kids school), she had just dealed with a trainer session with thoudsands of little demons pulling her hair and messing with her pokemon.
"Those little punks...." Afanen said rubbing her pokeballs "They WILL pay, oh well at leat I got payed. I should be happy!" suddenly she became her normal jumpy self. And started sprinting into town looking for something sweet.

She entered a small store with varietes of many candy, novletie idems, slushies, and cards. Afanen browsed the chocolate section and grabbed about a pound of it.
"Ohhh how much should I get!?" she squealed "There is sooo many good things!" The store owner gave her a stern glare.
"ohhhh...." she sighed.

Just then she felt a dizzy feiling. Afanen droped the candy and grabed the wall for support.
" I should just find a near by hotel to stay at... I'll be fine" she thought as she walked twords the door wabling. Afanen couldn't controll it, as she exited the shop she fell flat out on the sidewalk. She was flat out cold.

((this is only because everyone is farther than me))

Afanen opened her eyes and got up. She looked around at the enviorment around then herself. She noticed a
"W... what happened!!!!???? This is not where I was!!!" Afanen screamed "I was NOT wereing this!! This is not my clothes!!! WHERE ARE MY POKEBALLS?!!!
"Welcome desendant of Ai Yomohoshi!" a voice said from behind her. She turned around to see a ninetails. "come with me!" he demanded
"whhat?????!!! I need some time to think what is happening!!!?? Afanen screamed
"PLEASE! Calm down! everthing will be explained!" the ninetails said "Listen to me!" *explains the whole illusionist thing*
"OHHHH I get it! This is just a horriable dream! I just need to wake up!" Afanen said relived.
"NO!!!" the ninetails yelled "Take this seiriously!!!"
" I have a question" afanen said, "Was your egg droped before you were born?"
"Just take hold of my furr lets go!" ninetails demanded as Afanen climbed abord.
"Where are we going?" she asked.
"We are trying to find the other trainers! That are suposed to defend us from the Illusionist!" he said
"Should I really do this I'm am scared...." she thought
"No need to be scared, all will be fine you have your pokemon of Ai in your phanypack."
"Are you reading my mind?!!" she said demanded
"Pipe down! We just need to find the trainers!" he said "just calmdown..."