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12-09-2006, 04:34 PM

It all started with a letter, one tiny letter that arrived in the mail at the closest pokemon center to you. Who knows how he figured out where you are, but he does. The nurse joy at whatever pokemon center you were staying at gave you the letter, and obviously you read it. You found that this letter was a invation to a tournament, the tourament in which it will be decided who is the true pokemon master. The letter instructed you to go to Slateport City, and that is where our story begins.


How the Tournament will work: At the begining there will be 672 trainers, and much like battle city from Yu-gi-oh you'll have to go around Slateport and collect seven points/cards/whatever to actually compete. Then there will be ninety-six trainers, these trainers will be put in groups of three were you'll have a round robin of double battles in which if you lose a battle you get zero points, if you win a battle you get three points, and if you tie you get one point. the person in the group with the most points goes on to the final rounds. In the final rounds there will be thirty-two trainers and it will act like a regular tourament.



1. Please refrain from profanity, adult topics and 'R-rated' themes, such as blood, killing and sex. (Slight romance is acceptable, but don’t let it blossom into a kissing relationship before our eyes!)

2. I will trust all of you to remain active in this roleplay. Please don’t tell me you “Quit ‘cause you don’t feel like playing in it.”

3. Promise me you will be at lest semi-literate, type in good past tense, and paragraph your posts accordingly. Your posts must have at least ten sentences long with at least six words in each.

4. No one is to brand another person a n00b, idiot or any other rude term, no matter how ‘n00bish’ the person seems. And yes, even jerks have feelings!



Sign-up Form

Name: (A Proper, full name. No parent in the right mind would name their child ‘Shady’, ‘Enishi’ or ‘Shadow’. It’s just wrong…)

Age: (You should know what this is. I have an age limit from 10 to 70, but I don’t want to see an entire board filled with teenagers and their teenage-y angst! Think out of the box!)

Demeanor: (How your character reacts to certain situations and your character’s general outlook on life. And how do people view them? Be a third person and see through your character’s eyes and the eyes of those around him/her. This is meant to be profound! )

Description: (“She was the most beautiful girl in the world, with natural pink, pretty hair and eyes” my foot! Give me something realistic, you aren’t the prettiest girl in the world or ‘totally buff’! At least give your character a natural look.)

History: (At least three paragraphs long. This is about the kind of life your character lead, and no history should be so pathetic that you can barely write three sentences about it!)

Pokemon: (Remember, you'll need six pokemon if you're competing!)

Other: (Shovel any nonsense you can’t place anywhere else here.)

Roleplay Sample: (I’d be very grateful if you wrote one on the spot about your character. It would be good to judge your skill level from your sample.)


Thanks!: To Wanlingnic, since I got most of my rules and sign-up from her. :tongue:


People in the Roleplay:
Lonewolf-Daniel Phoenix
Leaf Green-Ryan Numaki
Angel_fire-Jade Stewart
Volcanflame-Sean Pervical White
MewsoBlue-Tara Jareel
Fiery Houndoom-?-PENDING

Leaf Green
12-09-2006, 06:06 PM
Nice Idea :happy:

Name: Ryan Numaki

Age: 14

Demeanor: Ryan is a smart, strong willed teenager who will never give up. He will keep trying and urging on his pokemon in battle, and is a great friend and trainer. Rysn id s strong fighter, and if he loses, he will congratulate the opponent in a proper manner. But Ryan is sometimes anti-social, and has a shady personality. He will only say something when it's important to him. Despite this character trait, he cares for other people and pokemon he knows. Although, he'll often avoid strangers he doesn't know anything about or seem suspicious.

Ryan see's life as an adventure, a time to have fun with others and his pokemon. Although he also sees life in this world as sometimes dangerous, considering all the bad people. Ryan has grudges against anyone who brags, boasts, and makes fun of him or others. He believes everyone is equal, and no one should be left out, unless they want to. Ryan often hides away from crowds, and will explore for fun. He is curious sometimes, but will not always jump right into a situation, he often needs time to think about it.

Description: Ryan is a young, small built teenager with tannish-white skin. He has dark brown hair, which is a bit long, and spiked up. Ryan's hair is usually clean and well combed, (with the exception of early mornings). His face is smooth and broad, and he has shining light blue eyes.

He usually wears a black and red fleece jacket with no hood, but a zipper and collar. The sleeves are long and red with white lines goind down them, and are loose on the ends. Ryan wears black or red biking gloves, with holes for the fingers. He wears a red headband around his forehead with a white crescent design coming down from the top and back up.

Ryan's pants are long and baggy. They resemble a mix between sweatpants, and long athletes pants. They are dark black, and make a swishing sound when he runs. THe pants are loose on the ends at the bottom. Ryan wears wite socks with red and white tennis shoes. The shoes are good for running, walking and pedaling.

History: Ryan was born and grew up in Littleroot Town in the Hoenn Region. He lived with his mother and little sister in a small house near the professor's lab. His family owned a pokemon named Growow, a growlithe. Since the day he was born, he had a fighting will in him, and a love for pokemon. He grew up and attended trainer's school in Rustboro city. When he was 12, he started his journey as a pokemon trainer. His first pokemon he got from professor Birch was a Treecko, which he never gave a specific name, but the two were best friends. After starting off their journey, Ryan met some new friends and rivals.

After leaving Littleroot, Ryan and Treecko encountered a terrible storm on the way to Old Dale Town. Ryan rushed to the next town, saving his Treecko from fainting. After a night in Old Dale, professor Birch sent a message to Ryan's PC, that Growow wanted to join the team. After transfering the pokeball across the net, Ryan started off for Petalburg. As his journey continued, Ryan beat the ten gyms, and encountered many challenges. Growow evolved into an arcanine, and Treecko evolved into a grovyle. He caught a wild elekid, which he never named. Ryan also met a new friend, another trainer from Kanto. After winning the Hoenn League with his team of pokemon, he set out with his training partner to Kanto.

In Kanto, Ryan talked to Professor Oak, and gained a Squirtle, which he named Squittle. Ryan's Squittle evolved into a Blastoise in a short time, and Ryan caught a wild Pidgeotto, which evolved into a Pidgeot. After beating the Kanto League, Ryan headed back home to Hoenn. After the ship hit a reef and broke, Ryan wasn't able to catch a lifeboat. He climbed onto Squittle with his other pokemon, and surfed to the nearest island. A poor, beaten up Pachirisu lay on the isle's shore. Ryan set t by a fire to keep it warm, and when it woke up, it was drawn to him. The two instantly became friends, with similar personalities, and they always stuck together. Ryan named the pokemon Chiusu. After a few days of being stranded, Ryan and his pokemon noticed lights in the distance. They lit a bonfire and made loud noises, and soon a small boat came to rescue them. After heading back to a larger ship, Ryan and his team soon entered Lilycove. He messaged his mom, telling her he was safe, than began his journey back to Littleroot.

Chiusu is small, curious, smart, and a strong fighter. He loves his trainer, and has a close relationship with Ryan.
Chiusu was rescued by Ryan somewhere in the ocean between Kanto and Hoenn.

Growow is a good friend, and is very protective of his trainer, fellow pokemon and propertiy. Although Growow can be stubborn at some times.
Growow belonged to Ryan's family, before deciding to join his journey.

Grovyle is Ryan's best friend. He is a strong willed battle partner for any trainer and a great friend.
Grovyle was Ryan's first pokemon, and was obtained as a Treecko.

Squittle is strong, friendly, and protective. He loves to battle, and destroy anything he is allowed to, making him a bit stubborn.
Squittle was obtained by Ryan as a squirtle from Professor Oak.

Pidgeot is serious, smart, and quick in battle. He loves his trainer, and is a good fighter.
Ryan caught Pidgeot as a pidgeotto in the Kanto region.

Elekid is funny, stubborn, but a great friend. He will grow serious in battle, though.
Elekid was caught by Ryan in Hoenn.


Roleplay Sample:
Chiusu opened his eyes, the world slowly coming back to him. "What a nap..." he said, yawning, as he stood up. The little pachirisu stretched out his arms and gave another yawn. Looking around at the ruins, he said, "well who knows where I go now, now that I have nowhere to go," he said to himself. Something's telling me Mt. Moon, yes. That's where I'll go, Chiusu concluded. He bounded off toward the forest to the west. Rising above the trees was a towering pillar of rock, Mt. Moon. As he ran along, he saw other pokemon heading the same direction. Chiusu noticed how blue the sky was outside. It had a livelier feel than the crumbled, black ruins around him.

12-09-2006, 06:13 PM
Nice, I wont accept you just yet though since you aren't done but I'm pretty sure you'll get in. *Cough cough* I do have a favor to ask of you though, my character will have a Sceptile. I'm not asking you to give your treecko/grovyle/sceptile up but just maybe have it at the Grovyle stage?

Leaf Green
12-09-2006, 07:11 PM
Oh, okay, I was planning on doing a sceptile, but grovyle will be fine.

12-09-2006, 09:49 PM
This sounds rather interesting...

Name: Jade Stewart

Age: 14

Demeanor: Although her appearence may state otherwise, Jade isn't a very cheerful person. She doesn't get excited easily or often, but has a sort
goth-like attitude that often repels people from her. She is extremely competitive, and will not back down when faced with an intimidating opponent. It may not seem like it, but Jade does have a sensitive, friendly side. She just chooses not to show it very much. She loves each of her Pokemon dearly, and would do pretty much anything to keep them from harm.

Description: Jade doesn't appear very muscular; she has a small build, making her naturally skinny. However, "looks can be decieving". Jade is actually quite strong for her size. She has slightly tanned complexion with hardly and blemishes. (A few freckles may be seen in various spots on her body)

Her hair is what you may call long, down a little below her shoulder blades, and is jet black. She is often seen wearing it in a bun or ponytail. Her eyes are a bright emerald green color, making them stand out against her dark hair.

A lot of the time, Jade is seen wearing a light pink hoodie, two strings hanging down from the front, medium sized balls of "fluff" at their ends. Her hood is never pulled up, unless it is raining or snowing.

Accompanying the hoodie is a pair of faded out, somewhat short capris. The light blue colored pants go just below her knees, then roll up once, revealing the rest of her legs, down to her ankles.

Her feet are covered by white, ankle-length socks and pink and white shoes. The shoes may not appear so, but are great for running, walking, or any other outdoor activity.

History: Jade grew up in New Bark Town, Johto, with her mother and father. Being an only child, she was pretty prone to being alone. Her father was a not-so-famous professor, keeping him busy most of the time and away from Jade and her mother.

As a child, Jade was extremely energetic and always in a good mood. Hardly anything could get her down. That is, until "the accident".

When Jade turned nine, she was sent by her mother to Cherrygrove City to pick up some supplies for her father's work. Jade set out, happy as usual, for her destination. She journeyed to the next town, got the supplies, and went back. Unfortuantely, what awaited her would change her life forever.

When she came home from her little "adventure", she was greeted by a most unfortunate sight. Her house had somehow caught fire, and had burned down, both her parents inside. Neither had survived, thus causing Jade to become an orphan. She was taken in by the family's kindhearted neighbor and lived with her until she was ready to begin her journey. The accident that happened at age nine caused Jade to become the glum, seemingly unhappy person she is today. She still grieves over her parents to this day, making her a not-so-happy person.

At the age of twelve, Jade finally began her Pokemon journey. She started with a Totodile, since the incident three years before had caused her to strongly dislike Fire Pokemon. She went through all of Johto, winning badges and earning her way into the Johto League Competition. After competing in that, she set off to Hoenn, and began taking on Gym challenges, and of course, going through a repeated process.

Now, she finds herself going to Slateport City to take on a tournament and see if she can become the next Pokemon Master.


Feraligatr - Feraligatr is a hit 'em hard, knock 'em dead kind of Pokemon. It will not stand to be pushed around or bullied, and hates wimpy people/Pokemon. When in battle, Feraligatr will absolutely refuse to be called back until either the opponent or itself is lying unconcious on the ground.

Pikachu - Pikachu has a more laid back personality. It loves to battle, but doesn't really care as much about whether it wins or loses. The thrill of battling is just enough for it. It isn't always down to earth like the other Pokemon; it sometimes spaces out or "goes to its own little world".

Altaria - Altaria is the sweet one of the bunch. It loves to be pampered and given lots of attention, giving it a spoiled attitude. But despite this, Altaria is a very strong Pokemon. In battle, it often attacks with great speed, confusing the opponent by seemingly appearing and reappearing in certain spots.

Crawdaunt - Crawdaunt has a hot-headed personailty. If taunted or teased by another Pokemon or human, Crawdaunt is known to attack the taunter without warning. Its hot-headedness often gets it into loads of trouble, and causes problems in battle.

Tyranitar - Tyranitar is completely laid back; sort of a re-run of Ash's Charizard from the anime. It loafs around, sometimes ignoring Jade's commands - even in battle. It is not easily angered or annoyed, for it practically ignores everything that happens around it. If attacked, however, Tyranitar may get angry, sometimes letting loose a barrage of attacks at its attacker, thus making it a sort of good Pokemon for battle.

Espeon - Espeon is a lot like Altaria, minus the spoiled attitude. It loves to attack with speed, confusing the opponent. However, it is also known to release a bunch of psychic attacks, sometimes resulting in a quick "K.O". This Pokemon may be sweet, but it packs a powerful punch.

Other: _______

Roleplay Sample: Call me a n00b if you want, but I don't quite understand what this means. I've been in numerous roleplays.... Do you mean like put a small piece of something you entered in another role play as the same character, so you can determine how advanced we are in the roleplay category? (Tell me if that didn't make sense)

12-09-2006, 10:14 PM
Name: Samantha Jane Bambrough ( my FULL Name )

Age: 10

Demeanor: Samantha usily gets angry at insults and will get her Psychic pokemon to Attack ( kill ) you. She will hug you if a comment and she thinks this about life : life is about reproduceing and dieing! Sam thinks that noone likes her and will Want to commit suicide.

Description: ( this is gonna be my description if its ok, of me ) Lower shoulder lenth brown hair, Blue eyes, Blue tracksuit, is 9 stone, is TALL is about 5"4 in Tallness, she wears blue trainers and her pokeball belt is blue, with great balls.


Samantha was born in her mother's bedroom in hawthorn, then they moved to soverin place in kanto, at 7 years old they moved to 27 royal cresnt, femham, Hoenn, at 10 ( today ) She got a letter inviteing her to slateport, witch she only had to go South.

she Got her Eevee as a gift from her mother, then she gave it a water stone at level 77. Makeing it a vaporeon.

then she got a Minun from the grass near slateport, its a male and he's called negative.

then she got a Pusle, same place as her minun, she called her female Pusle Positive.

Pokemon: Vaporeon, Pusle, minun, Meganium, dragonite and Swampert.
Other: (Shovel any nonsense you can’t place anywhere else here.)

Roleplay Sample: Lets see, ive been ( and still am ) in loads of rps, E.g My own one like teen titans : New Allies...

ill do my starter post from one of my charis. :

Mizu was playing a game outside, she was finding her friends. she seen a foot pokeing out of a bush. She Grabbed the Foot. " Found you! " Mizu said. All of the players went to the middle of the backyard. " Everyone as you know ive found tommy so he's on, im going inside for Dinner now So bye! " Mizu Said. She Ran indoors, Triping over the step and whacking her head off the floor. " Im ok! " Mizu said. she closed the door and Sat down at the dinner table. Mizu and her family where given Spagetti and meatballs for there dinner this time. Mizu Said her prayers and Ate her Tasty Mouth-watering Dinner and wiped her mouth with her wipeing cloth before going into the bathroom and doing her teeth, she Went outside before Hideing, she had a good place, she was hidden in a vase beside the doors, the vase was only for decoration. she wasnt found, everyone else was, she was the last to be found which ment she wasnt on. she Told everyone that they will hide indoors, with no shoes on incase the seeker heard footsteps. She Said that noone was allowed to hide in her room, ruby's room or her Parent's room. Mizu hid under the stairs in the lobby. she was Yet again the last to be found.

that is only a sample, dont expect me to do 8 lines unless you want me to go Yadadadadadadada through my posts.

Leaf Green
12-10-2006, 12:06 AM
I have finished my sign up :biggrin:

12-10-2006, 12:18 AM
Wow, a lot can happen when my sister hogs the computer!

Leaf: Looks good, but there is no levels in this, and your pokemon can know more than four moves. I guess you're accepted, just give your pokemon some personality. ACCEPTED

Angel: Also looks good, give your pokemon some personality though. PENDING Oh, and about the roleplay sample, just write up a post about when or beforee your character got the letter.

Espeon: No, no, no! The whole thing needs to be much longer. DENINED/PENDING

Leaf Green
12-10-2006, 12:34 AM
Well, I gave them some "personality" :happy:

12-10-2006, 12:45 AM
Well, I gave them some "personality" :happy:

Okay, just get rid of their levels and attacks. Oh, and I got my form done!


Name: Daniel Phoenix

Age: Sixteen

Demeanor: Daniel is quite smart and has been referred to as “ The boy with the heart of Gold” more than once by family, friends, and even strangers. Although Daniel’s heart isn’t really made of gold, he is quite nice. Daniel was bullied heavily as a child and his “Heart of Gold” is most likely a cover-up for all the horrid feelings he felt as a child. Although being as nice as he is if anyone is being bullied he’ll go into a state of anger in which nothing can cheer him up. Daniel is a bit shy and not as adventurous as some trainers, but he’ll always stick to the road less traveled.

Description: The White-grayish hair that covers Daniel’s head often makes him feel weird or different, since everyone else he knows has brown, blond, red, or black hair. Daniel has dull blue eyes and is just a tad taller than the average sixteen-year-old. Daniel has a light build, with a scrawny sort of muscles. Daniel usually can be seen in a striped polo shirt; light brown cargo pants cover his strong legs (Yes, I know I said scrawny before but that is more his arms). Daniel’s shoes are black and white high tops that are great for running, so he can keep up with his pokemon. Daniel has a messenger’s bag that he hangs over his shoulder when traveling with all the essentials for a pokemon trainer.

History: Daniel was born and lived in Goldenrod until he was eight, when his family moved to Slateport city, Hoenn. Daniel liked Slateport, but he longed to be back in Goldenrod, where he claimed all the fun things were happening. After four years the whining stopped when he got his first pokemon, a stubborn Treecko. Daniel and Arbor (His Treecko) wouldn’t always get along, but they both knew they had a friend. Daniel started his pokemon journey only about a week after he got Arbor and headed for Rustboro, where he heard was the easiest gym to beat.

On the way to Rustboro city, Daniel captured his first two pokemon, Tsunami the Makuhita, and Ace the Tailow. Together all of them took down Roxanne’s Geodude and Nosepass, gaining Daniel and his pokemon their first badge.

Daniel’s journey continued, catching pokemon, getting badges, and meeting many people, such as Steven who gave Daniel a Beldum after showing the Champion his skills in a pokemon battle. Eventually Daniel got his eighth badge from Wallace, and so Daniel went on to compete in the Evergrande tournament in which he placed in the top four.

Ever since, Daniel has been back in Slateport trying to start his own gym, but he hasn’t had much luck yet. But that is when he got the Anonymous letter to compete in a tournament starting right there in Slateport.


Arbor, although this word has no real definition we all know what it means…trees. This nickname fits Arbor perfectly as ever since he was small he has loved trees, or should I say loves sitting in trees.

Arbor is a bit stubborn, and tries to be the strongest of Daniel’s pokemon, but often falls behind Tsunami and X. Don’t get me wrong, Arbor is quite strong, just he is to stubborn and won’t give up no matter what. Arbor has a close bond with Daniel and often gets to protective of his trainer.

Tsunami, a very strong storm; this nickname fits Tsunami as out of the many battles Tsunami has bin in, he has only lost about a dozen. Although close friends, Arbor and Tsunami have a bit of a rivalry and always try and out due each other.

Much like Tsunami, X is quite strong. X is quite aggressive and is training all the time, X just wants to be the greatest pokemon there is. X has a wide variety of attacks, including Earthquake, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Hyper Beam and more. X can’t be defeated easily, but X can easily take out almost any opponent.

Shiny Swellow
Ace might not be as strong as the other members of Daniel’s team, but he definitely is the fastest. Being a shiny pokemon Ace was hunted to become a hunting trophy, but before they could kill the poor little Tailow, Daniel captured him. Ace is often used for flying and finding lost objects.

Lily is the only female member of Daniel’s team, most likely since she doesn’t want to share the fame. Lily is incredibly vain and self centered, often going into total chaos just because of a smudge on her. Lily is quite strong in battle, but she has a long way to go before she’s at the same place as Arbor, Tsunami, or X.

Daniel found Lily as a Feebas, having been badly hurt and almost dead. Lily would have died if it wasn’t for Daniel.

Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. Although this Anubis has along way to go before he could be called “The God of the Dead”, he tries as hard as he can to be strong. Anubis was a gift from Daniel’s cousin from Shinou, a congratulations gift after getting in the top four in the Hoenn League.

Although Tsunami and Anubis are both of the fighting type, their battle strategies are completely different. Tsunami use head on attacks, but Anubis’ style is more about waiting and listening for the right moment. Anubis is still in training, and isn’t super strong yet, but Daniel is sure Anubis will do great.

Other: You sir are an idiot!

Roleplay Sample: Do I really need one?


Leaf Green, you can judge if I should be in or not.

Leaf Green
12-10-2006, 02:47 AM
Well lonewolf, I think your sign up is pretty good, and your pokemon profiles are better than mine.

12-10-2006, 08:53 AM
Name: Sean Percival White

Age: 15

Demeanor: Sean is tricky, loves to make people puzzled, careless, and anti-social. He never admitted his foe’s victory and mysteriously disappears when he loses a battle. And when he wins a battle, he will frenziedly mock at his foe. Even though he’s anti-social, he has heroic side, as I believe he does that because he wants to collect attentions, especially from girls.

Description: This black-haired and white skinned guy loves to wear a black-themed T-shirts. Above his blue eyes, a tiny mole lied in silence. Sean isn’t taller than fully-grew Aggron and wears ¾ blue jeans. A black watch tied around his wrist. In his feet, Sean wears white shoes and short socks with a single blue strip on it. He also brought his black tiny bag when he’s on a journey, put all of his food and drinks in it. He also wears a special belt where he hanged all of his Pokéball.

History: Sean was born and lived in Lilycove city with his parents and his quarrelsome little sister. He got his Trainer License when he was ten years old. He captured his first Pokémon, Mudkip himself. Trained it everyday and after he sure enough that his Mudkip can beat Roxanne’s Nosepass, he went to Rustboro to earn his first badge, and with some Waterguns and Mud Shots, Sean beat Roxanne.
His next destination was Dewford. With help from Mr Briney, he got to Dewford, he had two Pokémon at the moment; Mudkip and Seedot. Brawly’s Makuhita was so strong; he beat Seedot with a single Vital Throw. Then Mudkip replaced Seedot, it was a tight battle, with the move Bulk Up, Makuhita became extremely powerful, Mudkip almost knocked put when suddenly its body covered with white light and evolved to Marshtomp, who beat Makuhita with powerful Bide.
His journey was ended when he lost in Ever Grande Leaugue. He went back to his home with six Pokéballs hanged around his belt. He decided to rest here for long time, when an invitation letter came to his house.

Swampert | Nickname: Tremor
Tremor is Sean’s first Pokémon. He is loyal and powerful. Tremor controls Water and Ground, made Electric attacks, which Mudkip is really afraid of it, didn’t hit it.

Altaria | Nickname: Paradise
Paradise is carefree Pokémon. She loves to sing every time he flew, even though it always makes Sean drowsy.

Banette | Nickname: Mary
Mary is an anti-social Pokémon, just like Sean. Sometimes she disobeys Sean’s command, and makes herself transparent when Sean wants to return her into Pokéball.

Shiftry | Nickname: Neo
Neo is a cheerful Pokémon. This Pokémon decreased Sean’s anti-social personality a bit. Neo makes Sean can laugh, in fact he never been as happy as now.

Alakazam | Nickname: Bryan
Bryan is a calm Pokémon. He always obeys Sean’s command. Bryan helps Sean to teleport to anywhere he wants, so he only needs one second to be anywhere.

Magneton | Nickname: Jazz
Jazz is made from Steel and has Electricity power. It unleashed a powerful Electric energy from its eye when he is mad. Despite, he almost never gets mad.

Other: I’m Volcanflame.

Roleplay Sample: Sean was deep in his feeling that night. He had stopped Pokébattling since he defeated in the league. He let all of his Pokémon live freely in nature, where they should be. But sometimes they went back only to say hello and good bye. The Moonlight was too beautiful to look at, its light warmed up all the wild Pokémon in the forests. Sean has fallen asleep.
He woke up the next day, ate an omelet lazily. His sister, Cissy, was feeding her new Skitty while his parents were watching her. Sean went outside, the air were really fresh. In front of him, Nurse Joy was waving at him. Sean approaches her. Nurse Joy handed a tiny letter to Sean, he read it:

Dear Trainer,
I, the Mayor of Slateport City was holding a Tournament. If you thought that you were strong enough to compete in the tournament, sign up now for FREE. We sent Sign Up forms to every Pokémon Center in Hoenn. So, grab it now, and then send it to us, and you’ll receive a feedback mail in short time.
The Deadline is 20th of December, so be sure you have sent it before 20th of December or you will miss this gold chance and regret all your life!

P.S. You will need six Pokémon to compete in this tournament.

Mayor of Slateport City

12-10-2006, 01:59 PM
Volcan: Looks great, I guess I should have told you what the letter would have said.

Dear Daniel Phoenix,

Welcome pokemon trainers old and young, please join us in Slateport City for a tournament like no other! The tournament to decide the true pokemon master! You are one a few select trainers that have been picked out to compete. Six pokemon of your choice will be entered, but only six pokemon can be used in this tournament each.

I know you can win it all,
A close friend

And the strange thing is that other than the name at the top everything is the same!

Volcan I'll accept you!

12-11-2006, 12:45 AM
Ooh, this looks interesting. ^__^ Cool idea.

Name: Born 'Jane Avia Baker'. After her adoption, she went by Hotaru Minoa, as her foster-mother changed her firstname, and Jane adopted her last name. Now, she typically goes by Firefly or other fake names, except with people she trusts closely.

Age: 23, well past the age of teenage angst.

Demeanor: Jane is sneaky, and her morals aren't exactly the same as other peoples. This is someone who would not so much as flinch at seeing a vigilante murder a criminal, but will treat a thief like they've committed an unforgivable sin.

Jane is, to put it bluntly, a liar. Unless she's with a close friend, she will treat people as though they're enemies until proven otherwise, and is generally defensive. Jane can be sarcastic and witty, but a lot of the time, she comes off as a bully, because she takes several inane things to be personal attacks.

For many people, her lies may be difficult to get past. While Jane often takes too much offense to any 'insult' done to her friends, she has trouble empathizing, or even sympathizing, with anyone other than these people. Unless her adopted mother is around, she's more likely to ignore and walk away from someone in trouble than help them, unless, of course, she hates their attacker. When she is around, Jane always ends up fighting on her behalf to help whomever's in trouble, so she has acquired what she describes as a 'knee-jerk reaction to stupid, angst-ridden teenagers who insist on getting themselves in trouble with their arrogance'. In other words, she's beginning to understand people, but she sees this as going soft and tries to repress it if given a chance. If you're strapped for money or otherwise in trouble, you're out of luck, but if you're in a burning building or being attacked, or in another immediately dangerous situation, she'll probably help you.

Finally, while Jane can be very unreasonable, she does have a few 'saving graces'. For one, she puts her pokemon and foster mother above everything else, and is very close to her pokemon. Aside from her mother, she considers them her only true friends, and the other people she'll always be able to understand and be on the same side as.

She's also smart and fairly cunning, which helps her avoid trouble sometimes. This intelligence, however, is tempered with arrogance, and inexperience with honesty. Jane has a tendency to get more trouble than she can handle, and be unwilling to admit it. She also has a limited capability with manipulating people because she doesn't really understand them, and she has a lot of trouble with relationships, friendship included. She needs to learn to get along better, be honest when there's no good reason to lie, and relax her guard. She is, basically, an arrogant, mildly-intelligent, somewhat self-centered, paranoid jerk.

And she’s happy that way.

Description: At 5'2, Jane is hardly intimidating. She's also fairly slim for her age, but not in the typically attractive way- She is, to be blunt, scrawny. This, however, is used to her advantage- She often pretends to be far younger than she is.

As far as body-shape goes, she's a late bloomer, and appears to be in her awkward teenage stage still, though beginning to transition to adulthood. Jane has tiny, bony arms, but her legs are more filled out, like a woman's, making her look less than proportionate. She's also yet to get her curves, for the most part, but the beginnings of them are too far along to hide. Jane will probably always be petite, which is ironic, as she cares little for looks unless she's trying to reel someone in, and would prefer a more sturdy frame. What good are delicate, womanly looks when she's not at all interested in romance, only fighting?

Her hair and eyes are both a plain, deep brown. As far as scars goes, most of hers would not be visible while she was clothed, but she does have a small mark, almost like a pinprick, a bit to the left of her left eye. Yes, she was one of those kids who scratched when they had the chickenpox.

While she's certainly not the traditional beauty, Jane could probably pull off an elegant, adult look if she tried. Mostly, however, she leaves her hair down or pulled into a ponytail for convenience, and dresses in clothes meant for comfort. she's definitely not model material, but she can look nice when she dresses at least in jeans and clothes that aren't fit, or something other than sweats and big t-shirts.

Why, one might ask, was Jane adopted, although her parents are still alive?
It's an interesting question, and a good one. Jane's parents were competent and caring, yet she ended up adopted by a family friend.

After her younger siblings, Sabrina and Alyssa, were born, Jane was in constant conflict with them. They were smaller and cuter, being two years apart, and she just plain didn't get along with them right from the beginning.

At first, the work of twins meant her parents, Emma and John, turned to a family friend for help. Jane spent a lot of time with her, until finally, she began to beg to be allowed to stay overnight. As the twins turned 5, and Jane 7, she began to spend almost all her time with friendly Mrs. Minoa, causing large amounts of trouble when brought home, and refusing to get along with her siblings. Her parents, having spent much more time with the twins than she at this point anyway, relented and allowed Tamae Minoa to officially adopt Jane. It was at this point that Tamae, given an oddly-spelled name to begin with by unconventional parents, renamed her, giving the child an unconventional, foreign name as well, to ‘allow her to feel as though she was special’, and above the children who always picked on her at school. The newfound sense of confidence she gained was really more from having a more lenient parent, and also one she didn't have to share with two younger siblings, but either way, Jane rebounded from her problems quickly. Although she was small and a poor fighter, she was sharp-tongued, had been since very early, and was soon left alone by the bullies at school. From then on, her childhood was relatively uneventful. The only truly scary thing that happened to her was being caught in the undertow at the beach right before she was officially adopted, but her parents spotted her and saved her. She does retain a phobia of swimming and the ocean, but was otherwise unharmed, and would, generally, describe her childhood as a very happy one. And, while she didn’t live with her parents, she still saw them often, and was on very good terms with them.

However, as she grew, she stopped spending all her time reading, and spent more time watching other people. By fifth grade, she was in trouble for trying to bully those she saw as aggressors, and was adamant about wanting to be a vigilante. Rather than trying to push her towards more realistic expectations, Tamae encouraged her, as she always did, leading to Jane's current, needless vigilance, born of old, bad habits. And, being small, she couldn't manage to harm people at school, and so was often punished minimally.

Learning that life wasn't like a book, and 'real' vigilantes were often unglamorous murderers who died quickly on the job, was a jolt for Jane. She liked to pick out the people she saw as predators and try to make life hard for them, and in school, there were few consequences. She certainly wasn't in any danger that way, after all...

Her first realization she was in trouble came at ten. Deciding she wanted to learn early, she tried to step into a robbery of a local pokecenter, and found herself being tackled by a snarling, heavy-set wartortle. Having never encountered any serious danger before, she was unsure of what to do, and realized for the first time what sort of danger she was putting herself in. It was then that a pokemon with a similar attitude, a chikorita, stepped in and saved her. By the time Officer Jenny arrived, Jane had fled with her new friend to Tamae's, with a new outlook on life. She was done with wanting to save people. She did, however, want to be a trainer, to be able to defend herself, as she was afraid of other people and pokemon, particularly water types.

Tamae's response, rather than talking it out with her or trying to get her help, was to enroll her in martial arts courses. Once again, her 'support' enabled Jane to avoid her problems and fears, and to rely on aggression instead of any other method of getting out of trouble. She did have the sense not to try to attack people she saw as bullies, but spent a lot of time trying to learn to fight, and began to sleep with a nightlight again, until Chikorita's return made her feel safe and protected.

Chikorita returned two months later, after she received her license and her first, and fairly cliched choice, of pokemon. Tamae had gotten a family friend to catch her a pikachu. The pokemon was neglected at first, Chikorita being her preferred friend, but later, the girl took a liking to it's speed and electrical attacks. It was quickly evolved to a Raichu and nicknamed Persephone, simply because Jane was learning about Greek myths in school and found her an interesting character. A charmander, Rebel, followed. Her next pokemon, caught at 11, was named Serenade. Devlin and Casimir were caught the same year.

With pokemon, Jane slowly began to regain confidence again. She avoided the trouble she had always looked for in the past, and generally kept herself safe instead of trying to patrol the streets. Instead, she devoted her time to her pokemon, shutting herself off from the outside world. The largest scar she has, going across her ribs, comes from this time period- She decided to prove people could fight pokemon, and sparred with one of her own. Needless to say, this experiment was not repeated, a sign that she was finally beginning to learn from her mistakes instead of denying and repeating them. From then until she turned fifteen, her life was peaceful, happy, and totally uneventful. She spent her time with Tamae and her pokemon, often training them against each other or wild pokemon instead of other people who were part of the outside world she liked to avoid, and generally enjoyed herself.

When she was fifteen, Chikorita, now Bayleef, began to throw herself into more strenuous and dangerous training, and Jane began to accept that she could not train with her. She stayed out of their harsh practices, though she coached Bayleef and the others, but did keep up with other training, such as running, for endurance. She's still unable to keep up with them, lacking the natural abilities of a pokemon, but she's no longer quite as scrawny or pale, as she stopped sitting inside with books all the time. She also continued with the lessons Tamae enrolled her in until she was 18, and as a result, is decent at Aikido. While she doesn't pick fights anymore, for the most part, Jane still, at this time, was eager to fight anyone who started something with her first. This was largely due to a lack of discipline as a child- Tamae simply encouraged whatever Jane wanted, instead of trying to set an example.

Aside from small fights at school, where Jane largely overreacted but often got away with it, she stayed out of trouble for a while, to her foster mothers relief. She also stopped visiting her real family. While she doesn't dislike them, Jane doesn't particularly feel close to them, either, and was very happy with just Tamae, who focused nearly all her attention on her. Jane is used to being listened to, even when her ideas are foolish, and so as a result, had a lot of trouble with following orders. She still does, but has learned to at least pretend to obey before doing things her own way.

When she turned seventeen, Jane was once again caught up in trouble, though of a different sort. Team Rocket attacked the town, putting her and many others in danger. Though her pokemon saved her, Bayleef knew it was luck- they had managed to hold on until help came, but only barely- and began to throw herself in more and more training. While she became more powerful, she was injured several times, and also became more hardened to the outside world, as well as paranoid. When Jane was finally learning to interact well with people, the grass-type became vicious and somewhat sadistic, as well as fiercely protective. At first, her 'body guard' services were appreciated, but she began to scare people off, even those Jane saw as friends. Given a choice between losing some friends and changing Bayleef's behavior, Jane chose to give up those friends, choosing her pokemon over the world. Since then, she became more subtle in her 'attacks', verbal included at times, but also began to lie, and become manipulative. Also, while her moral code always included a dislike of thieves, it was then that she became so actively against them, and also then that she reconciled her opinions on when it was okay to kill in self defense. She was determined not to be caught unaware again, but in time, she relaxed some when nothing else bad happened, and settled back into her routine.

Her next few years were relatively uneventful, and upon reaching twenty two, she seems to have left most of her brooding and angst behind her. She became older and smarter, and has retained her manipulative streak, although she does restrain Bayleef more.

Her battle experience is mostly against small-time aqua members, and normal trainers. After getting stuck in the undertow at the beach as a young child, Jane retains an overpowering phobia of deep water and swimming, and wants nothing more than to destroy Team Aqua. Obviously, she lacks the ability to do this, and so she simply harbors an intense grudge towards them.

While she's begun to realize there's more to being a trainer than simply feeling safe and powerful, and more to life than trying to defeat other people, Jane still has troubles with empathizing with others. She also retains a flair for the dramatic- When she's in a fight, rather than a pokemon battle, she'll show off if she wins, or play the young victim who just wants to help someone or herself if she loses.

Although she no longer lives with Tamae, due to all the traveling she does, Jane has no badges at all. She never saw the point of fighting someone for a piece of metal, insisting she doesn't need any to prove she knows what she's doing. As far as pokemon battles go, Jane IS a decent fighter, although she tends to have an unusual style. She not only gives her pokemon move orders, she also will watch for them if it's misty or they're distracted, and try to tell them where and how to dodge.

Pokemon: Raichu, Bayleef, Umbreon, Dragonair, Tyranitar, Charizard.

12-13-2006, 09:16 PM
Wow, a lot can happen when my sister hogs the computer!
Espeon: No, no, no! The whole thing needs to be much longer. DENINED/PENDING

Espeon! Use Psybeam! Espeon killed lonewolf and he died.

Leaf Green
12-14-2006, 12:11 AM
Meh, you could just edit the sign up and get accepted into the RPG, instead of not getting in because there will be no one to accept you (hmm, I wonder why...)

12-17-2006, 11:09 PM
Name:Justin Hyduk{yes it's spelled correctly}has no friends looking for some

Demeanor: Justin is lonely very sneaky he is fasinated by blood and death the only people in the world he would put first would be his parents and also his eevee his ability as a trainer needs improvment.

He thinks that humans are enemies and he only trusted pokemon he can be cunnig at times to go out and train his pokemon he is most likly to be voted for not saving you in a burning building or if your getting beat up hes a coward.

for many people they are literly being insulted by him he'll go by to prepy girls and humiliated them in public and they would feel like depresed beacuse no body ever make smart remarks to them before and besides they did not do anything to him WRONG!!!!

History:ok i'm starting off with the preppy thing when he was in ninth grade he was humiliated by the whole school by a remark one of the cool kids said ofcourese thats what made him think that other humans are pigs.

when he was six he got an eevee of coursed he loved it thats how he still has it also his cousins had eevees too but they evolved theres they had jolteon,vaporeon,flareon,and espeon then he decided to be come a trainer

when he firsted set out for his journey he left a note saying to his mother
"Dear mom, i want you to know that i am off to become a pokemon trainer i'll miss you P.s. im taking eevee with me" on his way towards the first gym he caught a totodile after he defeted two more gyms he caught a aipom after he bet the jotho pokemon leauge his totodile became a freligater and his evee was a umbreon .

on his way to the kanto area he saw a flock of delibirds and that one of them were totally destroyed so he picked it up and took it to the pokemon center where after they healed the delibird it became his best friendhe whent to the kanto area and talked to professer oak where he recived a bulbasaur were after he beat the second pokemon leauge it was a venasaur he went to the hoenn area and found a ralts where after he beat the third and final pokemon leauge it became Gradveior

Descrpition: white hair long black clok were only his shoes show thet boots and under neathe the cloak is a gray shirt with red and blacklong slevees and he wears black jeans

Role play: justin was walking down the grassy path when all of a sudden he trips over a big rock and laughts then he starts running toward his new best friend danny

ok theres my sample and :sleepy: hey wake up ohh what ever

12-19-2006, 03:01 AM
Stantis: I'm sorry, I can't accept due to the many grammarical errors and overall shortness. Also if you were going to post I would not accept one liners like that.

Firefly: OMFG!!!! Nice job! Shall I continue?

With a form like that a roleplay sample wont be needed, just post Firefly's pokemon team and you'll be offically accepted.

12-19-2006, 07:28 PM
I edited my sign up and put my Pokemon's personality in. If I really need to, I'll go back later and edit once more to put in the role play sample thing.

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12-20-2006, 02:53 PM
i'm almost done with my sign up but please go ahead and reserve a place for me:happy:

12-22-2006, 07:46 PM
Houndooom: You've got a place reserved.

Everyone: I'm starting the R.P. now, and the deadline for anyone else to join is the twenty-fourth.

12-24-2006, 01:58 AM
It means today is the deadline.


12-24-2006, 08:19 AM
Name: Tara Jareel

Age: 18

Demeanor: Tara is a rather complex person. She is not social in the least, partly due to her history of short friendships and frequent let downs. She prefers her solitude over most anything, at least where people are concerned. She gets along well with pokemon, more so then with people in fact. She has a rather unusual knack with them, possibly to make up for her nearly complete lack of social skills. She would rather spend a day running wild in the forest with her pokemon then an hour trying to make conversation with her few human friends. Some people might consider her withdrawal from humanity a sign of insanity, especially those who have heard her muttering to herself in a language understood only by her and her pokemon, or seen her stare, twitching at a pokemon for hours, conversing entirely without words.

Once one enters a pokemon battle with her however, it becomes clear that she is anything but insane. She is a fearsome opponent in battle, her pokemon and her have a very strong bond, so much so that she sometimes will go through an entire battle without speaking. Her pokemon understand not only her own private language, they also know her body language, and she knows theirs. She knows their capabilities exactly, and will pull them out without a second thought if she knows they cannot win. She pays attention to everything that happens in a battle, down to the slightest twitch of the opponents pokemon’s whiskers. She plans out every move her pokemon make, no matter how small. She is well known for unorthodox moves that will ether be a dazzling success, or loose her the entire battle.

Description: Tara’s looks can be quit deceptive. She looks a couple years younger then she is, which has caused a few cases of mistaken identity. She is of medium height, slim in build, but is deceptively strong, having trained herself as hard as her pokemon. She has remarkably fair toned skinned skin, for someone who spends most of her time out of doors. Her hair is a dark, earthy brown, and reaches down to just above her rear. Her eyes are a piercing sky blue, and have a tendency to stare, giving some people the creeps.

What she wears depends on the weather and terrain, but for the tournament, Tara choose to wear a camouflage tank top, over which her simple one strap leather shoulder bag is slung. A simple pair of worn blue jeans adorn her lower half, held up by a sturdy leather belt. One her belt, five pokeballs are clipped, the sixth hangs around her neck on a stainless steel chain. Simple brown sneakers adorn her feet, as she figured she might need to be quick on her feet around this town. On her head, a white floppy hat shades her eyes from the sun, and twin broad bands of leather, with a complex pattern engraved on them wrap around her wrists. She has done her best to look tough, this tournament she plans to win.

History: Tara was born in Ecruteak city, in the Jhoto region. Her parents had moved there from Goldenrod before she was born, to escape the bustle of the big city. Her father still commuted there every day however for his job as the main announcer for the radio station. Her mother busied herself with an active social life of tea parties and social lunches, always dragging Tara along with her. Tara hated it, she didn’t like to have to sit still for hours just to listen to the women talk about flowers or jewelry. As she grew older, she often fled the house, spending hours alone in the forest, watching pokemon. Her parents grew concerned for her as more and more of her “Friends” at school moved away or simply dumped the “Weird Girl” for cooler friends, and Tara grew more and more reclusive.

By the time she was 11, Tara barely talked to anyone anymore, spending almost all her time outside in the forest. Then, one day, Tara came home with a starving baby Vulpix. It wasn’t a normal Vulpix however; it was bright yellow in coloration, a “shiny” as other people called it. When her parents saw how she cared for the vulpix, nursing it to health, they realized that this was something their daughter needed. They let her begin her pokemon training journey that year, and she took the vulpix with her as her first pokemon.

She traveled through Jhoto, challenging the gym leaders one at a time. Her team slowly grew, with her captures of a Magikarp, Sentret, HootHoot, Skarmory, and Larvitar, all of which evolved to their final stages as she started fulfilling her quest to defeat the gym leaders of Jhoto. She reached her goal after months of work, and went to the Jhoto League Championships. In an astounding round of battles, Tara made it to the top eight, evolving her vulpix with a firestone for shortly before her final victorious match. Amzingly, Tara withdrew from her second-to-final match when she still had two pokemon left. She knew her two remaining pokemon had no chance of winning against her opponents three, and she didn’t want them to suffer for glory.

After the Jhoto league, Tara went to Kanto, after giving her Noctowl and Skarmory to a bird trainer for a pair of Eevee, one of which had the silver coat of a shiny pokemon. She smashed through the Kanto gyms, capturing a Charmander and Cubone along the way. Charmander became Charmeleon in a battle with Erika, evolving to Charizard when battling Koga. Cubone evolved in a blistering match against Sabrina, after knocking her Kadabra flying with skull bash. Tara became rather infamous for her disappearing acts at this time, heading out into the wilderness for months on ends, without any word to anyone, only to reappear latter. This continued throught her journies. Tara did finally make it to the Kanto League, Losing her final battle, ending at 12th in the league.

Tara, not to be stopped by two failed attempts at championship, then journied to Hoenn, but left her Furret and Tyranitar with Professor Elm in Jhoto. She knew they had had enough of fighting for now. In Jhoto, Tara got a big surprise, as her pair of Eevee evolved, one into Espeon, the other, the shiny, into an Umbreon a few hours later. Outside pf Fortree city, she caught a Manectrike, with evolved shortly thereafter in a battle with Winona. Tara was in Lilycove when her invitation for the tournament. She set out right away, eager to prove her and her pokemon’s skills.


KItsune is the eldest of Tara’s pokemon, and loyal to her alone. She is quit intelligent, even for a ninetales, but also rather vain. In battle, she uses her intelligence to outwit her opponents, and her awesome firepower (literally) to blow them away.


Espeon, like Kitsune, is highly intelligent. She seldom uses physical attacks, instead using her psychic abilities to overthrow her opponents.


Umbreon, twin brother of Espeon, is a bit devious. Rarely will he attack outright, instead focusing on using his abilities to deceive and confuse his opponents until they are helpless.


Manectric is fiercely loyal to Tara, and follows her everywhere like a big puppy. He is not the most intelligent or powerfull of Tara’s pokemon, but her is her fastest. Speed is everything to him, in battle, he attacks so fast that slow opponents barely even see him.


Marowak is a bit odd. His attacks are always physical, and he knows how to use his bone club and skull to accomplish the most damage. He acts not unlike a human in the martial arts, always practicing his form and technique.


Gyrados, like Marowak, is almost purely physical. However, he will use more specialized moves if he feels he needs to. Like most of his species, he has a hair-trigger temper, and once angered, wont stop fighting until victorious or knocked out.

Other: Tara’s most valuable possession is a small green pokemon egg that she carries around in a secure container in her backpack. It isn’t due to hatch for months, but she still never lets it out of her sight. It contains something to valuable to her for that.

Roleplay Sample: (From near the beginning of her journey)

The forest surrounding Newbark town was swiftly darkening as the sun began to set beneath the far horizon. In the forests depths, the remaining light of the sun was dimmed with the shade of tree limbs, creating a world darker then the one outside the forest. Beneath the shadows of the tree, pokemon of the daylight hours started making there way to their respective dens, as other pokemon, creatures of the night, started making their way out into the forest. But the creatures of the night were not the only creatures making their way through the forest. Twigs snapped and crackled, and the sound of low hanging limbs being brushed aside echoed through the trees. Something else was moving through the trees.

With a snap, a crash, and an “OH!” a teenage girl crashed out from between a couple trees, catching her feet on the roots and falling flat on her face. Slowly, the girl got up, dusting herself off gingerly. She was about fifteen years of age, about five and a half feet tall. She gazed around her curiously with striking blue eyes, before setting her gaze at an area of cleared land ahead. Swiftly she made her way forwards, venturing out of the sunlight and into the light.

In the sunlight, more of her features became apparent. Her hair was long, and brown in color, reaching nearly all the way down to her waist. On her head, she wore a hat, mostly white in coloration, except for a red band around the rim. She wore a green tank top and a pair of blue jeans, worn from excessive use and traveling. Slung over her shoulder was a tan leather bag, and three pokeballs were clipped to her belt. Obviously she was a trainer, but why was she here? The answer soon became apparent as she gazed up ahead of her at the collapsing pokemon-filled ruin ahead.

12-24-2006, 03:30 PM
Mewso: Looks great, Accepted!

Everyone, the deadline is midnight tonight. (central time, what the clock on this site says.)

01-03-2007, 05:54 AM
Well, the roleplay is up, but where is everyone who signed up? Here's the link if you all can't find it: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28407

Come on, lets get the party started!

01-03-2007, 09:19 AM
Lonsie! You should have PM-ed me about this. :dazed: I feel a little angry, not noticing this for so long - especially when you used my sign-up form and didn't ask for permission from me... (Still, you credited me for it... thanks.)

I spent hours on that sign up form and rules list, all you did was copy and paste it. Seriously, the least you could do was tell me you were going to use it. :ermm: I suppose it can't be helped.

Is it possible to be a judge? I don't have any characters that have all six Pokemon. (And it seems a little weird using my own form for someone else's rp...)

01-04-2007, 08:51 PM
Lonsie! You should have PM-ed me about this. :dazed: I feel a little angry, not noticing this for so long - especially when you used my sign-up form and didn't ask for permission from me... (Still, you credited me for it... thanks.)

I spent hours on that sign up form and rules list, all you did was copy and paste it. Seriously, the least you could do was tell me you were going to use it. :ermm: I suppose it can't be helped.

Is it possible to be a judge? I don't have any characters that have all six Pokemon. (And it seems a little weird using my own form for someone else's rp...)

*Hits self with hammer* :redface:

I don't want to sound like a idiot, but I am quite sorry and I hope you'll forgive me Wanly. About the judge part, I'd be fine with, but this roleplay had DEAD written all over it. I'm going to start a new R.P. about a tournament between all the gym leaders, and I'd be honored if you joined that one as a judge or a gym leader (Clair seems to be your style).

01-05-2007, 01:20 PM
*Hits self with hammer* :redface:

I don't want to sound like a idiot, but I am quite sorry and I hope you'll forgive me Wanly. About the judge part, I'd be fine with, but this roleplay had DEAD written all over it. I'm going to start a new R.P. about a tournament between all the gym leaders, and I'd be honored if you joined that one as a judge or a gym leader (Clair seems to be your style).
It's okay, Lonsie, I forgive you. *huggles Lonsie* Just promise me you won't ever do that again: ask before you take anything.

I didn't notice the R.P was dying, to be honest it was pretty properous! Just keep at it, buddy, you'll make one of the best roleplays in PE2K, I know it! Your style is really improving since the first time I met you, Lonsie!

I think I'll like being Clair - she's does handle Dragon types just like I do. :happy:

01-09-2007, 11:03 PM
Oh, shoot. D: I totally forgot when this was starting!
Is the RP still going, hopefully?