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12-01-2006, 11:34 PM
Hello, Im Daniel and im a pokemon trainer, soon will be a pokemon master and win over the castle of light, Oh! You don't know what the castle of light is?

Well its a very special place its got heaps of legendary pokemon and they will attack you if your not careful.

Well now to the story.

Chapter one: The Begining

One Arfter noon Daniel was laying in professer Oak's Lab, He lives there since his mum kicked him out of home, cause he was getting bad grades in school. So he went to live with Professer Oak, As i was saying he was playing on the floor in professer Oaks lab. Professer Oak Walks in and says
"Daniel Come Quick There is a wild pokemon attack inocent people"
"Oh NO! I better go, were's Pikachu?"
"It's getting recharged"
"Ok, I'll use totadile, COME ON OUT TOTADILE" Totadile poped out and said
"C'mon totadile we got some work to do"

Totadile and daniel ran outside and see the big Usaring attacking all the other pokemon and people.
"totadile attack with water gun" Totdile jumped up and used water gun. Then ursaring started to tip and finallt fall over, Light was coming out of him, Daniel said to professer Oak when they came back in, "That ursaring was from the castle of light when totdile used water gun it had light coming out of it and i BEAT IT, YEAH!"

End of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2:The Journey