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Well here is my war fic. I hope I can earn a few points by thins. I also hope that other readers will enjoy it. ^_^
Now here is my fic: Foreseen Trouble.


Foreseen Trouble
Prologue (Part 1)

Haresfield, Massachusetts.
August 23, 1673
Tanya blinked and looked forward, focusing her vision totally on the board in front of her. This was something she had learned; this was something she knew how to do. She had done it before, successfully, but why now were her hands sweating and her heart pounding? Because of the crowd, she answered herself immediately. She had only ever done this in front of her mom and the forest animals. “You can do this”, Tanya told herself firmly, sucking in a large breath of air. “You’re nervous but you can still do this.” She walked haltingly towards the board tucked firmly between the crevices of two stone pillars. Beads of sweat were forming on her brow as she reached the board. She heard the people hold their breaths as she approached. I have to do this, Tanya told herself firmly as she reached out a tentative hand to stroke the oak wood and feel its roughness, its smoothness and its whole being.

Think the wood, Tanya! She heard her mothers strong, reassuring voice call out in her nervous mind, Call to it, form yourself around it and it will obey you. It will be over before you know it, she added reassuringly.

Tanya nodded her head, encouraged by her mother’s words. She could do this. Closing her eyes tightly she reached out to the wood with her mind, searching it and finding its inner strength. Then she hit it, and felt the strong firmness of the woods core. She took that image in her mind and imagined it burning, red orange flames licking up around it, engulfing it totally, and then going out, leaving only charred cinders where the woods’ core had been.

Someone in the crowd gasped. Tanya’s eyes snapped open. All the people who had gathered around to watch the strange “psychic” girl work her magic were staring dumbfounded at the cinders that had been the slab of wood only moments before. Tanya felt elated. She had finally completed the task in front of people without freaking out first! She swallowed hard as she heard the uneasy murmurs among the crowd at her back.

Then Tanya knew. She wasn’t like anything the people had seen before. She had probably scared and frightened them more now that they had actually seen the strange girl work magic right before their eyes. Then all of a sudden a shrill voice shrieked loudly above the rest, “Witch! She’s a witch; you all saw what she did! It’s witchcraft!”

Tanya jerked around to stare at the crowd as they’re confused mumbles turned to a mix of anger, hate and most of all fear.

“Get her!” The same shrill voice called again, “Get the witch girl before she burns us all alive in our beds!”

Tanya could only stare dumbfounded at the angry mob before her. Why would she want to kill them? She had done nothing to deserve they’re fear filled hate. This, she realized, was what people did when they didn’t understand something. This was nothing good at all.

The crowd started to surge forward, straight towards Tanya some reaching out to her, trying to grab her. Tanya just stood, rooted to the spot with fear. They were going to get her! She just stared at the angry mob, not moving.

All of a sudden her mothers voice broke into her mind, Tanya run! I’ll take care of them! Just go! For my sake. That was enough to get Tanya moving. She turned and ran, ran from the mob with all her strength, because her mother, her mother who knew Tanya’s strength, her mother who would give her life for her only child whose powers, she knew, were far stronger than her own, said she would protect her. Tanya believed she would. She knew her mother would not rest until she was safe.

Tanya heard a shocked cry ring out from the mob of people behind her and a loud roaring. Her mother had struck. She knew she could hold them off, but for how long? And would her mother overdo it and kill someone? Then she would have a blood price on her head and Tanya would still be accused of witchcraft. Everyone knew what happened to witches.

Tanya shook her head and ran on, trying to get the image of her mother out of her head and the horrible things they could do to her if she was caught and confirmed a witch. She stumbled over the loose roots and bracken of the forest floor, getting her dress tangled in low shrubs. She had to get away! She couldn’t get caught, her powers, which she was just learning to control, would be very dangerous for those who would try to keep a hold of her by force or try to kill her.

The angry cries of the people behind her had stopped, leaving only the sounds of the forest ringing in Tanya’s ears. Then she felt a loud cry of warning echo out over the forest, silencing it into it into total stillness. Tanya stifled a small gasp. They had gotten passed her mother. She was doomed.

Tanya stumbled on, the forest around her thickening rapidly as she stumbled and ran, blind with her fear. She had to do something, she told herself slowing to a jog, as the people were no longer in sight. She did have a gift after all, but how could she use it?

Tanya tripped over a low root sticking up in her path. She fell down, face first onto the forest floor and just started to weep, from fatigue, and fear. Tanya lay there gasping, filling her lungs with the cool sweet air of the forest, letting her get a hold of herself.

“Tanya,” a quiet, soothing voice reached her ears. “Tanya, get up.” The voice was small yet reassuring, quiet yet commanding. Tanya obeyed and pulled herself up, getting, for the first time, a good look at the speaker.

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My post was too long so I had to cut it in two.

Foreseen Trouble
Prologue (Part 2)

Surprisingly, to Tanya, it was a young girl who looked to be about nine, Tanya’s age. She had long, black curls that fell down to her waist, blowing softly to the side in the slight breeze. The girl was wearing a beautiful pale purple dress the reached her knees, with spotless white stockings underneath and shining black shoes. She wore her thick black curls long so that they hung around her waist, fluttering freely in the slight breeze. The girls appearance made Tanya notice her short, brown, mud streaked dress that hung around her thin grubby knees, her dark blonde, unkempt hair and her bare grubby feet and hands with scorn. Tanya looked down with embarrassment.

“Tanya, look at me,” The girl commanded in a rich, silvery voice, “Do you know who I am?” She asked as Tanya very slowly raised her face to look straight into the girl’s violet eyes. Tanya felt as if she was pulled into a new world, one she had never known. In it she saw her own world and many others that she didn’t even know existed. Then Tanya knew who this girl was and jerked her eyes away in shame. She fell onto her knees, her face to the ground in a sign of deep respect. This small girl was one of the seven great protectors of the universe. Their power was limitless, and they controlled everything, to the vastest reaches of space. These were the most powerful of her kind who called on others like Tanya only if the need was very great.

“Tanya, get up.” The girl commanded acknowledging her sign of respect with a nod of her beautiful head, “I have an assignment for you.”

Tanya slowly got to her feet, not daring to raise her head to look into the eyes of this great one. “I am not worthy of this great honor,” She murmured, keeping her eyes fixed on the ground, “I am only a girl of 9, and a poor one at that, whatever could you want of me?”

“Plenty,” The great one answered, smiling slightly, “There are things a young girl can do that an adult can not.”

“What do you want of me, great one?” Tanya asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“You may call me Millisai.” She answered sweetly, giving a slight nod of her head.

“What do you want of me, Lady Millisai?” Tanya inquired again.

“There’s one thing you must be willing to do in order to obey. I don’t think you will like it much. You must be willing to leave your mother for 6 years.” Millisai answered quietly.

“My mother?” Tanya jerked her head up to stare straight into the girls beautiful eyes. Her mother? She didn’t want to leave her mother, who had raised her daughter carefully, helping her learn to control her powers.

“You are needed elsewhere in the galaxy.”

Tanya’s eyes grew wide with surprise. To be sent somewhere else in the galaxy was an immense honor. Then, looking into the girl’s eyes, she felt a sense of longing, a sense that told her to obey this great one. Tanya was filled with a feeling of confusion. She didn’t want to give up her mother but she didn’t want to pass bye a calling from one of the great ones. But she knew what she must do. Tanya stood up straighter as she answered, “Yes, I will go. I’m about to be skinned alive by the villagers anyway.”

“If that is your choice then I shall open the gateway for you. I am sending you to a place called Nahira, Johto. It is part of the three regions of the Pokemon World. This world is much like your own, but it is a little more advanced in technology than your world is. It also has these things called Pokemon. They are much like your animals except they each have their own special powers. Now, I shall open the gateway for your travel. There is a certain task I would like you to accomplish for there is something very evil that could affect the whole galaxy stirring there, something only you can stop Tanya.” Millisai said gravely, looking directly at Tanya.

Tanya stared at her, her mouth hanging half open and her eyes wide, “This is an honor, Lady Millisai.” Tanya snapped her mouth shut and looked to the ground once she realized that she was staring.

“Tanya, look. I have opened the gateway, you must go now.” Millisai said almost immediately after Tanya had looked down.

Tanya glance slowly up, bringing her blue eyes to look in front of her. There, next to Millisai, was a small circle of darkness, but it wasn’t an evil darkness. It was about as large as Tanya and it looked like a large black void, ripped into the air. Tanya felt drawn to it the more she stared at it. She felt its power dragging her in, forcing her feet to move towards it.

“I have to go now?” Tanya asked, jerking her gaze away from the void.

“Yes.” Millisai answered smoothly.

“I can’t even say goodbye to my mother?”

“No.” Millisai sighed, “Tanya, you are needed in Johto. Your mother understands that and will miss you greatly as I am sure you will miss her. I shall make sure you find your way to a nice family that you shall stay with until the time is right.”

“But how will I know if the time is right?” Tanya asked glancing around her.

Millisai didn’t answer as she started to steer Tanya towards the gaping hole in space, moving her closer to it by the second. If she did answer at all, Tanya didn’t hear it as she was pushed through the whirling, black void. She felt herself falling, whirling through blackness so thick it almost choked her. Finally, after what seemed like ages to Tanya, she landed roughly on hard ground. Tanya slowly opened her eyes and found herself looking into the face of a middle-aged woman.

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Chapter 1

4 years later. Nahira, Johto
“Oh, come on Sarah!” sighed and exasperated teenaged girl, “I’ll be fine. I’ve taken the pokemon trainers course at school for 3 years. What do you think they were teaching me all that time!”

“I know, I know Tanya, but I just don’t want you to get hurt.” The tall, middle-aged woman answered, sighing heavily.

“I’m gonna be late if you don’t let me go.” Tanya warned her brown haired adoptive parent sternly.

“All right, you can go now, but don’t forget to take care of yourself and do all the necessary hygiene things.” Sarah answered as her 13-year old adoptive daughter jumped hurriedly to her feet, grabbed her backpack and made her way to the door. She stopped and dropped her backpack, and then she ran and gave Sarah a parting hug.

“Bye Sarah, I’ll miss you.” Tanya said as she hugged her adoptive other.

“And I you.” Sarah replied releasing the girl.

“See ya ‘round Sarah!” Tanya shouted as she flung open the door and raced out side. She felt elated. Today was the day, the day she had been waiting for, for 3 years. She was finally going to become a pokemon trainer! She was beginning her pokemon journey at the earliest age allowed to become a pokemon trainer. It used to be that you could become a pokemon trainer at the young age of 10, but around five years ago there had been a few freak accidents and strange disappearances of a few beginning trainers and their pokemon. They had disappeared without a trace and had never been found. The pokemon league had then decided that 10 was too young an age to start pokemon training and had moved the minimum age up a few years. But becoming a pokemon master wasn’t Tanya’s goal. Her goal was to search for the “special” task that Millisai had sent her here for, four years ago. Instead of just leaving her home with Sarah for “no particular reason”, she had decided to have some fun on the way.

Sarah didn’t know about her adoptive daughters “special talent” or where she actually came from. Tanya decided not to tell her lest she take her for some kind of witch like the people at home had… Tanya shook her head and turned her attention to now, pushing the past behind her.

“Be careful Tanya!” Sarah shouted after the teenager.

“I will!” Tanya called back, sighing. It would be a long time before Sarah would stop telling Tanya to take care of herself. To her surprise, Sarah quit after the last shout and let Tanya continue on in peace. She must have realized that I was growing up, Tanya thought as she walked away down the road toward Professor Jade Elm’s lab.

“I wonder what pokemon I’ll get?” Tanya thought aloud, as was a habit that she was trying to rid herself of. She knew she would get a pokemon from Hoenn for certain, since that was where all the pokemon handed out to the beginning trainers of Nahir, Johto were caught.

Tanya quickened her step, ignoring the fierce heat of the summer’s afternoon and the large, orange sun beating down on her back. She was nearing The Professors lab and she wanted to be one of the first ones there so she could have a good view of the lab and Professor Jade when she came out to welcome the trainers.

By now Professor Jade Elm’s lab was in view. Jade Elm was the daughter of a famous professor, Professor Elm, who had discovered pokemon eggs and the breeding of pokemon. He was also famous for discovering dark type pokemon and steel type pokemon, two of Tanya’s favorite types. Jade Elm was almost as famous as her aging father but not quite. She had discovered the light type pokemon, which was Tanya’s ultimate favorite type. So far there were only nine known light type pokemon. Tanya was hoping to get one of these rare pokemon but she knew that probably wouldn’t happen, but she could still hope couldn’t she?

By now, Tanya had reached the small-pillared entrance to Professor Jade’s lab. Tanya’s hopes of getting a good position fell as she saw what was outside the lab. In front of the door of the lab stood many more 13-year-old kids, around 50 in all, wearing backpacks that were bulging with stuff for their journeys, all tittering with excitement. They were all set on getting their first pokemon, just like Tanya. Tanya glanced down at her watch. 8:15, still 15 more minutes till Professor Jade would admit the first trainers to get their pokemon. She trotted to the back of the crowd and sat down and waited, doing a few mind tricks, surprising the other trainers completely. When a kids backpack flew 20 feet in the air he almost fell over backwards out of surprise. He didn’t know how that could have happened. Tanya smiled and sent is backpack hurtling back to earth.

“All right! Listen up people!” A loud voice came from the front of the easily excited crowd. It was the black haired, blue-eyed Professor Jade Elm, Nahira City’s pokemon Professor. “We are ready to admit the first four trainers who will get their pokemon.” She continued, raising her voice to be heard above the tittering and murmuring of some of the trainers. “I will call out the names of four of the signed up trainers and admit them into the building. They will then be given the pokemon we matched to them and will be able to begin their journey. You will have to start making your way to New Bark Town. If you make it there in four days or less my father, Professor Elm, will give you a pokedex and your first poke balls. You will also be partnered with another beginning trainer whom you will have to travel with until you have reached the 4th badge. This is all for safety reasons so if you don’t like the person you’re partnered with then two bad. We are only trying to protect you”

Tanya started to press towards the door with the many other 13-year-olds, trying to get the best view of the young Professor as she could. She was so close to getting her first pokemon! She knew Professor Jade would be calling the trainers forward alphabetically by their last names. Since her last name, Eil, began with an E, she would be one of the first names called.

“The first four trainer are Becky Adderman, Jason Akersum, Madeline Bollshwortz, and Lenny Coggs.” Professor Jade called off the first four names on the list.

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Continued from chapter 1

“I knew they were going to do it like that! Couldn’t they for once have gone from the back of the alphabet?” A tall lanky youth complained a slight scowl on his face.

“They always have to begin with A, never Z” Another youth, a fair-haired girl standing next to him whined.

Tanya grinned, Zechariah Zymmerman and his twin sister Yvonne Zymmerman. They were always last, even when you did it in an order alphabetically by your first name. She kind of felt sorry for them.

By now the four trainers were coming out of the lab with huge grins pasted on their shining faces. They all had a new shiny red and white sphere, a pokeball, attached to their belts. All four of them walked with theirs heads held high with happiness. They had all received their first pokemon. Tanya was starting to feel excited. Her name would probably be one of the next four called. Then she would be on her way to finding The Task. Once her task was done she could go home again. Not her home in Johto, but her true home, Haresfield, Massachusetts.

“Mark Collegian, Gail Derrum, Bart Eaton and Tanya Eil, you are the next group. Please come into the lab.” Professor Jade announced reading from the list she had attached to a clipboard.

Tanya weaved her way through the crowd, pushing people out of her path in her attempt to get to the door. Finally she and the other three trainers made it to the door and entered the lab. Once inside Tanya almost fell over from the shock of the cool air on her body. It was about 85 degrees outside, quite nice for a summers day in Nahira but Tanya was quite sure that they had set the temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The lab was quite large with plain-whitewashed walls, with no decorative pictures or plants around the place. In the center of the large room stood many tables that held millions of computers. They kept blinking and beeping as if responding to some signal. There were many lab assistants rushing around, doing this and that, typing something into a computer, rushing into the various doors on Tanya’s right and returning with a test tube or a coil of wires and sometimes, a live pokemon.

“Now, if you’ll follow me,” Professor Jade said briskly, “I’ll take you to the room where you shall get your pokemon.” She seemed kind of rushed, strained and annoyed, like she had better things that she could be doing at that moment than handing pokemon out to beginning pokemon trainers.

Professor Jade lead the four teens to a large, rectangular room that was white, like every thing else in the lab was. In the center of the room stood a large square table that held hundreds of poke balls each with a tag attached them. The tags probably had the names of the trainers who would be getting them, Tanya guessed as she tried to pick out the one with her name. She glanced over at the other three with her; they were also trying to see if they could read their names on one of the hundreds of tagged poke balls.

“Each of these poke balls has a tag with the name of the trainer who will be receiving the pokemon.” Professor Jade said, confirming Tanya’s suspicion. “There should be one ball out of all of these with you name on it. All of these pokemon were captured in Hoenn and should have about the same power levels so none of you should have the advantage over the other unless you have a type advantage. You may now go find your poke ball.”

Tanya rushed out to the poke ball covered table, the other three beginning trainers right behind her. She started quickly scanning each poke ball‘s tag in turn, making sure that she didn’t skip any. All of a sudden one of the trainers, Gail Derrum, gave a shout. She had found her poke ball. Gail opened the red and white sphere, letting out a stream of white light that materialized and became a small, ball shaped blue pokemon.

“Spheal!” The small blubber ball cried, clapping its chubby flippers together.

“Awesome! A Spheal!” Gail shrieked happily, taking the blubber ball into her arms.

“Congratulations Gail,” Professor Jade congratulated walking up behind the fair-haired girl, “You have received your first pokemon.”

“Found mine!” Bart Eaton shouted from the other end of the table. He opened the ball, like Gail did, and out came a small mouse like pokemon with red ears and a tail shaped like a large + sign.

“A Plusle!” Bart grinned as he kneeled down and patted his new pokemon on the head.

“Yes! A Bagon!” Mark cried from across the room.

I’d better hurry up, Tanya thought. She had been staring at every one else’s pokemon and hadn’t paid much attention to finding hers. Tanya started searching frantically among the poke balls, trying to find her red and white sphere. Finally she spotted a poke ball with a tag that read: Tanya Eil, in Professor Jade’s scrawled handwriting.

Tanya picked it up with trembling hands. This was the moment she had been waiting for, for a long time and it had finally come! She pressed the button to open the poke ball. The sphere split open and let out a flash of bright light. Tanya blinked and took her first look at the pokemon that had materialized before her. It was small and very dog like, it had a black muzzle and tail and its middle part was gray. Its eyes were a splendid gold color that sparkled when you looked into them. It’s ears twitched, as it looked Tanya over, just like she was doing to it.

Finally it said quietly, “Poochyena,” as if to say, “you’ll do”.

Tanya smiled; it was a good match for her. It wasn’t a light pokemon like she hoped for but she still loved it. But there was something about this pokemon that didn’t feel right, she just couldn’t place her finger on it. Tanya pushed it to the back of her mind and concentrated on her new pokemon.

“Ah, a Poochyena,” Professor Jade smiled as she looked at Tanya’s pokemon, “Quite a good pokemon. Its evolved form, Mightyena, is quite a powerful pokemon. I think it will be a good match for you.”

“Thanks for giving it to me.” Tanya thanked the professor as she called Poochyena back into its poke ball, and started to leave the building, following the other trainers. She walked out the door to the large outer room, passed the recipitants desk and out the door to the throng of waiting trainers.

“What did you get?” Many of the trainers asked her as she passed through the crowd. Tanya just smiled mysteriously and didn’t answer them, leaving them to guess on their own what she had gotten.

Tanya turned and made her way to the road that lead out of Nahira and towards New Bark town. She grinned and felt for the small sphere in her belt that held her new Poochyena and made sure her backpack, full of the supplies she would need on her journey, were there. Then she turned towards the road, away from the town she had lived in for four years and started trekking down the paved road towards New Bark town and her quest. Tanya’s journey had begun.

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Chapter 2

Somewhere between Nahira City and New Bark Town, Rout 29
The next day
Tanya groaned and sat down, pulling her grubby shoes and socks off her aching feet. She started to gently massage her aching feet and legs, easing the soreness out of her bones. This is pathetic, she told herself, I only walked three hours yesterday and hardly an hour today and already my legs want to never walk again! Tanya shook her head. If she wanted to find her task she had better get some strong leg muscles.

It was a beautiful summers day. The sun was shining, warm golden rays shining through the trees and falling softly on the forest floor. There was also a cool breeze, strong enough that it could be felt through the branches of the forest, but not so strong as to knock you over. The harsh calls of fearrow and spearow could be heard ringing through the trees, sometimes accompanied by the softer sounds of pidgey.

Tanya stood up and stretched her legs, back, and arms, reaching high above her head and yawning. She reached with her right hand and felt the smooth reassuring curve of the pokeball containing her Poochyena in her belt. She carefully plucked it off her belt and slowly opened it, releasing the small black and gray dog inside it. It’s about time I get to know my Poochyena, Tanya thought and she looked at the small dog before her.

“Poochyena!” It barked happily, shaking its head and body, making its soft gray fur stand on end, making it look funny.

“Hi, Poochyena!” Tanya greeted her new pokemon happily, kneeling down to ruffle its ears and comb down its fur to its proper position.

“Poochyena,” It cried again, rubbing its head against Tanya’s hand, craving for more attention.

“So, are you ready to begin our journey?” Tanya asked the gray puppy.

The Poochyena nodded its head in reply, wagging its tail back and forth furiously.

“Well, then we have to get a few things straight. We have to figure out how to communicate.” Tanya said thoughtfully.

Poochyena raised its eyebrows; at least that’s what it looked like to Tanya. It then jumped up, surprising Tanya and making her reel back. Poochyena touched her head lightly with its front paws as if it was trying to tell her something. Just then it dawned on her.

She just stared bewildered at Poochyena. “How did you know I have mind powers?” She broke out finally, shaking her head bewilderedly.

It shrugged its scrawny shoulders.

“Well, I guess it’s just something pokemon know, huh?” Tanya asked as she dropped down to her knees so she could look Poochyena right in the face. “Well, mind powers can communicate through the mind so I guess it’s worth a try.”

She gathered Poochyena, who was surprisingly very willing, into her arms and pressed her forehead against its forehead. She was surprised that it didn’t struggle, like most pokemon would. She guessed her Poochyena just trusted her enough to do this which was odd because they hardly knew each other.

Tanya focused her mind on that of Poochyena’s, feeling the vibrations of its brain waves, and entering into its nerve cords. She felt its heart beat and made it one with her own. She started to feel into its memories but was blocked by something, a power much stronger than her own. Bewildered, Tanya almost withdrew from its mind but remembered just in time what she was doing and managed to keep her mind within Poochyena’s. She reached into its mind pattern and spoke from her mind, to Poochyena’s.

I’m here. Can you understand me? Tanya asked.

Yes, I can. Do you have something to eat? It answered into her mind.

Poochyena! Were trying to be serious here!

Well, sorry for reacting to my stomachs callings! It answered sarcastically.

We might as well start off with your name.

My name! Oh, right my name… It answered sounding a little squeaky and freaked.

Yah, what should I call you?


Orange? Why in the world is your name orange?

No. It’s not my name. I’m still hungry and I want to eat an orange.

I don’t have one; anyway, Poochyena’s do not eat oranges. Its bad for them.

Who says?

All the books.


What is your name?

“Yena”, in your language. I’m not even going to try and say it in my language translated into yours.

Okay, that works.

What should I call you?

You should know that by now.

Just tell me. I like hearing people’s names; they are so different from the pokemon’s names.



We should get going. We only have four days to make it to New Bark you know.


I’m withdrawing from your mind now. If we practice it enough we may be able to talk without having to touch foreheads. Like my mother and I used to be able to do…

Okay. Are we going now?

Yes. Talk to ya later.
Tanya pulled herself out of Yena’s brain patterns and back into her own. She opened her eyes and pulled her forehead away from Yena’s and set the puppy back onto the ground. She stretched again. Overall it had been a pretty successful talk, even if she had only learned Yena’s name. She had also learned that Yena had a large appetite.

Tanya felt small paws on her leg and looked down to see Yena, with her paws on her right leg. Her eyes were imploring, trying to say, lets go!

“Okay, Yena, were going.” Tanya assured the small dog like pokemon.

Yena yapped happily and started to run down along the dirt trail, sniffing curiously at plants, and various pokemon that were on the side of the road. Tanya followed at a slower speed, enjoying the vast stillness and quietness of the forest, broken only by Yena’s happy puppy romping or various forest pokemon, calling out to one another.

Around an hour later, Tanya sat down on a large rock that stood on the side of the narrow trail. She flung herself down on it, spread-eagled over the cool, smooth surface. She called Yena to her, who then jumped on the rock and curled up on Tanya’s chest, yapping with delight whenever Tanya’s chest rose and fell with her breathing.

“Ya know Yena,” Tanya started, making the jumpy puppy yap more with delight as her chest rose higher every time she spoke. “We should do some training. You haven’t battled at all since I got you.”

Yena froze and looked at Tanya, eyes pleading as if to say, no, don’t make me battle! What’s wrong with this Poochyena? Tanya asked herself again, studying Yena’s pleading eyes. I can’t think what can be wrong with her. She seems mostly normal, except when it comes to battling or me asking her personal questions, she acts strange. There’s something wrong here.

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Continued from chapter 2

“Sorry girl.” Tanya sighed, “We have to practice.” She stood up and jumped lightly off the rock, gently pushing Yena off her chest.

“Okay, what attacks do Poochyena’s know?” Tanya mused out loud.

Tackle. Tanya heard Yena’s voice, quiet and far away.

“How did you learn to do that already?” Tanya asked, surprised.

When we talked before I managed to memorize your brain waves and I can pick them up, barely. That’s why I sound quiet.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Tanya asked

You never asked.

“You are exasperating you know.”

I don’t really care but its good to be able to communicate.

“Okay. It might take a while for me to learn it but it will be helpful in battle.” Tanya told the puppy.

Shouldn’t we be training now? Yena asked impatiently.

“I thought you didn’t want to battle?” Tanya asked, confused.

I don’t, but we might as well get it over with. Yena said with a mind sigh.

“Fine then.” Tanya sighed and started to move towards a clearing at the side of the path, Yena trotting quickly by her side.

Now, what shall I do? Yena asked when they had reached the small clearing.

“I don’t know. Just use an attack.” Tanya sighed.

You’re my trainer, you should know. Yena replied, matter-of-factly.

“Fine then.” Tanya sighed again and nodded towards a small pile of leaves, “Tackle that.”

All right. Yena agreed as she started to hunch back, ready to spring. She sat back on all fours, belly low to the ground as she sized up her “foe”. Then she sprang, flinging herself forward, and whacked into the dead pile, sending a shower of leaves up into the air. The leaves started to fall, reminding Tanya of the confetti she had used at her birthday parties in the past, landing on Tanya, Yena and everything else near by. And they were wet, giving Tanya an uncomfortable feeling of sticky wetness on her body.

“That went well.” Tanya said sarcastically, spitting the foul taste of the rotting leaves and forest wetness out of her mouth.

Just doing what you told me. Yena replied with a puppy grin.

“I suppose you should do it again.” Tanya sighed for the zillionth time that day.

And Yena did. She attacked anything she could find in the clearing, under Tanya’s command. By the time they were done for the day, they were wet, hungry and exhausted. It had been a good day. Yena had even gotten up enough courage to battle a small pokemon. They had spent nearly an hour searching until they found a small, week weedle. Yena had whooped it, sending it flying before it had a chance to become aware that it was challenged. Tanya wished she had a poke ball at that moment to capture the weedle. Instead she had just left it and gone on her way.

“We should have been traveling today instead of training you know,” Tanya remarked as she was settling into her sleeping bag, resting her exhausted head on the soft pillow.

At least we got something done. Yena retorted, coming over to Tanya and curling up on top of Tanya’s sleeping bag.

“I guess, but tomorrow, no training. We really have to press on to New Bark if I am to get there on time to become a pokemon trainer.” Tanya replied, snuggling deeper into the warm, down, sleeping bag.

What ever you say Tanya. Yena answered, opening her mouth in a huge puppy yawn.

In the darkness Tanya smiled to herself. Yena really was a good companion, she told herself sleepily as she closed her eyes, despite her exasperating talk she’s quite a good companion. Tanya soon dozed off, the wood’s darkness around her, and the comforting calls of the forest pokemon in the trees and Yena, the Poochyena, to watch over her.

07-20-2004, 11:09 PM
Chapter 3

New Bark Town, Johto.
Two days later.“Congratulations Tanya Eil,” The elderly man said to her with a grin, “You are now officially a pokemon trainer, registered in the Johto Pokemon League.” His wizened old hands pressed a small red and white device along with 5 curved spheres, into her hands. A pokedex, filled to the brimming with the latest pokemon information, and her first poke balls.

“Thanks Professor Elm!” Tanya grinned as she stared in awe at her new gear.

“You can make your way to the foyer in the front of the lab by the door. The other trainers will be waiting there to see who they will be partnered with. Glad you could participate in the pokemon league!” Professor Elm grinned as he pointed Tanya towards the foyer of the large lab in New Bark Town.

Tanya smiled again as she quickly stuffed the pokedex and pokeballs carefully into her large navy blue backpack. She then hauled it onto her shoulder and walked out of the door, cueing the next trainer in line to enter the room for his pokedex and balls. Tanya started to walk slowly to the foyer of the lab, taking time to study the interesting machines, instruments, and the lab. She was walking down a long corridor of whitewashed walls that had been painted over with a cheerful yellow. Along the walls hung many decorative pictures of Professor Elm, his assistants, and sometimes a few pictures of Jade Elm at various stages of her childhood. All of the pictures were staged at the lab, many with pokemon in them and experiments that had succeeded. Tanya studied the lab with care, noticing how utterly different it was to Professor Jade’s plain lab.

Finally Tanya reached the foyer and joined the throng of trainers who were awaiting the announcement of the person they were going to be traveling with.

She heard murmurings among the crowd like “Oh, I hope I’m with you Ruby!” or “If I’m not with Glenn I’m going to die!”

Tanya didn’t really care who she’d be partnered with, as long as it wasn’t some complete jerk or nerd. She wouldn’t really mind being placed with a girl; boys were just too daft sometimes.

“Tanya!” Tanya heard someone call above the noise of the crowd. She raised her eyes and swept the crowd, eyes searching.

“Hey Tanya! Over here!” The voice shouted again. Tanya turned towards the voice and found the person who had called her. It was one of her friends from school, Lauren Shem. She had her long mouse brown curls pulled back into a long thick ponytail, with a white cap placed sloppily over it. She was wearing an orange and yellow T-shirt and jean shorts that reached just above her knees. Over one shoulder a dark green backpack was slung; it probably held all of her necessities. On her black belt was one lone pokeball.

“Hi Lauren!” Tanya answered as she ran towards her friend.

“What pokemon did you get?” Lauren asked curiously, flipping her brown ponytail away from her face.

“A Poochyena.” Tanya grinned as she placed her backpack on the floor, “I named her Yena.”

“Awesome!” Lauren exclaimed, “I love the name!”

“Thanks,” Tanya answered, thinking about Yena’s interesting attitude. “What did you get?” Tanya asked her curiously, peering at the sphere hanging on Laurens belt.

“An Illumise.” Lauren answered modestly, placing her hands behind her back and rocking back and forth.

“An Illumise!” Tanya exclaimed, glancing at Laurens belt again.

“Wanna see it?” Lauren asked, reaching for the pokeball.

“Why not?” Tanya agreed as Lauren unhooked the pokeball from her belt.

“Attention all trainers!” A loud booming voice echoed over the crowd.

“Maybe later.” Lauren sighed, hooking the pokball back onto her belt.

“Attention! Please turn your attention this way.” The voice boomed over the sound system again. Tanya and Lauren turned, with the multitude of other trainers, towards the front of the room where a tall thin man stood on a raised platform, gripping a microphone tightly with a thin white hand.

“I would like to thank and welcome you for coming today and making it here in time for this presentation,” The man went on, “You are now all officially pokemon trainers, registered in the league of Johto. You shall start to travel the region of Johto with the person you shall be partnered with and collect the gym badges from each of the eight gyms scattered in various towns among the region.”

Tanya tapped her foot impatiently, she knew this already and it was just boring her completely. She sighed and made a face at Lauren who nodded her agreement in return.

“…Now I will give you the partners we have devised for you.” The man continued picking up a stack of papers and placing a pair of broad rimmed spectacles on his pale nose. Tanya looked around her at all of the trainers in the group. There had to be at least 50 people here, all of which she could be partnered with. She crossed her fingers and grinned at Lauren hopefully as the man began to read off the pairings.

“Nora Kiem and Jacob Noloric.” He began; adjusting his glasses slightly as two loud groans of protest erupted from the crowd followed by muffled laughter.

“Sara Chen and Nathan McKorr. Daisy Lurrell and Samuel Kurrant. Kelly Lent and Darren Jorn…” The man continued, ignoring the groans and laughter. After each partner was called the two would find each other and head out.

Finally the man called out the name Tanya had been waiting to hear. “Tanya Eil and…” Tanya held her breath and crossed her fingers, staring intently at the figure at the front. “Spencer Leneth.”

Tanya just stared, digesting the information slowly. Then she groaned, loudly, and heard another groan from across the room.

Spencer Leneth was the cutest guy in school; the guy all the girls fell head over heals for, the most idoled boy in the 7th grade. To everyone but Tanya. To Tanya he was the biggest jerk in the world. They had never been friends despite his good looks.

“Oh! You are so lucky!” Lauren squealed, jumping up and down in front of Tanya.

“No, I am not.” Tanya insisted, flicking a piece of hair out of her face. “Spencer Leneth is such a huge jerk!”

“Oh, come on Tanya! He isn’t that bad! This is still about that grudge you two have. How did it start anyway?” Lauren asked, grabbing Tanya’s hands in excitement.

“He kept annoying me all through 4th grade.” Tanya answered stiffly. “I started to annoy him in fifth for payback. He had to get me back in sixth and so on.”

Lauren raised her eyebrows. “That’s pretty stupid if you think about it.”

“He’s still a jerk though.” Tanya answered coolly as she started to pick up her backpack.

“Well, seeya ‘round I guess.” Lauren nodded as Tanya started to move off.

“You too!” Tanya grinned at her friend and began to walk away.

07-20-2004, 11:09 PM
continued from chapter 3
* * *
“Get a move on, Leneth.” Tanya said gruffly as she walked by a tall sandy haired boy who was leaning casually against a large oak tree.

“Who died and made you queen?” Spencer Leneth smirked as he leaned against a large oak tree standing tall and majestic in the middle of the large lawn of Professor Elm’s lab.

Tanya whirled around to glare at the boy. He was wearing a navy blue short-sleeved shirt and long baggy shorts that hung to his knees. His sandy brown hair was spiked in the front and slung around his shoulder was his dark green backpack. Around his waist he wore a brown belt that held one pokeball and a few other tools. Tanya would have thought he looked handsome except for the fact that he was her biggest rival.

“Nobody.” Tanya answered coolly, “I just want to get going because if we have to travel together the sooner we leave the sooner its over.”

“Point taken.” Spencer smirked as he pulled himself up and grabbed his backpack.

“Were going to Cherrygrove.” Tanya stated shortly, starting to move off into the damp forest, dripping with water from last nights rainfall.

“Says who?” Spencer asked heatedly.

“Says me. So if we are going to travel together I am the leader! Get that through that thick skull of yours!” Tanya turned on her heal and started marching out in the direction of Cherrygrove, along the road.

“Touchy, touchy.” Spencer mumbled under his breath as he turned and started to follow her.

Of all people! Tanya raved angrily in her mind; I had to be partnered with the biggest jerk in the world! She sighed heavily and went on.

“You going the wrong way.” Spencer’s dry voice piped up from behind her.

Tanya whirled around. “If you know the way then why didn’t you lead?!”

“You told me that you were the leader.” He grinned maliciously.

“Fine.” Tanya growled, “You lead, I follow.”

“Sure.” He grinned annoyingly again and moved ahead of Tanya.

Umm…can you let me out of the pokeball? Yena’s voice sounded, faint and far away.

“Oh, sorry Yena.” Tanya said as she started to unhook Yena’s pokeball off her belt.

“What did you say?” Spencer called from somewhere in the tree’s up ahead of her.

“Not your business.” Tanya replied shortly. She pressed the white button of the pokeball and in a flash of bright white light, Yena appeared. She jumped up and down happily, happy to be out of her pokeball, yipping with glee.

“So, a Poochyena was you starter.” Spencer smirked, “A whimpy pokemon. Mine is a lot stronger.”

“What did you get?” Tanya asked, angered by his words.

“Not your business.”

“Shut up.”

“Okay.” Tanya was amazed at his willingness to comply but she brushed it off and turned to Yena.

Good to be out of that cramped space! Yena cried enthusiastically into Tanya’s mind as she started trotting up the trail, sniffing at the roots and plants.

“Is it really cramped in there?” Tanya asked.

“In where?” Spencer relied irritably.

“Just talking to myself.” Tanya sniffed as she realized that Spencer couldn’t hear Yena.

He can’t hear me. Yena said. He’ll think your crazy always “talking to yourself”.

“I already thought of that.” Tanya said quietly so Spencer couldn’t hear her.

Try talking to me through your mind. Yena went on. It could come in handy. She grinned, at least Tanya thought it was a grin.

“I’ll try.” Tanya said, her voice low.

She closed her eyes and reached out with her mind, feeling, reaching, like tiny tendrils moving out. She concentrated fully on her task, her whole mind bent on the one point, Yena’s mind. Then she found it, the unique patterns of Yena’s brain waves moving through the air near her. She found Yena’s mind and spoke, loud and clear.

Hullo, Yena.

So you did it. The puppy responded. Just try to concentrate on walking, your falling way behind.

Right. Tanya opened her eyes slowly, making sure she still had a hold of Yena’s mind waves. She tentatively moved one foot out and then the other, keeping a tight hold on Yena’s mind.

This is hard. She said tightly. Doing it with my mom was easier.

It is generally easier with parents, I suppose, since they made you and you have a special bond with them. Now a pokemon is entirely different, but it’s easier with one as special as me, though. Yena replied.

What do you mean by “special”. Tanya asked quizzically.

Umm… Let’s just say that… well I’ve done it before. Yena replied hastily.

There it was again, Tanya thought to herself, Yena was acting weird again.

You’re falling behind again. Yena broke into her thoughts dryly.

Sorry, I’ll concentrate on walking now. Tanya slowly let go of Yena’s mind and started to walk quickly and surly through the forest to catch up with Spencer.

* * *

Tanya moved quietly along in the forest still following Spencer who claimed to know where he was going although Tanya doubted he did. The large pine, oak and fir trees rustled in the growing wind and wild pidgey and spearrow flew high above in the sky, screaming out their calls to one another. The soft floor of pine needles and various sticks and plants crunched merrily under Tanya’s feet as she moved slowly along, making sure that Spencer, with the maps and compasses, was in sight at all times. Yena sometimes wondered off to chase a rattata or another small pokemon with a puppy’s playful attitude. Tanya didn’t worry about her; she could take care of herself very well.

Woah! Tanya, I think we have a problem here! Tanya heard Yena’s frantic voice call into her mind, sometime later.

What? What’s wrong?! And where are you?

A bit ahead of Jerk Boy, down the trail. There’s this really freakish, crazed pokemon. It looks like it’s going to attack! You might want to come take a look.

Tanya pulled herself into a run, hurriedly passing Spencer who grabbed her by the arm as she shot passed. His iron grip brought her to a complete halt.

“Where are you going?” He asked coldly.

“Yena’s in trouble. Have to go help!” Tanya panted, glaring angrily at Spencer. She had to get to Yena and see what was happening!

“How would you know?” He smirked shaking her a little.

Just then a blood-curdling scream split the silence of the wood. Spencer stared at Tanya eyes wide. Tanya’s heart froze. The scream wasn’t like any they had ever heard before.

07-24-2004, 03:35 PM
Foreseen Trouble
Chapter 4

Tanya started to run towards where the dreadful scream had come from, Spencer right on her heals. It had come from somewhere not too far up the path. Tanya ran, her heart pounding in her mouth, and her palms sweating. How much trouble was Yena in? Was she hurt, lying wounded or… dead… somewhere in a ditch? She didn’t know.

Yena! She screamed out in her mind, trying to catch just a waver of Yena’s brain waves. Where are you!

No answer.

Yena! She screamed desperately. Please! Answer me!

They were coming up to a clearing on the side of the trail. The forest gave way to a small meadow, full of wild brown grasses; red and purple wildflowers were scattered around it, adding color to the plain scene. Tanya skidded to a dead halt, Spencer almost slamming right into her. In the middle of the meadow two pokemon were locked, deep in a fierce battle. It looked like this would be a battle to the death.

Yena and a large Raticate, to large to be natural, were rolling around on the ground, launching attack after fearsome attack on its opponent.

“Raticate, the Rat pokemon.” Tanya heard an annoyingly drab voice say. Tanya turned to Spencer, who was pointing his pokedex at the Raticate. Tanya stared at him with growing annoyance.

“Its whiskers help it to maintain balance. Its fangs never stop growing, so it gnaws to pare them down.” The pokedex continued annoyingly. Tanya turned her attention from Spencer and his pokedex and to the battle.

Yena did a running leap on the Raticate, sending it sprawling across the meadow. But it was immediately up again and Tanya had a good chance to look at it. She sucked her in breath in surprise. Instead of being the normal, white and black, its eye was pure red, a red the color of fire. Its mouth was foaming, spit flying out every time it moved its head. Tanya saw a gray blur as Yena launched herself at the rabid Raticate. She slammed into the Raticate, just like they had practiced on the road to New Bark town. Tanya shook her head. Yena was better than she looked. But this time the Raticate was ready. It struck Yena across the face with its long thick tail. Yena howled in pain as she flew back in the grass. The Raticate launched itself at the defenseless Poochyena lying on the ground, jaws extended. It bit down on Yena, right in the stomach, creating tiny punctures in the glossy skin; dark red blood began oozing from it.

“Wow.” Spencer whistled, “Hyper Fang.”

Tanya looked at him in great annoyance. Couldn’t he see that Yena was hurt! If he did he obviously didn’t care about Tanya’s pokemon. He was too interested in the strange Raticate and how strong it was. Tanya turned her attention back to the battle, where her pokemon was laying hurt and defenseless against a much stronger pokemon.

The Raticate moved in for the kill, although Yena had already fainted. Like Tanya thought, this fight was to the death. Tanya fumbled with her belt, trying to get the pokeball off in time to return Yena before she was teared to bits.

All of a sudden Spencer stepped boldly out towards the Raticate and threw a small pebble at it, scoring a direct hit on its fleshy side. The Raticate, startled, turned towards him, fangs bared, mouth, dripping foam.

“Come on you wimp!” Spencer yelled at the beast. “Come battle me and I will make you wish that you had never stepped foot on this planet!” He clenched his hands together and reached for the red and white sphere that hung on his belt.

“Go! Numel!” He shouted, throwing the pokeball in the air and revealing, in a flash of bright light, the pokemon he had kept secret. The pokemon was small, about as large as Yena. It was yellow-orange with greenish spots in its smooth back. It had little stubs for legs and a short stubby nose.

“Numel!” It cried as Spencer caught its pokeball and hooked it back on his belt.

“This is you killer pokemon?” Tanya asked sarcastically.

“Its much stronger than yours.” Spencer replied.

“Sure!” Tanya snorted reaching for her pokedex. I’m such a hypocrite, she told herself as she pointed the electronic device at Spencer’s Numel, using this thing when I scorned Spencer for using it.

“Numel, the Numb Pokemon.” Her pokedex quoted, “Numel stores magma of almost 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit within its body. If it gets wet, the magma cools and hardens. In this event, the pokemon’s body grows heavy and its movements become sluggish.

Tanya grinned to herself. This pokemon definitely seemed sluggish.

“Okay, Numel lets battle!” Spencer shouted enthusiastically as he pointed his finger at the mad Raticate in the middle of the field.

“Numel!” The small magma pokemon cried as it dashed forwards towards the Raticate. The Raticate snarled, showing its sharp, dangerous, white teeth.

“Use your ember attack and burn it” Spencer shouted excitedly. The small creature dashed forwards and opened its mouth wide, letting out a stream of red-orange fire. The fire moved towards the Raticate who quickly jumped out of the way of the burning embers and darted quickly towards Numel. It slammed into it, sending Numel flying and skidding across the field. The Raticate charged after its opponent who quickly jumped up.

“Okay Numel! Dodge its attack at the last moment and surprise it with a tackle attack!” Spencer cried as Tanya finally untangled her pokeball from her belt.

“Yena! Return!” She shouted as a beam of red light shot out of the pokeball and engulfed the small limp pokemon, bringing it into the interior of the pokeball.

Numel stared intently at the oncoming pokemon, ready to dodge it at any moment. All of a sudden it rolled out of the way, but just in time Raticate stuck out its long thick tail in Numel’s way. Numel slammed into it, bringing it to a complete stop as the Raticate sank its large fangs down on Numel’s skin. Small trickles of blood started to pool from it.

“Numel! Get up!” Spencer screamed at his weakened pokemon, “We have to keep trying!”

Numel whined pitifully but struggled shakily to its small stubby feet. The Raticate’s eyes were starting to glow red. Tanya didn’t know what caused this and she was starting to get freaked out by this Raticate.

“Now! Use Ember again and hit it good!” Spencer yelled at the struggling Numel. All of a sudden, Numel jumped up with a new found strength.

“Numel!” It cried as it opened its mouth and let out a stream of fire. The fire struck the wandering Raticate head on. It reeled back and fell to the ground. Then all of a sudden it was on its feet, panting hard, as it faced Spencer’s exhausted Numel.

“Okay! One more time Numel! Ember!”

Numel yelled and leapt towards the panting Raticate, letting its deadly stream of burning embers at the Raticate. The Raticate started to dodge it but wasn’t quick enough. The flames hit it right on the tail. It let out a blood-curdling scream, like the one Tanya and Spencer had heard down the road. The Raticate tottered for a moment and then fell over from exhaustion. A few seconds later, Numel followed it, its small body thudding heavily to the ground.

07-24-2004, 03:36 PM
continued from chapter 4

“Alright!” Spencer shouted in triumph. He reached into his pack and brought out one shiny new pokeball. “Now! I’m going to capture you!” He called to the Raticate as he threw the red and white sphere at the Raticate. The ball hit the form of the Raticate and bounced off, not letting out any red beam to take it into the pokeball.

“Why’d it do that?” Spencer asked confused.

“Because its mine.” A cold steely voice sounded from across the field. Tanya and Spencer both turned their gaze to the figure calmly walking towards them. It was a boy, not much older than them, maybe 15. He was wearing a purple T-shirt with a symbol that Tanya hadn’t seen before, on the left corner of his shirt. The symbol was a large golden oval with a faint outline of a creature inside of it. Strange, Tanya thought, that he would be wearing something like that. His pants were a light khaki color. His skin was deathly pale, too pale to be natural. Tanya had never seen anyone with skin that pale. But what really stood out in the boy were his eyes. His pupil was a flaming red, not pink like an albino, but red, just like the Raticate’s whole eye was. His iris was a very dark brown color that was tinted red.

“Why was it attacking my Poochyena?” Tanya asked heatedly, taking a quick step towards the strange boy.

“I ordered it to.” The boy answered dryly, his voice sounding like cold icicles scraping against stone.

“Why did you order it to?” Tanya asked gritting her teeth angrily thinking about Yena lying defenseless on the ground.

“For the fun of it.” The boy answered, grinning an evil malicious grin that froze Tanya’s heart.

“Why you…murderer!” Tanya burst out, lunging for the boy only to be caught by the arm. Spencer held her in his iron grip once more.

“Are you crazy!” He hissed, jerking Tanya back, “This guy is mad! He could kill us both in an instant especially with that Raticate of his!”

“Raticate. Up.” The boy commanded his Raticate, snapping his fingers as he stared straight at Tanya. The rabid Raticate was immediately on its feet, snarling at the duo across from it. “Get them.” His order froze Tanya’s heart. The Raticate rushed at them, at lightning speed, coming closer and closer by the second.

Then, almost without thinking, Tanya did the only thing she could do. She sent out her mind, its power careening through the air straight towards Raticate, faster than it was moving. She reached out to the Raticate with her mind, wrapping her mind around it, engulfing it. She sent it careening high up in the air and then sent it hurling back down to earth. It hit the ground with a sickening thud.

The red-eyed boy backed away from her quickly, red eyes wide, staring at her with fear. He fumbled with a pokeball on his belt and brought it out. The pokeball wasn’t a normal pokeball. It was totally black with a purple symbol on it, the same one that was on the boy’s shirt. He returned his Raticate hastily in a flash of red light.

“You can’t be the one!” He squeaked in hysteria. “Not yet! You can’t be! You shouldn’t come for many more years!” He shook his head backing up all the while and disappeared into the forest behind him.

Tanya turned to Spencer who was staring at her, blue eyes wide with shock, fear and uncertainty.

“That was weird.” Tanya said nervously.

“What did you do?” Spencer asked, looking at her with wide eyes.

“I…I have certain powers…” Tanya trailed off slowly.

“But…that’s impossible! It only happens in books.” He shook his head disbelievingly.

“I…can’t explain. Well, just believe what you want.” Tanya stuttered.

“It’s impossible.” He shook his head once more and started moving slowly, still dazed, in the direction of the path, after returning his Numel to him.

Tanya followed slowly. He knew of her powers now. Just as she’d thought, he didn’t believe it could happen. He probably thought it as some kind of big trick. Tanya turned away from her thoughts and concentrated on following Spencer down the winding trail.

* * *

Yena shifted on the sleeping bag once again, trying to make herself comfortable. It was the night after the fearsome battle against the strange Raticate, her bite marks were still healing up, and Yena had still been exhausted, even after Tanya had given her a potion. Tanya was breathing slowly and evenly beside her, a sign that she was sleeping deeply. The fire was dwindling to almost nothing, the embers only letting off a soft orange glow that cast shadows over everything. Yena stood up and shifted again. She could hear Spencer’s soft even breathing from across the small camp and the soft snorts of the Numel beside him.

Yena shifted again. She couldn’t get to sleep! She had tried for more than an hour but it never came! Yena was a very quick sleeper. Whenever she closed her eyes she was out like a rock. But not tonight.

All of a sudden, a voice, calm, eerie and very familiar sounded out through the woods, echoing through the trees. No, it wasn’t in the wood it was inside her head. Yena’s heart leaped with happiness. He was finally talking to her, after all this time! She would finally get to have a conversation with him! Then her heart sank. If he was talking to her it would mean… His words were not the ones she wanted to hear either. Not at all. His words froze her heart to ice.

“Sister!” The call rang out in her mind, “They’re coming, Sister! Beware! They’re coming.”

“I know, Brother.” Yena answered, “I know.”

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