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12-09-2006, 06:02 PM
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IC: I sighed faintly as I sat in the Mossdeep City Pokemon Center. The place was so packed you couldn't take five steps without walking into someone, literally. I'd gotten wise quick and taken a seat in a corner, as far away from the door as I could get. Still, it was way too crowded.

"Espe," Fortune grumbled in my arms. She hated large groups and was eyeing everyone warily. I smiled and gave her a gentle hug.

"I know, it sucks. But I wonder what's going on," I said, looking back at the throng of Trainers as even more pushed their way in. I was reminded, humorlessly, of sardines packed into a can. This was certainly not normal, not at all. I couldn't find out what was going on because of all the noise that was being.

Finally, Nurse Joy let out a wordless cry, earning quiet from the huge crowd. Sighing, the pink-haired woman put her hands on her hips.

"Now just what is going on? How could you all possibly need your Pokemon healed at the same time?" she asked, sounding worried. I squirmed in my seat, anxiety growing in my own gut as well. I was going to learn what was going on, and I had a bad feeling I already knew...

"Some Sceptile attacked us!" one of the Trainers, an older man, cried out. "It didn't even have a Trainer, and none of us bothered it. It was walking along near the city limits, and just suddenly started attacking people! When he tried to battle it, it beat ALL of us like we were weakling newbs!"

Everyone nodded and started shouting at the indignation of it all. I groaned a little and Fortune looked up at me, eyes worried and nervous. I offered a little smile and sighed heavily.

"Well, are you up to a late-night battle of epic proportions?" I asked. The little Espeon simply looked away to the door, and I felt a faint shudder pass through her body. She was ready, but anxious. I didn't blame her; I was just as nervous about this. How many Trainers were here? Twenty? Thirty? And they'd ALL been beaten by this Sceptile? It had to be him, and I was, to be honest, kind of scared of the power he must have.

I stood, holding Fortune, and made my way to the door. A moment later I was outside, and saw more Trainers in the distance headed towards the Center. I shook my head slowly, unable to believe it.

~And we're supposed to stop someone who's that strong?~ I thought sourly to myself. Still, I headed off in the direction the Trainers were all coming from. It was time to meet him...

12-09-2006, 07:21 PM
Fliss was battleing against a sceptile. " Diva Flamethrower! " Fliss yelled. Diva shot a hot stream of flames at the wood geeko, it got hurt, or did it?

Dog of Hellsing
12-11-2006, 09:01 PM
OOC: espeonlover, can you make your post longer, please? Detail how you ran nto the Sceptile, how the battle got started, that sort of thing.


IC: Coming as soon as some of the others post ^^...

12-11-2006, 10:15 PM
Reeah did have the sense to keep out of the Pokemon Center.

"Jeez!" She said, glancing through the glass door. "I don't think I could go in there if I wanted to." Kit, perched on her shoulder with her tail around Reeah's neck, meowed in agreement. The two walked on, going towards the far side of the island.

Reeah had already heard about the rogue Sceptile. In fact, that was why she was there. It sounded very much like someone using one of those PTS things, like the one in her pocket. Probably whoever was stealing them, if they were attacking trainers.

Upon leaving the city part of Mossdeep, Reeah waded into the underbrush, hiding behind a tree.

"Mreow?" Kit asked wondering, shifting herself.

"Sorry, Kit," Reeah told the Skitty, "But I'll get closer to it as an Arbok. Just follow me, okay?" Kit gave a nod and jumped to a tree limb in order to better watch what was going to happen. Reeah, well aware of pickpockets and the like, being one herself, took what looked like something covered in cloth from a pocket on the inside of her jeans. Slowly, she unwrapped it, gazing in wonder at the stone.

It was dark purple in color, with a lavender X in the middle, and made her heart beat faster at the very sight of it. Simply by touching it, Reeah could morph into an Arbok. The experience was like nothing else she'd ever felt before, and was exhilerating.

The cloth was actually a kind of throng. She'd stolen it from a high-end Pokemon pampering store, and was originally a bow for an Ekans that could gently adhere to the skin. It worked with Arbok as well, she was happy to find, and could be made into a necklace that would keep the stone on her skin. If she wanted to return to her normal form, all she had to do was get Kit to take it off.

Careful not to touch the stone yet, Reeah put it around her neck. Then, she grasped it in one bare hand.

The effects were almost instantaneous. Her skin became slick and purple, her body and face elongated. Before long, she was able to simply slip out of her old clothes.

As an Arbok, the world seemed completely different. Her eyesight was lessened, and things far away turned to smudges. Instead, her sense of smell was heightened. Not through her nose, but rather, through her tongue. Flicking it in and out of her mouth, she examined her surroundings. There was another sense she had, almost a kind of 'sixth sense'- she could feel heat. Especially body heat, like that of a Pokemon or Human. She could already feel Kit coming up behind her.

/Hello, Kit,/ she said as an Arbok.

/It's still so strange!/ Her Pokemon replied. /I can't believe you're talking to me!/

/It is for me, too,/ Reeah said. /Let's get going, though, before it goes somewhere else./ The two disappeared into the undergrowth, leaving Reeah's abandoned clothes behind.

(A lot of guessing here. Most of what I said about Reeah as the Arbok I based from real live snakes. Most have inhanced smell, and some, like vipers, can in fact sense body heat. Neat, huh? Also, I guessed that the clothes wouldn't morph as well... That can be changed if it isn't the case.)

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12-11-2006, 10:47 PM
I sighed as we walked. I hadn't had much luck so far, and decided maybe I'd have better luck from the air. Still, I wasn't planning on using my Stone yet. It was kept in a rough piece of cloth tied to a thick leather strap, which was hung around my neck. I kept it under my shirt, safe and out of sight.

I hadn't used the Stone ever since recieving it some time ago from Regirock. I just wasn't ready to take that step yet. There were all sorts of things I didn't know about the Stone, about what would happen to me. Oh, yeah, I'd heard the reports and all that junk. Apparently there were supposed to be no ill effects from using the Stone. But what if they were wrong? What if they hadn't done enough tests?

So I had left it in its safe little pouch, not having the guts to use it yet. And now, I still didn't. Instead, I pulled Kao's Ball from a pocket and released the Flygon from inside. He appeared in a brilliant flash of white light, and a moment later stood beside me.

"Goooooon," he said as he stretched, giving his wings a good flap before turning to face me. I grinned and waved for him to get down so I could climb on.

"We're going a-huntin', Kao," I told him as I clambered onto his back. After getting settled, I put Fortune down in front of me and patted Kao's neck, a signal for him to take off. "Apparently, a Sceptile attacked a whole butt-load of Trainers and beat them all. It was seen last near the city boundaries. Hopefully it hasn't left already, if it's the one I think it is."

"Lyyyyyyyyy!" Kao replied with a nod as he circled, gaining altitude. A moment later he leveled out and set to gliding around in ever-widening circles.

The time passed slowly, and we didn't see anything as the search got wider. However, just as I was getting ready to call the search off, I saw movement below us. I peered closer and could make out the figures: an Arbok, closly followed by a Skitty. I scowled a little, since that scene didn't seem right. Why would and Arbok be running from a Skitty? Why was there an Arbok here period? They weren't native to this region. I had gotten my own Arbok by evolving and Ekans I caught during my brief visit to the Johto region. Perhaps these two, then, were someone's Pokemon? Perhaps seperated from their Trainer by the mystery Sceptile?

"Kao, land a few feet away from those two Pokemon," I ordered, and Kao nodded. A moment later he was diving, and just before it seemed like he'd crash into the ground, he pulled up in a graceful landing. I slid off his back as I pulled out Jerrick's PokeBall and released him. Fortune stayed on Kao's back as I convered with Jerrick.

"I want you to ask those Pokemon if they're Trainer Pokemon. If they are, ask where their Trainer is. Maybe they were seperated from them, if they were fighting the Sceptile."

=What makes you think they're Trainer Pokemon and not wild ones?= Jerrick asked as we watched the two Pokemon not far away.

"Because, Arbok are native to Hoenn, and this one is with a Skitty. If it's not being chased, that means, most likely, they're together, teammates. If not, well...we'll get to that if we have to."

=Meh,= Jerrick grunted, then shrugged and stepped forward towards the strange Pokemon. =Hey, you two!= he called. =Are you guys Trainer Pokemon, or wild?=

12-12-2006, 11:56 AM
Reeah could have kicked herself, if she'd had legs. Of course, Arbok weren't native to Hoenn, and Skitty certainly weren't native to this area, either. They'd be as conspicuous as that Sceptile. She could smell the human and her Pokemon before they reached her. She had time to think of a good answer. Trying her best to look scared, she called back, /Our trainer tried to use us against the Sceptile! We'd already heard that it had beaten all those other Pokemon, and we ran. Now, we're not really sure where we are./ Kit shot her a glare, as if it was unlikely she'd ever run from a fight. Reeah ignored it, hoping they'd buy it. If they didn't, there might be a fight, and Reeah didn't fancy tackling a Flygon and a Nidoking.

12-12-2006, 06:24 PM
The Sceptile Used a leaf blade against diva, diva crashed into the tree. " Diva Come on! " Fliss yelled. Diva got out from the wall, releaseing a really hot stream of flames, enough to Fry the sceptile to ashes, unluckily it missed. setting a tree on fire. " Uh oh... " Fliss said. " Meganium use razor leaf really hard so the fire goes out with the wind! " Fliss yelled, hurling a ball.

12-13-2006, 12:31 AM
OOC: Quick note; gonna be gone for a while. Tyranitar- bunny my character as needed. Just remember to stick to the bio- Sonickid is bouncy, but smart and kind of shy-ish.

12-13-2006, 03:07 PM
Luckily Fliss's Meganium did it in time so the fire went out, and diva powered up from the flames. the sceptile lunged for fliss, fliss dodged, Diva used fire blast on the sceptile, badly burning it. the sceptile lunged for diva, diva dodged, makeing sceptile's burns more painful. Fliss returned her pokemon, she got a box from her bag, she opened it and then opened a bandana, when she turned into a espeon her clothes disapered, the bandana covered her head, protecting the mind stone that had turned into the gem. Fliss tackled the sceptile, then used psybeam, which was easy since she studyed espeons and eevees. the sceptile fell over, the espeon did a little cheer. ( when my chari talks as a espeon it will be in purple. ) " WOOT! " Fliss cheered.

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12-14-2006, 09:43 PM
OOC: One thing. I don't mind anyone controlling the as-of-yet unnamed bad guy, but just remember, he's extremely powerful. He also has the Common Stone, which lets him become an Eevee.


IC: I listened as the Arbok answered Jerrick, who translated for me. I narrowed my eyes a little, wondering. Something about the way the Skitty looked at the Arbok struck me as...well, wrong.

Before I could say anything, though, Fortune suddenly jumped off of Kao's back and ran over to the Arbok. I watched her, somewhat surprised. It was rare that the little Espeon openly confronted another, unless it was during a battle.

"Espe es esp eon!" the Psychic Pokemon cried, as Jerrick told me what she was saying.

='I sense that you are not Pokemon,' is what she said,= the Nidoking rumbled softly, glaring at the strange Pokemon. I nodded and stepped forward, bowing at the two.

"Please," I said, holding my hands out, palms up, to indicate peace. "Please, if you know anything about this Sceptile, or..." Here I paused. If what Fortune said was right, then either the Arbok or the Skitty wasn't really a Pokemon. Which meant...

I reached inside my shirt and pulled forth the thong, then pulled the coarse fabric covering the Stone off. I held it up so they could all see it. From the sharp gasps my Pokemon let out, I could tell they were shocked that I'd revealed it.

"i don't know who you are, but like me you obviously have a PTS. What I need to know now is this. Are you friend, or are you foe?"

12-15-2006, 11:27 PM
Ridel Route to Mossdeep City

I sighed as I walked with Verayuth. It's been only a week since I was given the Draconic Stone. I shook my head in disbelief for the unpteenth time. I had been chosen to hunt that damn Sceptile by the Latis, as I called them. Me! "Well, I guess we should continue following the clues. Runor had it that an immensly powerful Sceptile had been going along routes towards Mossdeep City. I only hope we've finally caught up to him." I winced as the ground level dropped a couple of inches, jaring my still injured shoulder.

You should take it careful. You don't want to loose an arm so early in your life. The Arcanine advised.

"If I remembered correctly, I'm older than you." I retorted. "I can handle myself, thanks." Even with the venom in my voice, I knew he understood I meant well.

Ah, but we pokemon mature and age must faster than you humans, so relatively, I am older than you, Verayuth could hardly hide the sarcasm in his voice, but what he said was true. not to mention that I am wiser than most others.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." I said, dismissing the subject. We continued walking along the path, trees on both sides of the worn dirt path.

Eventually, I spotted some others on the walkway: a human girl and a few pokemon, most prominently an Arbok, a Nidoking, and a Flygon. I hurried, hoping they might have info.

"Hi." I said politely as I strode up, "Do you know-" I stopped abruptly as I saw something in the girl's outstreched hand.

Another of the PTS stones.

12-16-2006, 01:45 AM
Lately, there have been a lot of power- outages near my house. I probably won't be able to go on much.

12-16-2006, 08:45 AM
" Uh oh, its comeing for me now! " Esp cried. ( ill call her Esp if shes a espeon now. ) Esp Ran, the sceptile slamed into esp and she crashed into a wall near A Female trainer and a group of pokemon. i got up, falling over again, i was badly bruised and hurt.

12-18-2006, 09:02 PM
(I am so sorry! I could have sworn that I'd replied. :oops: I will now, though.)

Reeah stared in disbelief at the other girl's stone. Could it be... She'd already found another?

"Word... Gets around quickly," she said, finally. "You, too, were drawn to the rumor of the Sceptile. I am Reeah, and this is Kit." She nodded to the Skitty. "And yes, I am actually a-" She was cut off by the sound of footsteps, or, rather, their vibrations against her scales. A boy rounded a corner of the road, an Arcanine at his side. He looked excited to see them, saying as he went to the girl with the other PTS, "Hi. Do you know-" Then stopped. He, too, had noticed the stone. Could he possess one as well?

12-19-2006, 08:53 PM

Friend or Foe?

The girl definitelly held out a PTS stone, plain as the daylight. I couldn't believe it. It's gotta mean either that she's the Sceptile I fought, or she was chosen by another Legendary. Since the voice the Sceptile uttered sounded more masculine, I pushed the former out of the way, which left her as a chosen. This guy must be a serious danger for the Legendaries to start givibg the PTS's to humans they deem worthy...

The Arbok had taken notice of me, swinging its head around to look...if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Arbok was a little odd...wait, does that mean the Arbok is another holder?! Three stone holders already! This may be a good day after all...

I stood straight and plunged my right hand into my pocket, into the waiting glove. I grasped the stone and pulled it out, showing it to the other stone holders. "Well, I hope you're on my side...are you looking for the Sceptile too?"

Dog of Hellsing
12-22-2006, 07:49 PM
OOC: Guys, I'm soooooooooooooooooooo uberly sorry for taking so long to reply. Please don't hurt me! *Bows head several times and sweatdrops.*


IC: After Jerrick had relayed to me what the Arbok had said, I nodded my head and smiled a little. I was getting ready to introduce myself and my Pokemon, when suddenly a young man with an Arcanine approached us.

"Hi. Do you know-" he started, until he saw that I was holding out my PTS. I gaped at him for a moment, and then hastily moved to put it away. Too late, though, as he'd already seen it. Cursing myself, I watched him reach into a pocket and prepared to fight when-

He pulled out a stone as well! I nearly fell over from relief, as well as shock. For a moment I could only stare at him, then sighed.

"Well, as long as you're not on that Sceptile's side, then I'm most defintely a friend to any who carries a PTS," I answered him. Since I wasn't sure he had heard Reeah's introductions, I quickly made them for her, then made some for us.

"I'm Ras, and these are Fortune, Kao, and Jerrick," I said, pointing to the Espeon, Flygon, and Nidoking, respectively. "My other Pokemon are in their Balls for the moment, and I'll introduce them to you later."

It was at that moment, when I was getting ready to ask if they had come to fight the Sceptile as well, that I heard a cry. Turning, I saw a small purple shape come flying in our direction and then slam into the ground. It was an Espeon, and for a moment I thought it was Fortune. But no, she was still there in front of Reeah and Kit. Then I noticed the other...

A Sceptile was standing not far away, looking a bit battered and more than a little angry. Its eyes were narrowed and the leaves on its arms were glowing. It looked like it had a burn, and various small wounds seeping small trickles of blood. Its tail was slamming into the ground as it stalked forward, glaring at us.

"Four of you, together already. How fortuitous for me. I can kill you all and have for more Stones without having to trouble myself fighting those pathetic Legends who supposedly guard them." I stared, somewhat dumbfounded. This Sceptile, I could understand it! Wait, him. It was definetly a male. Or, more correctly, a man. I knew it right away that it was the Sceptile we'd been looking for. Why else would he be ranting about the Stones?

I looked to the Espeon that had fallen before us. This, then, must be yet another Stoneholder! How many of us were there, I wondered. But it wasn't important right now. What was important was the Sceptile bearing down on us, grinning viciously and not seeming to notice the odds were so not in his favor. Then again, why should he? How many Trainers had he already taken out?

"So you're the one whose trying to steal the Stones," I spat angrily, taking a step back as I plunged my free hand into my pocket, ready to pull out my remaining Pokemon's Balls and release them. Beside and behind me, Jerrick and the others were growling under deep in their chests, warning the Poke-man to stay back. But he just kept coming, arms raising as he advanced.

"Time to die, children..."

12-22-2006, 10:04 PM
Esp Used Psybeam the on sceptile, the bandana fell off an the stone fell down aswell, landing the the bandana, Esp turned back into Fliss and her clothes had morphed back aswell. " Meganium, Diva Go! " Fliss yelled, the vulpix made a cage of fire around the sceptile the meganium whiped it.

12-23-2006, 08:01 PM

A Terrible Battle Begins

"Well, as long as you're not on that Sceptile's side," said the human girl, "then I'm most defintely a friend to any who carries a PTS...Oh, by the way, this is Reeah and Kit." She indicated each of the other two. So, this Reeah was a Stoneholder... "I'm Ras, and these are Fortune, Kao, and Jerrick," she said, pointing to the Espeon, Flygon, and Nidoking in turn. "My other Pokemon are in their Balls for the moment, and I'll introduce them to you later."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Ridel, and this is Verayuth." I held my good hand down to my Arcanine standing to my left. "...so-" But I was cut off by a disturbance. An awfully close disturbance...

An Espeon went flying through the foliage at us, landing hard on the dirt path. I looked at the stunned pokemon, at a loss for words. Then, I heard something walking at us through the bushes, and looked up. My anger surfaced immediately.

It was that damn Sceptile again.

I was pleased to see that he was given quite a fight. He had a burn and many cuts all over his body, the cuts slowly oozing blood. He was evidently irritated; his tail was slamming into the ground at regular intervals. He continued toward us, glaring at each of us in turn.

"Four of you, together already. How fortuitous for me. I can kill you all and have four more stones without having to trouble myself fighting those pathetic Legends who supposedly guard them." Inwardly I growled at his prescence, but then I took full notice of his words, looking down at the Espeon; another stoneholder?!

"So you're the one whose trying to steal the Stones," Ras hissed angrily, taking a step back as she plunged her hand into a pocket; most likely getting ready to pull out pokeballs and release the pokemon within. Beside and behind her, Jerrick and the others were growling under deep in their chests, warning the Sceptile to stay back. But he just ignored them and continued his advance, arms raising as he took every step, obviously relishing the luck he thought he had.

"Time to die, children..." He grinned.

The Espeon I thought had fainted immediately shot a Psybeam at the foe, but a bandana on her fell off...dropping a PTS stone. She morphed back into a human...yeah, she. It's now obvious it was a girl. I watched as her body glowed and morphed back. As she did, her clothes reformed onto her body again; well, at least I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing during a fight anymore...

"Meganium, Diva, go! " She yelled. A Vulpix burst through the bushes and wrapped the Sceptile in fire while a Megainium began whipping him mercilesly. This was going a little too easily...

Yep, too easy. The Sceptile merely flicked his Leaf Blade through the flames, dissipating the cage he was in, and jumped at the Meganium. Exerting strength he ought not have normally, even as a Sceptile, he picked up the unfortunate Grass pokemon and launched her into the air. Right at Verayuth and me.

I smirked as I easily dodged her; he finally initiated a fight, and it was aimed at me. How perfect. As I let my backpack fall to the earth, I took the Draconic Stone in my ungloved left hand and, just before I transformed, plopped it into the special slot in the back of my right glove. This glove, which I asked Professor Birch to make, was specially designed so that not only would it hold the stone in place against my skin, but it would also stretch and reform so as to fit many of the claws dragons have. I had no time to try out the stone, so I didn't set any specifics. As the stone touched the back of my right hand, I felt an amazing transformation begin. My body glowed hiding it as my clothes fused into my body.

My skin turned a multitude of green colors and patterns as a pair of glowing wings burst from my back. My hands elongated into a pair of sharp claws, and my arms grew longer and more powerful. My eyes shifted to the side of my increasingly longer head, and a pair of red shields formed around them. I felt a tail grow instantly from my backside, which, I must say, isn't the most comfortable of the changes happening to me...The tail split into three diamonds at the end as my skin became rock hard. Despite the many changes, this had only taken a couple of seconds to pass.

I never touched the ground, as my new diamond wings took me into flight towards the Sceptile. I took a second to realize what I had become: A Flygon.

Imwardly I let loose a cry of exhileration, but outside, I kept silent as I slammed into the Sceptile; he probably wasn't expecting what I had done. I backwinged immediately and landed, Verayuth joining me at my side.

I smiled, still glaring at the Sceptile as he got up. "Y'know, I never thanked you properly for the memento of our last meeting you left me." I said coldly as I indicated my right shoulder. "Let me return the favor!" I felt a power growing inside me, power I knew had to be released before it consumed me.

Yelling a battle cry, I opened my mouth and let loose a powerful Hyper Beam at point blank.

12-23-2006, 08:24 PM
"Looks like their having fun." I grinned towards Claire, who was morphing into a Sceptile, like the one on the battlefield. Claire was a Ditto that could speak English, and my first Pokemon. "Maybe I should join them...?" I asked, sitting on a high branch of a maple tree above the fighters. "They have PTS stones..."

"You should show them your powers Dawn." Claire snarled in the raspy voice of a Sceptile. Claire called me Dawn instead of my real name, David. It was the name of the magician I stole her from. "Where did you put the stone?"

"Right here." I pulled out an almost metallic stone. I instantly turned into a Skarmory. My arms turned into steel wings, my mouth transformed into a beak, and I grew a silver tail. I stretched my wings, gazing at them with adoration. I stored the stone in my beak for storage. "See you soon."

"See you soon." Claire rasped, watching me swoop down on the field. I roared in shock. I hadn't noticed the Flygon was sending a hyper beam! I dodged swiftly, watching as the Sceptile was hit in the stomach by the blow.

"You'll have to do better than that!" It bellowed, charging towards the Flygon. I used a steel wing, trying to stop the Sceptile, but the move missed.

Dog of Hellsing
12-23-2006, 09:35 PM
So much madness had happened within a relatively short time, it took me a moment to react.

The Espeon had since turned back into a human, revealing she was indeed a PTS holder. She'd sent two Pokemon forth, but the Sceptile had easily, too easily, avoided damage from their attacks. Then, Ridel suddenly began to glow. A moment later he stood as a Flygon, and I realized he must have used his Stone. After trading some quick words with the lizard he fired a Hyper Beam.

However, suddenly a Skarmory appeared, giving a surprised caw as it nearly flew into the attack. It barely managed to dodge, then soared after the Sceptile, its wings glowing brightly. A Steel Wing move! But the Sceptile growled angrily and jumped aside, turning to use a Slash at the Skarmory as it passed by. Then he turned back to us, grinning maliciously.

"It's no use, no use at all!" he cried as he used a Protect, bringing up a glaring white shield of energy as Ridel's Hyper Beam slammed into it. There was a deafening crack as the attacks met, but then the sparkling beam of energy was deflected and knocked away into the sky. I watched, then leapt into action.

I pulled my shirt away from my front and released the thong, allowing the Stone to fall back and land on my bare skin. The change was immediate. A glow surrounded me, like I was evolving. In a way I guess I was. Then I felt the change happening.

My arms began pulling up and elongating, and my face grew out into a heavy snout. My back curved a little as my neck stretched some and I felt a tail suddenly spout from my rear. Weird...My feet grew out into paws and my toes melted together to form three digits, each tipped with a deadly talon. My skin turned into a rock-hard hide, and horns grew from the back of my skull. Finally, a horn grew between my shoulder blades and my arms finished forming into wings, and the glow faded.

I stood as an Aeordactly, and it was an odd feeling. I glanced down and saw my clothes had apparently become part of me, as I'd heard no tearing and there were no remains of cloth laying around. However, I realized my items, like my PokeBalls and such, were on the ground. I thought about releasing my other Pokemon, but decided against it. Instead I stretched my wings and glared at the Sceptile, readying myself for a fierce battle as I powered up a Hyper Beam of my own...

12-26-2006, 12:42 AM
(Sorry for the kind of wait, I've been at my Grandma's the last several days. I'll be gone again later this week. I'm also not entirely sure if Arbok learns Poison Tail, but if it doesn't, it should!)

Reeah was surprised by the sudden appearance of the boy, and gave a suspicious hiss- until she saw his own PTS. She quieted, letting Ras give introductions, when she heard a sound. Out of seemingly nowhere, an Espeon appeared, obviously wounded.

What in the... Reeah thought, before another creature appeared. It was a Sceptile, no, the Sceptile. Reeah's hiss was low and angry in response to the biggot's speech.

"Four of you, together already. How fortuitous for me. I can kill you all and have for more Stones without having to trouble myself fighting those pathetic Legends who supposedly guard them." What an idiot, Reeah thought with disdain. Speaking of himself as though he owned the world. He could have chosen a better PTS to steal, at least. Or doesn't he realize how many type disadvantages Grass Types have? Poison, Fire, Ice, Flying... All are good against Grass. Experiance was good to have, but type advantages won battles. The others dove into battle, the Espeon, who had changed back into a girl, was using her Pokemon to attack now. Reeah positioned herself to strike at an opportune time.

"Stay back," she ordered Kit. "Use Ice Beam if you get a clear shot at him, but only then. Too many of our allies are also weak against Ice."

"Gotcha," the Skitty replied, jumping up into a tree. Reeah lied in wait, letting him come closer to her bush, closer... There! Her tight coils propelled her forward with a feral hiss. Her tail glowed a deeper purple than it was before, hitting the Sceptile from behind with a Poison Tail. She just barely managed to move in time before two powerful Hyper Beams, accompanied by an Ice Beam, closed in. She readied a Poison Sting. It was unlikely that the Sceptile would survive the attack, but, on the off chance it did, Ras and the other boy, Ridel, would be temporarily exhausted. It would be just her, the Espeon girl, and the mysterious Skarmory, with whatever various other Pokemon the trainers had with them joining in. All in all, though, the battle was going in their favor. At least, she hoped it was.

12-28-2006, 03:10 PM
Fliss returned her pokemon, and transformed again, her espeon form this time looked more energized, her Bandana had formed into her head, makeing it disaper, her orb, had been turned into the gem, the only way to get it off was to be near fainting. Esp Lunged at the Sceptile, Slamming into it, it stumbled back, then fell over. Esp Walked up the sceptile's belly and poked her face in the sceptile's head. " Dont you dare hurt any of them! " Esp Hissed, she had him pinned, the sceptile Catapulted her. Esp landed on her feet and skidded backwards. " you will breathe no more after im Done with you! " Esp hissed. She lept up, flipped then launched a hyper beam. ( my espeon learned that in netbattle btw ) landing a Direct hit on the sceptile, it fell back again. Esp Paralysed it by Useing hyper beam it its legs. it didnt move, she Poked her face in its face. " im not finished yet! " Esp Yelled. She bit its throat.

Dog of Hellsing
12-29-2006, 09:26 PM
I watched as the Sceptile and the changed-again Espeon began to battle. The Sceptile had somehow managed to evade my Hyper Beam, as well as an Ice Beam from Reeah's Kit. However, it was obvious the Poison Tail attack that had hit him a short time ago had done some damage, as he was moving slower now than he had been before.

However, I knew something was wrong when the Espeon's attacks started hitting all the time. Something was up, I could sense it in my gut. A new-found instinct was telling me to be careful, that danger was afoot. Still, I couldn't help but watch in amazement as the Espeon wailed on the Sceptile, and a moment later had his throat in her teeth.

Then it happened. The Sceptile's body turned a sickly brownish hue and began to melt away, until it had completely dissolved into nothing. For a moment I stood there, shocked. What had happened? Then I heard laughter coming from somewhere to my left. I whirled, finally having gotten enough of my energy regathered to move quickly. I saw a flash of movement in a tree and growled in my chest. Damn him! In the shadows and darkness, he blended in too well with the leaves for me to make him out clearly.

"How do you like my Substitute move? It's very efficient, wouldn't you agree? I doubt any of you weakling fools could pull one off so flawlessly in the heat of battle!"

"When did you-" I started to ask, but was cut off by haughty chuckling.

"When I dodged your Hyper Beam, I pulled it off when the dust from the explosion was flying everywhere."

=Keep him occupied,= Jerrick suddenly muttered at me as the Sceptile gloated. =I can hit him with an Flamethrower, I have a perfect shot, I just need a moment to get it ready.=

"Got it," I answered faintly, then stepped forward and called out, "If you're so strong, why did you need to be a coward and run to a tree? I thought you were so tough? Looks more like you're just a bluffer. I'll bet you didn't beat all those Trainers and their Pokemon on your own! You probably just used Double Team to confuse them and make them attack one another, and in the chaos they thought you were the one doing all the damage!"

Here the laughing stopped, and the Sceptile's voice was high with fury when he spoke next.

"You think me a weak coward?! How DARE you, you lowly bit of nothing! I'll show you how powerful I am when I destroy you all and take your Stones from your cooling corpses!!!" With that, he suddenly exploded from the tree, a look of murder in his eyes. However, he didn't get far before Jerrick dropped his jaws and unleashed a powerful Flamethrower. The huge jet of flames engulfed the Poke-man as he flew through the air, and a moment later he hit the ground with an enraged cry. He leapt to his claws, his body covered in burns, and looked ready to attack heedless of the disadvantage he was at. But then he smirked and leapt back a few times.

"A trick. But not one I'll fall for twice. How unlucky for you that you're all so powerless." Here he reached behind himself, and a moment later a glow engulfed him. For a moment it looked like he was turning back into a human, but midway the form changed and he started shrinking and getting smaller. After a second, a particularly charred-looking Eevee stood where the Sceptile had been. "For now I'll withdraw, but rest assured when we meet again, I will have the powers Groudon defends under my control!" Here he laughed again, the turned and darted off. A moment later, he was gone.

"Well, that was...different," I said after a minute of silence. "Looks like we've got ourselves a stalker..."

12-30-2006, 05:36 PM
Esp changed back into fliss. " When i see that Noob again its gonna Die! " Fliss Shouted. She Put her bandana on, as it had fell off. Fliss put on her gloves then put the orb safely in her pouch on her belt. She then took the cloves off, reviling purple fingerless gloves.

12-30-2006, 09:12 PM
OOC: Oops...sorry guys, I'd have posted sooner, but with the two big snowstorms that had engulfed the Western U.S., I've been unable to get to a computer for a long while...but now, everything's calmed down, so I should be able to post more often.


Resting in the Aftermath

I breathed hard as I changed back into a human. After the Hyper Beam of mine he had blocked with Protect, I had been unable to touch him. Amid all the attacks, he had dodged me every time. Finally, I had jumped away to allow the Espeon-girl a chance to hack away at him...until he had turned out to be a substitute.

Ras began goading him into attacking from his hidden position in the leaves, which worked. Her Nidoking struck instantly with a flamethrower, sending the Sceptile to the ground, seriously burned. he then used another PTS to turn into an Eevee and fled, yelling, "For now I'll withdraw, but rest assured when we meet again, I will have the powers Groudon defends under my control!" HGe cackled loudly as he dissappeared into the undergrowth.

"Well, that was...different," Ras said after a minute of silence. "Looks like we've got ourselves a stalker..."

"When I see that noob again, it's gonna die!" Yelled the Espeon girl as she changed back into a human. She put her PTS into a pouch and removed her gloves, showing a pair of purple fingerless gloves underneath them.

verayuth padded up next to me, his head low. ~I was so useless this fight...~ he said in a low voice. ~I was unable to even touch him, much less attack him. I've failed you this fight...~

I knelt down next to him and scratched behind his ears; always a weak spot for him. He growled happily. "Hey, what kind of attitude is that? I only got him the first time because I surprised him, and even then, he wasn't hurt that much. C'mon, let's go; we gotta have a plan to interce-" I then realized what the Sceptile...er, Eevee guy...had said.

I spun around and ran up to Ras, who was still an Aerodactyl. "Ras, I gotta run! That damn poke-man said he was going for Groudon's power, and Groudon lies below Sootopolis right now! If he acts like he did today, then everyone in my town's in danger!" I grabbed my pack from the ground and put my PTS back in its glove slot. "I'll catch you guys later; I've gotta catch him before he attacks Sootopolis!" I said quickly as I turned into a Flygon again.

I ran towards where I last saw that Eevee dissapear into the bushes and took to the air, Verayuth running along the ground bebeath me. I only hoped I wouldn't be too late.

12-31-2006, 04:26 PM
" So... What do we do now? " Fliss Muttered.

12-31-2006, 05:49 PM
OOC: I won't be posting very often, due to how many roleplays I'm in.

IC: David spit out the stone he was holding. The Sceptile got away. I couldn't do anything about it. David sighed, pulling down a golden mask to cover his face. "Claire, get down here!" he yelled through the mask. "Let us leave."

A pink Ditto floated from a low tree branch, automatically transforming into a Pidgeot. "I agree with you, lest they figure out your secret. " David mounted the Pidgeot, waving farewell to the group.

"Hopefully, I'll never see the lot of you again!" He cackled, as Claire lifted into the sky. Hopefully.

01-01-2007, 07:59 PM
Fliss Transformed back into Esp again. Then Heard the bush rrustle, and a Seemenly angry Rattacaite Lepted at Esp, Esp Managed to dodge. then used hyper beam on the rattacaite's legs, paralyseing it. Esp Closed in for the kill, but someone's hand stopped her from doing so, at least they did, since her instincts kept going out of control.

Dog of Hellsing
01-02-2007, 04:27 PM
I sighed as I watched Ridel take his leave, his Arcanine following him. It was no good to let him go on his own, that was for sure. I watched as the Skarmory reverted back to human form. It was a man, but that was about all I could make out. He had a mask covering his face. He called out, and a moment later a Ditto came out of nowhere, Transforming into a Pidgeot as it did. The man jumped onto its back and flew off.

Then, the Espeon-girl, who'd turned back into a human, used her Stone to change back into an Espeon. A Raticate jumped out of some foilage, and she instantly set in on it. Before she could do something rash, I leapt forward and knocked the poor Pokemon out of the way, then nudged the Espeon with a wingtip.

"Hey, keep it together! We have to go after Ridel and help him out!" I said. I then shot the others a quick look. "Reeah, are you going to be able to get from here to Sootopolos? I can give you a ride, if you need. Kao can carry someone, and Jerrick knows Surf. So anyone who can't swim or fly can ride one of us." I then bent down to pick up my other two PokeBalls, holding them gently in my huge jaws. I stood back up and looked at the others, waiting for their answer and feeling a bit nervous for Ridel.

01-02-2007, 05:33 PM
" Ugh, my instancts keep gping glitchy, im changeing back human. " Esp Said, people could hear this telepath. She Removed the gem, turning human again, she was still wearing her clothes. She Got her bandana and picked up her orb. then put it in her pouch. " i have no pokemon that can fly or surf. " Fliss said. " if i turn back espeon again, my instancts will go outta control, and ill probly be to heavy for anyone to carry, so im stumped. " Fliss Thought.

Dog of Hellsing
01-02-2007, 10:17 PM
I watched the Espeon turn back into a human, then get a somewhat helpless look on her face. After a moment I motioned to Jerrick with a wing, and then nodded to her.

"He can carry you," I said. "He's strong enough, if that's what you're worried about."

I didn't know if she could understand me or not now. I didn't know why the Sceptile could speak English and it seemed we couldn't. At least, not me. It was something to think on, for sure. Maybe we should try to find someone who helped make these things and see what all we could learn?

That would have to wait for now though. At the moment, we needed to get a move on and help Ridel out before anything happened to him.

01-06-2007, 12:41 AM
My first post here!

Sonickid walked down the dirt road, the Tempest stone jangling in his pocket against the datalyzer. He looked to the sky and pondered his meeting with Ho-oh, as if the sky would give him the answer. He shook his head and continued through the path.

"Why was it given to me?" The boy asked himself. "I can't take care of it... I don't think. I'm not strong enough... quick enough... so why was I given this power."

Sonic stopped as a shout came from a distance. It was a plea, a pitiful plea. Something was in trouble. Sonic looked at his pocket for a moment. Should he? Or not? The descision was his.

A moment's blink and his arm was digging into his pants to find the Tempest. In an instant, Sonic was gone, and the Rapidash transpired. His eyes had a flare of enthusiasm in them as he raced into the forest to the source of the cry.

01-06-2007, 11:46 PM
Reeah stepped from the undergrowth, once again human and fully clothed. She carefully returned her Pokeballs to her belt and looked up.

"I am Reeah, for further reference," she told Ras and Fliss. "And, thank you for the offer, but I can make it to Sootopolis on my own. I am here, aren't I? It's no more difficult to reach Sootopolis than Mossdeep. I'll meet you there- hopefully in time to stop the Sceptile." She turned and disappeared once more, seeming to melt into the shadows. She'd not gone more than three steps before Kit was on her shoulder. The Skitty gave an aggravated meow.

"I refuse to take charity, Kit. We can take care of ourselves," Reeah replied quietly. Kit's tail lashed.


"Ryuu can take us there just as well as any Flygon. I'll return you, so you won't get wet." Before Kit could complain anymore, Reeah withdrew her into an empty ball. Mossdeep wasn't a very large island, so it wasn't long before Reeah'd reached the ocean. She released the playful Dratini into the water. As Ryuu played in the swell, she asked him, "Ready for a good swim?"

"Dra!" He wriggled farther out, waiting for her. After taking off her boots and tying them to her belt and making sure that her PTS was well hidden in her jeans, and dived it. The water was cold and invigorating, but could very well cause hypothermia if she wasn't careful. She wrapped one arm around Ryuu's lithe body and paddled with the other. Between her and Ryuu swimming together, they were making fairly good time. After all, how was there foe supposed to get there?

(I'm back, finally. Sorry about the long absence. :oops: )

01-12-2007, 05:33 PM
( What pokemon is jerric? )

Fliss Nodded, this time her instancts werent gonna go haywire. " Im Going back espeon again, but ill make sure i wont attack any pokémon " Fliss Said, before transforming back into a espeon.

01-12-2007, 08:55 PM


I was over the sea in under a minute. Luckily, I had thought to swoop down low enough for Verayuth to jump on my back before he lost himself under the water. He was surprisingly light; must be an effect of the PTS too.

For an hour or so, there was nothing except for the blue expance of water surrounding us. I calmed as we continued our journey, but kept the urgency of my mission in mind. I found the water zooming underneath me a soothing sight, and smiled inwardly.

All too soon, the volcano of Sootopolis rose out of the sea, like a great sentinal set to guard the ocean from harm. I veered upwards as we reached the face of the mountain, continuing up until we reached the opening of the bowl that kept the city safe from harm. As I soared over the city, people noticed my prescence and pointed upwards excitedly. Some kids tried to chase after my shadow, but they only ended up getting caught by their parents and scolded, tumbling into the water, or, if they didn't pay attention, smacked into the wall of a building.

I aimed for the small garden outside my home, where my mother was taking a break from her Gym Trainer duties to tend to the flowers. I backwinged outside the gate and landed heavily, causing Verayuth to tumble from my back; he tried to make it look intentional and graceful. "Sorry," I growled to him before taking the stone out of its glove slot.

My mother's face might've had a spot of surprise when I landed as a Flygon, but just imagine her expression when that Flygon turned into her son (completely clothed), wearing a flustered look.

"Ridel?! What was-" she started.

"I'll have to explain later, mom." I interrupted quickly. "Would you please gather the other Gym trainers and Jose'? We have...a little dilemma..."

Dog of Hellsing
01-13-2007, 07:04 PM
OOC: Sorry for the long absence everyone...^^' life is being evil to meh right now, but things are looking up, so yay! BTW, Jerrick is a Nidoking ^^.


IC: I watched as Reeah walkde off, soon vanishing into the distance. I sighed softly, then nodded at Fliss as I knelt.

"Get on," I said around my PokeBalls, folding my wings in a manner that would make it easier for the Espeon to get on. Fortune jumped onto Kao's back as Jerrick headed for the water, and was soon floating in the deep blue sea a few moments later, waiting for the rest of us.


The Eevee growled and snarled under his breath as he sat under a large clump of flowers not too far from where Ridel had landed and changed back into a human. He had fled, then rode his Gyarados to Sootopolis City. The huge Pokemon was unusually fast, and had made the trip in little under forty minutes. But the Eevee was, at the moment, too weak to do anything but catch his breath after the ordeal of fighting so many Trainers and Pokemon. Not to mention those damned kids with the PTS's.

Now, he watched with narrowed, hate-filled eyes as Ridel asked his mother to gather the other Gym Leaders and someone named Jose. Most likely to be on the lookout for him, and to defend Groudon from him. Fools, all of them. Groudon would fall, with or without them, and relinquish his Stone.

"They'll pay for meddling, they all will!" the Poke-man hissed angrily as he hunkered down beneath the decorative foilage, waiting for the right time to act.

01-13-2007, 07:09 PM
(( one More Question, Do i Go on Your Back, or jerriks? ))

psy ( The Espeon ) climbed Up.

01-13-2007, 10:14 PM
OOC: Wow, TT...you read my mind, Gyarados and everything!

IC: Ridel

Preparing for Doom

A few minutes later, Jose' and his top twenty Gym trainers were clustered around me, trying to pry as much imformation out of me as they could.

"So, now you are a holder of one of the PTS experiments?" Jose' asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, but every now and then, I feel this destiny was forced upon me by Latios and Latias; however, when I think further, I know I wouldn't have it any other way."

"May we see it?" Asked Julia, the newest trainer to join the Sootopolis Gym ranks. Obligingly, I gloved my right hand and pulled the marble-sized stone out of its pouch on the side of my jeans and showed it to all around me. There were a few gasps, coupled with "Oooohs" and "Aaaaaahs." My mother merely put a knuckle up to her mouth. "May I hold it?" Julia stepped forward eagerly.

I chuckled. "Probably not. Y'see, it'll transform you as soon as it touches your skin; not to mentioned I was deemed worthy to hold it by the Legendaries." Julia slumped in disappointment, but soon regained her usual good attitude.

"So tell us: Why do you need this many trainers?" Jose' asked. "Surely Groudon and Kyogre aren't ready to fight again?!"

"No, it's much worse in my opinion." Expressions of incredulity surfaced on many of the faces around me, including Jose''s. "Groudon is about to get a very rude awakening if we don't stop this force; if he succeeds, he'll have yet another PTS to add to his powerful collection."

"You mean to tell us that there is another human with a PT-sorry...PTS's?" My mother couldn't hide the worry in her voice. "Who?"

"I don't know who it is...I've never seen him outside of the Sceptile or Eevee forms. But there's no doubt that he's human." then, I remembered Ras and the others I fought alongside only an hour and a half ago. "There are about four more humans with a PTS each, but they were also chosen by Legendaries to defend the remaining ones from this new threat.

"So, then, what are we waiting for?" Jose' said confidently, "Let's set up a perimeter around the Cave of Origins to protect Groudon's sleeping chamber; we're only lucky that his five-year resting period in the Cave is almost over. If we can just defend it another month, then he'll descend into the Core of the planet and pick a new spot for ten years."

He immediately set about assigning his trainers patrols and guard positions all around the city. I went straight to the entrance to the Cave of Origins to scope it out; there were so many hiding spots that he could already be here, waiting in Eevee form for us to mess up.

Verayuth, who'd been silent the whole time, suddenly spoke up. ~There's a problem, Ridel...he's already here. I can feel it!~

I smirked. "Well then, I guess we'll be ready for him."

"Eh? What was that?"

I looked around to see the usual old man who guards the Cave looking at me from his spot.

"I was talking to Verayuth here, sorry." I apologized.

"Ah, Ridel, it's good to see you." He smiled. "I hadn't recognized you for a second." He shook his head in amazement. "I still don't understand how one such as yourself and Verayuth have a bond so strong it bypasses the languages we speak."

Maybe that's why I was chosen; I can talk to my pokemon, something trainers all across time have been trying to do for centuries... I thought.

"Now then: why are you here?" the old man asked.

"To guard Groudon and the PTS he guards from one seeking to overpower the Legendaries."

"Who would do such a thing?!"

"Why, I think that he may mean me, old man!"

I looked up of the rock face and saw the Sceptile hanging there, glaring at the three of us.

"YOU!" In one smooth motion, I took my Draconic stone from the pouch and deposited it in the glove slot. Even before the transformation was complete, I leapt up at him and slammed into solid rock; he dodged me easily, but now he was airborne. He can't dodge a solid attack.

Speaking of which, Verayuth, in an effort to redeem his failed attacks in Mossdeep, launched a vicious Fire Blast attack at the Sceptile man. The fiend was engulfed in a blaze from hell.

He landed, slightly charred but still at peak strength. Launching myself into battle, I thought, Ras, wherever you are, I need you and the others soon!

01-14-2007, 10:04 AM
(( Someone Post! )) ( Please! Post! )

01-15-2007, 02:08 AM
Reeah's head broke the surface of the pool withing Sootopolis, her hair sopping wet. She gasped for breath, wiping water from her eyes. She paddled to the land, climbing up onto it. Her clothes were soaked completely. Ryuu's head surfaced, and he gave a happy cry. Reeah just groaned. Then, she heard the sounds of fighting. She climbed swiftly to her feet. There was the Sceptile, fighting with Ridel. With a hiss that sounded very much like an Arbok, she wrenched the PTS from the hidden pocket.

She morphed in a matter of seconds- she was definitely getting faster. She lunged forward, but averted just in time as Veruyath used Fire Blast. She readied a Poison Tail, an ominous hiss flowing from her mouth.

Ryuu, meanwhile, appeared to have forgotten about Reeah and played in the shallows.

01-18-2007, 05:02 PM

A Struggle Against Time

I saw the Arbok girl from earlier had arrived just in time for the battle; I was relieved to get a little help. After all, this wouldn't be easy.

The noise from our battle began to get noticed by the patrols, bringing more help, but the Sceptile had focused on their pokemon, taking them out with no effort on his part.

I weaved in and out of close combat him him, like a duet of death, slashing, clawing, biting...anything to cause him harm. He was quick and agile, I gotta give him that. But I could fly, adding to my power against him.

"You are powerful for one new to the PTS's strength," he commented. "but you are no match for one who is more experienced!" He struck one of my wings hard with a Leaf Blade, bringing me to the ground. My injured wing crumpled under my weight, the bones breaking with a loud, echoing sound.

Ridel! Verayuth yelled, running to my side and helping me up. I quailed under the pain I was in; I've never been in so much agony before, and having extra linbs to break made it all the worse.

"Hmph! You are still so young." The Sceptile taunted. "You've never been in a fight to the death before, have you?" He stepped forward unopposed. The others gathered around were afraid of him because he had single-handedly defeated most of their pokemon AND taken down a PTS holder. "I, however, have. You have no chance against me, and I see no reason to take a life so unexperienced. Now, if you'll excuse me..." he turned to the cave. "I have a PTS to gather."

I glared as he calmly walked to the cave entrance. His ease at beating me had angered me greatly. Growling loudly, I aimed at the rock face above the Cave of Origins and powered a Hyper Beam, letting it loose to tear up the stone and block the way in.

The Sceptile had jumped out of the way of the rockslide before he was crushed, turning furiously to me. "You are just delaying the inevitable, you fool." He growled, "And now, you've sealed you fate! Now..." His arm blade glowed ominously. "You die!"

He charged.

01-18-2007, 05:13 PM
The Sceptile Was Tackled Aside By... ESP HERSELF! ( This Is When Esp And The Others Arrived. )

" COWARD! " Esp Yelled. She Used Psy Beam on him. Bringing him down. She Bomb-barded the Sceptile With Attacks, makeing it too weak to move. Esp Walked Up To It, and Broke Its Arm and neck. Before The Sceptil eHad A Chance To Run. Esp Bit its Neck, causeing it to Faint. " Booyah! " Esp Laughed.

01-18-2007, 08:56 PM

Help Arrives

I sat stunned for a minute, due mainly to my lopsided wing, but also by the Espeon from our battle earlier appearing suddenly and tackling him before he could reach me and strike.

She attacked him over and over, not giving him a single chance to attack. When he stumbled, she broke his arm and leg, to my amazement. Then, when he tried to escape, she bit down hard on his neck, ending the battle by him fainting.

"Booyah!" She yelled with a laugh in her voice.

Not bad. Verayuth observed, She went ballistic on him, not even giving him room to attack, while we just...

"No, Verayuth, we're not pathetic. She probably had something against him, or something like that." I grew worried. "Hey, isn't this what happened last time, before-"

I was cut off by a maniacle laughter from above. I looked up at the disturbance and stared at the horror.

The Sceptile had indeed used a substitue; he was standing on the rocks above the Cave.

"Will you ever give up?!" He said to us, laughing as he did so. "It's hopeless! You can't stop what has already won! You are doomed!" To my utter astonishment, he jumped and seemed to disappear into the very rock. Then I realized: he had found an opening in the ceiling! One I had probably opened with my rash attack.

I got up off my knees and dashed as quick as my strength would allow to the rocks blocking the entrance to the Cave, powering up another Hyper Beam as I did so. I aimed and blasted an opening in the rocks and ran after him, Verayuth on my heels.

I pray we're not too late.

01-18-2007, 09:25 PM
ooc// I posted, but you posted, so I had to edit it... Thanks a lot. XD

ic// The sky stretched over Sootopolis like a canvas painted in bright pastel blues and whites. The sun glowed proudly over the city that rose up from the sea. The stone that rose up around the buildings cast shadows on the soft grass. The water that pooled in from the surrounding ocean rippled and reflected the sun’s glow pleasantly.

Hidden to the west of Sootopolis, sheltered by more stone and buildings, stood a small tree. Under this tree sat a human who scribbled at a notebook balanced on his knee energetically. The boy ran his hands through his messy brown hair in irritation as he flipped the pencil around and erased at the sketch. Wiping away the particles left over from the erasing, he looked up again, his dark emerald eyes gleaming in the sun. He averted them back to the paper and picked up his pencil again.

[Are…you…quite…finished yet...Takumi?] came the irritated voice of a Pokémon standing stiffly in front of him. It was a green-scaled gecko with large yellow eyes narrowed in distaste. The Treecko stood stiffly, his limbs frozen in such a position that he looked like he was leaping. He finally fell over with an exhausted groan.

“You made me mess up,” Takumi told him. “You haven’t been there for very long, Kele. A Treecko’s head is more awkward to draw since its proportion is different than those of other Pokémon. Not to mention the position it’s in when it’s about to jump. Actually, it would look ten times better if you were up in that tree.”

Kele hissed and leapt for his trainer, who laughed and shoved the green creature away. The Treecko continued to jump on him until he finally scrambled up the tree and sat down, his feet hanging over one of the branches. He looked down and suggested gleefully, [Why don’t you draw a more willing subject? Maybe Kala would hover over you long enough for you to draw her.]

“Sure,” agreed Takumi in an amiable tone. “She’d be better to draw, anyway, since she’s prettier than you.” He stood up and set the notebook down by the tree after slipping the pencil into the spiral. Grinning, he ignored the Treecko’s angry retort.

Suddenly, Takumi’s eyes widened as they shot in the direction of a cave. He heard a rumble and saw stones toppling down. The boy looked up to see if Kele had noticed; sure enough, the Treecko’s eyes were as huge as ever and he leapt down onto his trainer’s arm. Kele whispered tentatively, [Do you want us to take care of it, or do you want to use your…thing…?] He scrambled down the black sleeve of Takumi’s jacket and pulled a part of the chain out of it. The boy nodded, his smile grim.

Kele continued flatly. that would be suicidal. Someone could try to capture you, or something…]

“I promise nothing will happen to me, Kele,” Takumi said as he picked up the chain and set it around his neck, keeping a black sphere dangling from its end away from his skin. The Treecko snorted and leapt off of his head into the branches of the tree again.

he muttered darkly. Takumi laughed and tucked the stone under his shirt. Suddenly, he hunched over. His clothes melted, became a part of him. Black fur grew from his skin. His fingernails erupted into long, sharp claws, and his ears rose and grew pointed, though one looked like a dark red feather. The small black weasel he had become shook himself. The Sneasel sighed, closing his eyes that failed to change color, and ran off.

Takumi skirted the lake and pricked up his ears. The only easy way to the Cave of Origin (where he had seen the rocks fall) was up around the city’s stone steps. He scrambled over them, hearing people gasp as the Sneasel leapt past their homes. That particular Pokémon was far from a common sight in Hoenn, at least wild ones. The chain rattled as the stone bumped into his chest again and again. He narrowed his forest-green eyes and put on a burst of speed.

A dragon was standing, one wing in an awkward position. He recognized the rough wings and lithe, green body of a Flygon. However, what surprised him was the ferocity of another Pokémon nearby. He quickly identified it as a Sceptile and wondered why the two Pokémon were battling. However, the Sceptile seemed…different, somehow. Takumi blinked and kept to the side; the humans around him had no idea he was there, as of now, through all the chaos. He suddenly realized, [i]That’s a human! It’s a holder of one of the Pokémon Transformation Stones!

However, the blade on the Sceptile’s arm gleamed as he charged toward the Flygon. Takumi was about to intercept the attack when another Pokémon—a lavender fox he recognized as Espeon—attacked viciously. However, the Sceptile had disappeared, and it seemed that he had used a Substitute to get away.

The Sneasel looked over as the Flygon as he blasted through the rocks and ran after the Sceptile. A fiery dog followed him. Takumi shook his head in bewilderment and followed. As he stepped into the shadows, his pelt blended in, and he followed the Flygon as he dashed ahead. [i]What’s going on? he wondered. Suddenly, it hit him. That man, the holder of at least two Pokémon Transformation Stones, was headed for another one of the guardians who resided in that cave.

[Groudon,] Takumi realized aloud. He shrunk back in case the Flygon up ahead had heard him. Flattening his ears, he crouched to the ground and looked up ahead.

01-19-2007, 12:30 AM
As the Sceptile leapt forward to finish Ridel, Reeah tried to tackle him away, but Esp was faster. She battered him with blows and attacks, not allowing a single opening, and the green Pokemon was blasted back. But, it turn out to be in vain; the real Sceptile was up above them. The Arbok hissed angrily as he escaped inside.

-Coward,- she said under her breath. She was about to begin climbing the rocks, when she saw movement in the corner of her eye. Turning, she saw a Sneasal. It appeared to be hiding from Ridel, watching him climb through the hole above cautiously.

A Sneasel? She asked herself. I'd always thought that those were native to Johto. It could be a trainer's Pokemon, but they mainly used water types in Sootopolis. What if it was...? Reeah shook her head. Even if it was another PTS, it could be in league with the Sceptile, waiting to ambush Ridel and take his stone. She didn't have time to question it, anyway. Turning away, she easily slithered up the rocks and into the hole. The darkness inside made her vision useless, but that didn't particularly matter. She sensed the emmense heat that was Verayuth disappear a bit farther ahead, and could feel them all in her coils through the vibrations of the rocks. Going as fast as she could without hitting a wall, she followed them into the depths of the Cave of Origin.

01-19-2007, 04:54 PM
OOC: Nice to see you here Kaze. Welcome to the PTS RP!

IC: Ridel

Pain, and a Pursuer

I couldn't fly, so I am reduced to a quick, lopsided trot through the Cave of Origins. Verayuth allowed me to lean on him every now and then to catch my breath, which became harder and harder to do. The pain kept on building, and yet I refused to give up. Not until the Sceptile's plans were foiled. My resolve, however strong it was, was beginning to wane under the constant barrage of pain.

"Am I going...to die...?" I asked. mostly to myself, as I leaned on Verayuth for support again.

Don't say that! Verayuth scolded. You'll be fine if you stop pushing yourself so much. Take a minute to rest.

I shook my head. "I can't. Every minute wasted is one more minute that bastard could get Groudon's PTS! I'll...rest when this whole ordeal is-" I stopped. Well, well, well, it sounds like we're not alone...

I voiced this thought to the Arcanine, causing him to slowely stop. he nodded after a sec.

Without turning, I said aloud, "Alright, come out. I know you're back there. Now, reveal yourself and give your intentions for following us here."

01-19-2007, 07:05 PM
Takumi continued to pause. The Flygon up ahead was a dim figure in the shadowy tunnel, but his night vision enabled him to keep the Dragon-type in full sight. He closed his eyes, trying to figure out what was going on. That Sceptile is definitely a PTS holder, and he's headed for Groudon to get another stone... he thought decisively, only restating the obvious in his mind. What I need to know is whether or not that Flygon's on his side.

Suddenly, a voice cut through the silence. The Sneasel's ears flattened against as the Flygon asked him what his intentions were. Knowing he had revealed himself, Takumi padded into full sight, dodging around Verayuth and standing in front of Ridel.

[That's what I would like to know,] he retorted in the Sneasel tongue. [I'm trying to figure out what's going on here.] His tone was sharp and ice cold. Quickly, he blurted out, [The... That Sceptile attacked my trainer, and I want to know where he's going.]

Takumi doubted that the Flygon would believe he was a regular Sneasel, but he covered up the Shadow Stone dangling from the chain with his claws. He narrowed his eyes and glared darkly, but he couldn't help but glance at his broken wing with a bit of sympathy.

ooc// Yeah... My muse is completely drained. You'll have to deal with it. XP

01-19-2007, 11:36 PM
(It's okay Kaze, my post's shorter than yours...)

Reeah rounded the corner just in time to hear someone talking to Ridel.

-The... That Sceptile attacked my trainer, and I want to know where he's going,- she heard the Sneasel say.

How in the heck...? She thought incredulously for a moment, wondering how the Sneasel had gotten ahead of her, but didn't linger on the thought long. She was loathe to just reveal herself, for all that Ridel was her ally, but she didn't want to be caught hiding, either. Finally deciding, she came out, deftly slithering through the others and on.

-Stay here and talk if you want,- she called back, finding the vibrations of the moving Sceptile once more in the stone around her, -but I'm moving on. He's still running, maybe we can catch him.- She sped up considerably, seeing as the tunnel seemed to get brighter up ahead. Of course, that could only mean one thing; the cave where Groudon slept was getting nearer.

01-20-2007, 12:01 AM
OOC: Sorry for not posting! In truth, I forgot about this RP... xD

IC: "So this is Sootopolis, eh?" David said. His mask was off, revealing his handsome face. He was at the entrance to the Cave of Origin. Should I go in? After that fight with Claire... David bit his lip. Now it all came flooding back. Only a few hours before, a lot of things had... changed.

It was a sunny afternoon, and David and Claire were flying high above the peaceful ocean, in the oppisite direction of Sootopolis. "You know, I feel sorry for those poor lads. Going on a wild goose chase. They'll never reach that Sceptile in time." David yawned, stretching his arms in the air.

"You know," Claire snapped,"I'm actually rooting for them." David snorted through his mask. "I think they can and should track down that villain before he destroys the government! I know how much you dislike them, but there has to be... a sense of order in the world..." David snorted even harder. Is this even Claire?

Maybe shes right, I mean they did have a good cause... And maybe I could get something out of this... "My decision is made! We're going back!"

"W- what?! No way! I'm not going to take you!" Claire started to waver downward.

"Fine then. Just drop me off in Sootopolis. I promise that you don't have to come with me, iff you don't want to."

Without agreeing, Claire started to fly towards Sootopolis, murmurring curses as they went.

01-21-2007, 10:29 AM
Esp Padded through the cave. Hmm, i wonder if this works... Esp Thought. She Used Recover on ridel, Hopeing it would work. Esp Padded on.

Dog of Hellsing
01-21-2007, 06:01 PM
Myself and the others had arrived in time to see Ridel and his Arcanine battling the Sceptile, along with Reeah. Just when it looked like the Sceptile was going to lunge for Ridel and, apparently, finish hime off, Esp leapt off my back and went at him with a vengance.

Of course, a moment later it turned out that the freak had used his earlier tactic of using a Substitute move in order to get away from the main battle. I circled overhead as he vanished a moment later into a hole in the roof of the cave.

Several minutes later, I landed in time to see a Sneasal go leaping into the cave. I scowled a little, which looked like a snarl and caused several nearby people to gasp in alarm. I turned as Kao landed beside me and Jerrick trundled along behind, still dripping wet and not looking to happy about it. Fortune jumped off Kao's back as I stared down into the cave through the hole.

"Well, down we go," I said, folding my wings as tightly as I could to my body and wiggling through the hole, snake-style. It took a few moments, since the hole was barely wide enough for my bulky frame, but with a bit of help from Jerrick pushing from above I managed to pop through. I landed in a gray heap with an indignant kind of squawk, then clambered awkardly to my talons and moved out of the way so the others could join me. Jerrick simply used his powerful tail to bash the hole bigger when it was his turn, then jumped down to join the rest of us with a smirk.

"You could have done that for me," I muttered, and he simply chuckled as the four of us headed on to catch up with the others. When I did, I found that Ridel was standing before a Sneasal. Or, more precisely, the Sneasal. I saw Reeah in the distance, slithering on ahead with considerable speed, and Fliss following close behind. For a moment I stood, unsure of what to do. However, I soon came to a decision.

"We need to move on. If you're with us, then come on," I said, directing this last part to the Sneasal. "We don't have time to stand around chatting with that bastard making his way closer to Groudon!"

And then I heard it, in the distance but not too far away, a low rumbling noise that gradually changed to an all-out, bone-chilling roar. It ended a moment later, and the silence it left in its wake was god-awful. I turned to the others, knowing my face had contorted with fear.

"We need to hurry, NOW!" I cried out, and a moment later was running as fast as my ungainly legs could carry me. Luckily, the cavern widened the farther I went, and soon I was able to spread my wings and leap into the air, soaring a few feet above the cave floor. I passed Reeah and Fliss, knowing they, too, had to have heard the roar. I pumped my wings as hard as I could, ignoring the burning sensation that it caused, and soon came out into the main chamber of the cave. But it was already too late.

Groudon was awake and being hit with Hydro pump after Hydro Pump by an unusually lithe and long Gyarados. The Sceptile was hitting the Ground-type Legend with dozens of Leaf Blade attacks. Battered from all sides by attacks, Groudon was taking quite a beating as he struggled to choose which of his foes to attack. Finally, he simply grew tired of it and let out a massive Fire Blast attack. It was almost half his size, and it was amazing because I'd never seen such a huge blaze of fire come from a Pokemon before. One of the five prongs hit the Gyarados, knocking it to the floor. The Sceptile managed to avoid them, but was forced to back away and wait for the vicious flames to die down before attacking anymore.

Before he could, I let out a screech and dove at him, slamming into him hard with a Double-Edge attack. I was knocked silly for a moment by the impact, but the Sceptile was thrown to the ground and took far more damage than me. However, it wasn't enough, and within seconds he was back on his claws, glaring at me with such hate in his eyes that I felt I could lay down right there and die. But something caught my eye, and as I focused on it I saw something that nearly made me fall over.

There, not two yards away from the Sceptile, sitting on a rocky outcropping that was sticking up out of the lava in which Groudon was standing, was the PTS he guarded. I couldn't make out any details from where I was, but I did know one thing: I couldn't let the Poke-man know it was there. However, I didn't have to worry about that, because at that moment Groudon had turned towards us and was preparing another Fire Blast. I took to the air again and quickly spiraled up out of the way as Groudon opened his huge jaws, fire licking the sides of his mouth...

01-21-2007, 07:38 PM
Esp This Time Got The Real sceptile. She Battered It With Her Attacks. Before Biteing its neck. It Fainted. Too Late... The Groundon had Used Earth Quake And Had Used Fire Blast On Esp, Causeing Her To Slam Into A Wall. Her Hind Legs Were Broken.

01-21-2007, 07:58 PM
Takumi shook his head and backed off as a few others passed him. He narrowed his emerald eyes and cocked his head quickly. This was a mistake... he thought, his head drooping. Perhaps he should have minded his own business anyway.

But what about his duty as a PTS holder? He was privleged with something special: a stone that could change him into a Sneasel. Was he seriously going to cater to his own selfish needs instead of doing what was asked of him? Resignedly, he lifted his gaze again and was about to explain what he really was, but a crash behind him grabbed his attention. He whirled around in time to see a Nidoking ducking into the hole behind a tall gray Aerodactyl.

The dragon spoke to him as she walked on. [We need to move on. If you're with us, then come on.] Takumi shook out his short black fur and followed cautiously. He nearly jumped as a rumble filled the cave, shaking the ground beneath him. The roar split the air, and he recoiled with his claws on his ears. Ahead of him, the Aerodactyl lifted her head abruptly and quickened the pace. He scrambled after the others.

Heat burned his fur, and his black body was heating up terribly quickly. Panting, Takumi stood up onto his back legs and looked around to see the great titan of the earth. Groudon's fiery attacks were burning at the air. The Sneasel managed to see a Gyrados topple to the ground as the green reptile from eariler leapt away from the blasts practically unscathed.

The primal beast battling the Sceptile turned her head, and involuntarily Takumi followed her gaze. His ears perked up as he saw the stone sitting above the sloshing magma. The Dark- and Ice-type heard a hiss of flame as fire flared out of Groudon's jaws, burning the air again.

Suddenly, a lavender shape sprang out in front of him and leapt for the Sceptile, who had edged against the wall to escape the Fire Blast. The Espeon dug her teeth against his throat. For a moment, Takumi almost thought that he saw him faint. The Sceptile half crouched, lowering his head after the Espeon was thrown against the wall with a sickening snap.

The Sceptile shook his head quickly to recover as his neck dripped blood onto the ground with a sizzle. In doing so his golden gaze managed to lock onto the Pokemon Transformation Stone. Takumi's breath caught in his throat, and without thinking he leapt forward, aiming a Slash attack at the Sceptile. Screeching, Takumi swung his arm, claws nearly hitting the Grass-type. The man began to laugh again, edging toward the outcropping as he dodged Takumi's attacks.

Takumi made one final leap. His paws outstretched, he knew that he had to stop the Sceptile now or never. The Poke-man was dangerously close to the PTS. Quickly, the green creature sprang forward to meet the Sneasel in midair. With a slash of his claws, he sent the Ice-type hard to the ground. Takumi rolled from the impact, nearing the edge of the lava. [No...] he hissed, attempting to stand up.

01-21-2007, 08:46 PM
The Arbok could only watch as the others easily passed her. She put on more speed. After that awful roar, nothing good could be going on.

Reeah arrived just in time to see Ras fly to the side, narrowly avoiding a Fire Blast from the enraged Groudon, only to have it hit Fliss. The little Espeon didn’t have a chance- she was knocked to one side, and Reeah thought she heard a sickening crunch. Wincing, she turned back to the Sceptile.

He had found Groudon’s PTS. Reeah made to lunge, but the Sneasel she’d seen before was quicker. His Slash still missed, though. The Sceptile met him mid air, knocking him backwards towards the lava. Reeah’s head darted between the Sneasel, who, trying to shakily get up, looked as though he still might fall, and the Sceptile, going for the PTS. Making a decision she was afraid she might regret, she attended to the Sneasel first. She gently wrapped her tail around him, steadying him at the same time. Then, she loosed a Poison Sting at the retreating back of the Sceptile, only hoping it would slow him down, or perhaps knock him out, after the beating he’d already taken.

01-22-2007, 05:56 PM
OOC: Ouch...I'm a bit behind, aren't I?

IC: Ridel

A Desperate Struggle

A Sneasel had walked out of the shadows at my demand. "That's what I'd like to know." he responded, "The...that Sceptile attacked my trainer." He made a small, sympathetic glance at my broken wing.

At that moment, the Arbok PTS holder from earlier slithered by quickly, warning of the Sceptile's speed. Then the Espeon came over and tried a Recover on me. I felt strength return, but the pain redoubled and I was sapped of all strength she gave me.

I was about to pursue her when Ras appeared out of nowhere, saying the same basic thing. Again, I was about to respond, but I was cut off; this time, a tremendous roar rattled the whole cave.

"We need to hurry. NOW!" Yelled Ras as she sped along the tunnel. Ignoring the pain I felt shock through my body, I ran in pursuit.

"You will not succeed today..." I said to myself.

The tunnel suddenly opened up into a gigantic cavern: Groudon's sleeping chamber. Only, he wasn't sleeping; he was locked in battle with a Gyarados and the Sceptile, and seemed to be loosing.

"No..." I groaned in pain as the others entered into battle.

Then Groudon defended himself with a Fireblast half his size. This was a big deal, because Groudon was gigantic. The attack had instantly knocked out the Gyarados and made the Sceptile jump away from combat.

At that moment, Ras slammed into him with a Double-Edge, knocking him to the ground. It wasn't enough, because he got up and attacked Ras right back. The Espeon leapt onto him and bit his neck.

Groudon took that moment to decide we were all his enemies and used Fireblast and Earthquake on us. I was thrown against the wall, but the Espeon recieved the heaviest damage. While she was on his neck, he seemed to faint and was brought to his knees. I realized after another second his real intentions.

The Earthquake and Fireblast combo threw the Espeon against the wall, a loud, horrible snapping sound rending the air as her limbs were broken; I feared she wouldn't ever completely recover, human- or pokemon-form.

Then, my blood chilled when I saw the Sceptile's gaze meet an outcropping of rock...with the PTS Groudon guarded. I was about to try and stop him when the Sneasel form the tunnel leapt at him, aiming a Slash attack. The two dodged in and out of range, until finally, as the Sceptile made from the PTS, the Sneasel colided with him in midair, knocking him a distance back. However, the maneuver almost cost him his life when he rolled dangerously close to the edge.

In what seemed to be a pained decision, the Arbok leapt toward the teetering Sneasel before he went over the edge. In that time the Sceptile made for the stone.

"NO!" I finally entered combat as I leapt at him, coliding with him as he reached for the PTS. We rolled on the ground and hit the cavern wall. I got up and prepared to fight to the death.

Dog of Hellsing
01-22-2007, 06:44 PM
Just as I managed to fly up above the din below, Groudon let loose with a Fire Blast attack, and right on its heels came an Earthquake. I had watched as Fliss had thrown herself at the Sceptile, trying to bring him down with her vicious onslaught. But when Groudon attacked, I was horrified to see the Espeon-girl get slammed with both attacks. She was thrown into a nearby wall with unbelievable force, and when I heard the snapping pop of bones shattering, I knew she was seriously hurt.

Fliss crumpled to the ground, knocked out, and the Sceptile was on his knees for a moment before recovering. I screeched in anger as the Sneasal from earlier now engaged the Poke-man in battle. At first I thought he was just doing what he could to help with the battle, but then I saw the two of them getting closer to the cropping with the PTS resting atop it. The bastard had seen the Stone!

I folded my wings and dove, getting ready to help the newcomer, when suddenly the two met in midair and the Sneasal was tossed to the ground. He tumbled dangerously close to the pit of lava Groudon was standing in, but managed to stop just before rolling in. I allowed myself a soft sigh as Reeah slithered over to offer him assistance, then fired a Poison Sting at the Sceptile's back. He hissed in fury as he turned, glaring at her, then smirked and turned back around, preparing to go for the Stone.

However, Ridel entered the fray at that moment. "NO!" he cried out as he slammed into the Sceptile, and the two of them fell to the floor and wrestled a bit, then hit the cavern wall and seperated. Ridel stood, and as I neared them I could tell he was prepared to give it all in order to defend the Stone.

Why can't things ever be that simple?

At that moment, Groudon decided now was the perfect time to attack. As I readied another Double-Edge attack and the Sceptile leapt to his claws with a shriek, the Ground Legend suddenly fell terribly silent. A second later, an enourmous wave of heat slammed into me. Crying out, I lost control of my wings and crashed into the ground a moment later, tumbling tail over snout until I too whammed into the wall.

Groaning, I soon became aware that the temperature of the cavern was getting higher and higher. Dazedly, I staggered to my claws and saw that the lava in which Groudon had now hunkered was boiling and churning madly. I looked around and saw Kao, Fortune, and Jerrick all beginning to pant heavily. Fortune looked over at me suddenly, and her eyes were full of the terror the doomed know.

"He's going to use-" she started, but before she could finish her sentence Groudon let out such a tremendous scream that it felt like my head would explode from the pressure of it. At the same moment, the lava around him started spewing all about, and soon it was thickly covering the cavern.

I stood, shell-shocked and paralyzed with disbelief. Groudon was goind to protect the Stone, but in doing so he would destroy us all, for this was his strongest move.

We were about to get caught in the midst of an Eruption!!!

01-22-2007, 06:56 PM
(( AAAAAAAAA xD Fliss Is Gonna die From the Lavva xD ))

01-22-2007, 07:25 PM
ooc// I seem to have a lot of catching-up to do. x_X Anyway, I hope the ending is okay with you… Our characters need to introduce themselves properly before kicking the Poké-man’s butt again. >_< If you guys aren’t okay with it, then I’ll edit my post. ^_^

ic// Takumi was aware of the ground trembling again, and his dark green eyes lifted when he saw a lithe violet shape streaking toward him. The serpent’s flared hood and coloration identified her as an Arbok. She wrapped her tail around him to steady him while spitting the small stingers out of her mouth at the Sceptile’s back. Meanwhile, the Shadow Stone holder attempted to regain his strength. He gave the Arbok a grateful nod and a warm look before pulling away from her and padding forward.

Takumi could only stand up onto his hind legs and watch with horror at the battle going on around him. The Flygon barreled into the Sceptile again, sending both green Pokémon into the cavern wall. The Sneasel’s ears pulled back a little as he eyed the situation. Suddenly, the growling and grumbling of Groudon fell to pure silence. Takumi turned around as heat blasted against his pelt.

The Aerodactyl seemed to be just as affected. She tumbled to the ground in a heap of gray wings. Takumi edged toward her to see if she was unharmed, but she did stand up again. The Sneasel turned his head to see the lava beginning to churn as if during an ocean storm. He prayed that the Arbok who had helped him would slither away from there as quickly as she could. Otherwise, the magma would lap over her.

An earsplitting shriek cut through the air; Takumi flattened his ears against his head in order to block out the sound. Lava sprang up and swelled around the large chamber, threatening to destroy them all. Takumi bared his teeth and let out a snarl. Kele’s gonna laugh if he hears this, he thought regretfully. He glanced down at the Shadow Stone still dangling from the chain loop. He knew he had to go along with this, though.

The Sceptile seemed to realize what was going on, too, but he appeared undecided, as well. His amber eyes darted from the stone to Groudon again and again. With a loud hiss, he backed toward the wall, torn between saving himself and getting the stone. Finally, the Sceptile leapt up, attempting to shove the Flygon out of the way as he ran toward the exit. His arm-blades glowed in a powerful Leaf Blade that would cut down anyone who got in his way.

In that moment, Groudon screamed again, throwing its head back. It was unaware that the enemy had given up—for the moment, anyway—and had gathered enough power to unleash the Eruption. Takumi closed his eyes and backed away, wishing that he could’ve done more…

Dog of Hellsing
01-22-2007, 08:05 PM
OOC: It's cool ^^. We've had a lot of action here, so for now, I think it's a good time for all ussins to rest up lol.


IC: I shook my head as my senses and wits returned to me in time to see the Sceptile showing signs of doubt and uncertainty. He then let out an angry hiss and shoved Ridel hard, then leapt away towards the exit. The blade-like leaves on his arms were glowing, a clear sign that he'd strike anyone unwise enough to challenge him at the moment with a deadly Leaf Blade. I watched him go, my fangs ginding together in rage. Hr was getting away!

But that didn't matter, because Groudon didn't notice it. He tossed his head back, screaming once more, and the primal rage in that sound was enough to make me cringe, cowering like a baby. The lava around him suddenly seemed to collapse in on itself, then rocket into the air in giant geysers of boiling magma.

"GROUDON, STOP!!!" I cried out, terror making my voice thick. My Pokemon instincts were taking over my rational human mind, and they were screaming at me to flee. But I couldn't, not without Kao and the others, not to mention the injured and unconcious Fliss. "HE'S GONE, PLEASE, STOP!!!"

It didn't work. Magma continued to tear through the air, and a moment later it was raining down all over. I had to begin a frantic dance to stay out of the lava's path, but more and more was coming down as more came up from the pool. A stray golb of it smacked into my right side, and I let out a screech of pain as I tumbled to the cavern floor. My rocky hide could only protect from flames, but against the sheer heat of this magma, it was nothing. I managed to beat it off with a wing, though that ended up scalding my wing as well.

"Stop," I gasped, panting in pain as I struggled to my talons. Kao, Fortune, and Jerrick all rushed over to me as best they could, but they were all beginning to suffer from the rising temperature. Fortune was faring the worst, and I could only imagine Fliss was doing bad as well. And the Sneasal would be feeling it worse than any of us, being part Ice type...

I glanced over at Fliss and saw she was being surrounded by lava. None of us could reach her without getting struck by raining lava or wading through the pool that was spreading towards her. In fact, at that moment I had to hop drunkenly to one side as another huge glob of lava pelted down towards me. It struck the floor instead, where it popped and crackled for a moment before simply boiling.

"Groudon...we...we were trusted with...these Stones...if you don't stop...you'll kill us!" I choked out, tottering on my claws and nearly toppling over. The pain and heat were too much for me, and I knew it was about to get worse with what I was going to do next. But it was the only thing I could think of to save us.

Using my good wing, I bent and twisted it at an odd angle, placing it between my throat and the thong that held the Stone to my flesh. With a powerful jerking motion, I snapped the thong and the Stone fell to the floor with a clatter. With the contact broken, the change instantly reversed itself, and a moment later I was back in my natural human form. In that second, though, the heat grew nearly five times worse, and the burn to my side and arm throbbed horribly. In this state, I could no longer stand. I collapsed to my knees, my vision swimming, my head pounding, my heart thumping a thousand miles a minute.

"Please...please stop this..."

01-22-2007, 09:30 PM
ooc// Great, then. ^_^ This post is bad, let me warn you, but at least I posted. o_O

ic// The lava continued to flare up and wash over the cave floor like the ocean's waves. Takumi was begining to feel the serious effects of the heat; panting, he attempted to edge away from the Eruption and only managed to stumble a few steps. Anquish washed over him again and again, and he only barely managed to hold himself up.

The Aerodactyl was lifting her voice in a plea for Groudon to stop. Takumi could only crouch a few yards away from her and look on. Suddenly, the rising magma erupted into several large splotches of it that dotted the cavern. Takumi screeched in fear and agony as lava splattered and hissed around him. At once point, he heard the Aerodactyl screech in pain as the lava actually managed to burn into her side.

Takumi's fur stood up on end. He glanced toward Fliss, realizing the immediate danger she was in. With the two flying Pokemon's wings injured, there was no real way she could be saved. He leapt toward the Espeon, but magma pooled around him; he managed to spring out of the way in time.

Once more, the Rock- and Flying-type was pleading for Groudon to stop. The dark markings in its sides glowing, the great titan hardly seemed to hear her. His jaws still gaped open in a silent scream as power coursed through his body and commanded the fiery plasma around him to leap and move like splashes of water.

Takumi's eyes widened as the Aerodactyl ripped something away from her neck, and he realized more clearly that she did, in fact, hold a Pokemon Transformation Stone like the rest of them. He saw her collapse, and he gasped in surprise. The Sneasel quickly dodged more of the raining plasma to get to her side.

At that moment, Groudon suddenly snapped its jaws together with a click, and seeming satisfied that the threat had passed, it let the lava fall back down in only a few pools. It let out a roar, threatening anyone else who would take its stone, and its eyes refocused again as it looked at the others, narrowing its amber eyes.

Meanwhile, Takumi had reached the Aerodactyl-girl's side. He suddenly fell forward, blacking out as the heat on his fur grew more intense. His Sneasel body worked as well as it could to revive him, but it looked as if he wouldn't even live at the moment. His breathing came out labored, and a trickle of water fell from his lips that could only have been a supply of cold ice for his attacks. Generally, it wasn't a good sign.

01-22-2007, 09:41 PM
When the Sneasel moved, Reeah did as well, far from the lava. She could only watch as Ridel, having finally arrived, attack the Sceptile, knocking him to one side. The two briefly tusseled, and Ras attempted to attack as well, until Groudon hit her with a blast of fire. And then, Groudon grew silent.

The lack of roaring rang in the Arbok's ears for a moment, until she realized what had happened and turned. Her eyes widened.

Groudon was glowing a violent shade of red, with the molten rock around it churning and bubbling ominously. In one swift moment, he lifted his head to an enormos roar, and the lava became violent. It could only mean on thing, an inevitable Eruption.

Reeah tried to crouch down and provide as small a target as possible, hissing as small amounts of lava hit her. She vaguely heard Ras screaming.

-GROUDON, STOP!!! HE'S GONE, PLEASE, STOP!!!- Reeah raised her head slightly, seeing that the Sceptile had fled. She watched in awe as the Aerodactyl pulled off the stone, reverting to her human self.

Wha... What is she doing?! Reeah thought, incredulous. She'll be- Reeah stopped the thought, as Groudon turned to look at the human strangely. She'd caught his attention.

Groudon suddenly turned complacent. With a yawn, he sank back into the lava. Reeah gave a sigh of relief, then looked at the others. The Espeon girl, Fliss... Was severely hurt. The lava poole around her had singed her fur, plus, from the sound she made when she hit the wall, there was a good chance that something was broken.

The heat and lava had lessened, and there was little aeound the Espeon now but smoking rock. Reeah eased the PTS away from her skin, wincing slightly from her burns as she changed back into her human form. With difficulty, she stepped over the somewhat hardened lava and tried to pick Fliss up. She was barely able to, and could only take her a couple feet. Feeling exhausted, she took out a Pokeball, releasing Vipe.

The Seviper hissed, anticipating a battle, but looked disappointed.

-Stupid human,- Reeah heard him saw with disdain. -What do you want me for? The battle is over.- Reeah blinked. She'd never heard him talk before, not when she wasn't an Arbok. Still, she was too tired to try to piece it together.

"Please... Vipe, we have to get this Espeon out of here. She's badly hurt."

-Whatever.- He eased the injured cat-like creature onto his back, being careful of his tail. -Though I have other uses than to be a pack mule, you know.- Reeah didn't even have the strength to argue with him.

"Yes, please... Just take her to the Pokecenter, okay?"

-Sure, fine.- Muttering under his breath, the large snake slithered out. Reeah released Kit as well.

"Make sure he gets her to the PokeCenter, okay? I've gotta help out here."

-Sure thing!- The red Skitty trotted after him, warning him to pay attention and not drop the Espeon. Reeah quickly wiped sweat from her brow before going to see Ras.

She was still out, although she seemed less pained after the heat had lessened. All her Pokemon were crowded around her, along with the Sneasel.

She'll be fine, Reeah thought. She's got that big strong Nidoking of her's, and all the others. They'll help her out. The raven haired girl ran to the cave openning, going to make sure Fliss got to the Center.

(>< I originally posted something else, but had to change it because Kaze posted before me. So... Yeah. Fliss is on her way to see medical help, at least.)

01-23-2007, 12:15 AM
Surprised? Every time you hold the stone, you will transform into Scizor. I believe that's enough info for now. Lugia said, nodding. Now, close your eyes...

Mira closed her yellow eyes. The stone was clutched in her right pinser, bouncing around in the hollow space inside it.

Good bye, Mira. May fate let us meet again...
Mira felt a tingling sentsation on her body. It grew stronger until her entire body felt like it was buzzing, buzzing with living things. Her will finally lost to her curiosity and she opened her eyes.

Mira instantly slammed her eyes shut and rubbed them as best she could with her giant pincers. She kept her steel-clad eyes shut for a few minutes before daring to open them again. The intense sunlight that had momentarily blinded her came back, and she blinked a few times before she looked around.

It seemed like she was on a mountain overlooking a huge lake. A small island in the middle of the placid, blue water hosted what looked like a gym. When she looked around, though, she realized the lake was surrounded my mountains and cliffs, dotted by some houses and Pokemon Centers. And when she turned around, she saw a mob of people gaping at her, mouths practically scraping the grass.

/~Um...hello?~/ she said meekly. But no one could understand Pokemon speech. They all went into a frenzy. She could hear brief snippets of conversation and shouting. "...only in Jhoto...appeared suddenly...wreck Sootopolis..."

Ah. Sootopolis. she thought, happy that she knew where she was now. /~Wait a minute...wreck?~/ she said questioningly, which sent them all into a frenzy again. /~I don't have time for this,~/ she grumbled.

A small green creature appeared beside her just as suddenly as she had appeared here. /~Dyran!~/ she cried, delighted to see her companion. He only moaned and rolled over. The trip on Lugia's warp-vortext must've taken a lot out of him. The crowd was now in an absolute uproar over the Larvitar's appearing out of thin air. But the tension of the getting the stone, Dyran's situation, and just the general 'what the hell' moment finally got to Mira.

/~OH, SHUT UP, WILL YOU ALL!?~/ she screeched. The crowd instantly fell silent. She instantly regretted her stupid outburst, but there was no going back. Trying to hide her embarassment, she bent over to scoop up Dyran, but something stopped her. Looking closer, she realized Dyran was clutching a Pokeball in his tiny paws.

Good ol' Lugia, she thought to herself. Mira grasped the Pokeball in her left pincer. /~Dyran, return,~/ she said firmly.

/~Just a few more minutes, mom...~/ Dyran groaned, obviously a bit delusional. A beam of red light shot out of the Pokeball and Dyran was sucked in.

/~That's done,~/ Mira muttered. She turned toward the mob, expecting them to be staring or maybe shouting that Satan has come to haunt them. But their attention was diverted towards the cliff behind them. Someone screamed, setting them all off. But this time it was for good reason.

Mira let out a yelp of terror as a Seviper came barreling by with an Espeon on its back. Even at the speed it was going, Mira saw that the Espeon's legs were bent a an odd angle. She also saw something else. Dangling from the Espeon's neck was a stone, and Mira somehow just knew that it wasn't just any old stone. Behind the racing Seviper was a Shiny Skitty. Both of them raced off before Mira could get a word in. About 30 seconds later, a black-haired girl tore through the pack of citizens as well. She, too, had a stone dangling from her necklace.

/~That's it,~/ Mira grumbled. She was sick of feeling so lost and clueless. She was sick of asking questions with no answers. It was time to find some answers. Even as she thought this, her brown, leather backpack appeared right before her eyes.

Lugia never forgets, she thought with a grin. After placing Dyran's Pokeball in the sack, she hoisted it onto her metallic back and buzzed off to follow the girl and those Pokemon...

01-23-2007, 04:09 PM
OOC: Darn...I had a little more planned, too...oh well.

IC: Ridel


Eruption...the Eruption attack had actually strengthened me a little, to the point where I wasn't trembling with pain anymore. Either Groudon had tried to kill us all without thinking what it might do for me, or he was trying to help...a little. I also saw the fire of rage in his eyes; rage against the invaders. Us. So, then, I thought it was the former.

In a desperate effort, Ras had transformed back into a human to get him to stop. I screamed in shock; was she carzy?! The heat could kill her in her delicate human form, as it would all of us! She seemed to be overcome with the heat and began to fall over into unconciousness.

I raced over and caught her before she touched the scorching rock, lest she burn to death. As I caught her, she moaned the words, "Please...please stop this..."

Groudon snapped his jaws shut, and the lava fell back into the lake surrounding him. He sank back in with a yawn. The Arbok transformed to human, released a Seviper from one of her pokeballs, and had it carry the poor Espeon out of the burning cave.

The Sneasel wasn't looking to good. A trickle of water dripped out of his mouth as he too collapsed to the ground. I released Izaioi and placed the Sneasel neatly on her back.

Verayuth trotted over to us and indicated Ras. You worry for her life. He said, Put her on my back; I'll take her to the Pokemon Center and see what Nurse Joy can do to help. I consented, trying to put her in a position she wouldn't fall from.

"I'll catch up to you later." I told him. He nodded, and was off, Izaioi close behind. I hope they'll be alright; I couldn't really tell if they were unconcious yet, or not.

I sighed in agony. Not only was pain wracking my body, but I was exhausted. I hardly did anything to help in this battle, but I was still tired from my earlier scuffle outside, coupled with my broken wing.

Suddenly, another roar filled the dome-like cave. However, underneath it, I could hear words; deep, gutteral words echoing with the cacophony of the roar: "You who bears a broken wing, are you also one with a PTS?"

I assumed he was talking to me, so, after my initial shock from the roar subsided, I answered, "Yes...I am. What would you want with me?"

The roar did not come this time, but instead I heard only the voice. "The Sceptile who came to attack me, he is still on the island. You must pursue him. Your will is stronger than any I've seen of late; you are the one who should give chase."

"Why me? I'm sure one of the other PTS holders would be better."

"Ah, but they cannot fly." It said with humor. "The only ones who could pursue the fiend better than you are too injured to carry on. Therefore, please accept the task I set before you. You're wing may still be injured, but you may still use it; the bones are not shattered." It added before I could tell him my predicament.

I thought a minute, then said, "Are you Groudon?"


"Then I will accept."

"Very well. Please, hurry. There is a hole directly above you. The fastest way to him is through there. You should be able to catch him after that." he said. Then, with a final roar I heard, "Good luck."

I looked around. There were no thers in the cavern, save for a few wild pokemon. So, no one knew about what I agreed to do...

I spared no more time for hesitation. Running to the wall nearest, I began scaling it, faster than I even ran. I amazed myself; this Flygon form had more power than I thought.

When I was near the top, I aimed for the hole and, exerting all the strength my legs had, leapt from the wall to the edge of the hole. I had to stretch my arms out as far as I could, and I still barely caught the edge with my claws.

I breathed, then hoisted myself from the cavern into the mercifully cool sea air. I gasped for air, having had little oxygen in he fiery underground.

I nearly collapsed, but I remembered I agreed to do as Groudon asked, so I got to my knees and slowly lifted myself up from there. The effort was less than it had been in the cave, now that I had a good supply of air.

I looked around quickly and saw a large tree of Sitrus berries growing in a patch of volcanic soil: My own tree. I had planted these a couple of years ago, caring for them when I was here, or asking the other inhabitants to take care of it for me when I was on my journeys. Thankfully, I took a few beries off the branches and ate a few.

Instantly, I felt energy surge into my exhausted mucles, restoring my strength. I ate another, marveling at these berries. Now I realize why Verayuth likes these so much after a battle. I ate one more berry, then plopped the rest next to the tree. Finally, I was ready to fight.

I looked around at the landscape. I was on the side of the mountain, on a flat strip of rock jutting out of the mountain face. I could see anything on this side of the city. Suddenly, I spotted him.

The Sceptile was near the sea, calling out his Gyarados.

Quickly, I spread my wings, a little painfully, and launched myself in his direction, speedily gliding haphazardly towards him. He didn't notice me until I was near him. He had his back to me while he sprayed the Gyarados' burns with a Burn Heal. The Gyarados saw me and roared in alarm. The Sceptile turned to me.

"You don't know when to quit, do you." There was no hiding the loathing in his voice. "You've won...or so they think." He chuckled here.

"Groudon wasn't happy with the stunt you pulled back there." I said. "I'm here to stop you pursuing the next PTS. I think two's enough for anyone."

He laughed. "You still haven't realized, have you? Do you know how much your power increases with every PTS gained?! I could rule you all...nay, I WILL rule all of you soon. Even you can't stop me."

"Maybe not if you get more...but I'll just have to stop you here!" I prepared to launch at him again.

"Ah ah ah..." he waved a finger at me. "I'm more powerful now than I seem...Even Groudon didn't realize I succeeded!" To my incredulity, he reached behind him and pulled out what was unmistakably the PTS Groudon was guarding.

"What?! How did you-"

"What, you think I'm gonna tell you?!" He glowed as he dropped a different PTS into the pack on his Gyarados' side. "You'll have to fight it out of me!"

Now before me stood a Nidoking, powerful and menacing. Before I could react, he slammed into me, sending me into solid rock. I yelled in pain as my broken wing took my weight onto it. Dropping to the ground, I launched a Hyper Beam at him. He crossed his arms over his chest. The shot hit, but he was only pushed back a few feet; no visible damage could be seen.

"You are boring, using the same attack over and over again." He taunted, "try using something else, for a change, and you might survive!"

"Whatever!" I concentrated on power within me, and slashed at him with flaming claws: a Dragon Claw attack.

01-23-2007, 05:01 PM
(( I Now Have Been Saved xD so i wont be able to rp for a while So, ill know what to do when Fliss Wakes up ( it will be in 1st person then ) ))

01-23-2007, 09:03 PM
OOC: Ha! Now I can continue the fight!

IC: Ridel

A Tragic Loss

His skin was tough; my Dragon Claw attack hardly scratched it. I roared in anger and attacked him over and over again, trying to harm him, but to no avail.

He seemed to nearly yawn before giving me a massive uppercut, sending me sprawling through the air. I landed hard on a high rocky outcropping, the air shoved from my lungs.

"You're really starting to get on my nerves!" he said, climbing up the sheer drop He stalked over, looming over my convulsing form, "I think I'll just finish what I attempted earlier. Hope you got no regrets!" He raised a claw. I shut my eyes in fear of the fatal strike to hit.

The seconds passed, but the attack never came. Instead, a surprised cry rose from his throat. My eyes shot open.

My mother was attacking him with nought but a garden trowel and a knife, trying to divert him away from me.

"Mom!" I yelled, trying to get up. I realized a second later that she couldn't understand a word I said in this form.

"Stay back, Ridel!" She yelled, brandishing the knife wildly at the Nidoking.

"No, you'll get killed!" I couldn't help blurting that one out...

"No, I'll be fine. You go get help!"

I blinked. "Did...did you understand me?" She nodded. How on earth is this possible?!

The Nidoking aimed a punch at her, but she lithely dodged. She kept very fit every day, in case she needed to go rock climbing. He growled in irritation. "Is your entire family bent on causing me trouble?!"

"Well, if you trouble the world, that's really a no brainer." Mom taunted. "Come on and hit me, ya fat lard!"

That did it. He just went crazy on her. He feinted to the left before jabbing hard with the right, knocking mom right in the gut. She was lifted in the air, and he hit her another three times before she went sailing over the cliff edge.

"MOM!" I ran to the cliff edge and peered over. She was barely hanging onto the one handhold there, large, dangerously-pointed rocks below her. I reached desperately with my claw. "Give me your hand."

She shook her head. "Ridel, I won't make it..." She showed me a gigantic gash in her side, which apparently showed an internal organ had been pierced. "Just let me go..."

"I can't!" I reached further. Almost there..."I can get you some help. Don't let go, please!"

Suddenly, a giant weight pressed down on my broken wing, making me scream in agony. I looked over my shoulder to find the Nidoking with one foot pressing down on me.

"Looks like you're outta luck!" he cackled.

"Fight him and win, Ridel. I know you can..." She let her hand go, and plummeted to the grisly claws of Oblivion in the ocean below.

"MOM! NOOOOO!!" I couldn't handle it. I broke down and cried right there, ignoring the pain I was in. I was almost to her...

"Prepare to meet the fate your mother recieved." The Nidoking said threateningly.

Immediately, a rage unlike I ever felt erupted within me, pumping me full of hate and anger. My strength seemed to return, and then increase beyond my boundaries at once. I began lifting myself up, growling in increasing intensity.

"What?!" The Nidoking said incredulously as I threw him off and stood up. "What are you?!" He staggered upright.

I simply pointed a claw at him and said, "You endangered the world. You tried to kill me. And worse, you killed my own mother. For that, I can never forgive you."

A Sandstrom erupted from my feet, and I charged at him. I could not let him escape this time.

01-24-2007, 02:45 PM
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01-24-2007, 05:04 PM
OOC:...Where is everybody? Ah well. I might as well finish up this fight...

IC: Ridel


I went at him so quickly, he had no time to react in any way before I assaulted him with a flurry of Dragon Claws and tail lashes that sent him through the air. He staggered up and tried to attack me, but I easily dodged it and countered, knocking him down again.

Getting up again, he sputtered, "How is this possible?! You have one stone, and yet you are matching my power!"

"To tell you the truth, I don't know, nor do I care!" I growled as I slammed into his side, sending him into the face of the mountain with a resounding crack.

He pulled himself from the new crater and carged at me. I dodged him again, but I wasn't ready for the punch he had ready for me if I managed to dodge. He slammed his fist into my gut, knocking the wind out of me. He then brought his elbow down on my back, bringing me to my knees.

He gasped for air before grinning down at me. "Looks like that power's starting to run out. I'll just have that Draconic Stone as a souvenir, then." He reached out to the stone in my glove.

I retaliated in a most spectacular way. I felt the power of my Hyper Beam begin to build up faster and more deadly than before. Before his hand was even close to me, I opened my mouth and fired the biggest blast of energy I had ever witnessed.

The sky seemed to grow dark when a beam the size of Groudon's limbs engulfed the Nidoking entirely. The ocean below parted underneath from the extreme force the energy put out. The ground trembled violently.

When the Hyper Beam attack finally fizzled out, I collapsed, entirely drained of energy. I was barely conscious. I looked to where the Nidoking stood before, and saw a glowing form falling towards the ocean.

"Now die, you son of a-" I was cut off by a coughing fit. I breathed deep, trying to fill my lungs with life-giving oxygen again, but it was hard.

As the sides of my vision darkened, I saw the Gyarados swim under the glowing form, which looked like a small, brown fluffball - he had turned into an Eevee, and was clearly alive, yet possibly very damaged.

"No..." I groaned as I closed my eyes.

As I fell into the welcoming arms of dark unconsciousness, I heard someone scream my name, and the sound of feet pounding the ground...

01-25-2007, 11:45 AM
OOC : Hellllllllo? ( XD ) Someone Come on?

Dog of Hellsing
01-26-2007, 06:40 PM
OOC: Sorry I took so long to reply ^^'...


IC: I woke a few moments later to find myself on the back of an Arcanine...no, not just any, but Ridel's. I was propped on his back, sitting in an odd position so I wouldn't fall off. Beside the powerful fire dog, my Pokemon we following him. Jerrick and Kao were running on all fours to keep up with Verayuth. Fortune was on Kao's back, and my PTS was clamped in Jerrick's jaws by the broken thong. I also noticed that the Balls containing my other Pokemon were floating by Forune's head. She was using her Psychic abilities to carry them along with having to actually carry them.

Verayuth growled something at me, and Jerrick gave me the translation.

=He's asking how you feel, not that you're awake.=

"I'm-" I started, then suddenly cut off as I became aware of the pain in my body. My side was in agony, and so was my arm. I shifted a little and saw that my shirt had melted against my charred flesh: the threat of infection was what worried me about it though. I groaned softly and shook my head. "I'm alright, but the burns hurt, and this shirt needs to get off soon...where are the others?"

=They left already, except for Ridel, who stayed behind,= Jerrick answered. I scowled.

"Why did he...?" Before I could finish the sentence, I heard gasps of surprise as we came out of the cave, Verayuth leaping out of the hole Jerrick had created earlier and landing with nary a bump. A few moments later we were at the Pokemon Center. A Seviper was already there, along with Reeah's Skitty. On the Seviper's back was Fliss, and on one of Ridel's other Pokemon was the Sneasal from the cave. I realized how out of it I was as I slid awkwardly from Verayuth's back, since I hadn't noticed the other Pokemon until just now.

Staggering, I headed inside, trying to ignore not only the pain of my injuries, but the stares I was getting from people and the sudden feeling of unease that was growing in my gut. Nurse Joy was coming over, a concerned expression on her face when she spotted my injuries, as well as the unconcious Fliss and Sneasal being carried by other Pokemon.

"What happened?" she asked, her voice tight with worry as I collapsed into a chair, unable to stand any longer. I waited a moment, catching my breath, before answering.

"I'll explain later, but now, we need help..." I wheezed out. Nurse Joy nodded anxiously and hustled the lot of us back into the back, away from prying eyes. There, I told her about how some of us had been chosen to defend the Pokemon Transformation Stones, and how the man who'd been stealing them had gone to fight Groudon and take the Stone he protected. I told her how we'd fought the Sceptile, and then barely escaped Groudon's rage after the Poke-man had fled.

Nurse Joy sat through the whole thing, not saying a word. After I'd finished, I fell silent and limp, exhausted and in pain. Finally, Nurse Joy quietly set about tending our wounds and such. I made her check Fliss and the Sneasal first before letting her examine me.

As I was waiting, I heard a commotion from outside. I strained to listen, sensing somehow that it was important. I could see Verayuth also perking up. A moment later, he leapt to his feet from where he'd been standing, looking worried. It didn't take me long to find out why.

"...saw he go over the cliff, and the Flygon couldn't do anything! But when she let go, he opened up with a huge Hyper Beam and blasted that Nidoking like mad! Then, it changed into an Eevee and fled on a Gyarados! I mean, that's what he said, and after what just happened..."

I stopped listening then, because I knew that something had happened to Ridel, but what did they mean a Nidoking? It took my tired mind a moment to register what had just been said, and by the time I had Verayuth had tore off, causing Nurse Joy to startle. I stood a second later, horror driving my pain away for the moment.

"He...he must have gotten the Stone....! But how....?" I shook my head, trying to understand, trying to figure it out. Even Groudon hadn't noticed the Stone had been taken...But that, at the moment, wasn't what I was worried about. Ridel...Ridel was in trouble, and I had to help him...

I turned to quick and the pain returned with a vegenance, as well as a dizzy spell that sent me sprawling to the floor. I heard Nurse Joy and my Pokemon give cries of concern, but it all faded away as I slipped into unconciousness, my only thought was that Ridel was in trouble.

01-26-2007, 06:46 PM
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01-26-2007, 06:48 PM
Reeah, having dropped off Fliss at the Center for now, was outside in the city walking back to the cave to see how the others were fairing. She had returned Vipe, and Kit perched on her shoulder, but she couldn't help thinking that she was forgetting something... Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Ryuu.

"Aw craaap..." She said aloud as she turned to run to the pool that led in and out od Sootopolis. Thankfully, the little Dratini was still there, having a blast playing in the water. The dark haired girl heaved a sigh of relief and quickly returned him.

Upon reaching the cave, Reeah was surprised to see it was empty. Only Groudon was present, sunk under the lava and fast asleep. Presuming that they had already gone to the Pokemon Center, and she had somehow missed them, she went back again. The Sneasel, as well as the other Pokemon, were being cared for, as was Ras. Reeah supposed that humans were similar enough to Pokemon to be cared for at a Pokemon Center. However, Ridel was absent.

Where could he have gone? She wondered. Figuring that he could take care of himself, Reeah sat down on a bench to rest.

(You can wake up whenever, espeonlover, but I'd be careful about your broken legs. They can't heal stuff like that automatically.)

01-26-2007, 06:53 PM
OOC : I Wake Up Now =P

IC : Fliss Heard Voices, And then She Opened Her Eyes. " what happened? " Fliss Said. ( Cant Think Of Anything else Right now =P )

Dog of Hellsing
01-26-2007, 07:33 PM
=Ras...wake up! Ras....=

I groaned softly as I came to, and was instantly aware of the pain in my side and arm. I shifted, but found myself restrained. Panic flared in me and I struggled to get free of my binds, but stopped with a hiss as agony flared in my wounds...

I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on a cot, a sheet tucked around me. Feeling somewhat silly, I sat up slowly and peeled the sheet back. Jerrick was standing beside the cot, with Fortune perched on his head. Kao was nowhere to be seen. Nurse Joy was standing by the couch, and I shifted to see she was caring for Fliss and Sneasal at once, alternating between the two of them.

I tossed my legs over the edge of the cot and let out a tiny grunt as my burns flared again. However, I noticed that my side was wrapped in clean gauze, as was my arm. Nursy Joy, apparently hearing my grunt, looked over and gave me a grim, determined look.

"You need to lie still and recover," she said, looking upset. I scowled and shook my head, trying to stand. Jerrick helped support me as I shook a little, my legs feeling like they would give out at any moment.

"I have to...help Ridel..."

=He's gone Ras,= Jerrick said, his voice quiet. =That Sceptile guy...he's gone. Someone saw what happened, saw all of it. They said he was getting ready to leave when Ridel came out of nowhere and started fighting him. But then...the Sceptile turned into a Nidoking. They fought for a moment later, then a woman appeared and tried to drive the Nidoking off. But she was attacked instead, and then got knocked over a cliff. She...she fell, Ridel couldn't catch her, and then he let loose with a huge Hyper Beam. The Nidoking changed into an Eevee when Ridel collapsed and got away on his Gyarados.=

I waited, leaning against Jerrick, knowing he was going to say more. After a second, he sighed heavily.

=That woman...she was his mother...=

"What?!" I cried out, causing the others to flinch. Now I knew why Nurse Joy looked so upset. I clutched at Jerrick's arm for a moment, feeling ready to pass out again. "What...what about Ridel...?"

=He passed out. Someone said they saw Verayuth going to where he was. I think he's probably going to bring Ridel back here...= Jerrick then fell silent, and I couldn't stop shaking. Ridel's mother had been killed, and that bastard had somehow managed to snag the Stone Groudon had been defending. We'd all almost died for nothing, and Ridel's mother had paid the ultimate price. The revalation was too much, and I found myself sobbing softly. None of the others said anything, knowing that soon Ridel would have to face the knowledge of having lost his mother.

"We have to stop him....somehow, we have to stop him," I whispered, feeling horribly sad and weak. "But how...he's already got three...we couldn't stop him before and now he's even stronger..."

=We'll stop him,= Jerrick replied gently. =He won't get away with what he's done; we'll make him pay for it, for sure! Just you wait and see. It'll work out in the end, I know it.=

"I hope so..." I said, tears stinging my eyes. "God, I hope so..."

01-26-2007, 07:43 PM
Fire and darkness.

Takumi stirred a little was he was carried along, but he didn’t awaken. He was locked within his own mind, simply staring at an expanse of black. He felt pain and heat throb through his normally cool Sneasel body, as if fire was starting to singe his pelt within the blackness. Only fleeting thoughts crossed his mind. What happened? he wondered. Where are Kele and the others? …Am I dead? He shuddered and slowly allowed his eyes to open up.

Light blinded him. He realized that it had been a long time since the Eruption in the cave, and he had no idea where he and the others were. He caught a flash of pink hair, and he lifted his head slightly. The nurse had him up on a cool table, inspecting him. He narrowed his eyes, and she frowned in surprise to see that he was awake. Slowly, he let his head drop to his paws again.

His green gaze shifted to the Aerodactyl-girl. He managed to grasp the fact that she looked pretty—but, then again, he always thought that. She stood up, crying out. “He…he must have gotten the stone…! But how…?” His ears perked in surprise. After all that! Groudon could’ve killed us all, there was practically a volcanic eruption, and he still managed to snatch it!

Outraged, Takumi leapt to his feet. However, his attention was directed toward the girl again as she collapsed. His jaw gaped open in shock and concern. Nurse Joy bent down to check her, and she lifted her back into her chair. The Sneasel frowned slightly, also hearing the commotion. It must have been that Flygon from the cave; he didn’t know any other Flygon around the area.

The nurse turned to him again with a shake of her head. She pushed him back down slightly into a “nest” of ice-packs. At that moment, the door opened slightly as a Chansey peeped around the corner. She fixed her eyes at him and mumbled, [Um… There are these Pokémon here who say that they lost their trainer. Could it have been the newcomer?]

“All of hers are here,” Nurse Joy replied, “but bring them in.”

Takumi broke into a smile as he saw the small green head and expressive yellow eyes peek around the door. Kele’s gaze fixed on him, and he sighed in relief. However, his next words didn’t seem as relieved. [You idiot! You could’ve been killed! I told you to stay here, butthead! I mean, Kala was freaking out, so I had to come; I didn’t choose to. I wanted to stay and let you die!] He rambled on for a few minutes, ignoring the Chansey staring at him awkwardly.

Takumi leapt off of the table and picked up the chain loop again. He pulled it over his head and let it drop to the floor with a clatter. Almost immediately, he shifted back into his human form; Nurse Joy gasped in surprise before realizing he held a PTS as well. He put the Shadow Stone carefully into his jean pocket.

Takumi crouched down and held his hand out to the Treecko, who turned away instantly. “I knew you were worried,” he chuckled, ignoring the Grass-type’s indignant gasp. He heard the faint beating of wings as a violet bat flew into the room and circled worriedly before roosting on his shoulder and nuzzling against his cheek warmly. He stroked the female Crobat. An unsure Jolteon padded in next; he narrowed his eyes at the other Pokémon and sat down in a corner.

As Kala proceeded to stay on his shoulder, Takumi stood up again and looked over at the girl with a frown. I can’t just leave her here, he decided. He sat down in a chair on the other side of the room and rested his head in his palm, yawning.

Takumi must have fallen asleep, because as he looked up, he saw the girl had awakened. He offered her a tiny smile. “Could I be of any assistance?” he asked. “So you don’t think I’m some random idiot, I was the Sneasel… My name’s Takumi.”

01-27-2007, 05:42 PM

Final Rest

I gathered my shattered consciousness into a protected corner of my mind, waiting for someone to wake me from this terrible nightmare. One where I didn't have a PTS...where that freak didn't succeed...where my mother didn't die...

Instantly, her face filled my mind, comforting me, and yet at the same time, bringing a fresh wave of grief. I knew what she'd expect of me, the new Champion of the Kanto region, and soon-to-be Hoenn Champ, knew what she'd say if she say me like this.

"You have to get over the past, and continue on with the future. If something bad happens, just go on with life. You don't have to forget it, but don't become obsessed with it." She'd say. "Let the past guide your future..."

She would be right, after all. I ought to remember that I am a chosen one, here to stop the PTS collector, along with Ras and the others.

I began expanding my consciousness to the corners of my mind...

I groaned weakly, feeling like I wasn't a being, just a living mass of pain. After a second or so, I realized I was going up and down in rhythmic fashion, and wind was cooling my burns and cuts.


Ridel, you must rest! I heard a familiar voice say, You won't live long if you don't! Ah, of course...I was on Verayuth's back.

"But, I..." Sapped of energy once more, I fell into the inky darkness again.


Terrible nightmares filled my sleep. The PTS seeker was always ahead of us, succeeding when we catch up to him. Ras and the others suffering because of me...My mother's death over and over again...

"No, we have to stop him!" My eyes shot open, and I sat up. I then realized it was all a nightmare, and took stock of my surroundings.

I was in a small room, obviously in the Pokemon Center, just large enough for one large patient, like me, and a couple of nurses. Speaking of which...

"You have to lie down now, your wounds are not entirely healed yet." A Nurse Joy walked over and lightly pushed down on my chest, causing me to lie on my back.

"How long was I out?" I asked. Oh, that's right. She won't be able to understand me. I chuckled to myself for my temporary lapse of memory.

"About a few hours now." Came the response. I turned my head towards her, dumbfounded.

"You can...understand-" I began.

"This is the first case I've ever heard, but..." The Nurse Joy breathed deep. This must be new for her. "You're speaking human."

"Me?" I turned my head back slowly, examining the ceiling without really seeing anything. "I'm speaking...?" I shook me head. This was all strange to me.

"So, I guess this means that...you haven't really spoke like this before?" She asked.

"No it's not that, it's..." Without really thinking, I tore the Draconic Stone from my glove and dropped it. I glowed momentarily, then I was human. "Never in pokemon form." I finished.

"Oh my God, Ridel!" She gasped. Apparently, she hadn't known from earlier. "I...I didn't think Jose' was in his right mind, but here's the proof." Tears welled in her eyes. "Oh, Ridel, I'm so sorry!" She sobbed, hugging me tightly. "I'm so sorry about your mother..."

"Has she...been buried yet?" I whispered hesitantly. She shook her head and let go of me, stepping back.

"We know tradition in Sootopolis says that family members must bury the ones who died, so we waited for you to, well, wake up and recover first. Many of the others have taken flowers and little trinkets to the place where..." She gulped. "Where it happened..."

I nodded in understanding, and walked out of the room.

"Wait, where are you going?" She asked quickly.

"I'm going to follow tradition. Before midnight comes and goes." I stated simply, and continued walking.

In the lobby, I saw many trainers and pokemon sleeping, maybe one or two awake. It was very dark outside: evening had already come. I didn't have much time.

As I passed a few trainers, a pokemon laying by itself lifted its head, then trotted over. It was my Arcanine, Verayuth. Izaioi soon followed. Without saying anything, they followed me outside, never saying a word. We all had a silent understanding of the situation.

There were few who were awake, but the ones that were saw me, and followed. It wasn't long before I had a little entourage, going to make one last farewell...

A tunnel had been dug through the mountainside, allowing people to easily visit my mother's body. Already, there were people in there, coming back from there and sobbing like Nurse Joy. I saw a few of the girls from the Gym, and they were completely numb with sadness.

The other end of the tunnel was almost directly below where I fought the Sceptile/Nidoking, and in front of us...

My mother hadn't been stirred from where she fell, her body horribly broken by the rocks, wet with the sea water, blood soaking her clothes. Tears welled my eyes, and yet, I continued, the other people following me.

I daintily picked her delicate body from the rocks, while Verayuth stood a little ways away, digging a hole long and deep enough from her grave. I walked almost methodically towards the hole, laid my mother's body within, and stepped back.

She had a peaceful expression, like one relieved of all pain and worry. Slowly, very slowly, I buried her, then collapsed to my knees and cried, and a song of lamentation lifting from everyone's throat, filling the air.

Veraytuh padded over and placed his head over my neck in confort, tears also filling his eyes. Izaioi rubbed up against me affectionally, trying to ease my spirit.

I rubbed her head, then looked to the sky. "When I find the one who did this..." I croaked; my voice was rough with grief. "I'm going to make him pay. When I find him...I want to be the one to stop him. To kill him."

No one argued.

It was another half hour or so before I got up from my mother's grave site. I placed a large stone at the head of her grave. It bore these words:

Renna Traiset
Exceptional Trainer
Devoted Wife
Loving Mother

May she rest in Peace...

I turned from the site painfully, grief tearing at my heart. The three of us, Verayuth, Izaioi, and myself, walked back to the Pokemon Center, never speaking a word.

When I got inside, I merely sat down on an unoccupied couch and buried my face in my hands. Verayuth and Izaioi chose to lay at my feet. I silently continued crying.

I was never going to see her again...

01-27-2007, 11:35 PM
Sonic kept dashing on, all thoughts left behind in the excitement.

"Hold on..." he whinnyed softly as the trees blurring beside him began to narrow. Suddenly, Sonic came to a screeching halt as the road was blocked off by the trees. It was a dead end.

"Dang!" the Rapidash snorted. Plumes of smoke extended from his mouth, and a small grin crossed his face. Sonickid inflated his lungs and leaned back. "It's only to clear a path... What harm can I actually do? I'm only a kid..."

The world suddenly silenced. Thoughts of a world under flames drifted to Sonickid's young mind. Then illusions of burning people and Pokemon alike clouded his head. "It's only to clear a path... What harm can I actually do? I'm only a kid..."

"No!" cried his regular, cautious self inside of his head. "Too dangerous!"

"Only a little hole!" retorted the new, ecstatic part of him.

While Sonickid warred with himself, though, the Rapidash noticed something. The pleas for help stopped. Too late. Sonic turned around and begin trotting back.

01-29-2007, 02:16 PM
Fliss's Eyes Flickered for a Moment again, she was stilll Dizzy.

Dog of Hellsing
01-30-2007, 06:37 PM
OOC: ;_; Such a sad post DT...


IC: I started and glanced over at where the voice came from, then smiled a little through my tears as I patted Jerrick's side.

"Hello..." I said. "Me name is Ras. It's nice to meet you. Are...are you alright? You seemed to be in pretty bad shape when we left the cave..."

I fell silent, reaching up to wipe the tears from my face. Crying would do no one any good, and I wasn't one to waste time on things that didn't help. Jerrick gave a soft, comforting grumble beside me and I leaned against him, trying to ignore my sadness and pain. I'd go find Ridel and see how he was doing, but first I wanted to make sure this Takumi was going to be okay before I went running off.

01-30-2007, 08:04 PM
Takumi yawned again, pressing his hand against his mouth loosely to stifle the noise. The Crobat perched on his shoulder frowned a little as she looked over the girl with bright amber eyes. Meanwhile, he looked up to meet the girl's eyes. He winced as she saw her tears; he hated seeing other people cry.

Ignoring Kala's chirrup of surprise, he smiled back as she introduced herself. "I'm okay now... What about you? I saw you collapse. Is your side okay?" She looked ready to go somewhere, but he wanted her to stay at least until he could offer to join her. His life was full of boredom, otherwise.

Kele the Treecko sat by his foot and narrowed his eyes at the Nidoking. He looked up at Takumi and warned him, [Kala's getting jealous,] before sitting back again and yawning in the manner of his trainer. The Crobat beat her largest wings and circled the room before roosting awkwardly on one of the chairs. Most of these Poison-type bats were about as big as a human being, but she was unnaturally small; she was about three feet instead and had to perch carefully on her trainer, anyway.

"What's wrong?" Takumi asked gently. He averted his eyes and occupied himself with petting Kala's violet fur gently.

Dog of Hellsing
01-30-2007, 08:12 PM
"Oh, I'm fine, really," I lied, waving a hand at my bandaged wounds. Truth be told, they were anything but fine, and were still throbbing something awful. But Takumi seemed fine, and I didn't want to wait any logner to go find out what had happened to Ridel. I noticed his Treecko giving Jerrick a narrowed-eye stare and smiled a little, wondering what the small Wood Gecko Pokemon thought of the larger, Poison/Ground type before him. After a moment, though, Takumi asked softly, "What's wrong?"

I wiped at my eyes again and sighed softly. "Ridel -he's the Flygon- his mother was killed...and...that freak managed to get away with the Stone Groudon was defending...all that effort, and the fact that we were nearly killed, and he still got the damned thing!" I couldn't hide my anger and sorrowful fury, and quietly seethed for a moment while Fortune leaned against my legs and Kao and Jerrick pressed closer against me. I took comfort in their efforts and sighed again.

"Anyways, I wanted to go find him and make sure he's okay. I heard that someone saw him faint, and haven't heard anything else after that." I sniffed and stepped forward, careful not to tred on Fortune, and gave Takumi a sad smile. "I don't suppose you feel like coming along? I need to get some fresh air and walk around for a bit or I'm going to go crazy..."

01-30-2007, 08:27 PM
" Dont Leave Me Here! " Was All You heard from the left.

01-30-2007, 09:49 PM
Kele continued to stare at the Nidoking until he decied that it wasn't a threat. He turned his head to glance at his trainer quizzically, noticing the boy's muscles tense as she explained the situation. The Treecko looked down at the ground again, knowing that Kala the Crobat, Kenta the Jolteon, and he were probably not strong enough to join the others. The gecko didn't want to be left behind, either.

Takumi noticed Kele watching him, and he dropped his hand to gently stroke the creature's very fine green scales. It was as if passing a hand along normal skin. He looked up at Ras again, frowning a little. She stood up, though, and said, "I don't suppose you feel like coming along? I need to get some fresh air and walk around for a bit or I'm going to go crazy..."

The boy smiled gratefully and stood up, also. Nurse Joy seemed to have left the room earlier, bringing her Chansey along. He nodded quickly and sighed, "I know what you mean. Let's go." He heard a quick protest from Kala, who was now hovering at his side. He smiled reassuringly at the runty Crobat. "You can come too, Kala." He glanced at Ras again and decided to introduce his team. "This is Kele," he said, motioning to the gecko. He turned to the corner, where the Shiny Jolteon sat hunched over, his eyes slightly suspicious. "That's Kenta," he continued.

Realizing that he was very near rambling, he frowned and lowered his head in apology. However, a voice sounded near the left of where was facing. He couldn't understand the words, but he turned to see the Espeon-girl. He frowned again and looked to Ras, helpless to say anything. The Espeon wouldn't be going anywhere with two broken limbs, and he didn't have the heart to explain that to her.

01-31-2007, 12:56 AM
Mira wandered about for a few hours, trying to contemplate everything that had happened so far. It was a nice day. Pidgeys and Taillows chirped merrily. The grass in the lush forset rustled as Pokemon played. And, with her super sensitive Scizor senses, she could hear the deep, mournful song of a Wailord.

But Mira didn't care. She'd seen a huge ruckus at the Pokemon Center. At least 3 injured pokemon and one injured human had been rushed inside. Her eyes, magnified like a hawks, had spotted burns up and down the human's side. The Flygon had a crippled wing and seemed beaten up. Mira wanted to know what had happened to them all.

Well, if I really want to find out, I can't just barge in like this... Mira thought. I'll have to be my boring old self again.

Mira dropped the stone onto the grass. It bounced, then came to a stop. It's buterfly engraving glowed in the indirect sunlight, which was filtered through the branches. In a mere 2 minutes, the Scizor had turned into an average 13-year-old girl, wearing a black shirt and camo shorts.

"Well, let's get this stone secured..." Mira muttered. She grabbed a small scrap of leather at the bottom of the backpack. She carefully wrapped it around the stone and, after some effort, managed to poke a tiny hole through the leather at the top. After yanking a thin cloth strap from her pack, she tied it around the hole in the leather. Now she had a necklace with the stone sealed inside it. Smiling, she peeled off some of the leather, revealing part of the stone and tucked it into her tight-fitting T-shirt under her long sleeve shirt, stone pointed towards the skin.

In a few minutes she was standing behind a tree near the Pokemon Center. Mira was amazed at how simple yet clever this was. Wanted to be Scizor? Tuck the stone under your 1st layer. Wanted to lay low? Just place it under your second layer. Simple. She lifted the stone from her bug body by lifting the strap, and in a couple more minutes she was human again. Chuckling, she tucked the stone pendant between layers and trotted towards the Pokemon Center.

When she entered, there was no one at the reception counter. Shrugging, Mira headed towards the first patient room she saw, determined to figure this out now. Not thinking about privacy, she swung open the door.

The first thing she noticed was a teenager who looked to be about 17 or 18. Her purple hair shimmered slightly in the bright hospital lights. A teenage boy of around the same age stood across from her, with brown, spiky hair and emerald eyes. The girl was in bandages. Then Mira noticed the Espeon.

It's legs were in bandages, and the cloth was already stained with blood.




Mira didn't even know why what happened, well, happened. It was just some blood on the cloth, but somehow the blood caused somehing inside her to snap.

She screamed. Screamed and screamed and screamed, getting more hysterical by the second.

The blood.

A picture suddenly flashed in front of her eyes.

A labratory?

There were a few Manectrics in cages in the cold, grey room. It didn't remotely resemble a lab, but that was the first thought that came into her screaming, hysterical mind.

And then, as if being punished for veiwing the long-lost image, she snapped. It felt like a vise was clamping onto her head, squeezing the conciousness from her.

"Don't leave me here!" someone cried. It was the last thing Mira heard before she lost her will to remain concious and fell over, the blackness devouring her vision as she slipped into the darkness...

OOC: Scary, huh? xD

01-31-2007, 10:29 AM
OOC : Nuuuuuu She Dieded xD She Too Sqwirmish :P

01-31-2007, 01:32 PM
OOC : Nuuuuuu She Dieded xD She Too Sqwirmish :P
OOCness: No, she just fainted. :P If she really dies I would've made it more graphic. xD
Let's see what T-tar trainer and Kaze do about this. >=D

Dog of Hellsing
01-31-2007, 08:17 PM
I smiled as Takumi introduced his Pokemon, then suddenly bowed his head in a silent apology. I couldn't begin to understand why, though. I was getting ready to introduce my own when I heard Fliss saying something. I didn't understand her words, but Jerrick did and translated them for me. I sighed and caught Takumi's worried expression.

"Fliss, you're limbs need time to heal, but maybe you can help them heal faster if you focus your Psychic powers on them? I'll have Fortune help you out." I glanced at my Espeon, and she nodded with a determined glint in her eyes. I smiled gratefully at her and nodded back, and she turned to face Fliss. The jewel on her forehead started to glow, faintly at first, then growing stronger and stronger. I stepped back to give her space, wincing as my side shifted and my arm brushed against Jerrick's rough hide.

However, a few seconds later, the door suddenly busted open and in scrambled a young woman with long black hair. She froze cold, though, when she saw the bloody wrappings around Fliss's legs. She then started screaming, which caused Fortune to completely freak out. With a startled cry, her jewel stopped glowing abruptly and she leapt back, running to hide, cowering, behind my legs. Kao instantly went to reassure her, and I couldn't help but grimace as the girl continued screaming. And as suddenly as she started, she stopped, crumpling to the floor in an unconcious heap.

For a moment, I couldn't move. I was too surprised by what had happened to do anything. Then I twitched, coming back to my senses, and first turned to make sure Fortune was alright. She was shaking a little, and her lavender fur had poofed out, but other than being startled she was fine. I then turned and hobbled over to the girl, kneeling as best I could with my throbbing side and checking her over as best I could without moving her and possibly causing further injury. I didn't know what had happened, but it couldn't be good, and I still needed to find Ridel, not to mention Reeah...

"Where did Nurse Joy go?" I asked the others, hoping one of them knew. My Pokemon shook their heads, and I turned to Takumi. "Do you know where she went? If not one of us will need to go find her..."

01-31-2007, 08:25 PM
Fliss Had Started useing her psychic powers, and when fortune stopped, fliss kept on doing it, not knowing her power was getting Zapped.

01-31-2007, 09:00 PM
The Nidoking belonging to Ras spoke briefly, and—understanding every word, as Takumi could with his Treecko—she replied to the Espeon in turn. Her own lavender Psychic-type leapt over, her gem pulsing to help heal the broken bones. Takumi felt a smile tugging at his lips, and when he looked across the room he saw his Jolteon’s ears pricked forward in interest. Kenta’s dark eyes suddenly flashed, and with a snarl he whirled around.

The door swung open, causing the boy to jump. He sunk back into his chair as he realized it was just a younger teenager. He opened his mouth to greet her, but she suddenly uttered a scream as her eyes shifted to Fliss’s bandages and then around the room. Kala raised a brief screech as her supersensitive ears were affected by the sound; the violet bat sunk against her trainer, her fur bristling, until the girl crumpled to the floor.

Stroking the Crobat quickly to calm her, Takumi saw Ras finally stand up and walk over to the unconscious girl. He could see her movements were pained, and he bit his lip. He hated seeing other people hurt; he himself felt a little queasy after being practically melted, but other than that his human self wasn’t as badly affected by the intense heat and was recovering as quickly as it could. He stood up to assist her, but she turned her head and asked him if he knew where Nurse Joy was.

He shrugged. “I could go and look for her. It’s best if you rest for a little longer.” His Crobat squeaked jealously as she heard the gentleness of his voice, and Takumi blushed again, opening up the door. He paused, his hand not leaving the door handle, but he walked on out to find the nurse.

Dog of Hellsing
02-01-2007, 08:59 PM
I smiled at Takumi's offer to go find Nurse Joy, but scowled a little as he commented that I needed to rest longer. However, though I hated to admit it, I knew he was right. I chuckled a little when his Crobat gave an obviously jealous squeak.

After a moment, Takumi had left the room, and I glanced over at Fliss to see she was still healing herself. Fortune had calmed down a bit, but still had her fur poofed out.

"Fortune, how are you holding up?" I asked, and the small Espeon gave me a somewhat uneasy smile and a gentle sort of chirping noise. She then turned to Fliss, appeared to ponder something, then nodded to herself and narrowed her eyes. Again, the gem on her forehead started to glow, and I knew she was helping Fliss undo the damage caused in the Cave of Origins.

I turned from the scene to the young woman on the floor, feeling worried for her well-being. But I couldn't kneel like this anymore: it was causing my side to throb horribly. Instead, after a bit of effort, I sat on the cold tile floor next to her, and waited.

02-01-2007, 09:32 PM
This isn't like me... he sighed to himself in this thoughts. Takumi walked down the short hallways of the Pokemon Center, bumping into a Chansey or Blissey on occasion. Yet another one of the pink Pokemon smacked him for landing on it when he finally saw the pink-haired nurse.

"Nurse Joy!" he cried. The young woman turned around with a helpful smile.

"You're the Sneasel, right?" she asked. He nodded in comfirmation and was about to speak up again, but she had turned back around. "What is it that you need? I don't know everything about the Pokemon Transformation Stones, but a human can take a little more heat than an Ice-type can. I could wheel a fan in there if--"

"Someone fainted in the room," he interrupted suddenly. "It was this girl... She came in, sort of freaked out, and just collapsed. Ras...Ras is with her."

The nurse turned and stared at him. Her attention now gained, she folllowed him back toward the room, mumbing a half-hearted apology. She opened the door slowly--only to narrowly miss colliding with the circling Crobat--and her eyes darted to the girl lying on the floor. She kneeled near her, checking her pulse. She looked up and smiled. "You said that she 'sort of freaked out', correct?" she asked Takumi. "She's probably only exhausted and scared. I'll take her into one of the other rooms to rest." She gently scooped the girl up into her arms and headed out of the door.

"Um..." Takumi looked around and sat down against the wall. He hid another loud yawn behind his hand and muttered, "Are you going to go look for Ridel now? I'll join you, if you don't mind. I don't have anything else to do."

He quickly glanced at his Pokemon and pulled two Poke Balls out of his pocket, recalling Kala and Kele in thin red beams of light. Only the reserved Jolteon remained; Kenta remained silent, watching Fortune and Fliss indifferently. Noticing the absense of his teammates, he let out a small growl and stood up, ready to follow.

ooc// Larvinator can now do whatever with Mira now. I have absolutely no muse left for this RP at the moment... Sorry for the bad post. ^_^;

Dog of Hellsing
02-01-2007, 09:40 PM
I gave a somewhat tired nod once Nurse Joy had come in, taken the young woman, and Takumi asked me if I was going to try and find Ridel now.

"Yeah, I want to make sure he's alright, after...after what happened," I muttered softly. I then stood with some difficulty, waving Jerrick back when he started to move to come and help me. After I'd gotten up, I reached into my pack and pulled out Kao's PokeBall. I recalled him, then went to where my other two PokeBalls were sitting on a small table. I picked them up, and together with Kao's, but them back into the pack. I then picked up my PTS, died the snapped thong, and stopped when I realized I'd lost the covering for it.

Sighing, I instead dropped it carefully into a pocket. It wasn't nearly as good as having it at the ready under my shirt, but for now it'd have to do. I glanced at Fortune and smiled a little.

"Do you mind staying here until you're finished with Fliss's legs?" I asked, and Fortune gave a small shake of the head, not missing a beat. "Great, thanks Fortune. Just teleport to us when you're done, kay?" This time a faint nod, and I turned to Jerrick. "Well, let's get going." I then nodded to Takumi and turned, walking out of the room a moment later. I was limping a bit, but tried my best to hide it.

02-04-2007, 08:04 PM

Back to Reality

I don't know how long I kept in my sadness, but when I finally got a hold of myself, I looked at the clock above Nurse Joy's front desk. It was around 2 am. Cursing myself quietly for crying that long I got up, startling Verayuth and Izaioi, who'd been asleep. They looked up inquisitively at me.

~Ridel, are you alright?~ Verayuth asked. I nodded.

"I'll be fine, Verayuth. I think that maybe I should start getting back on track with everything, instead of staying in my misery all the time." I explained.

Verayuth smiled. Kind of odd, being able to tell when a dog is smiling at you. ~That is a mark of your maturity, Ridel.

"Actually, I think I acted a little less than mature for a while now." I sighed, wiping the tears from my face.

"Umbre breon." Izaioi said. I looked to Verayuth, and he translated: "Not anymore." was what the Umbreon said.

"Maybe we should find Ras and the others. I just remembered that I only know Ras' name; all the others are enigmas to me." I then thought of the Sneasel. "That Sneasel looked pretty bad earlier, too. We should at least see if he's okay."

Verayuth and Izaioi nodded, and we got up to treck through the Pokemon Center when a shrill scream broke our thoughts for a sec. It filled the entire Center, resonating off the white walls, before suddenly fading into the darkness.

Verayuth's fur stood on end, and Izaioi was shivering near my feet, not out of fear, but in expectence of a battle. "I doubt that it was because someone attack, dear Izaioi. This is a hospital, after all." She shrugged, and stop shivering, but I could tell she was still cautiously poised for a fight.

After the two pokemon had settled down, we began our search for the source of the scream. Along the way, we nearly bumped into Nurse Joy, who was carrying a young girl, apparently fainted. "Nurse Joy, what-"

"Oh, Ridel...Are you alright?" I nodded. "I just...saw you in the lobby a while ago, and you..." She sighed. "I thought it better to leave you to your own devices for a while."

"Who's the girl?" I asked.

"This? I'm not sure, but Takumi just came to get me, telling me she had screamed and fainted in Ras' room."


"Oh, you don't know yet? He's the Sneasel from earlier." Ah, of course; yet another PTS holder. "He's much better now, as you seem to be. You aren't suffering any after effects form the broken wing."

"It seemed to be just fine when I woke up in mt hospital room." I told her.

"Oh, Here's your PTS, by the way." She held up a little pink cloth, my Draconic Stone held delicately within. I held out my gloved hand, and she dropped the stone out of the cloth into my outstreched hand.

Thanking her and bidding her farewell, I began walking the way from which she came. That had to be where Ras was. I hadn't been walking two minutes when I noticed one of the rooms had its door ajar, and the light was on. Someone was near the door; their shadow was showing through it.

"Well, let's get going." That was definitely Ras' voice. Smiling that I had found her, I walked a little faster. Ras limped out of the room, nearly right into me.

Stepping back, I said, "Where're you going?"

Dog of Hellsing
02-05-2007, 07:01 PM
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IC: Mira twitched and groaned as she lay on the small bed, a blanket tucked snugly around her. The room was dark, the door left open slightly to let in light from the hallway, and the curtains pulled halfway back to allow light from the moon to shine in.

Suddenly, the young woman sat up, though her eyes were still tightly clamped shut in unconciousness. The blanket fell from her and slid to the ground as she stood, somewhat unsteadily. She swayed for a moment, and then, without a word or warning, slowly walked out of the room like a lost zombie...


I let out a yelp as I nearly crashed right into Ridel. He jumped back and then asked, "Where're you going?"

For a moment, I couldn't respond. Then I heaved out a huge sigh, sagging slightly in relief. I ran a hand tiredly through my long hair and shook my head.

"I...I heard what happened and I was coming to find you, and make sure you're alright..." Here I stopped, not knowing what to say next. Finally, I dropped my gaze the the floor and said quietly, "I'm sorry for what happened Ridel..."

After that, I didn't say anything else. I COULDN'T say anything else. There would be no sense in trying to make a huge speech and turning the whole thing into some spectacle. The only thing we could do was move on. I knew Ridel wouldn't forget his mother, and even though I didn't know her, neither would I. She was yet another of the countless victims of this freak, whose only care was being stronger than everyone else.

02-06-2007, 04:56 PM


Ras was tense for a minute after seeing me, before she sighed and sagged a little. She ran a hand through her hair and shook her head. She looked up into my face. "I...I heard what happened and I was coming to find you, and make sure you're alright..." she said before stoping. She then looked to the floor and muttered, "I'm sorry for what happened Ridel..."

I put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. "It's alright; it's not like it was your fault. It was that guy looking for the PTS's, and anybody could've gotten themselves killed around him. I'm only here because my mom came to save me." I breathed deep to steady my speech; it was getting a little shaky. "What we need to do now is get some rest, then go search for clues as to that guy's whereabouts. I'll be ready whenever you guys are."

I then looked to the guy standing just inside the doorway. I recognized those eyes..."You'd be that Sneasel, right?" I asked, smiling.

02-06-2007, 06:56 PM

The boy stood up, ready to follow Ras. His Jolteon yawned at his side. Kenta had always been a bit more reserved than the others, even for the long time he had known him, but it didn't mean that he wouldn't obey. His indifferent black eyes lifted up to his trainer's green ones, and he nodded quickly. The girl turned and also nodded, attempting to hide her limp as she opened up the door.

Suddenly, another person was there, and she ran into him.

Takumi recoiled in surprise. However, the teenager was no threat. He had a slight smile on his face, obviously recognizing her, and he asked where she was going. Ras yelped as she bumped into him, but she sighed in relief, obviously recognizing him too. Takumi stood in the background, watching silently, as she ran her hand through her hair and replied. "I'm sorry for what happened Ridel..." she finished. She fell suddenly silent.

Takumi watched Ridel calmly put a hand on her shoulder. He frowned slightly, saw the glare Kenta threw at him, and straightened up again, his face as impassive as he could manage. He wasn't jealous; that was the truth. He was just unsure at the moment. The other teenager said something, his voice a little shaky, and then looked over to him.

"You'd be that Sneasel, right?" he asked, smiling.

"Um... Yes," he said softly. His Jolteon's ears twitched in surprise at his briefness. Takumi added, "Well, I'm ready to head off, too." He stared evenly at Ras. "Are you sure that you--I mean, you guys--are alright? There's not stopping you anyway," he sighed, "and I guess I--" Realizing he was rambling, he cut himself off again and blushed, looking at the ground.

02-09-2007, 02:07 AM


"Um... Yes," he said softly. The Jolteon at his feet twitched his ears slightly at this. Takumi added, "Well, I'm ready to head off, too." He stared evenly at Ras. "Are you sure that you...I mean, you guys...are alright? There's no stopping you anyway," he sighed, "and I guess I-" Then he blushed and looked at the ground, apparently thinking he was rambling.

"I'm fine, but I'm not entirely sure about Ras. I mean, she DID turn to human form to quell Groudon's anger, right? I'm no medical expert, but I can tell that it caused quite a bit of damage." I blushed slightly; it wasn't often I showed how much I care for others' safety this soon, but I removed my hand from Ras' shoulder and continued. "I think it'd be best if we all got some rest; we'll need it to take on that Sceptile-guy, especially now that he's got three PTS's."

~Ridel, the Espeon-girl's in the room too. It appears that she's using psychic powers to heal herself, along with the help of another Espeon.~ Verayuth informed me.

I nodded in thought. "I see...hey, how is the Espeon-girl holding up? Is she gonna be okay?" I asked the other two.

Dog of Hellsing
02-09-2007, 08:25 PM
Ridel seemed alright, and told me as much as he placed a hand on my shoulder. I glanced at him, sadness still in my heart, but gladhe was strong enough to be able to move on so soo. I then smiled at Takumi as he spoke, then suddenly faltered and cut himself off. I would have to tell him he didn't need to be nervous about speaking his mind.

Before I could tell him anything of the sort, though, Ridel suddenly said, "I'm fine, but I'm not entirely sure about Ras. I mean, she DID turn to human form to quell Groudon's anger, right? I'm no medical expert, but I can tell that it caused quite a bit of damage." Here he paused for a moment, then continued. "I think it'd be best if we all got some rest; we'll need it to take on that Sceptile-guy, especially now that he's got three PTS's."

Here Verayuth growled something to Ridel, and he nodded thoughtfully before saying, "I see...hey, how is the Espeon-girl holding up? Is she gonna be okay?"

"I guess it was a somewhat stupid thing to do, turning back into a human in the middle of that Eruption," I replied with a somewhat embarassed chuckle. "But it was the only thing I could think of to save us, and it worked. Though I wish I hadn't gotten burned..." I trailed off, and then sighed as I turned to look back in the room. Fliss was still healing her injured limbs, and Fortune was still assisting her. "I think Fliss'll be just fine. She seems to have a very good grasp on her powers, and with Fortune helping her out, I think she'll be good and ready to go quite soon."

I stopped again and ran a hand through my hair once more, letting out a sigh. "And I guess you're right. Rest would be the best thing for all of us, at the moment. But we can't rest for too long: that guy will be getting his breath back as well, and we can't let him get too much of his strength back. We have to strike soon, but not too soon." I shook my head. "I wish I knew where Reeah went...maybe we should leave in morning? That gives us time to rest and get organized."

02-13-2007, 07:07 PM

A Few Minutes later, a 'Eurka' Was heard from down the hall, someone had ether Discovered or invented something, or had cured cancer. A Crack was heard, as Fliss's Left leg cracked back into place, then the same happened to the right one. " Fortune, i guess were done? We Should Check around the poke center before teleporting, just in case Ras, ridel and takumi are still here " Fliss Said. Before She Climbed down, and all was heard was a normal crack, fliss legs had awoken again. ( you know when sometimes they fall asleep and you fall down? xD ) Fliss Checked around the room, a few empty beds, and 13 full ones, were scattered around the room. Fliss Looked at the injured pokemon, on eof the hitmonchops lost a arm, while a ratta broke its front paw. Fliss Sighed. " I Think My Pokemon should get some rest to, im just changeing back for a moment, then ill get my pokemoned healed, and then ill teleport when i become a espeon again. " Fliss Said. Before removeing her PTS And Becomeing a human, a slight problem accored as she was transforming though, her Good hearing had stayed, while her sight had become slightly blurred for a second, then had went back to normal. She Let her Vulpix out, then used a potion on it, and did the same to her other pokemon, then returned them all and noticeing, that her top was sticking to her right hip, she tried to get it off to see what had happened. ( She has a half tank top under her top by the way. ) It was still stuck, and it was hurting her hevily, she showed no pain, and changed back into her espeon form, and the pain ceased. " Just the heat i suppose " Fliss Said to a startled Fortune, fliss's body wasnt showing any signs of pain. yet. Fliss then got a splitting headache, and groaned in pain, and agony. " I dont feel well... " Fliss Said, before collasping to the floor. ( She will be ok soon, just pokerus or something. )

02-13-2007, 07:41 PM
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>Sootopolis City<

Takumi regained his composure again. He lowered his hand to absentmindedly scratch the Jolteon behind the ears; the electric fox replied by growling and ducking his head out of reach. Kenta saw his trainer flash him an apologizing look, and he slid into a laying position.

"I'm fine, but I'm not entirely sure about Ras," Ridel said in answer to his previous question. "I mean, she DID turn to human form to quell Groudon's anger, right? I'm no medical expert, but I can tell that it caused quite a bit of damage." Takumi saw him blush and remove his hand from the girl's shoulder. He heard a grunt from Kenta, and as he looked down the Jolteon's eyes were michevious.

Ras and Ridel continued to talk, bringing up Fliss and Fortune. The electric canine's ears perked up, but the yellow Pokemon sighed and closed his eyes, frowning. The girl ran her hand through her hair, the sudden movement gaining Takumi's attention. Rest sounded good right about now; Takumi was getting sleepy, and his Pokemon was already nodding off.

"I wish I knew where Reeah went...maybe we should leave in morning?" Ras suggested. "That gives us time to rest and get organized."

Reeah? Takumi frowned for a moment, but he understood. It was the Poison-type snake that had steadied him by the lava's edge. He yawned and stretched suddenly, saying, "Alright," he agreed with a tiny smile. "I'm fine with the idea of a night's sleep, for once. I'll be with you guys to kick butt in the morning." He nudged Kenta awake and walked down the hallways, ready to speak to Nurse Joy about a room.

02-14-2007, 04:32 PM
OOC : Fliss Is Still on the floor, you should of heard a few pokemon scream when she fainted By the way.

02-16-2007, 01:58 AM

A Time for Rest

"I guess it was a somewhat stupid thing to do, turning back into a human in the middle of that Eruption," Ras replied with a chuckle. "But it was the only thing I could think of to save us, and it worked. Though I wish I hadn't gotten burned..." She trailed off, and then sighed as she turned to look back in the room. "I think Fliss'll be just fine. She seems to have a very good grasp on her powers, and with Fortune helping her out, I think she'll be good and ready to go quite soon."

Fortune...that's gotta be the other Espeon in the room Verayuth mentioned.

Ras ran a hand through her hair once more, letting out a sigh. "And I guess you're right. Rest would be the best thing for all of us, at the moment. But we can't rest for too long: that guy will be getting his breath back as well, and we can't let him get too much of his strength back. We have to strike soon, but not too soon." she shook her head. "I wish I knew where Reeah went...maybe we should leave in morning? That gives us time to rest and get organized."

Reeah? That name rings a bell, but...oh! The Arbok-girl. Now I remember...

Takumi yawned and stretched suddenly, saying, "Alright," he agreed with a tiny smile. "I'm fine with the idea of a night's sleep, for once. I'll be with you guys to kick butt in the morning." He nudged the Jolteon awake and walked down the hallways, apparently to find a room.

I looked past Ras at Takumi as he went down the hallway before returning my gaze to the injured girl in front of me. I hope she'll be alright..."Well, I'll just follow Takumi's suit and get to my room. I assume you already have one." I looked at the room she came out of before continuing. "I'll just go ahead and sleep at home." I turned and began walking back down the hallway. I held a hand in the air. "See ya." Verayuth followed me, and soon, we were outside the Pokemon Center.

Things were strangely...quiet now. Sure, It's almost three in the morning, but there's almost always activity if something happens in Sootopolis, and what happened yesterday was the biggest thing in centuries...

I smiled as I remembered how the others came to my aid, just in the nick of time. Reeah and Fliss had arrived first and fended him of from me before the PTS seeker entered the cavern ahead of us. When we were in the tunnel, I was especially pleased when Ras came to help defend Groudon. he'd be dead if they hadn't come, yet WE'D be dead if Ras hadn't nearly sacrificed herself to stop Groudon's rage.

Ras face filled my mind, filling me with content happiness...

I stopped and shook my head abruptly, as unfamiliar feelings swept across me. "What am I thinking? We've only just met!" Come on, old boy...you're just throwing your feelings around after what happened yesterday...

~What's that, Ridel?~ verayuth asked me.

"Huh? Oh...nothing..." Verayuth is trustworthy, but I still don't want him finding out about my slight infatuation.

A low, rumbling chuckle rose from the Arcanine's chest. ~Methinks the young Ridel is in love.~ He taunted, ~Ridel, do you really think you can hise it from me, of all pokemon? I saw you blush when you took your hand off of Ras; admit it.~

"Ah, I don't know what your talking about." I put my hands behind my head in what I hoped was misleading to Verayuth. He merely chuckled again and remained silent till we reached my house.

I walked through the gate into my mom's garden, which was larger and more beautiful than ever. "Mom really outdid herself, didn't she...?" Flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes filled the garden, covering nearly all the property, save for the house's foundation and the sidewalk leading up to the house.

I opened the door silently, trying not to disturb whoever was sleeping purely by habit. The living room was rather dark, but still inviting. There was just something missing...besides mom...

"Things just haven't been the same since dad left, huh?" I said as I closed the door and turned the lamp on.

~No, they haven't. I noticed it from your mother as well. She'd always wait by the door, hoping he'd come back that night.

"Yeah, I remember that...I hardly remember dad, though. It was so long ago..." I sighed; would I ever see my dad again?

With these thoughts dwelling in my noggin, I took my shoes off and laid down on the couch by the door, nearly immediately drifting off into peaceful sleep...

OOC: BTW, where IS Draconic Espeon? She hasn't been on in a long while to take control of Reeah...

Dog of Hellsing
02-16-2007, 08:57 PM
OOC: I dunno, and that's a good question. I'm also wondering where Snowball is, and the other people who joined...


IC: I watched as Takumi went off to get himself a bed, and Ridel soon followed. I felt a little pang watching them go, as though they were leaving for good. I shoved the feeling aside and turned, heading back into the room I'd come from.

Much to my surprise, I saw Fliss on the floor and Fortune standing by her, looking upset. When I came in, she turned to face me and started making small whining noises. Fearing the worst, I hurried over and took Fliss into my arms, then headed out and rushed to the front desk, hoping Nurse Joy would still be around so we could find out what had happened to Fliss.


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02-17-2007, 07:21 PM
OOC : Good thinking TT ( Or Ras xD ) ( if you dont know allready, fliss got pokerus, and is still a espeon, incase you thought she was a human xD )

OOC2 : Fliss is in a dream world thing.

IC : |>Fliss<|

Unconcious Dream...

Fliss Woke up to find herself On a glass floor, she looked around, there was mist, and the glass started shakeing, someone, or something was coming, the thing approached, it was a nidoking. " Who is that? " Fliss said, she could only see the siloette, the nidoking attacked, sending fliss rolling across the floor. ( it should happen in the rp aswell ) fliss's eyes glowed with rage, she rapidly sent powerful attacks at the foe, this time it wasnt a sub, the nidoking vanished, and fliss fell to the ground, she couldnt feel anything, flis spicked herself up, this time Ras Appered. " Hi Ras! " Fliss said. The Ras ( ebil clone ) threw her across the relm. ( not THAT far ) ( nothing to block way . ) Fliss lanched a hyper beam, hitting ras, and then ras fell to the floor, she was better again, but then ridel and takumi came, and attacked fliss. Fliss's gem started glowing, she was near fainted. fliss turned back into her real form. ( like in real rp bit ) " Please Stop, What have i done? " Fliss Begged. " You've Destroyed Jerrik " They said in unsion. ( Fliss didnt really, she destroyed the stone collecter ) " no i didnt, i ridded you of the stone collecter! " Fliss Cried, before running off. " what has got into them?... " Fliss Sobbed, before letting her pokemon out. Hazel climbed up to fliss's shoulder and Viva/diva ( forgot to check ) Scampered up to fliss's folded arms, and her maganium, let fliss ride her. thay set scross the relm, soon the fog cleared, and they saw them selves in a forest type city. her meganium cut a tree, and it grew back again. " Hmm, that would happen, since you are the grass healer. " Fliss said, seeing the tree grow back. She returned all her pokemon but let Hazel stay in her arms. she looked around, there were a few huts, and a big hut was in the middle, all supspended in the air.