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(Please note that this story contains the names of actual members and team names at this forum. This story does not imply anything about these members regarding what they say, how they act and what they feel. Their actions in this story have nothing to do with their actual personality. The purpose of this Fan Fiction is for the War competition and for entertainment, not to defame, insult or otherwise imply anything about the real member’s name, personality or the team they belong to. Chances are the emotions and actions of the character in the story will not completely reflect their personal beliefs in real life, whereas this story is for role-playing purposes only. If your name happens to appear in this story and you feel insulted about any material presented, please let me know through PM, but please keep in mind it is not my intention to imply anything offensive about you.)

The events of this War Fic take place 10 years after the events of War Season 1, indirectly based of the War RP

Warning: Contains graphic violence, vulgar language as well as realistic weapon names.


When the rest of the world went to sleep, the nation of Nox became alive. The flashing neon signs in the store windows and the burning trash cans bathed the city in a hellish glow. The dimly lit street lights covered the dark asphalt streets with a faint light. The cars had no headlights as they passed through the darkness. In the nation of Nox, midnight had become midday.

Each citizen of Nox had been born in the darkness, and throughout the countless years of living in the night, they had gained the ability to see in the darkest shade. There were no flashlights, lamps, or night vision goggles in Nox, for one simple fact that no one needed them. There never really was darkness for a citizen of Nox, there were only times to be active and not to be active. The only ones who were active at most some time during the day were the Nox soldiers, who wore strong sunglasses over their eyes to protect them from the light of the sun. Their only problem was that the sun was so bright to them that losing that pair of shades could render them blind until they could find some source of shade. However, this was still more advantageous as opposed to fumbling in the dark, a problem that the people of all the other nations had.

The Pokémon trainers and soldiers of Nox used Pokémon with these same night-bound traits and instincts. Anything else was extremely rare, and if it did exist, it had been trained to fight in the dark. However, most soldiers and trainers didn’t bother trying to teach a Pokémon how to fight in the night darkness. They wanted ones that already knew how to. They felt they were stronger if they could attack an enemy that was helpless in the dark. Like an assassin they would strike with timing and precision. Each of them had been trained to fight like one.

The flag of Nox was one that symbolized the nation’s strength. Most of the banner was black, while on the left were depictions of blue rays overlapping. Before it all stood an Absol with the blade on it’s head glowing white. Meanwhile, the words “Team Nox” ran across the top, while one line crossed over the Absol’s blade to form the X. On the left side were the words “The Darkness Shall Swallow the Light” in ghostly, fragmented white letters. The night-bound nation had been under the command of President Dark Absol, and his Vice President Neo Pikachu. Both of them had been in command of the whole of the nation of Nox. Dark Absol was persistent, focused, and determined. He believed superior technology and tactics were vital in fighting a war. He focused more on precision and accuracy rather than brute force. Dark Absol was a master computer expert. Never before had someone like him been able to bypass security protocols and firewall shields the way Dark Absol could. There was no system code that he couldn’t use to his advantage, not to mention he invented three programming languages himself and utilized them to make it even harder for the other nations to achieve what he had achieved…

Vice President Neo Pikachu was a different story. He was a seasoned veteran, who often went under the name of “Neo” for short. While Dark Absol believed precision, Neo believed in strategy. There was nothing he enjoyed more than outsmarting his enemies. When faced against his enemies, Neo Pikachu was a ruthless combatant. In his eyes, breathing men became mere targets, and compassion and empathy faded into the silence of the darkness. He was proficient with nearly a hundred weapons, and he was deadly accurate with all of them. However, as dark as his heart was in combat against his enemy, he showed kindness and compassion toward his comrades. He spent countless hours training new soldiers for combat, building them to become elites. Only the soldiers with the most potential in Nox were given training under him, and it was considering an extreme honor and privilege to receive it.

The Great War among the restless nations had spurred for many dark years. Dark Absol had served as a military commander, and Neo Pikachu had been a High General fighting along side the forces of Nox. Both of them had seen to it that every last surplus monetary resource was spent toward the funding of new weapons, technology, vehicles, and armor. While the training of Pokémon for combat purposes was a priority for Nox, enhancing machines and technology came first. On occasion, there were battles where Nox hadn’t released a single Pokémon for combat. Most Nox soldiers believed it was better to keep returning fire no matter what. If they could keep the bullets flying, they wouldn’t even need to move in to strike.

The standard issue rifle among soldiers was the Heckler & Koch G11, a black and silver metal rifle that fired caseless ammunition. The metal rifle was rectangular in shape, with a scope mounted on the top of the gun to allow for accurate firing. Lightweight and easy to use, these rifles were employed by many of Nox’s finest. However, the issue of this rifle depended on the soldier’s rank as well as class. While most Nox soldiers were given the H&K G11, other soldiers were given different support firearms depending on their expertise and purpose.

Nox had three classifications of soldiers within its entire army. The first of these soldiers were the rare Shock Troopers, Nox’s prime elite breed of soldiers. Most of these support troopers were given the M249 SAW, a heavy support rifle that was gas operated and could deliver a lethal blasting of heavy caliber ammunition. The long, silver rifle used an ammunition link feeding system to ensure a continuous rate of fire. Among Shock Troopers, soldiers armed with the M249 SAW were usually deployed to take down very large targets, including enemy vehicles, large groups of soldiers, and also any Pokémon that the attacking force had deployed. Due to the amount of investment in these high-powered rifles, they were very successful, ripping through armor, metal, and certainly far past skin…

Neo Emolga
07-04-2004, 08:55 PM
Other Shock Troopers were given the Skyfire Laser Rifle, a large, black rifle with a long barrel that had vent holes on the sides. Several wires hung from below the rifle’s main hull, while the rest of the rifle consisted of the long and slender barrel used for long range accurate shots. The Skyfire Laser Rifle fired a burst of bright red, ultra-heated energy capable of slicing a target instantly in half. Also, the Laser Rifle served as an essential long range weapon, making sure enemy forces never got even close. Shock Troopers armed with the Skyfire Laser Rifle and the M249 SAW working alongside proved to be a very fast and lethal force, one that instilled many thoughts of fear into the minds of their oppressors…

A small few of these soldiers were actually given a MK153, an anti-vehicle rocket launcher used to disarm very large targets only, solely because it consumed time to reload. The black tube of the rocket launcher also came with a scope for more accurate firing. Out of every twenty Shock Troopers, only one of them was given a MK153 rocket launcher.

The second classification of soldiers in the Nox army was the Sentries, guards appointed for the defense of the Nox nation. Since most of the support fire came from the mounted machine guns upon the buildings and walls of the cities Nox had taken over, these soldiers were sometimes given the Heckler & Koch UMP, a sub-machine gun designed as more of a police weapon as opposed to the H&K G11.

The remainders of the Nox military force were called the Night Warriors, which composed the front of the Nox fighting force, and were the most in abundance. These soldiers often worked along with Shock Troopers constituted the basis of the Nox army. Most of these soldiers were given the H&K G11, only a small few of them were given anything else, since most of those support positions were given to Shock Troopers. While Shock Troopers had the potential to work alone, most of the time they worked with the company of the Night Warriors.

Despite the fact Dark Absol had insured that the Nox military was given appropriate funding to ensure a lethal attack force, many of the tax dollars had gone into weapons and technology research. Dark Absol had seen to it that many of these funds were invested in multiple technology plans, projects that would put the nation of Nox in an advantageous position. And then one day, it had all paid off…

June 6, 2025, a new discovery in technology had been reached. A long awaited project that had taken twenty years in the making had finally been complete, and Dark Absol was ready to utilize the technology to gain the edge in the war. If successfully launched, this landmark in the pioneering of technology was going to change everything…

After twenty long years, the Dasai Satellite Project had finally been completed. Using ONS Dawn and Ultradyne technology, Nox had assembled a satellite that far surpassed the technology of any other nation, immediately giving the nation of Nox an excessive competitive advantage to the war. In only days it would be launched, giving Nox the power to pinpoint locations and order nuclear missile strikes with flawless accuracy, being able to accurately eliminate targets, only having an error ratio of just inches. Not only that, but the Dasai Satellite had the power to translate communication between Nox radios and encrypting them into trillions of variables synthesized with a code that was constantly changing, and could never be deciphered by any other machine. The only time the communication could be understood was only when it contacted the earpiece or the speaker of the intended communication device, allowing Nox to have uninterrupted and untapped transmissions. Suddenly, spies against Nox would become stunningly useless…

The Dasai Satellite also functioned as a computerized telescope, able to focus in on a target with flawless accuracy. The satellite was powerful enough to examine the texture of a single hair on the back of a Rattata even from many miles away in space. With additional scoping technology, the Dasai Satellite vision trajectory beam could surpass wood, metal, and concrete roofing and survey the activity inside. This technology was strong enough to reach seven sublevels underground, making it an extremely powerful device. Very little could hide from the power of this machine…

One of Nox’s prime enemies had discovered this technology only days before the final launch date. The league known as Team Trainer had uncovered this surpassing technology just in time before the nation of Nox had made plans to send the Dasai Satellite into orbit. Considering the seriousness of the threat, they would have to act soon. If the Dasai Satellite was launched into orbit, they would have no chance of stopping it.

For many years, the nation of Nox had been against the masses of Trainer’s force, as well as those of the nation of Flora and The Magnificent Alliance. Other, newer threats came from the presence of Team Extreme, Elite, and Aqua-Frost. But the nation of Trainer was Nox’s largest threat. For the longest time, Nox had been behind Trainer, but for this one moment in history, they were on the verge of gaining the upper hand.

Unlike Nox, the nation of Trainer fought more for the purposes of righteousness, peace, and justice. In truth, the league of Trainer never considered themselves to be a military force, but were considered to be more of a special weapons and tactics force that had become a league like no one could ever imagine. Team Trainer consisted of a massive network of Pokémon trainers with one major goal in mind. Unlike the brotherhood of darkness, Trainer saw more comfort in the clarity of the light. Likewise, there was very good reason for these two forces to oppose each other. They could never live together in peace and comfort, for their way of living was radically different. The flag of Trainer was one that depicted a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle, standing in a grassy field with a lavender sky dotted with white clouds behind them. Below the three Pokémon where the words, “Fight for freedom. Fight for glory. Fight to win.”

In more ways than one, Team Trainer was completely opposite to the beliefs of Nox. For one aspect, Team Trainer focused more on using Pokémon in combat than relying mostly on weapons. One of the main purposes in this was the officers and people of Team Trainer had far more faith in their companions than in man-made firearms. However, there were always situations where the soldiers needed to fight alongside their Pokémon, so they still needed their own weapons. However, they were not as advanced in combat technology as the league of Nox was. And then again, Nox almost always fought an outnumbered battle against Team Trainer and their Pokémon companions. Regardless, each battle was always bloody. The situation never changed the amount of losses on the field…

Team Trainer’s legendary leader Harry Kim was also the complete opposite of Dark Absol. While Dark Absol believed in the satisfaction of revenge, Harry Kim believed more in the fulfillment of justice. Every nation knew that Harry Kim stood steadfast in his beliefs, never letting go of a single goal or objective. No mission was completed until the job was done. Because of this, Harry Kim was known as overly persistent, ambitious and determined. Regardless, Harry Kim would never commit a war crime that would taint the purpose of justice. He would never commit an act that would defile the purpose of freedom, which he believed was the greatest gift mankind could ever have. While the nation of Nox wouldn’t show the slightest resistance to using nuclear missiles or biological warfare, Harry Kim would never consider the use of such destructive weapons. Besides the fact, Harry Kim knew his beliefs alone weren’t enough to stop the decisions of others. He knew this had to be achieved through action and persistence. He knew this had to be earned through the command and respect of his officers.

Neo Emolga
07-04-2004, 08:56 PM
After learning about the Dasai Satellite, Harry Kim knew the mission that needed to be taken to stop this action had immediately become priority one. For unlike other missions, time was against them. Any slightest bit of a mistake could mean the difference between total victory and complete failure. Harry Kim knew if there was any time in history that he needed the complete cooperation of his team, now was the time he needed it the most.

With only days before the powerful satellite was launched, Harry Kim had decided he was left with only one choice. He knew it would be risky, but it was his only alternative, for the safety of the nation of Trainer and its people. If they had allowed this launch to take place, it was going to drastically threaten Team Trainer’s security and way of life. His forces would be unable to move undetected. There would be nothing stopping Nox from launching every nuclear missile they had in stock and tear away at Trainer’s most vital targets. He could not allow that to happen…

Three hours after Harry Kim had received information regarding the satellite’s creation and launch date, he had decided to hold a meeting between his advisors and his commanders of Trainer Special Forces, powerful leaders he needed desperately if there was to be any hope of removing this intense power from Nox’s hands. He had no tolerance for anyone wasting time, and from what he had received from his intelligence agents, he didn’t have a whole lot of it to waste…

The commander of Trainer had arrived dressed in a business suit to the large conference room where he would be holding a meeting between himself and his military advisors. All around the conference room were computer screens displaying information and image displays, constantly changing to reveal new and updated information. In the center was a single heavy oak table with a glossy coating that shined from the rectangular, overhead ceiling lights implanted in the ceiling that shone above it. Harry Kim had sat comfortably down in his chair and placed his feet firmly on the gray carpet that covered the floor. It was only seconds later that his military advisors, Special Forces commanders and key intelligence agents had gathered around the table to discuss the critical matter at hand. Once they had sat down, he had decided to start.

“As of three hours ago, I had been informed of a new piece of technology that one of our oppressors had developed during the duration of this war.” Harry Kim began with a firm and serious tone, “Though many of you have been informed of this technology already, I wish to address the seriousness of disabling this piece of hardware.”

Commander Catriona had been the one who had informed Harry Kim of the satellite’s presence, after her intelligence agents had informed her of the situation. She was dressed in a light gray uniform adorned with many medals of achievement. Catriona had been the only one to know of the Dasai Satellite’s existence before any other leading commander of Team Trainer. She could see the news of it had already spread around like flash fire, and the result of the subject was making her a bit anxious.

Catriona was firm and steadfast in her beliefs. She was also a very strict commander, and had no tolerance for mistakes or laziness. And at a time like this, her patience was almost non-existent. She was devoted to protecting the lives of her team and comrades, and would fight furiously to do so. She already knew what this was going to lead to, but she was well aware that infiltrating a Nox military base to steal satellite circuitry wasn’t going to be easy. There were some things Catriona didn’t like. Trying to plan the perfect infiltration at the last minute was definitely one of them.

“Commander Catriona, I need for you to assemble a strike force as soon as humanly possible.” Harry Kim stressed to her, still looking like the stress and pressure was getting to him, “We don’t have a lot of time. If you find that obtaining the satellite circuitry is impossible or will impediment the mission, then your orders are to destroy it, but there is no way we can continue to allow Nox to have this kind of technology in their hands. It’s far too risky and way too dangerous.”
“Understood, sir.” Catriona replied, knowing the risk but also answering the call of duty.

Sitting besides Harry Kim was an individual by the name of JT, one of Harry Kim’s highest elite officers. He was dressed in a black suit similar to Harry Kim’s, also with a look of concern on his face. JT had been known throughout the years as being Team Trainer’s leading expert on intelligence. Out of all the threats he had discovered about Nox, this was one of the few that made him worry the most. That… and something else…

“We’re also suspecting possible biological warfare threats.” JT stated suddenly, laying down another issue at hand on the table that hadn’t been mentioned before, “My agents have informed me of the surfacing of the PHT Virus. It appears somehow Nox managed to get this virus into their hands...”
“Damn them!” Catriona shouted out furiously, smashing a clenched fist onto the table, “God, what the hell is it all for!?”

Harry Kim had looked over JT for a moment. Something in his stomach made him feel suddenly sick. He already knew what the PHT Virus was. He recalled a particular horror story in mind. He remembered seeing photographs…

“I thought that was just a rumor.” Harry Kim replied feeling suddenly faint, “I didn’t think they would actually go through with something like that…”
“I was told that they ripped it off of someone by the name of Daniel Carrington, who’s a deadly brilliant scientist.” JT responded, looking away for a moment.
“I’m assuming he works for Nox…?” Harry Kim asked, not very familiar with the name.

There was some silence. Then, one of JT’s elite soldiers had spoken up. Mechaflame, another soldier who had enlisted for the officer protection program was also one of Catriona’s greatest snipers, deadly with almost an endless amount of sniper rifles. He was dressed in a dark gray soldier’s uniform, also sitting besides many other of Catriona’s top military soldiers.

“Look, I don’t think anyone really cares who he works for,” Mechaflame had replied, feeling very impatient, “Either way you look at it, Nox has two extremely dangerous weapons, the Dasai Satellite and the PHT Virus. Take just one minute to think how damn dangerous those two combined could be…”

Another wave of deadly silence had cast itself over the minds of everyone in the room. Catriona had covered her mouth with her hand in shock. Harry Kim had looked down at his feet, knowing their time was extremely limited, and any sort of failure could destroy the very foundation of Team Trainer and their way of life. He knew what the PHT Virus was capable of. He had read it, and saw the results in photographs. He couldn’t imagine seeing that happen to his own people.

One of Team Trainer’s heavy weapons and artillery specialists was none other than Aleyquala, who had been very silent during the whole time of the meeting until now. This was one of his first times hearing about the PHT Virus. It scared him to death looking at all the worried expressions on everyone’s faces. He had never seen or heard of anything like this ever before.

“Excuse me for asking, but what is the PHT Virus, and what does it do?” Aleyquala asked, looking around the room with a worried stare.
“The ‘PHT’ stands for Pokémon Hybrid Transmutation Virus.” Harry Kim replied with a firm and serious voice, “It once was used on a small group of villagers as a test by some deranged scientists. The result was the spawning of a new race of people, half human and half Pokémon…”
“That’s sick…” Aleyquala replied harshly with a disgusted expression.

Everyone’s eyes were on Harry Kim now, but all he could do was look back at Aleyquala, who was very worried. His forehead was beginning to saturate with hot sweat, knowing if they failed to stop Nox from using the Dasai Satellite and the PHT Virus together, the league of Team Trainer and the rest of the world would never be the same. It would cause so much damage that they could never go back to the way things used to be…

Neo Emolga
07-04-2004, 08:57 PM
“Two doctors by the names of Dennis Fairfield and Francis Paterson were the ones who created it, probably as a sick joke or to scare people.” Catriona had further informed Aleyquala, “The PHT Virus is one that works airborne. Simply the only thing that needs to be done is to place the viral containers in a bomb and shoot it somewhere. The blast will eject the virus particles into the air, infecting any human who inhales it.”
“How long does it take for it to work?” Aleyquala asked, feeling very nervous at the moment.
“All that needs to happen is for someone to inhale a single virus, and they’re already infected.” JT replied firmly to Aleyquala, looking into his desperate eyes, “The way the thing spreads is alarming. Within just a single hour, the virus will start ripping your DNA to ribbons and force the production of a new translation code. It works faster than fire in a haystack. If you inhale a lot of it, the virus could work in only minutes. It’s that fast.”

Aleyquala couldn’t believe it. He never once imagined in his mind that such a demonic thing was even possible. Still, he knew this was an extremely serious threat. There was nothing he could do to say it didn’t exist. And right now, it seemed far more real than ever before.

“How could someone do this?” Aleyquala asked, questioning the very sanity of mankind at that moment.
“There will always be people who relish in the devastation of others.” JT warned Aleyquala with a serious tone of voice, “Twenty years ago, Dr. Fairfield and Paterson figured out how exactly to read DNA like a book. Then, they started to get to work on a virus that removes parts of a person’s DNA and replaces it with something new. Fairfield and Paterson then started using DNA from various Pokémon. Strangely enough, and it still boggles my mind as to how they did it, but each single virus is armed with all the tools it needs to transcript a person’s DNA to any Pokémon’s, so the infected person can be a hybrid of any Pokémon known to man.”

The sound of it sent a chill through Aleyquala’s spine. The idea of Pokémon hybrids seemed to haunt his mind, and trying to imagine seeing them seemed unfathomable. Even with trying to use every attempt to use the darkest side of his imagination, he still couldn’t get a clear vision of what they should look like.

And then the breath-stealing news of the Dasai Satellite’s highly advanced technology could have made him scream at the thought. There was nothing stopping Nox from selecting precise targets, and pounding them furiously with the virus. At that moment, Aleyquala knew he was ready to do anything to make sure he got the circuitry and the virus out of Nox’s hands, whatever the cost…

“It’s usually very random what Pokémon the virus decides to transcribe.” JT continued, “And the sickest thing is, it only becomes active when the infected person is asleep. Only when the host is in a dormant, unconscious state does the virus begin to work and begin serious cell growth and division. Within only three hours, the person infected with the virus will start growing fur, tails…”
“Shut up!” Aleyquala screamed, very pale and on the brink of vomiting, “God, I’ve heard enough already!”

At that moment, JT had become silent, respecting Aleyquala’s plea. He already knew there was no hope of a cure. No researcher or physician had ever tried to make a remedy for it, mainly because of the belief that the virus wouldn’t surface again. While the virus couldn’t be passed from one person to another, it didn’t matter. It didn’t even need to be contagious, considering the little that was needed to infect a single person and how quickly it worked like hellfire. Just one breath could do it all…

“Look, just grab a glass of water, Aleyquala.” Catriona told him, looking at Aleyquala’s pale face, “If we get the virus and the circuitry out of Nox’s hands, nothing is going to happen.”

Still, Aleyquala was trembling with fear. He just couldn’t imagine his friends or family, his comrades and himself under the pressure and influence of this virus. Just thinking about it was making him sick, and very determined.

“We’ve got to get that stuff now, before they launch…” Aleyquala said with a sickly voice, “We can’t allow this to happen…”
“This is what we’re here for, Aleyquala.” Catriona reassured him, “We’re going to do everything we can…”

Sitting across from Aleyquala had been Vex, a strong but silent member of Trainer’s military. Like the other soldiers around him, he had been dressed in a light gray uniform, just looking down on the table. He had heard of the PHT Virus before, but for the longest time, he thought it was gone, never to be seen again. Hearing news of it resurfacing in Nox didn’t exactly make him happy to hear about it.

“What ever happened to the hybrids?” Aleyquala asked, looking around, “Are they even still alive?”
“No.” Vex responded firmly, “After Dr. Fairfield and Dr. Patterson were assassinated by another special weapons and tactics force, the hybrids were destroyed in fear that they might spread the virus. And to think I once thought they had destroyed the virus completely. I guess I was wrong…”
“What the devil does Nox plan on doing with it?” Aleyquala asked in dismay, “Don’t they know the risks behind using this kind of virus? They could be infecting themselves for crying out loud!”

But Aleyquala was greeted with silence. There was nothing left after that. Then, after the silence had passed, Harry Kim had begun again.

“Catriona, I want you to do everything possible to make sure that the PHT Virus is out of Nox’s hands, as well as obtaining the satellite circuitry if possible.” Harry Kim told Catriona, looking at her straight in the eye, “The people of Trainer are depending on you.”
“I’ll do what I can…” Catriona responded, looking slightly away for a moment…

07-07-2004, 11:11 PM
In a word: AWESOME! This story is not only cool, but also well described, superbly detailed, and very realistic. I really don't know how I'm going to attempt to compete with fics like this...

Neo Emolga
07-13-2004, 06:20 AM

It had been six days before Nox’s President Dark Absol had met with the rest of his legendary regiment. Like the Absol himself, Dark Absol was quick to act, and he stood firm in his decisions, actions, and beliefs. He didn’t like wasting time either. He enlisted only the best soldiers of Nox he knew of, and he formed them all into this one, single regiment.

Secondly, Dark Absol preferred working in the field of his expertise rather than sitting behind a desk. He was a wickedly powerful computer hacker, never before had anyone else been unable to bypass any level of security or accomplished as much in the field as he did. Dark Absol never once knew hesitation, and he knew no fear when he needed to fight. He’d rather have to work with a gun or a knife, rather than work with politics. Sometimes he would work with the duties of his position, but he much rather would prefer to work as a soldier, a high general, a commander and a role model for his army…

There was nothing he loved using more than a Desert Eagle Magnum, even above rifles. Powerful pistols were quick to kill with just one shot. If used right, they could be the most powerful firearms ever. Dark Absol’s favorite place to shoot people was right between the eyes. A well aimed shot could kill instantly, just the way Dark Absol adored to finish off his enemies. Either that, or he would summon the assistance of his own Absol named Shadow, and the sight of quick, furious kills from the use of the Absol’s black blade on his head was another thing he savored.

He was certainly pleased with Nox’s progress over the other nations. He was especially looking forward to the launch of the Dasai Satellite and finally being able to work with it for the first time. The growth of technology always enticed him, for it was like an epic novel that never ended. This was just one moment in time he would be able to remember for a long time.

Though it seemed like an unlikely place for him to stay, he had been with his other regiment members in their own mess hall, a single concrete room with only a single overhanging dim light with a cover shaped like a cymbal. In the middle of the small room were three metal tables of light construction, as well as metal fold-up chairs pushed under the tables and scattered all over the place. By the single metal door, two vending machines stood, slightly giving off a faint glow. One of them was a snack machine, with various colorful packages of pretzels, potato chips and candy bars behind a sheet of clear plastic. The other one was for soft drinks, with a large picture of a Pepsi can half-submerged in a sea of ice cubes with various colorful selection buttons running along the side for each desired drink.

A can of Pepsi had landed in the black dispensing tray with a thud, and soon after a hand had reached in to retrieve it. The soldier’s name was Kholdstaire, one of Dark Absol’s personal Shock Troopers. While Kholdstaire was often very ambitious with even a sense of humor on the side, he was still lethal like a snake in combat. Kholdstaire had grown very accustomed to the M249 SAW, and out of every time he had been in combat, he never showed resistance to mowing down every living, breathing target he could with the large, lethal rifle. To Kholdstaire, mercy and compassion was for his comrades, not for his enemy…

He had pulled the tab of the can, cracked it open and took a sip, letting the cool, refreshing sweet taste fill his mouth and quench his thirst. He then turned around to join the rest of his squad. He put the cold aluminum can on the table, pulled out the chair, and sat down.

“By now they must have found out about the satellite.” A voice said firmly from the back of the room.
“Heh heh, like hell they would...” Kholdstaire quickly replied, taking another sip of Pepsi.
“Not like there’s anything they can do about it.” Another confident voice to the left of him replied.

Kholdstaire could feel a chill as his fingers embraced the can, saturated with tiny droplets of ice-cold water. The cold can was almost numbing his fingers, but he still kept a grip on it. His throat had been so dry for the last few hours that he couldn’t care about anything else.

Mlugia had been in the back of the room, cleaning the H&K G11 he had been issued. He had taken apart the sub-machine gun piece by piece and was wiping each piece clean. He was a silent warrior, never the one to shout or laugh as he fired upon his enemies. If he had to kill, he would barely spend time to think about it, he would act as soon as he could and fire as much as he needed to bring them down.

“Enough of the crap.” A voice besides Mlugia had exclaimed, “Two days from now, and Trainer’s going to be in a far worse condition than cooking in their own vomit.”

The response came from the highest ranking Nox Shock Trooper, one by the name of Neo Pikachu, often called Neo for short. Like Mlugia, he had been cleaning his gun, a highly enhanced Skyfire Laser Rifle with an amplified energy heater, extended magazine, and with a faster rate of fire. Unlike Mlugia, he had finished first. The Skyfire Laser Rifle that he carried was capable of ripping men and assault Pokémon to pieces, leaving a hideous bloody mess behind.

“They know nothing.” A steadfast, feminine voice had replied, “Harry Kim and the rest of them are fifteen years behind us now. It’s certainly about time. They’ve been in control for long enough. The past belonged to Trainer, but the future is ours. Our time…”

Silverfrost was sitting only a few feet from Kholdstaire at the first table, with her hands on the table and her M249 SAW by her side. She preferred using her Glock side arm instead, but she was equally wicked with the M249 SAW. She was a combat veteran, an expert at the range with flawless accuracy. Again, she was one of Dark Absol’s nastiest Shock Troopers, having already killed one enemy soldier for every year she had been alive. Still, she was more than ready to raise that number…

“They usually are.” Mlugia replied casually, starting to reassemble his rifle, “By the time they hear about it, it’s going to be way too late anyway.”

Another one of Dark Absol’s Shock Troopers had looked over to Mlugia. To many, he was known as Dark Pikachu, a master of explosive weapons. Despite the fact he was one of the younger members of the Nox elite force, he had not been handed a MK153 just for the heck of it. He was given one for his ability to destroy vital targets with it like a highly advanced machine. He was also very skilled with throwing grenades, and there was nothing he loved more than throwing one at an enemy soldier who was already prone on the ground, and had no chance to get away in time from the blast.

“Duh,” Dark Pikachu replied in question, looking off to the side, “That’s if they ever find out…”
“They will in time.” Mlugia replied, almost finished in reassembling his G11, “Once they’re screaming in the streets and wondering how we’re hitting them so hard, they’re going to wonder what’s up.”

Mlugia had finished assembling the final piece of the H&K G11, and then he held the scope up to the light to make sure the lens was clean. When he was convinced the gun was prepared, he set it aside.

“Hey, Dark Absol.” Dark Pikachu had said to the President, “What exactly are we doing with the PHT Virus?”
“We’re quarantining it so none of these political freaks get their hands on it and start shooting it off.” Silverfrost responded in a low tone before Dark Absol could, “In the meantime, we’re trying to figure out how to get rid of it.”
“Why not just bury it somewhere?” Dark Pikachu asked, seeing that as the most logical thing to do.

There was silence among most of them, since there were many in the room who could agree with the same question. Then, Dark Absol had faced him. He felt it was about time the issue had been addressed.

“The viral canisters are extremely sensitive to pressure.” Dark Absol told Dark Pikachu, “And there’s no real way to kill the virus, so dropping it in the ocean isn’t that great either. In fact, that would probably make matters even worse, since that would only spread it out everywhere.”
“So what the hell are we going to do with it?” Kholdstaire asked as he placed a long belt of bullets into the chamber box of the M249 SAW.
“We’re still trying to figure out a solution…” Dark Absol concluded, knowing it might be years before they figure out how to get rid of it.

Kholdstaire had finished the last of his Pepsi, and then threw the empty can in the trash. He then looked to Dark Absol and had begun thinking.

“About how many canisters of this crap are we dealing with?” Kholdstaire asked, looking up at Dark Absol.
“Exactly fifty.” Dark Absol replied, looking down toward the metal table, “The canisters are designed to be used in warheads, but that’s the last thing we would do with them. I don’t think any soldier wants to do be up against hybrid soldiers that can spit fire and ice as a means of attacking.”
“Makes sense.” Kholdstaire replied, looking away for a moment.

Neo Emolga
07-13-2004, 06:22 AM
Several hours later after Harry Kim had addressed the situation, he decided to get on task with preparing a means of infiltrating the Nightshade base, the second largest compound that Nox owned. Since it was located near Agate Town in the Orre region, they would have some vegetation as cover. That would be the only thing they would have going for them.

Harry Kim had come up with plan, one that would at least ensure some possible success which would at least keep Nox from using the Dasai Satellite. His attack force would be divided into three groups, and each group had a particular objective. His group would be focused on providing ground and anti-air support from the outside. Meanwhile, JT and his group would be focused on removing the PHT Viral containers from the premises using a train, the only smoothest transport possible. Harry Kim, as well as many other high-ranking officers already knew that the viral containers needed to be handled very carefully. If a single one was dropped, the pressure chamber would burst and the person who dropped it as well as anyone in a five hundred foot radius would instantly be infected. Moments later, the virus would spread for miles, making it very difficult to escape from. JT had already known that his job was going to undoubtedly be the hardest out of the three…

Commander Catriona was in charge of obtaining the satellite circuitry of the Dasai Satellite. She knew how to handle these things, keeping a cool and collective air about her. The only thing that worried her was Nox’s Murkrow AE Combat Helicopters, which were night-black helicopters that were armed with two miniguns and two rocket launchers. Not to mention the fact that Nox also had stronger Humvees than those of Team Trainer. Regardless, it sickened Catriona knowing Nox cared more about their weapons and machines than their Pokémon…

Catriona felt the best way to remove the satellite circuitry from the Nightshade base was by truck. Her team would be using an ordinary white truck, with no marking that showed it was from Team Trainer or Nox. This way, the guards would think Nox would be receiving a weapons or supply shipment from another supplier and wouldn’t suspect anything. Since the truck was of only medium size, her attack team only consisted of six people, herself, Mechaflame, Steven, Killik, Paul Phagan, and Ben Lanterman. All six of them had been exposed to combat before, and there wasn’t one person there who had taken it lightly. Each of them had been armed with an FN FAL assault rifle, but their firearms weren’t their greatest weapons. It was those that were not as easily seen…

JT had been cursing all afternoon regarding how difficult his objective was. The nearest rail track was two miles away from the Nox base, making it extremely difficult to transport the PHT Virus canisters from one end to the other. It couldn’t be done by vehicle since the terrain was uneven and any shaking could damage any one of the canisters, causing a leak. The only thing he had going for him was the area from the Nox Nightshade base in to the rail tracks was moderately forested, providing at least some sort of cover. JT needed an extensive work crew for infiltrating the base as well as one to transport the canisters from one side to the other. And with each canister weighing 300 pounds, they were going to need transport carts, ones that could only hold two canisters at a time. That meant they were going to have to make 25 trips, which was going to take an exhausting amount of time.

Since JT needed heavy support fire, soldiers by the train would be using an M60, a heavy support weapon that would provide ground cover. If Nox had discovered the train, they were going to have serious problems, since there were so many things Nox could do to hinder their objective after they had discovered their means of transport. Anyone else that was heading into the base would be using the same FN FAL model that Catriona’s team would be using. Anyone who wasn’t infiltrating the base or providing cover fire would be helping in transport the canisters. In total, JT’s crew consisted of 50 people. The last thing JT wanted was for an accident to happen, considering all three teams would be heavily infected before any kind of warning was sent across…

Meanwhile, the only contact Harry Kim would be having with his team would be through radio, since they would be spread out in various places around the military base. Harry Kim would be providing heavy covering fire. Rather than relying on individual soldiers, his team would be using mounted M60’s. Meanwhile, two smaller teams and Harry Kim’s own team of three people would be using a Browning M2 for enhanced support, since both Catriona and JT would be heading back in the same direction to return the circuitry and PHT Virus canisters back to the base. Their only problem was the foliage. While it provided cover for Trainer, it also was hard to aim through…

Harry Kim’s second problem was the time of day. Normally, he would never plan an infiltration like this in the middle of the day, but knowing that this operation was against Nox, it would be suicide to attack at night. Attacking during the day would only leave them on even ground, which wasn’t going to help him. Getting anyone into the base before they were spotted could be next to impossible. Regardless, he had five snipers each armed with PSG-1 sniper rifles, ready to take anyone out on the wall. However, those were Harry Kim’s last resort. If the Nox soldiers found out they were infiltrating the base, it was going to be hell to pay in what might end up as a full scale assault. Still, Harry Kim had to be prepared for anything to happen…

They spent the rest of the day preparing, with weapons being loaded and vehicles being refueled for the onslaught ahead. JT would have preferred to use a freight train, but he was limited to using only a passenger train, the only one that had been available on the same tracks that would lead to the base. Regardless, it still had plenty of windows to shoot from if it was necessary, and plenty of space between seats to hold the canisters.

Harry’s team was the first to leave. Harry’s objective was to form an arc around the base, allowing for Catriona and JT to get inside without any problems. Once their teams were in, all he could do was make sure no Nox soldiers caught sight of the groups. If they did, they would immediately have to shoot them down. And unlike other missions, flying away from the base with a Pokémon was complete suicide, since Harry Kim knew Nox was notorious for vicious anti-air guns. He had also stressed on the use of Thunder Wave and Sleep Powder, rather than recklessly blasting the Nox soldiers and filling the building with the sound of gunfire.

The long, dusty drive through Orre to the Nox base of Nightshade was a long one. Harry Kim, along with 21 other soldiers had driven to the base in three Humvees and four ATVs until they had reached the outskirts of the base.

It was at that time that they needed to be as silent as possible, and the vehicles slowly crept between the trees, drawing closer and closer to the base. Once Harry Kim was only 1000 feet away from the base, he was convinced his position was fine. Slowly, the remainder of the vehicles had moved into position. As Harry pulled out his binoculars, he could see only a few guards were on the day patrol. So far everything was going according to plan. He would have given anything to be able to spray the patrolling Nox soldiers with Sleep Powder, but they were far too away. All he could do now was just creep behind the massive Browning M2 rifle stationed on his Humvee, and wait for Catriona and JT to arrive.

“We’re in position, Commander Kim.” A voice crackled on his radio.
“Acknowledged.” Harry Kim responded firmly.

Meanwhile, the driver of Harry Kim’s Humvee had stepped out, and got behind Harry with his own rifle drawn. The driver’s name was Jeikobu, a young soldier who loved nothing more than his own Charmander companion. Still, he felt uncomfortable holding the FN FAL rifle in his hands. Even if a firefight were to break out, he would still be hesitant to use it. He trusted far more in his Pokémon than any man-made firearm.

The other officer that accompanied Harry Kim was Dratini, a young female soldier who respected her Dratini so much she used it as a code name for herself. However, after years of training, she now had a well-trained and well-trusted Dragonair. Still, Dratini liked to go by the name of “D” for short. Officer D trusted her Pokémon so much she could throw down her assault rifle and not worry about a thing. However, she did keep in mind that Flamethrowers and Ice Beams were clearly visible. This was one situation where she needed her rifle, since bullets couldn’t be seen.

Five minutes had passed, and all Harry Kim could think about was the mission. He didn’t know when to declare an abort mission if the situation should arrive, since this mission needed to be complete. However, he wasn’t going to waste the lives of too many Team Trainer officers. They wouldn’t have another chance at this, but he had faith in his team members. He knew they could get the job done if it needed to be done.

Neo Emolga
07-13-2004, 06:23 AM
In the distance, Harry could hear Catriona’s truck. He could wince at the sound, since the engine was far too loud. Back at the base, it didn’t seem half as loud, but now that there was complete silence, it seemed to roar. Harry quickly reached for his radio, and contacted Catriona.

“Commander Catriona, the truck is far too loud!” Harry warned her, “Slow it down!”

Without a response, the truck slowly came to a crawl. Still, the engine was still hammering loudly. He could only hope the Nox Sentries on patrol weren’t paying any mind to it.

“Waiting on you, Commander Kim.” JT’s voice cracked on the radio, “We’re by the tracks, waiting to head upward.”
“Not yet, JT.” Harry Kim responded, “Just a little more time. I know Catriona can handle this.”

Then, Harry had turned to the truck. He then saw the back doors swing open, and three soldiers stepped out one after another. Then, the engine of the truck shut off, with a loud hiss. Ben Lanterman and Paul Phagan had made their way around the truck, while the others were just stepping outside. Then, Harry Kim looked at them, and it seemed like something was wrong. They weren’t moving for a moment.

“Catriona, is anything wrong?” Harry Kim asked into his radio, “Why are you stopping?”

Then, Catriona had responded, only the message was highly shrouded by static. Then, Harry watched in horror as he heard faint gunfire in the distance, as well as Ben and Paul who were by the outside of the truck get shot in the chest and quickly collapse to the ground. Harry Kim furiously grabbed his radio and his thumb nearly crushed the black transmission button.

“CATRIONA!” Harry Kim screamed into the radio.

Suddenly, he saw the other soldiers begin to open fire somewhere on the wall. Then, Harry Kim set the frequency of the radio to reach all of the other support units.

“Open fire!” He shouted loudly in the radio, “Catriona’s team is under attack!!”

Moments later, the entire forest was filled with the hammering of machine guns. Three of the guards on the walls had been shot to death in very little time. The Nox soldiers hadn’t expected so much hidden resistance, but there were still plenty of soldiers still returning fire. In very little time, Nox has their battle torrents up and blasting furiously upon the Trainer forces below. Both sides were taking an enormous amount of fire…

“Oh s**t.” Officer D responded bitterly as she furiously fired her rifle.

Less than a minute later, Harry Kim had heard an alarm go off, filling the entire base with a loud, pulsing siren. Now the entire base was on full alert, and that was going to make an already horrendously difficult mission nearly impossible. Harry Kim wasn’t interested in a full scale assault, he just wanted this mission done and over with as few casualties as possible.

“Catriona!” Harry Kim screamed into his radio once again.
“I’m okay!” Catriona responded, “But Paul and Ben are dead.”
“Just get the hell out of there!” Harry shouted back into the radio.

It wasn’t long before Catriona and the remainder of her team had abandoned the truck, heading for the nearest support vehicle in the Agate Forest. They had escaped back into the foliage, and took refuge behind and inside one of the ATVs.

Only minutes later, a large blast had roared out, and Harry had watched in horror as the truck was suddenly engulfed in a fiery explosion. Burning pieces of the vehicle were thrown and scattered in all directions. Now that the truck was gone, Harry had three choices. One was to let Catriona retrieve the circuitry in Humvee or ATV, or take it with JT. Harry had decided on using one of the Humvees, since the ATVs were far too slow, and taking it with JT would be putting all of their eggs in one basket, which was the last thing Harry Kim wanted to do…

“Catriona, can you hear me?” Harry Kim asked, trying to talk above the gunfire.
“I’m right here Commander Kim.” Catriona responded.
“I want you to take one of the support teams and get inside the base.” Harry Kim responded, “If we waste any more time here, they’re going to call for reinforcements. Once you get the satellite circuitry, I want you to take a Humvee and get out of here. We’ll cover you while you do.”
“Copy that.” Catriona replied affirmatively.

Catriona had then taken the remainder of her team and tried to find the closest Humvee. Once she found one, she led the way there. She had then met up Tamer as well as two other soldiers who went by the names of Justin Forbes and Gregory Hawker. Tamer was the driver, Justin was the gunner and Gregory was in the passenger seat, with his FN FAL outside the window, still blasting away at the few remaining Nox guards who were left.

“Lieutenant Tamer, I need your help.” Catriona requested loudly, trying to speak louder than the pounding hammering of the gunfire, “Our situation has been compromised, and we need your vehicle to transport the circuitry since our truck was destroyed.”
“Understood, Commander.” Tamer acknowledged, “Gregory, you go with Catriona, Justin and I will stay here.”
“Yes sir.” Gregory responded, leaving the vehicle.

Catriona then took the rest of her team and headed toward the building. The walls were relatively clear, now she just needed an entrance. She looked along the wall for any sort of opening, and the most she could find was a truck loading area. Both of the steel garage doors had been down. Meanwhile, she needed something to open the doors. Since she knew Steven was her demolitions expert, she was going to leave the solution to him.

“Master Sergeant Steven, we need to blast through those doors.” Catriona requested, “This is our only point of entry.”

Steven had looked at the large, massive metal doors, and he didn’t seem too pleased. He knew Nox wasn’t cheap when it came to security, and it was coming back to haunt him. The doors had been reinforced, and obviously looked like they hadn’t been used too often. Only thing he could think of was to place C4 charges by the sides of the doors in hope of damaging the steel runners the door was on rather than try to destroy the door itself. He knew he could spend all day blasting at the door itself and the most he would do was leave a scratch…

“I’ll try my best, but the door is of extremely high quality.” Steven responded, “Don’t be surprised if it takes several attempts.”

Steven had made his way to the door, and then unzipped and opened his black duffle bag. He then pulled out two plastic explosive charges, one for each side of the door. He then took the first explosive, and tried to push as much of the plastic block into the area between the wall and the door. He then did the same with the second on the other side, and moved away from the door.

“Clear the area.” Steven requested, “And cover your ears…”

Moments later, Steven had taken out his remote detonator, and pressed a single button. Suddenly, the metal door was covered by a loud, fiery explosion which shook the ground. When the smoke had cleared, Steven looked ahead to see what kind of damage had been done. From what he had seen, nothing much had happened to the door…

He then approached the door and tried to see if anything had happened. Up close, he could see the metal runners were slightly bent and twisted, and the door was slightly caved inward. He had begun to believe another charge might just do the trick.

After Steven had placed two more explosive C4 plastic explosive charges, he moved away from the door.

“Hopefully this will be the last time.” Steven responded, hoping it would since he only had two C4 charges left.

He then pressed the detonator button, and the door was blasted again, filling the air with a loud bang and smothering the door with fire. The metal runners were bent and violently twisted even further, and moments later, they were unable to support the weight of the heavy metal door. Suddenly, the metal door fell off the wall and slammed loudly on the ground, revealing a loading bay inside the base.

Then, Catriona pulled out her radio, and contacted Commander Harry Kim…

“We’re in.” She told the commander.

Agent Orange
07-14-2004, 08:28 PM
Oh, wow. This story is amazing! Nice! Explosives...I like...

Tamer Marco
07-14-2004, 08:59 PM
Great story! But what about the other Nox members like me Sutti or X?

Neo Emolga
07-16-2004, 07:26 AM
You guys will appear, just wait for the future chapters to come.

I'm glad you guys are liking the story. More will be coming soon and thanks for reading!

Neo Emolga
07-21-2004, 05:29 PM

Commander JT had been by the train along with the rest of his comrades. They were still waiting, not even aware that a firefight had broken out only minutes ago. He had checked his watch and there was still nothing. He didn’t like the look of it. He knew Harry wasn’t the kind to waste time, and this was highly unusual.

“What the hell is taking so long?” One of his crew members asked with the tone of impatience.
“That’s what I’m wondering…” JT responded, still holding on to his FN FAL with caution, “There are fifty cans of that crap we need to get the hell out of there, and I’m getting sick of waiting…”

JT knew the train tracks they were using obviously hadn’t been used in months, since the rails were slightly covered with small vines and grass grew between the wooden planks. Still, it was a ten hour ride back to Team Trainer’s fortress. And if things didn’t improve soon, it was going to be a whole lot longer than that…

Come on Harry, give me some sort of signal…

A brief gust of wind had passed by, rustling the branches of nearby trees and causing the long blades of grass to sway. The other soldiers and crew members around the train just stood there, feeling the wind blow through their hair and all around their bodies. Already they felt like something had gone terribly wrong…

Another soldier that had gone by the name of Akdude had approached JT. Like him, he was showing signs of anxiety as well. He had shown some resistance toward talking to JT, but after some time, he grabbed the courage to talk to him.

“Officer JT, maybe you should give Commander Kim another contact.” Akdude had advised, “We really cannot afford to wait around here much longer. We should have been on call at least twenty minutes ago. Obviously something has gone wrong.”
“Just give me ten more minutes.” JT had responded, trying to put away the same desperation that he was feeling, “The Commander knows what he’s doing. He’s gotten us this far, we can’t lose faith in him now.”

With nothing else to say, Akdude had returned to his post, keeping a light grip on his FN FAL assault rifle. As he gazed ahead into the seemingly endless forest of trees, he wouldn’t have been surprised if Nox soldiers suddenly came running through the woods to attack them. He looked around him, and could see a sense of desperation in the faces of the people around him. They hadn’t even started the transport of the canisters yet, and already the situation was starting to look very ugly. Again, another desperate wind had blown past them, making them only feel colder…

Regardless, JT couldn’t help but agree with Akdude, even though he wouldn’t admit it. He kept his finger on his radio, just hoping in his heart that Harry would call them in for the infiltration. As the seconds passed, he had begun picturing things in his mind. He could envision Harry lying on the ground, bleeding to death at Nox’s gunpoint. He knew if Nox ever got their hands on the legendary Harry Kim of Team Trainer, there would be nothing left of him by the end of the day…

* * *

At the same time, Catriona and the rest of her team had made her way into the Nox base. After Steven had moved in, soon Mechaflame, Killik, and Gregory had moved their way into the building. Around them were loads of crates, some broken and lying in pieces around the floor. A broken down forklift was in the corner, while only a single, broken overhead light was above them, along with a series of pipes and wires hanging above them. All of the walls were a stone concrete, and the lighting was terribly dim, with the only light being let in was the sunlight coming from the door.

“Lovely.” Catriona remarked, looking around her, “I shouldn’t expect anything less…”
“Come on.” Gregory pleaded, “Let’s get the circuitry and get the hell out of here. I already hate this place.”
“I’ll second that.” Catriona replied, making her way toward the single door that led into the hallway.

Her team had begun to follow closely to her. Meanwhile, she had put her FN FAL rifle away.

“What are you doing?” Gregory asked in shock, “You’re going to need that! If we’re caught, they’re going to shoot you before you’ll have a chance to pull it out!”
“That’s if we’re caught.” Catriona replied with confidence, “I’ve got better weapons than that rifle.”

She then reached for her belt, and pulled out one of her Pokéballs. She held it in her grasp tightly. She knew just how to handle the situation.

“You’ve never let me down, Espeon.” Catriona remarked as she looked over the glossy white and red Pokéball, “We need your help more than ever…”

She had then tossed the Pokéball toward the floor, and when the ball made contact with the concrete floor, the Pokéball opened, releasing a bright, white light that had spilled from the ball and had begun to shape into the lavender cat-like Pokémon Espeon. The light had died down, and Espeon had looked up toward her loyal trainer.

“Espeon!” She had called, ready to do her trainer’s requests.
“Let’s go.” Catriona responded, heading for the door.

Neo Emolga
07-21-2004, 05:32 PM
Then, Gregory had turned toward his belt holding his two Pokémon. He grabbed one of them, and pulled it off. He then tossed the Pokéball to his side, and when the light had burst forward and had begun to take shape, it formed into his Pokémon Venomoth.

“We’ll get there faster if we split up.” Catriona told her group as she looked into the dark hallways, “If any of you find the satellite, call us on the radio.”
“You got it.” Gregory responded, keeping his FN FAL ready, “Mechaflame and I will take the East route while the rest of you head to the left.”
“Sure thing.” Mechaflame replied, ready with his rifle as well.

Catriona had taken Killik and Steven down the hallway, and they stopped at every corner to make sure the coast was clear. Killik and Steven had stayed closely behind her while Espeon had followed closely behind. At one corner, Catriona had caught sight of what appeared to be another Nox Sentry, with his back toward her.

“Psychic attack, Espeon.” Catriona requested.
“Esp!” The Espeon had acknowledged.

Espeon had turned around at the corner, and glared at the guard with red glowing eyes. Just then, a ruby light had poured forth from the bright red pearl on Espeon’s forehead, and it blasted toward the Sentry. Moments later, it struck the back of the Sentry’s head, and he collapsed toward the ground, completely out cold. The Heckler & Koch UMP he had been carrying had rattled as it hit the concrete floor.

“Nice work, Espeon.” Catriona had replied, “Stupid idiots. That’s why you put more trust in a Pokémon than a firearm…”

They had made their way down the hallway, just barely able to see the path ahead. They passed by several metal doors which only seemed to lead to supply closets.

“It’s so freakin’ dark in here.” Steven replied, “Man, I can barely see anything.”
“Same here.” Catriona agreed, “If we keep moving along this side of the wall, we should be reaching the labs soon.”
“Hopefully…” Killik agreed, trying to see through the black darkness.

Steven had decided to let out another Pokémon as well, hopefully to assist Catriona’s Espeon. He had chosen Altaria, the dragon Pokémon that looked like a blue bird with large cotton wings and a flowing blue crest. The Pokéball had touched ground with the concrete floor and had illuminated the entire hallway from the flash. Suddenly, Steven heard conversation coming from the other end of the hallway.

“Oh crap…” Steven remarked, noticing the Nox Sentries must have seen the flash from his Pokéball.
“Not a good idea…” Catriona responded, taking out her FN FAL.

They could hear the clapping of the rubber soles of their boots against the concrete floor, and when the suddenly came to a stop, they knew it was there time to act.

“Open fire!” They heard one of the guards shout.

Steven had to think quickly, and he found a solution just in time.

“Use Protect, Altaria!” Steven shouted loudly.
“Altaria!” The dragon Pokémon screamed loudly.

Just then a bright yellow and white barrier in the form of a shield had formed in front of the group, and seconds later, the firing of machine guns had illuminated the hallway with a white flashing light. The bullets struck the Protect barrier and split into pieces upon contact, releasing a violent bullet scream each time a bullet hit the barrier.

“Psybeam attack, Espeon!” Catriona commanded.

Her Espeon had moved forward, and just as the Protect barrier had faded, she let loose a beam of rainbow light directed toward the Sentries at the end of the hallway, striking each of them in the head. All three of them had collapsed, completely losing consciousness.

Neo Emolga
07-21-2004, 05:33 PM
“Good God that was close…” Catriona breathed a sigh of relief.
“I’m deeply sorry for that…” Steven replied, feeling a bit ashamed.
“No Steven, your Altaria saved our lives.” Catriona assured him, wanting him to reconsider.

They had made their way further down the hallway, and soon enough, they were faced with more choices on which route to take. Catriona had decided to head left, keeping along the left, concrete wall the entire time. Then, they had come across a pair of sleek metal doors. She had then stood back and kicked the doors furiously, throwing them both forward and revealing a smaller, white tiled room inside. The group had rushed in, armed with their rifles pointed forward and with both Altaria and Espeon ready to attack.

The room was slightly more lit than the others, making it much easier for the team to see. Inside, there were three scientists working on a metal table with a rectangular light shining above them. The rest of the room had various medical supplies and machinery scattered about. The scientists had turned to face the group, completely in shock.

“Team Trainer…” The head scientist remarked, “You were never to come here…”
“Where is the Dasai Satellite!?” Catriona shouted at them.

Two of them had laughed, while the third had just looked off in some other direction, completely in disbelief.

“You really think we would tell you that?” The head scientist asked mockingly, “That is our most precious piece of military equipment. You must be insane if you think we’re just going to hand it over.”
“Is it really worth losing your lives over?” Steven asked, with his FN FAL pointed right at the scientist’s head, “All it takes is one little pull and the three of you will drop to the floor.”
“I would never betray my country.” The head scientist remarked.

The head scientist had reached for his pocket behind his smock and grabbed his revolver. Then, in the darkness, he fired the pistol. The bullet from the revolver had struck Killik in the arm, causing him to drop his gun and grab the wounded area that was already bleeding profusely. He gritted his teeth and had moaned from the pain.

“Fire!” Catriona shouted, pulling the trigger on her FN FAL.

Steven and Catriona had fried upon the head scientist, blasting his chest with ammunition, and creating blood red bullet holes in his chest. Moments later, he collapsed toward the ground, releasing his grasp on the revolver, which then crashed and rattled on the tiled floor. The other two scientists were scared stiff.

“What about the two of you?” Steven asked, ready to continue firing if he needed to.
“I’ll tell you where it is.” The second had replied, not liking to be held at gunpoint.

The third scientist had grabbed his pistol from his jacket, and pointed it right at the second.

“Go to Hell, you traitor.” He growled with his finger right on the trigger.

Suddenly, a burst of flames had fired across the room, heading right toward the third scientist. The bright red flames had smothered and blinded him, sending him running around the room with flames smothering his body. He had dropped the pistol, and without looking, he had crashed into a medical computer unit, sending him and the computers down toward the ground. His burning hands had dove right into the glass computer screens, smashing the glass and ripping his hands to ribbons before he was suddenly electrocuted from the electricity running through the unit. He was killed instantly. Blasting, loud sparks had surrounded the computer unit before the power was dead, and all that was left was a small, red glow of the flames still burning on the body.

“Nice shot, Altaria…” Steven replied, still a bit shocked from the violent death.

Then, the two of them had looked to Killik, who was still holding his bleeding arm.

“Are you okay?” Catriona asked Killik, concerned about his wound.
“This?” He asked, looking at his arm, “This is nothing. I’ve had far worse than this. We’ve got to keep moving and get to the satellite as soon as we can.”

Then, the five of them had looked toward the last scientist. He was shocked at the horror that had just erupted…

“It’s a pretty tough thing to go against your country.” Steven replied, hoping the scientist would comply with their demands.
“Nox isn’t my country.” The scientist replied, “I’m actually a prisoner who was spared only because of my expertise.”
“You know where the satellite is?” Catriona asked him, hoping he would comply.

The scientist had looked at her, and nodded. He then pulled out his security card key, and showed it to her. It was blue and white with a magnetic strip running across the card.

“I should have access to the lab where it’s being held.” The scientist replied, “But if you’re trying to steal it, it’s going to be difficult. The unit is at least two thousand pounds.”
“We just need the circuitry.” Steven requested, “Obtaining that will give us the schematics and will render the Dasai Satellite useless. That’s all we need.”
“Very well then.” He agreed, “It would be a pleasure to work with you.”

Meanwhile, Mechaflame and Gregory had been trying to make their way through the hallways. However, they were only making very little progress. They had found themselves nearly running in circles before they reached an area that they believe was unknown to them.

“I think we need to go this way.” Gregory told Mechaflame, “If we go left again, we’re only going to go around for the fourth time.”
“Damn.” Mechaflame remarked, “Man, why didn’t we follow Catriona? I bet they’re already outside loading the Humvee.”
“You really think so?” Gregory asked, “She’s good but she’s not a miracle worker…”

Still, Mechaflame knew they were only wasting time. When they came across the door that lead to the loading bay, he knew they were walking in circles again. Regardless, he knew they were making progress at all. He had headed toward the blown-out door until Gregory stopped him.

“What about Catriona?” He asked, looking concerned at Mechaflame.
“Look, we’re only going to get lost even further in there.” He responded, looking toward the door opening, “Last thing I want to have happen is for Catriona to come out here with the mission completed while we’re still inside.”
“Good point.” Gregory responded, following Mechaflame out the door.

While they headed back to the Humvee, Catriona and her group moved through the long halls with the scientist to guide them. It wasn’t long before they had come across a steel security door with a card reader on it, as well as a retinal scan.

“Let me take care of this.” The scientist replied, swiping his security card through the reader.

When the reader accepted the card, he typed in a few numbers on the keypad that was on the wall and after he was done, a green light turned on. After the code had been accepted, he then moved over to the retinal scan and looked directly into the lens. After another beep from the machine, the mechanism that locked the door was released with a loud clanking sound.

“Come on.” He urged them as the steel door swung open.

When they moved the door aside, they stepped into a dimly lit room, with the same white tiles as the other laboratory. He had moved over to a light switch, flicked it on and there were more lights turned on. Then, they saw the Dasai Satellite, resting on top of a mount with plenty of technical equipment around it. Catriona, Steven and Killik were relieved they had finally found it.

Neo Emolga
07-21-2004, 05:36 PM
“Do you know how to crack this thing open?” Steven asked, hoping for a way to get at the circuit boards.
“Yes, just give me a few moments.” The scientist requested.

He then approached the satellite, and after pulling out a screw driver with a very unique end, he unscrewed the panel that led to the interior of the satellite. Once all six screws were removed, he then reached inside, and one by one, he removed circuit boards that were the size of tray tables. When he was done, there were about seven altogether.

“Well,” The scientist remarked, “That’s all of them. Each one weighs about twenty pounds so they are pretty heavy.”
“Thank you for your help.” Steven told him, “There’s no way we would have gotten in here without you.”

The scientist had looked around, feeling somewhat anxious. He then looked to Catriona and felt he needed her attention.

“I must get out of here.” The scientist told her, “The base is on silent alarm right now, and it will only be minutes before backup arrives. If they find that I’ve done this, I will be executed without a doubt.
“Then come with us.” Catriona told him, “It’s the least we can do for you.”

After Steven and Catriona had grabbed the seven circuit boards, they headed toward the outside, with the scientist following closely behind. Once they reached the outside, they had arrived back at the Humvee where Tamer was waiting.

“What’s with him?” Tamer asked Catriona, looking toward the scientist, “Just who the hell are you?”
“My name is Xavier Feldman.” He responded, hoping Tamer wouldn’t attack him.

Then, Catriona had turned toward Tamer as she quickly placed the circuit boards in the trunk of the Humvee.

“He’s the one who got the circuit boards for us.” Catriona told Tamer, “He’s not from Nox.”
“Could’ve fooled me.” Tamer responded, turning on the ignition.

Meanwhile, Mechaflame and Gregory had moved toward another vehicle since Tamer’s Humvee was already full of people. After Xavier, Justin, Catriona, Steven and Killik had entered the Humvee, Tamer put the car in reverse and then swung around to face the forest. They had the Dasai Satellite circuitry, and without the boards they had, the satellite was nothing but a useless shell.

“Let’s get the hell out of here.” Tamer said, putting the vehicle in drive.

Suddenly, they had heard gunfire, and when Catriona had turned around, she saw several Nox Sentries had followed them outside. Two bullets had struck the back of the Humvee.

“Go! Now, Tamer!” Catriona shouted, looking behind her.

Tamer had slammed on the accelerator, and the vehicle screamed with speed. Then, as he started to race toward the forest, he could hear the sound of helicopters overhead. Justin had been stationed at the mounted M60, and he looked up.

“Oh crap.” Justin replied, “Three Murkrow AE’s, coming in a five o’ clock!”
“Three of them!?” Catriona shouted, nearly screaming.

Justin gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger of the massive M60, and the large firearm roared with blasting gunfire. A bright, flashing flame sparked from the end of the rifle as it fired blazing hot bullets at the incoming Murkrow AE combat helicopters. Justin aimed for the center one, aiming at the window of the helicopter to kill the pilot. Just after the front window of the helicopter shattered into pieces, the pilot was immediately struck with countless rounds of heavy caliber ammunition. Once he lay over the controls dead, there wasn’t a soul to control the vehicle, and it dove furiously toward the ground, right toward Tamer’s Humvee…

“Get the hell out of here!” Justin screamed as he turned around to shout at Tamer.
“Turn right, or that thing is going to crash right into us!” Catriona shouted furiously.

Tamer immediately grabbed the steering wheel with a rigorous grip, and he spun the wheel to the right. As he tried to avoid the oncoming trees, the black helicopter slammed furiously into the ground only fifty feet away, and a fiery explosion burst from below it, immediately consuming the destroyed helicopter with furious flames. Tamer and the others in the Humvee could feel the heat. They had just escaped in time.

Then, just when Tamer least suspected it, he was out of the forest, and into the grassy valleys that lay just outside for miles past the trees. Justin and Tamer looked around and saw there wasn’t an ounce of cover anywhere, meaning they were completely exposed, and able to targets for the helicopters.

“God damn it…” Justin growled grabbing his M60 and preparing for hell to break out.

Both Murkrow AE helicopters saw the fleeing Humvee, and they headed toward the escaping vehicle. The closest pilot aligned the crosshairs of his miniguns until the targeting computer indicated that he was now locked on with his target. Neither of the pilots knew the Dasai Satellite circuitry was even in the vehicle…

Justin had opened fire first, and the M60 roared to life as it spat carnage and flame. The long gun was shaking furiously from the intense recoil and a stream of empty ammunition casings were ejecting from the side of the firearm. However, his shots weren’t enough, and the helicopter was moving around far too much for him to get an accurate shot.

Then, the first Murkrow AE helicopter saw Justin firing upon him, and his first instinct was to kill him. The pilot pressed the fire button on his clutch, and immediately the two miniguns had begun rotating. Within seconds, both miniguns screamed like hell as they fired ruthlessly upon the escaping window. A massive amount of bullets were being ejected from the two miniguns as a thunderous pace.

Justin didn’t even have two seconds to scream before nearly fifty bullets had ripped past his flak jacket and ripped his vital organs to ribbons. His lifeless, bleeding body fell right back into the Humvee and into the back seat. Catriona and the others nearly screamed. Meanwhile, the back window behind them was ripped to pieces and the back right wheel had been shot, destroying the tire and offsetting the alignment.

“Damn it!” Tamer shouted furiously, trying to maintain control of the vehicle.

Instead, he stopped the Humvee, pressing furiously on the brakes and bringing the vehicle to an instant halt. While the vehicle stopped, the first helicopter flew overhead past them. Meanwhile, the second moved into attack. Tamer kicked open the door and headed out of the vehicle. Steven had made his way to the M60, and saw the second helicopter quickly approaching. He grabbed the massive firearm and aimed it right at the approaching helicopter. Then, he pulled down and prepared for a massive amount of recoil. The M60 fired loudly again on the helicopter. The front window was smashed to pieces and the pilot was smothered with sharp glass. Moments later, the bullets from the M60 reached their way into the cockpit and the pilot was shot multiple times in the chest and face. His dead body slumped over the controls and the helicopter flew wildly out of control. Tamer and the others watched as the helicopter descended toward the ground, and exploded upon contact. Pieces of flaming debris were thrown in all directions, leaving only one helicopter left, but it was nowhere in sight…

“Where is the last helicopter!?” Tamer exclaimed, looking everywhere in the air for the helicopter’s location.

Tamer couldn’t hear the helicopter at all, so he didn’t think there would be a problem until he heard it again. Instead, he turned toward the parked Humvee, and headed toward the back. Bullet holes were all over the back of the Humvee, and Tamer had seen that the glass was smashed. He grabbed the back handle of the truck and pulled forward, opening the back of the Humvee. He then looked at the circuit boards, and then he clenched his fist at the sight. He grabbed one of the circuit boards and then approached Xavier holding it in his hands. Everyone was looking at him, and Xavier took a closer look at the circuit board.

“It must have been shot during the conflict.” Xavier remarked, looking at the gaping bullet holes in the circuit network, “It’s damaged beyond repair, there’s nothing we can do about it…”
“S**t.” Tamer replied bitterly, throwing down the damaged circuit board.
“Tamer, just forget about it.” Catriona replied softly, trying to comfort Tamer, “At least we stopped the launch. The Dasai Satellite has been rendered useless. At least we got that far…”

Still, Tamer was furious. He knew they were within minutes of being home free with the valuable circuitry that could have possibly been used for their own satellite. Instead, they had nothing. He had gone back to check the other boards but they had been damaged as well. He slowly looked toward his radio, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Harry that the circuit boards had been destroyed. He couldn’t imagine how disappointed Harry Kim would be if he failed to bring the circuit boards home. Still, he had no choice. He slowly pulled the radio from his pocket and turned it on to contact the commander. His finger held down on the button, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything…

“Is someone there?” He heard Harry’s voice ask, “Hello?”

Slowly, he brought the radio to his mouth. Then, he grabbed the will to speak…

“I’m sorry Commander…”

Neo Emolga
07-31-2004, 04:30 AM

At that moment, JT had decided against waiting. He could not wait any longer considering the fact that it would not be long before they would soon be discovered. Instead, he had called out to his other officers and prepared for the infiltration. JT knew that if Harry was really dead, there was no way they could contact him. He was just going to have to go by instinct, and go as far as he could.

Meanwhile, as JT assembled his soldiers and extraction teams ready, the ones who remained at the train prepared for the defense, just in case they were about to be discovered. JT and his other officers scrambled through the trees that lead to the outskirts of Agate Village.

One of JT’s officers Aleyquala had been on the top of the train, next to a mounted M60. He had watched JT’s teams make their way into the forest, and he just sat there and smiled as they slowly disappeared among the mass of trees. Then, he slowly pulled out his radio, and nonchalantly held it to his mouth. Once he set the new frequency, he then made action to press the tiny black button on the side. He then spoke softly into his radio while no one was watching.

“This is officer Aleyquala reporting…” He spoke very softly so not a soul could hear him, “JT and his team have left the train and are headed toward the base…”

Then, just as nonchalantly, he shut the radio off, and set the frequency back to Team Trainer’s, just in case he lost the radio. He then looked toward the mounted M60, and looked on the side of it. After he found the trigger, he pulled out a pair of utility scissors and then grasped the trigger of the M60. Then, he closed the two blades together, and he clipped the trigger of the firearm off. Now there was no way Team Trainer would be able to use the firearm, and they wouldn’t notice anything wrong until it was too late. And neither did they suspect Aleyquala to be a spy for Nox…

“Trust, trust, trust in your Pokémon, Team Trainer.” Aleyquala softly said to himself with a smile, “After all, when my work is done, that will be all you’ll have…”

He had taken the small, clipped off trigger and put it into his pocket. He liked to keep the pieces of his handiwork as keepsakes. They always gave him something to smile about as he pulled them out and was reminded of the fine moments he ruined so many plans.

Then, Aleyquala had stood up had headed toward the second mounted M60, the one all the way in the back of the train, and the one that would be the most vital if there was someone who wanted to pursue them. He walked along the roof of the train cars with a firm expression. But this time, there had been a Team Trainer officer already positioned at the firearm. He kept his eyes on the surrounding behind him. Then, Aleyquala had pulled out a silenced pistol, and aimed it at the back of the officer’s neck. After he took aim and fire, the small bullet blasted out of Aleyquala’s gun and burrowed its way into the skull of the officer. In only a second, the officer had collapsed from his metal seat. As Aleyquala headed to the back of the train, he then arrived at the dead officer, and then pushed his body off the train.

“Sorry you won’t be joining us…” Aleyquala replied as the sleeping guard fell off the train and onto the ground.

Still, Aleyquala looked around to make sure no one was watching. He had seen that the foliage was far too thick for anyone to actually see him or what he had just done. Then, he knelled down and pulled out the same pair of scissors and then ripped the trigger out of the third M60. After he placed the trigger into his pocket, he smiled at the useless gun before standing back up and heading toward the front of the train.

As he walked down the length of the train in a nonchalant manner, he had remembered all the information that he recorded on tape during Harry Kim’s private meeting. Because of him, it was like the commanders of Nox had been sitting in on the meeting themselves. He got exactly the info he wanted out of Team Trainer, making it seem like he knew nothing about the PHT virus.

The first M60 got closer and closer. Again, there was another Team Trainer guard at the mounted firearm. However, this time, he had heard Aleyquala softly approaching, and he turned around to look at him. The officer then looked at Aleyquala strangely.

“Shouldn’t you be at your post?” He asked, wondering what Aleyquala was doing standing up.
“Hmm…” Aleyquala replied and he reached into his pocket behind the jacket he was wearing, exposing only the barrel of his silenced pistol, “Wouldn’t that be convenient…”

The other officer hadn’t even noticed Aleyquala’s silenced pistol, and when Aleyquala pulled the trigger, the bullet that smashed his teeth to pieces and ripped in his throat had silenced him forever. The officer’s body slithered off of the seat and onto the roof of the train. Again, Aleyquala pushed his body off, and said good bye to him. After that, he made his way to the first of the M60s and he clipped off the trigger. Once his work was done, he then pulled out his radio, and contacted another officer on the train…

* * *

Meanwhile, Ygseto had been inside the train, in one of the first rooms they planned for loading the PHT Virus canisters. He had been alone while the other officers had joined JT on the move toward the Nox base. While Aleyquala had been a spy for Nox, Ygseto was a spy for one of Nox’s closest allies, The Magnificent Alliance. He too had watched Commander JT leave the train as well as many of his other officers due to the fact he felt the situation had become desperate and he needed more personnel.

Ygseto was a firm believer in the TMA, and kept a firm sense of determination. He also enjoyed the work of a covert operations officer. He still thought it was very amusing that Harry Kim had him placed in Team Trainer’s covert ops after he unintentionally displayed his skills in the training camp. Little did Harry know, Ygseto was much more of a covert ops than Harry Kim could have ever imagined…

Ygseto was surprised upon seeing JT just take so many of his troops out of desperation. He had thought many more of them would have been left behind to defend the train. Still, that was only going to make his life easier…

Ygseto had pulled out his radio, and had contacted the leader of The Magnificent Alliance, ElimN8, one of Harry’s worst enemies besides Dark Absol…

* * *

Back at The Magnificent Alliance Headquarters in Vermillion City, ElimN8 had been at his large oak desk, just waiting for Ygesto’s response.

ElimN8 had been dressed in a business suit, enjoying the luxuries of the massive TMA headquarters. His office had been on the highest floor of the building, with a large ordinate window fifteen feet away from his chair, and behind it was the massive Vermillion City for ElimN8 to gaze down upon whenever he wished. Meanwhile, the rest of the walls were a bleach white color, with many pieces of fine art hung upon them.

ElimN8 indeed had been an arch-rival to the likeness of Harry Kim. Once he had commanded the leagues of Team Mecha Magma, but several years after, he had taken the glorious TMA by the reins and had driven the team to massive economic success thanks to the success of Saith Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar company that had been eating away competition even out of other Fortune 500 companies. There wasn’t a single person walking the planet that didn’t know about Saith.

At that moment, his right hand associate Kenny had had pushed open the finely carved oak doors, and he stepped into the room. ElimN8 had turned around him his view upon the city, and looked toward Kenny.

Like ElimN8, Kenny was also a firm supporter of the TMA, only his actions were more secretive. While ElimN8 focused upon the presence of the war, Kenny was the one who made sure Saith Enterprises kept a heavy revenue intake, as well keeping a constant grip on the throats of other companies that tried to outrun Saith.

He had stepped through the door, ElimN8 had looked him over, and smiled at the sight of his companion. Meanwhile, Kenny had looked into the eyes of the Commander of The Magnificent Alliance...

Neo Emolga
07-31-2004, 04:31 AM
“Our covert ops officer Ygseto had confirmed that JT’s group is en route toward Nox’s base.” Kenny had declared, keeping a firm position.
“Outstanding.” ElimN8 had replied with a smile, enjoying the very sound of Kenny’s words, “Then, go tell officer Ygseto to report to the other officers to set up the explosive charges on the tracks at junction C-7.”
“Yes sir.” Kenny had responded, heading out of the office and back toward the radio.

Again, ElimN8 couldn’t help but smile at his idea. The idea was so clever, it was almost diabolic. He had made plans with Dark Absol to let Trainer take the PHT virus away from the base, with very little resistance. After that, both Dark Absol and he had planned for Nox to pursue Team Trainer’s train until they were five miles away from the explosives. Once Nox had disengaged Team Trainer and had left the area, the train would unknowingly ride right over the explosive charges, not only killing everyone on board, but spreading the virus around for miles, which would look very, very bad on Team Trainer’s name.

Not only would Team Trainer look responsible for the accident, but the virus would be spread among Harry Kim’s own people. And after it was all done, not only would he be helping Nox get rid of the virus, but he would finally land the biggest mark of shame on Harry Kim’s name throughout history. ElimN8 would no longer need to have to worry about Harry Kim. The media and the prosecution would cut Harry to pieces for him. He could just picture Harry Kim going to jail for war crimes and his lack of responsibility because of it, and there wouldn’t be a defense attorney in the land that would plead his case.

“You’ve taken away so much from me, Kim…” ElimN8 said to himself, cursing Harry Kim’s name in anger, “Everything that I ever wanted, you always took away with your righteous… Trainers. But now, you will face an enemy that will be far more destructive on your own soul than that of Team Nox or The Magnificent Alliance. It will be the voices of your own people, your own republic, and your own commonwealth. Today, Harry, not you or your orbs will even begin to fight off facing the shame of your own people, and your own tarnished name.”

With that, ElimN8 had become silent, and then he turned around and looked upon the vast Vermillion City through the large, gorgeous window. He then looked proudly upon the many skyscrapers and office buildings that made up the city. He then turned toward the shining sea, as well at the busy seaport with its massive cruisers and TMA battleships, ready to do his bidding. He smiled upon it all.

“What a fine day it is…” ElimN8 said proudly to himself, “For a glorious retribution…”

* * *

After Tamer had contacted him, Harry Kim was a bit disappointed that the circuitry had not survived the extraction. Yet, even though he would not have the technology in his hands, he found comfort that he knew it was going to make it that much harder for Nox to find where his forces were. Still, there was work that had to be done…

After he had picked up his radio, he had attempted to contact JT. Once the radio had established a link, he had heard JT on the other line, panting somewhat from the long running.

“JT, Tamer was unable secure the Dasai Satellite circuitry.” Harry Kim had reported to him, “However, the satellite has been permanently disabled.”
“Well that’s good to hear…” JT replied, rolling his eyes in sarcasm, “Harry, what took you so long? We were waiting forever!”
“I’m sorry JT, but our mission had been compromised, and has already resulted in several casualties for Team Trainer.” Harry Kim replied, feeling some regret about it, “When Catriona was attacked, that’s when everything started to go wrong…”

As JT hurried through the lush forest and dense trees, he had one goal in mind, and that was to successfully get the PHT virus out of Nox’s hands. The last thing he wanted to see was missiles rain from the sky all armed with the virus. Knowing that, he picked up the pace.

“We’re on our way.” JT replied to his Commander, “This time, we will prevail…”

After the long run to the base, they had finally arrived. After moving along the perimeter, they had found the same means of entrance that Catriona’s team had used. The only problem was there was no ramp for the canisters to be lowered from the loading bay to the ground. He would either have to find one, or locate another passage where that wouldn’t be necessary. While the front entrance of the Nox base was locked and secured, he began to think if it was possible for them to open it from the other side.

While the work crew stayed behind with some of JT’s soldiers, JT and several of his other officers made their way into the building. Without much surprise, he had seen that Catriona had taken care of most of the guards that were on duty. While he found that navigating the dark proved to be difficult, he could at least be thankful Catriona had given him some extra time.

JT had gone out of his way to locate the front entrance, and when he finally was able to locate the large, steel security doors that lead to the outside, he looked for some control panel. After he had found it, he realized he needed a security card to access the control panel’s computer. After spending another ten minutes searching for one of the cards that one of the fallen guards had used, JT had slid the card through the reader. The computer had come on, but JT could barely read the words, due to his surroundings being so dark. He had squinted and could only make out the words slightly. He then pressed the necessary buttons to operate the doors, and soon after, a loud clank was heard. The large security doors had slowly slid open, revealing the outside, as well the rest of Team Trainer’s force. Finally, JT had managed to find a way to reach the outside, as well as an escape route that was much better than using a ramp by the loading bay.

After the door was opened, they had turned around, and headed further into the depths of the base. JT and the rest of his assault force had passed through many more concrete hallways before finally arriving at the large steel doors of the storage bays. He had realized that they weren’t far away from the loading dock. Soon after, he had used the same card he had gotten from the patrol officer on the card key reader. Soon after, the storage bay door was opened, slowly and loudly…

When the door fully opened, it revealed a large, metal room with many steel canisters, crates, metal boxes and other shipping containers. It wasn’t long before JT had made sure the area was secure.

“Man, this is just too easy…” JT replied, finally happy to get a break for once, “Thank you Catriona. You’ve made this a walk in the park…”

After JT had called in the work crew, JT’s officers had spotted the large metal canisters marked with white stencil lettering. The only marking upon them was PHTV toward the upper half on the canister. When JT had tired to move the canisters, they were far too heavy even to budge. Then, after he got two other members from Team Trainer to help it, they then wrestled the canister away from the rack and then placed it on one of the carriers they had prepared. Then, they had managed to get a second one on, but only after an enormous amount of effort.

“This is going to take forever…” JT remarked, thinking that the Nox reinforcements would show up right when they were shipping the canisters.

Still, after the two canisters were placed on the metal cart, two of JT’s officers had then made their way out of the hangar and then toward the awaiting train.

Then, another cart was brought up, and again, JT needed three other people to help him lift the canisters. Once they were on the cart, JT said goodbye to them as they rushed out of the hangar. Meanwhile, several of his other Team Trainer members were helping on the other side, loading carts alongside JT. Twenty minutes later, they had loaded ten carts, and sent them toward the train. All they could do now was wait for their return.

Neo Emolga
07-31-2004, 04:33 AM
It had been another thrity minutes of waiting before JT could then start all over again, loading another ten canisters while the other side had loaded another ten. JT just kept checking his watch over and over again to view the time, and he didn’t like what was going on. It was taking just too long…

“Man, the reinforcements are going to be here…” JT grumbled, annoyed at how long the operation was taking.

But still, even thirty minutes later, the work crew had made it back, and there were still no signs of reinforcements. Then, JT took out his radio and contacted Harry Kim, just to make sure of something.

“Harry, have you been fighting off Nox resistance?” JT asked his commander.
“There’s been nothing so far.” Harry responded, speaking firmly into the radio, “I’m guessing their distress call went unanswered.”
“Well, that’s certainly fine with me.” JT snickered before saying goodbye to Harry Kim.

JT thought the Nox reinforcements would have arrived a long time ago, even considering that they had set off several alarms. Still, he wasn’t about to complain about it. When the last ten canisters were loaded, they quickly wheeled the last metal carts and headed out of the base. Then, JT contacted Harry Kim through his radio.

“Harry, we’ll take it from here.” JT had told the commander, headed back into the forest with the rest of his work crew.
“We’ll see you back at the base JT.” Harry responded, speaking back into his own radio, “Good work to all of you.”

It was then that Commander Harry Kim had signaled the rest of his troops to pull out, and it wasn’t long before every one of their Humvees and APCs had turned around and prepared to head south, back to Team Trainer’s headquarters…

* * *

It wasn’t long before Ygseto’s team had responded that the explosive charge was complete. Soon after, Ygseto had headed to the front of the train, looked under the train’s engine, and place a tiny black locator device. Then, once the work had been completed, Aleyquala had leapt off the train and joined Ygseto.

“Come on,” Ygseto had told Aleyquala, “Let’s head to the evacuation point and get out of here.”
“Absolutely.” Aleyquala responded, placing his own locator device under the trainer engine not too far away from Ygseto’s.

Then, Ygseto had looked up toward the baking sun and then back to Aleyquala. It was then that the two had headed north, in the opposite direction that the train was going to go in. After they had run for a quarter of a mile, they had turned around and waited, still getting a look at the train, and they waited patiently for it to move. They crouched down on the ground to keep out of sight, just keeping an eye on the train…

Almost fifteen minutes later, JT and the rest of his crew members and officers had made it back to the train. JT quickly commanded them to load the last of the canisters into the last passenger car next to the engine. After ten more minutes of slowly loading the heavy canisters onto the passenger seats and securing them, JT then climbed aboard the train, along with the rest of his officers. Once everything was secure, JT had made his way to the engine, and then he came across the head conductor.

“Let’s move.” He told him, pointing him to the tracks ahead, “Everything is ready…”

Then, the conductor threw the switch forward, and it wasn’t long before the train began to move down the train tracks that were slightly covered with vegetation while dense forests surrounded both sides of the track.

Aleyquala and Ygseto had then watched Team Trainer’s train slowly accelerate down the tracks, and it wasn’t long before the train was almost gone from sight. Then, Aleyquala had pulled out his radio, and prepared to send the contact to Dark Absol.

“They’re on the move.” Aleyquala responded, watching the train disappear, “The Magnificent Alliance has the explosive charges prepared. Send in your worst. Once we make sure they fly overhead, we’ll head off to the evac point.”
“Acknowledged.” Dark Absol had responded from the other line.

Then, Aleyquala had shut off his radio, and then Ygseto had contacted Kenny of the TMA that the job was done and that JT was on his way. After Kenny had heard Ygseto, he then had bid farewell to the covert ops agent, and then proceeded to tell ElimN8 that the operation was ready.

* * *

After ElimN8 had gotten the response from Kenny, he then pushed his chair back and stood up. After he made his way out of his office, he then followed Kenny down the well-decorated halls of the headquarters and soon arrived in the command center, a room that was filled with computer consoles, monitors both on tables and suspended from the ceiling, and a large, single screen on the back wall that was already on. Tables and desks were everywhere, along with many of his TMA personnel already at work. ElimN8 joined the rest of his advisors looking at the single screen on the wall, and he could see it was showing a map of the Orre region, with a flashing red blip that was slowly moving. The other blip was a blue one, placed at the C-7 junction.

“They’re about thirty miles away.” Kenny had informed ElimN8 as they both gazed at the map.
“It won’t be long now…” ElimN8 had responded, looking at the map and just watching the blip, “Once Nox goes after them, they won’t suspect anything…”

* * *

Aleyquala and Ygseto had been slowly walking down the grassy tracks without a care in the world. They had engaged in casual conversation just before the roar of three combat helicopters could be heard. Just then, Aleyquala and Ygseto had looked up to see three night-black helicopters fly past them, disrupting the silence. Once they passed, Aleyquala just simply smiled.

“I hope they have fun…” Aleyquala smiled, before they both continued on.

Meanwhile, the commander of the three helicopters was Neo, with Sutiivun and Taro in the two other copters. Commander Neo was in the center, with Taro on his left and Sutiivun on his right. From the sky, all they could see now were the tracks and the miles of forest that were on both sides of the track.

“Stay behind the first car.” Neo had told his other two pilots through the radio, “All we want to do is keep them moving along. TMA is going to handle everything else.”
“I gotcha.” Taro had responded into the radio.

Taro was a Noxian who was on the wild side, often a daredevil and willing to go where others wouldn’t dream of going. Often he tended to overwhelm his enemies with an endless onslaught of gunfire, often unloading entire clips of ammunition even when it wasn’t necessary. Taro was known for using pistol after pistol, and tossing aside guns when they were empty.

On the other hand, Sutiivun was silent and deadly, knowing when to strike with precise timing and precision. He also knew how to tear down his enemies with brilliant fighting tactics, and was a determined Nox soldier. In all, Sutiivun was a patient killer, always waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Then, moments later, they had seen the back of the train in the distance, still moving along the tracks at a steady past.

“If I know Trainer…” Neo had told his other two pilots through the radio, “The back train car is where they’re keeping their firearms.”
“Which means we can spray it as much as we want?” Taro asked, eagerly waiting to press down on the fire button with his twitching thumb.
“Let them know we’re here…” Neo responded, ready to commence firing.

Neo Emolga
07-31-2004, 04:34 AM
The Commander had then opened fire upon the last car of the train, and it wasn’t long before Sutiivun and Taro had done the same. Instantly, the metal car was punctured with thousands of holes as the six miniguns from the Nox combat helicopters blasted down upon it. Then, after a few seconds of blasting, Neo had stopped.

“Alright, cease fire.” Neo had commanded.

Neo and Sutiivun had released their hold on the firing button, but Taro was still blasting the back of the train with as ongoing stream of fire. Both miniguns on his helicopter were furiously emitting a heavy rush of fire as hundreds of bullets were fired through the six rotating barrels. Meanwhile, Taro was grinning feverishly at the sight.

“Taro, I said cease fire…” Neo had replied back into his radio.

After Taro heard Neo’s command, he released his grip on the firing controls, still knowing he had to obey orders. Still, he impatiently waited for the moment when he would be called to fire again.

“Are we switching to rocket launchers now?” Taro asking, hoping it would be true.
“No, we don’t want to derail the train from the blasts.” Neo had responded, knowing that’s just what Taro wanted to use…
“We’re waiting for them to start coming out, aren’t we?” Sutiivun had asked, looking toward the opening of the last car.
“You sure make one fine lieutenant, Sutiivun.” Neo had replied, waiting for just that right moment, “Yes, that’s exactly what we’re waiting for.

* * *

As JT was keeping a close watch on the tracks head, suddenly a Team Trainer officer had burst through the metal doors, nearly scaring JT and the conductor half to death.

“Sir…” The officer addressed JT, “We’re being attacked. There are three Murkrow AE helicopters firing upon the back of the train…”

JT immediately became anxious, knowing only two cars away from the back of the train were the PHT viral canisters. He was beginning to think that Nox didn’t even know they were there, and would begin unconsciously firing upon them, which would destroy them and then cause the virus to spread for miles.

“We’ll need to take them down one by one.” JT had responded, looking at him in the eyes, “Go tell everyone on board to get ready to fight back. They won’t be able to stop our Pokémon.”
“Yes sir.” The officer had replied, heading to the back of the train.

Then, after the officer had turned around and left, JT and the conductor were alone, still looking toward the tracks ahead.

“Step on the gas…” JT had commanded the conductor, “If we can last fifty miles, they’ll never make it past the coastline defense.”
“I sure hope you’re right…” The conductor said anxiously as he threw forward the lever for the acceleration.

And then, the train sped faster down the grassy tracks. JT just watched the tracks anxiously, hoping they would be able to hold out that long.

Meanwhile, several of the Team Trainer officers had headed to the back of the train, armed with their FN-FAL rifles and ready with their Pokémon. The only problem was they would only be able to attack one at a time, due to the narrowness of the last door on the train car. Most of them knew those who were going first were taking a big risk. They all waited at the second to last car, not wanted to be in the last car when the entire car was going to be attacked with the vicious miniguns mounted on the helicopters.

The first officer by the door, a trainer by the name of Jessica, was the first to approach the back car and was armed with her rifle and her two Pokémon, a Poliwhirl and an Ampharos. She became a little concerned at the sight of all the bullet holes drilled into the train car, but still, she knew what she had to do. Then, Jessica and her Pokémon had arrived at the back of the train car, staying away from the back opening. Then, she looked toward her Poliwhirl, knowing she was going to have to be fast and quick, otherwise she would be endangering her Pokémon.

“Poliwhirl, attack the helicopters with Ice Beam attack!” Jessica commanded her Poliwhirl.

And then, Jessica’s Poliwhirl had stepped by the exit, and she looked upon the three helicopters…

* * *

Just then, Taro, Neo, and Sutiivun had lay eyes upon the Poliwhirl that was standing in the doorway of the train. Seconds later, the Poliwhirl had fired a frosty Ice Beam at the central helicopter. Suddenly, the helicopter was struck by the beam in the window, but it only did a minimal amount of damage besides leaving frost marks on the central area.

“Commence fire.” Neo had ordered his two other pilots.

And not a second too late, Taro had been the first to fire, feverishly crushing the red fire button on his throttle with his eager thumb. Immediately, the two miniguns began spinning and suddenly unleashed their wrath upon the Poliwhirl.

Before Jessica even had the chance to respond, Poliwhirl was cut down violently, being thrown into the back of the train car from the intense blasting.

Meanwhile, up in the air, Taro kept looking at the button for the rocket launcher, and he looked ahead at the train. Then, he started to get a thought, and he started smiling over it.

One can’t hurt…

He then turned toward the small black trigger on the throttle, and he put his thumb on it. Then, after some hesitation, he pressed the trigger.

Just then, one of the rockets in the rectangular rocket launcher mounted on the bottom of Taro’s helicopter had flown out, and headed toward the exit in that last car, releasing a white smoke trail as the rocket headed toward it’s target. Jessica’s eyes lit up in horror as the rocket flew furiously at the train.

Suddenly, the rocket had made contact, and then the whole back of the train exploded, blasting open the back train car and smothering Jessica, her Ampharos as well as the entire car with hot, biting flames. Flaming shrapnel was thrown in all directions as the ground shook from the blast. When the blast had cleared, only half of the last train car remained, wide open with the edges jagged and twisted from the explosion.

Neo winced at the explosion, thinking the entire train was going to derail because of the blast, but he was relieved when it didn’t. Just then, he looked toward where the rocket came from, and he wasn’t too happy about it…

“Taro, for God’s sake, what did I say about using the rocket launchers?” Neo asked Taro in the radio.
“Sorry…” Taro replied, not really feeling too guilty about it.

Just then, Neo’s radio had clicked on, and then he had heard a voice.

“Five more miles.” ElimN8’s voice told Neo through the radio, “After that, we need you to pull out.”
“Acknowledged Commander ElimN8.” Neo had replied to the president of TMA.
“Are you kidding!?” Taro exclaimed, “Already!?”
“Taro, an order is an order.” Neo had told Taro through the radio, “Remember, we’re trying to make this look like its Team Trainer’s fault.”

Still, the last train car was barely hanging on, and the Team Trainer officers inside could barely walk out onto the remains of the last car. The three helicopters had waited patiently for anyone to step onto the last car, but no one was willing, especially after seeing what happened to Jessica. They already began to believe the Nox pilots would do the exact same thing again.

One more trainer had taken the dare to step out onto the remains of the last car, and then he released his Charizard from his Pokéball.

However, the flash of light from the Pokéball was easily seen by the three pilots, and again, they opened fire, not even giving the trainer a chance to fight back. Both the trainer and his Charizard were cut to ribbons by the harsh, slicing gunfire. Then, right after the conflict, all three helicopters got an incoming transmission.

“This is Dark Absol.” They heard the voice of the president of Nox, “The explosive charge is only five miles ahead. Your orders are to pull out and head toward the evac point.”
“Understood Commander.” Neo had replied, already making plans to turn around, “Boys, our work here is done.”
“Well, that didn’t last very long…” Sutiivun had commented, ready to follow Neo away from the train.

Just then, Neo had slowed down his pursuit of the train, and then he turned to his right. Then, all three Murkrow AE combat helicopters had turned around and flew back north in formation. Then, they headed for the evacuation point, leaving the train behind them.

* * *

Meanwhile, the other officers of Team Trainer watched with disbelief as the three helicopters turned around and headed in the other direction. Most of them had begun to think something even bigger was soon coming after them, and that the three helicopters were heading away from the train to avoid being caught in the blast of whatever Nox had planned. One of the officers had headed back to the engine of the train, but that alone had taken him several minutes moving from train car to train car. Then, he had finally arrived back at the engine where JT and the conductor were.

“Sir, for some reason the three helicopters have abandoned their pursuit.” The officer had told his commander.
“What the…?” JT had asked, wondering why that would have happened, “That doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t sound like Nox at all. Why on earth would they…”

Suddenly, the train had run over the explosive charge that was at the junction. Only a split second later, the charge had detonated, blasting the bottom on the train with an explosion, and sending the flaming train to be thrown on its side. The velocity of the train forced it to keep going on its side for another half a mile, while the entire length of the train was consumed by a wave of biting, consuming fire. Then, when it finally stopped, all that was left was the flaming metal shell of the train, lying on the side of the tracks completely destroyed.

Not a single person on board survived…

(Remember, it’s just a story…)

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08-01-2004, 08:08 AM
i hate you for leaving us in suspense like that okay my character is effing awesome please make him come back. XD

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Thanks for the spot Neo. I would really appreciate it if you continued me throughout the story. Awesome fan fic. Keep it up! :wink2:

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08-10-2004, 04:39 PM
Wow, amazing! Ever scince I started I could not wait for the next chapter! And I hope I see my charecter again, its really cool to see a fiction version of yourself. Amazing fic!