View Full Version : sapphire team

Neptune's Disciple
07-04-2004, 08:54 AM
I dont particularly want stat boosting moves like calm mind as it is just an in-game team. Ummm yeh, I know it sucks, but I'm trying to cover as many types as possible, please dont slam me too bad... Don't really mind about natures either

Swampert F
- surf
- ice beam
- iron tail
- earthquake

Sceptile M
- crunch
- dragon breath
- leaf blade
- false swipe/Aerial Ace

Crobat M
- toxic
- sludge bomb
- shadow ball
- wing attack/air cutter/mean look (if I go with Aerial Ace on Sceptile)

Gardevior M
- psychic
- thunderbolt
- hypnosis/Will-o-wisp
- ???

Camerupt M
- eruption
- rockslide
- earthquake
- sunny day

Heracross F
- megahorn
- brick break
- attract
- counter/reversal

Neptune's Disciple
07-05-2004, 02:00 PM
Ignore this, I have realised the errors of my ways, and will be back later with a new, and hopefully better, team, thanks anyways