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07-02-2004, 05:39 AM
Jenny lifted her head and looked out over the ocean, which surrounded her in every direction. No matter how far she gazed, or tried to, no form of land could be seen for miles. There were no islands anywhere, not even a small rock sticking up out of the ocean. In addition to there being no islands, there was no sign of human life at all. No boats in the water, no liter from humans floating on the water’s surface, and no planes overhead. Those days, it was so rare to have a glance at the world as it was without humans invading and destroying the environment, as many would do and then claim that it was nothing worse than what the Pokemon would do.

The ocean was calm and serene with hardly any waves at all, another rare scene. The ocean was usually quite turbulent and full of storms, or at least it was where like that where Jenny came from. As Jenny gazed down into the water she could see many water Pokemon happily enjoying themselves. Some were stationary, probably sleeping with their eyes open. Others were swimming quickly around. A school of Magikarp seemed to be swimming in a never-ending circle, some young Goldeen appeared to be having fun teasing and confusing these Magikarp even more, and some bigger Pokemon, such as Dewgong and Seaking, were having practice matches. Some were using Ice Beams and freezing small areas of the ocean, while others, not too much effect, were trying to shoot a Water Gun through the ocean. Lanturn also seemed to be swimming around, just enjoying lighting up the water for all the other Pokemon. All these Pokemon seemed to form one big, happy society of friends. Without humans around trying to catch them all the time, they seemed to adapt to a friendly, non-violent nature.

Outside the water it was night. The sky was dark and there was no moon. Without the moon the sky seemed unusually dark, but luckily the stars helped light the stars helped provide overhead light. In the night sky, thousands of stars could be seen; there were stars Jenny had never been able to see in the city. Everything, from Weedle Minor to Lugia Major, could be seen in the night sky. Directly overhead, Jenny could see the two big, red stars of the famous Pikachu face constellation. In fact, the night was so clear where Jenny was there were little dots of light interfering with the constellations Jenny was familiar with. Surely almost no one had seen the sky this clear, or all these little stars would be in a stargazing book, at least. With these new dots of light, Jenny spent some time thinking up new constellations. Hundreds of Pokemon could be described with all the new stars, everything from Dratini to Magmar.

"It sure is different out here," Jenny said softly, flipping her blonde hair out of her face, "Wherever this is."

Jenny had long blonde hair that went halfway down her back. There was a light breeze the seemed to be blowing it right into her face, and when she turned, the breeze seemed to switch directions as well. Her eyes were a brilliant light blue trimmed in the darkest of navy blues. The clothes she wore were soaked from ocean water, and the pants she wore dirty with mud. Jenny’s hair appeared messy and wet as well; she was obviously had quite a tough day at sea. Jenny was about 5 feet 6 inches tall. Right away, she leaned back onto her Lapras, which she was sitting on, so she could lie down. Her body was sprawled across Lapras and she used Lapras' neck as though it was a pillow. Her Lapras was very big for a Lapras, and probably at least twice as old as Jenny was. Lapras was asleep already. Its neck drooped down, but other than that, it looked the same as it looked when it was awake. Due to the lack of waves in the ocean, Lapras did not move at all across the ocean, it stayed in place as though it was anchored to the sea floor.

"I just hope," said Jenny slowly, her eyes falling shut as she spoke, "This Ocean will end, somewhere."

As soon as she spoke the last word, her eyes fell shut and her body went limp; she was now entering the realm of dreams.

07-02-2004, 09:11 PM
“Jenny, get over it, I said no!” a loud woman with a particularly shrill voice exclaimed. She was very tall, at least six feet, and her head nearly touched the roof of the small room she was in. She had short, brown hair, and squinty green eyes, that beat down heavily on Jenny, who stood in front of her. Her clothes were very fancy, made of fur from the finest Slaking, and her hair was twisted back with a diamond hair holder. As well as the diamond hair holder, she was decorated in elaborate, fancy jewelry everywhere. Around her neck was an expensive, gold chain, with hundreds of dangling jewels on its end. On her hands there were at least five silver and gold, diamond, studded bracelets, and on all of her fingers, there were huge, inch big jewels.

The small room had windows on each wall, and outside the sun was bright in the sky. In the yard, a Houndour could be seen chasing off all the Pidgey that kept landing in the yard. A few of the Pidgey were lying still, apparently knocked out, in the yard. Inside, there was one small light bulb overhead, which flickered on and off. The small room was no bigger than a standard living room, and it was crammed full of items. At least 7/8ths of the room looked quite fancy. There was plush carpeting, a bed with silk mattresses, cabinets full of jewelry and collectables, and so much more. The other part of the room was separated from the sophisticated, fancy part with two silk sheets draped down from the ceiling. There was a small, foot wide opening between them which served as a door. Through this door, the plush carpeting ended. The floor was nothing but dirt; a floor to this part of the house had not even been constructed. In the dirt there were many boxes, over-flowing with junk, which was not welcomed anywhere else in the house. Also, there was a small kitchen area and a small bathroom area, which were kept up better than the rest of the space. In the remaining part of the room there was a small, dirty bed with a small mattress and no sheets – this was where Jenny slept.

Back in the fancy room, Jenny stood 6 feet from her mother, about the distance of the room, silently sobbing. How Jenny loathed her mother, everything her mother did seemed to be for the sole purpose of annoying and angering her.

“But mother,” Jenny began, speaking softly, “It has been my life-long dream.”

Her loud, overweight, over-decorated mother looked at Jenny with detestation. As she did, she made sure to keep her nose stuck up in the air, her hands at a 90-degree angel with her arms and parallel with the floor, and her lips puffed up. The room became silent, no sounds could be heard except the quiet sniffs of Jenny and the Houndour attacking the poor birds outside. After the few moments of silence, Jenny's mother tilted her head downward and wrinkled her nose.

“I do not have the money to send you to Pokemon School,” she finally said, grinning with delight, “You know we are poor.”

As soon as her mother finished stating that, she opened her mouth, wider than possibly anyone had before, and laughed a wretched, evil laugh. She quite apparently found joy in hurting her daughter, and loved her daughter’s reaction. The laughing seemed to grow continuously louder and louder, surrounding Jenny on all sides. Eventually, she had enough.

“It’s not FAIR!”

Suddenly, the laughing ceased. Jenny flicked her eyes open, looking around, and then sat up. She was back on Lapras. The sun was now high in the sky and Lapras was awake, nudging Jenny with its head. Jenny had, apparently, rolled in her sleep since now her legs were hanging off Lapras' side and into the water. Overhead, some Spearow were circling Jenny, although they seemed to become discouraged as Jenny sat up. They had probably hoped to feast on her if she was dead.

“Spearow,” Jenny thought to herself as she glanced around, “Those aren’t common at sea, so there must be land nearby.”

However, in all direction no land could be seen, just as it had been last night. However, the sea current had really picked up and it seemed to be pushing Jenny and Lapras south. Jenny glanced down toward the water and there appeared to be many Pokemon, such as Squirtle, that seemed to be riding this current to wherever it went.

“I have no idea where we are, Lapras,” Jenny shrugged, “So we might as well follow the Pokemon.”

Lapras did as she said. It let the water do the work.